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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
   - General Gameplay Tips

2. Walkthrough

   2.A   "FNG"
   2.B   "Crew Expendable"
   2.C   "The Coup"

  Act 1
   2.D   "Blackout"
   2.E   "Charlie Don't Surf"
   2.F   "The Bog"
   2.G   "Hunted"
   2.H   "Death from Above"
   2.I   "War Pig"
   2.J   "Shock and Awe"

  Act 2
   2.K   "Safehouse"
   2.L   "All Ghillied Up"
   2.M   "One Shot, One Kill"
   2.N   "Heat"
   2.O   "Sins of the Father"

  Act 3
   2.P   "Ultimatum"
   2.Q   "All In"
   2.R   "No Fighting in the War Room"
   2.S   "Game Over"

   2.T   "Mile High Club"

General Gameplay Tips: 

Weapons.  The M4/M16 variations are the best weapons in the game.  You have two
weapons slots and usually one will be a rifle such as the M4 and the other will
be a handgun.  At the earliest opportunity, swap the handgun for another M4/M16
or for the G36C, as it uses the same ammunition.  You do this because you will
have double the ammo capacity than you normally would if you hauled one M4/M16
and one handgun/AK/whatever.  If you carry two M4/M16s or one M4/M16 and one
G36C you will have a max ammo capacity of 840 rounds, plus what is loaded into
the weapons.  Don't use this strategy if you are initially armed with a sniper
rifle and a M4/M16.  Keep the sniper rifle.

Grenades.  These are very important for beating the game on veteran.  Normal
hand grenades should be held for 3-4 seconds before being thrown otherwise the
enemy will pick it up and throw it back at you.  When you hold a grenade, the
target on your screen will 'tick.'  Let it tick about 4 times before throwing
it.  When the enemy throws a grenade at you, if you are able, pick it up and
throw it back at them.  Even on veteran, the enemy does not cook off grenades
before throwing them.  Do not attempt to aim these grenades back at the enemy 
or they will explode in your face.  Just get rid of them, and don't worry about
throwing them near SSgt. Griggs, Cpt. Price, Lt. Vasquez, or Gaz, as they will
not die.  Flash bangs are equally as important as grenades.  Use them liberally
and immediately come out from cover and blast the enemy after tossing one.  If
the enemy throws one at you and you are blinded, try to duck back into the
nearest corner and wait out the blindness.  

Cover.  Always run from cover to cover, and I mean sprint (hold shift).  When
you get to cover, crouch.  When you want to fire on the enemy, aim down
your sight  and lean out from your cover and fire immediately.  Reload often while in cover.  If you try to fight in the open on
veteran difficulty you will be cut down instantly.  This is of the utmost

Attack Dogs.  Those rotten mutts..  If you have a shot at them, unload your
clip.  It is way better to spend that ammo than to gamble that you'll melee it
at the right time.  If you don't kill it with ammo just push repeatedly and
hopefully you'll get lucky and kill it.  Usually the game will send out the 
attack dogs when you're doing particularly well so be ready.

Helicopters.  The enemy will both attack you with helicopters and drop in new 
troops for you to kill.  When attacking, one man will stand in the side door 
just behind the cockpit and he can be shot.  If you are shooting at him, he 
will  immediately direct fire at you, so only shoot at him from cover.  After 
you kill him, the helicopter will stop attacking for a brief period, perhaps 
10 seconds, and then another will start shooting from the same position.  Enemy
troops dropping out of a helicopter make easy targets.  They will drop out of
the front door as well as out of the rear.  It is best to shoot them as they're
climbing onto the rope, but you can also shoot them just as they hit the 
ground; in either situation they are highly vulnerable.  If they're dropping 
out of both doors at the same time they will drop simultaneously, so pick one
set to shoot at and ignore the other or you'll miss all of them.  Helicopters
can be destroyed with RPGs and with a minigun, though I don't recommend 
bothering with RPGs since they are inaccurate and difficult to wield, and they
leave you highly vulnerable.  Two helicopters can be shot down with a gun and
you'll specifically be directed to do so by the game, otherwise the average
helicopter cannot be destroyed with bullets.


- 2.A   "FNG"

This really requires no walkthrough.  Gaz will tell you to grab the rifle and
go to the shooting bay 1.  Follow his instructions.  Then he'll have you go
back to the table and grab a handgun.  Follow his instructions.  Then he'll
show you how to melee.  After that he will send you off to meet Cpt. Price.  Go
out the door and proceed to your right.  A few buildings down a door will be
slightly ajar.  Head in and listen to Cpt. Price insult you and tell you to
run the cargo ship training area.  Go right and climb up the latter, then swap
your weapon for the MP5 and grab the flash bangs.  When Cpt. Price instructs you
to, head down the rope and shoot three pop-up targets through the windows.
Follow the red arrows  on the floor around to the right and go through the
door, then down the stairs that are in front of you.  Shoot the pop-up at the
bottom of the stair well and turn left.  Throw a flash bang through the door,
wait for it to pop, and then go in and shoot the two targets.  Go left.
Through this door is a target ahead of you and one to the right.  Shoot them.
Turn left yet again and toss another flash bang through the door as instructed.
Shoot the targets and then turn right to exit the faux ship.  Turn right again
and sprint to the finish.  Head over towards Cpt. Price or run the course again
if you like.  The game will recommend a difficulty setting for you depending
upon how you performed this test; ignore that recommendation.  The best I ever
did was 'hardened' and I was still able to beat the game on veteran.

-2.B   "Crew Expendable"

Objective: Secure nuclear device aboard a container ship

After a brief ride in a helicopter you will repel down a rope onto a ship right
in front of its wheelhouse.  There are 4 'tangos' (enemies) inside; shoot them
all.  Then get ready to go through the door to the right.  Once inside, go down
the stairwell to the right and turn left twice at the bottom.  There is a
drunken sailor towards the end of this hallway; shoot him.  Go down the hallway
and take the first right, and turn left immediately to see two sailors sleeping
in a bunk.  Shoot them.  Exit to the left out of their room and head outside.
 Turn left and proceed towards the other end of the ship, moving through the
containers.  Once about halfway, Gaz will call out two tangos on a platform
ahead, and above.  You will see their flashlights.  Get into a position where
you can see both of them and shoot them, aiming down your sight.  Continue
towards the other end of the ship and keep left.  There is a container that is
open on both ends that Cpt. Price will proceed through.  Follow him.  Once you
get towards the other end of the container, a bunch of enemies will appear on
the second floor of the building in front of you.  Cpt. Price will call in the
helicopter that dropped you off to minigun those enemies.  Preserve your
ammunition and let the helicopter take them out.  Then proceed towards that
building and keep to the left.  You and the other SAS will 'stack up' in front
of the door and Cpt. Price will open it.  Proceed down the hallway and take the
first left, and then take the stairway down on the left.  Go forward and turn
right down a small set of steps and turn right again.  Down this corridor are 4
enemies.  Shoot them all, taking cover in the small stairway while crouching or
duck behind the SAS that come down with you.  You may also lay prone (ctrl) to
reduce your profile in this area since there isn't much cover to be taken.
 Also, throw a grenade or two.  I don't recommend a flash bang here since it
will blind you as well.  Head down the hallway where the enemies were and turn
left.  There will be a door on the right at the end of this hallway.  Cpt.
Price will call you to stack up and will chuck a flash bang through the door.
 Immediately head in after it explodes and shoot the three enemies on the floor
below your position.  [game save]  Go down the steps in front of you and then
down the smaller set to the left of the large containers.  Go straight and back
up the small steps opposite you.  On regular difficulty there is a tango
lurking to the right of the large containers here.  Cpt. Price will lead the
group to the left towards a set of doors; follow him.  There are no more
enemies in this room.  Cpt. Price will kick the door in and the team will
proceed through.  [game save]  Your only option for movement here is to the
left and up the flight of tall stairs.  At the top you will be greeted with
gunfire from 4 enemies on the plank opposite you.  Crouch behind the container
immediately to your right and shoot at them.  The ship is rolling throughout
this mission, as you are likely aware by now, and it throws your aim off.  Just
keep shooting until the enemies are dead, and if you need to reload, go prone
while doing so to avoid a head shot by one of the enemies.  The team will
proceed down the plank before all the enemies are dead.  Stay where you are and
keep shooting the enemies.  Some might make it down the steps but will soon be
liquidated by the team.  Go down the steps opposite from where you started.
 There will be a door beyond the containers and to the left; Cpt. Price will
command you to stack up.  [game save] Be careful here as the door is already
open and the enemy inside may shoot at you.  Price will throw in a flash bang
and everyone will rush in.  Shoot a few tangos here if you like, but don't wait
too long before proceeding up the steps to the right.  Once at the top you're
going to sprint down towards the tall containers and take cover behind them.
 Peek out to the right of the containers and shoot the enemies below; you're
getting the jump on the enemies towards the rear of this room while your team
takes out the initial enemies.  If you get hurt here, go prone and/or take
cover behind the containers.  When ready, continue blasting.  Also watch for an
enemy on the high plank opposite you.  Someone will call "all clear" and you'll
proceed to the end of the plank and go down the steps.  The team will assemble
in front of a container.  Opposite this there is another container with the
door ajar and a kamikaze inside; shoot him (only on veteran difficulty).  Gaz
will open the door to the container and inside is a nuke.  Communications with
baseplate here; they inform the team that there are MiGs on the way to sink the
ship.  Cpt. Price will instruct you to grab the manifest and then you'll bug
out double time to get off the ship.  [game save]  Just follow the team.  Once
in the next room, the ship will be hit with a missile and you'll fall to the
floor and the room will begin to fill with water.  This is a mini cut scene.
 Cpt. Price will pick you up and you need to follow close behind him.
[game save]  You'll retrace your path through the ship towards the surface as
it begins to sink and rolls very heavily and, unfortunately, sprint is disabled
for this part.  A couple of times on the raised plank you'll be knocked into a
crouch position.  Continuously hit the space bar until you stand back up and
follow the team.  If you're slow, you die.  Towards the door, near the end of
the plank, it starts to come apart.  If you're far enough behind the team
you'll need to jump.  Continue following the team through the ship.  There are
game saves at various points through this exit.  You'll get outside and make
your way towards the helicopter.  You will come to the edge of the ship and you
must jump (space bar) to get in the chopper.  Mission complete.

2.C   "The Coup"

This is nothing but an extended cut scene wherein you take the place (see the
view) of Al-Fulani, the president of a non-descript middle eastern nation
seemingly located on the west coast of Saudi Arabia.  Sit back and enjoy; there
is no way to skip through this.  Once in the car, take notice of the guy in the
passenger's seat - you'll see him again later.  Also, once you get dragged out
of the car, take notice of the bald, one-armed guy as well as his beret-wearing
Arab friend.  You'll be meeting both of these characters later in the game as

2.D   "Blackout"

Objective: Rescue Nikolai, the under cover operative that provided the info
about the nuke.

You'll start in a riverine.  Proceed forward and spot two guards in the
distance, one is smoking on the dock and the other is a bit behind him in front
of a car.  Use your sniper rifle to shoot the guy in the background first, and
then shoot the one on the dock right away.  To the left is a guard house.
 Stand outside to the left of the doorway, aim down your sights and shoot the
two guards inside.  If you don't kill them both, they are likely to run out the
back of the house and shoot at you from the right.  Kill them.  You may also
elect to cook off a grenade and toss it in there.  [game save]  Follow the team
around and go under the bridge.  Head up the bank towards a couple of guard
houses.  [game save]  Cpt. Price will instruct you to plant a claymore in front
of the door and lure the guards out.  Don't bother with all that.  Stand
outside the open door and shoot the two enemies inside.  Two other enemies will
come out of the guard house to the left and your team will shoot them.  Take
cover and return fire if the team doesn't get them first.  Proceed up the hill
past that guard house and up some rickety steps into another house.  Go forward
and to the left into a kitchen.  Here Cpt. Price will open the door and you
proceed outside to meet up with Sgt. Kamarov.  There will be some discussion
and you turn right and head up the hill with your team and a small group of
Kamarov's men.  Follow your team and Kamarov on a path to the left and stop
near a broken section of the white rail-on-rail fence to the left.  [game save]
 Kamarov will order his men to attack.  You need to pull out your sniper rifle.
 Below and to the left there is a small building with a large open window.  Two
machine gunners will open fire on Kamarov's men from this position.  Snipe
them.  The gunner to the left will be obscured by the wall; shoot him through
the wall.  Use your ammo freely here.  Once both of those guys are dead, look
toward the right down the dirt road in the village and snipe as many guys as
you can - they will be hopping over a small concrete wall.  If you aim at a guy
and a name is displayed in green font, that is one of Kamarov's men and you
should not shoot him.  Shoot the other guys.  After a brief firefight you will
continue with your team down the path.  [game save]  Kamarov will lead you
through a burning building and when you come out the other side there will be
many enemies proceeding down the hill from the power station, slightly to the
right.  They will come in two waves.  The game will instruct you to press (5)
and use your grenade launcher.  Do this or just shoot them, whatever you like.
 I usually use the small building in the foreground for cover while the team
takes cover behind the large boulders to the right of the building.  I go to
the left side of the building and mop up the enemies taking cover behind the
junk in the field from there.  After the first wave is liquidated, the second
will proceed down the hill.  Here again the grenade launcher is useful.  They
will come forward quite a ways before they start shooting, giving you free
shots with the grenade launcher.  Once they are in position, however, you need
to be shooting from cover.  After the second wave is dead, Kamarov will lead
you to the right of the field to do some more sniping from behind the white
fence.  [game save]  The enemy will come from the  background, from behind a
building slightly to the left.  Kamarov's men will be below to the right.
Snipe as many enemies as you can.  Eventually some enemies will begin sniping
Kamarov's men from a damaged house directly below your position.  Snipe 2-3 of
them and Kamarov will then lead you up the hill towards the power station.
Tired of the delay, Gaz will "coax" the location of the informant Nikolai out
of him.  He is in the large house to the north east (NE)that you can see from
your vantage point.  Repel down the cliff and head towards your left.
[game save]  You need to make your way through the house in front of you, the
one with the broken-down army truck in front of it.  Crouch behind the small
concrete wall and shoot enemies in the house.  If you get hurt, go prone until
you're better again.  Wait for the army truck to explode and take cover in
front of the engine compartment.  [game save]  Aim down your sight, lean left
out away from the army truck and shoot any remaining enemies within the house.
There may or may not be any left.  You also need to lean out and look back
towards the end of the truck and shoot any enemies in the distance or they'll
pick you off as you go into the house.  Proceed inside the house and take cover
behind the wall to the left.  Several tangos will come into the room your in
from the door opposite you.  One will likely run out in front of your view;
smoke him.  The other one or two will be killed by Gaz or Price.  Go toward the
door that those enemies came from and get ready to shoot a tango running away
into the room opposite from the one that you're looking into.  Hopefully,
you'll nail him.  If not, remain in that room and shoot.  Eventually he'll
throw a grenade which you can throw back at him and kill him.  Another enemy
will come into the room opposite from the room you're looking into.  Waste him
as soon as he comes in, all while aiming down your sight.  Proceed slowly now
into the room before you.  [game save]  There is a window to the left in which
one or two enemies will try to shoot you.  Gaz or Price may hit them before you
have the opportunity, but watch both the room in front of you and that window
on the left.  Once all enemies are clear, proceed into that final room and get
ready to go outside.  To the left side of the building from where you exit,
there may be another enemy to mop up.  Follow Gaz and Price up the hill towards
the house in which Nikolai is being held.  There are no enemies outside of this
building.  Gaz will go around back to cut the power.  Follow Price to the door
toward the right side of the building, and put on your night vision goggles
(N).  [game save]  Once in the house, proceed forward and go through the door
to the right.  There is an enemy straight ahead.  He will not see you in the
dark; shoot him.  With the nigh vision goggles, you can see the laser put out
by your weapon which makes aiming a breeze.  Follow the wall to the right
around and through the door, and proceed up the stairs.  Straight across is an
enemy sitting in the corner.  Take him.  You will see Gaz through the windows
on the balcony.  Around the corner to the left a tango will shoot at Gaz, and
will probably throw a grenade in your direction.  Retreat back and let the
grenade explode and proceed back to shoot the enemy, if Price and Gaz have not
already done so.  To the right of where that enemy was positioned is an open
door.  Slowly proceed towards it and keep yourself aimed at the middle of it.
A guard with a flashlight will come into the doorway; smoke him as soon as he
steps into your field of sight, and be careful to not shoot Nikolai who is
behind him.  There are no other enemies.  Follow Cpt. Price out the door to the
left and down the deck steps, or you can retrace your path through the house,
and follow the marker to the helicopter, and get it.  Mission accomplished.

