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Rainbow Moon Walkthrough


| Rainbow Moon (PSthree/Vita/PSfour) Guide	|
| Copyright YukitoAirAnime 		| 

Guide Contents

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:Area By Area Completion


My names YukitoAirAnime and Im the owner of the walkthrough. I wrote the walkthrough for and I write my permission for video gamers to copy the walkthrough and/or revise the walkthrough for submission to video game sites.

:Area By Area Completion

Rainbow moon is full of sidequests. I wont discuss the sidequest conditions in the guide; its safe to go on sidequests when the hero reaches towns. I wont discuss where hidden items are which can always be fetched with the question mark above the heros noggin. The guide is meant to help the reader gauge their level against enemy levels and its more or less a typeset guide of a forty hour not blind playthrough on Youtube; the hero cannot walk a million miles; with the food mechanic You cannot walk on forever. A couple of notes. Antidote is a key item; unlike many video games poison is lethal. The heros starting stats are random; once I got luck one and the next time it was luck seven. Go on and soft reset to get starting stats that benefit the video games hero. Get rainbow pearls from battling; boost heros Str by three or four points when available and less when the difficulty requires it. MP skills are strong on Holy day. Only at endgame I wanted to do certain things: vanquish every well monster; return to every dungeon thats got a dematerializer field. Exploring doesnt make enemies respawn; to encounter respawned enemies for experience which will be necessary again and again its time to save and then access the save file. The lottery can grant an item that restores ninetyfive percent HP. Hidden items include a ring that increases exp two times. Perhaps its possible to recruit each unit more early; the person who composed the video tutorial was not of that mind and during the time Ive typeset it Ive not got the answer any more soon; to answer that question consult the guide Ive typed out and see if its possible.

Go exploring at Ca-ssar island which is the intro. The towns healer can restore mp. I dont get mp refills in the item shop yet or ever; Ill want to increase my item pack to carry mp refills from the wilds. Ill learn MP skills from scrolls at shops. With my starting stats at game start I relied on full health to vanquish two bees. Throughout the game when Im one level lower than the enemies I can win although Id not bet on it. Leave the intro area.

Do not go on the Eccmund sidequest. Go to the Southport mines; return to town for new armor; return to the mines and go through the mines until the end. I was full health to vanquish a lot of wannabe heroes. Leave Southport mines.

Go to Ed Orables hut and talk to him; go to Stella and talk to her; go to Ed Orables hut once again. Now Trisha the archer meets up with you. Leave Ca-ssar.

Go to the Citadel with level seven enemies. get scrolls near maps end. Leave the Citadel.

Go on the Eccmund sidequest; vanquish the bee boss. then talk to Stella; at night vanquish the well boss. the video games got wells at almost every location; I recommend other than the one time approaching the wells by endgame. Leave Ca-ssar.

Go to the Harbor west of Ca-ssar. at the Harbor go behind the house whichs got an opening that isnt visible from the camera angles. The basements got level ten enemies. Leave the Harbor.

Go to the caverns southeast in the boat from Ca-ssar. Go through the caverns until the mad dog enemy; level ten is underleveled. Then get the key which is unusable; the strong enemy is level twenty. Leave the caverns.

Go to the Harbor west of Ca-ssar. Get Antidotes; very many of them and never run out for the duration Of the game. follow the video games instructions and get to level fourteen to discover the newest companion. Now Dozeru the knight at level eight meets up with you. Buy an amulet provider for Dozeru. Teach Guards strike to Dozeru. Leave the Harbor.

At Castle Temwall the enemies are level fourteen. Tutorial part ten had Dozeru at level fourteen and the other two at level seventeen. Get the key fragments all the way straight through the entrance and then exit; the man outsides got a key for the locked door; the boss gelatin is level twentytwo with over eight other units for support. Then exit upstairs to Hopper Forest; talk to Gorodo who accepts the mojo and sends instructions. Leave Castle Temwall.

Go to Orad. Talk to the man to the east of the lovely red dimension portal. Go west of the city and attack the merchant for the last mojo; go to Gorodo whos got a key for his basement to get his bag; enemies are level seventeen and eventually level nineteen; the boss is a level twenty golem with over eight other units for support. Then exit and battle Gorodo; hes got eight Bad bees for support. Now Gorodo the level fourteen Fighter meets up with you. Hopper forest is probably a good place to train every unit. Leave Orad.

Go to Shadow wall mountains. Then talk to the portal guardian and activate the portal for travel eventually; go north of Orad to the stone that breaks and enter Stonewall mountains whichs got level nineteen enemies; when youve got six iron claws youll get items from Hunter. The tutorial had Trisha at level twentyfour and hero at level thirty. A key monster had twentynine enemies to vanquish. Gather three text documents for Serena. Leave Shadow wall mountains.

Go southeast of Shadow wall mountains; talk to the man; go to Serena; talk to the man and enter the Abandoned house; enemies are level eighteen and eventually twentyone; talk to the fellow inside. Leave Abandoned house.

Go east to the sailboat; sail to Island of damnation; enemies are level twenty and eventually twentyone. Find and vanquish Namoris; hes level twenty with twelve others for support. Leave Island of damnation. 

