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Follow the dark path or use the light
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss Pack Shot

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss


Amanohashi Ikkaku FAQ

by Metapod

~tokimeki memorial  girl's side~
~        playstation 2         ~
~    amanohashi ikkaku faq     ~
~copywright marcus hanshew 2007~

| version 1.0               |
| last update: 4 April 2007 |

Wow, this is the first guide I've written in a long time. I don't really have
the will to write a lot anymore because I'd much rather just play games than
write for them, but my undying love for Amanohasirizityou has inspired me to
write this, I guess. Plus it beats doing my Korean homework.

Anyway, I'm trying a new method of organization for this guide using the little
search key thingies, so just copy and paste one of the funny-looking things in
brackets and then use your browser or text application's search function
(CTRL + F for most apps) to find that section. Under each section heading I
will also give a brief description of that section.

Please note that this guide contains Japanese text, so set your browser to the
proper encoding (Shift-JIS) to view it.

Please note that this guide is not 100% spoiler free.

// TABLE OF CONTENTS // -------------------------------------------------------

\\ TERMS ........................................................ [TERM]
 \\     This is a list of all the terms I will use in this guide
 //     for reference, since many people call various things in
 \\     the game different things when talking in English.

\\ PROFILE ...................................................... [PROF]
 \\     The profile section contains all the basic information
 //     on Amanohashi, including selections you should make in
 \\     clothing, gifts, name-calling, etc., and other info.

\\ ALBUM EVENTS ................................................. [EVEN]
 \\     The album events section contains descriptions on how to
 //     obtain all eighteen album events for Amanohashi's section
 \\     and also has organized lists by season, affection level,
  \\    etc. so you can easily reference them.

\\ DATE ANSWERS ................................................. [DATE]
 \\     The date answers section contains the answers that you
 //     should give while going on a date. The Japanese text is
 \\     provided for matching if you don't understand Japanese.

\\ BASIC WALKTHROUGH ............................................ [WALK]
 \\     The walkthrough section is a guide to beginning your
 //     game for dating Amanohashi, including how to meet him,
 \\     what decisions to make early in the gamet etc.

\\ OTHER SECTIONS ............................................... [OTHR]
 \\     These are the other sections in the guide. These include
 //     a Q&A section, update history, contact information,
 \\     copywright information, etc.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

// TERMS //--------------------------------------------------------------[TERM]

This is just a short glossary of the terms I will use to refer to various
things in this game. I assume if you are using this guide, you already know
the basics of gameplay, so I will not teach that here.


RICH: Currency (r for short, e.g.: 10r = 10 Rich)

COMMAND: an action from the menu, such as studying or practicing your club.

PARAMETERS: Your 'stats.'
   学力 : Study
   芸術 : Art
   流行 : Social
   運動 : Sports
   気配り: Attentiveness (Att.)
   魅力 : Charm

AFFECTION LEVEL: How much someone likes you.
   >( face: Angry
   :| face: Neutral
   :) face: Friendly
   :D face: Like (used as in "when he likes you")
   blushing face: Tokimeki

C.V. = Character Voice (voice actor)

DOKUROKUMA = A teddy bear character in the game. When you are in the sewing
             club and fail, this teddy with the skull on it is what the
             character looks like. (Hibiya LOVES THIS THING o_o)

// PROFILE // -----------------------------------------------------------[PROF]

Amanohashi Ikkaku is a brown-suit-clad romantic set on being a dandy and loves
elegant ladies. So if you want to date this handsome mustache, you're going to
need to become a charming, elegant dandy yourself! He is the school board
director (somewhat like a principal) at your high school, and he is very close
friends with the famous fashion designer, Hanatsubaki Goro (who has a thing for
the director himself! It's no wonder, he's such a classy and gorgeous guy!
Luckily Amanohashi doesn't seem to like Goro like that at all... relief!)

A "man of the sea," he owns a boat named The Aphrodite, and he loves to go out
on it and go for cruises in his car, listening to classical and rock music. He
loves romance and elegant things, and is always calm, unless his jumping into
cold water to save a kitty because he's just that amazing!

