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Follow the dark path or use the light
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Pack Shot

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam


Scirocco FAQ

by BloodyStormHawk

Scirocco Character FAQ
Dynasty Warriors Gundam
V 1.0

-=Table of Contents=-
 1. Legal
 2. about me
 3. Unlocking Scirocco
 4. Why play him
 5. Profile
 6. Recommended Skills
 7. MS Stats
 8. Move Set
 9. Official Mode Walk Through
 a. Mission 1 - Grypios 2
 b. Mission 2 - Grypios 2
10. Original Mode Walk Through 
O1. Mission 1 - Oriental Citadel
O2. Mission 2 - Satellite Elevator
O3. Mission 3 - Ancient Ruins
O4. Mission 4 – The Hanging Gardens
O5. Mission 5 - Mausoleum
11. Unlocks
12. Contact Information

1. -=Legal/Disclaimer=-
This FAQ was made and written by my self Bloody Storm Hawk, as known 
through some of the boards on Game Faqs. I do not own anything I have 
written about here based on the Dynasty Warriors name or Gundam set of 
At this time no sites have my permission to use this FAQ, although if 
you wish to post it on your site please get my permission to do so. 

2. -=About me=-
This is my first FAQ I have finished, I honestly don’t know a lot about 
the further series of Gundam shows. And in fact know very little about 
Gundam Wing as a learning process for my self I have chosen to write 
about Scirocco, he has proven an interesting character.
I know I have made some mistakes, or if you have some pointers please 
feel free to email me and let me know. So please I hope this helps you 
as I have enjoyed writing it. 

3. -=Unlocking Scirocco=-:
- Unlocked when Official mode beaten with Kamille Bidan
- The Big O Mobile suit

4. -=Why Play Scirocco=-:
A decent character, good crowd clearing Musou, decent attack and 
thruster although he has low pilot defense and his mobile suit takes 
time to improve, a slow attack speed make him a little hard to use at 
times when you have two or more enemy commanders hungry for you.

- Decent starting pilot attack
- Decent starting pilot shot
- Decent crowd clearing

- Low pilot def
- Slow attack speed

5. -=Profile=-:

Known as “the man from Jupiter”, this titans member schemes his was up 
through the ranks, ultimately gaining complete control by assassinating 
their leader. Jamitov Hymem. However, never a man to dirty his own 
hands, he prefers to orchestrate control over others from afar. A 
brilliant Newtype, his skills as a mobile suit designer are matched 
only by his prowess as a pilot. When he is eventually defeated by the 
Zeta Gundam, he attempts to take Kamille Bidan with him as he goes.

Taken from the gallery in game for what they have on.

6. -=Skills=-:

Starting Skill:
New type

Recommended Skills:
Armor Gain
Serene Mind
Heat Up
High Tension
Spirit Surge
Fighting Instinct
Aura Burst*

7. -=Mobile Suit Stats=-:

These stats are only for Scirocco, as any other pilot has different 
stats for Attack, Shot, and Defense.

The O starting Stats level 1:
(Scirocco level 1)
Melee - 168
Shot  - 179
Def   - 157
Armor - 390

The O Ending stats level 10:
(Scirocco level 30)
Melee – 372
Shot  - 383
Def   - 359
Armor - 750

The 0 – Mobile Suite Zeta Gundam
Height 24.8 M
Weight 57.3 T

8. -=Move Set=-:
S - Left to Right, right handed energy sword slash
ss - Right to left, right handed energy sword slash
sss - Left to right, left handed energy sword slash, right handed 
energy sword block position
ssss - four energy saber attack left & right middle to out side, 2ndary 
arms thrust energy swords

t - Energy rifle shot
st - right kick, right 2ndary energy sword slash
sst - left energy sword thrust, all four arms energy sword attack
ssst - All four arms energy sword attack

Musou -
1st stage: All four arms use the energy swords in all directions
2nd stage: All four arms shoot energy shots with energy rifles
3rd stage: Lunge forward with top two energy swords, then bottom two 
energy swords

9. -=Official Mode=-:

A. Mission 1 - Grypios 2
Victory Conditions:
Victory: Shoot Down Haman
Defeat: Jupitris destroyed, or Sarah or Reccoa show down.

