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Follow the dark path or use the light


by MikePenance

                               HITMAN: ABSOLUTION (PS3)
         FAQ/Walkthrough (C) 2012 Mike Penance ([email protected])
                                V E R S I O N   1.0
                     Last Updated:  November 30, 2012  16:48

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    1.....Introduction [01.00]
            - Instinct [01.01]
            - Unlockables [01.02]
            - Trophies/Achievements [01.03]
    2.....Controls [02.00]
    3.....Tricks of the Trade [03.00]
    4.....Walkthrough [04.00]
            - A Personal Contract [04.01]
            - King of Chinatown [04.02]
            - Terminus [04.03]
            - Run For Your Life [4.04]
            - Hunter and Hunted [04.05]
            - Rosewood [04.06]
            - Welcome to Hope [04.07]
            - Birdie's Gift [04.08]
            - Shaving Lenny [04.09]
            - End of the Road [04.10]
            - Dexter Industries [04.11]
            - Death Factory [04.12]
            - Fight Night [04.13]
            - Attack of the Saints [04.14]
            - Skurky's Law [04.15]
            - Operation Sledgehammer [04.16]
            - One of a Kind [04.17]
            - Blackwater Park [04.18]
            - Countdown [04.19]
            - Absolution [04.20]
    5.....Weapons [05.00]
            - Melee/Close Combat [05.01]
            - Handguns [05.02]
            - Assault Rifles [05.03]
            - Shotguns [05.04]
            - Sniper Rifles [05.05]
            - Special Weapons and Equipment [05.06]
    6.....Cheats, Codes, and Easter Eggs [06.00]
    7.....Frequently Asked Questions [07.00]
    8.....Credits and Outro [08.00]

 In this update: Added walkthroughs for Blackwater Park/Countdown/Absolution.
     This means that the walkthrough is complete.  Now I can start on adding
     the locations of Evidence, adding weapons and such, and pretty much
     rewriting everything because I'm anally retentive.

      Introduction                                                   01.00

     It's been six or seven years since our lasting outing, and I'm
unbelievably glad that we get to do it all over again.  Times are hard and
friends are few, and Agent 47 finds himself alone in the world -- more so than
he's ever been -- and hunted, without the support of the Agency that he's so
thoroughly come to rely upon.  Come on, let's go.

      Instinct                                                       01.01

     The amount of Instinct you have at your disposal is indicated by the
yellow semicircle in the lower-right corner of the screen.  On Normal and Hard
difficulty, Instinct can be replenished by performing stealthy actions, such as
interacting with certain objects, performing headshots, or subduing people.
Expert difficulty, Instinct cannot be replenished.  On Purist difficulty,
Instinct is disabled altogether.

When you hold the R1 button, 47 will enter Instinct mode.  In this mode, items
and persons of interest are highlighted in yellow, VIPs are highlighted in
blue, and those that are actively looking for you will show up in orange.
Trails of fire on the ground indicate the intended route that a person will
take.  While wearing a disguise, holding R1 will allow you to blend in to a
greater degree, avoiding suspicion from those wearing the same costume as you.
If an enemy is already suspicious of you, Instinct will be ineffective.

Instinct is not just limited to just passive feats.  Pressing the square button
while in Instinct will enter Point Shooting mode.  In this mode, time will slow
down significantly.  During this time, aim at an enemy and press R2 to tag
them.  Fatal shots will be marked with a red skull and crossbones.  Once you're
happy, press the square button a second time to resume time and execute all
your tagged shots.  Tagged shots will also be executed when you run out of
Instinct or you out of bullets.  Instinct depletes incredibly quickly in this
mode, so use it with caution.

     Controls                                                        02.00

                  L1/L2              | |                R1/R2
                _,.--.,_             | |              _,.--.,_
               |  _____ |            | |             | _____  |
               |-'     `'.___________|_|____________,'`     `-|
             ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.
            /     |  |      \       SONY         /     (/_\)     \
           !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
           |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([] )     ( O ) !
           !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
           |\     |__|     ,'   `. \ANALOG/ ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
           | `.           /  L3   \ |    | /   R3  \    `-'    ,' |
           |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
           |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
           |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
           \         /                                  \         /
            \       /                                    \       /
             `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'

     L1: Run.

     L2: Aim gun/object.  Peek out from a hiding place.

     L3: Change what side of the screen the camera sits on.

     R1: Reload.  Hold to enter Instinct mode.

     R2: Press to fire gun/throw object.  If you half-press it, it will focus
       your aim, allowing you to deal greater damage with higher accuracy.
       Also used to tag shots in Point Shooting mode.  Drops melee weapon.

     R3: Toggle sneak.

     S: Execute a melee attack from the front.  Perform a stealth attack from
      behind (while undetected).  Enter Point Shooting mode while in Instinct.
      Execute all tagged shots in Point Shooting mode.

     T: Press and hold to pick up items.  Perform context-sensitive commands,
      such as hiding bodies, sabotaging things, or picking locks.

     O: Enter/leave cover.  Press and hold to drag a body.  Cancel button.
      Performs melee counter.

     X: Perform context-sensitive environmental commands, such as climbing and
      swapping cover.  Hold it to change clothes.

     D-Pad U: Select melee weapons and explosives.  Zoom in sniper scope.

     D-Pad D: Holster/draw weapon.  Hold to toggle silencer.  Zoom out the
            sniper scope.

     D-Pad L: Select pistols and revolvers.

     D-Pad R: Select automatic weapons, shotguns, and sniper rifles.

     Start: Once again summons an army of ninja,  Or maybe just a pause button.

     Select: Enter briefing/challenge menu.

     Tricks of the Trade                                             03.00

 === Costume Changes ===

     The vast majority of the people in the game offer up their clothes when
suitably incapacitated (like real life).  Different disguises allow access to
different areas of the level, but one disguise is seldom better than others.
People wearing the same clothes as you are capable of seeing through your
disguise without any prior invitation by yourself.  Quickly taking cover when
the attention arrows appear on screen or breaking out Instinct are the best
ways to avoid blowing your cover.

Depending on the disguise, you can brandish weapons openly without arousing
suspicion.  On top of that, you can make use of certain environmental items to
avoid suspicion.  For example, while dressed as a Janitor, you can interact
with a mop to prevent anyone seeing through your disguise.  Police Officers can
eat doughnuts, Electricians can mess with fuseboxes, etcetera.  Once you have
the Chameleon Assassin Technique, you'll gain a small amount of Instinct for
hiding in plain sight.

 === Falling Down ===

     Pressing square while you're standing on a ledge next to an occupied
window will see you pull them to their death.  If you're hanging from a ledge
and someone is close enough, you'll be able to pull them over the edge by
pressing the same button.

 === False Surrender ===

     When challenged to surrender, press and hold the X button to, well,
surrender.  When an enemy approaches to arrest you, you'll automatically
counter, taking their weapon and grabbing them as a human shield.

 === Focus Fire ===

     While aiming, rather than fully pressing the R2 button, squeeze it.
Squeeze it like you like it.  The crosshair will narrow, letting you know
you've achieved focus fire.  Your next shot will now be a good deal more
accurate.  Focus firing with a sniper rifle will stop the scope from
bobbing about.

 === Human Shield ===

     If you catch someone unawares from behind, while you have a one-handed
firearm drawn, you can press the triangle button to grab them as a human
shield.  Human shields are only valuable to you so long as you're being a good
boy.  If you start shooting the place up, people are still likely to shoot
back, regardless of who's grandmother you're waving about.

You'll also need to be aware of where people are, as anyone with a gun is quite
capable of flanking you and putting a couple of bullets in your back.
And don't expect lowlifes to play fair when you take one of them hostage, as
they're likely to just start shooting.  Pressing the square button while
holding a human shield will knock them out.

Another thing that limits the usefulness of a human shield is that unlike in
Blood Money, you cannot reload while holding a shield, so once the gun is
empty, you're out of luck.  If you don't want to take a human shield, your
second option is pressing the square button instead.  This will see you put a
couple of bullets in their back gently lower them to the ground.  Of course,
this is only effective if you're toting a silenced weapon.  Targets taken as a
human shield cannot be knocked-out, only killed.

 === Incapacitating ===

     While standing behind someone, pressing the square button while unarmed
will initiate a choke-hold.  Repeatedly tapping the square button will cause
the target to lose consciousness.  After someone has been weakened enough,
pressing the triangle button will snap their neck.  You can also incapacitate
people that are around a corner or on the other side of low cover.

Attempting to subdue a target from either the front or back will result in an
instant kill.  From behind, you'll transition straight into breaking their
neck, which is silent, but from the front, you'll create a small amount of
localised noise.

 === Melee ===

     If you stand in front of someone and press the square button, you'll
initiate a melee attack.  Attacking someone that is unarmed will result in an
instant knockout.  Attacking someone that's armed and capable of fighting back
will initiate a melee sequence, where you have to press two or three button
prompts that appear on-screen to initiate a knockout.  As expected, this
creates a considerable amount of localised noise, and can quite easily give
you away.

If you press the wrong button, the enemy will strike back and you'll have to
try again.  If an enemy initiates a melee attack first, you'll be prompted to
press the circle button to counter.  Performing a melee attack with a weapon
equipped will result in you performing that particular weapon's melee attack,
resulting in an instant kill.  The same is true from behind.  If you attempt
a melee attack on a slope (such as stairs), you're likely to outright kill
someone rather than knocking them out.

