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Follow the dark path or use the light

Undertaker FAQ

by MicFiend13

                          _   _           _
                         | | | |_ __   __| | ___ _ __
                         | | | | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ '__|
                         | |_| | | | | (_| |  __/ |
                          \___/|_| |_|\__,_|\___|_|
                            | |   __ _| | _____ _ __
                          |Ż   Ż|/ _` | |/ / _ \ '__|
                           Ż| |Ż| (_| |   <  __/ |
                            |_|  \__,_|_|\_\___|_|

                           WWE SMACKDOWN VS RAW 2006
                                 CHARACTER FAQ

İ Steven McCormack 2005-2008
This guide may be used for personal, private use only and cannot be reproduced
in any shape or form without my permission. If your website is not on the below
list but you wish to host this guide on your site then please contact me at
"[email protected]" before you do so. No one can use this guide for money-
making purposes under any circumstances. If anyone has any comments, questions,
suggestions, critiques or anything else to do with the game or this guide then
they can also contact me at that address.
Authorised websites list:

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this guide are owned by their
respective holders.

Unfinished Versions 2nd-16th December 2005
Started the guide and firstly typed the intro and bio, planning to do the move
list whenever I find the time. Before this, I also decided to include a
statistics section. When I got onto the move list I made the decision to
include the damage grid alongside it, which was time-consuming but necessary.

Version 1.0 17th December 2005
Submitted the first complete version after I finished the move list and
finished the guide.

Version 1.5 23rd Decemeber 2005
Added an autorised website list as a couple of sites are going to publish the
guide. Not complete as there may be some mistakes I need to correct once I
check through it.

Version 1.98 24th December 2005
Corrected a mistake with Dragon Sleeper 2. Not the final version as I need to
wait until WrestleMania before I can update the biography.

Version 2.0 7th April 2006

Version 3.0 14th August 2007
Changed the format of the entire guide to match the standard of my other
guides, and also updated the biography. This will probably be the final

Version 4.0 24th March 2008
As a result of my meticulousness, I made another minor update. Cleaned up the
guide and added to the biography. This should be the last time, but who knows,
in another year or so I might find something else to fix. Also, happy birthday!

The most recent version can always be found at

To jump to a section quickly, press CTRL+F, type in the name of the section in
capitals, check the match case box and click Find.

1. Introduction

2. Biography

3. Statistics

4. Move List


Hello and welcome to the Undertaker Character FAQ. This is my first FAQ to ever
be submitted to GameFAQs. I'm hoping that somewhere down the line I might be
able to make a full guide for a game, but this will do for now. Anyway, the
purpose of this guide is for a quick reference to The Undertaker's moves in
WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2006. The Undertaker is my favourite wrestler so I guess
I'm lucky that nobody has decided to write a FAQ for him yet. So I thought if I
want to write a FAQ, here's my chance. I better submit this quick before anyone
else does.


Full Name: Mark Calaway
Height: 6'10''
Weight: 305 lbs
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Date of Birth: 24th March 1965
Professional Debut: 1984
Nicknames: The Deadman, The Phenom, The American Bad Ass, Big Evil
Finishing Moves: The Last Ride, Tombstone Piledriver, Chokeslam
Accomplishments: WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion,
                 WWE Tag Team Champion, WCW Tag Team Champion,
                 WWE Hardcore Champion, 15-0 at WrestleMania,
                 Creator of Casket, Buried Alive, Hell In A Cell and Inferno

The Undertaker wrestled in several companies before debuting in the WWE, most
famously as "Mean" Mark Callous in WCW. However, The Undertaker we all know and
love began his WWE career and the "decade of destruction" at the 1990 Survivor
Series. He was managed by Brother Love, but Love was soon replaced by Paul
Bearer. For the better part of the 90s, it was rare to see The Undertaker
without Paul Bearer. The Undertaker won his first match at WrestleMania VII a
few months after his debut, defeating Jimmy Snuka. He then won his first WWE
Title against Hulk Hogan at the 1991 Survivor Series. The Undertaker continued
to win at WrestleMania, and started an era of dominance like nobody had ever
seen before in the WWE. During this time, he had memorable feuds with Jake "The
Snake" Roberts, Yokozuna, Kevin Nash and even a Fake Undertaker.