Go to Moss stone swamp; before that, go to Shadow wall mountains. Now Serena the magician at level sixteen meets up with you. The swamps got level fifteen gelatin enemies; talk to the man inside to get a key; leave Moss stone swamp.

Go to Ocher stone swamp; enemies are level sixteen. Queen bee poisons and is level twenty. The Hidden cave wasnt explained with the tutorial. Leave Ocher stone swamp.

Go to Dead lake desert after getting a hacksaw at Orad; enemies are level twentythree. Gather the items. Leave Dead lake desert.

Go in a boat to the Island west of Dake lake desert. Then go back to Dead lake desert and talk to Tayvan. Leave Dead lake desert.

Go to Skull cave; enemies are level twentytwo. Tutorial had Trisha at level thirtytwo. The boss is a level twentyseven skeleton with ten others for support. Leave Skull cave.

Go in a boat to the Island west of Dead lake desert. Vanquish the leader. Leave the island.

Go to Windy snowland after going to Orad to get a ladder; enemies are level twentyfive. The boss is a level thirtyfive wolf. Go to Fjordawik and talk to the monsters; then the man; then vanquish the monster. Leave Fjordawik.

Go to Endless passage; enemies are level twentyfive. Leave Endless passage.

Go to Second windy snowland. Vanquish the man; then vanquish a level twentyfive boss. Leave Second windy snowland.

Go to Forgotten peak; enemies are level twentyeight and eventually twentynine with one level thirtytwo enemy. Its got a puzzle making the teleporters newly relevant; enter in the right order to get to the end goal; the order is counterclockwise right up left down. Leave Forgotten peak.

Go to Fjordawik and talk to the man. Enter Iociss house. Get new weapons. Leave Fjordawik.

Go to the lovely red dimensional portal and get to Dead lake desert; enter Wide steppe with the ladder; enemies are level thirtysix; the boss is at level thirtytwo. Leave Wide steppe.

Go in a boat to Vildwar island. Enter Zrahs camp; enemies are level thirtyfour; the boss golem is level thirtyeight. Leave Vildwar island.

Go in a boat to Tiny abyss desert. The tutorials got Trisha at level fortysix. Enter Thousand eyes; enemies are level thirtyeight. A million teleporters! Vanquish the boss. Leave Tiny abyss desert.

Go in a boat to Green heart isle after talking at Orad; enemies are level thirtysix; boss spider is level thirtyseven; get key on the tombstone and then keys on the islands west of Green heart isle; enter Cave of the ancestors; enemies are level thirtyeight. Leave Green heart isle.

Go to Orad and get to talking; then go to Ca-ssar island with the dimensional portal; talk to Stella; go to Southport mines and enemy is a level fourtythree nastymage. Talk to Stella again; take the parts to Orad; go to Dead lake desert with the dimensional portal. go in a boat to the Island. Now Zeloris the magician at level twentyeight meets up with you. Zeloris is the last unit of the video game. Leave Orad.

Go to Tscha in a Large boat which is the only kind that sail open seas; enemies are level fourtyone; talk to Leylon and his friend across from him back and forth for a quest; enter Warehouse with level fourtyone enemies and boss level fiftysix wolf; enter Great labyrinth with level fourtythree and eventually fortyfive enemies and boss level fourtyeight. Leave Tscha.

Go to Arilla in the Large boat; note that traveling to Arilla from Tschas direction means backtracking across the whole map even though the tutorial recommends that; perhaps going north on the map and not south is how I can move the way I like to. still going south the enemies are level fiftytwo at shore and level fortyseven at the steppe. walk to the Deep swamp steppe and the Barren jungle; enter Limwars house with level fortyseven and eventually level fiftythree and level fiftyfour enemies. Leave Limwars house.

Go to the Broad kennel in the Barren jungle; talk to the man outside to get a key; enemies are level fortyseven and eventually fiftytwo; the boss is a level fiftyfive robot. Leave the Broad kennel.

Go to Mordan in the Large boat; enemies are level fiftysix and level sixty; the tutorial had hero at level seventyone. enter Teardrop mountains for the package; then enter Vast snowland for the two packages; then enter Burning steppe with level sixtyone and level sixtyfour enemies. enter Murky basement which the tutorial wasnt keen on discussing. Enter Polad and talk to Ley Fryn and his friends back and forth to get a key; the tutorial wasnt keen on discussing that dungeon. Enter Vast snowland and talk to Juulaan and his neighbor back and forth to get a key.  leave Mordan.

Go to Tscha in the Large boat; enter the Mining shaft whichs got level fiftynine enemies; the gelatin boss is level sixtythree. purchase new weapons. leave Tscha. 

Go to Ca-ssar and vanquish a level sixtyfive horde of enemies; then vanquish them again; then vanquish one enemy thats level seventyfive who summons many monsters. at that time the tutorial had the hero at level eighty when the highest level is level five hundred which is indicated in the trophy list. its true that the video games got a lot of additional content. the video games got quests to complete that you couldnt complete. then when the quests are done with the video games got a level ninehundredninetynine boss and you can correspond to the bosss level with units at level ninehundredninetynine; thats a quest meaning a one to one correspondence; enjoy!