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Follow the dark path or use the light

Big Boss - Hard difficulty level

by mast3r ch33f 93

hey supercheaters,you rock! enjoy my walkthrough!

NOTE: This walkthrough is written for the Big Boss Hard difficulty level, but the same tips apply to all of the easier difficulty levels. You'll encounter fewer enemies and easier boss fights on the tamer levels, but the structure of the game remains the same, except where noted.

NOTE: Beast Strategy is a secondary walkthrough of specific levels (where possible). Revealing secret ways of completing levels that not only you, but the game doesn't even know about.Involves kills at some points.

NOTE: When going for a no-kill run, you can still 'kill' the Beauty form of each B&B boss encounter with lethal weapons.


After the game's initial cut scene ends and you have full control over Old Snake, crawl forward beneath the truck next to you for a Ration, then crawl beneath the next one to trigger more of the introductory cinematic. When it ends, grab the AK102 next to the fallen trooper, then go right (going left gives you a less ideal post-cut scene position) for more of the cinematic. When it ends, run back along the street, away from the Gekko next to Snake, then head through the gap in the wall as the road goes right, toward the militia soldier. When the Gekko outside passes and its back is toward the door, sneak across the street and into the next house. Head through the structure to the next highly-destroyed house, vaulting through the window with the Triangle button. When the Gekko to the the left walks away, make a U-turn to the right from the doorway the Gekko was outside of, sprinting for the exit in the northeast corner.

Act 1: Liquid Sun (Middle East)

Red Zone: NW Sector

Go around the corner to the main street and enter the doorway on the right. Watch the cut scene as you enter the adjacent room, then crawl through the gap in the wall to the alley. When the PMC troops leave, crawl toward the pavement and let your OctoCamo adapt to your surroundings before heading around the corner. Enter the next building on the right and grab the Ration, Compress, and all the 5.56 X 45mm ammo. Crawl beneath the debris in the southern corner of the house, stopping to watch a poor rebel get shot up, then make sure there's no one around before you go right. Stay in the shadows on the west side of the map as you head south, letting your OctoCamo keep you hidden. Check the room off to the sides for items as you go. When you get close to the southern exit, wait for the two soldiers nearby to approach the Stryker tank, then crawl into the street and cross to the exit on the other side.

Red Zone

check under the stairs here for a Compress and the Cardboard Box, then go south, avoiding the two soldiers nearby. You can head to your destination (which is northwest of the southeast corner of the map) via the north wall if you'd rather, but it's much harder to do so, though you can grab an RPG-7 in the northeast corner early if you take this route. For the purposes of this walkthrough, though, we'll be describing the southern route.

Make your way to the southwest corner and crawl up the stairs. Stop about halfway up the second flight and wait for the soldier to appear in the doorway at the top. When his back is turned, sneak up behind him and use Close-Quarters Combat (CQC) to take him out. Place his body in one of the lockers here, then go east and jump over the broken section of wall. Go prone on the other side and crawl east to the other side of the building, watching out for soldiers along the way. If one spots you, quickly hide behind something as he climbs the ladder to investigate.

Grab the Ration at the end, then drop down to the ground. Grab the Compress here and head around the corner to the right when no one is near. Hide in the shadows by the dumpster, then wait for the two soldiers coming from the east to pass you by. When the coast is clear, head around the corner and head through the doorway on the north side of the building to meet up with Otacon and Metal Gear Mk. II, a familiar face to anyone who played Snatcher on the Sega CD.

You now have the Operator and Mk. 2 Pistol, as well as the extremely helpful Solid Eye. Crawl around the corner and wait for the soldiers to leave their position behind the sandbags, then head forward toward the skirmish. Head through the opening on the right and crouch-walk to the end of the corridor. Crawl through the trench behind the rebel troops, then grab the RPG-7 in the northeast corner. Before you take the nearby exit, you're going to want to get the militia forces here on your side. Use the rocket in the RPG-7 to destroy the Stryker tank that appears, then help the militia gun down all the PMC soldiers. To fully clear the area, though, you'll need to head to the middle of this map and grab the RPG-7 rocket there to take out the second Stryker tank in the southwest corner. To reach the rocket, climb the stairs to the west of center and go east over the boxes and beam. There are also two Noodles here you should grab. When the militia troops cry out "We did it!", then it's safe to take the exit in the northeast corner. 

By helping the militia troops in the Red Zone, you'll have complete and total access to the safe house, with no enemy encounters to worry about. There are plenty of items here to grab, including a boatload of ammo, so be sure to check every corridor on the map for the loot. You can use the Solid Eye's Night Vision function to make all the items more visible.

If, on the other hand, you didn't help the militia troops in the Red Zone, you'll have to sneak your way through the whole base, and that's just not fun (unless you're up for a worthy challenge). If you ran pell-mell into the safe house without helping the militia, return to the Red Zone now and take out the PMC soldiers with them to gain their trust.

Either way, when you're through cleaning this place out, take the exit in the northwest corner. 

Before you take control in this area you'll meet up with a man named Drebin, who functions as the game's merchant, available to Snake at any time. He'll explain Drebin Points (DP) to you, and how collecting weapons from the field you already possess transforms them into DP for use in his shop (while the ammunition goes into Snake's reserves). You can also obtain DP by destroying enemies that aren't human or operated by humans, and by achieving various bonuses that we'll point out as they become available in the walkthrough. You should also note that by playing Metal Gear Solid 4 on Wednesdays or Sundays (as determined by your PS3's internal clock), you'll receive a 20% all day at Drebin's Shop. He also gives you the M4 for free.

Now, on to the Urban Ruins: This is another simple area with very little in the way of enemies to slow your progress. Go east first to find an RPG-7 to sell, then return to where you started. As you go west from the entrance, climb the two flights of stairs on the right to the top, then drop to the west of them to find an RPG-7, Sleep Gas Mine, and a Dot Sight, which is worth 20,000 DP if you plan on selling it. Continue forward through the debris to the left of the stairs, following the path north. You'll eventually come across two militia troops that are shot by PMC soldiers below. Don't bother shooting at them; just sneak past them through the gap in the wall. Follow the path around until a bomb blocks one direction, then crawl through the gap to the right. Head up the ramp to a thin ledge, and press against the wall as you go past it. Drop down to the north on the far right side, then walk toward the staircase to the left. Go right of the stairs and drop down there to grab the nearby items before leaving.

Go west on the main street, keeping low, then go right (north) when you can. The soldiers on this side street and the marketplace beyond it won't care that you're here, so don't worry about keeping a low profile in either area. Go prone at the end of the market and crawl forward. Go left down the alley, stand back up when the PMC soldiers on the ground and the snipers in the windows can't see you, and squeeze between the two buildings on the right. Grab the Laser Sight on the other side, then proceed to the next alley. Go right, crouch down, then slowly move right until you see the Stryker tank on the left. Crawl across the street behind the tank and get in the next alley to the north and on the left.

On the main road, you'll see a lot of action: militia troops to the left, PMC soldiers to the right, and snipers in the tall building in the distance. Crawl forward to the opposite pavement (the south side of the street), then make your way beneath the building ahead and out the other side, grabbing the Stun Grenade on the way. Go right in the alley to get back on the pavement, where there's a rebel encampment. If you want, use a silenced weapon to take out the closer of the two snipers in the building to the left. Proceed forward to the boxes, then go left and stop. Watch out for the car here, as it often explodes after it's hit with sufficient bullets. If it does, wait for the flames to subside, then take the road forward to an area of even higher combat. The militia troops and PMC soldiers are shooting at each other here, and bombs are being dropped from above, so you shouldn't loiter here. Crawl through the crater to the other side, then crouch-run to the blue door when no one is looking to make your escape.

Advent Palace

There are four floors plus a basement in this building, but none of the floors is particularly large, so don't worry about getting lost here. Additionally, you don't need to worry about keeping up a stealthy profile here, so feel free to run around making as much noise as you like; you'll only have traps to deal with here, until you get to the roof, that is...