Titan Units:

A.U.E.G Units:

Axis Units:


As soon as the mission starts head south, clear the first field and 
continue to where Sarah is south of your position clear the area and 
force Haman onto the scene, this will also trigger Kamille's escape 
from Haman's ship.

He will appear north of your position and continue down where you are 
Sarah and Reccoa will retreat to the ship soon after leaving you with 
Haman, a cut scene will appear and after Quarto will appear letting 
Haman retreat.

Defeat Kamille and Quarto, on normal they aren’t too tough continue on 
to the Jupiter’s, after their retreat the Argama will deploy three 
fields for you to make your way through, as they deploy their main 
force against you.

Emma will appear take her down along with the Argama, at this time 
Sarah and 
Reccoa will reappear with Jarid to help out. Also allowing Kamille to 
reappear as well with him heading to the Jupitiris, soon after Yazan 
will appear for reinforcements with Quatro soon behind also heading for 
the Jupitris.

Quickly take out the Argama along with Emma and make sure Sarah and 
Reccoa don't get hurt shot down so speed is the essence here. Defeating 
the Argama will force them to retreat from the battle.

One Force after another, Haman will reappear with her forces, no other 
ms but Haman's will be with her so make your way to her taking out her 
feilds if you wish. Defeating Haman ends the mission, Victory Titans.

B. Mission 2 - Grypios 2
Victory conditions:
Victory: Shoot down Kamille
Defeat: Jupitris is destroyed

Titan Units:

A.E.U.G Units:


Two fields for the A.E.U.G are standing when you first start the 
mission take out one and Emma will appear, in a new field wile another 
one opens up for the A.E.U.G as well with Kamille in which Emma will 
pursue him take them down as you make your way to the laser.
Yazan will move to where Emma is, Jarid to Kamille leaving them 
stranded from each other use this time to take out the other field 
before moving to take out either of the two. 
Perusing Emma will get to Radish to appear with reinforcements for her, 
allowing for its destruction. After Emma Kamille will Kill Jarid, 
approach him and do battle Yazan will approach and his MS will be 
destroyed continue and defeat Kamille.

Defeating him won't end the mission, move onto the remaining enemy 
feilds and conquer them, the colony laser will appear, destroy it as 
soon as possible. Haman and crew will show up as well ignore her for 
now and make your way to Grips2. 
After destroying the two fields in front of the laser will allow Reccoa 
to show up. Thus Quatro will show up who will be defending the laser, 
take him down you have less than five minutes to do so, so be quick. 
At this time to make things more difficult for you Kamille will 
reappear and he and Haman will be rushing to the laser as well. Focus 
on Quatro as he is the leader of the laser and will stop the timer.

If you’re able to stop the laser before the five minutes, Kamille will 
either run off until you beat Haman or if you beat him he will retreat 
and then reappear after you beat Haman.

After you have beaten Quatro, if you have enough time rush to Reccoa 
and save her from Emma if you can’t the two will kill each other. This 
gives you little time so again be quick and try to destroy the Argama 
before it disappears so u can rack up some more expose.

Turn your attention to Haman and her AXIS forces, you can conquer her 
fields or you can take her down. Beating her forces a final show down 
with Kamille thus beating him ends the stage and official mode.

10. -=Original mode=-:

01. Mission 1 - Oriental Citadel

A mysterious planet appears from beyond space and time.
It's trajectory gradually changing Veering towards earth.
Is it nothing more than a planet,
Or is it some kind of mobile weapon?
Heroes from across the generations unite
to uncover the truth.

Victory conditions:
Victory: Shoot down Loran.
Defeat: Roux, Sarah or Reccoa get shot down.

Player Force Units:

Starting in the south middle field, Judau and Roux to the left of you 
and Sarah and Reccoa to the north of you make your way to your north 
coming in contact to Judau and Roux then Sarah and Reccoa. Getting into 
the middle your first cut scene takes place.

