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Follow the dark path or use the light
Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra Pack Shot

Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra


Sidequest FAQ

by fish_guts

Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra: Sidequest FAQ by fish_guts
Version 2.00, Last Updated 2006-09-13 View/Download Original File
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 Xenosaga III : Also sprach Zarathustra

Side quests FAQ

By: fish_guts

Version 2.00



1. Version Information

2. Legal Information

3. Opening Notes

4. Segment Addresses

5. Federal Reports

6. Database Updates

7. Swimsuit Party Challenge!

8. Final Weapons

9. Arcadian Resource Dungeon

10. Additional Bosses

11. Additional Outfits

12. Minor Side Quests and Events

13. Hakox Craziness!

14. Closing Messages

1. Version Information
9/3/06----- Sat around naked thinking about writing a guide

9/4/06-----Started writing guide.

9/6/06-----Loved a women who wasn't clean, got A V.D.

9/7/06-----First Version is completed.

9/8/06-----Fixed hundreds of errors.

9/13/06-----Minor update/fixed errors.

9/13/06----Discovered Spell!

2. Legal Information

This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission or submission by the 

As of right now, this walkthrough should
 only be available on the following sites:

Please notify me if it appears elsewhere at [email protected]

All names, locations, and references are property of 
Namco Bandai Games Inc.  
The document itself is the property of fish_guts. Copyright law prohibits 
plagerism of this material.  

(After all that seriousness I would just like to say that if you email 
me and ask to use this guide on your site 
I will most likely say yes. Just please ask!)
3. Opening Notes
This guide was meant to help with everything that isn't required to 
beat the main quest of 
Xenosaga III: Also sprach Zarathustra.
I'm going to do my best to leave major spoilers 
out of this guide. Though I am sure that some minor spoilers will be
required to write this guide efficiently. Basically don't worry
about having your game ruined by reading this guide.

I'd also like to apologize in advance for my attempts at humor. 
If you read the Version Information you most
likely got the idea that I myself 
think I am funny. I'm not, so for that I apologize.

Well....enough messing around....

4. Segment Addresses
-Segment Addresses once again make a major appearance in a
Xenosaga game. To quickly and easily beat a optional boss
you will need a few items that are hidden behind these doors. Not to
mention some of the really nice objects you will get for finding them!

Segment Address 1.-----
Door Location: Dabrye Mine, hidden room( destroy wall).

Decoder Location: Floating Landmass, level one, treasure chest.

Treasure Inside: Witch's Eye

Segment Address 2.----
Door Location: Abel's Ark, Green Sphere

Decoder Location: Hakox Mini Game, beat beginner level

Treasure Inside: G-Ignis III.

Segment Address 3.----
Door Location: Pedea Island.

Decoder Location:  Dark Professor's Lair, Basement.

*Obtain by defeating Erde Kaiser Sigma*

Treasure Inside: Erde Kaiser Sigma Device.

Segment Address 4.----
Door Location: CAT Testing Grounds, Gnosis Storage Area.

Decoder Location: CAT Testing Grounds, Lounge Area, treasure Chest.

Treasure Inside: KWP-XI

Segment Address 5.----
Door Location: Labyrinthos, Area 13, 

Decoder Location: Hospital, 4th Floor, treasure chest.

Treasure Inside: Erde Kaiser Fury Device.

Segment Address 6.----
Door Location: Durandel, Park(left side).

Decoder Location: CAT Testing Grounds, Weapon's Development Area

Note: Need a special key to enter 
Weapon's area, you receive from Defeating Citrine.

*Defeat Omega ID to receive Decoder*

Treasure Inside: Erde Kaiser Dark Device.

Segment Address 7.----
Door Location: Hospital, Second floor.

Decoder Location:  Hospital, Second floor.

*Deliver all federal addresses to Loria to receive decoder.*

Treasure Inside: Ring of coercion.

Segment Address 8.----
Door Location: S-Line Division, Sector one

Decoder Location: Pedea island, treasure chest.

Treasure Inside: Tears River

Segment Address 9.----
Door Location: Elsa, Robot Academy.

