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Follow the dark path or use the light
Zatchbell!: Mamodo Fury Pack Shot

Zatchbell!: Mamodo Fury



by Joe-kun

Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury
Version 0.1
Author: Joe-kun
E-mail: [email protected]

Sections: (Use Ctrl + F to find something fast!)

1. Update History
2. Introduction
3. What is Zatch Bell?
4. Controls and Basic play
5. When playing as Mamodo
6. Main Story
7. Zatch's Diary
8. Characters (Unlocking them)
9. 4P Mode
10. Gallery Mode
11. Arcade Mode
12. Extras

1. Update History
11/10/06 - Started FAQ.

1/05/07 - Added 4P Mode and some info between battles (What difficulty you
have to be on.)

1/06/07 - Updated a new strategy for Bari and added the correct way to win
Zofis' 2nd battle, along with a strategy for it. Fixed some spelling errors.
Added how to unlock Victoream's arcade mode.

1/15/07 - Fixed some spelling errors, and added websites to the list of who
can post this.

6/1/07 - Made some minor corrections in spelling and battles.

10/26/07 - Read through and added some "fun facts" to a few things and made
some minor
corrections. Will probably continue until it's perfect.

2. Introduction

Welcome! This is my first FAQ ever! I'm at the board a lot for this game, and
I've noticed that the same questions get asked repeatedly, so I'm here to fix
that problem. Anyone who would rather not wait for your answer in the message
board should probably check this out. I will not be using the Japanese names,
but will stick to the dubbed version names to prevent confusion.

3. What is Zatch Bell?

Zatch Bell! (or Konjiki no Gash Bell!! in Japan,) is about a 14 year-old
genius, named Kiyo Takamine who thinks the world is just a bore. This goes on
until his 14th Birthday, when a strange blonde boy bursts through his window.
Enter Zatch Bell, who was found by Kiyo's father in England, and promised him
that he would help Kiyo change and become a better person. Kiyo didn't have
a clue what his future would hold, but it turns out Zatch is a creature called
a "Mamodo", and he has magical powers! Zatch came with a red book that, when
read by Kiyo (and Kiyo only) can make him blast lightning from his mouth! I
won't ruin any more, because I bet everyone reading this already
knows the story. Enjoy the FAQ!

4. Controls and Basic Play

Just the controls and a few things you should know when playing.

Analog Sticks or Directional Buttons: Move character, adjust camera, select
an option.

Square: Cast Spells, they differ depending on how long you hold the button.

Circle: Physical attack. When playing as the human, this will be a "book swat",
allowing you to knock your opponent's book away, if it hits correctly. If
you're the Mamodo, it's just a physical attack, you can hit both the human or
opponent Mamodo, your choice.

X: Jump, Approve an option (Like selecting to go into Story mode, etc.)

Triangle: Defensive spell (Or the 2nd spell you can choose with Square.)

Start: Pause Game

L1: Targeting Mode

R1: Dash

R2: Select between Human or Mamodo

5. When playing as a Mamodo

Pressing R2 while playing as the human will allow you to switch characters, and
play as the Mamodo. This can be both good and bad. While playing as the Mamodo,
you can run freely and attack faster, plus your spell meter will raise quickly.
But, your human will stay in the place you left him/her, and is open for any
attack. If possible, hide your human behind an invincible object (something
that can't be destroyed, such as a building) and then attack.
Also, it takes a bit for a spell to cast. It's easier to run free as the
Mamodo, then quickly switch to the human and cast a spell, then switch back.
Takes some getting used to.

6. Main Story

I'll skip the cutscenes and just get straight to the fighting, as I'm sure
that's why you're here. I won't be fancy and post the EXACT condition to win,
I'll just tell you exactly what to do.

NOTE: I don't have space to throw in all 3 difficulties, so just use these as
tips for all 3.

Fight 1: Zatch VS Reycom

Battle Requirements: Win before time runs out (or before you run out of health)

This guy can be a big jerk to beginners. Dash as much as needed to avoid Gikor
and anything else he throws at you. Use Zaker as much as possible, but make
sure to not let the spell meter get too low, as casting while you don't have
enough power lowers your stage rank. Just keep on fightning!

After the 1st battle, you'll get a new spell! "RASHIELD!" This spells helps
occasionally, but .. it isn't that great. Dashing is still better. Anyway, for
this battle, just cast Rashield anytime you think you can't avoid Gikor, and
keep on blasting Zaker until he's down.

Congratulations, you have 2 spells!

Fight 2: Zatch VS Sugino

Battle Requirements: Battle 1, just survive. Battle 2, WIN!

Okay, Battle 1 can be VERY difficult, depending on how good you are. Basically,
just run around and cast Rashield 3 or 4 times everytime a spell is cast so you
won't take damage. If you can survive long enough, you'll win. To get a good
rank, try to not get hit as much as possible, and don't drop your book by
getting hit.

Battle 2: They tend to dash, so be ready to cast Zaker again if Sugino and his
partner keep avoiding it. Watch out for the puddles of goo on the ground, or
you'll get stuck and will have to dash out of it. Just keep blocking with
Rashield, and casting Zaker, and you should be fine. If possible, try knocking
the book away from the human, but don't risk it if your health is low. "Juron"
can hit you from ANYWHERE, so dash the SECOND you hear that spell. His other
spells are just spiked balls that fly towards you, and purple gas that take
almost half of your health from one hit, so again, cast Rashield when needed.