He also apparently likes video games, because there is a very awkward scene
where you catch him with Morimura in the arcade after a fierce competition! He
lost though... :) <3 The whole conversation takes place outside the arcade
though, and they never technically mention that they were playing games... just
how they'll return the favor and get each other good and need to do it again
sometime and things like that... o_o;;;

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

NAME: Amanohashi Ikkaku 天之橋 一鶴 (C.V. Kosugi Juurouta 小杉 十郎太)
BIRTH: 5 February 1966 (age 38 when he confesses to you)
SIZE: 182 cm / 72 kg (About 6 ft, 160 lbs)
SIGN: Aquarius

CLUB: Technically not in a club, but supervises over the sewing club.
JOB: No part-time job (school board director at Habataki High)
RIVAL: Hanatsubaki Goro (technically he is not a rival -- Goro can't steal
       Rizityou away from you like the girl rivals can; however, during one
       of the album events and also at the final Christmas party, the heroine
       discovers that Goro may be jealous and have feelings for Amanohashi, and
       Goro does try to convince you that the age difference is too much at one

HOW TO MEET HIM: Raise your ATT and CHARM to 95+ and witness a special series
                 of events -- see the walkthrough for more info.


 (Normal clothing)
   Loves: Elegant
   Likes: Pure
   Okay : Sexy
   Hates: Sporty
 (Other stuff)
   Swimsuit: Elegant
   Christmas: Elegant
   Accessory: Corsage

FAVORITE DATES: Planetarium, Concerts, Movies, The Aphrodite, Driving


 At all times:
   天之橋さん (Mr. Amanohashi)
   理事長 (Mr. Director/Principal)
   一鶴さん (Mr. Ikkaku)
   一鶴 (Ikkaku)
   おじサマ (Uncle)

   天之橋様 (Sir Amanohashi)
   おっちゃん (Gramps) <-- this is what Tsukushi calls him, heh.
   一鶴サマ (Sir Ikkaku)
   理事長サマ (Sir Director/Principal)


 (1r presents)
   Loves: Glass pen stand
   Likes: Mini-cactus, bottled cookies
   Okay : Kittens calendar
   Hates: Dokurokuma pencil case, pop celeb (idol) trading cards
 (10r presents)
   Loves: Music box, ceramic lantern, tablecloth, glass vase (sleek!)
   Likes: none
   Okay : Roomworker
   Hates: Life-size Dokurokuma doll


 (Year 1)
   Likes: KTYO Symphony Orchestra CD
   Okay : Visual band CD
   Hates: Salad & oil set
 (Year 2)
   Likes: Ship in a bottle kit
   Okay : Fancy do-it-yourself set
   Hates: Soap & Shampoo set
 (Year 3)
   Likes: Memorial album (how sweet!)
   Okay : Classic leather business card wallet (cute <3!)
   Hates: Dried food set? (... lol)


 (Birthday presents)
   Rose broach: you can wear in on dates! He'll like it if you wear it, too.
   English Ceramic Music Box: Raises CHARM and STUDY by 5 each!
   Antique English doll: Raises CHARM and ART by 5 each!
 (Christmas presents)
   School emblem letter set: Charm +5!
   School emblem card case : Art +5!
   School emblem fountain pen: Study +5!
 (White Day presents)
   Feather pen: Study +15!
   Notebook: Study +10 and Social +5!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

// ALBUM EVENTS //-------------------------------------------------------[EVEN]
 \\              \\________________________________
 // Album Event Section TABLE OF CONTENTS         <3
 \\     How to get the events ............ [EVE1] <3
 //     Event tables (organized) ......... [EVE2] <3
 \\     Event descriptions (SPOILERS!) ... [EVE3] <3

To get an album event, you have to be in the right place at the right time.
This usually means going on a date at a certain affection level during a
certain season or entering a certain command at a certain level of affection.
Some are just gained automatically or during forced events like tests.

Amanohashi's album image set starts on page four of the album  with the first
image being the fourth image on the second to bottom row (the 24th image on
that page) and ends on page 5 at the beginning of the 3rd row (the 11th image
on that page).

~ HOW TO GET THE EVENTS ~                                                [EVE1]

Here is how the way to get the images is organized:

ALBUM IMAGE: Number in Amanohashi's set (Number in total set)*
REQUIREMENTS: You must meet all of these before you can get the event.**
TRIGGER: What you must do to make the event actually happen after meeting
         the requirements.

* If there are two numbers here, this means he will be wearing his darker brown
  suit in one image and the lighter brown suit in the other. This changes with
  the season, but you only need to get one version in a playthrough to unlock
  both in the album.

