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Follow the dark path or use the light

Seraphic Gate

by YYugi51

____   ____      .__   __                  .__        
\   \ /   /____  |  | |  | _____.__._______|__| ____  
 \   Y   /\__  \ |  | |  |/ <   |  |\_  __ \  |/ __ \ 
  \     /  / __ \|  |_|    < \___  | |  | \/  \  ___/ 
   \___/  (____  /____/__|_ \/ ____| |__|  |__|\___  >
               \/          \/\/                    \/ 
__________                _____.__.__           ________  
\______   \_______  _____/ ____\__|  |   ____   \_____  \ 
 |     ___/\_  __ \/  _ \   __\|  |  | _/ __ \   /  ____/ 
 |    |     |  | \(  <_> )  |  |  |  |_\  ___/  /       \ 
 |____|     |__|   \____/|__|  |__|____/\___  > \_______ \
                                            \/          \/
  _________.__.__                       .__        
 /   _____/|__|  |   _____   ___________|__|____   
 \_____  \ |  |  |  /     \_/ __ \_  __ \  \__  \  
 /        \|  |  |_|  Y Y  \  ___/|  | \/  |/ __ \_
/_______  /|__|____/__|_|  /\___  >__|  |__(____  /
        \/               \/     \/              \/ 

                     Seraphic Gate FAQ

Table of Contents
Copyright Information...................................................VP2SGCI
Notes on Information....................................................VP2SGNO
General Strategies......................................................VP2SGGS
The Sound Room..........................................................VP2SGSR
Floor 1.................................................................VP2SG1F
Floor 2.................................................................VP2SG2F
Floor 3.................................................................VP2SG3F
Floor 4.................................................................VP2SG4F
Floor 5.................................................................VP2SG5F
The Oracles.............................................................VP2SGOR
Treasure Listing *INCOMPLETE*...........................................VP2SGTL
Ex-Bosses* *INCOMPLETE*.................................................VP2SGEX
Enemies Listing *INCOMPLETE*............................................VP2SGEL
Alternate Strategies....................................................VP2SGAS
Frequently Asked Questions..............................................VP2SGFR
Contact Information.....................................................VP2SGCO
Version History.........................................................VP2SGVH
End Quote...............................................................VP2SGEQ

This guide utilizes the Find feature. Simply hit Ctrl+F and type in the section
you are looking for. For example, if you wanted to find the treasure in the
dungeon, you'd type in "VP2SGTL" (Lose the quotes, though.)

Copyright Information                                                   VP2SGCI
This guide is Copyright 2006-2007 Sean Palumbo.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright. The following sites or companies have my written permission to 
use the guide:
Ziff Davis Media
Super Cheats
If I grant permission for you to use this guide on your site, I will not send
you any updates. It will be completely up to you to get the information from

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Introduction                                                            VP2SGIN
Hello, and welcome to my Valkyrie Profile 2 Seraphic Gate FAQ. My name is Sean
"Yugi" Palumbo. This is my first FAQ, and hopefully the groundwork of many more
to come. I admit, I'm not the best gamer in the world, but I will do my best to
get you all the information you need to complete this dungeon. My worst aspect
has got to be treasure hunting, my biggest need, so if anyone has a full
treasure list and locations for them, e-mail me. Contact information can be
found towards the end of the FAQ. If you're having trouble with one of the
Gate's many puzzles, may I recommend doing a search on YouTube for the puzzle
you're stuck at?

WARNING: The following guide and dungeon contains main plot spoilers. It is 
strongly advised that you go back to the Tower of Lezard Valeth and knock him
into next week before beginning this dungeon.

Got that done? Good. Now, let's move on.

Notes on Information                                                    VP2SGNO
Okay, here's how it works. The directions I give are based off of what the map
says in the upper left (or upper right, in some cases) hand corner. Boss
information is given like this:

Boss: (Boss name, if the leader of a group, notation is made here)
Lv. (Level)
Race: (Type of the boss. Up to three.)
HP: (HP maximum)
ATK: (Attack Strength of boss)
MAG: (Magical Strength of boss)
HIT: (Chance boss will hit your character)
AVD: (Chance boss will dodge your attacks)
RDM: (Defense of boss. Known as Reduce Damage)
RST: (Magic Defense of boss. Known as Resist Magic)
Tolerance: (Elemental tolerance, if any, of the boss. Negatives show weakness)
EXP: (Experience gained. This is total experience)
OTH: (Money gained)

This paragraph notes the attacks of the boss and his or her lackeys. Damage
notes go like this: Low damage is less than 1,000, Moderate damage is
1,000-4,999, High damage is 5,000-9,999, Heavy damage is 10,000-19,999, and
damage where you get pwned is anything above 20,000.

This paragraph details the strategy I used to defeat this boss.

Most of the time, element attacks will carry with them a status ailment
relevant to that element. Glacial Blizzard, for example, has a freeze element.

Well, that's it for now. More info may be added as needed.

General Strategies                                                      VP2SGGS
These are some general strategies I found useful throughout the gate, and can
be applied to most, if not all, of the bosses.

