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Follow the dark path or use the light

Andre the Giant FAQ

by John Woodman

                  ***                                  ***
                  ***  ANDRE THE GIANT CHARACTER FAQ   ***
                  ***                                  ***
                  *** FOR SMACKDOWN! vs RAW 2006 (PS2) ***
                  ***                                  ***
                  ***           VERSION  1.4           ***
                  ***                                  ***
                  ***          BY JOHN WOODMAN         ***
                  ***                                  ***
                  ***           FOR PS2 & PSP          ***
                  ***                                  ***

1.0) Introduction
    1.1) Legal
    1.2) About me
    1.3) Contact me
    1.4) Autorized publishing
    1.5) Aknowledgements

2.0) Version history

3.0) Bio

4.0) Moves
    4.1) Standard actions
    4.2) Standing
    4.3) Ground
    4.4) Corner
    4.5) Rope
    4.6) Diving
    4.7) Dash
    4.8) Tag Team
    4.9) Special

5.0) Statistics

6.0) Game review

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

1.0) Introduction

Hi. This is the WWE: Smackdown! vs RAW 2006 FAQ for one of the best wrestlers
of all the time: the great Andrč the Giant.

1.1) Legal

This document and all of its content is copyright of Woodman (myself). All
information in this document were written by me, and all contributions will
receive their credits as soon I'll enter them in the FAQ.

If you would like this FAQ on your site, please Email me requesting permission
to, and I will probably allow you to do so. However, the guide must not be
changed in any way.

This guide was made only for the purpose of helping other people, and I don't
intend to use it for profit, and I would really really appreciate it if no one
else does it too. This guide is as free as everyone of us is.

Copyright 2007 by Woodman

1.2) About me

I am a 30 years old man, and always liked wrestling, I started with WWF for a
lot of years, but after some years "TV Koper" stopped broadcasting it.

I passed a lot of years without wrestling (except for videogames), and now I
can only watch "Smackdown!" and NWE, because the other shows are on satellite
Pay TV, and I can't watch them.

I am Italian, and I live in a small town called Castelfranco Veneto. Right now
I am studying to became a sort of sanitarian operator (called O.S.S.)

My dream? To marry with my girlfriend Eleonor.

1.3) Contact me

If you want to contact me, write me to this address:

NOSPAM!woodman76   @

Simply remove NOSPAM! and assemble my complete address, it's very simple.
Please write me, for suggestion, corrections and other things like this about
this FAQ. I will be happy to answer you.

By the way... sorry if sometimes my English is not perfect... after all, I am
Italian, and English it's not my first language.

You can write me in English or Italian with no problem.

1.4) Autorized publishing

There are the sites autorized to publish this FAQ:

There are the sites that will NEVER be autorized to publish this FAQ:

If you would like to host this FAQ on your site, please e-mail me requesting
permission to, and I will probably allow you to do so. However, the guide must
not be changed or altered in any way.

See how to contact me at - 1.3 - section. Thank you.

1.5) Aknowledgements

Andre the Giant: for being the best legend of all time! (At least for me.)

Eddie Guerrero: for being a myth, and now a legend. my primary FREE source of FAQs and guides all over the web.

Goldust & Eugene: for being my favourite wrestlers. (Sad they are not on 2007.)

My friend Ariadna: for our long distance friendship (Italy - Mexico).

My girlfriend Eleonor: for loving me, even if she doesn't like Wrestling.

My Pc and Notepad program: for allowing me writing this guide.

Sony: For creating the PSX and PS2 consoles (and for the future PS3).

THQ: the creators of a lot of good wrestling games (some bugs apart).

WWE: for all the wrestling I love.

WWF: for all the wrestling I loved, and I will always love.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

2.0) Version history

1.0 (23 November 2005): first complete writing.

1.1 (19 September 2006): bio added, and updated the FAQ layout. I hope you will
like my work. Remember to vote for my FAQ in, if you can.

1.2 (20 October 2006): now this guide is good for both PS2 and PSP.

1.3 (21 October 2006): added the game review.

