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Follow the dark path or use the light

Challenge Room Guide

by 1st_Level_Grunt


A guide for completing and achieving the various trophies included with
the downloadable content of Bioshock for the Playstation 3.



I) Introduction
    A) Version History
II) The "I" in Team
    A) Rescuer Trophy
    B) Expert Trophy
    C) Pacifist Trophy
    D) Collector Trophy
III) A Shocking Turn of Events
    A) Rescuer and Master Electrician Trophies
    B) Expert Trophy
    C) Collector Trophy
IV) Worlds of Hurt
    A) Introduction and Vending Machine Information
    B) General Analysis and Advice
    C) Rescuer and Collector Trophy
    D) Tough Guy Trophy
    E) Expert Trophy
V) Credits, Legal, & Miscellaneous



In my previous Bioshock guide I stated that I intended to make a guide for the
Challenge Rooms included with the downloadable content. This is the guide 
promised. Hopefully it can assist any players with their efforts.

If anyone reading this guide has any confusion about some of the terms of
abbreviations used here there is a glossary of these in my original guide.

Since the first two challenges are primarily puzzles, reading their sections
will be a spoiler section. Obviously this is intended for anyone that may need
help solving them. If you want to try to figure them out yourself skip down 
about a third of the way for the last section.



Version 1.00
Orginal Version submitted February 24, 2009

Version 1.50
Submitted May 12, 2009
Additional strategy for "A Shocking Turn of Events"
Additional proofreading.



With no weapons and no damage-dealing plasmids, find a way to defeat the 
Big Daddy and rescue the Little Sister.


Rescuer Trophy: 
General Walkthrough

Go down the hall and enter the room where the Big Daddy is swinging wildly at 
a monitor or whatever that is. 

Machine Room:
Pick up the Eve hypo on the floor and the one in the corpse if you want it.
Go up the stairs to the inventing supplies storage crate with a battery inside
it. Take a right through the hall to reception. Take the rubber hose in the 
crate on the way.

In this room is a Vita Chamber, U-Invent crafting station, a Pnemo with an 
infinite supply of Eve hypos along with two on the ground in front of it. 
In the middle of the room there is a desk with an obvious rose for the optional
goal and a corpse with coffee. This room also has stairs that serve no purpose 
other than to give you a safe view of the three RPG turrets and firing range 

Firing Range:
Walk through the door into the firing range. Upon doing so the range will go 
from cold to hot and five doors will open revealing five machine gun turrets. 
Also, the splicer who was picking at one of the corpses in this area will come 
running after you. The turrets will take care of him long before he gets 
anywhere near you though. Behind the bulletproof glass in the immediate area 
are two door levers. The left side door control opens (surprise!) the left side
door. The right side door control opens the door that allows the Big Daddy into
the firing range, but needs to be hacked and the rate of flow makes manual 
hacking impossible. If the fact that the U-Invent was only capable of 
assembling an automatic hack tool wasnít enough of a tip-off, it now becomes 
obvious that a key part of completing this mission will involve collecting the 
necessary components for building one. No need to worry as the exact components
needed to build an automatic hack tool can be found on this level. Convenient, 
huh? Take a right now and acquire the rubber hose in the crate by the stairs. 
Go down the stairs to the lower level of the firing range and pick up the Eve 
hypo on the ground in the cave area before heading into the main area. By now 
the turrets should have taken care of the drunk but be careful that one of the 
missiles doesnít hit you. On the ground in this area you will first see a crate
with a rubber hose inside next to some stairs. On top of those stairs is 
another crate with a battery. At this point you will see a Big Daddy that has 
been frozen solid by a leaking pipe in the middle of the gap between the ledge 
you are on and the ledge with a mystery tonic atop a barrel. Jump onto the 
frozen Big Daddy and jump again onto the corner ledge. This move foreshadows a 
tactic you will need to use later. Now that you can get it, take the tonic 
Target Dummy and go back up to the upper level. With Target Dummy at your 
disposal you can now eliminate the machine gun turrets by placing a dummy in 
front of each turret one by one so that the RPG turrets will fire and 
systematically destroy the more dangerous turrets. For best results stay on 
the upper level so that you canít get caught in the crossfire. Now head down 
to the main level, but before you do so place another target on the far left 
side to draw the attention of the still dangerous RPG turrets. Tightrope the 
beam to the far side of the wall and move over to the floor area. Before going 
back across the other way, place a new target on the far right side to keep the
turrets occupied until you have made you way to safety. 

Pressure Plate Room: 
Before entering this room you will see a crate containing a battery and the 
first available First Aid kit on the floor. Inside this room you will find a 
pressure plate (hence the name of the room) in the middle with 4 Eve hypos and 
a first aid kit on top of it. You will also see another Big Daddy on the left 
behaving exactly like the first one. By stepping on the plate you will notice 
that the door to the tunnel area opens only when the pressure plate is 
activated. Use Target Dummy to draw the Bouncer onto the plate by placing a 
target to the right side of the room. Run through the door while you have the 
chance. Inside the tunnel area is a desk with a med kit, three Eve hypos, and 
Winter Blast 3. Beside the desk is a crate with another battery. Follow the 
tunnel to the door leading back into reception and get the rubber hose inside 
the crate. Use the door control to let yourself into the reception room. This 
door control also permanently opens the door leading back into the pressure 
plate room.

Go back to the machine room and place a target against the wall to draw the 
Big Daddy into the area in between the ledge you are on and the ledge with the 
crate. Once heís there, switch to Winter Blast 3 to freeze him in place for 
use as a stepping stone. Now jump on him and hop over to the other ledge to 
acquire the brass tube. Now you can assemble the auto-hack tool. Once done, 
use it to hack the right side door control to allow the Big Daddy into the 
firing range. At this point he will start running from one side of the range 
to the other and back repeatedly. The turrets will not target him, so place a 
target dummy along the path to get the RPG turrets firing again. The Big Daddy 
will charge after the dummy but often times will run right past if and not 
take any damage from the missiles. To remedy this, freeze him with Winter 
Blast to hold him in place. Repeat until heís dead. Now you are free to 
collect the Little Sister. 


Expert Trophy: 
Rescue the Little Sister in under 3:00

The speed walkthrough requires essentially the same strategy as the regular 
walkthrough. The main difference is that now there is no time to waste with 
exploration, collecting roses, etc. More or less you need to have essentially 
a perfect run. No dying, no falling off the beam in the firing range, make 
the jumps on the first try, etc. There are however, a number of tips and 
tricks that can save those precious seconds.

Start of running so that youíre already halfway through the opening hallway 
by the time the game is fully loaded and donít stop. Pick up only hypos that 
are in your direct path along with the various components. When you get to the 
entrance of the firing range from reception, you have your first decision. 
Normally you may want to open the left door first, but when youíre trying to 
shave seconds off your time your instinct is to go down the stairs first to 
avoid the small amount of backtracking. There is however a problem that can 
often rear itís ugly head: the splicer that comes after you. Depending on when 
and where the splicer gets killed, there is enough of a possibility that when 
you go running into the bottom area, one or more of the RPG missiles could hit 
you. This would be easier to deal with if there was a singular set pattern but 
unfortunately that is not the case. If you choose to open the left door now 
that will buy some time for the splicer to be safely eliminated. Otherwise 
you can run down immediately and take your chances. Once you have the Target 
Dummy start eliminating the machine gun turrets. The fastest method is to 
start by placing a dummy on one end and working your way down the line. Once 
you see the first missile fired, move the dummy to the next and so forth. If 
you can work your way down to the beam walkway while taking care of them, 
great. Donít forget to set a dummy in the left corner when you cross the beam 
and another in the right corner once you reach the walkway. Once you reach 
the pressure plate room now is a good chance to stock up on needed Eve hypos. 
Once done, place a target beyond the plate to get the Big Daddy on the plate 
and run to the door so that you can go through the second it opens. Pick up 
all necessary items in the tunnel and head over to the machine room. My advice 
for the most reliable placement for the target is right up against the wall 
to draw him as close to the wall or corner as possible. Now that you have the 
tools to open the door to allow the Big Daddy into the firing range comes the 
hardest part: killing him quickly. The fastest way to kill him is to shatter 
him, and the most reliable way to shatter him is to get him frozen directly 
on top of the target. You will want to keep an eye on your Eve bar to make 
sure that you will be able to deploy both Target Dummy and Winter Blast 3 
without having to refill. Keep in mind that this portion of the game is 
challenging and may require multiple retries and some luck to complete with 
time to spare.


Pacifist Trophy: 
Rescue the Little Sister without destroying any Machine Gun Turrets.