 === Throwing ===

     Hold L2 and press R2 to throw the item currently in your hand.  Books and
such all serve as rather nice distractions.  The better to lure guards
from their posts, Little Red Riding Hood.  Knives and other pointed instruments
are much more fun  Move the cursor over your target and wait for a red circle
to appear over their head.  This means that when you throw the weapon, it'll
instantly kill the target.

     Walkthrough                                                     04.00

     At the moment, the walkthrough covers only Enhanced Normal, the default
difficulty setting.  Once I've covered it fully, I'll cover Hard Mode and
Expert Mode, as well as the Challenges.  Not everything will be perfect at this
time, but that'll change soon enough.

      A Personal Contract                                            04.01

     [ ] Access mansion grounds
     [ ] Infiltrate Greenhouse
     [ ] Get Keycard from Head of Security
     [ ] Locate second floor entrance
     [ ] Locate Diana
     [ ] Get to Victoria

 === Garden ===

     Make your way towards the main gate.  You can't get through that way, so
cut down the path to the left.  The solitary Mansion Exterior Guard here can
either be subdued silently or distracted.  To distract him, take the Wrench
sitting atop the rock and throw it towards the buckets.  This will give you
time enough to sneak past him.

Because of the tutorial nature of this opening mission, you won't be able to
continue over the fallen tree until you take cover against it and aim your
Silenced Silverballer at the Exterior Guard.  Subdue him and hide his
unconscious form in the hopper in front of you.  Head onto the tennis court,
ignoring the Exterior Guard on the phone, and exit via the path to the left.

Follow the path towards the stairs, keeping an eye on the nearby Exterior
Guard, as he's apt to spot you if you're not quick enough.  Make your way up
the stairs and follow the path around to that very Guard.  Either subdue him or
distract him by grabbing the nearby Book and giving it a good throw past his
line-of-sight.  If you subdued him, do be sure to drag the body back around the
corner.  It's unsightly where it is.

Head left and place yourself behind the wall overlooking the bridge.  The two
Exterior Guards here will be having a chitchat, so bide your time.  During a
point in their conversation, the older Guard will lead the younger one away
from the bridge he was guarding.  Use this opportunity to sneak over it and
enter the Greenhouse.

 === Greenhouse ===

     There are a couple of Exterior Guards here, but despite the confined
space, there are plenty of counters to hide behind.  Hug the first counter and
wait for one of the Guards to come over and admire the view.  While he's there,
you can either sneak past him or you can just sidle up to him and push him over
the edge.  The second Guard, at the back of the area, can be given the same

To get into the Greenhouse proper, which is round to the right, by the way,
you're going to need a suitable disguise.  Over on the table near the hopper is
a Gardener disguise.  This will, wait for it, allow you to enter the
Greenhouse.  Walk on over to the Guard and Gardener on the bridge.  The
Gardener will be able to see through your disguise, so use Instinct until
you're safely beyond the range of his suspicion.

Make your way through the Greenhouse, breaking out Instinct whenever a Gardener
should get too interested in you.  That shouldn't happen more than once if you
stick to the right side of the area, though.  At the back of the Greenhouse,
you'll see a valve on the wall.  Turning this valve will disperse the Guards
hovering around the exit to the left.  The Guards will head through the door.
Follow behind them, but make sure you're sneaking, as you're not supposed to be
there.  They're busy talking, so you're free to simply ignore them and continue
your business - and your business is to head up those stairs.  At the top,
sneak over to the wall of the building and hop over to that ledge.

 === Cliffside ===

     The ledge only goes so far along the building, so you'll have to drop down
to the one below once you run out of foot room.  As you make your way along
this ledge, you'll have to head past two windows.  There's a Mansion Interior
Guard inside, so wait for him to leave before continuing.  After which, pull
yourself up to the ledge above and continue along.

There's another window here, and it's occupied by a rather animated Interior
Guard taking a call.  If you wait long enough, he'll wander off, allowing you
to climb inside.  There's another one inside, so snuggle the counter until he's
finished chastising the first one and moved out of the way.  Head into the
building via the doors over to the right, then make your way around to the
right.  Grab the Evidence [1/2] over on the bookcase, then don the Mansion
Interior Guard disguise found over on the table to the right.  You can also
disable the security system here, so do it and save yourself some trouble,
before exiting via the only other door here.

 === Mansion Ground Floor ===

     Make your way around to the left and into the kitchen.  Hide behind the
counter and wait for the Interior Guard to leave, then subdue the Chef and
relieve him of his clothes.  There's a chest freezer over on the left side of
the kitchen where you can hide him.  Head out of the kitchen the way you came
in, then make your way right and sneak up the stairs.  Quickly enter the
bathroom and grab the Sleeping Pills off the counter.  There's a checkpoint
here if you wish to activate it.  Wait with your back to the door wall until
the Guard leaves his posts and enters, then subdue him and stash his body in
the hamper.

Head back down the stairs and into the main area.  Head over to the bar, and
when no-one is looking, dump the Sleeping Pills into the coffee.  Wait around
in the kitchen until the Head of Security comes to take a sip of coffee.
Follow him as he staggers off, then relieve him of the Keycard once he's lost
consciousness.  Drag him over to the closest and stash him inside.  Head back
into the main area and take the Evidence [2/2] from the table below the
painting. Head up to the second floor and use the Keycard on the door over on
the right of the floor.

 === Mansion Second Floor ===

     You can't sneak here, so don't bother.  Head up the stairs and follow the
path around to the door at the end - to Diana.  Once the cut-scene is over,
make your way around into the lounge.  Head through the door and hug the wall
for cover.  The area is swarming with Interior Guards, so once you're at the
end of the cover, point shoot all four of them in the head.  Once they're down,
head down the stairs and pick the locked door.  Once the cut-scene is finished,
the mission is over.

      King of Chinatown                                              04.02

     [ ] Locate the King of Chinatown
     [ ] Eliminate the King of Chinatown

 === Chinatown Square ===

     Make your way down the alley and through the gate at the end.
Keep pushing forward until you reach the central area, where upon arriving,
you'll be informed that you've successfully found your mark.  Well, that was
easy.  Let's all go home.  No?  Oh, alright, then.

Ignore him for now and make your way right.  There's an alley just to the right
of the tattoo parlour, but it's guarded by a Chicago Police Officer (CPO).
Sabotage the fusebox and sneak past him while he's investigating it.  Head up
the stairs and wait with your back to the wall so that you can see anyone
coming out of the door.  When the Dealer comes down the stairs, jump him and
drag him back up the stairs.  Drag him into the room and stash him in the

Take the Kazo TRG off the table, and walk to the window, where you'll see that
you're quite nicely overlooking the pagoda.  When the King of Chinatown comes
back, put a bullet between his eyes and holster the rifle.  Change into the
Dealer's clothes and then saunter casually downstairs as the Chicago SWAT
Officers come rushing up.

Make your way back into the main area.  The Evidence [1/1] can be found on a
table in the pagoda, so swing by on your way to the exit.  The exit is marked
by a large rubber duck with a chef's hat.  The SWAT near the door may caution
you as you walk past, but it's more to the effect of telling you to go home,
which you are.

      Terminus                                                       04.03

     [ ] Gain access to the upper floors
     [ ] Get to the eighth floor
     [ ] Get to room 899

 === Terminus Hotel ===

     The hotel is situated at the far end of the alley.  To the right of the
entrance is a maintenance van.  Head over to it and appropriate the Wrench,
then throw it at the van door and back off.  The Electrician will cut short his
conversation and investigate.  Subdue him and take his clothes when he does,
then drag his body to the dumpster across the street, keeping the van between
you and the Hope Goon.

Head into the building via the main entrance and head right.  Enter the 'Staff
Only' area on your left and head around into the office, where you'll find some
Evidence [1/2].  Head back out the way you came and make your way right, into
the second 'Staff Only' area at the end.  Climb out of the window and head
through the door at the other side of the alley.  This little excursion is
purely because we didn't want to walk past an Electrician in the narrow
hallway.  Head through the door in front of you and into the laundry room.

Drop down the laundry chute, and upon exiting the room you land in, take a
right and follow the path around to the room at the end.  Change into the
Janitor disguise and trigger the checkpoint, then head back out the way you
came and take a right.  Take the second left and call the elevator.
While you're waiting for it to arrive, hide around the corner.

 === Upper Floors ===

     You can relax a little now, as the Janitor has almost free access to the
floor and there isn't anyone here that can blow your cover.  Cut a sharp left
and enter the 'Staff Only' area on the right.  Grab the Movie Reel, then head
back out and  make your way around to the right, noting the Keycard door.
When you see the candles on the floor, that's your cue to turn right.  To the
left of the window is a vent - climb into it.

The guy in the room at the end will be far too busy with his phone, the maid,
or the one trillion boxes of shoes to notice you sneak over to the dresser and
take the Keycard.  While there may be a guard on the locked door, he won't
actually stop you from entering the restricted area.  Make your way upstairs,
activating the checkpoint as you go.  After the bear, have a little peek around
the corner.  When the Goon goes to the window, take the opportunity to sneak
into the room opposite you and grab the Hope Goon disguise off the table.

Exit via the other door and enter the projection room.  If there are two Goons
in there, hide against the shelving to the right until one leaves.  When he
does, incapacitate the remaining one and stash him in the closet.  If there's
just one of them, you'll probably be best off waiting for him to come and go.
Start the projector and head out into the main area, which is now clear.
In the top-left corner of the area is a corridor marked by a red light.
Sneak over to it and pick the lock on the door at the end.  Inside, you'll find
the door to be locked, so climb into the vent on the right of it and crawl all
the way to the end to end the level.