Fight 3: Zatch VS Kolulu

Battle Requirements: Battle 1, knock the book away. Battle 2, WIN!

Battle 1: Cast Zaker to knock Kolulu down (hopefully, or just distract her) and
use Kiyo to hit the book from Lori's hands (Hitting her with the circle button)
Just keep trying, it isn't that hard, no matter what mode you're on. This took
me 3 hits to knock it away. Switch to Zatch for a few seconds and knock Kolulu
down, then switch to Kiyo and hit Lori, if needed.

Battle 2: Just cast Zaker over and over (This will be the main strategy for a
while,) and control Zatch by himself and try hitting Kolulu or Lori if
you're out of spell power. Also, if you're low on health, watch for the raining
Yellowtail (fish) to regain some health.

Fight 4: Zatch VS Fein

Battle Requirements: For both battles, just WIN!

Battle 1: Slightly difficult, as practically everything around you can be
destroyed. Just watch out for flying pieces of debris (rock on the ground) and
you'll be fine. Also, one of Fein's spells places him behind you, so anytime
you hear a screeching noise (think of a car's tires when it stops quickly) make
sure you dash away, or use Rashield. This may take you a try or two to win.
After you win, you get the 3rd spell, JIKERDOR!

Battle 2: The same as the 1st, just now you're on the roof, and pipes can fly
at you. Jikerdor, the 3rd spell on your spell bar, will stick the opponent to
anything metal in the area, as long as it hits. If you've seen the episode with
Fein in it, you'll know what I'm talking about. Jikerdor isn't required to beat
him, it just helps. While Fein (or his partner) is stuck, attack the other
opponent. If attacking Fein, cast spells, if attacking the human, try to swat
the book away.

Fight 5: Zatch VS Eshros

Battle Requirements: Battle 1, Defend the school! Battle 2, WIN!

Battle 1: THIS IS VERY HARD. VERY, VERY HARD. You have to stop Eshros from
destroying the building, but really all you have to do is keep their attention
from the school until time runs out. In Normal and Hard modes, this is very
difficult, and you WILL get frustrated. Don't give up! If you pay attention,
you'll notice that after they run, they'll pause and look in the direction
they're going to attack in. Zaker IMMEDIANTLY. If they don't move afterwards,
Zaker again. Also, use L1 to target the human, it's much easier than attacking

When they stand at the corner of the building, DO NOT CAST ZAKER. Use
Zatch and QUICKLY hit Eshros down, then the human. If you hit the human first,
Eshros will knock you down and it'll take FOREVER to get back up. If you cast
Zaker while they're at the corner of the building, you will damage the school,
which would MAKE YOU LOSE QUICKER. Please take that tip, and try knocking the
book away when possible, as usual.

Battle 2: Not that bad. He's tough, but just use our current strategy: Zaker
and Rashield, and use Zatch on his own once in a while. Keep this up, maybe use
Jikerdor if needed, and this battle will be yours. Also, one of his spells
will just blast rocks at you. Just watch their shadows, simply run out
of the way, and continue the Zaker casting.

Fight 6: Zatch VS Robnos

Battle Requirements: Battle 1, win with Jikerdor, Battle 2, win by hitting

Battle 1: "Solve Robnos' Riddle" isn't really a good way to say how to win.
Basically, just attack him like normal. But, when you get his health bar empty,
you still don't win. Just hit him with Jikerdor
(when his health bar is empty,) and the battle's over.

Battle 2: The description for this one is kind of strange. "Inflict damage
using objects"? Oh well. Basically, instead of attacking them, try to blast at
the boxes, shelves, and anything around you. Just DO NOT BE CLOSE TO THEM. Use
Zatch by himself, quite a distance away from what you want to hit, and use
Zaker. Make sure you're not Kiyo, because casting Zaker as him will just make
Zatch aim at Robnos. Hope that Robnos is near what item you hit, or try to hit
items near him, and keep hitting him with Zaker once in a while, and you'll
win. Isn't Robnos ugly with 3 eyes?

Fight 7: Zatch VS Maruss

Battle Requirements: Battle 1, protect Tia until time runs out, Battle 2, win!

Battle 1: Stay in front of her at all times. Rashield constantly.
Don't try hitting them, distracting them, anything. Stay in front of Tia,
and Rashield. For some reason, she likes to run towards them.
Just follow and Rashield. If it's safe (And I mean SAFE) cast Zaker and
stop them for a few seconds. Other than that, RASHIELD! Oh, and don't get hit.
If Tia gets hit, it counts as you being hit, so be careful. Sometimes,
they'll run from you to regain power. When this happens, stand still,
switch to Zatch, charge up your spell power, and go back to Kiyo and
Rashield casting. After this, you'll get the 2nd best spell for Zatch:

Battle 2: They like to hide behind the semi-truck with Megumi on it.
Just cast Zaker (It doesn't matter where, just near them a little.)
to scare them out. Also, watch out for his most powerful spell ("Ri Goron",
I think. It sounds like that, anyway.) When you hear it, DASH. DASH NOW.
It's a HUGE spiked ball that takes over half of your health. If possible,
hide Kiyo and run Zatch in front of them, then switch back to Kiyo and cast
Zakeruga and Zaker as much as possible, as Zatch aims better when
computer-controlled and away from Kiyo. Also, DO NOT let Zatch get stuck
behind a truck/van/whatever with them. For some reason, he'll miss more
than usual, and WILL take a beating.