The most well known feud of all was with Mankind. The numerous chapters in
their rivalry saw a series of unprecedented events in the WWE: the betrayal of
Paul Bearer, the first ever Buried Alive match and the most dangerous spot to
ever take place in a wrestling match at King Of The Ring 1998, in a Hell In A
Cell match. This was not the first time this kind of match took place though.
To go back to the origins of Hell In A Cell we must first revisit WrestleMania
13 in 1997. The Undertaker won his second WWE Title by beating Sid Vicious, and
after defending it against Mankind he squared off against Bret Hart at
SummerSlam 1997 with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee. HBK cost him the
title, and as a result they decided to settle their differences in the most
innovative match of the decade: Hell In A Cell. After destroying HBK for the
entire match, it looked like it was over but then all went dark. The
Undertaker's storyline half brother Kane, whose appearance was previously
hyped by Paul Bearer, made his dramatic entrance and cost The Undertaker the
match. At first, The Undertaker refused to fight his own flesh and blood, but
after Paul Bearer and Kane interrupted a Casket match with HBK at Royal Rumble
1998 and set him on fire, he agreed to a match at WrestleMania XIV. He exacted
his revenge in the form of three Tombstones, and then victory in an Inferno
match the next month at Unforgiven.

In late 1998, The Undertaker made the first step in abandoning his dark loner
persona, by reuniting with Paul Bearer and setting up the Ministry Of Darkness.
The Brood (Edge, Christian & Gangrel), The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq) as
well as Viscera and Mideon were members of the Ministry. This reached its peak
at Over The Edge 1999 when he defeated Steve Austin for his third WWE Title. In
September 1999, The Undertaker decided to take a rest and it seemed he had
retired, but at Judgement Day 2000 he returned as the motorbike-riding American
Bad Ass. No longer the demonic, scary Undertaker. He won his fourth WWE title
at Judgement Day 2002 by beating Hulk Hogan, the second time he has killed the
immortal Hulkamania. The Undertaker has also won numerous WWE Tag Titles with
the likes of Steve Austin, The Rock and The Big Show. He and his brother Kane
made history when they beat DDP and Kanyon at SummerSlam 2001 in a cage match
to become WWE and WCW Tag Champs at the same time. He also won the Hardcore
Title at Vengeance 2001 in December by beating Rob Van Dam.

However, his reign as the American Bad Ass ended when he was betrayed and
buried alive by his brother Kane at the 2003 Survivor Series. He returned at
Wrestlemania XX with Paul Bearer by his side to beat Kane. The real Undertaker
was back. He was held back from the WWE Title but has constantly been in the
hunt. It seemed the legacy was over when Randy and Bob Orton buried him alive
and set the casket on fire at No Mercy 2005, but he returned at the 2005
Survivor Series, and got revenge on Randy by beating him in a brutal Hell In A
Cell match one month later at Armageddon. He layed low for a while but made his
next big bang at No Way Out 2006 where he challenged Kurt Angle for his World 
Title, and although he didn't win, he gave us a great match. One thing that had
always eluded him however, was a Royal Rumble win. He finally won it in 2007,
beating Rated RKO and his nemesis Shawn Michaels in the final four. Some might
say that he finally got revenge on HBK after he was beaten by him in the first
first ever Hell In A Cell match at Badd Blood 1997. It just goes to show that
he doesn't forgive, and he doesn't forget. He went on to win the World
Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 23 after defeating Batista (his fifth
World Title overall). Throughout 2007, he had a series of matches which allowed
Batista to win back the title and redeem himself. He will face Edge at
WrestleMania XXIV for the World Heavyweight Championship. Only time will be
able to tell whether he keeps his undefeated streak, but no matter what happens
his spirit will live in the WWE, the wrestling business in general and all of
the fans who have supported him.

WrestleMania Victories
1.  WrestleMania VII  (1991) - Jimmy Snuka
2.  WrestleMania VIII (1992) - Jake "The Snake" Roberts
3.  WrestleMania IX   (1993) - Giant Gonzalez
4.  WrestleMania XI   (1995) - King Kong Bundy
5.  WrestleMania XII  (1996) - Kevin Nash
6.  WrestleMania 13   (1997) - Sid Vicious
7.  WrestleMania XIV  (1998) - Kane
8.  WrestleMania XV   (1999) - Big Bossman
9.  WrestleMania X7   (2001) - Triple H
10. WrestleMania X8   (2002) - Ric Flair
11. WrestleMania XIX  (2003) - Big Show & A-Train
12. WrestleMania XX   (2004) - Kane
13. WrestleMania 21   (2005) - Randy Orton
14. WrestleMania 22   (2006) - Mark Henry
15. WrestleMania 23   (2007) - Batista


