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Follow the dark path or use the light

Resident Evil 4: Enemy and Boss Guide

by Volke

Resident Evil 4 Enemy and Boss Guide


Phoenix E. Griffiths


- 1. Introduction
- 2. Health Info
- 3. Dodging
- 4. Weapons Overview
- 5. Healing Items
- 6. Enemy Guide
- 7. Boss Guide
- 8. Copyright Info
- 9. Thanks

1. Introduction

Yes, I'm back with more Resi enemy and boss guides, this time with Resident Evil 4. If 
there is actually anyone who's following the progress of these guides (hi, snakespec), 
you'll know that I have yet to do any for Resident Evil 3 and Code: Veronica. Main reason 
I'm doing 4 first is because I've been playing it recently.

Copyright info is at the bottom of this guide.

My e-mail is [email protected] should you wish to e-mail me regarding 
any matters in this guide. I'm happy to help you out, or if you wish to mention something 
I've missed, or if you just want to talk about the game. If you're going to send me spam, 
flame or any other kind of negative e-mail, then don't bother. Those things just amuse me.

Currently, the only website permitted to host this guide is

2. Health Info

It's important to keep an eye and Leon's and Ashley's health throughout the game. If their 
health is green, it means most attacks won't kill them. If their health is yellow, you're 
in dangerous territory and there's a high chance of dying if you get hurt again before you 
heal. If their health is red, anything will kill them no matter what, even if it's a snake 
bite. You can increase your health using Yellow Herbs. Leon can also aquire a Tactical 
Vest in Chapter 5-1 from the Merchant, which reduces the damge dealt by ALL attacks by 30%. 
It's worth the money, trust me.

3. Dodging

Many bosses have attacks that can be dodged by pressing a certain button combination. It is 
vital that you get used to using these, as they can save your life in certain situations. 
In the Gamecube version of the game, the dodge buttons are either A + B, or L + R. In the 
PS2 version, the dodge buttons are X and Square, or L1 and R1. In the Wii version, the 
dodge buttons are A + B, or a flick of the Wii Remote. I'm not sure what they are in the PC 
version, as I have never played that version, although I think Spacebar is one of them. 
Same goes for the iPhone/iPad version of the game.

4. Weapons Overview

Here I'll overview all the weapons in the game. A * next to a weapon's name means it's a 
special weapon that needs to be unlocked and cannot be used in any first round 

Melee Weapons


A standard combat knife that you keep throughout the entire game. It's significantly more 
powerful than knives in Resident Evil games past (in other words, it's actually worth 

Use it? - Yes. It's essential for opening crates and barrels, and also for slashing downed 
enemies to finish them off and saving ammo.

Chicken Eggs

The weakest 'weapon' in the game. You throw it at an enemy much like a grenade, and it 
deals minor damage when it hits them.

Use them? - LOL. As a novelty on Easy mode, maybe.

Roundhouse Kick

You'll have the option to use this attack should you shoot a Ganado in the head and cause 
them to grab it in pain. It will send the Ganado, and any surrounding it, flying, and has 
serious potential in killing enemies.

Use it? - Yes.

Spinning Hook Kick

Not really a hook kick, but I forgot the term and can't be bothered to search and find out. 
If you shoot a Ganado in the legs and he falls to his knees, you will be able to perform 
this kick. It's not as effective on a group of enemies as the roundhouse kick, but deals 
more damage to the attacked enemy. You can only use this attack on the villagers, and it is 
replaced by the Suplex later on.

Use it? - Yes.


Leon grabs an enemy by the waist and slams it down, head-first, backwards. Has a high 
chance of destroying the enemy's head. You will be able to perform this attack if you shoot 
a Ganado in the legs and he falls to his knees. You can only use this attack after you 
enter the castle, as early on you use the Spinning Hook Kick instead.

Use it? - Yes.


Standard Handgun

The first Handgun you obtain in the game. Naturally, it's significantly weaker than some of 
the bad boys you can obtain later in the game.

Use it? - Only until you can obtain the better handgun of your choice (either the Red 9 or 
the Blacktail). You haven't really got any other options until then, though.


The weakest handgun in the game. Sacrifices power for the ability for its bullets to pass 
through multiple enemies at once.

Use it? - No. The penetration ability just doesn't make up for the fact that this is an 
incredbily weak gun. Get the free one from the Merchant, but sell it immediately afterwards 
for the cash.

Red 9

The most powerful handgun in the game, although the Blacktail beats it in most other stats. 
You can obtain this earlier than the Blacktail, though.

Use it? - Yes. The powerful punch it packs means you don't have to spend as much ammo when 
wasting enemies with it.


Early on it's similar in fire power to the Red 9, but falls behind a little towards the end 
of the game. However, it has higher capacity, firing speed and reload speed than the Red 9. 

Use it? - Yes. It will serve you well. However, I recommend the Red 9 over the Blacktail on 
Professional Mode, as its higher firepower helps conserve precious ammo.

Matilda *

Basically, a replica of Leon's Custom Handgun from Resident Evil 2. It can fire up to three 
shots in rapid succession. Unlocked by beating the game once on any difficulty.

Use it? - Yes, it's great fun. Beware though - it munches through ammo as fast as a fat kid 
muches through an extra large pizza.


Standard Shotgun

Obtained early on in the game, it's the first one you'll have the use of.

Use it? - Only throughout the village. Exchange for the Riot Gun when you reach the castle.

Riot Gun

Another pump-action shotgun, but more powerful than the first one. However, I don't 
understand why this weapon's exclusive increases firepower, but is still weaker than a 
maximum firepowered Striker.

Use it? - Only until you obtain the Striker.


This puppy is easily the Shotgun of choice. Faster firing, better power range, and overall 
a top ranking ass-kicker. Plus, you get a boatload of free shells with its excellent 
capacity exclusive.

