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Follow the dark path or use the light

A Guide to the Secrets in Van Helsing

by SpiderVenom

              _    __             __  __     __     _
             | |  / /___ _____   / / / /__  / /____(_)___  ____ _
             | | / / __ `/ __ \ / /_/ / _ \/ / ___/ / __ \/ __ `/
             | |/ / /_/ / / / // __  /  __/ (__  ) / / / / /_/ /
             |___/\__,_/_/ /_//_/ /_/\___/_/____/_/_/ /_/\__, /
A Guide to the Secrets in Van Helsing by SpiderVenom

This may only be displayed on and If you
wish to host my guide ask me permission first. If you see my guide anywhere
else please e-mail me.

Contact me through [email protected], but only for possible guide
additions and more detailed help for secret locations. Please put "Van
Helsing" as the topic so I don't miss it.

This guide lists the location of all 20 Health Increasers, all 24 Cheats, all
Weapons and Alternative Ammo Weapons, and finally the places where lots of
Power Glyphs appear, which I call "Glyph Fountains".

Anything inside square brackets [like this] is only accessable after the game
has been completed once and you go back after saving your character and start
a new game with all your old weapons.

If you are searching for a specific Cheat, for example, just use the "Find"
function (Hold Control and press F) and enter the cheat you are looking for.

MINOR UPDATE VERSION 1.1: Slight addition to missions 3+4 and the guide is
also available at now.

MINOR UPDATE VERSION 1.2: A few additions, & Now available at

Lets start the guide:


"Check" the large statue in the middle for the games first GLYPH FOUNTAIN.


Hit the marked door at the beginning with Alt Tojo blades and gain the "Ghost
Body" CHEAT.

Check the back of the Wagon near the door for the "Big Head" CHEAT.

Jump on the building's roof and hit the weather vane for a GLYPH SHOWER.

Jump to the next building, grapple to the water tower and then to the water
tower's roof for a LIFE INCREASER.

[At the bottom of the ravine, hit the marked door with a Gattling Gun shot and
obtain the "Translucent Body" CHEAT.]

At the windmill there is the first EGG PEDESTAL.

At the windmill look for a grapple sign when you stand near a large rock pillar
near where you came in for a second LIFE INCREASER.

In the town after the wooden bridge before the large church-like building, jump
up onto the building on the right, grapple to the next, then grapple to the
church-like building. Go round the back of the bells and hit them with your
Tojos for a GLYPH SHOWER.

The Shotgun is obtained by grappling at the bottom of the plain building near
the end of the level.

After grabbing the Shotgun, go back to the windmill and 
blast the door off,
grapple straight up inside and grab a LIFE INCREASER.


Under the bridge you must lower with your grapple there is the second EGG

After the bridge and before the graveyard jump on a roof for another LIFE

Jump in the well outside the graveyard for your first EASTER EGG, use it on
the pedestal in this level.

After killing the gargoyles outside the church jump on the building next to
where you entered and grapple continuously until you reach the next LIFE

Alt Tojo blade the door on the ground in the same area for the "Ghost Fiend"


Hit the ladder in the library for another LIFE INCREASER.

Look at the shelves with the "check" button for a nice read or just skip to
the darkest one opposite the entrance to uncover the secret passage.

In the secret passage shotgun the door at the side for the "Colour Body"

Jump around both sides of the secret passage exit stairs for two GLYPH

The Crossbow is to the left of the secret passage exit in the graveyard.

*Possible extra cheat to grab, check Mission 4 below.*

Jump in the coffin near the Crossbow for the CHEAT "Big Melee".

Go to the graveyard gates for a LIFE INCREASER.

At the mill, Shotgun the window for yet another LIFE INCREASER.

Jump on the mill's roof for a GLYPH SHOWER.

Jump on the pillar at the top of the waterfall to grapple to the "Plain World"


At the end of the street from the graveyard jump up and shoot the statue with
the Crossbow for the "Translucent Fiend" CHEAT.

