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Follow the dark path or use the light


by TrulyDexterous

              ___    _    _  _  _    _  _  ___    __  ___       _  _
               | |_||_  |/ \|_)| \  / \|_   | |_||_   |  )||\ |/ _(_`
   ___________ | | ||_  |\_/| \|_/  \_/|    | | ||__  |-< || \|\_|._)    _____
  | ___   ___ |         |__ _________                 |  \             ,'____ |
  |/   | |   \|            | __   __ |                                / /    \|
___   _| |              ___|/  | |  \|___              _______ ______| |
 ||_||_| | _    _     ,' _ `.  | |  ,' _ `.  _    _    \  ___ \\  __ \\ `-.
 || ||_| || |  | |  |/ ,' `. \ | | / ,' `. \| |  | |  || |__ \|| |__) |`-. `.
       | || |  | |  || |   | | | | | |   | || |  | |  ||  __|  |  __ (    `. \
       | | \ \/ \ \/ \ `._,' / | | \ `._,' / \ \/ \ \/ | |___/|| |  \ \     | |
       | |  \/   \/   `.___,'  | |  `.___,'   \/   \/  /______//_\   \_\    | |
       | |                    /___\                                  |\___,' /
      /___\                                                          |_____,'

|                                                                            |
|                           Author: TrulyDexterous                           |
|                           Last Updated: 29/02/08                           |
|                                Version: 1.0                                |
|                                                                            |

|                             TABLE OF CONTENTS                              |

            1).................................Introduction [INCN]
            2).............................Revision History [RVHI]
            3)..................................Legal Stuff [LGST]
            4)........................................Story [STOY]
            5)...................................Game Basic [GMBC]

            6A).............................The Walkthrough [TWKH]
            6B)....................................Prologue [PRLG]
            6C)..................................Weathertop [WETP]
            6D)..............................Gates of Moria [GOMR]
            6E)....................The Watcher in the Water [TWIW]
            6F).................................Balins Tomb [BNTB]
            6G)..................................Cave Troll [CVTL]
            6H)....................................Amon Hen [AMHE]
            6I).......................................Lurtz [BSLZ]
            6J)..............................Fangorn Forest [FGFT]
            6K).............................Plains of Rohan [PORH]
            6L)................................The Westfold [TEFD]
            6M)................................Gap of Rohan [GORH]
            6N).................................Warg Leader [WGLR]
            6O)....................Helms Deep: Deeping Wall [HDDW]
            6P)...................Helms Deep: Breached Wall [HDBW]
            6Q)..............Helms Deep: Hornburg Courtyard [HDHC]
            6R)............................Tower of Orthanc [TOOC]

            7)..........................Combos and Upgrades [CNUG]
            8).................................Secret Codes [SRTC]
            9)..................................Items Guide [IMGD]
            10).....................................Credits [CDTS]
            11).........................Contact Information [CNIF]

Press Ctrl+F together and input the code that's in [brackets] next to the
section you want. Then press enter twice and you will be taken to the section
you want. e.g. Input CDTS and press enter twice to be taken to the Credits

|1)                              INTRODUCTION                          [INCN]|

So, here is my Lord of the Ring The Two Towers FAQ, as I promised in my
Fellowship FAQ, even if it is a little late! This is a completely different
game from the Fellowship. The Two Towers is more combat-based. The guide is
compiled using the games Normal Mode. This will cover the majority  of people
playing the game. The guide is somewhat incomplete at the moment, but you will
find that all the levels have full guides. I hope that you find this useful.

- TrulyDexterous

|2)                             REVISION HISTORY                       [RVHI]|
                              Version 0.7 (02/03/04)

Almost complete, need to finish the Enemies section and the Combos and
Upgrades section. Also a few more format issues to clear up. The current size
is around 70kb.

                              Version 0.8 (04/03/04)

Added the search string and re-numbered the section headers.

                              Version 0.9 (05/03/04)

Added the ASCII at the top. The file size is around 85kb.

                              Version 1.0 (29/02/08)

I realise the completion of this guide has taken a long while. However, it is
less complete than re-versioned. I have taken out the incomplete sections and
I have reformatted certain parts of the guide. I realise that there are parts
missing from the guide such as an enemies section and a guide to the upgrades
and combos. These will hopefully be done in time. File size is now around

|3)                               LEGAL STUFF                          [LGST]|

his guide can only be viewed on the following sites-

GameFAQs     -
GameSpot     -
IGN          -

Please do not ask to host this guide. 