1.4 (30 January 2007): final version, updated the game review and the layout.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

3.0) Bio

Real name  : André René Roussimoff

Ring name  : Andre the Giant

Birthdate  : 19th May 1946, Grenoble, France

Death date : 27th January 1993, died of a heart attack in Paris, France

Weight     : from 380 lbs (172 kg) to 540 lbs (245 Kg)

Height     : 7 feet 4 inches (208 cm)

Debut      : 1964

Retirement : 1992

Finishing Moves: Hip drop, Elbow drop, Butterfly suplex, Tombstone piledriver

Career Titles:
- IWA Tag Titles
- Austral-Asian Tag Titles
- NWA U.S. Tag Titles
- Florida Tag Titles
- WWF Heavyweight Title
- WWF Tag Team Titles

André the Giant (May 19, 1946 - January 27, 1993) was a professional wrestler
and actor, born André René Roussimoff in Grenoble, France. He was at least 208
cm (6 ft 10 in) tall. His great size was a result of excessive growth hormone,
a condition known as pituitary gigantism, and led to him being dubbed "The
Eighth Wonder of the World."

Born to French parents of Bulgarian and Polish descent in a small farm near
Ussy-sur-Marne, he left home in his adolescence to become a pro wrestler. He
was billed at a height of 7 ft 4 in (224 cm) and sometimes 7 ft 5 in (226 cm)
with a weight which ranged from 380 to 550 pounds. His correct height is
contested, but he was legitimately measured at the age of twenty-four at 6
feet 9 3/4 inches tall (208 cm)[1]. The great exaggeration of his height
probably comes from the fact that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the tallest
renowned athlete in the world at the time at 7 ft 2 in (219 cm),
and promoters wanted to bill Roussimoff as the biggest athlete in the
Nevertheless, the sight of him alone was enough to draw huge crowds during
a time when there were only a handful of wrestlers over 6 ft 6 in (198 cm);
his condition which included symptoms such as enlarged hands and feet and
exaggerated facial feathres (acromegaly) likely aided the visual perception
of him appearing larger than he actually was.
After touring the world with different promotions for many years (mostly in
Montreal for Édouard Carpentier), he was signed by the then World Wide
Wrestling Federation. On March 26, 1973, Roussimoff made his WWF debut,
defeating Buddy Wolfe in New York's Madison Square Garden. He also dabbled in
acting in the 1970s and 1980s, playing a Sasquatch (aka "Bigfoot") on the 1970s
television series The Six Million Dollar Man and the character Fezzik in The
Princess Bride. By the time WWF chairman Vincent K. McMahon began to expand
his promotion to the national level in the early 1980s, Roussimoff wrestled
exclusively for the WWF in the USA, while still holding international

Roussimoff was a very imposing figure - it is said that he never tested the
full extent of his true strength because he was afraid of the damage that it
might cause. Despite the hype, many wrestlers have stated that while André
might not have known his full strength, he was always easy to work with in the
ring and always protected his opponents. It is also said that Roussimoff could
drink an entire case of beer and not feel so much as a buzz. There are also
stories of André drinking cases of wine (night before Wrestlemania III) until
he passed out in a hotel lobby, and a sheet was simply thrown over him, as no
one had the strength to move his massive body unaided. However, there is no
proof that any of these stories are true; and that while André was certainly
a legendary drinker who loved to have a good time eating and drinking with
friends, wrestling is famous for tall tales, and this could be simply another
tall tale. He was offered a professional American football contract with the
Washington Redskins after a tryout in 1974 and seriously considered it before
turning it down, reasoning that he could make far more money wrestling.

Roussimoff was one of the WWF's most beloved "babyfaces" throughout the 1970s
and early '80s, although the legend that for fourteen years he never lost by
pinfall or submission in a WWF ring before being pinned by Hulk Hogan on March
29, 1987 at WrestleMania III. However Roussimoff had lost cleanly in matches
outside of the parameters of the WWF; a pinfall loss in Mexico to El Canek in
1984 and in Japan a submission loss to Antonio Inoki in 1986, as well as a
controversial no-contest finish against Akira Maeda, who used heel shoot-style
tactics to dominate the match. He also went sixty-minute time limit draws with
the two other major world champions of the day, Harley Race and Nick

Roussimoff had memorable clashes all over the world with a variety of tough,
rugged opponents. Among his chief rivals in the ring: The Sheik (who gained a
deathmatch win over the Frenchman in 1974 with the help of his fireball),
Abdullah the Butcher, Stan Hansen, Ernie Ladd, and a young Hulk Hogan, who
first met Roussimoff in 1978 during his rookie years in the deep South. Hogan
and André would go on to have one of the great WWF feuds of 1980, peaking in
front of 36,295 fans at the Showdown at Shea event on August 9, 1980 in
Flushing, New York's Shea Stadium.

