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Follow the dark path or use the light

Post Game Guide

by nerobloodfire


                                 Dragon's Dogma
                A Guide to Mastery of the Pure Magical Vocations
                              Mage and Sorcerer Guide

Enumerated Contents

                   A. Author's Introductory Whim
                   B. The "Why" Behind the Magical Vocations
                   C. Interviewing The Mage And Sorcerer
                   D. An Exclusive Inquiry Of THE MAGE Skills
                        1. Spells
                        2. Core Skills
                        3. Augments

                   E. An Exclusive Inquiry of THE SORCERER Skills
                        1. Spells
                        2. Core Skills
                        3. Augments

                   F. Tips: Surviving Or Not

For the unbiased use of the PS3 and Xbox360 consoles. I do not mention any
particular controller buttons, just the control effects.

- - - - - Author's Introductory Whim - - - - -

CAPCOM has captivated many prospective players with its release of Dragon's
Dogma alongside its many new innovative advancements in customization,
gameplay, storyline, and the inclusion of a whole new universe.

I am writing this guide for first time players who find appeal with the unique
and deadly gameplay of the Magical Vocations or for advanced players who wish
to examine firsthand the unique fighting style of these vocations.

My primary purpose of this guide is to help players tailor their characters
based on their preferred style and to encourage exploration. I prefer
that you not waste Discipline Points on skills that give such wonderful
descriptions and yet such dissapointing performance and thus I give you a
compendium of Magical Abilities.

For you who are beginning your journey, you will find that skills require
Displine Points: numerical values that you will earn and acquire as you fight
monsters or complete quests all over Gransys. Worry not friend, as you will
discover that such such task is neither arduous nor complicated.

I welcome all to read, to enjoy, and find solace that you will not regret
selecting such powerful vocations. In any case, this is my first FAQ and I am
quite nervous about its content. Feedback would be appreciated.

- - - - - The "Why" Behind the Magical Vocations - - - - -

Many of your, regardless of your gaming skills and experience, will usually
question your own choice of character.

"Why must I choose the Mage if I forsake defense?"

"Why must I choose the Mage if I can battle up close and personal?"

"Why can't I just have a Mage as a Pawn?"

"Why do I say Mage if I ACTUALLY mean both Mage and Sorcerer?"

Well no vocation in the game is more or less stronger in terms of overall
attributes. A Mage is strong and weak in his/her own right as all the other
vocations in the game.

If you must ask these questions, then here are questions for you?

     1. Do you prefer gameplay that commands others to mitigate damage and 
        aid you as distraction while you employ powerful devastating spells to
        finish the battle?

     2. Do you prefer the simplicity that comes with just standing and casting?
     3. Are you willing to face enemies head on?
     4. Do you trust your pawns enough to back you up once you are in the fray?
     5. If Johnny brandishes a sword and Angela conjures a Tornado, who do you
        think will get the job done more effectively?

If you have a great taste for the devastating powers of the Arcane and the
desire to manifest your rage and might on the battlefield with pure devastation
then the Mage or the Sorcerer vocations is the job for you.

- - - - - Interviewing The Mage And Sorcerer - - - - -

I am certain that those who wish to indulge in the subtle art of Magic and 
Sorcery will have undoubtedly selected any of these 2 vocations. Be warned,
such powerful arcane arts come at a price: Strenuous Cast Time. As with the
other vocations, you will experience the advantages and flaws as well as
encounter the difficulties that many, such as myself, will have faced.

What differentiates the Mage and Sorcerer from other vocations is their
exclusive use of Staves to cast magic in all its forms.

                             DEFENSIVE CAPABILITIES 

In terms of defense, the Mages and Sorcerers suffer from physical damage
greater than any of the other vocations. Only with proper armor or armor rating
and a "survivalist" attitude of gameplay will your Mage or Sorcerer fare a
better chance at surviving punishing physical blows. Of course, needless to say
those who employ the use of magicks also have strong defenses against them.

                                 IN COMPARISON....

Shields and plated armor are to Fighters and Warriors as evasive maneuvers are
to Striders and Rangers. In comparison, Mages and Sorcerers will find none of
that. The only way to avoid the dangers of battle is not be light of foot and
simply jump out of harm's way or dash towards a safer location.

                       Be Advised, in the Midst of Battle

     1. Pawns are "Pawns". They will take damage for you and can be revived.
     2. YOU cannot be revived by pawns.
     3. Curatives ARE ESSENTIAL.
     4. It's alright to be in the fray of battle. As long as you make exclusive
        use of spells that take shorter time to cast.

     5. Invoke spells of LONG CAST TIMES from afar and away from enemy eyes.
        This is A MUST for bosses.

     6. DO NOT ATTEMPT to finish spells when an enemy charges towards your
        direction. JUMP out of the way to cancel a spell and evade.
     7. ALWAYS BE MINDFUL of your Stamina.
     8. A fatigued Mage is a "sitting duck" Mage.
     9. Charge powerful spells early before approaching fearsome opponents.
    10. When overpowered........RUN FOR DEAR LIFE.
    11. Golems are IMMUNE to Magic. Except for certain debilitations...

During your tenure as a Mage/Sorcerer you will find that your Vocation Rank 
will increase as you delve deeper into the mystic arts and fight more often. 
Through your advancement you will gain skills of higher rank and more powerful 

- - - - - An Exclusive Inquiry Of THE MAGE Skills - - - - -

External Source:

The Wikia page is extremely helpful and I am pleased to share such information
as basis for my guide.

The Quoted Description:
 = Masters of elemental magicks. Mages rain down damage on their enemies while
   keeping their party alive with restorative abilities.

Weapon: Staff
 - Primary Attack: Magical Bolts from the Staff
 - Heavy Attack: A heavy swing of the staff.

Mages have 3 Primary and 3 Secondary Skill Slots as well as 7 Augments Slots
for use.