This guide is the and everything included herein is the sole property of 
D Makey. It may not be used for profitable purposes (whether money is
involved or not) or for promotional purposes. It may not be used for any
reason other than to provide help on a free to view website. Printing of
this document is allowed, but only for personal use. It may not be displayed
or offered publicly.

|4)                                  STORY                             [STOY]|

                           'ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL,
                             ONE RING TO FIND THEM,
                           ONE RING TO BRING THEM ALL
                         AND IN THE DARKNESS BIND THEM'

It began with the forging of the great rings. Three were given to the Elves-
immortal, wisest, and fairest of all beings. Seven to the Dwarf lords- great
miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. Nine rings were gifted to the
race of Men, who above all else, desire power.

For within these rings was bound the strength and will to govern each race.
But they were all decieved. For another ring was made. In the land of Mordor,
in the fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron forged, in secret, a master
ring to control all others. And into this ring he poured his cruelty, his
malice ad his will to dominate all life.

|5)                              GAME BASICS                           [GMBC]|


        Move................................D-Pad or Left Analog Stick
        Speed Attack....................X Button or Right Analog Stick
        Fierce Attack...................Triangle or Right Analog Stick
        Knock Back...............................O Button or R3 Button
        Parry......................................Square or R1 Button
        Killing Move.........................................R2 Button
        Equip Ranged Weapon...........................L1 Button (Hold)
        Fire Ranged Weapon...X or Right Analog Stick  (While Equipped)
        Jump Back............................................R2 Button
        Devestating Attack....................Hold and Release Tiangle

                                  GAME SCREEN

Here a the things that will appear on the in-game screen.

This is your life. If this is depleated then you will die. To avoid hits, use
parry (square) or jump back (R2). The bar will go down, when you are hit by
enemies. Collecting potions will restore your health.

Fills up with blue as your experience goes up. You gain experience by slaying
enemies. When the gauge has filled, you character will gain a level. When this
happens,a white + will appear at the top of the gauge.

Use combos and avoid being hit by enemies to fill the skill meter. The higher
the skill meter, the better the kill rating.

The gauge shows how many projectiles you have left for your ranged weapon.

One or more gauges appear in the top rioght of the screen. This often
represets the health of friends or structures you are defending. Also, it may
be used to represent the health of an enemy.

                              PLAYABLE CHARACTERS

The 3 characters who you may use in the game are Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli.

| DESCRIPTION   |Is a Ranger, a strong man skilled in the use of many weapons |
|               | and languages. He is known as Dunadan or 'Man of the West', |
|               | though his true identity as the heir to the throne of Gondor|
|               | is known to few. He can survive in every situation and bears|
|               | the Sword That Was Broken.                                  |
|  STRENGTHS    |Good with both weapons, can take out large groups of enemies.|
|   WEAKNESSES  | Does not have special abiliy in any weapon.                 |
|   WEAPONS     |Bow, sword.                                                  |
|  MY RATING    |4/5                                                          |

| DESCRIPTION   |Legolas is an Elven price from the woodland realm of         |
|               |Mirkwood. He has exceptional sight, hearing and will never   |
|               |die, unless killed in battle. He has a fair heart and loves  |
|               |the trees, especially the Mallorn trees of                   |
|               |Lothlorien. He is deadly with his bow, which makes him a     |
|               |lethal foe in warfare.                                       |
|  STRENGTHS    |Bow is strong weapon.                                        |
|   WEAKNESSES  |Long knives don't do much damage.                            |
|   WEAPONS     |Bow and Long Knives                                          |
|  MY RATING    |3/5                                                          |

| DESCRIPTION   |Gimli son of Gloin is an immensly proud and stout hearted    |
|               |Dwarf from the Lonley Mountain. He thrives in all places     |
|               |underground and fears little. He enjoys nothing more than to |
|               |cleave orcs necks with his axe. He is very strong and brave, |
|               |which makes up for his size disadvantage in battle. He       |
|               |dislikes Elves, though he forms an unlikely friendship with  |
|               |Legolas. Gimli also sees the Glittering Caves as the most    |
|               |beautiful place in the world, maybe except The Golden Wood.  |
|  STRENGTHS    |Can take and inflict heavy damage.                           |
|   WEAKNESSES  |Is slow and is slow to use throwing axes.                    |
|   WEAPONS     |Axe and throwing axe                                         |
|  MY RATING    |2/5                                                          |

| DESCRIPTION   |Isildur son of Elendil cut the One Ring from the finger of   |
|               |Sauron with the Sword That Was Broken. He then decided not to|
|               |cast it into the fires of Mount Doom and because of this men |
|               |are thought to be weak. The Ring though, betrayed him to his |
|               |death and layed forgotten for thousands of years. Aragorn is |
|               |the heir of Isildur.                                         |
|  STRENGTHS    |Can take much damage, has no weaknesses in weapons.          |
|               |                                                             |
|   WEAKNESSES  |None.                                                        |
|   WEAPONS     |Sword, bow                                                   |
|  MY RATING    |5/5                                                          | 

