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by vhayste

                         -= BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT =-


                            W A L K T H R O U G H

                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                          CONTACT: [email protected]


Illustrated online version of the guide is available below

                         [  C O P Y R I G H T  ]

  | This document is copyrighted to me, Vhayste®. It is intended for    |
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  | document, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and      |
  | criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent    |
  | possible under the law. Any characters, names, places, or           |
  | miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective companies.  |
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  | Permission is required from the author in case any site or          |
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  | document. Requests for posting this faq to other websites aside from|
  | the ones the author originally contributed to still needs to be     |
  | emailed to the author first. Expect a prompt response whenever      |
  | possible.                                                           |

                      T A B L E   OF   C O N T E N T S

0001 ------------ City of Fear
0002 ------------ Scarecrow's Safehouse
0003A ----------- GCPD
0003B ----------- Tower Activations
0004A ----------- Ace Chemicals 1
0004B ----------- Ace Chemicals 2
0004C ----------- Ace Chemicals 3
0005  ----------- Tracing Oracle
0006  ----------- Crash Site Investigation
0007  ----------- Stirring the Drone Nest
0008  ----------- Penguin Hunt
0009A ----------- Stagg Airship Alpha
0009B ----------- Stagg Airship Beta
00010 ----------- Counter-Toxin
00011 ----------- Defense Grid
00012 ----------- Harley's Jokers
00013 ----------- Sea of Fear
00014 ----------- Ancient Root
00015 ----------- Cloudburst
00016 ----------- The Shaft
00017 ----------- Tunnel Bat
00018 ----------- Arkham Knight
00019 ----------- Oracle's Rescue
00020 ----------- GCPD Assault
00021 ----------- The Dark Knight's Fall 

===== 0001 City of Fear ======

For the first part, you have to keep pressing X or just tilt the left stick
to incinerate Joker's corpse. (Or if you're curious, you can pause the
incineration and check out his partially burned face. After a few scenes,
you'll be in control of Officer Owen. Walk towards the corner booth and
talk to the smoking customer. During this nightmare sequence, just pull the
trigger and the cutscene will end. 

You'll now be able to control Batman. You have to meet Commissioner Gordon
on the rooftop of the GCPD. You can glide towards the target and use your
grappling hook to gain height again and glide once more. Continue doing
this until you reach the rooftop.

After the cutscene, Batman will contact Oracle and ask for the location of
the missing officer. Once you've reached the area, engage the thugs and
defeat them. Talk to the police officer to rescue him.

After the scene, press L1 to "even the odds". Once you're inside the
Batmobile, pursue the military vehicle. One of the thugs will be firing
RPGs on you but you don't have to worry about it. Keep following the
vehicle and fire your immobilizer rounds until you're able to shut them
down. Once the vehicle is totaled, exit the Batmobile and interrogate the

== 0002 Scarecrow's Safehouse

Once you've uploaded the toxin sample for Oracle to check, you now need to
investigate Scarecrow's safehouse. Make your way to the rooftop and take
down the guards outside. Continue to the glass roof and position yourself
for a takedown. After taking out all the guards, approach the gas chamber
for a scene.

After the scene, you'll be cornered by the militia outside the building.
Press the down DPAD to remote control the Batmobile in battle mode. Six
unmanned tanks will arrive in the area. You have to engage these and
destroy them using the Batmobile's weapons. You'll know when they're about
to fire so make sure to stay away from their line of sight. After
destroying all of them, position the Batmobile in the highlighted spot to
continue with the story. Drive to the marked location and touch the icon to
start the Weapon Energy Diagnostics. Follow the Batcomputer's instructions
to complete the diagnostics and Batmobile weapons training.

Once you're done with the training, head to the next location and engage
the unmanned tanks. Use what you learned in the previous weapons
diagnostics to take them out. After all tanks are dealt with, the objective
will be complete and the next one will be given. AR Challenges will also
become available afterward.

======== 0003 GCPD ===========

Drive to GCPD to deliver Poison Ivy to detention. You can talk to the
officers in the precinct or check out the evidence archive from various
Batman villains. To continue with the story, head to the front desk to talk
to Gordon and Cash. Mission Select will be available from hereon. If you
want to continue hunting down Scarecrow, select the green exclamation point
in the Mission Select screen. 

After tackling the currently available missions in the city, you can now
select the main mission. Head to the clocktower and enter the through the
rooftop. Now press Up in the DPAD then interact with the statue in the
bookshelf. Interact with the computer afterward.

== 0003B Tower Activations ===

Once the cutscene is finished, leave the Clocktower from the rooftop again
and head towards the movie studio. Find the marked spot then interact with
it. Now head to the marked location and call in the Batmobile there. The
Batwing will deliver the Power Winch and install it on the car. Now you can
use it to pull obstacles out of the way of the Batmobile.

Now get near the edge of the road where you're at and fire the Power Winch
to get rid of the station sigh. Once clear, reverse a bit then hit the
afterburner to jump over to the rooftop. Find the protruding metal on the
rooftop and pull it again using the Power Winch. Back up then hit the
afterburner again to use the raised roof as a ramp. Now navigate through
the next part of the roof while on Battle Mode and blow up the obstacles
along the way.

Work your way around the roof until you find another spot where you can
fire the Power Winch. Once secured, deliberately drive the Batmobile off
the roof and climb on the wall on the next rooftop. Detact the winch and
head to the generator. Attach the Batmobile to the generator using the
winch and carefully rev the engine so that the needle in the lower right is
within the orange bar. Once done, your objective will be updated. You can't
use the Batmobile for now so you have to head to the next location through
the roofs.

Once you're in the location, step on the rooftop and enter Detective Mode
to evaluate the threats and the hostage below. Find a vantage point to
stalk your prey from above. Grapple on the nearby ledge then swing to the
other one right across so you can see the entrance. Select the Batarang
from your equipment and hit the target to draw the enemies out. Once
they're out, you can take them out silently one by one.

After clearing the guards outside, Batman will call in his new Batsuit.
Head to the marked location and open the capsule to get it. Lucious will
walk you through the new Batsuit's features. Lucius will also enable five
Training AR challenges. Complete all of them to earn Tech Points you can
use to upgrade your arsenal. Follow this link for the videos of these

Once you're done with all the simulations, use the tech points you earned
to upgrade your gear, weapons, gadgets, Batmobile and more. Now you have to
defeat the three gunmen inside the building. Enter one of the grates, get
into position under the floor then use the Multi-Fear Takedown you just
practiced. After taking them out, rescue the captured detective and
interact with the console inside.

