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Follow the dark path or use the light
Wild Arms Alter Code: F Pack Shot

Wild Arms Alter Code: F


Boss FAQ

by Tricrokra

**                                                                           **
**                              T B B S                                      **
**                                                                           **

Wild Arms - Alter Code F
Boss Guide V1.02
By: Tricky (formely known as Tricrokra)

FAQ History
-.-- 04-07-2005 Day the works on this FAQ started
1.00 04-20-2005 The first release
1.01 05-30-2005 Revision on Sado (Thx to Simon Barlow)
1.02 09-16-2006 Melchom lich added

Contacting me
If only want to ask a question about the game itself, then please
go to
On that site, I (and others) will answer everything.
if you think you can help people in trouble too, then you
are more than welcome to answer questions too.

If you have questions about this FAQ itself, or you have
suggestions to improove this FAQ, or you can come up
for an addition that might have been left out in this FAQ
Please mail me at [email protected] and make sure
you add "[Tric-FAQ]" to the subject, or else my spamfilter
may reject you. If you contribute to this FAQ you'll be
credited of course ;)

Standard replies to e-mails
I hope you don't find me an arrogant bastard, but there are some kinds
of e-mail, I;ve been receiving over and over, one even more unfriendly
and sometimes even silly than the other. Some are friendly and mailed
to me many times. I don't mind, but I do mind typing the same message
over and over. Therefore I name a few of these kinds of mail, and what
my reply at forehand.

M: Hey, Tric! You suck in levelling up.
R: So you need to level up to beat an RPG? 

M: I could beat this game with much lower levels
R: Good for you!

M: Hey idiot! Fix your FAQ!
R: When I see this kind of language, I'm not even gonna read what's wrong
   with my FAQ. Of course, I'm only human, I can make mistakes when writing
   FAQs. But if you see mistakes in my FAQ, you can notify me on that in a 
   civil way. Calling me names will get you nowhere

M: Are you a man or a woman? Where are you from?
R: I do get these mails regulairy. Well, I don't mind you that you know and
   iquire about that. I am a man. My real name is Jeroen Broks. On the moment
   I wrote the first version of this FAQ, I was 30 years old, and I live in
   the Netherlands

M: Fix your English!
R: Some say my English is beautiful, others say it plain sucks.
   Whatever you think of my English, it's not my first language. If I spoke
   my own language, I don't think you would be able to read it at all.
   (Unless you know Dutch, of course)

R: Whatever you say, I don't understand it.
   I've received many mails about my FAQs in a language I don't understand.
   So lemme make one thing clear. I speak only English and Dutch. I know a tiny
   bit of German and Fresh (But I do suck on those languages), for the rest I
   don't speak any other language. So if you mail me, please only speak English
   or Dutch, and if you absolutely need in German. Not in any other language.
   (My French is too bad to start a conversation, trust me)

M: You don't cover even half of what your FAQ should cover
R: I've received this kind of mail, several times. And strangely enough about 
   FAQs that already did cover all or at least 95% of what I should cover.
   If you think my FAQ is incomplete, mailing me this won't make my FAQ better.
   If I missed certain parts then tell me about it, and I'll put it in my FAQ
   and even credit you for your trouble.

M: I don't agree with your technique
R: Possible. There are as many techniques as there are people. I only tell you
   the way I do things. If you have another technique that works better than
   mine, mail me your technique, I'll put it in my FAQ, and credit you for 
   your trouble. (Put in the name you want in the credits)

M: You know NOTHING about this game
R: Let me state clear that ALL games I wrote FAQs on have been played 4 times 
   before I even consider writing a FAQ, from start to finish. Most of them
   even more. Most games are afterwards played again and again and again, to 
   make sure I can improove the FAQ. Plus if you know more about this game 
   than I do, you obviously didn't need my FAQ.
   I do know the games I write FAQs about. I would be stupid if I didn't.

M: The characters you name useless aren't useless
R: Sigh, that is a discussion I had over a million times. In most cases
   I turns out that the things you do to get those characters to their 
   full potentional (that could be good, I agree), it takes most of the
   cases more time than getting the other characters 4 times better.
   If you can proove me wrong, then come with a good, and not a too
   time consuming way.

DO and DON'T
This FAQ is copyrighted by JBC-Soft, Tricrokra (Jeroen Broks). It's not
authorized by AGETEC or any other company related to WA-ACF.

You may view, download and print this FAQ for your own personal use.
You may post it on your site, when you ask for permission first. 
Permission is given, assuming that the FAQ is unchanged and visitors
are not charged or haunted by spam or irritating pop-ups because of
viewing this FAQ.
You may not claim this FAQ as your work, and you may not modify it.
If you want to translate this FAQ, please ask me first.

These sites have my permission to host this work.

Sites banned from hosting this work:

With this game, Wild Arms 1 is being re-made. But don't get it into your head.
The story is based on WA1 but there all ressemblence to the original game ends.
So forget all you know about the original when starting up this game.

Main Chars:
Rudy Roughnight
Expert on ARMS. An outcast, but very helpful and friendly.
Advantage:           His ARMS are deadly.
Disadvantage:        Not always fast
Force:               Lock On. Can get extra power from Arms

Jack van Burace
Joking swordsman. Accompanied by Hanpan.
Advantage:           Fast. And some deadly moves.
Disadavantage:	     None in particular.
Force:               Accelerator. Always move first and stronger specials.

Cecillia Lynne Adlehyde
Princess of Adlehyde. 
Advantage:           Neat spells and summons
Disadvantage:        Weak on pysical offense, and low on HP.
Force:               Summon. Summon guardians to aid in battle.

Extra characters:
These characters can join halfaway the game temporary. Once you beat the 
first boss at the dungeon Ka Dingel, you can make them join the party

Jane Maxwell
Young treasure hunting girl with a big mouth.
Advantage:          Very fast, has mystic, and can steal
Disadvantage:       Not very strong in both offense and defense
Force:              Mystic. Use an item over everybody in stead of one person.