Everything explained previously still applies for this challenge expect for 
the two most difficult sections: making your way through the firing range 
safely and killing the berserker Big Daddy. Once you have the Target Dummy at 
your disposable position yourself on the upper level of the firing range just 
to the left of the bulletproof glass. Place a dummy on the center of the 
balance beam. While all the turrets are firing at the dummy run down the 
stairs and onto the beam. Stop about a third of the way through and wait for 
the machine guns to pause firing for a second. Use that window to run towards 
the wall on the right side. Once there, turn around and place a new target in 
the same spot. Ideally youíll want to be able to do this before the other 
wears out to prevent the turrets from honing in on you. Move down by the door 
and inch your way as close to the center as possible without being in the 
line of fire. (This is usually about halfway past into the far right turret 
nook) When the machine gun turrets pause again, run to the next room and donít 
stop until you are almost at the spot with the first aid kit. RPG turrets may 
come after you if you stop before your at the crate. It is very possible that 
you make take some damage through this part. If you get sent to the 
Vita-Chamber you can still complete this challenge, but no longer have a 
margin for error until you get to the med kits. If you drink the booze found 
in the corpse of the splicer that chases you that will restore a small sliver 
to help keep you alive in case you happen to catch a round or two on a second 
try. Normally there are bandages to be found in destroyed machine gun turrets, 
but obviously thatís not an option here. Continue forward until youíve opened 
the door to allow the Big Daddy into the firing range. Repeat the process of 
placing a Target Dummy on the center of the beam (from the safety of the top 
level) to get the turrets to fire. The Big Daddy will continue the pattern 
of running from one end of the range to the other, so waiting for the machine 
guns to whittle away his health will require some patience. Freezing him when 
heís in the center and all five are hitting him at once will save some time. 
When heís finally dead you can go down and collect the Little Sister. I 
believe the range goes cold once sheís out in the middle of it all alone, but 
nonetheless I would recommend taking the safe route through the machine room 
to pick her up. 


Collector Trophy:

Iíll preface this section with the obvious which is stating that you cannot 
get this trophy in the same run as trying to get the expert trophy as 
1) there simply isnít time and 2) if the Big Daddy shatters you canít get one 
of the roses. If you can get all four roses and complete the mission in 
under 3 minutes without using some major cheat code and/or glitch Iíll send 
you a Worldís Greatest Bioshock Player coffee mug. Contrary to my original 
assumption it is possible to get all four on a Pacifist run. Regardless, I 
canít see anything wrong with doing each on separate runs.

Rose #1: 
Lying on the desk in reception. Canít miss it.

Rose #2: 
On the top railing area in the machine room right next to the entrance. 
Getting this one is a fun experience as it involves riding a Big Daddy. 
Draw him over to a spot where you can freeze him and jump on top. More than 
likely you will need to use the target dummy a couple times to move him into 
the right position and jump to reach it.

Rose #3: 
Inside the middle RPG turret. 
The dead rose stems that can be seen from the viewing area inside reception 
serve as a tip off for this one. Once the Big Daddy is dead youíll find a 
grenade launcher and 10 frag grenades in his corpse. Go over to the middle of 
the beam and fire grenades at it. It will usually require 2 or 3 to destroy 
it and another to knock it down to a reachable level.

Rose #4: 
In the machine room behind a secret door opened by the pressure plate. 
To obtain this, you must draw the Big Daddy in the pressure plate room onto 
the pressure plate and run all the way back to the machine room and grab the 
rose while heís still on it. To do so, stand in the tunnel adjacent to the 
firing range. Try to back as far into it as you can while still keeping the 
door open. Place a Target Dummy in a position that will draw him onto the 
plate. Once itís deployed immediately turn around and start running. If you 
hear a certain chime youíll know heís activated the door. Run into the 
machine room and grab the rose before the Target Dummy wears off and the Big 
Daddy moves off the plate. It may take a couple tries to get the timing down. 



The Little Sister is trapped at the top of a malfunctioning Ferris Wheel! 
To bring her down safely, you will need to find ways to electrify the Ferris 
wheel controls. Can you solve this shocking puzzle?


General Walkthrough: Rescuer Trophy and Master Electrician Trophy

Iím combining these two trophies into one walkthrough because since there are 
nine different ways to electrify the wheel, there are numerous different 
combinations for electrifying the wheel the minimum six times and therefore 
will not approach this guide as if there were only one way to solve this 
puzzle. You can choose whatever methods and  whatever order you like for the 
basic goal, but this will contain all possibilities.

At the beginning of this level you will find yourself in a bathysphere at the 
ticket office of the Rapture Grand Carnival. Peek through the door and you 
will see and hear a Little Sister crying. However, you canít open the door 
because the switch wonít work. Next to the entrance there is a room with a 
Vita-Chamber and a corpse holding a shotgun next to a stand with electric 
buckshot. This door wonít open from where you are either. At this point you 
will need to send yourself to the Vita Chamber by pulling the broken 
bathysphere lever three times. Step out of the Vita-Chamber, grab the gun 
and ammo as well as the two First Aid kits on the ground. Open the door into 
the first area and shoot the busted switch to get into the top floor of the 
large open area. 

Journey Down to the Ground Floor:
Here you will be eye to eye with the Little Sister you need 
to rescue, You will also see a table with supplies and a Thuggish Splicer 
with an electrified club banging at the elevator controls. She will quickly 
succeed in reactivating the elevator but at the cost of being electrocuted. 
This should give you a clue for a means of electrifying the Ferris Wheel. 
You can wait for the elevator to come up and ride it down to the main floor, 
but there is a faster option that is still safe. Jump onto the broken table 
and drop down to a landing area below and then down to the second floor 
balcony. Here there are several key items and various others of interest. 
The table you landed on or by has an Eve hypo and against the wall is another 
table with a first aid kit. There is also a piano which you can play if you 
want at either a beginners skill level or expertly after splicing up with the 
Instant Piano Prodigy tonic on display at the bar. (There is also a guitar to 
play but no tonic that will make him play that at an advanced level) Aside 
from this gimmick tonic is the familiar combat tonic and in this case key 
item Static Discharge right by the ledge. You will also want to pick up the 
other med kits and alcohol in the supply crate. Before venturing down to the 
main floor you will want go over by where the slot machines are. You can play 
them with some of the cash lying on the ground, but pay attention to the 
tipped over one with a corpse trapped under it. Search him to find a trap 
bolt. Now go down to the first floor through the elevator shaft. 

First Turn:
Walk over to a pool of water with a shorted out switch in the middle and 
begin with the new goal of electrifying the Ferris Wheel controls. In front 
of the controls lies your first means to accomplish that goal: a single round 
of electrified buckshot. Take it and use it on the Ferris Wheel switch. Once 
electricity is restored, use the control which completes 1 of 6 necessary 
turns. Not only does this first electrification turn the wheel, but it also 
opens the doors to the bathrooms directly behind you and the gate to the 
Grand Carnival. 

Second Turn:
During this time you with have probably heard a splicer walking about and 
muttering to himself. Youíll find him outside Rapture Records. Incidentally, 
he will  remain locked inside Rapture Records until you acquire Static 
Discharge. This is an intentional move by the developers as he is the only 
splicer you will encounter here with a non-electrified club. In fact, the view 
scope in front of Rapture Records will only focus on where Static Discharge 
is/was whereas the one by the control will keep focus on wherever the Little 
Sister is at the moment. Walk over to him close enough to get his attention, 
but keep far enough away that he will have to chase you. Make him do so until 
you reach the area with the controls and stay put. Once he clubs you, the 
static discharge combined with the water will create a huge energy beam that 
both kills him and electrifies the controls. This completes turn 2 of 6.

Third Turn:
As mentioned before there are restrooms directly behind you that have had 
the separating walls broken down so that now it is a singular restroom. 
Inside is a health station by the gentlemenís entrance, a broken health 
station with a free med kit by the ladiesí entrance, an Eve hypo on the sink, 
an inventing supplies crate containing distilled water, and most importantly 
a splicer. Get this splicer to chase you back to the controls. Once youíve 
baited her into electrifying the wheel, finish turn 3 of 6. 

Forth Turn:
Now itís time to head to the carnival, but stop in Rapture Records first to 
get the glue in the crate there. Right before the carnival entrance is a 
U-Invent machine which, like in the previous challenge, cannot be hacked 
manually. Right behind it and next to another health station is a supply 
crate with a battery. A few steps ahead lies a makeshift bunker which is home 
to a couple items and the plasmid Telekinesis. If you turn to the right you 
will see a room with a fire burning in the hallway. Head inside for some key 
items. Once inside you will see a crate containing alcohol and distilled 
water but also a round of electric buckshot frozen in ice above a broken 
pneumo and an automatic hack tool frozen in another patch of ice in the 
grated area below. Grab an item to set on fire to use for melting the ice. 
The corpse works well for the ice in the reachable area but you will need 
something smaller to drop down below. Iíve found one of the teddy bears from 
the counter opposite this area works well for both. Pick up a bear with TK 
and hold it over the fire until it catches then use it to free up both key 
items and the other spots here if you want extra med kits. Pull the auto-hack 
tool up through the hole with telekinesis (and the buckshot too if it fell 
down there.) Head to the room with all the teddy bears now. Here you will 
find a crate with glue and a battery and a broken electric safe. Do NOT turn 
the latch. If you do, the room will fill with trap wires and not the kind you 
can use. Grab the corpse in this room to short them out safely if this does 
happen. This safe will have to be opened by force with something like the 
electric buckshot you just acquired. 

***WARNING, if you want the Electrician trophy do NOT open the safe with the 
electric buckshot. You will need to use another method. (More to come) If you 
just want to get this over and done with as soon as possible go right ahead. 
Do not try to use electric gel to open it regardless, it doesnĎt work.***

Walk towards the back of the carnival. Along the way you will see a variety 
of carnival games which if you chose to play will net you an infinite supply 
of Eve hypos and about as many First Aid Kits as you can carry. Pay attention 
to the balloon popping game at the end. Inside this booth is a corpse that 
got nailed to the wall with a spider splicer hook. Search him to find a trap 
bolt. Head behind the giant teddy bear statues to find a crate with distilled 
water and a chemical thrower. The whole time in this area youíve probably 
heard a splicer talking to herself from inside Zimmerman Chardonnay. She will 
play an important role in getting the electrician trophy. However, the room 
sheís in is locked and must be opened by entering a combination on the keypad. 
Hacking is not an option. I wonít tell you the combination (this whole level 
is a puzzle and me detailing every little step is cheating enough) but will 
give a hint: look for Zimmerman Chardonnay advertisement posters. Any one that 
is still legible will have the combination right on it. Enter the code and 
take off running. If you just want to complete the basic six rotations youíve 
had the tools since you picked up the chemical thrower. If you want the 
electrician achievement lure her into the room with the safe. Once there, 
stand by the safe until she comes to hit you. You will take some damage but 
the electrified club strike will bust open the safe to reveal a crossbow. 
Draw her back out of this room and all the way back to the control and employ 
the same methods used before to power up the wheel for the 4th time. 

