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Follow the dark path or use the light
Trigger Man Pack Shot

Trigger Man



by KurtKokaine4

                                 Trigger Man
                              (character guide)
                               (plot synopsis)
                            written by KurtKokaine4
                     [email protected] c/o Curtis Welborn

Copyright Statement: This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except
for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advanced written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited
and a violation of copyright.

This FAQ is to help the few who actually want to finish this game. It's been 
labeled by many as the worst game ever developed, but it still has it's perks,
in my opinion. A character guide and plot synopsis will also be available. I
will mark the plot details throughout the FAQ as "story", so only read those
sections if you don't mind spoilers, otherwise only read the sections marked

Character Profile:

The Trigger Man
The main character of the story, who seems to have no actual name. He is Don
Coladangelo's personal "clean-up guy". He has no remorse for cold-blooded
murder as long as it serves his boss' desires. His reasons for blindly serving
the Don are never revealed, only that he has "some ties" to the mob boss.

Don Coladangelo
The man who sends your character on missions, all pertaining to bringing down
the Montagano Family. He's credited as being a very honorable man, thus
earning the respect of the city's underworld, and possibly the reasone the 
Trigger Man follows him so faithfully. 

Ralph Borrello
Not much is known other than he is Don Coladangelo's most trusted capo. 

Don Montagano
A man who has all but retired from the mob scene, until his one and only son 
and successor to the Montagano Family, was murdered. He blames this act on
the Coladangelo Family and has come out of his "retirement" to avenge his
son's death.

Johnny "No-Neck" Navarro
Don Montagano's underboss, a ruthless killer in his own right.

Harry Di Ciero
He controls Don Montagano's "air force". His helicopter is a threat to the 
Coladangelo Family

Donna Bella Montagano
The granddaughter of Don Montagano and daughter to the late Don Antonio 
Montagano Jr. Rumors abound of her involvement in her father's death, but
fear of the young woman prevents anyone from stepping forward with any 
information. She was ready to take over the Montagaon Family until her 
grandfather came out of "retirement" to exact his revenge on the Coladangelo
Family. Her anger towards Don Montagano's return to the mob scene goes 
unnoticed for the time being, as she plots her own "revenge" on the 
Coladangelo Family.

Carlo Perfetto
The seemingly neutral underboss of the Perfetto family.

The game opens with Don Coladangelo holding a meeting between him, his capo
Ralph Borrello, and the game's protaganist, The Trigger Man. He relays the
information that the Montagano family is moving against the Coladangelo's due
to the murder of Tony Montagano, Don Montagano's only son and successor to the
Montagano Family. 

The Trigger Man proclaims his readiness to "deal with" the Montagano's any way
the Don sees fit. Don Coladangelo then asks his favorite assassin to convince
the Montagano's of their innocence in Tony's murder, and to persuade them to
call off the vendetta with an apology. 

Ralph Borrello then informs Trigger Man of a diamond smuggling operation being
used to finance the Montagano's new casino, and that the diamonds are more 
than likely being moved fast, as their funds have been drastically depleted, 
and proclaiming war amongst mob families is anything but cheap.The Don seems
certain they're keeping the diamonds in a high-tech vault inside the casino, 
and hires you to steal them, in order to cut out the Montagano's income, and
possibly ending the war before it starts.

Mission 1
/Gain access to the casino's high level security area
/Locate the casino's vault and blow it open using C4
/Snatch the diamonds being held within the vault


You start out at the entrance of the casino. It's the night before it's Grand
Opening, so guards are posted everywhere. The first thing you're going to need
to know is that you run out of ammo real fast in this game if you're not too 
careful. Every level has an unlimited supply of ammunition hidden somewhere, 
so your number one goal in each level is to locate said ammo drops. To cut 
back on constant backtracking to reload your gun(s), try to always nail 
headshots. The enemies aren't very smart, and usually give you plenty of
opportunity to kill them with one shot. Body shots can almost empty and entire
clip before killing an enemy. So remember, headshots are key to enjoying this

Your first ammo drop is behind the desk to your right. Head there to get 15 
extra bullets. If you don't like how slowly your character turns, you can 
always adjust the Aim Speed in the Options menu. Once your loaded up, get 
ready for action. There's a lot of guards on this floor of the casino, so use
your brains when encountering enemies, and take full advantage of your 
surroundings. Taking cover is essential to progressing in this game. So I'm 
not gonna hold your hand through the gunfights. Simply take cover, popping out
for headshots until you reach the next yellow dot on your map. Crouching 
during gunfights is also a good idea. Don't try to rush through, patience and
cunning are the only way you're gonna beat this game. If you're able to get 
close enough to an enemy without getting shot up, you can always use your
knife for an easy one-hit kill. 

When you reach the next yellow dot, you'll notice a med pack hanging on the 
wall. DO NOT TOUCH IT!! Only grab it if you need it, as it heals on contact,
thus using it up entirely. It's always a good idea to leave med kits along til
you need them. When you reach the 2nd yellow dot, you'll be at the end of this
section. I suggest fully restocking your ammo and health before proceeding, 
although you can always return back to this section if neccessary.

The next section of the casino, you may notice some guards running around in 
the distance, preparing to find cover. So do the same and take em out. These
guards may seem a bit more aggressive than before, so don't stand around 
waiting to get shot. Take the offensive and clear the path. When they're dead,
another wave will appear near the steps. Find a good vantage point, and pop em
all in the head. Work your way to two yellow dots, an ammo pickup and a med 
pack. Use both as needed, but be careful, as two more guards will start 
shooting at you from the balcony.

You'll need a security card to gain access to the next area, so head upstairs 
for now, turning left and down the path til you hear a door opening, then 
quickly crouch to take cover. You can still be hit from this angle, so it may
be easier to run all the way to the other side of the balcony and take cover 
behind the boxes there. The guard with the security card you need packs a mean
shotgun along with extra armor covering his body, so a headshot is crucial on 
him. After he's dead, pick up the card and his shotgun. Now you're in 
business. Go back downstairs and enter the double doors by the ammo pickup to 
clear your first mission objective.

Now to find the vault. You'll notice a dramatic change in music along with a 
guard standing behind a glass window with his back turned to you. You couldn't
ask for a better headshot. Another guard may rush you if he hears the other 
guy die, so stay on your toes and take him out. There's a med pack in the room
the first guard was in, so if you need it, take it, although there's more than
enough med packs in this section to keep you breathing. After that, you have 
the choice to go either left of right. The right path is where the locked 
vault is located, so head left for now.

