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Follow the dark path or use the light

Dead to Rights: Retribution



by dontyoulookatme

'||'''|. '||''''|      /.\      '||'''|. 
 ||   ||  ||   .      // \\      ||   || 
 ||   ||  ||'''|     //...\\     ||   || 
 ||   ||  ||        //     \\    ||   || 
.||...|' .||....| .//       \\. .||...|' 
|''||''| .|''''|, 
   ||    ||    || 
   ||    ||    || 
   ||    ||    || 
  .||.   `|....|' 
'||'''|, |''||''| .|'''''| '||  ||` |''||''| .|'''|  
 ||   ||    ||    || .      ||  ||     ||    ||      
 ||...|'    ||    || |''||  ||''||     ||    `|'''|, 
 || \\      ||    ||    ||  ||  ||     ||     .   || 
.||  \\. |..||..| `|....|' .||  ||.   .||.    |...|' 

For PS3 and Xbox 360.
Namco Bandai, Volatile Games


Version 1.0



















Head straight as the dog and sprint your way to the fleeing punk rocker. Head
forward enough, and you'll then be tasked with protecting your master. Sprint
to the horde of triads in the surrounding area, and impale them with your
claws, or biting attacks. Head from one to the next without wasting much time,
as you are being shot at.

Head up the stairs to higher ground where the bullets are flying from. Take 
gunners out, and then you'll have breathing room to take on the rest of the
enemies on the ground. Head back down, and there'll be a scene. Take on the
enemies, and there'll be another scene with a van. Head towards it, and take
out the straggling enemies. When you do, there'll be a scene, signifying your
success of the task at hand.


First, you'll have to save the hostages. Head straight and up the stairs. Take
a left in the building towards the red lights, and move through the metal
detectors. Keep moving through the area, and there'll be a brief cut scene
where some enemies make an appearance. Use the attack that the game teaches you
to dispatch the first wave of enemies. Then you'll have to test your defenses
on the next batch. Take them out, and then move up the stairs.

You'll see a bare chested bully that you'll need to punch to death. Be patient
here. You should press the guard button right when the enemy attacks to counter
his attack. You'll get enough chances to get the timing down through practice.
Keep at it, but don't over anticipate it. The enforcer will go down soon. When
you get control of your character, you'll have to move into an elevator. Take
the stair path up, and move round left to the elevator that came down. Press
the button to get to higher ground. Head to the enemy just outside of the
elevator, and press the button prompt to disarm them.

Then shoot him in the dome. Take the nearby enemy out. Since he's alone and
unarmed, I recommend using fisticuffs. Move past him to the section with the
enemies shooting at you. You'll eventually be told to take cover, but you can
land some shots into the enemies first. Take the enemy behind out and grab his
gun. Use it to blow the nearby goon to high hell, and anyone else near him.
Slowly inch your way to where the next enemies are, but do so taking cover, and
shooting the exposed enemies.

If you just go running through, you'll be barraged and taken out. Eliminate all
the enemies in the area, and constantly move the camera around to see if
there's anyone you've missed. Move up and you'll be taught how to clinch
enemies. Remember to slowly inch your way through, taking cover along the way.
Whenever you find enemies alone and unarmed, it's best to take them on with
fists to avoid wasting precious ammo. Take all the enemies out in the area, and
then move past the glass doors and quickly to cover.

There are more enemies here to take out. You can clinch the nearby enemies and
throw them right over the railing. Head to where you hear the hostage voices.
Take cover and you'll be taught how to enter focus mode. Use that opportunity
to land a headshot on the enemy with the hostage. Another enemy will shortly
come to tell you his opinion on what you've done. He'll do it with his fists.
Move towards the next fire fight. Be sure to disarm enemies and shoot them with
their own weapons for an easy kill. Stick behind cover, and move to enemies
when they're reloading or when they've shot a good amount of bullets.

Head to them and pick them off one by one, or isolate the unarmed guys and use
melee on them. There'll be a scene when you've taken enough of them out. Move
through to the side of the area with the enemies shooting at you. Take them
out, and it's best not to go out into the open when the enemies are shooting at
you. You'll eventually be outside again. Take cover as you view the helicopter,
and make your approach through the enemy blockade.

Be careful turning the corner by the helicopter, as there are enemies with
RPGs. Use focus mode to take them out, and then make your way through the
grounds. Take the enemies out, and there'll be a cut scene. You'll now have to
escort someone out of the area. Move through and a baddy will rush you. Take
him out, as he's by himself for the moment, and then move through to where he
came from to deal with the armed foes. Remember to take cover and disarm.
You'll want to rush over to the dudes with guns and eliminate them first. This
will make your life a little easier. Move through the corridors with the
columns that you can take cover behind. You can attempt taking one of the
nearby enemies hostage.

Either way, take everyone out and rush through the area. You'll come across a
union sniper. Rush along and take cover when you see him aiming his sights on
you for too long. Head over to him and take his sniper rifle. Use it on the
surrounding enemies ,and then move through to the elevator with the flashing
lights. Take it up. As soon as the elevator doors open up, use focus mode, and
take out the enemies near the hostages pronto.

Then move through and deal with the rest. Head through the area with the
flashing lights, and dispatch the enemies that rest there. Head behind cover a
plenty, and use your fists on the guys that are unarmed. You have the focus
ability in your arsenal now, so use that in conjunction with your disarms to
take out the enemies in the area with relative ease. The can still overwhelm
you, so keep by cover if you see a bunch of them coming together. Head through
to where you hear the voice over the intercom, and through the metal detectors
for a scene. Head through the double glass doors with the green light and move
through down the stairs taking out the enemies that follow.

Head down and through to the next single green light door nearby and there will
be another cut scene. Head straight and chase after Riggs. Take out the enemies
that obstruct your path as you rush through the rainy stair path. Make haste,
and blow the enemies in your way out of your way. When you get to the peak of
the staircase, use your focus attack to gain the edge when shooting the enemies
that come your way. Move through the next section and there will be more goons.
Head through and there will be a short scene.