2.E   "Charlie Don't Surf"

Objective: Capture Al-Asad

You begin this mission with a ride in a helicopter, and a repel down a rope.
Follow your guys down the road and take the second left down the alley.  Once
out of the alley, to the right is a building in which Al-Asad is suspected of
being.  Stack up in front of the door and wait for Lt. Velasquez to blow it.
There are no enemies until you enter the building.  Your team will go in first
and smoke 2 enemies inside.  Velasquez will command you to take point and head
down the stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs there is a door to the left.
Stay to the left of the door, aim down your sight, and look inside.  As soon as
you do, two enemies will run to the right along the wall on the far side of
that room, and you might be able to pick off one or both of them, but be
careful.  To the left of them one enemy will remain and if you lean out too far
he will kill you.  Whether or not you get those two enemies running, look in
and shoot the tango that is aiming at you.  Inside this room, proceed forward
and look to the right.  On the other side of the wall is a tango aiming for
you.  Aim down your sight, and slowly strafe to the left and shoot him before
he's fully visible - you can kill him before he even shoots at you.  Proceed
forward a little bit and look to the left - there is a door slightly ajar with
two tangos inside.  Cook off a grenade and toss it into that door.  Hopefully
you kill both tangos but you need to make sure.  Proceed forward and look to
the right - if you didn't kill those two enemies that tried to run, they will
try to shoot you here.  Kill them, and then approach the door in which you
tossed the grenade, aim down your sight, and lean right to look inside, and be
prepared to shoot immediately.  Kill the tango straight ahead, behind the file
cabinet, if he was not killed by your grenade.  Now turn around and rejoin your
team.  You will slowly approach two doors that will be on the right of you.  Be
prepared.  Usually 5 tangos will come out of those two doors and you need to
waste them immediately.  Velasquez tells you to throw in a flash bang.  If 5
tangos came out, this flash bang is a waste.  Proceed inside and take cover to
the right.  Walk out a little bit to draw out an enemy that will run along the
far wall from left to right.  He will come out from behind the containers
directly in front of you.  Shoot him as soon as he does.  There may or may not
be another tango to the left of the enemy that you just shot.  **If less than
five enemies came out of the door when you approached it, there will be more
inside, obviously.  Stay to the right and take cover, aim down your sight and
lean out and clear the room slowly.  When finished you'll head out a door to
the far left of where you entered, go up some stairs and outside.  [game save]
When you exit that building, just follow Lt. Velasquez as he leads you through
a few alleyways.  When you come out of the final one you will enter a fairly
difficult firefight.  To the left there will be a few tangos atop a building
that will fire upon you.  Slightly to their right, and straight down the road
from the alley that you're in are a few parked cars.  Enemies will come out
from alleyways on the left of that street and fire upon you.  Keep covered in
the alleyway and shoot the enemies on the roof, and then the enemies straight
down the road.  Your target is the TV station to the far left of your current
position, and you may take a few different routes to it.  Suppress the enemies
straight down the road, then sprint out into it and take cover behind a small
blue car on the left side of the road.  You may have some grenades thrown at
you at this point, and in any case, when the coast is somewhat clear, sprint
across the road and take cover on the right side of the street behind any of
the walls there.  Slowly push forward.  If you hear a grenade drop but don't
have a grenade danger indicator on your screen, wait until you hear it explode
before you move anywhere, unless you're in the open, in which case you should
try for cover.  Once you come to the burning car, turn left down the street.
In front of you is an intersection; proceed through it carefully.  Across from
the intersection and to the right there is a large structure made of sheet
metal.  Go right and take cover behind the far right side, and turn to the
right.  Two tangos will jump down from one roof to a lower one right in front
of your field of vision.  They will not attack until they're on the ground, and
you won't damage them until they're on the ground either.  As soon as they are,
smoke them.  There will be another enemy coming around the corner from the
left.  Smoke him and run across to where you just shot the first two and take
cover.  Look back from where you came and shoot any enemies that may be headed
towards your team.  Now come out from your cover and look towards the sheet
metal structure and take cover behind the corner of the building, aim down your
sight, and lean left to shoot an enemy or two down the road that way.  Once
they are dead slowly proceed around the sheet metal structure to clear out any
remaining tangos.  Head north east and towards an intersection in which you can
only go left.  [game save]  Before you come to it, get ready for an enemy
running from right to left, and also be aware of the enemy on the second floor
of the building to the right and in front of you.  Once you turn the corner
there will be one or two more enemy to dispose of.  Head forward and follow the
yellow guide at the bottom of your screen, and take the next right.
[game save]  Get in position behind the wall to the right.  Very shortly a
truck with a gun on the back will drive in from the left in front of you.
Smoke the enemy operating the machine gun.  Next, directly in front of your
position is a building with a bunch of junk in front of it.  Enemies will
appear at the top of this building and fire upon you with guns and RPGs.  Shoot
them from behind the wall; your team will proceed forward and get pinned down
behind a slight ridge.  Shoot several enemies and when there is a brief lull in
the action, sprint forward and take cover directly in front of the building
from which the enemies were shooting.  They will stop spawning once you get far
enough down this street.  There is plenty of cover on both sides of this
street.  Enemies will come at you from the end of it.  Shoot from cover, the
sprint forward to new cover.  Repeat.  If you take cover on the left side of
the street, be aware of enemies that may pop up atop the building that you were
just shooting at to the right.  Proceed forward from cover to cover, always
shooting from cover, always aiming down your sight.  When you come to the end
of this road you'll turn left and proceed to the next intersection.
[game save]  There is a blue car on the left that you can take cover behind.
To the right, across the intersection, tangos will shoot and throw grenades
from  the roof top.  You may engage these targets, or you may simply sprint to
the left and take cover behind the remains of a destroyed building.  Proceed
forward.  Straight across from you is another unit of friendlies and on the
other side of the bombed out building there are several enemies.  Be prepared
for them.  The friendlies across from you will shoot at them as well.  Lean out
to the left and fire.  Be aware of a burning car to your left.  If it explodes,
so do you.  When you feel a lull in the action simply sprint ahead towards the
friendlies and you're in the parking lot of the TV station.  [game save]  There
are no enemies outside of the station but inside there are plenty.  To the
right of the station is a door.  Stack up in front of it and a marine will blow
it open.  Inside there are two enemies that will be shot by Vasquez and the
other guy.  Inside there is a door ahead and a bit to the left.  Down that
hallway an enemy is waiting to shoot you.  Get to the right of the door, aim
down your sight, lean left and shoot him.  Follow Vasquez down the hallway and
take the last left.  In here you will battle 4 enemies.  They will be in the
office across from the office in front of you.  Take cover, aim down your
sight, and lean out and fire upon them.  The room that they are in has several
large, black server-looking devices.  Hug the wall to the left and you come to
a door to a very large room.  [game save]  Inside is a fight that can be very
difficult if you do what some other guides advise and try to make your way
through the small offices on the far side of the room.  Do this instead: turn
right and sprint down along the wall and take cover behind the last cubicle.
Face the cubicle, aim down your sight, and lean right and fire upon the enemy
coming out from behind the copy machine.  The enemy will be coming out of a
room to the right; this is where they spawn.  Your goal is to get into this
room to prevent them from spawning.  You will probably have a grenade or two
lobbed at you.  If you can't pick them up and throw them back, sprint into the
small, empty room directly to your right.  Now use this for cover and fire upon
the enemy.  Right above the area in which you are shooting there is a balcony.
Enemy will fire guns and RPGs from that position and you need to take them out
before you proceed.  Once you do proceed, you need to sprint into that room on
the far right.  Chill in there for a bit and recover while your team kills
enemy in the main room.  There may be one or two to mop up before you proceed.
Come back out of that room forward and take cover behind the short, curved wall
in front of you.  Fire upon enemy and once they are done you'll head back into
that room in which the enemy was spawning.  [game save]  You'll stack up behind
Vasquez and go into the atrium of the TV station.  There are no enemies in
here.  Go to the left towards the stairs and some friendlies will come out of a
small door to the right of the steps.  Go up the steps and in the door to the
slight right.  To the right, through the windows, some friendlies are battling
enemy in the parking lot.  You may engage these enemies or skip them.  Proceed
forward through the room and outside.  [game save]  From here simply follow
your team into another door, up some steps, and onto another roof, and then
into another door.  There are no enemies remaining on this mission.  Vasquez
will lead you into the recording studio for a big disappointment.  Mission

2.F   "The Bog"

Objective: Protect the disabled tank "War Pig"  

