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BioShock Infinite


Game Script

by Shotgunnova

          ____    _____    ___                     ___     ___   _   _
         |  _ \  |_   _|  / _ \   /ŻŻŻ\  |Ż| |Ż|  / _ \   / _ \ | | ) )
         | | ) )   | |   ( ( ) ) ( (ŻŻŻ  | |_| | ( ( ) ) ( ( \/ | (/ /
         | |/ /    | |   | | | |  \ '.   |  _  | | | | | | |    |   /
         | |\ \    | |   | | | |   '. \  | | | | | | | | | |    |   \
         | |_) )  _| |_  ( (_) )  ___) ) | | | | ( (_) ) ( (_/\ | (\ \
         |____/  |_____|  \___/   \___/  |_| |_|  \___/   \___/ |_| )_)
          ================== I  N  F  I  N  I  T  E ==================
     Game Script by Shotgunnova (Patrick Summers) / shotgunnova(@)gmail.c0m

       01) Lighthouse ................................................... GS01
       02) Welcome Centre ............................................... GS02
       03) Raffle Square ................................................ GS03
       04) Comstock Centre Rooftops ..................................... GS04
       05) Monument Island Gateway ...................................... GS05
       06) Monument Tower ............................................... GS06
       07) Battleship Bay ............................................... GS07
       08) Soldier's Field .............................................. GS08
       09) Hall of Heroes ............................................... GS09
       10) Soldier's Field [II] ......................................... GS10
       11) Finkton Docks ................................................ GS11
       12) Finkton Proper ............................................... GS12
       13) Shantytown ................................................... GS13
       14) The Factory .................................................. GS14
       15) Emporia ...................................................... GS15
       16) Port Prosperity .............................................. GS16
       17) Downtown Emporia ............................................. GS17
       18) Comstock House ............................................... GS18
       19) The Hand of the Prophet ...................................... GS19
       20) Ending ....................................................... GS20

   II. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
  III. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

01) LIGHTHOUSE                                                           [GS01]

 Dialogue will be written normally.
 Internal monologue will be parenthetized: ( )


Female Voice: Booker...are you afraid of God?

Booker: No. But I'm afraid of you.

Caption: "The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories
         where none exist..."
                            - Barriers to Trans-Dimensional Travel
                                            R. Lutece, 1889

Caption: 1912, Coast of Maine

[Booker, along with a man and woman, ride a dinghy out towards a lighthouse.]

Gentleman: Are you going to just sit there?

Lady: As compared to what? Standing?

Gentleman: Not standing. Rowing.

Lady: Rowing. I hadn't planned on it.

Gentleman: So you expect me to shoulder the burden?

Lady: No. But I do expect you to do all the rowing.

[She hands Booker a box.]

Booker: What's this?

Gentleman: And why is that?

Lady: Coming here was your idea.

Gentleman: My idea?

Lady: I made it very clear that I don't believe in the exercise.

Gentleman: The rowing?

Lady: No. I imagine that's wonderful exercise.

Gentleman: Then what?

Lady: The entire thought experiment.

Booker: Excuse me. How much longer?

Gentleman: One goes into an experiment knowing one could fail.

[Booker opens the box to find a handgun and some pictures.]

Booker: That'll do.

Lady: But one does not undertake an experiment knowing one HAS failed.

Gentleman: Can we get back to the rowing?

Lady: I suggest you do, or we're never going to get there.

Gentleman: No, I mean I'd greatly appreciate it if you would assist.

Lady: Perhaps you should ask him. I imagine he has a greater interest in
      getting there than I do.

Gentleman: I suppose he does...but there's no point in asking.

Lady: Why not?

Gentleman: Because he doesn't row.

Lady: He doesn't ROW?

Gentleman: No. He DOESN'T row.

Lady: Ah. I see what you mean. We've arrived.

[They land at the lighthouse landing and Booker disembarks.]

Lady: Shall we tell him when we'll be returning?

Gentleman: Would that change anything?

Lady: It might give him some comfort.

Gentleman: At least that's something we can agree on.

Booker: Hey! Is somebody meeting me here?

Gentleman: I'd certainly hope so.

Lady: It does seem like a dreadful place to be stranded.

Booker: Ah, well, maybe there's someone inside...

[As the couple sails out of sight, Booker knocks on the lighthouse entrance.]

Booker: Ah, excuse me. It's Booker DeWitt. I guess you're expecting me... Is
        anyone here? Hello?

[He goes upstairs to find a corpse with a bag on its head.]

Booker: Shit...

[Atop the lighthouse, he finds a bell puzzle.]

Booker: Wait a minute that card...

[He uses the card's hand-written combination to do the puzzle.]

Booker: Huh.

[The sky glows red as a foghorn blows into the night.]

Booker: What in the world...?

[The noise finally subsides and the door opens.]

Booker: Alright. Looks like they expect me to sit in their fancy chair.

[He sits in the chair.]

Booker: So now wha--

[The chair activates hand restraints.]

Booker: ...The hell?

Countdown Voice: Make yourself ready, pilgrim. The bindings are there as a

Booker: This can't be good...aah!

[Metal sections rise from the floor and lock him into a small rocket.]

Booker: No, no...goddammit!

[He drops his pistol through the floor.]

Countdown Voice: Ascension...ascension in the count of five... Count of four...

Booker: No, no, no, no...

Countdown Voice: Two... One...

Booker: No...!

Countdown Voice: Ascension...ascension...

[The rocket shoots off. He can see the clouds passing by his window.]

Booker: Just stay calm...

Countdown Voice: Five thousand feet...ten thousand feed...fifteen thousand

[The rocket breaks through the clouds to reveal a cityscape.]

Countdown Voice: Hallelujah.

Booker: Wha...?

[The rocket lands on a platform and is taken underground. Verses are visible
 on the way down.]

Text: Why would he send his savior unto us,
      If we will not raise a finger for our own salvation?
      And though we deserved not his mercy,
      He has led us to this New Eden.
      A last chance for redemption.

[Booker can see a stained glass mural as he descends.]

Mural: And the Prophet shall lead the people to the New Eden

02) WELCOME CENTRE                                                       [WK02]

[The rocket comes to rest in a chapel.]

Booker: Gotta find the exit out of this place. Excuse me? Where am I?

Male Pilgrim: Heaven, friend. Or as close as we'll see till Judgment Day.

Booker: (Best keep such questions to myself, 'less I want to get made.)

[Downstairs, Booker finds a preacher's long-winded sermon in progress.]

Witting: And every year on this day of days, we recommit ourselves to the our
         city, to our Prophet, Father Comstock. We recommit through sacrifice,
         and the giving of thanks, and by submerging ourselves in the sweet
         water of baptism. And lo, if the Prophet had struck down our enemies
         at Wounded Knee, and not railed against the Sodom beneath us, it would
         have been enough. If the Prophet had just railed against the Sodom
         beneath us, but not accepted the three golden gifts of the Founders,
         it would have been enough. If the Prophet had just accepted the three
         golden gifts of the Founders, and not prayed for our deliverance, it
         would have been enough. If the Prophet had only prayed for our
         deliverance, and not led us to this New Eden, it would have been
         enough. If the Prophet had just led us to this New Eden, and not
         purged the vipers of the Orient, it would have been enough. If the
         Prophet had just purged the vipers of the Orient, but not suffered the
         sacrifice of his beloved, it would have been enough. If the Prophet
         had just suffered the sacrifice of his beloved, but not expelled the
         Vox Populi, it would have been enough!

[Booker enters the prayer circle with the others.]

Witting: Is it someone new? Someone from the Sodom below? Newly come to
         Columbia to be washed clean, before our Prophet, our Founders, our

Booker: I just need passage into the city.

Witting: Passage to the city? Haha. Brother, the only way to Columbia is
         through rebirth in the sweet waters of baptism. Will you be cleansed,

Booker: Hey, I'm just looking to pass through.

Crowd: Hallelujah!
Crowd: Glory be!
Crowd: Reach out, brother!

Booker: (It's either this or turn around and get back on that rocket. Might as
        well get it over with.)

[He reluctantly accepts. The preacher takes his hand.]

Booker: ...hey!

Witting: I baptize you, in the name of our Prophet, in the name of our
         Founders, in the name of our Lord! And make him born again, in the
         bosom of Columbia!

[He dunks Booker.]

Witting: I don't know, brothers and sisters! But this one doesn't look clean
         to me...

[He's dunked again. Flashback: Booker's office. Someone's knocking.]

Booker: Who's there? Who's there?!

Male Voice: Bring us the girl and wipe away your debt.

Booker: What do you want?

Male Voice: We had a deal, DeWitt! Open this door, right now!

Booker: I told you...I'm not gonna do it! Now go away.

Male Voice: Mr. DeWitt! Mr. DeWitt!

[He opens the door, seeing an image of Columbia burning. He soon comes to in
 a reflection pool of sorts.]

Booker: That idiot priest needs to learn the difference between baptizing a
        man and drowning one. I need to find a landmark and figure out where
        the hell I am.

[He passes by pilgrims repeating mantras.]

Booker: Just 'cause the city flies don't mean it ain't got its share of fools.
        All right...still got a girl to find.

[He enters New Eden Square and sees a parade float by.]

Parade Director: After the victory at Wounded Knee, the angel of Columbia did
                 present herself to Father Comstock and show him a vision of
                 the future. And so our Prophet led the people away from the
                 Sodom Below, up, up into the city, where they created an even
                 more perfect union. But it was the miracle child, the lamb,
                 that is the future of our city. For the Prophet has said that
                 she in the tower will lead the Sodom Below into righteousness.

Policeman: All clear. Good luck at the raffle, folks.

Booker: "Columbia Raffle and Fair"...huh.

[He spies a gigantic floating angel statue on the horizon.]

Booker: Yeah, that's where they said I'd find her.

Boy: Telegram, Mr. DeWitt.

Booker: Huh...

Boy: Telegram for you, sir.

Booker: "DeWitt STOP. Do not alert Comstock to your presence STOP. Whatever
        you do, do not pick #77 STOP. Lutece." What the...?

[He heads to the fairground and finds a vigor seller.]

Booker: Gimme one of those.

Possession Hawker: With just a whisper, they're all ears...

[He drinks the tincture, making his vision go momentarily screwy.]

Booker: What the hell was that?

[An automated ticket-taker machine is near the gate.]

Automaton: Sorry, pal, the raffle is all sold out. Entrance is reserved for
           dignataries and very important personages alone.

Booker: I'm guessing that don't mean me.

[Booker jacks the bot with Possession.]

Automaton: Well, if it isn't Assemblyman Buford! Your spot at the raffle
           awaits! Don't know why I didn't recognize you before. Odd! Always
           good to have gentlemen of your caliber at our fine fairgrounds!

[Through the gate, a man and woman are waiting for passers-by.]

Gentleman: Heads?

Lady: Or tails?

Booker: Come on, let me through.

[He flicks him a coin, waiting to see the result.]

Gentleman: Heads?

Lady: Or tails?

Booker: Huh? Tails.

[He gets heads, like the other 12 who've passed through.]

Gentleman: Told you.

Lady: Hmm.

Gentleman: I never find that as satisfying as I'd imagined.

Lady: Chin up. There's always next time.

Gentleman: I suppose there is.

[A sign warning people of a False Shepherd with the mark "AD" is seen. Booker
 looks at his hand, seeing that very same mark.]

Booker: What the...?

03) RAFFLE SQUARE                                                        [GS03]

[Booker makes his way to the lottery drawing's stage where Jeremiah Fink is
 speaking to the crowd.]

Fink: Splendid, haha! And now, the 1912 Raffle has officially begun!

Girl: Hey, mister! Mister!

[He finds a girl with many lottery balls in a basket.]

Girl: Wouldn't you like a ball?

Booker: Sorry, no sale.

Girl: Silly, there's never a charge for the raffle. You been sleeping under a

[He picks a ball and draws...]

Booker: Seventy-seven...

Girl: Seventy-seven? That's a lucky number. I'll be rooting for you.

Fink: Bring me the bowl! Is that not the prettiest young white girl in all of
      Columbia? Haha!

[He picks the winning ball.]

Fink: All right then...the winner is...number seventy-seven!

Booker: Well, what do you know?

Girl: Over here! Over here! He's the winner!!

Fink: Number seventy-seven, come and claim your prize! First throw!

Crowd: First throw! First throw! First throw!

[The curtain raises as a white man and black woman are brought onstage.]

Bride: Please...please don't do this.

Groom: It was me. It was all me! Please, please! No... Please, what are you

Fink: Come on, are you gonna throw it...or are you taking your coffee black
      these days? Hahahahahaha!

Groom: Let her go, please! I'm the one you want!

Fink: Oh, looks like we've got a shy one here! Hahaha... We've gotta do
      something about that! Time's a-wasting, my boy! Why don't you give her
      a throw!

Booker: I got something for you, you son of a bitch!

Fink: Wait!

[He turns to throw the baseball at Fink, when a cop catches his throwing arm.]

Man: It's him!

Fink: Now, where'd you get that brand, boy? Don't you know that makes you the
      back-stabbin', snake-in-the-grass False Shepherd?

Policeman: The False Shepherd!

Fink: And we ain't lettin' no False Shepherd into our flock, haha! Show him
      what we got planned, boys!

[Booker mashes a cop's face into the other's hook weapon, claiming it himself.]

Fink: Stop him...stop him! The False Shepherd's come to lead our lamb astray!

Policeman: Come on! Move it, move it!

[As the crowd flees, Booker slays the attacking policemen.]

Policeman 2: This way! Cover the gate!

[Booker fights his way to Shady Lane.]

Booker: It's getting hot. What's going on?

[He kills a fireman, which drops something.]

Booker: A vigor, huh? Devil's Kiss. Well, you only live once.

[He drinks it, feeling the incinerating power in his body.]

Booker: Whew...that wasn't no sample.

[After killing some pursuers, he takes refuge in the Blue Ribbon restaurant.]

04) COMSTOCK CENTER ROOFTOPS                                             [GS04]

[Booker finds the strange coin-flipping duo at the counter.]

Gentleman: We have company.

Lady: We do indeed.

Booker: Why are you following me?

Lady: We were already here.

Gentleman: Why are YOU following US?

Booker: I--

Lady: Aperitif?

Gentleman: You'll find that happy in a pinch.

Lady: The difference between life and death.

[Booker takes the shield upgrade.]

Booker: Ooh...what was that?

Lady: Hmm. Surprising.

Gentleman: Surprising that it worked?

Lady: Surprising that it didn't kill him.

Gentleman: But a magnetic-propulsive field around one's body can come in handy.

Lady: If it doesn't kill you.

Gentleman: A fair point.

[Outside, Booker can hear a loud broadcast.]

Gunship PA: Blood on the streets! And worse is the insult, because today is the
            day that marks our secession from the Sodom Below!

[A hook's nearby.]

Booker: What if I could...hook onto them with this sky-hook?

[He jumps and easily gets across the huge gap, thanks to his device.]

Booker: Whooaaa!! Heh -- damn hook must be magnetized!

[Booker starts leaping across the rooftops.]

Gunship PA: As our Prophet has seen, the False Shepherd has come! He has come
            take our lamb and lead her astray. Everyone stay calm and lock your
            doors if you can... The Prophet has seen this day would come. The
            answer is not in panic, but prayer.

[Booker finds a civilian house with a printing press.]

Man: Violence is not the answer! As much as I support her cause and her people,
     blood must not be shed.

Woman: What do you expect these poor negroes to do? How they treat them -- it
       was bound to happen!

Man: Violence is not a foregone conclusion.

[They see Booker.]

Man: It's him! The one they're after. Go...they're looking for you.

Voice: Police! We're in need of your assistance...

Woman: They're here!

Man: Shh! Keep your voice down!

Voice: Alright, let's move on.

[The police storm in and a gunfight breaks out.]

Woman: Get out!

[After, Booker finds the Fraternal Order of the Raven building's altar.]

Crow: And so, the Prophet lead us into Peking, where we demonstrated to the
      Sodom Below the true mission our Founders had given us. And when the
      Mandarins and hypocrites of Washington betrayed him, our Prophet did not
      heel. He did not come crawling back for their forgiveness... Like our
      fathers broke from the Great Apostate, our Prophet broke with these so-
      -called patriots...and today is the day we celebrate this secession...

[He breaks up the ceremony and continues on. A radio reports on him.]

