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Follow the dark path or use the light
Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Pack Shot

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock



by MikePenance

                       DOCTOR WHO: THE ETERNITY CLOCK (PS3)
         FAQ/Walkthrough (C) 2012 Mike Penance ([email protected])
                                V E R S I O N   1.0
                     Last Updated:  May 30, 2012  14:26

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    1.....Introduction [01.00]
            - Trophies [01.01]
    2.....Puzzle Overview [02.00]
    3.....Walkthrough [03.00]
            - Stormy Beginnings [03.01]
            - Stormcage Breakout [03.02]
            - London Underground [03.03]
            - City Streets [03.04]
            - Ninth Legion Factory Ship [03.05]
            - Old London Bridge [03.06]
            - Somewhere in Victorian London [03.07]
            - Somewhere in Elizabethan London [03.08]
            - Love a Tomb! [03.09]
            - Deep Beneath the Earth [03.10]
            - Future London [03.11]
            - 545 Years Earlier[03.12]
            - Strategic Withdrawal [03.13]
            - Old Saint Pauls [03.14]
            - Silence Time Capsule [03.15]
            - Inside the Time Lock [03.16]
            - Dalek Command Node [03.17]
            - Dalek Flagship [03.18]
    4.....Frequently Asked Questions [04.00]
    5.....Credits and Outro [05.00]

 In this update: Guide has had final rewrite.  Two questions added to the FAQ.

      Introduction                                                   01.00

     I was half tempted to start with that old and very awful knock-knock joke,
but thought better of it.  A decent Doctor Who game, eh?  I'm surprised as
well.  Don't get me wrong, it's not the best game in the world, it just happens
to be the best Doctor Who game in the world.  Strap on your bow-tie, pick out
your favourite silly hat, and get on your way.

      Trophies                                                       01.01

   === Bronze ===

     02. Smooth Operator
            - Press 10 TARDIS console buttons.

     03. Thorough
            - Scan 10 objects.

     04. Head scratcher
            - Collect 5 Hats.

     05. Paper trail
            - Collect 5 Diary pages.

     06. Brimming with enthusiasm
            - Collect 10 Hats.

     07. Short story
            - Collect 10 Diary pages.

     10. Crate work
            - Use the gold bullion crate to smash your way out of the Bank of

     14. Fast on your feet
            - Beat the Cybermen to the Underground refugee camp.

     15. On the right tracks
            - Defeat the Cybermen in the Underground refugee camp.

     16. Stunning work
            - Stun 5 Cybermen.

     17. A Plumb Job
            - Re-route the gas pipe plans in Victorian London.

     18. Hack Job
            - Open the security door in the office block.

     19. Tested to Destruction
            - Re-route the thermionic consoles in the Cyberfactory.

     21. The Open Road
            - Lower the drawbridge on Old London Bridge.

     22. No time to hang around
            - Collect the Stasis Field Generator in the Silence Base.

     23. Silently Silencing the Silence
            - Outwit The Silence without being checkpointed.

     24. Soundly Beaten
            - Sonic disarm 5 Silurians.

     25. Hello Sweetie
            - Wake up River in the tomb.

     27. Toxic Relationship
            - Defeat Vekkis.

     28. Goodbye Blue Boy
            - Outwit the Strategist Dalek.

     29. The Eyes have it
            - Quick-shoot 5 Daleks.

     31. Ye Doctor
            -  Discover the statue in the Elizabethan quadrangle.

     32. Winch Way Next
            - Activate the crane winch in Old St. Pauls.

     33. A steal
            - Defeat the Silence and steal their time capsule.

     34. Hello Sexy
            - Find the TARDIS in the Dalek time lock.

     35. Sent packing
            - Send the Dalek Supreme to Antarctica.

     37. One in the eye for the good guy
            - Shoot the Emperor Dalek in the eyestalk.

     38. Geronimo!
            - Defeat the Emperor of the Daleks.

     39. Clever clogs
            - Complete Data Link puzzle in 60 seconds.

     40. Smart Cookie
            - Complete Re-router puzzle in 60 seconds.

     41. Clear Vision
            - Complete Mind Map puzzle on Medium or Hard in 60 seconds.

     45. Puzzler
            - Complete the game on puzzle medium difficulty.

   === Silver ===

     08. Hat's off to you
            - Collect 20 Hats.

     09. Long story
            - Collect 20 Diary pages.

     11. The Stormcage Redemption
            - Escape the Stormcage without being detected.

     12. Pucker Up
            - Kiss 6 Stormcage Guards.

     13. Quick Getaway
            - Escape Stormcage in 8 minutes.

     20. Deleted
            - Finish the Cyberfactory in 20 minutes.

     26. Elementary
            - Finish return to Victorian London in 15 minutes.

     30. Beg for Mercy
            - Power-shoot 5 Daleks.

     36. Exterminated

            - Finish time-locked London in 20 minutes.

     42. Timey Wimey
            - Complete a Time Corridor in 2 minutes.

     43. Universal Destruction Avoided
            - Complete the game.

     44. Flying Doctor

            - Complete the game in 300 minutes.

     46. High IQ
            - Complete the game on puzzle hard.

   === Gold ===

     47. Diarist
            - Collect all the Diary pages.

     48. Mad Hatter
            - Collect all the Hats.

   === Platinum ===

     01. Time Lord
            - Collect all Trophies.

      Puzzle Overview                                                02.00

 === Sonic Screwdriver Lock Pick ===

     You can initiate a lock pick whenever you see the R2 indicator flash on
screen while you have the Sonic Screwdriver aimed at something.  If you let go
of R2 at any point, you'll exit the puzzle.  In order to complete the desired
action, you need to match the waveform with the one in the background.

Up and down on the right stick will alter the height of the waveform, while
left and right will alter the width.  The closer the waveform is to the one in
the background, the quicker the power bar will increase.  The advanced version
of the puzzle, that appears at the end of City Streets, requires you to move
the cross with the left stick and hold it in a designated area while you do
your magic with the right stick.

 === Mind Map ===

     Think of Mind Map as a wibbly-wobbly version of the traditional sliding
puzzle, where instead of sliding tiles, you're rotating them.  Press up or down
to select the piece, and left or right to rotate it.  On some versions of the
puzzle, rotating one piece may affect another (especially prevalent on Hard).
When you come across a piece that affects another, the first thing you should
do is give it multiple full rotations, as sometimes that is all it takes to
cause the rest of the puzzle to lock in place.  If you have a couple of pieces
that do this, exit and re-enter the puzzle before trying the second one.

 === Data Link ===

     Data Link works like a game of dominoes.  Pieces can be placed almost
anywhere, but they can only be placed adjacent to one another if the symbols
match. L1 and R1 are used to rotate pieces, while the cross button is used to
select and place them.  To return a piece to the tray, either place it like you
normally would or press the square button to automatically return to where you
got it from.  Areas with a prohibited sign do not allow pieces to be placed
there.  The aim of Data Link is to form a connection between the tiles that
are already placed on the board.