Emma Hetfield
A female scientist who lacks all social skills
Advantage:          None
Disadvantage:       All
Force:              Alchemy. Gets stronger depending on how many moves she
                    extracted from enemies.

This character is a total surprise. If you don't want to know who he is, then
don't go reading sections you are not going past yet.
Advantage:         Nothing noteworthy
Disadvantage:      Extremely weak to magic.

Temporary characters:
These characters only join the party temporary.

Magdalen Harts (Aka McDullen)
Jane's Butler and body guard.
Advantage:         Strong and fast.
Disadvantage:      He's only temporary.

Shy Elw Girl.
Advantage:         None. 
Disadvantage:      She starts at level 1 pretty late in the
                   game, and she's too short in the party to get
                   strong enough to become noteworthy.

A note about levels.
The levels I give at the start of each boss are *MY* levels.
I don't believe in levelling up. It's boring, and it's even a form of cheating.
True RPG power lies in tactical thinking is my philosophy. Still I do recommend
inexperienced RPG players to make sure their levels are higher than mine. WA-ACF
is a pretty hard game, with some awful hard bosses. Experienced players should
ignore the fact that I even put them in this FAQ.
So don't e-mail me saying I suck in levelling up. I'll ban you from e-mailing
me if you do!

Boss 01:          Rotting Beast
Aka:              I'm proud to be dead
WA1 equivalent:   Zombie
Difficulty:       Not that hard
My Levels:        Rudy 4
Experience:       42
Cash:             200 Gella

Just keep an eye on your HP. Heal when needed.
Use a boosted shell in combination with Lock-On whenver you get the chance.

Boss 02:          Atlachnacha
Aka:              Nasty big spider
WA1 equivalent:   None
Difficulty:       Not that hard
My levels:        Jack 5
Experience:       64
Cash:             200 Gella

His attacks are murder. Be sure to heal in time. When your FP are 25 or higher
you can use accelerator. Use it in combination with the "Speed Fang" move.

Boss 03:          Nelgal
Aka:              Drown me
WA1 equivalent:   Nelgaul
Difficulty:       Just know the trick
My Levels:        Cecilia 2
Experience:       36
Cash:             400 Gella

This is more tutorial than a serious boss. Just let Cecilia get 50FP and then
summon the guardian Sturdark to finish him off. This is the only way to get him
Being overlevelled won't give a way to do this elseway.

Boss 04:          Magtortus
Aka:              Mr. EM Laser
WA1 equivalent:   Magtortus
Difficulty:       Easy
My Levels:        Rudy 7, Jack 7, Cecilia 5
Experience:       100
Cash:             300 Gella

Most of the time, he only uses EM laser. Not really dangerous.
When he charges, just make all party members make a physical
attack. Keep an eye on your HP. Let Cecilia heal if needed, and
let the boys do their special attack in combination with their
respective force, if you get the chance. 

Boss 05: (D)      Berserk (I)
Aka:              I'm too strong for you!
WA1 equivalent:   Belselk
Difficulty:       YOU'RE DEAD!!!
My levels:        Rudy 9, Jack 9, Cecilia 8
Experience:       100
Cash:             500 Gella

When he attacks you, you're dead. Can't state it easier. Only being
extremely overlevelled can save you from that horrible fate. Most of the
time he's only taunting. Just try to stay alive long enough. Impossible
as it may seem. After some turns, he'll be bored and go away.

Boss 06: (D)      Berserk (II)
Aka:              Here I am again!
WA1 equivalent:   Orga Widow
Difficulty:       YOU'RE DEAD! AGAIN!
My levels:        Rudy 11, Jack 12, Cecilia 11
Experience:       250
Cash:             550 Gella

When he attacks, you die. Nothing can prevent that, goodbye, end of story.
Shielding won't protect you. Once again he taunts a lot, so that will have to
make it up for it. When you are extremely lucky. Jack might survive the attacks
(if he's shielded). Don't count too much on it though. This fight won't take
long, and that's next to the taunting the only advantage you have.

Boss 07a:        Night Gaunt
Aka:             Black Bat
WA1 Equivalent:  Night Gaunt
Difficulty:      Piece o' cake.
My levels:       Rudy 15, Jack 15, Cecilia 14
Experience:      260
Cash:            300 Gella

Nothing to be afraid of. This guy is in no single way impressive.

Boss 07b:        Night Gaunt x3
Aka:             Let's play some more
WA1 Equivalent:  None.
Difficulty:      Not that hard
My Levels:       Rudy 15, Jack 15, Cecilia 15, Jane 15, Magdalen 15
Experience:      780 
Cash:            900 Gella

If you have Jane (you get her if you payed her the full 5000 Gella she asked)
Then make sure you steal potion berries. And using Magdalen with his 
"Punishment" move will also make this fight very much shorter. If you are
not this fortunate, then this fight is a little harder, but nothing serious
to worry about nonetheless.

Boss 08:         Phantom
Aka:             I'm very afraid
WA1 equivalent:  None, unless you count "Chaos"
Difficulty:      Very hard.
My levels:       Rudy 16, Jack 17, Cecilia 16
Experience:      750
Cash:            500
Preparations:    Have the spell "Protect"

This boss uses a special order. And that limits your time, since
his final move is always escape, and the game will not continue
if you don't kill him, since you need that Crystal Flower he
carries. His attacks are fucking hard. So here goes:

Turn 1: Unlucky             - No big deal.
Turn 2: Agonizing Confusion - Could make everybody sick.
Turn 3: Feeble mind         - Lowers magic defense, and that'll
                              cost ya, trust me. If Cecilia is slower
                              let her cast "Protect"
Turn 4: Pressure            - Very painful because of Feeblemind. So
                              be prepared. Much less trouble if you
                              casted Protect
Turn 5: Pressure            - That could mean death, if you couldn't heal the
                              previous one quick enough. Protect could be your
Turn 6: Exhaust             - No big deal. Only irritating.
Turn 7: ???                 - If I recall right, it's the escape move, but
                              I already killed him before finding out.

