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Follow the dark path or use the light

Ted DiBiase FAQ.

by John Woodman

                    *  "THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN"  *
                    *                            *
                    *  TED DIBIASE CHARACTER FAQ *
                    *                            *
                    * FOR SMACKDOWN! vs RAW 2006 *
                    *                            *
                    *        VERSION  1.3        *
                    *                            *
                    *       BY JOHN WOODMAN      *
                    *                            *
                    *       FOR PS2 AND PSP      *
                    *                            *

1.0) Introduction
    1.1) Legal
    1.5) About me
    1.2) Contact me
    1.3) Autorized publishing
    1.4) Aknowledgements

2.0) Version history

3.0) Bio

4.0) Moves
    4.1) Standard actions
    4.2) Standing
    4.3) Ground
    4.4) Corner
    4.5) Rope
    4.6) Diving
    4.7) Dash
    4.8) Tag Team
    4.9) Special

5.0) Statistics

6.0) Game review

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

1.0) Introduction

Hi. This is the WWE: Smackdown! vs RAW 2006 FAQ for the legendary "Million
Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase.

1.1) Legal

This document and all of its content is copyright of Woodman (myself). All
information in this document were written by me, and all contributions will
receive their credits as soon I'll enter them in the FAQ.

The only site where this guide is available is
If you would like this FAQ on your site, please Email me requesting permission
to, and I will probably allow you to do so. However, the guide must not be
changed in any way.

This guide was made only for the purpose of helping other people, and I don't
intend to use it for profit, and I would really really appreciate it if no one
else does it too. This guide is as free as everyone of us is.

Copyright 2006 by Woodman

1.2) About me

I am a 30 years old man, and always liked wrestling, I started with WWF for a
lot of years, but after some years "TV Koper" stopped broadcasting it.

I passed a lot of years without wrestling (except for videogames), and now I
can only watch "Smackdown!" and NWE, because the other shows are on satellite
Pay TV, and I can't watch them.

I am Italian, and I live in a small town called Castelfranco Veneto. Right now
I am studying to became a sort of sanitarian operator (called O.S.S.)

My dream? To marry with my girlfriend Eleonor.

1.3) Contact me

If you want to contact me, write me to this address:

NOSPAM!woodman76   @

Simply remove NOSPAM! and assemble my complete address, it's very simple.
Please write me, for suggestion, corrections and other things like this about
this FAQ. I will be happy to answer you.

By the way... sorry if sometimes my English is not perfect... after all, I am
Italian, and English it's not my first language.

You can write me in English or Italian with no problem.

1.4) Autorized publishing

There are the sites autorized to publish my Create a Wrestler FAQ. If you want
this FAQ on your site, please ask me my written permission, I think it will be
given without any problem, if this FAQ will be freely available on your site.

See how to contact me at 1.02 section. Thank you.

1.5) Aknowledgements

Andre the Giant: for being the best legend of all time! (At least for me.)

Eddie Guerrero: for being a myth, and now a legend.

Goldust & Eugene: for being my favourite wrestlers. (Sad they are not on 2007.)

My friend Ariadna: for our long distance friendship (Italy - Mexico).

My girlfriend Eleonor: for loving me, even if she doesn't like Wrestling.

My Pc and Notepad program: for allowing me writing this guide.

Sony: For creating the PSX and PS2 consoles (and for the future PS3).

THQ: the creators of a lot of good wrestling games (some bugs apart).

WWE: for all the wrestling I love.

WWF: for all the wrestling I loved, and I will always love.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

2.0) Version history

1.0 (22 March 2006): first complete writing.

1.1 (13 August 2006): some minor corrections.

1.2 (19 September 2006): bio added, and updated the FAQ layout. I hope you will
like my work. Remember to vote for my FAQ in, if you can.

1.3 (21 October 2006): now this guide is good for both PS2 and PSP, and I also
added the game review.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

3.0) Bio

Real name: Theodore Marvin DiBiase Sr.