Kill the guard behind the glass window, preferrably without entering the room.
If you get too far into the room, two more guards will show up from a well
hidden path in the hallway, leaving you little room for cover. One of these 
guards has the Security Level B card, so kill him and take it. You can enter 
the room the two guards came from for another med pack, otherwise use the card
to proceed through the door next to the guard you just killed. There's a lone 
guard walking a set path along the hallway, and if you're careful enough, he's
an easy set-up for a stealth kill with your knife. The next door you come 
across will have an ammo pickup, use it then go to the last door. There are 
three guards huddled together in here, seemingly having a conversation. Use
your momentum of surprise to take them out. In other words, pull out your 
shotgun and run in balls out, blasting away. They'll never know what hit em.
There's a med pack and the Security Level C card in this room. Turn around and
head for the vault.

Take out the lone guard guarding the vault. Now look for markings on the vault
door, and press X when prompted to plant the C4 and blow the lock. There's a 
room full of pissed off guards in the vault, so don't quit yet, you're almost
to the diamonds, the third and final objective (or so it seems). When you've 
secured the diamonds, it's time to make your escape. Turn around to see four 
more guards taking up posts outside the vault. Pull out your shotgun and 
slaughter them, before heading back towards the casino's entrance.

/Avoid the cops

Okay, this is where most people get frustrated and subsequently quit playing.
The game has stealth levels, but does a piss-poor job of implementing them. 
The good news is there are only three of them in the entire game, and with my
guidance, you will get through every one of them with absolutely no trouble.
These levels are the reason I even opted to write a FAQ to begin with, because
I had trouble with them and there was no FAQ available for this game to help 
me out. So I painstakingly devoted myself to mastering these damnable levels 
in hopes that others will use my strategies and continue playing this game, 
instead of quitting like I wanted to do on several damn occasions.

Alright, so you have four cops investigating the casino, and you can't kill 
them or let them know you're there, as that would reflect badly on the 
Coladangelo Family. So you're going to have to get out of the casino
completely unseen. First off, turn left and up the stairs, preferrably taking
the right path, but it really doesn't matter. Run towards the boxes if you
took the right path. Now comes the annoying part. Waiting. Crouch and wait for
two cops to come up the steps. They will each investigate both paths, but you 
won't be seen if you're by the boxes, or if you're at an equal distance down 
the other path. When they start going back downstairs, wait for the 2nd cop to
start heading down before quickly making your way downstairs too. Now just as
quickly hide the game tables on your left, preferrably the one furthest from 
the stairs, til one of the cops starts making his way towards the steps again.
This is key, you absolutely have to position your body so no part of it is 
visible to the passing cop. It doesn't take much to get the officer's 
attention. Now wait til he's completely past you before making a break for it,
hugging the left wall as much as possible, all the way to the casino's 
entrance. JOB COMPLETE!

Back at Don Coladagelo's place, the Don remarks kindly to a job well done. He
informs the Trigger Man that Don Montagano has called him, informing him that
he's coming out of retirement to deal with the Coladangelo Family. Don 
Coladangelo decides now is a good time to "reason" with his dear enemy, and 
Trigger Man is his personal "reasoner".

Mission 2
/Gain entrance to the mansion interior
/Talk to Don Montagano
/Avoid being spotted


Now you're striking Don Montagano at his home, which is extremely well
guarded. Stealth should play an important part of your strategy here, but is 
not mission critical as it was with the cops in the last mission. If you're
spotted here, you'll just have more guards called in, making it more difficult
to breach the mansion. You're given a sniper rifle for this mission, so use 
it. There are two guards on the same level as you, but you need to kill them
when they're not near each other to avoid being spotted. There are three more
guards patrolling underneath you that may become suspicious if they hear a 
body falling above them, but they shouldn't be alerted to your presence unless
you mess up in sniping the two guards. Before focusing on the three guards
under you, you need to take out a lone guard walking around on the balcony 
above and to the right of where you started the mission. Once he's down, you 
only have the three guards to worry about. If any of them happen to be running
around, they can be real difficult to snipe without setting off an alert, but 
you've been equipped with four throwing daggers and they are extremely useful.
You can aim at your target without worrying about precision, then throw the 
dagger and while it's flying towards your target, you can move the dagger in
midair to make sure it hits the enemy. All daggers that hit their target 
result in a one hit kill, the same as your knife attacks. So you can easily
kill these guys with your throwing daggers without being spotted. When all 
guards have been killed, make your way to the yellow dot on the map, then jump
down from the roof to the next level below. If you jump off anywhere else, 
you'll die. Grab the medkit if needed, then run all the way to the other side
and enter the 2nd door on your right to finish your first mission objective.

Now to find the Don. You no longer have to worry about stealth, just killing
everyone in your path however you see fit. There's an ammo pickup past the 
door at the end of the hallway, which will also refill your throwing daggers,
so use them as much as you want. When you've killed the three guards, re-stock
your ammo and health before entering the door on the left down the hallway. 
Don Montagano and three of his goons are waiting for you inside.

Trigger Man enters Don Montagano's office, before telling the Don that war 
between the Families would be very bad for the Montagano's. The Don laughs off
this warning, threatening to kill the entire Coladangelo Family, starting with
the Trigger Man.


You start this fight crouched behind a table with the Don and his two men 
shooting at you. These guys are stupid, real stupid. Just stay crouched down,
aiming for headshots whenever one of em pops up. They can't hit you from your
position, so you have nothing but time on your hands. It'll take a few extra 
shots to bring the Don down, but when you take out his armor, two more guards 
will show up outside the door. They may or may not run into the room, so turn
around and watch what they do. Maybe you can shoot one of them if they're 
standing in the doorway. Otherwise, re-focus your attack on Don Montagano. 
When he's dead, pick up his Assault Rifle and the med pack he leaves behind.
Now more guards are waiting outside the Don's room, so break in your newly
acquired assault rifle with plenty of bloodshed.

/Escape from the estate

After exiting the Don's office, there's a new door opened to your left, but 
you may want to restock your ammo before going down the stairs. Now simply use
your assault rifle to clear out the basement, restocking once again on both
health and ammo before exiting the mansion.

