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Tourist Trophy Pack Shot

Tourist Trophy


Riding Form FAQ

by aj_the_o

                               Tourist Trophy
                   Riding Form FAQ(Version 1.0)April 19 '06
                            Written by: Aj_the_one


Table of Contents

A. Introduction
B. Version History
C. Head Adjustments
D. Torso Adjustments
E. Rider Position
F. My Settings
G. Legal Stuff
H. Credits

A. Introduction
Whazzup people!! It's me Aj and as you can see I decided to write FAQ for this
excellent piece of work from the good people from PolyPhony Digital. As I 
started playing this game I wa taken aback by the customization of your riders
form so I decided to try out all the settings individually and make some sense
out of them. I don't know how many will find this useful but i'm guessing it
should be a good amount because I spent at least 5 hours trying to understand
all the different settings. I'm also working on a FAQ which will show what you
get for completing the various races in the game(about 50% complete). Well 
I've rambled enough so get on with the reading and I hope you find this info
useful to winning as many races as you can!!
B. Version History
Version 1.0- Completed FAQ
C. Head Adjustments
I've spent quite some time during test runs to see what difference the Head
adjustments have on performance and I haven't found that much(If somebody does
please e-mail me so I can add it).

Head Roll Angle- This setting adjusts the amount your rider rolls his head(or
tilts it sideways). A high setting keeps his head straight while a low setting
tilts his head in the direction he is turning. 

Bottom Line- As I stated above I haven't noticed a big difference in 
performance. The most I have seen is a very slight improvement in cornering
ability with a low setting. I would have to recommend a low setting because I
didn't see a performance dip or boost from a high setting.

Head Pitch Angle- This setting adjusts the pitch(tilt up or down) of your 
rider's head. A low setting makes him tilt his head upward while a high
setting makes him tilt his head downward.

Bottom Line- I definitely didn't notice a performance change with this setting
(In real life this would affect how much your rider sees but you are his eyes 
so that really doesn't apply), so I would recommend that you leave the setting
at the default of 7.0. 
D. Torso Adjustments
I've spent alot of time messing with the my rider's form and during my tests
I have noticed that I see the most improvement in cornering ability  when I 
mess with the Lateral and Vertical Slide and the Body Lean during a full bank.

Lateral Slide- This adjusts the amount of lateral hip movement during a turn.
If you put the setting on max your ability to take corners at most speeds
will increase nicely. Of course the downside of increasing the Lateral Slide 
is it's easier to fall off your bike because your rider's weight is
heavily concentrated in the direction you are turning. Decreasing your 
lateral slide will make it harder for you to fall off the bike and will make
your bike feel more responsive when you enter a turn. Likewise your bike will
fell less responsive coming out of a turn. 

Bottom Line- This is very important to helping you maintain dominance on the 
track so find a setting that suites your racing style. I think most people 
would take the trade-off because the benefits(if used with some skill) far
outweigh the problems.

Vertical Slide- This adjusts the amount your rider tucks during a turn. This
will have the biggest effect on speed because depending on the setting you
choose, your rider will get hit with more air which will slow down your 
acceleration a bit. The higher the setting the lower you rider will be while
he is tucking during a turn.

Bottom Line- You can pretty much set this however you feel because I haven't
noticed a significant loss of speed with the setting on zero(You're still 

Body Lean(Full Bank)- This adjusts the amount of your rider's body lean during
a hard turn. This is less important that the lateral slide but it's still 
important. The body lean affects your speed and acceleration during a turn and
is very important because it can be a big difference.

Bottom Line-  This will have a noticeable effect on your acceleration and 
speed during a turn(I like the setting on 25 because it greatly reduces the
amount of wind your rider gets hit with). There really isn't a reason to keep
the setting low(at least I haven't noticed one) so I would recommend that you
keep it at the max.

Torso Roll Angle- This setting adjusts the amount your rider's upper torso 
roll during a turn. A low number will have your biker's torso lean more in the
direction of the turn while a high number will do the opposite and make him
appear upright.