Decoder Location: CAT Testing Grounds( defeat dungeon boss)

Treasure Inside: Erde Kaiser Device.

Segment Address 10.----
Door Location: CAT Testing Grounds, Docks

Decoder Location: Merkabah, top of shaft, treasure chest.

Treasure Inside: KAP-NAR.

Segment Address 11.----
Door Location: Merkabah, Honeycomb maze.

Decoder Location: Dabyrie Mine, defeat dungeon boss.

Treasure Inside: Sweet Pain

Segment Address 12.----
Door Location: Floating Landmass, Bedrock Layer.

Decoder Location: Merkabah, Honeycomb maze, treasure chest.

Treasure Inside: Guardian Weapon

Segment Address 13.----
Door Location: Abel's Ark, Blue Sphere.

Decoder Location: Labyrinthos, Area 13, treasure chest.

Treasure Inside: Dragon's Eye

Segment Address 14.----
Door Location: Elsa, E.S. Bay

Decoder Location: Abel's, Ark, Blue Sphere, treasure chest

Treasure Inside: Iron Maiden

Segment Address 15.----
Door Location: Labyrinthos, Front Area.

Decoder Location: Dabrye Mine, entrance, talk to Mai about her father
(after learning the truth about him in the Hospital).

Treasure Inside: Hinoka Kagura

Once you have unlocked all the segment addresses. 
Open up the segment file and let
the system confirm you are finished. Then Return to 
the Elsa E.S. Bay and speak with
Theodore. He will give you Kos-Mos's Swimsuit! 
The hot humanoid android never looked so good....
well except for that time she spilled spaghetti on 
Shion's shoulder and then slowly licked it off....ughhh

5. Federal Reports

You are able to collect the Federal Reports while traveling around Miltia.
Note that the first two are available right away and the rest you
must wait until the Third Descent Operation begins. 
Also they are available In the EVS so don't feel
pressured to find them if you don't want to right away.

*Note, they are all on Miltia*

Federal Reports:

1. West Side----Destroy a Console

2. North Side----Destroy a Console.

3. East Side----Search U-TIC Transport

4. West Side----Destroy a container( lower left side, below stairs)

5. East Side----Talk to dying soldier( have to destroy object first)

6. West Side-----Near the vending machines, search inside
   a small trash can to the right.

7. Old Transport Gate Exit-------Search the upper left corner of the map.

8. Old transport Gate Exit-------Search on the right side of the map.

After finding and collecting all the Federal Reports,
return to the second floor of the hospital,
talk to Loria and she will give you the Decoder 7. 
After all that return to the Els and inspect
Assistant Scott's computer, After reading them all you will
get the Update file 3. These Reports
start out slow but after reading a
bit further into them, they are very interesting!

6. Database Updates

Most of the games updates automatically happen throughout
the game but around the game there is
many treasure chests that contain very important updates.
Though you can use the EVS to go back and find them later, 
I would try and find them when you first come across them
so you can complete your database as soon as possible. One
small problem is because of the automatic updates you wont be
able to complete it until VERY late in the game. Though
the item you receive is amazing! Like the time my sister
put that hole cucumber in her mouth and all the guys wanted to 
date her.....wait that's not funny.

Update File:

1.Vector S-Line Division---- Search containers after 
    opening the green path.

2. Pedea island----- Dark Professor's Basement.
( His lab is hidden behind a destroyable
wall on that small island in the water. 
Search around his lab to find the secret elevator.
hint: search the chair.)

3. Elsa----- Collect all the Federal Reports, use each one 
on Assistant Scott's computer.

4. Archon Cathedral, Outside-----  Shoot that gigantic statue
 about four times and a treasure chest willbe revealed to you.

5. Isolated Research Facility---- Use all nine data terminal's
 then a hidden room will be revealed.

6. Miltia, Forest Path---- Search the path while taking Virgil to the church.

7. Dabrye Mine, Cave Elsa landed In---- Open treasure box in cave.

8. Miltia, East Side---- Break into building on right side and search around.

9. Miltia, Hospital----- Search the rooms on the second floor to find this.

10. Labyrinthos, First Floor---- Search Margulis's room.

11.Special E.S. Area of Merkabah---- first you must return to the 
Merkabah in the EVS then unlock the E.S. route to the core. 
Go there to find the update and a nice item.

