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Follow the dark path or use the light
Elevator Action Deluxe Pack Shot

Elevator Action Deluxe



by Mike Penance

                           ELEVATOR ACTION DELUXE (PSN)
         FAQ/Walkthrough (C) 2012 Mike Penance (
                                V E R S I O N   1.0
                     Last Updated:  January 24, 2012  17:23

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    1.....Introduction [01.00]
            - Trophies [01.00]
    2.....Walkthrough [02.00]
            - 01-1 [02.01]     - 07-1 [02.31]
            - 01-2 [02.02]     - 07-2 [02.32]
            - 01-3 [02.03]     - 07-3 [02.33]
            - 01-4 [02.04]     - 07-4 [02.34]
            - 01-5 [02.05]     - 07-5 [02.35]
            - 02-1 [02.06]     - 08-1 [02.36]
            - 02-2 [02.07]     - 08-2 [02.37]
            - 02-3 [02.08]     - 08-3 [02.38]
            - 02-4 [02.09]     - 08-4 [02.39]
            - 02-5 [02.10]     - 08-5 [02.40]
            - 03-1 [02.11]     - 09-1 [02.41]
            - 03-2 [02.12]     - 09-2 [02.42]
            - 03-3 [02.13]     - 09-3 [02.43]
            - 03-4 [02.14]     - 09-4 [02.44]
            - 03-5 [02.15]     - 09-5 [02.45]
            - 04-1 [02.16]     - 10-1 [02.46]
            - 04-2 [02.17]     - 10-2 [02.47]
            - 04-3 [02.18]     - 10-3 [02.48]
            - 04-4 [02.19]     - 10-4 [02.49]
            - 04-5 [02.20]     - 10-5 [02.50]
            - 05-1 [02.21]     - 11-1 [02.51]
            - 05-2 [02.22]
            - 05-3 [02.23]
            - 05-4 [02.24]
            - 05-5 [02.25]
            - 06-1 [02.26]
            - 06-2 [02.27]
            - 06-3 [02.28]
            - 06-4 [02.29]
            - 06-5 [02.30]
    3.....Frequently Asked Questions [03.00]
    4.....Credits and Outro [04.00]

 ===== Introduction ================================================ 01.00 ====

     Elevator Action Deluxe steers away from all the things that were bad about
the original (like the terrible controls and the repetitive levels) while
maintaining and improving on all the things that made it great.  There are
doors, there are elevators, escalators are cool, and there's more than enough
action to fill your secret agent pants.  Go on, go for Gold, I dare you.

 ---- Trophies ----------------------------------------------------- 01.01 ----

   === Bronze ===

     01. The Rookie
            - You completed the tutorial.

     02. The Pancake Maker
            - You crushed 10 enemies with elevators.

     03. The Bouncer
            - You hit 50 enemies with doors.

     04. The Shot in the Dark
            - You hit 30 enemies with lamps.

     05. Agent Bombastic
            - You blew up 100 enemies.

     06. Combo Master
            - You defeated 8 enemies at once.

     07. The Bully
            - You defeated 2000 enemies.

   === Silver ===

     08. Top Earner
            - You earned more than $2,000,000 in total rewards.

     09. The Intermediate
            - You completed stage 01-5.

     10. The Veteran
            - You completed stage 05-5.

     11. The Elite
            - You completed stage 10-5.

   === Gold ===

     12. The Legend
            - You earned all gold medals.

 ===== Walkthrough ================================================= 02.00 ====

     Throughout the walkthrough, you'll find that I won't religiously mention
Intel doors that aren't out of the way or tricky to get to.  Why?  Because if
you're running down a corridor I've asked you to run down (or there's only one
path), I'd think it should be obvious that you need to grab any Intel found
there rather than run straight past them.  If I highlighted every single Intel
door and told you to enter them, I'd not only be slowing things down badly, I'd
be insulting your intelligence.

 ----- 01-1 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.01 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed in under 30 seconds
    Unlocks: File 001 Astro Race

     First up, an important lesson in elevator control.  While riding an
elevator, tap up and down rapidly to keep it pretty much in the same place.
A lot of levels rely on you being out of the elevator and running as quickly as
possible, and hovering between floors keeps you closer to where you need to be.
It also makes for a pretty good hiding place.

However, there's no need for such subtlety here, as you can just crush the
Black under a light.  To drop a light on an enemy, simply shoot it.  The only
place you can shoot a light from will be from inside or on top of an elevator.
Shooting out lights will also plunge the area into darkness, meaning you can
move about undetected.  While the light is flickering, you can still be seen,
so wait.  The Black below can be removed in a similar fashion, or he can be
crushed with the elevator, which is certainly more fun (for you, not him).

The first Intel is on the same floor, surprisingly behind that big red door.
The door with the heart will restore your health if entered, not like you
should need it.  You can easily pick up the rest of the Intel as well as avoid
the guards by making sure to shoot out the lights on every floor you visit.

The exit, just so you know, is guarded by a Red.  Reds, while also being more
durable to gunfire (taking three hits), will also sound the alarm upon spotting
you, which in turn summons several Blacks to that floor for the duration of ten
or so seconds.  Being the first level and all, he can also be avoided by
shooting out the lights.  Speaking of lights, during a red alert, the area will
be bathed in light, giving you no darkness to hide in.

 ----- 01-2 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.02 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed without being detected by an enemy
    Unlocks: File 002 Soccer

     Both the Red guarding the Intel door and the one below him can be taken
out quite easily with a smack to the head after you've shot the lights out.
Though it may not look like it, if you time your run from the next elevator,
you can get all the way to the end of the long corridor to smack the Red before
he turns back around.  Alternatively, you could shoot the lights out and grab
the Intel without engaging him.

The next floor down is a little different.  Shoot the lights out and raise the
shutter using the switch.  The top of the shutter will prevent you from
shooting out the remaining lights, but the darkness you've already cast will
allow you to get yourself in range to send a volley of bullets towards the Red
without being spotted.  The final two floors each have a Red, and each Red can
be taken out via the usual method.

 ----- 01-3 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.03 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: Succeed without defeating a single enemy
    Unlocks: File 003 Pro Hockey

     Ride the first escalator down and flip the switch at the end of the floor.
The switch will raise a security shutter on the floor below along with lowering
one on this floor, sealing off the escalator you just came down.  Ride the
escalator down to the next floor.

The door with the hat indicates a room where you can nab yourself a disguise.
Enemies won't be alerted to your presence while you're dressed in the very
heighth of guard fashion.  However, your movement is slowed to a walk and any
attempt to jump or attack will automatically remove the disguise.  On top of
that, the disguise will only last for around twelve seconds.  You'll know when
time is almost over when your character starts to perspire.

Grab the disguise and make your way back up using the other escalator here.
The disguise won't last you until you reach the Intel in the top-right corner,
but it will last you until the next disguise room.  That next disguise will
last barely long enough for you to ride the elevator up, grab the Intel, and
ride it back down.  At the bottom, if you're lucky, you'll be able to get back
to the escalator you came up on before a Black appears.  If not, be prepared to
run - it's not like he can follow you.

Head back down to the first disguise room.  By now, it'll be available again.
Be quick about heading down the next escalator and past the row of Blacks.
Flip the switch at the end to raise the security shutter on the floor below,
then ride the escalator down.  Your disguise will be due to wear off any second
now, so hurry up and hide behind a door until the Red passes you.  The last
Intel and the exit are within reach.

 ----- 01-4 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.04 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: Succeed without being detected by an enemy
    Unlocks: File 004 Basketball

      Ride down in the elevator on the right.  The switch you can see below the
Intel door will toggle the security shutters, enabling you to take the elevator
on the left up to the second Intel door without being spotted.  Down on the
next floor, you're given the choice of two escalators.  Which one you take is
dependant on where the Red is.  You want to ride the escalator down just as
he's walking past, as this gives you time to smack him on the back of the head
before he turns around.

Again, you're given the choice of two escalators down to the next floor.
The floor below sees two Reds this time, and they're both stationary.
Their vision isn't good enough to cover the whole floor, meaning you can safely
pick one off without incurring the wrath of the other.  They're quite quick
when it comes to turning around, so you'll want to ride the escalator down
about a second after they've turned to face it in order to catch them with
their proverbial pants down.

The bottom floor, and indeed the exit, are guarded by two Reds.  They actually
patrol, which I know is odd for underpaid goons, but the way they do so often
leaves them both facing away from the exit.  Ride down as you see one go past
your escalator of choice, then make a sprint for the exit.

 ----- 01-5 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.05 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed without being detected by an enemy
    Unlocks: File 005 Elepong

     Below you, you'll see two Reds, one of which guarding an Intel door.
With some small timing, they can both be taken out by dropping a light on their
heads.  The Red on the left doesn't move, so you're guaranteed to remove him
for free.  Should you miss your next target with the light, it doesn't matter,
as the floor will be plunged into darkness, allowing you to just run up to him
and clonk him one.  The floor down is more of the same, but it's the Red on the
right that doesn't move from his spot

On the next floor down, there's only one place to hide, and that's behind the
Intel door to the left.  There'll be some Blacks down there having a nice
patrol, but shooting out the lights will help you greatly, the same goes for
the floor below.  The only available door on that floor leads to a disguise.
If you don't time your exit from the room to coincide with the elevator
arriving (exit just before it's halfway up), you'll be pretty much out of time
by time the elevator comes up again, meaning you'll to hover between floors
until the door is available again.

The disguise, as you can obviously see, is needed to stroll past the ten
gentlemen on the floor below.  With the elevator timed right, and providing you
exit it as soon as possible, you'll make the elevator at the far end with just
enough time remaining on your disguise.

 ----- 02-1 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.06 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed without being detected by an enemy
    Unlocks: File 006 Speed Race

     Flip the second switch to raise the security shutters below you and to the
right.  Security shutters, you may not know, can crush the life out of anyone
walking below them.  That's what you need to do here; flip the switch again as
someone is walking below one.  There are three Reds, but you only need to
remove two to make it safe enough to ride down the escalator.  Reds are prone
to reappearing relatively quickly, so grab the Intel as soon as you can and
seal the area off again.

There's only one Red on the left side of the screen.  He turns around every
four seconds; count to two while he's facing you, then take a ride down the
escalator and make a run for him.  You should reach him just before or just
after he turns around.  Either way, he won't register seeing you.  That's the
last Intel, so off you trot to the exit.  If, unfortunately, you were too slow,
and Reds started reappearing, you'll have to focus on trapping the wanderers
over to the right.

