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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Shotgunnova

     ____________ |ŻŻ| (ŻŻ) _____/ŻŻ|_ S P O I L E R - F R E E |ŻŻ| |ŻŻ|
    /  ____,____ \|  | |ŻŻ|/    \   __/ŻŻŻŻ\ŻŻŻŻŻ\ _/ŻŻŻŻ\/ŻŻŻŻ\  | |  |
    \___ \ |  |_) )  |_|  |   |  \  |(  ŻŻ /  |Ż\/ \  \ŻŻ(  ŻŻ /  |_|  |_
    /___  )|   __/|____)__|___|  /__| \ ŻŻŻ\__|     \  ŻŻŻ) ŻŻŻ\____)____)
        )/ |__|                )/      ŻŻŻ)/         ŻŻŻ\/ ŻŻŻ\/
       //                     //         ((  P A N D O R A   T O M O R R O W
 _____/(_____________________/(___________)\______ ___________________________
| FAQ 'n' WALKTHROUGH by Shotgunnova / P. Summers | shotgunnova [@] gmail.c0m |

    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS

       Stealth Techniques................................................ STLT
       Interaction....................................................... INTR
       Camouflage........................................................ CMFL
       Weapons and Devices............................................... WPNS

  III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       01) US Embassy to Dili ........................................... WK01
       02) Saulnier Cryogenics Lab ...................................... WK02
       03) Hesperia Railway ............................................. WK03
       04) Geula District Street Market ................................. WK04
       05) Kundang Refinery ............................................. WK05
       06) Komodo Shipyard .............................................. WK06
       07) Television Free Indonesia .................................... WK07
       08) LAX International Airport .................................... WK08

   IV. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APPN
    V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
   VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
  VII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                     ____          |  |          ____
    L2 BUTTON -->   /____/\        |  |        /\____\   <-- R2 BUTTON
    L1 BUTTON -->  /____/\ \_______|  |_______/ /\____\  <-- R1 BUTTON
                  /  _    \________|__|________/    _  \
                 / _| |_                         _ /_\ _\  <-- TRIANGLE BUTTON
DIRECTIONAL --> ( |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  |_|   (_)) <-- CIRCLE BUTTON
    PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <-- X BUTTON
                )            ____        ____            (
               /            /    \      /    \            \
              (            (      ) __ (      )            )
               \         /\ \____/ /  \ \____/ /\         /
                \       /  \______/    \______/  \       /
                 \_____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG\_____/
                            (L3)          (R3)

 The listing below is for the default controller setting. Although full
 personalization isn't available, the settings can be changed a bit to give
 better handling. This game makes full use of analog controls and they're
 required to play it.
  ___________ _______________________________________________________________
 | BUTTON    | FUNCTION                                                      |
 | D-Pad     | Up/Down: Cycle items, L/R: toggle nightvision/thermal imaging |
 | Start     | Toggle main menu                                              |
 | Analog    | ------------------------------------------------------------- |
 | Select    | Opens OPSAT menu                                              |
 | Circle    | Toggle crouching                                              |
 | Square    | (while held) show quick inventory selection                   |
 | Triangle  | Jump button                                                   |
 | X-Button  | Interaction button (for menus)                                |
 | L1 Button | Use alt-fire option (SC-20K only)                             |
 | L2 Button | Whistle                                                       |
 | L3 Button | Toggle back-to-wall mode                                      |
 | R1 Button | Fire/use current weapon                                       |
 | R2 Button | Un/holster current weapon                                     |
 | R3 Button | Toggle binoculars; toggle zoom function (SC-20K only)         |
 | L. Analog | Controls Sam's movements                                      |
 | R. Analog | Controls camera POV                                           |

 For advanced techniques, see the section below.

II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]

 Sam couldn't possibly do his job without a few aces up his sleeve, and he'll
 need all the help he can get on this next job. Here's a list of abilities
 our splinter cell will need to harness to live through it.

 CROUCH / CROUCHWALK                    Perform: O Button, O Button + L. Analog
 Less of a technique in Sam's bag of tricks than a normal occurance, crouching
 (or crouchwalking) plays a big part in Sam's concealment. It's much quieter
 than running, and in soft light, being able to move around using environment
 obstructions, such as cubicle barriers, to one's advantage helps immensely.

 HANGING                                    Perform: Triangle by certain ledges
 Everyday situations'll call for Sam to hang off cliffs, ledges and various
 other objects. Performing this maneuver allows Sam to move unseen, often over
 the tops of unsuspecting foes, as well as get find roundabout ways to ensure
 his stealth (such as using a second-story window instead of moving at street

 CLIMBING                                Perform: Triangle by climbable surface
 Pretty self-explanitory: climbing things lets Sam get the height advantage.
 Certain situations -- like entering a turret's blind spot or scaling a mesh
 fence -- will require this. It's one of the most-used skills in Fisher's
 arsenal, actually.

 (HALF) SPLIT JUMP                         Perform: Triangle at wall (2nd jump)
 Although it sees less use than other tecniques, the Split Jump is still of
 vital use, often allowing Sam to squeeze out of impossible situations. To
 perform a jump, Sam must enter a narrow path, often an alleyway, and jump at
 one of the walls. At the height of the jump, leap once more to have Fisher
 spring up and wedge a ways above the path. In wider alleys, Sam will have more
 clearance to shoot. In smaller alleys, Sam will perform a Half Split Jump,
 where the alley's too small to take a large stance, and forces Fisher to
 bend one knee. However, this is actually good: it lets Sam get leverage to
 take another jump, reaching ledges above him. To do this, position Sam away
 from the destination outcrop and jump -- he'll automatically grab hold.

 BACK-TO-WALL                            Perform: L3 Button by vertical surface
 By putting his back to the wall, Sam reduces his presence slightly, and by
 moving in this position, he can squeeze through thin gaps or minimize his
 presence further (such as by moving underneath a windowsill without bobbing
 above it). In this position, while looking through a gap (doorway, etc.), Sam
 can perform a "SWAT turn" -- a quick maneuver to cross the gap and return to
 his previous position. This is done by pressing X-button and left analog in
 the direction across the gap.

 HAND-OVER-HAND             Perform: Left analog while hanging from pipe/girder
 Some levels have odd pipework, and Sam can take advantage by hanging and then
 pulling himself up further. Wrapping his legs around the pipe works wonders:
 he can (often) move without bothering enemies/traps below him, and can even
 use his pistol while hanging, or even if he's upside-down. Few levels provide
 this chance, though, but it's quite fun.

 ROLLING                                         Perform: O-button while moving
 ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ                                         ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
 While moving quickly, pressing the O-button makes Sam roll and begin crouching
 afterwards. It's not that useful technically, but if a player needs to move
 quickly before reinsertion into the shadows, it's there if needed.

 RAPPELLING                         Perform: Select action at appropriate place
 Rappelling occurs when Sam needs to descend a building, shaft, or pit safely
 without fear of...well, falling to his gruesome death! This can only be done
 at certain points, indicated by a metal affixment near a ledge.

INTERACTION                [INTR]

 Sam has various ways to interact with objects and bodies, both living and
 deceased. Here's how they're exploited for his own purposes:

 MOVE BODY                                       Select: when by KO'd/dead body
 ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ                                       ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
 If Sam were to leave a trail of bodies in plain sight, he'd trigger alarms
 left and right (note: this occurs even if no actual enemies are around; it's
 an automated response thing). Thus, moving bodies into the darkness secures
 Sam's stealth and lets him proceed easier. To move a body, simply stand over
 it and select the action. Sam'll move slower in this position, but can throw
 the body down if he needs a weapon quickly.

 GRABBING                                 Select: when behind applicable person
 When Sam takes an enemy unwares, if that enemy has his back to Sam, our
 splinter cell can grab him (with menu option). This serves a number of
 purposes: interrogation, quick movement without wasting time with bodies,
 and most of all, it's quiet as a mouse. Sam can't let a target go once it's
 initiated, so all that's left is to coldcock the guy with R1 or use him as a
 human shield.

 INTERROGATE                   Select: appears as option for applicable persons
 Occasionally, grabbed enemies can be interrogated. They'll give a bit more
 info about a situation before their disposal, basically. It's pretty rare, so
 don't plan on seeing it much.

 BODY SHIELD                                 Select: Grabbed person + R2 button
 A grabbed person can be used as a fleshy bullet catcher, if need be, letting
 Sam return fire (pistol only) and avoiding some damage. Enemies who encounter
 their ally in this situation may be reluctant to fire upon him, although some
 won't care either way. If Sam's shootin at them, they may have no choice...

 RETINAL SCAN                             Select: Grabbed person + near scanner
 Certain priveleged members of a faction may have their retinal patterns used
 to activate doors, and Sam won't be able to get around a scanner without 'em.
 The obvious choice is to gouge out their eyes, right? The actual solution's
 a bit less gory: grab the target and maneuver to the appropriate device, then
 force 'em to do the scan. 

CAMOUFLAGE                 [CMFL]
 Camouflage is a make-or-break situation for Sam, and it keeps him perched
 on the precipice in every mission. His stealth meter (located above the
 weapon display) will tell how enemies perceive him: basically, the darker
 his rating, the better. Standing in shadows and light will affect his
 rating, positively and negatively, respectively. Destroying light sources
 or hitting light switches is a good way to keep Sam in his natural element.
 Similarly, apply the rules of Sam's stealth to hiding bodies he leaves in
 his wake. Wherever Sam blends in best, that's the best place to shove those
 stiffs. [Alarms can trigger if bodies are left in lit-up locations, regardless
 if actual enemies are nearby, mind you.]

                                                        5.72MM SILENCED PISTOL
 A faithful but puny friend, Sam's silenced pistol is with him on every job.
 It has a basic crosshair and no zoom capabilities, and unless a player's a
 marksman, scoring headshots is hard (i.e. may as well plug a target in the
 chest rather than miss repeatedly).
 If Sam's not wielding the pistol, he's wielding the SC-20K rifle, inarguably
 the best weapon in the game. With its high-quality zoom function, acceptable
 magazine size and a bevy of alt-fire weapons, it's always the best weapon for
 the job. Secondary weapons are shown above the SC-20K in its weapon display,
 and can be toggled manually from the menu or by pressing Up/Down on the d-pad
 when the rifle's already out. Use L1 to fire these (they can't be used while

 • Diversion Camera [baits enemies near with noises and then gasses 'em]
 • Sticky Camera [lets Sam view an area safely from a distance; reusable!]
 • Sticky Shocker [instantly incapacitates if target's hit]
 • Smoke Grenade [releases large smoke cloud; can incapacitate foes]
 • Ring Airfoil Round [nonlethal projectile that stuns/incapacitates enemy]

 Some owners have decided to lock their doors, and Sam won't have any of that.
 Use this device from its menu option to start jimmying the door. Simply roll
 the left analog until the controller vibrates; wait on that spot. Do this
 repeatedly, from 2 to 6 times, to unlock the door. Note that Sam will stand
 up while in this procedure and can't fire back if enemies stumble on him (it
 happens rarely).

                                                                    OPTIC CABLE
 A handy tool for first-timers and vets alike, the optic cable is used to peek
 under closed doors to see the adjacent room. Generally this is used to plan
 for the eliminating an enemy contingent.

                                                                DISPOSABLE PICK
 Not seen that often, a "disp pick" will "pick" the door with a miniature
 explosion. Usually a door that can't be picked isn't worth going into, though,
 so big whoop, eh?

