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Follow the dark path or use the light

Guan Ping FAQ

by Kelifrag

Guan Ping FAQ v1.0
For Musou/Warriors Orochi (at the moment written for the Musou Orochi)
By Eric Goh (Kelifrag)

Unpublished work Copyright 2007 Eric Goh.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Guan Ping: Background Information
3. Guan Ping: Why use him?
4. Detailed information on Guan Ping (in game)
5. Recommendations for Weapons
6. FAQ
7. Credits
8. Authors Note

1. Introduction

Why hello there! I am a newbie FAQ maker, this being my real first FAQ 
that I have actually submitted. So if you see anything wrong with my 
FAQ, feel free to point it out. Oh, and for the most part, this FAQ is 
about my interpretation, so please bear that in mind. I will try my 
best to give you an objective view on the character known as Guan Ping, 
but yeah, that is as much as I can promise you.

Oh, and there is not much you want to know about me in real life. That 
is all. =)

2. Guan Ping: Background Information

Just for the ones who are interested in his history.

Guan Ping was most well known as the first son of Guan Yu, and the 
elder brother of Guan Xing. There is little confirmed truth about him 
in history, since he is considered a fairly insignificant character 
when compared to his father Guan Yu. Even his style name is not 
documented (like Guan Yu is Yunchang, Zhao Yun is Zilong, etc) However, 
Guan Ping is said to have been adopted by Guan Yu when he was seventeen, 
and as Guan Yu had no son at that time, Guan Ping was taken in as his 
own. Guan Ping often appears next to Guan Yu, along with Zhou Cang, 
whenever you see a Guan Yu statue in temples. But if anything is for 
sure, Guan Ping died along with Guan Yu, after the successful siege of 
Fan Castle, after which they were sandwiched on both sides due to the 
appearance of Wu forces, which took over two key positions in the area.

When it comes to Dynasty Warriors (or Musou Orochi), however, Guan Ping 
was introduced first in Dynasty Warriors 5. Usually in Musou Modes 
other than his, he would die. But in his own, he would survive, even 
though his father dies. Not much to say about him. ^^ He did not change 
much between the two games.

3. Guan Ping: Why use him?

Guan Ping remains pretty much untouched from his Dynasty Warriors 5 
self. He is still a fairly strong character with good range, nice power, 
and decent speed.

But in Warriors Orochi is where he really shines, in comparison to 
Dynasty Warriors 5. Why, you might ask. This is due to his C4 (SSST). 
It is an extremely strong move in this game, where element attachment 
means a lot. It is a fairly strong move that sends most opponents 
flying rather far, and consists of 4 moves on which elements attach. In 
my experience, I have not seen anything with that many elements 
attached on it, so you can guess how strong this really is. With 
powerful elements like Main Point, Vorpal, Bunshin, you can surely 
imagine the devastation Guan Ping can cause in this game.

4. Guan Ping: Detailed information

Here is where I will tell you a few details about Guan Ping. Mainly 
about his moveset, and thus how to use him.

Unlocking : Guan Ping is extremely easy to unlock. Beat Sengoku stage 1. 

SSSSSSSS : 180 degree hits (in sequence from left to right), ended with 
a 360 degree hit.
T : Guan Ping jumps forward and smashes the ground with his sword. 
Elements attach.
ST : Swings horizontally towards the top right, throwing the enemy up. 
Fairly slow. Elements attach.
SST(TTT) : Narrow swings that hit only the enemy directly in front of 
you, followed by a finishing shockwave. Elements do not attach.
SSST(TTT) : It does not look like it at first, but yes, you can mash T 
for three more hits in order to do the maximum amount of hits this move 
allows. This is Guan Pings bread and butter move: 4 360 degree hits in 
fairly fast succession, and elements attach on all four hits.
SSSST : Guan Ping swings upwards, forming a small whirlwind around him. 
Launches the opponent up into the air, and elements attach.
SSSSST : Guan Ping jumps up into the air, throws his blade down. Fire 
activates automatically on any unit his blade hits, and then he lands 
and picks it up. Elements do attach.

Musou : Basically his C4. =_=
True Musou : The above, except it ends with Guan Ping jumping up, 
slamming his sword on the floor, and launching a shockwave. Reminds you 
of the second hit of Sakons C4.

Jump Attack : Slashes downward.
Jump Charge : Jumps outward and spins his blade around him 3 times.

Mounted Attack : Slashes in a sequence of left, right, left, right, 
left, right.
Mounted Charge : Slashes left and then right. Stronger than your normal 
horse attack.
Mounted Musou : Basically repeats his jump charge.

R1 Special : Pathetic. Guan Ping jumps forward a short distance and 
slams his blade on the floor. Not very strong and blockable.

Basically, you can tell that Guan Ping is no horse fighter, nor is he 
one of those tricky fighters who use their R1 specials, jump cancel, 
and the like in order to combo to no end. Guan Ping is more of brute 

Your main attack would probably be your C4. SSSTTTT does a crazy load 
of damage, especially if complemented well by the elements on your 
weapon. It covers a fair area, too, and is decently fast. Note that 
Guan Pings C4 has an odd tendency to make stuff fly, and far.
Being a Power type character, naturally, Guan Pings R1 can only be 
activated as the first attack. This makes it really weak. However, as a 
Power character, Guan Ping cannot get interrupted by normal attacks 
while he is trying to attack, only charge attacks will break his 
concentration, so as to speak. This makes him strong! =D

o As a Power type character, he cannot be interrupted by normal attacks.
o C4 has 4 attacks which elements attach on! All four!
o Strong (in terms of damage output).
o Good range.

o As a Power type character, you can only activate his R1 Special on 
the first hit. Couple that with how weak it is, and you have a crappy 
move on your hands. As Chaos mode is mostly about R1 Specials, this 
makes Guan Ping a bit more useless than other characters like Zhou Tai 
o Not your fastest character. Add that to how he cannot jump cancel OR 
counter. Darn.