** If ever an event needs a certain affection rating, you have a much better
   chance of getting that event if you're AT that affection level rather than
   past it, though you can get it while you have passed it, too.

ALBUM IMAGE: 1 & 2 (114 & 115)
              Att 80+
              Met Amanohashi at the magical church
              Had Amanohashi drive you home (before knowing his name)
TRIGGER: Go to school.
ALBUM IMAGE: 3 (116)
REQUIREMENTS: April 2004 only!
              Affection at friendly+
TRIGGER: Go to the KCH concert at the event hall with him.
ALBUM IMAGE: 4 (117)
TRIGGER: Go for a cruise on The Aphrodite with him.
ALBUM IMAGE: 5 (118)
REQUIREMENTS: October or November
TRIGGER: Go on a drive as a date (not taking you home after school)
ALBUM IMAGE: 6 (119)
TRIGGER: Go on a date to the (foresT) park.
ALBUM IMAGE: 7 (120)
TRIGGER: Take your exams at school.
ALBUM IMAGE: 8 (121)
TRIGGER: Go shopping at the mall together.
ALBUM IMAGE: 9 (122)
REQUIREMENTS: October, November
TRIGGER: Go to school.
ALBUM IMAGE: 10 (123)
              While school is in session
TRIGGER: Study command (NOT with Arisawa)
ALBUM IMAGE: 11 & 12 (124 & 125)
TRIGGER: Go on a date to the sky lounge
ALBUM IMAGE: 13 & 14 (126 & 127)
REQUIREMENTS: Learned Amanohashi's name
TRIGGER: Ask him to drive you home after school
ALBUM IMAGE: 15 (128)
REQUIREMENTS: 2004 School Culture Festival
              Amanohashi is closer to you than any other guy.
              No exploded bombs -I THINK-
TRIGGER: Attent the culture festival.
ALBUM IMAGE: 16 (129)
REQUIREMENTS: 2004 Christmas Party
              Amanohashi is closer to you than any other guy
TRIGGER: Attend the Christmas Party.
ALBUM IMAGE: 17 & 18 (130 & 131)       
              Amanohashi is the closest guy to you
              No exploded bombs
              Didn't complete any girl ending events
              Charm and Attentiveness over 150, other stats preferrably over
                80, sports can be 0. If all of your stats are too low, you may
                not get the ending (though it's most likely you still will)
TRIGGER: Finish the game and enter your final command. Choose to be with him
         when you are given the option.

~ EVENT TABLES ~                                                         [EVE2]

Organized by affection level and time you must get them, so this is most likely
the order you would recieve them in, though it is not always the case if you
missed one because of time restraints.

 (Neutral+) :|
   1              any time
   2              any time
   13             any time
   14             any time
 (Friendly+) :)
   3              Summer (any)
   11             any time
   12             any time
   9              Oct/Nov (any)
   7              School exams
   8              2003+ Fall
   4              April 2004
   15             School play
   16             2004 Christmas
 (Like+) :D
   5              Oct/Nov (any)
   6              Winter (any)
   10             Winter (any)
 (Tokimeki) *'_'*
   17             End game
   18             End game

~ EVENT DESCRIPTIONS ~                                                   [EVE3]

WARNING! This section contains spoilers for the events in the game. If you
don't want to know what happens on the special events, do not read this
section! This is for reference so it's easier to tell which ones you have
acquired so far.

** EVENT 1 & 2 **

     Amanohashi presents you with a boquet of roses in the school garden.

** EVENT 3 

     After a very tough day of work, Amanohashi meets you for your date to see
     the symphony. Mid-date, he is so exhuasted that he falls asleep and you
     watch over his gorgeous, peaceful sleeping face in the event hall.

** EVENT 4

     After inviting you aboard the cruiser Aphrodite, there is engine trouble
     and your man feels sad. Luckily, things turn up when dolphins can be
     sighted in the nearby water, and Amanohashi takes of his glasses and you
     get a great view of both dolphins and the luscious man of the sea.

** EVENT 5

     The notorious Hanatsubaki Goro calls and summons you and Amanohashi in the
     middle of your date to have you try some clothes of his. A little of
     Goro's jealousy seeps out in the conversation (and sadly, this image is
     mostly Goro's ugly head). Direction Amanohashi blushes in embarassment for
     you and himself... which would be cute, but Goro's head is too big.

** EVENT 6

     Our brown mustached hero rescues a cat from the water, and then talks
     about it, all wet in his soaked brown suit. The whole time the cat makes
     an annoying screeching sound...