You start this mission moving down a street with destroyed tanks and cars all
over.  Soon you are ambushed.  Take cover behind the tank on the right.  Aim
down your sight, lean out, and fire on the two windows of the building ahead of
you to the slight right.  Then, sprint out and take cover behind one of the
destroyed cars.  These have a fairly low profile so you'll have to go prone
behind them for cover.  Wait a moment and then sprint to your next cover.
Vasquez wants you to join him down a flight of stairs ahead and to the right.
Sprint to them and go prone, and crawl down the stairs.  At the bottom you'll
go into a building to the left through a large door.  Equip your night vision
goggles first (N).  Sprint forward and take cover on the other side of the room
behind the rubble.  There are a few enemies across from you that will mostly be
killed by your team.  When clear, sprint out from behind the rubble and head to
the right through the large hole in the wall.  [game save]  Vasquez will order
you and another troop to take the lead.  Turn right and head for the steps.
The other marine is already at the top of the lower section of steps and he is
jumped on by a tango.  Shoot the tango and proceed up the steps.  At the top
there is a door to the left, and through it a long hallway filled with tangos.
Get to the right of the door, crouch, aim down your sight, lean out, and unload
on the enemies.  You should be able to waste all of them with one clip of ammo,
and since it is dark they're unlike to respond to you before they're all dead.
There might be a tango in the first room on the right and he'll smoke you if
you come out too quick.  Lean out and blast him if he's in there.  Proceed down
the hallway.  When you come to the second door on the left stop and aim through
it at an angle.  There may be a tango or two left in your view there behind the
RPGs leaned against the wall.  Shoot them through this door before you proceed
around into the room that they are in.  Go in slowly and keep aiming the
direction in which you walked down the hallway.  To the slight left ahead of
you is an open door with a few tangos inside.  If you follow your team, they
will take out those tangos before you even get a shot.  Don't bother entering
that room.  The room that you're in has an enemy machine gun attached to the
wall at the left.  Grab it and waste the enemies across from you.  There are 4
rooms in the building that you're aiming at, with tangos in all parts.  This
may take a few tries to pass as the enemies will aim for you, the machine
gunner.  Direct your fire in a circular motion from room to room, aiming closer
to the floor than to the ceiling, and shoot through the walls.  If your gun
sight turns red, you've hit something worthwhile.  You will get hurt during
this portion, so once Vasquez tells you to move on, take cover and recover.
[game save]  You'll go back down the hallway from which you came.  One marine
will kick a door in and clear it out.  You don't need to help him.  Go down the
stairs that you went up and go through the door on the right.  [game save]
Turn left and sprint through two rooms until you come to the last one and must
exit to the right.  Across from the exit is a building with a door facing you.
Crouch to the left of the door, aim down your sight, and lean right to look
into the room.  On the other side is another door from which 2-3 enemies will
come.  You can shoot these guys through the wall.  Proceed into the room, and
on the left side are some steps.  Go up the steps and be prepared to shoot one
tango right across from the steps firing RPGs out the window.  Don't unload
your clip.  There are two more enemies to the left out on the balcony and
they'll take notice that you shot their buddy.  They'll probably toss a grenade
or two.  Throw them back at the enemy, and if they aren't killed by the
grenade, shoot them.  Out the door, across from the balcony is an overpass on
which enemy will gather and shoot down at you and your team.  At this point,
don't bother shooting any of them because they'll just respawn.  Vasquez orders
you to pick up the Javelin and destroy the enemy tanks/carriers on the
overpass.  There are 4 of them.  Head back down the steps that you came up and
back through the room the way you came.  You'll be in a gap between two
buildings.  Look left and you'll see the Javelin glowing yellow on the ground.
Switch to the worse of your two weapons, sprint out, and grab the Javelin and
immediately sprint back to cover where you were.  [game save]  Right mouse
click to aim the Javelin.  The tanks will appear as green squares if they're in
your field of view, or they'll be marked with green arrows if they're either to
the left or right of you field of view.  Aim towards one of the green squares
and hold it there a few seconds to get a lock-on.  Fire as soon as lock-on is
achieved.  If there isn't enough room in front of you, the Javelin will not
fire, in which case you should move back away from your cover, or, if there
isn't enough room, move laterally into the open, fire quickly, and get back to
cover.  The game is pretty forgiving on you while you're firing the Javelin,
but don't test it and get back to cover as soon as the Javelin is off.  The
tank will not be destroyed until roughly 5 seconds after you've fired the
Javelin, so take care that for your next shot you're not aiming at the same
tank.  You may need to destroy all 4 tanks, or one or two of them might bug out
after you've destroyed the first two.  In either case, once the tanks leave and
 any remaining enemy are killed, there won't be any more respawning.
[game save]  Take this opportunity to ditch the Javelin for another M4, reload
it and your primary weapon, and proceed to the far right of the courtyard to
move on to the next part of this mission.  There are no more enemies until you
come to the disabled tank, War Pig.  Simply follow your team through the ruddy
alleyways to get to it.  [game save]  When you see the tank, sprint out to it
and take cover behind it, towards the right.  Aim down your sight and lean out
and shoot at the enemy pressing forward on this side of the tank.  There is a
smallish earth berm in between you and the enemy, a lot of junk, and a burning
garbage can towards the right of your field of view.  Enemy is going to swarm
in and try to take out the tank with RPGs, and on this side particularly from
behind the two trees in the distance.  After you've quelled the action on the
right side of the tank down a bit, move to the left side and shoot enemy there.
On the left side, enemy will be coming in straight ahead so your cover isn't as
complete; be sure to shoot those enemies straight ahead before you start aiming
more to the right.  There is a 'fence' of sheet metal in the near distance
behind which enemy will assemble and fire RPGs.  After a brief while, Vasquez
will call in air support, but it won't come until the anti-aircraft gun is
taken out.  [game save]  You'll make your way towards the long building across
from the front of the tank, or the left side of it from which you were firing.
There are several dumpsters along the way that you can take cover behind, and
eventually you'll come to the sheet metal fence.  There is a large gap in it
that you'll need to go between on your way to the building in front of you.  On
top of this building are 2-3 enemies that will fire at you and throw grenades.
It is best to simply sprint to the building and get right up next to the wall
so that those enemies cannot attack you.  Once against the wall, turn right and
move along it.  You'll come to a rubble wall jutting out from the building that
you need to go around, and then head towards the left to an open door.  The
first room in this building is safe.  Head to the left and peer out that door.
In the distance, through a couple more doors, you can see the AA gun firing.
Move into this room and go to the left, behind the deli counter.  Outside of
this room is a courtyard, and atop the building on the other side of it are two
enemies wielding a gun and a RPG.  Fire on them through the window, not through
the door as they won't notice you right away from behind the deli counter.  Now
come out and take cover behind the wall next to the door.  2-4 enemies will
spawn near the door way of the building across the courtyard from you.  Aim
down your sight, lean out from your cover and shoot at them.  They will throw
grenades; toss them back if you are within reach, otherwise move back into the
corner to the left of the door and window.  Once the coast is clear, sprint
across the courtyard and into the building in which you just killed those
enemies.  [game save]  Through the window on the other side, you can shoot the
AA gunner, but don't do it yet.  There are two more enemies in the small area
with the AA gun.  Throw a flash bang in there and run out and fire immediately
on the two enemies that will be to the right of the door (and to the right of
the window).  When they are disposed of, shoot the AA gunner and plant the
explosives on the gun.  Your weapon will switch to a detonator.  Get back
inside the building that you were just in and explode that AA gun.  [game save]
You will now need to put out a smoke marker so that the air support will know
where you and your team are.  To do this you'll need to go back into the
courtyard area and turn left, and make your way towards the target indicator on
your radar.  There are enemies in the 3 storey building to your left and they
will fire upon you.  You need to sprint from cover to cover towards the target
indicator.  First head towards the first big blue container in front of you.
Take a breather behind it.  Next you'll need to run behind the big blue
container ahead of you and to the slight right.  Take a breather.  Next you'll
sprint to a dumpster that is ahead and to the left, towards the target.  From
this position you will run out and place the IR beacon.  You will be shot at.
Run to the target area, press (F) to place the beacon, and then take cover gain
immediately.  You can either head back behind the dumpster or you can move
forward to the sheet metal fence.  In either case, attack choppers will come in
and level the building.  You will regroup at the tank.  Beware of enemies
remaining here and there, for example on the roof of the building to the left
of the tank.  [game save]  Mission accomplished.  

2.G   "Hunted"

Objective: Reach extraction point

You begin this mission in the helicopter with Price, Gaz, and Nikolai.  A
missile will shoot you down.  Cpt. Price will pick you up onto your feet.  Head
over to the helicopter and pick up the G36C and the M4.  Follow your team under
the bridge and you'll come out in front of a house with some junk in front of
it.  Price will open the door; proceed inside.  You'll see some enemies through
the window.  Look left and head up those steps and look out the upper window.
You should see two enemies talking to a civilian.  Waste them (not the
civilian).  One enemy will run to the left of the building in front of you and
hide behind a barrel.  Shoot him.  Then lean left out the window and try to
shoot any more enemies remaining to the right of the building that you're in.
Go down stairs and proceed outside carefully and take out any enemies that you
could not see from the upper window - there might be one more over by the
outhouse.  You'll be low on ammo at this point so be sure to scour the bodies
for more.  The tango that you shot behind the barrel should have a G36C.
[game save]  Follow the group over the rail-on-rail fence.  You will make your
way through a field towards a house in the distance.  An enemy helicopter will
come and you need to go prone to avoid the spot light.  Wait until the last
second to do this and after you do, continue to crawl for the house.  Crawl for
5 seconds and then sprint the rest of the way to the house.  Take position to
the right side of the house, turn around, and aim down your sight.  Enemies
will come up from where you had come from, but don't worry about them.  Your
team will shoot them and you'll be mostly covered by the house anyway.  You
need to pay attention to the helicopter.  It will come left into your field of
view, stop, and several troops will repel down ropes out of the chopper.  Fix
your attention on the front door, and shoot the troops as soon as they appear,
before they begin to repel down.  There are three of them.  If you hit them,
they will fall rather than repel.  After the rope is disconnected and drops, a
gunner will appear in the door.  Go prone, and shoot him, and do it quick
otherwise he will mess you up.  As soon as you kill that gunner, sprint around
the corner and get into the basement, and rush to the back of it to avoid fire
coming down the stair well.  You will be hurt.  Admittedly, this is not a
perfect strategy and you will likely have to try several times before you are
successful.  Once in the basement, take a breather and recover.  [game save]
 Price will order you to scout ahead.  Make your way to the back left corner
and proceed up the stairs.  You will spot enemies in the window ahead.  Ignore
them and go left through the door, then around left through this room.  Through
the next room there is a door across from you to the slight left.  3-4 enemies
will come through this door.  Aiming down your sight, shoot a couple of them
then Gaz will yell "FLASHBANG."  When he does, move back and to the left where
you came from, out of the line of fire, go prone, and wait out the temporary
blindness.  When it is gone, crouch and move slowly back towards the door and
shoot any remaining enemies.  Follow Gaz out the door and down the steps.
[game save]  Look right from where Gaz stopped and head into the open door
ahead and to the slight right, with the pop machine by it.  Look out the
window.  In a few seconds, some enemy will push into this area and you will
hear the sounds of dogs barking.  Move right of the window, crouch, and turn
around and aim at the doorway, and aim low because those dogs will be coming in
there.  There will be 1-3 dogs that come in; shoot them as soon as you see them
and don't stop shooting until they're dead.  Now stand back up and aim down
your sight out the window.  There are several enemies near and far.  Fire upon
them and when it has calmed down, head out the door, turn right, and proceed
behind the silos ahead and to the left.  [game save]  Come out to the left of
the second silo, aim down your sight and proceed forward.  Ahead of you and to
the slight left is an alleyway.  Once you get towards the edge of the grass and
concrete, three tangos will streak out from the right to the left, down the
alleyway.  If you're aimed you can take all three of them before they get
positioned and return fire.  Your team will have gone to the right of the
building that is ahead of you.  Go forward and go up the steps and take
position behind the concrete and metal barrier on the roof, and shoot the
enemies below.  You will probably get hurt; just go prone and stay behind the
concrete barrier.  Kill all enemies before proceeding back downstairs to
regroup with the squad.  [game save]  When you come down the steps you may be
attacked by another dog, but thankfully the game  (should have) just saved so
if you get attacked you don't lose much progress.  Follow the team through a
field and into a stream.  [game save]  This next part is pretty tough.  You
have to make your way across the field while avoiding the spotlight of the
helicopter as well as those of enemies on the other side of the field.  Stay
with the team, keeping to the right side of the field, and move from haystack
to haystack.  Allow other members of the team to lead you.  Near the end of the
field you will be spotted.  Sprint forward towards the buildings ahead.  You
will cross another stream and keep right and stack up by the door of the
building that seems to be a green house - it has a glass roof and walls.
[game save]  On the other side of that building, enemies will begin firing at
you.  Go into the greenhouse, take position near the other door, crouch and
take cover behind the walls, aim down your sight, lean out, and shoot the
enemies ahead of you.  The helicopter will leave you alone for the time being.
 Once most of the enemies have been killed, sprint out and enter the small
building to the right of your position.  There is a door on the left.  Aim,
lean, and shoot any enemies that may be remaining.  Directly across from this
door is another greenhouse.  Repeat the same process as the first one.
[game save]  After this area is cleared your team will want to push around a
corner to the left.  Go around that corner and take the first left through the
door into the destroyed building.  Go across that room and through another
door.  Now you're in a room in which across from you there is a bunch of rubble
piled against the wall.  Go into the far right corner of that room atop the
rubble and crouch.  The helicopter will mostly ignore you in this position
giving you the opportunity to take out the enemies on the ground.  Aim down
your sight and lean right to have a shot.  To the right of your field of view
there are two army trucks and behind each is an enemy.  Shoot them both.  The
second one is mostly concealed but you can shoot him in the legs and finish him
when he drops.  Then proceed to look left in front of the barn-like building
that your team is firing upon.  There are 3-5 enemies in front of it, taking
cover behind crates and various junk.  Pick them off one at a time.  The last
enemy will be on the far right side of the front of the barn, taking cover
behind an army truck.  There is a door to the right of you through the wall
that you're using for cover.  Go to the right of that door, aim down your
sight, and lean left to have a shot at that last guy.  Once all those enemies
are dead, you need to proceed forward to the front of the barn, keep to the
right side, but do not charge in.  There are several enemies in the barn, to
the right and to the left, and if you waltz in they will cut you to ribbons.
Instead, stay outside and let your team take those enemies.  You should be
facing towards the barn door, against the front of the barn.  The helicopter
will come into view from beyond the barn.  You can either shoot the gunner or
you can go prone behind one of the crates that is in front of the barn until
the barn itself is cleared by your squad.  When it is, sprint inside.  There
are several stinger missiles inside the barn.  Switch to your second weapon and
swap it for a stinger.  At this point the helicopter is going to be circling
the barn.  Head to the door and stand in the door; do not go outside, but
rather stand in the doorway - the game seems to take mercy on you if you don't
walk out too far giving you time to fire the missile.  Aim the stinger at the
helicopter and follow it for a few seconds to get the lock-on.  As soon as it
does, fire.  The first missile will be distracted by a flare from the chopper.
Grab another stinger and repeat the process.  Bingo.  That damned chopper is
gone.  Watch it crash and savor the moment.  [game save]  Next, follow Cpt.
Price through the barn.  He'll lead you into a gully and when you come to the
end of it you'll see a bunch of enemies and army trucks, etc, gathering in
front of you.  The AC-130 gunship then comes in and wastes them with the 40mm
canon.  Two or three might get away; feel free to shoot them but you don't have
to as they will not fire upon you even if they run right by you, and as well
there might be some dazed enemies near the trucks where you exit the level -
shoot them.  [game save]  Mission accomplished.

2.H   "Death from Above"

Objective: Use the three guns of the AC130 to protect Cpt. Price's squad until
they reach the landing zone.

This mission is super easy, even on veteran difficulty, so I'm not going to go
through its every detail.  At the beginning you're told not to hit the church;
if you do you will have to restart from the last save point.  I use the 105mm
gun and the 40mm gun, but never the 25mm canon - its zoom is so close that you
can't see much of what you're doing.  Press (1) and (2) to switch between them.
Honestly, the 40mm is the best.  You can take out several enemies at once and
it doesn't take more than a second to reload.  The 105mm takes 6 seconds to
load.  Only use it when you have a very large group of enemies together, such
as the beginning when they run across the crop field.  With any of the guns,
you have to lead the enemy, meaning that you have to shoot where they're going
to be when the round hits, not where they are when you fire the round.  A
little practice will make perfect.  The friendlies are marked with flashing
strobe lights.  If you hit any of them you have to start again from the last
save point.  You can get really close to them, however, and when you do the
pilot will complain.  Ignore him.  Some experimentation is probably necessary
before you know just how close you can get to the friendlies without killing
them.  During this first part of the mission, just fire upon the enemies and
avoid the church and the friendlies.  Take your time.  The ground team isn't
going to die if you don't waste the enemies within a second of spotting them.
Be sure of what you are firing at.  About half way through, the ground team
will commandeer a couple of vehicles on the highway; don't shoot the civilians
that run from the vehicles.  After that you'll hit up a second part of the
village.  Gunmen come from all directions except the narrow road way from which
the ground team arrived.  At first some enemies will fire on the ground team
from a roof top.  They can be a bit hard to spot because the roof appears
bright white just like the enemies.  Keep your eye on the ground team.  The
enemies are on the first building on the left side of the ground team, FROM the
ground team's perspective.  Next you need to take out a troop transport that
will be ahead of the ground team, across the road, and then back to the 
U-shaped building for a second wave of enemies there.  After this area is
wrapped up there will be one more.  Here the enemies come streaming out of two
buildings ahead of the ground team, on the right and left side of the
construction yard.  The ground team will stay put at the entrance to the yard
for most of the fight giving you free reign to waste the bad guys.  Don't be
too liberal with the canon; the more you use it, the more smoke is created and
the less you can see the enemies.  Just shoot what you need to shoot as there
will be more enemies soon enough.  Eventually two helicopters will arrive to
haul away the ground team.  Beyond them will come one final wave of enemies
arriving in trucks.  Unfortunately, your guns cannot aim that high in the field
of view and you'll have to wait for the AC130 to come around before you can
fire upon them.  When it does come around, use the 105mm to take out the whole
lot at once and ignore the AC130 commander's complaint that you're shooting too
close to the friendlies.  You know what you're doing, lol.  There are three
game saves throughout this level.  Mission accomplished.  

