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Follow the dark path or use the light
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Pack Shot

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam


Domon Kasshu FAQ

by BloodyStormHawk

Domon Kasshu Character FAQ
Version 1.0 – completed majority of FAQ 1 – Thanks/end
Version 1.1 – added Domon Kasshu end Mobile Suit stats

-=Table of Contents=-
 1. Legal
 2. about me
 3. Unlocking Domon
 4. Why play him
 5. Profile
 6. Recommended Skills
 7. MS Stats
 8. Move Set
  9. Original mode Walkthrough
O1. Mission 1 – Abandoned Ruins
O2. Mission 2 – Central City
O3. Mission 3 – The Hanging Gardens
O4. Mission 4 – Ice Field
O5. Mission 5 – Satellite Elevator
10. Unlocks
11. Contact Information

1. -=Legal/Disclaimer=-
This FAQ was made and written by my self Bloody Storm Hawk, as known 
through some of the boards on Game FAQS. I do not own anything I have 
written about here based on the Dynasty Warriors name or Gundam set of 
At this time no sites have my permission to use this FAQ, although if 
you wish to post it on your site please get my permission to do so. 

2. -=About me=-
Being the second FAQ I have written I am learning more and more about 
Gundam Wing with each character I play in this game. Something other 
than a Chinese or Japanese warrior is a different pace of game for me 
hopefully with the years to come there are more of the Dynasty Warriors 
Gundam games, which add more as they go.

3. -=Unlocking Domon=-
Well that’s the easy part, as soon as your start he’s available to play 
in original mode only so have fun.

4. -=Why play him=-

- Starts out with nice pilot attack and defense
- Fast attacker
- Brilliant C4 crowd clearer

- Very low pilot & MS shot 
- Defense is low for Mobile suit

5. -=Profile=-

6. -=Recommended Stats=-
-School of Master Asia 
- Hard Strike
Mobile Suit:
Armor Gain
Serene Mind
Heat Up
High Tension
Spirit Surge
Fighting Instinct
Aura Burst*

7. -=Ms Stats=-

These stats are only for Domon Kasshu, as any other pilot has different 
stats for Attack, Shot, and Defense.

Burning Gundam Stats level 1:
(Domon level 1)
Melee - 198
Shot  - 110
Def   - 189
Armor - 340

Burning Gundam stats level 10:
(Domon level 30)
Melee – 400
Shot  - 321
Def   - 374
Armor – 715

8. -=Moveset=-

s- Straight right punch
ss- Left hook punch
sss- Left hand right to left Energy Sword slash
ssss- Both hands left to right energy sword slash, small energy wave

s- Right straight punch
ss- Over head smash with both bands
sss- Right kick 

Charge attacks:
t- Helmet Machine gun fire
st- Left back spin kick, lifting right kick follow up
sst- Spinning right elbow, (tap t) left thrusting palm
ssst- Duel energy sword hurricane 

1st stage – Right power punch with explosion at the end
2nd stage – A 360 degree spin with a small aura explosion at the end
3rd stage – A large energy ball fired straight ahead of him

9. -=Original mode=-

01. Mission 1 – Abandoned Ruins

Victory conditions:
Victory: Shoot Down Haman and Kamille 
Defeat: Big Tray, Domon, Milliardo, or Puru are shot down

Player Forces:
Big Tray

Enemy Forces:

You start out in the west, above the southern most field there are no 
enemy commanders active at this time so head north east to the first 
field and begin clearing it out.
Take the first field and head into the center, at this point Milliardo 
will suggest taking the fields around the center to make it eaiser. You 
can do so if you wish as it does make it a little easier.
Taking the center after taking one more field after Milliardo says so 
Loran and Puru Two will show up take them down with out losing any 
allies in this battle.
After defeating the two the Northern fields will arrive Supporting the 
Argama and Emma, now is the time to take the center if you haven’t and 
move along and take down the other fields along the north.

The Argama has three guards so once they appear take them down quickly 
and eliminate that area. With the Argama done in Glemy Toto will show 
up quickly make your way south taking out Emma along the way.
Sortly after Glemy’s arrival Kamille will show up in the middle 
reclaiming the center for the enemy forces. As well as Haman so make 
your way over to Glemy and Kamille will be nice enough to seek you out 
take the two down and then head to the center for Haman.
Yet a simple mission, onto the next.

