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Follow the dark path or use the light
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force Evolution Pack Shot

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force Evolution


Strategy FAQ

by dnextreme88

Strategy FAQ :

For : Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force Evolution ( PlayStation 2 )

Table of Contents

* Note * : To search for any specific duelist, press Ctrl + F to open
up the Find dialox box. In the box, type the name of the duelist you
are looking for. The first letter should always be CAPITALIZED. Then
press Enter.

1. Introduction - INTRO

2. Version History - HISTORY

3. Recommended Decks - RECOMMENDED

4. Strategies - STRATEGY

5. Contact Information - CONTACT

6. Copyright Information - COPYRIGHT

7. Credits - CREDITS

1. Introduction - INTRO

First of all, this is my first FAQ for any Yu-Gi-Oh! game. Second, the
FAQ is still incomplete. So for the other duelists, you can e-mail me
for your recommended deck against them. My e-mail will be found on
Contact Information.

2. Version History - HISTORY

Version 1.0 - March 29 2008
= Submitted the FAQ.

Version 1.1 - April 4 2008
= Added more strategies against other duelists. We are currently a
bit busy right now so i cannot handle this everyday. 

3. Recommended Decks - RECOMMENDED

In this section, you will find the decks that are recommended for
the duels you will be up against to. My recommended deck is the first
one since i found out that it is very useful to the duelists that i
have used to duel with. Well, i provided the deck with a unique name.
If you do not like it, then go on. 

Format : 

Deck Name


( Number of Cards in the deck ) List of Monsters in the Deck 


( Number of Cards in the deck ) List of Spells in the Deck


( Number of Cards in the deck ) List of Traps in the Deck

1. Aquanautics

Monsters ( 41 )

( 1x ) 7 Colored Fish

( 1x ) Amphibian Beast 

( 1x ) Amphibious Bugroth MK-3

( 1x ) Aqua Madoor

( 1x ) Aqua Spirit

( 1x ) Bolt Penguin

( 1x ) Cannonball Spear Shellfish

( 1x ) Crazy Fish

( 1x ) Creeping Doom Manta

( 1x ) Deepsea Warrior

( 1x ) Fairy of the Fountain

( 1x ) Fenrir

( 1x ) Fiend Kraken

( 1x ) Gagagigo

( 1x ) Giant Red Seasnake

( 1x ) Giga Gagagigo

( 1x ) High Tide Gyojin

( 2x ) Humanoid Slime

( 1x ) Hyosube

( 1x ) Jellyfish

( 1x ) Kabazauls

( 1x ) Kappa Avenger

( 1x ) Lekunga

( 1x ) Maiden of the Aqua

( 1x ) Mermaid Knight

( 1x ) Mobius the Frost Monarch

( 1x ) Mother Grizzly

( 2x ) Nightmare Penguin

( 1x ) Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness

( 2x ) Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness

( 1x ) Serpentine Princess

( 1x ) Star Boy

( 1x ) Takriminos

( 1x ) The Legendary Fisherman

( 1x ) Torpedo Fish

( 1x ) Unshaven Angler

( 1x ) Violent Rain

( 1x ) Yomi Ship

Spells ( 15 )

( 1x ) A Legendary Ocean

( 1x ) Back To Square One

( 1x ) Big Wave Small Wave

( 1x ) Dian Keto the Cure Master

( 1x ) Fissure

( 1x ) Giant Trunade

( 1x ) Nightmare's Steelcage

( 1x ) Power of Kaishin

( 1x ) Salvage

( 1x ) Share the Pain

( 1x ) Shrink

( 2x ) Steel Shell

( 1x ) Stim-Pack

( 1x ) Umi

Traps ( 6 )

( 1x ) Divine Wrath

( 1x ) Dust Tornado

( 1x ) Jar of Greed

( 1x ) Negate Attack

( 1x ) Reinforcements

( 1x ) Waboku

4. Strategies - STRATEGY

Now here in this section, you will find the strategies for each
duelist. This strategies may not give you 100% "LP Keep Bonus". This
strategies also will not give you always a win over them. But in
general, you will win when you fight them and only a few loses.