      Run For Your Life                                              04.04

     [ ] Escape the hotel
     [ ] Escape the Library
     [ ] Evade the police
     [ ] Locate exit
     [ ] Restart train signals
     [ ] Board train from Platform B

 === Burning Hotel ===

     Head towards the back of the suite and climb out the window.  Shuffle your
way to the right and climb the ladder on the fire escape.  On the roof, head
down the stairs and sneak to the right. There are three CPOs on the roof, but
they'll gradually withdraw, so all you have to do is follow along behind them.
Once they're down the stairs, sneak behind them and enter the shed.  Break the
door at the end to exit the area.

 === Library ===

     Climb down and make your way around to the stairs on your right.  Hug the
bookcase at the bottom of those stairs and wait for the three of the CPOs to
wander off.  Throw your Folding Knife over to the left to distract the one
remaining, then sneak past to the right.  Head up the stairs and take a left at
the top.  There's a lone CPO up on the balcony with you.  Sneak up and kiss the
bookcase closest to him and wait for the lights to falter.  When he turns his
back, subdue him, take his clothes, and stash him in the closet a little
further ahead.

Head back to the hole in the railing near to where he was standing, and drop
down and shuffle over to the stairs to the right.  Keep making your way towards
the main staircase, keeping down the right side of the area.  There'll be a CPO
leaning against a bookcase when you near the main staircase, but he'll leave of
his own accord.  Follow along behind him and take the stairs to the right.

There are usually two CPOs up here, so wait for them to walk away.
Follow carefully behind them, and exit through those double doors.  Make your
way up the first flight of stairs, then around to where the second should be.
There's a ledge behind them, so pull yourself up and make your way across the
beam.  The exit is just there.

 === Pigeon Coop ===

     Drop down to the street and run down the stairs and into the shed before
the helicopter blows your cover.  Because the game feels like it, you can't
actually run inside here, so place your back to some cover and sidle along.
You can reach the exit quite easily by keeping to the cover down the right-hand
side of the area and using the change cover command when it presents itself.
If the helicopter spots you, hide until the attention arrow vanishes.

After the cut-scene, sneak into the shed and head over to the top-left corner.
Climb through the vent and out the other side.  Make your way along the left
side of the area, sticking to the chimneys to avoid the gaze of the hovering
bird.  Two CPOs are blocking the exit, having a nice chat.  Hide behind the
ventilation unit closest to them and wait for their conversation to end.
Once it has, one of them will leave, allowing you to change cover and make for
the door while the remaining one has his back turned.

 === Shangri-La ===

     Inside the building, your disguise will hold considerably more water with
the crazy hippy beatniks than it did with the cops.  Walk tall and make your
way through the apartment.  Sadly for you, said cops are coming in through the
back door.  Take a sharp right at the toilet and head down the corridor.
There are more CPOs to the left, so hop the first wall and hide in the plants.
Providing you're staying still and nobody walks too close, you'll remain

Stick to the left until you reach the CPOs interrogating the suspects, then cut
a right, but only after you see the CPO turn his back on you.  From there,
slowly head towards the wall with the peace symbol in the top-right corner.
Put your back to that wall and head around it to the right.  There's one more
CPO in the way, but he'll sharp turn his back.  In the next room, you'll find a
checkpoint, and I suggest you use it.

Head around to the left and hide against the bookcase until the two CPOs have
wandered off.  The only way to exit this room is through the one they left by,
so follow along behind them until you reach the bedroom.  Climb through the
vent on the back wall, and grab the Notebook off the sideboard to the left.
Once you see the CPO leave the painting area, head through the wall and open
the safe in the top-right corner.  Inside, you'll find a pretty, pretty Remote
Explosive.  Head out into the corridor via the only other door and plant the
Remote Explosive.

Now head back around to the left and stop when you see the hoppers.  Around
that corner is a CPO.  Sneak over to the hoppers, then bounce an object off the
door.  When he comes over to investigate, subdue him and stash him in the
hopper.  Yes, now you can detonate the explosives, after which, head down the
corridor and through the disco.  The door at the other side will bring you out
near the elevator.

 === Train Station ===

     Head through the door to the left and take cover behind the low wall.
When the CPO comes by, subdue him and stash him in the nearby storage crate.
Wait for his friends to disperse from around the bottom of the stairs, then
head down and cut a left in full spring.  Head through the doors and sneak past
the two CPOs while they're distracted by the commuters.  Once you're in the
crowd, you'll be hidden from sight.  If you should attract an unwanted gaze,
just stand still and it'll quickly pass.

Make your way along the platform, closest to the tracks.  The crowd is thinnest
here, but so are the cops.  To the right of the ticket office is a ledge, head
along it and climb through the window, then immediately take cover behind the
low wall.  Head around to the right and climb the ladder.  Up top, activate the
checkpoint and subdue, and stash, the station worker.

Restart the train signals using the console, then head out of the door,
immediately putting yourself back into the crowd for cover.  Head down to
Platform B and hide in the crowd.  The platform is under heavy surveillance,
but if you stay still until the train arrives, you'll remain undetected.
Once it does arrive, embark from the end of the platform, as there won't be a
guard on that door.  If you miss the train, you'll have to wait a further sixty
seconds for another to come along.

      Hunter and Hunted                                              04.05

     [ ] Locate Dom Osmond
     [ ] Eliminate Dom Osmond
     [ ] Gain access to the second floor
     [ ] Reach Birdie
     [ ] Get to Chinatown
     [ ] Eliminate Wade's people
     [ ] Eliminate Bill Dole
     [ ] Eliminate Larry Clay
     [ ] Eliminate Frank Owens

 === Courtyard ===

     Follow the path around until you're presented with a choice of direction.
Well, I say choice.  To the right of you is a pair of CPOs, so cut across the
room and into the corridor opposite.  Head downstairs to the right, and again
follow the path around.  At the top of the stairs, take a left and head up the
stairs to your right.  Make your way down the left side of the area, using the
cop car as cover.  Sneak into the alcove and hide behind the ruined wall.
When the CPO comes over, subdue him, take his clothes, and hide his modesty in
the nearby dumpster.  Continue over the wall and head round to the ledge, where
you should drop down and pick the lock on the door.

 === The Vixen Club ===

     Make your way around and up the stairs.  Hide against the railings until
the CPO has finished with the club security and has wandered off, then stand up
and stroll over, and into, the club.  Out on the main floor, head over to the
right corner and make your way into the toilets.  Subdue the Strip Club Bouncer
and stash him in the locker.  You don't need his clothes, just his Keycard.

Head over to the private party located to the left of the stage and unlock the
door there.  A Bouncer regularly patrols the area, so stay outside until you
see him arrive and leave.  Head inside and grab the Jagd P22G off the table
over to the left.  Exit the room and head into the private dance section that's
located over to the right of the stage.  Around to your left is a checkpoint.

At the end of this small area is a locked door.  Use the Keycard to open it and
just wait around inside.  Sooner or later, our friend, Dommy Osmond, will come
for a private dance.  After he's dismissed the girl, put a bullet in his gullet
and store his lifeless body in the trunk behind you. The door to upstairs is
located where the checkpoint was.  Wait until the Bouncer has turned away, then
sneak in and up the stairs.  Pick the lock on the door at the top to access the
second floor proper.

 === Dressing Rooms ===

     Sneak around to the left and take cover behind the sofa.  To get past the
Bouncer here, you'll have to roll over to the arm chair, then over to the other
side.  Make your way along the right side of the dressing room and give the
girls there a wide berth.  Head up the stairs and through the door on the left
side of the room.  Check the answer phone on Dom's desk to extricate yourself
from the club magically.

 === Derelict Building ===

     There aren't a great many routes through the building, so just keep
pushing on until you reach the dilapidated studio.  Head out through the studio
and make your way left to find a checkpoint.  Climb the stairs and clamber up
onto the ledge, where you should shimmy to the right and pull yourself up.

Around the corner at the far side of the next room is the body of the missing
dancer.  Head over to her and help her find peace by throwing her head-first
over the railings.  Give the CPOs a few seconds to notice her, then climb down
from the room to the right.  Sneak up the stairs to the right and hide in
locker at the foot of the stairs.  When the CPO comes down to investigate the
corner, sneak out and head up the stairs.  At the top, cross the gap using the
ledge, then head through the door.

 === Convenience Store ===

     Follow the roof around and climb down.  Climb through the window to your
left and subdue the CPO, then stash him in the dumpster at the top of the
stairs.  Make your way downstairs and subdue the Store Clerk when he comes in
to have a smoke, then steal his clothes and hide his body in the very same
dumpster.  Be careful when subduing him, mind you, as a CPO will periodically
check the ground floor of the building.

There's one more Store Clerk hanging around in the main area, so when entering
the building, keep on the left side.  Once inside, either sneak or run through
the kitchen to avoid the suspicious gazes of the kitchen staff.  Head down the
stairs to the left and into the room at the bottom.  Turn the valve and then
return to the fireworks and set them off.  With the fire raging, follow
everyone out through the shop floor.  When you see the congregation caused by
the conflagration, cut a sharp right and head through the door.

 === Loading Area ===

     Head down the alley, laugh at the cops, and enter the building ahead of
you, then pick the lock on the door to finish the area.

