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Follow the dark path or use the light

Armor Piercing guide

by Khyle95

This is a guide to easily beat the level "Armor Piercing" in Echo. Go to Split Screen in the multiplayer menu (two players are not required, but it's recommended). On your first time at doing this, set the difficulty to regular. Begin the game. With the first controller, switch to your Thumper and go up the stairs. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR M240. Switch from the Thumper to the Barrett. Do not get the Intervention because you need a rifle that shoots at a high rate. Go up the stairs and into the large room. Sprint to the stairs at the end of the room and go up them. Turn left and you should see more stairs. Switch to your Barrett and go prone and wait. A juggernaut will come from down from the stairs. Use your sniper to kill him. Now with the second controller, sprint non-stop past the first player and up the stairs and through the room that goes outside. Go outside and turn right. Get right next to the corner and stay. Now switch back to the first controller and sprint past the second player and over to the left of the big green box. Crouch there between the pillar and the piece of metal leaning on the pillar. Reload your gun if you haven't already. You'll be waiting here for the rest of the game. Pay close attention to the music. Different sounds in the music can tell you when a juggernaut is about to come around the corner. When one does, shoot him repeatedly until he dies. Aim for the head if you can. When you shoot, he may lie down, and it will look like he's dead, but hes not. Use this chance to shoot him in the head. Once he's dead, hide behind the pillar and reload. If a juggernaut gets too close to where you can't shoot him, switch to your M240, throw a flash grenade by him and get out there and spray him with bullets. If he shoots you down, shoot him in the head with your pistol and grab the second controller and with your M240 shoot again. Once he's dead, help the first player up and run back behind the corner and reload. With the first player, get back behind the piller and reload both guns. If two juggernauts come at one time, shoot only the one closer to you. Throw a flash out there and begin shooting the one you shot before. Get close to him and aim for his head. While your shooting him, try to move to the perfect angle so that your bullets go through the first one and hit the second one. When the first one is down, don't stop. When he shoots you down (you will go to the ground), Finish him with player two, get back into position, and reload. That's pretty much all you need to know to do this. Before I figured this out, I couldn't get halfway through it on regular with a friend. Now I've beaten it on hardened alone. This will take a few tries, but it's better than losing all the time.