2.I   "War Pig"

Objective: Escort War Pig to safety

You will begin this mission in the middle of a firefight.  You are standing
behind a car.  Immediately hit the deck.  If you try to run out in front of the
car you'll be shredded.  To the left is a Dragunov (Russian sniper rifle), and
to the right, a M249 SAW.  First, swap your handgun for the Dragunov and from
behind the car snipe the enemy position.  Enemies will pop up in the bus
windows and shoot as well as run around in front of it.  Calm them down, then
run to the left and take cover behind War Pig.  Then continue to the left and
hug the building just as you did when you had to destroy the anti-aircraft gun.
Move forward and War Pig will advance.  Take cover to the left of War Pig and
shoot a few enemies in the distance in front of you with the M249.  Go to the
left and take cover inside of the shop.  War Pig will advance and turn left
down the avenue.  [game save]  There are many enemies in this first area; War
Pig will blast all of them.  Then it will proceed through a gate and stop.
There will be heavy fighting in this area.  Take cover behind the car to the
left side of the road and fire from that position.  Across the tank from your
position a couple of enemies will fire from the roof; shoot them.  Next, sprint
to behind the tank, then on the other side of the tank to behind a dumpster.
[game save]  To the right of the dumpster is a garbage can.  Jump up on it and
shoot.  You won't draw as much attention from this position as you normally
would, and by jumping up on it the tank will proceed forward.  Fire on the
enemy until it calms down a tad, then sprint to cover behind the tank.  From
there sprint right and take cover behind the outer structure of the building to
the right (there are pillars supporting the second floor and there is a make-
hift wall built between two of those pillars).  From there, face the direction
that the tank is facing and run out into the alleyway and look across the tank
to make sure that there aren't any enemies remaining across the road.  Now,
carefully enter the door of the building that you're hugged up against and turn
right and go up the steps.  At the top of the steps there is a closed door
across from you.  Shoot through the door immediately otherwise the hostile
behind it will toss out a grenade.  Along the left wall there is another room
with two enemies inside.  Cook off a grenade and toss it in.  It probably won't
kill both so get to the left of the door, aim down your sight, and lean right
and fire upon the enemy.  Inside the room there is a closet to the left and
there may be an enemy inside of it.  Shoot through the door to kill him.
[game save]  Head back down the stairs.  A couple of enemies will come out of
the door to the right; shoot them immediately.  One more may come into your
field of view from the right.  Shoot him too.  Proceed inside the door to the
right and through the hallway and turn left into another door.  There will be
many enemies outside of this room on the street.  Proceed outside and take
cover behind the smashed wall.  Take position to the left of the blasted-out
area, aim down your sight, lean right and fire into the building across from
you.  Enemies appear in the doorway as well as on the balcony on the second
floor.  Calm them down.  [game save]  Next, sprint left across the street and
take cover behind the large wall.  Stand up, aim towards the wall, and slowly
back away from it and shoot the enemy in the window above.  [game save]  Aim
kitty-corner across the intersection and calm the enemies in that building a
bit (you'll never get rid of all of them as they continue to spawn).  Take
cover to the left of the gap in the wall, aim down your sight, lean right and
fire upon the enemy in the building directly across from you (not across the
intersection, but across the street) through the doorway.  When that building
is free of enemy, jump through the gap and sprint into the building.  You will
get hurt.  Recover.  The window to the right has a big piece of sheet metal
over it, but there is a gap on the left side.  Beware of enemies entering your
room directly in front of you.  Waste them immediately.  Then, aim down your
sight through the gap between the sheet metal and the wall and shoot the enemy
in the bus.  [game save]  The enemy will continue to spawn in the bus until you
get up close to it, so after you've killed on wave immediately sprint towards
it and hug up against it.  Then proceed to the back side of the bus, stand up
carefully and make sure that no more enemies spawned in the bus while you were
running towards it.  You can shoot out the rear window and toss in a grenade,
or just shoot them.  Behind the bus is a booth of some sort.  Proceed beyond it
and take position to the left of the gap in the wall behind the booth.  Aim
down your sight, lean right and fire upon the enemy in the building ahead and
to the left, and in the patio area in front of this building.  When the enemy
is calmed somewhat, jump through the gap and enter the building.  [game save]
Lt. Vasquez will lead you through that building and out into the back alley,
and then to the left.  Around the corner to the left there are several enemies.
 There is a dumpster just around the corner.  Aim between the dumpster and the
wall and pick off several enemies.  At the end of the street is a building with
two machine gunners in two windows on the upper floor.  When you come out far
enough behind the dumpster, Vasquez and another marine will push it forward.
By now there should only be one or two enemies left.  Follow behind the
dumpster, aim down your sight, lean out and fire upon the enemy.  When the
coast is clear, follow the team into the building in which the two machine
gunners had a position.  [game save]  You'll go up some steps and into a room
with bombed-out walls.  Down the road to the right an enemy tank and a lot of
enemies will be pushing forward towards your position.  It will be a turkey
shoot.  Soon War Pig will pull up and blast the enemy tank.  After all of the
enemies are cleared, jump down out of the smashed wall and proceed towards the
enemy tank.  [game save]  Follow your team through a few alleyways to the
landing zone.  There are no enemies left on this level.  Board the helicopter.
Also, if you stand under it as it lands it will crush you and you die.
[game save]  Mission accomplished.

2.J   "Shock and Awe"

Objective: Capture Al-Asad

You will start this mission aboard a helicopter in control of a canon.  This is
a fantastic weapon but you must not hold the trigger too long or it will over
heat.  You'll fly for a while.  Keep the gun aimed to the lower left.  You will
fly by a bridge, the long way, and towards the end there are a couple of troop
carriers with machine guns on top and many foot soldiers behind them.  Shoot
the foot soldiers.  This portion of the mission is very intense.  Don't worry
about the transports; it is the troops with their AK's that will kill you.
Blast them.  Next you will need to shoot a series of enemies on roof tops as
well as a couple of AA emplacements - they are identifiable by the sandbags
encircling them.  [game save]  Next you will fire upon a large open area with a
statue in the middle.  Shoot the troop transports to the left first, then mop
up the ground soldiers.  Blast the statue for fun.  To the left of the open
area there is an AA atop the building.  Blast it.  The helicopter will continue
to the left.  Coming up there is a troop transport and some ground forces, and
just to the left of the troop transport is a gas truck.  Shoot it to explode
the whole lot of them.  The helicopter will begin to circle and you have
several enemies on the roof tops to kill as well as on the ground.  The
direction of the helicopter will generally guide you in which direction to
fire.  Keep looking at both the rooftops and the ground.  There are a few troop
transports to kill as well.  The helicopter will come back around to face the
open area with the statue.  Another troop transport has entered this area;
blast it quick.  [game save]  The helicopter will land to drop off some of the
troops and then fly on to another area.  There will be no enemies for a brief
period where you fly over an open grassy area.  Blast a few enemies on roof
tops and to the left of them you'll see another gas truck to waste.  The
helicopter will land in an area in front of that gas truck.  [game save]  Exit
the helicopter and go left.  There is a gap in the wall.  Face right, aim down
your sight, lean left and fire on the enemy at the end of the street.  Sprint
across the street and take cover behind the sheet metal wall there.  There is a
series of walled-in patios in front of the buildings to your left, with enemies
at the end.  Take position, aim, lean, and fire on the enemy at the end.
Proceed through those patios and take up position at the corner of the
building.  Aim down the sight, lean right and fire.  Kitty corner from your
position is another building with marines on the top floor and enemy on the
bottom.  Shoot two enemies in the lower doorway then take position to the right
of that door.  [game save]  There are 4 enemies inside.  Aim down your sight,
lean in and wait for them to appear.  First, one will appear straight ahead,
then another to the left, then two more to the right.  Once you kill them make
your way to the back of the building and up the steps to meet up with another
squad.  [game save]  This is a very intense portion of the game.  You will be
on the second level of a half-way constructed building with an open area in
front of you, with a bulldozer to the left and a cargo container to the right.
Across this open area there is a building to the right with two windows in
which there will be a machine gunner each.  To the left of that building there
is a sheet metal fence with a gap in the middle of it.  Beyond is another open
area with another building in the distance, and to the left a small building
upon which enemies will come and fire.  No enemies will appear in the building
to the immediate left, on the left side of the bulldozer.  In front of the
sheet metal fence there is a stack of lumber.  Do not jump down into the open
area yet.  First, take out the two machine gunners in the building to the
right, shooting from cover and aiming down your sight.  Then shoot any enemies
in the area beyond the sheet metal fence, and then take out any enemies atop
the building on the far left.  Once these enemies are dead no more will spawn
until you jump down into the open area.  Unfortunately there is no save point
here.  When you jump down sprint immediately to the left.  There is a second
sheet metal fence here, near to your building, different than the one that the
enemies are using for cover.  There is a stack of concrete blocks behind this
one.  Behind this fence you are safe.  Aim down your sight towards the building
to the right with the two windows and slowly back away from the fence to reveal
the roof top.  Three enemies will appear here.  Take them out quick.  They will
all appear relatively quickly and if one or two are missing it simply means
that they were shot by the attack chopper "Deadly" that is circling the area
giving your team support.  There will be another marine using the fence for
cover, leaning right to fire.  Take position behind him, aim down your sight,
lean right and shoot the machine gunners in the two windows of the building to
the right.  Once they're gone, sprint to behind the cargo container.  This is
where it gets fun.  Get to the right side of the rear of the container, aim,
lean and fire again on the two windows and when done, quickly redirect fire to
the doorway below.  Continue firing on any enemies that appear here.  They will
spawn somewhere to the right of this building and enter it.  You will have many
grenades tossed at you.  If you can pick them up, just throw them anywhere -
usually over the sheet metal fence to the right of the cargo container.  Just
get rid of them.  If you can't grab them, you need to sprint back to behind the
sheet metal fence where you were before.  Once you've quelled the two windows,
proceed forward crouching, slowly.  Enemies will continue to take cover inside
the door to the right of it.  Keep your eye on that door way, go prone and
proceed forward to the edge of the container, shooting any enemy that appears
in that doorway.  You need to go prone because the enemy to the right of the
door way will hold his AK out the window and fire randomly and if you're not
prone you're going to get wasted.  Use your own grenades here.  Cook them off
for 4 ticks and toss them into the door.  Just inside the door, to the right,
is a wall edge facing you.  Bounce your grenades off of it to ensure a kill.
Once at the edge of the container you need to crouch and lean out to the right
and shoot any enemies that may be remaining behind the lumber pile.  Check the
doorway again and sprint over to the right of the doorway and take cover.  Kill
any more enemies that may have taken position by the lumber pile.  Your team
will have advanced forward with you to the lumber pile and the sheet metal
fence and will keep the area to the left of you clear of enemy.  Lean left into
the doorway and fire on any enemies that try to run up the steps across the
doorway from you - and be careful to the door to the left as enemies will fire
through it.  When the coast is relatively clear, sprint to the steps and up the
them but do not go all the way.  There are two more enemies in the room above
whether or not you shot them AND prevented more from entering.  The game is
just like that.  These enemies are tough to kill.  Stay still and keep aimed in
front of the doorway for 5 seconds.  An enemy may jump out and if you don't
blast him within a tenth of a second he will waste you.  They may lob a grenade
out into the stair way which you probably won't be able to pick up.  If they
do, sprint to the top of the steps and take position to the left side of the
doorway, turn around, and aim into the doorway.  An enemy will likely appear in
it; you need to execute him immediately or all your hard work is for naught.
There will be one more in there.  Lean in and fire quickly to kill him.  If
they don't actually throw a grenade while you're half way up the steps, cook
off a grenade of your own and throw through the doorway, bouncing it high off
of the wall across the door from you.  This may or may not kill one of the
enemies, but it will probably not kill both.  Take position to the right of the
door and lean in briefly and fire immediately.  You will be hurt, so take cover
again and recover, then lean in again, etc.  Once these two tangos are dead,
enter the room and take position by the windows to the right.  [game save]
Lean out and fire below to finish off the last remaining enemies.  You can then
jump out these windows onto some awnings below.  Pat yourself on the back.
This portion of the game is, in my opinion, the second most difficult.
[game save]  You'll go around the building that you were just in to the right
and through an alley in the distance you'll see an open area - the LZ.  As you
near the alley two tangos will be waiting in a crack to the right.  Smoke them.
Proceed forward to the LZ and board the chopper.  [game save]  You will take
off and shortly thereafter the attack chopper "Deadly" will get hit with a RPG
and crash.  You will have the Mark 19 canon again and will circle the crash
site and shoot enemies on the ground.  There is one pair of tangos on a roof
top that you must shoot, otherwise just a bunch on the ground.  Continue to
scan the alleys and shoot any enemies there.  Eventually the helicopter will
land near the crash site and you have to rescue "Deadly's" pilot.  Come out of
the chopper and aim down your sight, proceed toward "Deadly" and shoot two
tangos, one from the left and then one from the right, that run out and towards
"Deadly" away from you.  They're easy to shoot in the back.  Continue sprinting
and keep to the left of the street.  Take cover next to a door in a bombed out
building to the left and wait there for your team to catch up to you.  Push
(Tab) to check their location.  Once they're in your area, sprint out from the
door and over to "Deadly."  You have to lift the pilot out of the helicopter
and haul her back to your chopper.  The game is very forgiving on you once you
have the pilot in tow, but you do need to keep as far to the left (your left as
you run back to your chopper) as you can as you make your way back to your
heli.  As you proceed, keep strafing left to get behind more and more cover.
You will be hurt, but you will be able to take 10 times more hits before you
die when you are carrying the pilot.  Aside from those first two tangos, ignore
all enemies on this part, as you don't have time to deal with them, plus the
sooner you grab the pilot the sooner you have relative immunity.  Get aboard
the chopper and unload your clip on the mass of enemies gathering behind you.
When it is empty, switch to you grenade launcher (5) rather than trying to
reload, and unload it on the mass of enemies as you take off.  [game save]
Then, get nuked and die.  When you return to the chopper, everything around you
is nuked.  The mushroom cloud can be seen to the left of the view that you have
when you return to the level.  You will die after about 1 minute.  Mission

2.K   "Safehouse"