Ring name: "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

Height: 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)

Weight: 260 lbs (118 Kg)

Birth Date: 18 January, 1954. Omaha, Nebraska

Debut: June 1975

Retirement: 1993

Finishing Moves: Million Dollar Dream (submission move)

Career Titles: 
- AJPW International Heavyweight Champion
- AJPW United National Champion
- AJPW World Tag Team Champion (with Stan Hansen)
- PWF Tag Team Champion (with Stan Hansen)
- NWA Central States Heavyweight Champion (2)
- NWA Missouri Heavyweight Champion (2)
- NWA National Tag Team Champion (1 with Stan Frazier, 1 with Steve O) 
- NWA National Heavyweight Champion 
- NWA United States Tag Team Champion (Tri-State version) (with Dick Murdoch) 
- NWA Western States Tag Team Champion (with Tito Santana) 
- PWI ranked DiBiase # 32 of the 500 best singles wrestlers of the PWI Years
in 2003. 
- PWI ranked DiBiase # 20 of the best tag teams of the PWI Years, with Steve
- PWI ranked DiBiase # 24 of the best tag teams of the PWI Years, with Stan
- PWI ranked DiBiase # 61 of the best tag teams of the PWI Years, with Irwin
R. Schyster 
- TASW Heavyweight Champion 
- Mid-South North American Heavyweight Champion (4)
- Mid-South Tag Team Champion (1 with Matt Borne, 1 with Jerry Stubbs, 1 with
Hercules Hernandez, 1 with Steve Williams) 
- NWA Tri-State North American Champion 
- UWF Tag Team Champion (with Steve Williams) 
World Wrestling Federation 
- WWF North American Champion 
- WWF World Tag Team Champion (3 with Irwin R. Schyster) 
- King of the Ring 1988
- Million Dollar Champion (2)
- Member of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame (1996) 
- 1981 Best Technical Wrestler 
- 1982 Feud of the Year (vs Junk Yard Dog) 
- 1984 Feud of the Year (vs Jim Duggan) 
- 1987 Best Heel 
- 1988 Best Heel 

Note: His "Million Dollar belt" is only worth about $ 140,000. It's currently
stored in a vault at Titan Towers in Stamford, Connecticut.

Theodore Marvin DiBiase Sr. (born Theodore Marvin Willis, January 18, 1954 in
Omaha, Nebraska) is an American Christian minister and former professional
wrestler who wrestled as the "The Million Dollar Man". He is currently working
for World Wrestling Entertainment's SmackDown brand as a booker and Producer.

Life Before Pro Wrestling
Both DiBiase's mother, Helen Hild, and his famed stepfather, "Iron" Mike
DiBiase, were wrestlers: Mike's sudden death in the ring in 1969 sent his
mother into a deep depression, and necessitated DiBiase's moving to live with
his grandparents in Arizona. (Later storylines had Ted's fortune coming from
his father's will, but this was largely forgotten over time)

After graduating from high school, DiBiase was offered and accepted a
scholarship at West Texas State University. While there he was trained by Dory
Funk, Jr., and quickly dropped out of school to become a full-time grappler in

DiBiase spent the bulk of his early career in Mid-South Wrestling, and also had
a brief try-out run with the WWF in the late 1970s.

In the early/mid 1980s DiBiase participated in memorable angles in various
territories with the likes of Dick Murdoch, Ric Flair, The Fabulous Freebirds,
Jim Duggan, One Man Gang and the Junk Yard Dog. He also held various
championships and made frequent trips to All-Japan Pro Wrestling until his
eventual departure from Mid-South Wrestling (which by this point was now the

While locked in talks with the NWA in 1987, DiBiase received an offer from the
WWF. DiBiase was eventually convinced by the WWF to sign up despite the fact
that he wouldn't be told his gimmick until after he agreed, under the promise
that it was something that would receive a serious push, punctuated by WWF
official Pat Patterson informing DiBiase that if owner Vince McMahon could go
out to wrestle, which he ironically did much later, then this would be the
gimmick that he'd give himself.

In the World Wrestling Federation, DiBiase became one of the most hated heels
of all time. He was known as "The Million Dollar Man," a millionaire who wore
a gold-studded, dollar-sign-covered suit and, later on, a custom-made "Million
Dollar Belt" around his waist as he entered the ring. He claimed, "Everybod
 has a price," demonstrating his "power" through a series of vignettes in which
he did things such as bribe the manager of a local swimming pool to close for
the day so he could have the pool to himself. Other skits featured DiBiase
traveling in limousines, giving $100 tips to waiters, and using $100 bills in
convenience stores for small purchases like chewing gum.