No. 001 - Jaden Yuki

Deck Name : New Hero Summon

Recommended Day to duel : 3rd May or 4th May

Difficulty : Normal

= He always use a Elemental Hero Deck. Use your highest DEF to be in
face-down defense position. I am talking about Humanoid Slime or an
Aqua Madoor. Then we he took damage, Summon the best monster you have
in your hand. Then on your next turn, try tributing 1 monster so that
you can finish it in 2 or 3 turns.
No. 002 - Syrus Truesdale

Deck Name : Heart of Gold

Recommended Day to duel : 3rd May

Difficulty : Normal

= I recommend dueling him first before any of the other 6 main 
duelists. His Deck is full of Machines so take advantage of that. Be
careful when he summon his Patroid. It can reveal your face-down card.
If he summoned Steamroid, you should have Divine Wrath ready so that
his ATK will not increase.
No. 003 - Chumley Huffington

Deck Name : Wrath of Nature

No. 004 - Alexis Rhodes

Deck Name : Raising the Curtains

Recommended Day to duel : 4th May

Difficulty : Hard

= She uses a combination of fairy and warrior deck. If Sanctuary in
the Sky is on the field, quickly use any Umi card. A Legendary Ocean,
Maiden of the Aqua or Umi itself. If you have none of the above, use
Giant Trunade. Watch out because he will fuse Blade Skater and Etoile
Cyber to form Cyber Blader. 
No. 008 - Vellian Crowler

Deck Name : Skill Leader (Beg)

Recommended Day to duel : 3rd May

Difficulty : Easy

= You can find him at Chancellor's Office before or after school. He
is not much of a problem. Summon your strongest monsters and Set your
highest DEF monsters. Do not use A Legendary Ocean often when dueling
him, so that you can tribute monsters which add to your Bonus.
No. 009 - Lyman Banner

Deck Name : Source-less Existence

No. 018 - Damon

Deck Name : Soul Draw

Recommended Day to duel : 2nd May or 3rd May

Difficulty : Very Easy

= He is easy considering that he sometimes does not summon monsters on
the field. Since he is easy, summon your best ATK monsters on your
hand. Then attack them until you win. On your last turn before you
finish him, you can use some supports like Waboku. Only if you have
activated at least 1 trap. But if you don't, then do not use it. Since
it is a No Trap Card Bonus worth 15 DP.
No. 019 - Jasmine

Deck Name : Harpies' Dance

No. 020 - Mindy

Deck Name : Hot Dude!

No. 021 - Blair

Deck Name : Serene Silence

No. 030 - Fonda Fontaine

Deck Name : Cutie Deck

Recommended Day to duel : 2nd May

Difficulty : Very Easy

= You do not almost need to buy the cards you don't have. He mainly
has a low ATK monsters so kill them. Use Aqua Spirit's effect if Light
of Intervention is activated. In this way, you can attack them but
this method may take about 20 turns. But since it may end on the 20th
turn, you get 40 DP for Turn Bonus.
No. 035 - Wade

Deck Name : Spellcaster's Savaki

Recommended Day to duel : 3rd May or 4th May

Difficulty : Hard

= A bit hard. He has spellcasters on his deck. Do not allow him to use
Dark Magic Curtain unless you have a monster with equal to or greater
than his ATK. Also, do not let Skilled Dark Magician activate its
effect when he has 3 Spell Counters. He will tribute it and summon
Dark Magician so have Divine Wrath in place.
No. 040 - Gillian

Deck Name : Essential Basics

Recommended Day to duel : 2nd May

Difficulty : Easy

= Your very first duel must be against him. Since his deck is almost
similar to your deck, you should expect something like 75% win from
him. Use Waboku if he has multiple monsters with higher ATK. Cards
like Humanoid Slime and Aqua Madoor should be in defense position
because of their 2000 DEF. You should accumulate DP lesser than 400 DP
since you will have so many NEW HIGH SCORE Bonus which is worth 20
DP each.

Win 10 Duels : Skull Servant

No. 041 - KENYoU

Deck Name : The Mushroom Man

Recommended Day to duel : 2nd May or 3rd May

Difficulty : Very Easy

= Good duelist. Just watch out for his The Mushroom Man #2. He will
activate it often and will switch that monster to yours. So have 
Divine Wrath if you wanna get LP Keep Bonus. 
No. 042 - Moses

Deck Name : Healing Boom

No. 043 - Terence

Deck Name : Fare Play

Recommended Day to duel : 3rd May

Difficulty : Normal

= Neutral. He uses cards like Respect Play and Ceremonial Bell. Both
of which can reveal both players' hands. Keep your Divine Wrath if he
manages to activate Ceremonial Bell. But it's your choice. You can see
what cards are in your opponent's hands.
No. 046 - Michael

Deck Name : Total Destruction

Recommended Day to duel : 4th May

Difficulty : Hard

= You need to prepare so i recommend dueling him at 4th May. I dueled
him on 2nd May and won but on 3rd May, i lost. If he tries to tribute,
it is usually a Mind on Air or a Nobleman-Eater Bug. If you wanna get
rid of Newdoria, he will usually destroy your highest ATK monster or
the monster who did not attack. Use Divine Wrath to counter.
No. 047 - Taku

