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Follow the dark path or use the light

Trophy Guide

by wombat908

Quantum of Solace Trophy Guide 
Version 1.00
1: Introduction
2: Trophy Types
 2.2: Bronze
 2.3: Silver
 2.4: Gold
 2.5: Platinum
3: Trophies
4: Story based Trophies
 4.2: A View to Kill
 4.3: From Russia with Love
 4.4: The Living Daylights
 4.5: On her Majestyís Secret Service
 4.6: Casino Royale
 4.7: The Spy who loved me 
 4.8: Quantum of Solace
 4.9: Diamonds are forever
5: Level based Trophies
 5.2: Time to face gravity
 5.3: We have people everywhere
 5.4: Opera isnít for everyone
 5.5: Heís coming fast
 5.6: I miss the cold war
 5.7: Half-monk, half-hitman
 5.9: Iím the money
 5.10: Any thug can kill
 5.11: Iíve got a little itch
 5.12: Allow me
 5.13: You just need one shot
6: Gameplay trophies
 6.2: Live and let die
 6.3: For your eyes only
 6.4: Licence to Kill
 6.5: The man with the Golden gun
 6.6: Moonraker
 6.7: The World is not enough
 6.8: Thunderball
7: Game Completion Trophies
 7.2: Octopussy
 7.3: Tomorrow never dies
 7.4: You only live twice
 7.5: The names Bond, James Bond
8: Online trophies 
 8.2: I know where you keep your gun
 8.3: Quite the body count
 8.4: Ejector seat, youíre joking
 8.5: Goldfinger 
 8.6: Chemin de Fer
 8.7: Heís playing his golden harp
 8.8: Youíve defused hundreds of these
 8.9: Dr. No
 8.10: I admire your courage
 8.11: Life is full of small changes
 8.12: For England James?
 8.13: The best player in the service
 8.14: Yes considerably
 8.15: Shaken not stirred
 8.16: A licensed trouble shooter
 8.17: A measure of comfort
 8.18: The nature of evil
 8.19: 3030 was a double
 8.20: Die another day
9: Platinum
10: Trophies on levels
 10.1: Whites Estate
 10.2: Sienna
 10.3: Opera House
 10.4: Sink Hole 
 10.5: Construction site
 10.6: Science Centre Exterior
 10.7: Science Centre Interior
 10.8: Miami Airport
 10.9: Montenegro Train
 10.10: Casino Royale
 10.11: Casino Poison
 10.12: Barge
 10.13: Venice
 10.14: Eco Hotel
11: Contact details
12: FAQ
13: Thank youís
14: Legal stuff

1: Introduction:
Bond is back! Yeah how many times have you heard that in the past few months 
(it even says it on the back of the videogame case. Well heís back in his 
new film but heís also back in videogame form and his first Next-gen game. 
For those PS3 owners out there, if you downloaded a patch recently then you
should have the option for trophies. Quantum of Solace is one of the games 
that has trophies and has some of the easiest as well. However, if you do 
need help then heres a guide to help you get through Bonds latest adventure. 
2: Trophy Types:
There are 4 types of trophies

2.2: Bronze- these are usually easy and can be got in game most probably on 
your first try. Not hard. There are 41 Bronze Trophies to collect. 

2.3: Silver- A little bit harder but wonít do much bother. Should get these
reasonably quickly. There are 8 silver trophies to collect.

2.4: Gold- Harder but not impossible. They may take a bit of time to get 
these ones. There are 2 Gold trophies to collect.

2.5: Platinum- Awarded when you get all the other trophies in the game. 
There is 1 Platinum to collect.If you do the maths, there are 52 trophies to 
get. Happy trophy hunting.
3: Trophies

4: Story based Trophies:
These are trophies which will you get after completing a level or a number 
of levels. Unless your PS3 is broken or you havenít got the patch then these
are impossible to miss. It doesnít matter what difficulty you do them on.

4.2: A View to Kill (Bronze)
Complete Whites Estate.

4.3: From Russia with Love (Bronze)
Complete Sienna, Opera House and Sink Hole.
4.4: The Living Daylights (Bronze)
Complete Shantytown and Construction site.

4.5: On her Majestyís Secret Service (Bronze)
Complete Science Exterior, Science Interior and Miami Airport.