Take the southwestern base, receive some parts and continue back to 
Judau and Roux in the center area and clear it out.
And your first mission orders, Take the installation base just above 
Judau & Roux's starting point soon after Sarah and Reccoa will be 
ambushed and surrounded by Ramba Ral, move to their location and take 
him down and prevent the loss of the mission. Acquiring more parts move 
east again and clear the field and captain after Ral's defeat Puru two 
will show up as well so be quick.
The Black Tri-Stars will show up behind your units where Judau and Roux 
started be sure to take them out before they start problem.

Make sure to keep up with protecting Roux, Sarah and Reccoa while 
defeating the black tri-stars and taking fields they shouldn't put up 
too much of a fight. Head south and take the field they started in then 
move back to Roux and Judau and clear out the others.

Moving along your bound to run into Puru two, take her down and 
continue along with your comrades Puru Two drops parts be sure to pick 
them up.
After her defeating Puru Two clean up remaining fields and head for 
Loran who will have appeared after you defeated Puru two. Entering her 
field will give you a cut scene and activate some defenses. Two control 
bases will appear in the 
Northeast and the Northwest take them out to give you an easier time.
Emma will be waiting for you as well take her down with the Big Tray, 
which should give you little problems defeating the two bases will give 
you a much easier time with the Northern field. Defeating Loran ends 
the mission, and she joins your forces.

02. Mission 2 - Satellite Elevator

Victory conditions:
Victory: Shoot Down Master Asia & Heero 
Defeat: Argama destroyed, or Roux, Ellie or Puru two

Player Forces:
Puru Two

Enemy Forces
Master Asia
Heero Yuy


Starting at the North entrance, the Argama is already under attack make 
your way through the base and save the Argama. As quickly as possible 
to save the mission, moving into the first chamber it collapses once 
you clear the room and it disappears make your way to the next room, 
defeating those in your way.

As this happens move for the other sectors, Yazan will show up as an 
enemy and head your way, take him down continue to defend the Argama. 
Make your way to the Argama as soon as you can, and defend it from 
there another set of goons will show up as you clear another room and 
begin to head to the Argama as they arrive.

Taking the two attack points around the Argama will free it from 
assault, moving to the carrier dock and taking out Jarid would be the 
best move to stop all attacks at this point.

Next would be Yazan's goon's Dunkel and Ramsus as they appear out side 
the Argama, so be quick they shouldn't put up too much of a fight 
against you.
After their defeat Master Asia will appear, to the east of the Argama, 
move in and take him down before he causes any damage. And Heero above 
the Argama so be quick with Asia to engage with the Wing Zero Gundam.. 

Asia shouldn't prove to be too much of a challenge, watch out for his 
Musou attack if you’re low on life it might finish you off. Other than 
that enjoy the small cut scene and eliminate him.

Herro is next move back to the Argama, and take him down before he 
destroys it and defeat him he's a tough cookie take him down and finish 
the mission, and receive his MS for his victory.. or so they say ha 

03. Mission 3 - Ancient Ruins

Victory conditions:
Victory: Shoot Down All Enemy Commanders
Defeat: Big Tray destroyed, or Roux, Ellie or Puru two

Player Forces:
Big Tray
Puru Two

Enemy Forces:
Big Tray


Starting South of Domon, make your way to his field and clear it out, 
after that the Titans will appear taking the whole left side of the 
map. Yazan, Dunkel, Ramsus and Jarid, the of their ship commander 
Jamaican. So from there you have the red forces on the right and the 
yellow on the left, I took out the yellow but it's up to you, from the 
center go either left or right and work your way down and around, 
assist those who need it along the way.

When taking out the Ship of Jamaican, to the left close to the bottom 
center, Yazan will call for Dunkel and Ramsus to assault the center of 
the map. So go and take care of them and sweep down and take care of 
the rest of the Titan fields. Then swoop right and smack the rest of 
the enemies around for a bit, including their small reinforcements they 
call for. Puru and Domon will reappear to make things a little more 
interesting. Approaching Domon and engaging in battle will show for 
Master Asia to show up giving a two on one or two on two depending if 
you have any one with you, so deal with them quickly and move on.

This was a very simple stage, very simple.