In reality, DiBiase's road travel was booked first-class for flights, 5-star
hotels for accomodations and was given a stipend of petty cash from the WWF
Offices so that he could throw money around (i.e. pick up tabs and overtip,
buy drinks for entire bars, actually pay for small items with a $100 bill, etc)
in order to get the gimmick over.

In other promotions, DiBiase would invite fans (including a young Rob Van Dam)
into the ring or to the interview platform to perform humiliating acts (such as
kissing his feet) for money. One of the more infamous of these skits was when
he invited a young boy onto a stage and told him if he bounced a ball 15 times
in succession, DiBiase would pay him $500. After the 14th bounce, DiBiase
kicked the ball away, sending the boy home without pay.

DiBiase was a skilled technical wrestler, and many fans desired that he turn
face. His finishing maneuver was the 'Million Dollar Dream' (a modified 
STP/cobra clutch). After putting his opponents to sleep with this maneuver,
he stuffed $100 bills down their throats, uttered his signature lines
("Everyone's got a price," and "Everyone's got to pay."), and laughed. The
memorable "Money, Money, Money" was used as his theme song.

DiBiase hired Virgil, whom he treated like a slave. Virgil would eventually
grew tired of DiBiase's abuse and made an inspirational face turn at the 1991
Royal Rumble.

On an episode of "WWF Superstars of Wrestling," he announced his plan to buy
the WWF Championship and offered Hogan a large sum to surrender the belt.
However, Hogan refused and said that DiBiase would have to defeat him in the
ring for the belt; this sparked a memorable feud between the two. Hogan got the
upper hand in a series of matches, and a frustrated DiBiase approached André
the Giant to win the belt for him.

On February 5, 1988, on "The Main Event" (which aired live on NBC), André
defeated Hogan in a very questionable decision for the WWF Championship; Andre
then announced he was surrendering the belt and handed it to DiBiase. The WWF
refused to acknowledge DiBiase as the champion on screen (since the title
cannot be bought or surrendered) and declared the title vacant. DiBiase held
onto the WWF Championship belt for one week, and was then stripped of the
title. Ted DiBiase's title reign was in the record books even though the WWF
officials did not really acknowledge him as the Champion. After he was
stripped of the title, the title was declared vacant and a tournament was
announced to crown a new WWF Champion. DiBiase was runner up in the tournament
held at WrestleMania IV to fill the vacancy, defeated by "Macho Man" Randy

He was later involved in popular feuds with Jake "The Snake" Roberts and "The
American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. In 1990, he broke the "Iron Man" record by
lasting over 40 minutes in the Royal Rumble.

DiBiase introduced The Undertaker to the WWF at the 1990 Survivor Series,
claiming the Taker as his protege. This event was echoed in 1994, when DiBiase
ended the Undertaker's hiatus by reintroducing him to active competition. This
Undertaker however proved to be a fake Undertaker played by Brian Lee and was
subsequently defeated by the real Undertaker at SummerSlam (1994).

In later years, DiBiase formed a very successful tag team, Money Inc., with
Irwin R. Schyster (IRS). The duo were three-time WWF World Tag Team Champions.
DiBiase wrestled until late 1993 when back and neck injuries forced him to
leave active participation in the ring for good, but he remained on as a
manager in both the WWF and later its rival, WCW.

In 1994, DiBiase tried his hand at commentating, announcing the 1994 Royal
Rumble along with Vince McMahon. He was also a color commentator alongside the
likes of Stan Lane and Gorilla Monsoon on WWF Wrestling Challenge. In addition,
DiBiase also lent his announcing skills on matches that were taped exclusively
for Coliseum Video releases.

Later in 1994, DiBiase "purchased" the services of many wrestlers for his
Million Dollar Corporation stable in the WWF, which over time included I.R.S.,
Bam Bam Bigelow, Nikolai Volkoff, Kama, King Kong Bundy, Sycho Sid and, in a
most suprising heel turn, Tatanka. Later DiBiase would introduce "The
Ringmaster" Steve Austin to the WWF.

DiBiase's millionaire gimmick later influenced the characters of Tiger Ali
Singh and John "Bradshaw" Layfield.