To make the aforementioned explosive traps visible, use the Solid Eye's Night Vision feature, then crawl over them to collect them (you can also use Metal Gear Mk. II to defuse them). Try to find them all as you make your way to the third floor via the stairs in the northeast corner, then the stairs in the southeast corner to reach the fourth floor. Grab the items in the bar on the fourth floor, and be sure to send Metal Gear Mk. II down the outer air shaft to find some items, including the PSS. Walk into the next corridor to trigger a very lengthy cut scene that introduces your new allies, the Rat Patrol. 

Liquid Ocelot's Haven Troopers drop in after the cut scene. These chicks are packing some serious heat, so you'll want to take them down with headshots as fast as you can (NOTE: If you use only non-lethal means to take out the lot of them, you'll receive a special prize in the form of the first of five secret figurines, once you reach the garage). If they chuck a grenade in your direction--and they almost undoubtedly will--roll away quickly! Hide behind the bar counter as you blast them, then follow the Rat Patrol down to the the third floor.

More Haven Troopers will attack from the opposite balcony. Don't get left behind as the Rat Patrol moves on to the dining area, then get ready for a pincer attack there, with enemies coming at you from ahead and behind. Take out the Troopers behind you first, then follow your team through the restaurant, staying low. Descend to the second floor, where Haven Troopers attack from both balconies. Continue to stay low and fire at the ones on the upper level, the follow the Rat Patrol through the restrooms, then the hole in the wall for a cut scene where Johnny disables the infrared beams. Roll over the hole in the floor to find some items, the best of which is a GP30 grenade launcher add-on for the AK102. Grab the items, then drop through the hole to the first floor.

You'll be behind a counter down here, with the Haven Troopers on the other side, but it's easier to pick off the Troopers by firing through the doorway of one of the two rooms. Kill all the Troopers, then drop through the elevator shaft to the basement. After the Rat Patrol departs, grab the three P90's down here, and if you used only non-lethal means to take out the Haven Troopers, grab the Frog Soldier Doll from the garage as well. Climb the pile of debris and the boxes to reach the Crescent Meridian. 

After you get back outside, approach the militia troopers for a cut scene, then go forward a bit and right through the opening in the wall. Go right at the corner. Sneak past the left opening and crawl beneath the building ahead to the other side. Go left when you emerge and crawl to the pavement. When your OctoCamo changes, look around at the situation: PMC soldiers on opne side and militia troops on the other. You'll need to crawl your way north along the wall of buildings to the right, staying out of the militia's way as best you can. Try to stay behind their tank as it progresses down the street.

Sneak north up to the burned-out car by the road block. There's a ladder across the street from the car, so wait until the tank gets up here and explodes before you crawl to it. Make sure not to make any noise to prevent the PMC soldiers to the left from noticing you, then stop when you get to the base of the ladder. When the two soldiers to the left are looking away, get to a crouching position and hit the Triangle button to get on the ladder. Climb up slowly to the top, then go prone there and follow the balcony around, dropping down at the end.

Millennium Park
Start off by crawling along the pavement on the left (southern) side of the street, making sure to wait while the two PMC soldiers pass. Crawl to the wooden box within view of the roadblock ahead, wait for the soldier to face away from you, then crawl to the wire fence. The patrolling soldier will stop for a moment, so be sure not to move until he resumes walking. Crawl between the two buildings to the south, and enter the building through the broken wall. There's a soldier on the second floor of this building, so don't make any noise. Crawl up the stairs, then stop when you're about halfway up the second flight. Wait for the soldier to approach the window, then disable him silently with CQC. Go through the first door, lower Snake down through the hole to the first floor, go through the door, then crawl toward the broken wall.
Millenium Park Map (click to enlarge)
Millenium Park Map (click to enlarge)

There are two soldiers patrolling outside, so wait for the closer one to walk right, then crawl into the grass ahead. Wait for the soldier to make another round, then crawl behind the woodpile on the left as he walks away from your position. Next, crawl to the grass to the left of the big crate, then watch the patrolling soldiers from here until you get a feel for their patterns. Wait for the soldier to the right to face away, then crawl forward to the edge of the wall on the left. Watch for a soldier to arrive beside the big truck, then stay perfectly still as he walks toward you. He'll eventually stop without seeing you and go left. Look right to make sure the coast is clear, then crawl through the opening toward the gray container on the right. Make sure you're lying behind it without Snake's head poking out, and wait for a soldier to appear. When the soldier heads south, quickly crawl around the corner to the right, then make a left behind the tent.

Continue to the corner of the enclosure and go left. Wait for the soldier here to get close, then nail him in the head with a shot from your Mk. 2. With him down, crawl the rest of the way to the red door on the north wall and go through it to end the chapter. If you're spotted en route to the door, just get up and run the rest of the way!

Beast Strategy

Start off by crawling along the pavement on the left (southern) side of the street, making sure to wait while the two PMC soldiers pass. Crawl to the wooden box within view of the roadblock ahead, wait for the soldier to face away from you, then crawl to the wire fence. The patrolling soldier will stop for a moment, so be sure not to move until he resumes walking. Crawl between the two buildings to the south, and enter the building through the broken wall. There's a soldier on the second floor of this building, so don't make any noise. Crawl up the stairs, then stop when you're about halfway up the second flight. Wait for the soldier to approach the window, then shoot him once in the back of the head with silenced tranquilizer, then after he's down, stab him once using CQC knife. Head to the door on the leftside of the stairs. Behind the door is a big hole, so walk around it and head right in front of a bigger hole. Take out a good sniper rifle, lay down or crouch and try to pick off as many PMCs as possible(don't forget the one behind the gate on the right)with head shots(don't worry about alert or caution level because theirs no way for them to get up there). After it's clear and your alert or caution is gone, hop down from the ledge and head left towards the wall(crouched) and find the whole in the wall. Crawl through and under the truck in front of you. Take out your silenced pistol(not the tranqulizer) and take out the guard in the watch tower(head shot) when the present soldier isn't as near. Then use you tranq to take down the guard presently taking his routine around you when he's between the two truck(out of view). Immediatly stab him with CQC knife and crawl under truck towards the right. When the 3 guards are out of range or view, immediatly croach walk to the back of the truck by the watch tower and crawl under it. This part is tricky or feels tricky atleast, but works. crawl towards the front of the truck and take out silenced pistol. When the two guards on your more right side direction are farther and the one in front of you is in view(sometimes the one is in front of you while the others are still close, but as long as one is in front of you), head shot the one and front of you and quickly and immediatly run to the left of the tent in front of you then go right behind it to the red door.
Act 2: Solid Sun (South America)

During this Act's mission briefing, take control of Metal Gear Mk. II by pressing the Square button. Steer him to the lower deck to find a Battery next to the helicopter, and a Camera behind Sunny's desk. Next, drive him upstairs to find an iPod Tune, some Noodles, and some ammunition. 

You have two options as to how to tackle this zone. You can either sneak through this relatively simple area with ease, or help save the captured rebels from their inevitable executions.

If you just want to get through the area, crawl down the hill toward the back of the buildings, then stop at the end of the first house. Wait for the soldier to pass, then keep going straight to the end of the metal wall. Look around the corner with camera to see the soldier there, wait until he walks away from you, then crawl into the grass. Get behind the metal huts and follow this route to the end of them. Wait for the soldier to look the other way, then crawl over to the shadows past the corner of the building ahead of you. Continue through the shadows to the next grassy patch, then head up the hill to the exit.

If, on the other hand, you want to save the captive rebels, you're going to have a little more work to do. To begin, purchase the Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle from Drebin's Shop. It'll cost you 60,000 DP, or 48,000 DP on Sunday or Wednesday. You'll be firing seven tranquilizer darts in relatively quick succession, so don't fire a shot unless you know it'll hit.

