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Online Mode FAQ

by eatyourmumshead

/   _____/_____ |  | |__| _____/  |_  ___________ 
 \_____  \\____ \|  | |  |/    \   __\/ __ \_  __ \
 /        \  |_> >  |_|  |   |  \  | \  ___/|  | \/
/_______  /   __/|____/__|___|  /__|  \___  >__|   
        \/|__|                \/          \/       
_________        .__  .__   
\_   ___ \  ____ |  | |  |  
/    \  \/_/ __ \|  | |  |  
\     \___\  ___/|  |_|  |__
 \______  /\___  >____/____/
        \/     \/           

____ _  _ ____ ____ ____   ___ _  _ ____ ____ ____ _ _
 |___ |--| |--| [__] ====    |  |--| |=== [__] |--<  Y 

                     Online Mode Guide/FAQ Version 1.00
                                      Guide Outline

                                         a.the preamble
                                       2.Game basics and terminology
                                         b.Ranked and free
                                         c.Game modes
                                       3.Character controls
                                          a.Spy controls
                                          b.Cool moves
                                          c.Spy Equipment
                                          d.Mercenary controls
                                          E.Mercenary Moves
                                          F.Mercenary equipment
                                          G.Merc tricks
                                       4.Maps play-by-play
                                         D.Missile Strike
                                         F.Vertigo Plaza
                                         G.Krauser Lab
                                         I.Mount Hospital
                                         L.Deftech Belew
                                       5.Helpful tips
                                       7.Contact me
                                       8.Legal BS


Lets get right into it. This guide covers the PS2 online mode for Splinter 
Cell Chaos Theory. The online mode pits two teams, stealthy spies, and 
brutally powerful mercenaries, against eachother. The goal of the spies is to 
neutralise 1-3(depending on the map and mode you play) Viral tubes. The 
mercenaries, however, are hell-bent on protecting these tubes. The game 
combines stealth, first person shooter, and strategy, all into one.
The ps2 version of the game differs greatly from the Xbox Verson.

Copyright 2006 Brendan Breitner
At this current moment in time, this FAQ is only for use on 3 sites:
If seen anywhere else, I will email you asking you to remove it. If you do not
comply with this, I will take appropriate action. If you absolutly must have my
FAQ on your site, please email me, and we'll talk.

2.Game Basics and Terminology

First we'll go over how to use the system. Assuming that you had no trouble 
logging in and making an account,you can do the following after you log in:

Quick Join-Randomly selects an available game for you to join.

Join game-Lets you choose from a list of available games. Recommended.

Create Game-Lets you create a game based on your likings.

You can also modify your options.

If you go to options you can do a bunch of useful things.Changing your 
equipment is one of them. Go to profile options and select equipment.
Changing your equipment here saves it as a permanent setting, Although
You can simply select equpment at a game lobby screen.

Pre-Game Lobbies:Whenever you enter a game that isn't in progress, you are
taken to a lobby where you have one last chance to modify your equipment,
change your options etc.

Your friends list: When in the pre-game lobby screen, select "players". 
A list of players in that game should come up. Highlight a player and
Press X. If the game has already started then press Start and do the same.
                       B.Ranked and free games
There are 2 types of games: Ranked (AKA ladder), and free.
In Ranked, 4 players must be in the game. Ranking is where people compete
for Rank points. The more rank points you have, the higher up in the 
rankings you will be. If for ANY REASON you leave during a ranked game,
you will lose 50 rank points. If you have over 200 points for a certain
category (for example, Spy Sabotage) and you lose a game in that category,
you can lose up to 15 points for losing that game. 
Free on the other hand, is where rank points aren't awarded for a win,
and arent deducted for leaving or losing. These are usually deathmatches, 
in which spies dont attack the ND133s, and mercenaries don't use mines. 
                             C.Game modes 

There are 3 game modes. Neutralisation, Extraction, and Sabotage.  .

Neutralisation: as a spy, stand in front of to an ND133 and press X to start
neutralising it. Note that when neutralising, you are vulnerable. If a 
Mercenary approches, run away. When you start neutralising again, you will 
pick up where you left off.

Extraction: No need to hack to get the tube this time.As a spy,grab the 
tube and run for your life. If you move too fast with a tube 
you will be marked on the enemy radar. The green symbol marks where to take it

Sabotage: When near an ND133, plant a modem on a nearby wall, facing the ND133.
Stay nearby and be ready to defend it though. Mercenaries will try to destroy
it. When facing the wall, press down on your d-pad to place the modem.
                           D.In-Game Terminology

Merc [Murk]- Short for "Mercenary"

Noob [Newb]- A person that does not know what they are doing. They are 
probably new to this game, or just purposely act like jackasses to anger

No-Micer [no My-ker]- A person lacking a ps2/logitech USB headset. They have
no way of effectivley communicating with other players. Most often, people
refuse to play with them.

Glitch [gul-itch]- An exploitation in the game's programming that makes things
go funny. Some people cheat, and use glitches to win. Some glitches make you 
invincible, while others dont help you at all besides offer a good laugh.

Camper- A player who sits in a certain area with out moving for a long period
of time for various reasons such as to guard it.Usually pertains to 

Spawn Camp (syn. Spawn Kill)- Also called spawn killing. When players kill
others before they can leave their spawn.

Corner Camp- Pertains to a mercenary who sits in a corner, to prevent spies
from grabbing his neck.