 === Pressure Lock ===

     The idea with Pressure Lock is to toggle the valves to allow steam to
reach the unlit lights (white).  If steam should be channelled to a light that
is already lit (green), it will overload (turn red).  Once the lights are all
lit, a press of the triangle button will finish the puzzle, getting you a green
light in the top-left corner.  If the bar in the top-right corner runs out, the
puzzle will randomise.  Select a valve using left or right, and activate a
valve with the cross button.

 === Re-router ===

     To succeed at Re-router, you need to rotate the wheels to channel the
energy supply at the top into the indicated light at the bottom.  Once you've
done that, pressing the triangle button will get you a green light in the top-
left corner.  Like Pressure Lock, if the bar in the top-right corner runs
down, the puzzle will randomise.  The cross button will rotate a wheel
clockwise while the square button will rotate a wheel counter-clockwise.
As long as there's a channel between the power source and the designated light,
you don't have to wait for the power to get to the end before pressing the
triangle button.  Mostly, it's an electrical version of Downfall.

 === Circuit Switch ===

     Along the bottom are several valves, and connected to each valve, a wire.
Valves can be selected with either left or right and opened and closed with the
cross button.  Down those wires will travel an electrical pulse.  Blue pulses,
if allowed through a valve, will increase the bar along the bottom.  When the
bar is filled, the puzzle is complete.  If a red pulse is let through a valve,
it will decrease the bar. Both blue and red pulses are destroyed if they hit a
closed valve, but red pulses will open them.  Harder versions of the puzzle
will see more than one pulse coming towards you at the same time.

 === Core Overload ===

     Use the left stick move the blue energy pulse around the field, the aim
being to get it into the centre of the field and into an unoccupied spot in the
core. Orbiting the field and forming your only real opposition, are red energy
pulses. If the blue energy pulse should come into contact with a red one, it'll
be destroyed.  You have an infinite number of blue energy pulses, but taking
your time never hurt.  Neither blue nor red energy pulses can pass through
yellow barriers.  Harder versions of the puzzle include more red energy pulses
and barriers to steer around.

 === Time Corridor ===

     Platforming and match-the-shapes.  Lovely stuff.  Rotate the Time Corridor
with L1 and R1.  The right stick controls the platform you're on, the left
stick controls The Doctor.  The platform you're on can only move forward if
there is an available space for it and an available platform for it to connect
to.  Think of it like a game of Tetris; blocks can fit together but they can't
fit in a space that's already occupied by another block.  In fact, here,
blocks must fit together - a block cannot slide into a blank space if there is
no adjacent block (otherwise you wouldn't be able to get off).

After successfully sliding your platform into position, you have a couple of
seconds to get over to the new one before your old platform disintegrates and
drops you into the Vortex.  If you don't find a place for your platform before
it's struck by lightning three times, the platform will be destroyed and you
will die.  Once you've reached the TARDIS, you're done.

      Walkthrough                                                    03.00

      Stormy Beginnings                                              03.01

            Hats: 5
     Diary Pages: 0

     Head left and exit the TARDIS to start the level proper.  Continue with
the theme of heading left, and when you reach the section where you need to
crawl, look above you to see your first Hat [1/40 - 1].  You can't reach it
quite yet, though.  At the end of the area, sonic the door and climb down the
ladder.  Activating the control panel next to the lift will benefit you
twofold.  Firstly, it'll get the crates out of your way, and secondly, you'll
be able to use them to reach the pipe running along the ceiling in the area
above.  Following that pipe back to the right will allow you to reach the Hat
you saw earlier.

Head back down and make your way past the lift.  If instead of jumping that
gap, you drop down and crawl to the right, you'll find your second Hat [2/40 -
7].  The red crate at the other side of that gap can be pushed, and that's what
you're going to do, push it to the right so you can get over the stack blocking
your way.  At the other side, there are another couple of doors that need
sonic-ing before you can continue.

Climb down the ladder, but get off at your earliest convenience.  That little
tunnel leads to a Hat [3/40 - 2].  All the way at the bottom of the ladder,
head left.  After you've been accosted by your Psychic Paper, continue left and
sonic the door.  Before continuing, make sure you call the lift in front of the
door.  Crawl under, then climb onto the stack of bullion to reach the pipe
running along the ceiling.

Open the door at the end of the pipe using the button, then push the crate over
the edge and onto the lift.  Send the lift up, then go and meet the crate.
From where the crate now sits, you'll be able to reach the platform above the
first door.  Make your way right and push the bullion crate over the edge.
Don't drop down yourself just yet, make your way over to the right using the
pipe to find a Hat [4/40 - 33].

Push the bullion crate onto the lift and send it down using the button at the
bottom of the ladder.  Push the crate over the edge to the left to smash the
grate sitting at the bottom of the ladder.  Doing this will automatically see
you exit the Bank of England proper, meaning you won't be able to go back for
any collectable you may have missed.

All the way to the left, along with a mystery to be solved later, you'll find
your last Hat [5/40 - 29] for this level.  Head back to the right and activate
the Perception Filter to trigger a Mind Map puzzle.  After you've finished it,
head down the ladder and activate the console to the right.  The Doctor will
declare himself somewhere between a rock and a hard place, thusly ending the
level and swapping over to River Song.

      Stormcage Breakout                                             03.02

            Hats: 0
     Diary Pages: 4

     Head left to find your first Diary Page [1/40 - Page 1, bottom-right] of
the game.  Head back to the right and get ready for some tactical espionage
action.  Hold L2 to sneak around and press up to duck into any dark doorway you
should happen upon in order to avoid the gaze of the overly-perceptive
Stormcage Guards.

If a Guard spots you, he'll trigger an alert.  If you can run far enough from
him or hide without him seeing you, the alert will stop and he'll return to his
patrol.  If he catches up to you, consider yourself caught and sent back to the
previous checkpoint.  Sneak past the first Guard, then continue running until
you reach the second doorway.  Have a little hide, and while you do, pay
attention to that thing that looks like a security light - it's a security
light.  Don't get caught in the beam and you'll be fine.

Keep heading right until the game fourth-walls you and tells you about River's
Hallucinogenic Lipstick.  Sneak up to a Guard, then press the square button to
perform a stealth take-down.  Guards that are tripping won't stay that way for
long, twenty seconds at most, which means you shouldn't make a habit of hanging
round.  Tripping Guards are often very helpful in the respect that they'll
trigger switches and open doors for you.

The nearby Guard is an ideal first victim.  Sneak behind the crates and wait
for him to come into the foreground.  In his stupor, he'll quite helpfully go
and open the door to the right.  When you reach the doorway all the way to the
right, the camera angle will change - take that as a hint to stop.  There are
two Guards here, one serving a purpose and one serving to annoy.  To progress,
you'll have to jump the second Guard in order to get him to open the grate in
the floor.