Boss 09: (D)       Zed
Aka:               Loser
WA1 Equivalent:    Zed
Difficulty:        Can be hard.
My Levels:         Rudy 16, Jack 17, Cecilia 16
Experience:        1200
Cash:              550 Gella

Zed is fast and strong. That is what makes this fight hard.
Casting "Shield" can make this fight a little easier. Since this
is the only fight during this mission you don't have to save MP
or ammo.

Boss 10:           Gigmantis x2
Aka:               Nasty big insect
WA1 equivalent:    Gigmantis
My Levels:         Rudy 18, Jack 18, Cecilia 18

These critters aren't impressive, but watch out for their mantis fist, which
reduces you to 1 HP. Don't waste Jack's forces. You may need them to heal with
accelerator and an item. Unless you are sure he's fast enough. It's weak for
Ice, if you care to know.

Boss 11:          Captain Geist
Aka:              I'm dead
WA1 equivalent:   Captain Geist
Difficulty:       Not hard, but be careful
My Levels:        Rudy 19, Jack 20, Cecilia 19
Experience:       2320 (not sure of those hatred spirits though)
Cash:             2200 Gella (Gella card used, and not sure of those hatred
                              Spirits, either)

This boss is totally NOT impressive in any single way. It summons Hatred souls
and they can do strong attacks. But not strong enough to get you seriously
in trouble. Just watch your HP and go for it. He's weak against light.

Boss 12: (D)       Zed (II)
Aka:               I'm baaaack!
WA1 Equivalent:    Zed
My Levels:         Rudy 20, Jack 21, Cecilia 20
Difficulty:        Hard
Experience:        2400
Cash:              1200 gella

This fight is basically the same as before. So you know what to do.
But you'll have to fight Berserk later, so don't push it.

Boss 13: (D)       Berserk (III)
Aka:               I am stronger than ever!
WA1 Equivalent:    Belselk
My Levels          Rudy 24, Jack 25, Cecilia 23
Difficulty:        Impossible
Experience:        2750
Cash:              1500 Gella
Preparations:      Make sure that all chars have at least 400+ HP
                   Or you won't stand a chance. With 500+ your chances
                   of survival are better. In fact 600+ is required, but
                   without pushing it to the extreme far beyond reach.

This fight has two rounds. Don't expect to win the first round.
Just survive the first round. The second round the battle is for real,
but Berserk is not as strong as he used to be. That makes that this time
you can survive his attacks. (with luck) Does still make his attacks pretty 
strong, so beware. If you have shield and permanence, you have a small trump
card. Bringing a lot of revive fruits is still strongly recommended, though,
cause even since he's weaker, his power is still ridiculous.
I hope I can come up with a good strategy in the nearby future.
But I'm afraid that levelling up is at this point your best bet.

Boss 14: (D)       Boomerang & Luceid
Aka:               I'll keep on coming back
WA1 Equivalent:    Boomerang & Luceid
My Levels:         Rudy 26, Jack 26, Cecilia 25
Difficulty:        Medium
Experience:        2800
Cash:              2000 Gella

First of all, don't waste any power on Luceid. When Luceid is out,
Boomerang will renerate him. Next compared to Berserk he's a sissy, but
then again. Compared to Berserk ANYONE is a sissy. Doesn't mean that
Boomerang isn't dangerous. He definately is. He's pretty fast. That's your
worst problem. Shielding up will definately help you. And that covers all
you need to know for this round. He'll be back! (As suits a boomerang) 

Boss 15: (D)      Alhazad
Aka:              I want to play with you
WA1 Equivalent:   None
My Levels:        Rudy 26, Jane 26, Magdalen 26
Difficulty:       Rather Easy
Experience:       3900
Cash:             2700 Gella

You'll have to fight, Alhazad 3 times over the entire game, and all the
three fights are exactly the same. So I might as well copy-and-paste
this text over all the tree fights.
Alhazad has two groups of sidekicks, making him invincible. Remove from
both groups, two ones. Not less and ESPECIALLY NOT MORE.
When you removed two sidekicks from both groups go for the mad one himself.
He's far from impressive so I don't think you'll have any trouble staying 

Boss 16:          Land Anamone
Aka:              Do I look scary or what?
WA1 Equivalent:   Agaless
My Levels:        Rudy 27, Jack 27, Cecilia 25
Difficulty:       Can be easy, can be hard. A matter of luck.
Preparations:     Bring some breath mints

The thing to watch out for most. It'll try to get you asleep, and when you
sleep he can kill you in one blow. If you keep that in mind, this fight can
be a lot easier. It is also poisonous.

Boss 17: (D)      Alhazad (II)
Aka:              I want to play with you
WA1 Equivalent:   Alhazad
My Levels:        Rudy 28, Jack 28, Cecilia 26, Jane 27, Magdalen 27
Difficulty:       Rather Easy
Experience:       5100
Cash:             3400 Gella

You'll have to fight, Alhazad 3 times over the entire game, and all the
three fights are exactly the same. So I might as well copy-and-paste
this text over all the tree fights.
Alhazad has two groups of sidekicks, making him invincible. Remove from
both groups, two ones. Not less and ESPECIALLY NOT MORE.
When you removed two sidekicks from both groups go for the mad one himself.
He's far from impressive so I don't think you'll have any trouble staying 

You didn't believe I'd actually copy-and-paste it, did you?

Boss 18:          Lolithia
Aka:              Ice, Ice, Baby
WA1 Equivalent:   Lolithia
My Levels:        Rudy 29, Jack 28, Cecilia 27
Difficulty:       Hard
Experience:       6500
Cash:             2500 Gella

First of all, never forget that you'll also have to fight mother. And
she ain't easy. For the rest, I can say Lolithia is weak to fire, and 
a master of ice. Its moves are pretty strong so keep an eye on your HP.
Watch out for the fact that she often uses "Cold Sleep" in an attempt
to attack you and bring you to snooze.