Move along, and take out the slightly more resilient batch of enemies. There
will be an enforcer in the area that you'll have to take out. With all the
other enemies in the area, this can be pretty problematic. Head back to some
cover to separate the pack of enemies. Then take out all enemies with guns, or
at least that are shooting at you before facing the enforcer and other enemies
that choose to fight you with fists. Head through the path and up the stairs.
There's a railing if you want to throw your opponents off the building. As you
make your approach taking out enemies, watch for the sniper with his red sights
on you. Take em out and there'll be a scene.


After the intro, you'll be taught in the ring some techniques that would prove
useful, so take the time to familiarize yourself with them. Your boss isn't
going to kill you, so don't worry; learn at your own pace. When you're done
right the bell. Walk forward with your boss. Head through the door and keep
moving as the two of you chat it up. Head down the stairs, and you'll be
outside again. Move with your boss through the rain, and you'll soon play as
shadow. Move through the gap in the gated way to be on your way to obtaining a

Creep up to the first guard slowly and quietly, then take him out with a silent
kill. Drag the body either back where you came, or to the right. Then move up
past where you killed him quietly, and then make your way to the opening past
the wall where there are numerous enemies.

You should be able to spot them from behind the wall. Move in, then left
towards the forklift for cover. Slip past, or move behind the enemies with
guns, and when they're alone, take them out with a silent kill. Then move the
body to a darkened area away from where the others move to. You're trying to
get up the stairs in the area, so take out the enemies that would spot you
going there.

When you finally get up there, head through, and you'll be taught a thing or
two about barking. Head to the side of the door, and then let out a quiet bark.
When the enemy comes by, immediately take him out with a silent kill. Head
through following the footstep markers and taking out the enemies silently.
Remember to drag the bodies. Move through making use of your ability to see
behind boxes and walls. Head  through the scaffolding and take out the enemy

Then move through a little ways off, and take out the enemy that has the key.
When you retrieve it, head back to your buddies. Move back down the stairs, and
back track your way out of the warehouse. Head forward, and take out the enemy
that runs to you. Use your fists. Follow through the warehouse with Frank and
take out the enemies on the other side of the boxes. Keep a look out for the
take down attacks to quickly eliminate the enemies.

Open the gate nearby and move through. There will be numerous enemies coming
towards you in the area with the electric generators. You'll want to attack the
bad guys next to them to get them to touch the electric current. Head up the
stairs near the green light when you've taken the enemies out. Head through and
take out the two enemies standing in wait. Move through the path and head in
through the little opening where you have to hop the ledge. Head down a level,
and you'll find some evidence laying on a box in the middle.

There will be a handful of enemies, including an enforcer that you have to
counter attack to beat. When everyone's done for, head through the area to the
wooden double doors. There will be more evidence. And more baddies. Again,
since there's a large populace enemy wise, you'll want to take them out quick.
A few quick jabs followed by side strafing is a good way to rack up start up
damage. Then keep on the offensive and look out for the button prompts. Head up
the stairs when you're done, and you'll get another objective.

Look for a ladder that leads down and head through it. Take out the oncoming
enemies before you'll be able to proceed. They shouldn't be that hard to take
out, but that doesn't warrant being careless. Damn those take downs are a
spectacle to watch....Anyway, when you're done with the last of them, activate
the nearby switch. Head for your next objective now, head up the ladder nearby,
and move through the other side.

You're on the right path if you hear conversation. Move through and examine the
dumpster. There'll be a scene. Now you'll be outside again, and will have to
take out some not-behaving-nice-ers. Get your gun out and move through cover to
cover. Disarming enemies is the way to go, but well aimed shots will bring you
to victory faster. You have to survive the clock, so stay alive. When the time
goes out there'll be a cut scene.

Move straight through and kick open the doors along the way. You'll eventually
see two guys talking in the distance. Be quiet, and move towards them to listen
in on their conversation. Run after the triad. Keep running, but you'll
eventually be stopped along the way by enemies. Take them out before you keep
moving. Moving through, you'll near a warehouse. Head through the door once the
perimeter enemies have been dispatched, then kick some ass and take some names
inside the warehouse. Head through the next door and move forward for a cut


Move forward, and then take a turn down the stairs as you're told your next
objective. Keep moving, and break through the gated door. Head straight, and
you'll be given some more shadow commands. Use him to distract the enemy, while
you move in and finish him off. Follow through the path, and there'll be more
enemies to take out. Get behind cover, and head shot who you can, then move
through the next closed gated door. Send out shadow, and move in for the kill.

Move through to where the police car is, and take out the enemies in the area.
There will be a sniper that you'll have to take out. Focus attack and shoot the
sniper down. More enemies are in the area, but this place is best handled with
contributions from shadow. Send him out on the enemies while you find cover and
take out only the enemies closest to you.

Be sure to disarm the enemies and shoot the with their own weapons. Move
through clearing the area, as your police friends aren't much of a help. The
next enemy introduced is best taken out with counter attacks and shadow. Move
through and take cover behind the police vehicles. Make good use of your focus
ability when you plan on shooting in the open.

Don't stay out of cover for too long with your gun, if you are it should be
because you are using fisticuffs. Shadow is still around you, so take advantage
of that. Take the enemies out along the way under the large bridge. Take cover,
and position the aiming reticule at the enemy's heads. There will be a scene
introducing another enemy. Stay behind over, and adjust yourself accordingly to
avoid getting hit. Now, the grenades you picked up along the way; now is a
great time to use them. When the coast is clear, head forward and round to the
large steel double doors.

Move in and when you move close to the door with the red light, a bunch of
enemies will pop out. Head through the area, and use shadow at the point the
game tells you to, if you wish. Head on through the corridor, but look first
for cover to hide behind. Take out th enemies in the distance with focus. Move
through, making sure not to stay exposed for too long, and then head up the
stairs for a cut scene. As soon as the battle starts, head for cover and
quickly head shot at least two enemies in focus mode to make your life simpler
later on.

Move though aiming at the stairs, as the enemies will come through there. Once
you've taken out the initial enemies, you should be able to take everyone out
who remains, and move through the bottom floor to the door. There'll be a cut
scene. You'll be on the top of a train when you get control back, and will have
a bomb to diffuse. Since you're on the clock, you'll want to focus and quickly
spray enemies in the heads or use fast take downs with your fists.