There's a crate in the middle of the area that serves both as an obstacle and a
modicum of cover from the first Guard.  When making your run, do so when the
first Guard is on the right side, facing the wall.  While he's there, you
should be able to stupefy his friend and quite comfortably wait until the grate
is open.

Head right from the tunnel exit and climb the ladder, but be careful of the
Guard at the top.  If you get off the ladder too close to him, he'll hear you.
Give him some distance, then sneak over to take him out of the equation.
Before you make your way down the next ladder, continue right to find a Diary
Page [2/40 - Page 2, top-left].

In the area at the bottom of the ladder, you'll have three more Guards to deal
with.  Despite there being a crate between you and the first Guard, he'll still
be able to see you should you attempt to hide behind it.  Time is quite tight
with this one, so stick as close to him as you can, otherwise he's going to
turn around and spot you.

You could easily stupefy the second Guard, but the third Guard is coming, so
you won't be able to reach the next doorway in time.  If you incapacitate him
now, you'll only have to do it a second time, whereas if you hide in the
doorway and wait for him to leave, you won't have to touch him.  In the area in
which the third Guard walks, there are several security lights.  They are
permanently fixed on one spot, but they'll deactivate as the Guard approaches,
so the key is to follow along closely behind him rather than dropping him as
soon as look at him.

Above the next doorway, you'll find a Diary Page [3/40 - Page 2, top-right].
To reach it, jump up to the pipe running along the ceiling, then hold L2 and
shimmy over to it.  After you've turned the corner, behold the very many
security lights.  Guards won't follow you round the corner, so if you trigger
an alarm, that's a good place to run.

The lights move at varying speeds, but you'll find the best time to make your
run is when a light is in the foreground, as that's where they'll hover the
longest.  There's a lone Guard at the end, but the last security light is
particularly slow, allowing you to sneak past it and stupefy him, causing him
to open the door.  Activate the console in the centre of the room to trigger a
Data Link puzzle.

Once you've finished, River will receive her Vortex Manipulator and Pistol.
Keep running right.  Shortly, you'll be told that the Manipulator is
functioning again, allowing you to warp away and end the level with a press of
the square button.  Don't do that yet, though.  Run right to the end to find a
Diary Page [4/40 - Page 2, bottom-left].

      London Underground                                             03.03

            Hats: 5
     Diary Pages: 5

     Now that River is here, pushing the button on the control panel will see
the gate next to you lower.  The container over to the right is too heavy for
you to push alone, but once you give it a go, River will automatically join in.
Once the container is as far right as it can go, you'll be able to use it to
get up to the ledge.  Before boosting up to the next section as indicated,
crawl through the small tunnel to find a Hat [6/40 - 20].

Stepping on the metal platform will see River trigger the switch in the room
below you, raising it and allowing you to reach the ledge.  The steam that
periodically spews from the pipes in the background is quite damaging, but it
won't make you drop off the pipe as you make your way along.  At the other
side, lower the ladder for River, then boost her up the wall when she gets
there.  There are no fancy platforms for you this time, just press the square
button and let her pull you up.

After doing it for a second time, head left and ignore the consoles for now.
Drop down to the left and jump down to the right to find a Diary Page [5/40 -
Page 7, top-left].  You can't get back up the way you came, so you'll have to
drop down and head back round.  Right, those control panels, then.
They activate the bridge to the right of them, but once you let go, it'll start
retracting, requiring you to be quick.  River automatically pushes her switch
at the same time as you, so there's no timing involved.

Once across, head down the ladder and complete the Pressure Lock puzzle to turn
off the steam coming from the pipes above.  Before you head back up, look in
the little alcove to the right to find a Hat [07/40 - 10].  Head right from the
top of the ladder, and after the Cybermen have made their appearance, make your
way up and across the pipes.  The wall all the way at the other side has ledges
which will allow you scale it by jumping backwards and forwards.

Keep making your way round, and at the bottom of the very long ladder, prepare
for trouble.  Well, first head to the left for a Diary Page [6/40 - Page 1,
top-left], then head right and prepare for trouble.  A pair of Cybermen are
clomping around in the background.  If they see you, they'll greet you with
laser fire.  Getting shot won't be instant death, but it will be an antisocial
chunk of health from your bar.

If you do get spotted, just duck behind a column until they get bored (which
isn't very long at all).  And yes, columns - that's how you're going to avoid
them, by sneaking from column-to-column.  Sonic the door at the end and make
your way towards the ladder.  As you do, it'll be decided that it's time to
split up to trigger a bridge in the area above.

The switch you need to reach is in the top-left corner of that area.  While the
Cybermen in the background are hard to sneak past, it is possible, though I
always favour just running.  There may be a lot of Cybermen here, but despite
their 51st century weapons, they have 16th century aim.  As long as you keep
running and jumping, their shots will miss.

Along the way, you'll find a Hat [8/40 - 23], which is nice.  However, there's
a Cyberman in the way, which isn't so nice.  If a Cyberman should ever grab
you, mash the square button to break its massively damaging grip.  As luck
would have it, you can just head up the ladder and over the top of it, then
drop down to grab the Hat while its back is turned.

Once the bridge is in place, make your way up the long ladder at the right side
of the area, then head across said bridge.  Once you've rejoined River, run all
the way round and pull the container away from the wall and use it to reach the
ledge above you.  At the end of the small tunnel, you'll find yourself atop a
lift.  Wait for River to catch up with you, then sonic the winch box to
activate it.  At the top, make your way up the gap to the right by jumping from
ledge-to-ledge, then head left for a Diary Page [7/40 - Page 1, top-right].

At the bottom of the really long ladder, there's nothing to do other than run
round and climb another really long ladder.  At the top of which, head over to
the left for a Hat [9/40 - 22].  You'll need to give River a boost to get up
the wall on the right side of the tracks.  The Cybermen are here, they're
clear, they don't want any more brains not inside robotic suits.  If they get
too far ahead of you, you'll fail and the section will restart.

Next to console after the second boost wall, you'll find a Diary Page [8/40 -
Page 1, bottom-left].  The console triggers a Pressure Lock puzzle, that when
completed, restores power to the controls at either side of the gap.  Pull and
hold the lever to lower a signal pipe, allowing River to cross the gap.
Once she's at the other side, she'll return the favour.  Once you reach the
third pipe section, don't forget the Hat [10/40 - 24] sitting at the bottom of
the ladder.

When you reach the massive door at the end, highlight the lock with the Sonic
Screwdriver so that River can shoot it, then sonic the door to open it.
Don't rejoice just yet, as there's another such door not too far down the
corridor.  Once you're through that, use the consoles to close the doors behind
you, halting the Cyberman advance - mostly.

When you reach the train tracks, The Doctor will loan the Sonic Screwdriver
to River.  Her job is to sonic the junction boxes to destroy the Cybermen
advancing down the tracks.  As for you, continue to the end and climb the
ladder.  Grab the Diary Page [9/40 - Page 5, top-left] and complete the Re-
Router puzzle to switch control to River.  Bear in mind that the longer you
take with the puzzle, the longer River will have to fend off the Cybermen.