Donna Bella Montagano discovers her grandfather's fresh corpse in his office.
She immediately puts herself in charge on the Montagano Family, vowing to 
continue the late Don Montagano's vendetta against the Coladangelo Family. She
orders a preparation for war.


/Blow the gate

Upon exiting the mansion, you're out in the open with enemies everywhere, so 
you need to immediately find some cover, and murder every last possible goon
you see. There's a lot of enemies to kill, and you may notice some of them
respawning, most noticeably on the roof and behind the cars near the gate. 
This doesn't last long though, so just keep killing. Once everyone is dead,
find the ammo pickup behind the cars and acquire the C4. Approach the gate and
blow it open. JOB COMPLETE!

Don Coladangelo and the Trigger Man get together to discuss their next course
of action after the death of Don Montagano. He informs Trigger Man of Donna
Bella's ascension to the head of the Montagano Family and her proclamation of
continuing her late grandfather's ruthless vendetta. He decides to have 
Trigger Man hit Harry Di Ciero's office and take out his helicopter, 
completely nullifying the Montagano Family's "air force".

Ralph Borrello voices his concern over this move, seemingly worried about not
informing the other Families of their plans. The Don ignores Ralph's pleas, 
ordering him and the Trigger Man to get to work.

Mission 3
/Locate the helicopter
/Gain elevator access
Secondary Objective:
/Cover the escape route


You start off in the parking garage of Harry Di Ciero's office building. 
You're again given throwing daggers to use at your convenience, but this time
you're also given a submachine gun. To make this even better, there's an ammo
pickup right behind you. You still wanna use short round bursts with the SMG,
to cut back on trips to the ammo pickup. 

Alright, so you're safely hidden behind a car, and two guys are coming your 
way. Wait for them to turn and walk in the other direction, setting themselves
up for a couple of sweet and easy stealth kills with your knife, if you're 
careful enough. There's a third guy making his way up the same path these guys
just came from, so be quick about the kills. If you wanna keep the stealth act
going, hide behind one of the cars while the third guy aimlessly passes by. 
Don't follow behind him too long though, as he's heading towards another guy
behind a glass window in the guard room. By this time though, you can pull out
your guns without worrying about any resistance.

When you've killed all four guys, more will come down via the elevator, and 
they ain't packing light. They'll start walking down both sides of the parking
garage, so you might want to abandon any stealth tactics and just cut loose on
em. It is very possible to kill them all stealthily though, as long as you pay
attention to your map. You should be at full health by this time anyway, so
whichever tactic suits your needs, it shouldn't matter much. One of the guys
likes to make his way to a hidden corner by the elevators, so don't stumble on
him by accident, hunt him down and blow him away. Now pick up the Guard Room 
keys one of the men dropped and head to the guard room to get the Elevator 
Access keys. Before getting on the elevator though, you have an optional 
Second Objective to complete that'll help out immensely when it's time to make
your escape. Run around the various vehicles looking for the same 
dis-coloration you found on the vault door and the gate at the Montagano 
mansion. Plant some C4 on 5 different vehicles. One or two may be a bit
tougher to spot than the others, so just keep looking til you find them all. 
When that's done, restock on ammo and head for the elevators. You've now 
successfully knocked off 2 out of 3 of your objectives. Easy huh. Well the 
third objective will be a bit tougher, so don't count your chickens yet. 

When the elevator stops, don't rush out, as there's a guy standing just 
outside to your right. Carefully take him out, then remember the door he was
guarding (2001). More men will show up at the end of the hall, so be careful. 
I'm a big fan of the music on this level, so take a break from the action to 
bob your head a bit. Make your way to room 2002. Take out the two guys inside
and take the 2001 room key. Go back to room 2001, but don't rush in. There's 
a good number of men in this room and you don't have a lot of cover. Careful
precision and quick reflexes are key here. Get the Storage Room key one of the
men drop and enter the storage room in the very back of the room for a much 
needed med pack, along with two ammo pickups, one for the 12-guage shotgun
lying haphazardly on the table to your left, the other for your submachine
gun. Don't waste this ammunition though, as it's apparently much more limited
than other ammo pickups. Now get the 2002 Office key on the table and go back
to room 2002. 

Just like before, clear out all the rooms. This time you have an ammo pickup 
to your left, so let the bullets fly. There's a lot of enemies here also, but
there are also plenty of med packs hanging around to help you out. When you 
clear the 2nd room, go through the double doors to the right of the entrance.
There's more men in here, so be careful. In the last room is a guy with a mean
shotgun, so show him yours is meaner, and grab his Executive Office keys. Now
go back to the 2nd room you cleared and turn right, entering the room with the
two yellow dots. Kill the guy in here and take his Service Elevator key. Use 
the ammo pickup if neccessary, as the way back to the service elevator is 
littered with heavy resistance. 

When you finally reach the elevators again, Harry Di Ciero and two of his 
goons will come out of them. Harry quickly retreats into the service elevator,
leaving you out in the open with his two idiots to take out. As soon as the
cutscene is over, you have to quickly turn around and run. It's a pretty cheap
shot to leave you out in the open like that, ain't it? Get a better vantage
point and take both these guys out. Before entering the service elevator,
refill your ammo and health to full. 

/Destroy the helicopter before Di Ciero escapes

This is a bit tough, only because it's real difficult to see where your
enemies are. Obviosly, the only safe place is inside the elevator, while you
methodically take out every enemy you can find. The best way to do this is to
pop out, then try to keep track of where the shots are coming from while 
retreating back inside the elevator. It's still pretty difficult, but with 
practice, you'll see it's not impossible. Your new objective makes it sound 
like this is a timed mission, but in my three runs of this game, I've taken my
time and Harry never manages to escape, so who knows. There's approximately
four to five goons hanging around up here, not including Harry Di Ciero, so 
use this information to gauge how well you're doing. Harry constantly uses the
helicopter for cover, so if you've killed all his goons and he's still alive, 
you can still approach the helicopter and plant the C4 to blow it up. It won't
kill him like you would think, but at least you're closer to him and can
easily pop out and blast him with your shotgun. He has extra armor though, so 
try for headshots if possible. When you're done up here, restock what guns you
can and refill your health before heading back down the elevator.

