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Enemy/Boss Guide

by Save_Some_FACE

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<b>XIII: Enemy/Boss Guide</b> by <a href="/features/recognition/69360.html">Save_Some_FACE</a><br />
Version 1.00,  Last Updated 2007-03-09 
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XIII (PS2 Version) Enemy/Boss Guide
By Save Some FACE

1. Introduction

Hello, welcome to my sixth guide, this one is an Enemy and Boss guide for XIII.
Whether you’re stuck on a certain boss or just looking for an interesting read,
this guide will help you either way.

XIII really amazed my young self. I was really wowed by the story and the 
game’s ending remains the best I have ever seen. While it pales in comparison 
to Timesplitters and co., this is still a decent first-person shooter that is 
well worth a look if you see it pretty cheap.

Also, this guide contains SPOILERS, mainly for the boss section. I have covered 
up the conspirators’ names in the Contents, but I will not do this when I come 
to describe them. Caution advised if you have not completed the game.

2. Contents

1. Introduction
2. Contents
3. Legal Information
4. Version History
5. Enemies
-5a. Friendlies
-5b. Mongoose Thugs
-5c. Navymen
-5d. SPADS
-5e. The Conspiracy
6. Bosses
-6a. The Assassin
-6b. Last Stand
-6c. Shack Showdown
-6d. The Madman
-6e. Number XX
-6f. Number XI
-6g. Number VII
-6h. The Helicopter
-6i. Number IX
-6j. Number V
-6k. Conspiracy Showdown
-6l. Number III
-6m. SPADS Showdown
-6n. Final Boss
7. Credits
8. Outroduction

3. Legal Information

This guide is Copyright (C) 2006-7 Save Some FACE.

You can use this guide for your own or others’ personal use, copy and paste it,
and print it out, even use it on your own website as long as you acknowledge 
that I am indeed the author of this work.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademarks and copyright holders.

4. Version History

1st March 2007 – Version 0.25 - Started the FAQ. Completed Introduction, 
Contents, Legal Information, and the Friendlies section of the Enemies.

2nd March 2007 – Version 0.31 – Completed the Mongoose Thugs section of the 
Enemies. Started the SPADS section.

8th March 2007 – Version 0.50 – Completed the whole enemies section, and did 
the first four bosses.

9th March 2007 – Version 1.00 – Completed the guide.

5. Enemies

The enemies form the bulk of the gameplay within XIII. You will spend most of 
your time and get most of your entertainment from shooting and murdering these 
guys. Some of them are unfortunate fellows, having their bodies broken, burnt, 
wrecked, and generally mutilated by your bullets, crossbow bolts, knives, or 

There are four main types of enemy, which I have categorised for your easy 
reading. There are multiple enemies in each category, all of which are listed 
and any special strategies to defeat them are included. Basic information 
concerning each category will also be placed at the start of said category.

Let’s go then!

5a. Friendlies

These are people that, though hostile to you, should not be killed; only 
‘neutralized’ as the game puts it. If you do kill them, the game will end 
because even though they can shoot at you thinking you’re a bad guy, you know 
what you doing and only the stupidest of players will not realise it’s not in 
your best interests to kill FBI Agents and the like.

To ‘neutralize’ the enemies, you must not use guns at all. You should 
physically throw objects (not knives though!) or use your fists. If you’re a 
decent player, you can use a manoeuvre called the judo chop from behind, which 
is one hit knock-out. That’s badass. Last but not least, you can also take 
these people hostage, though that’s not recommended except for one part of the 
game where you are prompted to do so. To do that, press X from behind to grab 
them, maybe take your gun out for added effect. You can press X again to knock 
them out, and from there you can pick up their unconscious bodies though that 
won’t do you much good!


Appearance - Varies

These people only appear in the bank level and hardly get in your way. They are 
actually not hostile to you (though perhaps a bit rude), and you generally 
shouldn’t attack them with your fists unless absolutely necessary. To shoot 
them is murder in cold blood.

