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Follow the dark path or use the light

Stryker FAQ/Move List

by Adam3k3

                         M O R T A L   K O M B A T
                           Stryker FAQ/Move List
                               PS3/Xbox 360
                                Version 1.0

                                 By Adam3k3
                          Email: [email protected]  

                 This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2011 Adam Cooper

                         Last Revision May 9th, 2011

Table of Contents

1. Introduction..........................................[INT]
2. Version History.......................................[VHS]
3. The Basics............................................[BSC]
4. Move List.............................................[MLT]
5. Strategies............................................[STR]
6. History/Story.........................................[HSO]
7. Legal Disclaimer......................................[LDR]

USE the "CTRL+F" to Search the FAQ. Just copy and paste 
the code into the search bar and click Find.

1. Introduction                                                           [INT]

Welcome to my newest FAQ. Mortal Kombat was just released and beaning a
diehard MK fan I took advantage to return to FAQ writing. Stryker is my
main character in this game and being participated in many matches I
discovered some helpful tactics that I will cover.

Hope you enjoy this FAQ and donít forget to add comments or strategies 
by dropping me an email. Enjoy.

2. Version History                                                        [VHS]

Version 1.0 May 9, 2011

Finished the FAQ. If you know anything that is not covered here 
please contact me.

3. The Basics                                                             [BSC]

Basic controls and information on buttons. I will be using these in the 
FAQ so understanding this necessary.

Command            Short-Cut            PS3 Button     Xbox360 Button

Low Punch             LP                  Square             X
High Punch            HP                 Triangle            Y

Low Kick              LK                    X                A
High Kick             HK                  Circle             B

Block                 BLK                   R2               R
Throw                  H                    R1               R Bumper

Up                     U
Down                   D
Back                   B
Forward                F

+ Press two buttons at once.

4. Move List                                                              [MLT]


Baton Sweep:         D, B, HK
High Grenade Toss:   D, B, HP
Low Grenade Toss:    D, B, LP
Gun Shot:            B, F, LP
Roll Toss:           B, F, LK

ENHANCED ATTACKS (Uses one bar of super)

Baton Bash:                D, F, HK+Blk
Double High Grenade Toss:  D, F, HP+BLK
Double Low Grenade Toss:   D, F, LP+BLK
Bang Bang:                 F, B, LP+BLK
Roll Out:                  F, B, HK+BLK

X-RAY ATTACK (Full super)

Busted: L2+R2 / L+R


Kop Out:             LP, HP
Dispatched:          LP, LP, HK
Beatdown:            B+LP, HP, HP
Pain Patrol:         HP, LK, HP
The Heat:            B+HP, LP
Aggravated Assault:  B+HP, F+HP
Spread 'Em:          B+HP, B+HK
Come With Me:        B+LK, HP


Serve and Protect:   B+LP, HP, HP, L1/L Bumper
Remain Silent:       B+HP, F+HP, L1/L Bumper
Affirmative:         B+LK, HP, L1/L Bumper


We Aim To Please:    Lp, LP, L1/L Bumper
Officer Friendly:    B+LP, HP, L1/L Bumper
Dont Move!:          HP, LK, L1/L Bumper
Assault And Bettery: B+HP, L1/L Bumper


Tag Attack:          D, F+L1/L Bumper
Tag Assist:          D, B+L1/L Bumper


Time Served:         F, D, F, LP (Sweep)
Have A Blast:        D, F, D, F, BLK
Stage Fatality:      F, U, U, HK  / Hold BLK, F, U, U, Release LBK, HK

5. Strategies                                                             [STR]

Stryker is concentrated on close to med combat, a mixture of combos and
timed moves. Below are strategies that I personally use with each move.

Baton Sweep:         D, B, HK

Works on Standing, Block Standing and crouching opponent.

Use it when youíre close to med close to your opponent. You can time it 
after a toward jump or combo like toward jump, LP, HP, Baton Sweep. Try 
to time it as your opponent is about to do his special move like Ice Freeze, 
very hard but with enough matches you will get used to the timings.  