Boss 19: (D)      Mother
Aka:              (Dutch) Deze moeder is een loeder!
WA1 Equivalent:   Mother
My Levels:        Rudy 30, Jack 30, Cecilia 28
Difficulty:       Very extremely hard
Experience:       8000
Cash:             5750
Preperations:     Nothing is too extreme. This is one of the hardest
                  fights in the game (not counting the optional bosses)

Mother herself is already very bad news, but you should be cabable to deal
with her, if she didn't had her nastly little Amadeus sidekicks. Their moves
are not terrible, but enough to make the trouble Mother herself causes extra
worse. They'll protect Mother from all normal attacks, so using that is 
pointless. Only special moves, like magic, ARM cartridges, Fast Draw and
guardians are working. Killing an Amadeus sidekick will only cause Mother
to regerate it, so that totally doesn't make sense. If you updates Rudy's
ammo for Rudy's ARM, then the Gatling Raid makes sense. Use it whenever
Rudy is on FP25+ and his normal attack ARM is full. This in combination
with lock-on, of course. That will make this fight significantly shorter.
Jack can of course also do his thing with Fast Draw in combination with
Accelerator. Summoning a Guardian whenever you have the chance does make
sense. It may cause Mother to regenerate her sidekicks. Well that is one
turn in which you did a significant attack and she doing nothing in 
return. Keep an eye on your HP, and be prepared for some status changes.
Don't waste turns on assisting. You can hardly spare the turns.
If you get Amnesia, for God's sake leave it be. Even though you may
miss a lot of EXP, surviving is already hard enough without having you
to worry about those little things.

Boss 20: (D)       Lady Harken
Aka:               I'm too damn fast
WA1 Equivalent:    Lady Harken
My Levels:         Rudy 33, Jack 33, Cecilia 32
Difficulty:        Can be hard
Experience:        8000
Cash:              5500 Gella

Lady Harken is by far the fastest of the Quarter Knights, and that is
your true problem. Since she is quite capable to deal some damage too.
She also has the skill to block physical damage. Casting a shield can
reduce the pain. But you'll need to cast Permanence over everybody
afterwards. But doing that will really pay off.
Don't let anyone's HP go dangerously low. Harken has a special move
for such situations, and it'll mean GAME OVER if that happens.
One thing to watch out for. Her move Maximum Risk. It starts weak,
but it's power is dependent on how many HP Harken has lost.
When Harken is near Death that move will kill you no matter how strong
you are.

Boss 21: (D)       Boomerang & Luceid
Aka:               My thirst is not quenched
WA1 Equivalent:    Boomerang & Luceid
My Levels:         Rudy 35, Jack 35, Cecilia 34
Difficulty:        A matter of luck
Experience:        8500
Cash:              6000 Gella

Basically this fight is the same as before, so you know what to expect.
There's only one thing to watch out for which can make this fight extremely
difficult. Luceid's "Dark Renegade" move. It's power seems to be affected
by you elemental resistances. In any case, it hurts. Having the Guardian
Rigdobrite can save your ass. (Shining Star Medium).
Once again. It makes no sense to get rid of Luceid. Boomerang will regenerate

Boss 22: (D)       Lady Harken
Aka:               Do I know you?
WA1 Equivalent:    Lady Harken
My Levels:         Rudy 37, Jack 36, Cecilia 36
Difficulty:        Can be hard

You know the trade. Harken's power, weaknesses and skills remained the same.
Her speed is once again the biggest problem. Once again, watch out for Maximum
Risk, as it power is weak at the start but grows bigger as you damager her more
and more. There is a new move to watch out for. Harken Tempest. It's not 
stronger then her regular moves, but it hits the entire party and that sucks.

Boss 23:           Diablo
Aka:               The Crimson Hellstorm
WA1 Equivalent:    Diablo
My Levels:         Rudy 38, Jack 37, Cecilia 36
Difficulty:        Easy
Experience:        10000
Cash:              3000 Gella

He has a few strong moves, but you can survive them all easily, and he's very
damn slow, all all advantages are on your hand. As long as you keep everybody
at full HP there's nothing to fear. Sometimes the game warns that Diablo is 
preparing a supermove. Honestly, I've never seem him using it. It's far too
easy to prevent him from doing it.

Boss 24: (D)       Zeikfried
Aka:               Lord Loser
WA1 Equivalent:    Zeikfried
My levels:         Rudy 39, Jack 38, Cecilia 38
Difficulty:        Mostly easy, but he has a few tricks.
Experience:        13600
Cash:              7000 Gella

First of all, he's fast, and he can use that in order to counter. And
he has a weakness for wind. His physical attacks are not strong, but his
speed can still make that a little nasty. No big deal though. He's not
as fast as Lady Harken, so if you are high in level you may be faster, and
if you are low in level, you may be faster in some turns if you are lucky.
If you have the shining star medium, then good, you may need it to heal the
party in once, since he has a powerfull all-target move. If you use Gatling
raid, this fight may not last long though.

Boss 25:          Elisabeth
Aka:              I'm not the Queen Of England
WA1 Equivalent:   Elisabeth
My Levels:        Cecilia 38
Difficulty:       Easy
Experience        17600
Cash:             4500

At every turn, Elisabeth will shield herself completely but leave one weakness.
And the game tells you exactly what weakness that is. Try to hit her in that
weakness all the time. That is the fastest way to do it. Don't forget to keep
an eye on your HP, even though her attacks are pathetic.