Radio: Shortly after one o'clock this afternoon, the scoundrel -- believed now
       by many to be Vox Populi -- began his terrible rampage... Trouble began
       almost instantly. Full of wrath and bent on harm, The Anarchist
       maliciously wounded several Columbian peacemakers -- before then arming
       himself and firing into an assemblage of virtuous fair-goers. As of this
       hour, he is considered wholly responsible for causing at least eight
       God-fearing Columbians to meet their Maker in Heaven... He is considered
       brimming with danger and evil intent, and we implore you not to tempt
       ruination by facing him without aid of Columbia's Finest... Now, back
       to the music.

[Booker continues, hearing an argument in the distance.]

Chinese Prisoner: Why do you do this? I just want to go back to my family!

[He opens the door, seeing crows attack the bound man.]

Chinese Prisoner: Nooo! No! WHY? WHY?!

[On death, the murderer drops a crow-shaped bottle.]

Booker: What's this? Some new kind of vigor? That's a hell of a thing...

[Outside, more propaganda is being spread.]

Gunship PA: The False Shepherd, this anarchist, is either mulatto dwarf or a
            Frenchman with a missing left eye, no more than four foot and nine

Booker: I bet I can get to Monument Island from that station.

[Booker enters a house, listening to someone give a statement downstairs.]

Female Witness: He was taller than that...slimmer. His eyes were farther apart.

Policeman: Mmm-hmm. What color were his eyes?

Female Witness: Blue. No, green...hmm, I can't remember. His eyes were bigger
                than that...squinty.

Policeman: Okay, miss, can you recall his hair color?

Female Witness: It was, and curly? He looked Irish to me. Yes, like

Policeman: Okay, what about his temperament?

Female Witness: Oh-ho-ho-ho! He was certainly an anarchist. You can spot them
                anywhere, you know.

Policeman: Oh, I know.

Female Witness: That's a close likeness.

[He eventually reaches the gateway via skyhook.]

05) MONUMENT ISLAND GATEWAY                                              [GS05]

Automaton: We're sorry to say that Monument Island is off-limits. You've got
           to go! Workmen should proceed to the island by means of the

Booker: The sky-lines, huh? Those things them coppers came riding in on back
        by the lottery. That line heads to Monument Island. Worth a shot.

[He jumps to the skyline and immediately blazes toward the island.]

Booker: Whoaaa! Whoa!

Gunship PA: Give heed, believers! There is menace! There is threat! The False
            Shepherd -- here in Columbia! Full of hate and avarice and guile,
            like all his kind in the Sodom Below... He seeks the Lamb and
            hastens to her tower, even now... His intent is RUIN...

[The skyline adventure continues.]

Booker: Need to head to the roof...and take that sky-line to Monument Island.

[He finds an lift with Comstock on a projector.]

Comstock: I know why you've come, False Shepherd. I see every sin that blackens
          your soul. Wounded Knee. The Pinkertons. The drinking and the
          gambling. And, of course, Anna. And now, to repay a debt, you've come
          for my lamb. But not all debts can be repaid, Booker.

Booker: You don't know me, pal!

Comstock: Prophecy is my business, Mr. DeWitt, as blood as yours. Do you know
          why these men will die for me? Because I have seen the future in
          their glory, and hence they are content. What brought you to
          Columbia, Booker? "Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt"? This
          will end in blood, DeWitt. But then again, it always does with you,
          doesn't it? It always ends in blood.

Booker: ...Jesus.

Comstock: You've come to lead my lamb astray, but thy crook is bent and thy
          path is twisted. Go back to the Sodom from which you came! Go back!

[An explosion occurs nearby.]

Booker: Holy shit...

[He commandeers the Prophet's zeppelin.]

Booker: I got to find the controls to take this thing to Monument Island.

[A woman is praying at a shrine on the bridge.]

Booker: It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you. Just sit down, and everything
        will be fine. Okay, I'm sure I can get this thing going.

[As he fiddles with the controls, Comstock's gunboat rises up to eye level.]

Comstock: The Lord forgives everything. But I'm just a I don't
          have to. Amen.

Woman: Amen.

[The woman sets herself on fire, and the bridge with it.]

Booker: Jesus! Gotta get the hell outta here!

[He leaps from the cargo bay to a sky-line below.]

Booker: Holy shit! That was close.

[As the zeppelin plummets in the distance, Booker finally makes it to...]

06) MONUMENT TOWER                                                       [GS06]

Booker: Well, there it is: Monument Island. Wonder why they got her locked up
        in this place.

[He searches the place and finds an isolated test chamber.]

Booker: What the hell were they doin' to her?

[He finds a dark room with pictures of the girl mid-undress.]

Booker: They've been watching her.

[He flips a switch that tells the so-called specimen's location.]

Booker: Dressing room. That's where we need to go.

[Retracting a window divider, he sees the girl through the two-way mirror.]

Booker: That's her.

[Tracking her to the dining room, he sees her open a portal into Paris.]

Booker: Whoa! What is...?

[She closes the portal before an ambulance can run her over.]

Booker: Whatever that was, it's got nothing to do with the job at hand. This
        job's getting worse all the time.

[He spots her again with the specimen tracker panel.]

Booker: Library.

[The next door leads out onto the island's windy exterior.]

Booker: Holy shit. Alright, I can do this.

[Back inside, the floor gives way.]

Booker: Oh god!

[He falls into the library, landing near the girl.]

Booker: Uhh...hello.

[She starts throwing books at him in self-defense.]

Booker: Hey -- ow -- knock it off! Ugh, will you stop it? Will you stop it?!
        ...I'm not here to hurt you.

Elizabeth: Who are you?

Booker: My name is DeWitt. I'm a friend. I've come to get you out of here.

Elizabeth: Get away.

[She quits resisting after a few moments.]

Elizabeth: Are you real?

Booker: I'm real enough.

[A weird whistle alarm sounds.]

Elizabeth: He's coming...y-you've gotta go.

Booker: Why?

Elizabeth: You don't wanna be here when he gets here.

[She yells at the hole Booker fell from.]

Elizabeth: Just a minute! I'm getting dressed!

Booker: I can get you outta here.

Elizabeth: There's no way out, trust me, I've looked.

[She yells at the ceiling again.]

Elizabeth: Stop it! You're too impatient! That's enough!

Booker: W-what about this?

[He holds up the key he received en route to the lighthouse.]

Elizabeth: What about it?

Booker: This is the way out, isn't it?

Elizabeth: W-what are you...? Give it to me!

[A weird chirping noise rings out as Liz tries out the key.]

Elizabeth: Huh... It's a way out! Come on, this way!

[The building shakes.]

Elizabeth: It's his job to keep me locked up in here!

Booker: We'll see about that!

Elizabeth: Who are you? Why did you come here? This way, come on!

Booker: Wait!

[Something outside the tower slashes partially through the wall.]

Elizabeth: Hurry!

Booker: Call the elevator!

Elizabeth: What?

Booker: The hell is that thing?! Press the button!

[As they wait, Liz notices the two-way mirrors into her various rooms.]

Elizabeth: What is all this? They were watching me? All this time... Why? Why
           did they put me in here? What am I? What am I?!

Booker: You're the girl who's getting out of this tower.

[A kind of robotic avian smashes through the elevator, inches from the two.]

Elizabeth: We have to keep moving! He's tearing the building apart!

[They start ascending.]

Booker: Be careful, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: How do you know my name?

Booker: Not now.

Elizabeth: Hurry! There's a door up here!

Booker: Out of the way, let me try.

Elizabeth: Which way?!

Booker: Up!

[Out on the exterior, they can see the robotic guardian flying around. Part
 of the building gives way, throwing them off into the clouds, but not before
 Booker snags Liz and deftly snags the sky-line. The guardian recklessly gives

Booker: Whoa!

[They watch as Monument Island's angel statue falls apart.]

Booker: Whoa!

[Part of the skyline falls apart, sending the two into the waters below. The
 robot jumps in after Booker, but soon flees, seemingly taking damage. Booker
 once again dreams he's in his old office; Liz is there this time.]

Male Voice: Mr. DeWitt! Mr. DeWitt!

Elizabeth: Bring us the girl...and wipe away the debt.

Male Voice: Are you in there, DeWitt?

Booker: Huh? What do you want with her?

Male Voice: We had a deal, DeWitt!

Booker: Tell me what you want with her!

Male Voice: Open this door, right now!

Booker: Are you going to hurt her? Tell me what you want!

[He opens the door.]

Booker: Anna? Annaaaa!

07) BATTLESHIP BAY                                                       [GS07]

[Booker comes to on a beach.]

Booker: Anna...Anna!

Elizabeth: No, it's me, Elizabeth. Are you alright?

Booker: Where am I?

Elizabeth: Back in the land of the living. Here, let me...

Booker: I'll be fine.

Elizabeth: You almost drowned, you need to--

Booker: I said, I'm fine...Just, just give me a minute...

Elizabeth: Do you hear that? It's music!

Booker: Go on...I just...just need to...

Elizabeth: Okay, I won't be long. I won't be long, Mr. DeWitt.

[Booker conks out, waking up later in the day.]

Booker: Where is she?

[He asks random beach-goers.]

Booker: Hey! You see a young girl?

Man: Is this some kind of sales pitch? Because I am not interested.

Booker: You see a young girl? Uh, blue

Woman: No, but I'm without an escort if you're looking to pass the time.

Booker: Hey, I'm looking for a young girl.

Man: Who isn't, brother?

[He sees an Aerodrome advertisement.]

Booker: An airship...that could be our ticket outta here.

[He finds Liz dancing at a beachside bandstand, but she playfully ignores him.]

Booker: Hey, miss. Miss! Could you just-- Hey, I need you to stop! Please stop.
        Alright, miss...c'mon. Hey, miss...MISS...Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: Hello! Oh, this is wonderful! Oh, come dance with me, Mr. DeWitt!

Booker: I don't dance. C'mon, let's go.

Elizabeth: Why? What could be better than this?

Booker: 'bout Paris?

Elizabeth: Paris? I...don't understand. How can we get there?

Booker: Well, it's where that airship's goin', but if you want to stay and
        dance, we could--

Elizabeth: No, let's go! C'mon, let's go! C'mon, let's go right now!

[They continue on.]

Elizabeth: I'm out. It's hard to believe but it's true, isn't it? Oh, can you
           smell that? I've never smelled anything like that before, have you?

Booker: Beaches I know don't smell much like that.

[They enter a station, seeing a poster of Father Comstock.]

Elizabeth: Mr. DeWitt... Comstock. I've read about him. They say he can see the

Booker: Give a man a little power, he falls in all kinds of love with himself.

Elizabeth: I don't like his look.

Shopkeep: Can you dislike the look of the Prophet? Or his gaze?

Elizabeth: Can we leave now?

[They continue upstairs.]

Elizabeth: Huh, that fall into the water did you no favors. I'll keep an eye
           out for something that might ease your pain.

[They reach another boardwalk, this one selling jewelry.]

Elizabeth: Mr. DeWitt, here! Come look at these!

[The strange man and woman combo from before are there now.]

Gentleman: Bird?

Lady: Or the cage?

Gentleman: Or perhaps the bird?

Lady: Nothing beats the cage.

Booker: These two again. How do--...never mind.

[Elizabeth looks at their brooches; they have a bird and cage insignia.]

Elizabeth: Look at these, they're amazing! Which one do you like more? This
           one...or this? The bird is beautiful, and the cage is somber, but
           there's really something special about it. I just can't decide.

           Booker: The one on the right.

           Elizabeth: Are you sure?

           Booker: I'm sure.

           Elizabeth: I love it!

           Lady: Surprising. I expected the cage.

           Gentleman: If you're going to be a sore loser, then I shan't do this

           Lady: Now that's just sophistry.

           Booker: The one on the left.

           Elizabeth: Are you sure?

           Booker: I'm sure.

           Elizabeth: I love it!

           Gentleman: I expected the bird.

           Lady: If you're going to be a sore loser, then I shan't do this

[Elizabeth, and a frightened crowd, watches her old tower in ruins.]

Elizabeth: My god...look.

Booker: You alright?

Elizabeth: It was my home.

Booker: We should get out of here.

Elizabeth: Let's go.

[The arcade nearby has an active police checkpoint. They frisk bystanders.]

Policeman: Make sure you have a piece of photographic identification ready for

Policeman 2: Put those arms up now! Fingers apart. Legs apart. Stand still!
             Now hold steady.

Booker: Well, I ain't gettin' through there.

Elizabeth: I have just the thing. Come on.

[She leads him to a door out of the cops' eyesight.]

Booker: Ahh, damn thing's locked.

[She takes out a bobby pin and fiddles with the tumblers.]

Booker: What are you doing?

Elizabeth: You're a roguish type, what does it look like? Done!

[She manages to get the door open.]

Booker: Where did you learn to pick locks?

Elizabeth: Trapped in a tower with nothing but books and spare time? You would
           be surprised what I know how to do.

[They enter a backroom where a black worker is cleaning up.]

Worker: I must take any task with more than the slightest complexity -- or they
        simply leave it in ruins for me to clean up later...

[He sees Booker and quickly adopts a mock slave accent.]

Worker: Oh! Ah...h'lo, suh. Doan you pay me no nevahmind. Jus' some
        foolish-ness, y'know...haha...jus' monkeyshines.

Elizabeth: Hey. I found these silver eagles...there's a vending device over
           there...there might be something to bring you back to health.

Booker: It's probably a good idea.

Radio: Is your housekeeper acting suspicious? Try asking the girl a few key
       questions, such as "don't you think those Vox Populi folk have a valid
       complaint against the Prophet?" And "I'm sure some of your friends have
       attended meetings...I'd sure like to see what they're all about!" Now,
       back to the music...

[Booker sees the interracial couple from the raffle.]

Bride: Hey...hey mister...we'd like to help you.

Booker: Do I know you?

Groom: Back at the lottery, you...without you, we wouldn't have gotten away.

Bride: Daisy always said someone like you would come along.

[They enter the bustling arcade.]

Elizabeth: What's that?

Vendor: Hey, here you go, little miss. Cotton candy, here! Get your cotton

Elizabeth: Mmmm. Mmmm! This is amazing. How have I never tried this? ...I can't
           believe how much I've missed.

[They continue on.]

Elizabeth: Why is one bathroom for colors and one for whites?

Booker: It just is.

Elizabeth: Seems like an unnecessary complication.

[They head toward the gondola station.]

Elizabeth: Hey! Flawless Flintlock. The newest one in the series. I read it
           was delayed THREE TIMES.

Woman: Annabelle?

Elizabeth: Excuse me?

Woman: Annabelle, it's me, Esther!

Elizabeth: Oh, no, I'm not Annabelle.

Esther: Are you sure?

Elizabeth: My name is Elizabeth. Do I know you?

Esther: Elizabeth? Isn't that a lovely name?

[She leaves.]

Elizabeth: That was odd.

[They also go through the turnstiles.]

Policeman: Last customer, park's closing. Park's closing, everyone!

[They go upstairs to the ticket offices. They find a clerk on a phone.]

Clerk: I don't know...suspect he's carrying something...he's with her. Sure,
       we can get both apples with a single pick.

Booker: Hey... Hey! Excuse me.

[He rings the service bell.]

Booker: Two tickets for passage to the First Lady airship.

Clerk: Yeah, just a minute, friend. (to phone) Yeah, I have it. How do you
       want to proceed?

Booker: In a bit of a rush, pal.

Elizabeth: Hey, mister, you're gonna get mustard all over your nice suit!

Clerk: Mmmm-hmmm. I got it. I'll ring you back once the matter's in hand.

Booker: I don't like this.

Clerk: Send in the bird, we're ready to execute.

       Booker: Excuse me, can I get some help here?

       Clerk: Certainly, sir, sorry about the wait!

       [He gets stabbed in the hand.]

       Booker: Argh!

       Booker: Stay where you are!

       Man: Move in!

Elizabeth: What are you doing?!

Esther: Get the girl!

Elizabeth: Get off of me!

[Booker kills the fake civilians in their ambush.]

Elizabeth: Get away from me! Let me out! I want out of here now!

Booker: Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: Stay away from me!

[She slips through the bars, fleeing ahead.]

Booker: Elizabeth!

[He fights off more policemen.]

Booker: Where is she? Ahh, great.

[He tracks her to the gondola platform.]