Objective: Capture Al-Asad

This mission begins with your team meeting with a Russian Loyalist.  He will
lead you up a hill and stop with a house in front of you and a church atop a
small ridge to your left.  [game save]  In this level you need to search a
series of houses for Al-Asad.  Ultimately he's holed-up in a barn at the way
top of the hill.  You can only skip searching one of the houses.  Only two will
be appear on your direction marker at a time.  You will also have another
feature in this level of calling in attack helicopter support on specific
targets.  Press (6) to use this feature.  A yellow target will display and you
simply shine it on a building that you want attacked, click the left mouse
button, and moments later the chopper will come and machine gun and rocket the
house.  The attack will last roughly 15 seconds and will inflict massive damage
upon the enemy in the particular house that you called to be attacked.
However, enemy will respawn very quickly so you need to make your assault into
the house during the later portion of the helicopter attack and continue
straight into the house.  Also, when finished with an attack, the chopper won't
be available for another for a brief while, perhaps 30 seconds.  Now, face the
ridge to your left and jump up on it on its left most section and sprint
forward and take cover on the left side of the church.  Crouch, aim, and lean
right to shoot several enemies that run out from the church in your field of
view.  It helps to hold your fire until they've stopped running and take
position near the rail on rail fence; unload your clip.  Beyond you is the
house that you were initially facing and a few enemies will fire at you from
the windows, the upper one being obscured by a satellite dish.  Fire through
the dish to kill the enemies, and then call in an air strike.  Next, sprint
around the corner and into the church's front door.  [game save]  Turn right
into a room and head up the steps, and then up the ladder.  You're now in the
church's bell tower.  Face the building that you were facing when you came up
the hill and take care to protect your backside from the enemies in the
building behind you, near the graveyard.  Swap out your shotgun for the
Dragunov in the tower and fire upon the enemy in the building with the
satellite dish.  Call in another air strike when the chopper is ready.
Continue to fire on the building until Gaz calls it 'all clear.'  Your team
doesn't actually have to enter this building for this to occur.  [game save]
Exit the church through the front door and turn right, and then right again at
the corner of the church.  Make your way to the very back of the grave yard.
Move through the extremities of the area, sprinting from cover behind one
tombstone to another until you've worked your way all the way around the grave
yard and take cover lying prone behind a wooden picket fence, facing the small
building in front of the graveyard.  Call in air strikes as soon as they are
available on the target building in front of you.  Beware of the gunners on the
roof of this building behind the sandbags.  When the coast is relatively clear,
make your way into the small building/structure next to the grave yard.  From
here you will advance upon the target building.  Call an air strike, and when
the enemies on the roof and in the doorway facing you seem to be quelled,
sprint up the hill towards the target house and take position to the left of
it.  You can either try to enter through the door that you just passed or you
can continue to the left and enter through another door.  If you go slow
enough, your team will have cleaned out the main level, leaving just a few
tangos upstairs.  How many are left will depend on the events preceding and
will be different during every run through, but the steps upstairs will always
present a challenge.  One strategy is to cook grenades and toss them into every
open room that you can see upstairs from the main level.  Then, slowly proceed
up the steps; they are bisected in the middle by a platform.  Regardless of
what happened up to this point, when you turn on this platform and face to go
up the second flight of stairs, ahead of you and to the right, a tango will
open the door and toss out a grenade.  Shoot him through the door quick and
then dart back down the stairs to get away from the grenade.  Gaz will call
'all clear' when there are no enemies remaining in the house.  [game save]
Exit through the southern door and sprint into the church.  Take cover as there
will be enemies outside the church, seemingly having spawned from thin air.
Your team will join you shortly.  Once the enemies are dead, head back up into
the bell tower.  Look out to the northwest, beyond the first building that you
cleared, the one with the satellite dish.  Call an air strike on the target
building beyond it.  This should clear the building.  [game save]  To the left
and up the hill from that building, beyond a burning building right in front of
you is another target.  Call an air strike on it from the church tower.
Building cleared.  [game save]  Now there are only two buildings left and one
of them does not need to be cleared.  Exit the church towards the first
building that you cleared, go through it to the far side and make your way to
the right side of the building that is to the right of the burning building.
The hill here is fairly steep.  Take the road up the hill to a small shack at
the top and hold up there.  Ahead of you is a farm field and beyond is a barn
with a couple of small buildings in front of it to the left and to the right.
There are a couple of fences surrounding the field.  Air strike the barn and
proceed into the first field from the shack, and take up position behind the
sheet metal fence.  Go prone or you'll take a head shot and die.  Let the
chopper do its thing and move left along the fence to come to an opening.  When
the area in front of the barn is somewhat clear, sprint ahead and towards the
smaller building on the left, and take cover in front of it, putting it between
you and the barn.  Move left to find a doorway into the small building.  Go in
and look up; through the ceiling floor boards you can see an enemy.  You will
have plenty of time to take him out before he turns to shoot at you.  Your team
will likely finish the rest of the enemies in the yard before you exit.  Beware
the truck in front of your building; it may be on fire and explode.  Once all
the enemies are dead, join Cpt. Price and your team in front of the barn's
small door.  Price will open it, charge in, kill two enemies and knock out Al-
Asad.  [game save]  Price will interrogate Al-Asad.  Mission accomplished.  

2.L   "All Ghillied Up"

Objective: Proceed to the hotel overlooking the nuke exchange.

This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable missions in the game.  It is a
flashback of Cpt. Price's to 15 years ago when he and Cpt. MacMillan
assassinated Imran Zhakaev, the one-armed bald man from "The Coup" who will now
play a central roll in the game.  Follow MacMillian; if you've played this
mission before you'll know where to go but if you get too far ahead of him,
he'll stop moving.  At the beginning he'll lead you a ways to a clearing with
two enemies.  After he tells you to take one out while the other's not looking,
shoot the one on the right.  MacMillan will shoot the other one.  Next he'll
lead you to a position behind a house with 4 tangos inside, and one outside
around the corner to the right.  You can either shoot the enemy or wait for him
to go back inside.  Either way works fine, but if you decide to shoot him you
must wait until he's between the tree and the car (shoot him through the two
tree trunks) or else a bit later the guards will notice his body and come after
you.  Next there will be a lookout tower to the right with a guard walking in
circles in side of it.  Wait until MacMillan asks "Do you have a shot?" before
you actually take the shot.  Also, there will be a lone guard on the ground
moving towards you.  Shoot him.  [There are game saves all over this level]
Nest MacMillan will lead you through a church.  There are stinger missiles
inside.  An enemy helicopter will pass by over head shortly after you exit the
church.  You may be tempted to grab a stinger and show that chopper who's boss.
 Don't bother.  It may be possible though I've never shot the damned thing down
on Veteran difficulty.  The only thing that may work is to grab a stinger and
head to the right of the church and up into the tower.  Face toward the grave
yard, aim the stinger and get ready for the chopper to fly by.  Get a lock on
and fire the stinger.  The chopper will always use flares to dodge the first
stinger missile, and being up the tower you can immediately grab another
stinger to the left.  Once you fire the missile the game will auto-switch your
weapon for you, so immediately press either (1) or (2) to switch back to the
stinger that you just picked up.  Aim, lock on, and fire.  You'll probably be
told that you don't have enough room to fire; that is what happened in all of
my attempts.  A split second thereafter, you are shot dead by the chopper which
has turned around by now, or you've fallen through the opening in the floor to
your death trying to maneuver for a shot.  There is seemingly no point in
shooting this chopper down, though I cannot say for sure.  It will probably
just alert the enemy to your presence.  In any case, if you want to get through
the level easy just ignore the stingers and run out of the other side of the
church into the grave yard and go prone in the shadow cast by the wall ahead of
you.  The chopper will pass overhead and fly away.  MacMillan will lead you for
a ways, over a pipe and then command you to get down.  Ahead over a small ridge
a gaggle of enemies will come walking along with two troop carriers.  You have
to go prone and sneak through this line of enemies.  If you try to go to the
left or right around them you'll enter the radioactive zone which will kill you
in roughly ten seconds.  You must sneak through the enemy line.  Just as
MacMillan says, move to avoid the paths of the soldiers, and try to anticipate
those paths.  You can continue to move forward but it must be a fragmented
movement; if you just hold down the forward button you'll get most of the way
through them and then they'll spot you.  They'll also spot you if you look up
at the sky (seeing your gun pointed up in the air).  Once you are past the line
a good distance MacMillan will say, "Let's go," or something to that extent.
At this point you can hold down the forward button and cruise.  Eventually you
come over the ridge and MacMillan will stand and lead you to cover behind some
bombed-out troop carriers.  There are four tangos to deal with here.  He'll
offer you the choice to shoot them or sneak around.  Shooting them is easy
enough and is faster than sneaking.  Two enemies are to the right of your
position tossing bodies into a mud puddle.  Two more are across the puddle from
your position and are slowly moving left around it towards your position.  They
have to be shot before the ones by the mud puddle.  Shoot the one behind
(right) the other one.  MacMillan will then shoot the one to the left.  Now you
must shoot the two disposing of bodies.  MacMillan will tell you to wait until
he gets in to position and will do so quickly, and then tell you that he's in
position.  Shoot the one on the right and MacMillan will immediately shoot the
one on the left.  Now the coast is clear; follow MacMillan.  around the puddle
to the next area.  If you want to sneak, just head out from your position to
the left and go prone to signal to MacMillan that you want to sneak.  If you've
played the level before then you should generally know where to go - around the
puddle to the right.  If you're unfamiliar with this portion of the level, just
let MacMillan lead you.  The same rules apply for this sneak.  Move in short
bursts and keep your rifle out of the air.  You will arrive in the same spot
either way.  MacMillan will take position beside a container just shy of a
tango, and he'll tell you that this one is "his," but you can shoot that enemy
if you like.  Next MacMillan will tell you to stay put.  He'll look ahead
through some containers and tell you that the coast is clear ahead.  Turn right
around the containers.  This part can be tricky.  After you turn right there
are a couple of guards in an area to the right and they will spot you if you
hang around too long.  After you've turned right you can see a container with
one side stacked on top of another container and the other side on the ground.
The container underneath has an open door that you need to enter and walk
through.  MacMillan likes to stop before entering that container and look at
the enemies for a bit.  Just go right into the container and wait for him.
You'll proceed forward through a series of containers and MacMillan will open
the door of the last one slightly to spy a "convention" of enemies.  This part
is easy.  Just follow MacMillan's instructions to the letter.  Nothing special.
Sprint as necessary to keep up with him.  He'll lead you up behind a concrete
wall where.  On the other side there is an enemy sniper up on a fire escape.
 MacMillan claims that he'll give away your position if you don't shoot him.
 This isn't true.  You can sneak to the right out of the sniper's sight, up the
first flight of steps below him and through the window into the building.
Unfortunately, MacMillan won't move unless you shoot the sniper so you have to
do it.  He'll then lead you eventually to a hallway where on the other side an
attack dog is gorging on the corps of an enemy.  You have to keep your distance
from this dog or he'll attack you, and if you shoot it many more attack dogs
will come after you.  Keep your distance and go around it to either the right
or the left where MacMillan will lead you into another building.  There are no
more enemies on this level.  Follow MacMillan for a long while.  Mission

2.M   "One Shot, One Kill"