 ----- 02-2 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.07 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed without being detected by an enemy
    Unlocks: File 007 Western Gun

     Make your way all the way right, being careful to avoid getting yourself
crushed by an elevator.  Mingle between floors in the last elevator until the
Reds turn their backs (they do so at almost the same time, so you only have to
watch the one closest to you), then take it all the way to the top.  Head left
and flip the breaker to turn off the lights.

In the dark, shoot out the lights on their floor before attempting to grab any
of the Intel.  The lights wouldn't have stayed off for long, so this saves you
from having to trip the power a second time.  The exit is guarded by one final
Red, but above him is a light, so use it to put his out.  Sure, you could have
turned the lights out with the breaker again, but where's the fun in that?

 ----- 02-3 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.08 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: Succeed without being detected by an enemy
    Unlocks: File 008 Safari

     Ride the first elevator up, being wary of the Red to the left.
You can avoid him if you like, but smacking him when his back is turned is far
better.  Ride the only other elevator here up and head left.  The switch on the
wall will open the security shutter next to it.  The problem is, the Intel
is guarded by two Reds, one of which is mobile, the other of which just likes
to periodically turn around.  When the patrolling Red is right next to the
stationary Red, there comes an opportunity where they both have their back
turned long enough for you to run up and beat them both about the head.

Head right now and take the second elevator.  The Reds guarding the next Intel
door are far easier to take down.  If you shoot the lights out as you ride the
elevator down, you won't have to deal with them.  With that threat dealt with,
flip the switch over to the right to open up the security shutter barring
access to the final Intel door above you.  There's only one Red guarding it, so
taking him out is pretty simple.  There are two more Reds at the bottom with a
view of the exit, which leaves you with two choices: either shoot the light out
on the way down or flip the switch again to block them off with a shutter.

 ----- 02-4 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.09 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed without being detected by an enemy
    Unlocks: File 009 Gun Man

     There's nowhere to take that elevator but all the way to the top, so do
just that.  Flip the switch to raise no only the shutters blocking the Intel
doors, but the ones with Reds behind.  Grab a Bomb and trip the lights before
taking the elevator down.  While the lights are out, you have time enough to
concuss the first Red, plant the Bomb next to the Blacks, and hide behind the
Intel door.

The Reds at the other side are beady-eyed enough to spot you as you approach
the remaining two red doors, so head back up and trip the lights again.
While you're on your way around, be sure to smack the first Red to save time
and effort when the lights come back on.  If you're looking for some extra
points, you might want to take another Bomb with you, as the Blacks will no
doubt show up again.

 ----- 02-5 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.10 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: Succeed without being hurt
    Unlocks: File 010 Space Invaders

     Time is far too short for anything other than inappropriate levels of
violence or cunning.  I chose both.  There are a lot of enemies to deal with,
but there are also a lot of lights to be shot out, making the whole left side
of the level a breeze.  On the way down, you'll encounter two platforms marked
with security chevrons and a large red X.  These are the points where you need
to plant a bomb.

To plant a bomb, simply treat them as if they were a door.  At the bottom,
you'll need to head right and make your way up, planting bombs on two more
points.  However, there's less room for stealth here, as with heading up,
you're unable to shoot out the lights.  The advantage of riding up, though,
is that you can quite happily and quite safely shoot them in the knees without
worrying about getting hit.

Once the last bomb is planted, the timer will set itself at a minute and
Combatants will come out to join our usual foes.  Combatants carry Assault
Rifles and it would be advised to stay the hell away from them while you have
that peashooter.  Back at the bottom, take the elevator to the right.

While the area may look empty, it won't be once you start making your way
along, as it'll be swamped by Combatants.  Just keep running without regard for
health or safety.  By time the Combatants that appear behind you open fire,
you'll be marginally out of their range, and by time the Combatants that appear
in front of you open fire, you'll be at the exit.

 ----- 03-1 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.11 ----

     Silver: $25,000
       Gold: Succeed without being hurt
    Unlocks: File 011 Acrobat

     Make your way over to the second blue door and duck inside.  As you
approach that door, a Combatant will appear from behind you.  He shouldn't spot
you, but it doesn't matter, as you'll be hitting him with the door as soon as
he passes by.  Head down the escalator and grab the Assault Rifle from the door
with the, er, Assault Rifle on.  The Assault Rifle fires in five-shot bursts
and is an ideal weapon to take down Combatants with.  You're limited to 60
rounds of ammo, so keep an eye on the counter.

Head down the escalator and keep making your way down to the floor with the
Intel door.  If you see any Combatants following you, wait at the foot of an
escalator and bop them on the head as they get off.  From the elevator, shoot
out the light to the right (you can't shoot the ones to the left due to the
security shutter getting in the way), then hop off and trip the switch.
The darkness won't buy you total cover, but it'll buy enough to close the

Grab the Bomb and Assault Rifle from the next floor down and don't forget the
last Intel.  There's also extra health here, if you haven't already noticed.
That lever you see before you will open the parts of the floor marked with
security chevrons, dropping the Combatants above you to their death.  You don't
get anything for it, not even points - it's just funny.

On the floor below, shoot out the lights to remove one of the Combatants and
throw half the floor into darkness.  That lack of light should be used to get
a shot out at the guy at the end.  Again, while the path to the exit may seem
clear, you'll be ambushed as you make your way along, so take cover behind the
first blue door.  The Combatants will all run to the end of the hall; hit the
last one with the door and open fire on the others while they're at a good
enough distance for you to avoid any retaliatory fire.

 ----- 03-2 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.12 ----

     Silver: $35,000
       Gold: Succeed without being hurt
    Unlocks: File 012 Time Tunnel

     Grab the Assault Rifle and head down the escalator.  Boot those drums over
the side of the platform to quite handily take out the Combatants below.
They'll be quick in getting replaced, so grab the Intel and get on your way
again as quickly as possible.  You probably won't be in time to make it into
the elevator, but fear not, as you'll be in time enough to ride down on its

Combatants not only love to ride escalators, but they also love to ride
elevators.  Hop off the elevator and flip the switch to lower a security
shutter on the floor below, then ride the elevator back up and kneecap any
pursuing Combatants before they have the chance to ride down and make your
life miserable.

At the bottom, kick the drum down the shaft to take out any resistance you
would have otherwise met.  Shoot out the lights at the bottom of the next
elevator and grab the Bomb.  Flipping the switch will open the security
shutters just across from you, but the darkness will keep you safe from the
Combatants that lurk behind it.  Plant the Bomb in front of the blue door and
get behind it.  Floor cleared - hurrah.  There's one more Intel up on the top

Flip the switch to open the security shutter barring your way to the elevator.
Said elevator doesn't go up to the next floor, so you'll have to ride on the
roof.  While you're here, take note of the disguise door.  Ride far enough up
in the next elevator for the Combatants to spot you, then ride back down.
One of the GI Dimwits will open fire, hitting the drum and taking out everyone
on the floor.  It should be noted that if you're aiming for the level score,
you'll need to shoot that drum yourself.  Grab that Intel like it were muffins,
then head back down and grab the disguise.  Now it's just a case of riding the
elevator down and casually walking to the exit.

And again, if you're aiming for the level score, you'll have to do things
differently.  You'll need around $20,000-$21,000 before exiting the level.
To boost your score, shoot out the lights and smack the Combatants around the
head, then return for the disguise before heading to the exit.

 ----- 03-3 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.13 ----

     Silver: $30,000
       Gold: Succeed without picking up any items
    Unlocks: File 013 Wyvern-F0

     You're introduced to a few new things here.  Firstly, you now have access
to Rocket Launchers.  They each come with 5 shots, and the explosion they make
is taller but only around half as wide as that of Bombs.  Secondly, there are
two new enemies here: Blues and Purples (collectively known as Snipers).
Blues are just like Blacks, with the exception that they carry rifles, giving
them greater range.  Purples are just like Blues, except they'll take three
hits before buying the farm.

Unfortunately for you, if you're going for Gold, you won't be able to pick up
any items.  Shoot out all the lights you can reach from the bottom of the
elevator to make sneaking up on the pair of Blues easy.  The Purple just ahead
can be ventilated from the safety of the shadows.  No such luck with the
Combatant at the end, though - you'll just have to keep your distance and be
ready to avoid any retaliation.

Shoot out the lights at the bottom of the elevator and use the darkness to ride
the escalator down to the first Intel door.  Continue left and down without
stopping, as once you approach the escalator, the Combatants over to the left
will open fire.  They're incapable of following you, so that's one thing.
At the bottom, keep to the theme of going left and dive behind the Intel door.
As you do, a pair of Combatants should come running from the right side of the
screen - hit the last one with the door before chasing the other one down and
smacking him on the head.

Ride the escalators up to the next Intel door, being wary of the same
Combatants from before (there'll be another one near the Intel itself, and
maybe a Black depending on how long it took you to get here).  Head all the way
back down now, then make your way right.  You'll encounter a few Combatants on
the way, unless you're very lucky, but there are ample numbers of doors to hide
behind.  Shoot the lights out at the bottom of the elevator, then use the
darkness to ambush the pair of Combatants.  There's another pair of Combatants
here, but you should be able to use that very same darkness to pick them off
before they spot you.

Along with the final Intel and the exit on the bottom floor, you will find two
Combatants, each with a Rocket Launcher.  Conveniently enough, there are two
doors to hide behind as well.  As you make your way to the first door, the
Combatant will spot you and open fire, then run past the door you're hiding
behind, allowing you to smash his face in.  The second Combatant goes down just
the same.

 ----- 03-4 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.14 ----

     Silver: $25,000
       Gold: Succeed without being hurt
    Unlocks: File 014 Space Chaser

     Grab the Rocket Launcher and the Bomb, then blast away the cracked wall.
There's another such wall beyond the elevator, that conceals an Intel door.
As the elevator is ready to go back down, place the Bomb on the roof (you'll
probably have to jump to make it off in time).  When the Bomb goes off, it'll
remove both walls and both Combatants.  This may seem like a little needless,
but you need the stealth bonus pretty damn badly here.  The Intel is obviously
to the right.  Be sure to grab another Bomb from the left before heading down
(doesn't matter what elevator you use for that).  Blast your way through both
walls, then send another rocket to greet the Combatant guarding the Intel.