Turns 5 through 9:
You can go back for the battery in Zimmerman Chardonnay if you want, but as 
long as you have the hack tool you should already have enough components to 
build one trap bolt and one shot of electric gel. Head on back to the control 
to use the electric buckshot, electric gel and three trap bolts in whatever 
order you choose. Iíve found the easiest way to get the trap bolts tripped is 
to just stand in front of the switch and shoot it. The anchor will stick to 
the control and the wire will go right into you ensuring that it gets its 

IMPORTANT, Take your time and make sure the action prompt on the controls says 
"needs electricity" before using any of your ammunition. If you use it before 
the wheel gets done turning it will be wasted. When youíre done, collect the 
Little Sister for one or both trophies.

Alternate strategy for getting the Electrician Trophy:
A much easier and safer way of opening the safe that I've recently been made
aware of is to use the trap wires that shoot out when you turn the switch. 
Grab one with telekinesis and hold it until the wire passes through the safe
and opens the door. (Courtesy Gilium)


Expert Trophy: 
Rescue the Little Sister in under 4:00

Much of the previous walkthrough is based on the path Iíve found works best 
for a speed run so this will be brief. Starting off there is no need to go 
out and look around, you should be in the Vita-Chamber before you even start 
to see the clock. If you grab the shotgun before the shells they will 
automatically load so you donít have to take your thumb off the left analog 
stick on your way to the door that must be shot. Head down to the second level 
and get the key items and component as fast as you can. Shoot the control and 
head over to the Rapture Records splicer. Donít let him or the next one hit 
you before you get to the control area otherwise they may change course 
looking for a health station which will cost precious seconds. Be sure to get 
the component in the bathroom on your way in. Another advantage of having 
Static Discharge right away is that it gives you a margin for error with this 
splicer. She doesnít have to hit the control directly for it to get powered up.
Once the third rotation is complete, take a right for the fastest route to the 
carnival. (No need for the component inside Rapture Records here) Get the 
stuff you need and grab a teddy bear before you go into the freezer room. 
Stand right on top of the fire for a second or two to ensure it catches on 
fire. Unthaw the buckshot and drop the bear down the hole to unthaw the 
auto-hack tool. Now would be a good time to grab the items in the crate. Pull 
the key items up through the hole and run into the room with the safe and more 
components. NOW you want to use the shotgun to blast open the safe for the 
crossbow. Head to the back of the carnival and donít miss the trap bolt 
inside the balloon guy on you way to or from the back with the components and 
chemical thrower. Stop at the U-Invent to hack it and construct one round of 
electric gel. Take a left towards the controls and power them up with the 
electric gel. While the wheel is turning, load the crossbow and get ready to 
fire it. Youíll want to give about five seconds for each rotation, and youíll 
also want to have enough health and health packs to cover the damage lost 
from being hit by trap wires. Once the prompt display on the controls say 
"needs electricity" again, shoot the bolt into it and activate the wheel. 
Set the trap again, but be sure to step to the side to let it set while the 
wheel is turning. Wait until the wheel is done turning to walk into the wire. 
Activate the controls and go over to where the Little Sister gets off the 
wheel so you can pick her up as soon as possible. This whole sequence takes 
about 15 seconds so youíll need to account for this as well. 


Collector Trophy

Rose #1: 
At the top of the elevator shaft. 
The easiest way to get this is to jump on top of the elevator as itís coming 
up when the splicer smashes the controls as you first enter this area. The 
controls the rose is sitting on will give you a ride down to the second rose.

Rose #2: 
On a hidden landing area about half way between the second and third floor.
While youíre riding the elevator down from the very top just step off as you 
pass. If you miss there are additional elevator control that you can use once 
it reaches the bottom.

Alternate strategy for Roses 1 & 2:
If you miss jumping onto the elevator during itís first trip up, you can 
still get these. Call the elevator down to the ground floor and send yourself 
to the Vita-Chamber on the third floor. If there are still some splicers 
alive you can let one of them beat you to death. 
If not, stand in the fire for a while.

Rose #3: 
Behind the gate in Rapture Records. Hard to miss when you go in there.

Rose #4: 
In the menís restroom on top of the "Pick your Plasmid and Evolve" sign.
You might have position the camera just right or jump to be able to collect it.

Rose #5: 
Inside the Little Sister vent at the entrance to the Grand Carnival.
Youíll have to stand on the ledge area to see it and jump a time or 
two to get it.

Rose #6: 
In the freezer room Pneumo pipe.
Just stand by the hole that you pulled the items out of and look straight up.

Rose #7: 
Inside the barrel on the right in the barrel toss game.
Jump over the table in front of it and you canít miss it. 

Rose #8: 
Underneath the balloon to the right of the corpse.
Grab a hook or anything else and throw it against the balloon to pop it. 
Youíll uncover the rose and win a First Aid Kit.

Rose #9: 
Hanging from the light fixture inside Zimmerman Chardonnay.
Walk up to the mattress and jump onto the file cabinet in back. Jump up to the 
bookshelf and walk over to where you are eye level to it and grab it.

Rose #10: 
Inside the gears of the Ferris Wheel machinery.
This only becomes accessible after the wheel has been turned seven times. 
The gears will start grinding and a plate will blow off revealing it.



The Little Sister wants to be rescued, but this area is crawling with hostile 
creatures! Clear out all eight combat arenas and she will let you in. 
No puzzles here, and no Vita-Chamber - itís kill or be killed.


This challenge is pure combat, you start this game just like the regular game 
with no weapons and no plasmids. Fortunately, this time you do have an above 
average sized health bar and medium Eve bar. On top of that you have four 
available slots for plasmids and each tonic class and already have the 
Physical tonics SportsBoost 1 & 2, the Engineering tonic Security Expert 2, 
and the Combat tonic Photographerís Eye 2. 
On top of those tonics or possibly because of them several of the enemies 
you will encounter will be partially researched.

In between the rooms is a central hub area with the Little Sister inside a 
glassed off area, and all the vending machines you are already familiar with.

Gathererís Gardens Items:

Product.................ADAM price
Target Dummy............90
Security Bullseye.......30
Sonic Boom 2............80
Insect Swarm 3..........80
Cyclone Trap 2..........80
Electrobolt 3...........90
Incinerate 2............90
Photographerís Eye......20
Damage Research.........20
Eve Saver...............20
Medical Expert 2........40
Eve Link................30
Vending Expert 2........50
Speedy Hacker 2.........60
Focused Hacker 2........40
Security Expert.........20
Clever Inventor.........50
Electric Flesh 2........50
Static Discharge........40
Human Inferno 2.........50
Armored Shell...........40
Wrench Jockey...........20

Circus of Value Items:

Product.........................Default (no hacks, etc.) price
First Aid Kit...................$20
Eve Hypo........................$38
Film x15........................$30
Incendiary Bolts x6.............$120
Proximity Mine x3...............$75
Antipersonnel Rounds x40........$100
Electric Buck x6................$108
Armor-piercing Bullets x6.......$60

Ammo Bandito Items:

Product.........................Default Price
Pistol Bullets x6...............$25
00 Buck x6......................$54
Machine Gun Rounds x40..........$60
Frag Grenade x3.................$60
Napalm x100.....................$75
Steel-Tip Bolt x6...............$45


General Information:

Each room contains one rose and one Power to the People station. 
Rather than having a separate section for the collector trophy, 
Iíll list the location of each rose at the beginning of each room section. 
For more information about collecting the roses here is a video:

Hacking is much more difficult in this challenge than it is in the normal game.
Every hack-able object is the maximum difficulty and aside from Security 
Expert 2, no tonics to assist you. I really wouldnít recommend spending ADAM 
on any of the hacking tonics because there are not that many items to hack and 
money is rarely in short supply. There are only a few challenge rooms where 
enemies healing at health stations presents a problem. If youíre going to hack 
any machine, make it the U-Invent. The U-Invent is the only means to obtain 
many of the best ammos and auto-hack tools to take care of the other machines. 
One thing to remember about hacking is that while it will hurt if you fail, 
it will not kill you. So even if you can barely see any remaining health, you 
can continue hacking until you finally finish it. 