In WCW, DiBiase managed the nWo immediately after their formation in 1996,
claiming to be financing the group (thus playing on his "Million Dollar Man"
gimmick which WCW could not legally use outright). Less than a year later, he
left the nWo and made a shocking face turn, managing The Steiner Brothers
against the nWo until Scott turned heel and joined the group. DiBiase also
managed Ray Traylor for a while as an ally to the Steiners but eventually
stopped managing altogether.

Despite playing a character fans badly hated, DiBiase is fondly remembered, so
much so that he was chosen as a legend fans wanted to see in the SmackDown!
games, during a poll survey done by THQ.

In April 2005, DiBiase was hired as a creative consultant and road agent for
the SmackDown! brand of World Wrestling Entertainment.

On October 3, 2005, at WWE Homecoming to the USA Network, DiBiase appeared
with other WWE legends in a special legends ceremony. He eventually led the
attack on Rob Conway who had come down to the ring to insult the legends.

DiBiase has lately been trying to get the copyrights to his original theme
music "It's All About The Money". The reasons for this have not been revealed.

DiBiase inducted his former manager Sensational Sherri into the WWE Hall of
Fame on April 1, 2006, and made a cameo at WrestleMania 22, offering Eugene
$1000 to dribble a basketball 100 times backstage. In typcal fashion he kicked
the ball away at the last second.

DiBiase also appeared on RAW on April 17, 2006, after an Unlimited segment. The
segment included Goldust and Gene Snitsky asking Candice Michelle to do
"things"with a big chunk of Jarlsberg cheese. DiBiase was shown behind a
newspaper doing his famous evil laugh as the camera went off air.

On December 20, 2005 in Stamford, Conn., Ted DiBiase collapsed and lost
consciousness. He later regained consciousness and was held overnight in a
local hospital to undergo testing. He appears to have recovered and is back to
work for WWE.

DiBiase is now a Christian minister who runs combined Christian/wrestling
events under the promotion, Power Wrestling Alliance. He frequently works with
Nikita Koloff, another born-again Christian at these events. In 1999, he
founded Heart of David Ministries.

Of his more recent ventures, DiBiase made a special guest appearance at an IPW
show in Newton, Iowa on July 14th, 2006, where he watched his sons' tag team
match. While there, the "Million Dollar Man" would, ironically, charge fans
$5 for autograph signings. The following day, he would accept the George
Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame induction for his late
father, Mike, at the International Wrestling Institute and Museum. Other
inductees included Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Dory Funk Sr., Larry Hennig,
Nikita Koloff, Tom Jenkins, and Bob Roop.

His religious involvement along with his wrestling career is featured in an
article of a recent ESPN Magazine.

- 2 of his sons are now pro wrestlers. On July 14th 2006, Mike DiBiase & Ted
DiBiase Jr. defeated Daniel Cross & Dakota at an Impact Pro Wrestling show. 
- He is referenced in the Roots song "Ain't Sayin Nothin New" - "...Shove a mic
in your mouth like Ted DiBiase". 
- He is referenced in Nick Cannon's song, Feelin Freaky: "...Million dollar
thug like I'm Ted DiBiase..." 
-He admitted in an interview conducted by that his Million Dollar
Championship title  (a belt composed of real diamonds and gold) cost $45,000. 
-He has twice appeared in the WWE SmackDown! video games as a legend. He has
since stated that he's honored and proud to have done the things he did during
his WWE career, because the fans remember him by it and consider him as one of
the legendary figures in WWE history. 
-He appeared on the Robin Leach TV Show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. 
-He appeared in the 1978 Sylvester Stallone movie Paradise Alley. 
-He was refrenced in other rap songs by Cam'ron,Yukmouth,Big Pun, and Fat Joe
("Lean Back" by Joe was #1 on the Billboard Pop Charts) 
-He is included the in the game WWE SmackDown! VS Raw 2006 as a Legend. 