 === Chinese New Year ===

     As soon as you enter the main area, you'll be tasked with eliminating
three of Wade's goons.  The area is swarming with people, so keeping a low
profile isn't going to be taxing.  Of course, the good masses of Chinatown
don't half make it bloody hard to find your targets without Instinct.  Two of
your targets start to the left of the main gate.  We'll go with Bill Dole
first, because he's easy, and I like his red jacket.

Bill Dole is heading for a basement to conduct an arms deal.  If you lose him
along the way, you can find him taking a call outside of the blue movie store
near the pagoda.  The basement itself is located in the Dance to Dawn School of
Dancing.  Wait for him and his cop friend to head down, then follow them.  Use
the cover to get close to Dole, then take Birdie's File from atop the cardboard
box.  Hide just around the corner and wait for Dole to make his mouth go and
get himself shot.  Subdue the CPO from around the corner while he's on the
phone, then take is clothes and dump him in the hopper.  You may as well dump
Dole as well.  Leave via the vent to the right of where Birdie's File was.

Larry Clay is paying a visit to the Store Clerk outside the tattoo parlour just
ahead of you.  Head around the right side of that tattoo parlour.  Activate the
checkpoint, then mount the stairs and climb down into the area with the sewer
hatch, hide behind the dumpster until Clay arrives.  He won't be alone, oh no,
he'll be with the Store Clerk he accosted at the food stand.  After Clay has
knocked the man cold, emerge from your hiding place and Sparta kick him into
the sewer.

Exit the way you came in and head towards the building with the chef duck atop
it.  You know it, you've been there before.  Clamber through the hole in the
wall when the Store Clerk is absent, and trigger the checkpoint.  Sabotage the
gas pump at the back of the area while Frank Owens is out in the street, then
leave the way you came in.  When Owens shows up and lights up, he'll blow up.
Once Owens has blown the joint, exit via the door in the chef duck building.

      Rosewood                                                       04.06

     [ ] Recover Fuses
     [ ] Recover first Fuse
     [ ] Recover second Fuse
     [ ] Recover third Fuse
     [ ] Recover fourth Fuse
     [ ] Restore power
     [ ] Find Wade
     [ ] Eliminate Wade

 === Victoria's Ward ===

     The ward is entirely linear, so just follow it around until you reach the
elevator.  When you do, duck through the curtains to the left and stay put
until the elevator spills its Henchmen-filled guts.  Once you can no longer
hear their voices, leave your hiding place and take a ride in the elevator.
Once the elevator stops, climb up through the hatch.

 === Orphanage Halls ===

     Pull yourself up onto the ledge marked by the body, but don't pull
yourself all the way, mind you, as the two armed men might have something say
about it.  Once they've wandered off and the man in the tan jacket has stopped
to answer his phone, climb up and go choke him out.  Take his clothes and stash
his body in the nearby laundry hopper.

While the Henchmen in the next room are preoccupied with the Rosewood Security
Guard, you'll be able to stroll through the room and out the other side without
them making any unwanted advances.  Once out, head through the door on the
right and grab the first Fuse [1/4] off the desk.  Head out of the room's only
other door and wait for the Henchman to finish his brief conversation.
After which, you're free to subdue him and stash him in the closet.

Make your way downstairs and activate the checkpoint at the bottom.
Swing around to the right and make your way down the corridor.  As you approach
the corner, you'll see a vent on the wall to the right.  Enter it, and when you
reach the end of it, wait for the Henchman to head around the other side of the
counter.  The second Fuse [2/4] is located on a table at the back of the area.
Head through the door opposite the Fuse and follow the corridor around to the
right until you reach the Medicine Office.  You'll attract a few glimmers of
interest along the way, but all will rapidly fade if you keep moving.

The third Fuse [3/4] is sitting on the table inside the right of the entrance.
There's a Henchman on patrol here, but he should be behind the units at the
back of the room, allowing you to breeze in and out.  Head back to the vent
now.  When entering the kitchen, hug the counter and swap cover across the gap.
It might not be necessary, but it will potentially avoid you being spotted by
the returning Henchman.

Before exiting the vent, wait for two sets of feet to pass by.  Enter the
Chapel and hug the pew to the left to avoid being spotted.  To the right of the
statue on the left wall is a secret door.  Head through it and grab the last
Fuse [4/4] off the shelving unit, then continue through the doorway and into
the room across the corridor.  Head around into the generator room and set the
Fuses into the box, then pull the lever next to it.

 === Central Heating ===

     Skulk around to the left and change cover over to the column.  When the
Henchmen disperse, sneak out of the room via the doorway located to the right
of the closest Henchman.  Follow the path around and hug the stack of pallets
after rounding the corner, then swap cover into the alcove.  Sidle around and
swap cover to the other side of the corridor when the patrolling Henchman has
his back turned, then clamber up onto the ledge.  Make your way to the end of
the gangway and drop down.  The door out this area is situated behind you and
to the left.  When the patrolling Henchman on the other side of the pipes turns
his back, make a break for it.

Congratulations, you've found Wade.  Commiserations, he knows you're here.
After his opening salvo, Wade will run off around the corner.  Make your way
down into the boiler room and head around the back of the console over to the
right.  Shut off the steam using the valve handle, then crawl through the vent
the steam was blocking.  When you emerge from the vent, follow the path around
until you reach a second valve handle.  Turning it will make Wade all hot under
the collar.  And dead.  Mainly dead.

      Welcome to Hope                                                04.07

     [ ] Get to the bartender

 === Great Balls of Fire ===

     The Hope Bouncers won't let you through into the bar area proper, so
you'll have to get creative.  Head into the toilets on your right and pull the
lever next to the door.  This will have the effect of starting a bar fight.
Another way to start the fight is to go punch-out a patron of your choosing.
As you make your way towards the bar, you'll be accosted several time by rowdy
patrons and staff members alike.  No act of unarmed physical aggression will
be punished, so drop anyone that gets in your way.  Once you reach the bar,
talk to the bartender, have a little chat with him to finish things up.

      Birdie's Gift                                                  04.08

     [ ] Get the Silverballers
     [ ] Exit the Gun Shop

 === Gun Shop ===

     You have two choices available to get your guns back.  You can either
participate in a contest and fairly win them back, or you can solve things by
squeezing the old man's windpipe a bit.  If you wish to participate in the
contest, firstly browse the shelves for a gun - the bigger the ammo capacity
the better.  Once you're happy with your selection, head over to the woman on
the firing range.

After the cut-scene, you can start the contest by activating the booth to the
left.  The aim of the game is to eclipse Lilly's score of 471 within two
minutes.  The score you get for shooting a target is decided by your accuracy.
A fully-centred headshot awards the most points (20), while hitting the target
but missing a scoring area will award you with the least (1).

If you're using Instinct, build up your meter with headshots, then go crazy in
Point Shooting mode when multiple targets appear at once.  Providing your
accuracy is sufficient, you can get between 80 and 100 points each time.
Without Instinct, it's borderline impossible to come close to matching her
score.  If you do happen to win, you'll simply allowed to walk out of the shop
with your prize.

If you're having trouble or you just don't feel like it, there's an easier way.
In the top-right corner of the store is a small indoor shooting range.  On the
right side of the room is a vent that's begging to be crawled through.  In the
office at the other side, wait with your back to the trophy-lined wall until
the old man comes in.  When he turns his back, subdue him and stash him in the
closet.  The Notebook he drops will give you the combination to the safe.  The
safe in turn will give you the Key that opens the strongbox containing your
Silverballers.  Return to the store and sabotage the junction box in the
bottom-right corner of the store, then retrieve your guns and exit the shop.

      Shaving Lenny                                                  04.09

     [ ] Eliminate Lenny's gang
     [ ] Eliminate Gavin
     [ ] Eliminate Landon
     [ ] Eliminate Tyler
     [ ] Get to the back entrance
     [ ] Eliminate Mason
     [ ] Eliminate Luke
     [ ] Subdue Lenny
     [ ] Kidnap Lenny

 === Streets of Hope ===

     Take a left at the end of the street and head into the Convenience Store.
Trigger the radio at the end of the isle to distract the clerk, then head
upstairs.  Hide behind the door until Tyler enters the apartment, then garotte
him and stash his body in the closet.  Grab the Bottle from the top of the
stairs and head back down.  Place your back to the wall and throw the Bottle
around the corner to distract the clerk long enough for you to get back out
without being spotted.

Take a right and make your way down the street.  The place on your left that
looks like a scrapyard is, surprisingly, a scrapyard.  Every few minutes, Gavin
will make his way onto the porch of the building with the Hope Police Officer
(HPO).  Sneak into the building via the window on the left side and subdue the
HPO over the wall, then drag him across the front yard and hide him in the
dumpster near the window you climbed through.  Return to your hiding place, and
when Gavin comes along and stops to light his cigarette, give him a push into
the vat of oil below.