                   All That is Good In A Good Mage
 - Spells have shorter cast times.
 - Restorative Magic to cure and heal allies.
 - Enchantments to add elemental damage to weapons.
 - Enhancing capabilities and low-level Debilitating Magic.

Note: I will rate skills based on personal experience and its usefulness, not
      merely by its power.

1. STAFF SKILLS (more commonly known as Spells)

 = = = = = = Ingle = = = = = =

  Element: Fire

  Required Vocation Rank: N/A

  Description: Looses a ball of fire that explodes upon contact engulfing both
               the target and surrounding foes.

  Discipline Points Cost: N/A

  Appearance: Your Mage will send a large ball of fire at a targeted enemy from
              the staff. It burns targets for a few seconds before dying out.

  Personal Rating: ****
                   It will serve as your staple skill in the early beginning of
                   your career. Many creatures in Gransys such as wolves,
                   goblins, harpies, undead, and ghosts are weak to fire. Even
                   those who can resist it will find themselves burning in
                   flames from being hit by it. Keep it as a Primary Skill at
                   ALL COSTS (well in my case anyways).

= = = = = = Frazil = = = = = =
  Element: Ice

  Required Vocation Rank: 1

  Description: Creates a concentrated field of cold in front of the user that
               freezes solid whatever enemies it visits.

  Discipline Points Cost: 200

  Appearance: After charging and releasing the spell the Mage will be
              surrounded by cold aura. Hitting the Light or Heavy Attack
              button will prompt the Mage to end the spell but cast a wave
              of cold in front of it.

  Personal Rating: **

                   At first I thought this would be a good Ice spell to balance
                   out my mage. The many drawbacks of this spell is the need
                   for enemies to be actually in front of you for the spell to
                   work. Most of the time you will find foes moving around for
                   the purpose of evading your attacks and countering. The
                   range is limited so unless you are confident in being close
                   to a slow and BIG boss monster and casting this spell
                   without being hit then do so. While the spell is in effect
                   it deals small damage to foes that enter the aura's 
                   vicinity. You will also remain in walking speed and your
                   Stamina will drain constantly.

 = = = = = = Levin = = = = = =

  Element: Thunder

  Required Vocation Rank: 1

  Description: Smites the enemy from above with tongues of lightning.
               Especially effective at driving foes out of hiding.

  Discipline Points Cost: 200

  Appearance: Do not be fooled by the word "tongue" as you will not see Thunder
              "licking" at your foe. Instead it takes the form of ordinary
              lightning bolts striking your foe from above.

  Personal Rating: ****
                   If you will ever continue your Mage career, Levin is a
                   staple skill you cannot hope to miss. Ingle is cast from the
                   staff and will hit the enemy unless a physical object 
                   hinders its path. As soon as you target the foe, Levin will
                   strike purple lightning from above regardless of their
                   relative location from you. It IS GOOD for attacking enemies
                   behind trees, rocks, bushes, or walls. It's also good for 
                   precision striking.

 = = = = = = High Ingle = = = = = =

  Element: Fire

  Required Vocation Rank: 3

  Description: An advanced form of Ingle that increases the number of 

  Discipline Points Cost: 700

  Appearance: You will release 3 shots of fire instead of just 1.

  Personal Rating: *****

                   A more powerful version of Ingle will punish monsters with
                   3 powerful barrages of fire. 3 times the damage along with
                   the burning effect makes this indispensible.

 = = = = = = High Frazil = = = = = =

  Element: Ice

  Required Vocation Rank: 3

  Description: An advanced form of Frazil that expands the area of effect.

  Discipline Points Cost: 700

  Appearance: The wave of cold forward will be expanded to reach a greater arc
              of coverage in front of you.

  Personal Rating: ***

                   It's an improvement in terms of its range and power. Not
                   my favorite but feel free to favor its use.

 = = = = = = High Levin = = = = = =

  Element: Thunder

  Required Vocation Rank: 3

  Description: An advanced form of Levin that generates more lightning.

  Discipline Points Cost: 700

  Appearance: Just as the description says.

  Personal Rating: *****

                   The increased bolts increase the power of this attack.
                   Strong enough to sever the tail of a Saurian and make a
                   cyclops drop its club or damage its eye. 

 = = = = = = (Fire, Ice, Thunder, Holy, Dark) Boon

  Element: Whichever you pick.

  Required Vocation Rank: 1 for the basic elements. 3 for Holy and Dark.

  Description: Launches a bolt of magic that enchants an ally's weapon with
               elemental power.

  Discipline Points Cost: 200 for basic elements. 500 for Holy and Dark.

  Appearance: You will launch a bolt at yourself or an ally and will make their
              weapon/s glow in a color according to their element. 

  Personal Rating: ***

                   An early beginning of the game will recommend this skill.
                   If you will not have it then at least hire a pawn that
                   possesses such skill. It is invaluable as it adds damage to
                   the magical bolts that you fire from your staff.

 = = = = = = Anodyne and High Anodyne = = = = = =

  Element: Curative

  Required Vocation Rank: 7 for High Anodyne

  Description: Invokes a Magic Sigil which recovers the Health of those who

               An advanced form of Anodyne that whose sigil is larger, and
               persists for a longer period of time, and recovers more Health.
               Targets will also be healed for a small amount of time after
               leaving the sigil.

  Discipline Points Cost: 2800 for High Anodyne
  Appearance: A dome of green "warped" energy that heals you. High Anodyne will
              feature a larger dome.

  Personal Rating: *****

                   Regardless of whether you stick with Anodyne or upgrade to
                   High Anodyne, this skill is invaluable with every Mage.
                   You may choose to hire a pawn with a skill instead but it is
                   essential that your party have this skill. A pawn will
                   cast it automatically when you ask for "help" from a pawn
                   and you see grey bars on your health bar. Be warned that
                   Anodyne will only recover your health to the maximum limit
                   and not to its full capacity. Only curatives and inns may
                   do that for you.

 = = = = = = Halidom and High Halidom = = = = = =

  Element: Restorative

  Required Vocation Rank: 3 for Halidom. 7 for High Halidom.