After the scene, leave the building and Batman will throw the Batscanner in
the air. Now you have to triangulate the location of Scarecrow's toxin
factory. Move the tower pointers to Ace Chemical located in the upper right
corner of the screen and let the towers sit on there until your objective
is updated.

=== 0004A Ace Chemicals 1 ===
Head to the location and talk to Gordon. After the cutscene, find your way
inside the facility. Enter Detective Mode once you're able and scan the
area of threats. The security terminal you have to access will be
highlighted in your screen. You have to make your way there but first, it
will be better to take out the guards silently to make your job easier.
After knocking out the guards, access the terminal.

You have to make your way to the highest vantage point in the area – the
top of the Ace Chemicals building. While the batscanner is airborne, move
the cursor until you feel that the controller is vibrating. Now press and
hold X to scan the spot. You need to locate all five workers to complete
this section.

First things first; you have to bring the Batmobile inside to help you
rescue the workers. First, you need to lower the gate. Find the Security
Office near the gate and clear the room of unarmed guards. Unfortunately,
the worker you'll find inside is already deceased. Pull the gate release
lever and take control of your Batmobile.

While controlling the Batmobile, use the power winch to pull the destroyed
part of the bridge and boost it over the improvised ramp. Destroy all the
tanks inside then clear the path. Now you can rescue one of the nearby
hostages. This guy is located in the room in the separate platform in the
corner of the compound. Guide your Batmobile in Battle Mode across the
pipes and use the power winch to take down the door. Neutralize the guards
and enter the room where the hostage is located to trigger a scene.

Now after Arkham Knight's entrance and while he's talking on the phone,
select the Remote Control for your Batmobile and fire the riot suppressor
rounds to encapacitate the soldiers. Use your cursor to designate targets.
If a soldier flies through the glass, you have to finish off the remaining
soldiers by melee combat. Now free off the second hostage. Enter the
Batmobile and bring the hostage back to Commissioner Gordon.

=== 0004B Ace Chemicals 2 ===
Now head back inside. You need to make a path for the Batmobile so you have
to clear the platform above the crane to access the controls. After
clearing the initial wave of guards, you have to deal with some sort of
elite melee soldiers. Defeat them and control the crane. Position the crane
so you can use it as a ramp. Cross the gap to reach the next area with the

Now you have to clear the next courtyard of enemy tank drones. Aim for
their turrets and use the thrust-evade to quickly get out of their line of
sight. Once the courtyard is cleared, find the gas valve under the Loading
Dock room and pull it using the power winch. Clear the Loading Dock room
and place some explosive gel on the wall beside the pipe. Continue forth
and find the next deceased hostage. Continue forth and use the explosive
gel on the floor. Get to a safe distance and blow it up. Now drop down and
rewire the electric box nearby. This will open a window which will allow
your Batmobile to fire its power winch. Now blow the next wall and pull the
valve on the pipe.

Once done, turn to the left and you'll find one of the workers again.
Continue forth and rewire the electric box again near the hatch to open it.
Control the Batmobile once again and blow up the cracked wall. Attach the
power winch and pull the elevator as far as the Batmobile can. Release the
remote control, have Batman crawl inside the elevator through the opening
in front of the Batmobile. Control the Batmobile again and have it lower
the elevator to the very bottom.

You'll find the hostage inside and a lot of unarmed guards. Use your
grappling hook to access the vent on the ceiling and make your way through
until you find another grate that you can remove. Head further inside until
you can get into a vantage point where you can trigger a Fear
Multi-takedown. By default, you can only take out three of them via Fear
and the remaining guards, you have to dispatch them using conventional
melee combat.

After taking out the guards, free the hostage. Head back to the elevator
and take control of the Batmobile again to pull it up. Exit the elevator
and another scene will trigger. Now you'll have to deal with another wave
of tank drones and an attack helicopter.

Take out the drones first then deal with the chopper. Use the thrust-evade
to avoid its missile volley then make sure to fire the vulcan fire whenever
your main gun is reloading. Later on the chopper will fire homing missiles.
Use your vulcan fire to destroy them before they completely lock on to the

After defeating chopper, park the Batmobile on the lift and disembark.
Activate the elevator controls nearby to raise the lift and allow the
Batmobile to cross. Now deliver the hostage to the police and head back
inside the compound once more.

=== 0004C Ace Chemicals 3 ===
Blow up the wall of the main building then exit the Batmobile. Get on top
of the crane controls above and position the crane so the Batmobile can use
it as a ramp again. Once inside, follow the road and take out the bots
along the way. Once you've reached another gate, exit the Batmobile and use
the grapple hook to reach the ledge above. The best way to quickly take out
these two guards is via Fear Multi-takedown. Swing to the pipe above the
sentry then you can enter through one of the vents on both sides of the
room. This will take you under the floor where you can get beneath the
guards and take them out. Quickly use your grappling hook to get out of the
sentry's detection range and get near the sentry until you get a prompt to
destroy it. Rewire the electric box to open the gate and ride your tank

When you reach another gate, climb up the ledge and drop down near the
electric box below without making a scene. After rewiring and opening the
gate, the enemies will be alerted to ride your vehicle again and start
shooting at the spooked enemies. Disembark the Batmobile and finish off the
remaining enemies on foot. Make use of the Batmobile and environment
takedown options in this area.

Once clear, enter the batmobile again and use the eject-glide function to
get over the gate of the mixing chamber. Silently take down one of the
guards and destroy the sentries if you want. Now you have to clear the
mixing chamber and take down all the guards to prevent them from loading
the chemicals.

Once cleared, enter the main chamber to find Scarecrow. After the scene,
access the terminal to prepare the neutralizing agent. The four tubes
containing the neutralizing agents must be carried to the other holes where
you can insert them. Take note that these chemicals are highly volatile so
you have to keep an eye on the color indicators while moving it. You also
have to be very careful when inserting them in to the holes. After getting
the fourth tube, a cutscene will trigger. You'll now be controlling
Commissioner Gordon. Head inside the elevator and operate it. Speak to all
the prisoners until a cutscene triggers.

After the scene, switch control to your Batmobile and use the power winch
to pull the side of the chamber. Ride the Batmobile and escape the place.

=== 0005  Tracing Oracle ===
Head to the GCPD and talk to Gordon. You now have to escort his vehicle to
the Clock Tower. Shortly after leaving the GCPD, militia vehicles will
pursue Gordon. Follow them and take out the pursuers. 

Once done, Gordon will enter your Batmobile. Now head to the Clocktower and
defeat all the tank drones guarding the roads. After reaching the Clock
Tower, get to the rooftop. However, you need to defeat the guards there
first before you can safely enter it.