One of André's most bitter feuds pitted him against the Mongolian terror Killer
Khan, who was managed by Fred Blassie. According to the storyline, Khan had
broken André's ankle during a match in Rochester, New York by leaping off the
top rope and crashing down upon it with his knee-drop. (Actually, André had
broken his ankle getting out of bed.) After a stay at Beth-Israel Hospital in
Boston, Roussimoff returned with payback on his mind. On November 14, 1981 at
the Philadelphia Spectrum, Roussimoff exacted revenge by destroying Killer Khan
in what was billed as a "Mongolian Stretcher Match," in which the loser must be
taken to the dressing room on a stretcher.

Another memorable Roussimoff feud involved a man who considered himself to be
"the true giant" of wrestling: the 6 ft 7 in, 364-pound Big John Studd.
Throughout the early to mid-1980s, Roussimoff and Studd fought all over the
world, battling to try and determine who the real giant of wrestling was. In
December 1984, Studd took the feud to a new level, when he and partner Ken
Patera knocked out Roussimoff during a televised tag team match and proceeded
to cut off Roussimoff's famous long locks. Roussimoff had the last laugh at
the first WrestleMania on March 31, 1985 at Madison Square Garden. Roussimoff
conquered Studd in a $15,000 Body-slam Challenge. After slamming Studd, he
attempted to give the $15,000 prize to the fans, before having the bag stolen
from him by his future manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

The following year, at WrestleMania 2 (April 7, 1986), Roussimoff continued to
display his dominance by winning a twenty-man battle royal that featured top
NFL stars and wrestlers. Roussimoff eliminated future wrestling legend Bret
Hart to win the contest.

Afterwards, Roussimoff continued his feud with Studd and King Kong Bundy.
Roussimoff was suspended after a no-show; he returned under a mask as "The
Giant Machine" part of a team with "Big Machine" (Robert Windham) and "Super
Machine" (Bill Eadie). (The Machines gimmick was copied from New Japan Pro
Wrestling character "Super Strong Machine," played by Japanese wrestler Junji
Hirata.)[1] Soon afterwards, Giant Machine disappeared, and Roussimoff was
reinstated, to the approval of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

Roussimoff was turned heel in 1987 so that he could face Hulk Hogan for the WWF
Championship in the main event of WrestleMania III. In early 1987, Hogan was
presented a trophy for being the WWF World Heavyweight Champion for three
years. Roussimoff came out to congratulate him. Shortly afterwards, Roussimoff
was presented a slightly smaller trophy for being "undefeated in the WWF for
fifteen years." In actuality, Roussimoff had suffered a handful of countout and
disqualification losses in the WWF but had never been pinned or forced to
submit in a WWF ring. Hogan came out to congratulate Roussimoff and ended up
being the focal point of the interview. A visibly annoyed Roussimoff walked
out in the midst of Hogan's speech. Then, on an edition of "Piper's Pit,"
Hogan was confronted by Heenan. Heenan announced that his new protege was
Roussimoff. Roussimoff then challenged Hogan to a title match at WrestleMania
III, ripping the t-shirt and crucifix off of Hogan.

It was at WrestleMania III that the public first really saw the pain that
Roussimoff was going through. By this stage his body was weighed in at about
525 pounds, and his bones and joints were finding it hard supporting such a
huge weight. Hogan won the match after dropping Roussimoff with a bodyslam,
followed by Hogan's running legdrop finisher. (Years later, Hogan stated that
Roussimoff was so heavy, he felt more like 700 pounds.) Another famous tall
tale about the match is that "no one knew" if André would lose the match.
While mostly false, WWE owner Vince McMahon has stated in the past that he
believed if Hogan had either purposely or accidentally disrespected André that
night, there was no way André would have allowed Hogan to win the match, no
matter what had been agreed to. Aside from that possibility, André had agreed
to lose the match some time before, mostly for health reasons. Before being
signed to the WWF, Roussimoff had wrestled in Japan. It was here that a doctor
diagnosed Roussimoff with his condition and told him that those with the same
problem were generally lucky to reach forty. Roussimoff never told his family
of the diagnosis, and his closest friends believe that it was this motivation
that led Roussimoff to live life to the fullest until he died.