Left now.  Be sure to grab another Rocket Launcher at the bottom of the
elevator.  Send two rockets right, being wary of hitting either the elevator or
the weight, then follow along after them.  As you do that, be major league wary
of the weights; they're fast and can and will easily crush you against the
ceiling should you be labouring under the belief that you're anywhere near as
speedy as they are.  Ride the elevator down and blast your way to the Intel

Rather than jumping across the shaft with the weight, use the weight itself as
a platform to run across.  Head back to the first elevator by the way you
came.  Place a Bomb inside the elevator, close to the edge (so you're roughly
half in and half out of the car), then send the it down.  Providing you're
holding left, you shouldn't be in the car when it starts moving.

Grab another Bomb, then ride down and flip the switch over to the left in order
to shut the power off.  Hitch a ride on top of the next elevator and be
prepared to jump down as soon possible.  The Combatant here won't see you
coming.  Grab another Rocket Launcher and blast through to the final Intel
door.  Send a Bomb down in the elevator to take out the Combatant and the final
wall.  There's one more Combatant left guarding the exit, and he's got quite
good eyes, which is why you need to make the shot from the elevator.  The only
thing stopping that shot is the weight, so timing isn't too tight.

 ----- 03-5 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.15 ----

     Silver: $35,000
       Gold: Blow up 10 enemies
    Unlocks: File 015 Galaxy Rescue

     There are two Combatants standing between you and the bottom.  Both have
Rocket Launchers and both can be taken out or avoided by simply shooting the
lights out as you ride the elevators down.  Before you embark on your ride
down, though, be sure to grab the Assault Rifle.  From the bottom, right is the
only direction you can go in, so you know.

As you ride the next lot of elevators up, you'll have to shoot a few more
Combatants in the knees.  Only the top two poses a threat, as one of them is
bound to get a shot off.  At the top, you're given a choice of heading back
down using one of two elevators.  The first one is easier, as the lights are
all positioned above the Combatants, making for some easy points on the way
down.  Once you are down, you'll need to hop into the second elevator and ride
back up to grab the other Intel, at the expense of somebody else's kneecaps.

Back at the bottom, ride that third elevator down, shooting out the lights on
the way.  Grab the Rocket Launcher and flip the switch to open the security
shutters in front of you.  As the shutters are going up, kick the drum and dive
behind one of the doors.  Not only will you take out the guys behind the
shutter, you'll blow up the ones below you (along with their mine) sky high.
The chances of one of the Combatants intercepting the drum with a rocket is
quite low, but if they do, you'll need to take out the ones below in a
different way.

Past the first elevator to the left, flip the switch to close the shutters
again.  If you couldn't take out the Combatants with the mine, kick the drum
here so it rolls over the top of the elevator and down the gap.  That'll see
the floor cleared.  With the final Intel in your pants (that's where I keep
mine), all that stands between you and the exit is, well, nothing.
However, you need to blow up ten enemies, so you might want to hang around for
a few more to appear before using that conveniently-placed Rocket Launcher to
pick them off.  Before that, though, you might want to shoot the lights out.

 ----- 04-1 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.16 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: Defeat 15 enemies
    Unlocks: File 016 Baseball

     This level is occupied entirely by Maniacs.  Nothing brings greater joy
for a Maniac than rushing out of a door, dropping a bomb, and then rushing back
to safety.  They like to cackle and rub their hands together gleefully, too.
There aren't many doors to hide behind here, making them exceptionally
dangerous.  If you arrive on a floor and find yourself too far from a door when
the Maniacs appear, ride back up on the escalator.

Some Maniacs get round to planting bombs faster than others, so you won't
always be able to beat them to the draw.  Fortunately, they'll go down with
a single shot, and that single shot should be delivered from a crouching
position, as with being quite short, you'll miss them while they're planting
a bomb if you're standing up.  It should also be noted that their bombs won't
cause a chain reaction, so watch out for a Maniac popping out of a door a
second before the explosion reaches them and planting a bomb behind the cover
of explosion.

You'll be ambushed on every floor, with the ambushes being particularly grand
on the floors with Intel.  When you get to the floor with the elevator, you
need to time your run to it, as you're certain to die if you miss it.  On the
bottom floor, there's an even bigger ambush, but the last Intel door is within
easy reach.  If you're going for Gold, the last two floors are the best place
to reach your quota of kills.

 ----- 04-2 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.17 ----

     Silver: $30,000
       Gold: Defeat 15 enemies
    Unlocks: File 017 ADC-3000

     Last level, Maniacs were just Maniacs.  Here, there are two different
types: grey and black.  Grey-coloured Maniacs are the ones you've already seen.
Black-coloured Maniacs, rather than dropping bombs, will instead drop mines.
As you may have guessed, mines won't explode immediately, as they would rather
wait for you to step on them.

All the floors here are pretty open, with each being accessible via three
elevator shafts.  Just behind the door ahead of you, as you can see, is a new
weapon - the Laser.  The Laser fires a thin beam that travels quickly to the
end of the screen, piercing enemies along the way.  The downsides are that it
only comes with three shots (and there's no ammo between here and the bottom
floor), and that it offers no upgrade in fire-power, being only as strong as
the default gun.  The latter downside doesn't apply here, though.

Snake your way around, resisting the temptation of taking the elevators in the
middle of each floor.  The less time you spend on elevators here, the better.
Spending less time on elevators surrounded by multiple doors is even better
still.  Each floor below the top one has an Intel door, so this avoids any
chance of you having to go back because you missed a door by cutting a floor
short.  The first few floors, thanks to the Laser, will be stupidly easy, but
for the rest of the trip, you'll be back to hiding behind doors.

On the bottom floor, grab the Laser and make your way towards the final Intel
door.  There will be a few regular Maniacs along the way, but try and keep one
shot for when you reach the door.  When you do, three black-coloured Maniacs
will spring out behind you and litter the ground with mines.  This can be
prevented quite easily with your last shot.  If they get away with it, you'll
have to carefully jump over each mine, and you'd better hope they aren't
grouped well enough for you to be unable to jump over them.

 ----- 04-3 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.18 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed in 02:45
    Unlocks: File 018 Balloon Bomber

     Maniacs make a return here, but they're entirely conducive to getting you
through the level.  Below you, you should see one dropping a mine on the
chevroned platform.  The lever on the floor below it will remove the platform,
dropping the mine down to the next floor.  Activating that switch four times
will be enough to get the mine into position.  Once it is, you'll have to ride
down in the elevator until you trigger a second Maniac to trigger it, clearing
the way to an Intel door.

The problem that rears its ugly head here is the good many Blacks walking
around, strolling into mines on a whim.  If a Black sets off a mine before you
want it set off, make sure the top platform is reset, then wait for another
Maniac to drop a mine on it.  If you think a Black is about to walk into a
mine, you can buy a couple of seconds by firing your gun.  Now, there's one
more mine to take care of, and one more wall to blow down, meaning you need to
make a repeat performance.

Continue through that broken wall and ride the elevator up.  If you see a
single Maniac come out of the door above you, feel free to shoot out the light
above the first drum and ride up to the top.  If you see two, hang back a bit,
just in case on of them triggers a mine.  In the case of there only being one,
once you're at the top, you'll have a couple of seconds to get back down to the
floor with the Intel before the second Maniac runs into the mine.

With the way clear, head back up and pull the switch on the wall to lower the
security shutter above you, crushing the mine and taking out the walls blocking
the way to the Intel.  Open the shutter again and make your way up.  With that
one down, only two Intel doors remain.  The last one is on the top floor, and
as soon as you approach it, a Maniac will leap out and drop a mine.  In the
interest of time, you're best off jumping over it.

On the floor above the exit floor, grab the Laser and hop into the elevator.
As you make your way down, shoot out the lights and ride back up to safety.
You'll take out a small contingent of Maniacs, along with their mines.  As you
make your way along, fire off a shot to catch the next lot coming out of the
doors closest to the elevator.  If you miss, man up and leap over the mines -
there should be a couple at most.

 ----- 04-4 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.19 ----

     Silver: $25,000
       Gold: Succeed without being hurt
    Unlocks: File 019 Crazy Balloon

     There's only one Intel door on this floor, but it's behind the weight all
the way to the right.  Once you have it, return to the first elevator and ride
it down (don't forget to bring the Bomb with you).  You can clear this and any
subsequent floor of mines by shooting out the light above one of them.
It should be noted that there's a gap between the platforms and the elevators,
and they're surprisingly easy to slip down.  Providing you run off an elevator
as soon as is possible, you'll land safely.  You can also get onto elevators
without jumping by running off the edge of a platform as the elevator is
halfway up.

The first elevator won't take you all the way down, so you'll have to switch
halfway.  At the bottom, all the way over to the right, you'll be given the
choice of a Laser or an Assault Rifle.  I said 'choice' like you actually
needed to think about it - take the Assault Rifle.  You want to go up, but the
elevator doesn't, which necessitates riding on the roof.  As you make your way
up to the penultimate Intel door, be quick about dealing with the Combatants,
as each floor has a drum that they might carelessly perforate.  Again, not all
the elevators go all the way up, so you'll have to cadge a ride on the roof of

Grab a new Assault Rifle from down the bottom, then take the elevator down.
Head left and set a Bomb before hiding behind the nearest door.  Once you have
the Intel that was being ridiculously well-guarded, ride down to the exit
floor.  When you reach the switch on the wall, you'll be ambushed by Maniacs.
Flip the switch to lower the security shutters at either side of you and
prevent an ignominious demise.  As you approach the second switch, two
Combatants will join the fray.  Melee the one closest to you and keep your
distance from the other guy until you can get a clean shot off.  The exit is,
well, over there.

 ----- 04-5 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.20 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed without being hurt
    Unlocks: File 020 Arkanoid

     Another day, another chance to plant explosives all over a deadly super-
weapon.  The layout of this level is identical to the one previous.  The key
differences being the path to the exit, facing Combatants instead of Blacks
and Reds, and having one extra explosive to plant down the right side.
The strategy is the same as before, make your way down, shooting out lights as
either a direct method of dispatching enemies or to allow you to melee them.
With the level being populated by Combatants, someone saw only fair to give you
access to Assault Rifles, the first of which being on the second floor down.