  Description: Invokes a magical sigil which clears the following from those
               who enter: Poison, Torpor, Silence, Burns, and Frostbite.

               An advanced form of Halidom whose sigil persists for a longer
               period of time and cures a wider variety of debilitations.

  Discipline Points Cost: 800 for Halidom. 2800 for High Halidom.

  Appearance: A dome of blue "warped" energy that restores your from
              certain debilitations. High Halidoms features a larger dome.

  Personal Rating: *****

                   Throughout your journeys, you will inevitably encounter
                   reptiles and insects spraying poison at you, spells that
                   prevent you from moving a lot (torpor), spells that
                   prevent you from casting magic (Yes..even Halidom), 
                   having explosives and Flasks of Oil thrown at you, and
                   Freezing spells. Halidom from you OR A PAWN protects you
                   from that. 

 = = = = = = (Fire, Ice, Thunder, Holy, Dark) Affinity = = = = = =

  Element: According to spell.

  Required Vocation Rank: 6

  Description: An advanced form of Boon that extends and amplifies the
               enchantment, as well as the recipients's magic.

  Discipline Points Cost: 1200

  Appearance: Same as Boon

  Personal Rating: ****

                   The effects of Affinity is greater than Boon. You will
                   benefit greatly with a Mage pawn that possesses any of these
                   Affinity spells. You will be disappointed to realize that
                   ordinary magic bolts from the staves are weak and will
                   almost depend on Affinity spells to boost power.

 = = = = = = Blearing and High Blearing = = = = = =

  Element: Debilitating

  Required Vocation Rank: 4 for Blearing. 6 for High Blearing.

  Description: Invokes a magic sigil around the user that Blinds foes who

               An advanced form of Blearing whose sigil is larger and persists
               for a longer period of time.

  Discipline Points Cost: 1000 for Blearing. 1400 for High Blearing. 

  Appearance: The Mage conjures a dome of black-purple energy, black round
              lines, and black smoke around him. The Sorcerer can sustain
              the spell so long as stamina allows it.

  Personal Rating: ***

                   What makes this spell so useful is the ability to blind
                   multiple small foes to large monstrous creatures. Some of
                   you who's play style involves subterfuge and debilitations,
                   then Blearing is a great skill for you to use. More
                   offense-oriented players such as myself have no use for 
                   such a spell. Be warned that once this spell is cast your
                   Mage will maintain walking speed for the duration of the
                   spell until you jump to cancel it or run out of stamina.

 = = = = = = Silentium and High Silentium = = = = = =

  Element: Debilitating

  Required Vocation Rank: 4 for Silentium. 6 for High Silentium.

  Description: Invokes a magic sigil around the user that Silences foes who

               An advanced form of Silentium whose sigil is larger and persists
               for a longer period of time.

  Discipline Points Cost: 1000 for Silentium. 1400 for High Silentium.

  Appearance: The Mage conjures a dome of transparent black-purple energy,
              circular red lines, and dark smoky energy that surrounds him/her.
              The spell remains in effect so long as stamina is not depleted.

  Personal Rating: **

                   My rating is a bit lower than for Blearing due to its
                   restrictions on magic-users. You will not encounter much
                   magic-users around Gransys except for the occasional 
                   Chimera, the Drake, rare Undead Mages, and some Sorcerer
                   bandits. The last thing you will want to do is Silence
                   your opponents whilst they - since they are usually in
                   groups - use their time to attack you. It shares the same
                   drawback as Blearing: walking speed while the spell remains
                   in effect and can be cancelled by jumping, getting hit, or
                   running out of stamina.

 = = = = = = Comestion and High Comestion = = = = = =

  Element: Fire

  Required Vocation Rank: 5 for Comestion. 7 for High Comestion.

  Description: Generates a towering wall of flame, though only modest in power,
               it ignites adversaries with ease.

               An advanced form of Comestion that expands the wall of flame.

  Discipline Points Cost: 1400 for Comestion. 1800 for High Comestion.

  Appearance: Your Mage will conjure a wall of flame in a location that you
              specify with the camera in front of you. High Comestion features
              a larger and more powerful wall.

  Personal Rating: ***

                   The spell conjures a wall of flame to a targeted location
                   and deal fire damage. It may also apply the burning effect
                   on some enemies but what makes Comestion so impressive is 
                   its concussive shockwave that launches foes into the air.
                   High Comestion will give you a more powerful wall of fire
                   as well as a stronger shockwave. It's rather damaging as

 = = = = = = Frigor and High Frigor = = = = = =

  Element: Ice

  Required Vocation Rank: 5 for Frigor. 7 for High Frigor.

  Description: Generates a giant chunk of ice that can serve as a stepping

               An advanced form of Frigor that generates 3 chunks of ice. The
               last one can be used as a stepping stone.

  Discpline Points Cost: 1400 for Frigor. 1800 for High Frigor.

  Appearance: At the end of charging this spell your Mage will raise large
              spiky chunks of ice at a targeted opponent or body part.
              If it hits no target it becomes a stepping stone. High Frigor
              raises 3 consecutive chunks of ice with the third becoming the
              stepping stone.

  Personal Rating: ***

                   During my tenure as a Mage, High Frigor has become a staple
                   skill in my Primary set, replacing Frazil. Calling upon this
                   spell will not only hit the target but also targets that
                   happen to be within range of the icy chunks. The cast time
                   is long, but the damage is undeniable. I don't waste time
                   with it on multiple foes, however, and keep its use 
                   against bigger monsters such as Chimeras and Cyclops,
                   although I make sure I'm out of its sight and target range

 = = = = = = Brontide and High Brontide = = = = = =

  Element: Thunder

  Required Vocation Rank: 5 for Brontide. 7 for High Brontide.

  Description: Wraps the user's body in a whip-like bolt of lightning capable
               of damaging foes.

               An advanced form of Brontide that endures for longer periods of
               and drops lightning where it lands.