                        FAIR, GOOD, EXCELLENT, PERFECT

Experience and battle points are earned every time you kill a foe. There are
four different score ratings- Fair, Good, Excellent and Perfect. The higher
the skill meter the batter your score. To fill the meter use combos to kill
the enemy and avoid enemy hits. If you manage to fill the meter entirely,
for a brief period of time you will get the score Perfect. You will know
when this happens, as your sword/bow/axe, will shine silver, as will the
Skill Meter. At this time, you will also recieve additonal points and the
experience earned for each kill is doubled.

At the end of each mission, there will be a Results Screen. It will give you
the number of kills achieved on this mission, and the ratings and experience
points for each one. You will also see if you have gone up a level or not,
total mission experience gained, Mission Rating and you have the choice to
replay the mission, or to continue.

|6)                           THE WALKTHROUGH                          [TWKH]|

As you start the game you are show a movie clip from the Fellowship. It shows
Galadriel explaining the origin of the Rings of Power and the One ring. She
goes on to tell how the Last Alliance fought for the freedom of Middle Earth.
At this point the game begins...

|6A)                               PROLOGUE                            [PRLG]|

You are in the middle of battle and your character is Isildur. You are a great
warrior and king. You may see other free people on your side, but you will
notibly see Elrond.This level lets you get to grips with the basics of the
game. Follow the instructions given to you on screen and you should pass
through easily.

Anyway to business, so do as the game instructs you at first and defend (press
square repeatedly) to parry all attacks. You will then be instructed to use
your SPEED ATTACK against the enemy (press X to attack). Once you have felled
a few, a scene will show the advance of orcs bearing shields. To destroy their
shields, you must use your FIERCE ATTACK (triangle). This will cleave their
shields to pieces, leaving you free to attack them as you will (personally I
usually just use the FIERCE ATTACK). Suprisingly, you can use all of Isildurs
available combos already, so if you feel the need to use them, check the
Upgrades And Attacks section of the guide.

Once you have dealt with a number of these, Orodruin (Mount Doom) will erupt
and the battle field will be showered with falling rocks. Then you are back in
the thick of things. Once you have handled a few more orcs, Sauron will appear
in computer graphics form and begin to attack (this is part of a clip) and
the film will fade in and run it's course and you will cut to Aragorn on his
way to Helm's Deep.

Note that the only playable character on this level is Isuldur.

|6B)                        WEATHERTOP (AMON SUL)                      [WETP]|

Now just before you start this level, you will see another film extract in
which the Ringwraiths are looking for Frodo. You will then cut to the level
at Amon Sul where the Ringwraiths are attacking Frodo and it is your job to
defend him. You will notice Frodo's health bar in the top right hand corner.
Once this is depleated you have failed the mission. You must keep Frodo safe.
To do this, you start with fire in your hand, so attack the first wraith
using your FIERCE ATTACK and this will set it on fire and it will be
frenzied. Repeat this with the second, but, be warned, do not attack rashly,
as the wraiths can cause you serious damage so don't forget to defend
(square).  If you keep attacking the wraiths, Frodo should keep himself safe
by running around. Should your fire be quenched, simply go the the campfire
in the centre of the court and use your FIERCE ATTACK or SPEED ATTACK to light
it back up again. Note that attacking the Wraiths without fire has no effect.

Once you have tackled the first two and they have fled, Frodo will put on the
Ring and become invisible, you can only see his outline. Another Wraith will
appear and you must attack this one in the same fashion as the others. Once
you have vanquished this one, two more will appear and one of them will stab
Frodo. His health will slowly decline after this, so you must defeat the final
two swiftly.

When you have done this, you will drift back into the film and to Rivendell.
It shows how Frodo offers to take the Ring to Mordor.

Note that the only playable character on this level is Aragorn.

|6C)                            GATES OF MORIA                         [GOMR]|

As you start this level Saruman will ask which route you will take if the
mountain Cahadhras defeats you. Gimli the dwarf suggests Moria and this is
where the level begins. You and Gimli will go forward and clear the path. Now
follow the brown path and you will meet three or four orcs heading down the
mountain side towards you. At this point (if you have just started the game)
you will only have one combo at most. Use this is possible and I would
suggest using ISILDURS SWIFT TERROR as your first combo. Otherwise I feel the
best way to deal with all enemies is the FIERCE ATTACK.