-Find and restore Masochist Wrath, found at Serdberg, for 3,000 Crystals.
-Equip the tri-Emblem, found in Solde after reading all three parts of the
 tri-Ace poem, in the house where the first part of the poem is. If you don't
 have it, replace it with three stun-checks to get the same effect. Stun-checks
 can be made at the shop in Solde. The reason behind this is Explosion is
 really powerful in the Gate, and can deal upwards of 30,000 damage.
-Equip an accessory that resists the seven status ailments: Poison, Paralysis,
 Freeze, Stone, Faint, Confusion, and Silence, and link it three times.
 Especially if you solo this dungeon.
-Have one of your equipment slots filled with Metabolizer (or another equipment
 that grants the same effect), and equip the skill First Aid. This will recover
 most, if not all, of the damage taken while on defense.
-Bring in Lifeforce Blessing, found at Surts Volcano Caverns, at 2,000
 crystals, and have it with you at all times. This will almost ensure that you
 regain all of your lost HP with the Metabolizer/First Aid combo, and then
 some. Plus, it makes Heal a full-heal.
-Equip the Toughness skill to double your HP. Some bosses you will not be able
 to survive without it.

The Sound Room                                                          VP2SGSR
Technically, this isn't part of Seraphic Gate, but it is inside it, so it may
as well be covered here. This room is to the left of the entrance to the gate.
Anyway, there are a few Kobolds in this room who will play any song from this
game at the cost of 1,000 OTH. Upon entering the gate, chances are selections
D12 and D13, as well as F3-F6 will be dulled. This means you haven't unlocked
them yet. D12, D13, F3, and F4 will be unlocked when you start a new game on a
1-crystal run-through. F5 and F6 will be unlocked later in the gate. When F5
and F6 are unlocked, there will be new Kobolds in the sound room, and he will
charge 2,000 OTH per song. It seems the talent agent wants to give you
something after completing the song list if you answer pay no mind, but he
hasn't given me anything. Anybody know what it is? Now that that's covered,
let's begin the Gate at last.

Floor 1                                                                 VP2SG1F
Welcome to Seraphic Gate. Population: You and a bunch of extremely overpowered
enemies, of which only two non-required enemies have been vanquished by me.
To your left is the only spring in the area and a dais. To your right is a save
point, game data crystal, and the entrance to Seraphic Gate. Use the spring and
pick out any two sealstones, since that's the maximum number youget at this
point in time. My preferences are Masochist Wrath (reverse damage) and
Lifeforce Blessing (200% Healing Recovery). Set any sealstone on the dais that
needs to be set there, save your data at the save point, and proceed to your
first fight of Seraphic Gate.

Boss; Dirna Hamilton
Lv. 64
Race: Magic
HP: 144,000
ATK: 1,700
MAG: 2,400
HIT: 120
AVD: 120
RDM: 80
RST: 220
Tolerance: 100% Fire, 80% Lightninng, 20% Ice, 50% Holy, Earth, and Darkness.
EXP: 800,000
OTH: 10,500

Does anybody here play Star Ocean 3? You might remember her as the Battle Arena
announcer, and she was one of the two Reigning Champions. Back on topic, her 
attacks consist of Magical Moon (4 hit, moderate to high damage), Glacial 
Blizzard (5 hit, moderate damage), Panic Shot (1 hit, moderate damage), 
Explosion (1 hit, high damage) Flame Shot (1 hit, low to moderate damage), 
Dual Tusks (2 hit, low to moderate damage), Fire Storm (1 hit, moderate
damage), and Lightning Bolt (6 hit, moderate damage). She doesn't have a Soul

I went in there solo with Alicia. Her attack setup was Spiral Pierce->Gale
Winds->Mirage Pierce. It's alright as a combo, but it really doesn't help Heat
Up gauge wise. (Of course, with nearly any setup, you'll never get the Heat Up
gauge to 100 by yourself.) Anyway, I tacked on the tri-Emblem and Metabolizer
accessories with a couple of Barakas to improve my HP. I had the Valkyrie Favor
sword equipped, and her skills were Psycosoma (Magic is added to Attack), 
Toughness (HP x2), and First Aid (May recover HP lost after an attack).
Combined with the sealstones, she makes for a powerful force at your current

Victory will grant you access into Seraphic Gate. The game will warn you that
if you haven't beaten the game yet, you should do so to prevent spoilers. Save
your data, then drop down. Upon entering this room, you will notice there's no
way back up. Don't worry, you're not trapped. There is a teleporter on every
floor that will bring you back to the top, conveniently right next to the
spring. From here, go right two rooms and head inward. Here, you will find one
of many puzzle rooms. I hate these things and just ignore them, but if you're a
completionist, you'll have to do them. At the end of this one is Dead End, an
attack for Arngrim. There are more like this one that grants others a new
attack, and they're all inside chests. Some are obvious, some are more
difficult. Good luck in finding them all. Anyway, go back, head left, and drop
down into a divinity void. Keep falling until you get to the next room, which
is also a divinity void. Head right. In this room, the map will tell you can go
inward. One problem: There's a big pillar blocking your way. You must defeat
the boss on this floor before you can go that way. Instead, keep moving right.
In this room, you have a lower right exit and an upper right exit. The lower
right exit leads to the teleporter room, where you can return to the surface
and save or adjust your equipped sealstones. The upper right exit will take you
to just outside the boss room. Head inward in that room for the boss of this

Boss: Gabriel Celeste.
Lv. 69
Race: Divine, Demon, Magic
HP: 240,000
ATK: 3,000
MAG: 2,800
HIT: 150
AVD: 140
RDM: 250
RST: 180
Tolerance: 80% Ice, Darkness, 50% Fire, Lightning, Earth, Holy.
EXP: 140,000
OTH: 12,600

His attacks are: Glacial Blizzard (5 hit, moderate damage), physical attack
(name unknown, 2 hit, low to moderate damage), Thor's Thunder (4 hit, low
damage), Regenerate (restores whatever you break off), Spicule (4 hit, moderate
damage, counter move), Fire Storm (1 hit, moderate to high damage), Dark Savior
(3 hit, low to moderate damage), Spiritual Thorn (Doom one character), and Soul
Crush Pale Flare (12 hit, high to heavy damage).