Stalk the guards and defeat them all. Once done, enter the Clock Tower.
Watch the scene and just look around as the hallucination remains strong.
Look around until you can see the wheelchair on the floor. Pick it up to
start the cutscene.

After the scene, access the Batcomputer's interface. Review the CCTV
videos. Select the video in the upper right-hand corner and rewind it. You
should see the Arkham Knight and Barbara being carried by one of the
militia soldiers. Select that cell to scan it. Then forward the footage and
scan the vehicle where Barbara was taken to update your objective.

Shutdown the Batcomputer and leave the Clocktower. Enter the Batmobile and
park it on the highlighted space. Use the vehicle's Forensics Scanner to
track the route of the militia vehicle. Keep following the tracks and
you'll eventually see a militia aircraft plant a bomb on the road. Leave
the Batmobile and investigate it on foot.

After talking to Alfred, you'll learn about the tank drones sent to stop
you. You have to defend the spot until the virus is successfully uploaded.
Once done, use the Batmobile's power winch to pull the bomb and trigger a
controlled explosion. This will unlock the "Campaign for Disarmament"

Continue following the tracks until you reach the bridge. Now you have to
explore the next island on foot to find the militia access point. Once
there, you have to take out all the guards and access their computer. Once
done, head back to the bridge and get in the Batmobile. 

There's a large drone force on the bridge, including ones that fires homing
missiles. Take out the smaller ones first then destory the missiles fired
towards you with your vulcan cannon. Once done, resume following the tracks
using the Batmobile's forensic scanner.

=== 0006 Crash Site Investigation ===
You may encounter more drones in this area so destroy them as you encounter
them. Keep following the tracks until you find the crashed vehicle. Get
close to it on foot and examine it using the Evidence Scanner. Examine the
door handle to reconstruct the scene about the crash.

Next, you have to find the body of the driver who was thrown out of the
windshield. Examine the body then go back to the vehicle and examine the
passenger seat next. During the reconstruction, you'll see the door flying
off a distance. Find it near the river and scan it once more.

Backtrack to the crash site and playback the reconstruction and see where
Oracle landed. Scan the broken wooden pallets there. More scenes will be
added to the reconstruction. Now scan where the bullet landed on the
ground. With the reconstruction almost complete, it's quite evident that
the Arkham Knight carrier her away.

Rewind the reconstruction and you'll see her throwing something to the side
near the wooden crates while she's crawling away. Scan that evidence to
update your objective. This will add two more side missions in your list.
(Gotham on Fire and Heir to the Cowl) You can check out these missions and
continue with the main objective once ready.

Head to the top ledge of the Wayne Tower and enter it. You can check out
some of Lucius's prototypes. Use the computer to track down the location of
the Arkham Knight. Lucius will also offer you an upgrade for your
Batmobile. Choose the upgrade you want then head to the Miagani Tunnel

=== 0007 Stirring the Drone Nest ===
Head to the Grand Avenue area and take out all 12 militia drone tanks. Once
done, head to the tunnel entrance and wait for Alfred to lower the door.
Continue forth to find another closed gate. Use the power winch to pull the
large ventilation fan above. Eject-glide to the hole and enter it.

Place the explosive gels on the boarded doorways and blast them. Remove the
vent cover and go through the vent. Once you reach the other side, fire the
Line Launcher to reach the other end of the room. Enter Detective Mode to
see the button. Select your Remote Batarang and use it to push the power
button in the enclosed room.

Once the gate to the right opens, use the Line Launcher again to
conveniently get to the next ledge. Continue forth. Use the Line launcher
once again to reach the ledge across the vent fan, then throw your Remote
Batarang to the hole and steer it to hit the power button. Once the gate is
opened, go through it once again using the Line Launcher. Continue forth,
turn to the right and you'll find a Riddler Trophy in the rubble.

Swing to the metal beam in the tunnel then continue hopping from beam to
beam until you see a vent where you can enter near the locked gate.
Continue to the control room and exit the grate. After the cutscene, you
have to defeat a brute. Use beatdowns to take these large guys down.

More enemies will pour in. Use the environment takedowns, counterattacks,
and any special combos/weapons you have to survive. Once you defeated most
enemies, a drone tank will block the doorway and will start shooting
inside. Go to its blind side to the right and finish off all enemies.

Now rewire the electric box to lower the Gate. Bring in the Batmobile and
start destroying the tanks. Once done, continue to the next closed gate and
open it. The enemies will attempt to escape, pursue them and eliminate the
convoy's escorts using Immobilizer rounds. Continue chasing the APC then
interrogate the driver of the APC. While interrogating him, press R2 to
intimidate the poor ******* and make him spill his beans.

Head to the marked location in Grand Avenue to receive the Batmobile
upgrade you selected from Lucius a while ago. You'll get the chance to try
this new upgrade since the militia will send a bunch of tanks towards you.
After destroying all the tanks, Alfred will give you an update. You'll also
get a new Mission (Armored and Dangerous)

=== 0008  Penguin Hunt ===
Head to the Ferry Terminal and go to the rooftop to meet with Nightwing.
You'll also receive the Disruptor. Shoot the weapons crate and sabotage the
ammo of the two thugs below. After doing so, go down and knock them all

Next, fire the Disruptor's tracker ammo on the van and knock on back to
spook the guys. Now you can go to the rooftops and follow the vehicle.
Continue stalking them until they lead you to Penguin's base. Once there,
clear the roof of enemies and sentry guns. Head inside and find a hatch on
the floor that you can go through. You'll find Penguin there and his thugs.

Find a vent on either side and slide down under the floor. Get behind
Penguin and grab him. Counter any attempts of his goons to attack you from
behind. After the interrogation, Nightwing will appear to your rescue. Beat
all the thugs out with his help. 

Once the room is cleared, enter the vault and place some explosive gel on
the explosives then shut the vault door. Detonate the blast gel to complete
the objective. This will also unlock the Gunrunner missions.

Leave the hideout from the roof only to find more goons waiting outside
with sentries deployed. Stay up in the metal beams then take control of
your Batmobile. Conveniently, there's a parking building in front of the
hideout. Drive your vehicle to the top floor to have a clear shot at the
militia. Destroy the sentries and take out all militia soldiers.

=== 0009A Stagg Airship Alpha ===
When you're ready, head to Founder's Island and go to the tower where the
airship is moored. Be careful of the enemy choppers flying around since
they'll shoot you if they spot you. Once you reached the location, you'll
have to clear out the guards to access the terminal and disable the AA guns
pointed at the airship. Your priority also is to take out the guard with
the specialized equipment that can detect your Detective Mode. Once the
militia's taking care of, access the terminal and put some explosive gel to
disable the watchtower.