                                                                      LASER MIC
 Used only in one mission, the laser mic is used for eavesdropping at longer
 ranges. It must be pointed at the target like a normal projectile weapon,
 and the target must be kept in its sights to listen in.

                                                                  CAMERA JAMMER
 The "cam jam," as its affectionately known, temporarily neutralizes any wall
 camera, but is most useful on indestructable ones. Once pointed at a camera,
 a gauge will be displayed, gradually depleting (and then slowly refilling).
 While locked onto a camera, the cam jam will deactivate the target for the
 duration of the gauge, after which the device immediately starts again. This
 means Sam will have 10 or so seconds to maneuver while using it. Naturally
 this weapon is ineffective on humans.

 Using R3 button, Sam can zoom in on faraway scenes. This ability's not that
 useful since the SC-20K has the same function, but that rifle's not always
 around, is it?
                                                                THERMAL GOGGLES
 By pressing right on the d-pad, Sam switches to thermal view, identifying
 all heat sources in his vicinity. This is most useful for spotting enemies in
 dense foliage or other particular objectives (such as finding someone with a
 false leg, or identifying vaccine recipients). Thermal view is nigh useless
 for long-range reconnaissance, though, and other heat sources, like lamps and
 lingering sunlight, can affect it, too.

                                                                   NIGHT VISION
 For someone who's always seeking darkness, night vision is Sam's guardian
 angel -- it's what gives him a leg up on his opponents, after all. Switching
 to this mode tints the HUD green, and one'll become accustomed to reading the
 stealth gauge while its active. This mode isn't without its faults, though:
 bright lights adversely affect its efficiency, meaning don't look at glaring
 neon signs or wear it during lightning flashes -- it'll temporarily blind its

____________________________________________________/ IV. WALKTHROUGH [WLKT] |_
01) U.S. EMBASSY TO DILI (EAST TIMOR)                                    [WK01]

 This walkthrough is based off the default difficulty (Normal), and since the
 game's protagonist is an espionage expert, will show how to attain perfect
 stealth in all levels (i.e. no alarms). Levels are often split in multiple
 parts, and the guide'll do the same. The bracketed asterisk icon -- [*] --
 denotes a savepoint/checkpoint occuring.

 Default Weapons: Pistol

PART 1: Infiltrate the Embassy
 AKA ---: Tutorial Time
 Alarms?: No (0 Allowed)
 Deaths?: No
 Items -: None

 If Sam wasn't doing great in simulation, he'll have the chance to reacquaint
 himself with the basics here -- there's no enemies for a long while. Since
 Fisher's work goes best with darkness, it's no surprise that this level --
 and levels to follow -- will take place at night. As such, the first order
 of business if flicking night vision on (d-pad left). The game'll also give
 on-screen directives to help Sam work out the kinks.

  • Fun aside: if Sam dawdles, Lambert will start inquiring why he's going
    so slow, leading to some fun radio chatter.

 Once on the docks, learn how to harness the shadows for invisibility, move
 up ladders, and cruise on the zipline. These will all be familiar to Splinter
 Cell vets, but early gimmes are always welcome. The next dock has a horizontal
 pipe to reintroduce hand-over-hand movement and, at the fence, the leg-locked
 "crawl" to get past it. This is also a good time to practice the enjoyable
 upside-down shooting techniques, although they won't see much use in this
 game (sadly!)

 Infiltrate the dock house to find a dead body! Oh wait, those are garbage
 bags... Here, lockpicking is taught -- clicking the tumblers is as easy as
 rotating left analog and waiting on the vibration. Beyond, climb the ladder
 and descend the trapdoor. These are just variations on a theme, really. [*]

 By now, Sam's in the village proper, but the game's not ready to remove the
 training wheels just yet. Next up is a lesson in crouching to get under
 obstructions (here, a porch) and, past the next house, the back-to-wall
 movement that gets Sam by tight spaces. As y'move, it'll be easy to see a
 sleepy guard...

 Once in the alley, execute a "SWAT turn" -- that is, from the back-to-wall
 position, hold right and X-button to deftly cross the opening and land in
 the same position. This technique will be used to brook gaps that might
 otherwise reveal Sam's presence. Now it's just a matter of bypassing the
 sentry. From the shadows, shoot out the nearby light, and, with his attention
 drawn, knock the merc out (with R1 button). 

  • Miss your chance? There's always a second chance. Using L2 button, Sam can
    give a short whistle that attracts enemies to that location/area, making it
    easy to pick up the proverbial spare.

 Bodies must be hidden in order to avoid setting off alarms. To do this, dump
 the unconscious guard in an area where the shadows are thickest. In general,
 enemies are unlikely to uncover their comrades' hidden corpses, but only if
 done right! [*]

  • Keep in mind that the discovery of bodies is not based off living foes!
    Were you to leave a trail of corpses in the light, thinking that as long
    as no opponents got by you it'd be alright...well, it wouldn't be alright.
    Always hide bodies properly!

 Down the alley, Grímsdóttir provides some helpful intel -- thermal imaging
 will reveal landmines' placement. In this case, it'll show them buried in the
 normal footpath, and allow Sam to avoid 'em by ducking beneath the porch. Do
 note that landmines cannot be detonated by gunfire, but explosive/concussive
 blasts do the trick. [This is helpful in a later level...] Avoid the next
 batch of mines by jumping off the crate to catch the roof beam, then shimmying
 along to a safe drop-down point. Proceed through the ensuing empty house. [*]

 Now it's time for a more advanced technique: the half-split jump. Enter the
 tiny alley outside the door, face the wall and jump. At maximum height, jump
 again to make Sam wedge himself a ways off ground. From this position, Sam
 can get even higher by jumping again (just position Sam's body away from the
 destination ledge first).

 From the balcony, get inside to find another guard nearby. Using the whistle
 technique, draw him into room and coldcock him; or, shoot the light and draw
 him that way. Either way, he's gonna take a nap in the darkness. Jump off
 the next balcony to continue. [*]

 Here, an ornamental pond is kept safe by a roving guard. The sub-objective
 is to shoot out the nearest light to bait him, but it's just as possible to
 avoid him completely by traversing the far side of the pond. Regardless, the
 target doorway is kitty-corner to the insertion point, and if the guard's
 gone, y'can move towards there without stealth. Inside is a small supply
 shed. [*]

 Proceed further in to find a careless guard with his back to the door. Sam's
 asked to interrogate him -- goodie! To perform this maneuver, approach a guard
 from behind and select the option to grab him; from there, squeeze info out
 of him via the menu options. [Note: not all guards can be interrogated.] When
 the guard's of no more use, use R1 to knock 'im out.

 Immediately following, the guard in the adjacent room will show up looking
 for his friend. One of the prime points to interrogation is that Sam can move
 the victim beforehand, pick a spot and dump the body -- if there's no time to
 move the body before the other guy sees it, y'only make that mistake once!
 Dispose of the second guy using any technique yet learned. Leave this area by
 performing a half split jump in the alley. [*]

PART 2: Destroy Security Intelligence
 AKA ---: Sadono & Shetland
 Alarms?: No (0 Allowed)
 Deaths?: No
 Items -: 5.72mm Ammo (x2)

 At last, Sam is within the embassy environs. Scramble up the scaffolding and
 immediately assume a crouching position. Why? Because if y'go by the next
 window standing, the binoculars-using lookout'll spot Sam instantly. There'll
 be a short scene when Sam approaches the next window; afterwards, it'll just
 be one guard and a hostage nearby.

 The guard will kill the civie if spooked, so Sam needs to lure him out. This
 is easiest done by whistling from the exterior corner by the window, then
 going around the shadowed corner while the guard comes out. This way, he'll
 put his back right to Sam for the KO. Hostages aren't counted as aggressive
 units, and thus don't need to be shot or neutralized (like in SOCOM games).
 The hostage's corpse doesn't need to be moved either.

 As it would turn out, the door Sadono took jammed after he passed through, so
 there's no way to follow. Instead, visit the balcony's opposite end and use
 the pipe/gutter to shimmy forward. [*]

 Repeat the process again to reach the balcony of Shetland's digs, where he's
 currently being shown some hospitable treatment. The interrogator's back's to
 that opening, and can be easily dispatched thus. His satchel, as well as the
 desk nearby, contains some extra pistol ammo. Get Shetland to cough up his
 flashdrive to get two pieces of info: some contact codenamed Mortified
 Penguin and a captive linguist, Ingrid Karlthson. Feel free to chit-chat with
 Doug before skidaddlin'.

 Just outside is that "Kim" a previous sentry mentioned, and like most idiots,
 he's not paying attention to anything in particular. The locked bathroom by
 his balcony contains a first aid kit, letting Sam dress any wounds he's
 sustained thus far. (It's only interactable if Sam's hurt, though, and can't
 be used indefinitely.) Down the hall is the stairway to 1F. Shoot out the
 overhanging light before approaching. [*]

 Down below, three guards are found: 1 patrolling, two standing around. The
 patrolman might notice the broken light and investigate, but it matters very
 little -- he can be gotten alone, and is thus the first to fall. The others
 can be lured by whistles one at a time. Since the entire area by the stair is
 very dark, positioning bodies is often unnecessary. The main interior doors
 are locked, but there's a roundabout passage near the floor map that leads
 there anyway. Proceed through the doors to reach the courtyard. [*]

PART 3: Locate Ingrid Karlthson
 AKA ---: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spotlight
 Alarms?: Yes (3 Allowed)
 Deaths?: No
 Items -: 

 This game can be fun but it isn't always clever -- however, this "puzzle" is
 both fun and infuritating. One sentry has overwatch duties in this courtyard,
 and as luck would have it, he has night vision like Sam. Thus, to penetrate
 his defenses, Sam has to stay in his blindspot...that is, illumination. The
 automated searchlight shows up as pure white in night vision, and is thus a
 funny kind of safe zone. The spotlight can be rather fast, so a player should
 view the plotted course first before attempting to use it. Opposite where
 Sam entered the area is the destination door.
 There'll be no enemies between the ground floor and the night vision guard,
 just a few staircases and a first aid station. [Technically, if you use
 thermal by the downstairs window, y'can see a guard outside, frozen in place;
 he's not meant to be active yet apparently.] When that 3F guard is kaput,
 talk with Ingrid next door. When she translates the PDA, the next mission's
 destination is set. She also moves away from that exit door. [*]

PART 4: Move to Extraction
 AKA ---: Lights Out!
 Alarms?: No (N/A)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: None

 The final step to extraction is cutting the village spotlights that would
 identify the Osprey chopper. Sam starts by an open 3F window, and can use the
 ledges to drop into the backyard safely. The (2) spotlights are on separate
 towers, the same place their deactivation switches are located. Each tower
 has its own patrolman, but with the ocean of darkness 'round here, they'll be
 little threat. The final guard is at the docks, and will eventually approach
 the corner (nearest the unbreakable lantern) for quick disposal. Simply jump
 in the boat to put this mission in the history books!