Strength   - The amount of damage you inflict with your moves
Durability - How resistant you are to moves used against you
Speed      - The speed at which you run, climb turnbuckles and climb cages
Submission - How long you can hold submissions for and how good you are at
             getting out of them
Technique  - The probability of reversing moves
Charisma   - How fast your momentum meter fills up
Hardcore   - The amount of damage you inflict with weapons and throwing off
             the top of the cell
Stamina    - How slow your stamina meter goes down

Strength   - 9
Durability - 10
Speed      - 6
Submission - 8.5
Technique  - 8.5
Charisma   - 8.5
Hardcore   - 8
Stamina    - 7.5

Overall    - 91

|=4. MOVE LIST=|

DAMAGE GRID - All moves have a code beside them. This indicates:
 H - Damage to head
 A - Damage to arm
 L - Damage to leg
 B - Damage to body
 S - How much stamina it takes for you to use the move
 M - How much momentum it gives you

 B - Can make opponents bleed if head is sufficiently damaged
 P - Automatically pins opponent
 D - Gives you bonus momentum if your tactics are dirty, or takes away momentum
     if your tactics are clean
KO - Can cause a knockout
 F - Favourite move
SA - Submission A move (button-mashing)
SB - Submission B move (timing)
(If any of the above are true then they will be shown to the right of the
 damage and momentum values)

Standard Actions
Ring In         - Square + D-Pad           - Slide In
Ring Out        - Square + D-Pad           - Backward Ring Out
Taunts          - Right Analog Stick Down  - Undertaker 1 (Raises arm like for
                                                           Last Ride)
                - Right Analog Stick Left  - Undertaker 4 (Kneels on ground and
                                                           raises hand in the
                - Right Analog Stick Up    - Undertaker 3 (Cuts throat)
                - Right Analog Stick Right - Undertaker 2 (Punches the air)
Fighting Stance - Undertaker 1
Walking Motion  - Normal
Running Motion  - Normal

Strike Attacks
X + Down          - Big Boot 1---------------H4 A1 L1 B1 S6 M6 B
X + Diagonal Down - Toe Kick 1---------------H1 A1 L1 B2 S4 M4 
X + Left          - Throat Thrust 3----------H4 A1 L1 B1 S6 S6 
X + Diagonal Up   - Toe Kick 2---------------H1 A1 L1 B2 S4 M4 
X + Up            - Undertaker Punches 2-----H4 A1 L1 B1 S6 S6 
X + Right         - Body Punch---------------H1 A1 L1 B4 S6 S6 

Front Grapples
Triangle + Circle      - Irish Whip
Hold Triangle + Circle - Strong Irish Whip

Circle - Clean:
Circle         - Scoop Slam 5----H0 A0 L0 B10 S8 M10 
Circle + Down  - Arm Drag 3------H4 A0 L0 B6  S8 M10 
Circle + Left  - Snapmare 2------H4 A0 L0 B6  S8 M10 
Circle + Up    - Suplex 11-------H0 A0 L0 B10 S8 M10 
Circle + Right - Back Chop 6-----H0 A0 L0 B10 S8 M10 

Circle - Dirty:
Circle         - Guillotine 1----H14 A0 L0 B0  S3  M10 D 
Circle + Down  - Low Blow 5------H0  A0 L0 B16 S16 M18 D
Circle + Left  - Low Blow 3------H0  A0 L0 B16 S16 M18 D
Circle + Up    - Low Blow 4------H0  A0 L0 B16 S16 M18 D
Circle + Right - Head Pound------H10 A0 L0 B16 S8  M10 D

Circle + Down - Submission:
Circle         - Arm Wrench-----------H0 A6  L0 B2  S8 M10
Circle + Down  - Armbar---------------H0 A10 L0 B0  S3 M10 SB
Circle + Left  - Headlock 4-----------H8 A0  L0 B0  S8 M10
Circle + Up    - Big Shoulder Claw 1--H0 A0  L0 B12 S3 M10
Circle + Right - Armbar 5-------------H0 A8  L0 B0  S8 M10

Circle + Left - Power:
Circle         - Chokeslam 4-----H12 A0 L0 B6  S16 M18 F
Circle + Down  - Side Slam 2-----H0  A0 L0 B12 S12 M14 
Circle + Left  - Scoop Slam 4----H0  A0 L0 B10 S8  M10 
Circle + Up    - Throwing--------H0  A0 L0 B10 S8  M10 
Circle + Right - DDT 15----------H16 A0 L0 B0  S16 M18 B