Enter the scrapyard via the gate in the car park and follow the path around to
the dog cage.  Once the dog starts barking, hide behind the crate and wait for
the Mechanic to come check on him.  When he turns his back, subdue him and take
his clothes.  There's a storage crate next to the vat, so hide him there.
Make your way through the rest of the yard, to the Garage.  There's only one
other Mechanic outside with you, and he's too busy working to notice your

Take an immediate right upon entering the garage to avoid the unwanted
attention of any Mechanics there.  Sneak your way around to the right and head
up the stairs.  Head into the room on your right and activate the checkpoint,
then wait for Landon to arrive to make a phone call.  Once he has and once he's
too dead to care, stash his body in the closet and head back downstairs.
The rear entrance to the Barbershop is outside the Garage on the side you came
in at.  You'll have to pick the lock, but the HPO won't notice you.

 | When dealing with Gavin, there will be an extra Hope Police Officer in    |
 | the car park, overlooking the vat of oil.  After subduing the first HPO,  |
 | you'll have to go and push him into the vat.  After the points have been  |
 | tallied up, you'll break even.                                            |

 === Barbershop ===

     Sneak around to the left and climb down.  There's a HPO guarding the door,
so sneak to the end of the area and the grab the Wrench, then use it to lure
him to a position where you can subdue him and take his clothes.  Hide him in
one of the dumpsters here, then head inside.  Make your way around and up the
stairs, then keep to the left side of the room and enter the barbershop at the
end.  You'll have to pass several HPOs, but you'll be fine so long as you don't
stop moving.

Don the barber disguise found on the table at the foot of the stairs, then head
back out into the main room and approach Lenny.  After he's finished talking to
you, he'll head off for a haircut.  Follow him and subdue him once he's in the
chair.  Drag him out of view of the door, and head back into the main area.
Head into the recessed area in front of you and entertain yourself politely
until Luke comes along.  This area is nice and quiet, and Luke is the only one
that passes this way.  As long as the outside is closed and he doesn't make it
to the corner, you'll be free to kill him and hide the body.

Take the Lighter Fluid from the table and make your way back into the basement,
where you should swap the Lighter Fluid for the hot sauce.  Head over to the
BBQ and wait for Mason to kizzen himself, then return to Lenny and drag him to
the exit.

      End of the Road                                                04.10

     [ ] Decide what to do with Lenny

 === The Desert ===

     Not so much a mission as an opportunity for sadism.  Lenny is alone and
defenceless.  Either get in your car and drive away or murder Lenny horribly,
then get in your car and drive away.  The choice you make bears no consequence
on the story.  If you choose to kill Lenny, there's an assortment of guns in
the back of your car, including an Ilyon R700 sniper rifle.  There's also a
Tomahawk embedded in the tree, if you feel the need to get close.  The dynamite
in the crates near the ruined stagecoach can be shot when Lenny approaches, for
an altogether more spectacular finish.

      Dexter Industries                                              04.11

     [ ] Disable primary security system
     [ ] Disable secondary security system
     [ ] Locate Mill entrance
     [ ] Evade the guards
     [ ] Descend into the compound
     [ ] Infiltrate compound
     [ ] Get to main lobby
     [ ] Access the elevator

 === Dead End ===

     Trigger the car alarm to lure the Factory Guard away from his station (you
may need to trigger it a few times to grab his attention), then take cover and
wait for him to arrive.  When he does, subdue him and take his uniform, then
hide him in the storage crate in front of the cabin. You can get spotted while
hiding him, so you'll have to wait until the patrolling Guard has his back

Climb through the window and deactivate the security system using the large
console on the right, then climb out of the window at the back.  Keep making
your way down the right side of the area, using the cars and low wall as cover.
As the end of the wall, you'll have to break cover, but as long as you stay as
far right as possible, you won't raise an undue amount of suspicion.

When you reach the next cabin, hang back by the car until the conversation
between the Guards ends and one of them, then climb though the window and
disable the security system like you did the one previous.  Climb out of the
window and take cover against the low wall to the left.  While the Guard over
to the right is examining the locker, it's safe to sneak over and enter the
building.  In the room over to the left, you'll find Evidence [1/4] sitting in
front of the monitors.  There'll be a Guard there, so either sneak past him or
blend in until he's gone.  Over to the right of where you entered, you'll find
the exit door.  You'll also find that you'll need to pick the lock.

 === Old Mill ===

     Make your way up the stairs and sabotage the fusebox over to the left.
Take cover against the wall to the right and wait for the Guard to come up and
investigate, at which point you should subdue him and stash his body in one of
those convenient containers.  Make your way down into the room he came from.
Grab the Evidence [2/4] from the top of the television and head towards the
stairs.  Hide behind the machinery to the right until the Guard comes down,
then sneak up behind him.  At the top of the stairs, make your way around and
to the top of the next set, where you'll have to make your way across the
ledge.  The exit is right at the other side.

 === Descent ===

     Follow the path down until you reach the ledge, then start making your way
along it.  There's a Guard blocking the window, so climb down and keep
shuffling left until you have somewhere solid for your feet.  Keep with the
theme of heading down and around until you get to the lowest possible point.
Grab the Gasoline Can from beside the railing and throw it into the room.
While the Guards are distracted, walk over to the desk and grab the Evidence
[3/4], then head down the stairs opposite the desk.  There'll be two many eyes
on you, so you'll have to blend in if you hope to avoid being spotted.

Head down the stairs opposite you and activate the checkpoint.  Continue down
the next set of stairs and wait at the bottom for the two Guards to finish
talking and exit via the locked gate.  Pass through the gate behind them and
follow them around to the briefing.  Use the available cover to get over to the
computer in the middle of the area, then use it to blend in.  Once the briefing
is over, give everyone ten or so seconds to get back to where they should be,
then break your cover and head for the door, blending in all the way.

Head right and wait for the Guards around the corner to walk off, then head
around the corner and take the second left.  Follow the two Guards and stay
behind cover until they head back to their posts, then pull the lever near to
where they were standing.  Head down the stairs over to the left and activate
the generator at the bottom to power the elevator.  Once the elevator has
arrived, get in and take a ride.

 | On the last part of the level, where you have to wait for the two Guards  |
 | to leave so that you can pull the lever to power the generator, there is  |
 | an extra Guard on the same side you usually hide.  Instead of waiting     |
 | behind the wall for them to leave, you'll have to sneak downstairs to the |
 | left and wait there to avoid being spotted.  On Expert, there's one extra |
 | Guard on patrol in the entrance of the briefing room, but he's quick to   |
 | leave the area.                                                           |

 === Factory Compound ===

     Head up the steps and around to the right.  From the mouth of the tunnel,
cut a left.  You have two choices on how to get across the bridge: you can
either climb down to the right and shimmy your way along or you can sneak
across, pushing the Guards off as you go.  Any negatives gained from killing a
Guard like this will be balanced by the fact that you're killing them silently
and hiding their bodies at the same time.

At the other side, head right and activate the checkpoint.  Crawl through the
vent to your left, and as soon as you're out the other side, head right and
into the building.  Once inside, trigger the car alarm.  This will have the
desired effect of bringing in the Guard from outside.  Subdue him, but don't
bother hiding him just yet.  Drag behind for car for the time being.

The Arms Dealer will be coming over here shortly to take a phone call.
Wait with your back to the right side of the doorway until he comes close
enough to drag around the corner.  After you've subdued him, take his suit and
hide both bodies in the storage crate outside the side door (to the right of
where you're currently hiding).  The Arms Dealer disguise is unique, so no more
skulking in the shadows for you.

Head outside and strut across to the Dexter Industries building.  Grab the
Evidence [4/4] from behind the main desk, then head over to, and call, the
elevator.  When it arrives, wait for the Guard to get out before attempting to
enter.  If you don't, he'll just make his mouth go and the elevator won't

      Death Factory                                                  04.12

     [ ] Access the Test Facility
     [ ] Eliminate Dr. Green
     [ ] Disable security system
     [ ] Locate Decontamination
     [ ] Locate Silo entrance
     [ ] Disable security system
     [ ] Eliminate Dr. Valentine
     [ ] Eliminate Dr. Ashford
     [ ] Destroy Dr. Ashford's research

 === Test Facility ===

     Turn right at the end of the corridor and enter the room.  Grab the
Keycard from the table, then head out and through the locked door around the
corner.  Trigger the fire alarm and hide behind the nearby display case.
Once the Guard has checked on the noise and is heading back inside the room,
subdue him and leave him where he's lying.  Return to the observation room and
place yourself behind the Guard and shoot out the window, then subdue him (from
cover) before he can react.  Grab the Stolen Files from the table, then use
them to access the computer in the observation room.

Take a disguise from one of the Guards, then head through the newly-opened
doors and make your way around to the elevator.  At the bottom, head left and
climb the ladder.  Make your way down the right side of the area, using what
little cover there is to avoid the Guards, and head right.  When making your
way along, you can just crouch-run to make things quicker.  At the end, head
into the room on the right, then cut a left and head downstairs.

The Guards have their backs turned, so sneak past them and climb through the
window.  Sabotage the fusebox to your right, then give it a few seconds and
climb back through the window.  Use the computer to disable the security
system, then make your way back upstairs and wait near the top for Dr. Green.
When he comes by, kill him and stash him in the locker.  The exit is located to
the right of the elevator you came down by, so there's quite a bit of
backtracking to do.

 === Decontamination ===

     Sneak down the corridor along the right-hand wall until you're past the
staff room.  In the locker room, head left and enter the showers.  Turn the
valve in front of you to fill the room with steam.  While the locker room Guard
is distracted and the Scientist is in the toilet, lure the Researcher through
the doorway you entered by using a well-thrown Plunger, then subdue him and
take his clothes.  There are a billion laundry hoppers in the corridor to hide
him in, so surprise me.  Head back into the locker room and through into the
staff area.  The computer on the desk can be used to disable the security
system.  Exit the room and head up the stairs to the right to reach the exit.