Plasmid Advice:

Enrage is the most useful plasmid for this challenge (one of the load screen 
messages even says as much) and reflected by being tied for most expensive 
plasmid. Most rooms have hordes of enemies and using this will do most of 
your work for you. 
I have yet to see enough use for Telekinesis to justify it being the other 
most expensive plasmid, which is ironic because it was my favorite in the 
real game.
Security Bullseye was in my opinion one of the most useful plasmids in the 
regular game but is limited here as there are only two rooms dominated by 
security equipment. 
There are also two key differences between this challenge and the normal modes.
1) Almost all the Big Daddies here have gone berserker. Normally, Big Daddies 
do not attack you if you use Security Bullseye against them but they will here.
2) There are no alarm tiles in any of the hack-able objects. One useful trick 
in the regular game would be to start a hack but intentionally direct the 
flow into an alarm tile so that security bots would be summoned and then use 
this plasmid to divert their attention. The designers of this challenge were 
obviously aware of players using this tactic and eliminated the possibility 
of using it here. However, being by far the cheapest plasmid available makes 
it worthwhile.
I have yet to buy Target Dummy for this challenge, mainly because I try to 
stick to the offensive plasmids. 
I havenít used Sonic Boom 2 much, but this may be the one situation where it 
is superior to Telekinesis. Lots of hazards and such that will compound 
the damage done.
Insect Swarm 3 is another plasmid that Iíve found more useful here than in the 
normal game. It can immobilize just about any enemy while doing some damage 
in the process.
Since hacking health stations is much harder than normal, setting Cyclone Trap 
2 in front of one to prevent splicers from using it comes in handy. Itís also 
handy in the final section where you know where enemies will spawn.
Electrobolt 3 is not quite as useful here mainly because there are few areas 
of standing water. However, I still use it a lot for things like the 1-2 punch 
and disabling turrets.
Incinerate 2 is the most effective available plasmid Iíve found for dealing 
direct and consistent damage. 

Weapon Advice:

Unless youíre doing a Tough Guy run, you will be using your other weapons a 
lot. The wrench is a very effective weapon itself especially with the tonics 
already equipped. Some research of the many Bouncers encountered will make it 
even more effective. After you complete each room, your first stop should be 
at the U-Invent to see if you have enough components to build the specialty 
ammunitions. I try to use the crossbow with steel-tip bolts mostly because 
they are by far the most economical option here. They do a significant amount 
of damage to every type of enemy encountered and can often be recycled. 
Regular machine gun rounds come in second for best value. 
Here is the list of the weapons and ammunitions in the order I've found most
useful for this challenge as well as the uses they are best suited for:

Crossbow..............Steel-Tipped Bolts........Everything mid to long range
Machine Gun...........Machine Gun Rounds........Splicers close to mid range
Pistol................Anti-Personnel Rounds.....Splicers, all ranges
Grenade Launcher......Frag Grenades.............Big Daddies, groups mid range
Chemical Thrower......Electric Gel..............Big Daddies close range
Shotgun...............Exploding Buck............All enemies close range

Sticking with one ammo for each weapon is most beneficial during the speed run.
Feel free to use different ammunitions or multiple types for the same weapon
if they work for you.


Rescuer and Collector Trophies:

Room #1: A Single Splicer
Rose Location: In between the cracks of the mechanical station thing nearest 
to the broken health station.

Pick up the wrench, pistol and 6 pistol rounds on your way into the room. 
Unless youíre doing a speed run, just take care of him with the wrench. 
Iíd recommend waiting until after youíve taken care of the thuggish splicer 
to search the room for items. There are usually some bandages in with him or 
some of the other corpses and if youíve been in a clubbing contest with him 
there is a decent chance youíve taken some damage. The Little Sisterís gift 
will contain $120, 80 ADAM and all your weapons. Now that you can use the 
Power to the People station, Iíd recommend upgrading the crossbow damage. 
Now that you have your camera and some film Iíd also recommend taking a 
picture of the dead splicer, the picture wonít net much of a research bonus, 
but every bit helps.

Once you walk into the teleportation device to return to the central hub, 
youíll be presented with this message:
Youíve beaten your first challenge, but the next one is harder. 
You now have all your weapons, but youíll need to buy some ammunition.

Pick up some crossbow bolts, lots of film and whatever items you need before 
moving onto the next challenge. You can get some items from the 
Gathererís Gardens if you want but I usually wait until I can afford some of 
the better plasmids. 

Room #2: A Single Big Daddy
Rose: In a crack in the partially sunken floor near the entrance. 
This one is really tricky to find and get. You will probably need to crouch 
to see it then move around and adjust the camera to actually collect it.

Like with the previous room, youíre often better off waiting until after heís 
dead to collect the items in here. You might also want to visit the Pttp 
machine right away though, Iíd suggest crossbow bolt breakage chance. Before 
engaging him, you will definitely want to take some pictures. This room has a 
pillar in the middle and at least a quarter of it is filled with electrified 
water. Stand next to the pillar and shoot him with the pistol. Sidestep to the 
right when he comes charging so that he lands in the water. You can shoot him 
while heís in here, but normally you can conserve your ammo by letting the 
electricity take care of him. Just move from one side of the room to the other 
so he will keep trying to come after you through the electrified water. If he 
does make it out of the water you can jump across the corner part of the water 
by the pillar. He will follow you and fall back in. When heís finally 
finished, collect the gift of $240 and 80 ADAM.

Take the portal up and you be presented with this message:
You can attempt the remaining arenas in any order you like. 
Some are more difficult than others.

For this guide the remaining rooms will be numbered in the order the appear 
starting at Room #1 and going clockwise, this is not a difficulty ranking or 
a recommendation for the order which to do each room. The gift received upon 
completion of each room will always be $120 and 80 ADAM from here on out.

Room #3: Spider Splicers
Rose: Under the bench near the Power to the People machine. 
This is the only rose I found in this challenge without actually looking 
for a rose. 

Be sure than you are stocked up on film before going into this room. Since 
spider splicers like to crawl around on the ceiling you can fully research 
them before dropping down into the combat area. Youíll also get Extra 
Nutrition 3 from the research so might as well use it while you have the open 
spots. Drop down into this Eternal Flame Crematorium themed arena and search 
the corpse hanging from the ceiling by the entrance to find an Eve hypo. By 
now one or more of the residents will probably become aware of your presence. 
If you have Enrage it wouldnít be a bad idea to apply it to the first one that 
comes after you. If you donít have Enrage, Incinerate 2 works well and a 
couple shots of Electrobolt 3 will take care of them if they get into the 
water. Otherwise the best option is to try to snipe an unaware one with the 
crossbow. The crossbow works best if they are crawling around on the ceiling 
or charging straight at you. Otherwise when they are doing their back flips 
and other acrobatic feats itís hard to line up a clear shot that will hit itís 
mark with the crossbow. In closer quarters or when they are moving around 
using either the much faster firing pistol or machine gun with anti-personnel 
rounds is a better option. If they get real close switching to the wrench gets 
the job done. When youíre done be sure to search the room for supplies. 

Room #4: Security Bots
Rose: Buried in ice to the right of the broken bot shutdown panel where the 
thuggish splicer was. You will need Incinerate 2 or napalm to get this one.

Key screen message to keep in mind here:
Hacking an enemy counts as defeating it for the purposes of this 
Challenge Room.

You started equipped with Security Expert 2 for a reason. However, I would 
only recommend hacking the "dead" ones (after taking a picture). This is one 
of the rooms that makes getting Security Bullseye worthwhile. Run trough this 
Fontaine Fisheries themed room until you see the Big Daddy standing in front 
of the Little Sister vent. Stick the Bullesye on him (from a distance, because 
he will come after you) and let him take care of the bots while they partially 
take care of him. Follow the tunnel to the right of where he was through 
another room and youíll find a splicer with a red ring around his head. You 
can kill him right away, but doing so will shut down any bots you havenít 
hacked. Itís up to you if you want to take care of him now or lure him into 
wherever the Big Daddy is then use Enrage on him for a kamikaze mission. 
(Keep this tactic in mind for a Tough Guy run) A few crossbow shots should 
take care of the Big Daddy and clear the room. If you have some fire attacks 
in your arsenal it doesnít hurt to thaw out this room. Lots of good items like 
distilled water and so forth lying around under ice in here.

Room #5: Houdini Splicers
Rose: Behind a sheet leaning against the wall beneath the stairs to the left 
of the health station. Not the best description I know but if you go down to 
the area by the health station itís not hard to find. Getting this one however 
is another matter altogether. Go up the stairs to the landing above it. There 
is an area where the railing is gone just past the corner of the top of the 
section of stairs above this rose. Get a running start and jump. Depending of 
where you jump you will either land in the area with the rose, end up on the 
stairs above it, or fall to your death. Since the latter is a very real 
possibility your want to be sure to save the game progress before 
attempting the jump.

This room is unlike any other challenge room. All the other rooms are designed 
like mazes but this one is a long spiraling staircase filled with many hazards 
on the way to the bottom. When you first drop down here youíll see some 
splicers teleporting and walking around some platforms you canít reach. While 
they are doing this and are not aware of you would be a good time to take 
some pictures. Natural Camouflage is one of the best tonics available and for 
the cost of a few rolls of film itís yours. On top of that if you take enough 
pictures youíll get research bonuses that make it much easier to see where 
they are going. If you want to snipe them with your crossbow go ahead, just 
be sure that if you see one walking be sure to lead it by what would be the 
equivalent of a foot to make sure the bolt connects. Now if you choose to 
eliminate them when they are in these unreachable areas remember that you 
wonít be able to loot their corpses unless you have Telekinesis equipped. If 
you have it or donít care go right ahead. Taking care of enemies individually 
makes your job easier as you continue down the stairs. You donít want to be 
engaged in a battle with a Houdini splicer on the stairs because there is no 
room to move to dodge their attacks and itís easy to run into a hazard on the 
stairs or fall off them if you are trying to dodge. Once you make your way to 
the bottom of the stairs is the time when youíll be forced to deal with more 
than one at a time but is also the only time when you can move around and 
attack like normal. I always try to enrage as many as I can because chasing 
them around is futile. It also helps to set the ice splicers on fire because 
they are typically the strongest and this way they will slowly wear down. 
Either the pistol or machine gun works well for taking care of whoever is left.

