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Follow the dark path or use the light
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Pack Shot

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm


Character Guide/Team Tips/ Hidden Jutsu/Other Info

by EternalSD

                                                                     Auto Ultimate Ninja Storm

                                  Character Guide/ Team Hints and Tips/Hidden Character Moves/:

(Version 2.0)

(Walkthrough Made by EternalSD of Super Cheats Status : Moderator)

(Do not Rip this Walkthrough)

(This walkthrough is only allowed to be on Super Cheats and nothing esle unless asked : [email protected])

1: Characters Moves and Hidden Moves
3:Support Attacks Info
4:Useful moves to do with your character.
5: Good item combinations
(1)(Characters Moves and Hidden Moves)
Auto: Rasengan :  How to unlock : Clear a rolling rasengan explodes (Flashback mission: Tsunade Search Arc)

Sasuke Uchiha : Fire style : Phoenix Flower Jutsu (Treasure Chest / Doesn't matter which arc its randomly selected).

Sasuke 2: Chidori (Clear Sasuke and Gaara (FlashBack Mission: Leaf Destruction Arc)

Sakura Haruno: This fairy Tale is for real (Treasure Chest)

Rock Lee:  Primary Lotus

Tenten : Ninja Tool : Needle Flower Blast (Treasure Chest)

Neji Hyuga : 8 Trigrams Palm Storm Dance (Treasure Chest)

Shikamaru Nara : Shadow Possession Jutsu (Tresure Chest)

Choji Akimichi : Expansion Jutsu (Treasure Chest)

Ino Yamanaka : 16 Hit Combo (Treasure Chest)

Shino Aburame : Insects Net In the Mist (Treasure Chest)

Kiba Inuzuka : Dynamic Marking (Tresure Chest)

Hinata Hyuga : Heaven's Dance of Hazy Whtie (Tresure Chest)

Jiraiya : Rasengan (Treasure Chest)

Kabuto Yakushi : (Treasure Chest)

Kakashi Hatake : Summoning Earth Style : Fanged Pursuit Jutsu (Treasure Chest)

Kakashi Hatake : Fire style : Fire Ball Jutsu (Treasure Chest )

Kakashi Hatake: Water Style : Water Shark Bomb Jutsu (Treasure Chest)

Kankuro: Puppet : Coarse Coffin (Treasure Chest)

Temari : True Wind Scythe Jutsu (Treasure Chest)

Tsunade : Extreme deadly Blow (Treasure Chest)

The Third Hokage: Shadow Shuriken (Treasure Chest)

Itachi Uchiha : Fire Style : Fire Ball Jutsu (Treasure Chest)

Kimimaro : Camellia Dance (Treasure Chest)

Might Guy : Dynamic Entry (Treasure Chest)

Kisame Hoshigaki : Water Style : Water Shark Shotgun Jutsu (Treasure Chest)

Orochimaru : Striking Shadow Snake (Treasure Chest)

Costumes to Unlock:
Gaara : Later Outfit Clear Gaara Returns (Flashback Mission: Sasuke Chase Arc)
Kankuro : Later Outfit Clear Gaara Returns (Flashback Mission : Sasuke Chase Arc)
Sasuke Uchiha Black Outfit Clear Sasuke and Gaara (Flashback Mission: Leaf Destruction)
Shikamaru Nara : Chunin Outfit Clear Shikamaru's Squad is Summoned (Flashback Mission: Sasuke Chase Arc)
Temari: Later Outfit Clear Gaara Returns ( Flashback Mission: Sasuke Chase Arc)

Good Team Tips-Support for the best characters.

Auto, Sasuke : They can use a move I made up lol , radori , which use naruto first wait for a second then use sasuke.

Neji ,Tenten: Use Rotation as a shield , and then use ten ten's needle blast to hide yourself around the mines and plan your

Kakashi, Guy: Water Style Jutsu and Dynamic Entry to attack while being shield and prevents enemy movement.

Gaara, Auto : Use Demond Wind Bomb and sand shower to force the enemy to block so you can power up to use your
awakening mode and or ultimate jutsu.

Kakashi, 3rd Hokage , Sasuke : Fire Bergade : Launches 2 fire balls and a fire bomb , launches a enemy in the air using 3rd hokages
fire bomb , then sasuke and yours fire balls hit the enemy causes damage that equals naruto's vermillion rasengan.

Kakashi , Kisame Temari : Forces of nature : Use termari , then wait a second then use kisame water style then kakashi's fire ball
at the right timing , and it creates alot of damage.

Weapon Barrage: 3rd Hokage (Main) Shadow Clone Shuriken, Tenten's weapons shower(support), Naruto' Demon Wind Bomb (support)

Warzone: Tenten : Mine Bombs (main or support) Itachi shadow explosion (support), you can also use some paper bombs or bomb ball's , ground kunai and air kunai.

Flaming Shuriken: Sasuke's Giant Shuriken, Kakashi or 3rd Hokages Flame moves , or use for both for extra damage.

Deadzone: Kankuro Fire Bomb Shower
5: Item Combos

Slow tag , Chakra Seal, Poison: Slows, Chakra Blocks,  and Poisons an enemy giving you a 2 min  advantage.

Speed Seal, Substitue Justu Seal , Attack Boost : Makes you practically invincible.

Fire Paper Seal , Paper Bomb , Weapon Tool Trap : Creates a series of trpas that makes it tough for your opponent to move without getting blasted or blown away.

Charka Seal, Speed Seal, Kunai Rain :One sitting duck opponent.

Kunai Barrage : Use air and ground kunai , either once or all of them all together.


Other Info:

Although the game has a set amount of characters , go to playstation netowk
to download more characters and missions in order to explore the game more.

                                                                                          Copyright 2009