Next, head to the nearby Wayne International Plaza's rooftop to get the
Remote Hacking Device. From the tower glide to the top of the airship and
enter it through the service hatch on the top. Enter Detective Mode and
find the control panel. Use the RHD to manipulate it and open the hatch.
Once inside, drop down a level below then open the grate. Crawl inside and
you'll find a Riddler Trophy. Hack the security console with your RHD to
remove the gate and access the Trophy.

Get to the lower level and near the guards. Use the RHD to download the
codes from the soldier's handheld so you can hijack the controls of the
drone. Incapacitate the guards. Next, find the security panel beside the
airship stability controls. Hack it to open the gate. Head to the stability
controls and override it. Tilt the airship forward to force the large metal
crate to move and clear the hatch where you need to next.

Next, find the security panel beside the airship stability controls. Hack
it to open the gate. Head to the stability controls and override it. Tilt
the airship forward to force the large metal crate to move and clear the
hatch where you need to next.

After going down the hatch, tilt the ship again to the left to clear the
path for you. There's another Riddler Trophy you can get here as well. Hack
the Riddler Terminal nearby to release the ball containing the trophy. Now
you have to access the stability controls again and guide the ball through
the series of tubes and openings below.

Drop down, collect the trophy then remote control the magnetic crate using
your RHD. Deactivate the magnet, tilt the ship to the right. Disconnect
from the stability controls so you can remove the grate to the left of the
doorway containing yet another Riddler Trophy.

Rreactivate the magnet then tilt the airship again to the left. This should
clear a path for you. Continue inside and you'll find yet another Riddler
Trophy. Stand on the pressure plate to light up the green question mark
then throw your remote batarang. Go through the opening in the metal mesh
and hit the dot on the question mark so you can get the trophy.

When ready, press R1 to pull yourself up but a dual-blade wielding militia
will be waiting for you there. Evade his strikes then perform a beatdown to
take him out. After that, hack the door controls using the RHD.

You'll find Stagg in the large hall below. There's a lot of soldiers there
though they don't have weapons, they have a dual-blade brute with them.
Keep an eye to your surrounding build combos, counterattack, and use your
environment beatdowns. Keep an eye against charging opponents. Save the
brute for last since you can't concentrate taking it down with all the
enemies surrounding you.

Talk to Stagg to continue with the scene. You'll hallucinate once more so
just keep fighting off the entities and struggle until you snap out of it.
Override the stability controls then you have to tilt and
reactivate/deactivate the magnetic locks of the metal crates below to clear
you a path.

First get near the grate beside the stability control pedestal. Activate
the first crate to the left then tilt the ship so the grate to the right
clears the way. Activate its magnetic lock afterward. Enter the grate then
continue along the path. Now deactivate the lock of the next crate blocking
your way then tilt the ship to the left. Next, place some explosive gel on
the wall to the right and blast it. Now tilt the ship again to the right so
the crates will go through the space behind the newly opened doorway. Turn
to the left then enter the grate there. Follow it to reach a Riddler

Leave the grate then move out of the way then tilt the ship to the left
first, lock the next crate, then tilt the ship to the right again. This
should clear your path past that doorway. Continue forth and lock the next
crate to the right. Tilt the ship to the left to clear the path. Continue
to the end of the path and exit the grate.

There's another riddler trophy inside the airlock chamber. Don't mind it
for now since we're going to retrieve it in a short while. Continue
upstairs and unlock the door ahead by hacking the console using the RHD.
Pull yourself up to the hatch above then continue to the right.

Go up the ledge before the large hatch then turn around to find another
Riddler Trophy. You need the three Batarang skill before you can target all
three question marks and hit them at the same time.

Moving on, you can't go through the biometric locked main hatch. Instead,
on the same ledge facing the Riddler Trophy, look up to find a vent where
you can go through to reach the Research Lab. Now you have to clear the
whole area first of guards. Once again, there's another specialist soldier
that can detect you if you stay in Detective Mode for a long time. Not to
mention a drone. Swing to the metal beam so you can get in range and hack
the flying drone.

Once you alert the enemies, they'll be smart enough to throw mines on
vantage points. Fortunately, you can also use your RHD to trigger some
objects in the area to create distractions. Separate the guys and take them
out as you please to clear the area.

Once cleared, access the computer and you have to replay the CCTV footage
to check any surface Stagg probably touched so Batman can reconstruct the
prints. First look in the top left video and replay it. Pause the footage
when he touched the floor in the 11:57 mark and select that cell to scan
it. Next, play the top right video and review the footage to the 23:03 mark
then scan him touching the floor again. Next, review the lower left video
and go to the 37:44 mark to find him touching the wall. Finally, check the
last video and play it to the 46.99 mark and scan it.

Once done, you have to find the four locations to scan his fingerprints.
Enter detective mode on the locations to use the Evidence Scanner. All of
them are found near your position, on the floor behind you, on the stairs,
at the base of the stairs and the large door to the left. After getting the
full set of fingerprints, you can now take control of Stagg's computer.
Once the second airship's auto-turrets are dealt with, you can now freely
go through the main door.

One of cages holding a monkey in the far side of the research lab has a
riddler mark. Hack the console with your RHD to remove the cover and reveal
the monkey. Take note that the monkey will go towards your direction so
stand near the pressure pad, hit the dot to remove the barricade and let
the monkey go to the pressure pad on the other side of the cage. This will
remove the cover of the Riddler Trophy on the ceiling. Use the Bat Claw to
get it.

You can find another Riddler Trophy under the deck where you accessed
Stagg's computer. Hack the console with your RHD to remove the cover. Like
the other monkey, you have to guide the monkey on the two pressure pads
within 5 seconds of each other. Keep hitting the question mark's dot to
raise the grates and clear the path to the pressure pads. After making the
monkey step on the pressure pads quickly, the trophy is yours.

Backtrack to the cargo hold and you'll find more enemies waiting there,
including one that can carry an electrical charge and medics. Make the
latter your priority target and avoid confronting the electrical guy for
now. After defeating them, Lucius will call again and will ask you to pick
another upgrade for your car. When ready, hack the console on the cargo
hold to open the loading hatch. Press square to glide kick the window of
the second airship.

=== 0009B Stagg Airship Beta ===
Defeat all enemies then blast the boarded wall near the glass window.
Activate the airship stability controls in the end of the room. Tilt the
ship fully to the left then tilt it fully to the right until you hear a
large crate breaking a glass door. Do it one more time to create a pathway
for you. Go through the broken doorway and turn left. There's a riddler
trophy here behind the locked crate but just press and hold the UP DPAD to
take note of its location and add it to your map. 