Because of Spiritual Thorn, I advise against soloing Gabriel. I brought in a
party of Alicia and Brahms and split the party. I kept Alicia on the offensive
with the same setup as before, and put Brahms on support duty on the other side
of the arena. Overall, this battle shouldn't take more than 20 minutes if
you're okay on level.

When you've won, Gabriel will give you the Wand of Apocalypse, a Mage weapon.
Not only that, but Dylan and Leone will rejoin the party at whatever level you
left them at. Head back to the room where one of the exits were blocked. The
pillars will rise, and you can now go inward. Do so.

Floor 2                                                                 VP2SG2F
Head left. You'll notice a dog house on a platform there. Examine it and go in.

Kobold Series, part one.

Boss: Dog Alicia, Dog Hrist. (They have identical stats.)
Lv. 50
Race: Beast
HP: 50,000
ATK: 1,000
MAG: 800
HIT: 150
AVD: 100
RDM: 80
RST: 30
Tolerance: -20% Earth.
EXP: 39,000
OTH: 12,000

OMG! Cosplaying Kobolds. Anyway, these guys aren't even worth listing their
attacks, as none of them even do moderate damage. Dog Hrist, however, does have
support magic, so be on the lookout for that. This battle should be a cakewalk.

Head left, then inward. Yes, I know it's a puzzle room, but it has a sealstone
I highly recommend getting: Yggdrasil Blessing, which grants a boost of 120% to
ALL statuses. (That's ATK, MAG, HIT, AVD, RDM, and RST.) It might be a little
difficult to figure out the end part, so here it is: When you get to the last
dropping platform, break it, time your jump, and quickly fire two photons, then
land on that pillar below you. Done right, you should hit the pillar one second
before you transfer with that enemy. That's how you pick it up. Now, go back to
the first doghouse and drop down two rooms. There's another dog house, which I
would enter.

Kobold Series, part two.

Boss: Dog Rufus.
HP: 48,000.
EXP: 50/80. (I've got two different numbers here. Which is right?)
OTH: 3,200.

For some reason, every single stat except for HP, EXP, and OTH are exactly
identical, and it's true for nine of the ten Kobold Series battles. Anyway, Dog
Rufus is literally pure defense. He'll only cast support magic. Deal about 50%
damage to him, and he will cast Heal. Deal any more than 80% damage to him, and
he will chicken out.

Head right 3 rooms. Here's your way out of this floor. Use it to save, then
head back to this floor's entrance. Instead of going left, go right, then drop
down. Here is a sealstone that grants +20 to photon reflections. Get it, then
find your way back to the room above. You'll have to come back up from the left
side of the entrance. Aim two photons in that gap to transfer there and pick up
the sealstone Transvestal Law, which switches the gender of enemies in battle.
Now, you're probably asking me, "Why is this useful?" Well, if you've got
equipment that allows you to deal heavy damage to females, there's your reason.
The sealstone, when placed on a dais, would allow heavy damage to enemies like
Gabriel. Otherwise... well, I don't want to say THAT, now. Anyway, drop down
two rooms, go right, then head inward for the floor's boss.

Boss: Woden
Lv. 72
Race: Divine, Magic
HP: 480,000
ATK: 3,200
MAG: 3,600
HIT: 130
RDM: 280
RST: 350
Tolerance: Absorb Lightning, 80% Holy, 50% Fire, Darkness, 20% Earth
EXP: 1,000,000
OTH: 15,400

No, the name is not a typo. That's what it says for his name during battle.
His attacks are: Zantetsuken (3 hit, moderate damage), Mega Crush (no data on
move, but is his counter move), Thunder Storm (7 hit, moderate to highdamage),
Frost Blade Ritual (3 hit, high damage), Spell Reinforce (boost to MAG), Great
Buster (4 hit, moderate to high damage), Anatres Thrust (1 hit, moderate
damage), and Soul Crush Spiritual Lancer (18 hit, heavy damaged to pwned).

I soloed this guy using the same Alicia attack setup, except I subbed out some
equipment for ones found on this floor. The result made me have to switch out
the Ourobos symbol I had equipped for the Dragon Palm I found in storage, but
overall, I didn't have much trouble. Just make sure you heal if First Aid fails
after the Spiritual Lancer attack is used, if he ever uses it more than once on
you. Seriously, this is a rarely used attack even at low health. He drops the
Sylphan Robe when you kill him.

Upon victory, Hrist, Lenneth, and Silmeria rejoin your party. Go to the room to
the left of the second Kobold fight and go inward.

Floor 3                                                                 VP2SG3F
YIKES! Trade sealstone positions scare ya? It did me when I first came down
here. Luckily, if you just turn right and go to the next room, they give you a
teleport room where you can leave and save your game. Once that's done, come
back here. Go left, take the top exit right, keep going right, then take the
top exit right again. If you have 800 crystals to spare, restore Trade Law. If
not, take it and put it on the floor 1 dais, then come back to this floor.
(There is no avoiding an encounter with Sunspot Visitor, but you are given the
option to retreat. Do so, as Astral Maze will finish you if you're not
prepared.) Now, you passed a dog house on the way to this room. It was at the
room to the left of the entrance. Go to that room and go in the dog house.

