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Follow the dark path or use the light

Iron Man 2

by oldschool312

                                 Iron Man 2
                              Created 5-8-2010
                                Version 1.0


                       T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

          Version History......................................[VSHY]
               The Stark Archives..............................[MSS1]
               Russia and Roxxon...............................[MSS2]
               The Crimson Dynamo..............................[MSS3]
               Operation Daybreak..............................[MSS5]
               War Machine.....................................[MSS6]
               Storm Warnings..................................[MSS7]
               Suit Selection..................................[STSL]


                         I N T R O D U C T I O N                         [INTD]

This guide contains a description of the methods used to move through each level
of Iron Man 2. The guide is based on the Playstation 3 version but should also
be applicable to the Xbox 360 version. The walkthrough was written while playing
on Normal difficulty.


                        V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y                     [VSHY]

Version 1.0
 -Submitted 5-11-2010
 -Guide Complete


                           W A L K T H R O U G H                         [WLKT]

Mission 1: The Stark Archives                                            [MSS1]

When the introductory cinematic ends you are in control of Iron Man. He has 
crashed into an office building. The first goal is to activate the auxiliary
shield generator. In the left corner of the office there is a hole in the 
ceiling indicated by a yellow box (objective marker), move toward it and press
Triangle to fly through the opening. As Iron Man moves across the room there
will be an explosion to the left. At this time the tutorial discusses the health
meter in the lower left corner of the screen. Fly through the hole in the
ceiling to reach the next floor. The door a head is sealed shut. Hack the
control panel next to it and pass through. Once the hack is initiated press the
on screen button (cirlce) repeatedly to get the door open.

Now we get to try out some of Iron Man's arsenal. Press R1 to lock on to the 
target then press R2 to fire Iron Man's repulsors. Holding R2 will charge the 
attack. Blast through the bots in the room and head toward the door to the left.
More machines will enter. It will only take one charged attack or possibly two
quick repulsor blasts to take each individual bot out. The next room teaches
more combat maneuvers. This time we learn of Iron Man's melee abilities. Defeat
the three machines that attack. Even though the tutorial is discussing melee 
combat Iron Man can dispose of the enemies any way necessary. Once the attackers
have been destroyed, take out the bots attempting to download data from the 
servers ahead. Hack the security panel and enter the the next room.

Three large mechs are stirring up trouble. We learn that Iron Man has a unibeam
attack that is charged by holding L2 and R2. Target the enemy and release a 
unibeam attack for instant destruction. Two more large bots will seek out Iron
Man. Take them out with the unibeam if possible, otherwise use any combination
of combat techniques to win the fight. With the enemies destroyed fly onto the
balcony above to continue the game and protect the archives.

Stark has a brilliant idea to protect the archives but needs War Machine to 
fend off the attackers while he implements the plant. War Machine will encounter
a couple flying bots and a few attack helicopters. Fly around the area attacking
the helicopters with missiles and the bots with a combination of melee and 
machine gun attacks. Once the first wave is destroyed several smaller bots will
enter the area. Their purpose is to steal the data Stark is attempting to
protect. Target them (they are identifiable by the green laser they emit) and
attack with the machine gun attachment. A new wave of enemies will enter the
are just as War Machine is making progress against the data stealing bots. At 
this time we learn of a new ability. Holding down on the d-pad will activate 
Iron Man's Invincibility or War Machine's Omega System (increasing firepower).
Unfortunately, the boosts can only be used once per mission, so choose wisely.
Continue flying around the battlefield destroying the data stealing bots with
the machine gun. If successful the mission will end with Iron Man and War 
Machine leaving the archive site.

Mark VI armor unlocked

Mission 2: Russia and Roxxon                                            [MSS2]