Anyway, move on a little way along the mountain path and a landslide will
reveal some orcs to you. Dispatch these and carry on along the path. Another
landslide will reveal more enemies or the same sort. Kill these and move on.
After a short while a scene will show you saving Gimli's life with a well
placed arrow. If you are playing as Gimli then you will be saved by Aragorn.

Now, there will be about 3 infantry orc to deal with and 2 archers. Deal with
the infantry first, as quick as possible, then deal with the archers with
either your own arrows or throwing axes. Now move on over a short stone bridge
and another scene will show Aragorn fall from the cliff! But don't worry this
is a small glitch in the game and does not effect it in any way. Also in this
scene you are ambushed by archers.

Now the scene ends and you have to deal with a few infantry orcs whilst been
shot at by the archers. Once you have killed these, take out the enemy
archers with your projectile weapon. To do this you must move and shoot, then
move and shoot as to avoid their arrows. You could deflect the arrows (square),
but then you would not be able to shoot them as easily. Once all the enemies
are slain, move along the path, picking up any dropped potions or arrows.

To the right of the path, there is a chest. Smash it with your FIERCE ATTACK
to recieve arrows. Now, if you move a little way into the gorge, yet another
landslide will reveal yet more orcs. Once you have dealt with these, move up
the path to be greeted by a small band of fighting orcs and a couple of
archers. Take out the archers with your arrows before the orcs reach you,
then use either a combo or your FIERCE ATTACK  to slay the band of orcs.

As the path slowly cliimbs, you will be met by more orcs- dispose of them.
Eventually you will come to some archers placed on rocks, out of reach. Use
your bow to kill them and don't forget- shoot and move, shoot and move. After
these, you will come to a small bog. Be aware, there are orcs hiding in the
water, so be prepared to parry their attacks (square). They will attack in
pairs, and eventually, you will reach a point where there are a few archers
across the left hand bank. Get out of the water as quickly as possible and
shoot them with your arrows. At the point where the left bank begins (nearest
to you) there is a chest containing health. Now, deal with all the archers
and the hiding orcs, all along the left bank.

Now move on and another left bank will appear. Shoot the archers with your
own bow and slay all of the charging orcs. A combo would be effective here, as
they work well against groups of orcs. Whilst shooting the archers don't
forget- shoot and move, shoot and move. Now where the archers were positoned,
there is another chest, and in it is health.

Now move to right of the screen and go through the gap in the stones. Here you
will meet your first boss...

|6D)                       THE WATCHER IN THE WATER                    [TWIW]|

Right at the beginning, your companion will cleverly get knocked out, leaving
you to fend for yourself. Now you will notice this the Watcher is basically a
giant squid. In the top right hand corner is a bar signalling the Watcher's

To defeat it, head into the water and press parry (square) repeatedly. This
will block all attacks from it's swinging tenticles. When you get a
opportunity, hack off one of the tenticles with your FIERCE ATTACK or SPEED
ATTACK. When you have done this, quickly get out of the water (out of reach)
and fire an arrow at the creature while it is out of the water. Once you have
done this head back to the water and do the same. After you have hit it with
5 projectile weapons, it will retreat and the whole company will reach
Durin's Gate. Gandalf will speak the password and you will enter Moria...

|6E)                            BALIN'S TOMB                           [BNTB]|

At the beginning of this level, whilst in Balin's tomb, you are attacked by
orcs and this is where the level begins.

Basically, all you need to do is slay as many orcs in the tomb as possible.
To do this, your FIERCE ATTACK may be of use, but hopefully you have got some
useful combos by now. Also, it may be useful to have the RISING ATTACK, for
if you get knocked down, use it as a powerful attack against the enemy. You
will see that more and more orcs will enter through the door. You must just
carry on the fight to keep their numbers down. You will also note, that you
are not fighting alone, and the other members of the Fellowship are also in

If your health should deline, search around on the ground, and you may find
the small red potion or the green orc draught. This shall increase your life
and you can carry on the fight.

After a while, a cave-troll will appear and wreak havoc on the battle field.
It's health bar will appear in the top right had corner. There are two main
ways of halting it. If you have the upgrade RANGER FURY/DWARVEN FURY you can
handle it better. You must first lure it into making it swing for you with
it's club. Do this by going close to it and the hold triangle and unleashing
your attack. If you do not have this upgrade, then you must do the same, but
use your FIERCE ATTACK. But be wary, as if you get hit by it's club, it can
cause heavy damage. Note that you should ignore all orcs at this point and
just attack the troll.