4.6: Casino Royale (Bronze)
Complete Montenegro Train, Casino Royale and Casino Poison.

4.7: The Spy who loved me (Bronze)
Complete Barge and Venice.

4.8: Quantum of Solace (Bronze)
Complete Eco Hotel.

4.9: Diamonds are Forever (Bronze)
Hack all locks.
By the end of the game, you will have got this just before the fight in the 
kitchens on the last level. Locks can be a pain sometimes but this is a 
very easy trophy.
5: Level based Trophies:
These are trophies that can only be earned by doing a certain objective in 
a level.

5.2: Time to face gravity (Bronze)
In Whites Estate, open the cellar door with one shot.
After the battle in the greenhouse go up the steps and towards the mansion. 
On a balcony to the sideof the house, an enemy will appear. Aim for a 
headshot and heíll fall onto the cellar door and smash it. 

5.3: We have people everywhere (Bronze)
In Siena, shoot all 7 satellite dishes on the rooftops.
1: After the battle in the market climb up the pipe and turn around to the 
south west. Look on the rooftop for a white satellite
2: After you come out the apartment, look right and up. The satellite 
blends in with the clouds and can be hard to spot.
3: Before you jump to the next building, look left. 
4: When you jump and land on the next building, to your right on the other 
5: Along to the left from 4
6: Just before the bus crash youíll have a small fight where some bad guys 
are in an apartment and some in the upper level. Itís on the roof of this 
7: After the bus crashes, look to your left for the final one
If you canít understand my descriptions, use this video for help 

5.4: Opera isnít for everyone (Bronze)
In Opera House, move through backstage without alerting the guards.
Easier than it sounds, just make sure you have a silencer on, youíre always 
crouching, look out for cameras and take guards down when they canít see 
you. If you do get caught, restart from a checkpoint. You should get this 
before the sniper section.

5.5: Heís coming fast (Bronze)
In Sink Hole, kill the helicopter pilot while the gunners are still alive.
I got this one without meaning to so it shouldnít be too hard. Itís at the 
end of the level, when Camille is being attacked by bad guys. On the cliff 
where you will get to are two bad guys. Shoot them both and one of them had
a sniper. Grab the sniper and when you see the helicopter, aim and shoot the
pilot. If you fail, start again from the checkpoint. Make sure you do this 
when he first appears for a good shot.

5.6: I miss the Cold War (Bronze)
Outside Science Centre, defeat the sniper guards with one shot each.
At the beginning of Science Exterior there are 6 guards that patrol the 
building roof, 3 of them at the same level as you. Shoot them all in the 
head (L3 to steady, R3 to aim).

5.7: Half-monk, half-hitman (Bronze)
In the Science Centre, shoot down all the lights in the main hall.
In the final battle before you hit Alex Dimitrios, shoot down all the lights
on the ceiling. There are 4 in total, a pistol shot will do for each one.

5.8: ELLIPSIS (Bronze)
In Airport, save the Skyfleet servers without breaking stealth.
Tougher than Opera House but not too hard. Just take care, watch out for 
cameras and all that sort of stuff. Once you hack the third computer youíll 
get this.

5.9: Iím the money (Bronze)
In train, only use the P99 on the freight train. 
Easy this one, as soon as you jump onto the freight train only use the P99. 
Melee is fine but any other gun will disable this trophy immediately. 

5.10: Any thug can kill (Bronze)
In Casino Royale, reach the spa room without alerting or attacking any of 
the guards. Harder than the other ones but a lot shorter. This time you 
canít attack anyone though. Note their paths and crouch all the time. As 
soon as youíre in the vent, this should appear.

5.11: Iíve got a little itch (Bronze)
In Barge, save Vesper in under 2 minutes
Sniper. Shoot. Fast. Just do this as fast as you can, when you see a bad guy
shoot him. If youíre quick, youíll get the trophy easily. 

5.12: Allow me (Bronze)
In Venice, shoot Gettler with one shot
Best to do this on New Recruit or Field Operative, thatís where I did it. 
Aim for his head and shoot. He has a gun so shoot him quickly. 