Kobold Series part three.

Boss: Dog Alicia, Dog Hrist, Lord of the Undead.
The only difference in stats is that Dog Alicia and Dog Hrist have 50,000 HP,
while Lord of the Undead has 99,999 HP. No, that number is not a typo.
EXP: 65,000
OTH: 15,000

Treat this battle like past Kobold Series battles. Now, go left twice for the
next dog house.

Kobold Series part four

Boss: Dog Arngrim, Dog Rufus, Dog Odin, Dog Hrist.

Dog Arngrim has 60,000 HP, Dog Rufus has 40,000 HP, Dog Odin has 55,000 HP, and
Dog Hrist has 50,000 HP.
EXP: 70,000
OTH: 10,000

People, if you don't get the Four Treasures joke in this scene... you have no
taste. Anyway, treat like past Kobold Series battles. Rufus chickened out on me
yet again. Head inward, and get ready to face that nightmare you fought before
getting here. Oh, and break out any Fire Resist you may have for his Soul

Boss: Obsessed Ex (Lezard's final form)
Lv. 80
Race: Magic
HP: 540,000
ATK: 2,600
MAG: 4,200
HIT: 110
AVD: 130
RDM: 260
RST: 400
Tolerance: 80% Fire, Darkness, 50% Lightning, Ice, 20% Earth.
EXP: 1,200,000
OTH: 28,000

This more powerful version of the final boss... can actually be damaged by
everybody. His attacks are: Teleportation (move elsewhere, counter move),
Gungnir (2 hit, moderate damage), Dark Savior (3 hit, moderate damage),
Lightning Bolt (6 hit, moderate damage), Poison Blow (1 hit, high damage),
Frigid Damsel (3 hit, moderate damage), Powerful Name (1 hit, low damage, may
doom character hit with attack), and Soul Crush Animate Earth (5 hit, high
damage). Break any part of his body to get a random assortment of Lenneth
dolls, and killing him makes him drop Gungnir, one of Hrist's best weapons.

The same setup works with this guy, but keep a second party member alive and
away from Alicia so you can survive Powerful Name. That party member will
likely eat some hits from Gungnir, but with a bit of health, that person can
handle it.

Upon victory, Lezard rejoins the party. Return to the entrance and save your
data. Now, look in the spring and search for the sealstone Law of Consistency.
If you've got it, good. If not, return to the Hall of Valhalla. You're going to
need a lot of fighting, as it costs 10,000 crystals to restore. It'll be worth
it, though, as it'll save a LOT of frustration from floor 4's boss. Now, head
inward to floor 4 once you've got it restored and placed on a dais on floor 3.

Floor 4                                                                 VP2SG4F
Cut left, and you'll see a teleporter, but it's blank. If you've explored a
little on your own, you may have noticed another blank teleporter back on floor
1. Activate the one here. If you try to examine it again, you won't go
anywhere. That's because it's a one-way shortcut back here. To the left is
another dog house. Examine it and go in.

Kobold Series part five.

Boss: Dog Freya, Dog Odin.

As always, only HP has changed in stats. Dog Freya has 48,000 HP, and Dog Odin
has 55,000 HP.
EXP: 50,000
OTH: 10,500

Is that... the Dragon Orb Dog Freya's holding? I can't tell. Anyway, use a
nectar potion at the start of this battle, as Dog Freya can cast Astral Maze
(transfer all in range) at any point in the battle. Otherwise, this battle's a

Go to the right of the entrance and head inward. Now, normally I'm not one to
do puzzle rooms, but if you want to complete Sound Mode, you'll follow my
instructions step-by-step here. Go right and use the enemy to get to the
platform. Go to the left edge of the platform as far as you can get, then trade
spots with the globe. Get atop the globe, then onto the small platform above
you. Jump to the glowing platform and get as close to the center as you can get
and trade spots with the globe. Done right, a cinematic should play, raising
some steps. Cross these steps, then get to where the dais is and examine the
treasure chest. The music should change and a hamster will pop out. Chase that
animal down. (He's a little purple dot on your minimap.) You should end up in
the teleporter room, and have much of the map for this floor visible. If you
lost him, here are the directions: go right from the room that gives you entry
into that puzzle room, take the lower left exit, drop to the next room, and go
right. If you want to save, there's your way out. Take the floor 1 shortcut by
entering the gate and going right as far as you can without dropping down, then
find your way to the teleporter room and touch the hamster to begin the battle.

Boss: Hamster (Leader), Hamster (random number of lackeys between 0 and 5)
Lv. 86
Race: Beast
HP: (Leader) 103,200 (lackeys) 86,000
ATK: 6,000
MAG: 860
HIT: 200
AVD: 200
RDM: 500
RST: 450
Tolerance: -20% Earth
EXP and OTH awards vary. Need hard numbers, here.

Unless you've got something that bars enemy HP gain, AND someone who can tank
loads of damage reaching a height I probably couldn't withstand, or you've
beaten this floor's boss and are now using that character who joins you, get
the heck out of there. Their shared attacks are: Peeve attack (60 free AP for
you, does nada), Hey! (1 hit, moderate damage), Warm Fuzzy Feeling (Heals any
living thing on the battlefield, regardless of friend or foe), and Furry One
(I dunno, as I never hung around to see it, but I'm sure you're gonna get pwned
if they use it, based on what I've read on the boards.) If you've got hard
numbers for EXP and OTH, they are very much welcome here. Once this battle
ends, you'll have to get back to that chest again if you want to fight him
again, as he runs off, regardless of victory or retreat.