 === R&D ===

     Make your way down the gangway and enter the first door you come to.
Head out of the door at the far side of the area and head downstairs.  Subdue
the Guard at the bottom and drag him around the corner, as there isn't really
anywhere to hide him, and it's not like anyone uses the stairs, anyway.
Head back around the corner, then wander down the stairs in the left corner.
On the table to the left of the door is the Safety Code for the electric gun.
There's also a checkpoint marker, but don't activate it yet.

Grab and Safety Code and head back up the stairs.  Once Dr. Valentine shows up
and enters the testing area, fiddle with the computer.  If you do it before
hand, he'll only alter it.  He'll be two or three minutes, so hum a tune or
something.  Once Ashford is toast, head back down the stairs and activate the
checkpoint.  Exit through the door here and continue to make your way down.
At the bottom, make your way around to the left, using the screens to keep you
hidden from the Guards.

Turn the valve and marvel at all the steam.  You have thirty seconds to do what
you need to before the steam is vented.  During this time, you can run around
with impunity.  If Dr. Ashford is in the room at the opposite side of the area,
you can run inside and activate the robotic arm using the console to the left.
If he isn't, and providing he's not so close to someone that they can't help
but see you, you'll be able to kill him and throw his body over the railing
before the steam clears.  Just make sure that he lands in the water and not on
top of one of the struts.

Activate the switch opposite the valve handle to extend the bridge.  It'll take
some time, so wait back over near the screens until it's ready.  Cross the
bridge and enter the room.  Play the log, then sabotage both fuseboxes to
destroy the data.  The exit is at the back of the room.

      Fight Night                                                    04.13

     [ ] Get to Sanchez
     [ ] Eliminate Sanchez
     [ ] Escape the Arena

 === Patriot's Hangar ===

     Head around to the right and make your way down the left side of the
hangar.  When you reach the dead-end, climb up and over the containers, then
continue making your way around.  After you've crossed over to the other side
of the hangar, keep an eye out for a storage crate, on the right, with a black
barrel next to it.  There's a Guard just around that corner, and he needs
subduing.  After which, take the Evidence [1/2] from the crate next to him,
then take his uniform and stash him in the storage crate a little further
along.  Climb up and over the containers next to the storage crate, then get
ready to make your mind up.

There are two ways to do this: one that's harder now but easier later and one
that's easier now but harder later.  The easy way consists of taking a sharp
right and heading down the ally to the left of the storage crate.  In the
corner is a Keycard that will open the locked door back at the start of the
level.  Head back the way you came, being mindful of the lone Guard that's now
worked his way up to the back of the hangar in search of the Keycard in your
pants.  Once you're through the door, head around and drop down onto the roof
the elevator, then climb through the vent in front of you and pick the lock on
the door at the other side to end the mission.

Alternatively, if you want to make the next mission into a fun excursion, you
can steal The Patriot's pants and impersonate him.  Rather than heading right
and getting the Keycard, head left and around the front of the trailer.  Grab
the Teddy off the seat, then take cover against the front of the trailer.
If you attract unwanted from any Guards, you'll have no choice but to bluff
your way out with Instinct.  After a short time, The Patriot will notice his
bear is missing.  Distraught, he'll send his entourage out to search for it,
leaving himself open to, well, you.

Because his entourage is psychic, you won't be able to subdue The Patriot
without alerting them.  This forces you to use the Fiber Wire for quickness.
Drag his body behind the trailer and hide it in the storage crate, then take
his costume.  Being a unique costume, there's no-one to stop you from walking
back across the hangar like you own the place.  Knock on the door with the red
carpet to finish the mission.

 | There's an extra Guard around the corner after the first lot of storage   |
 | containers you need to climb over.  If you're not quick in getting over   |
 | them, he may just be waiting for you at the other side.  Get to him first |
 | and subdue him from cover, then stash him in the nearby storage crate.    |

 === Arena ===

     If you finished the last mission using the Keycard, head out into the main
area and stroll over to the bar.  The barman is in the way, so grab a Bottle
from the bar and throw it against the left wall.  For reasons ineffable, he's
very likely to go and investigate upstairs.  Follow him and hide behind the
boxes until he comes back down, followed shortly by a Guard comes downstairs,
then sneak up behind him.  There's another Guard up there, but he's far too
interested in the fight.

Head through the locked door to the left and make your way upstairs, grabbing
either the Screwdriver or Wrench along the way.  Wait at the top for one of the
Guards to leave, then throw your object of choice into the stairwell to lure
the remaining Guard out.  Incapacitate him and drag him away from the door.
There's nowhere to hide him yet, but don't worry, there will be.  Subdue the
second Guard when he comes back and store them both in the locker that's
further down the corridor.

Opposite that locker is the switch for the lighting rig.  Watch the fight all
interested-like, and when you see Sanchez knock (not throw) The Patriot to the
far side of the cage, drop the lights.  That way, you'll only hit Sanchez, and
The Patriot will have something else to thank his teddy for.  Head left and
make your way down the stairs and through the door.  Head into the next room
and grab the Evidence [2/2] off the sideboard, then head back out.  There's a
lone Guard here, so you'll have to make use of Instinct to blend in.  For the
sake of everything being much easier, retrace your steps down to the ground
floor and head out of the marked exit.

If you came here dressed as The Patriot, you'll have to fight Sanchez.  It's a
straight path to the cage, so you can't get lost on the way there.  The fight
with Sanchez goes like this: Sanchez will attack, you will counter that attack
with the circle button, and then you will mash the square button until you're
prompted to press triangle.  After the third time, the fight will be over.  The
exit is just across from the cage, but before you can leave,  you'll have to
reclaim your Silverballers from the counter next to the exit.

      Attack of the Saints                                           04.14

     [ ] Eliminate Jennifer Paxton
     [ ] Eliminate Heather McCarthy
     [ ] Locate the motel reception
     [ ] Eliminate Dijana Radonic
     [ ] Eliminate Agnija Radonic
     [ ] Exit the motel
     [ ] Eliminate the last of the Saints
     [ ] Eliminate Louisa Cain
     [ ] Eliminate Jacqueline Moorhead
     [ ] Eliminate Lasandra Dixon
     [ ] Locate command post

 === Parking Lot ===

     Make your way through the debris of your former room and swap your rather
fetching Robe for your regular clothes.  Head out of your room and sneak around
to the left.  At the corner, take cover in the freezer until Jennifer and the
two Agency Soldiers pass by.  Once they have, climb out and garotte Jennifer,
then drag her body over to the freezer and let her cool off.

Continue the way you were originally heading and activate the checkpoint marker
at the end of the balcony.  Head downstairs and swap from cover-to-cover --
making sure to pick up the Brick along the way -- until you reach the other
side.  Once there, grab the Rat Poison from the trolley and head all the way
back.  Throw the Brick into the middle of the car park, and sneak behind the
car to the left when the Soldiers turn their backs.  Grab the Bottle near the
dumpster and make your way up to the bus, using the cars for cover.

Throw the Bottle between the two benches and hide behind  the trunks with the
Remote Explosives on top.  When the Soldier comes over, subdue and strip him,
then hide his body in the dumpster.  Grab the Bottle next to said dumpster and
head through the arch and onto the mini-golf course.  Take cover against the
low wall closest to the Soldier and throw the Bottle over towards the
surfboards.  Subdue him when he goes to investigate, but don't bother trying to
hide him.

Make your way along the fence until you run out of cover.  After the Soldiers
have walked off, sneak along behind them until you get to the end of the area,
where you'll find a planter to hide behind.  When the Soldier guarding the
bridge heads across it, follow behind him and poison the coffee on the bar.
Hide behind the bar and wait for Heather to take a sip of her chlorophacinone
latte.  Wait until the Soldier notices her body and comes to check on her, then
head across the second bridge and down the stairs to the right to reach the

 === Reception ===

     Cut through the bar and out the back while Dijana is distracting the
Soldier.  As long as he's talking, it doesn't matter if he sees you.
Head straight across and into the area with the dumpsters.  When Dijana comes
across and stands against the wall, take one of the items lying around the area
and bounce it off the wall to lure her around.  Although Saints can't blow your
cover, they can 'spot' you if you're close enough, and blending in won't work,
so make sure you stay hiding until she turns her back.  And, well, you know
what you have to do.

Head back to the starting room and exit via the other door.  Make your way
along the left of the level until you reach the barbecue area.  Sneaking isn't
going to happen, so don't bother.  Just walk and use Instinct when you get
noticed.  Stand over to the right, beside the statue, until the Soldier
finishes with the owner.

Grab the Bottle from next to the barbecue, then have a look around the next
corner.  If the Soldier isn't there, throw the Bottle at the side of the gas
station to lure Agnija over.  That won't quite do it, so grab the Radio off the
picnic table and throw it off the wall with the barbecues to lure her around
the corner.  There's nowhere to hide from her here, so just keep your distance
until she turns her back.  Once you've inhumed her, dump her body in the
container at the back of the area.

The exit is just to the right of where you accosted Dijana.  It'll be guarded,
and the only option available to you will be to throw an item around the corner
and pick the lock while they have their backs turned.  If you'd rather not risk
it, you could lure them around the corner in turn and subdue them.

 === Cornfield ===

     Give everyone a good head start down the road, then follow along behind
them.  When you see the Soldier kneeling down by the car, cut into the
cornfield through the gap in the fence on the right.  As long as you're
sneaking and you stop moving when you see someone, you'll be fine.  Follow the
fence all the way around to the right until you reach a checkpoint.

