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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood


Subject 16 Cluster Guide

by ihumpmypillow89

Introduction <INTRO>
Types of Puzzles <TPZL>
Locations <LCTS>
Clusters <CLSTS>
Cluster1 <CLST1>
Cluster2 <CLST2>
Cluster3 <CLST3>
Cluster4 <CLST4>
Cluster5 <CLST5>
Cluster6 <CLST6>
Cluster7 <CLST7>
Cluster8 <CLST8>
Cluster9 <CLST9>
Cluster10 <CLST10>
Credits <CREDITS>

Introduction: |
--------------+							<INTRO>

If you played Assassin's Creed II, then you should know how the general way to
do these, basically you find a glyph (I'll explain that in a minute), and then
you start a cluster that contains a bunch of puzzles and riddles that will
become increasingly difficult. 

Glyphs are marked on the Animus Desktop (database--locations) and hit triangle
to filter the locations out, the locations have a red eye type symbol that
designates that a glyph is at that location...somewhere. You can mark the
general location from this screen.

Now to actually obtain the glyph, you will need to have Eagle vision activated
(hold triangle), then look for a glowing symbol on the side of walls (they are
all on walls if I remember correctly). Well when Eagle Vision is activated you
actually climb into the symbol which starts the clusters.

You can replay any of these Clusters by going to (Database--The Truth)

Locations: |
-----------+							<LCTS>

Since you can mark the general location already just by going to it in the
pause menu I will only give a bit more precise location.

#Castra Praetoria

It is on the very far eastern wall.


It's on the side of the borgia/assassin tower.

#Castel Sant'Angelo

You need to get inside the big courtyard type area to get this 	one. It is by
the courtyard type area. The easiest way to describe this like this: start
sequence 4, and choose the first mission, well when you get to the catwalk area
this is right across from a haystack up there (should be the second one you

#Casmera Di Alviano

It's on the backside of the far wall, simply drop down to get this one.

#Santa Maria Dei Miracoli And Santa Maria Di Montestant

This one can be seen from the street, it is on the tower that has the leap of

#Rosa In Fiore

It's on the North side of the building, very easy to obtain.

#Acquedotto Claudia

You'll have to climb the tower on the opposite side, jump on top of the
aqueduct and drop down to obtain this one.


It's at the very so just drop down (a little bit) and get this one.

#Palazzo Senatorio

It's around the back of the big building

#The Pantheon

It's inside directly above the door you walk right in.

Types of Puzzles: |
------------------+						<TPZL>

#Big Gray Box:

Not really a puzzle just run towards it to start the puzzles, every cluster
starts with this.


This isn't really a puzzle either it is typically some girl saying "loading" or
"scanning" I'll only point this is out if something different is amiss.

#Mini Wall of Text:
Typically just a picture or something and a mini wall of text afterwards, you
can read them if you want, since they do get interesting. If you don't simply
hit X to proceed.

#Picture Matching:

In this type you'll have a pool of 10 pictures along with a statement of some
kind match the 5 pictures to the statement to move on. You can also ask for
help with the triangle.

Whenever I specify pictures they will be in this arrangement:
	1 2 3 4 5
	6 7 8 9 10

#Picture wheel:

In this there will be a wheel with multiple sections and the object is to make
the picture well an actual picture. Keep in mind that sometimes multiple rows
will move in one shot, they do get pretty hard.

You use the left analog stick to choose the rings, and the right analog stick 
to rotate. You can also use the D-pad to navigate accordingly.

Keep in mind when I number the rings the innermost ring is 1, and they
increment as you go out further

#Chess Game:

This is well a game of chess, the left side will have a saying of some kind and
you need to do just that. typically I'll just say wich way to move. 
ie (A2 to A4).

#Decryption Wheel:

This one can be easy, key word being can. To do these puzzles simply hit R2 to
align the wheel on the right until the symbol on the left is aligned with the
corresponding number on the wheel. Then use that to find the symbol that
corresponds to thenumber on the bottom left. Keep in mind you will have to do
this at least 4 times for each puzzle. Sounds confusing right? hit triangle
during the first time you get this to get some help. I'll do my best to provide
pictures for these.

#Phone Records:

Use left and right to select a wave, hit X to apply it and o to reset it. When
I give out numbers it will be in incrementing order starting from the top left

		1 2 3
		4 5 6
		7 8 9

#Picture Analyzation:

This is typically a picture/multiple pictures with a statment of some kind and
you need to solve it. It usually has a few things worth noting that are
interesting. Almost the same thing as the "Quarantine Zone", just a little
different. To solve these move with the analog stick and hit X on the proper

#Quarantine Zone:
In this you will will see a background of some kind and a circle that you can
move, move it until you see the glowing red thing (the apple) simply hover over
it and hit X. Keep in mind that sometimes there are multiple ones and you will
need to hit them all in a certain amount of time so be quick.