Enhanced Reality- The small little symbols that mark where the ND133 are.

ND133- The objectives that spies must either hack or steal. These are the
viral containment units that are marked with the enhanced reality symbols.

Fusion: The art of firing 3 grenades in rapid succession. Spies only. See
"Cool Moves" in the spies section for more info.

3. Characters, controls, and equipment

Now for the good part. We'll go over the spies first. 

One of the 2 playable characters in this game are the spies. They are similar
to Sam Fisher. Silent, stealthy, but deadly. Their mission is to infiltrate 
stealthily and eliminate 3 viral tubes (1 or 2 depending on the map and mode).
While they have no lethal weapons, they have the badass ability to snap necks.
Spies are different from mercs in the camera view. Spies play in 3rd person 
Take a look at the controls.
Triangle: Jump/ Grab ledge

O button: Crouch/Stand up. When hanging from a ledge or pipe: drop down

Square Button: Weapon mode (see below)

X Button: Action button

R1: Quick use grenade. In weapon mode: shoot sticky shocker

R2: select Gadget from inventory

L1:Quick use Grenade. In weapon mode: Fire gadget

R3: Binocular mode

L3: Back to wall manuever

Select Button: Hack Comm.

D-pad Down: Place Modem (Sabotage)

D-pad Right: Thermal Vision

D-Pad Left: Night vision 

Pressing the Square button causes you to draw 
your gun.You are now in weapon mode. In weapon
mode, press L2 or R2 to select a gadget. Press
L1 to fire the gadget. Press R1 to shoot a 
sticky shocker(covered below). Press up on
the D-pad to turn off the laser to keep 
stealthy. Push Square again to put the gun away.
You can also hold square button to take out your
gun without the laser.

                                   B.Cool Moves

Wall Jump: When running towards a wall, hold the TRIANGLE button. You will run
up the wall.If there is a ledge above you, you could probably reach it. If 
there is no ledge, you will do a backflip off the wall. 

Landing on heads: If you land on a mercenary's head, you will knock him
unconcious. He will lose half of his health bar. Do it when he has low health
to kill him. WARNING: Do not do this when the merc is flashing blue with 
electricity(when he first wakes up from a sleep). 

The neck grab: The spy's main move. Perform this by getting BEHIND a merc
and pressing the X button. Once you have the merc, press X again to snap his
neck, or R1 to knock him unconcious. While holding a merc, you can hold 
the SELECT button to talk some trash to him.

The Elbow Strike- A.K.A the bitchslap. Press X while in front of or on
the side of a merc to elbow him in the face. This will knock him backwards.
I suggest that while he is flying backwards you throw a smoke grenade down 
and hide. Then wait for him to come by and grab his neck.

The Split Jump- Wouldn't this be hell on your crotch? *Shudders*. While in
between 2 fairly close facing walls, repeatedly press triangle. This takes 
some practice. You need to be right next to one of the walls.

Hanging from pipes- When under a pipe, press TRIANGLE to jump up and grab
onto it. From that position, press TRIANGLE to pull your legs up onto
the pipe. This can help you clear obstacles. From there Press the O button
to drop down.

Fusion- Theres been a request from Damon D that I put this in the guide. 
Fusion is the art of firing 2-3 grenades from your gun in rapid succession. 
There really is no "tricks" and "gimmicks" to it. You just quickly change
your gadget and fire. It does take plenty of practice, but after a few tries, 
you'll easily get the hang of it. 


                               C.Spy Equipment
As spies aren't supposed to engage their enemies directly, they have no lethal 
weaponry. Many of their gadgets are stealth based. Some is really useful,
but there are some useless things too. Again Xbox version differs greatly. 
They have more gadgets (I really wish we had thermoptic camouflage...). So if
you play the Xbox version you're about to be thrown off.

Are always equipped with the spy in every game. Press R3 to turn them on.
whn turned on, you go into kind of a first person view, with a small green
square in the middle. You can use these to lock objectives onto your
OPSAT, so that only ONE enhanced reality symbol appears on your screen.
Also, if you focus them on a merc, you can hear his headset communtications.

Usefulness in Rank:*(out of 5) -While using these, your field of vision
is greatly decreased, you move very slow, and you become a sitting duck.

Usefulness in Free:* -Read above^

The Spy's Gun
Can temporarily stun mercenaries. Shoot them in the head with one to
Shut down their aiming system (a system malfunction). Your gun comes 
automatically equipped with these. It runs on a battery (a small gage to 
the side). The battery self-recharges after time. Can also be used to shoot 
out lasers, cameras, and motion detectors. 

Usefulness for rank : *** - You can't really depend on these in combat. 
They only stun Mercs for a few seconds and negates the effect smoke has on 
them for a few seconds. They only thing they are REALLY good for is shooting 
out passive defenses.

Usefulness for free:*** -same as above.

Sticky Camera
A small surveilance camera shot out of your gun! You can use it to see around 
corners and in rooms you're unsure of. And the neat part: when mercs get too 
close to it, press the O button to release a jet of knockout gas that will put
the merc out cold for several seconds. Great for use on mercs who camp. 

Usefulness for rank: ***** -5 stars baby! With their ability to put mercs to 
sleep for long periods of time, these can really change the tide of a ranked

Usefulness for free:***** - can buy you time to get into attack position. 

