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Follow the dark path or use the light
Phantasy Star Portable 2 Pack Shot

Phantasy Star Portable 2

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Unlock Titles cheat for Phantasy Star Portable 2

Unlock Titles

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding title. You can view your titles under the 'Title Log' option on the Visiphone in the player's room.

Reach Level 60

Begin Chapter 2

Angry Warrior:
Reach Hunter Level 10

Artful Dodger:
Dodge 250 times

Obtain 10 costumes

Beacon of Hope:
Complete 25 Open Missions

Reach Level 3

Deal over 1,000 damage in 1 hit

Bil de Golus Slayer:
Defeated 5 Bil de Goluses

Block King:
Perform 250 Perfect Blocks

Breaker of Boundaries:
Become friends with a MySynth

Add 5 songs to the Jukebox

Reach Level 120

Be capable of equipping 15 A-Rank weapons

Begin Final Chapter

Chelsea's Wallet:
Become friends with Chelsea

Reach Level 40

Child Prodigy:
Obtain Clarita Visas II

Civic Savior:
Complete 10 client requests

Begin Chapter 8

Destroy 1,000 containers

Deal over 300 damage in 1 hit

Customizing Maniac:
Upgrade weapons 100 times

Dagger Collector:
Collect 50% of Daggers

De Ragan Slayer:
Defeat 5 De Ragans

Defense Expert:
Defend (Guard/Block) 50 times

Deal over 2,500 damage in 1 hit

Demonic Sniper:
Reach Ranger Level 20

Destroyer of Worlds:
Reach Hunter Level 30

Add 25 songs to the Jukebox

Reach Level 50

Emerging Talent:
Be capable of equipping 25 C-Rank weapons

Emila's BFF:
Become friends with Emilia

Remodel room once

Envoy of the Light:
Reach Force Level 20

Ethan's Heir Apparent:
Become friends with Ethan

Evasion Expert:
Dodge 50 times

Obtain 100 costumes

Fist of the Heavens:
Reach Vanguard Level 30

Guardian of the Light:
Reach Force Level 30

Handgun Collector:
Collect 50% of Handguns

Reach Level 140

Hero of the Day:
Complete Good Ending

Hero of the People:
Complete Best Ending

Reach Level 20

Begin Chapter 4

Interior Decorator:
Place room decorations 10 times

Interior Designer:
Place room decorations 100 times

Iron Fist:
Defeat a Darbelan

Be capable of equipping 20 B-Rank weapons

Karen's Consultant:
Become friends with Karen

Reach Level 90

King of Chic:
Change outfits 100 times

Knuckles Collector:
Collect 50% of Knuckles

Kraz's Right Hand:
Become friends with Kraz

Reach Level 30

Reach Level 200

Liina's Babysitter:
Become friends with Liina

Reach Vanguard Level 10

Little Wing Savior:
Complete 25 client requests

Longbow Collector:
Collect 50% of Longbows

Lord of Flame:
Obtain 60% Fire weapon & armor

Lord of Frost:
Obtain 60% Ice weapon & armor

Lord of Storms:
Obtain 60% Lightning weapon & armor

Lord of the Abyss:
Obtain 60% Dark weapon & armor

Lord of Tremors:
Obtain 60% Earth weapon & armor

Lou's Coprocessor:
Become friends with Lou

Lumia's New Partner:
Become friends with Lumia

Reach Level 160

Machinegun Collector:
Collect 50% of Machineguns

Begin Chapter 9

Magashi's New Rival:
Recognized as a rival by Magashi (similar to befriending him)

Reach Level 100

Master of Arms:
Be capable of equipping 10 S-Rank weapons

Remodel room 10 times

Maya's Tastetester:
Become friends with Maya

Begin Chapter 3

Hold 10,000,000 Meseta

Mother Brain Slayer:
Defeat 5 Mother Brains

Nuclear Warhead:
Reach Ranger Level 30

Observer of History:
Play over 10 hours on 1 char

One of Many:
Play with a friend in Multiplayer

Complete 5 Open Missions

Reach Level 180

Pizza Paisan:
Find a Pizza Shack

Reach Level 80

Queen of Chic:
Change outfits 10 times

R-Mag Collector:
Collect 50% of R-Mags

Reflex Expert:
Perform 50 Perfect Blocks

Rewriter of History:
Play over 25 hours on 1 char

Rifle Collector:
Collect 50% of Rifles

Rod Collector:
Collect 50% of Rods

Reach Level 10

Sayo's Fan:
Receive 5 blessings

Sayo's Friend:
Receive 30 blessings

Begin Chapter 5

Begin Chapter 6

Begin Chapter 7

Seer of Subspace:
Play over 50 hours on 1 char

Shining Cleric:
Reach Force Level 10

Shizuru's Refuge:
Become friends with Shizuru

Spend 10,000,000 Meseta

Shotgun Collector:
Collect 50% of Shotguns

Silent Assassin:
Reach Ranger Level 10

Spear Collector:
Collect 50% of Spears

Steel Wall:
Defend (Guard/Block) 250 times

Super Ace:
Defeat 2,500 creatures

Super Hero:
Defeat 5,000 creatures

Super Rookie:
Defeat 500 creatures

Sweet Tooth:
Find Naura's Confectionary

Customize a MySynth

Tech-Mag Collector:
Collect 50% of Tech-Mags

The Chosen:
Get 100 Titles

Thread of Camaraderie:
Complete 10 Multiplayer Open Missions

Tonnio's Wingman:
Become friends with Tonnio

Obtain 50 costumes

Twin Daggers Collector:
Collect 50% of Twin Daggers

Twin Handguns Collector:
Collect 50% of Twin Handguns

Ursula's Sidearm:
Become friends with Ursula

Reach Level 70

Veteran Guardian:
Import Character Data

VIP Material:
Complete 50 Open Missions

Begin Chapter 10

Vivienne's Beloved:
Become friends with Vivienne

Walker of Worlds:
Play over 100 hours on 1 char

Wand Collector:
Collect 50% of Wands

Warrior's Gale:
Reach Vanguard Level 20

Weaver of History:
Get 30 Titles

Whirling Dervish:
Reach Hunter Level 20

Yut's Mentor:
Become friends with Yut

Added by: Sanzano
Aug 30th 2012, ID#4322


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