Don't waste time unnecessarily. Head forward, and watch out, for there are
enemies taking cover nearby. Disarm or headshot them before heading up the
ladder. Now, you can throw off or disarm the guys up top before quickly heading
down the gap ahead. Here's where the first bomb is. Take the enemies out first
before diffusing the bomb. Move up and aim for the enemies hiding behind cover.
There's a lot of cover for you too if you need it.

Head up and over the ledge, and up the nearby ladder when you've taken out the
enemies to head to the next bomb you'll have to diffuse. Climb the ladder and
move forward now that you're on the top of the train. Head through the wooden
slabs, but be careful, as numerous enemies are taking refuge here. Disarming
them is the best choice. You'll need the firepower to take them out
efficiently. Take the enemies out, head to the last bomb, and there'll be a cut


You'll play as Shadow here. You have to save Jack. Head straight, and hide at
the little anomaly where the two guards are. Wait for one of them to start
walking away, then head behind the man and silent kill him. Then drag his body
back to avoid suspicion. Now move to where the other guy was walking. You don't
have to kill him; what you should do is head through the destroyed train. Wait
till there's no one in the area first, though.

Head to the next one when the coast is clear, and move straight. At the
blocking, take aright and silent kill the man over there. Follow the path
along, and then move Jack's body back out of harm's way. You did good. You'll
now have another objective. Take the side path left, and rush through to the
next confrontation. There are enemies waiting by the train cars in the area.
There's also a sniper that you can get to by heading up the stair column
nearby. Head up there for some vertical advantage.

Focus before attempting to open the aforementioned can of whoop arse. You can
grab a sniper rifle up there, and can pick off a few enemies. Head down and
forward when you're done. There will be enemies to take out. Take cove by the
right side of the train, and then pick off the enemies as they come. Head down
the stairs to the right, and then move through the opening. Head down the
stairs and into the station. You should be able to catch an enemy there off
guard. Do so nice and swiftly, then head through the main area then shoot the
explosive barrels. Shadow's still with you, so use him.

Head up the stairs and through the next doorway. Head out and move past the
columns. When the enemies start to come, hide behind them for good cover, and
take out the nearest ones as you run with melee attacks and take downs. Follow
the path along, and some innocent bystanders will run past you. Move along,
shooting the enemies out until you get to the cut scene. You'll have to disarm
three charges in order to success now. Head down and shoot the people in the
area. Take cover, for there are a lot of gunners.

Move through, and make use of your focus attacks. Fairly straight from where
you started is the first charge. Head back and move rightish. Take out the
enemies round the area from where the enemies are. The second bomb is where the
sniper is targeting you. From there, head to the main ground and take the
staircase up. Take out the enemies and use shadow to save time. Disarm the
first bomb. You'll have someone to pursue now that the bombs are defunct. Take
out who ever stands in your way quickly with a take down, or headshot, then
move through the green light gate. Head straight and shoot the enemies hiding
behind cover.

The next set of enemies tend to not use guns. Move through the stair case, and
focus when the enemies are a little too much. Be sure to do some disarming.
Head through the stairway down, and there will be a couple of snipers targeting
you. They're behind the columns so take them out quick. There'll be a cut
scene. You'll have a boss bout with Tseng. As you can see from the
cutscene...this guy knows how to fight. To win this fight, throw combos and
charged attacks, and eventually some goons will jump in to make the fight a
little unfair. Send shadow on them, and focus your attacks on Tseng.

Also 'focus' some of your attacks to make things simpler. You'll mostly hit him
without much qualm, but when he comes at you, be sure to counter attack. Shadow
can be used on him as well. After you deal enough damage and there'll be a
short cut scene. As the achievement/ trophy after the battle indicates...he can
be defeated, and isn't as strong as he looks in the cutscene.


You'll now have Rigg's trail to follow. Move straight, and head through the
gate on the left. Move forward, and there'll be a cutscene. You'll now play as
shadow. Move forward and silent kill the first guard. Then drag his body back.
Hide behind the wreckage for the other guard to come near, then do the same to
him. Head through the brick gap, and then sneak to the next guard and kill him.
Turn back and move through the gap again, and there'll be another guard to take
out silently.

Moving their bodies isn't necessary. Head the opposite way, and follow the
footsteps. Hid behind the low cover, as theres a group of guards nearby. Move
towards them slowly. There's three of them. Hid down below for the other two to
split up, then move to the side of the wall and bark lowly to get the last guy
to come to you. Then kill him. Another guard will come by. Move up to him and
quickly silent kill him. Then move to the backs of the next guards.

Move along when they've been killed, and move towards the single guard in the
area past the broken wooden gap. Take him out. There are others in the area, so
you may want to move his body. Use the van as a hiding spot and patiently run
up on the next guard. There's another guard nearby that you can make short work
of. Move further still and take out the other unsuspecting guard. Follow the
footsteps around the area, and head upstairs when you near a staircase.

Take out the first guard and nab the key. Head back down stairs ,and rush
through the areas you previously came by. You'll killed a bunch of people,
haven't you? That's a good dog. Keep moving and head next to Jack. Now as Jack,
move forward and rush through with shadow. There will be enemies that will try
and shoot you dead, but you can send shadow on them to gain a preemptive
strike. Make sure the coast is clear (there should be another guy in the area)
before heading through the path with the numerous structures, cars, and

Head straight and up the stairs. Break through the doors with the chains and
the stop sign. After the cutscene: Head out, round and move down the stairs.
Send shadow out to deal with the preliminary enemies, and move through to deal
with them as well. Get your gun out and take advantage of the cover you've been
given. Focus to prioritize headshots. The van in the area is a great place to
take shelter behind. When the enemies have been taken out, head through the
gate and move along past the large vehicles.

Head down the stairs of the facility, and move through the force field looking
thing. After the cutscene, leave and move a little forward. Hid behind the
cargo container, and run from cover to cover to avoid the chopper. Move a
little ways through and there'll be some of the new enemies to take care of.
They're a little hard to disarm, so you'll want to grab one of them and use
them as a shield. Head through and head shot the opposers. You don't have to
hold on to your hostage for long, but if you do, you may have to suppress him
every now and then. Take out all of the soldiers in the area, and be sure to
take cover.