Iron Man is leading a S.H.I.E.L.D. convoy into Russia. The canyon ahead is lined
with enemy weapons. The convoy will be attacked from the ground and air. Iron
Man's responsibility is to see that the S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft are not destroyed.
Fly quickly among the ground missile launchers and airborn attack helicopters
while constantly firing your weapons at the enemy. Continue to fight forward
until the group arrives at the checkpoint. Once the cinematic ends Iron Man 
must fend off the Roxxon "Armiger". This beast of a weapon has lots of HP and
firepower. The initial attack will come in the form of numerous missiles. When
circle appears on the screen (just above the objective) press it to deflect the
missiles back at the enemy. This will keep Iron Man healthy and damage the 
Armiger. Since the repulsors do not need to reload use them as the primary
weapon firing constantly. At times switch to a secondary fire such as the 
Rocker Launcher or Missile Launcher. These weapons pack a powerful punch but
must reload in between uses. Keep a distance from the Roxxon battle platform and
circle it while continually firing Iron Man's weapons. If need be a quick tap
of L1 will allow Iron Man to utilize a burst of speed to dodge an incoming
attack. As the Armiger's HP depletes it will fire a laser at Iron Man. This 
attack is difficult to dodge but try to ascend/descend in flight depending on
the direction of the attack. The key is to stay on the offensive. When only a
small amount of the enemy's HP remains a circle button icon will appear on it.
Dash to the Armiger and press circle for the killing blow.

With the Armiger out of the equation continue down the canyon destroying any
enemy weapons encountered. The remainder of the canyon leads the convoy to
a well armed base. Iron Man's new objective is to eliminate the anti aircraft
weapons at the site. The AA guns are not the only weaponary Iron Man must deal
with, bots and attack helicopters will also join the fight. When the area is 
clear, enter the tunnel to arrive at the next area.

The site is flooded with enemy combatants. Fly to the left to locate the 
entrance mentioned in the objective. The gate is protected by an energy field.
Jarvis recommends finding the power source for the shield protecting the gate.
The generators that supply the power for the security gate are inside a 
warehouse across from the blocked entrance. Fly to the warehouse and bust
through one of the gates. Inside you should find a set of generators as well as
a large mech protecting them. Destroy your adversary then take out the 
generators. Return to the now open security gate and enter the building. Access
the terminal. Move to the bridge of the battle cruiser and locate the 
deployment doors. The opening on the bridge is indicated by the yellow objective
marker. Find the console and activate it. This action releases another Armiger.
This fight is exactly like the fight against the first Armiger. Once it is 
destroyed fly into hangar indicated with the objective marker.

Inside Iron Man will meet more resistance in the form of more attack bots. Take
them out then move into the side room to disrupt the Tesla unit. Once the unit
is destroyed exit and travel to the far side of the inital room to locate a 
second Tesla unit. Guarding the room though will be numerous large mechs. If 
still available Iron Man's Invincibility power up could prove to be very useful.
In any event destroy the mechs and then the Tesla unit to complete the mission.

Iron Man Mark II suit unlocked.

Mission 3: The Crimson Dynamo                                           [MSS3]

Iron Man faces his toughest fight yet. Numerous large mechs enter the warehouse
and have one thing on their collective minds: Destroying Tony Stark. Stay mobile
and fire the repulsors non stop. If you get close enough the mechs seem to be
vulnerable to melee attacks. As the crowd thins, look for the exit marked by the
yellow square. Interact with the wires next to the gate and it will open 
releasing more enemies. Blast away at the next way then exit through the open 

Two mechs will charge once Iron Man turns the corner. Charge a Unibeam attack
to obliterate one then fight off the other one (or retreat to charge another
Unibeam). At the end of the hall Iron Man must blast open a door. Inside the
next room is several mechs and the Tesla reactor we are looking for. The Tesla
unit has for stabilizers located in each corner of the room. After clearing the
room of enemies destroy each of the stabilizers. Upon the destruction of the 
last stabilizer a ventilation door opens. Fly through the door and escape the 
explosions in under 1:30.

Stark is now looking for the missing S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Black Widow. Jarvis 
recommends hacking into the area's system to located her quicker. The base has
two well guarded locations that house the objective markers. One of the
objective markers has a console that will allow Iron Man to communicate with
Black Widow. After clearing both areas of enemies I was able to find the 
console in the area to the left of the beginning of this part of the mission.
Once the console is hacked, when Iron Man exits the building more enemies will
appear. Target and fire at the antagonists until they are destroyed. There will
now be a single yellow objective marker indicating Widow's position. It seems
she is inside the building guarded by Roxxon's Armiger. Is that really that 
big of a surprise? Take to the air and circle the Armiger at a distance. 
Alternate repulsor and missile weaponary until the Armiger is destroyed. If you
are having trouble, this may be a good time to use Iron Man's Invincibility.