  Discipline Points Cost: 1400 for Brontide. 1800 for High Brontide.

  Appearance: The Mage will create a long tendril of lightning that extends
              from the left hand and electrocutes anything it touches.
              One may use the Light or Heavy Attack buttons to use Brontide as
              a whip. Jumping will cancel the spell and result in lightning
              bolts hitting the field around you.

  Personal Rating: ****

                   For the many sadistic players out there, this is the skill
                   for you. The fact that you cannot run or jump without
                   dispelling Brontide reduces its star rating. But this spell
                   will also deplete stamina as long you keep using it. 
                   Brontide is part of the advanced elemental set with
                   Comestion and Frigor just as Ingle, Frazil, and Levin are
                   part of the basic elemental set. What distinguishes
                   Brontide is the fact that its cast time is extremely short
                   compared to Comestion and Frigor; as well as higher damage
                   especially when inflicted on boss monsters. If it took you
                   a few minutes to sever the serpent of the Chimera, expect to
                   sever it in half the time with a well-aimed Brontide.
                   High Brontide will add Levin bolts to wherever your whip
                   hits and adds more Levin bolts once the spell is cancelled.

 = = = = = = Grapnel and High Grapnel = = = = = =

  Element: Dark

  Required Vocation Rank: 5 for Grapnel. 8 for High Grapnel. 

  Description: Sends forth tendrils of dark energy that can bind a foe for a 

  Appearance: Just like the description says.

  Discipline Points Cost: 1800 for Grapnel. 5000 for High Grapnel.

  Personal Rating: **

                   The great part of Grapnel is it can damage foes gradually,
                   albeit insignificantly. It can also hold an opponent in
                   place regardless of its size. The bad part outweighs the
                   good, however. First of all, as long as the spell is in
                   effect you must remain in place. Not very good when dealing
                   with multiple foes. Second of all, the spell must target a
                   foe and it takes a while for the tendril to grab the
                   target. The spell works like a yo-yo: it reaches the target,
                   grabs hold, and then recoiling back after its duration is 
                   complete. If you MISS then you will wait a few while before
                   you are free from the spell. Missing will do you NO good
                   when battling a LARGE BEAST or MULTIPLE foes as you will be
                   vulnerable. Once you caught an opponent though, they are
                   bound in place and it is effective as it is.

 = = = = = = Spellscreen and High Spellscreen = = = = = =

  Element: Enhancement

  Required Vocation Rank: 8 for Spellscreen, 9 for High Spellscreen.

  Description: Invokes a magickal sigil around the user that enhances
               attributes. The user may move while the sigil is active.

               An advanced form of Spellscreen that enhances the user's 
               attributes for a longer duration.

  Discipline Points Cost: 5000 for Spellscreen. 7000 for High Spellscreen.

  Appearance: The Mage creates a dome of warped energy around him/herself.

  Personal Rating: *
                   Remember that you only have a maximum of 6 skills that you
                   can equip in your arsenal and you cannot afford an 
                   attribute-enhancing spell while sacrificing your more
                   offensive, curative, enchanting, or debilitating skills.
                   It allows you to improve certain attributes but the effects
                   are not too significant anyways.

  PS: I sort of need more info from more experienced players.


   - These are your Utility, Light Attacks, and Heavy Attacks derivatives.

 = = = = = = Levitate = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 2

  Description: Mitigates gravity's pull, enabling a gentle landing from even
               greater heights.

  Discipline Points Cost: 600

  Usage: Press and hold jump while in mid-air.

  Personal Rating: ***

                   I've used it a LOT whenever I jump. I use it to jump off
                   short cliffs and land on the slanted area so I can just
                   slide down than fall. And I use it to travel between 
                   elevated areas rather than going down then up again. Be
                   warned: you will only levitate for a short period of time.
                   And THIS WILL NOT help you survive if you jump off a higher
                   elevation. I tried jumping off a ravine once and used
                   levitate just before hitting the ground, hovering for a bit.
                   After the spell stopped I hit the ground and died.

 = = = = = = Magick Agent = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 6

  Description: Conjures spheres of magickal energy around the user to attack
               encroaching foes.

  Discipline Point Cost: 3000

  Usage: Press and hold the Heavy Attack button to charge the skill. Release it
         once you see the small orbs revolving around the Stave.

  Personal Rating: ***

                   I cannot emphasize the fact that you are vulnerable when
                   charging spells. As a Mage you are also susceptible more to
                   physical attacks. Magick Agent will release orbs of magical
                   energy around you to hit enemies that come too close. Though
                   the damage isn't all that great but it helps stave off a 
                   few foes. The orbs adopt the property of whatever Boon or
                   Affinity your Stave has at the moment. Oh and you can keep
                   the spell charging for as long as you wish even if your 
                   Stave is on your back and even when sprinting and jumping.
                   You can't levitate or cast spells while doing this though.

 = = = = = = Focused Bolt = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 6

  Description: Focuses the user's active enchantment into a powerful burst that
               can be fired from the ground or air.          

  Discipline Points Cost: 3000

  Usage: Press and hold the Light Attack button to charge the skill. Once you 
         see three orbs revolving around the Stave, release it to fire the
         charged bolt.

  Personal Rating: *****

                   It is a more powerful version of a magical bolt fired 
                   directly from your Stave. It fires three concentrated bolts
                   of magical energy that can knock off non-boss opponents
                   away. It acquires the element of the Stave as well.
                   I have once used magical bolts, Magick Agent, and Focused
                   Bolt in succession to annihilate a whole contingent of
                   bandits once. Just make sure to move around a lot. And YES
                   you CAN move around, jump, and sprint while this skill is
                   charging; you cannot cast spells or levitate though.


   - All vocations have their specific augments and can be carried over even
     if you change vocations. It is very useful. Augments are more so
     passive skills that are always in effect.

 = = = = = = Equanimity = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 2

  Description: While your health is critical, Magic is amplified 1.5 times.