Booker: Just stay where you are!

Elizabeth: Get away from me!

Booker: Hey, come back here!

[He finds her on the gondola, frantically trying to escape, to no avail.]

Elizabeth: You killed those people. I can't believe you did that...they're
           all dead... You killed those people!

Booker: Elizabeth, I--

Elizabeth: You're a monster!

Booker: What did you think was gonna happen? Hmmm?

Elizabeth: What?

Booker: Do you understand the expense people went through to keep you locked
        up in that tower? You think people like that are just gonna let you
        walk away? You are an investment...and you will not be safe until
        you are far away from here.

Elizabeth: What do...what do they want from me?

Booker: I don't know.

        Booker: One thing I've learned: if you don't draw first, you don't get
                to draw at all.

        Elizabeth: You're bleeding. C'mere.

        Booker: But that is the last time anyone gets the drop on me.

        Elizabeth: L-let me see your hand.

[She tends to his wound.]

Elizabeth: What happened back there, that...that's not the last of it, is it?

Booker: I don't know.

Elizabeth: There. I suppose I best get used to it. You know, I've read a thing
           or two about medicine. I'll do my best to keep you supplied with
           remedies...and if your wounds are deeper, I'll try to keep you on
           this side of the abyss.

[They head through the deserted platform into the next area.]

08) SOLDIER'S FIELD                                                      [GS08]

[The interior has many models and references to Columbia's creation.]

Elizabeth: "Soldier's Field, built in 1903 by the hand of our Prophet."

Booker: What interest does a prophet have in a bunch of carnies and carousels?

Elizabeth: The place is themed to acquaint children with national service.

Booker: You mean the military.

Elizabeth: "Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he
           will not depart from it."

Booker: Huh, did you write that?

Elizabeth: No.

[A gate near them shorts out.]

Elizabeth: The gate's shut up tight. Now how are we going to get to the

Booker: Let me see if I can get that gate open by hand.

[They go under the shutter.]

Elizabeth: "Shock Jockey. Who needs the power company?"

Booker: Some fool's alternative to electricity.

Elizabeth: Doesn't seem to work very well.

[As they get outside, they see a massive airship fly overhead.]

Booker: There it is, the First Lady. Looks like it's heading for the dock.

Elizabeth: And that will take us to Paris?

Booker: Just stay close.

Elizabeth: Yes, Mr. DeWitt.

Booker: Call me Booker.

Elizabeth: Oh, a-alright. Booker. Should we head to the gondola, or take a look
           around the boardwalk? I suppose a place like this might have much
           we'd find useful.

[They case the boardwalk.]

Elizabeth: Do you know why you were hired to come and get me?

Booker: I imagine they were interested in meeting you. No doubt for lockpicking

Elizabeth: Why you?

Booker: I never even heard of this place before I got here.

Elizabeth: Huh...I assumed Columbia was common knowledge below.

Booker: Guess I got a bit behind with current events.

Elizabeth: What are you, Mr. DeWitt? Some sort of...?

Booker: I'm a, uh, independent contractor. Used to work for the Pinkertons
        and such. Not something you'd want gracing a résumé...

Elizabeth: Pinkertons... Weren't they the ones they'd call in to settle things
           when the workers took to striking?

Booker: Heh. "Settle." Well, that's a word for it.

[They find a library lounge.]

Elizabeth: Are you interested in gardening, Mr. DeWitt?

Booker: They frown on gardens in my part of town.

Elizabeth: And where is that.

Booker: The part with no gardens.

Elizabeth: So, Mr. DeWitt, is there a woman in your life?

Booker: There was...she died.

Elizabeth: How?

Booker: Giving birth.

Elizabeth: have a child?

Booker: No.

[A theater nearby is putting on a Duke and Dimwit performance.]

Elizabeth: Look! Duke and Dimwit! You know..."remember, boys and girls, don't
           be a dimwit!" How could you not know that?

Booker: Must be somethin' particular to Columbia.

Elizabeth: Oh, I loved those stories when I was a kid. But they are...they are

[Near the carousel...]

Elizabeth: Hmm.

Booker: What?

Elizabeth: I was just imagining you...on the carousel.

[They walk to the gondola landing.]

Booker: We need to summon the gondola if we intend to reach that airship.

Elizabeth: These seem to be the controls that summon her.

[The controls short out when used.]

Elizabeth: Looks like this runs exclusively on Shock Jockey.

Booker: Of course it does...where in the hell are we going to find that?

Elizabeth: Look! "Come see the future of power at the Hall of Heroes."

Booker: Ah. Well, that's convenient.

Gunship PA: Gentlemen, the False Shepherd is loose in the streets of our fair
            city! Will you suffer the shame of allowing your wives and your
            daughters to fall prey to his machinations? Or will you act? Act
            for your womenfolk! Act for your Prophet! Act!

[They fight off some foes to reach the Hall's entrance.]

Elizabeth: "Hall of Heroes closed until further notice..."

Booker: Then there won't be a line to get in.

[They enter the elevator, but the power cuts, shaking the cab.]

Booker: Oof. What the hell?

Elizabeth: Is something wrong?

Booker: Ahhh, nothin' I can't fix.

Elizabeth: Agh! Oh, it's a bee. I-I hate these things!

Booker: Ah, jeez, just kill it.

Elizabeth: No, it'll sting me!

Booker: Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: I have a better idea.

Booker: What are you doing?

Elizabeth: I'm opening a tear!

[She opens a portal with her hands.]

Booker: Whoa, shit! What is that?

Elizabeth: It's a tear. I used to open them all the time in my tower.

Booker: B--what is a tear?

Elizabeth: It's like a-a...a window. A window to another world. Most of the
           time they're dull as dishwater: a different-colored towel or tea
           instead of coffee. But sometimes? Sometimes I see something amazing.
           And I pull it through.

[She picks a rose from the newly-spawned bush.]

Elizabeth: There.

Booker: Good god. I don't suppose you've got an airship in there.

Elizabeth: I don't think so. But there is something...I-- Oh no!

[Songbird flies around and sees Elizabeth's tear.]

Booker: Close it!

Elizabeth: I-I'm trying!

Booker: CLOSE IT!

[The tear disappears before Songbird can wreck anything. The lift descends.]

Booker: I don't really understand what I just saw back there, but it sure as
        hell looks like a shortcut to getting us killed.

Elizabeth: But I could help...

Booker: I can handle whatever comes along. Trust me.

Elizabeth: Have it your way, I suppose.

[Beyond, the two find some troops on Sky Road.]

Founder: And when we strike, we will teach Cornelius Slate a lesson... Now, I
         know you've all come to think of Slate as some kinda war hero. But let
         me be abundantly clear: Cornelius Slate is NO HERO! Ah, he's been
         living down in Finkton so long that the man has gone native! If Slate
         had his way, the damn Coloreds and Potato-Eaters would be up in
         Comstock House runnin' Columbia! Or, in your homes...copulatin' with
         your wives! Now, he has holed himself up in the Hall of Heroes...and
         it is our job to get him out...alive or dead. Once our gunships
         arrive, we're gonna storm the Hall! Clear 'em out! And have you all
         home in time for supper!

[Booker has a hard-fought battle with the soldiers.]

Booker: On second thought, I think those tears of yours might come in handy
        next time we're in a scrape.

Elizabeth: Well there has to be a tear around for me to use...I can't just
           pull 'em out of thin air.

[Liz remembers who the Founders were talking about.]

Elizabeth: Who's that?

Booker: Slate? I actually know the fella. Seems he's still got a knack for
        making enemies.

[Booker finds a strange tablet.]

Elizabeth: Oh. It's a code book for a cipher. A secret message from the Vox

Booker: Secret codes?

Elizabeth: The cipher should be around somewhere.

[At the Fellow Traveler, they find a hidden message.]

Elizabeth: Booker, look! That's what the codebook deciphers, I'm sure of it!

Booker: Huh.

Elizabeth: Let's see..."tip the hat to the Vox".

Booker: Well, there must be more to this place than meets the eye.

[Booker tips the hatrack to reveal a passage.]

Booker: Tip of the hat.

Elizabeth: Indeed.

[The secret room has posters of a black woman all over.]

Elizabeth: Daisy Fitzroy, I've read about her. Books say she's out to tear
           Columbia from the sky.

Booker: Everybody's got a dream.

[They enter a souvenir shop.]

Elizabeth: Look at this! My tower. It's only fair they give me a cut of the
           profits, don't you think?

[Finally, they reach the nearest sky-line.]

Elizabeth: They shut down gondola access to the Hall of Heroes. Must be because
           of what's going on with that man Slate.

Booker: Well, I suppose we can take those sky-lines above us. We just need to
        find a way to clear off that cargo first.

Elizabeth: This is going to be fantastic!

Booker: You think that keen eye of yours could find some ammunition lying
        around? I sure could use it when there's trouble.

Elizabeth: It'll take some scrounging, but I'll do my best. The line's clear!

[They ride to the Hall's plaza and are shot at by snipers.]

Elizabeth: Looks like we found where your old friend Slate is.

Booker: Let's just find that Shock Jockey and get the hell out of here.

[With some difficulty, the team enters the massive building...]

09) HALL OF HEROES                                                       [GS09]

[A statue of Comstock looms over the lobby.]

Elizabeth: "Our Prophet, Father Comstock, Commander of the 7th Cavalry."

Booker: That man did not lead the 7th. Hell, I don't even remember the guy...

[A spotlight suddenly hits Booker as Slate radios in on the PA.]

Slate: Corporal DeWitt proved his worth on the field that day.

Booker: Well I'll be... Slate? Is that you?

Slate: You've always been different, haven't you, Booker? You crave no glory.

Booker: Look, I see you're...caught up in some kind of jam here. If you could
        see fit to let us through to where they keep the Shock Jockey, then

Slate: That tin soldier Comstock wants my boys dead. We won't die at his hands!

Booker: Shh! There's gonna be trouble.

Slate: All my men have left is a choice: die at the hands of a tin soldier, or
       a real one!

[Ex-soldiers attack Booker and are put down.]

Slate: You see?! You're a killer, Booker, like it or not!

Booker: Just give us the Shock Jockey.

Slate: If you want the vigor, Booker, you will give my men a soldier's death.
       They wait for you in Wounded Knee and Peking.

Elizabeth: I'll try to keep you stocked with both bandages and ammo, but...the
           right materials aren't always at hand.

[Booker enters the Battle of Wounded Knee exhibit.]

Slate: The tin soldier has taken credit for the deeds of the real ones. Now,
       your companion, young lady...he wrapped himself in glory on December 29,
       Eighteen-Hundred and Ninety.

Elizabeth: What does he mean?

Booker: You don't wanna know.

Elizabeth: were Wounded Knee...I can see it in your face.

Slate: Tell her, Booker! Tell her how we strode that battlefield like the
       heroes of Sparta! I still hear the screams...does Comstock?

[Enemies start attacking.]

Slate: Here's the soldier I spoke of! The kind of man Comstock pretends to be!

[Booker kills a contingent single-handedly.]

Slate: You see, young miss? The kind of man Comstock wishes he was? A real

Booker: I don't wanna do this, Slate. Just give me what I need.

Slate: I will...after you do the same for me. Come and look for me amongst the

Elizabeth: Who are the Boxers?

Booker: The Chinese. He means to lead us to the other display.

Slate: Can you hear Comstock's tin soldiers coming to silence us? But we are
       the true patriots! The history that does not fit in their books!

[He goes to the Peking exhibit.]

Elizabeth: What is this?

Booker: It's the Boxer Rebellion.

Elizabeth: What happened there?

Slate: In Peking? It was my hand that put the city to the torch. Of course,
       that's not how Comstock tells it...

[They find a fantastic display in the very back.]

Elizabeth: Oh, I read about this...Comstock led the Columbian troops to
           Peking and--

Slate: COMSTOCK WASN'T THERE! The Boxers took my eye and thirty of my friends!
       Is there even a stone to mark that sacrifice?!

[Booker, again, slays Slate's troops.]

Slate: You did them a favor, Booker. You let them die like men.

Booker: I didn't ask for this! I have no quarrel with these men!

Slate: Heroes never ask--

Booker: I never claimed to be no hero.

Slate: Then what are you? If you take away all the parts of Booker DeWitt you
       tried to erase, what's left? Come back to the's almost

Elizabeth: What did Slate mean? What did you try to erase?

Booker: Now that you're out of yours, you might realize cages have their

Elizabeth: A choice is better than none, Mr. DeWitt. No matter what the

Booker: Yeah? What if you woke up one day and realized you didn't like what
        you chose?

Slate: I've got what you need, Booker. You will find me past the First Lady's

[They continue on.]

Elizabeth: Say what you want about Lady Comstock...the woman had an eye for

Slate: You've seen what Comstock has done to my history. Now see how he's
       rewritten his own.

Elizabeth: "The seed of the Prophet lay in the womb of our Lady but for a
           single week." Comstock had a books never mentioned
           anything about a child.

Booker: That's quite an omission. Can't imagine that was by accident.

Elizabeth: "But the child took ill and Our Lady prayed for the Prophet's heir
           both day and night."

[The next exhibit shows Monument Island.]

Elizabeth: That's my tower.

Comstock Statue: Lo! While Daisy Fitzroy has murdered my beloved, she shall not
                 have the child! She shall not come betwist her and prophecy!
                 The seed of the Prophet shall sit the throne, and drown in
                 flame the mountains of man!

Elizabeth: Am I...? Am I...?

Booker: You're Comstock's daughter.

Elizabeth: No, I can't be, I...I can't!

Booker: He wants you to follow in his footsteps.

Elizabeth: Well, I want a puppy, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna get one!

Elizabeth: I can get through these bars, but you're too broad. Let me scout
           ahead, see if there's some way to move forward. Look!

[She tears an attachable hook into the room.]

Booker: Is that...?

Elizabeth: It's a tear. Something I can bring into this world.

Booker: It's a fright hook. Well that's convenient.

Elizabeth: As I said, it's a form of wish fulfillment. Alright, let me know if
           you want me to bring that freight hook in.

[Booker jumps onto the hook.]

Elizabeth: I feel there's more where that came from. Whenever I get anxious,
           tears have a way of appearing. Booker, do you see those tears? We
           can use them against Slate's men... That tear will get us access to
           higher ground...and that one will give us a turret...

Booker: And some cover...

[Together, they wipe out the nearby guards.]

Slate: Comstock's pet can do some wonderful tricks. Do you know what you've
       got there, Booker?

Booker: That's enough, Slate! We just need the vigor to get out of Columbia.
        We're taking it one way or another, Slate! Keep your eye open for that
        Shock Jockey vigor.

Slate: Tin me, Booker. That's what Comstock will turn us into! Wires and gears
       to replace heads and hearts!

[A motorized Patriot attacks.]

Elizabeth: Aim for his gears!

Slate: You see, Booker? Maybe you're the man I remember, maybe not. It doesn't
       matter. Comstock took our stories and scrubbed away our soul. Now...he's
       coming for me...and when I'm gone all that will be left is the lie.

Booker: Just give us what we came for!

[They search a back room.]

Booker: The whole place is ransacked. There ain't no Shock Jockey here.

Elizabeth: Slate must have taken them. Look! Is that...?

[They see purple footprints -- whoever dumped the vigors stepped in the goo.]

Booker: Slate. He's here.

[They backtrack and find the rotunda electrified. Ships creak in the distance.]

Elizabeth: What is that?!

Booker: Comstock's ships. He's coming for Slate.

Slate: It was SLATE who killed for his country at Wounded Knee! It was SLATE
       who stormed the gates at Peking! SLATE!

Booker: Slate!

Slate: Comstock's coming, Booker! But our lives won't satisfy him -- oh no! He
       won't rest until he's turned us into tin! I won't let him! He took my
       past but that's all he's getting from me!

Booker: Just give us the vigor! We don't need to do this!

Slate: Here you go, boys! A soldier's death awaits!

[He sics his subordinates on his old comrade.]

Slate: You're not the Booker DeWitt I remember! Tin man! TIN MAN! Is that all
       you can muster, soldier? Come on now, DeWitt! Don't disappoint the boys!
       Come on, DeWitt! Show me what you're made of!

[Eventually, they find Slate. He proffers a pistol when Booker reaches in.]

Slate: You're not done here, soldier! Eat everything that's on your plate!
       Finish it!

       Slate: They haven't changed you, Booker...not one bit...