Shooting them is the best way to go here, but you can try your hand at
disarming some of them after you've hit them with a couple of punches. Head up
the stairs in the warehouse area, and take cover. Shoot the soldiers, and
remember to use shadow. In the next area, immediately take cover, as the
chopper will be back. Use shadow to deal damage to some of the soldiers only
when they get near to you so that you can finish them off, and then take out
the enemies as they come to you. You'll want to spend the majority of the time
behind cover, but when you do have to pop out to take on some enemies, don't
forget to focus, or you may be overwhelmed. Head forward and look for the

Move up and there will be more soldiers to take on. Either keep an eye out for
melee take downs, or focus on headshots while behind cover to take them out
quick. Shadow's there if you need him. Follow the path through combating the
soldiers along the way, and activate the elevator switch that's glowing red.
You'll have company as you wait for the elevator to come. There's ample cover
to hide behind, but the challenge primarily comes from knowing where the
enemies are popping out from.

This can be remedied by constantly sending out shadow to track them down, and
busy them up. No time for fisticuffs here; just shoot and toot your way till
the lift comes. When it comes, head in and press the switch to take it down.
Kick the gate and run through. Head forward and down the stairs. Grab the gun
in the little chest and move on. Kick through the gate and there'll be a cut
scene. Focus to take out the snipers before they snipe you. That's a sweet gun
you've got eh? Aside from the vertical snipers, there are still a lot of ground
borne enemies here that you have to watch for.

Take them out with headshots as they hide behind cover, and a couple of body
shots with the gun will take them out in no time flat. Pull the red lever
nearby, and head behind through the arced way. Grab some ammo for your gun and
move through the area to the newly accessible area. Pop some heads in the next
section as you get shadow to do some distracting. Head to where you see a
stairway blocked off, and aim up to take care of the sniper. Be behind cover,
though, as there will be enemies shooting at you. Head round and move through
the tunnel area. Take out the two enemies and move through the door.

You should be in the docks now. The chopper's out as well. Follow the path
along and there's a chest in the area with the gun if you need it. Send out
shadow when you deem it necessary, for there are some enemies in the immediate
vicinity. You'll know which path to take by following where the enemies are
coming from. There's cover in the area, so things shouldn't be too hard. Move
through the tunnel way and take out the sniper in the area.

Head forward and take the others out. Head through and be weary of the snipers.
There's a red lever in the area that you'll have to pull. Be sure to make every
shot count, as it's had to take on the snipers with a pistol. After you pull
the lever some foot soldiers will come your way. This is good as you can now
get their weapons, since you were probably running low on either ammo or
firepower. Head round and take out the snipers. Head up the stairs and keep
running to complete the level.


Head straight and follow the narrow path through. Break through the door and
keep moving until you come across the brief cutscene. Send shadow on him, and
head over to teach him that you're good with your fists. Take your time with
him; wait for him to strike, and counter his attacks. When he goes down, grab
some guns from the chest, and head left at the gate.

Take cover behind the low anomaly, and stealthily make your way down the
stairs, and behind cover. Pull off some quick headshots to make your presence
known. When the surrounding enemies are dealt with, take out the sniper, then
take on the next wave of guys. Follow the path through and get behind cover.
Don't let the headlights spot you; move from cover to cover, and get behind its
sights. Use focus to quickly headshot both of the unsuspecting enemies in close
area. Move through and there'll be a steady increase in the number of enemies
you'll have to face. After busting some heads, move left to the chest and stock
up on some ammo. Grab the turret and use it on the enemies.

When the enemies have been  taken out, leave the turret and head off. Take
cover and calmly take out the enemies in the distance. Pop the sniper overhead,
and move through. Take out all the enemies in the area, and then take cover at
the last short structure. There will be two enemies on the steps shooting
electric attacks at you. Anticipate them; wait till they've shot their rounds,
then pop out of cover and deal with them. You can use their guns on the next
batch of enemies. You charge it up and then let off a lethal bullet.

Only thing is that it's slow to move. It's still powerful, though, so save it
and use another weapon. Use shadow on them as well. Use the electric gun and
you'll be able to hit more than one enemy at a time with shock damage.
Eliminate all the enemies in the area, and if the electric gun isn't doing it
for you, now's the time to switch out. When the car breaks through the barrier,
head behind cover and deal with the soldiers. Shadow's a godsend here.

Head across the map to get the attention of the sniper. When you locate him
through his targeting, take him out. And I don't mean on a date. A heavy
machine gunner will come your way. He's kinda not your friend, and that hand
cannon of his packs a whallop. Head back and all the way to the defunct vehicle
for cover. Though it still may not be enough to stop getting phased by his
hits. Head to the chest and grab a grenade. Strafe to the side of the dude, and
toss all the grenades you have at him. He's not alone, but he's the greatest
threat. Unless the other enemies come to hinder you, ignore them for now, or
send shadow after them.

Though he may get taken out in the process. Keep your distance from the chain
gunner to get him to walk to you Then focus and take a few quick shots at his
head before he mounts his gun. Then get the hell out of the way! Things to keep
note of in this battle:

Don't let him get open shots at you. Either you're running, or behind cover
Use the cover around you, but he CAN blow through them to make them less
Remember, he has to mount his gun, so you have to shoot him quick, then run
before he starts shooting back. He'll usually start with the bomb blast. Don't
get cocky, wait patiently for your health to recover.

Headshots, headshots, headshots, and the chain gunner will be no more. Head
through the next area, and the enemies will seem like cake. Don't neglect your
focus attack, though. And be sure not to let them surround you. Careful, in the
area there's a man on the turret. Get a loaded clip out and focus before
shooting his head. Don't stand too close to the explosive canisters.

Follow the quiet path through, the corridors with no enemies, and then you'll
be in a more wide area. There will be a foe or two, but they don't know you're
there if you haven't made much noise. There will be a scene. Work together with
shadow to take the enemies out. Grab some 'nades from the nearby chest. There
may still be more enemies in the area. From the grenade chest head round the
numerous boxes and take the path that leads down a level. Then head up stairs
and through the automatically opening doors.