Police Officers

Appearance – Caucasian, Beige Shirt, Brown Pants and Hat

The arm of the law isn’t very long in XIII. These guys are generally only armed 
with 9mms and .44 Specials, and because you’re a skilful young fellow, you can 
dodge in and weave out before delivering a few choice punches to the face. Or 
you can just hit them with a chair…Or judo chop…Or use a hostage…Just don’t 
kill them!

FBI Officers

Appearance – Caucasian, Blue jacket with yellow FBI lettering on back, Blue 
Jeans, sometimes a blue hat

These guys are very similar to the Police Officers, with the same weapons. Some 
of them are even cowards, although most will act hostile to you if the 
Mongoose’s thugs don’t kill them first. After all, you are their prisoner. The 
usual neutralization methods apply – fists to the face, just no bullets.


Appearance – Caucasian, Green military uniform

The G.I. men are slightly harder. They all carry Assault Rifles, and if 
threatened, will not hesitate to use them. Usually, however, if they spot you 
(they only appear in the final levels), they will run to the nearest alarm, 
shouting along the way. If they press it, it’s game over for you.

So, considering there’s quite a few of them as they are protecting a military 
base, the best tactic is to use weapons such as chairs and brooms to knock them 
out instantly – just rush them, hopefully you’ll hit them before they get a 
chance to react, let alone run.

If you’ve been spotted accidentally or botched your physical blows, then 
immediately chase after the soldier – it doesn’t matter who sees you, this guy 
is your priority – and attempt to judo chop him as he will have his back to you 
when pressing the alarm. If you can get some punches in on the way then your 
chances will be improved, but try not to panic if he does run because your judo 
chop will never fail you.

5b. Mongoose Thugs

These are mercenaries working for the Conspiracy’s assassin, The Mongoose. 
They’re unpleasant men who aren’t afraid to kill anyone in the way of their 
target or objective.

However, other than their ruthlessness, they are mainly amateurs having had no 
military training, or teamwork training. Despite them dogging you for most of 
the first half of the game, they never seem to improve and are only a threat in 

Their ranks are varied, but you can be assured you can kill every last one, as 
they wouldn’t hesitate to do the same to you.

Denim Thug

Appearance – Caucasian, wears the latest light blue denim fashion, also has 
blond hair

This guy has a vicious streak in him, even for a common thug, and often carries 
a Shotgun. He seems to have fairly high accuracy, but other than that, he poses 
no threat. Okay, he doesn’t have ‘fairly high accuracy’, everyone has the same 
accuracy, I was just looking for something to say, alright?

Orange Thug

Appearance – Black, bald, wears large orange jacket and green pants

A particularly taunting thug, this guy has a little more health and takes more 
time to take down than the average hooligan, but he’s all bark and no bite, 
really. Welcome to Kansas, Dorothy!?

Chav Thug

Appearance – Caucasian, wears black hat, orange jacket

This guy thinks he’s something, but is probably the most average thug around. 
He’s entirely inconspicuous and not at all noticeable, except perhaps when you 
examine his badly shot up body. Oh yeah, it’s the Chav Thug. What do you do 

Environmentally-Minded Thug

Appearance – Caucasian, wears purple shirt with recycle symbol on it

The most sensible and tame thug around, and for the same reason he only appears 
once in the first level. This guy uses knives because bullets may chip the 
nearby cliffs, or something, and he is also something of an acrobat. 
Unfortunately, environmental campaigners deserve about as much sympathy as a 
rabid dog would give your cat, so waste no time in killing him.

Four-Eyes Thug

Appearance – Caucasian, wears green jacket and beige trousers, brown mushroom 
cut and, obviously, glasses

Appears as The Assassin in the first level, but from then on is relegated to 
basic thug with a fetish for shotguns. He’s the guy everyone pushed around and 
dunked sour milk on in high school, or something. Feel free to taunt him with 
these childhood memories as you blast him up.

Bearded Thug 

Appearance – Caucasian, green jacket, light blond hair and beard

Not badass at all, though he thinks he is because he’s often a sniper. 
Grandpa’s…just basic. You don’t see him that much, to be honest. Here goes text 
text text.