As you make your way up the right side, be aware that, like before, you're
coming from the bottom, so if you're not quick at dispatching them, they'll
retaliate.  In this case, they'll retaliate with Rocket Launchers.  With all
the bombs set, head down to the bottom floor, liberating an Assault Rifle on
the way.

Flip the switch to open the shutter in front of you.  Unfortunately, it'll also
close the one just beyond that.  Flipping the switch at the other side will
close the shutter behind you to prevent guys coming down on the elevator as
well as opening the shutter in front of you.  As you pass the doors, two
Combatants to jump out behind you.  After which, it's one more such section,
and a mine to jump over before you reach the safety of the exit.

 ----- 05-1 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.21 ----

     Silver: $30,000
       Gold: Succeed in 01:00
    Unlocks: File 021 Astro Zone

     The things that look vaguely like gas canisters rolling around with
unadulterated glee are Droids, and for all intents and purposes, they *are* gas
canisters rolling around with unadulterated glee.  If one touches you, it'll
explode.  They move fast, and they move too low to the ground to hit, making
jumping over them your only course of action (they move fast enough for a
standing jump to clear them).

There's one on the floor below you, two on the floor below that, and three on
the floor below that.  While grabbing the Intel on the second floor down, you
might be tempted to see if you can smash one of the Droids with a door.
I'll save you some time - you can't.  On the second floor down, flip the switch
to activate the security shutters a few floors down.

The lever on the next floor down will open the chevroned sections of the floor.
Providing you get the Droids to fall down the first such hole, they'll roll
right out of the window on the floor below (you have no time to flip the switch
a second time, so be quick or risk the Droids returning and dropping on you).
There's some delicate timing involved when it comes to riding down the
escalator, as you'll need to make sure they're just rolling away from you when
you arrive.

The floor with the shutters obviously isn't complicated; just, well, open them.
On the floor below, you'll meet your first Security Droid.  Security Droids are
large and fast-moving robots with a high level of vision.  Once one spots you,
it'll come straight for you, tumbling you straight out of the nearest window.
When it spots you, duck behind the nearest door and wait for it to zoom past.
Like the other Droids, clonking it with a door won't do you any good.
Gunfire will do nothing to it other than tickle.

You'll get to the second blue door before you're noticed for the first time.
Before you're noticed for a second time, you'll have time enough to flip the
switch and make it to the third blue door.  The switch will open a panel in the
floor below, giving the multitude of Droids somewhere to go.  The Security
Droid stands between you and the escalator leading to the exit, which means you
need to be spotted one final time.  The fourth blue door is conveniently as far
as you'll get before being spotted.

 ----- 05-2 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.22 ----

     Silver: $25,000
       Gold: Succeed in under 01:30
    Unlocks: File 022 QIX

     While you may not believe it, you have time to get from the bottom of the
first escalator and over to the top of the second one before the Security
Droid can reach you.  If you're concerned about getting caught, there's a
perfectly good door to hide behind along the way.  At the bottom of said second
escalator, head left and ride the elevator up.  At the top, the Security Droid
will spot you and come rushing over (they can't enter elevators).  Head back
down and take the second elevator now.  Because you lured the robot away from
the escalator, you'll have time enough to reach it before it reaches you.

At the top that escalator, as you can well see, lives a Droid.  If you get your
timing wrong, you'll step off into it and, well, die.  With the Intel secured,
you need to time your descent with the elevator coming back up.  Take the
escalator to the right of the elevators now, and quickly go about putting
yourself behind the first door.  When the Security Droid goes shooting past
you, pull the switch and put yourself behind the second door.  If you exit the
door and start running as soon as the Security Droid is past you, you'll be out
of its range by time it stops.

On the next floor down, duck behind the first door.  Once the Security Droid is
past you, you have enough time to reach the Intel door.  Again, lure the robot
past you and head down to the next floor.  The last Security Droid's range
doesn't quite cover the first door, so you'll have to head a bit past it to
start it off.  From there, you should be able to reach the exit a fraction of a
second after it spots you for the second time.

 ----- 05-3 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.23 ----

     Silver: $25,000
       Gold: Succeed without being hurt
    Unlocks: File 023 Front Line

     Jellyfish Droids slowly hover up and down between floors.  When they spot
you, they'll fire a laser at one of three heights.  In groups, this can make it
impossible to avoid being hit.  If you should touch one, it'll self-destruct.
Like the Security Droid, it is immune to gunfire.  Ride the elevator down as
you see the first Jellyfish go up.  By time you reach the second elevator, both
Jellyfish here will be on the way down, meaning you'll narrowly avoid them.
Keep on keeping on and ride both elevators down.  Providing you don't randomly
decide to stop, you'll miss every other Jellyfish on the way there.

From the bottom of that massively long escalator, you should have a few seconds
grace to clear the platforms to the right before the Jellyfish descend to block
your way.  Should they get there before you, keep your distance until they're
gone.  Across the platforms, flip the switch to lower the shutter behind you,
giving you some time to breath.  While they're at the bottom, ride the elevator
up two floors and head across the platforms.  At the other side, again, flip
the switch to close yourself off from the Jellyfish.

Once you've grabbed the Intel (obviously), ride the elevator up and flip the
switch at the top.  This will close the shutters next to you and open the ones
you just closed.  Once the Jellyfish have reached this floor, pull the lever to
close the floor below them, trapping them.

Head down and all the way back to the right now, where you should ride the
elevator down one floor, where you'll find another Intel.  That elevator
doesn't go all the way up, so you'll have to transfer to the one above it.
To reach the Intel door, you'll have to ride past the Jellyfish, but as long as
you remain in motion you'll be past them before they react.  Simply ride all
the way down to the bottom floor now to find the last Intel and the exit.

 ----- 05-4 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.24 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed in under 01:45
    Unlocks: File 024 Chack'N Pop

     Head down the escalator and start sprinting towards the right.  There are
two escalators here, the first of which happens to have a mine at the bottom,
making it an overall bad choice for progression.  You can reach the second one
fractionally before the Security Droid catches up.

At the bottom, another one will immediately give chase.  Hide behind the door,
then flip the switch once it's past you.  That switch will close a shutter
behind it as well as opening one on the floor above, giving the Droids there a
chance to roll into the mine.  They're quick to make a return, so don't dawdle.
Head back and take the first escalator down to that floor.  Once you've grabbed
the Intel, take a ride in express elevator (big arrow on it, can't miss it).

Flip the switch, then ride the escalator up, flipping the one at the top.
The Security Droid behind it will be on you out the gate, but you'll be able
to reach the Intel door in time.  And from that Intel door, you'll be able to
reach the escalator before it catches you on the way back.

Another floor, another Security Droid.  It seems they're not too picky about
who or what they throw out the window, being just as happy to Die Hard a Black
as they would you.  In fact, given a chance, it'll throw everyone out at the
same time.  While the distance may be quite long, you'll be able to make it
from the door back to the escalator with time to spare.  Head back the way you
came and flip the switch near the elevator for a second time to open the way to
the exit.

 ----- 05-5 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.25 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: Succeed in under 02:30
    Unlocks: File 025 Time Gal

     Make your way down, being quick to avoid the Security Droid at the bottom
of each escalator.  You'll reach the escalator over to the right a few steps
ahead of the second Security Droid, which is nice.  What's also nice is that
you should narrowly avoid the Droid rolling around at the top as well.

You can dispatch the Jellyfish guarding the elevator by shooting out the light
above it.  The resulting explosion is small (well, comparatively), so you can
stay in the elevator after riding it back up.  The Jellyfish is quite quick to
be replaced, so if you had to wait for the elevator to come back up, a new
Jellyfish would be waiting for you.

The second elevator here only travels down one floor, so cross the gap and ride
it down as far as it goes, then send it back up and hop out.  By now, the
Jellyfish has reappeared, so hitch a ride on that elevator's roof to save time.
There are three Intel doors over at the other side, each door on a different
floor; one on the same floor as you, one on the floor above, and one on the
floor below.

Each floor is highly similar.  There are three gaps to cross and three weights
to avoid as you do.  There's one Droid guarding the first platform on the floor
above you, two on this floor, and the one below.  While the chance presents
itself to take a shot at the Droids from the elevators, they like the others,
happen to be bulletproof.

The second Droid on the floor below guards the switch to the shutter blocking
the door, but it's not overly tricky to jump over the Droid and raise the
shutter while it's over at the other side of the platform.  The bottom floor is
guarded by a good many Droids.  Fortunately, the weights can and will thin
their numbers enough for you to make it to the exit.  Just wait for one to get
crushed, then watch for the resultant fireworks before making a dash for it.

 ----- 06-1 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.26 ----

     Silver: $25,000
       Gold: Defeat 5 enemies with a lamp
    Unlocks: File 026 The Legend of Kage

     This level introduces ropes, probably just because it can.  Upon getting
onto a rope (the same way as you do everything else), you'll start shuffling
along it automatically.  At any point during that animation, you can use up and
down to change direction, which is handy for avoiding gunfire.  Speaking of
gunfire, should you get hit, you'll fall from the rope and lose a life.
Ropes are one-way affairs, with you only being able to use them from the end
with the large fastening.

The Snipers here pose far greater threat to you than they did previously, due
to their vision, aim, and you having to prostrate yourself many times along
those ropes.  Ride down on top of the elevator and shoot out the lights on your
way down.  Keep making your way down, switching elevators as necessary,
shooting out every light you see.

With all the lights out, return to the top of the building and take the rope
across.  Secure the Intel, taking out the lights you can, then take the cable
back across to the first building.  If you hadn't taken out the lights at the
start, you'd be getting shot at on the way along.

Head back up, but this time ride the cable below the one you previously took.
There'll be a Blue waiting for you at the other side, but his shot will miss,
leaving him open to attack.  The Combatant on the floor below you holds a
Rocket Launcher, so arm yourself with the Assault Rifle before popping down to
visit.  Before you take the cable back over to the first building, be sure to
shoot out the lights.  To reach the exit, head back up and take the rope on the
second floor down.  As you approach the end of said rope, a Maniac will pop out
of a door and drop a bomb.  You needn't worry, though, as you'll be safely out
of harm's way by time it detonates.

