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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Aaron21

  Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
  Game Guide by Aaron21

  The information in this Game Guide might be out of date. The latest version
  may be found at If this Guide is out of date, please inform the
  Webmaster, not Aaron21.

  Version: A1 X01
  Created: Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 

  (C) 2007 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Game Guide
             This TXT-Based Game Guide has been created by Aaron "Aaron21" Busch
             to assist you in beating Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

             This Game Guide has been Copyrighted to Any theft or
             unauthorized reproduction of this Guide is prohibited. Reference to
             this Guide must be credited to Aaron Busch, or Aaron21. You need to
             E-mail me to use this Game Guide on your website. Violators will be


 O ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ O
 |  Version History  |
 O ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ O

 Version A1 X01        (Created: 1:05 AM 11/20/2007)  >  Created Game Guide

 O ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ O
 |  Using the Guide  |
 O ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ O

 Sections within this Walkthrough have been divided into Chapters. Here's the
 instructions that will help you refer to the appropriate place in the Guide.


        -> Hold the CTRL Button on your Keyboard while you press the F Button.

        -> Input the name corresponding to the specific section you are having
           difficulties with, then select 'Find'.


        -> Select 'Edit', located on the toolbar at the top of your

        -> Select 'Find in This Page', or simply hit Ctrl, then the
           F Key.

        -> Input the name corresponding to the specific section you are having
           difficulties with, then select 'Find'.

 O ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ O
 |  Table of Contents  |
 O ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ O

  I.     Ambushed
  II.    The Search for El Dorado

         Underground Passage
         Nazi U-Boat
         Nazi U-Boat (Interior)
         Underground Passage

  III.   Plane-wrecked

         Pirate Camp
         Central Ruins
         Plane Wreck
         Fortress (Interior)
         The Escape

  IV.   The Drowned City


 O ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ O
 |  The Walkthrough  |
 O ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ O

 O ~-~-~-~-~ O   O ~-~-~-~-~- O
 |  = 1.0 =  |   |  Ambushed  |
 O ~-~-~-~-~ O   O ~-~-~-~-~- O

  Play through the tutorial by killing the pirates who are attacking the vessel.
  Shoot all nine pirates using the boxes for protection.

  Duck behind the boxes to avoid the remaining two until Sullivan arrives.

 O ~-~-~-~-~ O   O ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- O
 |  = 1.1 =  |   |  The Search for El Dorado  |
 O ~-~-~-~-~ O   O ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- O


  Follow the path to the river, then proceed through the river until you reach
  the waterfall.

  Once you reach the waterfall, head down the path to the right. This will lead
  you to a large, open area which may appear as a dead-end. However, hugging
  the large rock wall ahead of you will take you to a very narrow opening.

  Upon emerging in the nearby ruins, proceed along the path to your immediate
  left until you run into a broken wall in the distance. Climb to the top ledge
  of this wall, then turn to your left.

  Now jump to reach the ledge in the distance, then proceed forward, jumping to
  the next platform thereafter.

  Climb onto the broken pillar to your left, then proceed forward. Jump to the
  pillar large ledge ahead of you, prompting nathan to point out a hollow point
  in the area below. Now you just need to find a way to break through it.

  Jump across to the large pillar to your right, then again to reach the ledge
  directly ahead of you. Now press the O Button when prompted to hang off the
  ledge, moving to your left thereafter.

  Move to your left and push the X Button to jump past the gap in the wall.
  Continue doing so until you're unable to proceed further along this ledge. At
  that point, jump to the ledge across from by moving the direction pad away
  from you and press the X Button.

  Once you are on the other wall, climb up to the cliff above. Up here you will
  find a large block that can be pushed onto the hollow ground below. Great!
  Now jump down and proceed through the door below.


  Now proceed into the large chamber ahead to initiate a cutscene. Afterwards,
  head towards the light, but don't drop down the pit. Shoot the powder keg
  across the pit, then climb up the column to reach the large door ahead. Look
  for a weight next to the door and spam the triangle button to raise the door
  to the next room.

  As Sullivan holds the door, proceed through and look for a trolley on your
  right. Push the trolley under the door to temporarily hold it open, then
  examine the large brazier in the middle of the room. Once the lamps have been
  lit, shoot the one above the debris that's blocking the doorway on the other
  side of the room.

  Now proceed into the large circular room, then to your immediate left. Grab
  hold of one of the pegs sticking out of the wall.

  Jump right three times, down, right twice, up, right, up, right, right, allow
  the peg to drop, then jump right, up, right, up, right, then right again to
  reach the vine. Now drop to the bottom of the room and locate another powder
  keg next to the rubble.