Circle + Up - Brawler:
Circle         - Mat Slam----------------H10 A0 L0 B6  S8 M10
Circle + Down  - Undertaker Knee Strike--H0  A0 L0 B10 S8 M10
Circle + Left  - Throat Thrust 6---------H9  A0 L0 B0  S8 M10
Circle + Up    - Choke 3-----------------H10 A0 L0 B0  S8 M10
Circle + Right - Undertaker Strikes------H6  A0 L0 B4  S8 M10

Circle + Right - Old School:
Circle         - Undertaker Arm Wrench--H0  A4 L0 B12 S16 M18
Circle + Down  - Neckbreaker 14---------H12 A0 L0 B0  S12 M14
Circle + Left  - Old School-------------H14 A0 L0 B0  S12 M16 F
Circle + Up    - Russian Leg Sweep 1----H0  A0 L0 B4  S8  M10
Circle + Right - DDT 24-----------------H14 A0 L0 B0  S12 M14

Any Grapple Hold - Grapple Attack:
1st X - Grapple Body Attack 1------H0 A0 L0 B4 S2 M4
2nd X - Grapple Body Attack 2------H0 A0 L0 B6 S4 M7
3rd X - Grapple Punch 4------------H6 A0 L0 B0 S4 M7

Back Grapples
Circle         - Elbow To Back Of Head 2--H10 A0 L0 B0  S8 M12
Circle + Down  - Pumphandle Slam----------H0  A0 L0 B14 S8 M16 KO
Circle + Left  - DDT 17-------------------H10 A0 L0 B0  S8 M12
Circle + Up    - Forearm Smash------------H0  A0 L0 B10 S8 M12
Circle + Right - Russian Leg Sweep--------H0  A0 L2 B3  S8 M12

Circle         - Sidewalk Slam 3-------H0   A0 L0 B10 S8  M12 F
Circle + Down  - Sleeper Hold 4--------H8   A0 L0 B0  S8  M12 SA
Circle + Left  - Sidewalk Slam 5-------H0   A0 L0 B12 S8  M12
Circle + Up    - Dragon Sleeper 2------H12  A0 L0 B2  S3  M10 SA
Circle + Right - Atomic Drop-----------H0   A0 L0 B12 S8  M12

Top Of Cell Attack
Circle         - Chokeslam 1------H15 A15 L15 B15 S16 M40
Circle + D-Pad - Downward Thrust--H15 A15 L15 B15 S16 M40

Ground Strikes
X                 - Undertaker Stomp---H2 A2 L2 B2 S3 M2
X + Up Or Down    - Leg Drop 2---------H4 A4 L4 B4 S5 M4
X + Left Or Right - Elbow Drop 1-------H4 A4 L4 B4 S5 M4

Ground Grapples
Circle            - Raise
Double Tap Circle - Move To Sitdown Position
Circle + Down     - Pin------------------------H1  A1 L0 B1 S3 M3
Circle + Left     - Triangle Hold--------------H6  A4 L0 B0 S3 M10 SB
Circle + Up       - Finishing Leg Drop---------H10 A0 L0 B0 S8 M12
Circle + Right    - Undertaker Hold------------H10 A0 L0 B0 S3 M10 D

Circle            - Raise
Double Tap Circle - Move To Sitdown Position
Circle + Down     - Pin------------------------H0 A0 L0  B1  S5 M0
Circle + Left     - Leg Lock 7-----------------H0 A0 L10 B0  S3 M10
Circle + Up       - Stand On Leg---------------H0 A0 L12 B0  S8 M12
Circle + Right    - Boston Crab----------------H0 A0 L0  B10 S3 M10 SA

Running Turnbuckle Strikes:
X         - Turnbuckle Body Attack-----H0 A0 L0 B9 S10 M10
X + D-Pad - Turnbuckle Clothesline 2---H0 A0 L0 B9 S10 M10

Running Ground Strike:
X - Knee Attack 1--------------H9 A0 L0 B0 S10 M10

Front Grapples:
Circle         - Back Elbow Strike----H10 A0 L0 B0  S8  M12
Circle + Down  - Chokeslam 10---------H4  A0 L0 B14 S16 M20
Circle + Left  - Superplex 1----------H0  A0 L0 B14 S12 M16
Circle + Up    - Super Chokeslam------H4  A0 L0 B16 S22 M28 KO
Circle + Right - Toss To Turnbuckle---H14 A0 L0 B0  S12 M16 B

Back Grapples:
Circle         - Snake Eyes--------------H14 A0 L0 B0  S12 M16
Circle + Down  - Forearm To Back---------H0  A0 L0 B11 S8  M12
Circle + Left  - Turnbuckle Smash--------H9  A0 L0 B0  S8  M12
Circle + Up    - Tie To Tree Of Woe------H0  A0 L8 B2  S8  M12 D
Circle + Right - Toss Into Ring Post-----H0  A8 L0 B6  S12 M16