02) SAULNIER CRYOGENICS LAB (FRANCE)                                     [WK02]
 Default Weapon: Pistol, SC-20K
 Auxiliary Wpns: x3 Stick Sh, Smoke Gr; x4 Div Cam, Stick Cam, Ring Airfoil
 Other --------: Cam Jam, Disp Pick, Wall Mine, Frag Grenade

PART 1: Infiltrate Saulnier Cryogenics
 AKA ---: Tunnel Vision
 Alarms?: Yes (3)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: 5.56mm Ammo (2), 5.75mm Ammo

 Sam's insertion point is a Parisian train tunnel, and he's got a few new toys
 to play with. First and most importantly, the SC-20K: a two-handed silenced
 rifle that not only has 200% zoom function, but can carry a boatload of
 auxiliary weapons (select with Square, shoot with L1 while unzoomed). It's a
 lot better than the pistol, but does have a downside -- there's no ammo for
 it lying around! Thus, when it comes time to shoot out the lights (etc.), use
 the pistol instead. The miscellaneous weapons are various explosives, while
 the Cam Jam lets Sam temporarily neutralized "heavy" cameras, i.e. those that
 can't be destroyed with gunfire. More on that later.

 Anyway, shoot out the nearest lantern to attract the guard. Just watch out
 while entering the track, because an adjacent track's vehicle while blur
 past, lightning the shadows up like a Dutch brothel (to use Lambert's own
 phrase). Feel free to kill the guard before the illumination occurs.

 The next portion involves the defunct train car, which has a few doors at
 either end, plus a roof drop-down point accessible from the ladder (end
 nearest Sam). The latter doesn't lead all the way 'cross the roof, however,
 so it's of little interest, really. The sidewalk has a bunch of unbreakable
 lights, so it should typically be avoided. Two guards are found at the far
 end, but only one naturally patrols. Wait for him to enter the cabin before
 eliminating, then lure the second to his demise. NOTE: Watch out for passing
 trains, which light up the far end quite a bit!

  • Remember that the rifle has a zoom function, accessible by [d-pad up] when
    zoomed in. This makes snuffing lanterns and fluorescent lights far easier,
    and without the danger of betraying Sam's cover. This is a great tactic
    for whistling, which doesn't just draw the guard, it makes the perp stop in
    his tracks for a few seconds to comprehend what just happened. Use this
    chance to put one right 'tween his eyes!

 Down the bonfire-ravaged tunnel, Sam encounters another fiery obstacle in the
 basement library. Shoot the ceiling valve and continue into the next-door
 corridor. [*]

 The adjacent room here contains a guard and a camera. The layout works well
 in Sam's favor, particularly the climbable bookcase offering a bird's-eye
 view of the patrol and (breakable) surveillance cam. If y'haven't tried out
 the Cam Jam yet and are curious, get a little first-hand experience here.

 Adjacent, two guards are ransacking some cubicles. Once the overhead lights
 are popped and the room's plunged into darkness, they can be systematically
 eliminated or bypassed -- doesn't matter too much. Find the lockpick-able
 door to visit the next area. [*]

 This room has some 5.56mm ammo for the SC-20K, and opens up into a small
 auditorium that's soon infiltrated by three guards. If Sam's quick about
 shooting the ceiling light, things'll go a lot smoother. Hide in the upper
 corner and wait for them to take their positions. Then, (1) coldcock/shoot
 the guy by the bookcase (2) the inert guy by the desk (3) finally, the roving
 gunman. Through the plastic flaps, lockpick the next door. [*]

 Sam gains entrance to an office where a pair of mercs is destroying computers
 left and right. Lambert radios in to say the access codes are on one of 'em,
 and vital to continuing. This would be a good situation for the diversion
 camera, but it doesn't seem very potent here. The two destroy the remaining
 computer after their security-minded conversation, so Sam has to work fast.
 Perhaps the best way is to use the SC-20K's smoke grenade, which fills the
 room with a cloud of white smoke and temporarily stuns the opposition; in
 fact, if Sam waits long enough, he can catch 'em with their backs turned to
 the entrance -- boom! One has a data stick in his satchel, too. Hide their
 bodies and take the ammo (2 types!) before cracking the computer.

  • Having trouble with this part? Here's a quick way to do it: remember how
    the merc mindlessly destroys a window? From the entrance, Sam has just
    enough trajectory to shoot a smoke grenade (or frag grenade, really) in
    through the window and ricochet it off the wall. It'll land in the middle
    of the room and take one out, if not both. [It's also possible to salvage
    another of the computers here, but there's nothing worthwhile on it.]

 Grímsdóttir drops a bombshell now: a remote-triggered bomb has just been
 initiated! It's located in the boiler room down the corridor, behind a
 lockpickable door. Shoot out the fluorescent light to gain entrance, then
 defuse the bomb. The 1:30 timer is pretty forgiving, although, if Sam hastily
 left the previous bodies in the light, an alarm will trigger during the event.

 Before leaving via the stairwell door, don't forget about the supply closet
 (probably) bypassed in the bomb confusion. It contains a first aid kit!

PART 2: Access Saulnier Cryogenics' Client Database
 AKA ---: Frenchmen on Ice
 Alarms?: Yes (3)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: 5.72mm Ammo, Sticky Shocker (2)

 Sam has his first run-in with a motion detector here -- it's the small red
 device on the wall. It shoots an invisible beam laterally, and any quick-
 -moving thing sets it off. Circumvention is easy: slowly move through it. Be
 warned: these can be hard to see in night vision, since they have their own
 light source and are often positioned by other sources. Did I mention they're
 indestructible? Yeah.

 Jimmy the door atop the stair to find two mercs firing off their weapons. They
 eventually go their separate ways: one towards Sam's position and the other
 to a 1-room office down the hall. If Sam's fleet-footed, he can pick the
 nearby door just in time for the merc to visit him. The supply closet nearby
 contains SC-20K ammo and two Sticky Shockers. Watch out for the second motion
 detector, too!

 This floor's remaining mercs are down at the yet-unvisited end. There's the
 aforementioned guy smoking in the office, who can be taken out from the
 doorway and left in darkness (flip the light switch...haha). Then, another
 is watching the security monitors and reporting info about a guard locked in
 the Body Processing Room. Lamely, a headshot through glass doesn't register,
 and'll more than likely set off an alarm. Thus, put the guard on edge by
 opening the door and killing him when he takes a peek.

 Next up, the computer servers containing the client database -- they're right
 across the hall, and also that room the guards were shooting into before. It's
 got three ceiling-mounted cameras, but they can be rendered helpless once the
 fluorescent lights are crushed. Use the computer to learn Mortified Penguin
 is shoppin' around for some economy-class containers...interesting...

 Cross to the other side of the server room (or go all the way around to the
 lockpick'd door) to find a keypad. The password (2457) gives access to a
 surgical room near a patrolling guard. [*]

PART 3: Find Some French Brains
 AKA ---: Cool Gunnings
 Alarms?: Yes (3)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: 5.56mm Ammo (2), Sticky Shocker (2)

 Shoot the floodlight pointed at the door and eliminate the guard (who'll
 probably be spooked by the light's disappearance). There's some SC-20K Ammo
 on a desk here, should y'need it. Night vision can mask the motion detector
 here, so be careful, too! The ensuing stairway has both a camera and a wall
 mine (!) but both are easily bypassed -- just shoot the light sources or
 the mine itself. The next hallway leads to... [*]

 ...the ground-floor lobby! Two gunmen are dismantling things here, but aren't
 expecting Sam, who can take one out right off the bat. The far one carries
 some extra ammo in his satchel, and if left alive, will start patrolling the
 adjacent hallway. The keypad door there (password: 7562) leads into another
 surgical prep area...where the brains are. [*] There's two Sticky Shockers
 on a gurney here.

PART 4: Locate François Coldebeouf
 AKA ---: French Fry
 Alarms?: Yes (3)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: 5.56mm Ammo

 Through the plastic flaps, a frosty cryogenics room comes into view, and the
 guard patrolling it, too. Since the frigidity of the room works against night
 vision, use thermal imaging to easily identify guards. The same goes for the
 cold catwalk environment through the lockpickable door, only here, it's best
 to wait until a guard begins patrolling 'fore letting him meet his maker. If
 both the guards are waiting/on alert (confirm with thermal), try luring one
 out in your preferred method -- show self from shadows, diversion camera,
 and so on -- first.

 Beyond, the familiar 'ping' of a wall mine should be audible. Ignore it unless
 y'really need that first aid kit nearby. Enter the medical office [*] for a
 short scene involving mercs trying to get to Coldebeouf, and their plot to
 cook him alive via explosion. Use the floor trapdoor (trapfloor?) to reach
 François' position and obtain his cell phone. There's SC-20K ammo nearby, too.

 This conversation starts a 1:00 timer until the vault explodes. There's no way
 to coax François into leaving via conversation, but it IS possible to save his
 bacon. To do this, advance towards the level exit by climbing into the ceiling
 vent (only possible after doing conversation). While there, use your SC-20K to
 shoot the pipe's crank, releasing poisonous aerosol or harmless steam into the
 faces of the would-be attackers. Note that the timer is the preparation until
 the explosion is ready, not a fixed thing -- eliminating the assailants ends
 the timer.

 Coen's waiting at the other end of the ventilation system.

03) HESPERIA RAILWAY (PARIS TO NICE)                                     [WK03]
 Default Weapon: Pistol
 Other --------: Laser Mic

PART 1: Meet Norman Soth
 AKA ---: Sothbound Train
 Alarms?: No
 Deaths?: No
 Items -: None

 Sam's insertion point is the caboose of the speeding train. Don't bother
 trying to skip cars via the roof; it's a no-go. Instead, make haste to the
 second car and whistle-lure the guard for disposal. There's a no-casualty
 mandate in effect, so don't get reckless! Remember that normal train guards
 don't carry radios, and must communicate intruders through wall-mounted alarm
 systems. Because of this, Sam can have a little leeway in being seen, and can
 even give chase if need be. Use the floor trapdoor and undercarriage pipework
 to reach the next car. [*]

 After surfacing in the passenger car, Sam's notified that Soth purchased two
 more tickets for henchmen, and they're mixed in with the other passengers.
 This leaves two choices for proceeding.

  • Option 1: Neutralize guards. It'll be easy to identify the baddies as they
    hold a conversation immediately and have sunglasses; all other civilians
    are inattentive, except the guy nearest Sam. Speaking of such, he (civie)
    will get up to check things if the lights are snuffed, and Sam can safely
    send him to sleep near the sliding door barrier. DO NOT use the whistle
    technique as it only tips off guards, giving an automatic game over. One
    guard eventually gets up to check the lights, too, even sooner if he heard
    the civilian get coldcocked. Always hit this guy from behind as he raises
    an alarm the second Sam's spotted. The final gunman can be hit with R1 w/o
    much trouble -- just make sure to get behind him when he's not facing the
    aisle (he can still see a little in the dark). No need to bother with the
    other civilians; just head straight for the next car.

  • Option 2: Ignore the gunmen situation. In the trapdoor room, Sam can use
    the outer door release to open the side entrances, down the hall away
    from the passengers. This route is undoubtedly the easiest, as even the
    unavoidable sighting from the female civie has no negative repercussions.