12. Durandel, Bridge Entrance---- Treasure chest to the left of the elevator.

13. Abel's Ark, Pink(red?) Sphere---- Open a treasure chest to find this.

14. Floating Landmass, Temple(level 2)---- Search puzzle
     area for destroyable boxes.

once you have gotten your database to a hundred percent, open
it up to let the game confirm your success then go
to the E.S. bay of the Elsa, talk to Guinnesss
and receive on of the best items.....KIBISIS!

1500 hps
300 eps
+3 boost

So what have we learned? Just like the Geroge foreman 
Grill this item is a must have!

7. Swimsuit Party Challenge!

ahhh.....yes the Xenosaga swimsuits. What's more fun the seeing a
cyborg, android, and a realean girl in swimsuit's?
Nothing that's what! Ok that was inappropriate...I apologize.

----Allens Swimsuit----

Beat the game, Save the end data and the load the
cleared data to recieve his swimsuit.

----chaos Swimsuit----

Location: Arcadian Resource dungeon( see special section)

Search the crypt in the Floating Landmass area, you will 
notice a console that you can't yet tamper with. After beating the 
dungeon come back later in the EVS and use that console to
start this fun side dungeon. At the end you will get some nice items
 and chaos's swimsuit!

----Hilary Clinton's Swimsuit----

Location: My hard drive

Email [email protected] to receive.

----Jin's Swimsuit----

Location: Labyrinthos, Margulis's Room

open the treasure chest to receive this.

----Jr.'s Swimsuit----

Location: Miltia world map.

Its kind of hard to spot but its on the right side of the world map.
 Just keep searching around and you will easily find it.

----Kos-Mos's Swimsuit----

Location: Elsa E.S. Bay

Complete the Segment Address side quest and you 
will receive this as a present from Theodore. 
Remember to access the Segment Address list to confirm your completion.

----MOMO's Swimsuit----

Location: Dabrye Mine, Entrance

First you must finish the Mai encounter
( See "Mini side quests and events") then return to the entrance
and play the crane game several times to receive this item.

----Shions Swimsuit----

Location: Pedea Island

Return to this island later in the game through the EVS and 
search the western building that Shion seems to be living in.

----Ziggy's Swimsuit----

First off I'd like to warn's not a swim "suit". 
It's a freaking speedo! Though I was caught off guard 
when I first saw is mildly funny.

You can get this by beating the advanced level of the Hakox mini game.

8. Final Weapons
This section will get a bit lengthy and I apologize for that.

 These final, awesome, weapons are first able to be collected once
 you have gotten through Able's Ark. You really want to spend some time
collecting at least some of these. They are really nice to have and a couple
of them are really easy to get.

----chaos's God Breath:

Remember that android in the Elsa bar that is so damn obsessed with
some stone that he apperantly won't give to you. Well after all this time
it's resonating and he doesn't want it anymore!

He will tell you that you need to return to Abel's Ark.
 Once you are there Go back to each of the spheres you entered. 
Remember the end rooms where
 the Zohar emulators where spinning?
Head for those rooms in each of the spheres and you will 
see a shinning light. Inspect them to acquire the light.

Once you have successfully gotten all four glowing areas go to the
 center spire( the room the spheres are rotating around)
and you will receive "God Breath" and a item called "The Universe"
....this is a VERY nice item.

----Jin's VB-Dawn:

In the men's quarters bathroom of the Elsa is a droid called PANACHE.
Speak with him and he will tell you that he is learning  how to 
make a legendary sword. Before he can do this he needs some ingredients. 
First go ahead and buy a weapon called the VB-Crimson
( a nice sword but not nice enough) make sure to leave it unequipped. 

Then you need a special Item called the Prayer Beads.
Now you may have already gotten them beforehand like I did but incase 
you didn't Walk around the world map of Miltia, Its on the right side. 
There is a district that is locked, you will need a code. 
Use the code 5150 on the door and the district will now be available.
 There you will receive the Prayer Beads.