The Hogan-André face off at WrestleMania III was likely the most highly
anticipated professional wrestling matchup in history - the apex of
wrestling's most recent golden era. The event, held at the Pontiac Silverdome,
had millions watching on pay-per-view and established great permanent value in
the WrestleMania franchise. 93,137 fans turned out as the WWF sold many
standing room only tickets and added seats in the alleys to exceed the 
Silverdome's capacity of 80,331 [citation needed]. Hogan defeated Roussimoff in
what some consider a passing of the torch from Roussimoff, wrestling's biggest
star of the 1970s, to Hogan, wrestling's biggest star of the '80s. The feud
between Roussimoff and Hogan simmered, even as Roussimoff's health declined.

Roussimoff won the WWF title from Hogan on February 5, 1988 in a match where
appointed referee Dave Hebner was "detained backstage," and a replacement,
his "evil" twin brother Earl, made a three count on Hogan while his shoulders
were off of the mat. Roussimoff then "sold" the title to "The Million Dollar
Man" Ted DiBiase, and the title was vacated. This was shown on the WWF's NBC
program The Main Event (usually seen Saturdays as Saturday Night's Main Event).
André famously mistakenly called the Federation's Championship the "WWF Tag
Team Championship," perhaps foreshadowing his reign with Haku.

At WrestleMania IV, Roussimoff and Hulk Hogan fought to a double DQ in a WWF
title tournament match. Afterwards, Roussimoff and Hogan's feud died down after
a brutal steel cage match held at WrestleFest on July 31, 1988 in Milwaukee.
During this time, André also became involved in a heated feud with "Hacksaw"
Jim Duggan. 

André Roussimoff in a police mugshot after being arrested for assaulting a
cameramanAndré's next major feud was vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts. In this
storyline, it was said André was deathly afraid of snakes, something Roberts
exposed on Saturday Night's Main Event when he threw his snake, Damien, on the
frightened André; as a result, André suffered a (kayfabe) mild heart attack
and vowed revenge. During the next few weeks, Roberts frequently walked to
ringside during André's matches, causing him to run from the ring in fright
(since he knew what was inside the bag). Throughout their feud (which
culiminated at WrestleMania V), Roberts constantly used Damien to gain a
psychological edge over the much larger and stronger André.

André won the World Tag Team Championship with his partner Haku from Demolition
on December 13, 1989. Managed by Bobby Heenan, André and Haku were known as The
Colossal Connection. They lost their titles at WrestleMania VI back to
Demolition on April 1, 1990. After the match a furious Heenan slapped Andre,
and he responded by knocking Heenan out, much to the delight of the fans. Andre
went into the match as a heel, and left as a face. After that he went back to
Japan, this time for All Japan Pro Wrestling, where he briefly teamed with
owner Giant Baba.

André starred in several movies towards the end of his career, most notably as
Fezzik in 1987's The Princess Bride. He had a cameo appearance in 1984's Conan
the Destroyer as Dagoth, the resurrected horned giant beast, who is killed by
Conan, the character portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In his final film, he
appeared in something of a cameo role as a circus giant in the comedy Trading
Mom, which was not released until the year after his death.

The disease that granted him his immense size also began to take its toll on
his body. By the late 1980s, André was in constant, near-crippling pain, and
his heart struggled to pump blood throughout his massive body. When he was not
in front of a camera, he was usually in a wheelchair.

He stopped competing entirely in the very early 1990s due to the increasing
pain that his illness was causing him.