Use it? - Hell yes! A top choice weapon.


Standard Rifle

Typical bolt-action rifle. Every time you fire it, you have to watch a scene of Leon 
discarding the empty shell before you can aim and fire again.

Use it? - Early on, you pretty much have to. Just discard it for the Semi-Auto Rifle when 
you reach the castle. I don't feel this rifle's eventual higher firepower makes up for the 
constand shell discarding.

Semi-Auto Rifle

My personal favourite weapon in the game. No shell discardation here. Plus an amazing 

Use it? - Definitely.

Machine Guns


It's Resident Evil tradition that machine gun based weapons are weaker than they should be, 
and this is no exception. Good if you just need to rapidly spray bullets in all directions, 

Use it? - It is worth using, but I prefer not to, mostly because if you don't get it, and 
sell all the TMP ammo you find, you can completely upgrade your other four weapons.

Chicago Typewriter *

Like the TMP, but with much higher firepower and infinite ammo. Unlocked after beating 
Seperate Ways.

Use it? - Great firepower + infinite ammo = huge fun!


Broken Butterfly

A traditional chamber magnum, and the first one you obtain. As always, use it sparingly, as 
clips are rare.

Use it? - Yes. I recommend this one over the Killer 7 due to its superior exclusive, and 
the facts that you can get one for free and it's cheaper to upgrade.

Killer 7

Named after a weird video game, this magnum's similar to the Desert Eagle from Resi 2. 

Use it? - Although it has mostly superior stats than the Broken Butterfly, including fire 
power until you purchase the BUtterfly's exclusive, it's just way too expensive to bother 
with, and you can't get it until really late in the game anyway.

Handcannon *

A special weapon with uber power an an infinite ammo exclusive. Unlocked after obtaining 
five-star ranks on all four Mercenaries maps.

Use it? - Go for it. It's great fun.

Explosives and Others

Hand Grenades

Typical explosive grenades. You throw them, wait a second, and they explode.

Use them? - Yes. They're particularly useful at taking out groups in one go.

Flash Grenades

Emit a blinding light that temporarily stuns all enemies. Also kill Plagas in one shot.

Use them? - Yes. Useful if you're low on ammo, priceless if you're facing a large group of 
Plaga-possessed Ganados.

Incendiary Grenades

Create a small explosion of fire that cooks anything that enters its range...including you.

Use them? - Yes. Although their smaller range renders them less useful than Hand Grenades, 
they are still very convenient, especially if you are cornered. They are also a good 
substitute for Regenerator hunting if you don't have the Infrared Scope.

Mine Thrower

A weapon that fires an attachable mine onto an opponent, which explodes two seconds later. 
The mines also damage an opponent when they first hit them.

Use it? - No. There are too few instances in which it will actually be useful, and ammo for 
this weapon is rarer than hens' teeth. Not worth it.

P.R.L. 412 *

Obtained after clearing the game on Pro mode. It emits flashes, similar to a Flash Grenade, 
than can kill foes with relative ease. Can also destroy all enemies and bosses, except Del 
Lago, in one hit when fully charged.

Use it? - It's a good laugh, so go for it.

Rocket Launcher

An extremely powerful single-fire weapon. Aside from one found in the castle, you have to 
buy these from the Merchant at 30,000 Pesetas apiece, and it takes him some time to 
re-stock. You can be harmed from the explosion this creates, so it's best to fire from a 

Use it? - In certain boss battles, I will recommend you do so. Don't waste them anywhere 
else, though.

Rocket Launcher (Special)

Given to you by Ada in order to kill Osmund Saddler once and for all. This is the only time 
you can use it, and it cannot be found at any other point in the game. It can not be 
carried through to a following playthrough if you don't use it, either.

Use it? - Chances are, you'll have to use it to finish Saddler off, unless you have a 
special weapon equipped. So...yessssss.

Infinite Rocket Launcher *

Naturally, a Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo. Unlocked by beating the game once on any 

Use it? - For maximum mindless enjoyment, HELL YES!

5. Healing Items

Here I will overview the healing items found in the game.

Green Herb

The most common healing item found in the game. These restore a small amount of health 
(around two to three bars). You can combine up to three Green Herbs. Two combined Green 
Herbs restore about five bars of health, and three combined Green Herbs completely heal you 
regardless of how much damage you've taken.

Red Herb

These have no effect on their own, but if you combine them with a Green Herb you can use 
them to completely restore your health.

Yellow Herb

These slightly increase your health, although they have to be combined with a Green Herb, 
or a Green Herb and Red Herb mix to be used. The most effective way to use them is to mix 
them with a Green and Red Herb mix and use them after you take heavy damage. You'll be 
fully healed AND get a slight health increase. There are enough Yellow Herbs found in the 
game to max out both Leon's health and Ashley's health in a single playthrough.

First Aid Spray

Completely restore health. Cannot be combined with Yellow Herbs. Also the only healing 
items available for purchase from the Merchant, although you can only buy a limited amount.

Black Bass (small)

Restores a small amount of health equivilant to that of a Green Herb.

Black Bass (medium)

Restores a medium amount of health equivilant to that of two Green Herbs.

Black Bass (large)

Completely restores health.

Chicken Egg

Restores a very small amount of health (about one bar).

Brown Chicken Egg

Restores a medium amount of health, equivilant to that of two Green Herbs.

Gold Chicken Egg

Completely restores health.

6. Enemy Guide

Moving on with business. This section of the guide will cover all of the enemies found in 
the game, including sub-bosses such as Garradors. Bosses will be featured in a later 
section of the guide.