Leave the room and get back up to the one above you. It's finally time to fight
those annoying dog houses you passed over. You should be able to see the first
one upon entering the room from below.

Kobold Series part six.

Boss: Dog Alicia, Dog Rufus

You've seen their stats before, look in past Kobold fights if you want to see
them. EXP is 18,000

Oh, for goodness' sake, get a room, you two. Anyway, treat them like you did
past Kobold battles. Rufus fled on me AGAIN! Don't skip the end of this one,
because it's way too funny. Now, take the right exit out of this room. See that
empty square on your map? There's your seventh dog house.

Kobold Series part seven.

Boss: Dog Arngrim (Leader)

Because he is the leader, his HP gets boosted to 72,000. No other stats change.
EXP: 22,000
OTH: 4,500

Try and DA him and let me know if he drops something from it. He shouldn't be
hard at all. I mean, all he does is try to get you with the hilt of that sword,
which does absolutely little in the way of damage, so what's the problem?

Now, use the teleporter to go back and save, then head back to where you fought
the sixth Kobold Series battle (assuming you're following this guide,
otherwise, it'd be seventh), and take the upper left hand exit, then go inward.
Here is why you need Law of Consistency.

Boss: Frigga
Lv. 85
Race: Divine
HP: 1,020,000 (Yes, it really nearly doubled from Obsessed Ex.)
ATK: 5,000
MAG: 5,000
HIT: 220
AVD: 200
RDM: 420
RST: 350
Tolerance: 20% Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, 80% Holy.
EXP: 1,400,000
OTH: 35,000

No, the name isn't a typo. That's really her name in battle. Her attacks are:
Thunder Sword (1 hit, moderate to high damage), Teleport (move elsewhere, may
counter with it), Victory Sword (6 hit, moderate to high damage), Flank Attack
(max. 5 hit, moderate to high damage, varies by number of hits), Earth Grave
(5 hit, moderate to high damage), Burst Shot (2-4 hit, moderate to high damage,
usually moderate), Frigid Damsel (3 hit, moderate damage), Exact Emotion
(boosts ATK, MAG, RDM, RST, and I believe nulls status ailments), Prismatic
Missile (1-4 hit, moderate to high damage, may cause a variety of status
ailments), and Soul Crush Ether Strike (20 hit, heavy damage to pwned,
depending on whether or not she strengthened herself with Exact Emotion.)

If you don't have Law of Consistency, I recommend getting no less than 30,000
HP somehow. I soloed her using Alicia's same attack setup, believe it or not,
and it only took me about 45-50 minutes. This could use a better strategy.

Upon victory, Freya joins the party. Head right three times, then head inward.

Floor 5                                                                 VP2SG5F
YAY! Bottom floor! Head right, and you'll see two dog houses. Let's look in

Kobold Series part eight

Boss: Dog Silmeria, Dog Hrist, Dog Lenneth
I missed Dog Silmeria's HP, Dog Lenneth has 75,000 HP, and Dog Hrist still has
50,000 HP. I have no data on EXP or OTH rewards.

Dog Lenneth knows Invoke Feather, but other than that, no big deal. If you're
having difficulties with this battle, simply transfer them. You won't get EXP
or OTH for it, but it's a sure way that they won't come back.


Kobold Series part nine

Boss: Dog Arngrim, Dog Rufus, Lord of the Undead

Their HP remains unchanged from previous battles, and Arngrim is back to normal
on HP.
EXP: 48,000
OTH: 7,500

Dog Rufus will still run away from you, and Dog Arngrim and Lord of the Undead
are weak as ever. Should be a cakewalk.

Head right twice, then drop to the bottom of this floor. There's your
teleporter. Use it, then go to floor 2 where the entrance to floor 3 is, and go
left. It's your last dog house.

Kobold Series Finale

Boss: Dog Lezard (Leader)
Lv. 70
Race: Beast
HP: 100,000
ATK: 1,000
MAG: 5,000
HIT: 120
AVD: 100
RDM: 80
RST: 20
Tolerance: -20% Earth
EXP: 500
OTH: Missed this number

This is the one Kobold who actually has variety. You can DA him, but I didn't
get a leader item from him.

You're probably asking me: Why do we get this dog house now? Answer: It's
inactive until now. Anyway, you get the accessory Tiny Bugs after the scene,
which allows for HP Drain. Head back to floor 5, and head right. Now, if you
use a light swordsman as your character, I suggest crossing the gap here and
going right. There's an enemy here known as Bahamut, and he's blocking your way
to it. Even if you're not using a light fighter, I still suggest fighting him,
as according to several gurus of this game, there is a good accessory you can
get from him by breaking his horn. I haven't gotten it, so I don't know the
name of it. Anyway, the sword in the chest he is guarding is called Demon Sword
'Levantine.' It's the best sword you can get for light swordsmen as far as I
know. After that's done, go back to the room with the gap and drop all the way
down to the teleporter room, go right, then head inward. Floor 5's boss awaits.