Spy Bullet
No, it's not a real bullet! Dream on. Instead this bulled has a small 
transmitter, and a microphone on it. So apon hitting a mercenary, his
location will appear on the radar. AND you can hold select and hear his
headset communications.

Usefulness for rank: **** - Even if you don't tag it on the enemy, you can 
stick them to walls, and they will act as presence detectors, any merc within
i's range will be marked on the radar. While        , put a few of these 
outside the door and around other nearby places, to see when the merc
is coming.

Usefulness for free:**** -When you have time to use it, it's pretty fun
to see what your enemy's attack plan it.

Alarm Snares
Small sound transmitters that make the merc's arrows go crazy. Fire them at
passive defenses to set them off. Some people fall for them, some don't.
Fire all 5 at once to make a whole mess of the merc's arrows. Make sure
to spread them out.

Usefulness for ranking:** -In rank, most people just camp the ND133s; these
don't do much good for luring them away.

useufulness for free:**** -in free, fire ONE in an area near a merc to lure 
him over. Used effectivley, you can set some nasty traps with them.

Smoke Grenade
A grenade that releases suffocating gas. Use them to cover an escape. Also, if
a merc is in this cloud of gas, he will slow down, his vision will be blurred,
and he will begin to choke. If he sits in it too long, he will fall asleep.
This can be put into the quick use slot at the equipment screen.

Usefulness in rank:***** -Not only do they put mercs to sleep, but they cover
your entry and escape, slow mercs down, and are great for diversions. A MUST 
HAVE for ranking.

Usefulness in free:***** -Again, toss one in to blind and slow down a merc, 
making his neck very vulnerable *he he he...*

Flashbang Grenade
Similar to the smoke grenade, if a merc is looking in this thing's direction
when it goes off, the merc will be blinded temporarily. If used at close 
range, the effect is even more powerful.

Usefulness in Rank:*** -Another must have. A blinded merc=a vulnerable one.
Also, like the smoke grenade, it is good for covering escapes. But beware,
a seasoned merc will know how to avoid these kinds of things. And
mercs are completely oblivious to them with their vision modes on.

Usefulness in Free:**** -Again, a blinded merc=a vulnerable one.

Chaff Grenade
Releases chaff, small electromagnetic particles into the air. Jams electronic
devices. Use to temporarily disarm passive defenses, and merc's EMF and 
Motion tracking visions. Note that chaff grenades do temporarily disarm
laser mines, but have no effect on proxy mines.

Countless people protested against my previous ratings on the chaff grenade.
Becuase of this, I have toyed with it a bit, reevaluated them, and found them
to be a bit more useful than I originally though.

"Chaff is probably my favorite tool. I use it all the time..." -Argus006

Usefulness in Rank:**** - Shuts down all passive defenses and can prevent
mercs from reloading and changing visions. Also prevents mercs from putting
on their scopes.

Usefulness in Free:**** - Even in free it still comes in pretty handy for 
shutting down the merc's vision modes.

                                The Mercenaries
Playing as a merc is a whole different ball game. Argus PMC mercenaries are
the ones protecting the ND133. Their only goal in this game is to eliminate 
the spies. Or hold them off long enough for the time to expire. Merc's
don't rely on stealth, but instead, rely on all out assult, and huge
arsenals of deadly weapons. And the part that REALLY separates them from
spies: They play in FIRST PERSON VIEW. 
Fun huh? Check out the controls.

D:the Merc controls

X button: Melee attack. While moving: Charge attack/ action button

O button: Crouch/Stand up

TRIANGLE button: Jump

SQUARE button: Reload Clip. Hold down:Change rate of fire.


R2:Inventory/select gadget

L1:Use gadget

L2:Inventory/ select gadget

R3: Sniper mode

Select Button: Hack Comm.

D-pad Right: EMF tracking vision

D-pad Left: Motion Tracking Vision

D-pad Up: Laser Sights

D-pad Down: Flash Light

                                  E.Mercenary Equipment
Spies don't get all the fun. Mercenaries have cool toys too. Most are tracking
tools to hunt them down. But there are a few explosive things capable of 
disengaging them or killing them outright. Lets take a look.

EMF Vision
Also called the "Blue Vision". This picks up electro-magnetic fields of gadgets
in use. Including spy gadgets. Whenever a spy has his nightvision, thermal
vision, his gun out, or the little computer on his wrist, he will be nice and 
lit up. And even when he doesn't have any gadgets in use, he still appears as a
faint blue outline. You can even see them through thin surfaces, such as 
ceiling tiles. They negate flashbang grenades, and allow you to see through
smoke. But remember, visions are disarmed while in a chaff grenade's field.

Usefulness in rank: ***** -This is a nice vision mode. It allows you to see 
spies that are using gadgets, and even see them through thin surfaces, 
allowing you to find them easier. You can see through smoke with them too.

Usefulness in free: ***** - Read Above^^^

Motion Tracking Vision
Also called the "Red Vision". This tracks anything that moves over a speed 
limit. This includes your partner, spies, and grenades. When the vision detects
something moving fast, it puts a yellow frame around it, marking the object
inside of it gray. This negates flash grenades and doesn't allow you to see 
through smoke. But the even through smoke the vision will mark fast moving 
characters in boxes. This vision is turned off by chaff grenades. 
Be warned, when spies move slow enough, the aren't marked by the boxes.
However, even when spies are holding completely still, you will see an
outline of them. A more obvious outline than that of EMF vision.