Boss 26:          Zukauba x8
Aka:              We're outnumbering you
WA1 Equivalent:   Mech Drake
My Levels:        Rudy 40, Jack 39, Cecilia 41
Difficulty:       Pretty Easy
Experience:       20000
Cash:             4800 Gella

OR YOU WILL PAY DEAR! Assisting spells to power up make no sense, since 
they'll dispell it all. Next, don't be intimidated by their large numbers,
they do easily throw some turns away, and don't try to kill them all in 
onces. You'll do better taking them down, one by one, as you can do much
more damage to them that way. Using Lucky Cards works wonders here, if you
are lucky you have enough time to do that without suffering too much ;)

Boss 27:           Trask
Aka:               No Wild Arms Game without me
WA1 Equivalent:    Turask
My Levels:         Rudy 43, Jack 44, Cecilia 45
Difficulty:        Hard
Experience:        19000
Cash:              6000 Gella

He's shielded by some barriers at the start. Dispelling them if you can
can do some deal. He's also a master of poison. He uses it so much that it
hardly makes sense to cure it. Even worse it that nearly every attack is
countered. That is some big deal, I tell ya. Being patient is a key
here. Don't do things too hasty. One thing is good. His barriers has has
from the start will wear off after three or four turns. Be prepared
to use a lot of MP and items here.

Boss 28:           Demon Prophet
Aka:               I look like a clown
WA1 Equivalent:    Demon Prophet
My Levels:         Rudy 45, Jack 45, Cecilia 46
Difficulty:        Very Hard
Experience:        22000
Cash:              7000 Gella
Preperations:      Always make your personal skills that way that you
                   Have as much defense against an element as possible.

Before each turn he asks you in which element he may kill you.
Always choose the element you got most resistance against. (If Possible)
Annoying is the fact that he can predict two of your three attacks, and
avoid them no matter what trick you use, even Rudy's Lock On will not
save you from that. He can only do that twice in a row. Normally if you
attack all in a row, he cannot predict the last one. (Even guardians will
not help you against his "predict" ability). He hasn't much HP though.
It's just his predicting that makes this fight long.

If you wanna know where Shazam went. I don't know.
He's not in this game any more. Gone, completely!

Boss 29: (D)       Lady Harken (III)
Aka:               The Battle Of Lovers
WA1 Equivalent:    Lady Harken
My Levels:         Jack 47
Difficulty:        Not that hard
Experience:        17600
Cash:              6800 Gella

Jack is alone in this fight, and that is the big diference. The really
bad thing is that you cannot rely on Cecilia on healing, so bringing
a lot of healing items is really handy here. A good thing is that Lady
Harken has become less acurate. That is a true advantage.

Boss 30: (D)       Boomerang & Luceid
Aka:               Back again
WA1 Equivalent:    Boomerang & Luceid
My levels:         Very Hard
Difficulty:        Rudy 47, Jack 48, Cecilia 48
Experience:        23000
Cash:              8000

If you didn't know it already. Don't attack Luceid. Waste of time since
Boomerang will bring him back.  Once again, you'll have to watch out
for Dark Renegade, and that brings up up to date, I think. But they
are stronger than ever. You can survive all their moves, but they do 
about 80% damage of your max HP, and they are faster than you, and 
speeding up is senseless. Luceid will always beat you to it. So there's
no way to win this without sacrificing some revive fruits or being level
60+, but that last requirement is insane, so I go for that first option.
If you have a party member low on HP, then for God's sake, use accelerator
with an item to heal him/her. If you have to wait for Cecilia, you're
gonna be dead meat.

Boss 31: (D)       Perfect Alhazad
Aka:               I look difrent, but I'm still the same
WA1 Equivalent:    Alhazad
My Levels:         Rudy 51, Jack 53, Cecilia 52, Emma 51, Jane 51
Difficulty:        Pretty Easy
Experience:        24000
Cash:              9000 Gella

You fought him before, you know the trade. I don't need to copy and
paste for you, do I?
I do? Gimme a break. Alright, here goes:

You'll have to fight, Alhazad 3 times over the entire game, and all the
three fights are exactly the same. So I might as well copy-and-paste
this text over all the tree fights.
Alhazad has two groups of sidekicks, making him invincible. Remove from
both groups, two ones. Not less and ESPECIALLY NOT MORE.
When you removed two sidekicks from both groups go for the mad one himself.
He's far from impressive so I don't think you'll have any trouble staying 

Boss 32:           Powered Trask
Aka:               Repeating battles
WA1 Equivalent:    None
My Levels:         Rudy 55, Jack 55, Cecilia 56, Emma 53, Jane 56
Difficulty:        Not hard
Experience:        1800

He's not hard. Ice is his weakness. He has little HP. You much keep an
eye on your HP though, since he counters easily.

Boss 33: (D)       Berserk
Aka:               The game makers were driven by insanity
WA1 Equivalent:    NONE!!
My Levels:         Rudy 55, Jack 56, Cecilia 57, Emma 54, Jane 56
Difficulty:        Yawn
Experience:        25000
Cash:              9500 Gella

Who was the total idiot that revived him from the dead.
That guy knows NOTHING about good story plots.
His attacks are still strong, but do not closely compare to the
power he showed before. He's also damn slow. All together, this
is totally not a fight to worry about and only takes away the good
things this remake of a good game has brought.

Boss 34: (D)       Zeikfried
Aka:               Is this really me?
WA1 Equivalent:    Zeikfried
My levels:         Rudy 56, Jack 56, Cecilia 57, Emma 54, Jane 56
Difficulty:        Easy
Experience:        26000
Cash:              7000 Gella

He's pretty fast but really none of his attacks are impressive.
Rather pathetic. You don't need to worry one bit over this fight.
He's little HP too.

Boss 35: (D)       Motherfried
Aka:               Canibalistic Mother
WA1 Equivalent:    Motherfried
My Levels:         Rudy 56, Jack 57, Cecilia 56, Emma 54, Jane 57
Difficulty:        Not hard
Experience:        6000
Cash:              27000 Gella

This fight is pretty much semiliar to your fight with Mother. Most important
diffrence this time there aren't two, but four Amadeus Sidekicks.
But honestly, she's pathetic. Her attacks and those of her sidekicks are not
as strong as they used to be, and you don't have to level up to be strong 
enough to survive her attacks so easily that the fight becomes a piece of cake.
One thing is still certain. Normal attacks do not make sense. You have to come
with special attacks. She doesn't have so much HP, so this fight won't last
that long.
BTW. You can steal an EX File key from here if you have Jane.