Near to that checkpoint, you'll find a scarecrow.  Activate the checkpoint and
rob the scarecrow of its clothing.  This disguise is unique and offers you an
unrivalled level of movement through the cornfield.  As long as you're standing
still, enemies will ignore you, even if they brush right past your face.
They'll ignore you even if you move past their line-of-sight, just so long as
you stop when they notice you.  On top of that, you can make use of any of the
props you see to hide in plain sight.

Opposite the scarecrow is a shed that's frequented by the first target, Louisa
Cane.  You'll need to get around the back of the building, but the cornfield
doesn't full encompass it.  And that means you'll have to sneak across a path.
The best way to do it is to head around to the left, as the path is less
frequented, although still somewhat busy.

At the back of the building, there's a generator.  Sneak over to it and connect
the cable to the water pipe, then pull the lever.  The next time Little Miss
OCD goes to wash her hands, she'll disinfect herself permanent-like.  To the
left of the generator is another checkpoint, and now would be a good time to
use it.  Orientate yourself towards the large farmhouse and start making your
way over.  The ground is think with Soldiers, so progress will be a step-by-
step affair.

Again, the cornfield doesn't encompass the building, so you'll have to cross a
particularly busy stretch of path.  Jacqueline just loves to take strolls
through the cornfield at the other side.  As long as she's a small distance
away from any of the Soldiers in the area, you'll be able to scarecrow her to
death.  There's nowhere to hide her, so just leave her.  Sure, they'll find her
body and grow suspicious, but no-one ever suspect the scarecrow.

Head to the very edge of the cornfield that's overlooking the barn.  You need
to be at the very edge, as you don't want your vision obscured when you're
trying to make a shot.  What are you shooting?  You're shooting the crane on
the barn, the part attaching the pallet to the chain, to be exact.  Not right
now, of course, when Lasandra walks under it.  If you miss, you'll have to put
a bullet between her eyes next time she stops.  Head around to the right side
of the trailer and wait until the Soldiers have calmed down a bit.  At which
point, sneak over to the tables in the middle of the area and answer the
telephone on the ground to end the mission.

      Skurky's Law                                                   04.15

     [ ] Get to the Holding Cells
     [ ] Locate Victoria
     [ ] Open the gate

 === Courtroom ===

     Head out of the Courtroom and take the stairs around the corner to the
right.  Head to the Library over on the right and wait for the Court Security
Guard to come out of the door on the left.  Once he's gone, head into the
Library and wait around the door for the Court Usher to come in.  When he does,
punch his ticket and wait for the door to close, then stash his body in the
closet and take his clothes.

Head back into the Courtroom, this time via the upstairs gallery.  When the
video evidence has started rolling, the Security Guard in front of the monitor
to the left will leave the room.  Turning the television off will force a five-
minute recess.  Head downstairs and make your way around the left side of the
Courtroom and into the Judge's area.  You'll have to make use of Instinct to
avoid the gaze of the Usher at the other side of the room, mind you.

Subdue the Judge, then strip him and hide him in the closet.  If you want a
laugh, head out onto the bench and dismiss the case when the defendant comes
back.  Leave the Courtroom and head into the Security Room over to your left.
Head into the room on the left and take the Keycard from the desk, then return
to the Courtroom and open the locked door to the right of the bench.
You'll have to pick the lock on the door behind, but it can be done once the
Security Guard removes himself from view.

 === Holding Cells ===

     This might have been tricky if you weren't the LAW.  Head down into the
holding cells proper and wait for your escort to leave.  This leaves you with
two Security Guards, one of which patrolling between the main room and the area
with the exit door, and the other obnoxiously following your every movement.
Take the Fire Extinguisher upstairs and throw it next to the locker.
When obnoxious lad goes to check it out, head over to the exit and pick the
lock while the other Security Guard has his back turned.

 === Prison ===

     It doesn't matter what start off wearing, you're not wanted here.
Wait for the Hope Police Officer outside the cell to leave.  The ones inside
are preoccupied with a little of the ultra-violence, so won't notice you sneak
past.  Sneak around the corner and head over to the left, where you should take
cover against the boxes.  You're likely to garner a high amount of interest as
you, but you'll be back under cover before you're noticed.

When you see the HPO inside the control room wander over to the red button and
then wander back, that's your time to sneak in behind him and press it, then
return to your hiding place.  When the HPO comes to the corner (you'll have to
look through the glass on the door to see him), follow him back around and head
through the newly-opened door.

Stop at the first door on the right and wait for the HPO to turn around, then
continue on your merry way.  Sneak around the next corner and climb the ladder,
then follow the walkway around to the next one.  Climbing down the ladder will
net you some attention, so just slide and be done with it.  Head around the
corner behind you.  At the top of the stairs, shoot the padlock on the door,
then pick the lock on the one behind it to end the level.

      Operation Sledgehammer                                         04.16

     [ ] Escape the jail
     [ ] Get your Silverballers
     [ ] Evade the Agents and hunt Skurky

 === County Jail ===

     Use the circle button to extricate yourself from your bindings.
Trigger the fire alarm on the wall wait for the HPO to come down and check,
then take cover against the wall and choke him unconscious when he comes
through the door.  Take his clothes and hide him in the storage crate outside
in the corridor.

Head up the stairs and sneak past the HPO on the telephone, and then activate
the checkpoint and climb into the vent next to the storage crate.  Wait for the
HPO to finish gawking at the posters, then climb out of the vent and subdue
him, stashing him in the locker at the other side of the room.  Sneak out of
the door closest to the locker and grab the Silverballers off the table while
the HPOs have their backs turned.  Head out of the other door and blend in as
you head towards the exit on the left side of the room.

 === Outgunned ===

     Take cover against the column in front of you and skulk around to the
trunks on the left.  When the Agency Grunt between the two cars walks away,
sneak over to the car in front and grab the Bottle, then swap cover over to the
dumpster on the left.  Throw the Bottle at the back wheel of the car to lure
the Grunt out of position.  The area is too small to lure him out so you can
sneak past him, so you'll have to follow him when he heads back and head around
him to the left when he turns around.

Climb the ladder and make your way around and down to reach a checkpoint.
Climb down into the street and grab the Bottle over by the boxes on the right.
Throw the Bottle into the road, and while everyone is distracted, sneak across
to the other side of the street.  When you reach the trunks blocking your way,
grab the Bottle to the left and throw it into the street to distract the Grunt.
Don't throw it so far as to lure over the Grunts further ahead, as that would
be messy.  Vault your cover and make your way along until you reach the
dumpster parallel with the group of Grunts in the street.  Once they start
leaving, you're free to head over to the shoe store.  The exit is in back.

 === Burn ===

     Make your way around to the left and head through the door and down the
stairs.  When you reach the warehouse, two Agency Heavy Troopers will enter
through the door on the right.  By virtue of their sexy armour and even sexier
guns, you really don't want to fight them.  Keep to the right and put your back
to one of the shelves.  When the Heavy Trooper comes past, waylay him and don
his sexy armour.  His body can be stashed in the container to the right of the
door he came through.

Head through that door and head around to the left, blending in all the way,
until you reach the room at the end.  If you're low on Instinct, you'll have to
climb the ladder and use the scaffolding to cut out as much of the room as
possible, then make your way around from there.  The exit to the warehouse is
over to the right.  Outside the warehouse, make your way up the stairs and into
the building.  Take the next set of stairs up and pick the lock on the door at
the top.

 === Hope Fair ===

     Follow the sniper and subdue him when he enters the next room, then drag
him through into the corridor and hide his body in the storage crate.  Head out
the door and down the stairs.  Make your way around to the left, using the
stalls as cover.   Wait behind the first such stall until the Heavy Troopers
enter the bar, then continue along and up onto the stage, using the tables as

Once you're down the steps at the other side, take cover against the barrel and
wait for the Heavy Trooper to walk away.  Once you reach the last stall on this
side, wait for the Grunt to walk away, then vault the carts and continue down
the left side.  Use the cover to get as far along as possible, then break out
Instinct and walk towards the exit in the top-left corner.  From where you are,
it's not a long walk, so even a small amount of Instinct will do.

 === Outskirts ===

     Advance on the church and head inside.  Skurky will grab the priest and
the game will switch into Point Shooting mode.  Put a bullet up his nose to
finish things up.

      One of a Kind                                                  04.17

     [ ] Suit up

 === Tailor Shop ===

     Follow Tom over to the dressing room and collect the suit off the stand by
the mirror.  Before you exit, you should know that Tom has some fun costumes in
the basement.  There's also some Evidence [1/1] to be found on the desk around
to the left.  I like it here.  Let's stay forever.

      Blackwater Park                                                04.18

     [ ] Infiltrate Blackwater
     [ ] Gain access to Dexter's penthouse
     [ ] Locate Layla
     [ ] Eliminate Layla
     [ ] Find the panic room

 === Blackwater Park ===

     We're not presently trespassing, but that's only a formality.  Head around
to the right, and when you see the spotlight, head into the gardens on the
right and sneak your way down that side.  Once you're through the arch, wait
until the Exterior Guard is gone, then slide your way along the left wall until
you're in view of the round planter.

Two Guards orbit this, and there's also a Gardener down the right side, but we
don't care about him.  When the Guard on the left heads around to the right,
hop over your cover and make your way across to the other side.  Keep going
until you see the booth at the top of the ramp.  Hope over the small barrier to
avoid the attention of the lackeys on the door, then mosey over to the
Plumber's van.  When the Plumber comes back to tinker with the pump, lure him
over to the black car by throwing the Remote Explosives.  Subdue and strip him,
then hide his body in the hopper near his van.