There are three types of Plagas found in the game. The 'Bladed' Plaga is the most commonly 
encountered Plaga, and the only one to appear in all 3 areas (village, castle, island) in 
the game. After a victim's head had exploded and the Plaga is exposed, they will move 
towards you whilst swinging their bladed tentacle viciously. Their bladed tentacles have 
very surprising range and power, so it's best to keep at a distance when dealing with them.

The second type of Plaga is the 'Centipede' Plaga. It is the rarest of the three, and only 
encountered in Los Illuminados monks. Although they initially appear to pose a minimal 
threat, they have a one-hit kill attack in which they stretch forward and bite off Leon's 
head if you're too close. Thus, keep at a distance when dealing with them, and you'll be 
relatively safe.

The third type of Plaga is the 'Spider' Plaga. These Plagas will actually jump out of the 
bodies of their host when the host is killed. When killing the host, move out of range as 
these Plagas will jump forward out of their host, and onto Leon if possible. Once they are 
free, however, they will die in one hit from any weapon. On very rare occasions, these 
Plagas are encountered on their own to begin with.


NOTE - Villagers containing Las Plagas will not appear until Chapter 2-1. The only type of 
Plaga to appear within villagers is the Bladed Plaga.

The first major group of enemies encountered. Villagers are the 'main' enemies from the 
beginning of the game until the end of Chapter 2-3. They also appear as the main enemies in 
Chapter 4-2 and 4-3.

Villagers are often encountered in groups. They wield weapons such as axes, pitchforks, and 
knives. Some villagers will throw their axes at you from a distance. Additionally, you will 
sometimes encounter villagers with sticks of dynamite, usually among groups. For maximum 
effect, you can shoot the stick of dynamite, or kill the villager holding it while it is 
still lit, and it will blow up the user and any other Ganados within its range...and also 
you if you get too close.

How to battle them - When they're encountered alone or in groups of five or less, just use 
your handgun of choice. The best method is to shoot them in the head or the legs, use a 
physical move to knock them to the ground, and then knife them repeatedly until they are 

In large groups, you'll want to bring out your shotgun for the wide-spread effect. You can 
also use the TMP for circulating blasts at their legs to temporarily disable them, allowing 
you to get close and use a physical attack, or for you to escape, if you have to.

The best method for dealing with large groups, however, is to try and get them as close 
together as possible (easier in narrower areas) and just lob a Hand Grenade at them. If 
your aim is true, you'll kill the lot of them. Incendiary Grenades are great if they're a 
tad close.

Always snipe villagers from a distance with your rifle, should the opportunity arise. It 
often does.

Dr. Salvador

The first sub-boss encountered in the game. Basically, Dr. Salvador is a man with a potato 
sack covering his head who wields a chainsaw, which he will use in an attempt to remove 
Leon's head.

The best way to deal with these guys is to use what rifle you have available to wound them, 
and keep using it until they get too close, in which instance you should switch to your 
shotgun of choice and pump them from close range. Blast until dead.

Grenades also work well against the Doc, so use them if you must, although it's better to 
save them for tighter situations.

Avoid letting Dr. Salvador get too close to you. If you do, he'll unleash a one-hit kill 
attack by sawing Leon's head off. Nice.


Annoying things that are occasionally found in boxes and crates, starting in 1-3. For this 
reason, always knife a box twice - once to break it, and again to kill a potential snake 
hiding inside before it attacks you. Its attack doesn't deal much damage, but you can take 
it for granted. Strangely, you get a Chicken Egg of some sort when you kill them

They don't appear on the island.


All Resident Evil games feature crazed canines as enemies, and this one is no exception, 
except in Resident Evil 4 they're more like wolves and are rarely encountered.

Naturally, their main attack is to run up to you, knock you to the ground and chew on your 
face until you shake them off. Additionally, some of them can spurt tentacles out of their 
bodies, which flail around and strike you. Therefore, the best weapon to use against these 
critters is the shotgun. It has the stopping power to neutralise their attacks. Plus, 
shotguns are essential in taking out groups, which Colmillos will ALWAYS appear in.

Bella Sisters

In essence, two female Dr. Salvadors. In the main quest, you have the option of fighting 
either a group of villagers including these two, or fighting an El Gigante, in 2-3. 
Therefore, you don't have to fight them, but it's the recommended path. You also fight them 
in Separate Ways, although one-on-one. I think, anyway. Can't quite remember, as I haven't 
played Separate Ways in years (yeah, I think it's shit, personally. It screwed with the 
main game way too much).

The same strategy applies here as to with Dr. Salvador, except you probably won't get the 
opportunity to use your rifle as you'll be facing them and a large horde of villagers at 
the same time. Stick with the Shotgun and Hand Grenades.


NOTE - The zealots are the only group of enemies to feature all three types of Plaga - 
Bladed, Centipede and Spider.

These guys are more sophisticated than the villagers. Their weapons include maces, 
ball'n'chains (forgot the actual name, eheh), crossbows, scythes and dynamite. Naturally, 
they hit harder than the villagers. Many of the zealots are also equipped with spiked 
shields, in addition to a ball'n'chain, both of which can be used to attack. Zealots will 
also, on occasion, use catapults to send flaming rocks flying towards you.

Due to the significantly larger amount of projectiles the zealots use, it's vital that you 
pick up the Semi-Auto Rifle upon entering the castle.

Here are the zealots that offer something unencountered yet and required new strategies:

Shield-wielding zealots are problematic. Chances are, you'll need to blast away that shield 
before you can kill the zealots themselves. Therefore, your shotgun of choice is vital. 
Grenades (both Hand and Incendiary) work exceptionally well against them, although it's 
better to use them only if you're facing groups of them. NEVER let them get too close, as 
it often takes more than one blast to dispose of the shield and it may not stop them in 
their tracks. Weapons such as rifles (and also magnums, but I don't recommend you use it) 
an cut through shields can damage the zealots on the other sides, although it's recommended 
you do so from a distance only.