Fight 8: Zatch VS Baltro

Battle Requirements: Battle 1, destroy his body, Battle 2, hit with Zaker!

Battle 1: THIS is the fight people seem to have the most trouble with,
and it's easy to understand why. First off, find the doors on the side of
the room you can go in, the place with stairs that lead you to the balcany.
Hide Kiyo on those stairs, and go as Zatch. Here comes the hard part. The
first thing he does is jump, so RUN. When he lands, a huge shockwave will
cover the floor, so get as far away as possible. Target whenever he pauses.
Usually, you'll end up on the wrong side of his body (It'll target the right
place, but you need to be on his right side, etc.) So keep running,
eventually you'll see the pink flowers. First, you shoot off an arm,
then another arm, a leg, and he's down. If possible, just shoot the leg,
although I'm not sure if the game will let you.

Strategy 2: Hide Kiyo on the stairs, but take Zatch up them.
Stand on the rail on the balcony, target, and use Zaker. The only way Baltro
can hit you is with the bullets from his chest, and they'll just knock you
back on the ground, you can come right back up. You will have to move a
little for a better angle.
(Credit for Strategy 2 goes to angstyreikomu, as he's helped me along the way.)

Battle 2: This is the easiest battle in the game. I have no clue while some
people can't figure this out. As soon as the battle begins, switch to Zatch and
roll right into Baltro. He'll get dizzy. then tap square and use Zaker. You win.

Fight 8: Zatch VS Brago

Battle Requirements: Battles 1 and 2 - WIN!

I'll just do both battles now, since it's basically the same.
HE'S HARD. One little tip though that will help you in the long run.
Trees are made of rubber in the world of Mamodo Fury, as any spell that
hits one will disappear. So, hide Kiyo behind a tree, and get going with
Zatch. Run towards Sherry, switch back to Kiyo, ZAKERUGA! I think you can
cast it twice before you lose power. When that happens, DO NOT MOVE KIYO
FROM THE TREE. Just switch back to Zatch and run around a bit. The game
suggests (on the loading screen) that you target Sherry, but it's impossible.
In the time it takes to target her, Brago destroys you. Hide Kiyo, Zaker and
Zakeruga whenever possible. YOU WILL NOT WIN ON THE FIRST TRY. If you do,
you're GOOD. And I mean GOOD. Also, one of his spells will be a ball on the
ground, which will suck you in. Switch to Kiyo, and Zaker IMMEDIANTLY. If you
get hit, you'll lose practically ALL of your health. Just Zaker it, and it'll
go away, but even hitting it is luck. Yellowtail fall here, but they're
and I think Brago gets smart enough to get them himself in the 2nd Battle, so
snatch them
up whenever you can. Usually, the camera will angle to them (The Yellowtail)
when they begin
to fall, so that should clue you in.

(After Brago, you'll have to start over and choose Normal Mode. You'll have to
play through all of these battles again, but after Brago, you'll start here.)

Fight 8: Zatch VS Rops

Battle Requirements: Battle 1 - Win! Battle 2 - Hit with BAO ZAKERUGA!

Battle 1: RUN. LIKE HECK. The first spell he casts (Usually the spell with
flying chains), if it hits, will do a TON of damage. You see that
crane/vehicle/thing Apollo's standing next to? Run a circle around the area
(Not straight through, that's just suicide.) Hide Kiyo behind it, and PRAY
Apollo doesn't notice. Switch to Zatch and run into the middle of the area.
Switch to Kiyo, and ZAKERUGA! He'll have to hit at LEAST once, that's almost
guaranteed. ALMOST. Repeat this, and try hiding behind other things if Apollo
finds Kiyo. His other spells are powerful, so watch out. Blast the smaller
rocks with
Zaker for health-restoring Yellowtail. Mmmm ... Yellowtail. Actually, if you
follow this
strategy correctly, you won't see much action at all. Just let Zatch
stay out in the middle, and stay as Kiyo, casting Zakeruga when possible. When
you run out
of power, switch to Zatch and run around, try to hit Apollo or Rops if
possible. If you do
hit Apollo, RUN. Rops will immediantly knock you down, and that gives them time
to find
Kiyo, which is bad.

After the first battle, you'll get the game's 3rd best spell -
The strongest spell, BAO ZAKERUGA!

Battle 2: This is what will make you mad. VERY mad. Both you AND Apollo
can cast Ultimate spells now, and for some reason he can do it anytime he
pleases. This will take some getting used to, but if possible, knock his
book away. For future reference, anytime the "S" is over your opponent's
book, if you knock the book away, they'll have to charge it up all over
again, same goes for you. If you're lucky, hitting Apollo with Zatch
multiple times may make him drop it, because using Kiyo is very dangerous.
Okay, so repeat part one of the last battle: Hide Kiyo. You need to
keep as much health as possible, because if you screw up on defending
Apollo's Ultimate spell, you're done for. Don't bother with Zakeruga,
just keep casting Zaker as much as possible, but still try to avoid their
attacks like last time. Also, since you're gonna be using Zaker anyway,
go ahead and destroy the small rocks and grab the Yellowtail after Apollo
casts his Ultimate (You're gonna need the health.) Cast Bao Zakeruga,
and that's it. You win. SOUNDS simple enough.