 So which way to go? The latter is easiest, and can actually segue into the
 neutralization phase. After all, Sam would be closest to both guards, and the
 inquisitive civie near the back wouldn't factor in much. Both guards carry
 data sticks in their satchel, but beyond that, they can be avoided completely
 without affecting much. Onward to the next car! [*]

 Here, avoid line of sight with the corridor, as a conductor will immediately
 run to the alarm if he sees Sam (d'oh). Instead, wait for him to finish
 speaking to the other passenger, and do a SWAT turn to get past. The next
 door contains a geezer who may suddenly burst out into the hallway; and, if
 knocked out, the previous attendant may rush to the scene. Shouldn't matter
 much -- just hit him before the alarm's sprung and hide both bodies in the
 geezer's cabin. As said before, Soth has an artificial leg and that lack of
 heat signature will register on thermal imaging. Using the optic cables, one
 can determine Norman's cabin as the middle one.

PART 2: Laser Mic Soth's Phonecall
 AKA ---: Play It Again, Sam
 Alarms?: No
 Deaths?: No
 Items -: None

 Strike up a conversation with Soth and, when he's called away for a phone
 call, hack his laptop to plant a bug. There'll be a 0:40 timer (eventually)
 to eavesdrop on Norm's call -- it takes place in the bar one car up. Once
 it's infiltrated, duck behind the bartender counter and use the mic. Make
 sure to get the entire call or another game over condition's found. [*]

PART 3: Move to Extraction
 AKA ---: Do the Locomotive
 Alarms?: No
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: None 

 Following, Soth will return back towards his cabin, and one of his goons will
 take up the tail. He can be dispatched en route or y'can ignore him entirely;
 it matters little. The final mission objective is radioed in around this time:
 get topside for extraction. To do this, reach the roof ladder in the car past
 the lingering guard (who carries a data stick, for reference). Soth calls in
 a "cover blown" directive to everyone once the final car's reached, but it's
 little use -- any operative around should be unconscious, and any previous
 operative is now off-limits (trying to get to Soth again results in a game
 over...heh). On the flipside, Sam can now use lethal force if required.

 Once on the roof, head back down the cars until the Osprey is overhead. There
 will be a "jump to rope" option to finish up.

04) GEULA DISTRICT STREET MARKET                                         [WK04]
 Default Weapon: Pistol
 Auxiliary Wpns: n/a
 Other --------: n/a

 Get ready for a ridiculously long chapter, folks.

PART 1: Retrieve Your SC-20K
 AKA ---: Where the Streets Have No Name
 Alarms?: No
 Deaths?: No
 Items -: SC-20K, Sticky Shocker (3), Ring Airfoil (2)

 The setting: Jerusalem, nighttime. Sam begins in a small sewer sidewalk, and
 is soon given his objective: obtain his refitted SC-20K from an old agency
 asset. The 31_0E file in the inventory gives a street map to his shop, but
 it's so linear, there's not much call for it. Additionally, a citywide curfew
 means streets will be clear of most traffic, excluding the guards and an
 occasional civilian. Shadowy streets lend Sam much cover, and because most
 officers will be patrolling solo, the ol' whistle-lure trick pays off in
 spades. [Thus, hopefully there's no need for in-depth strategies at this
 point.] Bypass/knockout the first two officers on the street. [*]

 Past another officer near an overhanging lamp, Sam will encounter two Hasidic
 Jews talking in a small street. They'll eventually sit on a mastaba and can
 be bypassed without incident. Further on, there'll be a small plaza where an
 officer berates a man out past curfew, before chasing him off. It's possible
 to insert from ground level, although by using some crates around the corner,
 Sam can climb up and shimmy along a 2F ledge, then drop behind some fruit
 boxes. Either way, the situation resolves itself and Sam can continue through
 the next open-air shop. [*]

 Down the stairway, Saul, the CIA contact, will be accosted by two armed thugs
 demanding money. Knockout the first one and the second will (after a few secs)
 take Saul hostage at gunpoint. Stay in the shadows and eliminate him with some
 old-fashioned sharpshooting. Speak with Saul and obtain the SC-20K from the
 hidden trapdoor, as well as various auxiliary pieces to go along with it.

PART 2: Locate Dahlia Tal
 AKA ---: Lady-in-waiting
 Alarms?: No
 Deaths?: No
 Items -: n/a

 With the weapon in hand, the next goal is to meet with the Shin Bet agent,
 Dahlia Tal, who has connections to terrorists in this neighborhood. She'll be
 waiting by the Armenian church. Saul volunteers to let Sam test out his new
 weapon upstairs (also where exit is) if he so desires. The conversation'll
 lead to Sam using a sticky shocker on a guard standing in a puddle. If you're
 a fan of ammo conservation, this part can be avoided. Exit stage right. [*]

 In the next area, a guard will be conversing with a civilian around the first
 corner; after, he moves closer to Sam and assumes overwatch. These streets
 will have a few roving civilians, but the biggest problem is how well-lit the
 paths are -- pop those bulbs pronto.

 Down the stairway further on, two guards will be standing in the "elbow" --
 sneaking past them at ground level with whistling/pistolwhip techniques is
 pretty boring all-around. The more enjoyable way is to take the scenic upper
 route! Do this by climbing the pipe by the steps, then drop-and-catching the
 2F window under the ledge. Wait for the smoker to go back inside before
 climbing out onto the other ledge; then, jump onto the top of the archway.
 From here, Sam can shimmy along the roofs and eventually use a zipline to
 land on a vendor's canopy below. This bypasses most of the guards and gives a
 height advantage, and while roundabout, is far more enjoyable. All that's left
 is to bypass/KO the two guards below, a simple task with light sources
 extinguished. Jump down into the tiny alley after. [*]

 The next area leads towards the church, and is a rehash of circumstances the
 previous street dealt, only with fewer guards. Once the 3rd and 4th patrols
 are eliminated in the tiny lamplit square, look for a climable pipe on the
 church's exterior. From here, use the lower ledge (shimmy past obstruction)
 to vault the archway, and eventually bypass the lichgate. Once Sam jumps down,
 a savepoint's finally reached. [*]

 To make contact with Dahlia, exit the church and use the zipline atop another
 pipe -- this'll put Sam in speaking distance.

PART 3: Rendezvous at Shoshana Storage
 AKA ---: Follow the Leader
 Alarms?: No
 Deaths?: No
 Items -: n/a

 The conversation with Dahlia details how the Syrians have an SD133 storage
 device; Sam will be lead to its location. Until then, Sam is to be Dahlia's
 shadow, following her silently and not revealing his position...not a big
 change from what he's been doing 'til now. The only difference is Dahlia,
 dressed in area-appropriate clothes, can bypass guards easily while Fisher's
 gotta sneak around. Taking out streetlamps is a good way to lure guards away,
 and let's face it: this is the busiest route in the entire district. Note
 that Dahlia will hold position if she gets too far ahead, so there's no need
 to rush. There'll be a savepoint three guards in. [*]

 Follow her past two more guards and into some ancient ruins, ignoring the
 Islamic worshippers further down. [*] Finally, after another street and its
 three guards, speak with Dahlia to devise a plan -- she'll take the lower
 level while Sam takes the roof. [*]

 Take the long way around? Well, it's certainly an option. Sam'll have to get
 past the alley guard, then climb up a pipe into a Jewish family's apartment;
 then, use the outer ledges to reach the roof. There's no real upside to this
 route besides a slightly more flavorful adventure and a rooftop checkpoint
 that'd otherwise be missed -- and it's all to get past a guard he could've
 simply walked by! [Said guard can be KO'd or ignored; Dahlia isn't affected.]
 The next guard that stops Dahlia will have to be KO'd at some point, however.

 Past the chain-link fence, the Shoshana Warehouse is finally found. Hop into
 the elevator to get a surprise directive from Lambert. Sam will have a few
 seconds to comply with the request before the next segment starts.

PART 4: Retrieve the Syrians' ND133
 AKA ---: Clean Sweep -or- Playing Dirty
 Alarms?: No (n/a)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: 5.56mm Ammo (2), Frag Grenade (3), Smoke Grenade (2), Sticky Shocker,
          Ring Airfoil (3), Chaff Grenade, Flashbang

 Sam's now in the underground sewers, and right off the bat, there'll be an
 enemy (around right-hand corner). There's authorization to shoot any hostile
 target, too, so no need to pull punches again. The second foe's down past
 the next staircase -- hiding underneath said structure can provide an easy
 opportunity, if the rest of the shadows aren't accommodating. By the fence,
 use the overhanging pipe to get further in. [*]

 This watery area contains a turret guarding the far catwalk, and approaching
 it in any circumstance (darkness or no) is deadly. From the mesh door, look
 for a roving guard and eliminate him in the doorway. Using the lower waterway,
 it's possible to find a climb-up point onto the catwalk, either near the guard
 or on the sentry's blind side (to deactivate it).

 The doorway by the dead mercenary leads to the ND133 storage room, and on
 either side of it, the lit-up passages can contain one guard apiece. Since
 the entry passage into the storage room (from this side) isn't fully bright,
 guards can often spy Sam and wander near without need for whistling. Popping
 said passages' lights can also lure 'em into shooting range. When both are
 bleeding, enter the mini lab and take the sample. [You can also hide under
 the lab itself for better trajectories.] [*]

 If you followed the walkthrough verbatim, there'll only be a few more foes
 remaining: exiting left from the storage lab, there'll be 1 guy guarding the
 armory (where all the items in this level are found, including the rare Chaff
 Grenade). Exiting the storage lab's right-hand side, two more mercs inhabit
 the walkway. These walkways are connected, so there's no one set route to
 eliminate these guys.

 When ready, take the elevator back up to street level. [*] There'll only be
 a few patrolling guards here, and excluding the rather bright environment,
 shouldn't be much trouble.
  • It's a different story if Sam didn't assassinate the target last segment.
    Instead of the guards, he'll have Israeli snipers to contend with. Their
    locations: (1) balcony in building opposite elevator (2) up street, on
    another balcony overlook. The traitor is the second sniper, for reference.
    It's a real shame there was no way to take the snipers by surprise, face
    to face... =/

 Anyway, once the area's enemies are dealt with, find the side alley to leave.

05) KUNDANG REFINERY (INDONESIA)                                         [WK05]

 Default Weapon: Pistol, SC-20K
 Auxiliary Wpns: Stick Sh (2), Div Cam/Ring Air (4), Smoke G (3), Stick Cam (5)
 Other --------: Frag Grenade, Flashbang, Wall Mine

PART 1: Rendezvous with Shetland
 AKA ---: It's a Jungle Out There
 Alarms?: No
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: n/a

 Sam begins his journey deep in the jungle, alone except for the darkness. But
 that's what night vision's for! Down the stream, look for the rocky ramp that
 leads to the tree root-cum-pole to climb. Once on the cliff, the zipline'll
 show the way to the first merc encampment. [*]

 There's only two foes here, and one soon patrols the darkness; the other'll
 sit in his chair, setting up simple KO procedure. (He also has the dorkiest
 line of "You're going to drip all over everything!", something no self-
 -respecting merc would ever say.) Note that sometimes the first merc DOESN'T
 start patrolling, instead standing around the entire time. This would be more
 of a complication were there a no-fatalities policy...which there ain't.

 Once they're dealt with, watch your step: there's a deep natural cavern right
 nearby (something I found out the hard way first time through...) and it
 spells instant death if y'tumble in. Instead, rappel down to the first ledge,
 climb out onto the wooden beams, then do the drop-and-catch routine to reach
 the 2nd ledge, directly beneath the first. This is the best spot to snipe the
 guard and his mutt, the latter of which has already caught wind of Sam. Try
 whistling to draw the guard if he's not around, because rappeling down the
 second post initiates the checkpoint [*] and no one wants to face all these
 guys again on a restart, eh?