With your new sniper rifle in hand, crawl to the edge of the grass here and locate the soldier closest to you. Hit him in the head, then shoot the soldier that runs up behind him to see what's going on. Quickly find the two PMC soldiers guarding the prisoners and nail them both in succession. A soldier will then come out of the house below you. Take him out, then look north for the last soldier, who will most likely be investigating one of his fallen comrades. Shoot him to clear the area of enemies, then get up and hurriedly look in all the buildings for items before the guards wake up (unless, of course, you go around shooting them in the brain. In any case, when you're done, leave the village area to the east toward the hill.
Cove Valley Village (Hill)
Stay in the shade and follow the path along the rock ledge to the first PMC soldier, then wait at the edge of the grass until he turns and walks away. Follow him while crouched, then get on the first step to your left. Get near the next ledge, in front of the wooden fence with a tree ahead of it, and wait for the soldier to pass by while prone. As he passes, rise to a crouch and hit the Triangle button to climb up. As you crawl into the grass you'll start hearing the soldiers cry out "We've got company!" Don't worry, they're not talking about you: some rebels have attacked the location above, which is going to make things harder for you. Watch for the soldier as he comes back around, shoot him in the head with a silenced weapon if he spots you, then climb up the next couple steps to the level above.

Crawl into the grass on the left. When the soldier here starts walking away from you, climb the two ledges on your left, by the rock wall. Stay prone in the grass behind the boulder, wait for the nearby soldier to appear and walk away, then climb up the ledge on the left. Crawl into the grass ahead and watch the soldier on the right. When he's turned away from you, crawl forward through the grass until you're about parallel with the crates on the left. The next ledge is watched by a soldier below, so fire your Mk. 2 at his head, then bolt for the top.

The rebels are here, and they don't take too kindly to your presence if you didn't help them out back in the village, even sometimes shooting at you until you earn their trust. How do you do that? Easy: crawl along the rocks on the right to the corner, then go prone and wait for a PMC soldier to appear between the rocks ahead. When he gets close, nail him in the head with the Mk. 2. The rebels will see this and consider Snake an ally from then on. Move forward, staying low as you move through the grass, then crawl past the rebel soldier on the right ledge to the exit. 

When the rebels start their attack, crawl left along the rock wall and take cover in the shade below the overhanging rock. There are snipers watching the area, so be careful not to be spotted. Take this narrow path to a grassy mound, then scope out the battle from here.

Crawl right to the path and follow it to a log that you can take cover behind. When the coast is clear, crawl to the grass on the right, then look ahead for the strips of grass between the two trees. Take out any nearby soldiers with Mk. 2, then crawl forward to the right of the sandbag wall to the truck. Crawl beneath it, wait for a clear path, then crawl through the opening in the wall. Go left and climb the steps to the station.

Look through the door to the right to make sure no one's there to see you, then go left into the control room. Now, you can wait for the rebels to enter here and blow up the control panel, which can take quite a while, or you can do it yourself with some C4 (thankfully you can find some here in the northeast part of the building). When the panel is blown and the power in the facility has been knocked out, approach the Stryker tank behind the station for a cut scene and a checkpoint. 

When the cinematic ends, you can go back and loot the area of any items you missed without worry of enemy encounters, since the rebels now control the zone. With the power out, you can access the electrical tower in the northwest corner of the station. To reach it, climb the ladder to the walkway of the tower south of it, vault over the railing when you're near the power cable running over the barrier below, then climb that across to the other walkway. Drop down to find a Rifle Sight and some ammo, then climb down the ladder to find more items, the most prominent of which is a FIM-92A missile launcher. Cove Valley Village is also enemy-free, if you want to trek back there.

In any case, to proceed, you should know that there are three exits from the Power Station zone. Two of them, the ones on paths going northeast, are much harder than the third, which exits northwest. This walkthrough will assume you have taken this exit. To reach it, take the southern of the two paths leading away from the northwest corner of the station, grabbing the many items along the way as it heads northwest, including the Javelin, XM8, PSS, Sleep Gas Mine, Playboy, healing items, and ammunition. When you get to a fork in the path, take the northwest route (left) and follow it to the exit.
Confinement Facility

Southern Section

If you followed our guide, you'll appear around the middle of the southern end of this enormous zone (as opposed to the southeastern section, which is the location of a heated battle). Crouch-walk on the path and drop down the three ledges as it goes left. After you drop down the third ledge, look ahead for a PMC soldier to appear. As he walks away, crawl forward, and wait for him to walk on the road so you can sneak past on the left path going west. Get behind the rock face and crouch-walk to a wooden fence on top of the hill, then go prone and crawl to the grass by the big tree.

Northwest Section 

Ahead you should see a soldier walking by the truck and a sniper in the watchtower. There's also a soldier on the road behind you and more behind the buildings around to the left. When the soldier patrolling by the truck is facing away from you, crawl down the slope and go right at the bottom. Crawl to the far end of the stack of wooden posts, wait for the soldier to get close to you, and when he turns around, make sure the sniper in the tower isn't looking in your direction as you crawl beneath the truck on the right. Crawl to the front of the vehicle and watch the sniper in the watchtower. When he turns right, crawl out from under the truck and go right to hide behind the woodpile.

You have the option of completely passing through this area on the way to the exit, but you should know that there are two imprisoned rebels being held in the building here. If you want to take the time to free them, you'll need to take out the guard at the door, as well as a pair of soldiers patrolling the areas near the building and a sniper in the watchtower. Use the Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle if you purchased it earlier to fire tranquilizer darts, then check the rooms in the building for a VSS, Stun Grenade, Regain, a Compress, and lots of ammo. There's also a Playboy in the southeast structure. Whether or not you free the rebels, make your way to the exit in the northeast corner to reach the Vista Mansion (and no, Bill Gates does not live there).

Vista Mansion

Shortly after you arrive, the rebels will begin an attack on the mansion, drawing the attention of the soldiers away from you and your crawling escapades. Crawl all the way to the road to trigger a cut scene that depicts the arrival of a bulldozer. When the cut scene ends, stay put and let the rebel driving the bulldozer plow through the main gates. This signifies that the battle in the northeast and southeast section of the Confinement Facility has been won by the rebels, so head down there via the southern exit and check out the areas for the items you passed by earlier. Of note are the FIM-92A, M870 Custom, and Chaff Grenades. Gather all the items, then return to the mansion.

Head to the gates and crawl through, turning right and crawling behind the first tent. When you reach the corner, crouch-run to the northern wall, then run west to the steps when no one's looking. Go prone when you reach them, avoiding the soldiers to your left, and crawl along the wall to a window. Use your Solid Eye radar to make sure there's no one in the area, then run toward the window and press the X button to break through.

Head right, down the hall and around the corner, and go right at the reception area. Crouch-walk toward the staircase and press your body against the wall between the two potted plants as two PMC soldiers run downstairs and outside to fight the rebels. When they're gone, run upstairs and enter the bedroom. Look through the small window to make sure there are no soldiers on the roof, then go through the door. Head left around the corner and drop through the skylight to reach the basement. Collect the items scattered down here, then climb the ladder to the north to reach the Research Lab.
Research Lab

You'll find yourself in Caution Phase after the cut scene that opens this zone comes to a close. Quickly run to the bottom-right corner of the room and lie down beside the bed with Snake's legs concealed beneath it. Get your Mk. 2 pistol out and wait for two Haven Troopers to arrive. When they appear in the hallway ahead of you, hit them with headshots. More Troopers will arrive in the top-left room, so have Snake continue to blast them until the Caution Phase ends. Stand up now and gather the items in the rooms, getting a good feel for them, then open your inventory. Have a shotgun or machine gun equipped, and make sure your Psyche level is up, as there's a boss battle just ahead. When you're ready, head to the outer corridor to trigger a cut scene that precedes the battle.
BOSS: Laughing Octopus

You'll want to avoid the outer corridor and remain within the inner rooms for this battle. Laughing Octopus can move very quickly and can camouflage herself to hide in any location using a variety of disguises, including posing as Metal Gear Mk. II, an unconscious Haven Trooper, or even Naomi! 