Boss 36: (D)       Zeik Tuvai            *FINAL BOSS*
Aka:               I'm not dead yet
WA1 Equivalent:    Zeikfried (actually Zeik Tuvai)
My levels:         Rudy 56, Jack 57, Cecilia 58, Emma 54, Jane 57
Experience:        -
Cash:              -

Unlike his equivalent in WA1 this one is fast. But like this WA1
Equivalent not really hard. Just keep in mind that he's faster than you, 
so that you have to plan ahead. Having the Star Prism medium does a
great deal. If you have that and use it in combination with the heal
spell whenever it's needed, you are not likely to loose.

Optional Bosses
Optional Boss 01:  Rotten Beast II
Aka:               Thought you got rid of me, eh?
WA1 Equivalent:    None
My Levels:         Rudy 50
Difficulty:        Hard
Preparations:      Bring a lot of healing items. Have some
                   skills like HP Up, Defense Up, Resistance up
                   and last but not least FLORAL ARTS.
Reward:            Zephyr, and you can now recruit Jane

First of all. The beast itself has unlimmited HP, so it makes no sense    
to go for that. If you attack, always attack the core.                    
Then, make sure you have given Rudy skills like HP up, defense up,        
Resistance up, and last but not least: FLORAL ARTS! Don't go into this    
battle without that skill.                                                
The fastest way to kill this guy is with Gatling Rate with you main ARM at
full ammo                                                                 
One important note! Don't think you stand a chance with 2000HP or less    
the skill "Regeneration" will also make you live a little longer          
A trick I used is equip "FP Advance" and let the Main ARM have 10 bullets 
and put emphasis on it's power too. Now shoot with the Gatling Raid to it 
with lock on, and the turn after it lock on with the Gun Claymore. I got  
him in two turns. (I would have been dead otherwise, so it is kinda risky 

Optional Boss 02: Sadas
Aka:              The Suicide Squad
WA1 Equivalent:   None
My Levels:        Rudy 53, Jack 54, Cecilia 54, Jane 53, Emma 52
Difficulty:       Nah!
Experience:       75000
Cash:             30000
Preperarations:   Bring a lot of Force Carrots
Reward:           Olive Branch 4

The object is to destroy the main guy. But while he never attacks, his
sidekicks always commit suicide doing as much damage has they got HP remaining.
Which can be 2000, which is plain lethal. The main guy will always use his
"Life is beautiful" move that revives all the ones that have gone. A great way 
get around that is summoning guardians like crazy. The main guy is not 
affected by that, but now the sidekicks cannot attack you and the main guy can
only revive one guy at a time. If Cecilia is too slow for comfort then Jane
can come in handy. Let her use "Follow me", and set Cecilia in with a 
guardian in the same turn. She'll be as fast a Jane now, and that can help.
Therefore it may be wise to give Jane some MP up skills. "Follow me" costs
pretty much MP y'know.
a lot.

Optional Boss 03:  Reckless Ent
Aka:               Attack me all you want, and I'll heal it.
WA1 Equivalent:    None
My levels:         Rudy 54, Jack 54, Cecilia 55, Emma 52, Jane 54
Difficulty:        Just make the right preparations.
Experience:        30000
Cash:              20000 Gella
Preparations:      Make that your Gatling Raid can do a lot of damage.
                   If you have Emma, it can be nice if she has moves
                   that can cause disease.
Reward:            Life Charger, Floral Arts (Chest) and the possibility
                   to get the Guardian Dan Dairam
Its greatest asset is the fact that if you attack he'll heal himself
immediatly, and extremely much HP at that. If you do not keep that in
mind this fight can last forever. And I do mean forever, since he's not
that strong in anything else. There are two ways to get past that.
I.   Make that you can do much more damage than he can heal
II.  Put disease on him. Emma can do that if you download the "Stink Cloud"
     Move from Gagisons. That last method can work wonders.
Good. Nice to know is that his healing move can be downloaded by Emma.
If you have put disease on him, than nothing standsin your way for a rather
easy victory.

Optional Bosss 04:  Monster Zed
Aka:                Look how impressive I am
WA1 Equivalent:     Monster Zed
My Levels:          Rudy 78, Jack 77, Cecilia 81, Emma 79, Jane 79
                    (That is an overlevelling. 60+ is recommended)
Difficulty:         Depends on your level
Reward:             One step closer to recruiting the ??? character

It's most likely you'll encounter him around level 50+, and at that level
he'll kill you in one blow. Shielding everyone up does a great deal here.
And Monster Zed is one of those enemies who get easier the more levels you
have. Being around level 60+ is a minimum, being 70+ may get him easier.
Being level 80+ will make him pathetic.

Optional Boss 05:   Egregori
Aka:                We look like Arioch
WA1 Equivalent:     None
My Levels:          Rudy 79, Jack 78, Cecilia 86, Emma 80, Jane 80, ??? 81
Difficulty:         You don't want to meet these!
Experience:         51000
Cash:               24000 Gella

These guys are in high numbers. Having the skill FP Advance on Cecilia is
an absolute must and being level 50+ is a minimum requirement, or else 
winning this fight is impossible. Being higher in levels is even better.
Let Jane do "Follow Me" and let Cecilia summon a guardian of any element
(so no supportive guardians, and not one of the guardian lords here).
If you live long enough to follow this principal twice, you mostly win
this battle. If you are not strong enough, you loose. That's the simple
principal. Very handy is protection against status changes.