(I'll be referring to Bao Zakeruga as just "Bao" from now on, to make things

Fight 9: Zatch VS Baransha

Battle Requirements: Battles 1 and 2 - Win!

Battle 1: I'll make these separate, as she's easier to beat the 1st time.
You start behind a big rock. Just hide Kiyo there behind it, and send Zatch
up the hill. Once you get there, Garza (The human) will either cast the armor
spell, or the invisiblity spell. Either way, you'll most likely get hit.
The object here is to win, while making sure they don't go down that hill
after Kiyo. If they do, switch back to Kiyo and run up the hill. Pretty much,
if they attack Kiyo once, start over, because you're gonna lose. So anyway,
once you get Zatch up the hill and survive whatever attack they use,
try leading them into the small area next to them (If you don't see
any movement from them, that's where they're at, just standing there.)
cast Zakeruga when you can, but remember: We can use BAO now, so use
Zaker once in a while to charge it. Yellowtail are very rare here, if any show
so don't run around and wait for them, because you most likely won't get any.
Just keep Baransha up on that hill, attack as much as possible, and you'll win.
Also, her Ultimate spell is MURDER if you mess up your defense. And, as usual,
if you run
out of spell power, have Zatch run around and hit them, and switch back to Kiyo

Battle 2: You don't start off behind that rock this time, and running back
to it will just hurt more than help. Run up the hill, and try to avoid them
on the way up. You may need to use Rashield on your way up. For some reason,
whenever they hide in a bush, spells won't hurt them, so switch to Zatch and
knock 'em out of there. Zaker and Zakeruga will help you win this, and cast
Bao whenever possible. Also, Garza's pretty much a chicken in this one,
meaning that if Baransha's down, he'll run, and he'll hide, too. Whenever
possible, use Kiyo and hit the book away, since it's a bit easier. Don't
try this whenever Baransha's with him, though, or you'll just be hit. A lot.

Fight 10: Zatch VS Bari

Battle Requirements: Battle 1 - Protect Suzy, Battle 2 - Win!

Battle 1: This is just as hard as Eshros "protect the school" battle.
I have no idea what Suzy's doing here, as she was nowhere near this battle
in the show/manga. Anyway, on to the "fight." There are a few things you can
do here (if you're brave. REAL brave.) One, you can use Jikerdor. They can
still cast spells, but they won't be able to run towards Suzy. Two, try to
distract them (Using Zaker, Zakeruga, or just by fighting.) That usually
doesn't work, as they tend to focus on Suzy. Three, Just follow Suzy around
and cast Rashield. That can also hurt, as eventually, they get smart and
cast spells from behind you. Just like when you protected Tia from Maruss
that long time ago, Suzy will tend to run towards them. Just follow her, and
DO NOT LOSE SIGHT OF HER. That's a very easy mistake to make, and once you
lose her, she'll be pretty much down by the time you find her. This battle's
pretty much just "try, try again." So if my strategy doesn't help, you'll
have to find your own on this one.

Also, you can destroy the front doors of the building, and lead him outside
(maybe,) and that'll keep Suzy safe, provided he follows you. If you see him
or Gustav near the opening (After you blast the doors off,) use Zaker and knock
him outside, and follow. Once you're out there, and he attacks you, he'll be
strong, so be careful. Use Bao whenever possible while outside, as it'll
knock him over, which will help take seconds off your time.

You start out in front of the doors, so just turn around and use Zatch
alone (since using Kiyo will make him aim towards Bari,) and blast the
doors. You'll have to hit both separately, though.

If Suzy follows you outside, and she might, you're in trouble. Be extremely
careful, and try to lure Bari back inside. Just remember: If you're too weak
on health to fight, just keep him distracted, and if that fails, just keep
using Rashield in front of Suzy, like usual.

Battle 2: Ah, fun. "Oro Zonis" (Or whatever it's really called) will
follow you, so be sure to dash. The good thing in this battle is that
Bari gets confused easily. If you have Zatch on one side of the area,
yet you're controlling Kiyo on the other, he can't decide who to hit.
So while controlling Kiyo (with a computer-controlled Zatch away from you,)
use Zaker and Zakeruga. Bari can use his Ultimate now, so be careful.
If you need a place to hide Kiyo, run right from directly where you start,
and you'll see a ramp-like stone for running up to get on top of the
destroyed building. Hide Kiyo behind that ramp (Not in plain view, of
course,) and send Zatch running out. After you get him far away,
switch back and start casting. Feel free to run around as Kiyo,
as by this time Bari will have decided on who to hit. Zatch will
pretty much take care of himself, but if he does screw up, switch to him
and run him back towards Kiyo, follow the beginning of this (Hide Kiyo,
send him back out.) Cast Bao whenever it becomes availible, and you
should win this. I hope this hasn't confused you.

Fight 11: Zatch VS Kido

Battle Requirements: Battle 1 - Win! Battle 2 - Hit Kido while using Rauzaruk!