5.13: You just need one shot (Bronze)
In Echo Hotel, shoot the driver of the car.
At the beginning of the mission, a mad driver will come tearing out the car 
park towards you. Shoot like hell and hope one of the bullets will get him. If 
you die then it doesnít matter. Just keep doing that until you get the 
6: Gameplay trophies
Gameplay trophies are trophies that can be got any time in the game. You 
donít need to get them in the first play through and I doubt you will unless
you use this guide. These are ones which you may need to go back for.

6.2: Live and Let die (Bronze)
Takedown 50 enemies.
Basically, you need to melee 50 enemies. This can easily be achieved by 
running up to an enemy and pressing R3 then the selected button. This can be
easily done in New Recruit as you have less of a chance than getting killed 
while fighting.

6.3: For your eyes only (Bronze) 
Disable 10 cameras.
You might need to replay levels for this as I did. On some cameras you can 
disable their power circuits. Do this 10 times and youíll get this.

6.4: Licence to kill (Bronze)
Defeat an enemy with one shot.
This is by far the easiest trophy on the game, it was my first one and I 
had it within 30 seconds on my first playtime. Just shoot someone in the 
head and itís yours.

6.5: The Man with the Golden Gun (Bronze)
Defeat 50 enemies with one shot each.
I had this by the end of ĎOpera Houseí, itís not hard. Just aim for the head
and youíll have this in no time. Iím unsure if exploding a gas tank with one
shot counts in this one, if anyone could get back to me on that Iíd be 

6.6: Moonraker (Bronze)
Find 30 cell phones
What the description says, find 30 phones. Use the guide below

6.7: The World is not enough (Silver)
Find all cell phones
This isnít tough but you may need help. Use the guide for a phone guide for 
all 55 phones. To bring up what cell phones you have and what ones you 
donít, press Select and then L2. The first cell phone is Bonds actual phone 
while number 2 is actually a collectible. Make sure you have your sound 
turned up when looking for these, they make ringing noises to alert you to 

Whites Estate-
1) Bonds actual phone
2) In the greenhouse where the helicopter shoots at you, the phone is on 
the balcony.
3) After the greenhouse fight, while heading up to the mansion turn left and
look around as the cell phone is on a table up the stairs.
4) After the cellar door is opened (well destroyed) itís at the bottom of 
the steps.
5) After the fight in the wine cellar, move up the steps where a bad guy 
will be. The phone is on a table in the middle of the room.
6) After the fight in the kitchen, go up the stairs, the phone is between 2 
Video guide: 

1) In Bonds actual phone
2)When you come out the sewers, itís in a small cafe area straight ahead.
3) When you enter the apartment, go into the bedroom and itís by a lamp
4) After jumping across the gap, in the other apartment you pass through its
in the corner
5) Instead of going to the area with the bus, keeping going up the stairs 
to the top
Video guide: 

Opera House
1) Bonds actual phone
2) After you disable the first camera, go along and turn left to find the 
phone on a step ladder.
3) Before your first ladder, go left when you come up some steps
4) After the sniper section, you cross a pole. When you get to the other 
side, itís to your right
Video guide: 

Sink Hole
1) Bonds actual phone
2) After youíve defended the flanks by the downed helicopter, go up the 
hill and go under a big rock. Keep going up and get on that rock for the 
Video guide: 

1) Bonds actual phone
2) In your first fight in the shack, itís on the counter
3) In the second shack after the fight with the van itís on a table.
4) Right after 3, go out into the open and go up the ladder.
Video guide: 

Science Centre Exterior
1) Bonds actual phone
2) After the sniper section, on the roof under the water tower
3) In the alley, go inside the truck on a box
4) When you hack the lock, go inside and itís to your left on a table
5) After the fight in the car park, thereís a trick at the end. Climb the 
ladder to get inside.
6)Climb the pole after the spotlight and follow the guy who runs way from 
you. Its behind his cover.
Video guide: 

Science Centre Interior
1) Bonds actual phone
2) The first guy you come to, itís on the left on a box
3) After your first gunfight, go to the room where you hack the locks and 
go across the catwalk
4) Slide down the rope, hack the lock and itís on a desk where you takedown
a guard
5) Before the elevator, behind the control panel that opens the elevator in 
a room.
6) After the elevator ride, itís on a box to the right.
7) Head down the stairs and turn left, itís on a trolley.
Video guide: 