Crossbow zealots are a royal pain in the ass. In pretty much every big brawl against groups 
of zealots, you can guarantee there will be a few with crossbows in the distance. The 
easiest way to deal with them is to run into a room where they can't fire at you, kill all 
of the melee enemies first, and then proceed to hunt down the ones with crossbows. Such a 
room will often, but not always, be available. If it isn't, try to blast back the frontline 
enemies (a great way to do it is to shoot one in the head and use a roundhouse kick to 
temporarily floor all of them), quickly switch to the semi-auto rifle and snipe the 
crossbow zealots. Just be careful - their aim isn't brilliant, but when they hit you they 
hurt bad.

Zealots with scythes are more dangerous than they look. They'll try to throw the scythe at 
you, which, if your health somewhat low, will decapitate Leon. Kill them from a distance to 
prevent this from happening. Of course, as with all throw weapons, you can shoot them down, 
but it's a waste of ammo, as always.

Zealots manning the catapults are usually easy prey for your semi-auto rifle and sniping 
skills, although the window of opportunity to shoot them down before they fire another rock 
is limited. More often than not, explosive barrels are placed near them, which are what you 
should always aim for first.

Finally, you'll sometimes encounter zealots with gold face-masks that act as helmets. These 
zealots can NOT be harmed by shots to the head from any weapon.


A blind man with large rake-like claws at the end of both arms. His only weakness is the 
Plaga on his back. If you run, or fire weapons, he will run towards you, claws raised, and, 
depending on your health, will impale Leon through the face and stomach with his claws (low 
health), or just flail about wildly (high health, also his standard attack). Shooting the 
Plaga on his back will not allow him to immediately notice you, making it easier for you to 
move away from where you were when you shot him without having to run.

As four Garrados are encountered in the game in different situations, I will provide 
strategies for each:

Garrador #1: Prison - When you first walk in, walk towards the Garrador backwards so that 
you can immediately back off and reduce your chances of getting hit during his initial 
rampage, and two successive bitch-slaps from those claws without healing in between will 
probably kill you. There are two bells in the room, so shoot them with your handgun. The 
Garrador will be pretty pissed off at this, and will charge towards the bell in an attempt 
to impale it with his claws. Seize the opportunity to shoot him in the back with your most 
powerful gun (at this point, probably the Semi-Auto Rifle). Repeat until you kill it. If it 
manages to destroy both bells, use Hand Grenades. Oh, and leave Ashley outside before going 
in here, or it will complicate things.

Garrador #2: Cage - Good God, I hate this one. Skip the cut-scene so that you have a few 
seconds to blast the locks off one of the doors before the Garrador jumps down (trust me, 
it works). Immediately charge out, and circle around so if the Garrador hears you shooting, 
he won't follow you out. Dispose of the Zealots in the area before fighting him. When they 
are all dead, fight the Garrador. Powerful blasts to the back with the Riot Gun or the 
Semi-Auto Rifle work best. Just try to keep it in the cage, or it'll be more difficult to 
fight. If it leaves the cage, try to lure it into the dining hall.

Garradors #3 and #4 - The Garradors aren't the biggest problem. The Zealots, who you'll 
have to kill quietly or risk two Garradors charging towards you at the same time, are. The 
best way to deal with this fight is to just fire a Rocket Launcher directly at the door 
behind the two Garradors, killing them both, but you may not have one. There are bells 
positioned around the room, so use them to your advantage. Since you should have the Broken 
Butterfly at this point, use it as your weapon of choice whilst shooting the Garradors in 
the back.


Strange mutated insects that will either slash at your with their claws or grab you and 
spit acid all over Leon's face.

The first type of Novistadors, found only in the sewers in 3-2, are the bigger pain in the 
ass of the two. Although they cannot fly, they remain almost completely invisible for the 
most part, save for their eyes and occasional shimmers of their bodies. As these rarely 
attack in groups of more than two (if that), it's relatively safe to fight them in an open 
area, although tighter areas are more suitable.

The second type of Novistadors are found on several occasions later on, always in large 
groups. They guys fly around and, because of this, are much more of a pain in the ass to 
hit, albeit less annoying than their invisible ground-bound cousins. Always try to lead 
them into close quarters if they're avaible, as it's much easier to kill them this way. If 
you can lure them into a tunnel, turn around, equip your shotgun and continuously fire away 
until they stop coming at you.

The best weapons to use against both kinds of Novistador are shotguns, due to their 
wide-shot abilities and stopping power. Grenades are also useful, but most other weapons 
perform poorly due to the need to aim when using them, combined with the fast movement and 
relentlesness of the Novistadors. Just stick with shotguns and blow them into next week. 
Leon can also perform spinning hook kicks on them at times - do so.


The walking suits of armour encountered by Ashley in 3-4, and later by Leon when hunting 
for the King's Grail in 4-1 (Normal and Professional difficulties only). Ashley cannot 
fight them and must run away from them, not that these things are exactly fast.

A few Armaduras will be seen with their weapons raised, usually amongst other, but harmless 
suits or armour. Keep your fingers on the dodge buttons when walking past these. You'll see 

Leon has to fight six, but all you really need to kill the lot of them (they attack in two 
groups, one after the next) are six Shotgun Shells and two Flash Grenades. For each of 
them, one close-range blast to the head from the Riot Gun will cause the helmet to pop off 
and expose the Plaga beneath. Do this to all three, and then use a Flash Grenade to 
instantly kill all three Plagas. Repeat for the second group. Job done, they are never 
encountered again. For the record, the first three contain Bladed Plagas, and the last 
three contain Centipede Plagas.