Room #6: All Kinds of Enemies
Rose: In between the wall and the bunker to right of Little Sister vent.

This may be my favorite challenge room and one I normally try to make among 
the first covered. The variety of enemies is the best chance to get a lot of 
research done which saves time in the specialty rooms and helps get to 
prepared for the final test. The turret here is already disabled so all you 
have to do to hack it is walk right up to it and start hacking. If you use 
Enrage on the Big Daddy here he will clean house. All the explosive barrels 
here make this one of the few rooms where Telekinesis is useful, but if there 
is a splicer next to one shooting the barrel gets the job done. Be sure to 
search the nitro splicer grenade boxes because this is the only chance you 
get for some free grenades. You might want to upgrade the grenade launcher 
here in preparation for the next challenge.

Room #7: All Kinds of Big Daddies
Rose: Behind a log next to the wall to the left side of the Little Sister vent.
Itís closer to  the corner of the outlet opposite the vent.

This is predictably the hardest room and by far the hardest in the Tough Guy 
challenge. This room also definitively answers the question of which Big Daddy 
is the best. Elite Rosie is the alpha Big Daddy by a mile. When you first 
arrive in this arena youíll see a Bouncer walking by. Leave him alone for now 
and head forward to where you see a Rosie and an Elite Rosie crossing paths. 
Enrage the Rosie so that it can get in a couple shots before the Elite Rosie 
starts to fight back. Now would be a good time to take some pictures of these 
two because these will be the only Rosies youíll encounter here. Once you stop 
getting bonuses move on to the area by the water wheel. This is a key area to 
remember because this area has a free first aid kit, Power to the People 
machine, and a health station. Turn to the right of the PttP station and 
youíll see an Elite Bouncer swinging away at the Little Sister vent. Leave 
him alone for now. By now the Rosie should be dead so you can go collect the 
contents of him and his rivet gun. Also, the Bouncer should be in view of the 
Elite Rosie and use Enrage to get them to duke it out. Wait until the Bouncer 
is dead to goad the Elites into a fight. You want the Elite Rosie to take as 
much damage as possible and therefore donít want to take a chance of any other 
Big Daddies fighting amongst themselves. Youíll usually have to Enrage the 
Elite Bouncer and let him chase you until he is in view of the Elite Rosie 
and then use it again to get him to direct his attention elsewhere. If youíre 
lucky the Elite Rosie will have about 75% of his health left once its down 
to you and him. If you have any of the specialty ammo that can only be built 
like armor-piercing machine gun rounds, electric gel, or heat-seeking missiles 
now would be a good time to use them. If not, steel-tipped bolts still to an 
effective job. Try to bring the fight into the area specified before because 
the long corridor provides good cover if you can get him to circle around 
here and the health station being nearby allows you to use it. Try not to 
rely on using Telekinesis for playing hot potato because he can usually use 
his rivet gun to detonate it before you can catch it and throw it back. A few 
crossbow shots that hit their mark will take care of him.

Room #8: Security Turret Maze
Rose: Against the wall on top of the second set of gears to the left of the 
right of the PttP machine. This is another case where finding the rose is the 
easy part. Youíll have to position yourself correctly then time a jump 
correctly. No possibility of death but still usually require some time and 
many tries.

As was the case in the Security Bots room, if you hack a turret youíll 
probably see this message: Hacking an enemy counts as defeating it for the 
purposes of this Challenge Room.

The first turret you see will be an RPG turret to the right of where you 
enter. You can hack it by disabling it with Electrobolt or distracting it by 
using Security Bullseye on the splicer that comes by here. The bullseye uses 
less Eve so I use that whenever possible. You will definitely want to take 
pictures of the first couple turrets you encounter so that you will be able 
to instantly hack them. If you go back to the beginning area and take a left 
you will soon be near the Big Daddy in this arena. Stick Security Bullseye on 
him to serve two purposes: destroying several turrets and eliminating him. 
Try to hack as many turrets as you can because there are a number of leadhead 
splicers wandering around here and this way you kill two birds with on stone. 
If you donít want to or donít have enough Eve to hack all the turrets a direct 
hit from a crossbow bolt will destroy it. If you donít see any enemies still 
alive but haven't heard the room completed music it most likely that youíve 
missed one of the several flame turrets tucked in between barriers at the end 
of the maze walls. If you want, you can destroy the turrets youíve hacked 
with your wrench to collect the items inside. 

Now that youíve completed all the rooms, all you have to do is walk up to the 
Little Sister in the central hub and collect her right? Unfortunately youíll 
find there is one last challenge for you to overcome. So before you walk up 
the stairs to pick her up stop over by the vending machines to stock up for 
the last onslaught. First stop by the U-Invent to see if there are any items 
that can be built. If you have enough components for an auto-hack tool or 
two be sure to use them on the health stations. If you havenít purchased 
Cyclone Trap 2 yet now is the time to get it. All the enemies that show up 
here will materialize like Houdini splicers at the various teleportation 
spots and this way youíll be able to eliminate a number of them the minute 
they arrive. Remember that like with trap bolts there are a limited number of 
traps you can have set at once so donít set too many. Also if one or more of 
the health stations arenít hacked you can put a trap in front of them to keep 
wounded splicers from healing at them. Spend all the ADAM you can on plasmids 
or tonics and all your money on ammo, etc. If you need to heal later there 
will be plenty of cash to pick up from dead splicers later. Once your ready 
walk up the stairs and wait until the lights come partially back on.

The first wave of splicers will be mostly thuggish and leadhead splicers. If 
you set up Cyclone Traps many of them will be taken care of (or at least 
partially) before they have a chance to come after you. Regardless, you will 
still need to take care of most yourself. As the first wave is ending another 
wave of spider and nitro splicers begin to arrive. You can run around trying 
to reset the traps but that strategy is inefficient since you have to keep 
track of how many there are and that plasmid drains a lot of Eve. Mow them 
down and eventually some Houdini splicers will arrive. Once all of them are 
gone two leadhead splicers controlling two security bots. If you have Security 
Bullseye (if not equipped swap it in at the Gene Bank) use it to get the bots 
to turn on their masters. A quicker option is to just shoot them so that the 
bots will shut down. Be sure to hack them both because them will be a big 
help for the last enemy- a Bouncer. While they are keeping him occupied equip 
whatever Big Daddy specialty ammunition (grenades, armor-piercing rounds, 
electric gel) you may have. If you donít have any just make sure everything 
else is fully loaded to bring him down. Once he finally succumbs, the lights 
will come on and the Little Sister will flip the switch to allow access to 
the area she was hiding in. Collect her and the Rescuer trophy.


Tough Guy Trophy:
Rescue the Little Sister using only plasmids, tonics, the wrench and the 
research camera, on Medium or higher difficulty.

This is the only Silver Trophy that can be obtained from the downloadable 
content and in my opinion is the most fun challenge for Worlds of Hurt. 
There are other methods for completing this challenge but this one has proven 
effective on Survivor so itís guaranteed to work on Medium difficulty.

Room #1: A Single Splicer
This room can be done exactly like in the normal mode: just grab the wrench 
and beat him to death with it. However, hereís a tip to remember to avoid 
accidentally using any other weapons later: donít pick up the pistol or bullets
on your way into this room. If you donít have any ammunition for a weapon it 
will be skipped when you cycle through your weapons making it impossible to 
actually fire. When you are done scour the room for items and take a picture 
of the dead splicer after you get the camera. No need to bother with the 
Power to the People machines here.

Now that you have some cash and ADAM you can start stocking up on supplies. 
Obviously there is no need to even bother buying anything other than First Aid 
Kits, Eve hypos, and film. Spend all of your money on film now, you will be 
using a lot of film throughout this run. Check the U-Invent every few trips 
back up to see if you have enough components to build auto-hack tools. Now or 
during the next round would be a good time to try hacking the U-Invent or 
health stations in the central hub. You can try hacking the Circus of Values 
machine but there is little need to as your wallet will be overflowing due to 
not needing to buy ammunition. Itís up to you if you want to buy a plasmid at 
the Gatherers Gardens or wait until you can afford one of the more expensive 
ones. I like to pick up Security Bullseye now since itís cheap, uses little 
Eve, and I like to get the security equipment rooms out of the way first.

Room #2: A Single Big Daddy
Use the film you bought to take as many photos as you can. In the normal mode 
you can only take four photos of a single subject but here you can sometimes 
get five. If youíre lucky, you can fill the first two research bars here and 
get Wrench Jockey 2. If not, youíll get it right away in the next room with 
a Bouncer. If you bought Security Bullseye before coming here, you can 
implement essentially the same strategy as normal. Just stand to the right of 
the pillar and use the bullseye on him. Sidestep his charge and let the 
electrified water take care of the rest. If you donít have Security Bullseye 
or any other plasmid, you can still smack him with the wrench and get him to 
chase you until he gets into the water. This option is obviously much more 
dangerous and bears a significant risk of taking substantial damage. Once 
heís finally finished search the room and head on up.

By now you should have all the film youíll need so now is a good time to 
start filling up on First Aid Kits and Eve hypos. If you bought Security 
Bullseye on your last trip up you should have 130 ADAM, meaning you can 
afford Enrage and still have 10 ADAM left over.