NB:According to Shadow Reaver from the GameFAQs boards this one can be got in
Mission 3, I assume after lots of lengthy backtracking, however I have yet to
test this out. You may want to leave it till this mission anyway as you walk
right past it anyway.


In the castle's courtyard is a LIFE INCREASER.

[Above this is a door which can only be opened with a Alt Gatling Gun shot or a
Rifle shot for the "Infinite Speed" CHEAT.]

The Shotgun Alt Ammo is found by shooting the statue in the library with the
Crossbow and then swinging over to the other side of the entrance hall and
entering the armoury. The Alt Shotgun is guarded by Dwergi at the bottom. If
you are having trouble finding it, look for a yellow glow.

After getting the Shotgun's Alt Ammo, use it on the statue which you shot
earlier with your Crossbow to get an EASTER EGG, backtrack and use it on the
pedestal from the first level, outside the windmill.

After the room with the globe jump above the door you just came through and
use Alt Shotgun fire to get a LIFE INCREASER.

In the same area there is a EGG PEDESTAL.

There is a GLYPH SHOWER on the large monk statue in the middle.

[In the room with large gears there is a door that can only be opened by a
Alt Gatling Gun shot or a Rifle shot. This hides the "Armoury Anytime" CHEAT]

The Electric Gun is on a ledge above the double doors in the long room with
the many vampire eggs.

After getting the Electric Gun go back to the room with the globe and activate
the generator for an EASTER EGG to use on the garden's pedestal.

When fighting Dracula there is a vat of goop which contains the CHEAT "Archaic


In the first chamber there is a LIFE INCREASER, get to it by dropping from a
ledge above.

In the room where you progress by grappling between ledges the Alt Crossbow is
on the ledge the top right.

In the chamber with the Crossbow upgrade there is a door at the bottom to be
opened with the Shotgun that contains the "Sick Player" CHEAT.

In the next chamber there is another LIFE INCREASER.

At the back of this chamber there is a ledge which allows access to a grapple
point to a GLYPH SHOWER.


Go into the left corner and wall-jump for a LIFE INCREASER.

After the swing-point continue left until you reach an EASTER EGG.

In the top chamber behind the waterfall, jump down onto the ledge you used as a
grappling point to obtain the "Metal Fiend" CHEAT.

In the cave you can find the Scimitars.

Jump on the ledge above the arch just before the first werewolf appearance for

Round the corner from the werewolf attack there are two ledges. Jump on the
lower one to jump to the top of the rock pillar which has a GLYPH FOUNTAIN.

Next to the grate you exit through there is another rock arch, jump on top of
it to grapple to an area with a LIFE INCREASER.

In the next area there is an EGG PEDESTAL, use the egg you found earlier.

Above the pedestal there is a grapple point. Grapple up and walk round to a
door hiding a LIFE INCREASER.

In this room there is a lion statue with water coming out of it's mouth.
"Check" the statue to release the "Small Fiend" CHEAT.

In the room where you are attacked by vampire bats run towards the screen and
jump down to find a LIFE INCREASER.

After taking the lift up, there is a LIFE INCREASER right in front of you.


In the room with the vampire eggs, there is a broken door you can walk through
at the end which leads to a LIFE INCREASER.

At the bottom of the large lift you took up to Dracula one of the containers
has toppled and you can now take the Alt Electric Gun.


When riding the carriage jump onto the horses, deliberately get knocked off
and press "check" as you reach the back of the carriage to obtain the CHEAT
"Shadow Fiend".


In the first room you can find the Alt Scimitars.

Use the Alt Crossbow fire to destroy the door under the fallen statue to obtain
the "Metal Body" Cheat.


The cave at the beginning has a door that has to be opened with Crossbow Alt
fire. It hides an EASTER EGG.

The small door next to the large double doors can be opened with a Shotgun
blast. It contains the "Shadow Body" CHEAT.

