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NBA Ballers: Rebound Pack Shot

NBA Ballers: Rebound

NBA Ballers: Rebound Cheats for PSP

We have 7 cheats on PSP

All Cheats - Latest First

Unlock All HousesAdded 31 Mar 2011, ID #3942
Go to Phrase-Ology and Enter NBABALLERHOUSE

CodesAdded 25 Apr 2007, ID #1359
To unlock the following effects enter the following codes at the 'Todays Episode' screen before the game begins. The first number indicates how many times to press the 'Square' button, the second number indicates how many times to press the 'Triangle' button and the third number indicates how many times to press the 'Circle' button. Then press the analog stick in any direction and if you have successfully unlocked the cheat you will see a confirmation message on
The screen where your name was.

Unlock Alternate Gear: 1-2-3

Unlock Big Head Mode: 1-3-4

Unlock Extra moves: 5-1-2

Unlock Pygmy Mode: 4-2-5

Enable Super Block: 1-2-4

Great Handles: 3-3-2

Random Moves: 3-0-0

Super Push: 3-1-5

View Shot Percentage: 0-1-2

Play As Buisnessman A: 5-3-7

Play As Buisnessman B: 5-2-7

Play As Coach: 5-6-7

Play As Agent: 5-5-7

Play As Secretary: 5-4-7

Phrase-ology Unlockables
The following passwords are entered at the Phrase-ology section to unlock the corresponding effect.

Unlock Jerry Stackhouse Alternate Gear:
Password - Stop Drop And Roll

Unlock Julius Irving Alternate Gear:
Password - One On One

Unlock Kevin McHale Alternate Gear:
Password - Holla Back

Unlock Alonzo Mourning Alternate Gear:
Password - Zo

Unlock Dikembe Mutumbo's Alternate Gear:
Password - In The Paint

Unlock Emanuel Ginobli Alternate Gear:
Password - Manu

Unlock Magic Johnson Alternate Gear:
Password - Laker Legends

Unlock Pete Maravich's Alternate Gear:
Password - Pistol Pete

Unlock Rasheed Wallace Alternate Gear:
Password - Bring Down The House

Unlock Stephon Marbury's Alternate Gear:
Password - Platinum Playa

Unlock Steve Francis Alternate Gear:
Password - Ankle Breaker

Unlock Tim Duncan Alternate Gear:
Password - Make It Take It

Unlock Rick Hamilton's Alternate Gear:
Password - Rip

Unlock Nene's Hilarios Alternate Gear:
Password - Rags To Riches
Make 3 pointer easy to higher with moneyAdded 24 Jul 2006, ID #626
Make your person a guard and his 3's will be easy to put up until like 70,75 and 80 with a center they get hard at 60 around there I don't know about a foward
Moves/how to doAdded 23 Jul 2006, ID #623
Hey these are some cheats I found out but here is how to do the code for super blocks in the loading screen with the basketballs
Do this
Square once triangle twice and Circle 4 times hten move left or up and your person will get super blocks
Another move if you want to bring down the house and you don't have alley opp then hold L & R and press triangle while in mid shooting range or closer and you will blow the basket like it will break and you will win unless you need to do a special mission like... In rags to riches whe nyou face hellywood like the 3rd time you need to steal 5 times I think well if you do it then you lose only in normal events I don't mean up to 30 events it wont work here ever you will learn if I find out more I will tell it I did back in mode once but I don't know what I did try things at random.also most people don't know how to do this but Stunt Dunks it when your at short shot range in the red paint normally and hit the L and hold it and press square I never tryed circle you could though.
Back in mode tap L twice
Legal Goaltending jump for a block and goaltend once per round
Fire make in 3 shots dunks or any type or shot in for 30% more average of making shots and dunks
Hot spot 45% more chance of making the shot
Super blocking just jump up to block and your hands should glow blue
Pass to a friend X to pass out tthen X to pass in after like 5 seconds the person you pass it to drops it inside the court
Alley opp press triangle and go under the yello circle or under the ball
Crowd opp you must have pass to friend and alley opp first pass to your friend now go to the right side of the basket not fully now hit square the right after hit LRtriangle and when you make it it will say crowd opp
Put back dunks when you miss a shot it LR and triangle to jump up and put it back in
2X repulish it works itself when your not using juice or Turbo (L or R)
Phrase-ology CodesAdded 13 Jun 2006, ID #557
Enter the following codes at the Phrase-ology section to unlock the corresponding effect.

Unlock ALL Alternate Gear, Players and Movies:

Unlock Lebron James' Alternate Gear:

Unlock Steve Francis' Alternate Gear:

Unlock Chris Weber's Alternate Gear:

Unlock Clyde Drexler's Alternate Gear:

Unlock Wilt Chamberlain's Alternate Gear:

Unlock Allen Iverson's Recording Studio:

Unlock Scottie Pippen's Yacht:
Cool cribsAdded 10 Jun 2006, ID #551
Yo, xcheater here. Here are some cheats to get you some 'cool cribs'.
At the phrase-ology in, inside stuff enter:

Euro Crib, to unlock Kobe Bryant's Italian Estate

Ice House, to unlock Karl Malone's devonishire Estate

Nice Yacht, to unlock Scottie Pippen's yacht

Prep School, to unlock Yao Ming's Grade School

The Answer, to unlock Allen Iverson's recording studio

Untill next time. This is xcheater, signing out.
Unlock ALL Players, Alternate Gear and MoviesAdded 31 May 2006, ID #515
At the 'Inside Stuff' menu enter 'NBA BALLERS TRUE PLAYA' as a code to unlock ALL players, alternate gear and movies.

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