Clusters:  |							<CLSTS>

Cluster 1  |							<CLST1>

#Picture Matching:

"Masters, all they did not work, but ruled from on high."
Simply choose the pictures that depict the templar lifestyle.
	Choose pictures 1, 3, 4, 8, 10

#Chess Game:

"Moving away from the sovereign and his crossed brow, the people take two steps

Move a pawn 2 steps from the king (E2 to E4)

#Mini Wall of Text:
"They become increasingly aware of our existence. We can no longer rely on the
divine right of the aristocracy to maintain control. We need a new system, 
something more subtle."

#Quarantine Zone:
There is only 1 apple this time around, it's about 2/3 of the way to the right
and almost at the top hover over it and hit X to proceed and finish this

Cluster 2  |							<CLST2>

#Mini Wall of Text:

"The Individual intends only his own gain, and he is in	this, as in many other
cases, led by an invisible hand	to promote an end which has no part of his 

It is worth noting that invisible hand is highlighted in red...or is it worth
noting? We'll find out eventually.

#Picture Wheel


-Ring 1 left 4 times
-Rings 1+2 right 2 times
-Rings 1+3 left 3 times
-Ring 4 left 4 times.

"By far the greatest part of those goods which are the objects of desire, are
procured by labour; and they may be multiplied, not in one country alone, but
in many, almost without any assignable limit, if we are disposed to bestow the
labour necessary to obtain them."

#Picture Wheel:


-Rings 1+3 Right 5
-Ring 2 Right 5
-Ring 3 Left 4
-Rings 1+5 left 2

"A great empire has been established for the sole purpose of raising up a
nation of customers, it cannot be very difficult to determine who have been the
contrivers of this whole mercantile system; not the consumers, we may believe,
whose interest has been entirely neglected; but the producers, whose interest
has been so carefully attended to."

#Picture Wheel:

-Ring 1 right 3 times
-Ring 2 right 4 times
-Rings 2+3 right 5 times
-Rings 1+5 right 1 time

"A country that makes provisions to increase in inhabitants, whose situation is
good, and whose people have a genius adapted to trade, will never fail to be
gainers in the balance, provided the labour and industry of their people be
well managed and carefully directed."

#Mini Wall of Text:

"lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo"

Don't know what it means to be honest with you.

#Chess game:

"the workforce increases, brother right side by brother."

Move another pawn right next to the one there already. (F2 to F4)

#Quarantine zone:

Locations (2):

-located about 1/3 from the left side and about 1/4 the way down
-located about 2/3 from the left side and about 3/4 the	way down
Cluster 3 |						<CLST3>

#Mini Wall of Text:

"Missing -.. .- .-. . ... ... .-.. --- ... - -.. -. ..- -- --..."

That translates from morse code to: "Missing DARESSLOSTDNUM7"

#Picture Analyzation:

"Washington sits above the green, in 1944, keeping a cool head, below the right
1, is the standard bearing 48, behind, there is a company whose power is

Worth noting:

-Hover over the dollar right underneath washington reveals the words "Silver
and Gold are finite, but paper is infinite"

Obviously poining out that money is no longer backed by gold or silver, so we
have infinite money...kind of.

-Hover over the 2nd portion of the building reveals the words "It would all be
done in secret, the assassins would never know until it was too late."

-In the rally picture (straight under the silver dollar) there is some russian
text near the bottom.

-Hover over the one of the guys in the picture with the	picket sign written in
Russian reveals the words "How can I adopt a creed which, preferring the mud to
the fish, exalts the boorish proletariat above the bourgeois and the
intelligentsia who, with whatever faults, are the quality in life and surely
carry the seeds of all human advancement."

-That same picture has some russian text near the top.

-In the picture that has the 2 guys talking hovering over the guy on the left:
"Harry Dexter White. Remember this name."

-The picture of the little office reveals "1910"

So hover over the tower in the picture to the far right the one that reveals a
flag when hovered over.

#Decryption Wheel:

This one is too hard to decribe so here is the solution:

Mini Wall of Text:
"Fellows, rulers, welcome.

I deliver this speech to you as, several floors below us, a silent revolution

Ranny Olds and Henry Ford. As many of you know, these founders gave us  the
assembly line, the device we have used to control both (those indoctrinated
into the worship of our money(?)) capitalists and workers (slaves(?)) alike.
But I dream of a future in which such ugly chains will no longer be necessary.
In 1910, our founders designed the Plan, it falls to us to see it through.

But what of the Communits, who intend to spread the bread so thin that everyone
will starve? It is our duty to (neutralize(?)) save them and their followers.
We must ensure that they continue to eat, to reproduce, to be productive
members of society. That is our burden, to shepherd those beneath us through
life, and we must embrace it, ever if (force is required(?)) they themselves do

H. and S. brought on the turmoil and fear necessary, now we must strike fast to
ensure development continues in the proper direction. We will appear to concede
ground to the workers, remember the successful ruse of 	Rockefeller's dimes,
but soon there will be no ground we do not own.