Battle 1: Dr. Riddles and Kido like to run. You won't lose from running out
of health, the majority of the time you'll lose by running out of time. When
Kido does attack, he's strong. Keep Zatch and Kiyo together for this one,
unless you hide Kiyo behind something big (Or, like in Brago's battle,
one of those "Rubber" Trees.) Whenever "Koboruk" is cast, RUN. RUN LIKE THE
WIND. Those little Kido's, if they hit, will do A LOT of damage. When
they're cast, you don't know if they're coming towards Kiyo or Zatch
(if they're apart.) If you're using Zatch alone, but are close to Kiyo,
immediantly run Zatch far away, then switch to Kiyo and run (If he hasn't
been hit by now.) Dr. Riddles loves to use his Ultimate Spell whenever he
can, so be careful. Don't worry about using Zakeruga, using Zaker will be
just as good (and easier for you.) Whenever you hit Dr. Riddles, about
30-50% of the time, he'll drop his book. If you haven't noticed by now,
if you run into his book while it's on the ground, you'll kick it away.
Do this if possible, then while he's behind you, turn and attack. Sometimes,
he'll stand still or crouch down to regain power, if possible, use Zaker
or Zatch's physical attack (The "O" button if you STILL don't know what that
is,) and hopefully you'll knock them down. If you can follow all of that,
and be quick about it, then you should win. If not, practice makes perfect.

After this, you'll get the game's BEST SPELL (In my opinion,) - RAUZARUK!

Battle 2: People seem to think this is harder than it is. All you do is cast
Rauzaruk, switch to Zatch, and hit Kido with a physical attack. If you do
this, you'll see Zatch throwing Kido "far away" (Like the game says,) and
you'll win. No reason why you shouldn't get an A on this one, unless you
have a hard time catching him.

Fight 12: Zatch VS Penny

Battle Requirements: Just one battle, knock the book out of Uri's
(the human) hand.

Ah, this is where the Thousand-year Mamodo arc starts. This is incredibly
simple, no matter what difficulty you're on. Just run up and smack the book
away. Simple as that. No reason why you shouldn't get an A here. It usually
takes 4 hits to get it away from him. If you're worried you'll get hit (You
usually won't) cast Rauzaruk to keep Zatch safe, although this is really a
waste of time. Too bad you can't unlock Penny to play as, but oh well.

Fight 13: Zatch VS Byonko

Battle Requirements: Just 1 Battle - Win!

This guy looks easier than he is. A frog, and an old guy. Simple, right?
WRONG. First off, start running. Almost every spell he has will easily take
over half of your health. His human doesn't really say the spells in a
language that I can understand, so I'll tell you this. When you see a big
green ball fly from Byonko, RUN. This will turn into a HUGE green puddle
that will take a nice amount of damage from you. That's one reason I said
stay on the opposite side of the room. Another spell of his is a giant fist
that will smack you, and this will pretty much always take tons of health,
sometimes it's a hit-one kill. Cast Rauzaruk, and send Zatch running.
There's really no place to hide Kiyo, since this battle starts the
"ruin area" battles, so everything around here can blow up and hurt you or
the opponent. Starting with this battle, your opponents will be smart and
GO AFTER KIYO, so be careful. So just put Kiyo as far away from them as
possible. Once Rauzaruk runs out, run back to Kiyo as quick as possible,
or run as Zatch and gather enough power for Zakeruga. Rauzaruk and physical
attacks will win this. Bao takes a while to charge up, so don't rely on it.
You'll see Oranges and Moonstone fragments around, but they either do
nothing, or restore some of your health or spell power. Be careful and
good luck, you'll need it.

Fight 14: Zatch VS Victoream

Battle Requirements: Battle 1 - Win! Battle 2 - Hit with BAO ZAKERUGA!

Battle 1: VERY MELON! Here's Victoream. You either love him or hate him,
and I CAN'T STAND HIM. Winning Battle 1 is pure luck. No real strategy,
just luck, and in Hard mode it's practically impossible. They'll attack as
soon as the battle starts, so dash left and cast Rauzaruk. Send Zatch running
to the right, and hope that this distracts them from Kiyo. If they attack
Kiyo again, you pretty much need to start over. You can't really hit Mohawk
Ace physically (As Victoream tells you: "That won't work!") you need to run
around a bit. Whenever "Magu Yo-Yo" is cast, take this time to either use
Zaker, or attack him physically. Zakeruga and Zaker do pretty much the same
damage. 85 percent of the time, you should be in Rauzaruk form, trying to hit
Victoream or Mohawk Ace. To hit Victoream, you'll pretty much have to knock
him off-guard, like hit when he's not looking directly at you, which is rare.
If you MUST hide Kiyo, hide him behind the destroyed pillars (When they're
just down to a broken square,) as usually Victoream won't go for them.
Bao does almost nothing. Follow this (multiple times, probably) and you
should win. Like Kido's battle, you'll lose here from time loss. Just keep
trying, and you'll do it! BURRAH!

Battle 2: Here, he'll just stand in one place and cast one spell, usually.
Just run around and cast Zaker as much as possible. Nothing else. Keep doing
this until you can use Bao, and you win. You'll probably get an A or B, maybe
a C if you take too long, or lose a lot of health. He can use his Ultimate
now, but you'll know when he can. He'll stand still, and shout things like
"More power to my left shoulder!" or "More power to my (insert body part here!)"
and he'll start glowing, and when you see 5 glowing spots on him, that's
when he's charged and ready to use. Just hope that you can use your Ultimate
before he can use his.

Fight 15: Zatch VS Laila

Battle Requirements: Just 1 Battle - Win!