/Time to leave

The service elevator takes you back down to the parking garage. If you planted
the C4 earlier, depending on how many you planted, the resistance in the 
garage will be cut down dramatically. There'll still be a few enemies to take
out, but a lot less than there would've been. When you've taken them all out,
head for the guard room, exiting out the door to your stashed getaway car. JOB

Trigger Man places a call to Don Coladangelo, who gleefully expresses his 
gratitude for taking out the Montagano "air force". Trigger Man informs the 
Don that he has a mole planted in his organization, due to the fact Harry Di
Ciero's men were expecting him back at Harry's office building. This 
informations comes as a shock to the Don, who decides enough is enough. He has
a sit-down meeting planned between him and Donna Bella, with Carlo Perfetto of
the Perfetto Family, acting as moderator. The Don decides to take the Trigger
Man along for protection, and has Ralph Borrello on the case of tracking down
the mole.

Mission 4
/Don Coladangelo must survive the sit-down
/Find a way to safety

The sit-down between the two rival mob bosses takes place in some abandoned
underground tunnels. Don Coladangeolo proclaims his innocence in Tony
Montagano's death, while ensuring Donna Bella that her Family faces extinction
if she continues this unfounded vendetta against him. Donna Bella snaps back,
promising that the vendetta will end here and now. Carlo Perfetto, the
supposed "moderator" apologizes to Don Coladangelo as Donna Bella runs out of
the room. One of Perfetto's men aims a gun for Don Coladangelo before the 
Trigger Man shoots him dead.


So the meeting was a set-up. Go figure. And Donna Bella and Carlo Perfetto 
have fled the scene, leaving you and the Don to die in a place your bodies may
never be found. Your sole mission is to protect Don Coladangelo through any
means neccessary, while finding a way out of the underground tunnels. This is
a horribly designed level in that the Don makes no attempt whatsoever to take
cover from enemy fire. He literally stands out in the open right where the 
bullets are flying. The good news is that he's wearing armor and he shouldn't
die unless you really drop the ball. So the key here is to react fast and go 
for them headshots. 

When you leave the first room, you'll notice an ammo pickup in the small room
on your right. Remeber this area as you'll more than likely backtrack to this
spot a couple times. Use it now to get 30 more shells for your submachine gun.
When you turn the first corner, you'll get a shining example of how stupidly
the developers designed the Don's AI. Simple moronic laziness is all i can 
think of to describe these people. Two enemies will begin running down the 
hall shooting at you, while the Don runs out of the safety of the starting 
room to stand at the end of the hallway in plain sight of everyone. Just use 
your quick reflexes to take these guys out, but watch your left as there's a 
guy in the room wating for you to walk by. There's a med pack in this room, so
remember it's location. Turn the next corner for two more gunmen, while
watching out for another one under the stairway in the opeing to your left. Go
up the stairs for one last firefight with the Don using himself as target 

Now approach the open doorway at the end of the path with extreme caution. 
There are two men on both sides just outside the doorway, as well as another
one directly in front of you in the distance, shooting wildly at you. He's 
running from side to side, so time your shot when your aiming reticule turns 
red to take him out. There's also another guy who may come running straight at
you if you step outside, so watch out for him. When it comes time to kill the 
two goons on both side of the doorway, remember the Don will stay in the 
hallway even if you step outside, so just take your time and line up real 
quick shots, retreating back to the hallway just as quickly. Don't forget you
have a med pack downstairs as well as one on the wall to your right. If you do
go downstairs, when you return, you may notice the Don seems to have lost his
freakin mind, and is running all over the damn place. Well, at least he'll 
stay out of your way, as he never runs through the doorway, so just ignore his
stupid ass. You still have one last guy to focus on, shooting at you from a 
platform one level below you, to your right. When you kill him, you need to 
drop down to that exact platform, so don't just jump down anywhere, carefully
make sure you have something to land on. The Don can't make this jump cuz he 
might stub his big toe, so go it alone. 

/Open the gate

When you go through the next door, two more goons will charge at you from the 
end of the hallway, while two more come in from the doorway to your left, so 
be careful here. There's an ammo pickup and a med pack at the far end of the
hallway if you need them. Otherwise, go upstairs and take out the guard by the
gate. If you're worried about the Don's health, don't open the gate yet. Take
out the two guys at the end of the hallway first, then open the gate to meet
back up with the Don. If he's still running around looking for his marbles, 
just head to the exit without him, he'll be alright. 

Now it's a helluva firefight with a whole bunch of gunmen, and the Don acting
as stupid as ever. Shoot your way through the tunnel, using the explosive 
barrels to help you out. When you get to the open platform, you'll have a nice
welcoming party waiting for you, minus the nice. The Don shows no fear and 
will run right up to the platform shooting away, so you don't have much time 
to think. Just take out whoever seems to be posing the biggest threat to the
Don. This isn't as difficult as it appears to be for some reason, just take 
advantage of the horrible enemy AI like they seem to be taking advantage of 
the Don's horrible AI. Keep your eyes open for a med pack on your map. When 
everyone is finally dead, head for the exit.

Finally at the exit, Don Coladangelo orders the Trigger Man to finish off 
what's left of Donna Bella's and Carlo Perfetto's men. He gives Trigger Man
his shiny pistol before taking his leave. 

Johnny Navarro, the underboss for the Monatgano Family, is seen trying to 
escape the tunnels, as the Trigger Man loads up the Don's gun with murder in
his eyes. JOB COMPLETE!

Mission 5
/Get Navarro's cell phone so you can track down the mole

Johnny Navarro is seen hiding out in the tunnel maintenance area, visibly 
upset at how Carlo Perfetto's plan backfired, claiming  the Trigger Man has
ruined everything. He notes that Donna Bella is safe, but that most of his 
crew are dead. Johnny then reveals that Donna Bella and Carlo Perfetto 
maliciously plotted to blame the death of Tony Montagano on the Coladangelo
Family, and he seems disgusted that they've continued this senseless vendetta
after Don Coladangelo released the Trigger Man on them. 


Okay, this mission is hard. Well the last part of the mission is, anyway. Your
one and only objective is to get Johnny Navarro's cell phone so you can use it
to track down the mole planted in Don Coladangelo's organization. The problem
is you have to kill Navarro to take it, and he ain't no pansy-ass lightweight.
You'll probably repeat this mission several times, but the parts leading up to
Navarro are so easy, you'll eventually be able to do it with your eyes closed.
Well, maybe not, but you can probably do it with one eye closed at least. As
always, the main focus here is headshot, headshot, headshot. You should be 
used to this by now. You've also got the shotgun now, plus the Don's pistol to
help with your firepower. 