With the Armiger destroyed Iron Man and Black Widow unite. After the cinematic
the objective will be to defend the landing zone until the extraction team 
arrives. A new meter will appear at the top of the screen. This is Black Widow's
health. Do you best to defeat the enemies quickly enough to prevent harm to 
Natasha. Alternate targets quickly and keep a steady stream of fire to keep her

With the Black Widow safe with S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Man can turn his attention to
Crimson Dynamo. The first goal that must be achieved is to destroy the power 
coils indicated by the yellow marker on the central structure. Once they are 
all destroyed the focus turns to defeating Crimson Dynamo. Dynamo will have the
arsenal one would expect. He also has the ability to draw Iron Man into close
range to dish out some damage. The first thing that must be accomplished is to
target the boss. With the target squarely located on Crimson Dynamo, Iron Man 
can fire relentlessly. Similar to the fights against the Armigers alternate 
between repulsors and missles to get the maximum damage available. Circling 
Dynamo though would be a mistake. As stated, he has the ability to pull Iron 
Man in close. Instead of circling him in the open keep the central structure 
between Iron Man and Crimson Dynamo. The structure will help to block attacks,
keeping Iron Man's HP at acceptable levels. Peak around the power source to 
make sure that repulsors and missiles are hitting their expected target.

Mark I suit unlocked.

Mission 4: PROTEAN                                                      [MSS4]

Activate the console just ahead and listen to the conversation between Stark and
Jarvis. Once the door opens enter the next room and use the next console to 
activate the platform. Apparently some sort of countermeasures have been 
deployed. Drop to the bottom floor passing through the laser grid while trying
to avoid the lasers. Upon arrival at the bottom fight off the bots. Enter the
hall and destroy the turrets protecting the next door.  Once the turrets are 
disposed of the door opens to reveal a console in the corner of the next room.
Upon use of the terminal Iron Man's suit is infected by the PROTEAN. Stark 
commands Jarvis to shut down affected systems. 

The door behind the console that compromised the Iron Man suit leads to more
bots to destroy. Iron Man can safely clear the majority of enemies in the room
without even entering it. There will be at least two near the exit (yellow 
objective marker) that will not rush to Iron Man. In order to eliminate these
two, move to the right and target them from a distance. They will slowly
approach. As they near, fire your weapon of choice at them. Use the environment
to shield Iron Man from any incoming attacks. Blast through the door they were
protecting and proceed up the ramp.

At the top of the ramp a couple of bot will attack. These enemies are mostly 
melee fighters and Iron Man can easily take them out by the same method. Once
the two bots are destroyed, blast through the door only to find more enemies
to melee. Continue to destroy bots until Iron Man reaches the room where his 
weapons system is affected by PROTEAN. At this point, melee attacks are the only
option. When the room is clear move to the left to destroy the two generators.
This clears the line of fire for S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarrier. Use the console to
call in the strike.

After the strike fight off the incoming attack then exit using the same path
that got Iron Man to this point. Upon arrival at the objective marker, you 
should notice a large hole in the ground. Descend into the opening in search of
Kearson Dewitt. Move through the doors ahead to encounter a PROTEAN Hybrid in
the next hall. Unleash all of Iron Man's attack on the powerful bot. Just as
you think you are winning the battle it begins to repair itself. At this point
the very disconcerting advice provide is to Run. Fly to the end of the hall to
initiate the next cinematic. We've learned a way to defeat the hybrid. Iron
Man must move to each of the three markers nearby and power up the device.
Press circle at each of the objective markers the move the left stick side to 
side to activate each portion of the power supply. Once the device is powered
up attack the Hybrid with everything you have. When its health is depleted, the
PROTEAN Hybrid will begin to repair itself. During the repair procedures, it
will be immobile. Fly away and into the adjacent room. Find the console in the
center near the window looking into the room with the hybrid. Activate the 
console to defeat the PROTEAN Hybrid.

Unlock Iron Man's Extremis suit.

Mission 5: Operation Daybreak                                           [MSS5]

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s helicarrier is under heavy attack. Iron Man will have two
objectives during the mission: Defend the Helicarrier and protect the Stark 
plane. Basically, there is no master strategy other than move to the enemy's 
location then destroy them. Hover around the area where the enemies are 
attacking and constantly fire the repulsors while mixing in some missiles in
between reloads.