When you have taken roughly half of the troll's health, it will break it's
club against a pillar and will now bear a chain. You will automatically jump
onto the higher platform to try and escape it. The troll will swing it's
chain at you and if it hits, will knock you to the ground. To defeat it,
position yourself at the back of the platform, so you can still see the troll,
but are protected by the pillar. Now, quickly fire as many arrows into it as
possible, before the pillar crumbles (after about 5 hits of the chain). Once
one of the pillars is broken, head to the next and the next. In between this
occasionally, a rogue orc will appear and when slain, may drop arrows or
health. Hopefully, you should have killed the troll before all the pillars
are destroyed. If this is not so, you need to deploy the shoot and move,
shoot and move tactic. Note that if you upgrade your bow, the arrows will be
more effective.

When you have depleated the health bar of the troll, it will fall to the
ground and die and the level will be over.

|6G)                              AMON HEN                             [AMHC]|

At the start of this level, Aragorn tells of the fall of Gandalf into shadow,
whilst Galadriel gives counsel. Then Aragorn rallies the company and tells
Frodo to run and they will protect him.

Now, as the level begins, in the top right hand corner are two bars. One
indicating the number of Uruk-Hai left to kill, the other the time before
Frodo is caught. You must kill all the Uruk-Hai before Frodo's bar is

Now you are in a small opening and fighting Uruk-Hai are charging at you.
There are roughly 20 of them to begin with. Right at the start of battle,
the horn of Boromir can be heard in the background. Anyway, deal with the
Uruk-Hai the same as orcs, either with your FIERCE ATTACK or with combos,
which you must have accumilated by now. If you are in need of health, the
Uruk-Hai will drop some when murdered. Once you have taken out these foes,
pursuit more into the forest and kill the archer on your left hand side.
The total enemies left should be around 56. Now carry on along the path
and Lurtz will order his minions to "Find the halfling!". Carry on along
the path and a small band of  Uruk-Hai will ambush you. Take these out and
you will be confronted by 3 archers. One close to you, one under the bridge
ahead and oe o top of the bridge. Kill the closest with your sword and use
the 'Shoot and Move' tactic to take out the other two. Take health and arrows
which they drop if you need.

Move off and pass under the bridge and another small band will be waiting
for you. Kill the original ones and more will join them. Slay these also and
the total remaining should be in the region of 42. Move on along the path and
3 archers will greet you. Position yourself so you are protected by the short
wall in front of you, but can shoot the foes. If you cannot do this use Shoot
and Move. Once these are dead, move past them and at the bottom of a small
hollow you will be attacked by more Uruk-Hai. Once you have killed these, you
will see an archer just to the right, perched upon a rock. Kill him with your
arrows and move on. Your total left should be around 28.

Further up the path, you will have fire thrown at you to block your path and
3 arachers will ambush you. Use the protection of the short wall and the
Shoot and Move tactic to kill them. Note that they will also throw exploding
 fire balls at you. Once you have killed them, the fires will sunside
leaving you to track the Uruk-Hai pursuing Frodo.

At the bottom of a small hill, you will descend down some  stairs and be on a
small yard. Here, more Uruk-Hai will appear and you should kill them-
obviously. There will also be an archer on this yard, so kill him also. When
you have done, descend down some more stairs and meet more foes. As well as
many more Uruk-Hai here, there will be archers in unreachable places, so use
your bow to defeat them. Whe you have killed all, your remaining total should
be around 9.

Go down the stairs to the left and you will me Legolas and Gimli, who are
deeply in combat. Once you have defeated all the Uruk-Hai, head down the path
onto the bridge. Immediately Uruk-Hai will approach the bridge from both
sides. Once you have took your total down to zero, get off of the bridge and
head left. I know that there are foes left, but you don't NEED to kill them.
Uruk-Hai will chase Frodo, but Legolas will kill them. Follow the path to the
left and you will come to Lurtz.

Lurtz is a particularly strong and vicious Uruk-Hai and you will see him
murdering Boromir. You will avenge his death. A bar signalling Lurtz life
appears in the top right hand corner. To begin with you must fight bow to bow.
Use the Shoot and Move tactic to good effect. He shall soon get bored with
that and he will pick up his sword. He is immensely strong, so he is hard to
fight one on one.