Despite their different appearances, these guys are actually very similar to the Zealots in 
terms of attacks. They offer little that is new in terms of attacks. They main difference 
between Zealots and the Militants is that the Militants have stronger weapons, take more 
hits to kill, are smarter attackers, and there are a larger amount of the 'annoying' weapon 
wielders (crossbows and dynamite). Stun rods and hammers are added to the Militants' 
repertoire of weapons.

One type of militant you should watch out for is the armoured hammer-wielder. These huge 
chaps can only be harmed by blasts to the head, due to being covered in armour from the 
chest down. They hit harder than most Militants, but anyone with decent aim will be able to 
teach them a lesson. Strangely, these guys are only ever encountered indoors.


J.J. is the big bloke with the eye patch and the gatling gun often encountered on the 
Island, always with a large group of Militants. In the open, he can easily make a mincemeat 
of you by shooting you constant, but often has to stop and charge his gun for a second 
before firing at you again. If you get too close to him, he will also swing his gun at you 
in an attempt to hit you, which also hurts.

It is during such instances when he stops firing that you should shoot him. For this, I 
suggest nothing less than the Broken Butterfly, due to its power, although if you're at a 
distance you can probably safely blast him with the Semi-Auto Rifle instead. Always shoot 
him in the head with your first shot, as it will hopefully temporarily stun him just like 
any other human enemy when shot in the head (although you WON'T be able to kick him), so 
you can shoot him a couple more times before he starts firing away, again. Repeat this 
process until you kill him.

Another large issue he presents, as already mentioned, is that he is often encountered with 
a large group of Militants. The best strategy is hide somewhere where J.J. can't shoot (he 
can follow you, but only if he hasn't seen you in a certain period of timee) at in his 
current position, and kill as many of the Militants as possible before having to deal with 
him again.


The scariest enemies in the game, you know there's a Regenerator (or an Iron Maiden) around 
when you hear a strange, sickly breathing sound. These creatures are difficult to kill, as 
they have a certain number of Plagas (between two and five, although most have five on Pro 
mode) within their bodies that can only be detected using the Infrared Scope, attachable to 
the Semi-Auto Rifle (or the regular Rifle if you're actually using it), although you have 
to kill at least two before you can get it. Also note that when a Regenerator spots you, 
creepy music will start playing.

Regenerators are basically huge rubbery humanoid...things that can stretch their arms to 
ridiculous lengths to grab on to Leon and munch into his neck, causing severe damage 
(expect this attack to pretty much one-shot you on Pro mode unless you are at at least 
eight bars of health with the Tactical Vest equipped), and you have to shake it off before 
it kills you. It can also attack by swinging its arms at you, which is not quite as 
damaging (but still a threat), although they prefer to snack on Leon rather than hit him.

Due to the nature of their attacks, you'll obviously want to attack them from a distance, 
hence why the Infrared Scope is an ad on for your sniping weapon. You have to face two 
Regenerators before you can obtain the Infrared Scope. Since you can run past the first one 
if you're quick enough, you may want to do that, although you don't have much of a choice 
with the second one. I recommend either using Incendiary Grenades (three will be enough to 
kill one on Normal mode), or just spraying it randomly with the TMP and hoping you'll it 
its Plagas.

The Regenerators on Pro mode almost always contain five Plagas parasites, and the fifth one 
is usually located on its back so that the Infrared Scope can't pick it up. There are two 
ways you can deal with this fifth parasite. The first is to just shoot the Regenerator 
until you get a lucky shot and hit it, or shoot off one of its legs so that it falls 
face-down on the floor, thus enabling you to detect the parasite with the Infrared Scope. 
Beware though, when missing a leg Regenerators will just belly-hop towards you with 
surprising speed, and will jump on you and attack with the bite move if you don't finish it 
off fast enough.

Regenerators are only encountered on the island, and are all fought in 5-1 and early 5-2, 
save for one found in 5-4.

Iron Maidens

Named after the Medieval torture device, not the Heavy Metal band (or so I'd imagine, 
unless Saddler enjoys listening to British New Wave Of Heavy Metal music). These things are 
basically Regenerators with spikes all over their body (a hint that Saddler prefers 
Medieval torture devices to Heavy Metal bands). They walk more slowly than their smooth-
skinned counterparts, but if you shoot off a leg they will fish-flop towards you much more 

Their attacks are different to those of Regenerators. Iron Maidens will also stretch their 
arms out to grab you, but will impale you on their spikes rather than chew on Leon's neck. 
As opposed to the arm swing that Regenerators use, an Iron Maiden's secondary attack is to 
protrude spikes the spikes from its body at much longer lengths than originally, just like 
that Chinese dude from X-Men: The Last Stand. So, as with Regenerators, keep your distance 
when firing. 

The exact same strategies necessary to kill Regenerators should be used against Iron 
Maidens. Only three of these critters are fought in the entire game, all in 5-2. The last 
two can be trapped by gates, too, so you can kill them with relative ease (although they 
will open the gates if you take too long).


The robots are only encountered during the first part of the Krauser boss fight. Basically, 
they crawl and fly around, shooting at Leon. They only take one shot from any weapon to 
kill, but create a minor explosion when killed that can harm you. There are also a couple 
semi-burrowed in the ground (they aren't that hard to miss) that jump out, run towards you 
and self-destruct if you move too close to them. 

Just shoot them before they see you.

7. Boss Guide

Del Lago

Fought - Chapter 1-3

The first and most unique boss battle in the game. As the cut-scene has shown you, Leon's 
boat is connected to Del Lago, and wherever he goes, you go.

The only way you can attack Del Lago is to use harpoons. Usually you'll be attacking him 
when he's swimming around, dragging you behind him. You'll only have the chance to hit him 
about twice before he dives below the surface. 