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

4.0 Moves

Here is the legend for all the moves:

O:  Circle
X:  Cross
T:  Triangle
[]: Square

H: Head damage
A: Arms damage
B: Body damage
L: Legs damage

Sta: Stamina requirements
Mom: Momentum charge

Blood: Blood move
Dirty: Dirty move
Fav:   Favorite move
KO:    KO move
Pin:   Pin move
Sub:   Submission move

4.1) Standard actions

Ring In Move            Slide In

Ring Out Move           One Handstand Ring Out

- Right analog down     Taunt No
- Right analog left     Come On!
- Right analog up       Taunt Money
- Right analog right    Tantu El 2

Fighting Stance         Wrestling 1

Walking Motion          Normal

Running Motion          Normal

4.2) Standing

Strike Attack:                
- Down + X             Double Axe Handle 2 - H 4, Sta 6, Mom 6
- Diagonal down + X    Toe Kick 1          - H 1, A 1, L 1, B 2, Sta 4, Mom 4
- Left + X             Elbow Smash 1       - H 2, A 1, L 1, B 2, Sta 4, Mom 4
- Diagonal + up + X    Overhand Punch      - H 6, A 1, L 1, B 6, Sta 9, Mom 9
- Up + X               Clothesline 3       - H 4, B 4, Sta 6, Mom 6
- Right + X            Back Chop 4         - H 2, A 1, L 1, B 2, Sta 4, Mom 4

Grapple moves:

- O                Arm Drag 3           - H 4, B6, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Down + O     Scoop Slam 5         - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Left + O     Snapmare 2           - H 4, B 6, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Up + O       Wrist Clutch & Elbow - A 10, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Right + O    Body Knee Strike     - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 10

- O                Eye Rake 1          - H 8, Sta 8, Mom 10, Dirty
    - Down + O     Low Blow 5          - B 16, Sta 16, Mom 18, Dirty
    - Left + O     Eye Rake 2          - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 10, Dirty
    - Up + O       Eye Poke 2          - H 6, Sta 8, Mom 10, Dirty
    - Right + O    Reverse Atomic Drop - B 12, Mom 12, Sta 14, Dirty

- Down + O         Submission
    - O            Arm Lock 1            - A 10, B 4, Sta 3, Mom 14, Sub A
    - Down + O     Chin Lock             - H 4, B 2, Sta 8, Mom 10, Sub A
    - Left + O     Head Lock 4           - B 8, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Up + O       Snapmare & Leg Lock 2 - H 10, Sta 3, Mom 10, Sub A
    - Right + O    Face Lock 2           - H 4, B 2, Sta 8, Mom 10, Sub A

- Left + O         Power category
    - O            Back Suplex 7    - A 4, B 8, Sta 12, Mom 14
    - Down + O     Shoulder Breaker - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Left + O     Back Chop 7      - B 16, Sta 16, Mom 18
    - Up + O       Backbreaker 9    - B 16, Sta 16, Mom 18, Fav
    - Right + O    Scoop Slam 4     - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 10

- Up + O           Technical category
    - O            Double Arm Suplex 2 - H 4, B 12, Sta 18, Mom 18
    - Down + O     Fireman Carry       - B 8, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Left + O     Gutwrench Suplex    - B 12, Sta 12, Mom 14, Fav
    - Up + O       Belly to Belly 4    - B 12, Sta 12, Mom 14
    - Right + O    Jumping Armbreaker  - A 10, Sta 8, Mom 10

- Right + O        Old School category
    - O            Arm Drag Leg Drop   - A 6, B 2, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Down + O     Russian Leg Sweep 1 - H 6, B 4, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Left + O     Suplex 11           - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Up + O       Arm Wringer Flip    - A 1, B 7, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Right + O    Piledriver 2        - H 14, Sta 12, Mom 14

- X                Grapple Attack
    - X (1st)      Grapple Elbow Strike 1 - H 3, Sta 2, Mom 3
    - X (2nd)      Grapple Elbow Strike 1 - H 3, Sta 2, Mom 3
    - X (3rd)      Grapple Elbow Strike 3 - H 6, Sta 4, Mom 7

Grapple from behind:
- 0            Back Suplex 5     - H 4, B 8, Sta 12, Mom 16
- Down + O     Bulldog 6         - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 10, Blood
- Left + O     Backbreaker 4     - B 14, Sta 12, Mom 16
- Up + O       Forearm Smash     - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Right + O    Super Atomic Drop - B 14, Sta 12, Mom 16

