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Follow the dark path or use the light
LittleBigPlanet 2 Pack Shot

LittleBigPlanet 2

LittleBigPlanet 2 Cheats for PlayStation 3

We have 9 cheats on PlayStation 3

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How To Make Dark Matter Move! (EASY!!!!)Added 9 Oct 2013, ID #5563
Ok, 1st go to Create Mode. Then get out some Dark Matter and then get out a Creature Brain. (UNPROTECTED!!!) Then put it on the Dark Matter. Jump on the Brain. Right after You jump on it, Pause It. If you don't, then it disappears, Right? If you do Pause it, Then copy the Dark Matter, then place it, then Play it, then the other one will disappear, right? But the one you copied won't. But when you play it the one you copied will now move. BUT the one you copied, you can walk through it. Hope it worked for you!

How to get stickers and decorations without getting the prize buAdded 26 May 2013, ID #5345
To get stickers and decorations without getting the prize bubbles is easy: just take them off of the thing they are on so if you want a sticker or decoration you don't have take it off the thing it's on.
Superjump and flygrabAdded 29 Nov 2011, ID #4425
Superjump: Make a line of sponge, (Not too long, not too short) and MAKE SURE it's STRAIGHT! Copy it, drag it up, place it, change the material to dark matter, then make three rods (Each side and in the middle) connecting the two together with a length of 82.0 (Before you do this, make sure the rods are 100% straight by making it stiff BEFORE you place it), and rise it up above the ground a little. Go on it, and if you don't move in a direction slightly, then it's most likely done wrong. The superjump is better if your sackgadder (As the tutorial guy says) moves left or right.
Flygrab: *Requires superjump. Make a rectangle (Almost a square) With dark matter inside it, almost as big as the wood. Make the dark matter almost, *ALMOST*, breaks through the top of the wood. You know it's perfect when the wood rises up a little on the top. Electrify the dark matter, then place thee super jump to the right of it in LBP measurements about 4.3 away from eachother, and if they were to touch, the superjump's bottom touching the top of your new whojimawhatzer (DON'T ACTUALLY MAKE THEM TOUCH!), and make water just BARELY over the new whojimawhatzer. Grab the superjump, and you fly while grabbing. Also on the whojimawhatzer, if you jump on the top you get electocuted. If you don't, the flygrab won't work.
Move Pack DLC PinsAdded 27 Aug 2011, ID #4121
Having downloaded the Move Pack DLC for LittleBigPlanet 2, the following pins become available:

Ace In the Pack: Ace all Move DLC Pack Story Levels

Aquarium: Last until there are 5 fish swimming around in Pond Skater

Art Collector: Save one of your paintings

Art Dealer: Give a painting to a friend

Big Pond Skater, Small Pond: Accumulate a score of 10,000 playing games of Pond Skater

Block Buster: Score at least 300,000 points in Jam Kerblam

Bomb Removal Expert: Drop 100 bombs out of the grid over several games of Jam Kerblam

Bossa No More: Destroy the Move DLC Pack boss in his secret lab

Brain Crane Pain!: Squish another player using an object you are holding with the Brain Crane

Community Minded (X): Play x Community Levels that require the Move controller

Cross Fire: Explode 2 cross bombs in one shot in Jam Kerblam

Feel the Earth Move: Publish a Move required level to the Earth

going to get down on Friday: Play a Move level on a Friday

Great Moves: Use the Move Recorder to record a path in create mode

High Roller: Accumulate a score of 10,000 playing games of Tilt

High Scoring Mouse: Complete Claude the field mouse scoring at least 20,000

Hugely Popular!: Get a multiplier of 70x in Jam Kerblam

Just in Beaver: Get eaten by the hungry beaver in Pond Skater

Learned: Complete all of the Move DLC Pack tutorials

Like a Puppet on a String!: Pick up another player with the Brain Crane power up

Lily-livered: Last for 90 seconds in Pond Skater without collecting any Lilies

Locksmith: Unlock all the Move DLC Pack minigames by collecting the keys hidden in the Move DLC Pack story levels

Ministry of Defence: Complete Home Invasion without losing any lives and saving all the sackbots