Miami Airport
1) Bonds actual phone
2) In the office straight ahead from where you begin.
3) Near the end of the level, before you hack a door to the third computer,
itís by a printer to your right.
4) After the fight by 3, follow the path and when you see a white van, turn
If you followed the guide step by step with the phones, Moonraker should 
have been achieved now.
5) The far top corner of the cargo room on a red box
6) In the area before you kill Ellipsis, in an office on the right hand 

Montenegro Train
1) Bonds actual phone
2) Come out the first room and into the next on your right.
3) On the roof of the train, at the far end go down a ladder and itís on a 
4) After your second fight on the cargo train a container will open. Itís 
on a box towards the end 
of the container
5) Jump back onto the train and fight along until you run into a box in the 
middle of the path. The phone is on the box
6) When youíre on top of the train, keep going along until you come to a 
ladder. Go down and itís on a shelf.
Video guide: 

Casino Royale
1) Bonds actual phone
2) Near the beginning, to the right of the hallway itís by a widescreen TV.
There are 2 guards in there you may want to take down beforehand
3) Go to the room where the guard is who patrols the window and itís on a 
cabinet by the bed
4) Where you hack the lock, turn back into a storage room with a ladder. The
phone is on a couple of boxes
Video guide: 

1)Bonds actual phone
2) In the hut at the beginning on a table
3) After you save Vesper head down the stairs and turn right. Itís on a 
wooden table.
4) Before going up the ramp onto the barge, the phone is on a blue box next
to some explosives.
5) Once you get on the barge straight ahead is a container. Go inside and 
the phone is on a barrel. 
6) Inside the cabin look in the room on the right and itís on a shelf.
7) Along the barge, thereís a room with a control panel which you canít 
use. The phone is on a radio.
Video guide: 

1) Bonds actual phone
2) Just before you enter the courtyard, itís on a bench. 
3) After you leave the courtyard, turn left and then right. Itís in a 
4) When you cross the beams, it on a chair by a ladder.
5) After the battle by the river go under the archway and turn left to find
it in a flowerbed.
Video guide: 

Eco Hotel
1) Bonds actual phone.
2) Where the car crashes, just beyond it by the body.
3) In the car park, as soon as you enter turn directly right and into the 
office to find this one.
4) From 3, go out the office and head north-right into another office. Itís 
on a desk between the TV and a computer.
5) Once you hack the final door, turn right into the alcove to find this 
next to the sink. 
6) Come out the kitchen and head towards the exit. Donít go into the next 
room but go right into the storage room 
where the final phone is.
Video guide: 

6.8: Thunderball
Find and collect all power weapons
There are power weapons located in some of the levels, just special weapons
that look cool. You donít need to use them, just open the case and youíre 
on your way to getting the trophy.

Whites Estate
Once youíre in the cellar and going down the long curving path, look out for
the case in an alcove

In the apartment, opposite the phone on a cabinet

Opera House
When the timer is going on, go down a level and look to your right for the 

Sink Hole
At the very end, take out the two guys at the top of the cliff and go along
to get the weapon. 
I advise taking this weapon as you can use it to take down the helicopter if
you already have ĎHeís coming fastí.

Beyond the ladder you climb on the top floor of the shack you defend with 

Science Centre Exterior
Climb up onto the van and on the ladder. Go along until a bad guy attacks 
you from a door. Inside where he was the case is there.

Science Centre Interior
Come out the falling lift and follow the path to the right to find the case. 
By the 6th phone.

Miami Airport
Beyond the white van and before the cargo hold there is a corridor where 
bad guy will run to the cargo hold. In one of the rooms to your right is the

Montenegro Train
On the same train you start off in, drop down into the next carriage. Fight 
your way through and to the side of the bar is the case. Near the second 
cell phone

On the barge, in the cabin in the second room to your right

While following Vesper youíll eventually come to some narrow beams you need
to cross. Before crossing them, look behind you for the case

Eco Hotel
In the second underground car park area where the gates open to, by the 
crates to the northern right.

7: Game Completion Trophies
Once you do every level in the game, you will earn a trophy depending on 
what difficulty you did it on. You can do the levels in whatever order you

7.2: Octopussy (Silver)
Complete game on New Recruit
There should be no trouble on this, it will take you a while to die on this 

7.3: Tomorrow never dies (Silver)
Complete game on Field Operative
Again, there should be no problems. Harder than New Recruit but still easy.