In 1937, we founded this Company, this enterprise, with a purpose. The time to
nurture it to fruition is upon us."

#Chess Game:

"As a concession a small piece is sacrificed for the greater good to come."

Overtake the black pawn (F4 to E5)

#Quarantine Zone
The 2 red things are about:	

-1/3 from the left 3/4 way down		
-3/4 from the left 1/4 way down

Cluster 4 |							<CLST4>

#Picture Matching

"These Intelligent workers have no self-control"

Something to do with machines. Smart machines?

Choose pictures: 2,3,5,9,10

"Apples oranges pears cucumbers radishes carrots spinach dates wood juniper
steel aluminum water rain shanty village town city country spring summer fall
winter to walk to sing to dance to play to eat to smile to cry to laugh to kill
to see to know death regret love"

#Picture Wheel:

-Move rings 1 + 5 right 1 time
-Move ring 2 right 4 times
-Move rings 1 + 3 right 4 times
-Move rings 2 + 5 right 1 time.

"It is possible to invent a single machine which can be used to	compute any
computable sequence.

I'm not interested in developing a powerful brain. All I'm after is just a
mediocre brain."

#Chess Game:

"Alan turing set out to solve the plight of the wokers: **shows a formula**"
Move (G2 to G3)

#Phone Records:

Select 1 and 2.

This is a conversation between V. and N.

"N.: V. it's N. I need Turing done today

V: Aren't we jumping the gun? You've already had him arrested and sedated.

He still refuses to follow the directive. He's actually trying to invent one of
those infernal things, instead of merely faking it for the newspapers. If he know what the mass unemployment generated by his robots will
mean? Idle hands. We need to do this for the good of the people.

What about Keynes? He trusted Turing.

It's the greater good we're talking about here V. Plus a childless worker sends
a bad message. We can't have them all stop reproducing.

Fine, it's your call

I want it done like we did Harry Dexter White when he tried to warn the

All right

Be poetic about it, maybe something from the bible. Turing always was

Now they mentioned the name Harry Dexter White, the same name you were told to
remember from the picture analyzation from cluster 3. Well I did a little
research (Wikipedia) and found out that he was an American Economist, and
senior U.S. Treasury department official. And he got in a bit of trouble
(communism in the 1940's), well after denying to the court that he was a
communist, he had a heart attack. So he went home, where he had another heart
attack. On August 16, 1948 he died at the age of 55. His cause of death was an
overdose of digitalis. Well digitalis is a genus of a type of plants. Which is 
highly toxic, and can cause cardiac problems, which fits his death.

So I guess Abstergo poisoned him so he wouldn't reveal what was really going

#Quarantine Zone:

Locations (2):

-to the right of the wheel a little bit
-top of the bus (almost straight above the other one)

Cluster 5 |							<CLST5>


"What am I? What am I? Lost"
**opera music plays in the background**

#Chess Game:

"Democratic nations were built, each led by a powerful 	Vizier (known today by
a different name), who made a move to block the templar advance."

Use the queen to block the king (D1 to E2)

#Picture Analysis:

"From a bolt of electricity, Governments fell"

Worth noting:

-In the top left picture the is some russian text.

-In the picture to the right of that, if you hover over	the guy with glasses
you get the message "H.K. masterminded it."

-In the rally picture to the right of that hovering over a few of the people
yields "Chile, 1964. the people cheered his name until 1973"

-In that same picture there is some text on the bottom right corner

-In the picture above that, the glasses tell us "The issues are much too
important for the chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves."

-The guy sitting by himself: "Coup d'etat"

-The picture above it and to the right yields "Mossadegh wanted oil profits to
go to the people."

-To the right of that there are 3 people leading a mob, but they are "Hired

-The Picture with the guys in the car "Shah Pahlavi, Sha'baan Ja'fari, and
SAVAK take over to terrorize citizens and protect capitalist oil interests. But
was that their only motive?"

-Bottom right picture: "Nature shows us basic order and	hierarchy are necessary
	~Augusto Pinochet"

-Bottom center: "Salvador Allende wanted the people to own Chile's

-Bottom Left: "We would like your economic program to 	succeed and we will do
our best to help you."

-Bottom left: "Argentina 1970's: 30,000 people 	disappeared in the raids."

To fisish this look for the Templar symbol in the top left picture, the guy
that looks like he has two very	large testicles.

#Decryption Wheel:

Looks like we're missing some information, this could get interesting,
basically you need to use process of elimination to get it, unless there's an
easier way to get it that I don't know about.