 From the small pond, Sam can enter the excavated tunnel. Nearby, a guard'll
 be patrolling along the bridge, and may snoop around if Sam destroyed the
 first lantern he found. [Whistle-luring him is fine, too.] A second guard
 patrols the far side by the burning barrel, and can be shot safely when the
 first guard's dispatched. Not really sure why they put a wading pond
 serves very little purpose strategically, except maybe on a no-kill game.

 Anyway, down the tunnel is a lone guard, just pacing back and forth mostly.
 There's plenty of verdant scenery to throw his corpse on, and he'll even
 walk into the brush as part of his route...sucker! A truck blocks the road
 out, but Sam can exit the area by climbing up the nearby cliff's rig, the
 same as that in the natural shaft before. [*]

 Down the path, Shetland will be on a cliff doing surveillance. Sam'll get
 roped into another objective: sabotaging Sadono's escape vehicle, currently
 parked in its hangar.

PART 2: Sabotage Sadono's Plane
 AKA ---: In-tents-ive Training
 Alarms?: Yes (3)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: Sticky Shocker, Smoke Grenade
 Once Sam says his farewells, down the cliff he'll encounter the first actual
 mercenary camp, complete with tents and all. [*] There's only two people in
 the village currently, though. Our protagonist enters from the "back door,"
 and can get the jump on the first guy, standing in his tent, facing towards
 its other entrance. This tent also has a Sticky Shocker-Smoke Grenade combo
 on a crate. The second guy patrols a few tents down, and given the softened
 light, sometimes comes over if Sam makes a commotion. There's plenty of ways
 to eliminate him, but with no allies, let's face it: a bullet in the brain is
 worth fifty well-thought-out strategies.

 Down the road, stick to the shadows on the right-hand side and eavesdrop on
 the guards' conversation. This is very important as they mention having
 placed tons of tripwires around the jungle. Basically, if Sam blindly runs
 into one, he'll get a one way ticket to the afterlife. Luckily, tripwires are
 rigged to bombs, and thus will appear in thermal imaging. The easiest way to
 take out these guys is to, in fact, let their conversation conclude -- the
 drunk guy will set off a buried claymore and his "friend" will surreptitiously
 bury his remains...and putting his own head in plain view.

 Up the path is the first tripwire. To disarm it, Sam must rotate the left
 analog stick until red parts of the mine turn green; release left analog to
 proceed. When all notched as loosed, the IED is disarmed and Fisher keeps all
 his appendages. Of course, take too long and the thing goes off...hit Triangle
 to disengage the disarming and retry again without any repercussions. In any
 case, neutralizing tripwires is simple, so long as your left analog stick
 isn't messed up. [Oddly enough, although the grenade on the trap is visible,
 it can't be detonated with bullets.]

 In any case, all of the trapwires can be avoided in this section, although
 to squeeze by the first, y'have to cut it pretty close (try on left side).
 The reward will be a welcome checkpoint. [*] The next area is more of the
 same, although with a smaller path, three of the four tripwires become
 unavoidable...and there's a guard. Well, it could be worse, eh? Up the road,
 the airplane hangar is finally located. [*]

 The full perimeter is unavailable thanks to the landscape, but Sam still gets
 a choice in his infiltration method: 

  • Option 1: Ground-floor door. This is the door nearest Sam, and the simpler
    of the two available methods. Said entrance opens into the lower hangar,
    near the plane and the loft's ladder. The primary reason to take this
    route is quickness of entry and a better trajectory from the get-go, since
    the two guards converse right nearby (setting up a div. cam opportunity,
    for one).

  • Option 2: Balcony entrance. The more adventurous method requires Sam to
    climb the exterior fence and the pipe beyond to reach the upper entrance.
    This gives clean infiltration of the hangar's loft, which provides a worse
    trajectory (thanks to the ever-present railing) but two unique features: a
    fusebox to cut the lights, and a pipe overhang above the plane, which lets
    Sam cross the building and get to ground level without using the ladder.

 When both guards are dispatched -- much easier if the fusebox was disabled --
 it's time to set the plane's explosive, which can be done on either side's

PART 3: Infiltrate the Village
 AKA ---: Village Idiots
 Alarms?: Yes (3)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: n/a
 Once past the hangar, the road meanders towards the village, the entrance
 partially obscured by the inward-facing gate. This area's dark, thankfully.
 Two guards are here in close proximity: one keeping watch by the barrel, one
 at the roadside station a few feet away. Loud noises'll spook 'em and it's
 pretty easy to see corpses, too -- basically, lure the first guard away before
 ambushing the second in the hut. Once the hut's switch is activated, Sam can
 get up the road, to the first aid kid if need be. [*]

 Down the path, a guard and his hound will be patrolling. Sam can take refuge
 under the tilted boards here, and it works well, especially if the station's
 lantern was snuffed -- quite an attention-getter. In any case, snipe the guy
 first because dogs can't radio back...although if they could, this mission'd
 be a lot more interesting.
 Finally, around the bend, the encampment comes into view -- this'll be evident
 by the watchtower overlooking everything. The first tent will have 2 mercs
 conversing on the far side; after, they split up to patrol. They should be
 neutralized first, as taking the gimme shot on the sniper (in tower) often
 leads to an alarm, since his corpse is laying around up there. Once that order
 is accomplished (usually by leading the 2 lower guards into the shadows), the
 tower's zipline can be used to get outta this makeshift morgue. Don't forget
 to get one of the guard's satchels, though, which contains a rather amusing
 datastick entry. [*]

PART 4: Trail Sadono
 AKA ---: Jawbone of the Ass
 Alarms?: Yes (3)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: Sticky Camera (4), 5.56mm Ammo (2), Flare (2), 5.72mm Ammo
 Sam's now firmly entrenched in Sadono's camp, and can start executing his
 main objective: finding the leader and tailing him. Luckily, the mission
 presents "el capitan" right from the beginning...the problem is sneaking
 around all his lackeys. Note that Sadono isn't continuously moving, and will
 stop to wait for Sam (because it's a gameplay mechanic, not because he knows
 he's being followed). However, being spotted by him is an instant game over,
 as is assailing him in any way.

 Anyway, Sadono starts by meeting two guards before continuing further in.
 One patrols the footpath near the huts, the other taking the wooden walkway
 before swinging back 'round. Because they're often so far apart, Sam can just
 snipe the first guy once his partner's outta sight, and repeat it when the
 other returns. One of the huts here has a Sticky Camera.

 Further in (crouchwalking beneath the wooden planks is easiest), Sadono is
 spotted a second time, this time advancing towards a far shack. Lambert will
 radio in to say Sadono gives his top three lieutenants the day's passcode,
 which will be required to complete the mission. Sticky cams are needed to
 eavesdrop on this fact, so make sure to have one at all times.

 Sadono is next spotted speaking with a lone guard in front of an apartment.
 When he passes in, snipe the guard and hide his corpse. The building is two
 stories and contains a single guard, paying no attention and seated in a
 chair. He's easy pickins, but can be avoided completely by half split jumping
 into the second-story window. Up here, two more Sticky Cameras can be found
 by the exit window. [*]

 Once back outside, Sadono will pick up his course from where he'd stopped (if
 you use the optic cable inside, he's apparently tying his shoe...heh heh...).
 A fence separates Sadono from Sam, and the small alleyway isn't exactly the
 best camouflage -- keep yer distance to avoid premature detection. Through
 the window, the pursuit will take Sam into a small courtyard with two guards
 at differing heights. This part can be rather annoying, so the easiest method
 is whistle-luring the lower guard to his end, then destroying the nearby light
 sources to sneak up on the remaining sentry; or, just sniping him from below
 since he'll already be hidden in the shadows. [The lower guy has a datastick,
 too, for what it's worth.]

 Steal a 4th Sticky Camera in the open garage, and shoot out the light before
 opening the next door -- Sadono's right nearby. This next yard is the spot
 where the passcode conveyance takes place, so shoot a Sticky Cam at the feet
 of the guys to eavesdrop. The aim doesn't have to be perfect, but it can't be
 awful either. The info gleaned from this chat: the passcode is 1492, and the
 Pandora Tomorrow calls are placed from his colonial house at the village's
 end. When Sadono leaves, shoot out the lanterns from the doorway, and dispose
 of the two guards however y'like. Forewarning: failure means restarting this
 last giant segment, so cautionary play is rewarded here.

  • Having trouble with this final part? There's another option. Instead of
    doing everything at ground level, use the courtyard's high walkway to
    enter the loft above the garage. Not only does it provide a better vantage
    point to eavesdropping, it also can place Sam in the shadows -- much less
    daredevil-ish than walking out the lower entrance into the light. Nixing
    the guards was never easier!

 Once the lieutenants' corpses are stuffed safely away, use the garage's trap-
 -door to finish up. [*] Sam will now find himself in the camp's underground,
 where all the generators and the like are kept. Two patrolmen will be around
 the corner, and in these close-quarters situations, that whistle lure skill
 really comes in handy. The next guarded room is the cocaine-processing area,
 and the sentry duo is easily incapacitated -- Sam starts right by the light
 switch. D'oh! Onward into... [*]

 ...the generator room! The situation: Sadono makes a brief stop here before
 leaving a guard and the pilot, although a 2nd guard soon enters into things.
 Being spotted is an automatic game over, but there's an easy way to do this:
 (1) turn on the generator switch; this lures the guard into that room (2)
 lure the guard further and dispose of him (3) Sadono should have left by this
 point and the 2nd guard entered (4) snipe the new guard. Don't worry about
 traumatizing the pilot as he's a "friendly" unit, and won't raise alarms if
 Sam gets a little sloppy. After spilling his intel, he'll unlock the door
 Sadono entered -- get along, little doggy! [NOTE: If you keep talking to
 Azrul after he's unlocked the door, y'run the risk of the door becoming shut
 permanently!] [*]

 Up the ladder, Sadono will leave the small hut before doubling back (for who
 knows what reason); eventually he'll continue on his way, past two guards and
 an automated turret. Said hut contains SC-20K ammo and a first aid station,
 too. Once the guards are dispatched in a normal fashion, climb up the pipe by
 their meeting place to find the elevated catwalk -- it leads to a trapdoor
 in the adjacent building's roof. [However, that's a pretty lame way to slink
 onward, isn't it? Those who want to get past the turret can do so very
 easily. First, pick up the Flares by the barrel and throw one into the
 turret's line of sight. Since turrets track by heat signature, Sam can get
 by easily, even deactivating the IFF function.]

 In any case, Sam will now find himself in the shooting range, either from a
 lower entrance of hanging off the pipe. As much fun as it is to fit upside-
 -down kills into the agenda, the overhang here isn't very useful, and will
 often belie Sam's presence more often than naught. Still, it's one of the few
 times to successfully use the technique... Try luring a guard into the dark
 near the door, and then taking out the 2nd guard when the 1st is eliminated.
 Surprisingly, amidst the weapons here, Sam can only take a little pistol ammo.
 The anteroom beside the range contains a kickboxer...the "bringing a knife to
 a gunfight" idiom comes to mind. =)  That guy does have a datastick, though.
 The exit ladder's thataway. [*]

 Aaaaand, the objective persists. Once Sam drops out the window, he'll stumble
 upon a courtyard with three guards and a sentry. The middle of the yard will
 always have a slight illumination, even after far lanterns are smashed, so
 luring the mercs towards the insertion point works pretty well. As for the
 sentry, don't worry too much about sustaining damage, just get to its blind
 side and deactivate it. There'll be a first aid kit and SC-20K ammo inside
 the adjoining shack.