Continue further to left where you can blast another wall. You'll find yet
another Riddler Puzzle you need to solve to get the trophy.First, move all
crates to the left. Get inside one of the open cages then grapple through
the grate above. Now move all the crates to the left and lock the rightmost
crate. Tilt the ship to the right this time to remove the crate obstructing
the way. Enter the grate and collect the trophy in the bottom.

Backtrack to the main path and continue forth. You can access Stagg's
research notes from the computer terminals along the way. There's another
Riddler Trophy behind a cell along the way. Ignore it for now and continue
forth. In the end of the corridor, you'll find yet another access terminal.
Use Stagg's handprint to gain access and open the cell behind you
containing the Riddler Trophy. Backtrack and collect it.

Now continue to the next large room. There's a lot of guards in this place,
including a mini-gunner Brute. Batman will advise to save the brute for
last since taking him down will attract a lot of attention. Get up in a
vantage point and plan your approaches. It will be helpful to lay down some
explosive gels on the main pathways and also taking out the guards out of
sight. Take note that if the enemies notice that their numbers are
dropping, they'll be more alert and will search in pairs. Use your RHD to
trigger some the hackable gadgets.

Better yet, use your Disruptor to disable their guns, especially the
mini-gun. It will help you'll put the explosive gels near the bodies so you
can detonate them and disable whoever checks them out. Prioritize taking
out the roving guards as well especially if you want to keep a low profile.

Once you have left the mini-gunner alone, keep striking him and use
counter-attacks to evade his attacks. Keep pummeling him until you knock
him out. Once done, you're free to explore the area. There are more Riddler
Trophies here that we can collect.

One of the trophies is placed near your starting point. Hack the console
with your RHD to reveal the monkey cages inside. Now hit the dot on the
question mark again with your batarang to operate the pressure pads and
guide the monkeys there to get the trophy.

Another trophy requires placing two more chimps on the pressure pads. This
is located under the cell where Stagg is hidden. Use the Batclaw to
retrieve it.

There's another one on the lower deck that's located behind a voice-locked
room. Press and Hold the UP DPAD to mark its location and leave it for now.
Also, there's another trophy located in a boarded up room with three
unpowered generators. Just mark their locations for now.

Once you're done, head to Stagg and talk to him. Head through the door and
takedown one of the Scarecrows. When you have control, beatdown all the
guards and keep beating them until you trigger another cutscene. Now you
have to leave the airship and save Oracle. Head to the Scarecrow's hideout
in Chinatown and go down to the chamber to watch a cutscene.

=== 00010 Counter-Toxin ===
After the scene, head to the QCPD lockup. You'll find the militia and thugs
you sent there while you're completing some of the missions. Continue
inside and talk to Ivy. You now need to head to the Botanical Gardens as
instructed by Ivy. Also, Bleake Island will have another threats like
airborne quadcopters, a militia watchtower, and explosive devices you
haven't disarmed yet.

On your way out, Cash wil stop you because of the new tank the militia has
deployed. Exit the QCPD on foot and stalk the Cobra drone up close to find
a weakness. Once examined, call in the Batmobile and engage the tank. You
have to target the exhaust port behind the main turret. Get out of the
tank's range and call in the Batmobile. Sneak behind the tank and destroy
its rear exhaust to instantly destroy it.

After destroying the Cobra, you have to head to the clocktower facility to
get the Batmobile's second upgrade. Follow the marked location and park the
Batmobile on the hidden garage to receive the upgrade. Once done, bring Ivy
to the Botanical Gardens in Miagani Islands.

You'll encounter three more Cobra tanks on your way. You have to sneak on
them and destroy them all before you can continue. Use the Radar on the
lower right hand corner of your screen to know their heading and location.
Just sneak on them and when you get detected, use your speed to leave their

Once cleared, continue forth to the Botanical Gardens. After the scene,
your mission list will be updated, including a new one.  (Two-Faced Bandit)
When you're ready to continue with the main story, head to the parking
garage of Wayne Tower. Park the Batmobile on the marked spot but you'll
have to deal with the drones that breached the area first. After destroying
all drones, park on the spot to get the Batmobile's Sonar upgrade. An army
of drones will be deployed in the area again. 

Use the Sonar pulse to track down the ancient root system. Take out the
enemy drones as you make your way towards the center of the roots. When you
find the center of the root, press and hold your Sonar pulse to wake up the
plant. The militia will send a unit to shoot the plant. You have to deal
with them to protect the plant. Fortunately, none of them are armed though
they have a specialist that can give their allies temporary electric
charges outside their armor. Use the Batclaw to short these charges. After
eliminating all the guards, the objective will be complete and new intel
about your ongoing missions will be available.

=== 00011 Defense Grid ===
When ready, head back to Bleake Island and go to the movie studios to scout
Arkham Knight's forces. Enter the elevator in the Wayne Movie Studios and
go to the Quarantine Cells. Interact with the Batcomputer to update your
mission objective. Now head to Founders' Island to find the relay drone.

Once you found the drone, glide towards it and land on top of it to get the
piece that you can use to upgrade your RHD. Equip your RHD and hack the
nearby helicopter drone. Now head to the first radar and destroy it using
your Explosive Gel before the drone regains its original function.

Now head to the next radar on top of Lex Corp. You have to defeat all the
guards on the surface first before you can head inside where the radar's
console is kept. After defeating all militia guards, rewire the console
nearby and open the door downstairs. The room has sentry guns as well. Use
your RHD to temporarily blind them. Destroy both of them then destroy the
radar controls. Now you have to destroy the long-range missile launcher.

Head there are clear all the guards. You can't destroy the missile launcher
as is so you have to lower its shields first from the control room. Enter
the room and access the computer. Now you have to remotely control the
Batmobile and take out all the cobra tanks standing in your way. You have
to carefully sneak around the patrolling Cobras and wait until you get a
full lock-on before firing.

Once you destroyed all Cobra tanks, follow the GPS line to reach a ramp.
Use the Power Winch to pull it up. Just in time, Arkham Knight and his
strike force will arrive in the control room. Once you're in control, use
the Fear Multi-takedown to defeat several targets immediately. After the
cutscene, defeat all enemies in the control room afterward. Access the
computer again then the control will switch to the Batmobile.

Pull the ramp as far as you can to lift it up. Back up a bit then use your
afterburner to gain more speed for the ramp. Once you've reached the ramp,
go up and destroy the missile launcher. Take note that the launcher will
still fire missiles towards you so use your main and secondary guns to
destroy the homing missiles and keep firing at the launcher until it is
destroyed. Once done, you're free to call in the Batmobile in the district.
New mission intel will become available as well.