Usefulness in rank: ***** - It's great for large areas, such as deftech, 
or even the courtyard in orphanage. When looking down on an area, characters
are marked from a distance away. Also, when a spy leaps out at you, or starts
attacking you, quickly put this on. You can make is flashbangs useless, and 
be able to track him through smoke.

Usefulness in free: *****- Read above ^^^^^ 

Spy Trap
Similar to the spy's spy bullet. A small device that projects an 
invisible laser beam (can be seen in thermal and EMF visions). When a spy
crosses this laser beam, he is marked on the merc's radar. Also like the spy
bullet, you can hold select to tap into the spy's headset communications.

Usefulness in Rank:**** -Same effect as a spy bullet, except that you dont 
have to bust your ass to get it on the enemy.

Usefulness in free:*****-Read above^

Frag Grenade
Pesky lil buggers hiding out in a vent? Fire one of these in there. Once 
fired, these things explode sending shrapnel everywhere, killing everything
within i'ts blast radius.

Usefulness in rank:***** -you just GOTTA have these in any mode

Usefulness in free:*****-These can make deathmatches difficult for spies.

Wall Mines
There are kinds of mines you can set. Proxy, and laser. 
Both are extremely deadly. The proxy mine is motion activated, when a spy 
moves too quickly in front of it, it will make a noise and blow up. the second
is the laser mine, which works similar to a spy trap. It prjects a laser
that, when crossed by a spy, will explode. Dont worry, mines only detect 
spies. It wont do anything if you cross the mine's path. But beware, they
aren't fool proof. Cautious spies can get close enough to remove them. And 
they can shoot them to make them explode instantly, as can you.

Usefulness in rank:***** -A MUST HAVE. You can put these near the ND133, so 
that you don't have to camp them. If a spy is close enough when it goes off,
he will be instantly killed.

Usefulness in free:* -Most people don't let you use them in free games.

When equipped, press L1 to shoot it. It has a short range, but when spies
are getting in your face, fire this. It will electrocute the spy, then knock
them unconcious for a few seconds. 

Usefulness in rank:*** -Perfect for when spies try to get up in your face 
for a grab. But it isn't the most accurate thing in the game. 
When spies are circling around you, it could take several tries to
hit them with it. Sometimes a melee attack might be more effective. 

Usefulness in free:***- Comes in great handy, but does have a somewhat
limited range.

Phospho. Grenade
When fired, it realeases green particles that cover anything they touch.
This basically turns all characters that run through it green. Also makes 
spies appear on EMF vision.

Usefulness in Rank:*** - Ehh, I dunno about these things. While they may not
seem all TOO effective, they make it impossible for spies to hide in the dark.
And they also make spies leave footprints. I guess they aren't a TOTAL waste.

Usefulness In free:***- Read above^

When shot, they emit light. Shoot in dark corners to reveal hiding spies.
Fairly short lived. Can get more at ammo box.

Usefulness in Rank:* -The flashlight can easily replace these. They don't
last very long at all either.

Usefulness in Free:** -They're fun to toy around with, but still, the 
flashlight lasts longer and covers more area.

Sniper Scope
By pressing the R3 button, you equip your sniper scope. Using sniper allows
you to aim at the spy's vital points (the heart and the head) for quick and 
instant kills.

Usefulness in Rank:*** -Use it when you get the chance, but usually there
aren't too many.

Usefulness in Free:**** -Very fun to hunt down spies and quicky           when 
they least expect it...
                                G.Merc Tricks

Jumping on Heads: Like Spies can do to mercs, Mercs can jump on spy's heads
to knock them unconcious too.

Charge attack: While moving, press the X button to charge. Charging into a spy
will knock him back, leaving him vulnerable for a few seconds.

          Using the arrows

You know those little arrows that
flash around your reticle? Those
are detecting sound made by spies.
If the arrow points upward, the
sound is coming from the front.
If the arrow points downward,
the sound is behind you. If it 
points left the sound is left, 
and if it points right, it is right.
But you will notice little yellow things
INSIDE the reticle that flash with the
arrows. Those tell you if the sound is 
below or above you. It's easy to
figure out.

                           Sect. 4: Maps play-by-play

Maps can make all the difference in the way you play. You might be good on 
one map, the totally suck on the other. Different strategies and methods are 
required for each map. I'll list a few methods and strategies for rank and 
free for you to try out. Keep in mind that I make these strategies assuming
that you already know the map fairly well.


Neutralisation: Yes

Extraction: No

Sabotage: No

ND133's: 4

Passive Defenses: Motion Detectors

Stealth Factor: 60%

This place has it's good spots for spies and mercs. There are 4 ND133s. 2 In
the lobby, 1 in the video game room, and 1 in the cafeteria.

Spies: Don't hack the doors to the cafeteria and Video game room. There are 
only 4 hackable doors and considering you start on the Lobby side of them, 
the mercs can easily guess where you are, and corner you. Instead,
leave the Theater room from the downstairs. At the very end of the hallway,
between the theater and the
lobby, is a small vent. Use the wall jump to get into it. it should take you 
straight to the cafeteria. Watch out though. Because it's so wide and open,
it's likeley you won't see the motion detectors there. Use your thermals to 
seek them out and destroy them. And inside the small stand, it's very dark,
making it and ideal place for mines. Take a peek around on your thermals. 
Also, make good use of the pipes across the lobby's ceiling, Not only can 
they take you places, they make gread hiding spots.