Doobdedoo. Yeah, he doesn’t take much to defeat.

Cape Thug

Appearance – Caucasian, long black hair and slight beard, wears distinctive 
brown/green cape

Yeah this guy is badass; a cape makes you badass automatically. But he’s pretty 
average as are all the Mongoose thugs, I just feel like listing them all so you 
can see who they all are.

Is that all the Mongoose thugs done? I think so. Like you needed to know all 

5c. Navymen

These appear in the harbour and submarine levels. While lacking in the health 
department, they’re fast, acrobatic guys and can do fair damage if you’re not 
ready. Also, one of the levels in which they appear is a stealth level – treat 
them as you would like a Soldier in this, as that is what they are equal to – 
only lacking in the gun and health department.


Appearance: White hat and shirt, blue striped trousers

The Sailor is not at all dangerous. In fact, a quick burst from an Assault 
Rifle or Miniguns will put a quick end to his hopeless life. Hapless, foolish, 
and practically paralytic, the only time you should fear the Sailor is in the 
stealth levels, where they have an annoying habit of popping up out of nowhere 
to conveniently spot your ass. They’re bad fighters and pretty much nothing to 
worry about when it’s time to get your guns out though.

Navy Soldier

Appearance: Blue navy uniform with matching hat

A more accomplished fighter, this guy is actually a guard of the submarine and 
often has an Assault Rifle that he is fairly accurate with. His health though, 
is not something to write home about. Much like the Sailor, he can be taken out 
with a short burst from the rifle. If they’re in groups, take cover or just 
blast your way through quickly and effectively.


Appearance: Dark blue gimp, with a yellow oxygen tank

The only enemy in the game to use the Harpoon Gun. So why not use your harpoon 
gun on them? It can take them out in one shot, and if you’re really badass, 
swim up near them and use alternate fire to stab them…Ouch. They generally work 
in groups and are more pests than dangers as their attacks are not very 
powerful. If you’re accurate you should take them out fairly quickly and be 
done with it.

Now to move onto some real enemies…


Or spazzes as I like to call them. The SPADS come in around a quarter of the 
way through the game and stay with you consistently throughout from there. The 
SPADS are an elite army of soldiers commanded by Colonel MacCall. Did you know 
that XIII, Steve Rowland, used to be a Captain in the SPADS? Yeah, I’m up with 
all the latest gossip.

So these guys are pretty dangerous in numbers, and aren’t afraid to unleash 
some nasty automatic bullets into your ass, so you have to be careful when 
facing these guys. They can also take a fair bit of punishment, so never 
underestimate them.

Because the SPADS all look very similar, I won’t list their appearance or list 
the different variations. All you need to know are that most are of Caucasian 
descent, they wear beige and dark green clothing usually (or beige and white in 
the snow levels), and can often be spotted with red berets.

Basic Soldier

The Basic SPADS soldier is still more accurate than any Mongoose Thug with an 
Assault Rifle or Shotgun, and can take just a little more punishment than any 
of them. Headshots work very well, especially with a Sniper Rifle or Crossbow, 
trust me, it’s usually a one-hit kill. Otherwise give them some good consistent 
punishment with whatever gun you have and they should go down quick. If they’re 
in numbers, use cover. If you have no cover, run around a lot…while shooting, 
of course.

Light Armoured Soldier

Generally you should use the same tactics as you would on a Basic Soldier, 
except avoid the headshot if he’s wearing a helmet. What to do if he’s wearing 
both body armour and a helmet? Got any Grenades or Assault Rifle grenades? Try 
and get him in a group and let one loose.

Otherwise you should go for his legs or just shoot lots at his helmet – after 
all, these guys only wear light armour that doesn’t take too much punishment.

Heavy Armoured Soldier

Now these guys are quite a different story. Quite a lot rarer than other SPADS 
but very heavily armoured and difficult to take down, you should really go for 
the legs on these guys lest you be one to take a lot of lead around your body. 
These men mean business and you can waste a whole magazine on destroying their 
helmets or heavy armour – in fact, don’t shoot at their chests at all because 
you will be wasting ammo on that sort of armour. Ideally they are in a group 
that you can use some sort of explosive on, but if not use the usual strafing, 
dodging, and firing tactics.