Yay! Laila! My favorite Mamodo. Look at her cuteness. Anyway, to the battle.
SHE'S HARD. She'll constantly use strong spells, and they'll usually ALWAYS
hit, unless you use Rashield. There's a pretty simple strategy on here,
though. She'll eventually knock down a pillar (It'll look like a brown
rectangle,) which you can hide Kiyo behind. Just keep hitting them with
Zatch's physical attacks, using Rauzaruk as much as possible, and you'll win.
Also, like always, use Bao if possible. Like Victoream, they'll come after
Kiyo, so be careful and keep an eye out. I REALLY wish she was unlockable, but
oh well ..

-Zatch VS The Four Supreme Mamodo-

Here's the hard part. You have to fight all 4 "Supreme Mamodo" (or "Heavenly
Kings" in the Japanese version,) one after another. These guys are difficult.
WARNING: This WILL take a while. These fights are fights 16-19.

Fight 16: Zatch VS Tsao-Ion

Battle Requirements: 1 Battle, just win with BAO ZAKERUGA!

Pretty straightfoward. Run around, avoiding his attacks, and casting Zaker.
Use Rashield anytime he casts a spell, then keep running. That's basically it.
Use Bao, and you win.

Just a fun little thing I've noticed - Starting now (I think,) Zatch and Kiyo
will say
different things when you switch characters. Zatch will say things like "I
won't let you lay
a hand on Kiyo!" .. Pretty much ripped right from the TV Show itself, since you
can hear
static when either of them talk. Could've done better with that, but it's nice
to see a
change ..

Fight 17: Zatch VS Belgim E.O.

Battle Requirements: 1 Battle - Win!

No, I didn't spell that wrong. Normally spelled "Belgium," the people that
translated decided the "u" was too much in his name, apparently. Oh well.
To the battle! This guy is ... kind of difficult, kind of not. Depends on
your skill. Health-restoring melons are everywhere, but he's also smart
enough to pick them up. You can put Kiyo pretty much anywhere, since
Belgim E.O. will pay practically no attention unless Daria (The human)
goes near him. Whenever the battle starts, cast Rauzaruk, place Kiyo
somewhere out of them way, and start running. This guy may look hard,
but run right up to him, and hit him. The whole chair should fall.
He'll just lay there, struggling. Quite funny, really. Anyway, while he's
down, only hit the human if she's nearby, don't go chasing her, or Belgim
could go after Kiyo. While Rauzaruk is down, just keep running against the
chair and attacking, he'll fall down and that'll give you time to cast
Rauzaruk again. Don't even THINK about any spell besides Rauzaruk. Get some
melons if they're there (I think Yellowtail appears here, too, in the
rocks,) and keep trying. He isn't THAT hard, unless you're careless.
Also, if you're hit, charge up the Spell meter to Razauruk as you're
standing up, that way you can cast it the SECOND you can move again. Good luck!

Fight 18: Zatch VS Pamoon

Battle Requirements: Battle 1 - Survive, Battle 2 - Win!

Battle 1: You won't see Pamoon, just his stars. This is a lot easier than it
seems. Run against the wall. You heard me right. Run, just against the wall.
Act like you're gonna run though the wall, just run left or right. This is
for a reason. He'll cast a spell that will send many beams towards you (Nama
Froga?), if you run as close to the wall as possible, they should fade before
they touch you. ALWAYS keep Zatch and Kiyo together, and have Zatch in
Rauzaruk whenever possible, since another spell will throw stars (Falga),
which will rarely hit him, but might. Also, around the end, you'll see a HUGE
shadow come over Kiyo and Zatch from above, or multiple shadows. DASH, RUN,
falls down, you'll instantly lose. Just follow all of that, and you should
be victorious.

Battle 1, Strategy 2 - Instead of just dodging every single blow. Stand in
one spot (of course a spot where the Dame Faruga's beams don't hit you,) and
wait until time runs out. Of course Dame Faruga isn't the only attack Pamoon
uses when hiding, he uses his basic Faruga spell (The spell where the stars
shoot beams directly at you), when it comes to that just use Rashield and
continued standing in the same spot. There is no need to charge your spell
power, for Rashield doesn't take up much anyways and you are going to be
standing in the same spot also.
(Credit for Strategy 2 goes to angstyreikomu.)

Battle 2: Rather difficult. For doging the multi-beam spell, run against the
wall like last time. Same for the "Falga" spell. If he casts the multi-beam
spell, try running inbetween them, if you're lucky. Pamoon rarely moves, so
this is just a matter of dodging his spells and eventually defeating him.
It'll take a while, but nowhere as long as Victoream.

Fight 19: Zatch VS Demolt

Battle Requirements: Just 1 Battle, Break the Moonstone, and Win!

Okay, many people have different strategies on this, but here's mine.
Press L1 Immediantly. Move the target around until you see the Moonstone
(Don't get frustrated, just keep moving it.) Use Zakeruga as much as
possible. If you're seeing the stone, use Zakeruga, once you land a few hits,
the game takes
you off target-mode, that means you hit it enough. If he hits you, re-target
and do it again until it's done, if it's not already. Thankfully, the game
won't waste your
time and make you keep hitting it. When it's gone, you can't target it anymore.
Anyway, if
you don't destroy it, it'll heal any damage you do to Demolt. After that's
done, make sure
you get in a position where his attacks (The fire blasts) won't hurt you,
position yourself
between them.He may jump or blow wind, but those are the biggest threats he
has. Use
Zakeruga while targeting his head. That's it. Bao will not damage him at all,
so just keep
up with Zakeruga.