7.4: You only live twice (Silver) 
Complete game on Agent
I had no trouble on this though it is a bit harder. If you havenít been 
using cover much then now is the time to do it.

7.5: The nameís Bond, James Bond (Gold)
Complete game on 007
You know, for the hardest difficulty setting this is actually very easy. 
There are some bits that can be a pain (Science exterior/ interior, Venice)
but all can be completed as long as you persist. You need to use cover 
24/7 though.
8: Online trophies
These trophies are ones you can only get online and for that you need a 
network connection and a Playstation Network (PSN) account. Once youíve got
it all sorted then you can go online. 

8.2: I know where you keep your gun (Bronze)
Unlock and purchase all weapons
This isnít hard but itís going to take time. Lots of time. All together the 
weapons are 28,400. Just as long as youíre prepared to sit through a lot of 
online play then this shouldnít be a problem.

8.3: Quite the body count (Bronze)
Unlock and purchase all weapon attachments
Again, not hard but itís going to take time. Together all the attachments 
are 14,400.

8.4 Ejector seat, youíre joking (Bronze)
Unlock and purchase all gadgets
If youíve played Call of Duty 4 online then you will know what perks are. 
These are perks for Quantum of Solace but instead called gadgets. All 
together they are 18,700.

8.5: Goldfinger (Bronze)
Unlock and purchase all golden weapons
Press Square at the weapons selection to bring up the Golden Weapons. To get
a gold weapon you need 
to get itís regular equivalent. There is no difference between the regular 
weapons and the golden ones apart from the colour. Together all the golden 
weapons are 28,800.

8.6: Chemin de Fer (Bronze)
Unlock and purchase all weapons, attachments, gadgets and golden weapons.
This should come right after you get all the golden weapons. Together all of 
those cost 90,000.

8.7: Heís playing his Golden Harp (Silver)
Melee the person with the Golden Gun
Most probably one of the hardest trophies in the game. You need to find the 
person with the golden gun, sneak up on them and punch them. Watch out as 
the gun can kill you in one shot. If possible do this when they are behind 
cover and have their back to you. I got it when someone was behind cover.

8.8: Youíve defused hundreds of these (Bronze)
Defuse a bomb in Bond Versus once
Just move fast and avoid the opposite team. When you find a bomb, hold 
square and pray that no one will interrupt you. 

8.9: Dr. No (Bronze) 
Win a round as Bond in Bond versus
Easier said than done when everyone is against you. For this you either 
need to kill everyone of the opposite team (bad idea) or defuse 2 bombs 
(good idea). I was lucky as no one was around on my second bomb, hopefully 
youíll have the same luck. Keep looking at your map in the top right corner 
for enemies.

8.10: I admire your courage (Bronze)
Earn over 1,000 in credits
Every match you play, you will earn credits as long as you kill people on 
the enemy team. Winning a match doesn't effect your credits.

8.11: Life is full of small changes (Silver)
Earn over 10,000 in credits
Not hard but time consuming, just keep playing and winning. You could get 
this within a few hours if youíre lucky. 

8.12: For England, James? (Gold)
Earn over 100,000 in credits.
Really it should be called 'For that Platinum James?' because this will be 
one of the last trophies youíre going to get. Itís gonna be a while before 
you get this and will involve quite a few hours of hard, dedicated online 
play. Just keep playing, it will come over time. I spent 1 day on this 
(not all at once) to get this trophy, as long as you have 24 hours free this
should be easy.

8.13: The best player in the service (Bronze)
Be the top player in an online match
Although this may sound tough, itís not. I got it when I won a Bond Versus 
match so it canít be too hard. Since then Iíve come out tops a few times
, keep playing and you will eventually get it. When you see an enemy, shoot.
The more people you kill, the higher you will get on the in game 
leaderboard which you can bring up by pressing select.

8.14: Yes Considerably (Bronze)
Play over 100 online matches.
Play, play, play. Bond Versus has the shortest time limit if you want to get
this over and done with quickly. This will come over time if you persist 
long enough.

8.15: Shaken not stirred (Bronze)
Win 5 Territory Control online matches
This all depends on your team, if they are rubbish then youíre not going to 
get it anytime soon but as long as you are on a good team and keep by your 
territory then you should win. 