Groggy On Ropes:
Circle + D-Pad - Big Boot 4-----H14 A0 L0 B0 S12 M16

Opponent Standing Rebound Attack:
Triangle + X - Flying Clothesline 1-----H1 A1 L1 B4 S5 M5

Opponent On Ground Rebound Attack:
Triangle + X - Running Leg Drop--------H7 A7 L7 B7 S8 M7

Opponent Outside Rebound Attack:
Triangle + X - Vaulting Body Press 2-----H12 A6 L1 B12 S12 M16

Diving Out Of Ring Attack:
Triangle, Square, X - Baseball Slide 1-------H9 A9 L1 B9 S9 M15

X         - Diving Leg Drop (Down)-----------H8  A1 L1 B4 S8  M20
X + Down  - Near Knee Drop (Down)------------H4  A1 L1 B8 S8  M20
X + Left  - Flying Clothesline 2 (Stand)-----H14 A0 L0 B0 S14 M20
X + Up    - Diving Elbow Drop (Down)---------H1  A1 L1 B9 S9  M20
X + Right - Double Axe Handle 3 (Stand)------H7  A0 L0 B0 S7  M10

Strike Attacks:
X         - Clothesline 7-------------H6 A1 L1 B1 S7 M7
X + D-Pad - Flying Clothesline 1------H1 A1 L1 B4 S5 M5

Ground Strike Attacks:
Square + X         - Elbow Drop 5----------H7 A7 L7 B7 S8 B7
Square + X + D-Pad - Running Leg Drop------H7 A7 L7 B7 S8 B7

Front Grapples:
Circle         - Irish Whip
Circle + Down  - DDT 1-----------H11 A0 L0 B0 S9 M11 B
Circle + Left  - To Behind
Circle + Up    - Head Pound------H10 A0 L0 B0 S8 M10 D
Circle + Right - To Behind

Back Grapples:
Circle          - School Boy Pin 2------H2 A0 L0 B2 S6 M8  P
Circle (Groggy) - Bulldog 5-------------H6 A0 L0 B6 S8 M12

Counter Grapples:
Circle                 - Tilt A Whirl Sideslam 3----H0 A0 L0 B16 S16 M18
Circle + Up or Down    - Back Body Drop 1-----------H0 A0 L0 B12 S12 M14
Circle + Left or Right - Hip Toss 2-----------------H0 A0 L0 B10 S8  M10

Double Team
Circle         - Body Splash & Whip----------H0  A0 L0 B10 S16 M18
Circle + Down  - Front Slam------------------H0  A0 L0 B18 S16 M18
Circle + Left  - Double Stomping-------------H0  A0 L0 B12 S16 M18
Circle + Up    - Falling Powerbomb-----------H12 A0 L0 B6  S16 M18
Circle + Right - Kick To Gut 1---------------H0  A0 L0 B14 S12 M12

Circle         - Double Flapjack-----------H0  A0 L0 B13 S13 M15 B
Circle + Down  - Double DDT----------------H14 A0 L0 B0  S14 M16 B
Circle + Left  - Double Suplex-------------H0  A0 L0 B14 S14 M16
Circle + Up    - Double Clothesline--------H12 A0 L0 B4  S14 M16
Circle + Right - Double Beat Head----------H14 A0 L0 B0  S13 M14

Finishers: (facing groggy
L1         - Tombstone Piledriver Pin---------H20 A0 L0 B0  S20 M24 P
L1 + D-Pad - The Last Ride--------------------H8  A0 L0 B14 S20 M24 KO

Favourite Moves:
Sidewalk Slam 3-------------H0  A0 L0 B10 S8  M12 F
Chokeslam-------------------H12 A0 L0 B6  S10 M18 F
Old School------------------H14 A0 L0 B0  S12 M16 F

Chair Finishers:
L1         - Guillotine 2-------H20 A0 L0 B0 S18 M30 B
L1 + D-Pad - Guillotine 2-------H20 A0 L0 B0 S18 M30 B

Combination Strike Attacks:
1st X - Undertaker Punches 1-------H4 A1 L1 B4 S6 M6
2nd X - Body Punch-----------------H1 A1 L1 B4 S6 M6
3rd X - Throat Thrust 3------------H4 A1 L1 B1 S6 M6

                     END OF GUIDE - THANK YOU FOR READING!