Deck Name : Roaring Nights

No. 049 - Walter

Deck Name : Envoy from Another Planet

Recommended Day to duel : 4th May or 5th May

Difficulty : Very Hard

= Very Hard in my opinion. Duel him with the complete deck and you
will have no problem. If your Mother Grizzly is destroyed, be in
defensive stance and summon Yomi Ship ( if you have been damaged ).
If all of his monsters are finished battling, you can try summoning
Star Boy instead.
No. 050 - Hayden

Deck Name : Ultimate Ninja

Recommended Day to duel : 3rd May or 4th May

Difficulty : 

= Insect and Warrior Deck.
No. 051 - Rei

Deck Name : 

No. 052 - Zanny

Deck Name : Trap Runner

Recommended Day to duel : 4th May or 5th May

Difficulty : Very Hard

= His Deck mainly consists of Trap Cards. Some of the Trap Cards he
has can be a Monster Card. Use Giant Trunade to send them back to
Zanny. Use this chance to power up your monsters. Be sure that the
sum of the ATK of all your monsters should be exact or greater than
the LP of your opponent so that when you attack, you will win. If you
use Stim-Pack before you activate Giant Trunade, you might end up
losing that monster rather than inflicting damage.
No. 054 - Alvaro

Deck Name : 

No. 056 - Tryston

Deck Name : Clown Brigade

Recommended Day to duel : 2nd May or 3rd May

Difficulty : Very Easy

= He is also an easy duelist. Remember to use Reinforcements if you
acquired it on 3rd May. Target this to your monster that is targeted
by your opponent when they are in Battle Phase so the attacking
No. 057 - Loggy

Deck Name : Mysterious Masquerade

No. 058 - Kura

Deck Name : 

No. 059 - Aite

Deck Name : Halloween Corpse

No. 062 - Hiro

Deck Name : Horror of Black Light

Recommended Day to duel : 2nd May

Difficulty : Very Easy

= He is really a very easy duelist. He mainly uses an Insect Deck so
don't worry. If he manages to destroy one of your monsters, use Waboku
Since he is an easy opponent, use the rest of the duel to tribute
summon as it adds to your bonus and new high score lists.
No. 063 - Laurence

Deck Name : Dangerous Pair

Recommended Day to duel : 3rd May or 4th May

Difficulty : Hard

= He is pretty hard. Watch out for his Giant Orc that has 2200 ATK. He
really has a strong deck so you need to buy the cards that are listed
on the Recommended Deck section. If you manage to have 2 A Legendary
Oceans, then that is fine. Use your Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 to do 
direct attack if Umi is face-up on the field. If you are in danger,
use Big Wave Small Wave if you have at least 2 level 5 and up monsters
so you do not need to tribute them.
No. 064 - Khadim

Deck Name : Royal Revolution

Recommended Day to duel : 2nd May

Difficulty : Easy

= He is not that bad. You will only need to watch out for the United
We Stand Equip Spell Card. Because if you do not, the equipped monster
will gain 800 ATK that increases for other monsters other than the
equipped monster. He has a Toll Spell Card so you may not manage to
get LP Keep Bonus.
No. 065 - Shannon

Deck Name : World of Insects

No. 067 - Faty

Deck Name : 

No. 069 - Pipin

Deck Name : 

No. 077 - Marcel

Deck Name : 

No. 081 - Mathew

Deck Name : 

No. 082 - Corey

Deck Name : Armageddon's Aftermath

Recommended Day to duel : 3rd May

No. 084 - Nova
No. 087 - Truly
No. 101 - Andrea
No. 102 - Lily
5. Contact Information - CONTACT

You can contact me if you have any corrections, suggestions and
questions. If you have a question, i will put your question on the
Frequently Asked Questions that will be added as soon as i received
a question. A question can be of any type. Location of duelist, card
that i can remove Toll in the field. If you e-mailed me for a
recommended deck, then i would appreciate that. But if you e-mailed me
for a strategy, i cannot answer it. The strategies are all up here.
If you e-mailed me for a RECOMMENDED STRATEGY, then do so. Credit is
given and is placed on Credits section.

6. Copyright Information - COPYRIGHT

Very Important : Please Read

This FAQ is a free use. You can read it but you cannot use it as your
own without my permission. If you do, it is a violation of copyright.
If you want this FAQ to be posted on your site, e-mail me for
permission first before trying to post it on your site. Below are
the sites who are granted permission to post this FAQ :

Now, if you want your site to be added, e-mail me for permission.

7. Credits - CREDITS

Now, check here the people who have help me make this FAQ. If you want
your name to be here, read the instructions in Contact Information.

To Super Cheats for hosting the FAQ

To KONAMI for making another great Yu-Gi-Oh! GX game.

To you, as the reader who viewed and spend time getting some knowledge
about my FAQ.