Bottom Line- After fooling around with both low and high settings, I have to
say that either way this makes a big diffence in your cornering( I initially
overlooked the importance of this setting). A low setting will make it easier
to come out of a corner in a full bank(although since your biker is leaning
alot it will be easier to fall off), while a high setting will make your bike
more stable but make it feel stiffer out of a turn.

Torso Yaw Angle- This setting adjust the amount your rider twists his upper
torso. A low setting makes him twist in the direction of the turn while a 
high setting make him line up with the middle of the handlebars(not perfectly
but enough).

Bottom Line- I like to keep this angle at the minimum and I would recommend
you do the same, regardless of what your riding style is. The increase in
responsiveness is well worth it and I haven't seen a benefit from keeping the
setting high either.
E. Rider Position
These settings will affect your speed and acceleration on sraightaways(not so
much when cornering).

Arm Angle- As it's name implies, this setting affects the angle of your riders
arms. A During my test runs I found that much like the leg angle, a low
setting increases speed and acceleration a little bit(due to the decrase in
downforce or the wind hitting your rider). A high setting makes cornering 
more responsive but you lose a small amount of acceleration. 

Bottom Line- I found that it's more beneficial to keep the setting in the
middle(45-65) so you get the best of both worlds, increased cornering ability
and a hard to notice decrease in speed and acceleration. 

Seat Position- This setting adjust how close or far your biker's seat is in
relation to the front of the bike. A high setting makes your biker sit 
farther back and also makes him duck a little bit. A low setting does the
opposite and makes him sit closer and more upright.

Bottom Line- This setting will have effect your speed and acceleration a 
little bit on straightaways(I didn't notice a change on corners). I left my
setting at the default of 0.8. If you feel you need a little extra boost then
go ahead and raise the angle to the max. 

Leg Angle- Like the arm angle, this setting affects the angle of your rider's
leg. During my tests I found that a high setting makes cornering easier but
will reduce speed a tiny bit(because more wind will hit your biker). A low
setting makes your biker more streamlined thus giving you a little speed but
makes your bike a little harder to corner.

Bottom Line- I'd recommend that you set your rider's leg angle a little high
(around 30 or 40) so you get the benefit of better cornering and you negate
the negative factor(your biker falling off easier). If your controller is set
to standard(the computer tucks for you) then you should really have a semi-
high leg angle because when you tuck your biker's leg angle goes to the
minimum so you reduce downforce as much as possible(Thus getting rid of the
negative factor of high leg angle which is the reduction in speed).

Body Lean(Upright)- This setting adjusts the amount your biker's body leans
forward while riding in a straight line. You will see a noticeable if not big
increase in acceleration and speed on straightaways with a high setting. With
a low setting your rider doesn't lean that much and gets hit with that much
more wind which slows you down quite a bit.

Bottom Line- Keep this setting at the max. I haven't seen any advantages in
keeping the setting low. With the setting on max you will achieve faster 
acceleration and speed which will help you alot(especially in races in which
you are overpowered or are having a hard time cornering).

F. My Settings
These are the settings that I most frequently race with. This setting makes my
bike fell really loose and if your put these setting in the form screen you
will see that my rider is almost leaning off his bike. I designed these to 
give me the easiest cornering ability and also to reduce downforce to a 

Head Roll Angle- 0
Head Pitch Angle- 7.0
Torso Roll Angle- -8
Torso Yaw Angle- -25
Body Lean(Full Bank)- 25
Arm Angle- 45
Seat Postion(Forward/Back)- 0.8
Lateral Slide- 25
Vertical Slide- 3
Leg Angle- 50
Body Lean(Upright)- 25

G. Legal Stuff
My FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site except for and or as part of any public
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
H. Credits
- The people at Polyphony Digital who created this excellent game
- Gamefaqs for posting my FAQ
- You the readers for using my FAQ and finding it useful
- My girlfriend for getting me to write this FAQ

Any questions or comments regarding this FAQ please E-mail me at:

[email protected]