       [Booker shoots him in the head.]

       Elizabeth: I suppose it was mercy. Comstock's men would have taken him.

       Booker: I suppose it was.

       Slate: You're a tin man now! A tin man!

       [Booker leaves him to his thoughts.]

       Elizabeth: You spared him.

       Booker: It wasn't no mercy. Comstock's men will surely take him.

[Booker takes the vigor from Slate.]

Booker: Shock Jockey. Well, this better be worth it, Slate...

Elizabeth: Do you ever get used to it? The killing.

Booker: Faster than you can imagine.

Elizabeth: You know, those vigors seem very powerful. I'll do what I can to
           keep you stocked in salts.

Booker: Thanks.

[They mop up the remnants of the 7th Cavalry.]

Elizabeth: Booker...I can tell what Slate said bothered you. You showed me --
           sometimes you have to what's necessary to survive.

Booker: There's survival...and then there's finding pleasure in the act.

Elizabeth: Booker--

Booker: Look, you seem like a decent enough sort. That said, the less you know
        about me, the better.

10) SOLDIER'S FIELD [II]                                                 [GS10]

[They return toward Soldier's Field.]

Elizabeth: Mr. DeWitt, I--

Booker: The name's Booker.

Elizabeth: I'll be certain to attend to that distinction...Booker...when
           there's a moment where we're not being shot at. If you're
           interested, I spotted some supplies over there.

[They fight and defeat another Patriot.]

Booker: They're all gone, c'mon out.

[They board an elevator.]

Booker: I don't think I understand how what you do. These tears.

Elizabeth: I always thought of them as doors. When I was younger, I didn't just
           open the ones I found; I remember making them.

Booker: ...Making them?

Elizabeth: I could go wherever I wanted, but I always wanted to come back...

Booker: To what?

Elizabeth: I don't know. My family?

Booker: Huh. How do you DO that...whatever it is?

Elizabeth: You know how I said I had plenty of time to read? Well, I tried to
           figure it out. I read literature on physics and other such things.

Booker: Yeah? And what did that teach you?

Elizabeth: That there's a world of difference between what we see and what is.

[They finally make it back to a deserted Soldier's Field.]

Elizabeth: Booker, up there...another one of those Shock Jockey doors. Maybe
           we should take a look.

[They fix the controls and call the aerodrome's cable car.]

Elizabeth: The gondola's coming!

[Comstock's voice rings out.]

Comstock: He will abandon you, my sweet Elizabeth. Once he has what he needs,
          he will leave you alone. What else could you expect from a liar and
          a killer of women?

Booker: Comstock.

Elizabeth: Father...Prophet...whomever you are, I'm leaving and there's naught
           you can do to stop me.

Comstock: Oh, sweet child...that's where you're wrong.

Elizabeth: Rockets! Rockets, watch out!

[They hold off the attackers and snag a ride to the aerodrome.]

Elizabeth: When you were unconscious on the beach, you kept repeating a woman's
           name. Anna.

Booker: I don't wanna talk about that.

Elizabeth: I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pried. Where are you from, Mr. DeWitt?

Booker: New York.

Elizabeth: What did you do there?

Booker: Business much like this. Not something that caters writing on a resume.

Elizabeth: It was a fine thing you came along when you did.

Booker: Heh. How do you think I ended up here? I gambled. And now I owe money
        to men you don't want to be in debt to. I come here to pay it back. Me
        busting you out -- what do you think that was? Charity?

Elizabeth: Who sent you?

Booker: Somebody who was willing to take my marker in exchange for you.

[They board another elevator.]

Elizabeth: So, looks like they call you the False Shepherd.

Booker: And you the lamb.

Elizabeth: Let's not call each other that.

Booker: Suits me.

Elizabeth: How'd you figure they know you'd be coming?

Booker: Either they've got a prophet on their side...

Elizabeth: Har har.

Booker: ...or them that hired me also wrote the signs.

Elizabeth: Why?

Booker: Got me.

[They enter the First Lady and start the zeppelin.]

Booker: You alright?

Elizabeth: I want to see Paris. I want to see...everything.

Booker: Well, that's up to you now. There's no one--

[Elizabeth notices the coordinates he put into the ship's controls.]

Elizabeth: Wait! What is that? 40 North by 74 West. That's not Paris, that's
           New York.

Booker: How'd you know that?

Elizabeth: One thing I had in that tower was time, Mr. DeWitt. Time to study
           things like geography.

Booker: I owed money. And there's a fellow...he offered to wipe away my debt,
        in exchange for you.

[Elizabeth starts crying.]

Booker: Come on, it-- C'mon, everything's going to be okay. Will you just turn
        around and talk to me, and we can--

Elizabeth: Whah!

[She clubs him with a monkey wrench.]

11) FINKTON DOCKS                                                        [GS11]

[In his hazy, addled memory, he sees Elizabeth fiddle with the controls, then
 bail when a gunship approaches. Later, Vox Populi can be seen inspecting the
 interior, including one who knocks Booker's lights out again. Next time he
 comes to, he's half-hung out of the airship's door.]

Booker: Oh, shit!

Vox Populi: Daisy, fresh air did the trick. This one's awake.

Daisy Fitzroy: So you're this "False Shepherd" we been hearing so much about.
               Caused a mess of trouble at the raffle.

Booker: You Fitzroy?

Daisy: Nothin' but.

Booker: I got no quarrel with you or your Vox Populi. But this is my airship
        you're hanging me out of, and I've got perilous need of it.

Daisy: Really? 'Cause it sure look like ol' Comstock's airship to me.

Booker: Listen, I ain't lookin' for a fight.

Daisy: There's already a fight, DeWitt. Only question is, which side you on?
       Comstock is the god of the white man, the rich man, the pitiless man.
       But if you believe in common folk, then join the Vox. If you believe in
       the righteous folk, then join the Vox.

Booker: I just want my ship.

Daisy: And the Vox shall give her to you. But first, you must help the Vox.
       Down in Finkton, there's a gunsmith who can supply weapons to our cause.
       Get our guns from him, and you shall have your ship back.

Booker: Whoaaaaaa!

[Daisy's helper pushes him out of the ship. He lands on the Finkton docks.]

Booker: Better find Elizabeth before she lights outta here.

[Further in, Booker spies Liz being pushed around.]

Worker: Get outta here, snipe. You wanna know what we do to pretty little
        stowaways? Or maybe you don't.

Booker: Hey! Ergh, just stop for a minute!

Elizabeth: Get away from me! Stay away!

Booker: I just wanna talk to you!

Elizabeth: I said stay away!

[She tears a distraction before running away again.]

Booker: Elizabeth! Just hold up for a minute! I'm not angry with you.

Elizabeth: Get away from me! Stay away!

[She opens another tear, this time causing a marching band to appear.]

Booker: Hey, watch out! Move it! Move!

Elizabeth: Stay back!

[Her next tear almost hits him with a speeding train.]

Booker: Whoa! Goddamnit!

Elizabeth: I am not going with you!

Booker: Don't go in there!

Elizabeth: I have no need for one such as you!

[Her next tear puts her right near the enemy.]

Founder: It's her! Call it in, call it in!

Elizabeth: No! Let me go!

Founder: We got her!

Booker: There's gotta be another way in.

[As Booker follows, he can hear Liz and her captors nearby.]

Announcer: Requested troops are on their way. Keep close watch... A Handyman
           will be about to collect her shortly.

Founder: That's enough outta you!

Elizabeth: Let go of me! Get your hands off of me! Let me go!

Founder 2: Comstocks wants you and we mean to give you to him! I want you to
           be quiet!

[Booker kills the assailants, but Liz still flees.]

Booker: Will you stop already?!

Elizabeth: I am NOT going with you!

Booker: Elizabeth, wait!

[He finally catches up, except he's attacked by a handyman.]

Handyman: False Shepherd!

[The handyman easily throws him off the docks. Just as he's about to fall to
 his inevitable death, Liz tears a zeppelin below him, cushioning his descent.]

Booker: H-hey! I'm slipping!

Elizabeth: Do not attempt to follow me, Mr. DeWitt!

Booker: Elizabeth, I've made an arrangement to get our airship back.

Elizabeth: You can get us out of here?

Booker: Yes. I just need to supply enough weapons to arm an entire uprising.

Elizabeth: And where will we get these weapons? From one of our many friends
           and allies?

Booker: A gunsmith in Finkton. Should be a walk in the park. What do you say?

Elizabeth: You're a liar, Mr. DeWitt, and a thug. But you're also my only means
           of reaching Paris.

[She pulls him onto the dock and continues to sulk.]

Elizabeth: Don't get too comfortable with my company, Mr. DeWitt. You are a
           means to an end, no more.

12) FINKTON PROPER                                                       [GS12]

Elizabeth: That would be your gunsmith. Who sent you to find this person?

Booker: Daisy Fitzroy.

Elizabeth: She's either a great hero or the worst of scoundrels, depending on
           who's doing the telling.

Booker: If she's good for an airship, I don't care if she's the Queen of

Automaton: Welcome to Fink Industries recruitment! We are not looking for any
           help. You hear that? No help!

Elizabeth: How are we going to get into Finkton?

Booker: Illegally. Let's look for another way in.

[They break into the downstairs floors.]

Elizabeth: Over there, a service elevator. Should take us down to Finkton.

Booker: And get ourselves killed in the bargain.

[They investigate the lower offices.]

Elizabeth: "Gunsmith Chen Lin wanted for known connections to the outlaw Daisy

Booker: Looks like our guy's drawn attention.

Elizabeth: That's not good, is it?

Booker: No.

[They wait for the elevator to load. Liz finds a book nearby.]

Elizabeth: Booker, it's Slate's locker. He must have worked here. Wha...I...
           This is my mother's diary. Why would Slate have it? "My husband
           claims the child was created from whole cloth by divine will. I am
           a believer, but I am not a fool. His...bastard...shall not be raised
           under this roof." My mother...SHE had me locked in that tower.

Booker: Elizabeth...

Elizabeth: I just want to get out of this city. PLEASE...

[They start the descent to Finkton. Some of Fink's nonsense plays on the PA.]

PA: Greetings! My name is Jeremiah Fink, and I want to share with you my
    personal creed. What is the most admirable creature on God's green earth?
    Why, it's the bee! Have you ever seen a bee on vacation? Have you ever seen
    a bee take a sick day? Well, my friends, the answer is no! So I say, be...
    the bee! Be the bee!

[The phone suddenly rings.]

Booker: Ummm...hello?

Secretary: Mr. DeWitt?

Booker: Uh, yes?

Secretary: Hold for Mr. Fink, please.

Elizabeth: What's going on?

Fink: DeWitt? Fink here. Listen, my boy...we had our eye on you, and I can tell
      you right now, you are our top candidate! Top! My associate Mr. Flambeau
      will help you with anything, haha.

Elizabeth: What the hell was that?

Booker: I have no idea.

Elizabeth: He seems oddly pleased to make your acquaintance.

[They see a gigantic statue in the likeness of Fink.]

Elizabeth: Well, the man's got an ego.

[Fink's PA propaganda starts up again.]

PA: Now, some say to me, "Fink, why is it we get paid in tokens that are only
    good at the company store?" Well, I'll tell you what: I'll be damned if I'd
    let any of you poor folk get robbed at some shady establishment. You see,
    the Fink company store brings you Fink products! At a price designed
    specifically for the Fink worker!

[As they leave the elevator, they find Fink's crony waiting.]

Flambeau: Mr. DeWitt, welcome to Finkton. You'll find a variety of supplies
          here that should see you through your visit.

Elizabeth: What does Mr. Fink want with us?

Flambeau: Excuse me, miss, but Mr. Fink's interest is strictly in the

Elizabeth: But why--

Flambeau: So sorry, young miss. But any questions regarding the gentleman's
          application should be taken up with Mr. Fink directly.

Elizabeth: Does this strike you as good news? It doesn't strike me as good
           news. What do you think? Head to the gunsmith or scavenge supplies
           by that clock shop?

[They find an odd red tear in one of the buildings. It plays "Fortunate Son"]

Elizabeth: Here that? Music. It's coming through that tear.

Booker: I never heard that song before.

Elizabeth: I don't suspect anyone's heard that song.

[They find the factory entrance.]

Booker: Can you get this open?

Elizabeth: I've never even seen a lock like this. Anti-pressure device, a
           spring-loaded wiper, a relocker. You'd need a battering ram to open

[They check out the clock shop, finding a cipher.]

Booker: Huh. So do we need to find the codebook?

Elizabeth: Yes...hmm...looks like everything's been impounded at the Good Time
           Club. Maybe that's where we'll find it.

[They locate Chen's abode.]

Elizabeth: Here it is, Booker. "Chen Lin, Gunsmith".

[They enter the gunsmith's shop and find a shrine.]

Elizabeth: I've read about this...that's Gautama Buddha.

Booker: Who?

Elizabeth: The founder of Buddhism. He spent 49 days under a Bodhi tree until
           he achieved enlightenment.

Booker: Something tells me Comstock doesn't cater to idols getting worshipped
        that ain't him.

[They reach the ransacked top floor.]

Booker: Hello? Hello! Mr. Lin? Chen Lin? Is anybody here?

Elizabeth: What happened here?

Booker: Someone worked this place over. Local constabulary, no doubt.

Elizabeth: You hear that? There's someone downstairs.

[They find a woman crying at the Buddhist shrine.]

Booker: Excuse me... Ma'am, I'm sorry to bother you. I ju--...we're looking
        for Mr. Lin? Mr. Chen Lin?

Elizabeth: Booker...

May Lin: Mr. Lin not here. He...gone.

Elizabeth: Gone?

May Lin: They take Flying Squad. I pray Gautama Buddha. Pray give husband back.
         Give back to May Lin.

Elizabeth: Where did they take him?

May Lin: Club. Everyone take to Good Time Club.

Booker: Where is this club? Ma'am, please -- where is this club?

Elizabeth: Booker, we'll find it. Just leave her be.

May Lin: Why not Vox Populi help Chen Lin? Why not Daisy Fitzroy help Chen Lin?

Elizabeth: Who are the Flying Squad?

Booker: Cops. The kind that probably got their boot on Lin's throat, asking him
        how well he knows Daisy Fitzroy.

Elizabeth: Isn't she the one we're working for?

Booker: As a matter of fact, it is. Alright, now let's figure out where this
        Good Time Club is.

[They head across the street.]

Elizabeth: Watch out! Handyman!

[Booker takes on the gargantuan and slays it.]

Elizabeth: I don't much care for you, Mr. DeWitt...but I must admit, you know
           your way around a brawl. I'm sorry about what I said at the dock...
           you know, calling you a thug.

Booker: Yeah? Can't see how I might've changed your sense of that.

Elizabeth: You protected me.

Booker: Job's a job.

Elizabeth: There it is, Mr. DeWitt.

Booker: Now we just need to head inside and find Mr. Lin...and, me

[They enter the club.]

Automaton: Welcome to the Good Time Club, sir or madam! Where the lions roar!
           The show is about to begin!

Fink: Ah, DeWitt, my boy! You know, the best kind of interview is one where the
      applicant doesn't know he's being evaluated! Hahaha! But, I've watched
      you since the other day at the lottery. Heh're a brute! And in
      times like this, I could use a brute!

Booker: What do you want, Fink?

Fink: Why, labor unrest is coming, DeWitt! Heh heh. Now, Fitzroy has got the
      jungle all riled up. A man like me could have use for an old Pinkerton
      like you.

[They enter the balcony.]

Booker: Let's find Chen Lin and get the hell out of here.

Fink: Now, now! All I ask is that you finish what you started, DeWitt. Wouldn't
      want to disappoint the other applicants! Our first candidate is a veteran
      of what's that they say about old soldiers? Hahahaha!
      Frankly, my money's on you... He's something of an old hand at handling
      explosives...only man I know who hasn't, heh heh, lost a limb working
      with them. Yet.

Elizabeth: Fireman!

Fink: Heh heh, yes! Yes! Quite the eager beaver, isn't he. We're getting
      excellent results!

[Booker slays the fireman.]

Fink: This young go-getter is a former devotee of Lady Comstock. But without
      the old gal, they just don't know quite what to do with themselves!
      Picked this one up at the Hiring Fair, for a song!

Elizabeth: Crow! See him?

Fink: Haha! Son! I do say I like the cut of your chin!

[Booker kills the gunmen.]