 ----- 06-2 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.27 ----

     Silver: $25,000
       Gold: Succeed in under 02:30
    Unlocks: File 027 Kikikaikai

     Take the Assault Rifle, then take a ride on the rope.  As you near the
end, a pair of Rocket Launcher-weilding Combatants will spot you.  Their shots
will miss by a mile, but they'll make their way down to greet you.  Put a few
bullets into them while they're on the elevator, not forgetting to liberate
their Intel.  Make your way down, swapping elevators as required, and shooting
out the lights as you go.  At the bottom, flip the switch next to the Intel
door to open the shutters.

Head up and along the corridor to the right.  In the middle of it is a switch
that opens the shutter ahead of you.  Behind that shutter is a pair of
Combatants armed exactly how you'd expect.  As soon as the shutter starts
moving, impersonate Rambo in their general direction and hope the second one
doesn't get a shot off.  Take the elevators up and pull the lever at the top of
the second one - this will create a platform over to the final Intel door.

Keep heading up (being careful of the Combatant) and pull the switch so you can
get back to the start of the level.  Grab the final two Intel from the bottom
of the first elevator, then head back through the level to the exit.  And yes,
by time you get back to that corridor, the enemies will have been replaced.
Because you shot the lights out the first time, you'll be able to reach it
quicker the second time.  The exit is guarded by two final explosively-armed
Combatants, but the exit is right next to the elevator, meaning you'll be
finished and it'll be over by time they think about reacting.

 ----- 06-3 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.28 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed without flipping the breaker
    Unlocks: File 028 Tokio

     Make your way across to the second building using the wire.  At the other
side, after you've put a bullet into each of the Blacks, you have a choice to
make.  If you flip the breaker, the next bit will be beyond easy.  If you don't
flip the breaker, you'll find yourself having to dodge copious amounts gunfire
(from eight Snipers) while dangling from the rope.  To do that, you'll have to
hover around as close as you can to the hail of bullets and wait for someone to
start reloading.  While they're not active, the bullets are flying thin and far
enough between to slip past.  Only the bullet itself can deal damage, not the
trail you see behind it.

Towards the bottom of the rope, you'll be spotted by a Combatant, but he'll
react too slowly to hit you.  He will, hover, hop right into that elevator and
come down to see you, which is why you should hop right into that elevator and
elbow him in the throat.  Shoot out the lights on this floor, then continue up
the building, putting bullets into the backs of, well, everyone.

Grab the disguise towards the top before taking the rope on the floor above.
The disguise won't last all the way to the end of the rope, but it'll last long
enough to get you close to the bottom.  As you approach solid ground again, a
Maniac will pop out and drop a bomb.  Remarkably, you'll make it the rest of
the way before it goes off.  As you're sprinting towards the exit, three
Combatants will start chasing you; they're only armed with Assault Rifles, so
you should be out of range by time they open fire.

 ----- 06-4 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.29 ----

     Silver: $30,000
       Gold: Succeed without being detected by an enemy
    Unlocks: File 029 Yume Maru Jr.

     This level is rather straightforward, really.  You can get down to the
bottom of this side of the building by shooting out the lights as you ride down
on the elevators.  Along with the obvious Intel to be found here, you can find
a plethora of items, including an Assault Rifle.  Grab it and make your way
back up.  The elevator in the top-left corner doesn't go all the way up, so
you'll have to cadge a lift on its roof.  At your destination, you're given the
choice of taking a second elevator or a rope.  If you chose to take the rope,
your Darwin award is in the post.  There's a mine at the bottom.

From the elevator, the next part of the level is similar to the first; make
your way down, shooting out the lights as you go.  Here, though, there's a
couple of breakers you can trip to aid you in the process.  At the bottom,
shoot out the light above the mine to clear the way to the exit.

 ----- 06-5 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.30 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed without being hurt
    Unlocks: File 030 Bubble Bobble

     The Droids here aren't specifically targeting you.  It doesn't mean one
won't drop on your head, it just means it won't mean it.  The Droids will all
roll over to the right and drop down.  They're quite an impediment to placing
the first three bombs, and even more so later.  When they reach the bottom,
they'll hit the shutter over to the right and roll back, dropping down to the
left.  Give them a few seconds to do this.

The next three bombs may seem like a pain to plant, due to the Security Droid
guarding them expertly, as well as the massive space between doors.
However, while planting a bomb, you're immune to damage, meaning the Security
Droid will sail right past you.  You can get the first two bombs planted
before he turns and comes back, the third such marker being your salvation when
he does.

Down the right side of the level is a lone Jellyfish.  Take the escalator up
and trip the switch to lower the shutter.  After you've planted the bomb, flip
it again and head to the next floor.  This has the desired effect of keeping a
shutter between you and searing lasers at all times.  This next floor doesn't
have such a switch, but the top one does.  Make tripping that your first
priority when you get there.  To get back down, simply flip that switch again
to give yourself a modicum of cover.  You're faster than the Jellyfish on the
decent, so stopping to flip the second switch isn't needed.  You will, however,
need to flip the switch at the bottom, lest thee get shot in the back.

Make your way over to the left.  The switch here will lower shutters at either
side of the floor below.  The idea is to seal off as many Droids as you can to
make your trail to the exit less of a trial.  You only have one attempt, as
more Droids will be dropping down to explode you.  If you can trap three
(half), that'd be ideal.

 ----- 07-1 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.31 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Defeat 1 enemy
    Unlocks: File 031 Operation Wolf

      There's only one enemy to contend with here, and not only does he look
like he's been in a head-on collision with a truck, he looks like he won.
Not only is he immune to almost anything you're capable of throwing at him,
he's strong enough to kill you in a single punch.  Oh, and did I mention that
he's a helluva lot faster than you?  Because he is.  Fortunately, he's not the
sharpest knife in the draw, in fact, he's more spoon-like than knife-like.

Mr. Spoon will make his entrance just as you're approaching the top of the
third escalator.  Despite his speed, he still has to ride two escalators to
reach you, which gives you time enough to grab the Intel and flip the switch
next to the door.  From there, it's a little run and jump to the switch that'll
see him locked out.  Not completely devoid of intellect, Mr. Spoon will leave
via the way he came.  You're free for now, but he'll be back a little later.

When you reach the levers, pull the second one to bring up a platform on the
floor below.  It's about this time that Mr. Spoon makes his return.  And no,
just because you've got a slightly bigger gap than average between the pair of
you, it doesn't mean you're safe, so hide behind the door.  When Mr. Spoon
reaches you, he'll start banging on -- and generally harassing -- the door.
He can't get in, but you can certainly get out.  Kicking the door into his face
will see him momentarily stunned, giving you enough time to get down the
escalator and over to the second switch.

Now, that gap, that's a good one.  Mr. Spoon will attempt to leap it, but will
fall short, falling flat upon his face.  It won't take him out, but it'll stun
him.  To get to you, he has to ride the escalator up.  The same escalator you
need to ride down.  Both you and Mr. Spoon can use an escalator at the same
time without any incident, so no worries.  At the bottom of the escalator,
you'll find another security shutter not far off, once again blocking out
Mr. Spoon.

As you approach the gap on the floor down, Mr. Spoon will come up behind you.
Hide behind the door closest to the gap and wait until the elevator over yonder
is halfway down, which is when you should stun him and hop the gap.  Grab the
Intel first, then hide behind the blue door.  When Mr. Spoon  comes up, smack
him in the face and hop in the elevator.  Oh, and if you're wondering,
Mr. Spoon will punch your lights out if you attempt to crush him with the
elevator (he can, however, be crushed against the roof of an elevator, but
that opportunity seldom arises).

Over to the left is another switch and another chance to shut him out.
Once you cross the gap on the floor down, Mr. Spoon will make his final
appearance for this level.  Providing you don't hesitate, you'll be able to
reach the switch behind the shutter.  The shutter is approximately a million
miles away, and it'll be quite a close call, but when that shutter comes down,
it'll come down on Mr. Spoons head.  It doesn't matter if he hits you before
that happens, as the score you get from him cancels out the killed penalty.

 ----- 07-2 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.32 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Defeat 5 enemies
    Unlocks: File 032 Midnight Landing

     Mr. Spoon is again quick to show it, making his appearance once you're at
the bottom of the first escalator.  You're not alone with him this time, he has
friends.  There's a Blue waiting for you at the bottom of the second escalator,
and another one on each subsequent floor.  Run over to the top of the next
escalator and fire off a crouched shot, then ride on down.

On the bottom floor, pull the lever and duck behind the door.  After you've
given Mr. Spoon his door-in-the-face day present, take the escalator to the
right and make your way back to the top, grabbing the Intel to the left.
Wait behind that door and stun Mr. Spoon again, then head over the chevrons to
the right and pull the lever.  Because of where he lands, Mr. Spoon will end up
self-failing at least a couple more times before he's back on your case.
Depending on how he feels, he may end up where you're heading, or he'll
completely lose the plot and remove himself for a good while by falling off the
bottom of the level.

Either way, once you have the Intel, make your way back up and over to the main
area.  From here, you can head down to the third floor, where you'll be able to
cross the gap and head up to the final Intel door.  From there, it's a case of
heading back down to the bottom of the main area and across the chevrons to the
right, pulling the lever along the way.

 ----- 07-3 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.33 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed without being hurt
    Unlocks: File 033 Rastan

Grab the Rocket Launcher and flip the switch, then make your way along to the
first Intel door.  As you approach, Mr. Spoon will come running, but you will
have time enough to duck behind the door before he reaches you.  After you've
stunned him with said door, hop into the elevator over to the right.  If it
isn't there yet, either hide behind the door closest to it until it arrives, or
fire off a rocket to stun him.

Now, here's a thing.  Mr. Spoon isn't alone.  There is a surplus of Blacks that
like to appear, look funny, and get in the path of a rocket.  They're not too
bad to deal with, providing you're on the lookout for them.  On the next door
down, well, it's essentially the entry floor but the other way round.
Again, Mr. Spoon will appear as you approach the Intel door, and again, you can
make it to the door before he reaches you (although this one is really cutting
it fine).

While the next floor is identical in layout to the entry floor, you'll be given
a chance to grab a Bomb, which is nice.  Mr. Spoon won't make an appearance on
this floor, but he will on the next one down, as you approach the elevator in
fact.  Hide behind the door closest to it, then pull the old face-smack-with-a-
door-escape-in-elevator trick when he gets to you.