Now, run along the train til you reach the open path. You'll notice three guys
shooting at you. My advice would be to run to the other train, you'll get shot
at, but you won't get hit if you run balls out. From this angle it's easier to
creep out and nail two of the guys with headshots. The third guy has a shotgun
but he's hiding behind a column, so when he ducks down, run up to the column
and aim through the openings at his head, he'll never even see it coming. Now
turn around and run along the path, leaving the med pack for the Navarro 
fight. You'll quickly get shot at running down the path, but you have plenty
of cover. Equip your shotgun and creep out to kill this guy. When you approach
the end of the train, there's a real hard-to-see gunman shooting at you from 
the other train. You just have to try to line up a headshot the best way you 
can, or if you get too frustrated, I guess if you can gun him down without 
using up your entire arsenal, you'll be alright. When he's dead, quickly equip
your shotgun. When you start down the next path, you'll notice two red dots on
your map running your way, coming up the path you were just on. Turn around
fast, crouch and take up your post at the very tip of the train, quickly 
gunning them down when they run out in front of you. Now stay crouched down 
and make your way for the next column. There's another guy with a shotgun 
hiding behind the red boxes in front of you. You don't need to waste time 
lining up a headshot, just do like before and wait for him to duck down, then
run up and shoot him in the head. Now crouch down and go to the next column.
There'll be two more guys shooting at you. When the guy on the left ducks, 
quickly run out to your right and hide behind the big metal box. From here you
got an easy headshot on the guy ducking down. Then equip your knife and jump
out to one-hit kill his little friend. You need to immediately hide behind the
small wooden crate as another gunman is hiding behind the next column shooting
at you. Unload your entire arsenal on him if neccessary, as there's an ammo 
pickup right behind him. If you have life to spare, try to refrain from using
the med pack though. You're gonna need every bit of life you can muster when 
Johnny comes running after you. 

/Get Navarro

Alright, now for the tricky part. It's time to try and make Johnny come out 
and play. First though, you need to take a couple of his guys out. Since you
might take a bullet or two doing this, it's best to leave the med pack so you
can be at full health when you're ready to fight Navarro. So crouch down and
carefully go up the path til you notice you're being shot at. Back up to a
safe position, then try to lock on to the gunman standing behind the side
window. Obviously you can't see him, so you'll have to aim around til your
targeting reticule turns red. Ammo conservation isn't neccessary at all, with
your ammo pickup right behind you. When he's dead, run back around to the
other side of the train, on the previous path you just came up, and look for a
huge gap in the train, giving you another vantage point on the maintenance hut
Navarro's hiding in. You can easily catch a few bullets here, so if you're not
sure of yourself, you might wanna break down and get that med pack. Now crouch
down and run past the red boxes, making your way for the next column. Follow 
these instructions to take out the other gunman. Facing the hut, back up along
the right side of the column, then move along the back til your positioned on
the leftmost back corner of the column. Aim your targeting reticule to the 
rightmost side of the large rectangular window on the front of the hut, and
unload on the target when you locate him. 

Here we go. Time to play with Johnny. You can easily spot Johnny via your 
targeting reticule because of the extra armor on his life bar. You might wanna
restock your ammo, and definitey your health if you still haven't used the med
pack yet. So from this vantage point, you're not gonna be able to hit Navarro
while crouching down. You need to make real-quick pop-ups to line your gun on
him, then crouch down again. He won't move, so once you lined your gun up with
him, pop up again to nail him. His aim is impeccable, so emphasis on the 
"real-quick pop-up" line. It won't take much to piss Johnny off, so when you
see him moving, jump and and move FAST. Immediately run back towards the ammo
pickup area, you're faster than Johnny, so you'll get there way before he 
does. Quickly hide behind the column. It may seem like Johnny's coming after
you, but he's not, he's trying to get past you to escape the tunnels. This 
part scared the crap out of me every time I played it cuz I thought he was 
relentlessy coming after me, but I finally realized what he was trying to do.

Okay, when you're safely hidden behind the column, equip either your shotgun
or submachine gun. I personally prefer using the submachine gun, then 
switching to the shotgun when his health is low. Wait for him to run past you,
then pop out and do your damnedest to pop him in his head. The mission is
failed if he makes it to the exit, so obviously headshots make killing him
before he does so much, much easier. Johnny's packing a shotgun of his own, 
and he'll viciously retaliate if he so much as hears your gun go off, so even
if you miss him, he'll turn around and blast the hell out of you. As soon as
you shoot your gun, whether you hit him or not, you MUST take cover. When he 
can't see you, he'll quickly turn around and continue running, allowing you to
chase after him and hit him again. Keep this strategy up the whole fight, til
he's finally dead. When you reach the very first med pack you hopefully left 
behind, grab it if you need it. The only thing else I can say is good luck. It
may take you several tries to kill Johnny Navarro, but it's a fun, blood-
rushing fight, and you will be very excited when you finally see him go down. 

Once he's dead, don't pick up his cell phone if you want to explore the rest 
of the area. You can go back to the hut and finish off the rest of his men if
you want. There's an extra med pack at the far end of the last path. Nothing 
really important though. It's always seemed to me that there's some secret in
this area. I mean, why put a med pack way down the last path when by the time
you reach it, everyone should be dead. Anyway, when you're done exploring, 
grab the late Johnny Navarro's cell phone.

Trigger Man checks the last call Johnny Navarro made on his cell phone. He
discovers the call was made to Hugo's restaurant. JOB COMPLETE!

Mission 6
/Locate the Italian restaurant where the mole is hiding out
/Once inside, locate the restaurant's wine cellar
/Whack everyone in the cellar, including the cowardly snitch


It's finally time to track down the mole. You start out in a darkened 
alleyway, safely out of sight. The best way to go about this mission is 
sniping. The majority of the enemies you encounter will pop up on your map a
good, safe distance away, so to conserve on health, sniping is your best 
strategy here. You may notice you can snipe and enemy who is standing next to
another enemy, without any retaliation. Sure they'll be alerted, but they
won't come after you unless you get too close. Just another example of the 
shoddy AI system. So pretty much, just snipe your way through this entire area
til you reach the yellow dots on your map. 