Objective: Assassinate Zakhaev and reach extraction point

This is, in my opinion, the most difficult mission in the game.  Shooting
Zakhaev is pretty easy, though.  Press (F) to get in position behind the .50
cal. sniper rifle.  MacMillan will relay instructions about many things, the
only one of which that concerns you is wind speed.  Zoom straight ahead where
the enemies are gathering.  One of the trucks has a red flag attached to it by
which you can gauge wind speed.  Zakhaev will arrive and notice that he has two
arms...  The wind will not die down for a long while and in the mean time a
helicopter will obscure your view.  Just wait for it to pass.  You'll see the
enemy again and eventually Zakhaev will appear to be frustrated about something
and will throw up his arms.  Now is your chance for a straight shot.  If you
shoot before the wind dies down the bullet will fly wide right by quite a
margin.  I suppose that it is possible to adjust for windage though I've never
hit him trying, and waiting for the wind to die down is easy enough.  When it
does die down, the flag will not be completely still but will mostly fall down
against the little pole to which it is attached.  Take your shot now.  You will
blow off Zhakaev's arm.  Remember that you're playing as Cpt. Price at this
moment, back when he was a Lt.  After you shoot Zhakaev that attack helicopter
will return.  Shoot it in the cockpit to make it go down.  You might want to
zoom out a bit for this shot.  After this, get ready for Spartan-style
maaaadness.  [game save]  MacMillan will lead you across the floor and you will
repel down to the ground.  Equip the G3.  Don't worry about the timer as you
won't use half of it.  The next section of this level would be difficult if not
for the following strategy.  When you repel down the rope MacMillan will lead
you on a brief jog and around a short concrete wall.  [game save]  Your target
is an apartment building across an open area strewn with old cars to the left
and buses to the right, and a patch of grass, shrubs, and evergreen trees in
the middle.  Sprint forward into the patch of brush and get in close to the
farthest tree and go prone.  With your ghillie suit you can crawl forward in
the grass unnoticed by the enemy.  Just like before, you must proceed forward
briefly and stop to avoid being seen.  Press forward for a second and stop for
a second.  Repeat until you reach the end of the grassy area where the concrete
begins.  By now MacMillan should have advanced as far to the target building as
you and will be either right or left, blasting away.  When you reach the
concrete sprint forward.  Don't stand up, just press (Shift) from the prone
position to run forward.  The apartment door that you are heading to should
still be directly ahead across another open area.  There is a building to the
right and one a bit closer to the left.  When you begin your sprint you will be
hurt but you should be able to make it.  When you cross the threshold of the
building to the left, strafe left to take a bit of cover from it.  There is a
brown picket fence that will force you to move right to get to the goal.  Just
run for it.  It shouldn't take too many tries to get there.  Once inside the
door, [game save] take the first left and you'll have to stop in that hallway
in front of a closed door.  Wait there for MacMillan; he will arrive shortly.
[game save]  MacMillan will open the door.  Follow him through a few doors and
jump out a window and directly into another one.  To the left is an attack dog
behind a chain link fence.  He will not attack you just yet.  MacMillan will
lead you through a few doors and then stop in a door way, crouch, turn around
and face the door that you just came through.  Do the same and wait for the
dog, and shoot it as soon as it appears.  After it is dead MacMillan will lead
you through several more doors and hallways until you come to a doorway through
which you will see a chain link fence and several tangos moving behind it.
They will not see you.  MacMillan will continue through the door and to the
right.  He will tell you to place a claymore near the door ahead.  Don't
bother.  Stay right where you are and pick off a few tangos through the fence.
They won't take notice of you there.  Reload your G3 and proceed forward and to
the right.  Exit the building and sprint across the open area and take cover to
the right of the building in front of you.  There will be a couple more tangos
in the open area.  Assist MacMillan in finishing off the two remaining tangos.
You will likely have a grenade thrown in your general direction.  Dart right,
keeping behind the building, to avoid the grenade.  Just then an attack
helicopter will appear over the open area.  You must snipe this chopper.  Step
out from your cover, aim down your sight, and shoot the ball atop the rotor of
the helicopter to bring it down.  It may take several hits.  It will crash and
slide forward and hit MacMillan.  Be sure to avoid the chopper as it crashes or
it will kill you.  His leg is hurt and he cannot walk, and you have to carry
him.  Press (F) to pick him up and continue west down the corridor.
[game save]  Just like before when you carried the downed pilot, the game is
rather forgiving with the damage.  Take the second left.  Before you turn left
two tangos will appear ahead of you and will shoot you and you will be hurt.
MacMillan will tell you to put him down so that he can cover you.  Don't
bother.  You're much more likely to be killed if you stop and fight.  Instead
just keep going.  You'll get hit but likely won't die.  After you've gone left,
turn right and hug the wall to your right.  Two more tangos will fire upon you
from the left.  Continue past an alley to your right and you'll come to some
impassable brush that will force you walk left, then turn right through the
opening and into the apartment directly ahead.  Inside, walk down the hallway
and turn right into a burned room.  [game save]  Go through the door to the
right, then down the hallway and left through another door.  Proceed left
through this room and then through the next one and out.  Go right and around
the railing and enter the only open door to the right.  [game save]  This spot
is a tad difficult and I have two strategies for you to try.  When you enter
there may or may not be an attack dog in the room across from you, but he won't
attack yet if he is.  Set MacMillan down between the two doors in this room; he
may actually be useful in this position but don't count on it.  In the hallway
to the right are two tangos, one at each end, waiting for you to step out so
that they can waste you, and they will in a millisecond.  Go to the door to the
right and take position to the right of it.  Look towards the door, down the
hallway, and lean right.  You should be able to see part of the enemy down the
hallway.  Unload on him.  He won't fire on you at first because he won't see
you.  Hopefully you'll kill him.  If not, he'll enter the room on the other
side of the hallway.  Now go to the other side of the door and repeat the
process for the tango at that end of the hallway.  He'll also go into the room
across the hallway if you don't kill him.  Oh yeah, and the attack dog may come
barking at you at any point during this phase.  MacMillan may kill it but it
isn't guaranteed.  Proceed into the hallway and take position to the left of
the first door.  Lean left and check for an enemy in the corner of that room
hugging against the wall shared by the room and the hallway.  If he is there,
blast.  Be prepared for a dog attack at any moment.  In this strategy there
will be two dogs.  If you hear one barking, immediately back into a corner of
whatever room you're in and cover the door that you think the dog will most
likely come through.  The sound of the barking should give an indication.  Hold
the trigger until the dog yelps (is dead).  The last tango, if not killed in
the hallway, will be in the other room, kitty corner from the first one that
you entered.  You can try to kill him with a cooked-off grenade that you bounce
off of the furniture visible through either door way.  Other wise, lean in and
shoot immediately.  Once both tangos are dead, expect another attack dog
through the far door leading out of that last room.  Back away from the door
while aiming at it and when the dog enters, squeeze the trigger until it is
dead.  Now you can go back and pick up Cpt. MacMillan and proceed through that
last door, down the burned out rubble and through the door.  Strategy 2: When
you enter that first room, immediately place MacMillan in the first doorway to
the right into the hallway.  Don't go into the hallway, just get close enough
to the door that when you put MacMillan down he'll be just inside the hallway.
He will kill one of the tangos in the hallway immediately and will likely kill
the other one when the other one accidentally steps into his field of view
while you're forcing him to move about.  Don't worry about MacMillan, he will
not die.  The bad part of this strategy is that now you have four attack dogs
with which to contend and the first one will attack as soon as you put down
MacMillan.  If you get MacMillan far enough out into the hallway, the first dog
will be forced to go around through the room to your left in order to attack.
Back into the corner away from each door, train your gun on the left door and
blast the mutt when he comes running in.  The other three dogs will come
sporadically as you move about.  When you hear one barking immediately back
into the nearest corner and get ready to shoot at a doorway.  If you're trying
this strategy and the first dog is jumping up on  you before you've even put
MacMillan down, just put him down, let the dog bite you, and try again.  Once
the fourth dog is killed, pick up the Cpt. and move to the far room, down, and
out the door to the right.  [game save]  Ahead of you is an apartment door.
Enter it.  Take a right into the shower area and navigate to the exit.  You
will come out in the pool area.  Ahead of you is the empty pool, specifically
the deep end.  Put MacMillan down on the pool deck near the far corner of the
deep end.  Look over the ledge.  Two tangos are slowly walking to the left on
the ground below.  Now go back towards MacMillan.  You can hear the sound of
attack dogs chowing down in the deep end right in front of you.  Simply
approach the edge of the pool and the dogs will be triggered to run to the
shallow end, up on to the deck, and directly out of the pool area and will
attack and kill the two tangos outside.  The enemies may kill a dog or two but
will eventually die.  Whatever dogs remain will run off to the right and will
be gone.  Pick up MacMillan and exit the pool area through the same gap that
the dogs took.  Turn right and straight ahead of you is a fair ground with a
ferris wheel.  You'll need to set down MacMillan on the small ridge to the
right of the ferris wheel.  The area will be on your target marker as well as
being illuminated yellow.   You may want to explore this area a bit before you
put him down because once you do, you'll have 30 seconds before he activates
the homing beacon and the enemies start flooding in by the dozens, and once
you're at this point the timer goes away.  Take a look to the left of where
MacMillan wants you to put him.  There is a lone tree at the top of the ridge.
There is one save point left in this mission and you will take cover behind
that tree until the next save point.  Now press (6) to take out your claymores
and place them on the slope in front of your cover tree.  Space them out a bit
having the furthest ones out just at the base of the slope and the closest ones
just a couple of feet in front of your cover tree.  Don't worry, the claymores
only blast outward and also take note that you cannot trigger them yourself.
30 seconds should be plenty of time to set up the claymores.  Now crouch just
to the left of the tree so that you can see the corridor to the right of the
pool area.  The first few waves of enemies will come from this direction.  When
they do, MacMillan will tell you to let them get a bit closer and you should.
Fire upon them with your sniper rifle.  Fire for the first and second wave and
then get behind your tree and hug up against it as close as you can in the
crouch position.  Most enemies will come at you from the right, and mostly they
will take position on the platform of the ferris wheel though a few will stop
and shoot at you from the right of the bumper cars far in the distance.  Other
enemies will come right up to the tree and fire upon you and that is why you
placed all of your claymores in that spot - they will kill most of those
enemies.  If grenades are tossed at you throw them back if at all possible
otherwise sprint towards MacMillan and go prone behind him, then sprint back to
your position behind the tree.  If you're doing it right, you'll be hugged up
behind the tree such that you need to lean to the right to fire upon most of
the enemies that take position on the ferris wheel's platform, but not so far
to the left behind the tree that you're exposed to the enemies in front of
MacMillan's position.  If you are hurt, go prone and don't move until you're
better.  If an enemy is very close to the tree there will be tons of bits of
wood falling off of it and you'll hear all the bullets hitting it in rapid
succession.  In this case, as soon as you get up from prone position into a
crouch you need to fire immediately to take out the enemy that is standing in
front of the tree either to the slight left or right.  You'll likely be hurt
again so go prone again and wait it out.  Eventually things will die down a bit
and MacMillan will tell you that enemy helicopters are flying in
reinforcements.  [game save]  Now you need to mop up one or two remaining
enemies in your immediate vicinity and sprint out from your location.  Head
forward into the open area with the cars and to the right.  There is a corridor
between the building in the center of the area and the building that creates
the right hand boundary of this level.  You will take position in the far
corner of this area.  Here is a screenshot with a red arrow where you should go
prone and face back the direction you came, towards the bumper cars:
[]  There is a
nook where that far building juts out a bit for the patio spaces.  Take
position in that nook such that there is wall behind you and wall to the right.
Aim back in the direction that you came.  In this position enemies will not
come from the near right, nor will they come down the corridor that you're
looking back down, but you must remain in this exact spot - if you creep to the
right then enemies will begin to appear from the immediate right and in the
corridor that you're looking down.  A handful will, however, take position in
the vicinity of the bumper cars behind the white picket fence.  These enemies
will almost certainly not be able to hit you in your prone position, and they
are very easy to kill with your sniper rifle.  Here is a screenshot of that
view, with red dots where enemies will take position:
[]  Note that
your sniper rounds will fire through the fence, killing the enemies that squat
behind it on the dot to the right.  Don't save your ammo; you have more that
you'll need.  When not aiming down your sight, you'll see a helicopter icon on
your compass with a distance counter underneath it.  This his how many meters
away is the helicopter.  Once it is 1,000 - 2,000 meters away you should sprint
down the corridor a little ways and take cover in the nook to the right -
again, a small corner that is created by the building to the right by a section
that juts out roughly 4 feet.  From here lean out and pick off a few more
enemies in the area of the bumper cars and wait for the helicopter to land.
Once it lands, a group of 6 marines will come out and take up position at the
back of the helicopter.  Now is your chance - the enemy will be focused on
those helicopter troops allowing you to sprint all the way over to MacMillan,
pick him up, and return to the helicopter.  As  you sprint through the
crossfire you absolutely *must* strafe left and right as you move forward.
This throws off the enemy's aim though you will still get hit and will probably
get hurt.  Even though this strategy is the best that I have found for this
particular section of the game, you may need to try 3 to 5 times before you
complete it.  Just keep at it as you will succeed eventually.  Run to
MacMillan, pick him up, and back to the chopper and in the back door.  The
pilot of the chopper will, at some point long before you pick up MacMillan,
tell you that you have thirty seconds to get aboard.  If the marines start to
get back in before you get in don't worry.  You can get in right up until the
heli lifts off.  Again, with MacMillan in your arms the game is forgiving with
the amount of damage that you can take.  In the heli you will set MacMillan
down; turn around and empty your clip at the enemy and once it's gone, lob any
grenades that you have left.  The heli will lift off.  Mission accomplished.
Congrats, this is the hardest part of the game.  **I have received emails about
the strategy detailed in other guides regarding the ticket booths.  They say
to go prone inside a ticket booth and wait for the helicopter.  The walls 
will protect you from grenade fire unless one is tossed right in the doorway.
However, the booth is so small that you can pick them up immediately and throw
them away and the only real danger comes from tangos that may appear outside 
the door to shoot you.  I have read this strategy previously and, in a couple
of dozen attempts, it has never worked for me.  I am always killed by a
grenade - usually one that I cannot locate.  In fact, that this strategy has
never worked for me is the prime reason why I wrote this guide.  If the ticket
booth strategy works for you, great.  It is probably easier than the one that
I detail above.  Whatever gets you through the level is good enough.**

2.N   "Heat"

Objective: Reach landing zone

This mission is fairly intense.  You'll begin by defending the cliff in front
of the church that you used in "Safehouse."  Run to the white fence and go
prone under the third section of fence from the right.  [game save]  Don't fire
at the first wave of enemy walking towards you as Gaz will blow them to bits
with pre-placed C4.  There will be several waves of enemy.  Continue to fire
with the M249.  If you are hurt, retreat backwards until you're better, then go
forward again and continue assaulting the enemy position.  When you need to
reload, retreat back as it takes a while to reload the M249 and you might as
well not be shot at while you're doing it.  Fire in short bursts to keep your
aim true.  Save your grenades and throw back any that you can that the enemy
tosses at you.  When the enemy throws smoke grenades fire into the areas in
which you remember the enemy to be moving.  An alternative strategy is to go
into the church tower behind you and fire the mass of RPGs down on the enemy.
You'll be safer from this position as well.  Eventually Gaz will call for a
retreat and order you to man the minigun inside the downed helicopter.
[game save]  This gun has to get wound-up before it actually fires, and it
overheats if you hold the trigger for too long.  So fire in bursts and let go
of the trigger for a second in between to prevent over heating.  When Gaz calls
the retreat you need to sprint back to the chopper, enter from the far side,
and grab the gun.  Wind it up but don't fire until your team has cleared the
area.  Most enemies will come through the smoke grenades that they tossed
straight at you but many will enter the church and go around it to the right
side of your field of view, and they need to be killed or they will kill you.
Don't try to aim into each church window; just rake the whole side of it and to
the right of the building, but spend most of your time firing on your previous
position.  You may leave the minigun before Gaz tells you to fall back if
you're having trouble surviving until then.  [game save]  Next you are
commanded to go to the house directly behind you, up the stairs and to use the
C4 detonators placed in the windows.  There are four of them and the areas of
their emplacement are marked on the terrain outside with yellow circles.  If
you actually wait for the enemy to tread into these areas you're likely to get
cut down.  Grab each one and blow it immediately unless your own team is within
their vicinity.  When all are exploded exit the house through the back door on
the second level and sprint to the right, around the fence and up the hill to
the small shack.  You'll likely be hurt during this sprint so get behind the
shack for cover and continue to run towards the barn.  There is a ditch with a
culvert to the right side of the field, directly behind the barn, through which
you can pass in relative safety.  Get into the barn and grab the Javelin.
[game save]  There are 4 tanks to destroy.  The Javelin will track them even if
they are obscured by other objects such as the small building directly in front
of the barn door.  You'll be relatively safe directly in front of the barn
door.  Lock on to each tank and destroy it.  [game save]  When they are gone go
back into the barn and swap the Javelin back for whatever weapon you swapped it
for initially.  Against the wall to the right are several G36Cs and I suggest
that you swap them for the sniper rifle.  You also have the option to call in
air support via fighter-bombers by pressing (7).  If you use it, don't
concentrate on it too much because you need to be in an exposed position to aim
and those enemy bullets are too accurate.  The pilot of your ride out of there
is going to tell you that the top of the hill is too hot and to get back down
to the bottom, all the way to where you were originally firing upon the enemy,
and you have only 4 minutes to get there.  This part is fairly difficult but is
possible to complete in not too many attempts and there are several save points
down the hill.  The enemy will be assaulting directly through the field ahead
and will also be coming in small waves through the field to your right when
looking out the barn door.  This will be your escape route.  Before entering
the small building, aim through the window and eliminate the enemy already
inside.  Then, get into it and look out the back door.  [game save]  In the
distance you will see roughly 8 enemy making their way around the field towards
your position.  Plant a few claymores outside the door and then get against the
wall to the left in the prone position and train your sight on the back door.
Sooner or later that wave of enemy will enter through the door, the first of
which will be taken out by your claymores.  Mow them down with the M249 and
when they are gone head out that door.  Take note that the remainder of your
team will not die no matter what and you need to ditch them to get down the
hill.  They attract a lot of enemy fire and if you stay around them you're
going to get shot.  So proceed to the left out the door in the ditch and
sprint.  Don't bother to stop and shoot anything; you'll get wasted.  You need
to run down the hill and strafe left and right as much as you can to put large
objects in between you and the enemy.  Ahead of you and to the slight right is
a brick building.  Sprint through the gap in the fence to the right and through
the dead cows and get to the right of that building for cover.  Take a 3 second
breather here.  Straight ahead of you there is a gap in the steel guard rail -
sprint through it and beyond the concrete structure and veer to the left.
You'll cross in front of a couple of cars and then turn right across the road
(if you continue left along the road you'll meet a group of enemy that will
waste you instantly) and jump over the steel guard rail and land in front of a
burned out building.  Go to the left side of the building and continue down the
hill veering left.  Eventually you'll come to some razor wire to the left and
brush in front of you.  Head right along the brush and get through the gap
between it and a brown picket fence to the right.  Continue through the trees
towards your target.  If you are hurt during this phase go prone in the tall
grass and continue to crawl down hill.  You'll come to the left-most side of
the white rail on rail fence through which you were firing at the beginning of
this mission.  Jump over it and run down the steep section to grab cover behind
the gas station below.  Sprint to the left and into the gas station.  There is
a closet to the right side of the interior of the gas station.  Take cover
inside; though the enemies in this lower part of the map are not particularly
thick, there are some and they will, of course, waste you if you stand out in
the open and even inside the gas station.  Shortly the helicopter will land in
front of the station.  Wait until the marines pile out the back and dash into
it.  I suppose that it is possible to be killed while waiting in the heli for
your team to make it down the hill though it has never happened to me in
several attempts at this level.  Check out SSgt. Griggs.  Wasn't he with you in
the middle east when you got nuked?  Hmmm...  Eventually your team will arrive
and you will lift off.  Empty the M249 into the hillside at the enemy.  Mission