After you shoot her, watch your radar as she calls out her taunts to see her current location, and rush there to blast her. She'll be cloaked, so keep your eyes peeled for her outline. She typically fires on Snake with P90, so you should always try to remain in a doorway for cover when she starts shooting. Keep your distance to avoid Laughing Octopus's melee attacks, and fire your shotgun or machine gun at her to knock her down. When she gets knocked down she'll let off a smoke bomb and fire homing missiles at you; dodge these until they explode on their own, and continue the battle.

Eventually, as you knock off more and more of her health, she'll roll into a ball and spin directly toward Snake's current location, taking a huge chunk of health off in the process. You can avoid these rolling attacks by quickly vaulting through a window or getting on top of something; there are several boxes you can climb on in the various corners of the room

Laughing Beauty

Once she ditches her suit, Laughing Octopus becomes Laughing Beauty and will try to grab Snake in an embrace to give him a deadly squeeze. The shotgun works best to prevent this. If you only used non-lethal rounds in the first part of the fight, you'll find the Laughing Octopus Doll on one of the beds (NOTE: The doll can only be obtained during the Beauty fight!). If you still haven't beaten her after three minutes, her Psyche and health guages will replenish, and you'll enter the "white world" to continue the battle. If another three minutes pass in the white world and you still haven't beaten her, she'll automatically die and the battle will end then and there. If you're going for a no-kill playthrough, hit the Beauty in the torso with your darts or V-Ring ammo to finish her off.

Afterward you'll receive the FaceCamo, as well as the Laughing Beauty FaceCamo if you managed to defeat her using non-lethal weapons.
Mountain Trail

You've got to track Naomi now, so listen to Otacon and Raiden's suggestions on reading footprints, and start navigating your way through this labyrinthine area. Start off by heading southwest, then north as the path curves. The path splits to the northeast and northwest here; go northeast to find a soldier relieving himself, facing away from you. Quickly grab the Fore Grip B beside him while he's busy, then sneak back to the fork and go northwest. Crouch-walk over the bridge to the boxes, and go prone there. Wait for the soldier to pass by, then go northwest to find a dead end with some Noodles and a Claymore trap in the grass behind it; crawl over it to collect it. Go back to the fork and take the northeast route this time to the next open area.

Crawl to the east and listen to the amusing comment from the sniper on the rock above. Take the southern route from here to find a ruined building with three soldiers near it. Take them out and collect the RPG-7, Playboy, and ammunition in the building before heading back to the last open area and taking the eastern route past the sniper. Stop when you get to the first tree in the open area and look right to find a PMC soldier crouching low to the ground. Shoot a dart at his head to knock him out, then cross the river and approach the tree stump for a call. Save your game here, then take the northern of the two eastern paths to the next open area.

If you want, go south of here, take out the Haven Trooper with a head shot, then crawl forward as you hear a woman crying for help. Hit the Haven Trooper on the ledge above the building to safely collect the items there. Otherwise, take the northeast path from here and crawl past the two Haven Troopers until you reach a tree stump. There's a soldier planting a Claymore trap here, so wait for him to plant it and walk away from it before hitting him with a tranquilizer dart. Take the northeast path first to find an Easter Egg in the form of a metal plate with the signatures of the game's creators on it, as well as some Noodles and a Ration, then return to the area where you took out the soldier and take the southern path to the next open area. Take the western route, following the PMC soldier there until you can make a left; do so quickly before he turns around! Follow this little stretch and make a right turn when you can to reach the tunnel leading out of this zone.
Tank Escape

You'll be riding aboard Drebin's Stryker tank for the first part of this run'n'gun action piece. While you're aboard you'll have infinite ammo for any weapon you've got, but it's best to stick with the tank's turret (unless a soldier manages to get aboard the tank, in which case a shotgun blast works best). If you're going for a no-kill run, be sure to use the non-lethal Vortex Ring Shot ammunition.

In any case, get ready to be attacked by soldiers wearing power suits (no, not of the Armani variety) as you head through the gates of the mansion. If you're playing on the higher difficulty modes, chuck a Chaff Grenade at them to prevent them from firing at you, then blast them. You'll want to keep chucking Chaff Grenades as the effect of the previous grenade wears off to keep the enemies from shooting at you. If you don't have any Chaff Grenades, just duck behind the tank's turret and shoot off anyone who climbs aboard as Drebin drives through the gates.

When you reach the Confinement Facility, use the turret to shoot the Gekko's head, and do likewise any other Gekko you see before taking out any soldiers in the area. A defeated Gekko emits a cloud of smoke that can hide other enemies, so use the Solid Eye's Night Vision to see through it. At the Power Station, all you have to do is shoot the locked green gates with your turret as soon as you see them to blast them open, allowing passage to the High Woodlands Highway. Use the turret to shoot the many Gekko in their little domed heads here as you proceed to the Marketplace.

After the cut scene ends and you have control of Snake again, go prone in the shade on the left and wait until your health and Psyche replenish. When they're full, get ready to run. There are Gekko up ahead on the path to the exit, but there are also innocent bystanders, so you shouldn't stop to try and take them on. From where you begin, run forward and go left behind the first bunch of market stalls. Chuck one of your Chaff Grenades to confuse them, then run east toward the metal fence and vault over it. Run straight to the stall ahead and to the left and duck behind it to find the M72A3 missile launcher. Wait for the Gekko past the stall to break through the marketplace toward the eastern exit, and continue to wait until it comes back in this direction and passes you by. Throw another Chaff Grenade into the air and sprint east to the exit. A Gekko will land between you and the exit, but just bolt straight toward it and roll through to the right of it before it can kick at you to escape unscathed. Phew!
Act 3: Third Sun (Eastern Europe)

Your task here is to tail a member of the resistance group to their secret headquarters, and the route you take there will be different depending on your chosen difficulty level. On the Big Boss Hard difficulty level, you'll take a longer route through more areas, but any easier difficulty level takes a shorter, easier route. We'll discuss both routes in this walkthrough. Regardless of which difficulty level you've chosen, some basic tips on this section should be noted:

    * Use Snake's OctoCamo and FaceCamo and crawl the majority of the time, avoiding searchlights and trash that can make noise, to prevent spooking the resistance member or alerting any PMC soldiers to your presence.
    * The resistance member will stop when he comes across a PMC soldier he can't pass. The music will change, and eventually he'll take a different route.
    * DO NOT try to neutralize the PMC forces in Midtown unless this walkthrough says it's okay, otherwise you'll change the resistance member's route.
    * Forget about the Signal Interceptor and just use the Solid Eye's radar to track the resistance member.
    * Save after every checkpoint.
    * If you spook the resistance member, he'll run for a hiding place and wait. Just be patient until he comes back out and continues forward. Sometimes, though, he'll be captured when he runs to his hiding place, causing PMC troops to arrest him.
    * If the resistance member is arrested or killed, just wait awhile until another resistance member appears. They aren't infinite, however, and you will get a Game Over if too many are arrested or die.
    * You can also disable the PMC soldiers if they try to capture the resistance member, if need be, though this is often a risky venture. 

Midtown S Sector

Big Boss Hard

From where you begin, get on the road and go left when you can for a cut scene. After it ends, take cover behind the van until the resistance member goes past, then follow him at a good distance. When two PMC soldiers appear, the resistance member will stop. Hide behind the metal enclosure nearby until he turns around (about 30 seconds or so), then follow him up to the balcony above the soldiers. Crawl after him to the ladder, and wait there until the resistance member below decides to alter his route to avoid some guards, going right instead of left. When he gets moving again, drop down and follow him to the park, and hide behind the hedge as he "does his business." Crawl after him when he starts walking again, then hide in the tall grass behind the tree in the northeast corner of the park as he waits for a couple PMC guards. The resistance member will eventually chuck a grenade, so wait where you are, making sure you are at the very northeastern edge of the grass, until the Caution Phase is over, then head down the nearby steps on the northeast corner of the park. Go north, and then down the road on the right to find the resistance member looking at a poster on a wall. When he gets moving again, go prone and stay on the right side of the pavement as a patrol vehicle passes, then follow the resistance member to the exit to the Midtown Central Sector.