When you reach the gate with the three thugs hanging out on the other side, 
you can snipe one or two of them without retaliation, but the third guy likes
to run to the corner, making sniping a bit tougher without getting shot up, so
just use your pistol on him. There are two more guys crouched down on both 
sides of the street, one hiding behind a dumpster. You can easily snipe the 
one on the left, then run up to the dumpster when the other guy is ducking and
charge him with your knife. You'll notice another guy on your map, but you
can't see him. He's well-hidden way up on the roof. The best vantage point I
could find was directly under the Bellio shop awning. From there, if you look
up towards his position, you should have a clear shot of him, but if he's 
alerted, then this may not work. Either way, you need to kill this guy before
moving forward. 

When you shoot the lock off the next gate, two enemies will run out and take
cover behind the vendor stands. You're safe on your side of the gate, so just
snipe em out. Once you're through the gate, check your surroundings. You're
going to need to know this area when you're ready to make your escape. 
Standing at the gate, you'll notice an area on the bottom left side of your 
map. Head there to find a dumpster. This is your only escape route, so don't 
forget where it's located. There's also a hidden MP5 inside the dumpster, and
you'll need it, so grab it.

Head back out to the street vendor stands. Moving forward you'll notice a 
green dot on your map, another hard-to-spot enemy. He's hiding behind a window
on the side of the building. Don't look for him yet, just move slowly forward
to find another green dot, then look up and to your right to find him hiding
behind a window as well. Easy shot. Now turn around and try locating the other
guy. If he hasn't been alerted, you can get a good shot at him through the 
middle window. If he is alerted though, he can be real difficult to get a good
shot at without getting shot up first. 

Be extremely careful going through the last gate. As soon as you're inside it,
two well-armed thugs run out from nowhere charging right at you. Simply back
up outside the gate and they'll stop. They'll either go back into hiding, or 
one might stand around giving you a nice sniping opportunity. When they're 
either dead or hiding again, it's safe to go through the gate. This part can
be real damn tricky. Unlike before, you'll definitely trigger some heavy-ass
retaliation when you snipe one of the men. As long as you know this though, 
you should be okay. You'll see two guards standing by the restaurant's
entrance. Snipe either one you think is the ugliest, then immediately run 
away. You just don't stand a chance in a firefight with these guys. There's
one guy in particular you need to watch out for. He hangs out by himself in 
the leftmost alley across from the restaurant. If you trigger his wrath, you
better be right with God. When you've finally killed everyone, restock your
ammo and health, then enter the restaurant.

Man is this restaurant tricky. I've never really come up with a halfway decent
way to get through this part. You have a guy standing at the far side to your
right who will see you if you don't snipe him quick enough, so maybe you 
should avoid sniping here. Just try your best for a headshot with your pistol,
but as soon as you shoot your gun, another guy will run out from the doorway
beside him, and he'll charge right for you. The MP5 is your friend here. For
the rest of this part, just kill all the guys the best way you can. I can't
really offer any tips here.

When you make it to the kitchen, you'll notice lots of men running around,
trying to find decent posts. There's some restrooms to your left, but there's
another gunman in one of them, so if you're low on health, it's best to avoid
them altogether, as there's nothing of value in either one of them. There's
also a med pack hanging on the wall just inside the kitchen to your right, so
if you're super-quick, you can grab it without getting shot the hell up. To 
kill these guys, just line up headshot after headshot, it's really not as
tough as it looks. When you've cleared out the kitchen, go into the small
office and pick up the shotgun lying on the desk. Now make your way to the
wine cellar. 

Now it's time to find and kill the mole. The wine cellar is littered with 
heavy-packing gunmen, but the majority of them are stationary, allowing for
easy headshots all the way through. When you hear the music changing, it's
time to kill the mole, who is revealed to be Ralph Borrello, Don Coladangelo's
capo. He has a lot of men with him, so keep your distance and snipe everyone.
Ralph has extra armor on, but as long as you're far enough away, you can kill
him without even taking a bullet. 

/Avoid the cops

Once you've killed Ralph Borrello, it's time to make your escape. You've
probably forgotten all about the stealth missions by now, haven't you? Well,
they're back, and now you get two for the price of one, if that makes any damn
sense. These last two stealth missions are absolute hell. Well, not for you,
as long as you're using this FAQ, but for everyone who never had the benefit
of using any type of guide, this is where the game ended. Well, obviously not
everyone, but damn sure most people. Just follow exactly what I say, and these
last two stealth missions will be cake.

There are three cops inside the restaurant. You're gonna want to immediately
get behind the first cop you see when he turns around and starts walking. When
you get to the bar, quickly hide behind it. Not all the way to the right, but
just next to the opening. Remember, it never takes much to get spotted, so the
second you're safely hidden behind the bar, STAY STILL. Now comes the waiting
game again. You'll notice the 2nd cop approaching the bar, and if you look at
your map, you'll see the 3rd cop walking down the right side of the
restaurant. I like to refer to this cop as the 'wild card'. He can make or 
break your entire escape strategy. When the 2nd cop turns around, the 1st cop
will be coming back up his path. As soon as the 1st cop heads back down
towards the kitchen area, wait for him to pass you, then quickly make your 
move over to the wall by the piano, to the left of the 2nd cop, and crouch 
down. The 3rd cop will be walking back up his path. If you make this move on
the next rotation, the 3rd cop will be coming back down the path, and will
spot you, so you have to do it on the rotation when the 3rd cop is walking up,
not down. Now when the 2nd cop turns around and walks over to the bar, as soon
as he passes you, stand up and run for it, DON'T STOP! Run all the way to the
entrance of the restaurant. The 3rd cop will have his back turned to you and
will never spot you, unless you take too much time, so run balls out to get 
out of the restaurant. 