Room #3: Security Bots
I always make this the first room to tackle for a simple reason: there are 
only two actual enemies. Once you enter this room you will here an alarm 
sounding, but you donít have to worry about it. Go through the door that says 
"cold storage" on the immediate left from where you enter and follow the 
tunnels directly until you see a deactivated bot lying on the ground. Take a 
picture of it. Even though it is "dead" a photo will complete the rest of the 
current research bar and get you part of the way to the next research reward: 
automatically successful hacks. Hack this bot and use Security Bullseye to send
it after the Bouncer in the next room. Now is a good time to take pictures of 
him and the rest of the bots that soon join the party. If he manages to 
deactivate one hack it or reactivate it. Once you canít take anymore pictures, 
move onto the room with the thuggish splicer and take a couple pictures of 
him as he just starts to take notice. Get him to chase you until he is in 
the same room as the Big Daddy and then Enrage him. He wonít do a lot of 
damage to the Bouncer, but every bit helps. While heís on his kamikaze 
mission is a good time to search for the area for any disabled bots to use. 
Hopefully, the bots will take care of him but more likely you will have to 
finish him off yourself. If at all possible try to draw him into the room 
with the health station for the final battle.

By the time you are done you should have 90 ADAM which is exactly the amount 
needed for Electrobolt 3. One tip to remember when buying any plasmid is that 
after the purchase your Eve bar will be refilled, so donít waste a hypo in 
between if you buy a plasmid. Be sure to be fully stocked on Eve hypos before 
moving onto the next room.

Room #4: Security Turret Maze
Now that you have Electrobolt and Security Bullseye this room should be a 
breeze. Before you drop down into this room try to zoom in on several of the 
turrets (Iíd recommend some of the ones farthest from the floor level entrance 
first) and take pictures until hacking them becomes automatic. Once you enter, 
short out the RPG turret to the right (for hacking of course) and head back 
towards the entrance area to avoid getting in the crossfire of the machine gun 
turret in the other corner of this section. Quickly move in front of the flame 
turret to the left of the entrance area and hack it. (Because they have 
limited peripheral vision here, flame turrets have a small window of 
opportunity where they can often be hacked without having to disable or 
distract them.) By now a splicer and the RPG turret in this area should have 
become aware of your presence so to stay alive use Security Bullseye against 
the splicer. Now that the turrets are pre-occupied hack the machine gun turret 
in the corner. Take care of hacking the RPG turret and flame turret in this 
area once the splicer is dead. Once they are under your command apply the 
bullseye to the Big Daddy directly in front of you. Hopefully he will first 
attack the machine gun turret in the corner to the right of him. If not, it 
will just cost you some Eve later on. To keep out of his path of destruction 
go back towards the entrance and hack the machine gun turret in view of the 
first turret encountered. By now you should know that all non-mechanical 
enemies found on this level should be dealt with via SB. One by one hack each 
turret until you either hear the level cleared music or only you and the Big 
Daddy remaining. If he is still alive and swinging get SB ready and use it on 
him from enough of a distance that a functional turret will be able to lock 
in on him before he can get to you. Once everything is clear, you can use 
your wrench to smash each turret in search of components. Batteries, rubber 
hoses, and brass tubes are the only components relevant to this challenge so 
if the turrets donít yield any of the above or useful items like bandages or 
coffee just leave it. If you took enough pictures of the leadhead splicers 
here, you should have the Scrounger tonic at your disposal. It doesnít have a 
whole lot of use in this challenge but can help some here. 

When you come up you may have enough components to build an automatic hack 
tool. If you do, go ahead and use it on one of the health stations now to 
save a few bucks healing in between rounds. This is a round break where you 
have many options for what to do with your 80 ADAM. You can buy Insect Swarm 
3, get some of the useful tonics such as Eve Link, Eve Saver, Armored Shell, 
Wrench Jockey, Static Discharge, etc. or just save it for later. I generally 
try to get Armored Shell and/or Eve Link/Eve Saver here. Armored Shell because 
or is overall damage reduction and fills one of the three valuable combat 
tonic slots, and one of the Eve tonics because it saves valuable hypos and 
leaves some ADAM left over for after the next round.

Room #5: Spider Splicers

Now even more so than in other rounds you want to be sure to do your research
from the birdís eye view. If you take all the photos you can of every one, 
you should be able to have them fully researched before dropping down into the 
combat area. Research will also net Extra Nutrition 3, equip it if you donít 
already have the slots filled with better tonics. Save your progress before 
actually dropping down as always. If you can carry it, take the Eve hypo 
inside the corpse hanging by the entrance, otherwise pick it up afterward. 
Move to the left area with the homemade bunker and the only real water area in 
this challenge. Use Enrage if more than one are in the area, otherwise try to 
draw them into the water for Toaster in the Tub. If one happens to be crawling 
along the ceiling Electrobolt 3 will bring them down, if they happen to be 
directly above the water they will be electrocuted almost as much as if they 
were standing in it from the start. If you happen to shock them on dry land 
the 1-2 punch will deal significant damage. If they survive the 1-2 punch be 
wary of them retaliating with the dropkick attack. On this level more than any 
wounded enemies are a threat to heal themselves at the health station. If you 
see one headed there freeze them in theyíre tracks with Electrobolt and 
finish them off with the wrench. If one or more splicers are engaged in battle 
you might want to go over there and be on guard for when the loser comes 
running. Before you leave this room you should be fully stocked on health 
kits or close to due to the abundance of healing items on this level.

Whether you tackle the Houdini Splicers or All Kinds of Enemies room next 
depends on which plasmid you buy. You will want to have Incinerate 2 for the 
Houdini room and Insect Swarm 3 for the others. 

Room #6: Houdini Splicers 

This room can either be really easy or really hard. As stated previously, 
falling to your death is easy to do if youíre not paying attention. The other 
decision that affects the difficulty is whether or not you intend to loot the 
corpses. Some tips: If you rely on Enrage, most of the enemies will take care 
of each other but at the cost of not being able to collect the items they 
carry and being left with only the more difficult ice splicers at the end. 
You also run the risk of one of the ice splicers getting stuck in a loop of 
freezing an enemy, teleporting away and back again, then freezing the same 
still frozen enemy. This can be very troublesome due to the fact that he and 
the other splicer will usually be in an area unreachable to you. This is 
where Incinerate comes in handy. It will slowly kill enemies that wonít come 
to an area where you can kill them directly with the wrench and weaken other 
enemies to make it easier when that time comes. If a splicer attacks you 
directly they will eventually move onto the stairs. While this puts you at a 
greater risk for damage it gives you the opportunity to use the 1-2 punch. 
This maneuver will spell instant death to all Houdini splicers except for ice 
splicers even on Survivor difficulty. Once you have worked your way to the 
bottom feel free to use all the plasmids and other tactics as you normally 
would. Be sure that your research is complete or almost so by the time you 
reach the bottom. Natural Camouflage does not work here but will be extremely 
valuable in the later challenges. Reaching the research level that grants 
you the ability to better recognize where Houdini splicers appear will make 
success here much more attainable. 

If you donít already have Insect Swarm 3 get it now. 
Swap out Security Bullseye.

Room #7: All Kinds of Enemies

Have a decent amount of film available because as the title indicates, there 
are all kinds of enemies to research, most of which can be done during the 
overview. When you drop down first run right to the deactivated turret and 
hack it. Step back behind some cover while the turret takes care of the Nitro 
and/or Houdini splicer in this area. Move over to where the Big Daddy is and 
Enrage the leadhead behind the wall so that she can get a couple shots in 
before he eliminates her. If there are any of the Nitro splicers still around 
try to Enrage him as well. They are among the few enemies that can do some 
real damage to the Bouncer. Otherwise leave him alone for the moment and move 
to the adjacent area where pretty much every variety of splicer is 
congregated. Use Enrage again to set off a fracas. If the Big Daddy is done 
with the splicer Enrage him to draw him into this area to clean up and 
hopefully take some damage in the process. During this time is a good 
opportunity to scan the area for any remaining splicers that may be wandering 
around by themselves. Use Incinerate or Electrobolt plus wrench to take care 
of them. In the likely event that the Big Daddy will be the sole survivor 
once the dust settles. Whip out Insect Swarm 3 and use it on him. While he is 
occupied with the bugs run behind a wall and stay put until the Natural 
Camouflage takes effect. Wait awhile after the effects of the swarm wear off 
(you will here a loud buzzing sound) while he looks for you. If he doesnít 
find you after a few seconds he will go back to the vent. However the moment 
he sees you he will come after you so donít let your guard down. Repeat this 
process as necessary until he is finally finished.

Before the final room you will want to get everything in order. Be fully 
stocked on health packs and Eve hypos. Have the plasmids Enrage and Insect 
Swarm 3 available as your primary attacks and Incinerate 2 and Electrobolt 3 
as backups. For Physical Tonics you want to have SportsBoost 1 & 2, Natural 
Camouflage, and either Eve Link or Eve Saver. For Combat Tonics go with Wrench 
Jockey 2, Armored Shell, Static Discharge, Wrench Jockey 1 if you bought it. 
Feel free to go ahead and swap out Photographerís Eye 2 if you have five of 
these. You should be able to finish the Bouncer research if it hasnít already 
been without it and it wonít make any real difference with what Rosie 
research can net. 