After the cut scene, you'll play as shadow again. Now you'll have to head down
the little dig hole to the right. Head left out of the enemy's sights, and hide
behind the oblong structure to keep an eye on where they're going. Press on
when they've got their backs to you and be quiet. Hug the left to where the
enemies are, but don't stay too close to the wall: it's electrified. If one of
the enemies spots you, you can hold still behind cover, and he'll look away. By
spotting, I mean the yellow outline of suspicion appears around his silhouette.

Move straight through when no one's looking and make your way through the
facility. When you exit and are out again, watch it, cause there's a guard
posted right above the staircase to the left. Hug the interior of it, and when
he's got his back to you, head up the stairs and kill him silently. Take the
other guy on the same level out, and then pee on the nearby generator. Yes, you
heard me right. Head back down the stairs. Move to where you exited, but this
time hide inside the facility, and when the guards pass by, move through and
head straight and up the next staircase. Once you do, you'll be in control of
Jack again.

After your trusted canine has done the job, you'll be shot at, so try to get to
some cover immediately. Head into the little kiosk looking thing to get single
enemies to come to you. Disarm and kill them. It's a good spot to shoot the
enemies from cover. Use shadow sparingly, though, for they can take him out if
you're not too careful. Clear all the little inner areas of enemies, and then
check up the stairs if you're still getting shot at. Head up the other
staircase and move out the automatically opening door. Move from cover to cover
to advance, as there are snipers. Head close enough for the ground enemies to
come at you.

Take them out from cover, and then focus your attention on the snipers. Don't
send shadow out, or he'll be shot down prematurely. You can alternatively just
run past the snipers, as they can be problematic to shoot down. Head through
the structure, and you'll be one of the ingredients of a large fire fight. If
you ran from the snipers, you'll have to keep moving to avoid their fire here.
You should use your focus attacks, as sticking to cover isn't the best when the
snipers can get your from many angle.

Grab the C4, then head up the stairs with the glowing lights. In the net
section, you'll want to rush from cover to cover. You're in the sights of a
turret. Head right to the cover the turret guy is behind, and duck with your
back to him. Blind fire at his head. Move through to the area with the stairs
leading down, and the hollow column in the middle. Kill the enemies inside the
cylinder, and head in. A heavy chain gunner will pursue you.

Toss grenades at him, then strafe using the middle structure as cover, and
shoot at the body parts of the gunner as he moves to you, and you move away
from him round in a circle. Take him out, then activate the console in the
middle to gain a new path to walk through. Exit and head up to the chopper.
Stand near it and look for the plant C4 prompt. Do so, and run like the wind.
On your way out, more enemies will be outside waiting for you. The cylindrical
shape of the structure makes great cover, so take them out from a distance.

Head downstairs with the glowing green lights and across from you, you should
spot a man on a turret. Take advantage of the situation and shoot him before he
notices you. Head through the stairs and take out the enemy with the electric
gun. Head up the ladder, and headshot the unsuspecting snipers. Grab one of the
snipers' gun, and get to cover. Head round the same height level to where the
enemies are shooting at you. Take cover and take them out. I recommend saving
ammo for the rifle. Slowly inch your way to the other sniper in the area. Move
from cover to cover, and then shoot him and the other enemies when you come to
a close enough distance. Don't be afraid to use your focus.

There's a chain gunner in the area, and it's best to take him out with
headshots from the rifle. There's a chest with more ammo for the gun. Move
forward and head down the ladder. Head to the middle area and activate the red
hand console. Move out and up the stairs a level. Then run round and up the
next stairs. Head to the chopper and plant a C4 on it. When that's taken care
of, head up the nearby ladder, and move through the little planks of cover.
There will be new snipers in the area. Take them out. Fight fire with fire.
Move through and you'll get to an area where the enemies are at the bottom. Use
your height advantage to take them out, as they'll have a little trouble
targeting you.

Follow through and take the stairs, and move through the area with the green
glowing lights. Head through the area and take out the melee juggernaut. Moving
through, you'll come across a sniper. Get shadow to distract him, then move in
for the kill. Grab his gun, and move to the area with the wreckage and red
glowing lights. Move through and you'll see another chopper hangar. Make your
way to the little inner computer area and activate the computer console. Take
out the enemies that follow. This includes a chain gunner. Remember about
taking cover in the area, since it has great moving protection.

Slowly make your way to the area you gained access to. There will be more
enemies behind cover that should be too much of a problem. There will also be
snipers. Blow the chopper up, and then head back round the structure. Take out
the enemies in your path, and head out and down the stairs. Move through and up
the next flight, then head past the green light.

There'll be a brief scene. You'll be tasked with defeating Riggs. Head to the
nearby chest if you need ammo, then focus fire at him from cover. After enough
damage on him, there'll be a scene. He'll send goons out to get you, but after
taking the one or two that follow, immediately train your sights on him. Get to
cover when he's on the turret, and make sure you take out the ground enemies
out first before trying to stop him. Keep landing headshots on Riggs. You'll
see the amount of damage you're dealing to him by checking the bottom left. The
red things he dropped at the scene are mines.

You won't need to walk near them, but at times, it's hard to get to cover when
numerous enemies come to fight you, and Riggs has a great view. In cases like
these, head into the little opening by the weapon chest. You can take out
surrounding enemies from this location. Move though, and land as many hits as
possible on Riggs. That's basically the pattern.

If you don't stay out in the open for too long, there shouldn't be much problem
getting overwhelmed. It's when you've got no place to hide that the battle
becomes difficult. After you take him out, there'll be a cutscene. You'll have
a final gunship to destroy. Grab the nearby C4, and head up the stairs in the
area with the green lights. Head up the stairs, and take out  the less than
heavily armored foes. Then move to the chopper for a cit scene. The plot


You're slowly getting to the present time period. As shadow, move to the first
guard and silent kill him. Move round the stairs, not down, and take out the
men who're focusing their attacks on Jack. Head back up the stairs and rush the
enemies that come through. Rip them to shreds. Use your senses to take the
surrounding enemies out. After taking out a bunch of people, there'll be a cut

Damn, they shoot Faith too? You're gonna have to head to a medevac. You and
shadow take out the preliminary enemies as they come through. You have to
hurry, though, so keep an eye out for takedowns. When they go down, quickly
drag Faith a little bit, then put her down as the other enemies come. Drag her
when the close is kinda clear, and move towards the center of the room. Head
out the exit while shadow takes out those in the area.