To defeat him get behind one of the statues in the opening  and defend
(square). He should attack, but his sword will get stuck in the statue. Use
the RANGER FURY/DWARVEN FURY attack to seriously harm him. Repeat this with
all of the statues and he should die. If you still have not got the attack
RANGER FURY, you must use FIERCE ATTACK. Which is not as effective and you
must be swift. If you need health, there is a small potion in the top right
of the opening.

Once he is defeated, a scene will show Aragorn pay his respects to the dead

|6I)                           FANGORN FOREST                          [FGFT]|

Aragorn speaks of the 3 companions chase of the orcs which hold Merry and

The level starts in the forest , you must follow the marked path. A log will
block your path so you must smash it with your FIRECE ATTACK. Note that if
you now look to the left of the path, you will be able to see one of the
tree-like ents. At this point you will see an orc scramble through the
treetops, but don' t attack it. Instead keep following the trail and you will
come to a seemingly dead end. As you draw closer, orcs will burst through
the log and others will drop down from the trees. By now you should be quite
adept at slaying orcs, so dispatch these. I find that ISILDUR'S/BALIN'S DEATH
CHARGE is an effective way of combating groups of enemies.

Once you have killed them, head down the inside of the hollow, but be
vigilant. At the end of the hollow, an axe-wielding orc will drop from the
roof. He is strong and seemingly formidable. At first, you must defend
(square) or face severe damage. To defeat it there are two main methods. You
must knock it to the floor using the CHARGE ATTACK or RUSH ATTACK, depending
on which upgrade you have. Then, press R2 and finish the creature off. The
other way is, if you are knocked to the ground, use the RISING ATTACK, to bowl
the enemy over, then again finish him off with your killing move. If you are
in need of life, the foe will drop some health.

Now move on and smash the log in front of you, and a little way down, orcs
will be thrown against the hollow behind you. Now, round the corner and you
will come face to face with a cave-troll. To defeat it, use the same method
as before, lure it into attacking you (go close to it) then move away whilst
it swings its club. Then, quickly move in and use your DEVESTATING ATTACK
depending on which upgrade you have (Rememeber, to use it, hold triangle and
release when the sword is glowing). Repeat this a few times and the troll
will fall. Note that this troll will throw logs at you and cause damage if
you are idle. If you need health, the troll will leave some behind once it is
dead. You may also want to not that arrows have no effect against it, they
simply bounce off.

Now move off up the pass and smash the barrier in your way. A scene will show
some orcs engaging in a bit of sport. Before you go an crash their little
party, go to your left and you will notice a chest. Inside the chest is a
weight which increases your experience points. Now you may attack the hoard,
but be warned, they are bearing shields and are no walk over. But just kill
them in the usual manner. Pay no heeed to the pit, with the monster or
whatever in it, as it is impossible to fall down.

Now head to the left of the pit, but before you go through the passage, look
to your right and you will see another chest, containing health.Now tread the
path to your left, but as soon as you are in the water start the parry
(square). There are 2 archers and a foot soldier, waiting to ambush you. Kill
them all and take the health which they drop if you require. Now move
norhtward up the stream, but be wary, there are orc hiding in the water. You
can see their positioning due to the air bubbles breaking the waters surface.
At first, parry all their attacks, then kill them. Keep moving up the river
Entwash and you shall see another ent reflected in the water. Carry on up the
river and you will pass under a water fall. Behind the falls is a cave, which
a kindly cave troll resides in. You should know how to kill it now but
anyway- To defeat it, use the same method as before, lure it into attacking
you (go close to it) then move away whilst it swings its club. Then, quickly
move in and use your DEVESTATING ATTACK depending on which upgrade you have
(Rememeber, to use it, hold triangle and release when the sword is glowing.
Repeat this a few times and the troll will fall. Be wary through, if you get
too close to this troll, it will pick you up and smash you on the ground.

Once you have killed it go to the hole which it broke through and there is a
chest. In the chest is another weight to boost your experience points. Now
leave the cave at the opposite end, clearing all obstacles and you shall meet
another axe-wielding orcs. At first, you must defend (square) or face severe
damage. To defeat it there are two main methods. You must knock it to the
floor using the CHARGE ATTACK or RUSH ATTACK, depending on which upgrade you
have. Then, press R2 and finish the creature off. The other way is, if you are
knocked to the ground, use the RISING ATTACK, to bowl the enemy over, then
again finish him off with your killing move. If you are in need of life, the
creature will drop some.