SPADS Captain

Differs considerably in appearance to the first few types of SPADS – he wears a 
red beret and green camouflage suit. Fortunately, while he is a good marksman, 
he doesn’t take long to kill at all and is generally a nice sight because he 
often carries Medkits. Mmm, medkits. In a shootout with many SPADS, you should 
kill the captain first as not only is he the most dangerous with a weapon, but 
also the most beneficial should you kill him.


Blake is a normal SPADS soldier. There’s just one thing though. He’s mad. Mad? 
Well, if you call calling Colonel MacCall a ‘pinhead’ mad, then I guess he is.

He is found in the cell adjacent to the one you wake up in, in Plain Rock 
Asylum. Laughing manically, with a chatterbox mouth and uselessly reciting 
military shouts, you can leave him to die in misery, or put a quick end to his 
life. He won’t fight back; he is locked in a cell after all. Poor Blake.

5e. The Conspiracy

The Conspiracy…yes, the shady group of men and women who are the primary 
antagonists in XIII. They’re the elite of the game, though the basic enemies 
are only featured in the second third, with the SPADS taking the reigns once 
again in the finale.

These people are not to be taken lightly. They’re trained, ruthless, and will 
stop at nothing to get what they want. Be prepared for their quick wits, sharp 
aim, and deadly manner.

Conspiracy Agent

Appearance: Caucasian, male or female, grey suit

These people are generally the bodyguards and elite henchmen of the twenty 
Conspirators. They usually carry quite but deadly weapons, such as Miniguns and 
Crossbows, and most often lacking armour. Nevertheless, they take quite a few 
bullets to go down, and in some stealth levels, you really need to unleash some 
automatic rifle bullets into their brains to prevent them from pushing an alarm.

If you can’t get a one-shot-kill headshot in with a crossbow or sniper rifle, 
don’t let up with the automatic weapons, mainly their own Miniguns, or even 
Kalashes. The agents aren’t in the position they are for nothing, so watch out 
for their fast demeanour and careful aim.


Appearance: White robes, pointy hood, almost like a member of the Ku Klux Klan. 
Known to carry a purple bag too.

When I say ‘Conspirator’, I mean those you meet in two of the final levels. 
Faceless hooded men and women who form part of the XX (though interestingly 
I’ve counted more than twenty) but you never get to see who they really are. 
Otherwise there would be no point to this FAQ, as there would be only half the 

Usually they wield a Kalash, but aren’t afraid to go for a sniper rifle and 
work in groups. While they aren’t really prepared for fighting, they’re at 
least armed and take quite a bit of punishment before going down. In groups, 
they’re deadly so don’t go in complacent.

And that’s all the regular enemies of the game done. Now shall we move on to 
the real men? The bosses? Yes, I think we should.

6. Bosses

XIII has quite a few bosses. Some are publicised and hyped up well, while 
others you could mistake for normal enemies. Nevertheless in my perfectionist 
ways I have decided to include all that I could identify. What follows is 
arguably your most comprehensive guide to the bosses of XIII on the whole 
internet. Go on then, read it.

FINAL SPOILER WARNING – I will mention the conspirators’ real names here. Use 
caution when looking at their sections.

Boss 1 – The Assassin

Difficulty – 2/10
Appearance – Caucasian, green jacket, beige trousers, glasses, and mop-top hair

The Assassin appears at the end of the very first level to test your knowledge 
of the game’s basics. Armed with a .44 Special, he is much like the henchmen 
you’ve already faced in time to take down, but he’s distinctive at this stage, 
and the fact that the game mentions him as such warrants his appearance as the 
first boss.