You're wearing a unique disguise, so most of the area is free to roam without
care or concern.  Head into Blackwater via the back door and head around until
you reach the checkpoint marker at the top of the stairs.  Cut a right in the
lobby and head out into the corridor.  The room in front of you is the security
room, and over on the left side, near the window, is the terminal that will
deactivate the retinal scanner on the elevator.

There is no trickery here, just timing.  There are usually three Guards in the
room, but one will occasionally head into the lobby.  When he does, there will
be a brief window when the remaining Guards will have their backs to you - one
at the bookcase opposite the terminal and one at the map on the far side of the
room.  That's your cue to sneak through the left doorway and tamper with the
computer.  Return to the lobby and call the elevator.  When it arrives, hop in
and elevate yourself.

 === Penthouse ===

     Shimmy along the ledge and climb down at the end.  Follow the path around
to the door, then sneak over to the one on the opposite side of the hall.
Take cover against the railings closest to you and wait for the Blackwater
Bodyguard to come back.  Once you've subdued and stripped him, you'll have to
'hide' him by chucking him over the railings, preferably the ones away from the

Follow the roof around to the end, either avoiding or pushing the remaining
Bodyguard over the railings, and head inside.  Utilise the cover to make your
way over to the left, then walk towards the stairs while doing your best acting
job.  At the top, head around to the left and follow the floor around to the
museum.  There's nothing it would see-um we want to steal in the museum, so
head through the door marked by the dartboard on your right.

Grab the Black Kazo TRG from by the window.  You might want to trigger the
checkpoint before attempting the next bit.  If you want to get out of here
intact, you'll need as much Instinct as you can get, so give yourself a boost
by luring in the Bodyguard from outside and subduing him.  Look out the window
and focus on the door at the back of the area.  When Layla pops out for some
air and a wiggle, pop her one in the head.

Exit the room and head down the stairs to the right, then head right at the
bottom.  You'll be blending in a helluva lot right now, so orientate yourself
on the blue rectangle.  That's the panic room, and you can reach it by heading
all the way to the end of the corridor and turning left, into the study.
The door is hidden in the wall to the right of the globe.  Inside, pick up the
phone on the bed to end the level with a pretty nifty cut-scene.

      Countdown                                                      04.19

     [ ] Eliminate Blake Dexter

 === Blackwater Roof ===

     Visibility is low, time is short.  If you get spotted, expect Dexter to
blow the building sky high shortly thereafter.  The same will also happen if
you wait the four-and-a-half minute timer to expire.  Call up Instinct and look
at the lovely yellow point of interest.  If you shoot right there, you'll cause
the crane to drop its load, squishing someone you've never met and luring
someone else you've never met away from the stairs over to the right.

Make your way down the left of the roof, either sneaking past the Blackwater
Tactical Team member planting the explosives or shoving him through the
skylight for a laugh, then head right and up the stairs that will be on your
left.  Activate the checkpoint at the top of the stairs and call up your
Instinct again.  When the patrolling Tactical Team member strolls over to the
right, sneak straight along the roof.  You'll draw attention, but the two main
threats to your seditious behaviour will have their backs turned.  Head over to
the top-left corner of the roof and wait for the mook there to walk away.

The roof is littered with Proximity Mines, but if you again call up your
Instinct, you'll see a little yellow circle around each mine.  This indicates
the trigger zone.  As long as you keep out of the trigger zone, you'll not
explode horribly.  After you've cleared them and made your way up the steps,
you'll find the next section to be impassible.  Climb over the crates to your
left and climb down onto the ledge.  Shimmy along the ledge and use Instinct to
find the safe spot, then climb back up.  Climb up onto the helipad and sneak up
on Dexter.  Kill him however you like, preferably horribly, then approach
Victoria to end things up.

      Absolution                                                     04.20

     [ ] Get past the Agency
     [ ] Locate Jade
     [ ] Eliminate Jade
     [ ] Get to the Crematorium
     [ ] Find a way to the Crematorium
     [ ] Eliminate the Praetorians
     [ ] Deal with Benjamin Travis

 === Cemetery Entrance ===

     Quickly head down the stairs and swap cover to the other side of the
doorway.  When the Grunt comes in, drop him and strip, then drag him out of the
doorway.  Climb out of the window and make your way down the right, using the
gravestones as cover.  When you reach the second one, wait until the Grunts
part ways, then follow the one heading right and push him into the grave to get
him out of the way.

Head down the stairs and keep as far right as possible as you make your way
along.  Once you're up the next set of steps, grab the Book over to the left
and use it to distract the Grunts so you can sneak up the next set, where I
know you'll want to head left and down the next set.  Eyes are everywhere and
cover is fleeting, so quickly make your way down the next set of stairs to
shake them off.  Hide behind the planter closest to the exit door until the
Grunt there walks off.  Amusingly enough, he'll walk over to where you're
hiding, so you'll have to head around the other side of the planter to reach
the door, which is locked and needs picking.

 === Burnwood Family Tomb ===

     At the junction, take a left and sneak around until you see the Grunt.
Take the Brick off the ground and head into the arch in the left.  You won't be
able to swap cover with his beady little eyes on you, so throw the Brick to
divert his attention.  Make your way along from cover-to-cover until you reach
the Proximity Mine.  Take it and head back to the right.  Instead of trying to
distract the Grunt a second time, use Instinct and cut right across him.

Continue until you see the warning sign.  Set and arm the Proximity Mine inside
the tunnel the sign is warning you about, then return to the junction from
earlier and head straight to reach the exit door.  Sooner or later, Jade is
going to pass through that tunnel and bury herself.  As soon as she does, pick
the lock on the door.

 === Crematorium ===

     The Crematorium is guarded by three Praetorians.  Praetorian is Latin for
badass.  Or it should be.  Head up into the cemetery and have a little look
around in Instinct mode.  The place is littered with laser trip-mines.  Cross a
beam and explode if you dare.  Make your way around to the right and you won't
have to deal with any booby-trapped headstones.  Climb up onto the first ledge
you come to and pull yourself up.  Hide behind the headstone and take the Dog

When the first Praetorian, let's call him John (because that's his name) comes
close, throw the Dog Bone right next to the ledge you climbed up from.  You
won't be able to circle around the headstone due to a bomb, but if you hide as
far left as possible, he won't notice you when he comes to investigate.
Garotte him and drop him over the edge, then drop down and hang around.

Once his friend has checked and found nothing foul afoot, climb back up and
reclaim your beloved Dog Bone. Make your way around the outside of the area to
avoid the lasers, and when you reach the first low wall, throw the Bone into
the middle of area, then go hide against the arch.  When Carey comes to check
on the noise, you can waylay from around the corner.

Exit your little den and make your way around to the right and over to the next
such area, where you can utilise the Dog Bone to lure Jack into an identical
encounter to Carey.  With the Praetorian boned, head up the stairs and take the
Explosives on the trunk.  Head over to the door, and with a disregard for
health and safety, set the Explosives.  Oh, and retreat to a safe distance.
Don't want you getting splinters.  That's the game finished, amigo.  We should
have known that the final boss couldn't have been anything other than a door.

      Frequently Asked Questions                                     07.00

 === General Questions ===

 Q: Why can't I get a Silent Assassin rating?

 A: Sometimes there quite simply aren't enough points for you to collect,
    and that's mostly down to a mission having no target.  In order to get a
    Silent Assassin rating on some missions, you'll need to play the game on
    Purist difficulty, where the score multiplier is far more generous.

 === Questions About This Guide ===

 Q: Can I use your guide on my site?

 A: As of this moment, no you cannot host my guide.  Why?  Because I believe
    that the number of sites that I'm allowing to host this guide is enough,
    enough to keep track of and enough to provide adequate distribution to you,
    the wonderful FAQ-reading public.

 Q: I have this guide, would it be okay if I used a part of yours?

 A: *Chokes* part of mine?  What would be the point of that?  You can use my
    guide as reference for all the things that I can't own (i.e. facts), but
    you can't go lifting entire paragraphs, even if you credit me for it.
    Just read the copyright notice at the top of this guide, and then think
    twice before 'borrowing' anything from me.

 Q: If I've found something that you were too stupid to include, or something
    that you've missed, what should I do?

 A: You could take it, turn it sideways and shove it... *ahem* just drop me
    a line and tell me in exact detail as to what it was that I screwed up on
    or missed out.  If you can help me to make this guide more accurate, youll
    win a cookie, a kudos cookie (great on calories, lousy on taste).

      Credits and Outro                                              08.00

     That was great!  My favourite part was when you did that thing to that
guy, and then he died from it.  Oh, the guide is over, you say?  You were fun,
and you can come back any time you like, just remember to turn the lights off
when you leave.

 === Special Mentions and Thanks ===

  The layout of this guide is based upon the layout used by Dalez in his Breath
    of Fire IV guide [].

     If for some strange reason, you would actually like to thank me, feel free
to pay me a visit and leave a comment [] and
pledge to serve as my vassal - too far?  Well, just sign it and leave out the
"serving me for all eternity" bit (if you like).

No, Mr. President, they have no idea of my true identity.  Yes, Mr. President,
it all went according to plan.  Shall I continue with the second phase of the
operation?  Yes, sir, understood.

     Hitman: Absolution (C) 2012 IO Interactive
          Hitman: Absolution - FAQ/Walkthrough (C) 2012 Mike Penance