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Crazy Cheats more advanced than the last one guide


Crazy Cheats' More advanced than the last one guide

Welcome my not so much of a nooblet anymore, and welcome any new comers to my guide on how to improve your KDR, get higher killstreaks, and generally kick more ass.

This is much harder to explain, so I'll try my best.

If you think you will do bad at something, you will. If you think you will do good in something and give it a proper try, it will gives you a real help. This is fact, and it also applies to CoD. So, the main thing is to get phsyched up. Play TDM. It is usually full of noobs, and who can't pwn noobs? What's that? They're all lower than me? I'm getting dogs, etc etc. If you go on a bad streak, just leave the game, go get a drink, forget about the game completely then come back later, and there you go.

Thinking Fast
Unfortunately this is a skill I have not mastered yet, but if you can master it, you will survive much longer.So, I don't really know if there are any techniques on how to increase reaction and think speeds, but give it a try, and always think. 2 guys come around a corner. Who's closer? is one of them aiming down the sight? Can you see one of their guns? Information like this needs to processed and resolved in a fraction of a second if you want to survive, something which I think you need to kinda be born with, but we can at least try to get close to it.

Now here's where it gets a bit complex. There's really only 3 tactics that work for this game:
1) Rushing
2) Taking it slow
3) Camping

I don't really use this tactic, so I'm not well versed in the mechanics of this, but from what I understand, you just leap into the action. The enemy isn't expecting it, so you get a jump on them. Unfotunately though, it's a tactic where you get a lot of kills, but a lot of deaths as well. It can get you a decent KDR, but not really Killstreaks, unless you're really good. Best way to do this is get a good close range gun, like the 74u, or pretty much any other SMG, and just run at the enemy, head on. Either straight down the middle or by taking a sneakier route it doesnít matter.

Taking it slow:
Okay, this is the tactic that I use. Basically, you take it slow. Bet you never guessed that, eh?
Aim in while going around corners, with the sights over the area campers will most likely be. When going into a room, check the most likely places a person would be, but then check all the other corners. When going into a room or around a corner, back up and move into the sight of it a bit, so if there is someone in the corner, you have less corners to check. Try and avoid the more common areas of the map: sneaking behind enemy lines is a great advantage. 

Not really a tactic.  Basically, you find a corner, or an easy to defend room or area, and sit there until someone waltzes by. Once you get that first kill, they will most likely come back for revenge, so you have 2 options:
* Stay where you are and hope they donít chuck a frag
* Move on to  a different place completely
If youíre in a well defended position, or if the enemy is a noob, then go for the first one. If  the area is hard to defend, or you almost died, then best move on. Camping is often frowned upon in the gaming community, as it requires little skill and is very annoying. However, staying in a room while you recover, or if you know someone is coming: those are not camping.

Probably the best tactic is to either rush or take it slow, and as you get more of a killstreak, start camping more.

How quickly you react is a determining factor in how well you do in a game. So, go into a game in Combat Training, 1-9, whichever difficulty, and keep trying this on small maps until you can catch lightning. A good thing to help your reactions is Sleight of Hand Pro.

If youíre reaction times arenít great, then youíll have to rely on prediction, which when it works is better than reaction, but when it doesnít can cost you a death. In case you didnít know, prediction is knowing something before it happens.  A prime example for prediction is in Nuketown. Thereís almost somebody peeking their head out of the window, so chuck a frag up there for good measure. Another is the tower in Firing Range. Those two are examples of places where there almost always campers. But to be a true master of prediction, youíll have to study the main routes used by the enemies, and cam there, as well as learning places campers are more than likely to be.

Naturally, this is a large part of how well you do. The first gun Iím going to recommend is the Ak-74u with Rapid Fire. It is really an excellent gun, and countless players (Including myself, a user of it) complain that it is overpowered, and thatís without Rapid Fire. RF turns it into an unstoppable portable slaughtering. 

The second gun I highly recommend is the Famas. It is a great gun, with either red dot sight or a silencer.  Itís powerful and accurate, and generally an awesome gun. Note that the stats for the Famas is the same as the AUG, as in same damage, rate of fire, etc. The main difference is recoil. Still and all, they perform differently, so try them both.

The third and final gun Iím going to get you to try is the Galil. Itís excellent for aiming down the sights, but spraying is a bit off.

Guns to avoid:
Naturally as well, there are guns which you will perform badly with.

Sniper rifles in general are a terrible idea for killstreaks and high kdrs, unless youíre amazing with them. 

M16 & G11. Might just be me, but these guns are useless. While decent at range, youíre doomed up close.

Shotguns are the opposite to the above. Excellent in the same room as your target, but any more and youíre screwed.

Well guys, thatís all I got really. I know you may not find it very useful, so Iíll leave you with this: Keep experimenting.
I know itís clichť, but thatís for a reason. My kdr was about 1.2, until I started using the galil, where it shot up. That trained me, and now my kdr is 1.91.
So, just keep trying out new guns and tactics, and youíll be grand.
Crazy Cheats