The only real difficulty here is something that may catch out first-time 
players – the assassin cunningly hides behind a small shack which may surprise 
you if you are unaware of where he is. Experienced players will know to use the 
vehicle for cover, or alternatively, run right at him and shoot his face off. 
Either way, take his key once he’s dead and unlock the vehicle to complete the 

Boss 2 – Last Stand

Difficulty – 3/10

This is where Jones and Carrington are trying to fix the Helicopter at the end 
of the ‘Emerald’ series of levels. Hoards of SPADS rush at you in order to 
attempt to foil your escape. Jones behind you has a health meter but to be 
honest I’ve never seen her get hit much, especially if you take down the SPADS 
on sight.

The difficulty of this battle lies in the direction the SPADS come from. That 
coupled with the terrible conditions of night and snow can make visibility 
difficult. You should either rely on your Assault Rifle, replenishing your ammo 
by visiting the bodies of SPADS you have killed, or use the handily placed 
mounted machine gun near the helicopter. While this gun is powerful, its recoil 
is ridiculous and the gun is more of a hindrance than a help sometimes. Still, 
it mows down SPADS pretty fast so it’s your personal preference.

After a short while or after a set amount of SPADS are dead, Jones and 
Carrington will magically fix the helicopter and you can make your escape.

Boss 3 – Shack Showdown

Difficulty – 6/10

A considerably harder stand than before. This takes place after Kim Rowland has 
run off, leaving you behind in her shack, which is where you should stay in 
times of need. First off, you should take all the supplies in the shack, 
including the M60 placed where Kim indicated in the flashback. This weapon is 
powerful and will be your friend. Keep Medkits close at hand before you turn 
and face the hordes of Mongoose Thugs attacking you.

Some will come right to the door of the shack and attempt to blow you away, or 
fire at you through the windows. These are your immediate concern, and their 
supply generally never ends. Some thugs hide in the background of the trees and 
cliffs that you cannot reach, but these are pests and can be taken down with a 
good Kalash burst or other automatic gun.

Halfway through the battle, a helicopter with thugs inside will arrive. One of 
these guys is a very good marksman and will shoot and hit you when you leave 
the shack. Unfortunately, by putting him in your line of sight, you put 
yourself in his line of sight. Be quick as soon as you hear the helicopter 
arrive and make sure to shoot down all men inside or you could soon find 
yourself bogged down and running out of ammo. Eventually it’ll fly away and you 
can finish off the remainder of the Mongoose’s forces. They won’t give up until 
quite a few more have been killed, but you’re at the easy end of the battle at 
this point.

Someone will decide to use an RPG and blows the left side of the shack to 
pieces once you’ve defeated enough. You should escape through the hole left 
behind before an unfortunate avalanche buries you…

Boss 4 – The Madman

Difficulty – 3/10
Appearance – Caucasian, bald, orange asylum suit

You get a clue to the presence of this particularly violent inmate after the 
electric chair room. A guard lies dead following a long trail of blood, at the 
end of which you have to climb into a vent.

At the top, the inmate will assault you with a shotgun. He can be startling at 
first, but keep your cool despite your inevitably poor ammo supplies and take 
him down like you would any normal henchmen. I only include him here as he is 
the only inmate who actually displays violent tendencies. Then again, he could 
be just the same as you – a falsely imprisoned man trying to make his escape.

Boss 5 – Number XX – Edward W. Johansson

Difficulty – 6/10
Appearance – Caucasian, typical doctor attire – white jacket and suit, and 

The first fairly dangerous boss you will come across. Our mad doctor Johansson 
(listen to the conversation before the battle…weird eh?) may not be able to use 
guns, but is actually quite capable with knives, and more importantly, with a 
syringe. This syringe will not only slow you down, but also make you drop your 
current weapon so you have to pick it up again, once the effects have worn off.

It goes without saying then, that you should continuously run backwards from 
this maniac who will spend most of his time trying to inject you. Try to run 
backwards in a circle around the operating table lest you be caught in a corner.
Repeatedly pump him full of shotgun bullets and try to get some .44 Special 
headshots in if you can. Once those two are out of ammo and if he’s still not 
dead, use your less powerful weapons to finish him off. If that still doesn’t 
work, there are knives next to the patient’s corpse, although it is unlikely 
Johansson will be able to survive until then after all that punishment.