8.16: A licensed trouble shooter (Bronze)
Eliminate 100 players with the Golden Gun
This is annoying as hell, first you need to find the guy with the golden 
gun, then kill him, grab the gun and run to a good spot for cover. If you 
get the gun in Siena then I advise to go under the stairs in an apartment to
the south. Here you can shoot when you see them and as long as youíre quick,
they canít get you. In the airport, go by the newsstands, where MI6 start 
off in Bond Evasion. Here is a good spot to take cover and shoot. Keep 
playing this mode and youíll get it eventually.

8.17: A measure of comfort (Silver)
Eliminate 1,000 people over all games played
You may think this is bad but Resistance 2 has a trophy where you need to 
kill 10,000 people. Just play, play, play and this will come. Check out how 
many people youíve killed on the leaderboards.

8.18: The nature of evil (Bronze)
Eliminate 10 people while blind firing across all games. 
Find a good spot, wait for a bad guy to come across and shoot him. Coming 
out of cover by pressing L1 is fine.

8.19: 3030 was a double (Bronze)
Eliminate 100 people while blind firing across all games
Do the same as 10 and shoot another 90 people for this one. Just stay behind
cover a lot of the time and shoot. A good place for this is the embassy.

8.20: Die another Day (Bronze)
Escape as Bond in Bond Evasion mode.
As Bond, get to the other side of the map without the other killing you. 
Let your team do the fighting and if you choose a different route, try and 
get someone from your team to follow you. When you see that glowing circle, 
run like hell to it.

9: Platinum (Platinum) 
Achieved 00 Status
As soon as you get all the other trophies, this will come to you. Now you 
can sit back and relax.
10: Trophies on levels
Obviously you can get trophies on levels but here you can find out how many 
you can get on each 
level and what they are.

10.2: Whites Estate- 2
Time to face gravity
A view to kill

10.3: Sienna-1
We have people everywhere

10.4: Opera House-1
Opera isnít for everyone

10.5: Sink Hole-2
Heís coming fast
Russia with Love

10.6: Construction site-1
The Living Daylights

10.7: Science Centre Exterior-1
I miss the cold war

10.8: Science Centre Interior-1
Half-monk, half-hitman

10.9: Miami Airport-2
On her Majesties secret Service

10.10: Montenegro Train-1
Iím the money

10.11: Casino Royale-1
Any thug can kill

10.12: Casino Poison-1
Casino Royale

10.13: Barge-1
Iíve got a little itch

10.14: Venice- 2
Allow me
The Spy who loved me

10.15: Eco Hotel-2
You just need one shot
Quantum of Solace

11: Contact details
If youíve noticed a mistake here or want to ask me a question, email me at 
[email protected] 95% of the time Iíll answer but sorry if I donít.
12: FAQ
Q: Do you recommend this game
A: If you can see it for £30 or less then I recommend it. Its a good game 
which will have you getting trophies for a while

Q: I did what I need to but my trophy isnít appearing- HELP
A: First check if you have patch 2.41 for your PS3, then if thatís not 
working, look around on the internet for solutions to trophies not there. 
I havenít had this before, so donít know what to do.

Q: Iím stuck on so and so level, please help me
A: First, if you need my help on the game I wonít answer. This is a trophy 
guide, not a level guide. If you canít get the trophy then re-read what I 
said and if that doesnít help, Iíll explain to you in an email.

Q: Can I add you to my PSN?
A: Mine name is wombat909; please tell me you got my name from this guide 
so I donít get confused and wonder why you've added me.

Q: Whatísí your favourite colour?
A: Blue
If your question isnít in there, please email me with the address above.
13: Thank youís

Thank you to GameFAQS for hosting this here
Thank you to ClanWarriors for letting me link to your video on YouTube
Thank you to GOOD4U360 for letting me link to your videos on YouTube. 
14: Other stuff by me
There isnít really much by me out there but Iíll give you a list of what 
there is and what there is to come.

Assassins Creed
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Soon to come
Call of Duty: World at War Trophy guide
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Mirrors Edge review
Little Big Planet review
Tomb Raider Underworld review
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Tomb Raider Underworld guide
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15: Legal stuff

This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide 
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