Fink: Now, enough of the opening acts! Your true rival is an expert with the
      automata...wants to replace all our security with machines! I'll give
      the old boy credit, though: it would be fewer mouths to feed! Hahahaha!
      That's it! That's it! Why, that sort of ambition, my boy, will serve you
      well at Fink Industries! My, my, my! Quality work! 

[Booker slays the Patriot and mosquitos.]

Fink: Congratulations, DeWitt! You know, when your name was first passed to me,
      I wasn't quite sure you were the man for the job, heh heh! But now, I can
      say with certainty that I was quite wrong!

Booker: I'm not interested in your job, Fink!

Fink: Now, now, I know all about your little job for Fitzroy. But do you really
      want to take her job over mine? Do you know how many people would kill to
      be Head of Fink Security? You're a tough nut to crack, Mr. DeWitt! A
      tough nut! But, I promise you this...I will get what I want.

Elizabeth: Booker, theres a door over here. I think that's the way down.

[They go downstairs.]

Guard: C'mon, Frannie, you're a modern woman -- it's 1912!

Woman: It's gonna be 2012 before I'm interested in one like you.

[They slay the guards and find a blackboard describing prisoner setups.]

Elizabeth: Look! "Chen Lin, cell number 9."

Booker: Hmm... I used to work for folks like Fink.

Elizabeth: Really?

Booker: I was with the Pinkertons. They'd call us in when the workers got

Elizabeth: To do what?

Booker: Demonstrate the folly of men striking, throwin' down tools.

Elizabeth: You hurt people...

Booker: I'll tell you this: sometimes there's precious need for folks like

Elizabeth: Why?

Booker: Because of folks like me.

Elizabeth: Over here! That's it. That's the book for the clock shop!

[Elizabeth finds a projector and plays it. It's of Lin's interrogation.]

Guard: Tell us what you know about Fitzroy, you goddamn gook! We know you can
       hear us! You wanna say something? Or you want us to bring in Mrs. Lin
       for company?

Elizabeth: Huh.

Guard: Eh...throw a cold bucket of ice water on him, we got three more to bring
       in tonight.

[They continue further down.]

Elizabeth: Ugh...what's that smell?

Booker: Ain't no privies down here.

Elizabeth: They treat them like animals. What could people have done to deserve
           to be locked up in a place like this?

Booker: Fink don't need much of a reason.

Elizabeth: he doesn't.

[They find Lin's cell.]

Elizabeth: This is it, isn't it?

Booker: Yep, number nine.

Fink: DeWitt, you're a lion. But you can't blame me for looking after my own
      interests, can you? Now, I know Fitzroy has come calling...but I think
      you'll find your business with her has come to an end, heh heh. Lions
      walk with lions, DeWitt, not hyenas!

[They turn the light on, revealing Lin's corpse.]

Elizabeth: Booker...

Booker: We're too late, goddamnit...

Elizabeth: Fink...this is what he meant...

Booker: Now we need to find someone else to make those guns.

Elizabeth: No.

Booker: Dead is dead, Elizabeth.

[He looks up to see the strange man and woman from several times before.]

Gentleman: Dead is dead.

Booker: What? ...The hell did...?

Lady: I see...heads.

Gentleman: And I see tails.

Lady: It's all a matter of perspective.

Booker: Why are you following us? Who sent you, Comstock? What do you want

Gentleman: What do you see here, from this angle?

Lady: Dead.

Booker: Listen--

Lady: And that angle?

Gentleman: Alive.

Elizabeth: Booker...Chen Lin...

[Booker moves aside and sees a tear enveloping the corpse.]

Booker: The body's gone.

Gentleman: It was never here.

Booker: It's another Columbia.

Elizabeth: A different Columbia.

Gentleman: The same coin.

Lady: A different perspective.

Gentleman: Heads.

Lady: Tails.

Gentleman: Dead.

Lady: Alive.

Elizabeth: We have to go this other Columbia,

Gentleman: It's like riding a bicycle.

Lady: One never really forgets.

Gentleman: One just needs the courage to climb aboard.

Elizabeth: If we go into this tear...I don't think I'll be able to bring us
           back. Are you sure you're ready?

Booker: Okay, open it.

[They enter the tear, putting them in parallel Good Time Club basement.]

Elizabeth: Look! There's no blood.

Booker: And no body.

Elizabeth: It's another world, Booker. Another Columbia.

[They can hear riotous yelling far above.]

Booker: Something tells me one dead gunsmith ain't the only thing that's

[They backtrack to the projection room. This time, the film has changed.]

Guard: Daisy Fitzroy. C'mon, you piece of shit. Tell me about Daisy--

Guard 2: Cut him loose.

Guard: What?

Guard 2: Scofield says cut him loose. They're bringing his tools to the lockup.
         That'll keep him clean, I guess.

Guard: Why?

Guard 2: What are you, the Columbia Gazette? The chink's wife got friends in
         high places. Come on, we need the cell.

Booker: I don't understand how Chen Lin is alive now.

Elizabeth: We're in a world where he was never murdered. Somewhere we'll find
           out why, I suppose.

Booker: I don't suspect you can change something like that and have everything
        else remain the same.

[They find two guards, killed in the previous world, writhing in insanity.]

Elizabeth: These men...

Booker: I killed them. They were dead.

Elizabeth: Not in this world... Booker, their noses... They're...they're all

Guard: I'm disgusted, DISGUSTING, sick, sick, sick...

Guard 2: Did I...why am I still here...?

Guard: I hate one of me...WHO DO I HATE? Can't tell WHICH ONE... Two in here...
       Who is the I? Which ONE hates WHICH?

Guard 2: Wh-what do we do now?

[They continue upstairs.]

Booker: What was wrong with them?

Elizabeth: They remembered...

Booker: Remembered what?

Elizabeth: Being dead.

[They enter the club floor, now filled with enemies and Fink's voice. Since
 it's another world, Fink's proposition to Booker never took place.]

Fink: WHAT is going ON here, SANSMARK? As my HEAD of Security, I suspect YOU'LL
      want to find out HOW these two slipped past YOUR MEN, and WHAT THEY WERE

Sansmark: You got it, J.F.! Make me look bad with the boss, will ya? Well we'll
          see about that!

[Booker kills the assailants.]

Elizabeth: That man we just fought. In the other world, he was the one who was
           strung up on the wall.

Booker: "In the other world?" This whole business makes my head hurt.

[They exit the club back to the Plaza of Zeal. A sign notes no jobs are open.]

Elizabeth: Booker, look. Looks like Fink isn't giving you the job.

[They return to the clock shop.]

Elizabeth: All right, give me a second. "The broken clock tolls at midnight."

Booker: Which clock? This looks like the one.

Elizabeth: Set it to midnight.

[Doing so reveals a hidden cache.]

Booker: Well, I'll be...

[They return to the machinist's store.]

Elizabeth: Do you hear anything?

Booker: Huh?

Elizabeth: No machines. No tools.

Booker: Let's go find that gunsmith. Maybe he's upstairs now.

Elizabeth: Booker, look. The's a figure of Comstock now.

[They find Lin upstairs, but he's afflicted by the tear like the guards were.]

Booker: Um, Mr. Lin? Chen Lin? 'Scuse me, Chen Lin?

Chen Lin: Who are you? You speak up! Speak up! Can't hear you over all these
          machines! Very loud!

Booker: I'm Booker DeWitt--

Chen Lin: Stand back! These machines very dangerous. Wait downstairs with Mrs.

Booker: Uh, Daisy Fitzroy sent us. W-we need to talk to you about getting some

Chen Lin: Machines very dangerous. No place for stupid people. Want to lose
          pretty head?

Booker: Mr. Lin--

Chen Lin: Downstairs!

Booker: What is wrong with him?

Elizabeth: Remember him dead in that cell? Maybe in some way he remembers that,
           too. How would you reconcile that?

Booker: I don't know.

[His wife praying at the shrine, but she's not the same woman as before.]

Sarah Lin: Heal my husband. Calm his troubled thoughts. Ease his burden. Bring
           Chen Lin back to me.

Booker: Excuse me, ma'am, I'm looking for Mrs. Lin.

Sarah Lin: I'm Mrs. Lin.

Booker: No, I mean a little Chinese lady. She was--

Elizabeth: Booker. This IS Mrs. Lin.

Sarah Lin: They took Chen's tools. What's he got without his tools?

Booker: Well your husband is a bit out of sorts.

Sarah Lin: If he could work again, maybe...i-if he could work, he'd--

Elizabeth: Mrs. Lin, can you tell me who took your husband's tools?

Sarah Lin: Goddamn police. They took them and locked them up, in the impound
           in Shantytown.

Elizabeth: Is she right? Would having his tools back fix his mind?

Booker: Who cares. We're not getting any guns if Chen Lin doesn't have his
        tools. Let's head to Shantytown.

Elizabeth: Did you notice? Lin had a bloody nose.

Booker: Seems to be in style.

Elizabeth: This tear...I'm not so sure it was a good idea.

[At the Shantytown entrance, they wait for cargo to move.]

Elizabeth: If you want to ask me, ask me.

Booker: About what?

Elizabeth: My finger.

Booker: I...I didn't...

Elizabeth: It's alright. It's as much a mystery to me as anyone else. Maybe
           Songbird knows, but he's not talking.

Booker: Heh. Uh, I'm sorry...

Elizabeth: What for? I get to wear this stylish thimble to cover up my hideous
           deformity. I hear they're all the rage in Paris.

[They take an elevator down.]

13) SHANTYTOWN                                                           [GS13]

Elizabeth: You must think me some sort of...freak. A girl who can bring dead
           men back to life...whose only acquaintance is a...giant bird
           creature. I must seem ridiculous.

Booker: You just got dealt a bad hand.

Elizabeth: I am not going back to that tower, no matter what happens.

Booker: They won't stop until they have you.

Elizabeth: Why? What did I do to them?

Booker: You frighten them.

Elizabeth: Good.

[At the bottom, they find a street preacher talking to the disenfranchised.]

Brother Love: This is what they want, keep you so HUNGRY you
              can't speak but to beg... To keep you so IGNORANT you can't think
              of solutions to all your problems... To keep you CHASIN' that
              almighty SILVER EAGLE, so you can BUY EVERYTHING they're sellin'
              to keep you down, brothas... But Daisy Fitzroy says there's
              ANOTHER WAY...another way comin' REAL SOON.

Elizabeth: These people are like this because of Fink? Maybe Daisy's right.
           Maybe she should pay him back for all of this.

Booker: Not before she pays us. We're here for guns and then the airship.

[They head toward the Bull Yard.]

Founder: The Vox Populi are the bastard child of the Foreigner and the Heathen,
         and like all bastards, we serve it best by smothering it in its crib.
         We hear tell that the gunsmith was making weapons for the Vox. We
         squashed that gunsmith like a bug and took his tools for our own.
         Make no mistake, soldiers: the Vox and weapons go together like fire
         and gunpowder. One spark and we'll have a blaze we cannot control.

Elizabeth: Booker, there's the impound.

Founder: We're gonna have to get through an army to get those tools.

[They slay the opponents to enter the impound lot.]

Elizabeth: There they are. The tools!

Booker: Now we just have to get them back to the Vox, and then we get our

Elizabeth: Who are we really helping by getting guns for the Vox Populi?

Booker: It's gonna help us.

Elizabeth: Daisy can make a change, can't she? Make things better for the
           people here.

Booker: Sure.

[They find Chen's tools...all of them gigantic and heavy.]

Booker: Well, we sure as hell aren't gonna be able to carry this all back to
        the shop. God, we didn't think this all the way through.

[He spies another tear.]

Booker: What is that?

Elizabeth: It looks like a a-another version of this room that
           doesn't have any tools in it.

Booker: Well, if the tools aren't in there, then...

Elizabeth: Then they must be--

Booker & Elizabeth: --back at the shop!

Elizabeth: Booker, if we go into this tear...I don't think there's any turning
           back. Are you sure you want to go now?

Booker: Do it.

[They go through the tear, finding the area full of guns, not contraband.]

Elizabeth: Well, that did something.

Booker: Come on, let's head back to the gunsmith and finish our deal. I aim to
        be on that airship, and well shut of this place 'fore long.

Elizabeth: Booker, if the Vox get their weapons, there's going to be a
           revolution just like in Les Miserables! These people are gonna have
           better lives.

Booker: Yeah.

[They can hear a battle outside the building.]

Founder: They're coming, the Vox are coming! Come on, let's go! It's the Vox!

Elizabeth: Can you feel it? Daisy's moved these people! Things CAN change,
           Booker, and we can be a part of it!

Booker: I don't WANT to be a part of it. Once we get our airship, we'll be well
        shut of this place.

[They exit back into Shantytown.]

Daisy: Comstock says all this trouble, all this strife, is on our heads. Says
       we're to blame. Says ain't nobody got nothing to complain about, and if
       it's not fine for you and yours, that's 'cause you a backslider and
       you've fallen into sin... Hmph. Let me tell you about sin. It's a sin
       when you turn on your tap and ain't no hot water come out. It's a sin
       when you work 18-hour days and can't feel your young ones. It's a sin
       that Comstock sleeps in his mansion on a hill, and you got to make your
       bed in hay and straw. But I'm here to tell you something, brothers and
       sisters: the biggest sin of all, the mother of all sins, is that we sit
       back and take it.

[They plow through an ongoing battle.]

Man:'re Booker DeWitt, the hero of the Vox!

[He runs off ahead.]

Booker: What the hell are they talking about...

Elizabeth: Look at that poster! In this world, you're a hero...

Booker: I remember I led the Vox, I...Slate and I...burned down the Hall of

Elizabeth: Booker, your're bleeding.

Booker: Hard to think. There's two memories in the same place...

Elizabeth: Booker, come back to me... We're going to find Daisy Fitzroy...

Booker: And we're getting out of here on the First Lady...let's go.

[Daisy's voice rings out to her celebrating people.]

Daisy: Booker DeWitt died for this day! It was he who spoke with one voice of
       the people! Now is the time to stand true to his cause! Now is the time
       for Fink to fall! To the factory! Let the mighty be laid low! For the
       people, for Booker DeWitt, and the true voice! We're going to the
       factory -- and we're not just gonna burn it down! Only way to be sure is
       to pull it up from the roots!

[They pile back into the Finkton elevator.]

Elizabeth: In this world, you were a martyr...

Booker: These folk need a better class of hero. When it comes down to it...the
        only difference between Comstock and Fitzroy is how you spell the name.

Elizabeth: Well...I guess we did it. I don't know if I brought us to a world
           where the Vox had weapons...or I created one.

[They return to the gunsmith's, but they're both dead.]

Elizabeth:, this is not what I meant to happen...

Booker: Elizabeth...

Elizabeth: They're dead, Booker!

Booker: Come on, let's leave this place. Let's go to the factory and get our
        airship. This isn't our responsibility -- none of it. You just opened
        a door to this world and we stepped through.

Elizabeth: Are you sure, Booker? Did I just bring us to a world where Chen Lin
           was alive, or...or did I create it? I told you, I always thought
           that my little trick was a form of wish fulfillment. I got my wish.

14) THE FACTORY                                                          [GS14]

[They approach the factory with the rebels.]

Vox Populi: Open that gate and the factory is ours!

[A massive zeppelin appears to bracket the walkways with fiery blasts.]

Vox Populi: No way to open the gates with that zeppelin fire!

Booker: They can't get that door open until someone takes that airship out.

Elizabeth: Are we volunteering?!

[Booker uses a sky-line to mount the ship.]

Booker: Need to sabotage the engine and bring this thing down.

[He kills the crew and uses his skyhook to cut into the engine.]

Booker: to get off this thing.

[He jumps back down to ground level.]

Crowd: Yeah! Booker DeWitt!

Elizabeth: Booker, that was amazing.

Booker: Come on, Elizabeth. Let's go find Daisy in the factory.

Vox Populi: The gates are open! NOW LET'S TAKE THEIR HEADS!

[Booker and Liz finally get into Fink's stronghold.]

Elizabeth: Daisy said she was coming here for Fink.

Booker: We need to take that elevator up. Bet it leads to Fink's offices

[They ascend, watching vigors and vending machines being made by assembly.]

Elizabeth: They're just right for each other, aren't they?

Booker: Who?