Mission 6: War Machine                                                  [MSS6]

War Machine is the combatant for this machine (I guess the mission title kind
of gives that away). This fight is ridiculously frustrating. The A.I.M.
Armiger has a lot of HP that War Machine must deplete but also contains enough
weaponry to put any super hero on defense as well. To complicate matters the 
individual flying bots that we have seen in each of the previous levels are 
back and will attack. In the past they have not presented much of a problem, but
in the past we didn't have an overpowered Armiger attacking us and the 
helicarrier. Speaking of which, keep an eye on the two meters at the top of the
screen. One indicates the HP of the Armiger while the other shows how much
damage the Helicarrier can take. We want to keep the Armiger HP lower than the
helicarrier at all times.

The weponry of the Armiger will include the standard mounted guns and 
missile launchers. The real trouble comes with the laser that the Armiger and
its drones that exit when the Armiger is immobile. This laser will deplete 
War Machine's shield and HP very quickly. Try to avoid the laser completely.

This is the first mission that I could not complete (easily) without upgrading
the suits. There will likely be more than enough points to invent the Armor
Piercing Ammo, upgrade the Minigun, and purchase some Modules (try damamge,
firing rate, and/or efficiency). The set up for War Machine that got victory was
Miniguns and Missile Launchers with Armor Piercing Ammo and Damage Modules. 

The fight is similar to previous Armiger fights except this Armiger seems more
powerful. The Armiger will move around the helicarrier attacking the 
S.H.I.E.L.D. vessel and War Machine. At times, the Armiger will become immobile
and glow green. During this sequence it will also release mini-drones that will
attack with multiple lasers. The missile launchers work well here to target 
multiple drones at once. I found that targeting the Armiger itself creates 
more of a problem than its worth. When the target is locked on the Armiger and
War Machine is attacked by a flying bot the target will switch its locked
position to the bot. The primary focus should always be on the Armiger, so I 
mostly (but not always) attacked with free targeting. Do not be afraid to land
on the Helicarrier or temporarily fly away to prevent the bots from ganging up
on War Machine. What would frequently cause my demise was a bot attacks 
distracting my attention away from the Armiger. The Armiger would then fire and
connect with a round of missiles then use the laser to finish me off often 
before I would even realize what was happening. Finally, I held onto War
Machine's Omega boost until the Armiger HP was around/below 1/4. At this time
War Machine mostly was relying on this shield to prevent death. The extra boost
in firepower helps to finish off the Armiger.

Do not be surpised if this mission causes aggravation. It seems that victory 
relies on a little too much on having some good fortune rather than entirely on

Unlock the Classic Iron Man armor

Mission 7: Storm Warnings                                                [MSS7]

Stark has reformatted A.I.M.'s Arimger and is using it during this mission.
"Escort" the Armiger through the base attacking the bots and turrets that try to
stop your progress. The boosts for Iron Man and War Machine are disabled during
this mission. Instead holding down on the d-pad will allow Iron Man to highlight
a target for the Armiger to attack (turrets for instance). Use the targeting 
system to break down the wall impeding progress. Once through the team will have
to fight off a few more bots and turrets before a checkpoint. If at any point
the Armiger takes too much damage, it can be repaired with a large energy burst.
Simply move to the downed machine and press circle to heal the Armiger.

After the checkpoint cinematic we find a group of Armigers has came to greet 
Tony. Iron Man would be wise to stay close to his "stolen" Armiger during this
battle. If you happen to wander too much, Iron Man will face the wrath of 
several of the enemy Armigers. Staying close to your machine will have the dual
benefit of providing protection and easy targeting. The destruction of the 
enemy gives another checkpoint. From this point until the next large wall 
blocking the path it is simply escorting the Armiger through the canyon. Have
the Armiger attack the turrets while Iron Man focuses on the flying bots that

Once you arrive at the next large wall destroy it by using the Armigers weapons
system. The objective now is to disable the GrEENGRID power structure. Have
the Armiger target the turrets just like we've done the entire mission. Iron 
Man should take out the flying bots but there is also more to do. At the very 
center of the area is the power structure. It moves below ground level. Find the
large opening where the yellow objective marker is located. Fire at the blue
pulse of energy found there. Once the blue pulse is deactivated Iron Man must 
fly up to each of three relays and move them. Find the yellow marker and press
circle near it. Once the animation begins rapidly tap cirlce to move the device.
If Iron Man is hit from a turret or bot during the movement the arm of the 
power supply will revert back to its original position. Also, you do not have to
move all three arms before the timer runs out. If the timer reaches zero simply
attack the blue pulse again to allow Iron Man to activate the arm movements. 
This part of the level is dramatically easier after the turrets have been