  Discipline Points Cost: 700

  Personal Rating: **

                   I have replaced the Augment once I changed vocation to make
                   room for a better Augment. Never should your character
                   be, or even linger in, a critical health level as it 
                   partially obscures your vision and hearing as well as leave
                   you vulnerable to ambush, unseen, or unprovoked attacks.
                   In the early beginnings you must have this skill to
                   offset your loss from inexperience. But take heed from
                   such mistakes and never allow your health to fall to 
                   critical levels. Curatives are important here.

 = = = = = = Intervention = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 2

  Description: Damage is reduced by 15% when you are debilitated by the Five

  Discipline Points Cost: 700

  Personal Rating: **

                   The Five Archmagicks are Miasma, Lassitude, Blearing, 
                   Silentium, and Petrifcation. They inflict Poison,
                   Torpor, Blinding, Silencing, and Petrification. Amongst
                   these, Poison is your only problem since it is the only
                   debilitation that will not disappear unless restored by a
                   curative. The rest should disappear after a while. This
                   augment will prove useful as to avoid taking too much
                   damage if you are poisoned, if you cannot see, cannot cast
                   spells, slowed down, or cannot move. Usually when afflicted
                   by such spells the natural thing to do is run around and 
                   avoid trouble. My experience has deemed this augment not
                   necessary as only Chimeras and Sorcerer bandits can inflict
                   such debilitations and are usually cast on pawns who are
                   engaging ahead of me while I stand back to cast spells.
                   This is USEFUL in the beginning but not so much once a 
                   better augment comes along.

 = = = = = = Apotropaism = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 4

  Description: Magick Defense is increased by 30.

  Discipline Points Cost: 1800

  Personal Rating: **

                   The Mage itself already possesses great Magic Resistance.
                   Although you cannot let its own weapon be its greatest
                   drawback. You must always keep this skill unless an Augment
                   of a different vocation suits you better. Remember though
                   that you will not encounter magic-users as much as you
                   would expect.

 = = = = = = Beautitude = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 4

  Description: Increases the duration of Curative Magick

  Discipline Points Cost: 1800

  Personal Rating: **

                   I do not find it useful as I, after a battle, remain in
                   place where an Anodyne or Halidom dome would be to heal.
                   In the midst of battle I walk in and out as necessary to
                   avoid getting hit. Beautitude does not affect gameplay as
                   much as it would seem as this was the very last augment I
                   purchased for my Mage. And I did very well without it.
                   Although, as for any Augment, I recommend you keep it active
                   until a better one comes in play.

 = = = = = = Perpetuation = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 7

  Description: Increases the duration of enchantments.

  Discipline Points Cost: 3500

  Personal Rating: ****

                   The heavy costs can be overseen by its effects. You will
                   almost always want a Boon or an Affinity on your Stave as 
                   much as possible due to its additional damage. It doesn't 
                   only work on enchantments cast BY YOU, as a Mage. It also 
                   applies to enchantments cast by a Mage Pawn.

 = = = = = = Attunement = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 9

  Description: Augments Magick.

  Discipline Points Cost: 7000

  Personal Rating: ****

                   If you decide to switch to a Sorcerer you will find an
                   Augment that "Greatly Augments Magick". Attunement is basic
                   and will help you out as a Mage. Unless you wish to 
                   switch to a Sorcerer, keep this Augment in place.

 = = = = = = Inflection = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 9

  Description: Halves the damage taken while preparing spells.

  Discipline Points Cost: 7000

  Personal Rating: ****

                   You cannot avoid the fact that many foes will land a blow
                   upon your vulnerable state when in the midst of charging a
                   spell, especially against multiple foes such as goblins and
                   bandits. This Augment will reduce the damage you take while
                   in the midst of a spell charge. You will find Inflection
                   invaluable even as a Sorcerer as their spells take a lot
                   longer to charge up.

- - - - - An Exclusive Inquiry Of THE SORCERER Skills - - - - -

External Source:

The Wikia page is extremely helpful and I am pleased to share such information
as basis for my guide.

The Quoted Description:
 = Scholed in the Arcane Arts, Sorcerers deploy the deadliest of Magicks in
   battle. From meteor showers, massive ice spikes, and deadly necromancy,
   Sorcerers are truly an awesome force to behold and should never be 

Weapon: Archistaves
 - Primary Attack: Magical Bolts from the Staff
 - Heavy Attack: A heavy Force Push from their palms.

Mages have 3 Primary and 3 Secondary Skill Slots as well as ??? Augments Slots
for use.

                   All That is Good In A Good Sorcerer
 - Your spells are a testament to your title. Deadly, wide, and fearsome.
 - Enchanting weapons with Elemental Boons or Affinities
 - Debilitating spells that cripple or incapacitate multiple foes.\

Note: I will rate skills based on personal experience and its usefulness, not
      merely by its power.

 = = = = = = Carried Over Skills = = = = = =

  By "carried over" I mean transferrable. You will have skills as a Mage that
  you can use as a Sorcerer. Of course Curative Magicks are excluded.

  Spells That Can Be Carried Over: Ingle, High Ingle, Frazil, High Frazil,
                                   Levin, High Levin, Elemental Boon spells,
                                   Elemental Affinity spells, Blearing,
                                   High Blearing, Silentium, High Silentium,
                                   Frigor, High Frigor, Comestion,
                                   High Comestion, Brontide, High Brontide 
  Augments That Can Be Carried Over: ALL OF THEM

  You will also be able to keep the Core Skills.

1. STAFF SKILLS (or commonly known as Spells)

 = = = = = = Miasma and High Miasma = = = = = =

  Element: Dark

  Required Vocation Rank: 3 for High Miasma

  Description: Transmutes the land into a putrid bog that poisons foes who
               tread upon it.

  Discipline Points Cost: N/A for Miasma. 1300 for High Miasma.