Boss: Etherial Queen
Lv. 90
Race: Divine Demon Magic
HP: 1,200,000
ATK: 6,000
MAG: 10,000
HIT: 230
AVD: 230
RDM: 500
RST: 800
Tolerances: 75% Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, 50% Holy, Darkness
EXP and OTH: I missed these numbers.

Her attacks are: Astral Maze (transfers all in range), Explosion (1 hit,
pwned), Prismatic Missile (2 hit, moderate damage, may cause a multitude of
status ailments), physical attack (name not given, 1 hit, low to moderate
damage), Scarlet Shield (1 hit, high damage), Dazzled Eye (1 hit, moderate
damage), Regenerate (restores whatever is broken off), Empress Massacre (5 hit,
high to heavy damage), and Soul Crush Phantom Destruction (single target,
8 hit, high to heavy damage).

I cracked this battle. I had to take Alicia away from the main fighter
position, and replaced her with Freya. Alicia became the person to heal the
transfer ailment anytime Freya was stricken with it. Anyway, I leveled Freya to
63 beforehand so she would know all the moves, then I put in an attack setup of
Flank Attack, Heavenly Punishment, and Victory Sword. I attacked at every
possibility, and got in an Ether Strike (her Soul Crush) every attack. What's
weird is that when she uses Heavenly Punishment, she has a tendency to go out
of the battlefield, hopping over that fence, but not getting transferred. She
went back to her starting position every time, though, but it's just weird
seeing that. Anyway, this setup wins quite easily, though it will take a good
50 minutes.

Upon victory, Valkyrie joins the party, and you get the Holy Wand of Telos as a
drop item from her. Now, go back to the top, put whatever sealstone you think
is necessary on that dais, save your data, and talk to Dirna. Select yes, and
prepare for Round 2.

Boss: Determined Dirna (Leader), Demishadow (x3)

Determined Dirna
Lv. 99
Race: Magic
HP: 1,440,000
ATK: 5,800
MAG: 12,000
HIT: 255
AVD: 255
RDM: 400
RST: 1,000
Tolerance: Absorb Fire, null Lightning, 50% Holy, Earth, Darkness.

Lv. 50 (Thanks again siden87.)
Race: Magic
HP: 550,000
ATK: 2,900
MAG: 6,000
HIT: 128
AVD: 128
RDM: 200
RST: 500
Tolerance: 100% Darkness, 50% Fire, Lightning, 25% Ice, 40% Earth
EXP: 2,000,000
OTH: 70,000

Their attacks are: Dark Savior (3 hit, moderate to high damage), Magical Moon
(4 hit, pwned), Dampen Magic (silence, one character), Lightning Bolt (6 hit,
moderate to high damage), Prismatic Missile (3 hit, pwned, multitude of status
ailments), Fire Storm (1 hit, don't know the damage), Dual Tusks (2 hit,
moderate to high damage), Panic Shot (1 hit, moderate damage), Flame Shot
(1 hit, moderate to high damage), Sap Power (ATK status down, all in range),
Explosion (1 hit, pwned), Glacial Blizzard (5 hit, moderate to high damage),
Spell Reinforce (MAG increase, one target), and Soul Crush Meteor Swarm
(11 hit, GAME OVER UNLESS NULLED (approx. 90,000 damage with no resistance,
tested with 90% tolerance to Fire with Valkyrie.)). The Demishadows do not have
Spell Reinforce or a Soul Crush.

Take out the Demishadows first. I was told they could be taken out with a Tome
of Alchemy, but I was a little too low in level for the rest of my party for
that to work. Regardless of which method you use, take out the Demishadows
before taking out Dirna, as they are a pretty big pain in the rear when left
alone. I went back to the normal Alicia setup, nulled Fire, and took her down
easily in about 75 minutes. This was without Perfect Releasing any Einherjar
throughout the Gate. All three Demishadows drop the Foolproof Talisman, and
Determined Dirna drops the accessory Truthade, which allows you to see the
measurements of the women in this game when equipped.

Well, if you're still here after that bloody massacre, congratulations. You've
beaten the Seraphic Gate. But, that's not all. You now have a chance to reset
the whole dungeon, with the exception of treasure chests opened, and go through
it again. Why would you do that? Because it's tougher, and you get some good
items by doing so, covered in the section below, which is coming up right now.

The Oracles                                                             VP2SGOR
These books show up after each clear of the Seraphic Gate. Your first one
appears right as you enter the dungeon, in plain sight. After each new clear,
another book shows up. There are nine books, so it takes nine clears to get
them all, but don't stop there. After the tenth clear of Seraphic Gate, one
final treasure chest shows up. This contains the almighty Angel Slayer, THE
most powerful weapon in this game, and it's location is just before Ethereal
Queen, during your 11th time around. Here are the names of the books and their

First Oracle: The enemies get stronger as you go round and round. Good luck.
Second Oracle: Peace would come, if only Odin weren't around.
Third Oracle: If no one stirred up trouble, Ragnarok would never come.
Fourth Oracle: Can Rufus and Freya ever be friend?
Fifth Oracle: Brahms' transfer draws unwanted attention from the undead.
Sixth Oracle: With or without Odin, Lezard would still become evil wizard.
Seventh Oracle: Silmeria and her sisters have not changed. The Sovereign's
                Rite will summon them as always.
Eighth Oracle: I don't think Surt and Hel would Change. The mystery is Loki...
               and why he did what he did.
Ninth Oracle: You are strong. I lose. Give it another round; your prize awaits.
Angel Slayer: ATK: 10,000. MAG: 10,000. God Slayer ability (innate). Random
              damage due to low attack trust. (VP1 term, I dunno what it is.)