Unlock the Silver Centurion Armor

Mission 8: ULTIMO

This mission will require the joint efforts of Iron Man and War Machine. Ultimo
is very large and powerful. Unfortunately for him his attacks are very 
patterned. When Ultimo lifts his arm he is about to unleash a barrage of 
missiles. Tap circle as it appears on the screen to send the missiles back at
Ultimo. When this proves unsuccessful, Ultimo will fire a laser from his eyes.
This can be easily avoided by ascending or descending at the appropriate time.
The next attack Ultimo may attempt is a melee swing with his right hand. This
one is best avoided by simply flying away from the arm. Finally as War Machine
approaches Ultimo, the giant bot will attack with an area blast that can 
knock War Machine him back. Also if War Machine is batted out of the sky and 
falls to the ground Ultimo will attempt to stomp him. In order to prevent the
inevitable crushing from Ultimo's massive weight, War Machine must first get up
(tap circle) then shoot (target lock then fire the minigun) at the target on the
bottom of the villain's large foot. 

As War Machine flies around the massive enemy avoiding attacks we have to find
a way to gain victory. Move close to Ultimo's chest. This will have two positive
effects: 1) avoids a lot of Ultimo's attacks 2) allows War Machine to target 
fire upon the blue circles on Ultimo's chest. Once one of the blue circles is
hit enough times a "circle" icon will appear on it. Move to its location and tap
circle to remove a piece of Ultimo's "armor". There are also a few targets
located on Ultimo's back. These can be attacked by stunning the giant. Ultimo
can be stunned by returning the missiles he fires back at him or shooting the
bottom of his foot. Once two are removed the fight switches to the inside of 
the giant bot and Iron Man.

Inside, Iron Man is facing Kearson DeWitt in his own battle suit. DeWitt will
lunge at Iron Man with a spinning attack. The best way to avoid damage and 
unleash your own towards DeWitt is to circle the area while having target lock
on the enemy and fire non stop. On the ocassions that DeWitt attacks tap L1 to
quickly dodge the attack. Once Iron Man induces enough damage, DeWitt will 
release some turrets. Continue to the stategy used against DeWitt, circle the
area and fire at the turrets using the L1 dodge when they fire. Once the last
turret is destroyed the action returns to War Machine.

The goal now is to remove four of the arc reactors. The gameplan has not
changed. Ultimo has not gained any special defenses or attacks, simply remove
more of the arc reactors. Once the fourth arc reactor has been removed we regain
control of Iron Man. This fight against DeWitt inside of Ultimo is more of the
same. Circle around the enemy firing a mix of both weapons. When DeWitt attempts
to attack use L1 to dodge away. The key is to stay away from damage. Once his
health is depleted enough he will release more turrets. Take the turrets out to
enter the last phase against DeWitt. Approach the last phase just as you
attempted the others. Once DeWitt is out the fight returns to War Machine on 
the outside. Avoid Ultimo's attacks and fly in close to his head. Fire at the
enemy's head to end the mission.

Ultimate Iron Man Suit unlocked


                          H E A D Q U A R T E R S                        [HQRT]

Suit Selection                                                           [STSL]

Iron Man Mark IV

The Mark IV suit is superior to the Mark III in areas such as suit weight,
comfort, and ease of assembly. Tony built it to replace the Mark III after that
suit was damaged in the fight with Obadiah Stane

War Machine

Piloted by James Rhodes, War Machine was created when Hammer Industries and the
U.S. military added weaponry and armor to an existing Iron Man Mark II platform.
It is highly durable and carries substantial conventional firepower.

Iron Man Mark VI

The Mark VI suit is an advanced variant of the Mark IV adapted to match 
improvements  to the reactor technology int Tony's chest. It also contains 
special upgrades to combat new threats Tony encountered since creating the Mark

Iron Man Mark II

Tony constructed the Iron Man Mark II to explore flight potential. It was later
converted into the War Machine armor.

Classic Iron Man Mark I

This first-ever Iron Man suit was built during the character's intial appearance
in Tales of Suspense #39 and this design originates from the interpretation from
Iron Man Vol. 4 #5.