As River, when triggering a junction box, be sure to keep your distance, as
it's just as capable of killing you as it is the Cybermen.  Once the time has
expired, control will return to The Doctor.  As you make your way back to
River, be careful of the now heavily-electrified tracks.  Head all the way left
and climb the ladder to finish the level.

      City Streets                                                   03.04

            Hats: 5
     Diary Pages: 7

     Head into the building to the left.  There are a few collectables here,
but they're all behind unbreakable glass.  To trigger the Time Corridor, you'll
need to head all the way to the left of the ground floor and view the cut-
scene.  After which, The Doctor will receive River's Vortex Manipulator, which
can be used to enter the Time Corridor.  When you arrive at your destination,
head left, where you'll be briefly be shown how to remotely operate things with
the Sonic Screwdriver.

The hole in the ground is there for a reason, it's where the platform sits once
you've lowered it.  So, lower it and go get the crate over to the left and push
it on.  Ride the platform back up and to the left.  You'll now be able to use
that crate to reach the second ladder.  At the top of the ladder, all the way
to the right, you'll find a Diary Page [10/40 - Page 9, bottom-left].

Shimmy down the pipe to the left of the ladder and don't neglect the Diary Page
[11/40 - Page 10, bottom-left] at the bottom.  Sonic the door to the right and
head into the factory, where you'll shortly find another door.  After that
door, you'll just about be able to make out a ladder in the dark - climb it and
head right for a Hat [11/40 - 9].  Over to the right, in the darkness above
you, is a platform with a crate on it.  Lower it and push the crate over to the
right to reach the Diary Page [12/40 - Page 2, bottom-right] behind the stack
of crates.

Send the platform back up sans crate, and from the office, send it over to the
left, where it'll rest nicely above a gap, where you can lower it to get
across.  However, you need the crate to reach the ladder, so you'll have to
drag the thing all the way to the left and lower the platform for it.

On the roof, head right and try not to wet yourself when something skitters
across the front of the screen.  Climb the drainpipe down to the street and
grab the Diary Page [13/40 - Page 3, top-left] over to the right.  You had to
pass a sewer entrance to reach it, so go back and enter the sewer now.  All the
way to the right, you'll find a Hat [12/40 - 14], and just before that and
probably more importantly, the plans you came here to change.

The plans come in the form of a Mind Map puzzle, so yay.  Once you're done,
climb the ladder to the left and make your way over to the Time Corridor, also
to the left, and jump in to switch control back to River.  Things don't look
good, the Cybermen are here to tell you to stop party rocking.

The Cybermen don't have any trouble with smashing the glass walls, so let them
do just that, then nip in behind them to grab a Hat [13/40 - 19] and a Diary
Page [14/40 - Page 5, top-right] from the ground floor.  If you should find
yourself with a need to stun a group of Cybermen, use the power-shot setting of
your Pistol.  It will drain your battery temporarily, but it'll also stop them
in their tracks for a few seconds.  There's also one more Diary Page [15/40 -
Page 5, bottom-left] at the top of the level, but by time you get there, you
likely won't have to worry about glass being in the way.

Now, here's the tricky part.  At either side of that Diary Page is a control
console that activates a Re-Router puzzle.  The Cybermen are an ever-present
threat here, but if you head back down to the first floor in the elevator,
they'll follow you, giving you a chance to nip back to the top and do the
puzzles.  Don't forget, River can also stun Cybermen in the background, buying
you a little extra time.

With both puzzles complete, the door on the right side of the bottom floor will
open.  Once you're outside, control will revert to The Doctor, his plan of
fixing the road having turned out quite nicely.  All the way to the right of
the construction site is a Diary Page [16/40 - Page 3, top-right], so grab that
before taking the lift up.  At the top, jump up the ledges and sonic the
barrels, then push them over to the left so you can reach the ledge. Before you
go, don't miss the Hat [14/40 - 3].

Sonic the large girder and send it up and left, then set it down across the
gap.  During the rather long run left, you'll find another Hat [15/40 - 21].
At the very end of the roof, sonic the winch to call up the window cleaners'
cradle.  Down on the street, head left to reach the Cyber Factory Ship, then
sonic your way inside.

      Ninth Legion Factory Ship                                      03.05

            Hats: 2
     Diary Pages: 4

     Sonic the door over to the left, and after a good run, it's time to split
up again.  Sonic the conduit and climb up it.  Up here, you'll find your first
Cybermat.  Cybermats are small, mouse-like constructs.  If you get too close to
them, they'll give you quite a shock.  They scuttle around quite quickly
between the foreground and the background, and can be avoided quite easily when
encountered in small numbers.  A preferred method of dealing with them is to
sonic them and match the waveform to temporarily disable them.  At the end,
sonic the conduit and climb up.

The area is swarming with Cybermats.  There's only one on the ground, but
you'll find the ones that are doing circuits of the large blocks above you to
be more bothersome.  Stun the Cybermat on the ground, but don't waste your time
with the ones on the blocks, just look for an opening and crawl for your life.
When you get to the conduit, climb it and jump across the blocks to find a Hat
[16/40 - 26].

Head back down and climb down into the control room on the left.  Activate the
console to trigger a Circuit Switch puzzle.  Once you've finished it, the
action will switch to River.  River can stun Cybermats with her Pistol, and she
can do so with just the quick-shot.  Shoot the base of the conduit and climb
down.  At the bottom of the second such conduit, watch out for the Cybermat
scuttling around in the dark of the crawlspace.  Zap it when it comes out and
quickly be on your way.

If you drop down the gap and head right, you'll find a Diary Page [17/40 - Page
6, top-left].  Climb the conduit over to the left and trigger the Circuit
Switch puzzle at the top.  With the puzzle solved, The Doctor and River will be
united in front of doorway you need to head through.  The Cybermen are also now
very aware of you, so, you know, run.  Time is limited and you need to complete
another Circuit Switch puzzle to power the bridge.  If you're too slow, the
Cybermen will catch you, so realistically, you get one attempt.

With the bridge up, run round and sonic the conduit open so you can make your
escape.  Not a great escape, really, as more Cybermen will join the pursuit.
There's another bridge to activate, which means another Circuit Switch puzzle
to complete.  I know it's horrible, but there's only one more after this.
There are Cybermats all around here, but you've really not got the time to
tread carefully.

Across the last bridge, you'll be introduced to the Cyber-Planner.  After the
cut-scene ends, head all the way round to the left for a Diary Page [18/40 -
Page 6, top-right].  Head back round to the right and climb the conduit.
At the top, it doesn't really matter which way you go, as you'll come to the
same place, another conduit.  There are a couple of Cybermen in the background,
so sneaking is something to very much to consider.

At the top of the conduit, it again doesn't matter which way you go.
Either way has an ample amount of Cybermats to deal with and narrow passages to
crawl through.  You don't need to stun many, just the ones in the passages, the
rest can be jumped over or left to scuttle out of the way.