When he uses his knives, you can take a breather and simply strafe out of their 
way while you get some good shots in as he is mostly stationary. He’s not that 
hard, especially once your panic sets in from his almost rabid way of attacking 

Boss 6 – Number XI – Colonel Seymour MacCall

Difficulty – 7/10
Appearance – Caucasian, green military camo attire, sunglasses, pinhead

This guy is a real boss for real men. He’s such a man, he tells XIII to ‘drop 
[your] weapons’ to ‘talk about this’ before opening fire on you. WTF??? I 
mean…yeah, that’s badass.

MacCall will spend most of his time hiding behind the military barracks in the 
back of your arena. You should spend the time hiding behind the crates nearby 
to wait for him to come out, as you don’t want to be on the receiving end of 
his M60. It hurts. A lot. When he does come out and play, immediately fire off 
your Assault Rifle grenades to do massive damage, then play battle of machine 
guns, ducking and firing, waiting for him to appear before opening fire.

To be honest, it’s a straight-out gun fight that depends on your skill as a 
marksman. If your grenades miss or you panic and miss your shots he’ll 
potentially annihilate you, especially in the hardest difficulty. Taking cover 
works well as if you are out in the open you WILL take a lot of damage from 
that all-conquering gun. In fact, the cover is the only real thing that will 
help you in this battle, as well as regular medkit healing…but remember, 
sometimes the best form of defence is offence.

Boss 7 – Number VII – Admiral Franklin Edelbright

Difficulty – 5/10
Appearance – Caucasian, White navy attire with suiting hat, and medals

While the torpedoes look dangerous, they are not explosive at all. Now, 
straight after the Admiral makes his honourable speech about ‘rather dying than 
telling Number I [I’ve] failed’, two Navy Soldiers will burst in. Fortunately, 
they appear to be so close that they might as well be hugging, so a quick burst 
from your Assault Rifle should slaughter them both.

Now turn your attention to the Admiral. He wields dual Miniguns, and is a fair 
Marksman. However, he does not use the layout of the arena – rows of 
torpedoes – to his advantage, especially seeing as his Miniguns do not stand a 
chance against the monster that is your Assault Rifle. The Admiral is outgunned 
here, especially if you have and can use grenades to your advantage. He isn’t 
very hard to kill at all. We salute you, honourable man.

Boss 8 – The Helicopter

Difficulty – 7/10
Appearance – It’s a brown helicopter. 

Well, the one boss fight where you’re allowed an RPG and it’s also the most 
tedious. Blah. Basically, the Helicopter has two attacks – its guns which 
aren’t actually that accurate or damaging, and rockets which you should 
actually take shelter from if you can.

Now the Helicopter is actually very speedy and agile, so much so that your RPG, 
the sole weapon that does damage, always misses except at one point…When he’s 
about to fire his missiles. What you need to do is run around, dodging the 
bullets but at the same time keeping an eye on him, then when he stops and is 
ready to fire, you fire off a damaging rocket right in the middle of his vision.

Great! Well done! Now stop admiring your direct hit and run away because he may 
now have fired rockets off at you, which are very powerful and deafening. Not 
only that, but you may have to do it three or four more times before he finally 
goes down! Sigh…The only redeeming feature here is that he never changes his 
attack pattern.

The main tactic I recommend in this battle, aside from not standing still, is 
always keeping your target on him. Follow him around like you would an 
amazingly hot girl, only taking your eyes off to get some drinks…or, rather, 
extra rockets and a medkit or two. Once you get used to it, it’s pretty easy.

Boss 9 – Number IX – Jasper Winslow

Difficulty – 4/10
Appearance – Tubby Caucasian man, wears expensive green suit

When you first approach Winslow from above, he will be asking an agent for a 
lighter to burn some important documents. Sensibly, the agent replies that she 
doesn’t smoke, but that shouldn’t stop you putting a quick end to her life 
straight after – despite her low health she’s probably more dangerous than 

After this conversation, or after you’ve opened fire, Winslow will run away. If 
you haven’t already, kill the agent, then drop down on to the snooker table and 
attack him repeatedly. He really can’t do much to defend himself at all and is 
a poor fighter with the shotgun, especially if you keep your distance. That and 
the fact that he can’t hide makes this an easy battle against an arrogant and 
corrupt man.