02. Mission 2 – Central City

Victory conditions:
Victory: Successfully Defend Big Tray
Defeat: Big Tray, Domon, Milliardo or Puru shot down

Player Forces:
Big Tray

Enemy Forces:

Being in the center and surrounded, head north to face off against 
Apolly, which shouldn’t be that hard of a fight for you. As soon as you 
beat him head north to the tunnel and then east Char will have a trap 
set in the center for you, find the right field and shut it down. The 
bottom right field contains Haman will you clear it, beat her to stop 
the attack on the Big Tray.
Stay in the area, Char will have another plan ready with several fields 
appearing after you defeat Haman. Clear them and work back to the 
Appearing this time will be Char him self, Amuro and Kamille clear the 
fields and approach them and take them down one at a time.

Approaching Amuro will give you a cut scene so take him down quickly be 
careful though, Kamille will appear once you force the field commander 
out and it quickly becomes a two on one battle.
How ever taking the two down opens your path to Char, clean up the 
stage or finish him off your choice.

03. Mission 3 – The Hanging Gardens

Victory conditions:
Victory: Shoot down Amuro
Defeat: Big Tray, Domon, Milliardo or Puru Shot down

Player Forces:
Big Tray

Enemy Forces:


As Domon, you start just above the only field you control in the center 
of the map, be sure to keep a eye on every one as you work your way 
through the enemy. Above you to the west a little is Apolly, and 
directly to the east is Roberto, first take care of Apolly and as soon 
as you defeat him Roberto will begin to advance. So don’t just sit 
there go and meet him and take him down. As well be weary because Judau 
and Roux will show up as well close to home base.
So move quickly towards the Big Tray and keep Roberto down along your 
way, now Judau will call to Puru and make his way to her if he makes it 
she will disappear if not defeat Judau before she makes it and the two 
will take off and come back later.
Stop Roux quickly as she puts up a big stink with the Big Tray Scirocco 
will have ordered Sarah and Reccoa to attack the main force stay close 
to the tray but go and eliminate them one at a time.
Since Hayato started close to the Tray as well be sure to head north 
where Judau makes his charge if you didn’t get to him first. Take the 
two out, before they reach the tray.
Also Reccoa might be close to Judau so it could be a little sticky a 
three on one but I am sure you’re up to the task of taking them out.

With Judau, Roux, Roberto, Hayato, Apolly, Sarah and Reccoa out of the 
way Scirocco and Char will begin to advance. Best advice meet one of 
the two along the way, depending on difficulty level you are playing 
Char will be more of a hand full than Scirocco.
So choice is yours, defeat the one then double back to the big tray 
because Amuro will show up, as he is leading this little brigade 
against you.
Make sure on your way to clear up some of the enemy fields if you can 
hopefully no one is struggling. Making your way Back to the Tray Judau 
and Roux will reappear so do what you can to take them down.

Now at this time depending on how you delt with Judau the first time, 
if you defeated him before Puru caught up to him then She would join 
back with the battle and get Judau to join your forces if she beats 
But if he meets up with her she will leave and come back as an enemy so 
this could be easy or hard on you.

If she is against you, defeat her and she will come back to your side 
in a little bit. But if she comes back to help you she will fight both 
Roux and Judau and she will need your help so be quick.

Head south and finish Amuro to clean up this mission and move on.

04. Mission 4 – Ice Field

Victory conditions:
Victory: Musha Gundam shot down
Defeat: Any Allied Commander shot down

Player Forces:
Big Tray

Enemy Forces:


With starting in the lower area of the map, you have enemies in four 
fields set up two to the east and two to the west. The west is closer 
so head there first.
Taking the first field prompts, Jarid to show up north of the western 
fields and will nicely not wait so head to the second field and 
encounter Jarid as you clean it up.
Yazan and screw will show up just after Jarid’s failure to defeat you 
and take a whack at Milliardo over in the ease. Of the three commanders 
to show up Ramsus will be in the north and head down your way if your 
still in the west. Let him be the first to fall, Yazan will comment 
after you beat Ramsus and begin his advance. This should be to your 
location along the northeastern roads. So make Yazan the second.

With Yazan defeated, Musha Gundam’s signature will be felt center of 
the northern part of the map, again a new field. So head there real 
quick and clear it out, no Musha Gundam just three guards clean them up 
and watch as Haman, Char, Sarah and Reccoa take over those northern 
area’s u cleared out. Take them down as they are headed for the big 
Master Asia will show up and give Domon a new sense of Vigor as the two 
of you plunge through the enemies with Asia now fighting with you. 
Along with Heero’s presence to keep Milliardo fighting at full as well.