Elizabeth: Fitzroy and Comstock. May Lin...Mr. god, I...I was so set
           on going to Paris...I didn't really think that--

Booker: You couldn't have known this would happen.

Elizabeth: I had a role in this catastrophe, if, if you want to pretend we're
           innocents in this, then that's you're prerogative, but--

[The phone rings.]

Booker: Umm...hello? ...Fink?

Daisy: I saw you die, Booker. Saw it with my own eyes.

Booker: Fitzroy. Listen, I got you your guns. I'm here for my airship.

Daisy: But my Booker DeWitt died for the Vox Populi. You either an imposter...
       or a ghost. My Booker DeWitt was a hero to the cause. A story to tell
       your children. just complicate the narrative.

[The Vox turn on Booker. Through a window, he sees Daisy and Fink.]

Elizabeth: Booker!

Fink: No! Stop it! No! No, no, no!

[She shoots Fink in the presence of his son.]

Daisy: Kill the imposters. Burn their bodies when you're done.

[They kill the guards. Daisy is still alone with Fink's kid.]

Elizabeth: No! No, no, no! She's going to kill that child... Booker, we have
           to do something! We have to act -- we have to get in there! C'mon,
           Booker, we've -- we gotta get in there. Boost me up! Go to the
           window and distract Daisy. Go!

[He boosts her inside.]

Booker: Is this it? Is this your movement, Daisy?

Daisy: This is what needs to be done! You see, the Founders ain't nothin' but
       weeds. Cut 'em down and they just grow back! If you wanna get rid of a
       weed, you gotta pull it up from the root! It's the only way to be
       sure-- Aaah!

[Liz stabs her as she's about to kill the kid.]

Booker: Elizabeth...

Elizabeth: I guess it runs in the family.

Booker: Elizabeth...

[She backs away as he tries to comfort her.]

Booker: Whoa, whoa...hey...hey, easy...

[He follows her to the First Lady, where she's locked herself in a room.]

Booker: What are you doing in there? I know how this feels. L-Listen, I think
        you should talk to me.

[Booker sets the course. Liz emerges with short hair and a new dress.]

Booker: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: This is all they had.

Booker: Listen--

Elizabeth: How do you do it?

Booker: How do I do what?

Elizabeth: Forget. How do you wash away the things that you've done?

Booker: You don't; you learn to live with it.

Elizabeth: So the moment of truth between us. New York or Paris?

[Before they can decide, Songbird flies by.]

Elizabeth: no no no no!

Booker: Oh shit! Come on, we gotta make this thing go faster...

Elizabeth: There's gotta be some sort of...some sort of throttle or accelerator
           or something!

Booker: Well, do you know what that looks like?

Elizabeth: I don't know!

Booker: Help me find it!

[Songbird flies into the bridge, depressurizing the cabin.]

Booker: Elizabeth! Hang on to something!

15) EMPORIA                                                              [GS15]

[Booker awakens in the crashed ship. The strange twosome plink on a piano.]

Gentleman: That's not it.

Lady: It certainly is.

Elizabeth: Booker! Ah...

Booker: Hold on.

Elizabeth: Booker...we've got to stop them.

Gentleman: No, that's the E.

Lady: No.

Elizabeth: Booker, hurry! If they play the whole song, he'll come back!

Booker: Here.

Lady: Hmm. Nope, that is not it.

Gentleman: Is. Is. Is. Pay attention.

[He opens the door, giving passage to the ruined building below.]

Elizabeth: Stop it! Stop it, you don't know what you're doing!

Lady: Ha! There it is.

Elizabeth: No! You've done it now, he's...he's coming back...he's coming back!

Gentleman: The notes were correct.

Lady: The instrument was not.

Gentleman: One needs both to get his attention.

Lady: But if you know how to sing to him...

Gentleman: He will take you where you need to go.

[Booker takes a card from the man's outstretched hand.]

Elizabeth: Who are you?

Lady: We are where we are needed.

Gentleman: And needed where we are.

Booker: So Comstock uses these songs. Are there others we can use? Something to
        keep the bird off our back?

Lady: Perhaps you should ask the maestro himself.

Booker: So where is he--?

[He looks up and both have vanished.]

Booker: --of course. Well, at least they left the piano.

[Off in the distance is a large mansion.]

Elizabeth: Booker...that's Comstock House. If we're gonna find him, we should
           start there.

[They notice civilians all trying to escape with their possessions.]

Elizabeth: Where are these people going?

Booker: Wherever the Vox Populi ain't.

[A dead refugee is nearby.]

Elizabeth: Look at this one. Do you think he wanted any part of this?

Booker: Did you?

[They finally make it to Port Prosperity station.]

Booker: What is it about that song that brings in the bird?

Elizabeth: It always has. When I was younger, I used to be excited when I heard

Booker: Excited?

Elizabeth: He was all I had. He fed me, brought me books. He friend.

Booker: Friend?

Elizabeth: Until I grew up. And then I hated him. Because he was my warden. But
           he's just Comstock's pet, isn't he? Just like me.

[The interior is mostly in ruins, dead bodies strewn about.]

Elizabeth: Look at this. Fitzroy's no better than Comstock...was she?

Booker: Once people get their blood ain't easy to settle it down again.

Elizabeth: This is on our hands, isn't it?

[They continue on.]

Elizabeth: This prophecy business... You don't think anyone can really see the
           future, do you?

Booker: I saw something once, when I first got here...a dream... It was New
        York, but larger than any New York I ever was burning.

Elizabeth: Hmmm. Hope none of the Prophet's "magic" is rubbing off on you.

[They board the car to Emporia proper.]

Elizabeth: I just realized who those two are. least, she...invented
           the technology that allows the city to float.

Booker: Giant balloons?

Elizabeth: Quantum particles. Suspended in space-time at fixed height.

Booker: So...NOT giant balloons?

Elizabeth: But the thing is, my books say they disappeared several years ago.

[The Gentleman and Lady -- Robert & Rosalind Lutece -- are visible nearby.]

Robert Lutece: I told you they'd come.

Rosalind Lutece: No, you didn't.

Robert: RIGHT, I was going to tell you they'd come.

Rosalind: But you didn't.

Robert: But I DON'T.

Rosalind: You sure that's right?

Elizabeth: Something tells me they're not exactly what they appear.

[This becomes obvious as the car passes them, yet they appear further up, too.]

Robert: I was going to HAVE told you they'd come?

Rosalind: No.

Robert: The subjunctive?

Rosalind: That's not the subjunctive.

Robert: I don't think the syntax has been invented yet.

Rosalind: It would had to have had been.

Robert: Had to have...had...been? That can't be right.

Elizabeth: They seem to want help.

Booker: They seem to be out of their minds.

Rosalind: Odd, isn't it?

Robert: What's odd?

Rosalind: The facts that sometimes we--

Robert: --finish each other's sentences?

Rosalind: Exactly.

Robert: It would be odder if we didn't.

Rosalind: Hm.

Elizabeth: How do you suppose they manage that?

Booker: I'll get back to you after I figure out the floating city bit. Come
        on, Comstock House is up ahead.

[The long cable car ride finally ends in Port Prosperity.]

16) PORT PROSPERITY                                                      [GS16]

Elizabeth: "The seed of the prophet shall sit the throne." He was grooming me,
           wasn't he?

Booker: Comstock? Yeah, I think so.

Elizabeth: Then why lock me up?

Booker: Well, I'm guessin' you didn't want to be groomed. Maybe he had
        something in the works to make you...agreeable.

Elizabeth: Like what?

Booker: I think it's best we don't find out.

Radio: Excuse me...if there's anyone who can hear the sound of my voice...
       These are dire times and I could ever so use your aid... I hope no one
       has forgotten about me here... Er,, back to the music...

[They fight off leagues of Vox.]

Elizabeth: Those turnstiles are one-way. Should we check out the bookstore
           before we leave?

[They go through, finding a locked elevator.]

Booker: Can you open this?

Elizabeth: It's a simple dual-dial lock. My book says most fools keep the
           combination no more than twenty feet away.

Booker: Let's hope we find one of those fools.

[They snoop around the offices.]

Booker: This might be it. Why are you so keen on lockpicking and codebreaking?

Elizabeth: If you put a person in a cage, they develop an interest in such

Booker: I suppose so.

Elizabeth: And I won't be locked up again, Book--

[She gesticulates the need for silence, as one of Songbird's alarms goes off.
 They hide as the creature approaches, and come out after its brief search.]

Booker: Elizabeth. Elizabeth, you--

Elizabeth: Promise me.

Booker: I will stop him.

Elizabeth: No...that is an oath you cannot keep. But promise me -- if it comes
           to it -- you will not let him take me back.

[She takes Booker's hand and puts it around her throat.]

Booker: It won't come to that, alright?

17) DOWNTOWN EMPORIA                                                     [GS17]

[From their elevator, they can see ongoing conflict.]

Elizabeth: Look! The Vox are tearing this place apart.

[They attackers break the lift, so they break the attackers.]

Booker: Back there at the shop, what you asked me to do...

Elizabeth: Let's not discuss it.

Booker: No, what did that thing do to you?

Elizabeth: If you were to take me back...that's death, Mr. DeWitt. Or something
           so like it, I cannot tell the difference.

[They look at the red flags in the snipers' area.]

Elizabeth: Look at those pennants. Seems like the Vox have chosen their
           favorite color.

Booker: Seems about right.

Elizabeth: What a waste. How's the city going to come back from this?

Booker: Maybe it shouldn't.

[They kill the stragglers of a Founders-Vox showdown.]

Elizabeth: You know, I...I keep thinking about that dream you had. New York on
           fire. There's something about it...

Booker: Hmm.

[They reach Comstock Square.]

Elizabeth: Beyond that gate lies Comstock House.

Automaton: Lady Comstock, how lovely to see you! Wonderful of you to make the
           journey, especially considering your painful death 19 years ago.

Booker: Lady Comstock?

Elizabeth: The dress...the thing has mistaken me for my mother.

[She tries the gate's scanner.]

Automaton: Your fingerprints do not seem to be your own today, Lady Comstock.
           Are you unwell?

Booker: This isn't going to work.

Elizabeth: I think it can.

Booker: Your mother's dead, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Yes, I think it's time I paid my respects. Let's head to where she's

[They enter Memorial Gardens, causing Liz to run ahead.]

Elizabeth: There's the graveyard, where my mother's buried.

Booker: Where are you going?

Elizabeth: Come on.

Booker: What are we looking for?

Elizabeth: There it is.

[The gate has no lock, but Liz tears one into existence for picking purposes.]

Booker: It's your mother's grave.

Elizabeth: They have her preserved in an airtight chamber. Her fingerprints
           will get us into Comstock House.

Booker: She's your mother.

Elizabeth: A mother who abandons their child doesn't draw a lot of sympathy in
           my book.

Booker: Take a moment to think about what you're doing...

Elizabeth: There. Will you open the door or do I have to go in without you?

[They go to her casket, where she lies in repose.]

Booker: Elizabeth...

Elizabeth: It's her. How are you, mother? All locked up in there, huh? Looks
           like you and I have some common ground.

Booker: Let me do it.

Elizabeth: No.

Booker: Let ME do it.

Elizabeth: Look on the other side.

[As they're about to bust into the coffin, the lights dim and a PA comes on.]

Comstock: You see, child? You chose to follow the false shepherd, and he has
          led you astray!

[Flowing lights flow into Elizabeth.]

Comstock: What I do, I do for love! What lion does not cringe to see their cub
          in pain?

Elizabeth: Make it stop, Booker! Make it stop! Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhh!!

Comstock: If you won't listen to me, perhaps you will listen to your mother!

[The lights focus on Lady Comstock, reanimating her. She disappears.]

Elizabeth: I'm...I don' did she go?

Booker: Elizabeth? Are you all right--

Elizabeth: Where did she go?

Booker: Just hold on, you need to rest for a minute.

Elizabeth: No, I'm getting that hand!

Booker: Elizabeth? Why is your mother a ghost?

Elizabeth: She's not, he...he used me, t-to power that device, he opened up
           some kind of tear!

[Lady Comstock's "ghost" appears when they exit the display.]

Siren: Child! Child! You are the lie that spewed from my womb. You are the lie,
       the lie, the lie, the lie!

Elizabeth: What's happening?!

Booker: It would seem your raising...the dead.

[They finally kill the siren.]

Booker: What is she?

Elizabeth: I don't know...what am I? My god, is she the source of my power?

Booker: But what is she? Alive or dead?

Robert: Why do you ask what--

Rosalind: --when he delicious question is when?

[The strange duo has appeared in the graveyard.]

Robert: The only difference between past and present..

Rosalind: semantics.

Robert: Lives, lived, will live.

Rosalind: Dies, died, will die.

Robert: If we could perceive time as it truly was...

Rosalind: ...what reason would grammar professors have to get out of bed?

Robert: Like us all, Lady Comstock exists ACROSS time...

Rosalind: She is both alive and dead.

Robert: She perceives being both.

Rosalind: She finds this condition...disagreeable.

Robert: Perception without comprehension...

Rosalind: a dangerous combination.

Elizabeth: Look! Footsteps...

Rosalind: She goes to unfinished business...

Booker: We have to follow her, convince her to open the gate to Comstock House.

Robert: It is a shame you have need of her to enter Comstock House.

Rosalind: Frankly, she doesn't seem all that cooperative.

Robert: There is a way to bring to reason.

Rosalind: Three truths you must discover first.

Robert: Truths which, in this world, Comstock has destroyed.

Rosalind: If only one of you had power to alter time and space...

Robert: That would be a blessing, wouldn't it?

Rosalind: Mmm.

[They disappear again.]

Booker: Well...they're sarcastic.

Elizabeth: There's about Lady Comstock.

Booker: Yeah, I noticed.

Elizabeth: N-no, you don't understand, she...she doesn't belong here. I brought
           something through, it's just...I'm not so sure it was her.

[They follow the footprints to Lutece Laboratories. A machine makes a tear.]

Booker: It's a tear.

Elizabeth: There's something in there. Should I open it?

[They do, and see a scene involving Lady Comstock.]

Lady Comstock: whore!

Elizabeth: That's my mother!

Rosalind: I assure you, madam, my sexual interest in your dear Prophet is

Elizabeth: And Madam Lutece...

Rosalind: Furthermore, the man is quite sterile.

Lady Comstock: That's a lie! Come and get your little bastard, I want her out
               of my house!

[The tear closes.]

Booker: Sterile?

Elizabeth: They weren't my parents...

Booker: What? Then what were you to them?

Elizabeth: A child that they decided to imprison. She deserved whatever
           Comstock did to her.

Booker: What did you mean before, when you said Lady Comstock didn't belong

Elizabeth: She's almost...feral. It's like a reflection of...umm, I don't know.

[Next, they visit the Bank of the Prophet.]

Elizabeth: What could this place have to do with my mother?

[They descend to the lower reaches.]

Booker: The footsteps seem to go down to the vault...

[Elizabeth snoops around an office.]

Elizabeth: Fifty percent!

Booker: What's that?

Elizabeth: Fifty percent of everything people earn here goes right to Comstock
           as a tithe.

Booker: I gotta get me a job in the prophet business.

Elizabeth: Booker, look! There's a cipher written on the stationery.

Booker: Hudson's tailors...

Elizabeth: Maybe that's where the codebook is...

[If they go to Hudson's...]

Elizabeth: Is that the codebook?

Booker: Looks like it. We should head back to the bank.

[And if they return to the code room...]

Elizabeth: Alright, let's see..."type...three spell...the voice."

Booker: Three lettters?

Elizabeth: V-O-X. Try the typewriter.

[It reveals a secret room. They enter the vault and inspect the second tear.]

Fink: And if I do this, this...uh...sabotage, all their patents...?

Mansfield: All of them, Mr. Fink.

Fink: Now, why does the Prophet want these two killed?

Mansfield: For the same reason Lady Comstock lies buried: the child.

Fink: And why does he want me to do it?

Mansfield: Because only you can make it seem an accident.

[The tear closes.]

Elizabeth: I don't think that's the REAL Lady Comstock. I think she's...I think
           she's a combination of herself and my feelings towards her.

Booker: What do you mean?

Elizabeth: I'm just so angry, at her and at my father. I think she's her but
           she's also partly me. I-I'm not even sure I understand it myself.

Siren: Not of my womb! Not of my womb, not of my womb, NOT OF MY WOMB!

[They kill the siren and progress to a photo studio. The final tear's there.]