Optional Boss 06:   Scrap Figure
Aka:                We were transferred from WA3
WA1 Equivalent:     -
My Levels:          Rudy 80, Jane 81, Cecilia 87, Emma 80, Jack 79, ??? 82
Difficulty:         Can begin hard, but will get easier.
Experience:         36000
Cash:               27000
Reward:             Migrant Seal

If you've fought Bombur in WA3 you exactly what to expect since this fight
is exactly the same, except that there are 3 of them now. They can be 
extremely hard since their attacks can hurt, and as long as there are 3
of them, they'll always use "Wheel Laser" which hurt the whole party.
Don't try to get all 3 down at once. Always focus all your strength on
one of them first. As soon as one is down, this fight is a lot easier.
Best part is that you'll have a lot less wheel lasers to worry about
then. But that may return once there's only one left, but then it's
no longer a serious problem.

Optional Boss 07:   Balaam
Aka:                Four armed freak
WA1 Equivalent:     -
My Levels:          Rudy 81, Jack 79, Cecilia 88, Emma 81, Jane 82, ??? 82
Difficulty:         Pretty Hard.
Experience:         700000
Cash:               400000
Reward:             Windbreaker 4

If you have guts you can try to steal an Ambrosia from him (if you have Jane)
For the rest, the game tells you what to expect. Red=Physical, Blue=Dispel or
critical, grey=magic, white=nasty status changes.
Normal attacks will be blocked. SO special attacks will have to do.
DOn't use stat up magic. He'll dispell it. Since he's fast, having Jane on the
front line does great deal. Let her use "Follow Me" when things are getting
dangerous. Of course, if she has Floral Arts it does great deal too, since
she has "Mystic" ;)

Optional Boss 08:  Barbados
Aka:               Super Cannon
WA1 Equivalent:    Barbados
My Levels:         Rudy 82, Jack 79, Cecilia 89, Jane 82, Emma 81, ??? 83
Difficulty:        Hard, impossible when underlevelled.
Experience:        2000000
Cash:              75000
Reward:            Gaia Stop 4

First of all, I hope you were on board Asgard when you meet this guy. If not 
you're gonna die in the first turn, no matter how strong you are. If you
survive because of Asgard's protection, you're not victorious yet. This is
a level 90 boss, and that high level number ain't there for nothing. Even
when you have extreme high levels you can expect pretty strong attacks
from him. He also counters easily and those attacks are very strong too.
When you are at level 80+ or so, which is recommended you are at least
much faster than he his, and THAT is your true advantage. Casting shield
does do a little deal, since all of most attacks are of the physical kind.
If you do, make sure you have the possibility to seal it with Permanence.

Optional Boss 09:  Boomerang Flash
Aka:               I'm here fore a rematch
WA1 Equivalent:    Boomerang Flash
My Levels:         RUdy 87, Jack 80, Cecilia 91, Emma 82, Jane 85, ??? 83
Difficulty:        Very hard, but being 80+ does great deal
Experience:        160000
Cash:              60000 Gella
Reward:            Luceid as medium (Lust Battle)

What you have to watch out for most is his "Shadow Boomerang Maximum" move
Which hits the entire party and does very much damage. Doing a shield with
Permanence might help you a little. He no longer has Luceid has his sidekick
And that does VERY big deal. If you have Jane then there's no shame in
having her to mystic items or to do "Follow Me" in times of need.
Rudy's Gatling Raid does once again big deal here            
He's weak to as well thunder as light. That can do some deal.

Optional Boss 10:  Angol Moa
Aka:               Don't leave me out of this!
WA1 Equivalent:    Angol Moa
My Levels:         Rudy 89, Jack 81, Cecilia 94, Emma 83, Jane 86, ??? 84
Difficulty:        Hard, unless being level 80+
Experience:        300000
Cash:              80000 Gella
Reward:            Resist Up 4

Even when extremely high in level, this guy will be able to bring quite
some damage, so be prepared for that. If you have Jane you can steal
an Ambrosia. He's not very fast, that's your advantage, but he 
counterattacks very easily with the screaming mad move that does 1500+
damage. What you once again have to watch out for is Angol's traditional
move "The 7th Moon" that does 2000+ damage on all party members. It does
a great deal to use "Protect" and to seal that with "Permanence", while
his attacks are still strong after that, the damage is significantly
reduced, and may let you stay alive a little longer. I personally had my
Arm boosted out to 10 bullets and put emphasis on attack power. I made
Emma cast great booster on Rudy, sealed that with Permanence, and then
used a Gatling Raid with lock-on. Damn that makes Rudy a force of nature.

Optional Boss 11:  Leviathan
Aka:               The Stone Mermaid
WA1 Equivalent:    Leviathan
My Levels:         Rudy 95, Jack 83, Cecilia 97, Jane 90, Emma 84, ??? 86
Difficulty:        Depends on your level, I guess
Experience:        210000
Cash:              75000 Gella
Reward:            Water Break 4

If you have Jane you can steal an Ambrosia from it. And it is also weak to 
thunder. Like many others, this is a boss that even when you are extremely
overlevelled, can do a terrible deal of damage on you. But as far as I
found out it doesn't counterattack.
It IS pretty fast though, and even at extreme levels, Cecilia might be too
slow for comfort when it comes to healing. Jane's "Follow Me" can in that
way be an ass-saver.
Sometimes it uses water zone in order to strengthen its Hydro Launcher. Be
prepared for that.
A good idea is to let Emma do a great booster on Rudy, also summon Justine
with him in the front row and seal it all with Permanence. This with ARMS
like "Gatling Raid" can bring extreme good results. If you can spare the
turns, using "Protect" with "Permanence" can be a good idea too.