(With groggy opponent)
- 0            Backbreacker 6      - B 14, Sta 12, Mom 16
- Down + O     German Suplex 4     - H 12, B 4, Sta 12, Mom 16
- Left + O     Belly to Back 2     - B 12, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Up + O       Russian Leg Sweep 2 - H 7, L 2, B 3, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Right + O    Bulldog 5           - H 6, B 6, Sta 8, Mom 12

Top of cell attack:
- O                    Downward Trust - H 15, A 15, L 15, B 15, Sta 16, Mom 40
- O + Any direction    Downward Trust - H 15, A 15, L 15, B 15, Sta 16, Mom 40

- O                    Downward Trust - H 15, A 15, L 15, B 15, Sta 16, Mom 40
- O + Any direction    Downward Trust - H 15, A 15, L 15, B 15, Sta 16, Mom 40

4.3) Ground
Strike Attack:
- X                   Angry Stomp   - H 2, A 2, L 2, B 2, Sta 3, Mom 2
- Up / Down + X       Elbow Drop 12 - H 4, A 4, L 4, B 4, Sta 5, Mom 4
- Left / Right + X    Elbow Drop 1  - H 4, A 4, L 4, B 4, Sta 5, Mom 4

Grapple Moves:
- O            Raise
- Double O     Sit Down
- Down + O     Pin Fall             - H 1, A 1, B 1, Sta 3, Mom 3
- Left + O     Rick Flair Knee Drop - H 12, Sta 8, Mom 12, Blood
- Up + O       Fury Punch 6         - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 12, Dirty
- Right + O    Fury Punch 7         - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 12, Dirty

- O            Raise
- Double O     Sit Down
- Down + O     Pin Fall       - B 1, Sta 5
- Left + O     Leg Lock 7     - L 10, Sta 3, Mom 10, Sub B
- Up + O       Punch To Groin - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 12, Ditry
- Right + O    Stomping Combo - L 12, Sta 8, Mom 12

4.4) Corner

Strike Attaks:
- X                    Turnbuckle Clothesline 1 - H 7, Sta 7, Mom 7
- X + any direction    Turnbuckle Dropkick 1    - B 7, Sta 7, Mom 7
- X                    Knee Attack 1            - H 9, Sta 10, Mom 10

Grapple Moves:
- O                    Shoulder Thrust 2 - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Down + O             Super Last Call   - B 17, Sta 12, Mom 16
- Left + O             Superplex 1       - B 14, Sta 12, Mom 16
- Up + O               Superplex 2       - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Right + O            Shoulder Thrust 2 - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 12
- O                    Raise the Opponent Up
- O + any direction    Pushes Turnbuckle - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 12, Dirty

Grapple From Behind:
- O            Turnbuckle Smash    - H 9, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Down + O     Lucha DDT           - H 14, Sta 12, Mom 16, KO
- Left + O     Toss into Ring Post - A 8, B 6, Sta 12, Mom 16, Dirty
- Up + O       Forearm To Back     - B 11, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Right + O    Super Back Suplex   - H 10, B 6, Sta 12, Mom 16

4.5) Rope

Groggy on ropes:
- O + any direction    Choke 1   - H 8, Sta 8, Mom 12, Dirty

Rebound Attack:
(opponent up)
- T + X    Shoulder Block 2      - H 4, Sta 5, Mom 5
(opponent down)
- T + X    Dropkick To Knee 3    - H 7, A 7, L 7, B 7, Sta 8, Mom 7
(opponent outside ring)
- T + X    Vaulting Body Press 2 - H 12, A 6, L 1, B 12, Sta 12, Mom 20

Diving out of the ring attack:
- [] + X   Diving Through Ropes  - H 12, A 6, L 1, B 12, Sta 12, Mom 20

4.6) Diving

Vs standing Opponent
- Left + X     Diving Spear        - B 10, Sta 10, Mom 20, KO
- Right + X    Double Axe Handle 3 - H 7, Sta 7, Mom 7

Vs downed Opponent
- X            Diving Elbow Drop   - H 1, A 1, L 1, B 9, Sta 9, Mom 20
- Left + X     Near Elbow Drop     - H 4, A 1, L 1, B 8, Sta 8, Mom 20
- Right + X    Diving Leg Drop     - H 8, A 1, L 1, B 4, Sta 8, Mom 20