Mercenaries: Split up. One person covers the lobby, while the other 
covers the video game room and cafeteria. Since it's usually dark where the
ND133 are, its safe to put laser mines directly under them. Dont forget to put
spy traps and mines near the vents, doors, and in the theater room too 
(particularly near the small vents that emerge from the spy's spawn area).

Health boxes: Lobby, under the stairs

Ammo crates: Lobby, first floor/ small hallway between video game room and
                                      B. Orphanage

Neutralisation: Yes

Extraction: Yes

Sabotage: Yes

Max Pos. ND133's: 5

Passive Defenses: Lasers, Cameras

Stealth factor: 80%

I absolutley LOVE this map!
The most passive defenses you'll see in Orphanage are the lasers. There are
lasers in every doorway to a room that has an ND133. It's big, dark, and
scary. When moving about, you'll hear some freaky noises. Other than that,
this level is a blast. There are multiple ways into the orphanage for spies,
to kee the mercs guessing. As for mercs, There are Argus merc only doors,
for getting around quickly.

Spies:From your spawn, there are several ways to get into the orphanage. 
One goes to courtyard, one goes to the main hall way, one to the dormitory,
and one comes out on a staircase. Use this to your advantage to keep the mercs

Neutralisation: Your best bet is to attack the washroom and classroom before 
anything else. The reason is because these two are so close together,
therefore making them easy to camp. If you take these two down, everything
else is all spread out, making it a lot harder for the mercs. When        
in Dormitory, Washroom, and classroom, keep your thermals on. With thermals
you can see throught the walls in those rooms, to see if any mercs are coming.

Extraction: Extraction here is weird in that when you grab a tube, 
instead of going back to your spawn area, you make a run for another
room in the orphanage. Listed below are the tubes and where to take them.


Again, In extraction, try to get washroom and classroom first, as they are the
easiest to camp.

Sabotage: You only need to sabotage 2 out of 3 tubes. Tubes reside in 
courtyard, Storage, and washrooms. Try to take washrooms and storage 
at the same time. Like the other two modes, they are close together and 
easy to camp.

Mercs: Your best bet is to place mines under the ND133's. I Don't know why,
but everyone I play seems to fall for that trick. Don't bother laying
mines in courtyard, if it comes under attack, you can simply throw a frag out
the window or snipe. Try to keep one merc fairly close to storage and dorms,
as they are separated from the rest of the ND133s. Spy traps can really
come in handy in this map.
                                      C. Factory

Well, I haven't really played this map enough to write a strategy. It will 
be up in the next version.

                                   D. Missile Strike

Neutralisation: Yes

Extraction: Yes

Sabotage: Yes

Passive Defenses: None

Max Pos ND133: 3 (per area)

Stealth Factor: 75%

Missile strike is comprised of 2 area; Waste management facility, and the
missile silo itself. The missile silo opens ONLY when the spies neutralise one
ND133 in the waste management facility. This can be difficult though, as the
Waste Management Facility (W.M.F. we'll call it) is small and all of the ND133
are crowded together.

Spies:From your spawn, there are 2 doors you can hack. Each door will take
you to a different side of the W.M.F. It is wise for you to split up and each 
take a side. That way you can hit the mercs at both angles. From the doors, you
will drop down into a small crowded space with little vent-like crawspaces.
There are 3 floors in the W.M.F. Small signs next to the crawlspaces will 
hint at which height you will come up on. Once there, you must neutralise 
one of the 3 ND133s. Your best bet is to either put them to sleep, or have 
one spy distract the mercs, while the other goes for the ND133. 
Once the W.M.F is taken, a huge door will open, giving
way to the Missile Silo. Since everyone will be headed for that door at the
same time, get ready for a stampede. If possible, try to run from the mercs 
and get into one of the vents above the hackable doors. 
Try not to spend too much time in the Silo. Since it is so small, If your 
not quick, the mercs will quickly be onto you. Again, a good strategy to use 
is to have one distract, one go for the ND133.

Mercs: Each merc should stay on the top level. It makes it more difficult for 
spies to jump on your heads. And if anything goes on down below, you can 
quickly jump down. Be quick to place you mines near the ND133 and stand 
guard. If the spies do manage to take the W.M.F, make sure to get any unused 
mines on you way to the silo. Because it is so crowded, mines can be a big 
help. In the silo, have one standing guard on the top floor, one standing guard
in the middle, that way all 3 floors are decently covered.
                                     E. Station
Neutralisation: Yes

Extraction: Yes

Sabotage: Yes

Passive Defenses: Motion detectors (in apartments)

ND133s: 4

Stealth Factor: 15%

This is the worst level for rank. Its so closely packed together, it's
impossible not to camp. There are 2 ND133s upstairs and 2 downstairs.
There are several strategies for this map. These are just a few of them.