His last U.S television appearance was on WCW's "Clash of the Champions 20"
special that aired on TBS on September 2, 1992. He did not compete, the
appearance consisting solely of an interview.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

4.0 Moves

Here is the legend for all the moves:

O:  Circle
X:  Cross
T:  Triangle
[]: Square

H: Head damage
A: Arms damage
B: Body damage
L: Legs damage

Sta: Stamina requirements
Mom: Momentum charge

Blood: Blood move
Dirty: Dirty move
Fav:   Favorite move
Pin:   Pin move
Sub:   Submission move

4.1) Standard actions
Ring In Move            Over The Rope

Ring Out Move           Roll Down

- Right analog down     Andre The Giant
- Right analog left     Hold Up 2
- Right analog up       Raise Arm 4
- Right analog right    Wake Up 2
Fighting Stance         Andre The Giant

Walking Motion          Normal

Running Motion          Normal

4.2) Standing

Strike Attack:                
- Down + X             Big Boot 1     - H4, A 1, L , B 1, Sta 6, Mom 6, Blood
- Diagonal down + X    Toe Kick 1     - H 1, A 1, L 1, B 2, Sta 4, Mom 4
- Left + X             Body Punch     - H 1, A 1, L 1, B 4, Sta 6, Mom 6
- Diagonal + up + X    Overhand Punch - H 6, A 1, L 1, B 6, Sta 9, Mom 9
- Up + X               Big Boot 1     - H4, A 1, L , B 1, Sta 6, Mom 6, Blood
- Right + X            Slap 2         - B 4, Sta 6, Mom 6

Grapple moves:

- O                Arm Drag 2       - H 4, B 6, Stam 8, Mom 10
    - Down + O     Arm Wringer Flip - A 1, B 7, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Left + O     Snapmare 2       - H 4, B 6, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Up + O       Hip Toss 4       - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Right + O    Body Knee Strike - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 10

- O                Eye Rake 1          - H 8, Sta 8, Mom 10, Dirty
    - Down + O     Low Blow 5          - B 16, Sta 16, Mom 18, Dirty
    - Left + O     Low Blow 3          - B 16, Sta 16, Mom 18, Dirty
    - Up + O       Low Blow 4          - B 16, Sta 16, Mom 18, Dirty
    - Right + O    Reverse Atomic Drop - B 12, Sta 12, Mom 14, Dirty

- Down + O         Submission
    - O            Arm Wrench 1           - A 6, B 2, Stam 8, Mom 10
    - Down + O     Bear Hug 2             - B 6, Stam 12, Mom 14, Sub A
    - Left + O     Head Lock 4            - H 8, Stam 8, Mom 10
    - Up + O       Big Shoulder Claw      - B 12, Stam 3, Mom 10
    - Right + O    Snapmare & Neck Lock 2 - H 10, Stam 3, Mom 10, Sub A

- Left + O         Power category
    - O            Choke Toss             - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 10, Dirty
    - Down + O     Side Slam 2            - B 12, Sta 12, Mom 14, Fav
    - Left + O     mimlitary Press        - B 16, Sta 16, Mom 18
    - Up + O       Shoulder Trust 1       - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Right + O    Powerful Knee Strike 1 - B 16, Sta 16, Mom 18

- Up + O           Brawler category
    - O            Elbow to Back of Head 1 - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Down + O     Headlock Punch 2        - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 10, Dirty
    - Left + O     Mat Slam                - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Up + O       Big Knee Smash          - H 12, Sta 12, Mom 14, Fav
    - Right + O    Big Punch 2             - B 12, Sta 12, Mom 14

- Right + O        Old School
    - O            Scoop Slam 5      - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 10, Fav
    - Down + O     Pile Driver 2     - H 14, Sta 12, Mom 14
    - Left + O     Neckbreaker 14    - H 12, Sta 12, Mom 14
    - Up + O       Arm Drag Leg Drop - A 6, B 2, Sta 8, Mom 10
    - Right + O    Headlock Takeover - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 10

- X                Grapple Attack
    - X (1st)      Grapple Elbow Strike 1 - H 3, Sta 2, Mom 3
    - X (2nd)      Grapple Elbow Strike 1 - H 3, Sta 2, Mom 3
    - X (3rd)      Grapple Elbow Strike 3 - H 6, Sta 4, Mom 7