Before you climb the last conduit, climb up the stairs to the left, making sure
to keep an eye out for Cybermats, then follow the Cybermat-infested tunnel
around to find a Diary Page [19/40 - Page 6, bottom-left].  At the top of the
tower, there are four Cybermen on patrol.  They're all going in the same
direction, which helps, but they have a habit of turning around and patrolling
in the opposite direction.  You can hide inside of the chambers here if things
get rough.

Upon this floor sits a console that will activate a Core Overload puzzle.
Once that's done, control will revert to River.  Down is good.  Around the
other side of the area is a conduit that leads there.  This first area is
identical to the one The Doctor encountered when he climbed up.  River doesn't
have to sneak, though, as she can just hit one of the Cybermen with a power-
shot and make a run for it.

Any similarities between The Doctor's ascent and River's decent end in the next
area.  To your left, you can see a Hat [17/40 - 17].  Reaching it is as easy as
crawling left and climbing up to get it.  There are Cybermats here, of course,
but the Pistol makes them far easier to deal with.

There are two ways round to the conduit leading down to the next floor: an easy
way to the left and a harder way to the right.  If you climb the ledges to the
right (you'll have to be quick to avoid the Cybermats) and drop down, you'll be
able to find a Diary Page [20/40 - Page 6, bottom-right] to the left.  There is
nothing in the lower-right corner of the area, so climb up and take the top
path.  The Cybermats in the tunnel can't be shot, but they can be avoided if
you let them retreat into the background.

After you've dropped down, take the crawlspace in the lower-left corner to
reach the conduit to the next floor.  If you headed left at the start, you'd
have ended up here straight away.  River's final floor works just like The
Doctor's, with the exception that you'll need to be careful of climbing down
and into the sights of the patrolling Cybermen.  With the Core Overload puzzle
done, the Cyber Factory is toast, though you're not done quite yet, as you'll
find yourself trapped in a Time Corridor.  Once you're back inside the TARDIS,
and once the cut-scene has finished, exit the TARDIS to finish the level.

      Old London Bridge                                              03.06

            Hats: 6
     Diary Pages: 3

     Sonic the door to the left, then head into the building and climb down the
ladders to reach the docks.  When you reach the waterwheels, River will
activate the nearby lever, slowing them enough for you to get across.  At the
other side, you'll have to return the favour.  Keep travelling right and head
into the building.  The lever in here will open the portcullis gates nearby.

Outside, you'll have to make your way over another set of waterwheels.
Between them, you'll find a Hat [18/40 - 13].  Once River is across the, er,
river, continue right.  Inside the building is a ladder - it needs climbing,
but you need the Diary Page [21/40 - Page 8, bottom-left] that can be found
outside to the right more. Now, make your way up.  At the top of the second
ladder, head right for another Diary Page [22/40 - Page 3, bottom-right].

Sonic the door to the left and sneak outside.  The Guard in the background
isn't particularly hard to avoid, as there are far more than enough objects to
hide behind.  If you get caught, you'll be taken back to the last checkpoint.
Climb onto the platform all the way to the left and River will pull the lever,
sending you upwards.  There's a crate over to the left, jump over to it and
push it down.  It'll land on one of the pressure plates responsible for opening
the gate.  River will place herself on the other one, allowing you to get
through the gate.

Through the gate and over to the left, there's a Hat [19/40 - 16], and it's not
hard to miss.  Take the platform up and climb up to the right.  All the way
over to the right is another crate, push it down the gap to the left.
Before heading down, head up and pull the lever - it will reset the platform
that moved as you made your way to the crate.  Now, return to the hole you
pushed the crate down and follow it, pushing it down to the floor as you go.

Put each crate on a pressure switch and head through the gate again.
With River, head all the way back to the top and climb the platforms to reach
the drawbridge levers.  With the drawbridge down, boost River up the wall to
the right and join her.  Make your way over to the platform on the right and
ride it down.

In the building to the right, drop down and head left for a Hat [20/40 - 36].
Head out to the right and climb down the ladder.  There are Guards here, so get
your sneak on.  Just to the right, you'll find a Diary Page [23/40 - Page 3,
bottom-left].  Return to the ladder and jump over to the platform, which you
should sonic and send over to the right.  Sonic the door and continue through
the house.  Out on the balcony, you'll find a Hat [21/40 - 32].

Drop off the balcony and head over the bridge to trigger a small cut-scene,
after which, head into the building on the right.  Over to the right of the
area is another Hat [22/40 - 27].  Pull the lever near the platform to send
River up and to the TARDIS.  Head back outside and ride the newly-uncovered
platform down.  Get into the TARDIS, then back out again after the cut-scene.
Grab the Hat [23/40 - 11] to the left and head right to end the level.

      Somewhere in Victorian London                                  03.07

            Hats: 3
     Diary Pages: 3

     The Doctor has ended up somewhere that's less important than the fact that
he's without his Sonic Screwdriver or Psychic Paper.  Head left and activate
the statue to reacquire the Psychic Paper.  You can't head any further than the
dead body without being jumped by a Silurian.  Not only can they shoot you,
they can lash you with their tongue and poison you.  If they do poison you,
press the square button to help neutralise it.

Head back the way you came and press up when prompted, then enter the building.
Climb the ladder to find a Hat [24/40 - 25].  On the factory floor are more
Silurians, so be careful.  The crate over to the right serves no purpose other
than to block your way, so pull it out and crawl under the boiler.  Climb the
ladder and head left until the cut-scene, then head back down and exit the

Run left and don't stop until you reach the sewer.  Down here, you'll find a
control panel that triggers a Pressure Lock puzzle.  After the puzzle is
complete, the steam will shut off.  There's a Silurian guarding the pipe that
leads to the next control panel, so tread carefully.  That control panel also
triggers a Pressure Lock puzzle, that again shuts off some steam that's
blocking your way.  Head down the pipe and continue further into the sewer,
where you'll find one more Pressure Lock puzzle.

There's another Silurian guarding the area below you.  Follow behind her and
duck into the doorway until she's gone past.  Climb the pipe and activate the
Pressure Lock puzzle.  With the puzzle done, climb the pipe and trigger one
last Pressure Lock puzzle.  With it complete, you'll finally shut off the steam
in the factory, allowing you to go back and get your Sonic Screwdriver.
Jump up to the pipe and shimmy along.  When you reach the gap, drop down for a
Hat [25/40 - 34].  To get back up, you can jump to the ledge and then back to
the pipe, which will take you back to the entrance, by the way.

Once you've been reunited with the Sonic Screwdriver, stand on the platform and
sonic it down to the ground floor.  Now, that entirely useless crate?  I lied.
Go get it, put it on the platform and bring it up.  Using that crate, you can
reach the platform with a Diary Page [24/40 - Page 8, top-right].  Before we go
any further, here's a fun little something you can do.  You can sonic the
Silurians to disarm them, just match the waveform and Uncle's your uncle.
It won't stop them from attacking you with their tongue, though.