Instead of continuing with fleeing in terror, plant the Bomb in the elevator
and send it back up.  That'll keep him busy for a few seconds longer.
The Blacks have been replaced with Blues and Purples here, necessitating you
remove them very quickly with the Rocket Launcher (there are only four).
The Bomb should have bought you enough time to reach the Intel door, which is
why after you take out the Blue across from it, you're going to send a rocket
over to where Mr. Spoon is getting off.  He won't bother riding the elevators
like you did, he'll just bound across the platforms.  If you're daring enough
to wait until he makes his jump to hit him, you'll buy a few more seconds.

For a final time, on the next floor down, Mr. Spoon appears close to the Intel
door, and should be dealt with as before.  On the bottom floor, to reach the
exit, you'll need to pull the levers to create a path of chevroned platforms.
It's obviously not hard, as all you need to do is pull each lever once before
moving on.  Mr. Spoon will be hot on your heels here, and can quite easily jump
the gaps to reach you.  Stun him on one of the platforms, then pull the lever
to drop him on his face.  You won't be seeing him any time before you reach the

 ----- 07-4 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.34 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: Succeed in under 02:45
    Unlocks: File 034 Guitar Robot

     Mr. Spoon will show up as you reach the second escalator.  At the bottom
of it, keep heading right and down until the fifth floor, where to should head
all the way to the left before heading down (note the switch), following the
path around to the Intel door.  You may have wanted to grab the Rocket Launcher
you saw back at the start, but look around you, in these close confines, it
wouldn't do much good.  On top of that, there's really no benefit in slowing
Mr. Spoon down, as all the Intel doors are in corners, meaning the closer he is
to you when you reach a door, the quicker you can bat him with it and be on
your way.

As you approach that Intel door, except at least one Combatant to join the
fray.  When exactly they appear is random, as well as the number in which they
appear.  What isn't random is where they'll appear, which in this case is from
behind the black door before you start heading up to the Intel.  On this
occasion, they shouldn't really bother you, because there should always be an
escalator between you.

Obviously the only way now is to head back down.  Do just that and make sure to
trip the switch I pointed out to you.  Said switch will toggle the shutters,
blocking you off and forcing you to ride the escalator down.  If Mr. Spoon is
too close for comfort, buy a little space by grabbing the Bomb and sapping him
with the door.

Head up a couple of floors now and make your sprint towards the Intel door to
the left, which you'll reach in plenty of time.  As per usual, stun him with
the door and make a break for it.  Where?  Up the escalator to the right.
From there, take the one on the left and continue to the top floor.  Like with
the first door, expect a Combatant or two to join in.

You won't really have time to fight them, as from the Intel door, it's quite a
run back to the escalator.  If you stop even for a second, you'll probably find
yourself getting on the escalator at exactly the same time as Mr. Spoon,
preventing you from running once you reach the bottom.  With the final Intel in
hand, head back the way you came and trigger the switch from before, this will
unlock the exit, the exit that's only a couple more rides down and a brisk jog

 ----- 07-5 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.35 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Defeat 5 enemies
    Unlocks: File 035 The Ninja Warriors

     There's no Intel to be had here.  It's just you, several armed guards, and
Mr. Spoon.  Grab one of the many Bombs to be had, then take a ride down to the
next floor.  When you see Mr. Spoon appear behind you, drop the Bomb and run
for your life.  By time it goes off, you'll be fractionally out of range of
both the explosion and Mr. Spoon.  This happily earns you enough time to reach
the end of the next floor and grab the Rocket Launcher.  Don't get too excited,
though, each one of those rockets is vital, and that's the only Rocket Launcher
available to you.  This means you need to hit him with the door rather than a
rocket, despite how great the extra distance between you would feel.

On the next floor down, expect two Combatant to appear behind you not long
after you're away from the escalator.  It's rather happily a three-for-one
deal, because you'll be able to stun Mr. Spoon at the same time.  As you
approach the final three doors on this floor, turn and fire off another rocket.
As you approach the escalator, two more Combatants will come to make friends.
Ignore them and let them follow you down to the next floor.  Almost as soon as
you get off the escalator, a Maniac will plant a bomb, which is quite handy for
you.  Hide behind the conveniently-placed door and watch the first guy get
blown up.  The second guy can be smacked with the door.

As Mr. Spoon gets off the escalator, plant another rocket in his face.  As you
approach the end of this floor, a couple of Maniacs will drop mines behind you,
further slowing him down.  As you make your way from the bottom of the
escalator, three Combatants will appear, and that's a good time for a rocket.
As you approach the end of the floor, three Maniacs will appear, giggle like
idiots, then promptly leave.  While they're doing that, another three are down
on the floor below planting mines.  Fire off your last rocket to stun Mr. Spoon
and take out the possibly-remaining Combatant, then make your way over those
mines.  It's not easy, but you've done it before.

 ----- 08-1 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.36 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: Succeed in under 0:45
    Unlocks: File 036 Rainbow Islands

     Again, no Intel to collect.  The rope in front of you leads all the way to
the exit.  Unfortunately, that rope is overlooked by a dozen or so enemies, the
expected Snipers and a couple of Combatants armed with Rocket Launcher.
The first set of enemies won't be able to hit you providing the first one is
standing when they take their shots.  That's the important thing to remember
here; unlike other such levels, whether they're standing or crouching plays a
major role in whether or not you get shot off the rope.  If they do happen to
go into a crouch, just keep changing direction until they start reloading.

Dealing with the second set is a slightly harder affair, as there's three of
them, and you're likely to get a couple crouching while one stands.  All you
really need is for one of them to start reloading for there to be space enough
to get through.  Below them is the first Combatant, but if you keep going, the
rocket he sends at you will miss by a fraction.

The Blues below him are painfully slow to react, so you can scoot right past
them before they notice.  At the bottom, there's another three Snipers and the
second Combatant.  Waiting until the Sniper closest to you starts to reload
will give you time enough to get to the bottom of the rope.  The Combatant
should be trouble-free if you make sure to keep out of his eye-line until
you're ready to go for it.

 ----- 08-2 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.37 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: 01:00
    Unlocks: File 037 Chase H.Q.

     Jump over to the top of the second elevator and keep running right.
While it may kind of look and sound like suicide, you'll catch the rest of the
elevators just right, creating a makeshift staircase.  Punch the Blue in the
face, then ride the elevator down and punch the other Blue in the spleen.
If you're a second too slow, you'll actually catch the elevators in such a
fashion that'll end up near the second Blue, bypassing the elevator ride but
not really saving yourself any time.

Over to the left, you'll find the first Intel door.  The elevators spanning the
gap won't be aligned, so hover around on the first one until they do.  On the
way back, they should be more or less aligned, so you won't have to hang

Back at the other side, ride the first elevator up, then hop over to the right
and take a ride on the top of the second one.  When it stops, whack the Blue
(obviously) and transfer to the next elevator along and ride it to the top.
There's a Purple over to the right that'll take a shot at you, so jump as
you're heading up to avoid getting clipped.  At the top, dispatch another Blue
and keep the elevator at the top until you can transfer to the the third
elevator.  Don't wait for the fourth one, just run across its roof to the Intel

Once the exit is open, ride the elevator down to the floor with the Combatant,
making sure to take him out before shooting the Blue across from you and
hopping onto the roof of the next elevator down.  From there, you'll be able to
get across to the next elevator, which can be ridden down to the bottom floor.

 ----- 08-3 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.38 ----

     Silver: $25,000
       Gold: Succeed without being detected by an enemy
    Unlocks: File 038 Top Landing

     Make your way down and flip the switch over to the right to lower the
security shutter on the floor above.  Ride the elevator, shooting out the light
as you go.  Once you have the Intel to the left, head back to the right and
ride the elevator up.  Ride the next elevator down, shooting out the lights as
you go.  Flip the switch on the first floor down to toggle the shutters again.
You can now head up to the second Intel door without being spotted.

Return to the room without lights and take the elevator.  At the bottom,
trigger the circuit breaker and head down into the room below using the only
other elevator here.  While the lights are out, run all the way over to the
left and take out the guys next to the shutter.  Once they're gone, it's simply
a case of grabbing the last Intel and exiting.

 ----- 08-4 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.39 ----

     Silver: $25,000
       Gold: Succeed without being hurt
    Unlocks: File 039 The Newzealand Story

     You'll be able to make it across the gaps before before the weights come
back up.  At the bottom of the escalator, you'll find Body Armour and a Bomb.
Body Armour doubles the number of hits you can take before you lose a life, and
while it has an insulating effect on your life bar, getting hit will still
count as 'being hurt.'  Blacks occupy most of the floors here on-and-off, so
keep your eyes open.

Over to the left, as you can see, you'll have to brave the weights again.
The weight on the left is offset to a greater degree than the others, meaning
you'll only be able to jump two gaps before it comes up and blocks you way (or
hits you and crushes you against the ceiling).  There's only a couple of Intel
to grab here, and the first one is below you.

Once you've got it, ride down on the roof of the elevator, then wait for it to
come back so you can ride to the bottom.  To get to the other side, you're
going to have to jump across the weights.  The way they're offset, the weight
to the right will be the last to go back up, and it'll do so a fraction after
the middle one.  As long as you're jumping for that first weight a little
before it stops moving, you'll have time enough to get across.  To prevent a
sly Black from putting a bullet in you as you're jumping, you'd better shoot
out the light before making your way across.  Fortunately, they'll give up on
following you once you're at the elevator.

Grab the disguise and take the elevators up (you'll have to ride up on the roof
of the first one).  Once you're above the enemy-filled corridor, ditch the
disguise and shoot out the lights.  Once you've unlocked the exit, head back
down and grab the Laser.  On the floor below, all the way over to the left,
you'll find three Snipers guarding the elevator leading to the exit.  Zoom the
screen out and wait for the weights to rise, then pick them off with the Laser.

As you're about halfway past the weight, a couple of Combatants will appear,
eager to fill you with holes.  The weights should stop most of the bullets,
while as long as you keep moving, you should be out of range of the rest.
To get to the exit, you need to time your jumps across four slower-moving
weights.  The jumping part itself is easy, it's the part where a Combatant will
come out from behind a door and start shooting at you that isn't.  To make
things easier, shoot out the first three lights before making your way across.