Grapple from behind:
- 0                Bulldog 6               - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 10, Blood
- Down + O         Atomic Drop             - B 12, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Left + O         Headbutt 4              - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Up + O           Elbow To Back Of Head 2 - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Right + O        Forearm Smash           - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 12

(With groggy opponent)
- 0                Knee Breaker 2      - L 10, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Down + O         Super Atomic Drop   - B 14, Sta 12, Mom 16
- Left + O         Full Nelson Bomb    - H 8, B 4, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Up + O           Full Nelson         - A 4, B 8, Sta 3, Mom 10, Sub B
- Right + O        Russian Leg Sweep 2 - H 7, L 2, B 3, Sta 8, Mom 12

Top of cell attack:
- O                    Downward Trust - H 15, A 15, L 15, B 15, Sta 16, Mom 40
- O + Any direction    Downward Trust - H 15, A 15, L 15, B 15, Sta 16, Mom 40

- O                    Downward Trust - H 15, A 15, L 15, B 15, Sta 16, Mom 40
- O + Any direction    Downward Trust - H 15, A 15, L 15, B 15, Sta 16, Mom 40

4.3) Ground
Strike Attack:
- X                   Angry Stomp         - H 2, A 2, L 2, B 2, Sta 3, Mom 2
- Up / Down + X       Double Axe Handle 4 - H 4, A 4, L 4, B 4, Sta 5, Mom 4
- Left / Right + X    Elbow Drop 1        - H 4, A 4, L 4, B 4, Sta 5, Mom 4

Grapple Moves:
- O            Raise
- Double O     Sit Down
- Down + O     Pin Fall            - H 1, A 1, B 1, Sta 3, Mom 3
- Left + O     Reverse Chin Lock 2 - H 10, Sta 3, Mom 10, Sub A
- Up + O       Big Stomp           - H 12, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Right + O    Big Shoulder Claw 2 - B 16, Sta 3, Mom 10, Sub A

- O            Raise
- Double O     Sit Down
- Down + O     Pin Fall     - B 1, Sta 5
- Left + O     Leg Lock 7   - L 10, Sta 3, Mom 10, Sub B
- Up + O       Big Walk     - B 12, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Right + O    Stomp On Leg - L 12, Sta 8, Mom 12

4.4) Corner

Strike Attaks:
- X                    Turnbuckle Clothesline 1 - H 7, Sta 7, Mom 7
- X + any direction    Turnbuckle Body Attack   - B 9, Sta 10, Mom 10
- X                    Knee Attack 1            - H 9, Sta 10, Mom 10

Grapple Moves:
- O                    Corner Choke       - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 12, Dirty
- Down + O             Military Drop      - H 14, Sta 12, Mom 16
- Left + O             Big Thump          - B 14, Sta 12, Mom 16
- Up + O               Toss to Turnbuckle - H 14, Sta 12, Mom 16, Blood
- Right + O            The Biggest Chop   - B 11, Sta 9, Mom 14
- O                    Raise the Opponent Up
- O + any direction    Foot Choke 2       - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 12, Dirty

Grapple From Behind:
- O            Turnbuckle Smash    - H 9, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Down + O     Forearm To Back     - B 11, Sta 8, Mom 12
- Left + O     Snake Eyes          - H 14, Sta 12, Mom 16
- Up + O       Toss into Ring Post - A 8, B 6, Sta 12, Mom 16
- Right + O    Tie To Tree of Woe  - L 2, B 2, Sta 8, Mom 12, Dirty

4.5) Rope

Groggy on ropes:
- O + any direction    Big Slap - B 8, Sta 8, Mom 14

Rebound Attack:
(opponent up)
- T + X    Clothesline 14        - H 6, Sta 7, Mom 7
(opponent down)
- T + X    Running Leg Drop      - H 7, A 7, L 7, B 7, Sta 8, Mom 7
(opponent outside ring)
- T + X    Vaulting Body Press 2 - H 12, A 6, L 1, B 12, Sta 12, Mom 20

Diving out of the ring attack:
- [] + X   Baseball Slibe 1 - H 9, A 9, L 1, B 9, Sta 9, Mom 15