Give both of these items to PANACHE and he will forge
 the legendary sword VB-Dawn! He will also give you an accessory 
called "Nine Stones". Another really nice item.

----Jr's Vaquero:

Jr's final weapon the Vaquero is nice BUT you have to 
beat the fifth world of Hakox to acquire it. There is really
no tips I can give you yet except just keep trying and good luck!

----Kos-Mos's KWP-XX:

This Final weapon can be purchased at the online store.
Well I bet your thinking "really that's nice. I don't
have to do some long winded quest?" well no you don't have to 
do a quest but the catch is that it costs 300,000G. 
This may seem really bad at first but if you fought all the 
enemies in Abel's Ark you would have
received alot of barter items. 
Sell them and if you need more just fight a bit there some more.

----MOMO's Moon Bridge:

First go into the women's quarters on the Elsa and talk
with KAMIKAZE. The droid will tell you that
the Elsa's pet Alby has gone missing! 
He somehow operated the EVS and went into the Durandel!

Go to the Durandel and talk to the dog at the docks. 
Will will then run off and somehow operate the
transport train in the Durandel. Head to the park and go
up the escalator to see another scene with the dog.
Then enter the park and head for the right side to see the final scene. 
He will give you a item called "Heaven's Door"

Then head back for the Elsa and speak with KAMIKAZE 
one more time to receive the Mood Bridge.

* Speak with VALENCIA in the
 Elsa's E.S. Hanger to use Heaven's Door.*

----Shion's Miyuki Special:

Right after you beat Abel's Ark walk by the UMN and Miyuki will 
contact you and she offers to make Shion the ultimate weapon
the Miyuki Special! She needs a geocrystal from you.
The geocrystals are acquired on the floating landmass by 
destroying the giant purple crystals.
you most likely already have yourself one though right? 

If not just return via the EVS to the Floating Landmass 
and get yourself one. After that walk by the UMN again
to have another scene with Miyuki 
and she will notice that you have a rough
geocrystal. She needs a good one! 
Head for the women's quarters
and have Bunnie Bob (my uncle's nickname) refine it for you. 
Talk to Miyuki one last time through the
UMN and she will give you Shion's Final weapon!

----Ziggy's Gnosis Nail:

This is by far the worst and most annoying to get. 
Well I shouldn't say that it's annoying. 
It will test your  patience though. CABRILLO
the android near the E.S. elevator on the first floor of the Elsa says he
will make Ziggy his final weapon the Gnosis Nail. 
Though first you need 99 Sephirotic canes! 
At this point in the game you may not know what those are.

They are found only on Azazel and Armaros Gnosis which in turn are 
only found in the final two maps of the game!
If you really want to get them before you complete the game.
Just stay around a save point and keep fighting
those Gnosis, reset encounters when needed, grab a beer, and repeat.
Though it is a nice weapon  it does take a very long time to get.
I'd Say only go after it if you want to collect everything or are
A major Ziggy fan/user.

Something good to note, you can complete this 
after the game is beaten. So you have no rush to do it right away.

9. Arcadian Resource Dungeon

Back when you completed the Floating Landmass dungeon
you received a item call the Arcadian Resource. If you have 
successfully gotten that item then return once more to the
Floating Landmass temple. There you will notice that terminal
that wasn't operational before. use the Arcadian resource
and away we go into a world of annoying puzzles!

In this dungeon you have to move each party one at a time
and they have to help each other to advance in the  dungeon.
This dungeon will seem really confusing at first but once yo
u get the hang of everything it's really not that bad.
You also get some really nice items for all your hard work.

First Area:

Move Shion's party to the first elevator and use it to go up a level
. You see a Comm crystal, use it to switch to Jr.
Have Jr's group move to the terminal on the left and have them 
operate it to move a lift up to the other group.  
Then you should move north and around
the area until you see another Comm crystal.

With Shion's group take the left route along the upper tier.
The second path to the right leads to another terminal, use it
to send a elevator down. 
There will also be another terminal left and to the right, use it. 
Then make your way back to the first passage on the right.
Access that Comm crystal now.