PART 5: Eavesdrop on Conversation
 AKA ---: Heard It Through the Grapevine
 Alarms?: Yes (3)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: n/a

 This new yard, complete with two mercs and a spotlight, stands before the
 "big house," also known as Sadono's own digs. Just to enfuriate players, all
 the light sources here are unbreakable. The suggested route is making for the
 open-air hut with all the boxes (almost want to call it a backwater pavilion,
 heh heh) and lure the folks over. From there, just avoid the spotlight and
 get onto Sadono's stoop, where the 1492 password gains access. [*]

 Here, Sadono shows his "cautious" side by leaving his egress windows open,
 letting Sam walk in at his leisure. While the commidant places all of his
 pox-block calls, try shooting out some of the lights in the adjacent rooms
 (but not hallway; Sadono may hear it). After making his three calls, Sadono
 will head towards the house's exit -- the one only he can use, down the hall
 on the left -- and backtrack once to make sure things are gravy. When he
 leaves the first time, shoot out the lights to render the camers useless, and
 hack his laptop. [Hacking the laptop is what cues his return to that room.]

PART 6: Move to Extraction
 AKA ---: The Quickest Chapter in the West
 Alarms?: Yes (3)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: n/a

 With Sadono gone, the house will be empty, letting Sam walk out the back way.
 Sam will be accosted by two gunmen, but this is where the Displace snipers
 finally show their mettle. When they provide the distraction, draw your piece
 and eliminate 'em. Then, head for the cliffs. If one walks away with any
 sentiment for this longtastical journey through the bush, it should be "Why
 couldn't I infiltrate this back door and save myself the grief?". Oy...

06) KOMODO SHIPYARD (INDONESIA)                                          [WK06]
 Default Weapon: Pistol, SC-20K
 Auxiliary Wpns: Smoke G./Div Camera (2), Ring Airfoil (4), Sticky Shocker (3)
 Other --------: Emergency Flare, Chaff Grenade, Frag Grenade, Flashbang

PART 1: Infiltrate the Caves
 AKA ---: Field of Screams
 Alarms?: Yes (3)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: n/a

 Sam continues his Indonesian holiday by sitting in a weed-ridden field. Near
 his position, a guard patrols the brush while a sniper watches the area, his
 lasersight betraying his position. Take up position on the left-hand side (by
 the fence) and snipe the guard when he's sent to check on random movement.
 Then, carefully avoid the sniper's sights and move up -- still along that
 same side -- towards the cabin. This will avoid the turret gun's sights, too.

  • These snipers are different from previous ones encountered, and cannot be
    killed, a fact evident by them not appearing on thermal. Avoidance is the
    only "revenge" available. Also note that snipers can't sound alarms them-
    -selves, and if no enemies are nearby, having them spot Sam matters very

 To continue on, Sam need only go through the cabin and its adjoining room
 to reach a small yard. [Alternatively, he can take the long way around by
 going past the turret and sniper tower, then traveling up the path a ways.]
 This next location has a simlar setup to the first, only it's smaller and has
 an extra guard. I'd recommend taking the shortest route to Yard #2, mostly
 because, after snuffing the nearby lantern, Sam has his own dark corner to
 drop bodies in. The center of the yard has a bonfire, so extra movement isn't
 appreciated, really.

 A doorway nearby will lead further into the village, this time to an outdoor
 sitting area near some huts. Two guards will be playing cards at the picnic
 table just around the corner, and are too close to avoid completely. Instead,
 snipe the ground lantern to lure one guard away, and neutralize the other who
 remains sitting. Miss the chance? Don't worry -- either guard will return to
 his seat after determining there's no threat...heh heh. The only other guard
 is sleeping in the nearby barracks. [Killing the caged dog isn't necessary
 usually.] To leave this area, do a half split jump in the teensy alley along
 the far house; it's the one with a blocked-up entrance. [*]

 Sam will now have climbed into the 2F of a guardpost. The enemies number 3:
 one watching TV below, one practicing shooting outside, and turrets by/in the
 far hut. The easiest way to dispatch these hired guns is to snipe the merc
 below (joke: television isn't the only way to turn your brain to mush) and
 use the tiny "doggie flap" entrance to dispose his body in the thrushes. The
 second guy is right in the turret's firing path, so shooting him where he
 stands is foolish; instead, lure him away or, more enjoyably, change the
 outdoors turret's IFF function and have him be gunned down easily. You're
 going to disable that turret anyway, so why not have it do the dirty work?
 As for the final turret, there's a trapdoor in the roof that lets Sam bypass
 it. In a shadowed part of the courtyard, there's a climbable pipe that gives
 access; just look at the skyline to visualize the path. [Simply running by
 the sentry works as well.] Descend the floor ladder to end this segment. [*]

PART 2: Infiltrate the Submarine
 AKA ---: Dire, Dire Docks
 Alarms?: Yes (3)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: 5.56mm Ammo (2), Smoke Grenade

 Sam can now ride a lift into the abandoned subterranean dock housing his
 target. Make sure to shoot the ceiling light before descending, as the lobby
 contains two guards. They'll walk around the halls for awhile, but eventually
 one will go patrol the next-door laboratory. Eliminating these fools is
 espionage-by-numbers, so I trust anyone who's gotten this far is capable
 enough to nix low-grade goofballs like this themselves. Before continuing
 to the control room/lab, check the utility closet for a first aid kit and
 SC-20K ammo.

 Anyway, the lab's a bit bright, but Sam knows how to fix that problem. Past
 the guard and computer equipment, a clueless technician becomes our splinter
 cell's next interrogation victim. If Sam was silent, he'll be sitting down;
 extraneous noise makes him wander around before returning to his default
 position. Do NOT murder/KO him -- he'll need to be forced to make the sub
 surface once grabbed (done with "Use computer" menu command). [*]

 With the sub drying out, return to the hallway and use the yet-unused passage
 to visit the docking area. There'll be a guard at the catwalk's entrance, but
 with the lights out, Sam can show a little CIA hospitality. Said walkway
 runs near up and above the submarine's head, and from this vantage point, all
 enemies (3) on the far catwalks are in perfect sniping position. Leaving 'em
 alone is suggested, though, as any bodies up there are left there, and they
 WILL raise alarms if left in the light. The trapdoor on the catwalk that
 leads to the zipline culminates in a checkpoint, so it's important to plan
 this out beforehand. [*]

 Down the zipline, Sam will grab onto the catwalk's edge. This position's bad
 since it's in a lit-up zone, but hanging off the edge will help avoid the
 guard who _will_ come investigate. Also be mindful of the guard on the catwalk
 above; he'll be able to see goings-on below and can raise alarms, too. Ending
 this level is as easy as jumping into the sub's open hatch. Is it worth it to
 explore further? Sneaking past the guards, ascending the stairway and making
 it to the concrete lookout post earns...1 Smoke Grenade and 1 SC-20K Ammo,
 plus a first aid kit. What a waste, especially for the stealth-minded. And
 all the lights are unbreakable! Sheesh.

  • Important note: Did you shoot some mercs before taking the zipline? Sorry,
    they're probably going to raise some alarms...UNLESS you head towards the
    submarine immediately. Ending the level is a "statute of limitations" on
    alarms, and bodies left behind lose their bearing on your after-chapter

PART 3: Access the SISSIXS
 AKA ---: Damn the Torpedoes!
 Alarms?: No
 Deaths?: No
 Items -: n/a

 The submarine is a very tight fit, and these claustrophobic conditions can be
 hard on Sam, since he'll have to use a very delicate touch at every step.
 Continue down the hatch and next corridor until finding two guards chatting
 about coffee. Afterwards, one will come towards the corner Sam's hiding by.
 Use the small recess to get the jump on him; that same recess is a good body
 storage location. The other guard went to get shuteye in the bunks down the
 hall, a mandatory stop en route further in. It's hard to pass up such an easy
 shot, but that no-kill order has to be enforced -- whistle-lure him out and
 stuff his body with the previous one.

  • Having trouble with this part? One can save time by interrupting the
    coffee conversation, luring the first guy to beddy-bye land. The other
    guy will just stand by the bunkhouse entrance (since he wasn't talked to),
    allowing Sam to whistle-lure him without requiring any fancy tricks or
    venturing into the light. [I guess technically Sam can avoid this guard,
    but he'll have to leave whence he came, so this methodicalness helps.]

 Further in, the mess hall is found. [*] It's barely bigger than a corridor,
 but Sam will still have to SWAT turn to the light switch to avoid the lug
 munching away. Once he's disposed of, continue down the hall until Lambert's
 garbled message mentions using a high-ranking officer to gain access to the
 SISSIX. Hmm... Soon after, an officer will walk up the hall to the lightless
 room Sam's watching from. Take him captive and force him to operate the
 bridge's door. Toss his body in that dark room Sam was just in; do NOT use
 the hallway as a dumping ground!

 Once the retinal scanner's in shipshape, Sam has unlimited access to that
 door, and can infiltrate the bridge easily. Try hiding in the left-hand corner
 as the guards speak of coffee before splitting up -- one stays behind to watch
 the computers (inattentive) and the other walks to the mess hall. Eliminate
 both of them and operate the software in the bridge's nook to complete Sam's
 main objective.

 Now all that's left is returning to the sub's topside hatch. There shouldn't
 be any further surprises, and the only conscious enemy SHOULD be the guy in
 the boiler room past the bridge, and he's in a dead end not worth bothering
 with. Of course, any enemies Sam snuck by before will still be there, thus
 why any and everyone was beaten down en route.

PART 4: Move to Extraction
 AKA ---: Bay Window
 Alarms?: No (n/a)
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: n/a

 The gangplank has lowered on the sub's other side, letting Sam reach the
 next stairway. There'll be a guard coming up, but one can be a little sloppy
 since alarms can no longer be triggered. At the bottom of the steps, three
 ground-level snipers will have spawned and fire upon Sam no matter his past
 stealth. They can be countersniped a bit from the upper catwalk, but to get
 'em all, a trajectory of similar level is necessary (they're just peeking
 out from the concrete barriers). There's a first aid kit nearby to help out,
 too. Following their demise, simply run to the pier's end and get outta this
 humid hangar.

07) TELEVISION FREE INDONESIA (INDONESIA)                                [WK07]

 Default Weapon: Pistol, SC-20K
 Auxiliary Wpns: Ring Airfoil/Div Cam/Smoke G (2), Sticky Shockr/Sticky Cam (4)
 Other --------: Emergency Flare, Frag Grenade, Camera Jammer

PART 1: Infiltrate TV Station
 AKA ---: Trail of Tears
 Alarms?: Yes
 Deaths?: Yes (hostiles only)
 Items -: Smoke Grenade, Ring Airfoil Round (2), Sticky Camera

 Put on your seatbelt: this is simultaneously one of the most rewarding and
 annoying levels to date. Coen and Sam start on the outskirts of some slum
 building, and the latter has to descend to street level. It's possible to
 do this just by jumping from roofs, but there's a rappel point about halfway
 down if needed.