4.6) Diving

Vs standing Opponent
- Left + X     Double Axe Handle 3  - H 7, Sta 7, Mom 10
- Right + X    Flying Clothesline 2 - H 14, Sta 14, Mom 20

Vs downed Opponent
- X            Diving Elbow Drop - H 1, A 1, L 1, B 9, Sta 9, Mom 20
- Left + X     Near Elbow Drop   - H 4, A 1, L 1, B 8, Sta 8, Mom 20
- Right + X    Diving Elbow      - H 1, A 1, L 1, B 9, Sta 9, Mom 20

4.7) Dash

Running Strikes:
- X                    Shoulder Block - H 4, Sta 5, Mom 5
- Any direction + X    Clothesline 14 - H 6, Sta 7, Mom 7

Running Grapples:
- Down + O    Head Pound       - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 10, Dirty
- Up + O      Reverse Mat Slam - H 7, B 5, Sta 9, Mom 11

Rear Techniques:
- O             Bulldog 5 - H 6, B 6, Sta 8, Mom 12
- O (groggy)    Bulldog 2 - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 10, Blood

Running Ground Attack:
- [] + X                    Double Axe Handle 5 - H 7, A 7, L 7, B 7, Sta 8,
                                                  Mom 7
- [] + any direction + X    Running Leg Drop    - H 7, A 7, L 7, B 7, Sta 8,
                                                  Mom 7

Counter Attack:
- O                   Sleeper Hold 5   - H 10, Sta 3, Mom 10, Sub B
- Up / Down + O       Back Body Drop 1 - B 12, Sta 12, Mom 14
- Left / Right + O    Arm Drag 5       - B 10, Sta 8, Mom 10

4.8) Tag Team

Standing Tag Team:
- O            Double Elbow Drop 3   - H 8, B 4, Sta 12, Mom 14
- Down + O     Double DDT            - H 14, Sta 14, Mom 16, Blood
- Left + O     Punches & Full Nelson - H 10, B 4, Sta 14, Mom 16
- Up + O       Double Clothesline    - H 12, B 4, Sta 14, Mom 16
- Right + O    Double Beat Head      - H 14, Sta 13, Mom 14

Corner Tag Team:
- O            Kick To Gut 1      - B 12, Sta 12, Mom 12
- Down + O     Whip & Lay Down    - B 10, Sta 12, Mom 14
- Left + O     Double Stomping    - B 12, Sta 16, Mom 18
- Up + O       Spike Piledriver   - H 18, Sta 16, Mom 18, Blood
- Right + O    Dody Splash & Whip - B 10, Sta 16, Mom 18

4.9) Special
- L1    Elbow Drop 7   - B 18, Sta 20, Mom 24, Pin
- L1    Big Splash Pin - B 13, Sta 12, Mom 16, Pin

Signature Moves:
-       Big Knee Smash - H 12, Sta 12, Mom 14, Fav
-       Scoop Slam 5   - H 10, Sta 8, Mom 10, Fav
-       Side Slam 2    - B 12, Sta 12, Mom 14, Fav

Chair Finisher:
- L1                    DDT 23 - H 20, Sta 18, Mom 30, Blood
- Any direction + L1    DDT 23 - H 20, Sta 18, Mom 30, Blood

Combination Attack:
- X (1st)    Back Chop 4 - H 2, A 1, L 1, B 2, Sta 4, Mom 4
- X (2nd)    Back Chop 4 - H 2, A 1, L 1, B 2, Sta 4, Mom 4
- X (3rd)    Big Boot 1  - H4, A 1, L , B 1, Sta 6, Mom 6, Blood

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

5.0) Statistics

Strength:    10
Submission:  8
Durabillity: 10
Tecnhique:   7.5
Speed:       4.5
Charisma:    8.5
Hardcore:    7.5
Stamina:     5.5
Overall:     85
Show:        Legend

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

6.0 Game review

This is mi personal review for this game. I hope it can help you to decide if
to buy it or not. You can find this review on, my favourite
source of faqs all over the web.

*-*-*-*   *-*-*-*   *-*-*-*   *-*-*-*   *-*-*-*

Time to walk the ring one more time!