** EVENT 7

     A rose from a dandy to wish you the best on your exams!

** EVENT 8

     A distorted image of the director contemplating a glass slipper. Probably
     my least favorite image in the album besides the giant Goro head.

** EVENT 9

     Hanatsubaki Goro chases Amanohashi all over the school trying to get him
     to try on his new men's style golden sparkly hot pants. Of course, our
     wonderful dandy could never be seen in something as weird as that (as
     could anyone else, really...), so he asks you to hide him from his crazy
     stalker. You get to see a cute, scared director behind a creepy Goro head.

** EVENT 10

     Excited to see you, the director greets you in the library, only to be
     warned to be quiet. To make up for the required silence, he sits and
     writes you a beautiful, poetic love note, and our heroine gets a little
     embarassed. Maybe the player will blush, too :)

** EVENT 11 & 12

     Instead of going to the cafe as with most guys, Amanohashi takes you to
     a high-class lounge that overlooks the city with a very pretty view.

** EVENT 13 & 14

     The most common image you will probably see -- your mustached director
     giving you a comfortable ride home in his car!

** EVENT 15

     In a fancy old-time suit, you perform a romantic scene from My Fair Lady
     with your (hopefully by now) loving Director.

** EVENT 16

     After accidentally interupting a conversation between the heroine and 
     Kijyou, Amanohashi apologizes and takes you outside to have a chat in the
     moonlight at his Christmas party. In his stunning gray party suit, the
     heroine comments to herself that this is the most gorgeous he has ever
     looked in his life, and it is quite a wonderous moment.

** EVENT 17 & 18

     For the past three years, your school director has been watching over you
     and falling in love with you... enjoy how the story ends when you get to
     this point and hear what the dandy gentleman has to confess to you!

// DATE ANSWERS //-------------------------------------------------------[DATE]
 \\              \\____________________________
 // Date Answers Section TABLE OF CONTENTS    <3
 \\     Planetarium ...................[PLNT] <3
 //     Movies (Aoi Gurasu no Onna) ...[MOV1] <3
 \\     Movies (Saraba Utahime) .......[MOV2] <3
 //     Heated Pool ...................[POOL] <3
 \\     Sky Lounge ....................[SKLN] <3
 //     The Aphrodite .................[CRUS] <3
 \\     KCH Symphony Orchestra ........[KCHC] <3
 //     New World Theatre Troupe ......[KSSD] <3
 \\     Metal Brave ...................[MTBV] <3
 //     Shopping ......................[SHOP] <3
 \\     Drive .........................[CARS] <3
 //     "Love Talk" (Secret) Answers ..[LOVE] <3

For the date answers, I will list what he says, followed by what your response
should be. Since Amanohashi asks you out himself and you never get a chance to
ask him, you'll never have to go to any places that he doesn't like, making his
list of answers shorter than the other guys, since you can ask them to go to
ANY place in the area. He still won't invite you to places that you haven't
unlocked via, so make sure you keep clicking that computer if you
want him to ask you to shop at a certain store like Boutique Jess (even though
that's the very first thing you unlock XD)

For the answers, I will use the following scale:

◎ Perfect answer. Raises affection the most.
○ Good answer. Raises affection somewhat.
△ Moderate answer. Affection is normal.
× Bad answer. Lowers affection just a bit.
×× Horrible answer. Lowers affection the most.

Every date spot as three different sets of things that he can say. Once you've
been to the same place three times, the forth time will repeat from the first
one. It will always have the same answer set. The answers are shuffled each
time, so these are in order from best to worst answer -- do not just pick them
based on where they are on the list (for those of you who don't know Japanese.)

~ PLANETARIUM ~                                                          [PLNT]

(First Date)

He says: 

Your responses:

◎ : きらめく星々…ロマンチックでした
○ : あの星の光は何億年前の輝きなんですね
××: ゴメンナサイ、私途中で眠っちゃって


(Second Date)

He says:

Your responses:

◎ : わたしもきれいなものは大好きです
○ : 疲れがとれていいですね


(Third Date)

He says:

Your responses:

○ : べつに、大丈夫です
× : 天之橋さんの側で暖めてください
××: ちょっと走ってきます

~ BLUE GRASS GIRL ~                                                      [MOV1]

(First Date)

He says nothing, it's all up to you! (I think this is how ALL first movies go.)