  Appearance: After charging your spell and targeting a foe, your Sorcerer will
              release a dome of miasmic gas that affects those in its range.
              High Miasma features a larger dome and more devastating poison

  Personal Rating: *****

                   What is more dangerous than your own spells is your own
                   spells taking too long to cast on opponents that fight by
                   surrounding you. The poisonous effects of Miasma is 
                   almost instant as it quickly drains the life of bandits or
                   hobgoblins or groups of foes. It's effects linger on even
                   after leaving the Miasmic dome. The same effects apply to
                   boss-type monsters but are usually gradual than instant.
                   I used High Miasma in two ways: I can cast it in front of me
                   to poison foes that get too close while I cast some Medium
                   timed spells. I can also just cast it from far away at a 
                   certain point where foes are most concentrated.

 = = = = = = Lassitude and High Lassitude = = = = = =

  Element: N/A

  Required Vocation Rank: 3 for Lassitude. 5 for High Lassitude

  Description: Invokes a magickal sigil at a designated location that inflicts
               torpor upon foes who enter.

  Discipline Points Cost: 1300 for Lassitude. 2600 for High Lassitude

  Appearance: Your Sorcerer will conjure a dome of black magical energy upon
              a targeted opponent or area. High Lassitude features a larger
              dome and effects far more potent.

  Personal Rating: *****

                   Lassitude has proven its worth to me time and again
                   throughout my journeys around Gransys. They significantly
                   slow down the movement of all opponents that enter the dome.
                   The pivotal moment where I have realized its potential was
                   during a momentous encounter with a Golem. We all know how
                   Golems are immune to all forms of magic. I'm no longer sure
                   if the immunity only affects offensive magic or ALL types
                   of magic as my High Lassitude enabled me to slow down the
                   Golem while my pawns destroyed it. I managed to keep my full
                   health for the duration of the battle.

 = = = = = = Voidspell and High Voidspell = = = = = =

  Element: Restorative

  Required Vocation Rank: 4 for Voidspell. 6 for High Voidspell.

  Description: Invokes a magical sigil around the user that strips
               debilitations from all allies who enter.

  Discipline Points Cost: 1800 for Voidspell. 3000 for High Voidspell.

  Appearance: It creates a magical dome of energy that removes all 

  Personal Rating: ***

                   Sorcerers are not Mages and are do not have room for
                   debilitating magic in their arsenal whilst many more 
                   offensive spells are available. It is useful in terms of 
                   being able to remove debuffing effects but have no place
                   for you as a Sorcerer.

 = = = = = = Necromancy and High Necromancy = = = = = =

  Element: Dark

  Required Vocation Rank: 4 for Necromancy. 6 for High Necromancy

  Description: Summons the souls of the departed to surround the user,
               assisting with attack and defense for a time.

  Discipline Points Cost: 1800 for Necromancy. 3000 for High Necromancy.

  Appearance: Your Sorcerer will summon ghostly purple skulls from
              his/her left, right, and front. These phantoms will surround
              your Sorcerer that attacks foes within a few yards of the user.
              The skulls will charge at a foe, bite them to lift them up in
              mid-air, and then explode on contact dealing great damage.
              High Necromancy will double the number of floating skulls. The 
              skull disappears once it has made its attack.

  Personal Rating: *****

                   A wonderful asset in combating multiple foes in a single
                   skirmish. This can replace Miasma at any time and is
                   most useful when battling bandits and other grouped foes.
                   When they get too close, the skulls home in for the kill.
                   Once I spot multiple groups, I cast High Necromancy and
                   run towards the middle of the group and watch my skulls
                   annihilate them before they can get close. When battling
                   larger foes or bosses, the effect is the same but they will
                   not be lifted in the air and will take on less damage from
                   all of your skulls. I've found this useful in taking down 
                   flying opponents such as Drakes, Harpies, and even Griffons.

 = = = = = = Petrifaction and High Petrifaction = = = = = =

  Element: N/A

  Required Vocation Rank: 5 for Petrification. 8 for High Petrification.

  Description: Invokes a magickal sigil that turns foes who enter it into

  Discipline Points Cost: 2600 for Petrifaction. 8000 for High Petrifaction.

  Appearance: A dark aura of energy surrounding a target or an area.

  Personal Rating: *

                   I have used this spell many times and it has worked well on
                   smaller foes. Larger and bulkier foes will only be slowed
                   down and their movements will be magically restrained
                   instead of turning into stone just like Lassitude but with
                   a stronger effect. High Petrification will almost completely
                   turn foes into stone disabling their movements or extremely
                   slowing them down. What distinguishes this spell from
                   Lassitude is that it inflicts not only slow-movement but
                   fatigue and inactivity as well as long as the foe remains in
                   the dome. The slow-movement and stone-casting effect of
                   Petrifcation lingers on after the foe leaves the dome.
                   However, these are my own observations and may still remain
                   suspect. Nonetheless many have stated its uselessness.

 = = = = = = Exequy and High Exequy = = = = = =

  Element: Dark

  Required Vocation Rank: 5 for Exequy. 8 for High Exequy.

  Description: Invokes a magickal sigil capable of destroying outright any foe
               held within its span for a set length of time.

  Discipline Points Cost: 2600 for Exequy. 5000 for High Exequy.

  Appearance: After the spell is charge you will be prompted to target an area
              where enemies would be lurking and you will find a targeting 
              circle on enemies in the proximity as long as you keep the spell
              charging. High Exequy will be almost instantaneous and has a
              faster countdown.

  Personal Rating: ***

                   Most of you will think "instant kill? cool!" Well I say
                   "not cool"! You cast the spell and keep it charged over an 
                   area with foes and wait for their countdown to reach zero.
                   When you reach that point and release the button to cast the
                   spell, the foe will implode to kill without visible external
                   damage. An Avada Kedavra! Major downsides exist for such a
                   powerful spell. Every other spell will only deplete stamina
                   once they are cast, not when they are charged. Exequy will
                   drain you for as long as you keep the spell charged.
                   So if your stamina runs out then the spell is cancelled.
                   These countdowns do not stack as well. It will reset if
                   the monster goes out of range of your Exequy area of effect.
                   This spell WILL NOT AFFECT HUMAN enemies such as bandits.
                   Countdown is also determined by the monster size and type.
                   Bulls and Gransys fauna countdowns are instant, while
                   goblins and other smaller monsters are gradual. Boss-type
                   monsters like Chimeras and Cyclops have countdowns that
                   could last forever. You stamina, even at full, will deplete
                   before you can fell any boss-type with this spell. Hehe!