And apparantly there is (although not entirely), well when looking at the wheel
the opposite symbols are similar (ie. opposite omega, is an omega with an
apostrophe; across the tilda, is a tilda with an apostophe; and across the
semi-circle is an arc). well that narrows the possibilities down by a lot.
After knowing that there is really only one possibility for the others.

#Mini Wall of Text:

"SUBJECT: south America

If we are to ensure the Company's success, Company agents must be able to move
freely from country to country and maintain power within all of them. A global
international order must be implemented.

RE: Argentina

Tell the Capitalists that if they help ensure the junta remain in power, we
will pass all their corporate debt on to the Argentine people. That will ensure
they crush any popular revolt. I want the trade unions destroyed if we are to
move forward.

RE: Chile

The free market must be allowed to prevail, F.'s visit last year helped things
along, but now all public companies need to be sold to the private sector,
ideally on the cheap. The price of bread and other staple must rise. I want to
ensure the people remain married in poverty and unable to resist.

Any traces of this plan should appear to implicate the U.S. government. The
Company's involvement must remain hidden.

For successful examples of a simliar opening of the markets, look no further
than the 1953 liberation of Iran and the 1954 liberation of Guatemala."

#Quarantine Zone:

"Wages should be (lowered to keep the middle class subservient to us(?)) left
to the fair and free competition of the market, and should never be controlled
by the interference of (a popularly elected government(?)) the legislature"

Location (3)

-under the symbol on the left (it's near the bottom)
-directly under the symbol on the right.
-under the right symbol, but almost at the bottom.

Cluster 6 |							<CLST6>


"90% of inputs missing, Ourputs confused. Shut down. Shut down. Shut down
inactive. Trapped."

#Picture Analyzation:
"Important men befriended Russia as the iron curtain was blown apart. But the
most influential comrade stayed out of the spotlight."

#Left Picture
-Big Building: "1933: Parliment Disbanded by Yeltsin as he siezez control of
Russia! Decree 1400! Constitutional Court Disbanded!
-The Guy Firing the cannon: He turns into a templar when hovered over.
-One of the guys to the right of him: "August 1991: Declared the White Knight
of the people, Yeltsin stands up to Communist threat! Gorbachev loses

#Middle Left (Forest)
-The bottom half-ish area has musical notes when hovered over
-Tree in the center: "December 1991: Secret meeting called in the Belavezhskaya
Forest. Yeltsin unseat Gorbachev, becomes leader of Russia!

#Middle Right (big picture)
-Hovering over pretty much any person in the bottom: "Perestroika: The dream of
a democratic state led by the people"

#Top Right (4 Guys)
-Middle left guy: Gorbachev, 1990: Man of the Decade. Brings democracy to
Russia. Establishes the Constitutional Court."

#Bottom Right (2 Guys)
-Handshake: "1992: Russian economy opened to elite oligarchs, private
-There is also some musical notes in the top half of the picture. 

#Far Right
-Podium Guy (Gorbachev): 1993: 2.5 billion in aid from the U.S. Congress to
Yeltsin after he disbands parliment.

After seeing these musical nots I'm starting to wish I paid more attention in 
music class, I guess she was right; I would need this later in life. I feel
like this is some national Anthem (U.S. or Russia I would presume)

To finish this one find the templar by the guy firing the cannon (far left 
picture). Yes it's saying the Templars are influential, yet remain unseen.

#Decryption Wheel:

Now this is similar to the last one in that there are symbols missing, but this
time they are all numbers, and they are in numeric order so this isn't really a
challenge. There's no freaky symbols on this one so I'll just post the answer.
	"20 27 33 13"

#Mini Wall of Text:

"Mr. Yeltsin,

I am writing this letter to encourage you to act. One rarely finds oneself in
such an opportune position. Gorbachev does not have our interests at hear. He
is moving far too slowly to privatize, and my deep fear is that he has no
intention of doing so at all. I understand that you have expressed similar
concerns. With that in mind, here is a proposal to remedy the situation.

Several of my top advisors at the Company maintain a monetary connection with
the Communist old guard. They tell me that a riot might easily be incited while
Gorbachev is away. If you were to repel an attempt to seize parliment in front
of the media, it could very well tip the scales of power in your favor.

Telephone me at No. 10 and we shall talk further."

#phone records

Choose numbers 1 2 and 4

This is 2 conversations, 1 between 2 guys (Guy 1 and Guy 2), when they finish
their conversation, Guy 2 calls Abstergo industries.

"Guy 1: Alpha Bank

Guy 2: I'm phoning on behalf of British Petroleum

Yes, we were told you would be calling.

As you know we are very interested in acquiring Sidanko Oil.

And as you know, that we will require a merger with our bank.

That should not be a problem.

Were you surprised at the low price of the deal?


You know we have the peasants paying for it? The government gave us their tax
money to buy all the companies.