Your responses:

◎ : 今日の映画、最高でしたね!
△ : 今日の映画、まあまあでしたね
××: 今日の映画、つまらなかったですね


(Second Date)

He says:

Your responses:

◎ : 美しいけどせつないシーンでしたね
△ : ヒロインの気持ちがわかりません
× : 字幕なんで疲れました


~ FAREWELL SONGSTRESS ~                                                  [MOV2]

(First Date)

He says nothing, it's all up to you!

Your responses:

◎ : 今日の映画、最高でしたね!
△ : 今日の映画、まあまあでしたね
××: 今日の映画、つまらなかったですね


(Second Date)

He says:

Your respones:

◎ : ステキな映画でした。憧れちゃう。
△ : 夢見がちなんですね
× : 眠くて眠くて・・・。


~ POOL. ~                                                                [POOL]

(First Date)

This one varies depending on your sports parameter because it reflects how well
you can swim (you don't want to lie about it, right?) So ONLY pick the ◎ mark
option on this list if your sports parameter is ABOVE FORTY. If not, you'll
have to pick the ○ option, sorry.

He says:

Your responses:

◎ : 泳ぎなら任せておいてください! (SPORTS = 40+)
○ : まあまあかな
× : 泳ぎ方を教えてくださいよ
××: 泳ぎなら任せておいてください! (SPORTS = 39-)


(Second Date)

He says:
  学生時代は結構 鍛えていてね

Your responses:

◎ : わぁ、ほんと、すごい筋肉ですね!
○ : たしかにそういう感じがします
× : なんだか意外ですね


(Third Date)

○ : 天之橋さんってアクティブなんですね!
△ : じゃあこれからは私が一緒です
× : ずいぶん地味な趣味ですね


~ SKY LOUNGE ~                                                           [SKLN]

(First Date)

He says:

Your responses:

○ : ここの夜景、キレイですね
△ : 高そうですね・・・
××: 若い人には人気無さそうですね


(Second Date)

He says:

Your responses:

◎ : ステキですね。宝石箱みたい・・・
△ : わぁ!遠くまでよく見える!
× : でも香港の夜景にはかないませんね


(Third Date)

He says:

Your respones:

○ : こういう景色も幻想的で好きです
× : じゃあ今日はあなたを見ています
××: じゃあ帰りましょうか?


~ APHRODITE ~                                                            [CRUS]

(First Date)

He says:

Your responses:

◎ : わたしも夏が大好き!
△ : わたしは春のほうが好きなんです
× : 夏が好きなんて若い人みたい


(Second Date)

He says:

Your responses:

○ : たいへん、お肌を守らなくちゃ!
△ : 夏だから小麦色にしたいんです
× : 大丈夫、気にしすぎですよ


(Third Date)

He says:
  見てごらん! 海があんなに輝いている!

Your respones:

○ : ホント、きれいですね!
△ : それよりおなかがすきました!
× : 目が痛いんですけど


~ KCH SYMPHONY ~                                                         [KCHC]

(First Date)

He says:

Your responses:

◎ : 胸に迫る演奏でした
△ : 第二バイオリンの調弦がやや甘いです
××: ぐっすり眠れました!


(Second Date)

He says:

Your responses:

◎ : ホントにステキな演奏でした!
△ : わりとミーハーなんですね
× : じゃあ、聴けてラッキーでした


(Third Date)

He says:

Your responses:

○ : はい、喜んで!
△ : 本当ですか?ヤッター!
× : 早く帰りたいんです

~ 劇団新世代 ~                                                            [KSSD]

(First Date)

He says nothing! It's up to you!

Your responses:

◎ : 今日の公演最高でしたね!
△ : 今日の公演まあまあでしたね
× : 今日の公演つまらなかったですね


(Second Date)

He says:

Your respones:

○ : とても楽しかったです
△ : 難しかったけどがんばって観ました
× : あの人たち、みんな大声ですね


(Third Date)

He says:

Your responses:

○ : お友達に私からもお礼をしていいですか?
× : 素晴らしいご友人ですね!
××: 友人は選んだ方がいいですよ


~ METAL BRAVE !! ~                                                       [MTBV]

(First Date)

He says nothing! It's up to you!

Your responses:

◎ : 今日の公演最高でしたね!
△ : 今日の公演まあまあでしたね
× : 今日の公演つまらなかったですね


(Second Date)

He says:

Your responses:

◎ : わたしもまた来たいな・・・
△ : 前にも来日したことあるんですか?
× : 飽きるんじゃないですか?