Boss 10 – Number V – Clayton Willard

Difficulty – 5/10
Appearance – Slim Caucasian man, wears expensive blue suit

Willard, however, is somewhat more quick-witted. As soon as the FBI Agent stops 
talking to you, he is shot dead by this guy and you’ll have to chase him around 
the building. He’s armed with a Kalash and can harm you pretty well, so caution 
is advised.

The fact that you have no real ‘power’ weapons like the trusty assault rifle 
makes this battle more tedious than difficult. While Willard is not to be taken 
lightly, he’s simply not as good in a gunfight as you should be and only his 
speed is his saving grace – it might be tough to get a shot in which is 
annoying with low ammo and poor weapons.

It’s probably best to get in close here, as Willard does not wield a shotgun 
like Winslow – a good headshot with the .44 Special can hurt him badly and some 
good Minigun punishment works well too. Eventually he’ll go down.

Boss 11 – Conspiracy Showdown

Difficulty – 5/10

Time to take down the last of the Conspiracy (except for Number III, II, and 
the ever-elusive Number I). This takes place at the end of the cliff level, 
which I won’t describe as you are rarely attacked by a group and the 
Conspirators are poor fighter. After the final, long zipwire ride you should be 
confronted by a number of conspiracy agents. They aren’t very hard to kill as 
they all come from the same place.

Eventually, Amos will radio you telling you he’s trying to get near with the 
helicopter but he can’t. Oh, it seems there are three conspiracy helicopters 
with agents on them. Two have two agents on them, and one has a solo agent in. 
They happen to be far away too. What you have to do is kill the agents on the 
helicopter so it will fly away. It doesn’t help that, while the Helicopters do 
hover, they move around a little so a crossbow headshot takes skill, and the 
agents are slightly better marksmen and women than usual.

It’s probably best to take out the lone guy first, with the Kalash or Miniguns,
as the automatic weapons are the best chance you have of hitting them. Then 
move on to the other helicopter, perhaps using burst fire with the Kalash to 
reduce the recoil. Of course, if you want to showboat, you could use the 
crossbow, but this isn’t recommended unless you’re pretty good.

Boss 12 – Number III – General William Standwell

Difficulty – 9/10
Appearance – Caucasian, blue military suit with matching hat and medals, 
notable eyepatch

You knew this battle was coming from the start. First, however, you have to 
deal with a lot of SPADS coming from all four corners. It isn’t fun, or pretty,
as they all have assault rifles and could well be descendants of Robin Hood. 
Once you’ve taken down five or six, Standwell will emerge from the President’s 
capture room.

This battle is pretty much like the MacCall one. Except, you have very little 
cover, and Standwell moves very fast even though he is carrying the almighty 
M60. This time, it is you who is outgunned. So this battle relies on skill, 
ammo conservation, and accuracy. It goes without saying that if you stand still 
you will be shot dead.

Therefore, you must keep moving, preferably as far away from Standwell as 
possible. If he gets in close, every bullet will hit you and you can be torn 
apart in a matter of seconds. This battle is intense, and in realistic mode is 
arguably the hardest battle in the game. You just have to be a good player at 
this point – luck won’t get you through. Be thankful you have the Assault Rifle,
as its grenades can take off a fair chunk of his health, then just pummel him 
with it. It’s the only weapon you should be using really, as nothing else 
stands a chance against the M60.

Keep moving, firing accurately with the rifle, and use what little cover you 
have to take him out. It’s your biggest challenge so far so you shouldn’t take 
it lightly. An all-out hectic gun fight, it’s all about firepower and accuracy, 
and if you have neither of the two…well, good luck.

Boss 13 – SPADS Showdown

Difficulty – 6/10

Felt I should include this here. You’ll know it when you see it, as you can see 
hordes of SPADS working on computers and patrolling the area. Fortunately, they 
won’t notice you until you do something really obvious. Open the central doors 
and take out the first one you see with a well-placed headshot.