Rupert Cunningham: But you two are dead...I took your funeral photo!

Rosalind: Yes...and made an absolute hash of it...

Robert: One doesn't expect a picture of one's corpse...

Rosalind: come across so lifelessly.

[They return en route to Comstock House.]

Elizabeth: He killed Lady Comstock...the Luteces...

Booker: And anybody who knew the truth was better dead than alive.

Elizabeth: I'm not even his daughter...I'm just some...specimen to be poked
           and prodded...

Booker:'re not. Elizabeth, listen to me...what you've been through...
        ain't nobody in the world deserves that.

Elizabeth: Booker--

Booker: We are gettin' outta here, you got it? And you're never gonna have to
        look back.

[They reach Comstock House. Liz speaks to her mother's statue.]

Elizabeth: Rosalind Lutece is not my mother...and neither are you. But he
           killed you both...because of me. I know you hate me for not being
           your daughter, and I hated you for not being my mother.

[They defeat the siren that spawns.]

Elizabeth: I owe you an apology...Comstock used me to bring you back, but...I
           brought back a version of you from the reality I had built up in my
           own head. He pretended to love you, like he pretended to love me. I
           am not your husband's bastard; I am his victim. But my days of 
           victimhood are done. We must forgive each other...because there is
           one far worse than you or I.

Siren: The Prophet...killed me...

Elizabeth: Because you wouldn't keep his secret...about me.

Siren: If that is so, then why am I alive?

Elizabeth: You're not...not in this world. But maybe this is you in another...
           a world where you never meet him...

Siren: Or where I saved him?

Elizabeth: I don't know. Is that possible?

Siren: Find out, child...find out.

[Lady Comstock's siren destroys the house gates before dissipating.]

Elizabeth: Booker...thank you...

18) COMSTOCK HOUSE                                                       [GS18]

[As they pull the lever for the Comstock cable car, Songbird appears.]

Elizabeth: Booker!

Booker: Run, Elizabeth!

[Songbird tosses Booker through a nearby window, knocking him out. He has his
 office dream, with the Luteces and Liz there.]

Rosalind & Robert: Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt!

Elizabeth: Bring us the girl...and wipe away the debt.

[He awakens as Songbird prepares to kill him. Liz intervenes.]

Elizabeth: Stop! Stop it! Stop it, don't hurt him! I'm sorry! I'm sorry...I
           never should have left...I never should have left... Take me back.
           Take...take me home. Please?

[Songbird takes Liz and flies off.]

Booker: ELIZABETH! I gotta catch up to her. Come after me if you want. I'm not
        letting you take her, you hear me? Huh, you feathered piece of shit?!
        I'm not going to--

[The fog clears to reveal the House and...]

Booker: Snow? It's July... Elizabeth! Can you hear me?

[From a tear, he can hear her yelling.]

Elizabeth: Get your hands off of me! Just take me back to my tower. Please...

[He enters inside to find a gigantic statue of Liz, short hair and all.]

Booker: Is that...? What the hell?

[A recording of Liz's voice is on the PA.]

Elizabeth PA: Some men dream of money, some men dream of love. My father dreamt
              of a flood of fire. We were given Eden, and we turned it into
              Sodom. Why do we deserve salvation? The Lord gave Noah a fish in
              the form of a flood. But he was not so easy on me... He said:
              Prophet, I want you to train a nation of fishermen.

[Booker can hear his companion whimpering from the rooms beyond.]

Elizabeth: What is this place? What are you planning to do to me? Please! I
           don't understand! Ahhhh, ahhhh! Please! Please, no, no! No! NOOO!
           Please...please, just tell me what I did! NOO! Please...please just
           let me go! Just...just let me go! No, please! I'll be...I'll be your
           daughter. I'll be your daughter! I'll be...I'll be your daughter,

[Booker continues on, finding the rehabilitation centre.]

Booker: Dammit! I gotta find a way in. I hope I don't have to go all the way up
        to the warden's office to get in.

[After killing some masked creepers, he hits the intercom.]

Booker: All right...listen. I just want to see the girl. Who were those...
        doesn't matter. Just gotta get to the warden's office.

[Via a tear, he can hear Elizabeth talking with someone.]

Elizabeth: Please...please, what is this place? Just...just send me back to my

Dr. Pettifog: It's too late for that now, child. Your father gave you a lovely
              home, and you chose to destroy it...

Elizabeth: He's NOT my father!

[Booker ascends.]

Elizabeth PA: Like my father, I can see all that would be, might be and must
              not be. 

[Another tear's nearby.]

Comstock: Child, would you like to pray with me?

Elizabeth: They're hurting me. Please, just let me go!

Comstock: We're going to cure you.

Elizabeth: I'm not sick!

Comstock: Your spirit is. All I ever wanted is to see you live up to your

[Booker encounters another tear.]

Dr. Pettifog: I'm Dr. Pettifog, Elizabeth, and I'll be taking care of you.

Elizabeth: Get away from me.

Dr. Pettifog: Defiant, even after all this time. DeWitt just left you here.
              You need to give up on him, love.

Elizabeth: He will come.

[Near the atrium is another tear.]

Dr. Pettifog: The specimen needs to be destroyed! We couldn't even hold her in
              that tower, and now the Prophet--

Dr. Powell? Destroy the Lamb...his heir?

Dr. Pettifog: If we modify the procedure, we could... It would be safer for
              everyone. It would seem an accident...

[Booker fights a crow and some Founders.]

Elizabeth PA: And what did the Lord receive in return for his gifts? Eve and
              her apple? Sodom and Gomorrah? Humanity wrote a bad check, and
              the flood was the only way to settle the accounts. For what is
              Columbia, if not a different ark, in a different time?

[There's another tear nearby.]

Dr. Pettifog: You're not eating, love. Is something the matter?

Elizabeth: I'm not hungry.

Dr. Pettifog: You'll need to eat sooner or later. If you hold out for DeWitt,
              you'll just starve to death. Come now...

[...and another tear can be found!]

Comstock: The child is ready. It's time.

Dr. Powell: Prophet, even if we cure her...why do you think she'll do what you

Comstock: My daughter has two problems, doctor. One is the condition your
          science will cure her of. The other affliction is of a spiritual

Dr. Powell: What affliction is that?

Comstock: Hope.

[The next room has a tear, too.]

Dr. Pettifog: Your surgery is tomorrow, you know. You better eat.
              still expect DeWitt to burst in and rescue you, don't you? It's
              been six months.

Booker: Six months?

[Booker continues on.]

Elizabeth PA: A man once promised me he would free me of my chains. But in the
              end, he abandoned me to serve his own needs. But, in some ways,
              I thank him: he showed me exactly how much faith our species
              deserved. God put his faith in men once, too. It seems that we
              have something in common: disappointment. I did not always love
              the Prophet. In truth, I ran from his embrace. I even denied that
              I was his. I followed a man who seemed to be everything my father
              was not. But that man was a False Shepherd, and when the wolves
              came for me, he was nowhere to be found.

[Booker makes it to the warden's office.]

Booker: There's the switch. Should be able to head downstairs and get to
        Elizabeth now.

Elizabeth PA: I am here to finish my father's work. As he baptized me with
              water, I shall baptize the Sodom Below with fire...and prepare
              for the coming of the Lord. Are we worth saving if we will not
              save ourselves? There will be no salvation until fire floods the
              cities and covers the plains. Once this world has been born
              again, a million others wait their turn. Baptism is the rebirth
              of the spirit...but sometimes the mind gets in the way. If the
              mind will not yield, then you must expose the mind to every
              version of itself. Either the mind will yield, or be reduced to
              a blank.

[He treks on, Liz's screams still ringing out in the distance.]

Booker: Elizabeth, hold tight! What, it's a tear... What is it--

[He finds her screams are coming from a tear also. The strange duo is there.]

Robert: Why do you ask "what"?

Rosalind: When the delicious question is "when"?

Robert: Lives, lived, will live.

Rosalind: Dies, died, will die.

[He finds Liz in the flesh a little ways beyond.]

Elizabeth: As you can see, Booker, the lunatics are running the asylum. They
           don't even listen to me anymore. All I can do is watch as what I
           set in motion slides into its terminal stage. It took all I had left
           in me just to bring you here.

Booker: E-Elizabeth, I don't understand! I heard you screaming, I was...I was
        coming to get you! Are we--

Elizabeth: Here...take my hand...

[He goes closer and takes her hand, finding her old and grey. She pulls him
 onto a vista to watch New York burning.]

Elizabeth: "The seed of the prophet shall sit the throne, and drown in flame
           the mountains of man." Say what you will about Comstock, he was a
           hell of a fortune-teller. It wasn't the torture that broke me. It
           wasn't the indoctrination. It was time. Time rots everything,
           Booker...even hope.

Booker: I was coming.

Elizabeth: Songbird. He always stops you.

Booker: Yes, but I would find a way.

Elizabeth: No. It's too late for me. I brought you here for your sake. Yours
           and hers. Here.

[He takes a card from her.]

Booker: What is this?

Elizabeth: It's for her...she'll know how to read it.

Booker: What does it say?

Elizabeth: It's advice.

Booker: Advice on what?

Elizabeth: How not to become me.

[Old Elizabeth and the destruction disappear, putting Booker back to his time.
 He seems to realize the Liz he spoke to was from a different world.]

Booker: I'm back, 1912...before she... There's still time.

[He hears her screaming in the distance.]

Booker: Elizabeth!

[He finds Comstock and doctors around Liz's isolation chamber.]

Dr. Powell: You two men upstairs...if she gets ornery, just hit her with the
            machines. She opens one tear, and there will be nothing but

Booker: Comstock! What are you doin' to her?! Let her be!

Comstock: Mr. DeWitt! What's the expression? "Day late and a dollar short."

Booker: I gotta get in there. Maybe if I shut down those machines from

Elizabeth: No, no! No! Turn it off! TURN IT OFF! Please? Please, it hurts!

Dr. Pettifog: Can't we give her something to quiet her down?

Dr. Powell: Well, the Prophet says half the procedure is the pain...

Dr. Pettifog: Hmm. When the body cries out, the spirit listens.

Comstock: Do you hear that screaming, DeWitt? That is the sound of your
          interference. You have led my daughter into temptation!

Booker: She is NOT your daughter!

Comstock: Perhaps not now...but trust me when I tell you, she will be.

[Booker goes upstairs and pulls the generator release.]

Dr. Powell: He shut down one of the generators.

Dr. Pettifog: If we don't sedate her and he shuts down the other one...

Dr. Powell: We're not sedating her!

[Booker shuts down a second generator.]

Dr. Pettifog: He shut down the other siphon!

Dr. Powell: She's getting up... She's...

Dr. Pettifog: No!

[Liz's tear summons part of a faraway farm, where a tornado is approaching.]

Dr. Powell: Dewitt! Turn it back on...please! Please!!

[The tornado hits the room, killing the doctors before closing.]

Booker: Elizabeth, I'll be right there!

[He goes down to her chair.]

Booker: I've got you, it's okay... Okay, I'm gonna fix this. You ready? Here...

Elizabeth: Just do it.

[He disconnects the weird pump attached to her spine.]

Elizabeth: Help me with this.

[He gives her the note from Old Elizabeth.]

Booker: I think someone meant for you to have this.

Elizabeth: What is it?

Booker: it.

[He starts fixing her corset.]

Elizabeth: Your dream of New York...happens. And it's me...I'm the one who...

Booker: She's given us a way to get past Songbird. We're gonna find an airship
        and we'll leave--

Elizabeth: Booker.

Booker: Paris, Elizabeth...remember, you wanted to go to--

Elizabeth: We're not leaving. We are going to find Comstock.

Booker: Why?

Elizabeth: You saw what he turns me into, I will not allow that.

Booker: And so, what, you're going to kill him?

Elizabeth: Is this where you start moralizing, Booker? You forget, I know you.

Booker: I'm not going to let you kill him.

[She tears open the plains tornado scene again.]

Elizabeth: Really, Booker? What are you going to do to stop me?

Booker: Not a damn thing. Because I'm gonna do it for you. All right, now to
        find the Prophet.

Elizabeth: Comstock's zeppelin is outside. The Hand of the Prophet, he calls

Booker: When did you learn that?

Elizabeth: I've been here for awhile.

Booker: How long?

Elizabeth: Long enough. I hope Comstock got what he wanted from me...'cause
           he is not gonna have long to use it.

[They pile into the elevator.]

Elizabeth: This doesn't make any sense. Everything here is a cipher that I
           understand, except this symbol... It's a...cage. Did she say
           anything about this?

Booker: No.

19) THE HAND OF THE PROPHET                                              [GS19]

[They peek onto the rooftops.]

Elizabeth: Look! It's the Hand of the Prophet -- Comstock's flagship. We've
           got to find a way onboard.

Booker: Stay here. I'll handle this.

Elizabeth: We're doing this together, or I'm doing it alone. Either way, I need
           to know the thing's been done.

[Comstock's PA is nearby.]

Comstock: Oh, struggle against prophecy, like a stone loosed from
          a sling. How thrilling the launch! How breathtaking the apex! And how
          terrifying the descent, as gravity drags you down into the

Booker: What's that sound?

Elizabeth: Look! Take cover!

[The missiles fired don't explode.]

Elizabeth: They must be duds.

Booker: Those aren't duds, they're--

[The "duds" spit out Patriots.]

Comstock: Look around you, Elizabeth. I built all of this for you! You are my
          heir and my blood! And what has DeWitt ever done for you? To him you
          are now what you always were: a means to an end.

Elizabeth: Booker, look! It's a shuttle that can take us to the Hand of the

[They slay the Founders to reach the vehicle.]

Automaton: This ship is set to return to the Hand of the Prophet. I am awaiting
           your order to proceed.

[They flip the lever.]

Automaton: Right you are! We depart to the Hand of the Prophet!

Elizabeth: Do you's possible to redeem the kind of things that we've

Booker: Redeem? I don't see much use in that.

Elizabeth: Booker...are you afraid of God?

Booker: No...but I'm afraid of you.

[Another gunship is in the distance.]

Elizabeth: Over there! It's Comstock's men, they're coming out to meet us!
           Booker! Another gunship on the left! Watch out, rockets!

[Booker repels some Founders.]

Elizabeth: Booker, look! It's the Vox! They're coming to attack the flagship.
           Look out! More of them!

Elizabeth: There he is! We need to land below and fight our way up to him.

Booker: Or, we can just fly this thing to Paris...

Elizabeth: Just drop me off if you want to. This isn't your problem, Booker.

Booker: I won't abandon you.

Elizabeth: You wouldn't...would you? Look, there are sky-lines all over the
           surface of the flagship. They're covered with those motorized
           patriot pods.

Booker: That must be where they're deployed from. I wouldn't go near those
        pods while those pods are in place.

Elizabeth: Comstock is at the top of the ship. Let's head up.

[As soon as they set foot on the craft, the PA rings.]

Comstock: Look at DeWitt, child. There's something about him that you just
          can't put your finger on. Soon you'll understand the man I am, and
          the man he isn't.

Elizabeth: Booker, those sky-lines lead up to the next deck! If we clear the
           lines of those pods, we can use them to get up to the next decks.

Booker: This should clear 'em.

Comstock: I have seen the seeds of fire that will prepare the Sodom Below for
          the coming of the Lord. But it will not be I who carries that banner
          up the hill. That job...falls to you, Elizabeth. That job falls to

Elizabeth: The sky-lines are clear, Booker!

Booker: Follow me!

[They ride up a deck.]

Comstock: On one side of our Lamb stands the False Shepherd...and the other,
          the remnants of the heretical Vox Populi. Which one of you men will
          not gladly go to his reward to see her safely to her destiny?
          Rejoice! Rejoice!! Death has no sting!

Elizabeth: There's the launch panel.

Booker: Let's get those pods off the lines.

[They hit the button.]

Booker: Something's wrong.

Elizabeth: Why are they dropping so slowly?

Booker: I don't know. We're gonna have to wait it out.

[Enemies attack in the interim.]

Elizabeth: That's one quarter of the pods ejected!

Booker: That's ALL?!

[They keep fighting.]

Elizabeth: One half done!


Elizabeth: Booker, the lines are clear.

[They escape to the third deck.]

Comstock: I may be the one who strikes you down, DeWitt, but you've always had
          a knack for self-destruction. Who's to say you won't beat me to the

Booker: One more deck...let me take care of this on my own.