  After shooting the poweder keg, Sullivan will climb down the ladder. Follow
  him into the next room to light the brazier, then proceed onward through the
  corridor ahead.

  There are four blocks which need to be pushed within this room. Here are the
  locations of each:

  A) Head to the wall on the right, then grab hold of the ledge to hang off the
  wall. Jump along these wall mounts to reach a larger platform to the left.
  Here is Block #1.

  B) Turn 90 degrees to your left. Jump to the broken pillar, then to the ledge
  in the distance. Here is Block #2.

  C) There's another ledge mounted against the wall to the left of Block #2.
  Hang off this ledge and proceed along it to reach Block #3.

  D) Jump to the pillar behind you from Block #3, then move to the other side
  of it. Jump across to the platform behind you to reach Block #4 against the

  The order of which these blocks must be pressed are Block B, Block D, Block C,
  then Block A.

  Upon doing so, climb down the ladder, then drop to the ledge sticking out of
  the wall. Move left and jump to grab onto one ledge, then jump to the left
  again to grab onto the next. Now climb onto the platform and proceed into the
  next room.

  Grab hold of the pedestal and push it towards the room you just came from.
  Once the water begins flowing again, return into the circular room and drop
  into the water below. Swim towards the stretch of dry land in the distance,
  then climb onto the large rock against the wall.

  Climb up the wall using the rocks and ledges mounted onto the wall. Once you
  reach the large rock above, jump to the wall across from you to grab onto
  another ledge. From here, jump to the vine on your right and climb up to the
  surface above.

  Shoot the powder kegs to blow open the door, then turn around and proceed
  through the corridor to locate two weights. Pull on the weights to open the
  door, then move across the bridge. As it begins to break, run quickly to the
  other side, then head upstairs to initiate a cutscene.

  Afterwards. follow the markings in the floor to return to the jungle. Proceed
  up the hill to the waterfall, then climb the upper ledge on your right and
  approach the boat thereafter.


  Jump into the water and swim towards the waterfall in the distance, not the
  one that drops into the lake below. Climb onto dry land to the right of the
  waterfall, then proceed towards cliffside ahead.

  Climb onto the rock and swing across the vine. Jump off the vine to reach the
  ledge on the right, turn to your right, drop to the lower platform, then
  climb to the next platform above you. Turn towards the wall and grab hold of
  the mounted ledge above.

  Swing across the vine to your left and jump to reach another mounted ledge.
  Once you're hanging from the mounted ledge, move to your left and jump to
  grab hold of the next ledge. Move across this ledge to the left until you are
  unable to move further, then jump upwards to reach the grassy cliffside above.

  Follow the cliffside to the end, then jump to grab hold of the rock formation.
  Move to the left and jump onto the vine, then climb up to the top. As you
  reach the top, pick up the Gold Tairona Pendant on the ground, then hang off
  the outer ledge and proceed left until you you come to a wall.

  At this time, Sullivan will inform you that it's a long way down. This will
  tell you that you and I are on the same page. Jump across the chasm to grab
  hold of the ledge on the other side, then climb up to the cliffside above.

  Follow the path through the alcove, then jump across the pit. You should now
  be in an area overlooking the waterfalls.

  Hang from the ledge and move to your left. As you reach the next ledge, drop
  into the water below, then swim towards the waterfall against the cliffs.
  Climb up the three ledges behind the waterfall, then hop aboard the U-Boat.
  Climb onto the lookout post, then drop into the interior of the U-Boat.


  Head down the corridor, opening the door at the end of it. Once inside the
  room you just opened, proceed forward to drop into the lower corridor.
  Examine the decomposing corpse to initiate a cutscene, then enter into the
  next room. This will eventually lead you to another sealed door which must be
  manually opened.

  After opening the door, head into the next room. Here you'll have to get wet
  a bit.

  Swim to the ladder at the end of the corridor, then climb up to the upper
  level. As you enter the next room, Nathan will encounter the Captain... Dead,
  actually, but you will receive a map to your next clue nonetheless.

  Enter into the next room to initiate a cutscene, leading Nathan to quickly
  exit the U-Boat.


  Quickly follow the path to escape from enemy fire. Beat up anyone that stands
  in your way, but don't turn around to assault the guys shooting at you. It
  won't end well.

  Following the Cutscene, peek your head around the broken pillar and shoot the
  pirate near the cave. Head forward towards the next pillar and use it for
  protection, shooting the next three henchmen that emerge.