 = = = = = = Bolide and High Bolide = = = = = =

  Element: Fire

  Required Vocation Rank: 6 for Bolide. 8 for High Bolide.

  Description: Calls meteors down from the heavens to land around the user.
               The user may move immediately after invocation.

  Discipline Points Cost: 3000 for Bolide. 5000 for High Bolide.

  Appearance: Whilst charging the spell, the Sorcerer will be partially
              levitated while compressed flames float around him/her. After it
              is invoked heavy-damaging meteors rain down from the sky to
              devastate a wide range of land along with foes that were too
              close. High Bolide will add more compressed flames and add more
              meteors raining.

  Personal Rating: ****

                   Bolide is the hard-hitting Fire-type spell of a Sorcerer.
                   It is most useful when your foes are scattered around the
                   field as the meteors can home in on foes or randomly hit
                   your surroundings. I have found its usefulness even when
                   dealing with a single large monster as it can force them to
                   flinch or tumble from the force and being enflamed shortly
                   after. It can home in or hit randomly but you will find that
                   the spell will almost entirely mitigate your foes'

 = = = = = = Gicel and High Gicel = = = = = =

  Element: Ice

  Required Vocation Rank: 6 for Gicel. 8 for High Gicel.

  Description: Conjures lances of ice, then propels them forward.

  Cast Time: Long. ?? seconds for Gicel + ?? seconds for High Gicel.

  Discipline Points Cost: 3000 for Gicel. 5000 for High Gicel.

  Appearance: You do not conjur ice lances to throw at opponents. Its effects
              are deadlier than its description. Your Sorcerer will propel
              a twisting columns of ice in a snake-like fashion from three
              points of origin and closing in on the foe dealing piercing,
              concussive, or sometimes freezing damage. High Gicel will
              conjur it three times towards an opponent with each column on ice
              vanishing save for the last one.

  Personal Rating: ***

                   The hard-hitting Ice spell for a skilled Sorcerer.
                   High Gicel remains a permanent member of my Primary Skills
                   for as long as I acquired the skill. I have not used it
                   often due to its long cast time against multiple foes. It's
                   damage is on par with Bolide and it has a wonderful 
                   appearance especially when piercing a boss-type monster.

 = = = = = = Fulmination and High Fulmination = = = = = =

  Element: Thunder

  Required Vocation Rank: 6 for Fulmination. 8 for High Fulmination.

  Description: Conjures lances of ice, then propels them forward.

  Discipline Points Cost: 3000 for Fulmination. 5000 for High Fulmination.

  Appearance: Once cast, the Sorcerer is surrounded by a dome of lightning
              that illuminates also your allies.

  Personal Rating: ***

                   Fulmination repels enemies that get too close and adds
                   lightning damage to boot. The drawback of this spell is 
                   the same as Blearing and Silentium. You remain in walking
                   speed and drain stamina for as long as the spell remains
                   active or if you are attacked. It is not as effective when
                   dealing with boss-types that are not easily as killed or
                   pushed back. They will most likely take damage and then hit
                   you to cancel the spell.

 = = = = = = Seism and High Seism = = = = = =

  Element: Earth

  Required Vocation Rank: 7 for Seism. 9 for High Seism.

  Description: Shakes the earth, causing a stony prominence to erupt forth,
               stunning and damaging a broad radius.

  Discipline Points Cost: 4800 for Seism. 8500 for High Seism.

  Appearance: Once cast, the Sorcerer will bring his Stave to the ground and
              force the earth to erupt and burst in a wide range in front of
              you that can stun foes. High Seism increases the damage and the
              frequency and duration of the bursts.

  Personal Rating: *****

                   It's like having the ground in front of you in a wide range
                   explode dealing damage from the exploding ground and the
                   ground rocks that fall on foes. Its force is enough to
                   stun opponents, launch smaller foes into the air, and make
                   boss-types flinch and tumble. The damage is also undeniable.

 = = = = = = Maelstrom and High Maelstrom = = = = = =

  Element: Wind

  Required Vocation Rank: 7 for Maelstrom.

  Description: Summons a whirlwind to wreak havoc upon any foes caught in its

  Discipline Points Cost: 4800 for Maelstrom.

  Appearance: Once cast the Sorcerer will spin his Stave in a twister motion
              and summon a gigantic black tornado and visible wind surrounding
              it. It lifts debris and multiple foes into the air. The tornado
              dissipates by twisting upon itself and dropping foes to their
              deaths. High Maelstrom will feature a tornado that lasts longer
              and visible wind with a wider range affecting a wider proximity.

  Personal Rating: *****

                   You can call this spell instant kill for your enemies.
                   It deals HEAVY HEAVY damage on boss-type monsters constantly
                   for as long as they are in the tornado. That is no problem
                   in itself because the twister will suck in any foe, small
                   or big to its center within a few yards from the visible 
                   wind's proximity. This spell takes a LONG TIME to cast,
                   however, but the damage output is worth it. Though always be
                   careful to ensure your own safety first before attempting
                   to cast it. Though you could always jump out of the way to
                   cancel a spell. If fighting a large group and you do not
                   destroy all foes at once, it always helps to run to the 
                   center of the tornado and wait for enemies to go after you!


 - See Mage Core Skills. Still the Same


 = = = = = = Awareness = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 1

  Description: Increases Magick Defense by 50

  Discipline Points Cost: 1200

  Personal Rating: ***
                   It's a better alternative to Apotropaism. If you insist on 
                   maintaining a high Magical Defense replace Apotropaism with
                   Awareness. Sorcerers are magical tanks themselves but this
                   defense also applies against debilitating effects.