Now you're back outside. Trigger Man acknowledges he needs to find the hidden
dumpster to make his getaway. Hopefully you remember where it's at. This is
the worst of the stealth missions, but it's also the last. You start off in a
rather disorienting positon, and you'll get spotted real effing quick if you
don't get your bearings and figure out which way you're going. You need to
turn completely around and run along the wall, turning into the small,
darkened alleyway, but it may take a few tries to get your path right before
getting spotted. When you successfully make it to the alleyway, hide in the
back next to the dumpster. Now more waiting. You'll see one cop pass by, then
a few seconds later, another cop will come by, stopping at the end of the
alley, looking right at you. He obviously can't see you though, so just keep
waiting. You're going to have to be extremely quick here. When he turns
around, stand up and move forward a bit til you can see the other cop. You
don't have to wait for him to completely pass you, just run out and to the
right as soon as possible, running all the way to the gate, ignoring the green
dot on the map walking towards you. Just keep running through the gate, making
a real sharp left turn where you'll see another cop walking down some stairs.
You'll probably get spotted here, but that's okay. You just need to know where
to hide. You're goal is to hide right next to the steps the cop walks down. So
when you first take off from the alleyway, run full steam ahead to these
steps, making the sharpest left turn you can when going through the gate. A
bit of practice and you'll be able to pull this off flawlessly. Crouched by
the steps, when the cop walks past you, it's smooth sailing from here. Run
around to the other side of the steps, pull out your sniper rifle and zoom in
on the cop. You'll notice one last cop walking towards him in the distance.
He's the one you want to watch. When he turns around, run towards him,
sticking to the left side of the street. You should be able to run all the way
to a phone booth, and maybe to the wall across from the phone booth, to the 
left of the gate. Now it's just the simple matter of waiting for the cop to
walk back up the street, then running all the way to the hidden dumpster.

Trigger Man calls up Don Coladangelo, informing him that his mole was Ralph
Borrello, and that he suspects Ralph was involved in the death of Tony
Montagano. The Don is quite taken aback by this revelation. He decides to turn
his full attention on Donna Bella. He orders the Trigger Man to find her. The
Don thinks she could be hiding down at Pier 54, claiming that Carlo Perfetto
owns a freighter down there, called the 'Maria's Hope'. He states there's a
huge weapons shipment on board, possibly being Bella's new source of income.
The Trigger Man tells the Don that while he's looking for Bella, he'll check
on the weapons shipment.

Mission 7
/Whack everyone except Carlo Perfetto
/Get onto the cargo ship
/Find the weapons shipment
/Destroy all counterfeit money shipments
/Find and rough up Carlo Perfetto


Man, I'm not even gonna sugarcoat it. This is a hard mission. The hardest in
the entire game, by far. With plenty of practice though, it's definitely not
impossible. For the first half of the mission, you're stuck in your sniper's
position. You can't move, so don't even try it. This particular part of the
game is actually pretty interesting, but because it's so badly implemented,
anything that could've been cool about it is overshadowed by the infuriating
frustration that soon becomes your only emotion for the duration of this
section. The goal here is to snipe every single last enemy on the map. They
range from being directly in front of you, to being way far off in the 
distance. I found this to be a neat mechanic as you'll notice the background
is it's own open area, that can't be noticed without the scope of your sniper
rifle. Alright, so the important thing here is to snipe without alerting the
other enemies in the area. Yeah, good luck with that. The best way to describe
this section is 'unpredictable'. Sometimes you can flawlessly shoot down every
single enemy without triggering any alerts, and other times you're constantly
triggering alerts. So due to this 'unpredictablility', I'm going to do the 
best I can to lead you through this crap.

First off, you need to quickly snipe the guard directly in front of you. It
won't take him long at all to spot you, so take him out as fast as you can.
More often than not, this will trigger an alert from the guard patrolling the
ground to your left, so take him out next. These two guys are easily the wild
cards, cuz they can easily trigger a chain of alerts that will quickly end 
this mission before it even begins. Plus them being so close to you, means
you'll have to be really quick with the trigger to outshoot them. If you've
managed to kill the 2nd guy without triggering any other alerts, then focus on
the guy furthest to your left, standing with his back turned to you. But if
you did trigger an alert, it's up to you to find out by who, and try and kill
them before they kill you. No matter who the third person you kill is, once
you've killed three people, another guy will suddenly appear to your far right
walking on top of the cargo holds against the wall. He will spot you very
quickly, so shoot him as fast and precise as possible. Now you want to focus
on the three hard-to-spot guys in the background. You're going to have to look
for yourself to get a better understanding of the layout. One guy is standing
on a bridge in the center of the background. The other two guys are walking
back and forth along their respective cargo holds, one on the right side of
the map, the other on the left. These guys can be difficult to find, as they
constantly walk behind their cargo holds, out of sight, only appearing within
sight for a few seconds. I don't know the best order to kill these guys in, as
sometimes I've triggerd alerts without even knowing how. So just kill whoever
you think you need to first, but finish off these three guys before moving on.
Now you only have two more men to snipe. One standing with his back to you in
plain sight to your left, and the last guy patrolling on a walkway above him.
Again, kill whichever you think you should, as either one can and probably
will trigger an alert from the other. 

Now you can finally move again. I wish I could say there's a checkpoint nearby
but there's not. This is what makes this level so frustrating. It's so easy to
die here, which forces you to have to replay the entire sniping part over
again, in the hopes you won't die here again, when you probably will die here
again. There are only five guys left to take out, but three of them are the
toughest, most aggressive enemies in the entire game. Well, you just gotta
go for it, I guess. So first off, the 1st guy you'll see is easy. Since he's
walking back and forth, he's another perfect set-up for a stealth kill. But
you can also let him spot you, forcing him to take cover behind the explosive
barrels in front of you, begging for a nice, loud fiery death. If you need a
med pack or ammo, go down the alleyway to the right of where you started the
mission. If you have close to half your health though, I suggest holding off
on that med pack for now. The next guy on the list is another easy stealh kill
waiting to happen. Be careful with this one though, he can see from the corner
of his beady little retinas, so make sure he's completely past you before
going up behind him. 

Now for the last three guys. You'll see them on your map huddled together like
a nice little threesome. You're probaly thinking you can get an easy snipe on
one of the men, and maybe you can, but if you don't do it real effin quick,
he's gonna spot you, and it's not fun having three men immediately start
gunning for you while you're stuck trying to quickly get out of sniper mode.
Still though, it's definitely worth the shot if you can make it fast enough.
If you doubt your quick sniping skills, don't try it. Just get there attention
by firing off a gunshot, then immediately running back the way you came, and
finding a hiding spot. This splits them up, giving you an obvious better
advantage. The problem is that they're constantly running back and forth,
looking for you, making lining up a headshot seemingly impossible. The only
thing I can tell you is to study your intended victim's pattern, and to run
out with your knife equipped the very second they turn around. This can
backfire easily though, cuz they run so fast. It's still the best strategy I
can come up with. Once you've killed the first two guys though, the last one
is just cake. His path is long enough to allow you plenty of time to chase
behind him and cut his throat. 