  As you enter the ancient tunnel, pick up the AK-47, then proceed through the
  corridor. Once you come to the next flare on the ground, shoot the pirate
  on the upper ledge, then climb up and enter the large room above.

  Hide behind a pillar and shoot the two henchmen that emerge, then pick up the
  Golden Inca Cap, located to the right of the passage they just emerged from.
  Be careful as you enter the next room, you will want to take out the pirate
  holding the AK-47 from the top of the stairs. Once that's done, head into the
  next room and jump across the platforms. Once you're about halfway across,
  duck behind a pillar and shoot the pirates, then continue across to the
  other side.
  Proceed through the corridor to the large room ahead, climb up the stairs on
  the other side, then quickly hide behind the wall. Shoot the first pirate
  as he emerges, then the next approaching from not too far behind. At that
  point, eliminate the remaining two, then proceed through the corridor ahead.

  As you emerge in the large room ahead, kill the next pirate that approaches,
  then proceed forward into the circular room with the ladder. Climb up the
  ladder, then enter the large room to your left and duck behind the brazier.

  Proceed forward and hide behind the broken column that bridges the abyss. Now
  shoot at the two henchmen below, then head down the bridge to the room below.
  Duck behinid the large pillar ahead to shoot the four henchmen, then climb up
  the rope by the stairs and proceed back into the jungle.

  Hide behind one of the columns and eliminate the henchmen that emerge, then
  hop into the nearby jeep.

 O ~-~-~-~-~ O   O ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ O
 |  = 1.2 =  |   |  Plane-wrecked  |
 O ~-~-~-~-~ O   O ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ O


  You might remember this piece from the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Demo. Shoot
  the lock on the nearby gate, then enter the area ahead.

  Head towards the waterfall and enter the dark alcove to the left of it. Look
  for the Silver Fish Charm on the ground, then turn back towards the lake and
  scale the cliffside to the right of the waterfall.

  Once you are at the top, follow the path through the dense grass to a large,
  open area. Drop into the river, then follow it forward. Turn right just prior
  to where the water slopes from the lake above and scale up the cliffside
  until you're next to the waterfall. You should now be overlooking the lake

  Jump across to the ledge on the other side of the river, then walk across the
  narrow log. Quickly hide behind the stone tablet and kill the henchmen who
  emerge. Walk across the next log, then climb up the vine to the area above.

  Quickly hide behind the barricade, kill the pirate, then pick up the ammo,
  including the Grenade from the nearby crate.

  Turn around and head through the ruins, eliminating the pirates, then scale
  the cliff until you're overlooking the pirate camp below.


  There are about a dozen or more pirates in this area. Try and make a headshot
  on one of the pirates below, then quickly drop into the encampment. Hide
  behind the large wall, then run out towards the broken wall to the right of
  it. Use this for cover from enemy fire.

  Locate the AK-47 against the broken wall to the left of where you initially
  dropped down if you need it.

  Once all the Pirates on the ground level have been eliminated, rush into the
  encampment and head towards the back of it. Hide behind one of the support
  columns and eliminate the remaining pirates, all of which may be found on the
  ground level, or the upper region of the ruins. If they throw you a Grenade,
  quickly roll to the next column.

  There are various powder kegs which you can use to your advantage. Two of
  them can be found in the middle of the lower ruins, while the other is hidden
  on the left-hand side of the upper ruins.

  After defeating all of the enemies, pick up all that fresh ammunition, then
  go to the left-hand region of the ruins. See the broken archway surrounding
  the lower encampment? Well climb onto the lowest column near the large tree,
  then from there, jump to the next column and walk along it until you are able
  to jump over towards the gate on your right.


  Kick open the Gate, then quickly hide behind the wall and kill the pirates.
  Now enter through the gate on the right to reach the next part of the ruins
  and eliminate the pirates in this area. Once they're all dead, head to the
  wall at the back of the ruins and jump to hang off of the mounted ledge.

  Climb onto the ledge, proceed left to locate a Patterned Silver Ring, then
  turn around and go forward until you have a wall opposing you. Jump onto the
  ledge to the right of the wall and hang from it, then from there, jump across
  to the broken wall and climb up it to reach the platform.

  Jump across a series of platforms until you are almost above the lower gate.
  At that point, jump to the ledge on your left and drop to the path below.

  Follow the path to the next part of the ruins, eliminate the pirates in this
  area, then proceed towards the sound of the waterfalls to the right.


  You cannot fall into the water or else you will plummet to your death. Once
  you emerge, turn to your right to notice some mounted ledges within the
  cliffside. Jump towards them to land on a large rock, then grab hold of the
  mounted ledge and move to your left.