=== 00012 Harley's Jokers ===
When you're ready to move on to the story, head to the Clocktower and use
the batcomputer. Once the objective is updated, exit the clocktower and
head to the movie studio. The entrance is guarded by Harley Quinn's thugs.
Eliminate them and attempt to open the elevator.

Since Harley changed the voiceprint access, Batman will employ the Voice
Synthesizer. You have to manually adjust the modulation and pitch to mimic
Harley Quinn's voice. Once completed, verify the accuracy to save the
sample. Now open the door using the synthesizer.

Harley's men will secure the rooftop once more. You have to clear the
rooftop once again but this time, you can manipulate Harley's men to go to
the direction you want using the synthesizer. You can deliberately lure
them to explosive traps then trigger them remotely using the RHD.There's a
mini-gunner among the enemies so make sure you use the Disruptor to disable
the mini-gun. Like the last time, you have to save the mini-gunner for last
since you have to make a series of successful counterattacks to disable
him. Once you got rid of the enemies on the roof, enter the elevator. After
exiting the elevator, take out the enemy with the riot shield then use the
voice synthesizer to open the gate. Join Robin and take out the thugs.
After beating them all up, one of the thugs will remain conscious. Get near
him and interrogate him.

After checking out the batcomputer, you'll learn the locations of the
infected inside the movie studio. You have three sets to visit. Robin will
check these locations out with you. Walk straight to Stage B first since
it's the one unlocked at the moment. Open the door and take out all the
thugs. Head to the next door and continue until you get blocked by a
mini-gunner. Get to a vantage point and swing behind him. Then, creep up
behind the mini-gunner to execute a double-team takedown. Continue to the
next room to reach the horror set. Work with Robin to effectively take out
opponents and faster. You can also take advantage ofd the dual team
takedown to instantly incapacitate mini-gunners. Just sneak behind one and
call in Robin to execute it.

After clearing all the goons inside the set, head to the room where
Christina Bell is hiding then kick it open. Christina will be clawing off
Robin's face so press the Counter button to stop her assault. After
knocking her out, leave the set and Robin will take Christina back to the
quarantine cell.

Go to Stage A first. Use the voice synthesizer to convince one of the thugs
to open the gate for you. Beat them up then continue forth. Open the
security gate and "rescue" Jason Todd to trigger a cutscene. After the
scene, Robin will arrive.

Continue forth and you'll have to fight Albert King. He's no ordinary
brute; he hits fast and hard. Avoid him if you see him releasing punches
like crazy. What you need to do is to build your combo meter, perform a
special dual team attack against him. During the dual team takedown
sequence, you have to strike fast and press the counter button to continue
the combo. This is the only way to deal heavy damage against him. No need
to save him for last; use the abundant enemies to build your meter and
execute as many dual team takedowns as needed.

After taking him down, Batman will call Alfred to request for another car
upgrade. Finally, head to Stage C to look for Johnny Charisma. There's a
mini-gunner guarding the gate so don't go there. Find an opening to a vent
and follow it until it leads you to an empty room with a worn wall. Place
and explosive gel there, get back to the vent and use the voice synthesizer
to order the mini-gunner to check out the wall. Once he's near, detonate it
to instantly knock him down.

Open the security gate and continue forth. The wall across the main door
hides a Riddler Trophy. Ignore it for now and open the next door. Remove
the sheet from the body to trigger another cutscene. Robin will regroup
with you afterward. Continue inside Stage C and examine the keypad. After
receiving the camera feed from Henry, you have to review the footage to
learn the passcode. Concentrate on the cell with Johnny's reflection on the
mirror and zoom there. Or just simply enter the code 0539.

Enter the room and approach Johnny. You'll be controlling Robin to disarm
the bomb. Make sure that Johnny doesn't see you doing it or he'll blow
himself up with you. Move Robin when Johnny/Joker is facing away. After
disarming all the bombs, you have to sneak behind Johnny and perform a

Attempt to leave the stage to receive a call from Henry. Head back to the
cells and you'll find Harley Quinn's men gathered behind the locked gate.
Find a grate and use the Voice Synthesizer from under the floor and order
one of the men to open the gate. Harley will appear, unfoiling your trick
but Robin will arrive and trigger a cutscene. While Harley is having a
monologue while walking around Robin, wait for her to walk right in front
of the opening on the floor then perform a dual team takedown. Eliminate
the remaining thugs.

Pick up Harley Quinn and bring her back to the cells. A cutscene will
trigger. After that, head to the cell and enter it. Just look away and
again through the window to trigger Joker's appearance. Once you're out,
approach the Jason Todd for yet another cutscene from the Joker. After
Joker lets you out again, look away and Robin will reappear and call you to
enter the cell. Get near him and press the Counter button to shove him
inside instead.

Once done, you'll be able to pick up the new upgrade for your Batmobile.
Exit the movie studio and you'll discover that the Arkham Knight has
re-established the threat level in all districts, adding more drones,
watchtowers, checkpoints, and explosive devices. But first, head to the
objective point to pick up the Batmobile's new upgrade. Also, a new mission
will be available (Friend in Need). New intels will also be available for
Heir to the Cowl and Gunrunner missions.

=== 00013 Sea of Fear ===

When you're ready, head to the source of the seismic activity. After the
cutscene, help Poison Ivy repel the militia forces deployed to destroy her.
Eliminate the first wave of enemies and the Arkham Knight will send a
battalion of Cobra Tanks. Like before, you have to sneak behind these until
you get a lock-on and destroy them instantly. 

Once clear, go to Poison Ivy's location and talk to her. After the
cutscene, you'll have to find Stagg in the airship and find question him
about a way to defeat the Cloudburst Tank. After reaching the airship,
defeat the militia guards posted in the destroyed tip of the airship. After
clearing them up, you have to manually synthesize his voice print in order
to access the locked up doors in the airship.

After successfully synthesizing his voice, continue inside the airship. You
have to deal the militia inside too before moving forth. Once you cleared
the lab, head to Stagg's cage and enter Detective Mode to follow his
fingerprint trail. Once you find him under the floor, pull him out to get a
Nimbus Cell.

Now you can leave the airship and find a way to repair the Batmobile. Head
back to the marked location and press to dive to the toxic cloud. You have
to carefully remove the Batmobile's power core and replace one of its cells
with the Nimbus. A rioter will attack you so you have to counter it
quickly. Now carefully return the power drive back to the Batmobile and
wait until Batman crawls inside the Batmobile. Now, head to Founder's
Island and trace the root which is located under the Divinity Church.