Spies: The hardest part to get will be the control rooms. Make sure to 
bring sticky cams and smoke grenades, as at least one merc will likely be
camping the control rooms. The upstairs should be pretty easy to get. 
It's simple to detect a merc coming near while getting the objective.
I suggest that one spy QUIETLY uses the vent near the outside of the stairs
ND133. That leads straight to the control rooms. But if the mercs hear you in
there your dead meat. Anyway, while one does that, one goes in the front way.
before going in the front way, make sure you fire smoke, chaff, and flash
grenades before going in, to throw the mercs off. When the one in the vent
comes out, he should land on the boxes in the control rooms, then walk over
to climb the fence to get into the far back. Once in the far back, there
are vents that lead directly into control rooms 1&2. One should go into the 
room via the vent. If possible the other should come in the front way, and 
meet in there. Make sure that while on is         the objective, the other
is smoking up the room and attacking the mercs with all he's got.

Mercs: From the start, both rush directly back to the control rooms and
plant mines everywhere. Afterwards, have one go patrol the upstairs, while
the other guards the control rooms. If there are any signs of trouble on 
either end, one should notify the other immediatley (If you have a
headset). More times than not, spies try to rush to the control rooms and
dominate quickly. Be sure you're quick to notify. Always stay out of smoke 
station, as if you fall asleep, the tables can quickly turn.
                                  F. Vertigo Plaza
Neutralisation: Yes

Extraction: Yes

Sabotage: No

Passive Defenses: Motion detectors, Lasers

Max Pos. ND133: 6

Stealth Factor: 65%

This map is massive. Mercs have no advantage here what so ever. Only 3 out
of the 4 buildings have ND133s. There are multiple ways into each building.
If anyone falls off of a bridge they will lose a life. Be careful when walking
on top of the bridges.

Spies: This is your map! From your spawn, you can take the zipline to the front
door of the office. Beware though, mercs like to snipe the ziplines. And watch
it! Not only do mercs like to put mines under the end of the zipline, you have
to hack the door. Next to the ziplines is a small hole in the ground. I 
recommend you take that.From the very bottom of the hole, you can
hang a right, to go to the computer center. Or go stright to the library. 
Watch out for the motion detectors in the vents though, theres one in every 
vent. Another option you have is to jump on top of the bridges. These lead 
to vents in other rooms of the buildings. They also allow you to detour to 
the other bridges. When neutralising, dont get both ND133s in the same 
building. Then it makes it easier to camp the other buildings, and easier to
predict where your gonna show up next.

Mercs: Your gonna be spread out. There are 2 bridges that you can stand on
between the 3 buildings. One merc go to each bridge. that way you have fairly
quick access to each building. Put ONE mine per ND133 in a tactical spot,
so that they won't miss it. Spy traps will come in GREAT handy here.
Because it's so big, you will want to get a location on the spies before they
have the chance to do anything.
                               G.Krauser Lab

I haven't played this map much. I Promise that I WILL have a strategy for 
it soon!

Neutralisation: Yes

Extraction: Yes

Sabotage: No

Max Pos. ND133: N/A

Passive Defenses: none

Stealth Factor: 65%

Warehouse is an odd map. There are 3 sectors. Sector 2 can only be opened when
sector 1 is neutralised. Sector 3 can only be opened when sector 2 
is neutralised. This is a fairly difficult map for spies.

Spies: Break all the glass while leaving your spawn point.
That way in the near future, it won't give away the point your leaving from.
The neutralising part is hard. You should have one put the mercs to sleep
before the other neutralises. The poles on the side of the wall can be climbed,
making for good hiding spots. If you take the top route into sector 1, be
extra quiet. If mercs hear you up there, they could easily kill you 
with a frag. The key to capturing sectors 2 and 3 is to beat 
the mercs there everytime. While one is neutralising, have the other standing
close to a door and waiting for it to open. If you let the mercs in before you,
you may be shooting yourself in the foot. You will want tools to put the mercs
to sleep here.

Mercs: Run quick to plant your mines. Bur watch your head while on the walway,
the beams up there are an ideal hiding spot for spies. If sector 1 is taken,
then rush to the next sector, picking up any mines along the way, as fast as 
possible. You want to secure the new area mighty fast to prevent the spies
from taking it easily.
                                      I.Mount Hospital
Unfortunatley, this is another map I need to thouroughly examine before
I can write a guide.
                        Thanks to Faramir862 for this strategy

Neutrlization: Yes

Extraction: No

Sabotage: Yes

Max Pos. ND133: 6

Passive Defenses: Lasers, Cameras, Motion Detectors

Stealth Factor: 55%

This Map is divided into 5 rooms. The corridoor, The Cafe, The Exhibition,
The Monolith room, and the Outside. Spies have to neutralise 2 ND133s, one
from two different rooms.

Spies: One spy should go through the ceiling WITHOUT any visions on. Also,
move very slowly, If mercs hear anything above them, they will surley look up.
And remember, mercs can shoot through the ceiling tiles.

The other spy should go and cause a lot of chaos at the chaos at the cafe.
Whilst the mercs go after him, the other sneaks into the monolith or 
exhibition and neutralise. There are cameras and lasers in some of the most
unobvious places here. You have constantly look around on your thermals for
them. You might trip one without even knowing it's there.

Mercs: One merc should go to the cafe and keep watch, while the other
runs and keeps a constant patrol over monolith and exhibition,
leaving only to investigate alarms.
Setting spy traps and laser mines on this map is almost pointless, as there
are already vast amounts of lasers and cameras.

Once again, the strategy for this map was submitted by faramir862.


Neutralisation: Yes

Extraction:  Yes

Sabotage: Yes

Passive Defenses: Cameras, Motion detectors

Max Pos. ND133: 4

Stealth factor: 80%

This level gives me the creeps. But it's fun. There are 2 areas: the train area
and the water tank. Theres also a tech room where you can disable all of the 
map's cameras.