(Third Date)

He says:

Your responses:

◎ : その頃の天之橋さんにも会いたいな
△ : その頃の天之橋さんって想像できない
× : 何時代のことですか?

~ SHOPPING ~                                                             [SHOP]

Shopping is a little different from the other dates. He will pick out something
for you, and it will either be real or a joke. The problem is, you can't see
what he's picking out. You can only tell by the way he asks you how it looks,
which isn't really different at all. But if you memorize which version is
which, you'll know what to pick. If you can't reference a guide and can't
remember which is which, just guess the △ answer because it's the same in

(Version 1)

He says:

Your responses:

◎ : わあ、ステキ!
△ : うーん、どうしようかなあ・・・
× : それはちょっと・・・遠慮します

(Version 2)

He says:

Your responses:

○ : それはちょっと・・・遠慮します
△ : うーん、どうしようかなあ・・・
× : わあ、ステキ!

~ DRIVE ~                                                                [CARS]

Before all drive dates he will ask you if your safety belt is fastened and
stuff first... just skip that and then he'll ask you the 'date question.'

(First Drive)

He says:

Your responses:

○ : ちょっと緊張します
△ : 安全運転でお願いしますね
× : カッ飛ばしていきましょう!


(Second Drive)

He says:

Your responses:

◎ : わたしも楽しんでますから
× : オシャベリも悪くないです
××: あー、うるさかった!


(Third Drive)

He says:

Your responses:

○ : 世界の果てまで
× : 地獄の一丁目まで
× : どこへでも連れて行って

// BASIC WALKTHROUGH //--------------------------------------------------[WALK]

This section will provide just a simple description on what you should be doing
in order to meet Amanohashi as fast as you can so that you can get as many
dates in as possible if you're going for things like the Love Talk dates and
stuff like that. A few specific album events are actually easier to get if you
wait and start dating Amanohashi later -- but if you do it that way, you'll
miss out on some of the OTHER album events. It's pretty hard to get all of his
events in one game. Either way, you'll want to make sure you have his name
by the second Christmas party, or it will be REALLY hard to get him to start
asking you on dates in time to get him to tokimeki by the end.

This isn't cut up into sections because all the information goes together. Just
read through the whole thing, since you can't really pick up from the middle
since your decisions constantly change where you are in the game, so if you
want to be at the same place as me, you'll have to have played the same way.

Anyway, the basics on meeting him. Before starting, realize that Amanohashi is
not like the other guys in that you just have to do an activity to meet him. He
will not give away his identity unless you really want to pursue it. When you
first meet him, his name will be ??? and it will not be until the forth meeting
that you will learn his name. To get these events, you must pump up your ATT
and CHARM parameters. 

When they've both reached at least 50, you will wander over to the magical
church to run into a handsome dandy who calls you ozyousama. When they've
gotten to 65, you'll find a mustached gentleman offering to drive you home (In
real life, don't get into cars with strangers, kids!) And when you get to 80 on
each, you'll be given a bouquet of roses from this fine man! If you want to
unveil his true identity, raise them to 95 and the fashion designer Hanatsubaki
Goro will let it slip out (probably trying to keep you away from him, but it
doesn't work! We want our director!) Note that all these events happen at the
school, so you can't get them on your breaks. By picking all the right commands
(and with some luck), you'll be able to get his name before the summer break!

So, your goal is to shove your ATT and CHARM to 95 as fast as posible. Let's
start the game and choose the room that starts your first friend as Sudou (it's
the one on the top right). Choose your blood type as O.

Watch the intro and you'll be able to pick your first command. There are two
commands you can choose here -- play with Sudou or the lipstick command. The
lipstick command is risky because it can knock your att down, but you're going
to be raising att faster than charm, so it's okay. Also, Sudou has a low chance
of actually raising your charm (though she's good for the weekends). Anyway,
pick one of those two and it will be your first off-day. This is probably your
most important early-game choice -- join the cheerleading squad on this day!
Meeting Fujii and being on the cheer squad will greatly help your parameters in
getting where you want them, so this is very important. Now you'll have a
while to just practice your cheers and play with Sudou and Fujii until your
stats are high enough. You might want to start your work at Boutique Jess once
your parameters are at the right level, but I'd say to wait it out until you've
secured your 95 in charm and att first.

