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Follow the dark path or use the light

Assassin's Creed III Cheats for PlayStation 3

We have 8 cheats on PlayStation 3
We also have cheats for this game on:   PC   Xbox 360   Wii U

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Animus HacksAdded 14 May 2013, ID #5323
When you have completed the main storyline collect the following Pivots to unlock the corresponding Animus Hack at the 'Options' menu.

Infinite Ammo:
Epsilon Pivot.

Killing Spree:
Theta Pivot (assassinate enemies during open combat).

Made of Steel:
Iota Pivot (unlimited health).

Lambda Pivot (disables guard detection and investigation).

Omicron Pivot (unlimited Recruit Tokens).

Season Changer:
Tau Pivot (toggle summer and winter).

Kappa Pivot (disables reload times).

Sun and Moon:
Eta Pivot (toggle day and night).

Thunder Kill:
Upsilon Pivot (causes a lightning strike when you make a kill).

Weather Man:
Sigma Pivot (change the weather).

Saving time with NathanAdded 3 May 2013, ID #5312
During the first two or three sequences where you play as Nathan don't waste any time acquiring money or weapons as you will lose them ALL anyway when you switch over to Conner.
Shard Of Eden RIngAdded 15 Nov 2012, ID #5004
Complete ALL 5 Captain Kidd missions that are unlocked by collecting trinkets to get the Shard Of Eden ring. The Shard Of Eden ring will decrease your chances of being hit by bullets. When the ring deflects a bullet a yellow animation will appear.
Assassin TurkeyAdded 13 Nov 2012, ID #4997
At any point after Sequence 6 go to the Davenport Homestead and walk around the right side of the manor and hide around the corner at the back. Then in Stealth mode lean against the wall and whistle. Approach the turkey when it appears nearby and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X to feed it. The turkey will now don an assassin's hood, and follow you around.
Uplay RewardsAdded 6 Nov 2012, ID #4985
Register for Uplay at the 'Main' menu to be able to earn Uplay points by completing the following tasks.

10 Uplay Points:
Get the 'Mystery Guest' Achievement by completing Sequence 2.

20 Uplay Points:
Get the 'Tea Is For Englishmen' Achievement by completing Sequence 6.

30 Uplay Points:
Get 'The Sum Of Truth' Achievement by completing Sequence 12.

40 Uplay Points:
Get the 'Abstergo Entertainment' Achievement by reaching Level 20 in Multiplayer mode.
Uplay UnlockablesAdded 6 Nov 2012, ID #4984
When you register for Uplay at the 'Main' menu you will be able to spend Uplay points to purchase the following bonuses.

Assassin's Creed 3 Theme:
Purchase for 10 Uplay points.

Multiplayer Profile Items and Pouch Upgrade:
Purchase for 20 Uplay points.

Ezio's Oufit:
Purchase for 30 Uplay points.

Multiplayer Profile Items and Night Stalker Outfit:
Purchase for 40 Uplay points.
Cheat ModeAdded 6 Nov 2012, ID #4983
Collect the Pivots that are hidden throughout the game to unlock the following cheats under the 'Options' menu.

Infinite Ammunition:
Infinite pistol ammo and arrows.

Killing Spree:
Allowed to assassinate enemies while not in stealth mode.

Made Of Steel:

Enemy AI disabled; enemies will not see or hear you.

Infinite recruit tokens.

Season Changer:
Toggle seasons between summer and winter.

Ranged weapons have no reload time between shots.

Sun And Moon:
Toggle between day and night.

Thunder Kill:
Thunder and lightning after each kill.

Weather Man:
Set current weather conditions.
Unlock Alternate CostumesAdded 6 Nov 2012, ID #4982
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding costume will become available.

Achilles' Originial Costume:
Complete the Achilles' Painting mission (Unlocked in Manor).

Altair's Costume:
Complete ALL main missions with all Optional Objectives (Unlocked in Manor).

Baltimore Costume:
Start of Sequence 09 (Unlocked in shops).

Boston Costume:
Start of Sequence 06 (Unlocked in shops).

Captain Kidd's Costume:
Complete the Oak Island Naval Location (Unlocked in Manor).

Charleston Costume:
Start of Sequence 06 (Unlocked in shops).

Ezio Costume:
Through Uplay (Unlocked in Manor).

Jamestown Costume:
Start of Sequence 06 (Unlocked in shops).

Kanien'kehaka Costume:
Collect ALL Feathers (Unlocked in Manor).

New York Costume:
Start of Sequence 09 (Unlocked in shops).

Philidelphia Costume:
Start of Sequence 09 (Unlocked in shops).

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