  Jump from one mounted ledge to the next until you land on a rock below. From
  here, turn around and jump onto the platform sticking out of the water. Jump
  to the next, then to the broken bridge. Duck behind it and shoot down the two

  You can't jump past the broken part of the bridge, so forget about that. If
  you turn towards the waterfall on your left, you will notice a large rock
  sticking out of the water. Jump onto that, then towards the ledge closest to
  the waterfall. From there, jump to the mounted ledge behind the waterfall and
  move to your right.

  Once you're at the end of the mounted ledge, jump up the series of platforms
  on your right and climb up the other side of the bridge. This will lead you
  to another broken section on the bridge.

  Drop off the bridge to your right to land on the ledge below. As you move
  forward, a piece of the formation will begin to collapse. Quickly jump to the
  right to grab hold of the ledge, circle around the formation, jump across to
  the next ledge, then climb up to the top of this formation and shoot down the
  pirate by blowing up the powder keg attached to his vehicle. 

  With that done, you should now be on top of the rock formation to the very
  right. From here, quickly jump onto the vehicle, then to the platform that
  it's attached to.

  Jump up the series of platforms to ascend the small waterfall, then cross the
  lake to reach the shore... And, yes, you won't die if you fall in the water
  up here.

  Pick up the ammunition from the crate, then scale the cliff to the area above.
  Follow the path to your left up a pointy-shaped rock, jump across the chasm,
  grabbing onto the hollow log, then scale the large cliff by climbing the two


  Eliminate all the pirates in this area, then climb the rope into wreckage to
  retrieve your Map.

  Shoot down the three pirates that approach, then run up the hill and hide
  behind the stone barricane. Kill the next batch of pirates who emerge, then
  head further up the hill. Kill the third and final batch of pirates, then
  proceed through the gate doorway which previously exploded.

  A pirate will approach you as you ascend the hill, but don't worry about him,
  he'll die as you get closer. Continue forward and jump across the chasm,
  climb up the ledge, then quickly jump across the loose rock that's attached
  to the cliff.

  Climb onto the rock you're hanging off of, jump to the mounted ledge against
  the rock to your right, then slide across until you're directly above the
  grassy terrain below.

  Proceed down the path horded by at least a dozen pirates, but watch out for
  the trip wires.


  As you approach the fortress, scale it until you reach the walkway on your
  right, then ascend the stairs to reach a rope. Swing across the rope and jump
  to grab hold of the wall on your right, then scale the wall until you are up
  as high as you can go.

  Jump from the mounted ledge to the rope on your right, then swing across to
  the open window. Scale the mounted ledges into the open window of the
  fortress, then proceed through the door on your left.

  Head through the corridor and jump out the window to hang off the fortress
  wall. Drop down the two ledges, then jump towards the vine on your right and
  swing across. Jump to the next vine, swing across again, then scale the ledge
  as your travel around the corner of the fortress wall. From there, drop down
  twice, jump over to the right, then grab hold of the rope.

  Climb halfway up the rope, then swing across to grab hold of the mounted
  ledge on the other side. Now scale to the top of the fortress wall and jump
  to the left. You should now be above the window. Jump to the left to grab
  hold of the rope, then decend to the window below.

  Pick up the ammunition on the crate, then proceed through the corridor. This
  will lead you to a large room filled with more pirates. Eliminate the pirates,
  then move to the upper walkway. Follow the walkway towards the crates, then
  drop down into the area with the large tunnel.

  Eliminate the two pirates, then proceed up the stairs and through the tunnel.
  Here you'll have to battle a few more pirates, but also an additional one who
  is operating a machine gun. Use the powder kegs to assist in eliminating the
  pirates bunched around the truck. There's also two more powder kegs on the
  walkway above.

  Once the area is clear, proceed through the door into the interior of the
  fortress and climb the stairs to the walkway above, then turn to your
  immediate right and head towards the tower on your right.

  Circle around the tower and head up the stairs. Upon realizing that your
  female friend is nowhere to be found, proceed up the stairs and into the open
  window, pressing the triangle button to enter the radio room.

  Once you radio the pirate, you'll be locked into the radio room. Shoot the
  lock and kick the door open, then shoot down the pirates from above. Once the
  area below has been cleared, enter into the interior of the base, noted by
  the large wooden door.


  Now for the dude with the machine gun... Drop into the water below and run
  towards him, ducking for cover while he's shooting. Just before reaching the
  pirate on the machine gun, locate and grab onto the ledge on your right, then
  climb up to small room above.