 Once on the sidewalk, a nearby conversation will send a civie digging into
 the trunk of the nearby jeep. Knock him out and eliminate the worker snug in
 a shadow a few steps past. Note: these are civilians and end the mission if
 slain. The rule of thumb is "got a gun, your days are done". Try out this
 creed near the next corner, and past the alley (which needs to be darkened),
 two more perps in the immediate vicinity. Finally, there's one last guard at
 the far end. He'll patrol around the carelessly placed vendor stands in a
 wide loop.

 When all are done, use the scaffolding's zipline to reach the TV building's
 balcony fence, which can be climbed where the razor wire's missing. Lockpick
 into the building and descend the shaft (haphazardly) to reach the... [*]

 ...parking lot entrance! This begins what I call the "March of Hell," because
 perfect stealth now requires such annoying circumstances, it's liable to make
 a player insane. (I did it about 30 times my first time through.) Here's the
 setup: Outside, the weather conditions are now storming, and this means it's
 lightning out. Why's that bad? Because lightning flashes illuminate areas,
 revealing shadows and leaving Sam quite "naked" to the enemy. Additionally,
 if Sam's in night vision mode, as he's wont to do, he's temporarily blinded
 (i.e. screen goes white) and that's never good. Did I mention it's a long,
 long while 'til a checkpoint? Hooray... [Return customers will learn this
 area's not the same as the Xbox version, too.]

 As Sam enters the parking lot, a guard will exit from the left garage door
 and one will approach from the far lot. These are the only two people in the
 area, but lightning flashes ever 0:30 (apx.) can make even that trying. The
 gist is to use remaining shadowy spots, like behind the TV van and nooks by
 the gate, to whistle-lure the first guard; then, the 2nd one can just be shot
 and hidden normally. With no opposition, the gate booths can be looted for
 their goodies: a Smoke Grenade and two Ring Airfoils. One of the guards also
 has a Sticky Camera in his satchel.

 That ominous beeping sound should lure Sam in for a quick check, no? There's
 no obvious entrance, but Sam can back-to-wall himself past the graffiti'd
 brick wall. BUT CAREFUL, because there's a wall mine on the other side and
 it plays no favorites. Sneak past it (don't jump around) and things should be
 fine. Past there, the executive parking lot is located. Two guards wander the
 asphalt here: one pacing the little brick garden area and the other by the
 vehicle. To me, the easiest way to do this is hiding in the overgrowth near
 the gate (there's plenty of time to accomplish it when entering the lot).
 From here, whistle-lure the first guy closer and hide his body, which will
 be thankfully hidden from line-of-sight detection by the other guy. Then, just
 dispatch No. 2 when a clear shot's attained -- it's easy to pick him off from
 the aforementioned corner with x2 zoom. I don't recommend being too sneaky
 around here -- it's quite bright and lightning doesn't help. [Shooting the
 lone headlight can help on a no-kill run, however.]

 Following, descend the sewer manhole to find the underground "river" -- don't
 carelessly jump down or Sam bites the big one. Now's the time for extra
 vigilance. Shoot out any light source above, including the one through the
 metal grate. With that done, eliminate the guard patrolling the sludge through
 said grate, because it's easy to forget about him. [Don't whistle-lure him;
 if you miss the chance, he runs all the way around to find the source. The
 less distance between Sam and the enemy, the better.] Anyway, there's actually
 two sewer rooms (the kind with murky crapwater in 'em) and each is connected
 by a tiny corridor room. These have cameras in them and not the breakable
 kind. When bypassing the first one, shoot out the light above and use the cam
 jam to reach the next sewer, which WILL have a guard in it. [He can't be
 whistle-lured through the camera hall, though, so time your crossing with his
 absence.] Eliminating the final guard should be a cinch in complete darkness.
 To reach the exit, Sam has to emerge from a second camera room, but it's much
 like the first, thankfully. Use the ladder to exit. [*]

 Sam climbs out of the sewer into an even more annoying situation. He's in a
 satellite area patrolled by a sniper and two searchlights. The first thing to
 do is countersnipe the bozo, which is easy to do from/near insertion. It'll
 only take one misstep for Sam to realize there's landmines around here, too;
 use thermal imaging to see 'em. The way I see it, there's two ways to proceed:

  • Option 1: The long way around. Sam will have to dodge the spotlights by
    moving across the area, hiding in the resultant shadows the spotlight
    crates (i.e. it shines on air conditioner unit, creating a safety zone).
    However, Sam still has to dodge the landmines, meaning he'll have to
    keep switching back and forth...yawn! At the other end of the yard, Sam
    will enter the second spotlight's domain: it moves slower but doesn't do
    a clean arc like the first, instead shining on the fenced-off area before
    doubling back. Sam should use thermal to see the landmine strip and climb
    on the satellite fence to avoid it. The time to move will be when the beam
    starts doubling back; go any sooner and Sam gets halfway across before
    being spotted. Sam can hide in the littler satellite's shadow until he's
    able to climb the fence and make to the lockpickable door. Whew.

  • Option 2: The cheater's method. After dealing with all this crap this
    level's thrown at the player, having a little break is nice. To do this,
    from the starting point, look for the strip of landmines. Once it's found,
    throw your frag grenade and detonate 'em all. This lets Sam cut across
    to the far satellite and, if the sniper's alive, temporarily draws his
    attention. After that, it's just using the latter part of the above method
    to reach the lockpick door.

 Of course, Sam still contends with lightning flashes, so once at the final
 satellite shadow, wait until a flash before scaling the fence. Past the mined
 area, Fisher happens upon a gate control booth containing one foe. He's not
 paying attention, yadda yadda yadda, he gets a new bullet-bored orifice. From
 here, use the optic cable to spy on the parking lot -- there'll be one guy
 who patrols near the vehicles. When he's near (or even a bit before, thanks
 to the lightning flash effect) whistle and he'll come into the booth; when
 he tries the light switch, neutralize 'im. LIGHTNING FLASHES HAVE NO EFFECT
 IF SAM IS INSIDE, so at the least the creators got that part right. Finally,
 this same trick can be used on the other guard nearby.

 Whew... Sam now has the lot to himself. Ignore the rest of the place and just
 move to the corner behind the nearby turret. The light on the wall camouflages
 a vent opening above it, and a half split jump will get Sam roof access. Shoot
 the previously fractured window and initiate the rappel point. There's two
 guards inside, so Sam will have to identify their positions (one walking, one
 by receptionist desk usually) before doing a quick descent with Triangle
 button. If one guy disappears, he'll eventually reappear from an elevator on
 the left-hand side, so be prepared! Speaking of which, that same elevator is
 the way outta this god-forsaken stage.

PART 2: Locate Ingrid Karlthson
 AKA ---: Gaslighting
 Alarms?: Yes
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: Flare, 5.56mm Ammo, Sticky Camera (2)

 Sam's now several floors up in the enemy's hotzone, and he needs to track
 down his acquaintance from the first level. Break the neon sign nearby first
 thing, and look 'round the corner. Two enemies should be visible: the shadow
 of one coming up a perpendicular hall and one looking through double doors.
 Worry about the former first; whistle-lure him and hide him under the broken
 neon sign. By then, the other guy will have walked away and stopped for a
 smoke across the corridor -- snipin' time. Break out nearby lights here, too.

  • If you're feeling adventurous, a half split jump near the crate stack can
    give ventilation access into the adjacent studio. Surprisingly, it doesn't
    offer as many great opportunities as one'd think, but it's still a fun

  • Want to circumvent a lot of grief? Those flares come in handy for baiting
    turret fire. This allows Sam to avoid at 3-4 enemies and head straight
    for Ingrid's hallway which, while having its dangers, is nothing compared
    to doing everything the long way. There is a breakable camera above the
    door to Ingrid's hallway, note.

 From the studio's lower door, break out nearby light sources. This is even
 more crucial than usual because the studio's got three guards and a few'll
 patrol areas near there. With that preparation complete, the area should be
 pitch dark, and whistle-luring now open for business. Stay just out of the
 doorway and coldcock anyone who inspects, then hide 'em by the music equipment
 stack (or wherever, really) so they're not found. Because of the proximity to
 other guards, allies often come check out gunshots and weird noises, so moving
 bodies off the premises is actually quite smart. The guard wandering the sound
 stage should be the last to go, since he's often obscured by curtains and the
 like. [There's a Flare underneath the studio's breakable light, too.]

 Behind the stage, a door opens into an adjacent hallway. Definitely use the
 optic cable to snoop around, 'cause this is one gets heavier traffic than
 its brethren. There's two guards who can walk around here, plus this place
 is adjacent to the two more buddies, the ones patrolling the turrets' halls
 (although one should be done in already). To proceed, use the cable to watch
 the first guy enter a room, then snipe the fluorescent light opposite the
 door. This should bait another guy out into the hall. Wait until the leave,
 then hit the final light -- the hallway should be bathed in glorious darkness

 Excluding the turret hallway, this corridor opens up into three rooms. At
 the end of the hall is the security office containing nothing but SC-20K
 ammo. The door nearest the turret hallway opens up into the sound studio,
 where a guy is at work on the control deck. He can't be grabbed from behind,
 however, and trying to do so will alert him to your presence -- a bullet's an
 equally friendly hello. There's a Sticky Camera in there, too. Finally, the
 middle door leads to Ingrid and a welcome checkpoint. [*]

Part 4: Trail Ingrid Karlthson
 AKA ---: Guardian Angel
 Alarms?: Yes
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: n/a

 Ingrid will now take point and lead Sam onward. Her route leads from her
 initial stage, down the hall, into the turret hall, and then the long way
 around to the elevator lobby where the retinal scanner is. If Sam eliminated
 the opposition by taking the studio way, he'll have one guy left near the
 turrets, and Ingrid will chat him up to give Fisher a clear shot. If Sam
 used a flare to bait the turret, he should have no enemies left. There's an
 oft-missed bathroom off the turret hallway that contains a first aid kit and
 Sticky Camera (the latter listed in previous section's tally), too. 

 At the retinal scanner, Ingrid describes her plan to go down the right path
 and distract the guard while Sam moseys down the left side. However, a ways
 into the strategy, Lambert radios to say Ingrid's cover's been blown. [*]
 If given the chance, one of the guerillas will take her hostage, and kill
 her if Sam's not quick to take him down (it's like sniping someone with a
 human shield). Afterwards, speak with Ingrid to have her unlock the next door.
 Note that despite having night vision goggles, the guards tend not to spring
 alarms at great distances...must be a gameplay mechanic to temper difficulty.

Part 5: Capture Suhadi Sadono
 AKA ---: Ready For My Closeup
 Alarms?: Yes
 Deaths?: Yes
 Items -: n/a

 Sam starts this final stretch in another elevator lobby, and two enemies
 are right nearby. Not too hard to dispose of them, although with windows
 looking right in, one or both may come check around. Down the hall, look for
 the "heavy" camera at the end, and bypass it accordingly with the cam jam. Two
 more enemies will be in the lounge nearby, too: one patrolling and another who
 may just be standing near the tables. There's not many places to hide bodies
 there except behind the counter, though (which also has a first aid kit).

