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Follow the dark path or use the light
Way of the Samurai Pack Shot

Way of the Samurai


Ending Walkthrough

by SephirothCanKill777

Way Of The Samurai Walkthrough

Korou Ending:
1st Morning: Go to Tsubohachi, Tell him to stop, then say watch your tongue. Fight his thugs. They are pretty easy. Beat 2/3 of them, and Tsubohachi fights you. He is normal, not too hard, but not too easy. He kneels before you. Sheath your sword. He thanks you. Say you will join him. Go to the Korou Residence. He says go meet Tesshin. Go inside, go to him. They will talk. Donít talk to them. Soichiro Shiretoko comes to fight. Attack him. The first attack wonít affect him. He is pretty easy here. Donít try to parry him, he usually wins. Reduce him to half health and the fight will be stopped by Madame Murasaki. She gives you Yen according to how well you fought. Listen to them talk, then go to the shrine. Go to Shiretoko, say lets hurry if you want to speed it up. Say nothing the WHOLE Time, including when your at the station. When he says to smash the place up, throw random stuff around randomly, but donít hit your partners, or they will attack you. When Shiretoko says to go, go, but not too fast. He gives you 50 Yen. Go to Ipponmatsu.
1st Evening: Listen to the bald people talk about Korouís financial stuff. Go to the residence, talk to the person there. He says he will get Shiretoko. He says for you to help him walk the baby with him. You are in Ipponmatsu. Walk with him. Donít fall behind or get in front of him. Kitcho and Akadama punks attack you. Say your with Shiretoko. Hurt Kitcho and his thugs a little, and Hyuga, Kitchoís ďFriendĒ attacks you. Drop the baby and attack. Hurt either of them to where they are at half health and they will run away. Tesshin says good job, and gives you money. Listen to Shiretoko. Murasaki is at the shrine. Go to Ipponmatsu.
1st Night: Dark, isnít it? Go to the shrine, if you can find it. You see Murasaki. Go up and go to them. Donít listen, because they disappear if you wait. Say yes, they draw their weapons, and Shiretoko comes. Say that nothing happened. He says heíll tell Tesshin. Say pardon her. He agrees. They thank you. Go to the bridge.
2nd Day: Go to the Foundry, to where Tesshin is. Stay. Kitcho comes and talks to Tesshin. Prepare to fight.
2nd Evening: Kill thugs at the railroad with Tsubohachi, then kill Karibe and Chelsea. Go to the Foundry, help Shiretoko and Murasaki, no matter what they say. Once your finished, go up the ladder. Kitcho and Tesshin talk. Tesshin becomes a coward and runs, and lets you deal with him. Go down the ladder by jumping, and then kill him. Get his sword. Go to Ipponmatsu. Go to the Korou Residence. Say your ready. Get prepared for a big fight! First your at the residence, helping Tesshin and Murasaki fight. Keep on fighting until they are all gone. Go to Ipponmatsu and help Shiretoko. Watch out for artillery. Fight till thereís none left. Go to the station.
2nd Night: Fight the ninjas with Tsubohachi. Kill Hyuga. Fight till thereís none left. Go to the station. Fight with Tesshin. Once you get close enough, watch out for artillery and listen to Tamagawa. Kill him. Enjoy. Sorry, no gold sword for you.

Akadama Ending:
1st Morning: Go to Tsubohachi, say to stop. Say sorry. Next thing you know, you are robbed and tied to railroad tracks! Chelsea and Kitcho help you out. Say youíll join them. Go to the station.
1st Evening: Go to the Railroad, then to Akadama Mansion. Say that you want to join them (Or that you were invited). To speed it up, say to settle the matter outside. Kitcho and Karibe draw swords. Draw your sword and attack Karibe. Fight until you can say for him to surrender. Tell him, and he kneels before you. Leave.
1st Night: Leave, and go back to the Railroad. You see Chelsea, say you want to come with her. Go with her. Fight Tsubohachi. Go to the Mansion. 
2nd Day: Go inside an talk to Kitcho. Say you want to help. Your at the shrine. Kill the ninjas and Hyuga. Run. He blows up. Go to the bridge.
2nd Evening: Go to the Mansion. Meanwhile, Tesshin gets shot. Fight with Chelsea until none are left. Leave. Fight at the Railroad with Karibe until there are none left. Go to the Station.
2nd Night: Fight with Kitcho until there are none left. Go to the bridge. Go to Tamagawa and kill him. Enjoy. No gold sword for you.

Town Ending: 
1st Day: Help the girl out. Say youíll have lunch with her. Go to the station. Go to Amaguri, talk with them. Shiretoko comes. Fight his thugs. Fight Shiretoko. Say youíll help. Go inside Amaguri and help the girl clean up. Say youíll take care of them. Leave.
1st Evening: Help Don with the haiku. Go to the station. Go to the Akadama punk. He leaves. Show the policeman your finger. Fight him. Kill his bodyguard. Watch out for the shots from the policeman. Attack him. Leave.
1st Night: Go to the station. Say youíll help Don. Go to the Residence. It is heavily guarded. Go inside the front gate, and kill your ambushers. Go inside the building upstairs. Kill everyone on the way. Go to Don. Kill everyone on the way. Again. Say the girl told you to help. Leave the residence. Kill everyone on the way. At the exit, Tsubohachi attacks you. Kill him. Leave. Fight Tesshin at Ipponmatsu. He leaves. Go to where he knelt before you, and get his sword. Leave.
2nd Day: Go to the station and talk to Dojima, the blacksmith. Say you know. Say youíll help him. Kill Hyuga and the ninjas at the bridge. Go to the station.
2nd Evening: Fight the government until there arenít any left. Go to Ipponmatsu. Watch the stupid Mexican policeman get killed by his comrade (That wasnít being prejudice). Fight with Dan until there are none left. Go to the Residence.
3rd Evening: The residence is heavily guarded again. Go right inside and into the residence. Kill all on the way. Fight fat government people. Kill Tamagawa. Enjoy. Still no gold sword for you. If you want it, listen:

Ultimate/Sell Out Ending(s):
1st Day: Donít get in Tsubohachiís way. Watch him fight Don. Don loses. Go to the Korou Residence. Fight Shiretoko, not talking at all. Get paid according to how well you fight. Go to the shrine, listening to Tesshin talk if you want to. Say letís hurry if you want to speed it up. Say nothing. Throw stuff randomly, not hitting anyone. Get paid. Leave.
1st Evening: Go to the Akadama Mansion. Say you want to join. Say to settle the matter outside to speed it up. Fight Karibe and tell him to surrender. Leave. 
1st Night: Go to the shrine. Go to Murasaki and tell her you heard her. Shiretoko comes. Say they were meeting, then to pardon Murasaki. She thanks you. Leave.
2nd Day: Go to the Akadama Mansion. Tell Kitcho you want to help. Kill Hyuga and the ninjas. Hyuga blows up. Leave.
2nd Evening: Go to the Mansion (Tesshin isnít shot. Dang itÖ) and help Chelsea and Karibe kill government people until there arenít any more. Go to the railroad, and again kill until none are left. Do the same at the station. Go to the bridge.
2nd Night: Watch Kitcho and Tesshin not get shot. Go and attack Tamagawa until he runs. Go up to the shrine. Kill the ninjas. Go to Tamagawa. Say you are a samurai and kill him, kick his sword up and you get The Gold Sword. If you want to get the Sell Out ending, join him. Well, thatís it. This is my walkthrough and only Super Cheats can use it. Donít copy it either.