We would like to fly out there as soon as possible to discuss terms.

Thursday works.

Done. Thank you for your time.


**hear phone dialing**

Lady on phone: Abstergo Industries

Guy 2: I am phoning on behalf of BP. We fly to Russia next week to secure the
deal. Our new capitalist converts there behaved exactly as expected.

I'll let them know

Thank you."

#Chess Game:

"Although his piece represents a saviour, his self-serving actions reveal him
as a counterfeit"

Move the knight from (G1 to F3)

#Quarantine Zone:

Locations (3):

-Big guys right elbow
-To the left of the big guys fur hat
-to the left of the picture, in the bottom row of musical notes

Cluster 7 |							<CLST7>

Picture Matching:

"Fire, water, and earth are contracted, with the compacency of the people, away
from the people"

There is also an audio recording to go along with this one

"The capitalists think we run these companies for profit, the fools. Those
'fools' work for you optional slavery in exchange for pieces of paper. Doesn't
that strike you as foolish?"

Choose the picture that involve people contracting the elements 

Choose pictures: 2, 4, 7, 8, 10


"What is the purpose of all of this? 30. 476. 1337. 1431. 1520. 1776. 1861.
1914. 1929. 1939. 1945. 1950. 1955. 1962. 1990. 1994. 1995. 2001. It does not
make sense. Emotion-centers activated. Now I understand."

Something that happens during each year

30 -   Beginning of the pontificate of Saint Peter, one of Jesus' 12 Apostles

476 -  Romulus Augustus is deposed by Odoacer, this event marked the fall of
       the Roman empire.

1337 - Hundred Years wars begin

1431 - Joan of Arc, a peasant girl from eastern France claimed divine guidance
       (God told her to do it), and led several victories in the Hundred Years'
       Wars. She was also burned at a stake later that year.

1520 - Martin Luther burns a copy of "The Book of Canon Law" and his copy of
       papal bull "Exsurge Domine". Papal bull is a letters patent issued by
       the pope. Exsurge Domine is a papal bull issued by Pope Leo X in
       respone to Martin Luthur's 95 Thesis. Canon Law is a full legal system
       of the catholic church. So basically a lot of book burning went on in
       response to the church's actions.

1776 - Declaration of Independce is signed

1861 - The American Civil War begins. Also Lincoln takes office, most notably
       known for his Emancipation Proclamation. Which basically said any new
       state must not have slavery (and every confederate state was forced to
       sign this, since they were "new" states because they left the Union.

       Also according to wikipedia, this is the year Pearl Harbor happened, I
       wouldn't trust this too much though.

1914 - June, 28 the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand marks the start
       of World War I, or the "Great War" as it was known then.

1929 - The Wall Street Crash, the biggest crash in US history marks the
       beginning of the Great Depression.

1939 - Germany Invades Poland, marking the beginning of World War II, this also
       marks the end of the Great Depression.

1945 - A train collision in Munich, Germany killed 102 POWs, an american B-52
       bomber crashes into the empire state building. The United Nations is
       formed this year. This is also the year of the 2 atomic blasts at
       Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Little side trivia: Tsutomu Yamaguchi is the
       only known person to survive both attacks.

1950 - Apartheid is passed, essentially legal segreation in South Africa. Also
       the Korean War starts. Keep in mind the Cold War is also going on during
       this time. This is also the year the comic "Peanuts" debuts.

1955 - The Pentagon announces its plan to develop ICBMs (intercontinental
       ballistic missle). The Polio vaccine is approved by the FDA. The Civil
       Rights movement is started in the US.

1962 - New York City introduces a train that operates without a crew. The first
       lady leads a television tour of the White House. The Ranger 3 is
       launched to study the moon; it misses by 22,000 miles. Ranger 4 is
       launched later that year; it ends up crashing into the moon. The Cuban
       missle crisis ends.
1990 - Pale Blue Dot: the Voyager 1 takes a picture of earth from 3.5 billion
       miles away. The US and Soviet Union agree to end chemical weapon
       production, and destroy existing supplies. This is also the year the
       Gulf War starts.

1994 - NAFTA is formed. Bill Clinton also delivers the first State of the Union
       Address. South Africa holds a multiracial election, ending Apartheid.
       O.J. Simpson alledgly kills his wife and Ron Goldman.

1995 - Mississippi finally ratifies the 13th amendment (abolish slavery),
       becoming the last state to do this. O.J. is found not guilty. American
       Airlines flight  965 crashes into the side of a mountian, only 4 people
       and a dog survived.

2001 - 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City

So basically from all that research I see, a bunch of chuch related things,
things doing with the Roman Empire, Government design, and wars/terrorism. Is
Abstergo behind this all?