Room #8: All Kinds of Big Daddies

The first stage of this level is more or less done the same as advised in the 
standard walkthrough. One by one Enrage the enemy near the Elite Rosie so 
that he will eliminate them and hopefully take as much damage as possible in 
the process. Once its down to just you and him, get behind him and stand 
still until Natural Camouflage turns you invisible. Wait until heís about to 
turn a corner and unleash Insect Swarm 3 on him. Immediately turn tail and 
run and put several walls behind you and him (go clear to the other side of 
the arena if necessary) and stay put again until you canít be seen again. 
Wait until you hear the swarm disperse and his footsteps sound like he has 
given up pursuit and has returned to his patrol route. Slowly make your way 
back to where he is and send them after him again. Be careful, if he sees you, 
he will attack. If you were just near where he was you can wait until he walks 
past you to start your attack. Donít think just because you have turned 
invisible when you attack he wonít still attack you, so try to stick to the run
& hide technique. Once heís finally done search the room and take the ride up.

DO NOT try to retrieve the Little Sister until you are ready, and by ready I 
mean getting stocked up on supplies and such. The last room should have 
produced enough components to build another automatic hack tool. Build it an 
use it on the other health station. If by chance you can build three hack 
tools use the third on the Circus of Values machine. Stop at the Gathererís 
Gardens and purchase Cyclone Trap 2. Set up a vortex at each of the 
teleportation spots so that the first wave will practically be taken care of 
as the arrive. Once they at all set up and you have fully stocked up on items, 
go try to retrieve the Little Sister. 

As they arrive it might not be a bad idea to replace the traps but donít spend 
too much time on that because two will completely drain your Eve and there are 
bound to be some enemies attacking you. Work you way through the horde using 
a combination of Enrage and 1-2 punches until the splicers with hacked bots 
arrive. Now might be a good time to stop at the Gene Bank and swap out Enrage 
with Security Bullseye and Cyclone Trap 2 with Insect Swarm 3. Use SB to get 
the bots to take out their masters and then hack them once they fall to the 
ground. It doesnít hurt to stick SB on the Big Daddy right away so they donít 
waste time waiting to attack him. While the bots and Big Daddy are engaged in 
battle would be a good time to make your final trip to the CoV for items. Once 
both bots have been destroyed get Insect Swarm ready to use it to wear him 
down the same way as has been done before. If he comes charging after you, 
shock him with Electrobolt to freeze him in place. Once heís finally dead, go 
up the stairs to collect the Little Sister and the Tough Guy trophy.


Expert Trophy: 
Rescue the Little Sister in under 15:00, on Medium or higher difficulty.

If the Tough Guy trophy was a Silver trophy, this one should be Gold. 
Unfortunately, itís just another Bronze trophy to add to your collection. It 
is usually the one trophy preventing players from having 100% completion so 
at least you can have the bragging rights of that once you finish this.

This challenge is all about speed, so every second counts. No time for 
scavenging around for items or any other time killers. 

Here are a few tips for shaving seconds off your times:
Donít stop at the vending machines after completing every room. Sometimes you 
have no choice but to restock on ammo, supplies, and ADAM upgrades, but you 
will need to go directly from one room to the adjacent room a minimum of two 
times to make it in under the target time. You may want to do a run on Easy 
difficulty just to get used to which routes work fastest for you and which 
tactics are most efficient in certain rooms. 

Re-load when you are going to collect the gift from the Little Sister at the 
conclusion of each level or when you are going to the next room. The later 
will be more common as much of the time you wont have a full clips worth of a 
certain ammo until after you stop at the machines in the hub. To save time 
reloading mid-battle, try to have only one type of ammo for each weapon and 
try to have a specific use for each weapon. (See Weapons Advice section for 
details about my recommendations.) Several of the ammos Iíve chosen are 
specialty ammos that have to be selected with the directional pad. To save 
time loading them hold the left analog stick forward as you are running into 
the next room and use your right hand to select the appropriate button on 
the directional pad. 

Research, but donít over research. 
By this I mean donít just stand there trying to milk every available photo 
out of a subject or trying to center or zoom in a shot for a higher score. 
You do want to do some research to get the damage increases but canít do so 
at the expense of time. If there are subjects in view go ahead and take a 
shot or two but donít stop for anything other than lining up a headshot. Every 
splicer will go down with one crossbow head shot so the research will only 
speed up other attacks. If all of your weapons are fully loaded before the door
opens to a new room try to get a view photos in as you cross above the arena. 

Try to use your ADAM on tonics that enhance your efficiency rather than 
plasmids. Tonics are always active and donít drain Eve and therefore are 
better suited for speed. Weapons are almost always faster ways of killing 
enemies. Most damage plasmids can only be used two or three times before 
having to reload which is another reason to try to use them sparingly here. 
Your wallet will be lighter here than in other rounds because you wonít be 
searching every corpse and container. Spending $38 for two or maybe three 
kills is also fiscally inefficient. Before the final test I usually only use 
Electrobolt 3 as my main offensive plasmid due to the fact that it works 
against all enemies and combining it with the wrench will finish off most 
splicers. Enrage is still needed for rooms with Big Daddies and Security 
Bullseye helps with the obvious. One of the first tonics I try to get is 
Clever Inventor. Even though itís an Engineering Tonic, it allows you to 
build more of the specialty ammunitions that gives you more firepower and 
therefore makes you able to kill enemies faster. Eve Link and Eve Saver serve 
their obvious purposes. I prefer Eve Link because if your Eve is zero using a 
med kit will allow you to use a plasmid again one more time. Medical Expert 2 
helps you save money on First Aid Kits and in some cases helps you stay alive. 
I canít recommend buying more than two Physical Tonics because you donít want 
to swap out SportsBoost 1 or 2 during this challenge. Armored Shell and Static 
Discharge are the universally useful Combat Tonics. The third or forth option 
is a more difficult decision. If youíve researched Bouncer enough you will 
earn Wrench Jockey 2 which is worth a spot even though the wrench is the least 
efficient weapon in your arsenal. Human Inferno 2 is really only useful as a 
complement to Incinerate 2. I usually go with  Electric Flesh 2 because I use 
ElectroBolt 3 and if I have any Electric Gel this makes it almost as effective 
as reducing the consumption rate on the chemical thrower. 

Heed the advice of the load screens: save often and in multiple slots. 
I wouldnít recommend saving  as you are completing a room but saving 
immediately before you drop down is helpful for replaying a room. Multiple 
slots are especially beneficial because if you have made good time after a 
certain number of rooms you can do retries starting halfway through instead 
of at the beginning. Try to keep an eye on the timer but more importantly try 
to keep time in you head during each room. Try to target 1:30 for each room. 
If you average that you will have 3 minutes for the part at the end as well 
as the time in between each room. Several rooms will obviously take longer 
than that (Houdini, Turret Maze, All Kinds) and 2:00 to 2:30 is a more realist 
goal. The goal is to try to average around 1:30 and the first two rooms and 
some of the other quicker rooms will make up for the time consuming ones. If 
any room takes three minutes or more or longer than it usually takes to 
complete reload and try again. In any event, this will require a large amount 
of planning (knowing your route and where to find all the enemies), 
perseverance (many retries), skill (not missing shots), and a bit of luck.

Onto the walkthrough. Keep in mind this is not this only route or strategy, 
but it worked for me.

Room #1: A Single Splicer:
As with all the other speed challenges you want to hit the ground running as 
the game loads and donít stop moving unless it is necessary. Run to the 
entrance, grab the weapons and get down into the arena as fast as possible. 
If you run straight ahead you can loot the corpse in the middle, then strafe 
to the right and shoot the splicer (two shots max), loot his and the Big 
Daddy's corpse then take the gift. Once you have your weapons back upgrade 
the damage on the crossbow and head up. If everything went right you should be 
reading the next challenge message after 30 or 35 seconds. 

Depending on if you looted the planted corpses and what everything yielded 
you can buy 3 rounds of steel tipped bolts or 2 rounds and some film.

Room #2: A Single Big Daddy
Get the items in the corpse right behind the gate and drop down. If you have 
some film take a photo or two before you move into position. Grab the crossbow 
and put two shots into him before he charges. Sidestep so he lands in the 
water put another bolt or two in at point-blank range, and if there is a 
sliver of health left switch to the pistol and use those rounds on him. You 
will only be able to collect one bolt from him no matter what and the bullets 
were free. Loot his corpse and the one by the Power to the People machine. I 
donít know if crossbow bolt breakage chance is the best option here because it 
only applies to misses, but it is the upgrade I always get anyway. Your time 
when done should be 1:30 tops, if you can finish both under 1:15 youíll 
definitely want to save in a new slot after making your purchases. 

The cash gift from this room is $240 so youíll definitely want to stock up now.
I usually try to get a clip or two of machine gun rounds, at least 2 or 3 
bundles of crossbow bolts, some film especially if I didnít get any before, 
a couple First Aid Kits and maybe an Eve hypo if I still have some cash left. 
As far as Plasmids go Security Bullseye and Enrage or Electrobolt 3 are good 
for starters.

Room #3: Security Bots
Take a left after you drop down. Donít forget to pick up the various items 
along the path like the distilled water, cash next to it and items in the 
trunk. Take a picture of the disabled bot before hacking it if you have film. 
Whether or not you choose to use the PttP machine here is your call. It will 
add a few seconds to your time but itís not too far out of the way. If you go 
Iíd suggest machine gun damage. Right ahead of you as always is the Little 
Sister vent with the Big Daddy swinging away. Stick the bullseye and move onto 
the room with the splicer. Take care of him with any remaining pistol rounds or
the machine gun to finish him quickly and eliminate the bots he was 
controlling. Turn you attention back to the Big Daddy and put all of your 
bolts into him. If he isnít dead by then finish him off with the machine gun. 
Any total time under 3:00 after finishing this room is a good start. If you 
can get under 2:45 youíll definitely want to open a new file to save.