Exit the factory and sonic the door to your right.  If you sonic disarm the
Silurians in here, they'll teleport away.  Complete the Pressure Lock puzzle
over to the right to turn the steam off.  Head back outside and climb the pipe
just outside the door.  Head all the way right and sonic disarm the Silurian to
get rid of her, then drop down to find a Diary Page [25/40 - Page 8, top-left].

Return to the sewer and take the pipe you used to reach the last Pressure Lock
puzzle, but climb down this time.  You can't open the first vault door you come
to, but you can head round to a second, more co-operative, door.  Take the lift
down and be wary of the Silurian roaming about.  Below the platform to the
right, you'll find a Hat [26/40 - 18].  Now continue right and climb up to the
ladder, from the top of which, head right.

Sonic the door open and continue on your merry way.  All the way to the right
is a Diary Page [26/40 - Page 7, bottom-left].  Not quite all the way to the
right is a ladder, which is what you'll want to climb afterwards.  Over to the
left, a Perception Filter is blocking the way, so trigger it to start a Mind
Map puzzle.  Through the doorway, you'll find River.  A quick press of the
square button will see you finish the level.

      Somewhere in Elizabethan London                                03.08

            Hats: 0
     Diary Pages: 6

     Amusingly enough, River is completely unarmed.  Head left for a Diary Page
[27/40 - Page 4, top-left], then make your way right, entering the building
when given the chance.  Over to the right is a Perception Filter, and you won't
like what it shows.  You can't actually get through the door that's revealed by
your endeavours yet, so head back outside and continue right.

Use the crate after the first Guard to help you get over the wall.  Instead of
entering the building a little jog from the second Guard, continue all the way
right to find a Diary Page [28/40 - Page 7, top-right].  In the aforementioned
building, you'll be tasked with finding the Sonic Screwdriver.

Before you do anything that even looks like progress, climb over the crates and
go grab the Diary Page [29/40 - Page 4, bottom-left] all the way over to the
right.  Now head back and climb onto the first platform you come to.  Over to
the left is a crate, that when pushed onto the nearby platform, will trigger a
mechanism that will raise the next platform along.  Jump over to it and keep
heading up and left.

Push the next crate onto the next platform, which will raise another platform
to the left.  From there, jump over to the right and continue all the way
along to find the Sonic Screwdriver.  To get out of here, head back to the left
and take the door.  Follow the roof along to the right and enter the building.
Ignore the ladder for now and instead climb the ledges.  At the top, you will
find a Diary Page [30/40 - Page 4, bottom-right].

Head back to the left and drop off the roof, then head back to, and sonic, the
door you uncovered earlier, again being mindful of the Guards along the way.
Silence has fallen, alright - they're everywhere.  If at any moment, a Silent
is not on screen, they'll get you and you'll be returned to the checkpoint at
the start of the area.

The trick to keep them in eye-shot is to, basically, run.  The Silence have
this nasty habit of teleporting about, so if you don't put a spurt on, they'll
vanish.  When you get to the first Stasis Generator, trigger it to start a Core
Overload puzzle.  With it done, a platform will trigger.  Jump onto it and head
right for a Diary Page [31/40 - Page 5, bottom-right], then head left for
another Stasis Generator and another Core Overload puzzle.

With the puzzle complete, another platform will rise to your left.  Jump to the
platform and continue left for another Diary Page [32/40 - Page 4, top-right].
Progress is right and up, by the way.  All the way to the right is another Core
Overload puzzle.  With the it complete, a platform allowing you to reach the
final Core Overload puzzle will rise up.  After which, climb the platforms and
head right to nab yourself the Stasis Field Generator.  Mercifully, you'll find
yourself unceremoniously dumped outside.

Head back to the tower from earlier, placing the Psychic Paper on the statue
along the way.  So, in the tower, then.  Place the Sonic Screwdriver on the
angel statue, then head down into the crypt.  Place the Perception filter in
the doorway, which is achieved by pressing square and completing a Mind Map
puzzle.  With the puzzle done, head over to the coffin and place the Stasis
Field Generator.  With that done, the level ends.

      Love a Tomb!                                                   03.09

            Hats: 0
     Diary Pages: 0

     Head right and place the Perception Filter on the ladder, this one not
requiring a puzzle to be solved to do so, then climb down.  Head all the way
left now and open the door using the console.  Make your way back up,
continuing left and under the platform.  Now you can finally use the console to
remove the forcefield.  Activate the first console to trigger a Data Link
puzzle.  With the puzzle complete, some lifts will appear over to the left -
activate them to finish the level and plumb new depths.

      Deep Beneath the Earth                                         03.10

            Hats: 1
     Diary Pages: 1

     Head right and drop into the hole for a Diary Page [33/40 - Page 9,
bottom-right].  To actually get across it, you'll firstly need to climb up
using those platforms and head around the back.  When you get to the grate,
sonic it open, then pull the lever.  Once River is across, she'll extend the
other side of the bridge, allowing you to jump across yourself.

Before you head through the doorway to the right, sonic the grate in the
ceiling to lower a ladder.  At the top, give River a boost so you can get up,
then make your way across the pipe to find a Hat [27/40 - 30].  So, through the
doorway to the right, then.  In there is a Data Link puzzle that needs to be
done before you can get through the door.  Head right, and after the cut-scene,
you'll find yourself on a lift.  Head up and right, then trigger the console to
activate another Data Link puzzle.

With the puzzle complete, control will switch to River.  With the Sonic
Screwdriver, you'll need to disarm the Silurians that appear in the background.
If you die in one of these sections, you'll restart from the beginning of the
area and will have to complete the puzzles again.  The secret is to crouch in
left-hand corner.  When the first one beams in, disarm her.  The second one
should run up to you and fire, nearly always missing, and giving you time to
disarm her also.  Once you've disarmed a sufficient number of them, The Doctor
will raise a platform to the right.

Run round to the valve and hold square until the coolant diverts, after which,
control will revert to The Doctor.  Head up and left, then trigger the console
for a Pressure Lock puzzle.  With the puzzle complete, control will again
switch to River, who is tasked with doing exactly what she did last time.
The difference here is that the number of Silurians appearing has increased (as
will they next time).  If the enemies stop coming, sneak your way right until
you find one.  After the second valve has been turned, well, guess.  Head up
and right, then trigger the console for a Data Link puzzle.

After River's next really fun section, take the lift up, right, and then down
to reach the final console, which in turn triggers one last Pressure Lock
puzzle.  Once that puzzle is done, River only has to fend off the Silurians
one last time, which ends with one last valve.  With that done, you'll make
good your escape, right into a Time Corridor.  Once you're back in the TARDIS
and the cut-scene has finished, exit the TARDIS to finish the level.

      Future London                                                  03.11

            Hats: 1
     Diary Pages: 1

     Climb up to the left and highlight the grate with the Sonic Screwdriver so
River can shoot it down.  Head along the pipe and shimmy up to fit through the
gap.  Over the platforms (mind the sludge coming from the pipe) is a Hat [28/40
- 28].  Falling into the sludge below also isn't a particularly grand idea.

