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Beginning Of Game Setup


| Grand Kingdom (PSFour/PSVita) Guide			|
| Copyright YukitoAirAnime			| 

One. Copyright.
Two. Basic Game Information. 
Three. Spoilers. Spoilers! Its a spoiler alert!
Four. Stages One, Two, And Three.

My name is YukitoAirAnime and I own the rights to that walkthrough; I grant permissions for it to be posted at where I posted it originally, and at any video gaming sites. 

Basic Game Information.
You bring four characters into battle at first. You bring six characters at endgame.
Im hesitant to experiment in that game because of the autosave that saves after you Do Anything.
Youve only one save file and the autosave overwrites that one.
I dont recommend the medic; the limited space allowed to move on the battlefield means her attacks frequently target allies.
Youll need to ally with one of the four warlords.
The Act value at the hiring screen affects the order in which units act in a battle.
On the equip screen set your characters for tactical mode and dont use simple mode. Tactical mode allows you to employ several more combo hits.
In that game your movements are tile based but youll always be employing combos on the offense screen.
In that game you Navigate around the board like in a board game but you Fight in a side-scrolling perspective.
In that game the characters you can recruit differ each stage. I assume you recruit them all at a later point; just be careful in the meantime.
In that game you frequently recruit only one of each character unit each stage.

Spoilers. Spoilers! Its a spoiler alert!
Rogue is a very powerful unit at first. Its combo moves are strong. All of its combo moves hit. Units like blacksmith get weapons with a wide arc; its combo moves dont hit.
Witch and arcanist are powerful magic units. In that game magic units get to be strong. The side-scrolling system means without magic youll be in for insane difficulty.
Dragon mage unit takes two character slots.
Dark knight unit takes two swords to deal damage.

Stages One, Two, And Three.
Intro stage one gives you selected characters and no choices yet.
Intro stage two prepare for many hidden items. before you start, you can recruit among these characters: rogue. fighter. blacksmith. witch. medic. arcanist. hunter.
Stage three you can recruit among these characters: dragon mage. rogue. archer. gunner xtwo. dark knight. challenger. Ally yourself with one of the four warlords for however many in-game days youd prefer. It certainly appears that you cant succeed at any Versus or Single quests at that time; even to get to level four I was forced to post many of my stars to the characters Tec stats; I went to a Versus quest and they were level eight; I went to a War quest and they were level five.