Jr's group has its next Comm crystal on the right side of the dungeon
but before that you must move to the center of the map. 
The lift that Shion lowered made it possible to walk across. 
Use the terminal over there and remember the crystal's position.
Keep exploring because to the right is a treasure chest
with 2000G Right, from there is another terminal to use, use it.
With everything done down here go back to
the top of the map and to the far right. 
The platform is waiting to take you up stairs.

You will automatically go back to Shion's group. 
Use the nearby terminal again and go to the lift, it will 
take you up to the next floor.

Second Area:

Have Jr's group use the southern terminal then cross
the bridge that appears.
Then access the Comm crystal to switch to Shion.
Use Shion and move across the north bridge from the central 
area then shut off power on the other side. 
Hit the Comm crystal when that is done.

Now as Jr. you can cross from the left side of the entry. 
Take that route and hit the big yellow machine.(Amp Panel). 
Before returning to where you were, Use the Comm crystal. 
Shion can now can take the left path from the central pillar. 
You can then hit another Amp Panel, do that. 
Have Shion use the southern terminal nearby, 
To do this you may have to shut down a bridge from the central pillar.

As Jr. again, use that bridge, then you will see another 
Amp Panel to the south. 
This will make it possible for them to leave the second level 
though you need to operate one more terminal first. 
Cross the last bridge and operate the last terminal. Then go up the stairs!

As Shion turn off the southern bridge, cross to the center and use 
the bridge on the right to make your way to the other side of the map.
You will reach a elevator that will take you to the final floor. 
We are almost there!

Third And Final Area:

As Shion use the pink door, then move south and open the 
blue door, then another blue door. Then finally use the green door.
Destroy the container at the bottom of the map and 
then use the Comm crystal.

As Jr. make your way to the center of the map, once you
 make it there use the terminal to turn on the lifts.
the main goal on this level is to make it to the 
central white doors. Once you do you will be done. Though there
is some other destroyable containers with some nice loot for you to get. 

Once you reach the white doors with both groups a treasure box 
will show up with the item Draupnir inside!

Once the group reunites head up the stairs to the end 
and you will notice two treasure chests and a big golden box.
Open all three of these 
to receive Angel's Experience, Skill Upgrade D and chaos's Swimsuit! 

10. Additional Bosses

1. Omega ID----------------------

1. Have strongest E.S. equipment in game.

2. Have a stock load of E.S. Healing items.

3. Consider Revenge and Counter abilities
    (not necessary but helps alot).

4. Any close range E.S. MUST 
     have D-KILL R and D-KILL C.

5. Have at least one E.S. with Sensor.

6. Go into this fight with max Anima gauges.

7. Keep party healed constantly.

You will receive the Weapons Development Area key
 by defeating Citrine. 
Once you have done that head for the CIT testing grounds
 then head for the second set of trains. 
Once you get there use the last train( train #6).
You will come across a giant locked door. 
Use that special key now on the nearby terminal.

Once in you will walk for awhile and notice Omega Universitas.
You will eventually have to fight him. 
The fight with him is very simple and don't waste any of
your anima on him. If needed use him to build up your anima gauges
if you haven't beforehand.

After defeating this pushover comes the real battle. 
This battle is hard and long though it is beatable. If you used my tips
you shouldn't have any real problems.

Omega ID has a changing elemental immunity ability. 
There will be a weak element and a element that does no damage at all.
This will change every round. 
The best thing to do is use the E.S. that can't do
damage to heal then switch as the immunity switches.

After you get him down to around 80% of his max health he will 
start analyzing you anima gauges. What does this mean? If more 
than one of your E.S.Has level one or above of the Anima gauge
there is a chance of Omega ID healing himself for 150,000 HP.
This is no joke and shouldn't be risked. So 
use your Anima gauges right away 
and use them every time it gets to one. If there is 
a risk of more than one E.S. getting level one or
higher just have one charge. 
You really don't want him healing himself for that much.