High Grenade Toss:   D, B, HP /Low Grenade Toss:    D, B, LP

Works on Standing and crouching opponent

This move is helpful in 2 situations:
A. Youíre standing far from your opponent. Time it so your opponent donít 
finish his special move or to reduce some of his health even if his blocking.

B. Youíre close to your opponent. After a combo or toward jump. This method 
is harder and the risk is higher, hence not recommended.

Gun Shot:            B, F, LP

Same as Grenade Toss but slightly safer.

Timing from long range is what you should be aiming for. You should have 
enough time to dock should the opponent used a move. Also, Hold the button 
and release for more timed attack. Useful if your opponent is in the air or 
down getting up.     

Roll Toss:           B, F, LK

This move is very important and works on unblocking opponent.

Use the move when your far and your opponent is about to make a move. 
If he decided to throw something at you, it wonít hit you as you will 
be rolling toward him. Itís a fast move that should be used to get 
closer but be careful, should you fail jump backwards or grab your 
opponent fast.

Aggravated Assault:  B+HP, F+HP

Always use in close range preferably after jumping toward him. 
Make sure to time it right as you will have 2 chances of hitting 
the opponent and preforming an uppercut after it.

6. History/Story                                                          [HSO]

Stryker first appeared in Mortal Kombat 3 followed by Ultimate mortal Kombat 3,
Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Mortal Kombat Armageddon and now Mortal Kombat.

His Story from all the previous games:

Mortal Kombat 3, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Mortal Kombat Trilogy

When the Outworld portal opens over a large city in North America, 
panic and chaos rage out of control. Kurtis Stryker was the leader 
of the Riot Control Brigade when Shao Kahn began taking souls. 
He finds himself the lone survivor of a city once populated by millions.


Ignorant of why his soul was spared from the Outworld invasion, Stryker 
receives a vision from Raiden. He is instructed to travel west. He eventually 
meets the rest of Earth's warriors and learns the true meaning of his survival.

He travels back to the city he swore to protect. Kahn is unfamiliar with this 
new kombatant and is caught off guard. Stryker defeats the warlord and saves 
the entire planet. The chaos that consumed the city in the hours before the 
invasion are gone.

Mortal Kombat Armageddon


The fire of Blaze burned away Stryker's previous notion of justice.
The power coursing through his soul inspired him to fight injustice 
on his own terms.

No longer would he allow himself to be confined by the law. He would 
strike evil from the shadows, a vigilante who would show no mercy to 
the corrupt. He went into seclusion to prepare for his one-man assault 
on the wicked. Soon al the realms will know the name Stryker.

7. Legal Disclaimer                                                       [LDR]
Copyright (c) 2011 Adam Cooper
This document is registered with the Copyright Office. This FAQ or any 
part of it may not be placed on any public display including and not 
limited to websites, magazines, or any other distributed form under any 
circumstances without my written permission. No money must be made of it, 
selling or giving away with a parches is prohibit. This FAQ was created 
for private personal use only, violation any of these terms will result 
in taking legal action against you immediately.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This FAQ can only appear on the following websites:

. (IGN)
. (GameFAQs)
. (Neoseeker)

If anyone fined this FAQ on any unlisted site please inform me ASAP.
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Contac information

I may be contacted at any time via my e-mail, ([email protected]).
If you have any questions, contributions, corrections, or anything else
feel free to e-mail, just make sure to put "Game Name" as a subject and
watch how fast I delete your e-mail if you acutely put "Game Name" as a

Credits/Special Thanks

. For Story and 
       Ending so I wonít had to type all that.
. All listed websites for accepting my FAQs.
. You for reading this FAQ.
. Me for creating this FAQ for all of you out there.

FAQ Created by 
        ___       __               _____ __  _____
       /   | ____/ /___ _____ ___ |__  // /_|__  /
      / /| |/ __  / __ `/ __ `__ \ /_ (/ //_//_ (
     / ___ / /_/ / /_/ / / / / / /__/ / ,( ___/ /
    /_/  |_\__,_/\__,_/_/ /_/ /_/____/_/|_/____/

-End of Document-