Move through the corridors, and tell Shadow to take out the foes. Head along
the path, having your partner scout. When you get to armed foes, drop Faith and
grab a gun. Shoot the explosive barrels when the enemies are near, then head to
faith when the coast is clear. Keep heading through, dropping faith when
there's heavy opposition, and use Shadow as much as you can. I love that damn
dog. Take the enemies out quickly, be it through punches and take downs, or
headshots. There'll be a guy in a turret.

But also a chest with a rifle. Grab the gun and take care of business. Take out
the snipers, and move through with Faith. Let Shadow take point, and keep
moving. Before heading past the bridge with the flashing light label, take out
all of the enemies in the area. Keep moving and take good care of Faith before
she dies. You'll get to a wide hall where enemies will run to use the turret.
You should drop faith before getting into the heart of the area.

Focus fire the heads of the idiots that think they can stop you, and use Shadow
a lot. Take Faith and keep moving. Move her down the stairs and drop her behind
cover. The enemies with heavy artillery will shoot at you from the distance.
Move Faith when things quiet down a little, and put her in the elevator, and
press the button. Move straight, and there'll be a cut scene (this is when the
elevator opens up). Now you'll have spotlights to take out to allow the
helicopter to land. Head down the ladder, then move down the other one.

Shadow will take care of Faith. Keep going down, and then take cover behind the
column. Take out the soldiers, and be sure to use your focus attacks. There
will be a brief scene showcasing a new enemy. Take out the oncoming enemies and
scurry to cover when they're unloading on you. Head into cover , and wait for
the heavy gunner to fire first before you retaliate.

Get close to the heavy gunner, and shoot at his head. You can pound on him as
opposed to reloading your gun or switching for another one. Move on and use his
gun on the other enemies for some blower-upper action. Though you've got
firepower, don't forget to head to cover. Move forward and make your way up the
stairs. There are grenades in the nearby chest.

You can toss enemies off the railing for some quick incapacitations. Head
straight mauling the enemies, and focus shoot the guy with the turret. You
don't have shadow to distract the enemies here. Shoot the light to the left of
the turret guy. You can use the turret to take out any enemies. If none come,
you can move down the stairs to get them to follow you, then rush back and mow
them down. Head down and through the pathway with the green light.

Grab the turret and shoot the enemies. Either way, you'll want to move to the
bottom of the area to get to the next spotlight. Shoot it, along with any
straggling enemies, and then head to the next one. If you're lost, just look
around for where the light's coming from. Take it out and the next batch of
enemies. Since shadow's not there to distract them, you'll want to disarm and
takedown the enemies. You'll need to go down a level, through some stairs near
one of the spotlights you took out.

Take out the enemies (throwing them off the railing is good), and counter the
attacks of the melee specialist soldier you'll come across, unless you have a
gun to shoot him with. There's limited cover as you move along, but that
shouldn't be too much of a problem since the area is narrow. Head up the stairs
at the end, and make your way all the way up. You'll regroup with Faith.


You'll have to take Temple into custody. Use Shadow to take apart some of the
hired goons that head over to you. They don't have guns on them......yet. Quick
take downs are the way to go through the area, but you can also toss people off
the railing. When the guns do start coming, disarm the enemies if possible.
Head through the path way with Shadow, and take on the foes with firearms. Head
on through the facility, and move downwards through the stairs. Cover may not
always be easy to come by, but you can use Shadow and your focus to even the
odds. Throw some of them off the railing if you deem it necessary, and keep
moving through the area. Head through the opening doors with the green flashing
light, and take cover by the computer tables.

Move through the rooms, and take out the goons. They aren't heavily armed, so
that shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Disarm the ones near you for quick
eliminations. You'll be in a brown room with display cases littered around. You
can throw some enemies over the railing here. Head down a level and move
through the batches of enemies that come your way. The enemies drop a variety
of weapons, and each of them are effective, so feel free to obtain the ones
that suit your fancy. Head to the piano and press the switch to open the path.
Head through, and there'll be a cut scene. Grab Temple and use him as a shield.
Head to the glass and soldiers will hop off the helicopter.

Take cover behind the display case, and use a scatter gun to quickly take out
the enemies. Shadow's still as useful as ever here. Head back to Temple's
office, and take the side path through to the elevator. Head in and press the
button. Move down through the area, and use the focus shots to the heads of the
heavily armored foes. Move through the area, and though you have a meaty source
of cover with you, hide behind objects when you get shot at. You can let go of
Temple, do business, and grab him again, so remember that if he's making things
a little too hard for you to handle. There will me melee specialists in the

It's best to shoot them before they get to close. Should you fight him with
fists, though, counter his attacks. Move through the path, the indoor little
garden, and the metal detectors, and some more enemies will come your way. Most
of them are melee soldiers. They're deadly when they group you, so don't ignore
them. Shoot, or fight them, and be sure to use Shadow as a distraction, or as
another combatant in this brawl. Keep moving through the hall, and you'll
eventually have to take out snipers as well.

You can find where they're coming from by following their sights. This keeps
them from shooting you, but they also tend to shoot Shadow. Use Shadow on the
enemies that reside on the ground, and bring along your human shield. Try
grabbing a heavy machine gun to scatter enemies quickly. Take the last wave
out, then head into the elevator nearby, and take it down. Head out and then
there'll be a cut scene. You'll have to dispatch the gun ship.

Head to the column up ahead for cover, then head out and focus your shots at
the gun ship. Don't stick your head out for too long, and keep moving from
column to column, as the chopper has rockets. Head to the nearby chest by the
wall for more machine gun ammo. Fire at the chopper when it's not shooting at
you. Remember to take cover. Keep running left and right like a man man, and
strafe left and right to narrowly avoid the rockets.