Room #4: Houdini Splicers
Be care not to get caught up taking too many photos here. If you start taking 
pictures while they are standing around unaware they may teleport away before 
you can shoot them which wastes precious seconds. For most of this room you 
will be sniping splicers with the crossbow as you strafe your way down the 
stairs. Houdini splicers are some of the weakest health wise so you donít 
necessarily have to get a crossbow headshot for a one hit kill. If one happens 
to start attacking and teleport to a part of the stairs below you can use the 
1-2 punch for a kill that allows you to loot them. Eventually youíll make you 
way to the bottom. Get off the stairs and go directly to the Pttp machine. 
Machine gun damage (if you donít have it already), kickback, or pistol clip 
size are all good choices. I prefer clip size first over damage because if 
you are using anti-personnel rounds a headshot will one-hit kill any splicer 
and a couple body shots will take care of them as well. 24 round clip size 
also means you wonít need to reload in during your time in a room which saves 
time and time is obviously the whole point of this challenge. A couple 
seconds after stopping at the Pttp machine an ice splicer will materialize in 
the central area directly in front of you. One shot with the crossbow will 
take care of him same as the others. A fire splicer should show up shortly 
afterward, either a crossbow shot or a few machine gun rounds will take care 
of her and finish the room. If you can finish this room with a total time of 
5 minutes or less youíve got a great shot at completing this challenge. Half 
the rooms in a third of the time gives you a bit of a leeway in the later 

At this point you will need to stop at the vending machines. If you stop at 
the Gathererís Gardens first you can pick up whichever of the Enrage or 
Electrobolt 3 pair not already acquired, and Clever Inventor along with some 
other tonics. I specifically listed Clever Inventor it increases the odds of 
being able to build certain specialty ammos or maybe even more of them. 

Room #5: Spider Splicers
Since this one is on the way now is the time to get it out of the way. Get 
whatever new ammos acquired loaded and if there is time do some fly-by 
photography. This room can more or less be approached similarly to normal. 
Go to the left and try to bring down the one here with the crossbow. Switch 
the machine gun or pistol if some start doing their back flip routine. Try to 
draw as many as you can into or over the water area. Whichever ones donít get 
electrocuted  can be finished of with the 1-2 punch. The 1-2 punch may not 
take care of a splicer here that is at full health so you can use shocking 
them as an opportunity to line up a headshot. You should be able to get at 
least 3 of the 5 taken care of here. If not the forth should be on the ceiling 
between the water and the Little Sister vent. The last one will be by herself 
on the ceiling in the long hall to the left of the vent. This is the only room 
where I deliberately skip the Pttp machine since it is so far out of the way.

Try to stock up as much as you can here. If everything goes right you may not 
have to make another trip back to the vending machines. Now would be a good 
time to buy six frag grenades. 

Room #6: Security Turret Maze
This is a room where you definitely want to be taking pictures as you run 
over it. There is a good chance you will make some progress on leadhead 
splicers but more importantly you want to be able to at least have the option 
of the turret auto hack. More or less you will be following the same path as 
before here. When you drop down take a picture of the first turret if you 
havenít reached the research goal yet and shoot it with the crossbow. Try to 
hack the flame turret before it becomes aware and stick Security Bullseye on 
the splicer in this area. Shoot the machine gun turret in the corner and try 
to hack the RPG while itís still distracted. Try to get the flame turret 
hacked as well because you donít want to have to backtrack to this area later. 
Stick SB on the Big Daddy and heal at the health station if you need to before 
moving on. Be sure that the leadhead is dead too even if you have to finish 
the job yourself. By now the machine gun turrets in the corner near the 
entrance may be firing at you so either shoot it with the crossbow or use SB 
on any splicer that may have wandered into this area. Shooting a turret is 
usually preferred in this run  because itís faster, cheaper, and destroyed 
turrets yield lots of valuable components and often extra machine gun rounds, 
but if a splicer is present hacking ensures that youíve killed the proverbial 
two birds with one stone. Once this turret is neutralized, shoot the one by 
the Pttp machine (finish of the machine gun upgrades if you havenít already, 
otherwise move onto the pistol or maybe even chemical thrower consumption if 
you have some gel), followed by the one behind it. If there is a splicer in 
this area use SB and try to speed up his demise with the machine gun then 
shoot the flame turret and other turret. Now itís likely just you and the 
Big Daddy. Be looking to see if the turret in the corner next to him is still 
intact. If it is use SB for some more teamwork, otherwise just make a 
pincushion out of him with the crossbow. 

Room #7: All Kinds of Big Daddies
Drop down here and Enrage the Bouncer walking by, keep running and do the same 
to the Rosies that happen to be crossing paths. Hopefully the Bouncer joins 
the Rosie brawl instead of going after the Elite Bouncer. Since your goal is 
speed if he picks a fight with the other Bouncer just reload. Pick up the 
health pack by the Pttp and upgrade grenade launcher damage immunity if you 
have any grenades. Clear at the other end of the room is the Elite Bouncer. 
You should be able to get two or maybe three crossbow shots in before having 
to sidestep his charge. Turn around and finish him off before he can turn 
around. If there was a three way Big Daddy fight going on during this time it 
should be coming to its conclusion. Try to stick the Elite Rosie with a couple 
crossbow shots during this time to make your job as easy as possible once the 
others are dead. Try to finish him off with what is left in this particular 
quiver of arrows and switch to the grenade launcher if they run out. I really 
wouldnít recommend electric gel just yet unless its an emergency. The Elite 
Rosie is the only Big Daddy in this challenge that drops a reward on par with 
what you usually get so be sure to pick it up even if it means taking a couple 
extra seconds in this room. 

Youíll probably be visiting the vending machines now for two reasons. 
1) Itís extremely unlikely that you wonít need to restock ammunition, etc. 
after the last two rooms. 2) Your wallet will be close to full now, especially 
if you looted the Elite Rosie. While time is more important than money in this 
challenge, having a full wallet before you take the gift from the Little 
Sister at the end of the next room is throwing $120 away. Now also wouldnít be 
a bad time to pick up Cyclone Trap 2 and/or some of the useful tonics that 
you donít have already.

Room #8: All Kinds of Enemies
This is another room where you might be able to get some decent research done 
from above. The first thing you should do once you are actually in the room 
is hack the turret. Try to take care of the Nitro and Houdini splicer here 
quickly so that you donít have to worry about them destroying your turret. 
If you need to heal do it at the health station and if you bought Cyclone 
Trap 2 set one by it to stand guard. Enrage the splicer with the machine gun 
so she can weaken the Big Daddy while you take care of the rest. You can 
Enrage him to have him clean house but I try to leave him for last for two 
reasons. 1) Itís really easy to get caught in his path of destruction, 
especially here due to all the explosive hazards. 2) I will always know 
exactly where to find the Big Daddy: right by the exit. There usually is a 
Houdini splicer in the hall between here and the largest concentration of 
splicers in this room. Take care of her with one crossbow shot then switch to 
the machine gun and open fire on the barrels in the corner just beyond her. 
The explosion will easily eliminate the Nitro splicer hiding back here and if 
your lucky another one. Take care of everyone in this area by whatever means 
that doesnít require reloading and use your last weapon upgrade. Electrobolt 
will bring the spider splicer down to the ground or hold her still for a quick 
execution. Turn the corner and head towards the Big Daddy. The usual 
combination of bolts and grenades or gel will take care of him and keep him 
in your path.

Once you are back to the hub immediately run to retrieve the Little Sister so 
that you donít waste any time standing alone in the dark. The lights of the 
U-Invent are your best indicator of you position at first and that is where 
you want to be going first anyway. If you can build an auto-hack tool use it 
on the adjacent health station. Try to get a full 24 anti-personnel pistol 
rounds as that is your most efficient ammunition for this part. In fact I 
would stick with that until its gone. If you can get some gel or exploding 
buckshot now is the time to do it. Stock up on Eve Hypos now, Cyclone Trap 2 
can only be used twice before needing to refill whether you have Eve Saver or 
not. Speaking of which, get it if you donít have it and start putting traps on 
all of the portals to thin out as much of the first wave as you can after that 
stick one in front of any unhacked health stations and be done with it. 
Electrobolt 3 is the only plasmid you may need for actual combat. This whole 
section is so chaotic that it is hard to have a specific strategy for dealing 
with the splicers that donít walk into the traps, but that is why I recommend 
ant pistol rounds. Another time saving tip is if there arenít any spilcers in 
the immediate vicinity, equip the grenade launcher. Whenever you see a blue 
cloud materializing, launch a frag grenade in its direction. Accuracy is less 
of a concern with grenades and one is more or less a one hit kill for any 
splicer. This is especially useful for the last two splicers that bring 
security bots. The Big Daddy will go down the same as all the others. Some 
crossbow bolts at long range, frag grenades at long to midrange, and electric 
gel when he gets up close and personal. If you reduced the chemical throwerís 
consumption rate and equipped Electric Flesh 2, the gel should finish him 
quickly. He will need to go down with at least 15 seconds to spare to still 
meet this goal. Don't be surprised if this area requires mulitple retries to 
stay under goal just like the actual rooms. Once finally completed, 
congratulations on earning all the trophies for the downloadable content.



Credit for assistance with the Collector trophies goes to:
YouTube user Overlord73 for the video clip of the "Worlds of Hurt" 
rose locations.

Virus66 for posting information about where roses in other rooms are:

Gilium for the extra Master Electrician strategy.

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