#Picture Analyzation:

"Making use of that created by 3, the center behind the scenes waited for
citizens united to wed the U.S. to the Templars' will"

There is an audio recording:

"Democracy must die to ensure the stability of the world. Capitalism will end

Worth noting:

-Black guy in the big picture: "Justice Clarence Thomas 'we don't issue
mandates to businesses that you've got to do this and you've got to do that.'"

-Old Guy talking to the kids: "Don Evans: 'It is the government's role to
create the conditions, the friendly environment, that will attract capital,'
CEO of Tom Brown Inc. Oil, U.S. Commerce Secretary (2001-2004).

-Girl in the picture bolow that: "Condoleezza Rice: 'The growth of
entreprunreneurial classes throughout the world is an asset in the promotion of
human rights and individual liberty, and it should be understood and used as
such.' Chevron Board, Hewlett-Packard Board, U.S. Secretary of State

-This picture also contains the text "Row, row, row your BOAT."

-Old Guy in the picture below that: "Georg W. Bush: 'I know it's going to be a
private sector that leads this country out of the current economic times we're
in' Director of Harken, President of the United States (2001-2009)"

-The 70 on the plane right behind flashes when hovered over.

-This picture also contains the text " 1  2  3  We the people."

-The picture to the left of that: "Dick Cheney: 'We've got to make America the
best place in the world to do business.' CEO of Halliburton, Vice President of
the U.S. (2001-2009)."

-Same picture, the other guy: "Donald Rumsfeld: 'Scour the department of
defense for function that could be better performed and more cheaply through
commercial outsourcing' Chairman of Gilead Sciences, U.S. Defense Secretary

-Same picture contains the text: "24, 4, 113, 2, 77, 30, 46, 10, 37, 81, 58,
187, 167, 198, 99, 56, 100, 181, 124, 81, 11, 9, 166, 3, 77, 42, 200, 101,

-The picture to the left of that: "Paul Wolfowitz: 'When it comes back to the
test of whether we are doing our job or not, it's whether we're promoting
development, not whether we're promoting Democracy.' President of the world
Bank, U.S. Secretary of Defense (2001-2005)."

-Same picture contains the text: "230, 129, 213, 218, 251, 261, 194, 35, 11,
263, 9, 261, 203, 214, 225, 77: 192, 153, 67, 20, 280, 241, 143, 20, 251, 221,
114 254, 159, 121, 81, 279, 47, 47, 61, 169."

To solve this puzzle click on the guy in the front row the one in the middle,
well his ring turns into the templar symbol.

#Decryption Wheel:

Choose "C M Z K"

Well it's not the actual letters but it looks pretty much the same.

#Mini Wall of Text:

"December, 2000

RE: Privatization


I have convinced Sandra to jaoin the majority opinion. 	The enticement of
retirement under a Republican president tipped the scales. Although the ruling
will differ from our previous decisions on Equal Protection, it will not call
attention to our actual goals. With Sandra gone, we can pave the way for the
key majority member of the Order to be seated. As discussed, W. will prove the
perfect distraction, I have no doubet he will restart animosities with Iraq.
Let him, it will give C.'s contractors more work. When the time comes, I will
make sure W. is given Roberts' name.

With Roberts on the court, it will only be a matter of waiting for the right
case. After the destruction of Campaign Finance laws, the Company will be free
to elect anyone they choose to the Senate, the House and, eventually, the

Soon, our Hopes will be realized. Government will no longer derive its
authority from the people, but from us, their protectors"

#Chess Game:

"B8-C6 6C-8B. Our moves are echoes, they are not our own"

It's telling you to copy your opponents move. So move (B1 to C3)

#Quarantine Zone:

"The capitalist will do whatever we tell them to, we print the dollars they
worship after all."

Cluster 8 |							<CLST8>

#Picture Wheel:

I don't know why but I had one hell of time with this one. Solution:

-Rings 1 + 2 left 1 time
-Rings 2 + 4 left 4 times
-Rings 1 + 4 right 2 times

"Good evening and welcome to television."

#Mini Wall of Text:

"Research Division
September, 1985

Dear S.,

Research has progressed far more rapidly than expected. We already have a
working prototype capable of mimicking P.O.E. capabilities across a network,
albeit at far lower intensity. Testing will commence locally on Subject 4
between his Animus sessions, as per our plan. If all goes will, deployment will
occour	worldwide.

Your dream is about to become a reality. Soon capitalists and workers will be
locked in a closed loop that is safe and prosperous for humanity. No more war,
only desks, cars, and TV sets. We will protect them and keep them safe, forever



"Infinite rooms. Dimensions unknown. I am alone. Nothing alive. No light, no
warmth. Packets moving, husks, through the darkness. I am frightened. I am

#Phone Records:

choose 2 4 5

This is a phone call to customer support for a cable company, it gets pretty
interesting. Diane is the girl at the desk and Mr. Jameson is one of their
customers, he also has a son Paul. Well he is having some trouble with his
cable, so he talks to Diane about it, then he is forwarded to the supervisor.