Near the end be really careful and constantly keep all E.S. at max 
HP because later in the fight he can do an attack twice
in one round. Once you have him beaten give yourself a 
pat on the back because this monster has 99999 HP. 

Once defeated you will receive Decoder 6. Which in turn will 
net you Dark Erde Kaiser. A must have for beating the next Optional

2. Erde Kaiser Sigma-----------------------

By having all three Erde Kaiser types you can now challenge 
Erde Kaiser Sigma! It is possible to fight him Without these but 
dang...good luck to you! To get the three Erde Kaiser 
types check the Segment address list.

Anyways talk with the coconut monkey in the Dark Professor's  lab
(The lab is located behind a destroyable wall on the small island
off the coast of Pedea Island).

After some talking watching a video, the battle starts! 
Here a rundown of how to beat him.

You need to have a Ether based party for this battle.
Shion, Momo and chaos are all good choices for this interesting battle.
Once the battle starts Sigma wont do much he may kill off a member
but just use a Revert M that you hopefully stocked
up on. 

A bit further into the battle he will cast his first shield.
Its random and the way it works is that each Erde Kaiser type
destroys a different shield. SO pay attention to 
which one he casts and here is a list to help you take it out.

Shield One: Erde Kaiser breaks this one
Shield Two: Erde Kaiser Fury knocks this out
Shield Three: Use Dark Erde Kaiser

If you didn't get the Erde Kaiser's or just
missed one here is what each shield is weak to:

Shield One: weak to lightning
Shield Two: weak to ice.
Shield Three: weak to fire.

Once the first shield is down whip him around with Beam attacks
(Beam III is best). Repeat this process until all three shields 
are destroyed. Get as much boost as possible and once 
he starts using stat increasing spells on himself. Keep boosting and
unleash elemental attacks on him. Dark Erde Kaiser is the best.
You should be doing so much damage that your boost
gauge will keep filling up on its own! He shouldn't be able
to get another attack in for the rest of the match!

By defeating  Erde Kaiser Sigma you will get Decoder 3 
and the Gustav Wrist. Not that Decoder 3's door is in the basement
of the Professor's lab. Once opened you will
get to use Erde Kaiser Sigma

(This guy is a monster!
I defeated the final boss with him in only two hits!)

*Once you have beaten this boss you can talk with VALENCIA in the
 E.S. Hanger on the Elsa to have her restore Heaven's Door.
To get this item see (MOMO's final weapon quest).*

11. Additional Outfits.

These are different outfits that you can get throughout the game.
They are by no means necessary but are fun 
to get either way. Note that these have nothing to do with
the Swimsuits. Also to note that all these additional
outfits change the characters appearance.

1.chaos--Flawless------to get this item you have to completely
   beat the game then load the cleared game file.

2.Kos-Mos---D Unit v1----If you missed Kos-Mos's 
clothes from Xenosaga 1, then you must get this because
to put it simply, its the same thing! It costs 50,000G 
Nothing compared to her final weapon.

3.Shion----A. White Shirt----Steal this from the Red Testament
                         near the end of the game.
                 B. Research Uniform-----Steal this from the Red 
                         Testament's "ally" near the end of the game.
                C. Vector Uniform----- Load Xenosaga II 
                          clear game data before starting game.

One quick thing to mention. That the "White Shirt" item gives a
amazing boost to luck but is really weak in other departments.
Though who cares! Shion looks awesome in it! 
It's a must have!

12. Minor Side Quests and Events.

Here I will discuss some of the minor events and quests you can do on 
Fifth Jerusalem and Miltia.
Remember you can never go back to Fifth Jerusalem after you leave and 
after The Descent Operation Miltia changes drastically.
So please do them while you can.

you really don't need to do or even read about any of these small things. 
They are just there to make your game longer and more enjoyable.

Quest's on fifth Jerusalem----------------------------------------------

Use the console on the eastern wall in the hotel to find 10g!
sweet! Now you can afford that ointment your
girlfriend has been complaining about.

Dive Teddy-
1. Inside the hotel speak with Hermie who is sitting down near the elevators.