All is well as you approach Haman first she will come to you so that 
makes it easy to put once down and the Big Tray is blowing away ice 
bergs to make a nice path for you.
Now that the path is clear head down and bail out the big tray and 
leave Char to Milliardo and Master Asia you and Heero can take care of 
Sarah and Reccoa.

Defeating the rest of the three will draw out Musha Gundam time to 
bring him down. Now to can clear out all of the other fields and gain 
some exp or go right at him your choice, Remember to keep an eye on 
your allies though.  
Scirocco will show up starting a field of his own right where the first 
two fields where when you started the mission. Make your way to him and 
put him down for the count. Same with Yazan, Dunkel and Ramsus all 
three have come back for another chance to eat dirt. 

So taking them down a notch improves things for you, all four and 
nowhere to put them but under the ice.. ha ha.. but move in for Musha 
Gundam and finish the mission.

05. Mission 5 - Satellite Elevator

Victory conditions:
Victory: Shoot down Master Asia
Defeat: Domon Shot down

Player Forces:

Enemy Forces:
Master Asia

You start off in the Eastern base with Master Asia, while Milliardo and 
Heero start in the lower western base. Not long after the battle starts 
Puru will inform you that the enemy has arrived, so the duel will have 
to wait.
Milliardo and Heero however will take off, Milliardo says he will be 
back once he has won but you will have to hold them off on your own.

Haman will be the one commanding the Yellow forces, it’s just her so 
you will have to make your way out side the base and take care of her 
with Puru.

Your cut short with your starting area turned into a field for Haman’s 
forces cut them down and clam the field as your own. Shortly after 
Kamille and Amuro will show up as reinforcements and aid you in your 
struggle at this point.
Char will also show up as a enemy so cut him down once you get to him 
which shouldn’t be too long. He will be adorning his gold Mobile Suit 
so hand to hand against a ninja like Gundam :D.
Take him down and progress on towards Haman, Char should be a bit of a 
challenge but not enough to slow you down. 

After you have defeated Char, Heero and Milliardo will speak for a 
moment then the screen will tell you they have temporarily left the 
field. Jarid will make his appearance now down below where Heero and 
Milliardo started their little battle. Make your way to him once you 
deal with Haman.

After Haman, Judau and Puru Two will show up to aid you, make your way 
to Jarid clearing the fields in front of you which shouldn’t be much of 
a challenge and go to where Kamille and Jarid are fighting and make 
short work of him.
With this on your way to Jarid, Yazan with Dunkel and Ramsus will show 
up and want to scrap to take out Jarid and make short work of those 

With Jarid gone, and most likely if things went rite Dunkel and Ramsus 
Scirocco, Sarah and Reccoa will show up as well. Make your way to them 
and cut them down as well.
Defeating Scirocco will allow Master Asia to come back to the field, 
where he should have been any ways lol..
But move to him and show him who the boss is, he should be any bit of a 
challenge. On normal my self I was a level 21 pilot and level Mobile 
Suit through original mode and this mission.

But Asia will split into Three of him self so have fun, again not too 
challenging, except u don’t have any one to help build that Musou gage, 
so hopefully you learned Serene Mind.
After defeating them, he will come back with uber def and will require 
a bit more to defeat. The trick is to do it as quickly as possible as 
your fields are disappearing, and you must defeat him before they all 
After this you must defeat him again as he re-appears once more to 
fight you again defeat him quickly. After this defeat your allies will 
speak and then Asia will show up again, this is the last time. After 
you win that’s it.. enjoy Domon Kasshu’s ending.

10. -=Unlocks=-
- Master Asia in original mode only
- Puru in original mode only (must also complete Judau’s Original mode 
as well)
- Master Gundam will be added to the MS selection
- Quebeley MKII Black Will be added to the MS Selection (must also 
complete Judau’s Original mode as well)
- Domon can now use any MS in original mode

11. -=Contact Information=-
1.	Please don’t spam me with hate mail
2.	Please if you have questions place “Scirocco Question” or 
something I can decipher the mail from others.
Email: [email protected]

Koei & Bandai Namco Games for another great Dynasty Warriors style 
game. And for all the people who created the Gundam series and 
characters there wouldn’t be a game with out you.
And to every one who reads & uses this FAQ.