5. Recommendations for Weapons

Okay, this is the most intensive part of the FAQ I have had to write.

So, basically, here are the elements, and they all only activate on 
moves which elements attach onto:

Fire : This is the fire we are all familiar with from the previous 
games, except that it is not an Orb anymore, and an enchantment on your 
weapon instead. Does damage as long as the opponent does not recover.
Thunder : Look above. This orb has the effect of doing area of effect 
damage around you. Makes stuff fly, too.
Ice : Ice ice baby! We are also fairly familiar with this, you have a 
chance to freeze opponents on an element activation. Stops people from 
Blast : The same Blast we all know. Breaks guards. However, this is 
much more popular this time now that you can have more than one orb 
element. Extremely helpful no matter which weapon you are using.
Vorpal : Ugh, touch of death! Vorpal is one of the strongest elements, 
heck, the strongest in terms of damage. When it does activate, it does 
a decent amount of damage to generals and instant kills peons.
Life Drain : It drains life when elements activate. 
Musou Drain : It drains musou when elements activate.
Sky Crusher : When an opponent is in the air and you hit him, you do 
more damage. Only when elements activate, as usual.
Valor : When your target is a general, it does more damage. Only when 
elements activate, as usual.
Whirlwind : Increases your weapon range on attacks that elements 
activate on.
Bunshin : Creates clones which basically do what you do. This does a 
huge load of extra damage, when it helps. If not it makes stuff fly 
when they are not supposed to, and the like. Oh, and bunshins cannot 
create shockwaves (like that one at the end of Guan Pings C3).
Godspeed : Increases your attack (swing) speed when elements activate. 
Basically makes it faster.
Main Point : You do more damage when elements activate. Doh.
Last Stand : The lower your health, the more damage you do! Only when 
elements activate.

So now that you know what the elements do, I feel the desire to tell 
you even more things. Basically, I did some research of my own, and I 
found out that on Guan Pings C4...

Bunshin : When Bunshin activates, only the first hit will connect! This 
is if you have no other elements, such as Ice. If you freeze the guy, 
obviously he stays still. If not, he will fly too far due to your 
Ice : When this element connects, all the following hits WILL hit. They 
are fast enough, even without Godspeed.
Lightning : Do not use this if you are not using Ice, as they will fly 
too far for you to hit continuously.
Whirlwind : This assists in helping you connect more hits.

These are the most significant ones, but eh.

So here are my recommendations for weapons! There are 2, but the change 
is minor at best:

Main Point


Main Point

Okay, for the first one, you really pump out a lot of damage. Fire 
basically does more damage if you can make the guy fly further.

The second one is really similar. Only one difference! The element. If 
you put Ice instead, every single hit will hit the iced fellow, if you 
circle around him. That is a lot of crazy damage at max level. Thus, 
this weapon can be really good. But since Ice does not activate on 
every hit, you may have a bit of disadvantage. So this is all up to you!

6. FAQ

Well, nobody really asks questions on Guan Ping. He is really unnoticed. 
So let us think up of questions which would be asked!

Q. Why is Guan Ping so unnoticed?
A: Well, he pales in comparison to the faster characters, such as the 
demonic Diao Chan. XD In short, he is not given much attention when you 
compare him to the stronger characters out there. But he is still 
strong! Worthy of a mention, at the least.

Q: What people should I put in the same tag team as him?
A: It is up to personal choice, actually. I personally would put a 
speed type character in the party for mobility (that is easily 
countered with horses, but I am too lazy to whistle and wait for horses 
all the time). Then another technique type character. Guan Ping is 
pretty average all around. He is not a bad crowd clearer, he is not a 
bad general killer. But you might want people who are focused on each. 
It is all about taste.

7. Credits

Credits? Okay, let me see, where should I start?

Kao Megura : You know this guy? Died a couple of years ago, to the 
sadness of the GameFAQs community. He was a great FAQ writer. Great 
inspiration to me, and I am sure, a great inspiration to others. I took 
a look at his FAQ before I wrote this.

CJayC : Original founder of GameFAQs. Hes been here as long as I can 
remember. Sad that he is slowly moving away from us. Ah well.

SBAllen : I am sure he is going to find it extremely troublesome (for 
the lack of a better word, and influence of Shikamaru) to manage 
GameFAQs in the future. So here is kudos to him. Best luck in the 
KOEI : DW series are by them, you know. 

Luo Guanzhong : He pretty much popularized Romance of the Three 
Kingdoms as far as I know. This game would probably not be here without 
him. I do not think Guan Ping would, for one thing.

Me! : Egoistical old me. I did research, okay!?

8. Contact

Err. If you EVER have a real need to contact me, you can do so at 
pokehouse25 (at) hotmail (dot) com. Not much to say there. Please put 
something in the title that allows me to recognize the mail as 
belonging to a DW fan. =) Spam mail will be deleted, naturally.