After the third weight, the first Combatant will appear, but both his and your
section is steeped in darkness, meaning he won't spot you.  The second
Combatant arrives after the next weight, but he'll also be in darkness.
You won't be, however, meaning he'll most likely spot your escape, but he'll do
it too late - you'll be at the exit before the bullets reach you.

 ----- 08-5 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.40 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: Succeed in under 03:00
    Unlocks: File 040 Darius

     If the Purple below you decides to stand as you speed your way down the
rope, his shot will miss you.  If the Purple towards the bottom of the rope
decides to crouch, his shot will miss also.  It's only if they decide to do
something different will it then require a little bit of shimmying on your
part.  Plant for first bomb and take the express elevator (it's quick and you
don't really need to faff about trying to get a gun, anyway).

The next rope doesn't offer much of a chance to shimmy unhindered, but you only
have two floors to pass, with two Snipers on each.  Getting your timing right
with two is only marginally harder than it is with one (as you well know by
now).  The guy waiting for you at the bottom will only be able to hit you if he
stumbles upon the notion of crouching - that seldom ever happens, but 'seldom
ever' is quite a way from 'categorically won't do it.'

Grab the Assault Rifle and neglect to plant the bomb (that's the important
bit).  Make your way up, unleashing merry hell upon the light fixtures as you
go.  You'll be back this way again, so if you want, you can neglect to plant
the second bomb as well.  After you've planted the bomb on the top floor, while
still on the platform, send a volley of fire over to the right so you'll have
one less gunman to deal with.  Now, make your way down the rope so we can start
planting bombs on the other side.  This journey is a much nicer one, what, with
the left side being plunged into darkness and there only guy to avoid at the
bottom of the rope.

Plant your bombs, crack some heads, and make your way back over to the left
uninterrupted.  Grab a fresh Assault Rifle, then plant your final bomb.
Your chances of reaching the exit within the countdown are much more favourable
from here than they would be across the other side (where the emergency lights
would bathe the place in a warm glow, lighting you up like a Christmas tree for
the Snipers).

Make your way down and to the right.  To reach the exit, you'll have to trigger
each shutter in turn, dealing with the enemies behind them.  It's the easiest
part of the level as long as you make sure you haven't suddenly been about-
faced after flipping a switch.

 ----- 09-1 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.41 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: Succeed in under 02:30
    Unlocks: File 041 Syvalion

     Make your way down and head right.  At the top of the escalator, hop into
the second elevator and hold it in place (of course, take care of the Blue
that's ogling you).  When the elevator on the left touches down, jump across
the weight and over to its roof.  From there, it's possible for you to get to
the lever in the top-left corner.  Said lever will cause several chevroned
platforms to extend, granting access to the Intel doors.  To reach the first
one, you need to head back down and transfer over to the top of the second
elevator, where you can reach the first of the platforms, allowing you to
transfer over to the second elevator on the right side.

Getting back down is slightly trickier, as you have no control over either of
the elevators, so timing is crucial.  And remember, you need to transfer to the
inside of the left elevator, not the roof.  As far as time is concerned, it'll
be quicker and easier just to fall.  If you meet the target time, you'll easily
make up for the penalty.  Head back to the start and marvel at all the
chevroned platforms.  Using the second elevator at the top, you can reach the
second and final Intel door.  The exit can, obviously, be found in the bottom-
right corner.

 ----- 09-2 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.42 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: Succeed in under 02:30
    Unlocks: File 042 WGP

     The switch on the floor below will create platforms both on that floor and
the one you're on now.  The platform on that floor, as you can see, allows you
to reach an Intel door.  Once you've done that, head back up and across the
bridge, flipping the switch to create a new one in front of you.  You won't
reach the elevator to the left before it starts to go down, so you'll have to
settle with some roof-riding.

As you ride the second elevator down, the two Reds will notice you.  They are
not ordinary Reds, and won't sound the alarm upon spotting you.  Instead, they
will trigger the switch they're standing in front of.  The guy in front of the
lever is responsible for operating the bridges, while the guy with the switch
proper is responsible for operating the security shutters.  It is possible for
only one of them to spot you, which throws everything out of sink, and is in
itself a massive time-sink.  As a way of preventing it, make sure you  head
towards them so they both get a good look at you.

At the bottom, ride the elevator to the right.  Down here, there are four
likewise pairs of Reds, each in control of a shutter switch and a bridge lever.
If their shutters are open, they'll spot you running along the bridge and
retract it.  Fortunately, you can make it across before that happens.  When you
hear the click of the lever, give it half a second, then jump.  This will land
you safely on the other side.  The lever there will not only restore the
bridge, but it'll also toggle the other platforms around the level.

In order to facilitate a speedy exit, you'll have to get them to trigger their
switches in a certain order.   Out of top-right and bottom-left, it doesn't
really matter which of the two you trigger first, as long as you go on to
trigger the first one a second time.

Take the elevator back up now and take the elevator to the right, as the path
to the Intel is now secure.  To secure the way to the Intel over to the left,
all you need to do is take the elevator up to it, as you'll trigger the Reds on
the way.  Head back down to the bottom of the level again and marvel at how the
two remaining bridges are active.  The top-left bridge leads to the final Intel
door while the bottom-right bridge, as you can clearly see, leads to the exit.

 ----- 09-3 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.43 ----

     Silver: $45,000
       Gold: Succeed in under 01:30
    Unlocks: File 043 Night Stalkers

     Grab one of the many Bombs available to you before dropping it on one of
the chevroned platforms and pulling the lever.  As expected, the Bomb will take
out everyone one the floor below.  Grab a second Bomb before riding the
escalator down.  There are a couple of switches to toggle and some Intel to
grab before you can reach the elevator over to the right, but I think you have
it covered.  After having ridden said elevator to its terminus, have a look to
your left.  That switch is responsible for toggling a whole load of platforms.
With the right manipulation, you can speedily deliver Bombs to every spleen and
face in the building.

Pull the lever and once it has reset, place a Bomb close to the edge of the
chevroned platform (too far away and you'll miss one Sniper, too close and it
won't drop), then bombs away, so to speak.  Ride the elevator down and grab the
Intel before you do anything else.  While you could have grabbed it later,
heading down there will trigger the appearance of the final set of enemies.
Head back up and plant a Bomb on the middle platform this time, then after
that, the third platform.  The whole building downwards is clear now, so all
you have to do is visit the final two Intel doors (they're on the same floor)
and make your way to the exit in the bottom-left corner.

 ----- 09-4 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.44 ----

     Silver: $30,000
       Gold: Succeed in under 01:30
    Unlocks: File 044 D3BOS

     The weights aren't so bad here, as they remain on the ground long enough
for you to run over them.  In fact, you have time enough to run past the first
set, pull the lever, and run and jump to the middle of the second set before
it comes back up for the second time.  The lever in question opens up holes in
the floor you're on and the floor below.

Once you've squizzed at the drums below you, you should get the idea.  You have
four attempts to get a drum past the weights and down the hole - two this side
and two at the other (to get to the other side, pull the lever the Red was
guarding).  Truthfully, you only have two attempts, as failure results in an
explosion, and that explosion results in the second drum going with it (oh, and
you).  The timing is quite nice, though - just wait for the weights to start on
their way up before kicking it.

With the Red on the switch now very dead, you can reach the Intel door he was
guarding easily.  Down on the next floor, do just that before you attempt
anything else (mind the weight).  Below you is another chance to kick
another drum into another face.  This time, you have to contend with two
elevators along with a weight.

Kick the drum just as the second elevator's floor or roof is flat with
the floor.  The drum will either go sailing across the elevator and the
weight, dropping down next to the Red, or it'll go sailing over the elevator,
dropping down the first hole, and be detonated by the weight.  Either way, he
dies, you win.  Like the previous set of drums, you have a maximum of four
attempts between the two sides.  The penultimate floor sees things much easier
for you.  This time, all you need to do is pull the lever and time your kick to
take the drum across the roof or floor of the elevator.

 ----- 09-5 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.45 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed 02:00
    Unlocks: File 045 Bust-A-Move/Puzzle-Bobble

     Grab the Bomb and mosey over to the chevroned platform.  Before you do the
voodoo that you do, edge your way right until a Black appears.  If you don't
take care of him now, he could be a pain in a few seconds.  Plant the Bomb on
the platform and run to the right, where the Reds manning the switches will
hopefully be quick on the draw, dropping the Bomb down to the floor below and
killing off their compatriots.  This leaves the Intel door open to your
nefarious self.  If you mess up, you'll have to venture down to that floor and
trigger get the Reds to open the shutter again.

I always assume success, so grab another Bomb and head down, grabbing the Intel
and then continuing down to the next floor.  Plant the Bomb in the elevator to
the left and send it down to surprise the Combatants.  Grab the Bomb from the
right and take the elevator we were just talking about, making sure to shoot
out the lights on the way down.  The next elevator doesn't come all the way up,
so you'll have to make do with planting the Bomb on top of it.

Once you've grabbed the Intel from the bottom floor, you'll find the first set
of Combatants will have reappeared.  Because you were smart enough to shoot the
lights out, they won't be able to spot you until you get into the elevator.
So, back at the top, head right.  The Reds here are a little more vocal than
their counterparts and can be relied on more to shoot at you than to pull their
switches the upon spotting you.

Each Red controls two shutters.  If they block you off with one, a second one
on the floor down will open.  Each Red is also guarded by a Purple, making any
time you're forced to wait for an elevator a pain.  Because of the way the
shutters work, the weight running down the shaft, and the extra effort
required, simply killing both the Reds and Purples and triggering the switch
yourself isn't an option.

If the third Red flips his switch before you're past his shutter, he'll block
you off entirely, meaning you'll have to ride back up to the second Red to get
him to open it again.  Once you're past that shutter, you'll have to ride up in
the other elevator to get him to trigger the switch for a second time, opening
the shutter in front of the exit.

 ----- 10-1 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.46 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: Succeed without being hurt
    Unlocks: File 046 Darius Gaiden

     Hop into the first elevator and ride to the second floor down.
The slightly translucent enemies you espy at either side of you are stealth
versions of Blacks.  They act the same and they die the same, it's just that
in the dark and from a distance, they blend in pretty well (more so against
walls than doors).  Hover the elevator between this floor and the one below
and make sure you take them all out.