Solid Normal, Naked Normal, Liquid Easy

Follow the instructions listed above for the Big Boss Hard difficulty level until you catch up to the resistance member looking at the poster on the wall, then follow him north to the exit to the Midtown NE Sector (skip the Midtown Central Sector and Midtown NW Sector sections to resume the guide for this difficulty level).
Midtown Central Sector

Big Boss Hard

Head around the corner to find the resistance member looking at another poster. Go into the prone position and wait as he starts to walk away, and stay where you are, because he's going to run back to the poster for a second look in a second. Once he walks away again, follow him to the square. You may lose the resistance member here, but don't worry, he's heading toward the waterway. You should be extra cautious here, as there's a helicopter with a searchlight scanning the area. Stay out of the light by crawling beside the two vans here, staying in the road, and head forward to the larger van. Get behind it onto the pavement, being as silent as you can as to not alert the nearby guards. Crawl up the steps to the west to the top and look across the waterway to find the soldier there. When he's looking away, crawl slowly down to the shadow beneath the bridge, then stop there to see the searchlight's pattern. When it passes over you, crawl along the side of the waterway to the shadow beneath the second bridge. Wait for the resistance member to get far enough away from you, then get in the water and cross to the other side. Go through the opening the resistance member went through, then hide behind the wall as he looks back to make sure no one's following him. Wait for him to leave the zone, then follow him out.
Midtown NW Sector

Big Boss Hard

Immediately go prone at the start of this section, then slowly move forward and watch him wade out into the water. He's eventually going to come back to this side of the water, so for now, wait for the searchlight to pass over you and start for the shadow beneath the next bridge, using the little nook on the left if you need to hide a moment. Wait in the back area of the shadow for the chopper to pass by again, then crawl up the steps and go left. Cross the bridge, then make a right to go parallel to the water.

Slowly make your way toward the hole in the wall on the left past the second set of closed gates and send Metal Gear Mk. II through. Go left and ram the can behind the two soliders to knock it away toward the right side of the road. Now have him go north and around the corner to the left to find another can, and ram that one as well before deactivating him and returning control to Snake. Why did you do all that? Because otherwise the resistance member would most likely run into them, getting arrested in the process, Sir-Asks-A-Lot.

Wait for the soldiers to return to their original positions and head back to the road. Go right, crawling along the pavement until you catch up to the resistance member. Continue crawling behind the two sets of PMC soldiers until you reach the exit to the Midtown NE Sector.
Midtown NE Sector

Big Boss Hard

The route in this section is actually shorter and easier than the route for the other three difficulty levels. Crawl down the street and follow the resistance member around the corner. Wait there as he pauses in a doorway, then continue following him left toward the pillars. Use the pillars to hide you from the guards as you round one more corner and follow the resistance member to the exit.

Solid Normal, Naked Normal, Liquid Easy

Go left to the end of the street to find the resistance member, crawling toward him, then stop as he crosses the crosswalk. Continue following him once he reaches the other side and crawl through the arch, making a right turn past it. Stay low on the pavement, behind the parked vehicles, to avoid detection by the guards and the helicopter's searchlight here.

Continue north and then northeast, stopping when the resistance member approaches the two PMC soldiers from behind. He'll accidentally hit a metal box on the way, alerting the soldiers to his presence and leading to his arrest. You need to quickly whip out your Mk. 2 pistol and hit them both with a tranquilizer dart to the head. Once the two soldiers are down, the idiotic resistance member will do one of two things: either run up the nearby steps and hide for a moment before continuing forward, or run back to the square and get arrested again. If he does get arrested again, just stay put for awhile until another resistance member comes strolling through. After that, just follow him the rest of the way to the next zone.
Midtown N Sector

Big Boss Hard

When the resistance member appears from the opening on the left disguised as a PMC soldier, follow him to the end of the alley. Go right (you can't follow him on the main road) and cross the next street. Turn left (north) and follow the street to the side of the white van. Wait there for the patrol vehicle to pass by, then go right around the corner, crawling silently to avoid alerting the nearby soldiers. Get on the road going northwest and stop behind the parked car to allow the patrol vehicle to pass again. Crawl up the slope to the pavement's end, and when no one's looking, cross to the other side, stopping to allow the patrol vehicle to pass yet again. Head left around the corner and you'll see your resistance member standing by a trio of PMC soldiers. One will go right while the other two will follow the resistance member a while before going left as the resistance member goes right.

Follow the resistance member when the patrol vehicle isn't near, crossing the road to the south. Crawl through the alley to the end, wait for the patrol vehicle to pass (you'll be able to hear it), then cross the road again in pursuit of your, lead. As you get to the top of the hill, stop at the barrel next to the road sign to get a bearing on the situation. The patrol vehicle will pass by this location, and there's a soldier making his rounds on the right. When the vehicle is nowhere near you and the soldier is facing away, crawl past the entrance and take cover behind the next building before he looks back. Head north to the end of the pavement now, wait for the vehicle to pass one more time, then crawl across the road to the driveway. Wait for the resistance member to take off his disguise, then follow him to the exit.

Solid Normal, Naked Normal, Liquid Easy

You'll be following the exact same route laid out in the "Big Boss Hard" difficult section above, but there won't be a patrol vehicle to worry about, and there are less guards to worry about, especially if you're playing on Liquid Easy mode.

NOTE: There is a patrol vehicle in Naked normal and Solid normal, but not in Liquid easy.
Church Courtyard to Riverside East

No map is needed for this section, as it's just one long motorcycle chase. You can tackle this section in one of two ways: the non-lethal way, and the trigger-happy gun-crazy way. If you don't mind killing the PMC soldiers, by all means just fire away at the enemies with whatever weapon you choose: you'll have infinite ammo regardless. There are three parts to the chase, with plenty of soldiers to shoot in each section. Raging Raven arrives in the third section with Sliders backing her up, so make sure to pump her full of as much lead as you can before the boss battle that follows this chase, because the damage carries over!

If, on the other hand, you are going for no kills, you'll have your work cut out for you. Make sure you've got your Mk. 2, Stun Grenades, and shotgun with V-Ring ammo equipped, and a machine gun for the non-human Sliders at the end. In the first part of the chase, just fire a single tranquilzer dart at each PMC soldier ahead of you, then take out the ones to the left. In the next section, chuck a Stun Grenade at the corner, then use your Mk. 2 to disable the soldiers there. Ignore the PMC vehicle that joins the chase and shoot the Haven Trooper that lands on the van instead. Chuck another Stun Grenade toward teh vehicle on the right when you reach the riverside road, then throw another as you round the corner to the left before filling the soldiers with darts. Past that, you'll encounter a pair of PMC vehicles with turrets. Quickly disable the gunners with headshots, then take out the remaining troops in the vicinity. Take out the Haven Troopers in the streets as you ride to the third part of the chase, where Raging Raven and her Sliders show up. Use the shotgun with V-Ring ammo to hit her, and use the machine gun to destroy the Sliders. Haven Troopers will require busting out the Mk. 2 again, as they appear for the remainder of the chase. Take out the ones you see as you descend the steps, the ride the rest of the way out of this mess and into the boss battle.
Echo's Beacon
BOSS: Raging Raven

If you're suffering from severe damage after the motorcycle chase, lie down beneath the stairs on this floor of the tower to recover your health and Psyche. Raging Raven can be found on the top (fifth) floor of the tower, and she's got plenty of Sliders with here that will search for you. You'll want a sniper rifle (use the Mosin-Nagant if you're going for a no-kill playthrough) to attack Raging Raven and an automatic rifle to take out the Sliders. In this battle, aggression is key, so rush to the top of the tower to get this party started. Stay toward the middle of the floor, away from the outer edge of the walkways to avoid getting hit with the grenades Raven chucks at you (these also take out sections of the building in the process). If you hear a beeping noise, get to the staircase and run back and forth there until the explosion goes off. If Raging Raven sets Snake on fire, roll around to extinguish the flames. She can also fire grenades at you with a gun; if you see one coming, quickly go prone to let it pass overhead. Take out a large group of Sliders with your automatic rifle to clear the area, then break out your sniper rifle and pump shots into Raging Raven. Stay moving as much as you can, and roll out of the way of her grenades whenever she tosses them at you to stay out of the blast zone. Killing Raven's Sliders makes her royally anger, which is a good thing, since it prevents her from unleasher her most deadly attacks! It will take quite a lot of shots to wear her down, so aim for her head whenever possible.