2. go to the park and speak with Dario(man in orange jumpsuit) and Paula.

3. Hermie will come, talk to everyone of them again to get the Dive Teddy.

*Also after this you can also destroy that machine that Dario was guarding.
 It will lift up that nearby wall making that treasure chest available.*

Honey Teddy-
1.Enter Cafe Stream and chit chat with Oksana.

2. Ask to look at the "secret menu" then get out of there.

3. Walk to the park and chat with Isakios, you have to talk to
       him many times to get him to mention the "secret menu".

4. Go to the Mobius hotel and start the scene where you meet chaos. 
You will then start the CAT Testing Grounds event. 

5. Before returning to the hotel speak with Isakios again.

6. Go back to the Cafe and speak with Oksana.
 Give him the secret password. Which is Double Whammy!

7.Talk to Keser to collect the Honey Teddy.
   (if you happen to blow up his food, just return
      and ask again for the Honey Teddy.)

Quests On Miltia------------------------------------------

Eastern District Fountain-
1. Destroy the bushes behind the U-TIC soldier. 
     I believe his name is Deez.

2. After entering the tunnel, you will come out near the fountain.

3. Inspect the controls and choose all the possible options.

4. A skill upgrade C will be launched out. Go pick that sucker up.

Ice Cream Truck-
1. In eastern Miltia is an ice cream truck.

2. Talk to the worker inside.

3. See the red button? press it a couple times until the
     shutters completely closes.

4. During the Third Descent Operation speak with him again,
     to receive a DX ice cream.

Challenger Coupon-
1. In eastern Miltia is a shop right next to the store. 
     There you can buy tickets, basically just lottery tickets.

2. Speak with Assistant Scott, Aizen Magus, and Bailey for
      Hints on which numbers to pick.

3. If you don't want to guess or go through all the's the numbers!

4. Use these numbers: 68, 37, 12.

5. Return later in the game or in the EVS to receive your prize of 80,000G!

Kid With A Big Balloon-
1. Again in eastern Miltia is a building with a destroyable door, destroy it.

2. Speak with the boy on top of the building.

3. Use a trap to catch that dang cat!

4. Grab the balloon as soon as possible with the action button.

5. Speak to Collin several times to receive the Strawberry Ice Cream.

* If you miss the balloon just exit the area and come back to try again*

Prescription Drugs-
1. Speak with Erin and Julia on Miltia in the third city block.

2. Speak with Lodge in the 4th city block.

3. Speak with Andy, by the open space area.

4. Speak with Lodge a second time.

5. Speak with Andy again to receive prescription copy

6. Return to Lodge, select the third answer.

7. Speak with Lodge, Erin and Julia once more.

8. Speak to the guy next to Andy's seat.

9. Once you land on Michtam speak with AWAMORI then choose
 to read the letter.

10. Check the Online Store for many new items to purchase.

13. Hakox Craziness!
Hakox is a very addicting mini game that takes many, 
many hours to complete. this part of the guide is
incomplete as I will at a later
date be adding a complete guide to
Hakox. Also there is a really nice complete guide
on GameFAQs already. He did a good job,
give his guide a looksy, Now I will at least just give you some tips:

1. Practice: This is the most important as very few levels are
     able to be beaten in one try.

2. Use The Camera: switching the view can
      make a world of difference.

3. Take breaks: This game can be very draining, 
      just take a break once in awhile.

14. Closing Messages.
This guide is dedicated to all the Xenosaga fans out there who have
been around since Xenosaga I was first 
announced. I hope this guide was able to help someone out.
If you notice any errors or wish I would add
something else to this guide just please email me and tell me. 

I accept any types of constructive criticism , also if you just want to chat
about the Xeno universe. Give me  a jingle at 
my email: [email protected]

Like what you read here? I'm also a staff writer over at Head over there because not only is it a great site
but I also make fun of myself a bunch...which is always good for a laugh.

******Also I used the Brady Games Guide for some referencing when 
making this guide. Without them this would have taken 
me a lot longer to compile. Thanks Brady Games! I also used the 
Walkthroughs on GameFAQS for other research . Thanks guys!****


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