Del Lago has three forms of attacks:

1. To try and drive your boat into some driftwood. With the exception of Pro mode, in which 
he does this regularly, he rarely does this. In order to avoid this, direct your boat to 
move around the OPPOSITE side of the driftwood that Del Lago is moving around (if you try 
to follow him, you'll almost definitely hit it).

2. To dive below the surface and then re-surface two seconds later to try and knock you off 
your boat. To avoid this, just steer the boat as far to the right or the left as possible.

3. To dive below the surface and completely disappear, and then appear in the distance, 
swimming towards you with its mouth open. You can't dodge this attack; you'll have to force 
Del Lago to dive below the surface again by throwing harpoons into his mouth, where a huge 
Plaga is located. Two harpoons to the mouth will do the job.

Although three of Del Lago's attacks involve knocking you off the boat, and you'll have a 
limited amount of time to swim back to the boat before Del Lago catches and eats you. How 
much health you have left determines how far you are thrown from the boat. If your health 
is in the 'green' zone, it's relatively easy to make it back. If your health is in the 
'yellow' zone, it's more difficult to make it back. If your health is in the 'red' zone, 
you'll never be able to make it back. Del Lago can never kill you by knocking you off the 
boat, you'll just never be able to make it back before Leon becomes its lunch.

It takes ten harpoons to kill it in Easy and Normal, and 12 in Professional.

By the way, once it's dead, you'll have a certain amount of time to hack the rope from 
Leon's leg, or Leon will be dragged down with it.

El Gigante #1

Fought - Chapter 2-1

The El Gigante is a massive troll-like creature that bears a striking similarity to the 
Cave Troll from Lord of the Rings.

It utilizes several different attacks. Its favourite is to try and grab you. If he is 
successful in doing this, he will try to squeeze you to death, forcing you to stab him with 
your knife to be freed. If you try to run between his legs, he'll kick you.

All of his other attacks can be dodged using the dodge buttons, so keep your fingers on 
them. These other attacks include charging at you, throwing a rock at you, and uprooting a 
tree and swinging it around.

If you freed the dog caught in the bear trap in 1-1, he will return to assist you in this 
fight. He will distract El Gigante, allowing you more attacking freedom.

As you've probably guessed, El Gigante must be shot to be dealt with. The TMP is the weapon 
of choice here, as its rapid fire enables you to deal a large amount of damage quite 
quickly. If you're not using the TMP, use the Shotgun, and even the Rifle if you can get to 
a safe enough distance. 

After taking a certain amount of damage, a massive Plaga will erupt from El Gigante's back, 
and you can climb up upon him and slash it with your knife repeatedly by bashing whatever 
button is required (or swinging the Wii remote). You can also stay where you are and shoot 
the Plaga, but considering the low Firepower of your weapons at this point in the game (and 
the fact that it's unecessary ammo loss), just stick to knifing it, which is more effective 
AND more efficient. After a certain amount of time has elapsed, the Plaga will retreat 
within El Gigante's back and the fight will continue. Repeat this feat twice to kill El 
Gigante. You may only need to repeat it once if you're playing the Wii version, as swinging 
the Wii remote quickly enables much faster slashing than bashing a button ever could.

El Gigante #2

Fought - Chapter 2-3

Frankly, I think it's too much of a pain to fight this boss. I recommend you take the path 
towards the large gang of villagers rather than the path to this guy.

You can instantly kill this boss by shooting the boulder that is above it, if you're fast 
enough to do it. Otherwise, resort to the same tactics you used to kill the first El 
Gigante, although you are in a much narrower area this time around, and Ashley is with you.

Nothing much else to say.

Bitores Mendez

Fought - Chapter 2-3

Part 1

Immediately climb up to the higher level of the barn and fire at Mendez from there. When he 
gets too close, quickly run around to another area of the upper floor or you'll be attacked 
by him (you can hear him preparing to attack you). He attacks you on the lower floor by 
swinging one of his new arms at you.

Stick to using your handgun and, if you have it, the TMP. Hand Grenades are also very handy 
during both parts of this fight. Avoid using your heavier firepower, particularly the 
Shotgun, as you'll need them for the second part of the fight. Once Mendez has taken enough 
damage, he'll snap in two. Commence, part 2...

Part 2

Mendez, having lost his legs and his manly parts is none too happy. Using his arms, he will 
now swing around the beams, occasionally lowering himself down to take a swing at you every 
now and then. These attacks can be dodged, but you'll need to be quick to react to do so. 
The most ideal strategy is to blast him with the Shotgun from close range once he drops 
down to attack you. This will knock him to the ground, enabling you to get off at least one 
more shot before he climbs back up and starts jumping around again. Repeat this enough 
times to kill him.

It is possible to activate a glitch where Mendez constantly attacks where you were 
previously standing without stopping, allowing you to fire at him all day with no risk. To 
pull it off, stand in the middle of the upper floor, and when he drops down to attack you, 
run off to one of the sides and begin to turn the corner. If you're lucky, he'll constantly 
be taking pops at where you were originally standing. However, it's difficult to pull off 
this glitch. Useful in Pro mode, though.

Mendez' attacks all hit hard, and you should always heal after taking a hit, or you'll 
probably die if you get hit again.


Fought - Chapter 4-1

The true name of Salazar's "right hand". You don't actually have to kill this boss, 
although I recommend you do so so that you can obtain the Crown Jewel.

If you haven't used the Rocket Launcher found in 3-3 yet, now's the time to use it, as it's 
a pointless waste of ammo to attack this creature conventionally. If you don't have a 
Rocket Launcher, buy one from the Merchant.

You'll have the option to dodge most of this creature's attacks, so keep your fingers on 
the dodge butttons.

To kill the Verdugo, once it fully reveals itself immediately run around it to get to the 
liquid nitrogen tank. Wait for the Verdugo to follow you, and kick the tank over. This will 
freeze the Verdugo for about four seconds. Quickly get the Rocket Launcher out and shoot it 
in this state for a one-hit kill. 