4.7) Dash

Running Strikes:
- X                    Elbow Attack 4   - H 4, Sta 5, Mom 5
- Any direction + X    Shoulder Block 2 - H 4, Sta 5, Mom 5

Running Grapples:
- Down + O    Neckbreaker Drop  - H 12, Sta 9, Mom 11
- Up + O      Sunset Flip Pin 1 - H 2, B 2, Sta 7, Mom 11, Pin

Rear Techniques:
- O             Neckbreaker 12  - H 12, Sta 9, Mom 11
- O (groggy)    Schoolboy Pin 2 - H 2, B 2, Sta 6, Mom 8, Pin

Running Ground Attack:
- [] + X                    Elbow Drop 5       - H 7, A 7, L 7, B 7, Sta 8,
                                                 Mom 7
- [] + any direction + X    Dropkick To Knee 3 - H 7, A 7, L 7, B 7, Sta 8,
                                                 Mom 7

Counter Attack:
- O                   Powerslam 1      - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 10, Fav
- Up / Down + O       Sleeper Hold 5   - H 10, Sta 3, Mom 10, Sub B
- Left / Right + O    Back Body Drop 1 - B 12, Sta 12, Mom 14

4.8) Tag Team

Standing Tag Team:
- O            Double Flapjack    - B 13, Sta 13, Mom 15, Blood
- Down + O     Double Punches 2   - H 11, Sta 10, Mom 13
- Left + O     Double Suplex      - B 14, Sta 14, Mom 16
- Up + O       Double Clothesline - H 12, B 4, Sta 12, Mom 16
- Right + O    Double Beat Head   - H 14, Sta 13, Mom 14

Corner Tag Team:
- O            Kick To Gut 1       - B 14, Sta 12, Mom 12
- Down + O     Gut Crusher         - B 14, Sta 16, Mom 18
- Left + O     Death Device        - H 12, B 6, Sta 16, Mom 18, KO
- Up + O       Double Stomping     - B 12, Sta 16, Mom 18
- Right + O    Spine & Neckbreaker - H 8, B 6, Sta 16, Mom 18

4.9) Special
- L1    Million Dollar Dream - H 20, Sta 3, Mom 10, Sub B
- L1    Fist Drop 3          - H 14, Sta 12, Mom 16

Signature Moves:
-       Gutwrench Suplex - B 12, Sta 12, Mom 14, Fav
-       Powerslam 1      - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 10, Fav
-       Backbreaker 9    - B 16, Sta 16, Mom 18, Fav

Chair Finisher:
- L1                    DDT 23 - H 20, Sta 18, Mom 30, Blood
- Any direction + L1    DDT 23 - H 20, Sta 18, Mom 30, Blood

Combination Attack:
- X (1st)    Snap Jab         - H 2, A 1, L 1, B 2, Sta 4, Mom 4
- X (2nd)    Outlaw Punches 1 - H 2, A 1, L 1, B 2, Sta 4, Mom 4
- X (3rd)    Snap Jab         - H 2, A 1, L 1, B 2, Sta 4, Mom 4

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

5.0) Statistics

Strength:    7.5
Submission:  8.5
Durabillity: 8.0
Tecnhique:   8.5
Speed:       6.5
Charisma:    8.5
Hardcore:    7.5
Stamina:     7.5
Overall:     86
Show:        Legend

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

6.0 Game review

This is mi personal review for this game. I hope it can help you to decide if
to buy it or not. You can find this review on, the first free
source of faqs all over the web.

Time to walk the ring one more time!

Here I am, to talk about another game about the WWE universe. But is that a
good game? On a first look this game can be taken as an update of his
predecessor, Smackdown! vs RAW, but it offers more on every aspect, like
gameplay and value that you will like it. Keep reading, if you want to know

Graphics: 9/10

Every game they improve the graphic. Smackdown! vs RAW 2006 is no exception,
they scan the wrestler faces, and you can see the results with your own eyes.
The only thing I don't like, it's a problem I see every WWE game. I am talking
about the "create a wrestler" section.

I know that a Playstation 2 has some power limits, but I hate when I see my
creation almost perfect, and when it goes to ring is graphically downgraded to
spare console power. It's simply frustrating (if you have a lot of created
wrestlers like me.)