Move Action Hero: Complete the main story levels in the Move DLC Pack

Nice Badge!: Use a painting as a badge for one of your levels

No Balls Lost!: Complete the Tilt Minigame with losing a ball

No Balls!: Complete Claude the field mouse without losing any balls

Now Museum, Now You Don't: Place a paint sticker in a level

Peaceful Solution: Score 200,000 points in Jam Kerblam without triggering a bomb

Pop Till You Drop: Accumulate a score of 300,000 playing games of Jam Kerblam

Prize Hoarder (%): Find and collect % of prizes in Move DLC Pack

Prolific (X): Spend X minutes active in Painting mode

Remote Control (X): Collect X score bubbles remotely using the Brain Crane

Sack Samaritan: Save all the sackbots in the Lost Sackbots

Sacksquatch (X): Explode X opponents in Brain Crane Pain Game

Self Portrait: Paint yourself a new avatar

Super Saver: Save 500 sackbots in games of Home Invasion

Tilt to the Top: Complete Tilt minigame scoring at least 20,000

what-er Slide: Complete Pond Skater with a score of at least 15,000
Konami Easter Egg CodeAdded 27 Aug 2011, ID #4120
While playing the "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Negativatron" level, and you find the disused arcade machine, go up to it and activate it.

Put in the code of 'Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Circle.

The numbers 3733 5683 should then appear on screen - spelling out 'Free Love' on a mobile keypad.
Unlock Alliance costumes and Sackbot costumeAdded 20 Feb 2011, ID #3616
Ace the following boss levels in each member's planet to unlock.

Unlock Larry the Vinci costume:
Ace Final Test in the Vinci's Hideout

Unlock Victoria costume:
Ace Kling Kong in Victoria's Laboratory

Unlock Clive costume:
Complete (which will auto-ace) Foul Play in The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow

Unlock Avalon costume:
Ace Huge Peril for Huge Spaceship in Avalonia

Unlock Eve costume:
Ace Invasion of the Body Invaders in Eve's Asylum

Unlock Higginbotham costume:
Ace Into the Heart of the Negativitron in The Cosmos

To unlock the Sackbot costume, complete Into the Heart of the Negativitron in The Cosmos.
Unlock Secret PinsAdded 8 Feb 2011, ID #3583
Group Hug of 20,000- Get Online same time as 20,000 other Players.
Daniel's B-Day Gift- Play LBP2 on Daniel's B-Day (Aug. 2nd).
Master of the Internets- Run an Awesome "LBP2 Fansite".
Molecule- Get a Job at Media Molecule.
Special Friends- Be a jolly nice Game Developer- (Love from the folks at Mm).
Touching Royalty- "High Five" Media Molecule's Alex Evans.
Valentine Roses- Attach the "Red Rose from the Valentine's Day Pack" to another Player on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14).
See What I Did There?- Create & Publish an Awesome "Tutorial Video or Level".
Platinum Club- Unlock the "Platinum Trophy" for LBP2.

By: jjen2is1ta6xX
'Free Love' NumbersAdded 21 Jan 2011, ID #3514
You will find a broken arcade machine with a sackbot trying to fix it in the level 'Set the Controls for the Heart of the Negativatron'. If you activate the machine and input the Konami Code Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, O the arcade machine will explode revealing a set of numbers. These numbers (3733 5683) spell 'Free Love' on a land line phone.
Unlock Secret PinsAdded 20 Jan 2011, ID #3512
Complete the following tasks to get the corresponding secret pin. These special pins do not appear normally in the pin list and do not count towards your pin total.

Unlock Amy's Birthday Pressie Pin:
Play on Amy's Birthday (July 29th)

Unlock Festive Spirit Pin:
Wear a Christmas costume on Christmas Day.

Unlock Halloween Hauntings Pin:
Wear the Pumpkin Head costume on Halloween.

Unlock Mm Picked! Pin:
Have one of your levels feature in Mm Picks.

Unlock Mm's Birthday Pin:
Play LittleBigPlanet2 on Media Molecule's birthday. (January 4th)

Unlock Royalty Pin:
You are awarded a Crown (LittleBigPlanet or LittleBigPlanet2).

Unlock Thanksgiving Turkey Pin:
Wear the Turkey Head costume on Thanksgiving.

Unlock Who's Who Pin:
Watch the credits all the way through.

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