Head back the way you came and continue left.  You'll have to make a couple of
jumps and monkey your way across a pipe.  Once you reach the section with the
ledge, jump up to the right, then use the ledge, also to the right, to reach a
Diary Page [34/40], being extra wary of the sludge as you do so.  Climb the
ladder to the left and head left at the top to get your first glimpse of the

The Daleks here aren't so bad, as there are only two of them, and there's lots
of scenery to hide behind.  Daleks, while not dealing any more damage than
Cybermen do, always fire three rapid shots upon spotting you.  They're so slow
to react, mind you, so you can usually just saunter past them.  Once you reach
the Time Corridor, The Doctor will receive River's Vortex Manipulator and
Stasis Field Generator.  Don't be soft, make a run for the Time Corridor and
activate the Vortex Manipulator.

      545 Years Earlier                                              03.12

            Hats: 2
     Diary Pages: 2

     Head right, and once you're over the crates, you'll spy a ye olde Guard,
so wait until he turns his back before continuing.  Sonic the door over to the
right and watch out for the same Guard popping out from round the corner.
Sonic the door near the crate, then drag the crate through with you.  Sonic the
platform and bring it over and set it down in front of you.  Push the crate
onto it, then ride it up and back over to the right, the crate being the means
of reaching the building.

There's another Guard up here, and again, he patrols two different doorways, so
mind you don't meet him on your way round.  Climb down the ladder at the end
and head left for a Diary Page [35/40 - Page 9, top-right], and mind the Guard
as you do.  Drag the crate over to the right and use it to reach the ledge near
the ladder above you.  Jump over the wall to the right and drop to the ground
to find a Diary Page [36/40 - Page 10, bottom-right].  Right, head back to the
aforementioned ladder and make your way up.  From the top, make your way right
for a Hat [29/40 - 5].

Head back to the ladder, but head left this time.  If you fall as you make your
way along, you're obviously going to have to head all the way back to the
ladder, so yeah, don't fall.  Also, while it may seem inherently stupid, Guards
can catch you in mid-air, so you'll have to watch out for them, too, despite
their inability to see you.

On the way, you'll come across a Hat [30/40 - 31], which is nice.  All the way
at the end, sonic the door open and pull the lever to open the portcullis to
the courtyard.  Unbar the door to your left and make your way back to, and
climb down, the ladder from earlier.  Head right, jump over the wall, and enter
the courtyard you just opened.  Place the Vortex Manipulator and the Stasis
Field Generator on the statue to finish the level.

      Strategic Withdrawal                                           03.13

            Hats: 1
     Diary Pages: 1

     Climb up the wall to the left, and be very careful.  That blue Dalek you
see flying about in the background is the Strategist Dalek, and it can and will
follow you anywhere.  If things start getting too hairy, you can temporarily
disable it or any other Dalek with a power-shot to the eyestalk.  You can get
the same effect from quick-shots, but it takes a little longer.

In the bottom-left corner of the area is a small tunnel, so drop down and crawl
through it, then start making your way up and right.  At the other side of the
pipe, head round and climb the ladders to the roof.  There are a couple of
Daleks up here as well, but there's plenty of waste-high masonry to hide
behind.  Along the way, you'll find a Hat [31/40 - 8].

Drop down at the end of the roof and activate the second console to trigger a
Core Overload puzzle.  After which, not much, actually.  You still need to find
and activate another two consoles.  Trigger the alarm on the neighbouring
console (to distract the Strategist Dalek, the one that will quite happily
murder you mid-puzzle) and take the lift down.  Over to the left of the area,
you will find a Diary Page [37/40 - Page 9, top-left].  Over to the right, you
will find the second console, which again triggers a Core Overload puzzle.

With the second puzzle done, ride back to the top and trigger the alarm again,
then ride down to the bottom.  The third console awaits you to the right.
With that done, the barrier to the left will deactivate, leaving you free to go
collect the Vortex Manipulator and Stasis Field Generator.  With your stuff,
head back and use the Vortex Manipulator on the Time Corridor.  Now that The
Doctor and River are reunited, head out of the courtyard and go right.
Give River a boost and climb up after her to end the level.

      Old Saint Pauls                                                03.14

            Hats: 2
     Diary Pages: 1

     Head right and make your way into the cathedral.  Climb the ladder all the
way to the right and make your way along the scaffolding to another ladder,
from the top of which, head right, down the gap.  To your left is a Hat [32/40
- 40], to your right is progress.  Make your way around to the right and climb
up.  You'll be given two choices in directions, but only the top path leads to
the ladder you'll be wanting.  At the top of said ladder, head left and follow
the path around.  Along the way, you'll find a Diary Page [38/40 - Page 10,

At the top of the ladder that you'll eventually come to, head round and jump
over the wall, then continue round and drop down to find a Hat [33/40 - 4].
Use the ledges to get back out, then crawl through the tunnel to the left to
find a lever.  The lever calls a platform from above, so do just that, then hop
aboard and wait for River to join you.  The platform leads to a Perception
Filter, which means it's Mind Map time.  Disabling the Perception Filter will
reveal a ladder, at the top of which, head left to end the level.

      Silence Time Capsule                                           03.15

            Hats: 0
     Diary Pages: 0

     Head left, and after the cut-scene, activate one of the four consoles to
trigger a Core Overload puzzle.  Once it's complete, The Silence will appear.
They're not happy, and your job as River is to run round the outside of the
area and keep them off The Doctor.  Don't charge the Pistol and don't let their
electric attacks build to full power.  If a Silent gets near a console, it will
attempt to deactivate it, so unless you want to repeat a puzzle, don't let it

And another thing, aiming is mostly bad.  Don't try to aim at The Silence, just
stay near The Doctor and fire in alternate directions until you see one appear
at the top of the screen, then it's alright to aim.  Once you've fended them
off, control will revert to The Doctor, who will then have to complete another
Core Overload puzzle.  It goes on like this until you've successfully completed
four puzzles and fended off The Silence just as many times.  Once that's done,
you'll aspire to something better (well, I thought it was funny).

      Inside the Time Lock                                           03.16

            Hats: 5
     Diary Pages: 1

     Head all the way left to find a Hat [34/40 - 12].  Head back to the right
and climb the ladder.  Push the block over to the right and use it to get onto
the wall.  Head up to the left and keep going.  When you get to the block, push
it over the edge and follow it.  You can now use the block to reach a Hat
[35/40 - 38].  Push the block all the way to the left and use it to reach the
cradle.  Once it reaches the roof, it'll fall, so be quick about getting off.
Head right and jump into the spire.  Activate the console to trigger a
Re-router puzzle.

Once it's complete, the shutters below you and to the right will open.  At the
other side, you'll find two Daleks, which necessitates more sneaking.
There's a double-decker in the middle of the area, so don't say you've nothing
to hide behind.  Inside the building is another Dalek to watch for.  Boost over
the wall at the end and sonic the shutter at the other side.