2.O   "Sins of the Father"

Objective: Capture Zakhaev's son

Remember that guy in the blue jumpsuit from the car ride in "The Coup?"  This
mission is relatively easy.  Begin by following your team through the junk yard
and hop onto the dumpster as Price commands.  When he gives the order, shoot
the two guards in the guard tower ahead to begin the assault.  Chill on the
right side of the building in front of you for a bit while your team takes care
of most of the enemies.  You're setting up an ambush for Zakhaev Jr.
Eventually you'll need to reenter the fight in order to finish off the enemy.
There are two tangos on the right side of the roof of the building across from
you as well as 2-3 inside the building itself.  They won't pay much attention
to you.  Kill them with your rifle.  [game save]  When the game cuts back in
you'll be in the guard tower with Griggs.  Swap your .45 for the G36C.  Wait
for Price's order to fire upon Zakhaev Jr's convoy.  You don't even have to
shoot for this portion of the mission to progress; you may as well crouch in
the back corner of the tower and save your ammo.  Eventually Zakhaev Jr's jeep
will ram the guard tower and it will come crashing down.  You'll awake to a cut
scene wherein you're laying on the ground, dazed, and you see Zakhaev Jr exit
the jeep and run off into the junk yard.  You need to follow him and you need
to sprint as much as you can or he'll get away.  A helicopter will follow him
and tell you where he's headed.  Get into the junkyard in pursuit.  On the back
side of the yard is a building through which one attack dog will come.  When
you hear it bark, stop and train your sight on the door.  Smoke the dog and
sprint through the building.  Turn right on the other side and pursue the
target down the road.  He'll stop a little ways ahead while you have a battle
with a group of his men.  [game save]  Enter the building on the right side of
the road and make your way to the back of it.  Get to the left side of the last
door (to the outside), crouch, aim down your sight, lean right and fire upon
the enemy.  Alternatively you can fire out the window, going prone after each
burst to dodge the enemy fire and then standing up for another round.  You'll
have a Russian RPD from the tower; put it to good use.  Eventually Griggs will
push forward to behind a concrete barrier slightly in front of your position.
Go out the door and take cover against the building in front of you.
[game save]  Zakhaev Jr. is going to make a run for it.  Not bothering to shoot
during this maneuver, you need to sprint across the street, then to the right,
then turn left into an alley, then right, and then finally another left.  In
front of you is a sheet metal fence with gaps in it and on the other side you
can spy several enemies.  [game save]  They will not see you.  Turn right and
go around the building.  Around the second corner are two tangos chatting,
unaware of your presence.  Lean around the corner and put them down quickly.
You are facing into the area that you initially saw beyond the sheet metal
fence and to the right is building with some steps going up.  Eliminate as many
of the tangos in the yard as you can and head over to the steps, and then 3/4
of the way up them.  There are two enemies inside the door.  Cook off a grenade
and toss it in, bouncing it off the wall inside.  Once both of those enemies
are dead the pilot of the heli that is providing you guidance will tell you
that "you got them."  Go back down the steps and underneath them, taking cover
against the wall to the right.  Lean out and fire upon the enemy taking cover
behind the short brick wall (if he's still there) and upon the two enemies on
the rooftop of the building in front of you.  When they are gone sprint through
the gap in the brick wall and to the right.  There is one tango hiding behind
the dumpster in the middle of the corridor.  Don't bother with cover here, just
proceed slowly and hit him when he tries to run back and into the alley to the
left.  [game save]  This part is a bit tricky and can be accomplished in a
variety of ways.  You must keep advancing so as not to lose Zakhaev Jr.  There
are two enemies around the corner to the left.  Take cover against the wall to
your left and lean out.  One enemy is behind a dumpster on the right side of
the alley and the other is behind a barrel behind him.  If you lean out too far
for a shot at one, the other will waste you.  Lean out a bit and take the one
behind the dumpster.  This will cause the other one to retreat behind a corner
to your left, at the end of the alley.  Grenades will be tossed at you during
this whole section.  Throw them back if possible otherwise retreat.  Advance
down the alleyway and lean out from the building to your left and fire
immediately.  There is a car against the left wall directly in front of you and
a tango to the right of it and one behind it.  Shoot the one standing to the
right of the car immediately after leaning out.  His gun is trained on your
position so speed is critical.  Dodge grenades.  Run out and crouch in front of
the green car and shoot the tango beyond through the car's windows.  There may
be one more tango further down the alley.  Eliminate him.  Sprint to the steps
at the end of the alley and into the parking lot.  [game save]  Across it is a
building with enemies in fortified positions.  Take cover behind the first car
if you are hurt (this car will eventually explode so you'll need to advance in
any case), or proceed further ahead and take cover behind the low brick wall
(go prone).  Your helicopter will smash the enemy�s positions with its minigun.
[game save]  Sprint inside the building through the door on its left side and
up the steps to the second door.  Proceed through the door ahead and turn left.
There are 2 tangos in the room ahead; one of them may charge your position.  At
this point you don't need to worry about losing Zakhaev Jr so take your time
with the enemies in these rooms.  Take cover, aim down your sight, lean out and
fire.  When those two are gone a third will enter the room that they were in
from the left side.  Have your sight trained on this position before he enters
and waste him.  [game save]  Go into the door from which he came and go right.
There are 4 tangos in the room ahead and the first will advance in your
direction.  Do what you know how to do to take them out.  There are no more
tangos on this floor.  Make your way through this floor and up the steps.  At
this point you're on the top floor and it's roof is mostly missing.  Your
support heli can and will blast all tangos on this floor, though it take a
short while.  Fire on the enemy as you wish but be warned that they have good
cover and have you trained in quite well.  When the heli is finished continue
to the other side of the building and up the steps.  Zakhaev Jr. is cornered on
a low roof section outside of your position.  He is going to shoot himself no
matter what you do.  Mission accomplished.

2.P   "Ultimatum"

Objective: Infiltrate nuclear missile launch facility

You will begin this mission on a dirt road.  Griggs strayed away from your
group during the parachute drop and needs to be recovered before you press on
to the facility.  Proceed forward down the dirt road.  Soon a vehicle will
approach, stop and 1-2 enemies will exit the vehicle.  They will be taken by
Gaz and Price unless you're far ahead of them.  Further down the road you will
spot 3 enemies far in the distance with flash lights.  Keep your distance and
take them out.  It works best to hold your fire until two of the enemies are
very near to each other so that you can hit them in rapid succession.
[game save]  Proceed to a house to search.  Price will open the door.  Go left
and up the stairs.  Take out the tango in front of you with his back turned.
Go right into the next room and then right again up another flight of stairs.
[game save]  Turn around at the top of the stairs and snipe the tango in the
room across from you.  He is sitting in a chair with his back to you.  Around
the corner to the left another tango will be waiting.  He may charge out; kill
him.  Griggs is not in this house so go down stairs and stand by the door where
Price is waiting.  [game save]  He'll tell you to go take a look at the next
house.  Instead, turn around and go into the room behind you, and then to the
window to the left.  Outside you will see an enemy guard smoking with his back
to you.  Shoot him in the head, and fire a few shots into the shack just beyond
him.  This should trigger the next battle.  Head back upstairs and to the end
of the hallway and shoot out the window upon the enemy below.  You'll have the
opportunity to take out as many as three tangos.  Pay attention to the one that
stands in the doorway of the house across from you as he'll be aiming at you.
When there are no more enemies at which to shoot, head back downstairs.  You
may still hear one attack dog growling.  At the bottom of the steps turn left
and slowly proceed towards the door with your sights aimed at it and low for
the dog.  Gaz will probably be standing in the doorway and may take out the dog
before you get a chance at it.  Follow the team outside and to the next door.
Price will open it.  There are no enemies on the ground floor.  Find the steps
and go upstairs.  You will hear Griggs being interrogated by the enemy.  There
are no enemies outside of the room from which you hear the voices.  Price will
blow open the door and rush in, killing the tango inside.  Untie Griggs.
[game save]  Head back downstairs and outside, turn right and head for the
electric tower.  Enemy helicopters will pass overhead and you don't need to go
prone to avoid them.  Plant your explosives on the electric tower, back away
and detonate the C4.  To the right of the tower Gaz will cut a hole in the
fence; proceed through.  Follow the dirt road ahead and veer slightly to the
left to find a gap in the barrier ahead and jump through it.  Enter the
building directly in front of you and take cover to the left side of the garage
door in the wall ahead of you.  Enemy will come out of the building across the
open area from you.  Shoot any red barrels within your line of sight now so
that they will not pose a danger to you as you advance by them later.  Kill 5-7
tangos and then enemies wielding RPGs will appear on the roof top of the
building to the left of the open area.  Shoot them.  Next, enemies will arrive
via helicopter.  Shoot them as they repel down the rope to the extent possible.
You have to hit them high up on the rope just as they grab a hold of it,
otherwise they slide down too fast for any reliable shot.  Stay in your
position and continue to fire.  Eventually Gaz will give the "all clear."
[game save]  Proceed across the open area and to the left and enter another
building.  You will have a brief firefight with the enemies outside.  You may
elect to climb the steps at the back of the building so as to fire upon the
enemy from above.  In fact, this is the best strategy for this part of the
level.  The first wave will arrive via helicopter and are highly vulnerable
just as they hit the ground.  Wipe them out.  [game save]  There are roughly 6
of them.  You may need to go back downstairs to trigger the next wave.  They
will come out from the building in front of you, to the right of the guard
tower.  Eliminate them.  You will mostly be ignored from the second floor while
the rest of your team is on the ground.  Also, there are several sets of red,
explosive barrels throughout this level.  From your vantage point on the second
floor I recommend that you shoot all of them that you can see to explode them.
They pose much more of a threat to you than they do to the enemy and you might
as well take them out now before the game saves again.  Head back downstairs
and into the open area.  Enter the building to the right of the guard tower.
Out the back door and to the right are two buildings in which the enemy will
take position.  Right away, two enemies will appear on the roof of the building
to the left.  Remain inside the doorway and take them out first.  You will have
to deal with grenades throughout this level.  Stay inside the doorway and deal
with two waves of enemies coming out of the building on the left, behind and to
the right of the parked troop transports.  There are a series of wooden crates
in the open area through which you can shoot.  Three attack dogs will make
there way towards your doorway and will likely attack Gaz just outside of it.
Blast them.  When the coast is clear sprint out and into the building to the
right and up the stairs, and then around the plank to the right side of the
building.  Two army trucks loaded with enemies will arrive in the corridor to
the right below.  Aim and shoot the enemies as soon as they pile out the back
of the first truck, then mop up the remainder from the second truck.  You will
be more of a target in this portion of the mission than during previous ones.
When the enemy is eliminated head back downstairs and in the direction from
which the army trucks came.  [game save]  Two US snipers will appear out of the
grass and provide cover for you in the next part of the mission.  Just then two
nukes will launch.  Run along the dirt road and come to a gate.  Mission

2.Q   "All In"

Objective: Penetrate missile complex outer defenses.