Now head off up the path and when you enter a narrow passage, beware and press
parry, as an orc is waiting to ambush you. Kill him and more will join the
fight. Kill these and you will come to a log blocking your path, and an
archer. Kill the archer and move on.up the stream. Yet more orcs will drop
down and attack you. Once you have killed the first wave, beware, because more
and more will come. Finally, once you have killed them all, smash the log and
head up the path. A short scene will tell you that there are two large cave
trolls ahead. Don't smash the logs in the path to get to them, but instead go
to the left and you will see a small passage. Clear the way with your FIERCE
ATTACK and you will come to a chest. In the chest is health, so if you have
full health, save it until you have finshed with the trolls. To the right, the
trolls will be having fun. You must kill them in normal fashion. To defeat it,
use the same method as before, lure it into attacking you (go close to it)
then move away whilst it swings its club. Then, quickly move in and use
your DEVESTATING ATTACK depending on which upgrade you have, (Rememeber, to
use it, hold triangle and release when the sword is  glowing. Repeat this a
few times and the troll will fall. Just attack the trolls one at a time, avoid
the other and you'll be laughing. Just note that these trolls will also pick
you up and smash you to the ground ouch!

Once you have cleanly dealt with these, look at the hollow inside the tree,
and there is a chest in the chest is another weight to increase your
experience points. Now head down into the hollow and clear the branches in the
way. On the other side you will meet up Legolas and Gimli, and a short scene
will reveal that Gandalf is indeed alive. He tells of the union of the Two
Towers and that war is coming to Rohan.

|6J)                            PLAINS OF ROHAN                        [PORH]|

So to the Plains of Rohan you ride to save all those you can.

At the start of the level you will see the town being overrun by Uruk-Hai.
Then the level begins and Gandalf is acompanying you. Kill the 2 Uruk-Hai
outside the gates, then enter the town. Gandalf hits the enemy with a staff
stike which helps you on your way. You will notice that a bar signalling the
health of the villagers has appeared in the top right hand corner. If this is
depleated, the mission will be failed. Now, kill all of the Uruk-Hai in the
courtyard, as they are attacking the villagers. To help you in the courtyard
will be a few men of Rohan. When you have destroyed all the Uruk-Hai, Gandalf
will open a door at the top of the yard. To it's right is a barrel containing
health. Go inside and you will see villagers trapped by fire. To the right of
the furnature, is barrel. Smash the barrel with your FIERCE ATTACK and water
will issue from it, extinguishing the fire. Now smash the  furnature to free
the villagers. Now head back towards the door and a scene will show an
Uruk-Hai kill a man, the man will fall and extinguish the fire at the foot of
the stairs. Now an Uruk will appear in the doorway. Kill it and head up the

At the top of the stairs smash the obstacles in your way and you will see
Uruk-Hai attacking a woman and a man. Kill the Uruk-Hai for them to escape,
then deal with the archer in the doorway. If you need health the Uruks may
well drop some.

Head out of the door and immediately you will see villagers running towards
you. Go past them and you will meet an Mountain Troll .To kill him use the
RUSH ATTACK,  the press R2 to finish him off. If you are knocked down, use
the RISING ATTACK  to floor him, then press R2 to finish him off.
Alteratively, if you hold him off for long enough, he may well step into the

Now move on and nail the two archers ahead of you, who are attacking a man.
Kill them and look to your right ad you will see a barrel. Smash it and inside
you will find a weight which will boost your experience points. Head up over
the mound and you will find villagers being attacked by Uruk-Hai. Their path
is blocked by fire. Press L1 to target your bow and fire. It will shoot a
barrel out of your reach and the water from the barrel will extinguish the
fire. Then clear the wood which is in the way. If you need arrows, there are
some to your right. Now, head up the path and save the villagers from the

Once you have killed them, keep to the path and a man who is on fire will run
straight out of the roof of a house. There is noting you can do but let him,
die, so head into the roof where he came from. You will see that the house is
on fire and when you reach the top of the stairs, an Uruk-Hai will come to
meet you. Slay him and head dow the stairs. As you try to  leave the house,
an Uruk will break the door down. Kill it and head out into the open.

There is a small battle going on and Gandalf is here also. Kill the foes but
quickly, as there is a man being attacked. At the top of the yard is a house
raised on a platform and a villager is being attacked by a Goblin. You cannot
reach him, so you must kill the Goblin with your arrows, but Gandalf may help
also. When this is done, go to the left and break  down the cart is your way,
then head up the path.