Aim for the gunnery near the wings of the chopper, and don't stop shooting if
it recoils after taking enough damage. Shoot the cockpit as well. Also, focus
attack, focus attack, focus attack. There'll be a scene when you've done enough
damage. Grab your cover and take out the enemies that rush you. They start off
unarmed, but they'll soon be sporting guns, so keep an eye out for cover. The
melee specialists are more annoying to deal with than the gunners, so send
Shadow to defend you when they try slamming heavy blows onto you.

Head into the elevator when you've eliminated the enemies, and take it down.
Head out and down the stairs ,and there'll be a heavy gunner. Strafe and aim
for his head. He may land a barrage of shots on you, but you can take him out
quickly if you keep shooting at his head, and moving enough from side to side
to get you him to mount his gun again. When he goes down, move forward to
complete the level.


Grab your shield and head down the stairs. There are taxis in the area you can
take cover behind, but if the enemies are shooting at you, this is not the best
of ideas. Take the on coming enemies out, and move along the bridge. Shoot the
enemies from a distance, and move from the sides to get cover behind the
metallic panels. Again, you don't have to have to have your boyfriend with you
at all times. Leave him in a safe area, and go commando when you feel it's
necessary. Either way, move up the stairs across the bridge to enter the

Drop Temple off at the corner, and move towards one of the chests to get cover.
This chest should be shielding you from enemies right across. Pick them off by
angling your shots, and popping out of cover, and head on through the hallways.
Take out the soldiers, and when you run out of ammo, disarm rather than melee.

Use shadow to pick up the pieces after weakening an enemy, and hide when you're
outta bullets. Let Shadow distract the shooters, then head in there and clean
up. Take the enemies out and head for your shield if you don't already have
him. Head through the closed doors with the green light and take out the
enemies there from cover, and with Shadow. Take Temple left through the opened
gate, then leave him to clear the area of enemies. When you're done, head
through the hall and there'll be a cut scene.

Follow the GAC and take out the enemies that come to you and your buddies. Have
Shadow take the shooter up the stairs, and move there yourself to take on the
enemies. Keep your sights trained on the east wing entrance, and shoot those
who try and rush through. You should get a couple of them before they come too
close, but they'll soon swell in numbers. Head opposite to the west wing when
you've dealt with the criminals from the east side. Move through and you'll get
to some poorly lit area.

Use terrain as cover and then head through, headshotting them. Move to the
south wing when you're prompted, and find some nice fresh cover to hide behind.
There are heavy chain gunners that you can take by surprise. Wait for them to
turn, then hit their gas tanks. Aside from that, you'll need to move back and
around the area to get them to move. At that time, headshot them. Keep moving,
for they can easily get you with their rockets. Shadow can help, but where
they're constantly firing, don't let him get near them.

You can lure them into rooms, and run far back to look for weapons. Whatever
you choose, don't let them hit you too much. When they're dead, you'll be done
defending the south wing. Now you'll have to head to the roof. Head out of the
wing by heading to the opposite side. Enemies in the area? That means you're
going the right way. Take them out with some nice clean headshots as you head
up the staircase. Kick open the closed door, and move to the training ring,
where you fought with your....your father....Dammit, I swore I wasn't going to
cry...Anyway, there are some enemies perimetering the area, so take them out.

Here you can use melee more than shooting with little consequence, so I suggest
doing that. It's only fitting, considering the room you're in. Remember to
counter attack the specialist's blows. Move up the metal stair case, and angle
yourself between one of the thin columns for cover. It's still not the greatest
cover, but you can use Shadow to even the odds. Disarm one of the enemies, and
make your way through. Take the enemies out by the target practice area, and be
sure to stock up on their fallen fire arms before moving on to the next
section. Vault the short ledge, and take on the enemies in the area.

Watch it, as some of them may have electric guns. Quickly run around the area,
strafing for safety and fire back at them with the strongest weapon in your
arsenal. You can also steal their electric gun. Head out through the closed
double doors and you'll be in the roof top. There enemies here as well. There's
better cover than when you were heading up the stairs, so there shouldn't be
much trouble here. Head through to where you see the sniper targeting and hide
behind cover. Pop out to surprise them with firing, but just for a second or

Take them out and move through. Grab their sniper rifles (I love this gun) and
move through the opening into the building. Walk slowly so you can attempt
sniping the melee specialists in the area. Alternatively, and more
recommendedly....if that's a word...take them on with your fists and save ammo.
Kick the door open and head upstairs. You'll now have to defend the rooftop.
And I don't mean in the lawyer sense of the word. Head through the corners and
pick off the enemies. When there's just one or maybe even two, head to then to
disarm them for a quick kill.

You'll then have to repel enemy forces. There should be an abundance of sniper
rifle ammo near the lieutenant. This may not always be the case, but for the
most part, you'll want to take cover, line up the headshot, and take it. You
don't have time to empty clips in the enemies. You'll have some reinforcements
coming your way in a few. Aim down towards the lamp posts down below and pick
the hapless enemies off from a distance. After you take enough of them out,
there'll be a cut scene.


Follow the band of soldiers. After the scene, follow the soldiers still. Head
left after the infiltration prompt, and move through to the door with the green
light. Head through and then at the scan area, head through the ledge with the
broken area in the right. You'll then have to trigger an explosion. DON'T go
through the scans. Grab a gun at the chest, and head to the other ledge. Take
cover and shoot the yellow explosive barrels. Now grab a sniper rifle, and take
the snipers out. And the assorted enemies as well.

Keep an eye out for explosive barrels. There are numerous enemies in the area,
but few of them, save for the snipers, will attack you. You'll have to help out
your friends. After slaying enough of them, some will have had enough of your
sniping them, and will come up to your level. Stick to the sniper and take them
down before they get too close. Move back through the scan room, and snipe the
man with the turret. More enemies may go to the turret, so keep an eye out.

When the place is quiet, head through one of the nearby rooms to stock up on
some gear. Walk through the area with the glowing red lights, and there'll be a
cut scene. Head down the stairs, and stick to cover. Wait, or look for the
enemy in the area and take them out. There's a chest in the area with machine
guns you can grab. Take cover and pick off the enemies that are down below.
They can overwhelm you, though, so be careful and take cover a lot.