That's all 4 Supreme Mamodo! The hardest part of the game is DONE!
Yay for you!

(After Demolt, you'll have to start over and choose Hard Mode. You'll have to
play through all of these battles again, but after Demolt, you'll start here.)

Fight 20: Zatch VS Zofis

Battle Requirements: Battle 1, Survive. Battle 2, Win with Bao Zakeruga!

Battle 1: For the supposedly "strongest" Mamodo (Except for the final battle,
anyway) this guy is pathetic. Just cast Rauzaruk, keep Zatch and Kiyo
together, and run in circles outside of the platform Zofis is on. That's
pretty much all you have to do. Most of his spells wear off before they get
to you, or hit Zatch while in Rauzaruk, which destroys them anyway.
Sometimes, Zofis will put up a shield, which he will then run into things,
breaking them and hitting Koko (The human). Just run, and maybe have a good
laugh at how stupid he is.

Battle 2: You're most likely in Hard mode when playing this (if you're not in
stage select),
so here's a tip: For Bao, cast Zaker 20 times, or Zakeruga 9 or 10 times.
That'll give you
Bao, and the battle is yours. Just make sure you avoid his attacks, as he'll
chase you
quite a lot.

Fight 21: Zatch VS Zeno

This is the FINAL battle. Surprisingly, he's not that hard. The worst thing
he does is swear at you. A lot.

Battle Requirements: Battle 1 - Win!, Battle 2 - Hit with BAO ZAKERUGA!

Battle 1: TONS of stuff to hide behind here. On of the things you'll see is a
house with a blue roof. Hide Kiyo behind it, cast Rauzaruk, and send Zatch
out to battle. Zeno and Dufort will run, so just chase them and hit whenever
possible. When Rauzaruk wears off, switch to Kiyo and try to find Zatch,
casting Zaker and Zakeruga along the way. Once you do and they start
running away again, hide behind something else (It really doesn't matter,
practically everything is big,) cast Razaruk and go again. Keep this up,
be careful, and you'll win. You know all of Zeno's spells, he's practically
just a gray Zatch, so he can't really surprise you, he's just strong. You'll
most likely
lose from time loss (if you DO lose,) as he doesn't attack much. He does a LOT
of damage
when he does, though.

Battle 2: Wow, this is simple. Remember that house from Battle 1?
Hide behind it, and just keep using Zaker. If they find you, run until they
lose interest, find something else to hide behind, and continue casting
Zaker. Get Bao, cast, and win. Zeno can now use his Ultimate, Zeo Zakeruga,
so be careful. Just avoid them, and you pretty much win.

CONGRATULATIONS! You've defeated Zeno and have won the Main Story Mode!

Now on to the next "mode"!

7. Zatch's Diary!

Hey, you! Do you like Mini-games? I sure don't! But that's what this mode is.
Just a cute little side-story of what Zatch does when not battling or with
Kiyo. This consists of  5 Mini-games. I'll just post the names, how to win,
and that's it. The game itself will probably tell you more than I will.

Another Fun Fact (?) - The plotline of this mode was based from the episode
"A Day with Zatch." Kanchome isn't in the episode, but I believe some form of
the Vulcan
game is. The Megumi thing didn't actually happen .. Well, part of it did. In
the actual
episode involving Megumi's concert, Zatch couldn't get in because Kiyo didn't
have enough
tickets or something. I forget. But I suppose you can just imagine that hiding
from guards
is how he got in.

Game 1: Gather Candy! Let's Help Kanchome!

So, we see Kanchome in the Botanical Garden. Why he's here, I do not know.
Anyway, he's whining (like usual) over the fact that he lost his candy.
What's funny is that when you start the game, there's a piece of candy IN
FRONT OF HIM. Anyway, you have 80 seconds to gather 30 sweets (Lollipops,
suckers, whatever you call them.) There's really no strategy here, except
you may miss a few hiding near trees or bushes. Just keep playing until
you find them all. After you find all 30, run back to Kanchome. If you
don't, you'll lose and you'll have to do it all over again.

Like Zatch says, "How Frustrating!" .. This could take you a while to beat if
you're not
fast enough.

Game 2:  Save Vulcan! (1st time)

Naomi has taken Vulcan, and put him on the flag pole. You must run to that
pole (You'll see a glowing spot,) and keep pressing "O" (circle) until he's
free. This won't
be easy. Naomi will run by and smack you, making you lose precious time.
Luckily, Vulcan
won't be raised up anymore while you're hit, so if you're fast, this will be
easy. You have
60 seconds to save him.

Game 3: Ride Ponygon!

Not only does this SOUND disturbing, the game pretty much is. So, you're
riding around on Ponygon, and Yellowtail fish are practically raining from
the sky. You have 60 seconds to gather 20 Yellowtail. It's incredibly
simple. The best thing about this game is that they accidentally left in
Ponygon's Japanese voice (It's really high and squeaky, listen for it!)
(Meru Meru Me~!)

Game 4: Save Vulcan! (2nd time)

The same as before, except now Naomi's in her little car, moves faster and
knocks you down for a longer period of time. You still have 60 seconds to
save him. I've noticed that if you run into certain things, Noami will
glitch and just run into them, not moving. Try that if you're having a
hard time winning.

Yet Another "Fun" Fact - Naomi's car has a name: Je t'Aime Petit. Is it french?
No clue. I
do know that I'd love to destroy the little red thing. Then have Zatch blast
her little
face off with Zaker. No, make that Bao Zakeruga. I hate the little witch. Okay,
my rant is
done. Anyway, to the next game!

