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inFamous 2 Cheats for PlayStation 3

We have 9 cheats on PlayStation 3

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Undiscovered Power Earning TrickAdded 3 May 2012, ID #4658
When you beat the game the second time ( after you get all the powers) if you don't like the karma status you have, then delete all your saved games from inFamous 2. Then start a new game. When you beat it this time, then you get all the powers because your PS3 still thinks you didn't delete the other profiles. Now you have all the powers.

Easy XPAdded 26 Jan 2012, ID #4508
During the Storm the Fort mission, having used the transfer device you should receive a reward of 100 XP. Head to the left and kill yourself in the water and you should respawn at the same place and get the XP again. You can repeat this to get all the XP you need.
Stunt XP ListAdded 22 Jun 2011, ID #3963
Neutral Stunts:

Dead Drop - How: Pick up a Dead Drop (50XP)

Bounce ‘n Stick - How: Stick an enemy with a grenade having hit something else with it first (15XP)

CARnage - How: Blow up four vehicles in four seconds (15XP)

Watch Your Step - How: Take out an enemy by hitting them off a ledge up high (15XP)

Disabled Turret - How: Take out an enemy turret (10XP)

Enviro Kill - How: Take out an enemy using an object I.e. Not a weapon (10XP)

Grenade Party - How: Damage three enemies with one grenade (10XP)

Stick it to the Man - How: Stick an enemy with a grenade (10XP)

Wet Landing - How: Take out an enemy using deep water (5XP)

Hit Clueless Enemy - How: Damage an enemy who does not know you are there (5XP)

Blast Shard Energy Storage Increased - How: Increase your Power Core capacity by collectin Blast Shards (5XP)

Hit Flying Enemy - How: Damage a flying enemy with a bolt attack (5XP)

Rocket Party - How: Damage three enemies with one rocket (5XP)

Rubber Rocket - How: Deflect an incoming rocket using a blast attack (5XP)

Special Delivery - How: Take out an enemy using an object thrown by Kinetic Pulse (5XP)

Dead Eye - How: Hit an enemy head-on with a rocket (5XP)

Climbing Assault - How: Kill an enemy from a hanging position (5XP)

Tag! - How: Having fired a Redirec Rocket, hit an enemy with a bolt attack (1XP)

Precise Head Shock - How: Hit an enemy in the head using Precision Mode (1XP)

Head Shock - How: Hit an enemy's head with a bolt attack (1XP)

Good Karma Stunts:

Hostage Rescued - How: Help a civilian being attacked (5XP)

Cold Shoulder - How: Freeze an enemy using your ice attacks (1XP)

Live Capture - How: Use Arc Restrain on a wounded enemy (1XP)

Healing Touch - How: Use your powers to heal a civilian (1XP)

Evil Karma Stunts:

Bystander - How: Kill a civilian with a Evil ranking of Thug or higher (1XP)

Drain - How: Use Bio Leech on a wounded target (1XP)

Execution - How: Use Arc Restrain on a targer before killing them (1XP)

Super Drain - How: Take out an enemy using Ionic Drain (1XP)
Easter EggsAdded 22 Jun 2011, ID #3962
There are various easter eggs hidden in Infamous 2.

Red Ring: Most humorously, you can find a Red Ring of Death store in New Marais - which sports a faithful rendition of the Xbox 360's hardware issue in it's logo.

Theater Parodies: When passing the New Marais theater, look for the film titles that parody other video games:

Assassin's Need (Assassin's Creed)
Call of Booty (Call of Duty)
Epic Hickey (Epic Mickey)
Hey, Low Reach (Halo Reach)
Latch It and Skank (Ratchet and Clank)
Little Big Unit (LittleBigPlanet)
No Ned for Speed (Need for Speed)
SLY (Sly Cooper)
Solid Serpent The Man (Metal Gear Solid/Solid Snake)
Uncharted Love (Uncharted series)
Infamous 1 BonusesAdded 22 Jun 2011, ID #3961
If you have played the original Infamous, you can get XP bonuses when taking on the sequel.

When you start the game, be sure to confirm that you would like to 'import trophy data' from the first game. This will give you the following bonuses (if you have the right trophies):

25% of blast cores: Gives you one free energy core

50% of blast cores: Gives you two free energy cores

Various Good/Evil trophies: Start the game at Good/Evil Level 1 depending on the trophy mix

Completed Infamous 1: Gives you 1000XP to help with the sequel.
TeleportationAdded 22 Jun 2011, ID #3960
Open the UGC editor, and mouse over the location on the map that you would like to teleport to. Quit the editor (make sure you do not save the level) and you will appear at the location.
Sniper Blast Ability DLCAdded 14 Jun 2011, ID #3930
Go to!/ps3Give.. and register. Select the Gran Turismo 5 option and enter one of the following UPC codes.

Enter the code 841058005209

Enter the code 841058005261
Early Access to Flood TownAdded 14 Jun 2011, ID #3929
In 'Mission Editor' move your marker to either bridge that connects the first half of New Marais to Flood Town. Raise the marker so that it's at least 50 feet higher than the raised bridge. Exit 'Mission Editor' and Cole will instantly appear where your marker was when you exited. You will now be able to use your thrusters and clear the gap between the raised bridge and get access into Flood Town.
Completion BonusAdded 14 Jun 2011, ID #3928
Complete Story mode two times (Hero and Infamous routes). When the second playthrough's credits have ended a message will appear on screen stating that you have unlocked access to the opposite Karma powers of your current Cole, along with the powers of the character you did not transfer with. You will also get 15,000 Experience points.

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