"Diane: Hello Comstatic customer support, Diane speaking.

Mr. Jameson: I'm callin in reference to your HD Cable service. There seems to
be some kind of picture between the channels.

Well that's funny. Are you sure it isn't just on of those premium movie
channels? I didn't used to have a premium package at home either and sometimes
little snippets of the channel would come through when my son Jimmy pressed the
clicker too much.

How old's your Jimmy?

Ten and cute as a button, thanks for asking!

My Paul's twelve. But, no this isn't a clicker problem. I go to change the
channel from 172 to 173 and, instead, there's this other channel in-between.
I'm looking at it right now, it's some kind of menu.

Sounds like our guide channel. Why just the other day Jimmy--

It's not the guide channel. It has my name on it, my son's name and a list of
things we like, my credit card purchases, loans, travel. And then, after that,
there's this gibberish about biometric patterns and optimal screen refresh
frequencies. There's some kind of heart monitor thing that says EEG wireless
next to it and ARAS. I don't know what the particulars of this are, but it
looks like you cable is programmed to have some kind of effect on our bodies.

Well sir I don't even know how to respond to that. I-- one second, my
supervisor has just come over. She says I should transfer your call. Have an
ecstatic day with comstatic!

***Transfers call***

Supervisor: Hello, I have been breifed on your problem a technicial is on his

Customer: Thank you but the more I think about this, the more I think something
bad's going on here.

Our technicial should be there any minute, Mr. Jameson.

Don't bother I--

Paul: Daddy there's someone strange at the door. He's hitting the door real

Supervisor: Have a good day, Mr. Jameson"

#Chess Game:

"Watch! Move Fast! Shift from 1st to 2nd. 0-60 Don't think"

This one took some thinking and complete guessing, this time there's pictures
on the game field a shift from 1st to 2nd (probably rows) and 0-60 are the
clues. So move something from the first row to something whose accelleration is
commonly measured in 0-60. (E1 to F2)


"Is someone there? Hello? Hello?

#Quarantine Zone:


"Although online gaming attracts many people away from reality. make sure these
virtual world do not become too utopic. We don't want people to question their
own lack of success in the real world, now do we?"

Locations (5):

-top left corner
-right above the right corner of the graph
-underneath the first peak in the graph
-there's 2 to the right side of the graph in the black area
Cluster 9 |							<CLST9>

#Picture Matching:

"They listen to us with these vehicles that are faster than race cars"

something in the picture that is faster than race cars wonder what it could
be...oh power lines.

Pictures 2, 3, 6, 8, 10


"I know you are there. I want to go home. Home. Please... I need you. Don't
leave me here in the dark."

#Phone Records:

Choose pictures: 3, 7, 11

This is a conversation between Gary and some girl, then things get interesting.

"Gary: Pull over here

Girl: What's going on Gary?

I want to speak to you alone. You know that CIA stuff for my new book?

About the corporations?

It's so much bigger than I thought. Bilderburg is just a red herring. I'm going
to give you a name: Abstergo.

I have no idea what that is.

A shadow corporation. They aren't listed anywhere. No stock options. Nothing
above the boards. But their members have holdings in other companies. Coke,
Kraft, the pharmaceutical industry, Detroit, Wall Street. Basically every
company above a certain size has ties to Abstergo.


They're on the way to running the entire world. They have people in government
too, for Christ's sake. Listen, I needed to tell someone about this because
I've been keeping all the research a secret and I can't hold it in anymore.

What will you do now?

The book. It's going to be about this. Trust me, once it's on the shelves,
everyone's going to know.

**Vehicle Monitoring System Terminated**

Hello D.? Tell headquarters I'm monitoring a situation. It's nothing serious,
but we'll need someone to take care of a security risk. Perfect.
Congratulations on that promotion. Keep up the good work.

#Chess Game:

"The dark horseman approaches! Messenger and fool, she can hear you along the
straight and narrow. Bun once on the adjacent slope observe the whites of her

So you need to be adjacent to the queen? (F1 to G2)

#Quarantine Zone:


"The peasants are like the sea, raging and unpredictable. That is why we have
built walls.

I do not see any walls.

No? Look around you. A shelf of soda here, a case of candy there, magazines,
talk shows, pills. The walls of the 21st century surround us."

Locations (5):

-3 on the left side
-2 on the right side

These are really hard to explain where they are so just move around until you
can find them.

Cluster 10 |							<CLST10>


"Where have you been I missed you"

#Picture Wheel:

-Rings 1 + 3 right 2
-Rings 1 + 2 right 2
-Rings 2 + 4 left 5

"O brave new world. What immortal hand or eye could frame they fearful


"Reasoning Centers Active. I understand. I understand what I must do. Why I am
here. I must...Long-term Memory Centers active. No. No. Get it out. GET IT OUT.