If you want to escape from it, you'll have to wait for the security door in the initial 
room to open, and then a further three minutes for the elevator to arrive (killing the 
Verdugo elliminates the waiting times). Use this time to gather up all of the items within 
this area, and then hitch a ride on the elevator to escape it and end the chapter. It won't 
follow you.

If you want to kill it without using a Rocket Launcher, then you're in for a tough fight. 
I read that, statistically, it takes 900 shots from the standard Handgun at the standard 
firepower of 1.0 to kill it. However, if it is frozen in liquid nitrogen, your attacks are 
three times more powerful. The best strategy is to tune up the Broken Butterfly's firepower 
as high as it can go at this point in the game, run from the Verdugo until you get the 
chance to freeze it in liquid nitrogen (there are four canisters scattered throughout the 
area), and then shoot it as many times as you can with the Broken Butterfly before it 
unfreezes. Repeat, and if you run out of Magnum Bullets, switch to using the Striker, the 
Semi-Auto Rifle, and Hand Grenades.


Fought - Chapter 4-4

This is another fight I recommend you bring a Rocket Launcher along for. The reason for 
this is that Salazar takes a hell of a lot of ammo to kill, which is less than desirable 
considering you have several huge fights on the island just after this chapter.

You have to shoot Salazar himself to truly damage this monster, but he is protected by a 
bone structure that only opens when you shoot the large head in the eye. Due to the eye 
being on the left side of the head, you'll want to immediately dash right when the battle 

Salazar has three different attacks. The first is to try and knock you off the platform 
onto the lower level with his tentacles. You can temporarily disable a tentacle by shooting 
it. Although this attack can be dodged, it has a tendency to happen when Salazar is 
revealed, which you certainly don't want as you only have a few seconds to shoot him.

The second attack is for the giant head to slam down four times at different areas of the 
upper platform. This can easily be avoided by staying as close to the far ends of the upper 
platform as possible. You can also avoid the third attack, in which he tries to eat you, in 
this manner.

Once the battle has begun head to the far right end of the upper platform, shoot the 
tentacle with your handgun, whip out the Semi-Auto Rifle and start firing at the giant 
head's large eye. Two shots should reveal Salazar. If you want to kill him with the Rocket 
Launcher, now's the time to get it out, take aim, and fire. Battle over. If you wish to 
kill him without it, or simply don't have one, then take out the Broken Butterfly instead 
and shoot him with that. Repeat the process once he hides again. Eventually, you'll kill 
him, although there is a high chance that you'll run out of Magnum Bullets in the process, 
in which case you should resort to using the Semi-Auto Rifle for everthing, except shooting 
the tentacle.

Avoid jumping, or getting hit, down to the lower level, unless you seriously need the 
goodies below. Salazar won't attack you down there, but instead you'll find Spider Plagas 
crawling about, which constantly respawn no matter how many you kill. It's a waste of ammo. 
They disappear once Salazar has been killed, though, so feel free to grab everything then.

U3 (It)

Fought - Chapter 5-3

NOTE - Another fight that drains a boatload of your ammo, which, considering you have 
another boss battle and two large battles coming up ahead, isn't really what you want. 
Unless you insist on fighting this thing full-on, just buy a Rocket Launcher.

Part 1

In the first and second crates, U3's attacks consist of an arm swing (when on the ground), 
and an attempt to grab Leon around the neck and strangle him (when climbing around on the 
ceiling). Both attacks can be dodged using the dodge buttons. 

In the third crate, a huge neck featuring a mouth and razor-sharp pincers will sprout out 
of the U3's back. U3 will now, when on the ground, attack with these pincers to try and
chop Leon in half, which will happen if your health is low enough. 

U3 is invincible and cannot be killed whilst you are fighting it in the crates, so if 
you're planning on Rocket Launcher-ing it into oblivion, don't do it yet, as it's an 
absolute waste.

The U3 spends most of its time climbing around the ceilings of the crates but it will 
occasionally jump down to piss you off. Blast it in the face a couple of times with the 
Striker and it will jump back up to the ceiling. Nothing you can really do about this in 
the first two crates, but thankfully you can completely avoid it in the third crate (except 
for the first encounter where it mutates) by using the narrow passageway.

Part 2

You're now in a circular cave with a big rock in the middle. If you wish to kill the U3 
with the Rocket Launcher, waste no time in doing so now. Unless you're playing on Easy, a 
rocket won't even kill it. In Normal mode, just one shot from the Broken Butterfly will 
kill it after using the Rocket Launcher, but in Professional mode you'll still have to use 
a fair amount of ammo to bring it down.

If you're not going to use the Rocket Launcher,'re in for a long, tough and ammo 
consuming fight. Be sure to make good use of the explosive barrels located in this area - 
there are only two, but they're very effective. Start by unloading some Magnum Bullets into 
the creature, although don't famish your entire supply because they'll come in handy 
against Krauser. 

Once you've used as many Magnum Bullets as you want to, bring out the Semi-Auto Rifle and 
start firing some rounds into the creature's mouth (the one with the pincers), as this is 
believed by many to be the creature's weak point (from my experience, it seems to be the 
case). Use both Hand and Incendiary Grenades liberally, as these help greatly and you won't 
need them against Krauser or anything before, anyway. If you have the TMP, it also helps.

Avoid using your handgun during this fight, except to shoot the explosive barrels, as it 
deals virtually no noticeable damage on the U3. Due to the pincer-headed Plaga on the U3's 
back, the Striker is also less useful as you can't safely get close to the creature.

Be sure to use the gates in the area, too. Beware, though, as the U3 can open them after a 
certain period of time has elapsed.