Whew, if you've managed to successfully get past that entire section without
quitting the game, nothing can stop you now. There are still a few more men to
kill on this level, but they're entirely optional. You'll reach a cargo hold,
with Perfetto's freighter to the left and the men guarding something to the
right. If you're almost dead though, you really should just head for the
freighter. If you believe in the "no man left alive" mantra, then there's
really only one option available to you, isn't there? The only thing they seem
to be guarding though is another med pack and another ammo pickup, so don't
expect any real reward for this unless you're low on health, at which point,
you need to have your head examined for risking repeating this entire level
again by challenging all these gunmen. When you're ready to move on though,
take the left path at the cargo hold til you're prompted to shoot an explosive
barrel to lower the ramp. Do so and board the freighter. 

The rest of this mission is much simpler, although there are a couple tricky
parts. First, stealth kill the guy behind the boxes to your left, then do the
same to the guy to your right. There's a gas can next to him, but blowing it
doesn't kill him, so use your knife instead. As soon as you turn the corner,
another gunman will start running down towards you, shooting at you. Back up
behind the pole, positioning yourself out of harms way, then gutting him with
your knife when he gets too close. There are two more men by the next set of
boxes, take em out. Restock your weapons if neccessary. This next part is real
tricky. Run a little more than halfway down the path, and two more men will
run out through the doorway, shooting some heavy weaponry. It can be real
difficult to get away from these blasts, and it won't take many shots to
finish you off. You're only option is to run back the way you came, but
dodging the shots while you're doing so isn't very easy. You need to run and
hide behind the the furthest box on the path, crouching down with your shotgun
equipped. You have to be real quick on the draw here, or you won't stand a
chance. As soon as you see one of them, blast him, preferrably in his brains,
repeating this on his little buddy. When they're dead, but back to the doorway
they came from, grabbing the med pack before heading downstairs.

Carlo Perfetto is putting his men on high alert, equipping them with radios to
warn him of any intruders.


Absolutely nothing to this section. In fact, nothing to the rest of the game.
To get through here, you have to rely entirely on stealth, as being spotted
will fail the mission. All but two of the men in this room have patrolling
routes, enabling stealth kills all around. The two that are standing still are
just as easy to stealth kill though, but one can't be crept on, so just go for
a nice little headshot with your silenced pistol when you reach him. You may
or may not notice the huge stockpile of heavy-ass weapons in the middle of the
room. Acquiring these weapons is one of your objectives, so do so. Get the key
from one of the guards, then exit the room. 

Time to rough up Carlo Perfetto. He's the only one who knows where Donna Bella
is hiding, meaning you can't kill him. You sure can fill him fulla holes
though. This fight is just so easy man. You have an arsenal of weapons at your
disposal, so use them.

Beaten and near-death, Carlo Perfetto finally surrenders. He tells Trigger Man
that Donna Bella is holed up inside the late Don Montagano's mansion. He warns
him though, that Bella is more than just a pretty face.


You still have one last objective to complete before going after Donna Bella.
Look around the room for the counterfeit money shipments. There are four in
total, so plant C4 on all four of them to destroy them. Don't stand too close
after planting the C4, it only takes a couple seconds for them to explode. JOB

Mission 8
/Remaining Montagano Family soldiers must die
/Destroy the Car Blockade
/Whack Donna Bella


This is it! The last mission of the game, and quite possibly the easiest
mission in the game as well, depending on how you choose to play it. Your goal
is to finish off the remaining members of the Montagano Family, including
Donna Bella.

First off, never move from your starting position until all enemies on the
roof of the Montagano mansion have been killed. There are two guards standing
directly in front of you and will quickly spot you if you move. You can easily
kill them, but they continually respawn, and never seem to stop. There may be
a limit to how many times they respawn, but I killed them for a good 7 or 8
minutes before saying 'eff that'. So just concentrate on everyone else on the
grounds, namely the roof. There are only six men you need to snipe. When
sniping them though, you must not kill any of them that are within visible
range of another enemy. Just look around to observe who's within range of who.

After the lookouts have been taken out, run to your immediate left, hiding
behind the gate's column. You have to destroy the car blockade to gain 
entrance to the grounds. Luckily, for some odd reason, there's a grenade
launcher behind you on the back of the tractor-trailer truck. You'll notice an
ammo pickup as well. Note the ammo pickup does not restock your grenade
launcher. Now it's decision time. Do you want to save your grenades for the
Donna Bella fight or use them to quickly annihilate the car blockade? You only
have four grenades for this mission. To destroy the car blockade without the
grenade launcher, switch to another weapon, preferably the submachine gun.
It'll take a little while, and probably all your ammo, but you have plenty
behind you, so use it.

However you do it, once it's destroyed, the two respawning idiots blow up
along with it. Donna Bella finally makes her dramatic entrance, sporting a
handy, but deadly flamethrower. Without the grenade launcher, this can be a
very tough fight. Unfortunately, with the grenade launcher, it can be an
extremely easy and unsatisfying fight. When used effectively, the grenade
launcher can kill Bella in two hits. If you prefer a bit more challenging 
battle, I suggest using one of your other weapons at first, to take out her
armor, then switching to the grenade launcher when you feel it's neccessary.
The trick to killing her is obviously staying as far away from her as you
possibly can, running backwards in circles around the large water fountain in
the center of the grounds. You need to shoot the explosive barrels until
they're real close to exploding, then finish them off when Bella runs by them.
The key is ALWAYS having Bella in your sights, as she can quickly turn around
and run in the opposite direction, intercepting you and subsequently killing
you. Her flamethrower does uber-damage, so maximum evasion of this weapon is
mandatory. Again though, two simple shots from your grenade launcher when
she's running past an explosive barrel is all it takes to completely
annihilate this stone-cold, heartless killer.

Don Coladangelo congratulates the Trigger Man on killing Donna Bella and
finally putting and end to the entire Montagano Family, claiming these actions
will never be forgotten. The Don still seems to be in shock pertaining to
Ralph Borrello's betrayal though. He then introduces another problem plaguing
him, namely that Borrello's crew needs a new captain, and he's too busy
dealing with the Montagano Family's former operations. Getting the hint,
Trigger Man reassures the Don that he's always available to the Coladangelo

                                 THE END!