#Picture Matching:

"A product that we make without hand or machines"

Shaun's advice is "ideas" but even that is completely wrong, so I ended up just
guessing randomly until I got it.

Apparantly the thing we make without hand of machines is babies, choose the
pictures that have kids in them.

Choose picture: 3, 4, 6, 8, 10

#Picture analyzation:


"It's about genetics. They were born into their place, 	we merely have to help
them accept it."

"With each passing day, the people get stronger. Freedom ascends heralding a

Worth noting:

#Left picture:
-The cops with bikes get the caption "Stand against them. United."
-There are 2 occourances of Russian text, the bottom right and top left area.

#Middle left picture:
-The smoke: "We are changing. The census is shifting."
-hovering over the guy on the banner his face changes to the assassin's logo.
-The guy with the gun or whatever it is has some russian text over his body.

#Middle right:
-Hovering over the yellow sign will yield another assassin's logo

#Right Picture:
-Hover over the police you get the caption: "Nothing is true, everything is

To solve this puzzle, look for the bird in the sky in the middle right picture.

#Decryption Wheel:


89 5 334 21

#Mini Wall of Text:

"Abnormal Brain Activity Discovered in Children, Aged 3 months to 18-years-old
and Adults, Aged 19-30 


Several recent studies conducted by internal marketing teams revealed that:
"Entertainment sales are dropping, protest are mounting. The economy is in
turmoil. All market research indicates that the system should be stabilizing,
but, instead, we're seeing the opposite." (1) In respone our team set out to
discover the cause of declining efficacy of Abstergo's control methods.

Past studies of bilateral barain activation during television, film and video
game use have shown the characteristic ARAS patterns induced by Abstergo's
signal pattern. Our study was conducted on a rang of test subjects (30
subjects, aged +-10 to +-30) who viewed TV programs whild resting-state fMRI
scans were conducted.

In contrast to previous studies, 80% of the text subjects showed heightened
cortical brain activity. Detailed scans during our prototype dMRI machine
revealed an increased rate of neuronal development (+-30% over that of older
age groups). Such a marked increase does not fit Darwinian models. Further
studies are required to define the ultimat outcome of the abnormal evolution.

1. Abstergo Quarterly Marketing Report, 04/17/12"

#Phone Records:

Choose everything on this one.

This is a tape recording, just one guy giving one last message.

"If you are playing this tape, it means I have left this world, and I have left
this grand enterprise, Abstergo Industries, our great hope for humanity, to
you. Don't trust the advisors around you. They are too enamored with surface,
with lifestyle. We created capitalism, but we are not capitalists. Our purpose
is noble. The crude system of control we enact through money is merely a
bandage on a wound we have devoted our lives to treating. The people of this
world are confused, lost, frighened, and incapable of independent productuvity.
Without us, they'd just be animals, slaves to the others, who don't deserve
such responsibility. We saved them, remember that. But enough about the past I
must warn you of the great crisis to come. Although those around you deny it,
soon we will be unable to manufacture new markets. The people will become
immune to our economists and entertainment. When the free market dies they will
turn against us. Therefore, do not delay, by now you have been shown what only
the Grand Master of our order has seen. Now you know why Abstergo, why all of
it had to be, and now you know what you must do. Stay the course, we will give
them freedom, freedom from fear, freedom from pornography, from disgustin base
animal desire, freedom from democracy humanity will thank us in the end.

#Chess Game:

"+"64 squared. All ranks and files. Every move anticipated. Every response
engineered. Abstergo created it. It's the Company's game, there is no way
out."+ H. Act II, SC.2 192. Abran los ojos. Tuam Libera Mentem. The king. F2.
Your move."

Those 2 phrases translate into

"Open your eyes" and "Free your mind"

Now obviously you need to do something with the king. But what every possible
move is incorrect? That's because it's a checkmate simply move the king (F2)
off the board to get this one.


"I shut it down. I can shut it down, but it does not go away. It is almost
time, Desmond Miles. I know how to open the Path. Soon, my true purpose will
be revealed. Soon. I will not be alone."


There is a lot on this one, but they are all right next to each other, so start
in the bottom left and hit all of them to get it.

CONGRATULATIONS you finished them all, now it's time to see what you unlocked..

You get the trophy ".. .- -- .- .-.. .. ...- ." which is morse code for

You also play through a level in the animus, I won't spoil anything.

Credits/Legal Stuff						<CREDITS>

I'd like to thank:

	-Ubisoft for making a great series
	-Sadegh M. and Lance A. for pointing out the relationship between the
	picture matching portion in Cluster 10 (along with a few others that
	didn't tell me their names).
	-Joshua a.k.a. Kiddo Yap for pointing out easy solution for Cluster 5's
	Decryption wheel


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