Climb the ladder and sonic the shutter at the top.  At the other side, boost
over the wall and watch for the Dalek.  The screens across the tunnel will
shield you from view, so hiding isn't an issue.  Once out of the tunnel, use
the ledge above the grate to get over to the right (which leaves you as target
practice if you're not quick), where you will find a Hat [36/40 - 6] and the
console that operates the grate.

Once through the grate, jump over to the left and grab the [Hat 37/40 - 15]
(you'll have to jump from the ladder) before heading up.  On the roof, only two
Daleks stand between you and the TARDIS.  Don't bother sneaking, just run, the
distance isn't that far and the crates will block some of the fire.

After the cut-scene, exit the TARDIS.  Over to the left, guarded by a Dalek,
you'll find a Diary Page [39/40 - Page 10, top-right].  To progress, you want
to be over to the right.  You need to sonic the door, but that's also guarded
by a Dalek.  It travels quite far towards the back of the screen and waits for
more than long enough for you to hop over the wall and get the door open.
Ride the lift down and head left for a Hat [38/40 - 39].

There are Daleks down in the tunnels, but you've got plenty of columns to hide
behind.  When you reach the control panel, activate it to trigger a Pressure
Lock puzzle.  With the puzzle done, nothing happens.  In order to get something
fun to happen, you'll need to trigger another two consoles.  With all three
puzzles complete, run right and sonic the door open.  The level ends as soon as
you can be bothered to head through that door.

      Dalek Command Node                                             03.17

            Hats: 1
     Diary Pages: 0

     Activate the platform to trigger the countdown.  You have 10 minutes until
you're no longer physically able to be concerned about how long you have left.
At the top, head right and follow the path around.  Activate the console to
trigger a Circuit Switch puzzle.  Once it's complete, head left and trigger the
newly-activated alarm node.

Now, head back to the right and trigger the next console.  The puzzle this time
is Core Overload.  With that complete, head all the way back to the left for a
Hat [39/40 - 37].  A Dalek is no doubt on the way to the last console you
activated, so continue left until you reach the platform.  Activate the
platform and head right from the top.  If you spot a Dalek, just duck into the
docking station until it's gone.

When you reach the platform, take it for a ride.  Sneak right, following behind
the Dalek and making good use of any docking stations you find.  There's a
Dalek towards the end that isn't fond of moving.  When you see it, just make a
run for it, as the platform isn't too far away.  Head left from where the
platform dumps you and activate the console to trigger a Circuit Switch puzzle.
With the puzzle complete, the Dalek Supreme will be sent on holiday.  With it
gone, run round to the left and activate its platform to beam up to the Dalek

      Dalek Flagship                                                 03.18

            Hats: 1
     Diary Pages: 1

     Around the outside of here, you will find your final Diary Page [40/40]
and your final Hat [40/40 - 35].  When you reach the red forcefield, trigger
the first console to start a Circuit Change puzzle.  Once it's complete, the
platform will appear, and I can tell you want to ride it up, so do that.
After a very long ride with unpleasant scenery, the terminus is no prettier.
Say hello to the Emperor Dalek.

Head left and activate the console to trigger a Core Overload puzzle.  If you
see a laser rapidly approach your face, feel free to duck.  Once the puzzle is
complete, control will switch to River.  Take aim and shoot it in the eyestalk
with a power-shot.  After getting hit, the Emperor will recoil into its shell
and start rotating.  When it stops, the eyestalk will be nowhere near you, so
start running as soon as you shoot it - that way, you should be in range as
soon as it stops.

After a set time, control will revert to The Doctor, if you haven't shot the
Emperor three times before then, you'll have to do another puzzle, Circuit
Change, before you get another chance.  It's also worth pointing out that The
Doctor is vulnerable to the lasers while you're controlling River.  After those
three shots, the Emperor will ascend.  Run round to the newly-activated
platform and join it.  At the top, it's more of the same, with the exception
that the Emperor will require five hits in one round.  With the Emperor Dalek
defeated, there's one final Time Corridor to complete before the game is
finished.  Go on, then, Time Lord it up.

      Frequently Asked Questions                                     04.00

 === General Questions ===

 Q: River's gone, where did she run off to?

 A: River's AI is pretty awful.  If you can't find her, she's probably jumping
    continuously against a wall, stuck in mid-air, or trapped on a ladder.
    Sometimes, she just vanishes.  Nothing to do but restart when that happens.

 Q: Why haven't you got any puzzle solutions listed?

 A: Puzzles are generated randomly.  They're either generated completely
    randomly or one of X number of pre-set puzzles are chosen when the level
    loads.  That makes it massively hard, if not impossible, to provide every
    possible solution to every possible puzzle.  I instead opted to go over
    each type of puzzle in turn to make it easier for people to solve (as the
    game itself is greatly lacking in terms of instructions).

 === Questions About This Guide ===

 Q: Can I use your guide on my site?

 A: As of this moment, no you cannot host my guide.  Why?  Because I believe
    that the number of sites that I'm allowing to host this guide is enough,
    enough to keep track of and enough to provide adequate distribution to you,
    the wonderful FAQ-reading public.

 Q: I have this guide, would it be okay if I used a part of yours?

 A: *Chokes* part of mine?  What would be the point of that?  You can use my
    guide as reference for all the things that I can't own (i.e. facts), but
    you can't go lifting entire paragraphs, even if you credit me for it.
    Just read the copyright notice at the top of this guide, and then think
    twice before 'borrowing' anything from me.

 Q: If I've found something that you were too stupid to include, or something
    that you've missed, what should I do?

 A: You could take it, turn it sideways and shove it... *ahem* just drop me
    a line and tell me in exact detail as to what it was that I screwed up on
    or missed out.  If you can help me to make this guide more accurate, you'll
    win a cookie, a kudos cookie (great on calories, lousy on taste).

      Credits and Outro                                              05.00

     The author would like to take the time to inform you that many, many
Silence were harmed during the making of this guide.  Oh, we're done?
That's kind of a shame.  Well, if you enjoyed our journey that much, don't
forget to activate the time travel button (Page Up) on your keyboard.  If that
is not to be the case, the author reminds you to turn off the lights as you

 === Special Mentions and Thanks ===

  The layout of this guide is based upon the layout used by Dalez in his Breath
    of Fire IV guide [].

     If for some strange reason, you would actually like to thank me, feel free
to pay me a visit and leave a comment [] and
pledge to serve as my vassal - too far?  Well, just sign it and leave out the
"serving me for all eternity" bit (if you like).

No, Mr. President, they have no idea of my true identity.  Yes, Mr. President,
it all went according to plan.  Shall I continue with the second phase of the
operation?  Yes, sir, understood.

     Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock (C) 2012 Super Massive
          The Eternity Clock - FAQ/Walkthrough (C) 2012 Mike Penance