Game 5: Sneak into the hall!

This is actually how the battle with Maruss started in the anime/manga.
Zatch is in Kiyo's bag, and wants to get into Megumi's (Tia's partner)
concert. But, a lot of security guards don't think blonde children in bags
should be allowed inside, so they plan to stop you. When you see one coming
towards you, stop and press "O" (circle) to hide. You'll duck in the bag for a
few seconds,
and hopefully the guard will get bored and walk away. Some guards will catch
you even if
they see you hide in the bag, and with some guards you can hide right as they
touch you,
and they'll still walk off. Be careful, be quick, and get to that door.

Okay, you just beat Zatch's Diary! Yay .. Wasn't that rewarding?

8. Characters

I'm not gonna give character descriptions. I'm gonna list the names, and
how to get them. Also, next to the name, I'll put (E, N, H) Depending on the
difficulty you must be in. Multiple letters means try them all if you don't
get it on one certain mode. Of course, E is Easy Mode, N is Normal mode, H
is Hard mode.

This is for VS Mode:

Zatch - Start with

Reycom - Start with

Sugino - B or better on 2nd battle (E, N)

Kolulu - B or better on 2nd battle (E, N)

Fein - B or better on 2nd battle (E,N, maybe H)

Eshros - B or better on 2nd battle (E, N)

Robnos - B or better on 2nd battle (E, N, maybe H)

Maruss - B or better on 2nd battle (E, N)

Brago - B or better on 2nd battle (E, N, H)

Rops - B or better on 2nd battle (N, H)

Baransha - B or better on 2nd battle (N, H)

Bari - B or better on 2nd battle (N,H)

Kido - B or better on 2nd battle (Maybe 1st, since 2nd isn't a fight.) (N,H)

Zeno - Password (Brago.Brago.Zatch.Brago.Zatch.Brago.Brago.Brago)

Tia - Unlocked automatically after beating Sugino's 2nd battle (E)

Kanchome - Unlocked automatically after beating Sugino's 2nd battle (E)

Hyde - Password (Tia.Tia.Tia.Suzy.Tia.Suzy.Suzy.Suzy)

Ponygon - Password (Vulcan.Ponygon.Zatch.Tia.Naomi.Naomi.Zatch.Vulcan)

Wonrei - Unlocked automatically after beating Sugino's 2nd Battle (E)

Victoream - Password (Zatch.Zatch.Zatch.Zatch.Zatch.Ponygon.Zatch.Zatch)

If any of the passwords don't work, try the GameFAQs board.

9. 4P Mode

To unlock this mode, just play VS Mode 20 times. There are 2 games here.
(Learned this from megazgamer2007)

Game 1: Burn the Spell Book!
4 Mamodo. You choose 'em or your friends do, depending on how many people are
playing. Just run around and hit the other books into the fire. Be careful,
you CAN burn your own.

Game 2: Yellowtail Snatch!
4 Mamodo, like the first game, except all you do here is run around a small
area and gather Yellowtail fish. You set how many are needed to win and how fast
they fall. You can knock your opponent's collection away with a physical attack
(Circle button.)

10. Gallery Mode

Model Gallery - You'll unlock it along the way. There's no real secret.

Stage Gallery - Beat Story Mode

Visual Gallery - Beat Story Mode

Sound Gallery - Multiple ways have been told, but I got it from 100% on the
"Let's talk to Ponygon!" game.

Unlocking Models: (Mamodo) The VS mode Mamodo (The Mamodo you unlock during
the game) will already be there. The game tells you when they're unlocked,
which is usually
after defeating them in Story Mode.

The "Boss" Mamodo (The 4 Supreme, Zofis, Zeno,) Get an A when fighting them.

(Partners) For Mamodo Partners, you must win that particular Mamodo's
Arcade Mode.

A few models require passwords. These are:

Naomi: Naomi.zatch.Naomi.zatch.Naomi.zatch.Naomi.Vulcan 300

Suzy: zatch.tia.kanchome.suzy.suzy. Vulcan 300.Naomi.ponygon

11. Arcade Mode

Here it is, the answer to that ever-popular question - "How do I unlock
Arcade Mode?"

To Unlock: Play VS Mode 40 times
(Learned this from megazgamer2007)

Arcade Mode Characters:

For any characters you don't fight in story mode (Kanchome, Tio, Wonrei,) use
them against
anyone in VS mode and get an A. There may be others besides those 3, I'll have
to check
and update this again.

For everyone else, defeat them in Hard mode, and get an A. Excluding 2:
Ponygon and Hyde, who you don't fight in Story mode.

Ponygon: tia.suzy.suzy.kanchome.zatch.zatch.zatch.ponygon

Hyde: suzy.suzy.suzy.tia.suzy.tia.tia.tia

After you beat Arcade mode with all characters, you'll unlock Victoream's
Arcade mode ... Yay?

11. Extras

Pretty much, the only extras are 2 Mini-games: "Let's play with Vulcan!"
and "Let's play with Ponygon!"

Vulcan Mini-game: Password (Vulcan.zatch.tia.zatch.zatch.tia.zatch.Vulcan)

Ponygon Mini-game: Beat Ponygon's Arcade Mode

- - -

Well, that's that! I hope this helps in any way possible!

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