Since the Batmobile's sonar is can't reach the root's core, you have to
head to Port Adams next to find an alternate way to go underground. Defeat
the militia drones here to continue with your objective.

=== 00014 Ancient Root ===
Find a ramp and use it to get inside the port yard. More drones are waiting
for you inside so take them all out as well. Find the freight elevator and
remove the cover using the power winch. Power up the controls by revving
your engine. 

Once you've reached the lower ground, run along the tunnel walls to get
past the obstacles. Continue forth until you reach a closed gate. Leave the
Batmobile and enter the grate. Go through it and use your RHD to
temporarily blind the drone. There's a stationary drone on the right side
alcove and a roving one nearby. If you have bought the Disruptor upgrade
that will destroy any drones that detects you, it will be useful here as
well. Behind the drone in the right is a Riddler Trophy you can pick up

Continue forth, and destroy/blind the roving drone and continue until you
see the control room. Grapple on the overhead metal beams and find a way
inside the room to open the gate. You'll be remotely controlling the
Batmobile. Use it to destroy the drones along the way. Once clear, unlock
the second security gate and continue forth.

Lower the cargo ramp on foot and use that as a ramp for the Batmobile to
run on. You'll encounter yet another gate. Back up a bit then speed up to
run on the tunnel wall past the gate and the broken part of the road. Once
you see the cargo loading bay of the tunnel, position the Batmobile on the
other end of the ramp. Exit the vehicle and find another control room where
you can lock the cargo ramp. Also, on top of that control room is another
riddler's trophy.

Now use the cargo ramp to get past the flooded part of the tunnel. Continue
along the path and use your sonar blasts to track the root. Upon reaching
the core, hold your sonar blast to wake it up.

=== 00015 Cloudburst ===
Once the giant tree has been woken up, you have to defend it against an
army of drones. Ivy will help you but she can only target enemies in the
church's courtyard. Try to bring the fight there but remember to move
around to avoid getting surrounded. Once done, you have to face off Arkham
Knight and his Cloudburst tank. The Cloudburst tank is surrounded by Cobra
Tanks. If you haven't purchased some of the high-tier Batmobile weapon
upgrades, it's a good idea to do so now. First, take out the Cobra Tank

Next, you have to do a hit-and-run to disable coolants first in the four
sides of the tank. Don't get too close or the tank will detect you. Like
the cobra tanks, you have to get near and get a clean lock-on to
successfully destroy the coolant. Everytime the tank detects you, you have
to exit Battle Mode and do your best to lose the tank's detection, even if
it means going through tight alleys and corners. Repeat the
process until the tank overheats after destroying all marked targets.

Now the weakpoint of the tank will be revealed. You can go head-to-head
against the tank now but you have to strike on the weakpoint in order to
deal damage. You also have to keep firing your vulcan cannon to get rid of
the homing missiles and you have to be careful of the area damage the tank
can cause from its main armament.

After the cutscene and pummeling the Knight, you have to check on Ivy next.
Head to her location to investigate. Once the cutscene is over, the city
will be cleared of the toxin and more AR Challenges will become available.
You also have to head to GCPD to continue with the story. If you have more
unfinished missions, new intel will be available for them.

When you're ready, return to GCPD and talk to Sgt McAllister in the
Communications room. Next, head to the evidence room to get another gadget:
the REC (Remote Electrical Charge) device. Leave GCPD and head to the
marked location.

=== 00016 The Shaft ===
Once you've reached the location, find a manhole nearby and enter it. Use
the REC to disable the generator and allow you to get past the flooded
corridor. Once you're out of the water, reactivate the generator to lower
the gate and allow you to continue forth. Grapple to the vent and you'll be
under the floor with a lot of armed militia. Switch to your voice
synthesizer and order one of the militia personnel to open the gate. Switch
control to your Batmobile and incapacitate all the guards. Switch to Batman
once cleared and rewire the fuse box to open the gate.

Switch to the Batmobile again and target the weak wall in front. Use Batman
again this time and grapple on the metal beam in the middle of the
ventilation shaft and swing again to the next ledge to activate the lever
and lower the barricade that will allow the Batmobile to get in.

Attach the power winch and slow lower the Batmobile down the wall. Look up
and you'll find another damaged wall. Destroy it with a blast. As Batman,
grapple in the middle beam again and grapple to the newly opened hole. Turn
around and you'll see a Riddler Trophy on the workbench. Equip the REC
again and start shooting electrical charges on the generator to power down
the fan.

Now enter the Batmobile and lower it further. Shoot the next cracked wall
across the shaft and shoot the militia guards. Eject-glide to it and find a
vent to the elevator shaft. Grapple to it and stand on top of the unpowered
elevator. Use your REC to power it up. Shoot it twice so it goes down two
levels. Now blast the cracked wall with your explosive gel. Two guards with
stun sticks are waiting for you. Quickfire your REC (L2 + circle) to
temporarily stun them and remove their sticks. Finish them off and pull
down the lever to open the gate. You'll find the next generator but it's
behind a thick glass wall. Ignore it for now and make your way to the next

Grapple on the next ledge and use your REC to power up the generator and
electrocute the militia guards standing on the puddle. Pull the lever down
in the end of the corridor then enter the next elevator. Press R1 while
using your REC to make the elevator go up. Blast the next wall to reveal
another Riddler Trophy.

Now make the elevator gown as far as it goes. Climb out and enter the
alcove beside it then make the elevator go up so you can go down the shaft.
Grapple the next ledge and enter the grate. There's a bunch of militias
there so before diving in, make the proper preparations like sabotaging the
medics' resuscitating packs and the ammo crates. The militia leader is also
wearing an explosive vest so make your way behind him and disarm the vest
from behind the sheets. You have to engage the remaining militia on
hand-to-hand combat.

After defeating them, use the fusebox nearby and continue to the shaft
again. Drop down to the ground below and enter the opening. This path is
guarded by a sentry drone. Use your RHD to temporarily blind it then
quickly get on the elevator shaft across it. Grapple on ledge above and
you'll reach the next generator. Overload it with REC and you should be
able to lower the Batmobile.

Attach the power winch to any of the four available hooks and pull it to
the left so that the drill platform goes down. After reaching the bottom,
destroy the cracked wall and destroy the sentry gun in front of the
elevator shaft so Batman can go down safely.

=== 00017 Tunnel Bat===
Enter the Batmobile and this time, raise the drilling platform again so
that the Batmobile can reach the elevated tunnel. Use the fuse on foot to
lower the gate and continue forth in the Batmobile. After a short while,
the Arkham Knight will appear with a drilling tank. You don't have any way
of facing him head-on so escape further into the tunnels.