You will begin this mission by entering a fenced-in area through a gate
directly ahead of you.  Take cover behind the first containers to the right,
and proceed to the right side of the last container.  Aim down your sight, lean
out, and fire on 4 enemies that will be arriving in your line of sight very
soon.  Dodge grenades.  Eventually a troop carrier will arrive just a tad to
the left of your field of view when you lean out from behind the container, and
you can shoot newly-spawned troops running in from beyond the troop carrier.
Price will be yelling for you to throw smoke grenades so that you can approach
the troop carrier more safely to plant C4 on the back of it, but don't do that
just yet.  You need to suppress the enemy more before you make your advance on
the carrier, which will cut you to shreds with its top-mounted machine gun.
Sprint out to the right of your cover into the gap between it and the
containers to the left and sprint forward to take cover behind another
container directly in front of that gap.  Immediately turn left and be prepared
to shoot tangos that have pushed forward into your field of view.  Now throw
your smoke grenades by pressing (4).  Throw all of them into the area to the
left of the container that you're currently behind.  Give them a moment to fill
the area with smoke and proceed out in the crouched position.  Head towards the
rear of the troop carrier - it is marked on your compass and you should
remember its general location as well as it will not move.  Plant the C4 on the
back of the carrier and keep moving beyond it.  You don't need to get too far
away to blow the C4.  [game save]  **[Alternative strategy submitted by
Mr. Waulrus]**  Instead of entering the gate at the start of this mission, go
all the way around the fenced-in area to the left.  Ahead on a dirt road is a
small white pickup truck with three RPGs littered around it.  On the wall to
the right of the truck is a place to plant C4.  Pick up the three RPGs and
plant the C4.  Step away and detonate it to blast a hole in the wall.  Beware
of tangos just inside the wall.  Take them out with your M4 and then equip the
RPG and blast the troop carrier.  You'll likely need two shots at it before it
is destroyed.  Continue this mission as indicated below.  **[End alternative
strategy]**  Continue forward into an area between three buildings, the one in
front of you having wide wooden steps and find a spot to take cover in there.
You'll be fired on from the left and the right as well as having grenades 
thrown at you.  Shortly your team will press forward and along the road to the
right side of the area .  Go back towards the destroyed troop carrier, turn
left and proceed down the road for another firefight.  Sprint into the garages
in front of you.  [game save]  Take cover in there for just a second and
sprint out and forward and into the gap between those garages and the next
building down.  If you stay in those garages to fire the enemy will continue to
spawn forever.  [game save]  From this gap shoot across the road upon enemies
that will be using a large blue container for cover.  Griggs will be in your
way and you will have grenades tossed at you in this position, but the gap is
large enough that you can dodge the grenades without having to run out of the
gap.  Suppress the enemy and sprint out into the street and take cover behind a
white pickup truck parked in the middle of the road (go prone).  Wait for one
second and then sprint to the blue container ahead and to the left of the 
pickup.  Proceed along the back side of this container and eliminate an
enemy or two that may be back there.  Gaz will likely have joined you by now.
Recover, then back away from the container and aim across the street, and fire
upon the enemies on the roof of the building across from you.  You'll have no
cover at this point.  There are two levels to the roof and enemies will appear
on both of them.  When they have been quelled, continue again towards the gate.
In the gap between the building that you just fired on and the one to it's
right, enemies may still be spawning.  If they are, go across the street and
take cover against the building that you just fired on, move right, keep your
cover, lean out and fire.  Eventually the "all clear" will be given and Price
will charge forward and blow open the gate at the end of the road.  [game save]
Inside you'll need to destroy two troop carriers.  This task is very difficult
if attempted in the conventional manner as the masses of enemy troops will cut
you to shreds twenty times before you are successful in planting C4 on the
backs of the carriers.  Instead, don't proceed through the gate and go north
along the brick wall to the other gate.  To the right of the gate are some
steps leading to a low rooftop.  Atop it is yet another RPG without ammo, just
like every other one on this level so far, but there is a Javelin and it has
some ammo left.  You cannot fire from the rooftop as there isn't enough room,
so head back down the steps and into the road, and back away from the closed
gate.  Get your lock on and fire.  [game save]  Do the same for the second
carrier.  For either of these carriers you may find that when you fire the
Javelin that it crashes into the building in front of you, and you may need to
go back to the right to the gate that Price blew open to get a good shot.  In
either case, once the carriers are destroyed make your way through the gate and
towards your team, and don't forget to swap out the Javelin for a G36C (very
important).  [game save]  By the time that you get there they should have
already eliminated all of the remaining enemies and will be cutting holes in
some grates that will give you access to the launch facility below.  Once they
are open, get to your rope, glowing yellow, and repel down.  Mission

2.R   "No Fighting in the War Room"

Objective: Get to the launch control room.

You'll begin the mission in some vents with Griggs and Price.  Follow them
around and drop into a shower area.  Follow Price through it and you'll come to
a hallway illuminated with red light.  At this time your 'baseplate' commander
will inform you that you have 9 minutes to disable the nuke.  [game save]
Don't wait for Price and immediately sprint to the left where you'll come to a
turn to the right.  Don't fully enter the corner just yet.  Across from you is
the entryway to a room.  Crouch and train your sights in the middle of the
entryway.  Soon an enemy will run from the right into your field of view.
Smoke him before he can take cover.  Next you'll need to eliminate 4 or 5
tangos down the hall to the right.  There are three rooms on either side of
this hallway.  Don't bother checking them out as there are no enemies inside
nor any ammo.  Take cover against the wall to the right, aim, lean and
eliminate the enemy in the hallway.  When they are done proceed down the
hallway to the end where there is another hallway to the right and another
battle.  Repeat the same tactics.  There are 4 or 5 tangos in this hallway as
well.  At the end of the hallway is a large room.  On the other side of it is a
stack of containers behind which there are 3 tangos.  They will lean out from
cover and fire upon you.  Toss a grenade or two behind the containers and allow
Price and Griggs to attack the enemy.  You may also charge the containers and
lean behind them to catch the enemy off guard.  Remember that you have a time
limit here.  When they are dead proceed behind the containers and down the
steps.  [game save]:[7:23 remaining]  This next hallway is rather difficult.
You may opt to go right down the center or down either of the parallel hallways
to the right or left.  The entries to these halls are just a little way down
the center hall.  You don't want to go down the center hall because the enemies
in the parallel ones will enter it and shoot you in the back.  Instead, you
should go down either the right one or left one.  I have had slightly better
luck down the right hand hallway.  When  you first enter the main hallway,
sprint down the right wall and into a nook - not behind the containers, but
behind the gateway-like thing.  Aim, lean out, and eliminate some of the tangos
straight down the hallway, especially the closer ones.  What you are going to
do next is sprint right around the corner and into the right hallway and
immediately into a gap between crates along the left wall.  There is 1 or 2
tangos at the end of the short section of hall that you're in.  You're hurt, so
take a second to recover.  From a crouched position, inch out to the right.
You will see a stack of crates covered with a blue tarp.   Cook off a grenade
and bounce it off of the blue tarp.  This will kill at least one of the tangos.
You can't just waltz out, though, because behind you, across the main hall, in
the left hallway another enemy is waiting to take you out.  Lean out from your
position to see if the second tango is dead.  If he is not, shoot him while
aimed.  You need to sprint from your current position around the crates in
front of you and into the next gap on the other side of them.  Now you will be
near the corner where the hallway will turn left and parallel to the main
hallway.  Get right around the first wooden crate so that it is between you and
the hall from which you came and face down the hallway, but still behind the
wooden boxes.  Aim down your sight, lean right and fire immediately.  Usually
you will be able to take out two tangos down through this gap, but one for
sure.  When they are eliminated, sprint ahead and around the stack of crates
along the right wall and take cover behind the next ones ahead of you.  One
tango is in the corner in front of you and if you wait a bit he will run around
the corner and towards the main hall and you can shoot him in the back, but you
don't have much time so you may opt to face him head on.  In either case, once
he is dead proceed towards the corner where your hallway will force you to go
left.  Take cover behind the green containers to the left of this narrow
corridor.  Aim down your sight, lean right and fire immediately upon the tango
way across the main hall and in the other hallway, opposite yours.  He has you
in his sights already so fire immediately.  Come out from the crates and stay
aimed on that position because there may be one more tango to come around that
corner where you just fired.  At this point Griggs will complain that you're
running out of time but don't let it get you anxious as he says this no matter
how much time is left on the clock.  Price and Griggs will have proceeded up
the main hallway and are firing upon one last tango around the corner to your
right, hiding behind some wooden boxes.  You can bounce a grenade off the wall
opposite him or you can just charge in and waste him, or let Price finish him.
Run around the corner to the right and do your best to take out the two tangos
that are running away from you.  Now here is a serious glitch in the game that
Activision needs to repair pronto.  There is SUPPOSED to be a [game save] here
but often times it does not fire which sucks hard because what you just went
through was no cake walk, and the next part is a bit harder still.  You may opt
to go kamikaze here and redo the part that you just finished so that you can
get the damned game to save your progress or just keep pushing forward.  At
this point I'm at about 5:20 left on the clock.  **[Tip from Chowcow: that the
game does not save here sometimes is deliberate - if you're too short on time
at this point you won't have enough to finish.  You need to have at least 5:30
at this point for the game to trigger the save.  If you have less than this
you're very unlikely to finish the level in time.  Thanks, Infinityward!!]**
The next hallway is similar to the previous one in that there is a main hall
down the middle and one on each side of it, parallel.  But the main hall here
has been blocked off so you must choose one of the other ones.  First take
cover to the left of the doorway into this second hallway, aim, lean and shoot.
There are 2-4 tangos in the near section of the hall depending on how many of
the two runners you eliminated already.  You will probably have a flash bang
thrown at you; duck back into cover and wait out the blindness.  Once the near
enemies are eliminated, sprint into the hallway to the right side and take
cover behind a small section of wall that juts out.  Right on the other side of
this small section of wall is an intersecting hall that leads to both of the
hallways that run parallel to the main one.  Down in the corner of each a tango
is waiting to waste you.  You cannot just run down one because there is no
cover and you will be shredded.  Instead, from the crouched position come out
into the main hallway a bit, aim towards the left hallway, and tap strafe right
(E) just a bit so that you're aiming down the left hallway, but don't expose
yourself fully.  You're going to lean right, quickly, and fire upon the enemy
down the left hallway in the corner.  You need to lean in and fire very briefly
and then let go of the lean button otherwise the tango in the hallway to the
right, behind you, will cut you up.  You may be hurt during this maneuver and
it may take a couple of attempts to kill the tango down the left hallway.  The
good news is that these enemies don't respawn so once they're dead you're good
to go.  Now turn around and lean left down the right hallway and eliminate the
enemy there.  He may not present himself immediately so just wait one or two
seconds for him to show and waste him.  All this time there is little to worry
about from the enemies down the main hallway because you are crouched and they
don't have much of a shot at you from behind their blockade.  Once the enemy
down the right hallway is deceased, proceed down it slowly.  At the end there
is a circular room with a pillar in the middle.  To the left of the pillar is a
door down into another hallway that runs parallel to the main one.  Two tangos
will come through this door so have your sights trained on it and waste them as
soon as they appear, and one may enter the circular room before you.  There are
two more tangos in this next hallway.  A grenade and/or flash bang can be very
helpful with them.  Down at the other end of the hallway is another circular
room with a pillar in the middle, and three enemies.  I find that the M4's
grenade launcher can be useful for taking them out and as usual, take cover,
aim, lean, and fire.  Mid way down this hallway is a widened section in which
you can take cover on either side.  In the final circular room, once the
enemies inside are dead, take position to the left of the next door, aim, lean
and fire upon the two enemies across the main hall in the room opposite of
yours.  When every enemy is dead Price will yell "go go go" and you need to
sprint into the main hall, turn right and sprint all the way down.
[game save]:[3:00 remaining]  Price will close the door behind you and call for
Gaz to open the large iron door in front of you via remote.  This door will
open very slowly.  Beyond is a room in which tangos will eventually arrive but
not until the door is nearly open far enough for you to fit through.  Wait
until it is almost there and throw grenades and flash bangs inside.  5-6
enemies will enter this room from the left.  Lean in and fire.  Try to look
through the chain link fence to the left and fire upon the enemies as they run
into the room.  To the right of this room is a small office and invariably one
tango will make his way into it.  Enter the room and go right and take out this
tango immediately.  Take cover behind the containers and go to their right
edge, aim, lean, and fire upon 2-4 tangos down the hall.  Once they are
eliminated Price will sprint forward and will take a quick right down a short
flight of stairs and into a hallway.  Sprint down to the end of it and face the
brick wall on the left.  [game save]  If you have a minute left on the clock
here you should be good.  Price will instruct you to place C4 on the wall; do
so, back away and blow it.  Inside is a control room with another team already
inside having a firefight with the enemy.  Lean into the room and fire upon one
tango across from you.  Then enter the room crouched and proceed forward to the
center aisle and turn left.  The second set of computers up the steps is your
goal.  Turn right down the second aisle and the computer that you're looking
for is the very first one, on the right side of the aisle.  Ignore the enemies
in the room at this point.  Press and HOLD (F) to enter the deactivation code
for the nukes.  Once this is complete ensure that any remaining enemies are
dead and breathe a sigh of relief as you have no more timed missions in the
game.  Exit the room the same way that you cam and to the intersection where
you waited for the slow door to open.  To your left another door will open and
there will be a 2-3 tangos down inside of it.  Take cover, aim, lean and fire
to wipe them out.  Down that hallway is a left turn.  There are 5 enemies in
this hallway and in the room beyond.  There is a lot of cover in that room so
grenades come in quite handy.  Once they are eliminated join Griggs and Price
in the elevator.  [game save]  When the door reopens you'll be in the truck bay
with Gaz's team.  Go to the right side behind a railing and fire from that
position.  The enemy will largely ignore you here.  From there go prone and
crawl under the rail on to the floor below, turn right and crouch.  There will
be one or two more tangos hanging around by the trucks.  Look to shoot out
their legs underneath the trucks.  Mission accomplished.  

2.S   "Game Over"

Objective: Escape

You will begin this mission aboard a truck armed with a M4.  Enemy will chase
you from behind in trucks of their own loaded with individual soldiers in the
back firing at you.  There are no nifty strategies to surviving this level.
Stand, aim down your sight, and fire upon the enemy.  After a brief period
behind your truck, the enemy trucks will speed up and drive to the driver's
side of your truck.  Here I find that it is better to shoot from the hip.  You
will be hurt.  Crouch when you are hurt and only stand back up for split
seconds to fire on any truck that has pulled along side you.  Price will yell
at you to get up and shoot.  Ignore him and do your own thing.  Eventually, one
of the trucks will fire RPGs at you, and you must shoot those enemies before
they can fire their RPGs or you will die.  Eventually a Hind helicopter will
appear to be attacking you but will do no real damage.  You will be commanded
to pick up the RPG to your right and fire at the Hind; you will never hit the
hind as ahead, as a part of the game, it destroys a bridge before you.  You
will crash and when you come-to, the bridge will be falling and you must
immediately walk towards Price and follow him up the crumbling structure.  You
will then engage in a firefight with the enemy.  There are two levels of bridge
upon which you can stand, and if you stand on the lower section you will be
afforded some cover behind the higher section.  There are also several cars
strewn about behind which you can take cover.  Fire upon the enemy and throw
grenades.  If the enemy throws one at you that you cannot pick up, sprint to
other cover.  This firefight will be brief.  If you are having trouble
surviving, hang back behind Cpt. Price.  No matter what you do, you will be
dazed by an explosion and then a cut scene will begin.  Griggs will grab you
and begin to drag you away; he will be shot.  Then a friendly Russian
helicopter will fly in, missile the enemy chopper.  Then Cpt. Price will toss
you a handgun.  Use it to kill the three enemy in front of you, using two
bullets each.  Mission accomplished, game over.  

2.T   "Mile High Club"

Objective: Rescue the VIP

This is a bonus mission and, admittedly, I have yet to complete it on Veteran
difficulty.  Make your way forward through the plane, shooting hordes of
enemies on the way, and up the steps.  Across from the steps a door will open
and you have 2.5 seconds (in slow motion) to shoot the enemy behind the VIP.
If you're having trouble hitting him in the head, shoot out his legs.  
**[Tip from Skasian: ON VETERAN ONLY, if you shoot the tango anywhere but in
the head  you will fail the mission with the message: "Real Soliders go
for a Head Shot, not Flesh Wounds."  On the other three difficulties you can
shoot out the tango's legs.]**  Use many bullets.  Then, jump out of the plane
before the time expires.  Mission accomplished.