Do your cheers on the weekend. On the weekdays, either play with Fujii or
Sudou. Check the horoscope page to see which would be better (if you need to
understand the horoscopes, check another guide) so that your parameters raise
the most they can. Sudou has a much better chance of raising your charm well if
you play with her under a good horoscope.

You should get the first two scenes with ??? before the end of May, and at the
beginning of June, you should have your two parameters at around 70 or higher.
At this point, it will be around time for the sports festival. Don't bother
with the bread race since you'll have to give your bread to Hazuki; just do the
item relay since it's easy to come in first. Keep boosting your stats and you
should have the third event by the beginning of July, and the last one in the
final week before break starts. If you don't get it that fast, don't worry, it
takes some luck, and chances are you'll have to wait through break to meet him.

Anyway, once you get to 8/04, you should quit the cheer club, and then on
8/11, you should join the sewing/crafts club, and then you'll be headed to
summer camp where you should cook ラグーのパッパルデッレ for him.

After camp, you can start resting (hopefully you haven't spent any days resting
up until now...) and studying (you'll want to get good marks on the tests in
almost any file). Also, you'll want to start working at Boutique Jess. Make
sure your studies don't let your charm drop too low (luckily Jess will help
even this out). If they're ever below 100, play with Sudou for a weekend or
something and try to even them out. Once you meet Arisawa, start using her to
study so that your att keeps rising and you can start using the lipstick
command without worry to get fast boosts to your charm parameter.

When the culture festival comes around, make sure you always use the command
to prepare for it (it takes over your club command, looks like a fan) so that
you can boost ALL of your stats. And remember that you don't really need to
rest that often, just when your stress is over 40, I'd say. Later on, you'll
want to rest more to prepare for long hauls with bombs and dates and stuff
every weekend, but you're fine for now.

Once December rolls around, make sure you make a stop by Boutique Jess to buy
a party suit for the Christmas party and buy some elegant clothes. I choose to
have two shirts I can wear under a top and then have one top and one bottom.
This way, all I ever have to do is switch between the two shirts for each date.
At this time, you won't be able to buy a swimsuit, so make sure you keep that
in mind later in the game -- you won't have time to buy one after he asks you
to the pool, so make sure you get one ahead of time near the very beginning of

At the Christmas party, you can either give him the normal loved 10r gift or
you can try something like the mini-cactus. I think that when guys are at a
neutral state, it's actually BETTER to give them a more friendly gift that a
big gift they love for Christmas, but I haven't confirmed this.

After Christmas, wish for Amanohashi at the New Year's Festival (which you will
probably attend alone unless you try calling Hazuki or Morimura and get really
lucky, but I usually just choose to go alone anyway until Director calls and
asks me to go with him).

After that, you'll need to buy him the symphony CD for his birthday and make
him some yummy choco for valentines, and he should start asking you out soon.
After that, just keep making good decisions and you should get him to tokimeki
pretty fast if you keep up on the good dating. Start doing all the normal
little things you would do to boost him, too, like cooking the hardest food at
the summer camp and running the bread race so you can share your bread with
him, and also scoring good on the tests to impress him! Keep working on your
parameters so that you have ATT and CHARM at 150+ by the end of the game, and
also try to get the rest of your stats at something like 80 or 100+, but sports
can be 0 (though I like to keep it above 100, too... I hate ending the game
with any parameter below 130 no matter the ending!)

Good luck with getting your Love Talks and stuff! If you're having trouble
getting a certain album event, try waiting until the second Christmas to do
anything with Amanohashi (go ahead and meet him in the beginning like normal,
and you can go home with him, but don't buy him gifts or anything until the
second xmas party). You can use the first year+ of extra time to get a good set
of parameters and to get album events for other guys (when I was going for the
last album image of Amanohashi, I managed to get two Morimura events, Sudou's
event, and a Mihara (and many other events that I already had) in that first
year or so.

And that's all you really need to know! If you have any further questions, feel
free to ask!

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As for official credit, most of this information comes from the game itself,
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the date answers (honestly, I've memorized almost all of them as far as which
rating they are, haha... I play this way too much...)

The site I referenced most is here:

While it does have other information that is in this guide, a lot of it I
found myself by playing the game, and I mainly used that website as a
reference. Either way, it's very helpful, but I don't know how it would be
if you didn't know Japanese, so I wanted to make a guide to help those out
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