 In the lounge, use the soda machine to jump into the air vent. [*] Through
 the trapdoor, Sam will finally be in Sadono's studio. Approach the nearby
 stage to have the curtains rise and the man himself, plus two lieutenants,
 start their broadcast rehearsal. One may think there's plenty of ways to
 tackle this, but there's really not. To do this correctly, Sam has to grab
 Sadono from behind and use the hostage situation to leave. This is setup
 perfectly: Sadono will be facing down the podium and his nearest lieutenant
 will be looking elsewhere (for all intents and purposes, ignore the third
 guy working the equipment). Basically, to immediately set this up, after
 dropping down, hide behind the background image.

 When Sadono's grabbed, the tension begins. To leave, Sam has to maneuver to
 the far retinal scanner (there's two but only that nearest the ceiling trap-
 -door works) and force Sadono to use it. However, this leaves him open to
 the enemy's onslaught which will definitely occur. The enemy won't shoot at
 Sadono while he's captured...that is, until Sam nears the scanner. Hit R2 to
 draw your own pistol and belly-shot these fools, since they'll be drawn into
 the bottleneck. It's not too hard to do, although when moving, the pistol's
 accuracy goes down the tubes; stand firm and make the enemy reveal itself

 Once the scanner's operated, head up the ramp to the rooftop helipad. Of
 course, don't miss the enlightening conversation Sam can have first! He'll
 eventually give cute catchphrases like "My scars will be the roadmap of
 American sins". Pull his cord to hear all of 'em!

08) LAX INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (UNITED STATES)                            [WK08]
 Default Weapon: Pistol, SC-20K
 Auxiliary Wpns: Smoke Gr, Sticky Sh (3), Ring Air/Div Cam (2), Sticky Cam (7) 
 Other --------: Camera Jammer, Flashbang, Chaff Grenade

PART 1: Neutralize the Terrorists
 AKA ---: Snakes in the Grass
 Alarms?: No
 Deaths?: Yes (terrorists only)
 Items -: Ring Airfoil, 5.56mm Ammo

 Ahh, the final level in the game. Not quite as long as the previous, but it
 still packs a punch all its own. Sam'll start near the airport's outer gate,
 and Grímsdóttir has arranged for a small distraction: a truck pulling in that
 needs to check with the guard. Simply climb into the truck's back end and it
 will safely take Sam further in. [*]

  • For the record, taking the truck isn't necessary. If it leaves without Sam
    onboard, he can still infiltrate the basement parking garage, it's just a
    bit harder. The guard outside can be knocked out in his booth, so that'll
    take care of him. The ramp leading in has two security cameras, although
    they're breakable and easy to slip past anyway, so they're non-issues.

 As told, some of Soth's men have infiltrated the airport personnel's ranks,
 but Sam has inside info -- since they were recently vaccinated, their core
 body temp will be higher than normal, and they'll appear oranger than normal
 people on thermal (who will have varying shades of color, mostly green). The
 terrorists may screw up the mission if Sam lets them live, so he'll have to
 play hitman most of the way. Killing civilians is automatic game over, though!
 Also note that civilian guards don't carry radios, so if they're spooked, they
 run to the nearest alarm and pull it; this gives a little time to pursue and
 deliver a beatdown.

 This basement area has three enemies. One guard stays in a booth near the
 exit door -- he's a terrorist. There's enough light around his general area
 that he can be lead outside by cursory glances, although it's quite easy to
 sneak up behind him (back-to-wall if need be), brain him with the pistol and
 deliver the mercy killshot. The other enemies are a security guard and his
 mutt, traveling together along the main road. As before, eliminating the
 guard with a Sticky Shocker is the easiest solution because, as we all know,
 dogs can't use radios. [Not yet anyway...mwahaha. Wait, we've had this
 conversation.] The reverse is also true: killing the dog can get the guard's
 attention without the "my ally is dead" call. As for cameras, besides the two
 bypassed earlier, there's one more breakable one across from the downstairs
 booth. Before leaving via the aforementioned door, access the nearby storage
 room for a first aid kit and Ring Airfoil Round. [*]

  • Two things: (1) if Sam hasn't killed a terrorist in an area, he won't be
    able to leave; or, if he leaves, it's game over. (2) Terrorists can be
    interrogated for amusing conversations, and since this is the final level,
    it's worth experiencing.

 Further in, Sam stumbles upon a ticket desk and its lavatory -- the former
 contains a security guard and two "light" cameras, the latter the janitor.
 Both are just everyday folk, yo. As a curiosity, want access to the ticket
 office? The keypad combination isn't told, but by luring the guy out (after
 breaking the lights and nearest cam), Sam can get in. There's nothing in there
 but a soda can "object", though. Use the bathroom vent when ready. [*]

 Fisher now finds himself looking down upon the tail-end of baggage processing,
 and two guards are chit-chatting. Again, not a hard situation to deal with,
 since a bunch of lights are breakable and there's plenty of cover. The convo
 will out a worker as a terrorist, though he can't be interrogated. To reach
 the next handling area, use either the far doorway (bad) or the conveyor belt

 This area has four guards: one in the upper office (terrorist), one pacing the
 far catwalk, and two below (one terrorist). There'll be another conversation
 that betrays the terrorist's cover, and both can be incapacitated without too
 much trouble. As for the ones up high, the easiest way to proceed is climbing
 onto the catwalk on the far side (the one away from lit-up stairway); after
 taking care of the rent-a-cop, one can safely plug the remaining doofus. One
 will naturally want to snipe the overhead lights first. [Again, there's no
 interrogation possible.] As for exiting, take the door by the catwalk office,
 NOT the conveyors -- the reddish glow denotes x-rays and they'll raise alarms
 all over the place. [*]

 Another baggage area! This one is conveyor belt central, but is easier than
 it looks. The player is presented with two conveyors running concurrently,
 but only the left one contains big boxes. Since both sides have watchers who
 manually oversee baggage handling, Sam must hide in the stack's shadow to
 get by. Destroy the nearest camera/light first, though. Still avoiding the
 red conveyor entrances, continue to find another long conveyor, although its
 running against the grain this time. The watcher this time will occasionally
 look away, so Sam will have to time his passing through accordingly. The
 reward for this hard work is a breakable camera, SC-20K ammo and a door to
 the stairwell. [*]

 Whew...a killer's work is never done. Grímsdóttir phones in to update intel:
 there's two more terrorists than expected. Sam will have to navigate this
 boarding area first, though. The overview is like this: the civilians are
 the seated passengers in the area, the terrorist is the initial security
 guard. The guard moves once towards the far security stand, and only leaves
 when the second guard appears (triggered by proximity). Normally Sam has to
 hack the far desk's computer to get the 5325 password, but if he lets the
 terrorist get there without betraying his own stealth, a special event plays:
 the new civilian guard will cover for the terrorist who enters the keypad-
 -accessible stairway, leaving it open long enough for Sam to follow and
 kill him. He drops an email revealing the password, too, in case one wanted
 to return.

 But enough about ancient history. That ornate stairway can be blanketed in
 darkness by shooting those weird-shaped lamps, which has the dual effect of
 shielding Sam from the "heavy" camera's lens. Use the cam jam to destroy the
 last light and get into the... [*] block! This room has two guards: a civilian dealing with an irate
 customer via phone, and a terrorist walking around. Rather than the usual
 fireworks, simply shutting off the light gets their attention (the
 civie loses interest almost immediately). If you want to hear chubby's
 interrogation, coldcock the desk jockey first or his milquetoast act will
 supersede Sam's dialogue (or wait 'til it's done, if you're that patient).
 That's the last of the lackey terrorists.

PART 2: Neutralize Soth
 AKA ---: A Pox on Your House
 Alarms?: No
 Deaths?: Yes (terrorists only)
 Items -: 5.72mm Ammo (2)
 With the major legwork done, now the real objective begins: locating that
 shady Soth character. Adjacent to the office block is a small seminar going
 on; there's four guards in there, including the speaker. But why bother with
 them when there's nothing of interest there? The office block also opens onto
 a long balcony overlooking the airport's entrance, and by popping the overhead
 lights, it avoids any unnecessary conflicts. [Although the noises will spook
 the next-door neighbors, so to speak.]

 When the coast's clear, Lambert says Soth may be right below the balcony and
 visual identification is necessary -- it should be possible from the bottom
 of the staircase. To prepare, shoot out the lights so the "heavy" camera's
 got nothing to work with, then zoom in on Soth with the thermal imaging (must
 use binoculars for this part). To escape the landing, enter the adjacent
 elevator lobby and shoot out the lights on the right-hand side. This should
 give enough clearance to enter the elevator on that side while avoiding the
 two "heavy" cams. [*]

 Like any good game, a quick elevator ride never goes as planned. When it's
 stopped, shoot off the upper grate and climb up. Using the pipework, jump
 across the metal crossbars to reach the alcove, which has a "climb out" spot
 onto another pipe. At its end length, drop-and-catch the pipe below it to
 reach a second alcove. Use the back-to-wall tactic to bypass the obstacle
 [*] and chain a half split jump into a shimmy to find the climb-up spot. Boy,
 this jumping course sure feels like a test of tactical maneuvers, doesn't it?
 From that ledge, shoot the far vent and jump to it -- at the end, drop and
 shimmy to reach a series of maintenance ladders. At the top, there's three
 rappel affixments to land on three elevators. The farthest one leads to some
 Pistol Ammo (x2) and the middle one leads to a civilian's elevator; it's the
 vent above that last lift that's of actual interest. [*]

 Sam finally reaches the last room. Soth and his men will have infiltrated
 this area, with the ringleader on the highest catwalk. Raising any kind of
 alarm kickstarts a 1:00 timer until the pox is spread, at which time Sam'd
 have to rampage through and kill Soth. Here's the more satisfying, stealthy
 method. Note: pistol shots and grabbing/kayoing work best. Avoid loud noise
 and overt methods as these guys spook VERY easily. Feel free to use Sticky
 Shockers and Ring Airfoils as needed.

 The lowest level has two engineers (civilians) and a guard (terrorist) to
 contend with. Shooting out the lights without alerting anyone nearby can
 be hard, but the main ones are possible from the get-go. First, from the
 vent, shoot the spotlight on the left-side ladder series. Then, jump down
 and pop the nearest light. Finally, shoot THROUGH the catwalk just above and
 get that one, too. This just leaves one more lamp across this lowest catwalk.
 Whistle-luring works on all guards here, although the second engineer down
 the way can be avoided completely if you're careful. When all these lamps
 are downed, and all lower personnel dealt with, climb the ladder series to
 4F. There'll be a drop-down point to the 3F catwalk where Soth and one final
 night-vision-capable guard remain. The easiest way to do this part is use a
 Sticky Shocker on the guard, then sneak up behind Soth. Unfortunately, there
 isn't an interrogation dialogue...or any dialogue. Lame. =/

 When Soth and his terrorists are slain -- and if you knocked 'em out before,
 there's trajectories from 3F to snipe their unconscious forms -- move over
 to the pox box for an ending scene.


V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                            [FAQZ]

 [Q] - Why didn't you cover multiplayer?
 [A] - My PS2 isn't hooked up to the internet, and I'm not even sure Pandora
       Tomorrow still has dedicated server.

 [Q] - What do I get for beating the game?
 [A] - Nothin'. If you replay chapters on the same profile, though, the game
       keeps track of your best times, # of alarms and such things.

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 09-16-11 ----------------------------+ Started walkthrough
 09-24-11 ----------------------------+ Finished walkthrough

 • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my junk

 • Mission 5, Plane hangar: possible to get on storage space above exit door? 

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