Locations of each:

Book 1: Floor 1: drop dwon from the right of Dirna/1st area
Book 2: Floor 2: SW area that's before the divinity void stairs
Book 3: Floor 3: 1st west area from the 1st area
Book 4: Floor 3: NE area that's before the area with the stairs
Book 5: Floor 4: NE area that's before the area with the stairs
Book 6: Floor 4: Go SW from the area with Book 5
Book 7: Floor 5: east area
Book 8: Floor 5: NE area
Book 9: Floor 5: area above the area with the blue portal
Angel Slayer: Floor 5: Area before Iseria Queen.

Treasure Listing                                                        VP2SGTL
This section has details on all the treasure that can be found in this dungeon.

No lists available, unfortunately. I've only gotten 70% of the treasure.

Ex-Bosses                                                               VP2SGEX
These are basically cloned bosses that you've fought at some point earlier in
the game. Here, you can find detailed strategies for each and every one of

Heimdall and Ull: Found in floor 2, by encountering walking enemies. (No
				  strategy yet.)
Sunspot Visitor: Found on floor 3. Unknown how to encounter, no strategy yet.
Tiamat: Found on floor 4. Unknown how to encounter, no strategy yet.
Flame Kraken: Found on floor 4. Unknown how to encounter, no strategy yet.
Returned Arectaris: Found in floor 4, by encountering flying enemies in the
                    room where you fight part 7 of the dog house series. (No
					strategy yet.)
Walther and Gyne: Found in floor 5, almost every enemy has a chance. (No
				  strategy yet.)
I don't know if any of these are repeats. If they are, let me know.

Enemies Listing                                                         VP2SGEL
Here, you will find where every single enemy in this dungeon can be found, what
floor they are on, and strategies for beating them.

No enemy information yet.

Alternate Strategies                                                    VP2SGAS
If you don't like a strategy I put up, and think you can do better, send them
in, and you'll find it here. You *MUST* include which boss you are providing
the strategy for, who you used, their equipment, their skills, their attacks,
and any other helpful information you might have.

Here's a Freya strategy by siden87:

Super Offensive Setup, vs Freya (Seraphic Gate, floor 4)
party: Rufus lvl 89, Hrist lvl 77, Adonis and Brahms lvl 93 (actually no need
to be this high level. Around  lvl 65-70 is enough.
Rufus: Soothsayer Bow (ATK 620), Ether Crown, Sylphen Robe, Holy Gauntlet,
Magic Boot, Tri-Emblem, Narwhal Tooth, Bonafide Bone x2
Hrist: Gungnir (ATK 1000, MAG 1200), Mythril Helm, Reflect Armor,
Thurd's Gauntlet (is this right?), Mythril Armor, Tailbanger x2, Narwhal Tooth 
Brahms : Bloody Murder (ATK 1350), Mythril Crown, Conqueror Armor,
Ether Shield, Mythril Greaves, Power bangle, Narwhal Tooth, Tailbanger x2
Adonis: Tyrfing (ATK 2200), Valiant Helm, Conqueror Armor, Ether Shield,
Mythril Greaves, Same accessories as Brahms.

Rufus: Triple Edge, Double Edge
Hrist: Psychosoma, double edge, fist of iron, mental boost
Adonis: Triple Egde, fist of iron, guard motion
Brahms: fist of iron, triple edge, heat up.

Equip: Yggdrasil Blessing (all stat up 120%), Desperate Soldier Law 
(atk up 150%, no hp recovery), Secluded Valley Law
(receive damage 1/4, no hp recovery), Sword Blessing (atk up 120%)
Dais: Masochist Wrath (Reverse damage), Chasm Wrath (rdm, rst dow 1/2), and
might be Sheathed Power Wrath if you're rich enough for having tons of magic
crystals, and that sealstone in floor 3 that gives 1/2 RDM, 3/4 ATK.

Attacks: Anything which can be chained easily for more combos
Ok. My setup mainly aim for quick battle, where healing is prohibited in battle
due to the effect of 2 sealstone. Adonis was really vulnerable in this fight
due to Tyrfing, but he's the main damage dealer in this fight. The reason for
Rufus in this fight was to rack up combos using double, triple edge as well as
Killing Thorn if possible. Same goes with other character. With all those
sealstone setup and skill, you deal almost thrice as much as your original

Oh not to forget, you also can equip God Destroyer if you have the skill.
As for me, I didn't have green weakness rune so I don't have the skill.

At start of battle, I use Nectar potion to negate any possible stat ailment,
then use Might Potion on Adonis. You also can consider using Overdrive to make
the combo higher. Once that's done, go near freya, usually she'll attack you
with Flank Attack. With my setup, it only does a laughable 300-400 damage only.
Now that your AP gauge is almost ful, attack her from the side so that she
can't block or counter. Make the combo as high as possible, so that Special
Attack damage increase. Then use your Soul Crush. I start with Hrist/Rufus,
then Brahms (since he has Heat Up) and finally Adonis. WIth the combos as high
as 100+ (or maybe less), your SC damage is much increased, particularly the
final blow by Adonis. All these eat more than half of her HP. Seriously.