From there, it’s chaos. These are the last of the SPADS that will openly fight 
you and there’s lots. Armoured, no-armoured, captains, the whole lot. I 
recommend running into the central mainframe room, despite how out in the open 
it is, and slaughtering all the guys around. From there, look up and take out 
some captains who will inevitably be hanging around shooting at you cheaply. If 
there’s one on ground level, pick up his medkit once you’ve killed him.

Keep moving or you can be shot to pieces fairly quickly, taking out anyone and 
everyone you see. When it’s quiet, you can advance to some stairs in the corner 
of the room, where you will face yet more SPADS who are annoying as they have a 
sight advantage. 

Continue ascending to see the apparent (and slightly camp) Number I, Calvin 
Waxx, frantically trying to call Standwell. Too bad Standwell’s dead. Rather 
than reveal the identity of his superior, Waxx kills himself. He would have 
been a bad fighter anyway. An inspection of his body reveals ‘Number II’…Bah, 
Number I is still free.

Boss 14 – The Mongoose

Difficulty – 9/10
Appearance – Caucasian, bald, Brown trenchcoat, Vulture-like appearance

No, The Mongoose is not Number I. This assassin who has hounded you throughout 
the game, though, is a suitable final boss, and will not go down easy. I feel 
this battle is set up perfectly, from the creepy sound of the door 
closing…there’s someone else in here…to the witty speech he makes before he 
opens fire.

At first, it’s just you and him. He’ll be a wuss at first and hide behind one 
of the five rockets, then come out from a random side and open fire, a la Wild 
Dog at the end of the first Time Crisis. Now you can either shoot him when this 
happens, though he will be shooting at you too, or shoot the rocket to release 
some gas to momentarily choke and therefore paralyse him. From there you can 
open fire big-time with the M60, or the Assault Rifle (grenades). Just don’t go 
in too close, otherwise you will be choked too.

After a lot of frolicking around with this, the rockets will start to descend, 
leaving the Mongoose without cover. SPADS will then attack from above, though 
Jones will arrive and shoot them. You needn’t worry about her, so just 
concentrate on the Mongoose. This part of the battle is far more mobile, as not 
only does the Mongoose hide between descending rockets, but bodies of SPADS 
with armour and medkits will fall from the battle above, so you can collect 
your treasures. Just be careful of the edge though, if you’re near it – it’s 
very easy to get carried away and fall to your death.

It’s recommended you use solely your Assault Rifle from this stage on. The M60 
is just too slow to keep up with the Mongoose, and the large recoil doesn’t 
help much. The Mongoose will still hide, and surprise you, but you can sneak up 
on him too and get some good shots in. This part of the battle is much less 
restricted than what you experienced at the start, so press your firepower 
advantage against the Mongoose’s dual Miniguns. That’s not to say he isn’t 
accurate though – he is.

Eventually, the Mongoose will decide it’s time for an all-out gun fight and 
will simply attack you head-on - no time for hiding and cowardice. He will be 
low on health at this point, so whip out your preferred weapon and blast him 
away. Once you’ve defeated him, he will fall down the nearest silo, still 
pondering your identity, falling to his death…seemingly.

You’ll have to play the final level to discover Number I’s identity, and The 
Mongoose’s true fate. It’s not like I’m gonna spoil undoubtedly one of the 
greatest game endings ever, is it? Find out for yourself.

7. Credits

Myself – Duh.

CJayC and Sailor Bacon – Running GameFAQs, best help site on the web by far.

The Offspring – Still listening to these guys hard.

You – For reading and/or using this guide.

8. Outroduction

It’s been a good experience writing this guide. Finally finished the trio of 
Enemy/Boss guides I had planned. XIII is one of my all-time favourite games and
one of the few I’ve really been truly addicted to. It’s amazing, enthralling, 
and shocking all at the same time. It’s been a pleasure to write this sort of 
guide to its many enemies and bosses and I hope I have done this underrated 
game justice. I may have a Plot Analysis planned…

Thank you once again for reading.


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