Once the area is clear, transfer over to the second elevator on the right.
Make sure you keep the elevator low enough to be able to run off and smack the
Red in the face.  You can wait until he turns his back if you like, but it
isn't necessary.  You'll have to do the same with the Snipers below.
They won't turn their backs, of course, but the Purple, like the Red, won't be
able to react in time to stop you, while the Blue can be taken out with a
crouching shot before he has the chance to pull the trigger.

As soon as you approach the Intel door at the bottom of the level, you'll be
greeted by three Combatants.  Stay hiding behind the door until the one behind
the weight leaves.  The other two will stick around indefinitely, but it's far
too easy to hit one with the door when he runs past and smack the other one
when he has his back turned.  As you head back towards the elevator, the third
one will come back out, so make sure the elevator is about to arrive before
going anywhere.  As a stroke of luck, the weight will block his initial volley,
allowing you to escape.

Rather than heading back up and going down the other side, use the weight to
reach the platform above the door.  An elevator takes up most of this platform
and there's a Red over to the left, so keep to the right edge and pick him off
from a distance.  To reach the exit, all you need to do now is use the second
weight to reach the elevator and ride down.

 ----- 10-2 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.47 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed in under 0:45
    Unlocks: File 047 Sonic Blast Man

     Grab a Rocket Launcher from over on the right before riding the elevator
down.  You only have five shots, and there are, as you can see, more enemies
than you have rockets.  If you get off this elevator early, you can transfer to
the next one without having to shoot anyone (just be mindful, as always, of the
weight).  While a second weight will block a clean transfer to the following
elevator, it won't actually get you shot up, as by time the Combatants on your
side notice you, you'll be almost at the other side.  And of course, the
Combatants on the other side won't notice you until you're across and on the

At the bottom, take out the guys at both sides of you.  If you're interested in
Gold, you need to be across the top of that weight and into the elevator on the
first attempt.  If you have to wait for the weight to come back, you'll fail
easily.  Once you're down on the bottom floor, pull the lever to grant access
to the Intel door, then head back to the left to reach the second and final
Intel door along with the exit.

 ----- 10-3 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.48 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Defeat 15 enemies
    Unlocks: File 048 Hat Trick Hero

     Wait for the first elevator to come back up, then jump inside.
Hang around between floors until the second elevator is just approaching the
top.  When it does, ride down exit the elevator early so you can transfer over
to the other one before it heads back down.  As long as you keep moving, the
Combatants will miss you and quite probably kill themselves.  As luck would
have it, you'll catch the next elevator perfectly, too.  That elevator,
however, doesn't go any further down than one floor, so you'll have to wait
until you're spotted before heading down.  Those few extra seconds should see
the elevator to the right close enough to run off into.

At the bottom, head right and ride the elevator.  It doesn't go all the way up,
so you'll have to transfer to the other one a floor below the Intel door.
There's a similar arrangement over to the left of the level, but you won't have
to swap elevators.  Remember, if you want the Gold, you'll have to make ample
use of the Rocket Launchers on the bottom floor to kill off the guards.
You can get most of your kills while heading for the Intel doors, leaving you
three or four to get before heading to the exit.

 ----- 10-4 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.49 ----

     Silver: $15,000
       Gold: 01:45
    Unlocks: File 049 Raystorm

     Get in the second elevator and keep it at the top.  When the first
elevator starts to come back up again, ride down.  If you get off the elevator
early, you'll be able to make it into the next one before it starts to head
down again.  As you can see, the place is swarming with Maniacs, and missing
any of the elevators on the way down will see you dead.  The remaining
elevators should all be in the right position for you to quickly get into them.

At the bottom, pull the switch over to the left to make the gap behind it a
little shorter.  As you ride the elevator up, you'll be greeted by a pair of
Maniacs.  As soon as you see them, head back down to the bottom.  With them
gone, you should be able to get up to the second floor and behind the door
before the Maniac there reappears.

As you can see, the switch has also affected some platforms in the shaft,
allowing you to make it over to the top elevator in the right shaft, which in
turn will allow you to reach the only Intel door of the mission.  Once you've
unlocked the exit, you can get back to the bottom quicker and more easily by
taking the elevator to the right.

 ----- 10-5 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.50 ----

     Silver: $20,000
       Gold: Succeed without being hurt
    Unlocks: File 050 Elevator Action

     Plant the first two bombs along the top, then continue right.  When you
see the Maniac appear, head back to the middle platform and wait for the
explosion to subside, then head back across to the elevator.  As you approach
the bomb point at the bottom, a Maniac will appear behind you and plant a bomb
of his own.  If you wait a couple of seconds before planting the bomb, the
explosion will sweep past you.

Return to the left side now and ride the elevator down, being sure to shoot out
the lights and plant bombs as you go.  To get to the third floor down, you'll
have to ride down on the top of the elevator, which makes shooting the lights
out a one shot affair.  If you can do it on the first go (it helps if you shoot
the first light while crouching and stand for the second), you'll be able to
get a couple of shots off before the elevator takes you back up to safety.
Once the Reds have stopped panicking, you can ride down and do your thing.
It is important, however, that both lights are out, as the Combatant over at
the other side will send a rocket your way as you approach the bomb point.

You can't get past the Security Droid, which necessitates you travel across the
bottom and ride up at the other side.  The Security Droid is as vigilante as
ever, and will hurtle towards you as soon as you approach the first bomb point.
Like last time, though, it can be avoided by planting the bomb as it nears.

Back over to the right now, and the penultimate bomb point can only be reached
by riding on the roof of the elevator.  The Droids aren't anything to fear, as
they can neither cross into or onto the elevator.  As you head up to the final
bomb point, a pair of Maniacs will pop out and drop a couple of mines.
This isn't particularly important, but it is the reason I didn't recommend
coming from the top.

As you approach the exit, our good friend, Mr. Spoon, will make one final
appearance, attempting to chase you down in his own inimitable style.
Sadly for him, you'll be at the exit a few footfalls before he reaches you.
Justice has been done in the form of massive collateral damage.  Hurray for
justice.  Hurray for lawful property damage.

 ----- 11-1 -------------------------------------------------------- 02.51 ----

     Silver: $60,000
       Gold: Succeed without being hurt
    Unlocks: File 051 Elevator Action 2

     Unlike the other missions with their fancy infinite lives, you only have
once chance to succeed here.  Die and it's game over.  The first half of the
level consists of a massive elevator shaft with lots of Blacks and an equally
large amount of light-fittings to drop on their heads.  Once you approach the
end of the narrow stretch of building, keep an eye out for a Maniac doing what
Maniacs do.  Once you've ridden as far down as possible, ride the next couple
of escalators down, ignoring the Combatants at the bottom of the first one and
quickly dispatching the pair at the bottom of the second one.

The next floor down once again offers you the chance to go crazy on light-
fittings, whereas the one below that is steeped in darkness already, though
that won't stop you being spotted by the Stealth Blacks.  The floor below is
swarming with mines, so you'll either have to hang about until a Maniac trips
over one or risk shooting one.  As you approach the Intel door, another one
will appear and drop a bomb in your path, but you have time enough to get
behind a door.  On your way back, keep firing like a loon as you make your way
along, as you're bound to catch a Maniac planting a mine if you're aiming low.

The floor below can prove much riskier to clear.  While it's certain that a
pair of Maniacs will appear and run into the Mines at some point, it's not
quite set into stone when they'll do it.  They may well do so the moment you
approach the floor, or they may well you a few seconds grace before appearing.
Either way, make sure you're out the elevator as quickly as possible and behind
the door.  As you approach the second blue door on the same floor, another pair
will jump out to show you their bombs.  They'll come around again before the
elevator returns, so stay behind the door.

As you make your way down in the elevator, another two Maniacs will appear,
requiring you to be quick about heading back up.  When you're about halfway
towards the Intel door, well, more bombs, with another small chance of getting
to safety behind a door before they explode.  Take the elevator closest to you
and prepare for some more bombs as you pass the floor below.  You'll be able to
make it past safely, but you'll have to hover quite dangerously between floors
to avoid both the explosions above and Snipers below.

The next few floors are quite happily explosion-free, with your attention being
turned back towards shooting out lights and collecting Intel from right in
front of you.  The last part of the level, while swarming with Combatants armed
with Rocket Launchers, can be cleared quickly by making your way down the left
side, shooting out the lights as you go.

 ===== Frequently Asked Questions ================================== 03.00 ====

 === Questions About Trophies ===

 Q: What's the best place to get the 'Combo Master' trophy?

 A: Go to 2-4 and head over to where all the Blacks are.  If you let the Red
    spot you before planting the Bomb, you'll get it easily.

 === Questions About Missions ===

 --- 7-5 ---

 Q: How do I reach the room with the Rocket Launchers in the top-right corner?

 A: Oh, that's easy - you can't.  I don't even know why that area is there.

 === Questions About This Guide ===

 Q: Can I use your guide on my site?

 A: As of this moment, no you cannot host my guide.  Why?  Because I believe
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    enough to keep track of and enough to provide adequate distribution to you,
    the wonderful FAQ-reading public.

 Q: I have this guide, would it be okay if I used a part of yours?

 A: *Chokes* part of mine?  What would be the point of that?  You can use my
    guide as reference for all the things that I can't own (i.e. facts), but
    you can't go lifting entire paragraphs, even if you credit me for it.
    Just read the copyright notice at the top of this guide, and then think
    twice before 'borrowing' anything from me.

 Q: If I've found something that you were too stupid to include, or something
    that you've missed, what should I do?

 A: You could take it, turn it sideways and shove it... *ahem* just drop me
    a line and tell me in exact detail as to what it was that I screwed up on
    or missed out.  If you can help me to make this guide more accurate, youll
    win a cookie, a kudos cookie (great on calories, lousy on taste).

 ===== Credits and Outro =========================================== 04.00 ====

     Congratulations, Agent, you have saved the world via massive amounts of
collateral damage.  Infrastructure hates you, but Justice salutes you.
Well, we're at the end again.  I'm sure you've been here before, and I'm sure
you still didn't bring any cake.  The adventure is over and it's time to go.
Make sure you turn the lights off on your way out.

 === Special Mentions and Thanks ===

  The layout of this guide is based upon the layout used by Dalez in his Breath
    of Fire IV guide [].

     If for some strange reason, you would actually like to thank me, feel free
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No, Mr. President, they have no idea of my true identity.  Yes, Mr. President,
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operation?  Yes sir, understood.

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