You'll eventually reach a tunnel maze. What you need to do is lure the
Arkham Knight in the dead-end tunnels with red markers. You need to drive
fast and carefully as you go through these tunnels. This is the only way to
damage the Knight's vehicle. The Arkham's Knight vehicle doesn't appear on
radar so you have to gauge the distance as displayed in your screen. You
can also lure him in by shoot at him when you're already facing the tunnel
you'll lure him to.

After depleting his tank's HP, Alfred will be able to disable the lock on
the door. Head there and use the power winch to remove the ventilation
shaft's cover. Get under the shaft and eject-glide yourself, watching in
mute horror as your precious Batmobile gets shredded to pieces.

=== 00018 Arkham Knight ===
Grapple to the next ledge to find another Riddler Trophy across the ledge.
Just take note of its location for now then continue forth until you reach
Gordon's location. Position yourself under the grate so you can perform an
optimal Fear Multi-takedown. Eliminate the other guards to attempt and
Gordon to trigger a cutscene.

The Arkham Knight has taken position on a vantage point so you can't
grapple out of his view. You have to carefully sneak towards him and take
him by surprise. After catching him, he'll change positions and will call
in reinforcements. You have to take them out one by one or by Fear
Multi-takedown if needed. There's a riddler trophy under the middle table
in the bar area as well.

The Arkham Knight will be controlling the drone so you have to sabotage it
with your Disruptor. After eliminating the guards, get near the Arkham
Knight using the grates on the floor. There's also another free Riddler
Trophy located directly under where he is positioned. Grapple on the
vantage point where he is at to lower his HP. After that, he'll lock you
up. You need to escape the enclosed area or you'll get smothered with gas.
There's an opening on the gate itself. Use it to escape.

In the third phase of this battle, you have to face another wave of his
militia guards. These guards have optic deflection armor, meaning your
Detective Mode won't be able to see them and you have to rely on your eyes.
Once done, sneak up to Arkham Knight once again to lower his HP.

Finally, you'll have to deal with him, his drone, and his sentry guns. Use
your RHD to blind and get behind them, just make sure Arkham Knight's not
aiming on you. There's also another Riddler Trophy right under his vantage
point as well. This is quite easy compared to the other phases of this
battle so you shouldn't have problems sneaking past the turrets and the

After getting him off guard, a cutscene will trigger. Once done, free
Gordon. Another cutscene will take place and you have to deal with more
militia guards once more. After defeating them, join with Gordon and take
the elevator. Watch the next cutscenes.

=== 00019 Oracle's Rescue ===
After the cutscene, you'll be surrounded by tank drones. Don't worry, you
can call in the all-new Batmobile and take out these wave of drones. Once
cleared, bring Barbara to the Batmobile and bring her to GCPD. Once done,
you have to head to the Clock Tower to stop the militia from completely
messing up the server room. Also, more outposts and will become available
on each island. Head to the clocktower and get to a vantage point a
distance away from the building. You'll find the militia guarding the
premises with snipers overlooking from the nearby buildings. Systematically
eliminate them as you go, starting from the unguarded snipers.

Once you're done cleaning up, access the control console and use it to
reconnect Oracle to the mainframe. After that, you'll get a new mission.
(Lamb to the Slaughter)

=== 00020 GCPD Assault ===
Head back to GCPD and talk to Oracle. After that, exit to the garage and
you'll find two militia APCs coming right in. You can actually enter your
Batmobile and easily take out the enemies easily by running them over or
shooting them with the non-lethal rounds. Otherwise, you can just give them
the old fashioned beating.

Once cleared, use the Batmobile and use the winch to remove the ventilation
fan. Grapple there and make your way out. You'll see a large enemy force
surrounding the building. Head to the generator outside but you'll discover
that it is destroyed. Make your way to the garage door entrance and squeeze
inside. Do it fast or the drones outside will detect and attack you. On the
road leading to the garage, you'll find more militia along the way. Defeat
them then power up the generators. Now you can call in your Batmobile and
engage the drones outside.

Oracle will be able to help by hijacking some of the drones as well. Shoot
the targets that will be highlighted to trigger explosions and EMP blasts.
Later on, Cobra drones will join the battle. Prioritize them and Mamba
missile launchers to give you much needed breathing space.

After destroying all drones, Scarecrow's militia will drop foot soldiers on
the rooftop. Head there and engage them to battle. You can use
Oracle-assisted environment takedowns but it's better if you'll be able to
use them against hardened targets like Brutes. After defeating the first
wave, another wave of militia soldiers will arrive, including two brutes
equipped with different weapons. Use Oracle's assisted takedowns as well
and take note that your REC can give you much needed space by stunning
enemies for a few seconds.

After getting rid of the threats in GCPD, you have to go to the movie
studio next. Also, all the remaining explosive devices and outposts will
become available in all islands in the city.

=== 00021 The Dark Knight's Fall ===
Once you're ready, head to the movie studio. Use the elevator from the
rooftop and check up the quaratine cell. After Joker stops his monologue,
Scarecrow will call you. Leave the building using the elevator and head to
the next location afterward. Enter the building and surrender your utility
belt and gadgets. Enter the back of the truck next. After the cutscene,
climb over the fence, check out the doors, and pay respects to the bodies
on the ground. You'll have to beat up the Jokers afterward. Finish him off
and continue with the cutscene.

Now you have to control Joker in the (Joker)mobile(?) and kill all enemies.
Once you've built enough energy, unleash your barrage of missiles to kill
everyone in the room. Leave the car and kill everyone you meet along the
way. Continue forth until you reach the last door. 

After several cutscenes, you'll be in control of the Joker again. Activate
the flashlight and continue along the corridor. Continue moving along until
you reach a chapel. Talk to Harley and turn around to find a new doorway.
Blast your way through and keep destroying the items in the enclosed room
to continue.

Once you reached a yard, keep destroying the batman statues until the
"real" batman kicks you down. Destroy the wall to reveal the light, then
pull the exit lever in the end of the walkway. Once you've gained control
of the Batman, pummel Joker and perform a takedown to force him to the
cage. Land a lot of strikes on him to kick him inside and seal him

After more cutscenes, the story mission will be complete. Scarecrow will be
delivered to the GCPD. To activate the Knightfall protocol, you have to
capture all of Gotham's most wanted. The longest and most daunting task to
finish is Riddler's since he has a lot of trophies to collect and riddles
to solve.


Illustrated online version of the guide is available below

                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
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