Here I am, to talk about another game about the WWE universe. But is that a
good game? On a first look this game can be taken as an update of his
predecessor, Smackdown! vs RAW, but it offers more on every aspect, like
gameplay and value that you will like it. Keep reading, if you want to know

Graphics: 9/10

Every game they improve the graphic. Smackdown! vs RAW 2006 is no exception,
they scan the wrestler faces, and you can see the results with your own eyes.
The only thing I don't like, it's a problem I see every WWE game. I am talking
about the "create a wrestler" section. I know that a Playstation 2 has some
power limits, but I hate when I see my creation almost perfect, and when it
goes to ring is graphically downgraded to spare console power. It's simply
frustrating (if you have a lot of created wrestlers like me.)

The arenas are detailed, well done... but they looks exactly like the last year

Another good addition to the graphic side are the entrances, this year they are
very well detailed, and almost all of them are marvellous reproductions of real
WWE superstars entrances. With some exceptions, of course (Batista and others).
The create an entrance section this year gives you more tools to prepare a
better entrance, allowing you to choose lights, pyros and moves for every
section of the stadium. That is a very good thing, but when I prepared my first
entrance, it took almost one hour to check every single camera position!

Sound: 10/10

This time you will hear a lot of voices from your favourite wrestlers, music
are very good, and entrance music are reproduced very well, in an almost
perfect way. This time is a professional work that won't disappoint you in any
way. Unfortunately the commentary can't be described as above. It will give you
a bad feeling of repetition, hearing all the times you do a finishing move the
same words and phrases repeated over and over again.

Controls: 9/10

Controls are well distributed on the gamepad, and they work fast. The only
thing I never liked is the targeting system. Almost every time I try to target
a different opponent I target my own partner, or the referee or even the wrong
enemy. In a single match it's not a real problem, but on multi-opponent
matches, like the Royal Rumble, it's a real pain.

Gameplay: 8/10

No doubt that Smackdown! vs RAW 2006 is a really great game. So, why I gave
only 8 points on gameplay? It's sad to say that, but... if you play that game
alone, it's not too fun. The core of the entire game, the season, it's made by
only a few episodes. You will play two episodes (not chosen randomly), the
Royal Rumble episode, and then the Wrestlemania Episode (and not for all
wrestlers, some of them won't be available for season play.) No more, no less.
There are no plots like title defence or parties, like Here Comes the Pain (the
best season of all WWE games). When I played the game for the first time I was
really disappointed of that, and I think it will be the same for you.

The roster is pretty good, a huge selection of WWE superstars and divas like
Trish Stratus, the Undertaker, Batista and John Cena. There is also a legend
selection that includes Andre the Giant, three (yes, three) almost identical
version of the legendary Hulk Hogan, and the usual "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
and the Rock. I was disappointed to have three different version of the same
wrestler, I think it's a waste of space than can be used for other wrestlers
and legends.

Another bad thing it's the idea to put Jake "the Snake" Roberts in the game,
but you have to connect your PS2 with a PSP with him unlocked in that, then
transfer it to your PS2. Sincerely, I find all this stuff nothing more than a
marketing manoeuvre to promote the PSP. Of course, if you have the old PS2
(not the slim version), you can't connect with a PSP, and it's very difficult
you will ever see Jake Roberts on your machine.

Lastability: 9/10

If you play this game with at least a friend... this changes a lot. I have
played with a multi-tap, and four friends, and I can assure you that I had the
time of my life! We shouted, insulted each other... we really enjoyed that.
Regarding the multiplayer option, I have the old PS2, and I can't play online,
so I don't know how is this game online, but a lot of people said me that is
slowed down.

There is also a new season type, called General mode. In that season you can
arrange your brand by yourself, creating a roster, deciding all the matches
every week. You decide your marketing strategies, creating feuds and 
nterfering with the other show. The only thing I don't like is that you can't
decide the match results by yourself, so, after all you don't have all the
control on the brand you will have as a real General Manager.

Overall: 9/10

If you want to play this game alone, I suggest you Here Comes the Pain or
Smackdown! vs RAW. But, if you will play this game with some friends, it will
give you one of the mostentertaining experience of your life, for you and all
your friends. If you are a fan of the WWE games then you should absolutely try
give game, it absolutely worth the effort.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *

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