Iron Man Extremis Armor

Used during major events such as Civil War, and appearing during the "Extremis"
story arc, this armor represents Iron Man's modern look. In this suit, he has
achieved new levels of power.

Iron Man Mark III

The Mark III suit is Tony's first "full-featured" suit and is the first with
Iron Man's signature red and gold color scheme.

Classic Iron Man Armor

Iron Man's first iconic armor debuted in Tales of Suspense #48 and underwent
several subtle cosmetic changes before finalizing in look in Tales of Suspense
#66. It was the first suit to feature the trademark palm-mounted repulsor rays.

Silver Centurion Armor

Sporting new colors, Tony used this suit during his fight with Iron Monger, his
days as a West Coast Avenger, and in the first "Armor Wars" storyline.

Ultimate Iron Man

In the Ultimate Universe, an alternate version of the Marvel Universe, Tony
Stark requires the help of an entire specialized crew to help maintain this 
bulkier Iron Man armor.

Research                                                                [RSCH]


Standard (Default)
     Standard ammunition can be bullets, rockets, or even focused capacitors 
     depending on the weapon

Explosive 651.000
     Explosive ammunition damages anything near its point of impact

Concussive 10.000
     Concussive ammunition can stagger or stun enemies

Piercing 80.000
     Piercing ammunition penetrates armor, sometimes passing through its target
Thermite 1.860.000
     Thermite ammunition burns into it target over time

Pulse 28.000
     Pulse ammunition accelerates towards its target, doing more damage the 
     farther it travels

Lightning 5.314.000
     Lightning ammunition releases an electrical charge that can arc to nearby

Close Combat Programs

Advanced Brute Force 80.000/1.860.000
     War Machine's Brute Force program delivers area damage. 

Advanced Dragon 28.000/651.000
     Iron Man can use this high-impact fighting style to stun foes

Advanced War Machine 24.000/228.000
     War Machine uses his laser blade to focus damage on a single target.

Advanced Hurricane 10.000/228.000
     Iron Man can use this close combat program to devastate a single target.

Advanced Shield Power 24.000/1.860.000
     Iron Man can strike many enemies at once using this close combat program

Advanced Brawler 28.000/651.000
     War Machine uses this mix of street fighting moves to stun enemies.

Weapons Development

Minigun 10.000/651.000
     War Machine's minigun fires 20 mm rounds at a high rate of speed for as
     long as L2 or R2 is held and ammunition remains

Missile Launcher 651.000/5.314.000
     This weapon fires volleys of guided missiles, Hold L2 or R2 to lock on to 
     multiple targets and release to fire. Upgrades affect both War Machine and
     Iron Man.

Rocket Launcher 80.000/1.860.000
     This weapon's heavy rockets are highly effective against stationary
     targets. Upgrades affect both War Machine and Iron Man.

Laser 28.000/1.860.00
     This high-intensity laser cuts through almost anything with sustained 

Shotgun/Blasters 10.000/651.000
     Shotguns and Blasters are devastating at close range. War Machine uses 
     Shotguns, while Iron Man uses Blasters. Upgrades affect both weapons.

Unibeam 228.000/5.314.000
     The blast of arc reactor power fires from the center of Iron Man's chest.
     Hold L2 and R2 to charge it up before firing.
Repulsor 10.000/228.000
     Iron Man's repulsors can be used as weapons. Holding R2 charges the blast 
     before firing

Modular Enhancements

Firing Rate Module 80.000
     This module accelerates cooling and cycling mechanisms, improving the rate
     of fire.

Damage Module 228.0000
     This module accelerates projectiles and focuses energy bursts, greatly
     increasing the damage on impact

Efficiency Module 10.000
     This extends the amount of time the weapon can be fired before reloading or

Hybrid Module 1.860.000
     This module increases damage, and rate of fire. It is less effective in
     each area than the specialized modules, but the overall combination is 

PROTEAN Module 15.182.000
     A modified PROTEAN colony in this module fabircates ammunition at a rapid

Ultimate Module 15.182.000
     This module focuses the suit's entire power system and ammunition store
     into each shot fired, massively increasing the damage dealt


                              T R O P H I E S                            [TRPH]