When the U3 has taken enough damage, what you first saw of the creature will die and begin 
spewing blood. The pincer Plaga is still alive and kicking, though, so keep your distance. 
It's on its last legs now though, so finish it off.


Fought - Chapter 5-3

Part 1

Just like the U3 was in the first part of the fight with that, Krauser is invincible and 
cannot be killed here. Strangely, the knife is very effective against Krauser, and you 
should use it. All close-combat sequences with Krauser involve him approaching you with his 
knife, so swing wildly with yours to try and hit him. If you don't hit him quickly enough, 
you'll have to use the dodge buttons to dodge a four-attack combo of his. After he's taken 
a few hits, he'll throw a flash grenade and disappear.

Krauser has a variety of long-range attacks, used only when you are approaching from a 
distance. In one area, he will toss Hand Grenades at you (which can be dodged) until you 
get close enough to him. He will also fire arrows from his bow, which are equipped with 
timer bombs. Also, he will shoot at you with his TMP.

Krauser will also occasionally hide behind walls you are passing, grab you from behind and 
attempt to slit Leon's throat. You'll need to press the dodge buttons to get out of this.

All of these attacks will eventually result in another knifing face-off, so repeat your 
former actions. Just stick to using the knife, as Krauser is strangely weak against it.

Part 2

Keep your fingers and the dodge buttons at all times, as pretty much all of Krauser's 
attacks can be dodged, including the initial one from the cut-scene.

With his cool new mutated arm, Krauser has a large variety of attacks. None of these are 
guaranteed one-hit kills, but they hit very hard. Krauser's attacks include a forward 
thrust with his mutated arm, a slicing attack with his arm, a somersaulting downward smash 
with his arm, a roundhouse kick followed by a spinning hook kick, a crouched spinning sweep
kick (which floors you) followed by a downward hammer stroke from his arm, and a knee to 
the face.

Primarily, Krauser will use his arm as a shield and walk towards you slowly. However, his 
legs are still exposed, so shoot them with the Broken Butterfly. After a couple of hits, 
he'll crouch down, temporarily stunned, so use this opportunity to run up to him and knife 
him as much as possible (the knife is still the most powerful weapon against Krauser) 
before he gets up and backflips away from you.

Letting Krauser get to close to you just results in him attacking you. Be careful, though - 
moving too far AWAY from him will just result in him dashing right up towards you (you can 
use this opportunity to shoot him but you won't have much time) and then attacking you.

Also, keep in mind that this fight is timed. You'll want to kill Krauser with at least 45 
seconds to spare so that you can get out of the ruins in time. It isn't that difficult, 


Fought - The Final Chapter

Saddler is quite a difficult boss, as is expected for the final boss of the game. He has 
several attacks. His primary attack is to swing a leg at you, which deals a considerable 
amount of damage, even with the Tactical Vest equipped. He can also knock you over by 
running at you, and bitch-slap you with a couple of tentacles. If you run across a bridge 
to the other side of the construction side, Saddler will throw scaffolding at you, which 
you will have to dodge. He will also leap across to that side if you remain there, and you 
will be damaged if he hits you upon landing.

Saddler's weak point is the huge eyeball in his mouth, but you can't immediately get to it. 
You first have to shoot a few of the eyeballs present on Saddler's knees. Due to them being 
open only for a couple of seconds, the rapid-fire ability of the TMP wins here. If you 
don't have it, use your handgun of choice or the Striker. You can also shoot what's left of 
Saddler's human body for a similar effect, which takes more ammo but is easier to hit. 
Depends on what you prefer, really.

Shooting enough of these eyeballs, or Saddler's human body enough times, will temporarily 
stun Saddler (only for a couple of seconds, though), revealing the eyeball in his mouth. 
You can either run up to it and press A (Gamecube, Wii) or X (PS2) to trigger a cool scene 
where Leon jumps on top of Saddler and stabs the eye with his knife, or you can shoot it 
with the Broken Butterfly (or the Semi-Auto Rifle if your Magnum Bullets are spent). If you 
choose to shoot it, you'll only be able to shoot it once, as when you do Saddler will start 
flailing about, just like when you stab him. To be honest, I've never accurately been able 
to figure out whether stabbing him or shooting him with the Broken Butterfly is more 
powerful. My experience tells me it's the Butterfly, but stabbing him is much more reliable 
as you only have a second or two to aim.

You can also stun Saddler by using two machines to swing scaffolding into you. These 
devices are situated on raised platforms, one on either side of the construction site, and 
Leon just has to pull the lever to swing them down. However, Saddler needs to be relatively 
close to these platforms for the scaffolding to swing into him. If he's too far away, it'll 
miss. Time these correctly.

Eventually, after enough damage to his eye has been done, Ada will drop the Rocket Launcher 
(Special) down to you. Pick it up, take aim and fire to end the fight. Beware though, if 
you miss him, he will automatically kill you by knocking you off the construction site. It 
IS pretty hard to miss him, though. Just tap A/X when you're aiming at him, and it will 
trigger his death cut-scene. If you'd rather kill Saddler conventionally, you can do that 
instead, although it takes a LOT of ammo.

Peace out, broseph.

8. Copyright Info

This Walkthrough is the property of Phoenix E. Griffiths. Any attempt to re-create this 
walkthrough without the owner's permission is a direct violation of this copyrighted 
material, and charges will be pressed.

9. Thanks

I'd like to thank the following people for giving me the motivation, or whatever, to write 
this walkthrough:

- Me

- Rich and Dennis of SuperCheats for hosting this walkthrough

- Capcom for creating this fantastic game - the best game from a brilliant series.

Anyone who feels they can contribute to this guide in some form are welcome to e-mail me 
with their suggestions. I'll be happy to add the into my walkthrough and ad YOUR name onto 
this thanks list.

R.I.P. Miika Tenkula