After swinging across the large room with big statues, look around for another
grapple-point and swing over for a LIFE INCREASER.

The Gatling Gun is at the end of the long smoky room full of Dwergi on a table
near the lift.

In the top right of the ballroom there is the last ever LIFE INCREASER.

At the exit to the ballroom there is a grapple point which activates a GLYPH

In the area with the pool of blood, activate the glowing seals in each of the
brides' bedrooms with the Alt Electric Gun. This raises the final EGG PEDESTAL
from the blood pool. Use the egg on the pedestal.


On the spiral staircase there is a door next to a glowing seal. Use the Alt
Electric Gun on the seal to unlock the door and gain the Alt Gatling Gun Ammo.


Complete the game and use the save game option to start a new game with all the
weapons, ammo and life increasers, new moves and cheats in a new game. This is
the only way to get some cheats like "Armoury Anytime" and "Infinite Speed".

Complete the game once and save to unlock Hard difficulty.

Complete the game on Hard difficulty to get the "Infinite Ammo" CHEAT.

Complete the game on any difficulty level while keeping your hat on when every
mission ends and you unlock the "Power Clothes" CHEAT.

To activate the clothes cheats, save after getting them and then reset your
console, then after the FMV with Van Helsing in London hold down the
appropriate shoulder button (R1 for Power Helsing, L1 for Archaic Helsing)
until the main menu appears.

If you unlock either or both of the alternative costume cheats for one
character, then save the game and reset, following the instructions to give
Van Helsing a different costume, you can start a completely new game with
either of the new costumes, without unlocking those cheats for the new


These are the challenges activated and accessed through Easter Egg Pedestals.

Note: If all challenges are completed in one visit to the Netherworld the Rifle
will appear in the Netherworld hub.

CHALLENGE 1: Knightfall

The object of this challenge is to get the gargoyles to destroy the statues in
the arena under a certain time limit.

Focus on the large areas of knights first and use the grapple attack to pull
gargoyles closer to the statues.

Win this challenge and gain the "Dwerger Skin" CHEAT.

CHALLENGE 2: Defend the Ring

In this challenge you must not fall off of a stone ring for the alloted time.

Use a speed powerup and the Gatling Gun to shoot the owls while walking in
circles to stop them knocking you off.

Win this challenge and gain the "Archangel Skin" CHEAT.

CHALLENGE 3: Blood Bath

This challenge requires you to jump on ledges to avoid a rising pool of blood
until time runs out.

Jump on these statues: The one directly behind you. The one to the left of
that. The next left one. Now to the one up and to the right. Then to the next
one on the right. Then wait for the rest of the time until the grapple icon
appears and press grapple. You should just avoid drowning.

Win this challenge and gain the "Wraith Skin" CHEAT.


For this challenge you must run through specific doors to get to the bridge at
the bottom in time.

Run through these doors: Left, Right, Right, Carry straight on, Left, Right,
Down to the bridge on the right.

Win this challenge and gain the "Gargoyle Skin" CHEAT.

CHALLENGE 5: Time Attack

The final challenge involves you having to kill all enemies before the time
runs out.

Use the Gatling Gun and have fun!

Win this challenge and gain the "Fell Skin" CHEAT.


Thanks to Sapphire Corp. for developing the game and Vivendi Universal Games,
Inc for publishing it.

Thanks to for the location of the last 2 cheats I didn't

Thanks to Hugh Jackman for voicing Van Helsing in the game and all the other
movie voice actors for that extra bit of authenticity.

Thanks to Paul Burton for Figwin for my title.

Thanks to Shadow Reaver for the Mission 3 info.

Thanks to CJayC and and Dennis Supple for hosting my guide.

And thanks everyone who gave positive feedback for this guide.

And finally thanks to my family for letting me monopolise the computer for
this guide.


All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

Copyright 2004 Ben Mastin