-Platinum (Platinum)
     Earn all Iron Man 2 trophies

-Access Denied (Bronze)
     Prevent Roxxon from stealing the Stark Archives

-Deportation (Bronze)
     Prevent the Russian sepratists from deploying Roxxon Armigers

-Power Outage (Bronze)
     Defeat the Crimson Dynamo

-Anti-PROTEAN (Bronze)
     Defeat Project Protean

-Improvisation Under Fire (Bronze)
     Save Rhodey and the Stark mobile armory from the A.I.M. attack

-Operation Daybreak (Bronze)
     Defeat A.I.M. and save the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

-Stormbreaker (Bronze)
     Shut down the GREENGRID power transmitter

-The Bigger They Are (Silver)
     Defeat ULTIMO

-Shake It Off (Bronze)
     Recover from the Roxxon EMP attack

-Not In My House (Bronze)
     Prevent the first wave of Roxxon dropships from deploying their drones

-Full Flight (Bronze)
     Only one S.H.I.E.L.D. transport lost in the canyon run

-Area Secured (Silver)
     At least 10 S.H.I.E.L.D. units survive the battle for the docks

-Pulling the Plug (Bronze)
     Destroy all four Tesla reactor sabilizers in under 60 seconds

-Anger Management (Bronze)
     Destroy most of the structures in Shatalov's base

-Entrapment (Bronze)
     Reach the bottom of the elevator shaft whithout touching a laser tripline

-Defensive Player of The Year (Bronze)
     Save all four repulsor lifts and all four stabilizers on the helicarrier
-Brute Force (Silver)
     Destroy the A.I.M. Arc Armiger without using missile deflection

-Guardian (Silver)
     Shut down GREENGRID without needing to repair the Arc Armiger

-Switchboard Operator (Bronze)
     Reposition all of the GREENGRID relays without being interrupted

-Not A Scratch (Silver)
     Defeat ULTIMO with no armor damage

-Ultimatum (Bronze)
     Complete every mission on Easy difficulty

-Iron Man (Silver)
     Complete every mission on Normal difficulty

-Invincible (Gold)
     Complete every mission on Formidable difficulty

-Fists of Iron (Bronze)
     Defeat 100 enemies in close combat

-Storm of Lead (Bronze)
     Defeat 100 enemies with War Machine's minigun

-Fire and Forget (Bronze)
     Defeat 100 enemies with homing missiles

-Subtle Like A Rocket (Bronze)
     Defeat 100 enemies with the rocket launcher

-Room Broom (Bronze)
     Defeat 100 enemies with War Machine's shotgun

-Extra Crispy (Bronze)
     Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man's laser

-Pushback (Bronze)
     Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man's repulsor

-Up Close and Personal (Bronze)
     Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man's blaster

-Overkill (Bronze)
     Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man's unibeam

-Hall of Armors (Gold)
     Unlock all armor suits

-Technical Genius (Silver)
     Invent every module, ammunition, and weapon upgrade

-Gonna Need Some More Bad Guys (Bronze)
     Defeat more than 1,000 enemies

-Unnecessary Force (Bronze)
     Defeat a soldier with Iron Man's Unibeam

-Bulletproof (Bronze)
     Defeat 50 enemies in melee as Iron Man while Invincible

-Ultimate Iron Man (Bronze)
     Unlock the Ultimate Iron Man armor

-Classic Iron Man (Bronze)
     Unlock the Classic Iron Man armor

-Classic Mark I (Bronze)
     Unlock the Classic Mark I Iron Man armor

-Extremis (Bronze)
     Unlock the Extremis Iron Man armor

-Mark III (Bronze)
     Unlock the Mark III Iron Man armor

-Mark II (Bronze) 
     Unlock the Mark II Iron Man armor

-Mark IV (Bronze)
     Unlock the Mark VI Iron Man armor

-Silver Centurion (Bronze)
     Unlock the Silver Centurion armor

-Two Man Army (Bronze)
     Defeat teh Russian sepratists as both Iron Man and War Machine

-It Takes Two to Tango (Bronze)
     Defeat Crimson Dynamo as both Iron Man and War Machine

-Man and Machine (Bronze)
     Destroy Project PROTEAN as both Iron Man and War Machine

-Bipolar (Bronze)
     Shut down the GREENGRID power transmitter as both Iron Man and War Machine

-Omega Man (Bronze)
     Defeat 100 enemies as War Machine while using the Omega System


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