Spies: I recommend you split up, one causing trouble in the train station, 
whilst the other goes for the tech room to disable the water tank's cameras. 
With the the cameras out of the way, then its much easier to attack the water 
tank. I also recommend that when attacking the water tank, you do the one on 
the 2nd floor. If your caught in the the small crowded space on the first 
floor, you're dead meat. As for the train station, don't attack that without 
your partner. It's fairly small and easy to navigate. The mercs will quickly 
corner you if you don't have someone backing you up.

Sabotage: The sabotage mode here is fun! Theres only one, thats right, ONE
ND133. This can be hard as hell, but if you win, not only does it give you a 
great sense of pride, you've really shown the mercs whos boss! Its not easy 
though. Its located in the small, cramped hallway in the water tank. You can
bet that the mercs will have it mined all to hell, but they will be camping it.
There is a secret way into the hallway: underground vents in the train station.
But watch out for the motion detectors!

Mercs: Have one in the train station, and one in the water tank room. Also,
you may want to put a mine or 2 in the tech room. Just for a safetey measure.
This is another level where spy traps will come in great handy. In the train
room, frequently look around in your EMF vision: you might find a hiding spy 
in the vents! As for the water tank, you may want to switch between motion
and EMF. but a normal flashlight won't cut it in such a big room.
                                    L. Deftech Belew
Neutralisation: Yes

Extraction: Yes

Sabotage: Yes

Passive Defenses: Motion Detectors, Cameras

Max Pos. ND133: 6

Stealth Factor: 90%

There are 3 buildings in deftech, with 2 ND133s each. Once you neutralise an
ND133 in a building, the other goes with it.

Spies: First, DO NOT open the main doors into the buildings. If one of the
main doors is hacked, it will sound an alarm, telling the mercs which door
was opened where. There are other secret passages into each building.
In building A, there is a small pipe on the side that you can use to climb
into the restrooms. To get into building b, climb the pole in the middle
of the huge light in the center of the courtyard. On top of it is a zipline
that leads to a vent in b. For building C there is an underground tunnel.
To get into this tunnel, climb the fence on the side of building C.
I would recommend trying to neutralise building B before anything, to split
the buildings up. That would make is difficult for the mercs to navigate.
Each building is CRAWLING full of motion detectors and cameras. Advance
VERY SLOWLY and try to seek these out. One thing that you might try is
firing a few chaff grenades into each room before advancing into it.
Each building has a control panel that you can hack. When you hack these
control panels, most of the lights in that area shut down. Sorry, passive
defenses aren't shut down with them.

Mercs: You need to evenly spread your mines throught each building, then 
stand guard near or in each building. The second an alarm goes off, be 
ready to rush to the scene of the crime. Theres not much you can really
do in this map, except watch your arrows, and keep a sharp eye out for
any signs of infiltration. Placing spy traps in each building is highly

You gotta remember that not all maps are for everyone. You might be a
pro at orphanage, but suck at station. Maps can make all the difference
on your performance. Remember to try them all. You might find one that
you get lucky in.

                                 5.Tips and Tricks
So you know the controls, and you've aced a couple maps, but winning 
still tends to be pretty hard. Fear not. I have a list. A list capable of
educating even my cat in this game. These are just basic tips that can make
your game better.

1. As spies, don't run out in the open too much. Try to use vents to covertly
get to where you need to go. As fun as it would be to play terminator,
keep in mind, you have no lethal weapons. And always be on the lookout
for passive defenses. If your location is given away, the mercs will be 
especially vigilant in that area.

2. Mercs, watch the arrows around your reticle. This detects the footsteps 
made by spies who go to fast. The arrows can give away a spy's location
if you watch them carefully. But also be on the lookout for alarm snares.

3.Spies, use the enviorment to your advantage. If you find it hard to grab
a merc, look for a way to jump on him. Or find a dark spot to hide from him
until he lets off. In rank, you mainly want to avoid fights. If you think
a merc saw you, the run. Look for any kind of escape. But there are always
ways to use the enviorment.

4. In the spy's equipment screen, the top equipment slot, and the left 
equipment slot are quick use grenades. Put flash, chaff, or smoke grenades 
in there, then you should be able to throw them to the floor immediatly with 
the R1 and L1 buttons. That makes hand-to-hand combat and escaping easier.

5. Mercs, if you see a spy just standing, watching, and waiting, don't rush 
over and start shooting like a madman. Use the sniper scope to blast him in 
the head for a one-bullet-kill. If you run over and start shooting like a 
madman, he will likely run away.

6. Spies, don't get up in a merc's face too much. While directly in front of a
merc, you're just begging to be tazed...

7. Spies can use their thermals to see though most boxes and thin walls.
Use this to your advantage to try and see if a merc is coming.

8. Work together. Have one spy neutralise and objective in the map, while the
other attacks a different objective all the way on the other side of the map.
You also might try protecting your teammate while he hacks.

9. If you hear a proxy mine beeping, flip on your thermals and move very
slowly. By flippin on your thermals, you can also see the laser mines. 
Don't shoot mines to disarm them unless a merc is near them. Just very slowly
approach it and select "remove". You can also walk with your gun out, as this
will limit your speed, allowing you do evade the proxies.
However, with your gun out, you can't see on the side or back of yourself!
So I don't recommend it.