 = = = = = = Emphasis = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 2

  Description: Increases the ability to knock down an enemy with your own

  Discipline Points Cost: 1200

  Personal Rating: **

                   The description states that it increases the probability
                   that your spells will deliver a concussive force along with
                   it that knocks them back. Though there is no guarantee that
                   you WILL knock off an enemy.

 = = = = = = Suasion = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 2

  Description: Enables you to negotiate higher prices for items and equipments
               you sell.

  Discipline Points Cost: 1200

  Personal Rating: *****

                   If you wish to make big gold bucks, then Suasion should
                   ALWAYS be a part of your Augment skills. It commands higher
                   prices for anything that you sell to merchants, though it
                   does not lower the prices of what you buy. I've managed to
                   gain a lot of money this way.

 = = = = = = Conservation = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 7

  Description: Reduces Stamina consumed when you perform a magick weapon skill.

  Discipline Points Cost: 6000

  Personal Rating: *****

                   Casting High Maelstrom or High Seism can easily deplete your
                   Stamina to near empty in one cast and will leave you tired.
                   Conservation helps reduce the strain. The same
                   aforementioned skill only reduce your Stamina to below the
                   halfway point. There are times when you definitely need to
                   sprint out of the way after a large spell.

 = = = = = = Gravitas = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 7

  Description: Makes it difficult for foes to kock you off your geet while you
               prepare spells.

  Discipline Points Cost: 6000

  Personal Rating: **
                   Makes it difficult alright, but not impossible. You can be
                   knocked off your feet or knocked back with a powerful hit
                   to you. Gravitas will decrease the chance of being knocked
                   off your feet. But getting attacked nonetheless will still
                   cancel your spells while charging it. This Augment will not
                   save you from having your spells cancelled. Though not
                   getting knocked off allows you to recover quicker from an
                   attack, however.

 = = = = = = Acuity = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 9

  Description: Greatly augments magick.

  Discipline Points Cost: 9000

  Personal Rating: *****

                   This is the skill I was referring to that is far greater
                   than Attunement. You will find that your endeavors will
                   have eased once you realize that your spells are more
                   potent and can kill enemies faster.

 = = = = = = Articulacy = = = = = =

  Required Vocation Rank: 9

  Description: Reduces all spell cast times.

  Discipline Points Cost: 9000

  Personal Rating: *****

                   It doesn't reduce spell cast time to half but reduces
                   it nonetheless. This Augment is valuable to any Mage or
                   Sorcerer that will contribute greatly to victory in some
                   battle scenarios. Speedy execution of spells and recovery
                   may mean life and death on the battlefield. You will be
                   able to see the difference once you acquire such Augment.

- - - - - Tips: Surviving Or Not - - - - -

In this section of the guide I will provide several tips in maximizing your
gameplay experience with a Mage or a Sorcerer. Such perspectives will be based
on my personal endeavors with my character but not necessarily my fighting
style preference. I will seek to satisfy all styles of fighting and provide
general advice on how to properly keep your Mage or Sorcerer alive. A wonderful
source that I will be making use of is the Dragon's Dogma wikia; the
information there will be posted here as well (or rather the important ones).

  1. Play a Mage or a Sorcerer as if you were playing a Strider or a Ranger.
     Mages and Sorcerer have no evasive or defensive capabilities. Keep
     running around the field with the occasional sprints.

  2. Try to keep Magick Agents or Necromancy cast. It will serve as protection
     against foes that tread too close to you.

  3. If intending to cast a powerful spell with a long cast time, sprint away
     to a farther location or hidden by a boulder. If battling a boss-type
     monster, keep away from their lines of sight.

  4. Pawns are absolutely essential. Make sure to always keep them alive.

  5. If you choose to be a Sorcerer, then make sure to hire a Mage Pawn with
     curative and weapon-enchantment spells. You do not have enough room in 
     your arsenal for Boons or Affinity spells.

  6. Fire is bane to many monsters. One cannot deny the burning effects to

  7. You may choose to employ a Mage or a Sorcerer who is knowledged in all
     the elements or specializes in a particular type.

  8. Only High Voidspell can cure being petrified. High Halidom will not cure
     such ailment.

  9. Curatives are essential. Especially those that restore Stamina.

 10. You can never allow yourself to run empty of Stamina. It will be your

 11. You can never allow yourself to reach critical health levels. It will be
     your quick demise.

 12. Scathers, Mitigators are the best type of pawns you can have. Scathers
     will go after the strongest enemies while Mitigators will attack the
     weakest to reduce their numbers. This is good considering that you need
     the pawns as target marks to lure foes to them and not to you while you
     cast spells from afar.

 13. Warriors and Fighters are good Pawns. They will remain in the field of
     combat. Striders, Rangers, and Mages will attack and then fall back to
     acquire a better shot with the bow and may sometimes lead foes back to
     where your position is at.

 14. A Mage or a Sorcerer has no use for throwing items such as Bricks, or
     Stones, or Foreign Knives, or Dragon Spit at foes. Concentrate on your

 15. Lanterns and a supply of oil are a must.

 16. It is always a good idea to supply yourself with Empty Bottles to gather
     water from Healing Springs. Healing Spring Water is absolutely effective
     at restoring Health and Stamina.

 17. You may cast your spell to kill enemies from afar without having to
     engage them directly. Make sure you are in the right distance or your
     targeting circle will not reach their location.


 - My Own Observation

PS: As most of you, I have played Dragon's Dogma for the first time and I am
    sharing my knowledge to the best of my ability and observation. If anyone
    feels compelled to share their knowledge and their own experience then
    please feel free to do so. My gameplay is not perfect as are many other 
    players'. I would also appreciate any more suggestions on maximizing a
    Mage or a Sorcerer's potential. So far I am playing the game without much
    of a hitch and it has been 20 levels or so since my last in-game death.

Completed: July 14, 2012

                                 My Appreciation