Use the same strategy for the next attack, and you also might want to use might
potion on one other party member this time. With that's she's definitely
killed. Using this setup, I beat Freya less than 5 minutes, but still miss the
first dot on the gauge, so I only got 1 Star Guard. Anyway, I don't know what
happens if she strenghtens herself with Exact Emotion and uses her SC Ether
Strike since she never got the chance to use that against me. Done right, she
should die before she manages to do that.

And here's an Etherial Queen setup by thorneyquins2004:

Usually, I don't use first aid skills but what I did use is toughness,
psychosoma, mental boost and iron fist, and I used Alicia, Arngrim, Brahms and
Rufus with a level of 99. with their equips, I used what I got from the
Seraphic Gate esp. the weapons, I tried completing the set of Conqueror's Armor
in Crell Monfereign and it helps a lot, even though it can only be used by
Brahms and Heavy Warriors. The items though are very hard to find but its all
in the Hall of Valhalla. I got the strongest weapon of Brahms the Bloody
Murderer and I combined it with a power bangle. I added some accessories like
dragon palm to at least avoid poison, freeze, etc...

Anyway, when I was battling with Iseria Queen, the most annoying thing was her
Astral Maze, well you don't have a problem with that if you have a Horoscope
Tablet which you can get here in Seraphic Gate. And at least have a fire resist
of at least +30% and above and a holy resist of 20% and above, she rarely uses
prismatic missile anyway. I added a Metablozier on each character though they
don't have first aid skills since all you have to do is equip Alicia with
trickster imprint which allows her to heal all 4 of you even in using healing
items would be considered. and all i did was to put some sealstones esp.
Handcuff's Reason sealstone so she cannot guard when attacking her in front,
add also the sealstone which will reduce her rdm and rst or place a sealstone
with no tolerance, I forgot the name though it's a japanese version name, it
would be better if you based it in the game.

With this just attack her in front and always do soul crushes, always make
Brahms the last because he had the final weapon.  as long as you have Alicia
the healer and rufus as the supporter (might reinforce sap guard, etc.) might
reinforce will lasts 4 turns. so you can cast MR to them. I defeated her within
20 mins. 

The above needs to be a little more organized, but it looked like a good
strategy, so it's up here. Oh, and it's got Japanese names throughout the

Frequently Asked Questions
If I'm asked a question 50 million times, and just can't take it anymore, it
will show up here.

Q: Why do this?
A: Well, this game needs one of these guides, and I volunteered.

Q: What can and can't be sent to you?
A: Send me love mail (not 'I love you,' just praise), any information I'm
missing, and constructive criticism. Do NOT send me hate mail, flame mail,
anything that has already been stated in this guide, or spelling corrections,
UNLESS you find this guide unreadable and needs a thorough going-through.

Q: I keep fighting these freaking Hamster enemies on floor 4, and can't fight
anything else. Is something wrong with my game?
A: No. I don't know a whole bunch about it, but it seems that when you have 99
of the Hamstar equipment, you run into an endless barrage of hamsters. Since
the hamsters drop Sunflower Seeds (or whatever it's called), and those items
are necessary to create Golden Eggs, the developers at tri-Ace probably put
this glitch in there on purpose so you could have your fill of them.

Q: I've fulfilled the condition above, but can't seem to fight the hamsters. Is
the glitch game-specific?
A: No. If it doesn't work for you, go into every battle there with Enemy
Advantage. It should work now.

More may be added if needed. Thanks to whoever created the Hammy/Hamstar/Golden
Egg topic for giving out the hamster information.

Credits                                                                 VP2SGCR
Thanks to all of the following people for making this guide possible:

Me: I dunno why, but (most) everyone else thanks themselves when they make a
tri-Ace: For making this game.
Square-Enix: Above.
WatcherCCG: For providing information on Gabriel's wing jets, though I got the
tri-Emblem Alpha when I broke them.
tri-Ace Fanboy: For inspiring me (willingly or not) to write this FAQ
siden87 and lucifersblaze: for Dog Rufus' EXP and OTH gain.
siden87 and thorneyquins2004: for alternate strategies.
siden87: for providing info for the Oracles and the Angel Slayer.
siden87: for confirming the level of Demishadow, and some of the EX Bosses.
lowerletters: for correcting the End Quote.
thorneyquins2004: for locations of the Oracles and the Angel Slayer.
malachi Gonzalez: For more EX Boss info.
All who have showed their support: Because without you, this guide would still
								   be simply Bare Bones.
You, the reader: because without you, this guide serves no purpose.

Contact Information                                                     VP2SGCO
Name: Sean "Yugi" Palumbo
E-mail 1: YYugi51(at)yahoo(dot)com
E-mail 2: YYugi51(at)hotmail(dot)com
I check my yahoo mail at least 4 times a month, and my hotmail at least twice a
month. I won't always reply to your e-mails, but if your information warrants
an update, you'll see it up here eventually. All e-mails must have the title
"Valkyrie Profile 2 Seraphic Gate FAQ" and what you're writing about.

Version History                                                         VP2SGVH
Version 0.01 (11/28/06): Written guide started
Version 0.10 (12/01/06): Began typing version 0.75
Version 0.75 (12/03/06): Complete guide written, submitted to GameFAQs.
Version 0.76 (12/28/06): More information has been added to the FAQ.
Version 0.80 (01/21/07): Oracle information filled in, locations submitted.
Version 0.82 (03/31/07): Info added to the EX Boss section, End Quote

End Quote                                                               VP2SGEQ
"Death by fire, by cold, by crush or by blade. Did you get the end you wanted?"
-Lezard, Valkyrie Profile 2.

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