But the arenas, detailed, well done... but they looks exactly like the last
year arenas.

Another good addition to the graphic side are the entrances, this year they are
very well detailed, and almost all of them are marvellous reproductions of real
WWE superstars entrances. With some exceptions, of course (Batista and others).

The create an entrance section this year gives you more tools to prepare a
better entrance, allowing you to choose lights, pyros and moves for every
section of the stadium. That is a very good thing, but when I prepared my first
entrance, it took almost one hour to check every single camera position!

Sound: 10/10

This time you will hear a lot of voices from your favourite wrestlers, music
are very good, and entrance music are reproduced very well, in an almost
perfect way. This time is a professional work that won't disappoint you in any

Unfortunately the commentary can't be described as above. It will give you a
bad feeling of repetition, hearing all the times you do a finishing move the
same words and phrases over and over again.

Controls: 9/10

Controls are well distributed on the gamepad, and they work fast. The only
thing I never liked is the targeting system. Almost every time I try to target
a different opponent I target my own partner, or the referee or even the wrong

In a single match it's not a real problem, but on multi-opponent matches, like
the Royal Rumble, it's a real pain.

Gameplay: 8/10

No doubt that Smackdown! vs RAW 2006 is a really great game. So, why I gave
only 8 points on gameplay? It's sad to say that, but... if you play that game
alone, it's not too fun. The core of the entire game, the season, it's made by
only a few episodes. You will play two episodes (not chosen randomly), the
Royal Rumble episode, and then the Wrestlemania Episode (and not for all
wrestlers, some of them won't be available for season play.)

No more, no less. There are no plots like title defence or parties, like Here
Comes the Pain (the best season of all WWE games). When I played the game for
the first time I was really disappointed of that, and I think it will be the
same for you.

The roster is pretty good, a huge selection of WWE superstars and divas like
Trish Stratus, the Undertaker, Batista and John Cena.

There is also a legend selection that includes Andre the Giant, three (yes,
three) almost identical version of the legendary Hulk Hogan, and the usual
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin and the Rock.

I was disappointed to have three different version of the same wrestler, I
think it's a waste of space than can be used for other wrestlers and legends.

Another bad thing it's the idea to put Jake "the Snake" Roberts in the game,
but you have to connect your PS2 with a PSP with him unlocked in that, then
transfer it to your PS2.

Sincerely, I find all this stuff nothing more than a marketing manoeuvre to
promote the PSP. 

Of course, if you have the old PS2 (not the slim version), you can't connect
with a PSP, and it's very difficult you will ever see Jake Roberts on your

If you play this game with at least a friend... this changes a lot. I have
played with a multi-tap, and four friends, and I can assure you that I had the
time of my life! We shouted, insulted each other... we really enjoyed that.

Regarding the multiplayer option, I have the old PS2, and I can't play online,
so I don't know how is this game online, but a lot of people said me that is
slowed down. The online play is hosted on a Gamespy server, and it seems that 
it's not doing a very good job. 

Sometimes after a match the game will freeze up. Another problem is that
sometimes your wins or losses won't even count for some reason or bugs.

I am sorry, but I don't play online, so I don’t have more details for you.
The challenges are back in this game again, and add something more to the
length of the game, giving you something more to do in this game. They will
also allow you to unlock special bonus, like furniture for your room, and
increase the durability of the game quite a lot.

There is also a new season type, called General mode. In that season you can
arrange your brand by yourself, creating a roster, deciding all the matches
every week. You decide your marketing strategies, creating feuds and
interfering with the other show.

The only thing I don't like is that you can't decide the match results by
yourself, so, after all you don't have all the control on the brand you will
have as a real General Manager.

This mode has potential, and a lot of it, but it's not really entertaining as
it sound, but, after all, it's the first year that this new game mode is
implemented, I am sure it will be in future WWE games, and will became more and
more fun than now.

Conclusions: 9/10

If you want to play this game alone, I suggest you Here Comes the Pain or
Smackdown! vs RAW. 

But, if you will play this game with some friends, it will give you one of the
most entertaining experience of your life, for you and all your friends. If you
are a fan of the WWE games then you should absolutely try give game, it
absolutely worth the effort.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

Copyright 2005-2006 by Woodman