Head up and down the stairs in the area and take out all of the enemies. Don't
be a hero; stick by cover like a fly sticks to ointment........ointment with
money. Throwing people off the railing is recommended. After taking out enough
enemies, you'll have to pursue Redwater. So pursue him! Head through the
regularly lit corridors and take out the enemies there and through. Head round
and through the closed doors that you can kick through and there'll be a cut
scene. OH YEAAAAHHH!! You'll now man one of the heavy gunner suits. Take it and
move through the area mowing down the enemy. It's okay, that smirk on your face
is normal. You'll eventually come across another heavy gunner.

Concentrate your shots on his head and he'll go down before you do. Keep
walking and move through the broken wall. Take out the enemies as you speak to
Redwater. Blow up and shoot up the enemies and you move through the station. No
enemy you come across can really give you much trouble. Just the other gunners,
kinda I guess. When there are more than one gunner in the area, just spam
rockets at them, and any other enemies in the impact zone. Keep moving through
the path, and there'll be a cut scene. that you're out of the suit,
take on the enemies that will nonchalantly walk your way.

Head out the door and run through the area. There'll be a cut scene. You'll now
play as shadow. Head forward and move through the gap. Head leftish, and silent
kill the first enemy. Move up to the higher level, and take out the next
nearest enemy. Swivel the camera wherever you go, for there are a pack of
enemies and a sniper in the same level. Head up the stairs a little ways off,
and take out the sniper. Head the other way, slightly across from his view
point, and move forward silent killing the enemies in your way.

You'll obtain the key. Rush back to your master, and head forward. There's a
sniper chest nearby. Grab it and take out the sniper targeting you. Move a
little to the view of the second sniper and kill him too. Survey the area, and
take out the enemies that are running after you. Head through the stairs and
follow along until you come across a cut scene.

Run forward and move straight after tending to your dog. Head up the stairs,
and you'll meet up with Redwater. In the melee bout with Redwater, watch for
his slash attack. Block and counter his attacks to deal damage back to him.
You'll disarm his blade, and can now impale him with furious combos. Keep
hitting him, and watch for the takedown prompt. Congratulations. You've beat
the game.

     Trophies and Achievements (How to get them)

This list has been taken from the following sites, and referenced from my own
For convenience sake (and the console I played it on) I listed the trophies.
Air traffic control (Bronze)Destroy the choppersApparently I CAN kill you
(Bronze)Defeat TsengBest cop this cityís ever had (Silver)Complete the game on
OFFICER difficulty.Boom! (Bronze)Get 30 headshots in any level, on OFFICER or
greater difficulty.Brawler (Silver)Complete any level (excluding the Prologue)
without firing a shot.Bring a gun to a fist fight (Bronze)Perform 50
disarms.Canine Fodder (Bronze)Shut down the electric fencesCommuter disruption
(Bronze)Cause the train crashCrime and punishment (Bronze)Perform 50
takedowns.Crossing the line (Bronze)Defeat the Enforcer with a TakedownDog of
war (Bronze)Retrieve the security keycard for JackDog tag (Bronze)Perform a tag
team kill with Shadow.Dogís dinner (Bronze)Perform 50 Shadow kills.Doing it the
ol' fashioned way (Bronze)Defeat RedwaterFeatherweight (Bronze)Perform 200 3-
hit combos.Fetch! (Bronze)Find a way to get Jack through the gateFinish him
Shadow! (Silver)Combine Jack and Shadow to kill 20 enemies in any level, on
OFFICER or greater difficulty.First at the scene (Silver)Achieve maximum CLEAR
TIME BONUS on any level (excluding the Prologue).GAC hawk down (Bronze)Take out
the GunshipGet ready for a surprise! (Bronze)Leap over and kick an enemy from
cover.Got your back (Silver)Complete a level without Jack or Shadow dying
(levels 3-10).Got your GAC (Bronze)Take a GAC hostage.Guard dog (Bronze)Drag
Jack out of harm's wayHead Banger (Bronze)Open 10 doors with a hostage
head.Heavyweight (Silver)Perform 100 5-hit combos.Honor the dead
(Silver)Collect 50 cop badges.Itís all in the timing (Bronze)Perform 50
counters.Just gimme the bottle (Bronze)Get Jack to the bar in one pieceJust
like Dad would have done (Bronze)Complete the game on any difficulty
level.Keeping the Faith (Bronze)Rescue FaithMan's Best Friend (Bronze)Acquire
ShadowMedal of bravery (Silver)Silver rating on every level.Medal of merit
(Bronze)Bronze rating on every level.Medal of valor (Gold)Gold rating on every
level.Once bitten (Bronze)Clear a path for JackPerfect balance (Silver)Achieve
maximum VARIATION BONUS on any level (excluding the Prologue).Platinum
(Platinum)Collect all the gameís Trophies.Protect the innocent (Bronze)Save the
hostagesRetribution (Gold)Complete the game on DETECTIVE difficulty.Run out of
town (Bronze)Repel the GACScrotality (Bronze)Perform a Shadow groin takedown.
owned (Bronze)Perform a silent kill with Shadow.Shadow...keys (Bronze)Help Jack
and Frank into MiltonShadowboxing (Bronze)Dash evade 50 strikes.Shhhhh
(Silver)Complete any level with 10 silent kills, on OFFICER or greater
difficulty.Shown the ropes (Bronze)Complete the fight with FrankSmile, you son
of a... (Bronze)Take out a GAC tankThatís what you gets! (Bronze)Kill an enemy
by knocking or throwing him off a ledge.The battle, not the war (Bronze)Escape
from the GACThe price of justice (Bronze)Collect 25 cop badges.Throw away the
key (Bronze)Imprison Temple


Thank you to for letting me host this guide.
It's a great action game, I must say. I decided to give it a try, and I really
enjoyed it. I'm kinda sick of it, though after writing this guide, but I hope
has helped you. Thank you to all that helped me write this guide, and thank you
for reading it.


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