Alternate Strategy

Stay on the bottom floor and lie down/hide under the stair alcove; whilst doing this you will continue to recover health (you can use the herbs to speed the process up and it will save on rations). While you're there you will also be protected from the majority of attacks, including the beeping explosion. Raven and her stalkers will fly through the building, knocking it apart, and from time to time she will remain within the building. Use this opportunity to shoot her (Non lethal: You can easily use your tranq pistol here which saves Drebin Points by not buying the Mosin-Nagant). The benefit of fighting her on the bottom floor is that you have plenty of pillars to duck behind to avoid her attacks in between bouts of shooting, and you can always run back beneath the stairs to recover health. If you repeat this process, eventually she will go down with minimal hassle. Mitch and John pwn

Beast Strategy

RUN all the way up the stairs to the top floor to where the door that leads you to the open roof isDon't go through it. There should be a open space corner on the left side of the door. That corner is where you will lay to heal. What you need to do is run out the door once to get her attention to break the stone columns blocking both her and your view of each other. Then use what ever weapon comfortable to you with a cycle routine with a rocketlauncher in there at some points. Stay within the doorway(Caution: Don't hesitate or over think healing up, when your health is low but not too low, like maybe it's like 2.5 out of 5, HEAL. I've failed too many times thinking " Oh I just hit her one more time then heal"). When she fires the explosive, run down ONE flight of stairs.

Raging Beauty

If you're only using non-lethal weapons, you can find the Raging Raven Doll upstairs at the start of this section, on the top floor. Switch to a shotgun for this part of the fight (V. Ring rounds for a non-lethal kill). Once you've got her health down to the one-quarter mark, she'll start trying to grab you; shake the Left Analog Stick to break away from the embrace. Keep shooting at her until you've cut her health to zero, or stay alive until the "white world" phase ends.

For defeating Raging Raven you will obtain the mighty MGL-140 grenade launcher. Sweet! If you manage to defeat Raging Raven using non-lethal means, you'll win the Raging Beauty FaceCamo for your troubles.
Act 4: Twin Suns (Shadow Moses)

During the mission briefing, take control of Metal Gear Mk. II's replacement, Metal Gear Mk. III, with the Square button. Check upstairs for a Battery and an IPod Tune, and the lower deck for a Regain and some ammunition.

NOTE: There are 30 secret "ghosts" in Shadow Moses (after the opening flashback/dream sequence) that can only be seen with the Camera. These are discussed on the Secrets page if you're interested in locating them.

The first part of this Act takes place in a flashback/dream sequence at Shadow Moses. Players familiar with the first MGS will be right at home here. You're not required to complete this section, but what follows are the instructions for doing so. When you have control of Snake, go north toward the searchlights and wait for one to start moving away from you. Run after it, then descend the steps to the west before it comes back. Go north to the main doors--currently closed--while avoiding the security camera to the northwest. On the lower difficulty levels, you can crawl through the vent beneath the camera, but on Big Boss Hard difficulty, there'll be a sleeping guard there, so you'll have to sneak to the east beneath more cameras. Climb the stairs, and wait for the guard at the top to walk past before continuing forward. Hide in the nook to the right of the searchlight and wait for the guard to come back. Follow him as he walks past your position (keeping your distance), then crawl through the vent in the middle of the walkway to end this little diversion.

Back on the main storyline, gather up the items in the basin you're in, then head up the slope on the right. Turn on your Solid Eye's Night Vision and locate the Gekko. As it walks toward the far end of its patrol, slide down the bank and crawl through the gap in the rocks to the other side. Sprint from there to the slope on the west and take that to the Heliport.

There aren't any enemies here, so you're free to snatch up all the items here (check the adjacent map for their locations) without fear of getting shot. The only items that's a little tricky to get is the Ration in the northwest corner. To get it, head up the northeast steps to the upper walkway, take that to the northwest corner, then roll over the barrier to drop to the Ration's location below. When you're ready to proceed, head back up the stairs to the upper walkway and crawl through the ventilation shaft there to reach the Tank Hangar. For a nostalgic reference from Snake and a classic MGS pistol, crawl under the truck in front of the main entrance to find the Mk. 23.
Tank Hangar

Hit the Triangle button to climb out of the shaft, wait for the Dwarf Gekko in the corner to move its scanning beam away, then hit the X button to drop down. While crouched, quickly get behind the metal container on the left and wait for the Dwarf Gekko to make another scan of the area. When there are no Dwarf Gekko below near the tank in the middle of the hangar, vault over the side and drop down. Go prone and crawl under the gap on the left side of the doors. When the wall-hugging Gekko Dwarfs' scanning beams here are horizontal, crouch-walk to the other side to reach the Canyon.

There are two sleeping Gekko here, and you can deal with them in one of two ways. If you don't care about the items in this area, you can simply crawl between them to the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building with no trouble from them at all. But if it's the items you crave, you'll risk waking them. If this happens, the best strategy is to simply sprint north to the exit before they start their patrol.
Nuclear Warhead Storage Building

Walk up to the nearly-closed door, crawl beneath it, and gather the items here before heading to the back door. It's locked. Otacon will give you another call, and give you the code to his computer. Now go to the elevator up the stairs and ride it down to the B2 level. There, head to Otacon's old office for a cut scene. You'll be prompted to enter a security code. If you put in the correct code ("48273"), you'll get a "good" cut scene after the sequence. If you get the code wrong, Snake will get a different cut scene and lose a little bit of Psyche. You can enter "13462" and "78925" for two iPod Tunes. The best option, though, is to enter "14893" as the code; you'll end up with 100,000 DP for it! While you're in the office, approach the locker for an audio flashback, and listen to it to the end for a 1,000 DP bonus.

A Gekko will arrive in the corridor after all this, and there's a sneaky little way of getting rid of it, if you're so inclined. Send a cloaked Metal Gear Mk. III to the flashing control panel to the left of the elevator and hit the Triangle button when the onscreen prompt appears. This triggers the electric floor, destroying the Gekko in the process and netting you 5,000 DP. If you don't feel like doing that, you'll need to sneak your way to the elevator when the Gekko isn't looking (crawling beneath the desk) and ride the lift back up to 1F.

Approach the door at the back for a cut scene, after which Metal Gear Mk. III will attempt to open the way out while a Gekko starts roaming the area, looking for intruders. Like you. You need to keep the Gekko distracted so that it doesn't spot Metal Gear Mk. III, and the best way to do that is by crouch-walking over to the truck and waiting for the Gekko to get on the left side of it. When it does, sneak to the right toward the canvas-covered crates, press the Triangle button to make Snake lean up against them, and hit R1 to make him knock on them. This will get the Gekko's attention, causing it to come over to investigate. Use the camera to see where it's coming from, then crouch-walk to the other side of the crates to avoid being seen. Keep this up until there are about fifteen seconds left, then quickly get somewhere the Gekko won't be able to find you. Why? Well, once the countdown ends, a cut scene initiates where Snake can't move, but the Gekko can, and it will discover you if you're out in the open. When the door opens, divert the Gekko's attention one more time, then crouch-run to the door.