Optional Boss 12: Berial
Aka:              I look stupid
WA1 Equivalent:   Berial (Not optional then, though)
My levels:        Rudy 96, Jack 81, Cecilia 98, Jane 91, Emma 85, ??? 86
Difficulty:       Very extremely hard
Experience:       220000
Cash:             72000 Gella
Reward:           Defense Up 4

Even when levelled up into the extreme, this guy is very hard. The 
damage he can do is very strong, not to mention that he's fast, and
very eager to counterattack. Therefore a patient approach may save your
life. Don't attack, without making sure you will survive an attack in
combination with a counter-attack. Rather one turn too many than one
turn too short and paying the price. Using Jane for Mystic and 
"Follow Me" is once again a good idea. Take your time to power up Rudy
with great booster, the guardian Justine and Permanence. When you find
a save moment for the attack (after all the powerups) go for it with
your most powerful attack. That was in my case "Gatling Raid".
If you can keep your patience and don't do this in a hurry you might have
a chance to succeed.

Optional Boss: 13: Sado
Aka:               Me and my little sidekicks
WA1 Equivalent:    Sado
My Levels:         Rudy 98, Jack 84, Cecilia 100, Jane 93, Emma 86, ??? 87
Difficulty:        Very extremely hard
Experience:        180000
Cash:              72000
Reward:            Dark Break 4

This strategy was written by: Simon Barlow 

The main problems I found in fighting him were the little floating guns,
and a couple of his attacks. The trick to it though is his weakness to Light.

I ended up using a party made up of Jane (Follow Me! and Mystic + Berries 
for healing), Emma (for her Bright Zone and Great Booster skills), and Cecilia
(Flash Hit, Fragile Mind, support magic and healing). 
I kitted all three out with as many Dark Breaks, Resist Ups, HP Ups, 
Defence Ups and the like as physically possible, plus I made sure Cecilia
had a FP Advance and Jane a Floral Arts. Obviously Emma needed to know 
Bright Zone and Great Booster.

First round I had Jane do Follow Me! to get in front of Sado and his team,
with Emma casting Bright Zone (very extremely important, if you don't do 
this first round he'll use Dark Zone). 
Cecilia casts either Shield or Protect - the sidekicks use Undulation Cannon
which I think Protect provides some defence against, but what you want to look
out for is Sado's Finger Bullet - it's very damaging, non-elemental and I 
think it's classed as ATK rather than Magic.

Round two, I set a manual turn order of Jane-Emma-Cecilia. 
Since you're probably pretty beat up now, Mystic+Mega Berry is probably needed.
Emma casts Great Booster, Cecilia invokes Flash Hit. All being well, the 
sidekicks ought to be taken out in that one attack. Bright Zone - 2* Light
Damage, Great Booster improves Cecilia's stats even further, then Flash Hit
brings the pain.

If for some reason the sidekicks survived that, 
just repeat in the next round, 
or if necessary use Cecilia to heal and have Emma use 
Luminous Impact if she knows it.

Once the sidekicks are gone things get a lot easier. 
Sado's only attack that can hit everyone is Phantom Hazard, 
which is pretty damaging but with Bright Zone and Dark Breaks it ought to be
manageable. Just use Jane to heal, and Follow Me! when the Bright Zone fades
to get it back up before Sado can set up a Dark Zone. 
Emma Bright Zones whenever needed, and attacks with Bright Blast or Luminous
Impact. Use Download to recover MP if she goes below about 50% of maximum.
Cecilia invokes Flash Hit, when she doesn't have enough FP for that she can
Permanence herself to keep that lovely Great Booster power-up, heal if 
necessary, Fragile Mind Sado to speed things up (a good idea since the longer
the battle lasts the more chance he has to do something decidedly nasty), 
and if she's got nothing else to do, attack with Spectre.

It's by no means easy, but in this way he'll eventually go down.
I was fully leveled up to 100, but I didn't have all the full sets of 
Dark Breaks or other PS skills I listed. Still, using the Bright 
Zone-Feeble Mind-Great Booster-Flash Hit "combo" you should be 
able to damage him for something like 25'000 HP a go. From there it's 
mostly down to healing and a little luck.

Optional Boss 14: Lucifer
Aka:              Deep Purple
WA1 Equivalent:   Lucifer
My Levels:        Rudy 98, Jack 84, Cecilia 100, Emma 86, Jane 93, ??? 87
Difficulty:       Hard.
Experience:       240000
Cash:             75000 Gella
Reward:           Ray Break 4

He's fast and he's powerful. That covers the worst problem. He uses bright
zone to power up his light spells. Very annoying. If you are in trouble
heal with either mystic or "Follow Me" and Cecilia with heal. Don't try
anything else that might be risky. Taking a risk will make you pay. In 
the first turn I used Emma to power up Rudy and Cecilia was summoning
Justine. I let  Rudy use a force carrot over himself. In the second
turn I casted Permanence over Rudy. Third turn is action time and I
started with Gatling Raid (Locked on) - Reload - Gatling Raid and so
on. Jane and Cecilia were making sure that the healing went in order.
That was my strategy. I need to note that Lucifer counters easily, and 
that he's fast too. So once again. Haste makes waste.

Optional Boss 15: Melchom Lich
Aka:              The Cash Thief
WA1 Equivalent:   None
My Levels:        Rudy 53, Jack 52, Cecilia 56, Emma 52, Jane 53
Difficutly:       Not hard
Experience:       0
Cash:             Pending. Read below
Reward:           Pending. Read below
Preparations:     Floral Arts on Jane, and bring a gella card.

This boss gives no experience, and no rewards or anything. So basically
you'd say that it doesn't make sense to challenge this boss. Normally
I'd say you're rightt. But here comes the trick.  This boss steals your money,
and after the battle you get everything back he has stolen from you. Makes the
balance zero normally. Now use a gella card on him, and you'll get the money
he stole from you twice. Now it does make sense to challenge him, especially 
when he can steal a lot from you. (It IS nice to be stolen from for a change)
For the rest I advice to have Jane with you with the Floral arts skill. This
bugger is pretty fast, and only Jane is fast enough to beat that speed, and
therefore the first choice for healing. Heck it's always a good idea to give
Floral Arts to Jane anyway. If you shield everybody (and seal that with
permanence), there's not much left that can go wrong.