Elizabeth: No, I'm going with you. We can take that sky-line to the Prophet's

[They ride the final sky-line towards the top.]

Comstock: You come to wipe your slate clean, False Shepherd -- but time will
          walk backwards before you find redemption. Some sins can't be

[Inside the entry is a model of Monument Tower with an inscription.]

Elizabeth: This is my tower...what's this...the siphon?

Booker: I saw this there. I could hear you singing from above...and the machine
        came to life in response.

Elizabeth: And then in my mother's grave, there was a smaller one...they were
           draining me...maybe that's why I can't...

Booker: Can't what?

Elizabeth: When I was little, I used to be able not to just open tears, but I
           could create new ones...anywhere I wanted to go. But in the tower...

Comstock: Yes, I'll be right with you.

Booker: Stand back. I'm ending this.

Elizabeth: Booker, no. This is between me and him.

Booker: You are walking into a trap--

Elizabeth: I need to do this.

[They enter into Comstock's cabin. The man himself is there this time.]

Comstock: Come here, child. Well come on, I don't bite! My, oh my, how you have

Elizabeth: Tell me.

Elizabeth: What am I?

Comstock: Look at you, child, you're a mess.

Booker: Hey. Let go of her--

Comstock: Elizabeth, everything I've done...I've done to keep you safe.

Elizabeth: Safe from what?

Comstock: "The seed of the prophet shall sit the throne, and drown in flame the
          mountains of man." But the archangel revealed something else.
          "Beware, Prophet. Beware the False Shepherd, Booker DeWitt...for he
          shall be as a wall between her and destiny."

Elizabeth: Why?

Comstock: DeWitt, I'm a fool. I've sent mighty armies to stop you; I've rained
          fire on you from above. I did all of that to keep you from her, when
          all I needed to do was tell her the truth. Ask him, child. Ask him
          what happened to your finger. Ask DeWitt.

Elizabeth: Let go of me...

Comstock: Ask him! Ask the False Shepherd! Tell her! Tell her, False Shepherd.
          Tell her the truth!

Elizabeth: My hand! Please let go!

Comstock: Tell her about her finger!

[He separates the two.]

Booker: She's your daughter, you son of a bitch! And you abandoned her! Was it
        worth it? Huh? Did you get what you wanted? Tell me! Tell me!

Elizabeth: Booker!


[He stops choking Comstock and instead puts his face in the water vessel.]

Booker: Nothing is finished! You lock her up her whole life!

Elizabeth: Booker...BOOKER!

Booker: You cut off her finger...and you put it on me!

Elizabeth: Booker, stop it!

[He stops his rage, but Comstock has already drowned.]

Elizabeth: You killed him. What did he mean? Huh? You tell me, what did he mean
           about my finger?

Booker: I don't know...I...I just assumed you were born with it. I don't know.

Elizabeth: Your's bleeding.

Booker: What? Elizabeth, I swear to you, I have no idea what he was talking

Elizabeth: You do. You just can't remember it.

Booker: No...I'll prove it to you. We'll destroy the siphon. The answer's
        behind one of your doors, you just have to open it.

Elizabeth: Destroy the siphon? It's the entire tower, Booker. How are we gonna
           do that?

Booker: I don't know...but I'll think of something on the way.

[They enter the zeppelin's bridge.]

Elizabeth: Cage...cage...what does that...

Booker: Now what?

Elizabeth: What is she trying to tell us...cage...cage. I'm missing
           something... Come on...

[A Vox ship flies in front of them.]

Vox PA: They said they knew what was BEST for us...

Elizabeth: Booker...?

Vox PA: They said they KNEW what was comin' next...

Elizabeth: Booker!

Vox PA: Did you see THIS comin', OLD MAN? Did you see this coming, PROPHET?!

Booker: Okay, we gotta get ready. I think they mean to board us!

[Liz has her epiphany.]

Elizabeth: The bird!

Vox PA: You ain't gonna place your daughter on the throne, we're gonna place
        her in her grave!

[She takes a pipe and starts hitting the Songbird alarm statue.]

Booker: Whoa, what are you doing?

Elizabeth: We have to sing to him!

Booker: Sing to who? Elizabeth, stop it!

Elizabeth: C-A-G-E! It's not a word,'s a SONG!

[Liz's destruction summons Songbird to the area. She blows into the flute she
 pulled from the statue, making Songbird docile and friendly.]

Elizabeth: Shhh...shhh, it's okay, I'm here. Will you help me? I need you to
           protect me, will you do it? Will you do this for me, just...just
           this one last thing? Please...

[It squawks its affirmative.]

Elizabeth: Go. Go! Go go go! Booker, he'll help us! We can use him against the
           Vox fleet! Booker, tell him where to go!

Booker: We need this thing to make it to Monument Island!


Elizabeth: Zeppelin!

Booker: Go for the zeppelin!

Elizabeth: I don't like the looks of this!

Vox PA: You thought the streets were paved with gold, but they were paved with
        blood, sweat and tears...OUR blood, sweat and tears! But today, our
        tears become gold! And your tears...will become blood.

[They take out some Patriots.]

Elizabeth: Mr. DeWitt, I think there's some more of them!

Vox PA: Long live the Vox Populi!

[With Songbird's help, the repel the Vox before the ship's destroyed.]

Booker: Well, that didn't work out so bad...

Elizabeth: Booker, come here...

Booker: What? What is it?

[They both go to the bow where Columbia is burning.]

Elizabeth: Look. You can use Songbird to bring the whole damn thing down.
           Destroy the siphon.

Booker: That's what you want?

Elizabeth: It's the only way we'll find the truth. About my finger...Comstock.

[Booker takes the whistler.]

Booker: Tear it down. Tear it ALL down.

[He plays the sequence, summoning Songbird to the task. The creature dives
 through the island, utterly destroying it. Without the siphon, Elizabeth's
 power starts returning to her in full.]

Booker: The whistler! Elizabeth! The bird, Elizabeth! I lost control! He's

Elizabeth: No, he isn't.

[She tears into a new area -- Rapture, the underwater city in Bioshock 1.]

Booker: Where is he? Where is he?!

[Songbird can be seen drowning through the window.]

Elizabeth:'s okay, it's all right. I'm here. Just let go.
           There you go...there you go.

Booker: Elizabeth...I'm sorry. What is this place? Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: It's a doorway. One of many. This way.

Booker: What do you mean, it's a doorway? Where are you going?

Elizabeth: Come on. Yes, it's this way.

Booker: What Comstock said about your there an answer here? Do

Elizabeth: Down here. Over here, Booker! This is where we have to go.

[She leads him to a bathysphere elevator.]

Booker: Why? What is going on? Elizabeth, what do you mean, this is a doorway?

Elizabeth: I'll have to show you.

Booker: Probably gonna regret this.

[He pulls the lever, descending into the deep.]

20) ENDING                                                               [GS20]

[The bathysphere floats out over Rapture's skyscrapers.]

Booker: City at the bottom of the ocean? Ridiculous.

[Under a starlit sky, the pod surfaces, near a lighthouse.]

Elizabeth: Look at that. Thousands of doors...opening all at once. My god,
           they're beautiful.

Booker: What, the stars?

Elizabeth: Come on...come on, it's this way...come on!

[They land at the lighthouse.]

Booker: Are you going to open it?

Elizabeth: It's no good. Damn it, I thought once we were here, I could fully
           control it...I thought...

Booker: What is that?

Elizabeth: It's a key.

Booker: Where did it come from?

Elizabeth: It's always been there, I just...I just couldn't see it.

[They unlock the door to find...more lighthouses.]

Elizabeth: See? Not stars. Doors.

Booker: Doors to...?

Elizabeth: To everywhere. All that's left is the choosing.

Booker: What are all these lighthouses? Why are we...who are...?

Elizabeth: There are a million million worlds. All different and all similar.
           Constants and variables.

Booker: What?

Elizabeth: There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man, there's always a

Booker: How do you know this?

Elizabeth: I can see them through the doors., Columbia, Songbird...
           But sometimes, something's different...yet the same.

Booker: Constants and variables.

Elizabeth: Yes.

[She leads him to another lighthouse. This time, it's dusk and they can see
 another Booker and Elizabeth walking along a lighthouse path.]

Elizabeth: Look!

Booker: It's us.

Elizabeth: Not exactly. We swim in different oceans but land on the same shore.
           It always starts with a lighthouse.

Booker: I don't understand.

Elizabeth: We don't need to. It'll happen all the same.

Booker: Why?

Elizabeth: Because it does. Because it has. Because it will.

Booker: There are so many choices.

Elizabeth: They all lead us to the same place...where it started.

Booker: No one tells me where to go.

Elizabeth:'ve already been.

[The next lighthouse opens into a baptismal ceremony.]

Booker: Wait a minute...I know this place. I was here, it must have been...
        twenty years ago. Right after Wounded Knee. I was looking for--

Preacher Witting: Come on now, time's a-wasting!

Elizabeth: Why were you here?

Preacher Witting: Are you ready to have your past erased? Are you ready to have
                  your sins cleansed? Are you ready to be born again? Take my

Booker:, I don't want to.

Elizabeth: But you already did, didn't you?

[Booker takes Witting's hand.]

Preacher Witting: Are you ready to be born again?

Booker: I am.

Preacher Witting: Do you hate your sins?

Booker: I do.

Preacher Witting: Do you hate your wickedness?

Booker: Yes.

Preacher Witting: Do you want to clean the slate, leave behind all you were
                  before, and be born again in the blood of the Lamb?

Booker: Yes!

Preacher Witting: Jesus, wash this man clean...Father, make him born again...

Booker: No no no wait, stop it! Stop it! No, get off me! Get off!

[He doesn't accept the baptism.]

Elizabeth: You didn't go through with it.

Booker: You think a dunk in the river's gonna change the things that I've done?
        Let's get outta here. These doors of yours, they're all tears, right?
        Well open one up! Open one up to Paris. I want to be shut of all this.

Elizabeth: Not until we find Comstock.

Booker: Comstock's dead!

Elizabeth: No. He was here. This way.

[The next tear leads Booker to his P.I. office in New York. He watches a scene
 he once had with the client...who he know knows is Robert Lutece.]

Booker: And what of my debts?

Robert: Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt.

Booker: This is the man who hired me to find you.

Elizabeth: Really?

Booker: Yes. The girl for the debt.

[Booker enters a side room housing a crib.]

Booker: Wait, wait, no, this is wrong. What's this? There was no...there was
        no baby. I remember... No, there was no baby. And if there was, I sure
        as hell wouldn't give it over to this guy!

Elizabeth: don't leave this room until you do.

Robert: DeWitt! Time is running short. Bring us the girl, and wipe away the

[Booker picks up the child.]

Elizabeth: Go ahead.

Booker: No.

Elizabeth: You can wait as long as you want. Eventually, you'll give him what
           he wants.

Booker: How do you know all this?

Elizabeth: I can see all the doors, and what's behind all the doors, and behind
           one of them, I see him.

Booker: Comstock.

[He gives the infant to Robert.]

Booker: What choice do I have?

Robert: The debt's paid. Mr. Comstock washes you of all your sins.

[Robert shuts the door. When Booker opens it, he's back in the boat where he
 started the game, only this time Liz is there as an extra passenger.]

Elizabeth: Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt.

Booker: There was no baby. The deal was, I go to Columbia to get you.

Elizabeth:'re bleeding.

Booker: No...I remember what I remember...

[The man and woman who came with Booker initially are revealed to be Robert &
 Rosalind Lutece.]

Robert: Now we've upset him.

Rosalind: I don't expect this next bit will do much for his mood.

Elizabeth: Come on.

[They climb out.]

Booker: What are we doing here? Comstock's dead. We can just...go on with our
        lives, you don't need to--

Elizabeth: Dead? You mean like Chen Lin? Like Lady Comstock? He is alive in a
           million million worlds. It's not over because the Prophet is dead.
           It will only be over when he never even lived in the first place.

[The next lighthouse door opens up to an alleyway scene. Comstock, the Luteces
 and the baby Booker traded are there. Rosalind is on the other side of an
 open portal.]

Robert: The field's rather unstable.

Rosalind: It's fine, hurry!

Booker: Hey...hey, the deal is off, you hear me? The deal is off! Give her
        back. Give her back!

Robert: "Fine?" Are you mad?!

Rosalind: No! You will not get caught between, come!

Robert: It is comfortable enough as it is!

Rosalind: It's going to be more uncomfortable if you don't come now!

Robert: If I don't get caught, it's going to be a very long time before we see
        each other.

Rosalind: You will not get caught, I promise!

Robert: You can't promise me that!

Rosalind: We're going to lose our window!

Robert: I'll wait, thank you!

Booker: Give her back, you son of a bitch!

Rosalind: It's ready, go!

Booker: no no! No! Anna! ANNA!

[Booker can't stop the adults from entering the portal with the child.]

Comstock: Shut down the machine! Shut down the machine now! Do it!


[The portal to Lutece Labs closes, but Anna isn't pulled through in time,
 causing her pinky finger to be partially sliced off in the process.]

Booker:'m sorry. I'm so sorry, Anna. I'm sorry...

[The scene changes to his office again. He immediately goes to check the crib.]

Elizabeth: She's gone, Booker. Anna's gone. You shared this room with your
           regret for almost 20 years...till one day, a man came to see you...
           offered you a chance of redemption. A chance for us to be together.

[A tear opens to Comstock's world. DeWitt steps through and immediately starts
 losing consciousness.]

Robert: I told you it would work.

Rosalind: We already know it works. The question is, will he?

[Booker's mind is jumbled. The Luteces stand over him.]

Booker: Anna...Anna...I'm so sorry, Anna...

Rosalind: Do you suppose he branded himself as some sort of penance?

Robert: Hmmm...

Rosalind: I don't see the point. What's done is done. What's done...WILL be

Robert: Hmmm...

Rosalind: I suppose the brand is his hair-shirt, as he is ours.

[They drag Booker along, his mind coming in and out of consciousness.]

Booker: ...and wipe away the debt...bring us the girl and wipe away the debt...

Robert: See, he's starting to put his story together...

Rosalind: Hm. You're quite fond of this theory of yours.

Robert: He's manufacturing new memories from his old ones.

Rosalind: Well...the brain adapts.

Robert: I should know...I lived it.

Elizabeth: Booker, wake up.

[Booker's mind snaps back to normal. He's in the Luteces' rowboat again.]

Elizabeth: Booker...wake up...this is where it started.

Booker: I sold you...I sold you...

Rosalind: To your credit, you did try to weasel out of the deal.

Booker: This is all Comstock's fault... What if I went back...killed him before
        he did any of this?

Rosalind: Things get set in motion.

Robert: How would one know how far back to go?

Booker: That's the only way to do it: go back to when he as born...and I'll 
        smother the son of a bitch in his crib.

[He disembarks at the lighthouse again.]

Elizabeth: Booker, are you sure this is what you want?

Booker: I have's the only way to undo what I've done to you.

[He takes her hand off the door and pushes it open. It places him right back
 at the baptismal ceremony he passed up earlier.]

Witting: Booker DeWitt, are you ready to be born again?

Booker: What is this? Why are we back here?

Elizabeth: This isn't the same place, Booker.

Booker: Of course it is, I remember--...wait, you're're not...who
        are you?

[He looks around and sees other versions of Elizabeth there as well.]

Elizabeth 2: You chose to walk away.

Elizabeth: But in other oceans, you didn't. You took the baptism.

Elizabeth 3: You were born again as a different man.

Booker: Comstock.

Elizabeth 4: It all has to end.

Elizabeth: To never have started.

Elizabeth 5: Not just in this world.

Elizabeth: But in all of ours.

Booker: Smother him in the crib.

Elizabeth Ensemble: Smother...smother...smother...before the choice is made...

Elizabeth: Before you are reborn...

Witting: And what name shall you take my son?

Elizabeth 6: He's Zachary Comstock.

Elizabeth 7: He's Booker DeWitt.

Booker: No...I'm both.

[His daughters him in the water, holding him down. Eventually, his vision
 gives and he drowns. Without his existence, the Elizabeths simply disappear
 one by one...]

[Credits roll.]

[After the credits, Booker is in his NY office.]

Booker: Anna. Anna?!

[He opens the door to her room.]

Booker: Anna? Is that you?

[The game finishes before he can look inside.]

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