  Kill the pirate on the machine gun, then proceed up the stairs in the small
  room. Pick up the Golden Spoon behind the crates in the corner, then drop
  back into the water below.

  Shoot at the powder keg to the left of the machine gun and climb the rubble
  to the ledge above. Exit out the door to your left, hide behind the stone
  barricade, then shoot down all the pirates who emerge.

  Climb onto the fallen column in the water and use it to reach the wooden
  platform connecting the two columns above. Jump onto the column that's "Under
  Construction" to the right, then to the large platform with the gate.

  Open the gate, then drop into the water below. Swim to the wall across from
  you and grab hold of the ledge mounted on the wall. Keep jumping along ledges
  to your left until you come to a pulley. Operate the pulley to raise the
  water, then swim to the wall directly across from you and a bit to the left.

  Here you will come across another ledge mounted into the wall. Jump along the
  ledges to the right to access another pulley, raising the water yet again.

  Once it has been raised, climb the broken stairwell in the center to reach a
  small room above. Climb the stairs, then proceed along the corridor and exit
  outside to encounter a few more pirates.


  Now you need to head towards the tower.

  Head upstairs and follow the walkway past the tower to find another pulley.
  This one will raise the gate below.

  Proceed through the gate that just opened, then onto the broken pillar nearby.
  From here, jump to the next pillar directly ahead of you, then to the ledge
  on your right. Follow the ledge to the other side, then jump onto the column
  to the left.

  Circle around the column 90 degrees to the right, jump onto the next column,
  then to the ledge mounted against the wall. From here, jump to ledge mounted
  against the window on the left, then to left again to land on another ledge.

  Press the triangle button at the support string to break one of the nearby
  columns, then press the O Button when prompted to do so or you will die. Once
  the column has been broken, head back towards the gate and climb of the
  column in opposition to the one you initially climbed up.

  Jump across to the wall to your left, then step out to the platform on the
  other side. Jump to the ledge on your right, then scale to the ledge above.
  Now quickly jump onto the ledge to your right, then to the ledge mounted
  against the right-hand wall. Now scale to the very top of the wall and drop
  onto the narrow platform between yourself and the tower.

  Scale up the tower until you are as high as you can go, then circle all the
  way around to the left and enter the upper part of the tower. Once inside,
  jump across to the open doorway on the other side, then circle around the
  tower to the right, scale to the open doorway up top, then enter inside to
  pick up a set of keys from the skeleton.

  Now descend the rope to the bottom and then head back through the gate, where
  you will then enter door on the left-hand side of this area. (Look for a door
  with an inscription of two keys above it.)

  Once inside the prison, head through the corridors into the large open area,
  then quickly find a place to hide.

  Shoot down all of the pirates in this area, including the one manning the
  machine gun. There's a powder keg in the middle of the area if you need it.
  Once the area has been cleared, pick up all that fresh ammunition, then
  access the pulley in the left-hand rear of the complex.

  When the gate has been raised, quickly run through the door and up the stairs
  to the interior corridor above. Kill the batch of pirates up here, then
  follow the corridor to the machine gun on your right.

  Have fun blowing up a few pirates. Get some revenge. Once they have all been
  eliminated, continue the way you were going down the hall until you reach a
  very dark passage. This will eventually lead you to a room where a light
  shines brightly upon the wall. Examine the table to initiate a cutscene, then
  assault the pirate that attacks. (Mine looked like Anthony Anderson :D)

  Once he has been killed, enter through the door on the right and head up the
  stairs to the walkway outside.

  Kill the pirates who emerge from the tower, then follow the road to a broken
  stairwell. Head part way up the stairs, then turn around and climb onto the
  column. Jump across to the wall on the other side, then grab hold of the
  ledge mounted against the wall. Jump along a series of ledges to the right,
  entering into the small room on the other side.

  Exit out of the other side and jump onto the column to the left. Drop to grab
  onto the ledge below, then jump across three more ledges mounted into the
  wall. From the third ledge, jump across to the column, then to the mounted
  ledge on the right, then climb up onto the platform above.

  Drop off the ledge on the other side, jumping past a series a ledges mounted
  into the wall. As your proceed left along these ledges, you will eventually
  find yourself below a large door, leading into a small room.

  Ascend the stairs to the top of the complex. Following the cutscene, you will
  have to take down one of the pesky pirates, at which point the other will
  turn around to get his revenge. You'll eventually wake up in an empty prison


  Here comes the fun part! Launching your rockets at those annoying pirates as
  you make an escape in the jeep. Simply shoot at all the pirates you see while
  you are driving off.