If all that seems like too much work for you, there's another alternative. If you picked up the Javelin missile launcher earlier in the game, unlock it at Drebin's shop, and make sure you've got some C4. Crouch-walk to the left side of the truck, plant three sticks of C4 there on the ground, then get to the front of the truck. When the Gekko walks over the C4, detonate it with the Circle button, get out your Javelin, and launch a missile at it while it's stunned to finish it off.
Snowfield & Communications Tower

Grab the items scattered here in the southern part of this zone, make sure your Solid Eye's battery is fully charged (unequip it to let it recharge), then drop down onto the snowfield for a boss battle.
BOSS: Crying Wolf

This can be a challenging fight for many reasons. For one, a storm is raging, making visible very limited unless you're using the Solid Eye's Night Vision function (which you should). Second, Crying Wolf is wearing a thermal suit like Snake's, meaning that only her head and shoulders will be visible through your Night Vision. Third, and most importantly, there are several Haven Troopers here scattered across the landscape, and they will attack Snake on sight. The key to winning this battle is to stay hidden as much as you can, only crawling along the outer edges of the zone. Crying Wolf can smell Snake if he's upwind of her, so you may want to keep track of that by checking the wind's current direction in the upper-right corner of the screen. If Crying Wolf can't find Snake after a while, she'll start to get frustrated and chuck grenades around the area; if one lands near you, crouch-walk away from it to avoid detection or getting hit by the blast. To beat her, you're going to want to break out your Sniper Rifle (Mosin-Nagant if you want to beat her with non-lethal darts) and scan the area using your Night Vision until you see her head. Fire at her two or three times until she moves, then watch and listen for her as she repositions herself to set up your next attack. If there are any Haven Troopers in the area, take them out as quickly and as quietly as possible, but don't go after them if they're not near you: killing them all just makes Crying Wolf summon more. If you slip up and reveal your position, Crying Wolf may come after you, bowling you over and knocking off a big chunk of health. Be sure to roll away after she hits you with this to avoid a second attack.

Crying Beauty

When you've reduced Crying Wolf to Crying Beauty, finish her off as you have the other bosses, or just survive to the end of the "white world." Be sure to grab the Crying Wolf Doll from behind your starting position in this section of the fight if you used only non-lethal weapons.

Beast Strategy

Quickly crawl under the tank/truck in front of you and shoot every trooper that comes near you. Wolf should always be and range and will open up. Fire a sniper at here head when she does this. She'll run away, but come back everytime.

For beating her you'll obtain her Rail Gun, as well as the Crying Beauty FaceCamo if you defeated her with non-lethal methods. Before you exit to the far north, be sure to scout the area for items, particularly the XM25 and FIM-92A.
Blast Furnace

From where you come in, go the west wall and press up against it. Slowly make your way forward along the narrow ledge to the next walkway, then stand where it makes a corner and observe the routes of the two Dwarf Gekko below. When they get to the top of the first set of steps below, jump over the barrier by the metal support pillar, and drop down; don't worry, you won't get hurt despite the height. Crouch-walk the rest of the way to the elevator in the northwest (ignoring the current destination point in the northeast corner), avoiding the Gekko nearby. There, press the call button, and ride it to level B5.
Casting Facility

There will be a Gekko straight ahead of you when you get off the lift, facing the other direction, so go prone and crawl toward it. When the Gekko goes right, turn left and crawl into the corridor there. Just make sure you dodge the scanning beam from the Dwarf Gekko on the wall.

At the northern section of the Casting Facility, crouch-walk forward while staying near the western wall and sneak past the sleeping Dwarf Gekko. Go left when you see the scanning beam of the one that's not asleep, then wait at the end of the machinery to the right. Watch the patrol patterns of the three Dwarf Gekko as they can the west, east, and north, then crouch-walk north when they head right. Hide behind the machines there, then crawl toward the conveyor belt and hide behind the rusty drum. Spot the gap in the barrier where the far conveyor belt meets the north wall, wait for the nearby Gekko to look away, then get on the conveyor belt and crouch-walk to the other side. Drop down there and quickly go prone before the three Dwarf Gekko can spot you. When they head south, sneak over to the exit on your left, in the northeast corner. Note that there's a Dwarf Gekko scanning the area outside, so don't let it catch you as you go through.
Underground Base & Supply Tunnel

When the Dwarf Gekko here scan the southern walkway, which is just ahead of where you start in this zone, head to the barriers and wait for it to get on the bridge. When it does, slowly crawl onto the steps as it moves away. It will then head toward the exit, then go right. Wait for the closest scanning beam to move off the bridge, then crouch-run as fast as you can to the door, staying close to the far wall once you reach it. Go through the door, then head through the next one for a boss battle with a familiar face.
BOSS: Vamp

When the battle starts, throw everything at Vamp, it doesn't matter whether it's lethal or not, though preferably, it is (machine guns and automatic rifles are the weapon of choice here). Don't use rocket launchers or shotguns, as these can knock him down, and he'll almost always follow being knocked down by chucking knives at you, and these are very difficult to avoid. Vamp moves extremely fast and often hops onto the piles of rubble in this area, so fire at him in short bursts when you can. Try to dodge his melee attacks where he leaps at you by running/rolling right or left at the last minute. As you continue to cut into his health gauge, make sure to have the Syringes that Naomi gave you equipped. When you've got his health down to around about a quarter of his final bar, stop shooting at him unless he starts running toward you, in which case, open fire (shooting at him at this point while he's on the debris piles or on Metal Gear REX regenerates his life!). When he's lying on the ground, unequip your current weapon, then wait for him to stand up. Stand behind him, press and hold R1 to perform a CQC grab, then press the Triangle button (while still holding R1) to use the injection on him. That's it for Vamp!
BOSS: Suicide Gekko

Break out your Rail Gun, and when it's fully charged (check the gauge in the bottom-right corner, beneath the weapon icon), unload on any Gekko you see to destroy it instantly (only fully charged shots will do this). If two are in a line, you'll take them both out this way! If you run out of Rail Gun ammo, check beneath Metal Gear REX for 15 more rounds (you can also buy them from Drebin). Keep charging the Rail Gun so that you have full-power shots ready for any Gekko that shows up, even if late to the fight. The Gekko will of course be firing back at you, so always be moving to avoid the gunfire. Keep this up, hiding behind the debris if you need some time for the Rail Gun to charge, until all the Gekko are destroyed.
Port Area

Finally, finally, you've been given the chance to operate one of the series' Metal Gears! In this instance, you'll be piloting Metal Gear REX. The REX has three weapons systems: a Gatling Gun (which overheats if fired for very long in automatic mode), an AT Missile Launcher that you can lock onto targets with, and the FE Laser, which you can charge up with the R1 button. The ticking countdown may cause you to feel like you must rush immediately to the exit, but this is not so. You should spend some time destroying the endlessly spawning Gekko here for DP! Position yourself across from one of the side doors from which the Gekko emerge, then hit them with fully-charged laser shots for instant kills. When you have two minutes left on the timer, sprint to the exit.
BOSS: Metal Gear RAY

Now this is what we're talking about: Metal Gear on Metal Gear action! In this case, it's a battle with a Metal Gear RAY. Don't try to fight Metal Gear RAY in the open; instead, head to the southwest corner and hide behind the building there whenever you need to. There you can avoid RAY's missiles, bullets, and lasers. Use one of REX's weapon systems until it overheats or needs to be reloaded, then switch to the next system, and so one, so that you always have weapons ready. Try to hit RAY from afar to avoid its deadly melee attacks. If it does manage to get close enough to charge at you, hold Left or Right and hit the X button to dodge out of the way. When RAY's damage meter starts getting into perilous levels, it will try to bait you out into the open by letting you chase it. Don't fall for this ploy! Just stay behind your cover and continue hitting it with your long-range attacks until it's toast.
Act 5: Old Sun (Outer Haven)
Ship Bow

A Caution Phase begins the moment you gain control of Snake here in the northeast corner of the ship, so immediately go prone. Haven Troopers infest the ship from one end to the other, so the Caution Phase will always be in effect. You'll want to do whatever you can to avoid an Alert Phase on the ship, because it will spell disaster for your chances of a safe escape south to the center of the vessel. If you need to take down any Troopers in your way, use the Mk. 2 and the Mk. 2 only. The Haven Troopers usually move in pairs, so make sure, if you're going to neutralize them, to take out the one in the back first as to not alert the one in the front of your actions!