04. Mission 4 - The Hanging Gardens

Victory conditions:
Victory: Shoot Down Char
Defeat: Scirocco Shot down

Player Force:

Enemy Force:


Starting out in an enemy field, not too long after the battle starts 
Master Asia and Haman will show up to your right and to your left.
As soon as you bring Char out into the field of battle Judau and Roux 
will show up to aid you in your battle the Victory conditions will 
change as well, well the defeat conditions will change to if any of you 
are shot down you lose so pay close attention.

Once they appear take down Char, Big Tray isn't far behind for 
reinforcements for you so pay attention and continue the current 
After his defeat Char will call in Roberto and Apolly who will appear 
just above Haman's starting location so be prepared to take them down, 
now you can take on Asia or Haman your choice.

Moving left to Haman, with Judau be sure to keep an eye on Roux as well 
clear out the field and force Haman to fight you. Fight her same you 
have been fighting her block her attacks and counter with a charge, 
boost attack. During this time Puru and Puru two will appear to help 
Judau and Scirocco will take it upon him self to defend the two of them 
and make sure they stay alive.

During this time Loran should arrive stating that Heero should be right 
behind her to make things a little harder for you, more to make sure 
they stay alive. Finish Haman and move on, after she is done 
approaching Apolly and puru Kamille and Amuro will arrive... YAY more 
people to fight :( ha ha..

Take them down one at a time moving along and taking fields soon after 
Kamille's arrival Beecha and Ellie will arrive to help you as well. 
Approaching The big tray and Milliardo will arrive to help the enemy. 
Do what you can to survive and save the big tray in doing so you will 
bring Char out to play a second time. You can kill him this time and 
end the stage or you can continue to run back and forth helping others 
and gaining exp just kill Char when you’re ready to move on.

05. Mission 5 - Mausoleum

Victory conditions:
Victory: Shoot down Musha Gundam 
Defeat: Scirocco, Judau, Roux shot down

Player Units:
Puru Two

Enemy Units:

Enemy Reinforcements:
Master Asia

You start north above Roberto who is in the first field below you, make 
your way down to him and clear the field and kill him. Not too long 
after you have defeated Roberto Haman will make her way to you head 
south and meet her and end her.
She shouldn't be too much of a challenge for you, your MS should be 
around level 9 or 10 by this point and with some good parts none of the 
commanders will be a challenge in the slightest for you.

As soon as you put down Haman, Char will begin to talk and head towards 
Scirocco's location so take out the fields and meet him half way and 
defeat him as well. Again Char might be a bit more challenging than the 
rest but I doubt it. Take him down and continue east to Beecha and 
Ellie, Puru and Puru Two will be fine.

After Char's defeat Yazan, Dunkel, and Ramsus will appear to the east 
of where you started above the center of the map so make your way to 
that area and down the three of them, while keeping an eye on Judau and 
Roux. As you approach Yazan's field some MS's will appear as 
reinforcements, no commanders at this time.

Clearing the last field and getting close to Yazan at this point will 
have Master Asia appear down where Char started. So take down Yazan and 
his goons and taken down Asia. At this point the Lava will rise up and 
block your units from proceeding in certain areas of the map.

With Asia gone, Milliardo will appear just west of you so head there 
now and take him down of course you will have most of the MS's 
commanders with you so it's a cake walk. Jarid just off to your eat but 
it's a bit more of a stroll for you, it's out of the way but go there 
if you want.

Killing Milliardo will draw out Musha, now is the time to face the 
enemy commander, beware save before engaging him he has super high def 
and life so it's going to be a fight. Make your way to him and get 
ready for the final battle with Musha Gundam. He will give you a small 
cut scene which is pretty interesting small battle. So beat him on his 
way to the center of the map and beat him down and enjoy your ending.

11. -=Unlocks=-: 
Completed Official mode:
- Him in Original mode
- Use of Any Gundam in Official mode
Completed Original mode:
- Roux Louka in Original Mode
- Scirocco can use any MS in Original mode

12. -=Contact Information=-:
1.	Please don’t spam me with hate mail
2.	Please if you have questions place “Scirocco Question” or 
something I can decipher the mail from others.
Email: [email protected]

Koei & Bandai Namco Games for another great Dynasty Warriors style 
My dad for urging me to by my ps3.
And to every one who reads & uses this FAQ.