10.Mercs, don't rely too much on the tazer. It may seem useful, but
it can really piss people off if you use it too much. Try a melee attack
when in doubt. You may find it to be as good, if not better, than a tazer
in some situations.

11. When around mercs, I would recommend taking off nightvision and
thermal vision. Mercs can see you in EMF vision if you have them on.

12. When travelling on a thing surface, such as ceiling tile, mercs
can see spies through the tile with EMF vision on. The spies will
appear as a faint outline walking about. If the spy has any vision
modes or gadgets in use, they will appear fully lit in EMF vision. 
Mercs can even shoot through some of these surfaces! I recommend
Not using any visions for too long on these surfaces. If you have too,
use thermal for about 2 seconds. You can see mercs through the tile with

13."as a spy if you stay crouched the mercs will not be able to know you are
there with the arrows, therefore allowing you to be able to sneak up on the
merc and if you stay crouched when you are close enough to grab the merc you
can grab him with him not ever knowing what happened." 
-Tip #13 submitted by Kotor1499.

14."If your playing Deathmatch on free for Warehouse, and the merc is camping in
the spawn and not opening the door, I suggest doing a backflip onto the blue 
security sign. Stand in the corner of the ammo box on the GROUND and face the 
wall. Then turn a little to the left,(use your gun or binoculars to point 
yourself) and jump straight up and down.  Press Triangle FIRST then ever so 
lightly push the left analog stick forward.  If you end up jumping straight up
and down because you didn't do it hard enough, don't worry.  Just keep jumping
and moving ever so slightly forward until your on the invisible part of the 
ammo box.  Then snap the analog stick forward and press triangle and if you did
it right, you will do a backflip onto the blue thing.  If the merc opens the 
door and shoots a grenade, wait until the grenade is just about to explode and 
JUMP straight up.  If you timed it right, then no grenade should hurt you no 
matter how close it is to you.  Then when the merc finally comes out, you can
jump on him or grab his neck."
-Tip #14 submitted by I_luv_Bananas

15.Jump to avoid ramming. When a merc tries to charge you, jump and throw
a grenade down at the same time. In the air, you won't be pushed back by the
merc's charge.

16.When playing deathmatch in a dark map, as a spy, you have one person be the
"bait" to lure the merc over while the other spy hides in the shadows, or 
around a nearby corner, or somewhere where he can't be seen. So while Mr. Merc
is busy chasing your partner, he won't be too concerned with looking behind
him, leaving his neck vulnerable.

17.Use mines where they can't be seen. Put them in dark or unlikley places.
If a spy is in a hurry, he should carelessly set them off.

18.Mercs, whenever you're being attacked by spies, turn on your motion tracking
vision. It allows you to track the spies throught smoke and negates flashbangs.
But beware chaff grenades, as they disable the vision, leaving you helpless in
the dark.

19.When you're above the ceiling (I.e. in the ceiling tiles), keep you visions
off whenever possible and move slowly. Most of the time, you can see them with
your thermal vision, but don't keep them on too long, mercs can see you through
the ceiling with EMF. And sometimes even shoot you! Make sure you're undetected
in there!

20."I found this on accident actually, when you are in the very
large room [In Museum] with the girders on the ceiling you can grab on to those
as a spy and then get yourself up against the wall so you are facing it and
then whip out your gun, you will have full coverage of the room it is a good
way to cover your teammates when they are         the ND133. or just to confuse
the mercs in a deathmatch"-Tip submitted by Leon_kennedy12

21.As a merc, you very rapidly double tap the left analog stick to very quickly
turn around. Just very quickly double tap it in the direction you want to spin.
I've never really used this to my advantage, but I suppose you could try 
experimenting with it a bit.

22. Don't just put spy bullets on mercs, put them on walls. For a good measure,
Put a spy bullet on various walls in different places. They will act a presence
detectors, marking mercs on your radar. You can even hold select to hear them.
Spreading them out and putting them on all corners of the map can create a 
network, allowing you to track the mercs all the time. But keep in mind that
they will wear off eventually.

23.You can't grab a merc's neck on stairs. I know that sounds weird, but for
some reason the game just won't let you. But if you're higher up than the merc,
you could jump on his head.

24.When a merc is in a crouched position, you can't grab him. You will just
knock him unconcious, without any damage done to him. But you can jump on his
head do deal half-health to him.

25.Try to keep track of how many lives each person has. It may not sound all 
that useful at first, but in ranked games, it can be a handy piece of info.

26.Know your maps inside and out. Use the visit a map option to take a grand 
tour of each map, get to know all of the passive defenses and secret passages,
and put them to the test in a free game before you try it in rank.

.This is all that comes to mind right now. I NEED more tips. If you have some
email me: [email protected] . Don't forget to include your screen 
name or your real name so I can credit you!

I need some questions before I can give you an FAQ! Again, email your questions
to me at [email protected] . Note that hatemail, junk, and 
compliments will not be posted.
                                      7. Contatct me
If you would like to submit a map strategy, tip, or question,
email me at [email protected] . Things like hatemail, junk,
compliments (though compliments are appreciated) will not be posted.
Be sure to tell me what you are submitting in the subject. And most 
importantly, be sure to give me a screen name (Game FAQS name, SCCT online 
name etc.) so I can credit you. I wont post it if you don't give me a way to 
credit you.