As mentioned, go prone at the start and start making your way south, sticking to the eastern (left) side of the ship, crawling almost all of the way. As you get going, two Haven Troopers will appear ahead of you. Go to the left as they approach, take them both down with headshots when you can, then continue crawling forward. Two more will appear shortly thereafter; nail them with the Mk. 2 when they come down to your level. Continue forward, and when you round the corner, a Haven Trooper will drop down to the right, and two more will appear to the south. Shoot the closest Trooper, then shoot the nearer of the pair in the back of the head; the third Trooper usually walks away at this point. Keep moving along the left side of the ship until you reach some crates. Stand up there, press Snake against the wall, and squeeze through the gap. When you reach the other side, drop down and go prone again. Two more Haven Troopers will drop down shortly thereafter, so deal with them with headshots as you would normally.

At the far end of the ship is a door that you need to open by rapidly tapping the Triangle button, so you'll need to make sure you're not spotted as you do this, or it will be almost impossible. There are Gekko down here at this end of the zone, so you'll have to deal with that obstacle as well. Crawl to the right, then wait for the Gekko outside the door to get hit and destroyed by an air strike. Once the second Gekko turns away from you, crouch-walk to the door and quickly open it by turning the wheel. Run through it the second it's open, grab the PSS, RPG-7, Ration, and 5.56 X 45mm Ammo from this little vestibule, then get in the elevator to exit the zone.
Command Center

Grab the ammo in the area around the elevator, then get your weapons ready for a fight with several Haven Troopers. Use the Mk. 2 and a shotgun with V-Ring ammo in it exclusively (there's a reason for this, as you'll see in the next boss fight). When the cut scene ends, run forward to the raised area and take cover behind the short wall there. Stay crouched and tranquilize all the Haven Troopers from here. If they get too close, run to one of the support pillars to regroup. Another wave of Troopers will fire from the balcony above, and a third will drop down from above to attack you at closer range. Put them all to sleep until only one remains, then find a hiding place and crouch to recover your health and Psyche, as it carries over to the boss fight. When you're fully restored, tranquilize the final Trooper.
BOSS: Screaming Mantis

You'll want to use only the Mk. 2 for the battle with Screaming Mantis, which has three phases. You can use your shotgun with V-Ring ammo if you get swamped, but try to use the Mk. 2 as much as possible.

First Phase

Screaming Mantis will take control of you and prevent you from hitting anything, so get out the Syringe and use it on yourself to suppress your nanomachines. Now that you are free from Screaming Mantis's grasp, run to the top level of computers and use them as cover from Mantis's gunshots and blades. Now, for the offense. You can't attack Screaming Mantis directly. Instead, aim your Mk. 2 at the Psycho Mantis doll she's holding in her right hand (on the left side if she's facing you). Hit the doll once when Screaming Mantis is floating in one spot, then wait awhile before shooting again, because the doll will be temporarily invincible after each shot. Keep moving to dodge the controlled Haven Troopers, as well as Screaming Mantis's attacks, and keep shooting the doll when you can until a cut scene plays, signalling Phase Two of the fight. To disable the controlled Meryl, equip your Syringe, unequip your weapon, CQC grab her, and stick her with the Syringe. You may have to do this a few times.

Second Phase

Screaming Mantis will get more aggressive now, and Meryl will be coming after Snake with a vengeance, firing at him, so just stay at the top level and run around to avoid the attacks as you continue to fire at the Psycho Mantis doll. If Meyrl becomes too much of a nuisance, use the darts or a Stun Grenade, or stick her with the syringe to disable her non-lethally.

Third Phase

Mantis's puppets will all pursue Snake and fire their weapons at him now, so keep moving to avoid them as best you can. Screaming Mantis will also try to put Meyrl or a Haven Trooper in front of the doll in its hand to shield it, but if this happens, just hit whoever's in the way with a tranquilizer dart, then shoot the doll again. When she drops the Psycho Mantis doll, be quick to grab it! Open your Weapons menu and equip it, then use that to fire upon Screaming Mantis. When you hit her, shake her health away by holding L1 and shaking the controller.

Screaming Beauty

Screaming Mantis becomes Screaming Beauty at the end, so continue your non-lethal streak to obtain the Screaming Beauty FaceCamo. The Screaming Mantis Doll will also be available at the start of this fight, outside the door at the north end of the map.
Missile Hangar & Ship Exterior

Run south through the corridor of audio flashbacks until a cut scene plays, then get ready to run through more corridors of Dwarf Gekko, which have infinite numbers here. Just sprint straight down the hall, rolling through them to knock them out of your way. In the final corridor, you'll need to move through an area filled with microwave radiation. Steer Snake with the Left Analog Stick and rapidly tap the Triangle button to move forward. You need to reach the door before the cut scene playing in the upper half of the screen ends, or it's Game Over for you. Once you get to the door, watch the cut scene, then save your game when you can before facing the final challenge of Metal Gear Solid 4, a four-phase fist fight with Liquid Ocelot.
FINAL BOSS: Liquid Ocelot

First Phase

You'll be duking it out with Liquid Ocelot, and he's both fast and powerful. Hold L1 to guard any time you are not attacking, and only attack (by tapping R1) after you have blocked one of Liquid's combos. Always be moving (you can duck with the X button and dash by holding the Left Analog Stick), and retreat from an attack by angling Snake to the left or right. Occasionally, Liquid will stop and taunt Snake; when this happens, let go of L1 and hold down the Triangle button to restore Snake's health gauge. You can do this at any point, but it's best recommended you only initiate it when you're at a safe distance.

Second Phase

Revolver Ocelot will start using lunging punches here, so make sure you always block these to avoid taking a huge hit in health. You'll still lose some health if you block it, but not as much. Keep up your blocking/counterattacking strategy until the third phase begins.

Third Phase

Ocelot drops his lunging attacks here in favor of unblockable headbutts. You can also perform this attack now by pressing the Triangle button when the prompt appears onscreen (after consecutive punches). Watch for Ocelot to change his fighting stance, then hit him before he gets too close to you to prevent him from grabbing you. Press the corresponding buttons as they appear in the onscreen prompts to escape or dodge when necessary.

Fourth Phase

The hard work is done. Now just get close to Liquid Ocelot and repeatedly press R1 to deliver punch after punch until the battle is over!

If you're having a hard time taking Liquid out, do your best to lure him over to the edge during all three phases of the fight, and use Snake's power attack to knock him down. Once Liquid regains his composure, repeat the attack before he can get his own attack in. Note that in the first phase, two attacks are required with this strategy.

You've done it! Congratulations on a job well done getting through Metal Gear Solid 4. When the credits start to roll, don't leave: stay in your seat for more action. When a second sequence of credits begins, continue watching.

When the credits and final dialogue sequence is over, you will view a Final Results screen. Here you'll receive DP based on your performance in the game, as well as receive Emblems (see the Secrets page for more information on these), which are also based on your performance; just press R1 to see what each one means. You'll also receive, at the very least, the Race Gun, the Suit "disguise," and five types of Command Vests of varying colors. Be sure to say "Yes" when asked if you want to save your game so that all these rewards are carried over to a subsequent playthrough. Perhaps you'll want to play through the game again on the newly-unlocked "The Boss Extreme" difficulty level? Are you man enough for that insane challenge? Give it a go and find out! ,enjoy supercheaters!