At the top you will come to a large battle, but there are more  men of Rohan
to help you. But you will also see a Uruk imprison 2 villagers in a burning
building. A smaller bar will appear in the top right, indicating these certain
villagers health. Do not join the battle yet, instead go and save the trapped
people. They are in a building near the action. Some wood is blocking their
escape, so smash it with your FIERCE ATTACK, then you can join the battle.
Kill all the enemies which include archers, Goblins and Uruks. This will end
the level.

|6K)                            THE WESTFOLD                           [TEFD]|

At the start, Eomer of Rohan talks to you of the strange explosive devices the
Uruk-Hai are transporting and asks you to help him.

The level begins and timing is of the essence here. Hold L1 and target the
nearest pile of explosives and when the Uruks are close, shoot the barrels and
they will explode, killing your foes. Do the same with the other devices if
need be. When you have killed all the nearby Uruks, head off dow the path.
You will have barely turned the corner, when you will see Uruks charge at you.
You will also notice some more explosives. Again aim at them and when the
Uruks draw level, shoot the explosives and all the surrouding enemies will
perish. There may be a few surviors a little way away. Shoot the explosive
next to them to kill them. If this does not work, then you must kill them
by hand.

Head off to where they were stood and you will just cross the river when two
orcs will come and meet you. Slay them and move on. Note that Eomer will
follow you throughout the level and will never die. On the next corner, you
will meet a shelded orc. Kill it an go around the corner. Quickly draw your
bow and shoot the orc bearing explosives on its back. Do this every time you
see these expolsive bearing orcs. Move down the hill and you will be on a
wide road. Many orcs and Uruk-Hai will be there to fight you. Note that there
will be many explosive bearing orcs running at you, so keep an eye out for
them. When you are done killing, head through the arch at the end of the

Immediately on the other side you will meet a soltary orc. Kill it
mercilessly. Head down the road and you will see a small battle taking place.
Note the positions of the explosives and shoot them to take out a good number
of enemies. When all are killed, head through the next arch. You will
immediately be meet by oncoming foes. When they are in position, shoot the
explosives and kill the enemy. You will also notice the presence of TNT orcs.
Shoot them as soon as you see them. Whilst you are doing this, head slowly up
the path. And when you are at the top of the hill on the path You will sight a
battle going on. Go and join the battle. Don't forget the uses of the
explosive and use them when you have the chance. Kill all enemies and it will
be easy with all the aid from the men of Rohan.

When you have killed all, smash the cart in the way of the path on the left of
the screen. Head down this path and you will have sight of a large band of
orcs. Slay all the ones on the near bank. Beware of the TNT orc as they will
run from the far bank, at you. Head into the marsh (still killing TNT orcs at
sight) and shoot at the enemy, then move to avoid their fire. In this way, you
will be able to take out the enemy archers, and advance to the far bank. Beware
of the orcs hiding in the water. Make sure that you are aiming at the archers,
rather that at the orcs with shields. Another good way to take out some of the
orcs on the far bank would be to shoot a TNT orc whilst it is ear the enemy
camp. If you take out the front line, Eomer will advance to the bank, with or
without you.

When you are on the far bank, stand well back from the line of explosive
filled carts and shoot the nearest with an arrow. This will set off a chain
reaction along the carts and all will be destroyed. This will signal the end
of the level.

|6L)                             GAP OF ROHAN                          [GORH]|

At the start of the level, you are in a small yard which two Warg riders burst
into. To slay them, use your FIERCE ATTACK or shoot them with your arrows. If
they attack you, parry (square) their attack. If you are in the need of
health, the Wargs may well leave some behind. Before you exit the yard, look
around the edges and  you may well find silver weights in the barrels nearby.
By now you should know that they increase your experience points. To exit the
yard, look to the top of it and smash the wooden beams blocking your path.
Once you are out, the beams overhead will collapse, blocking you off from
Gimli and Legolas.

Now you will be faced with the Wargs leader. First of all kill all the other
Wargs (the leader is the on the middle ledge). To kill the others use your
FIERCE ATTACK or shoot them with your arrows. If they attack you, parry
(square) their attack. Once they are dead, they may leave behind some
goodies, health, arrows.

Anyway, whe they are dead, a gauge will  appear in the top right hand corner,
which shows the Warg leaders health. To kill him, you must wait for him to
attack. Whe he charges at you, use your parry (square) to hold him off. This
will knock you to the ground, but won't harm you. When he has done this
twice, he will stand in front of the ridges and the Warg will stand on it's
back legs. you muust quickly run forward and use your FIERCE ATTACK on him.
This will cause him slight damage. But if you use the DOUBLE HIT FIERCE COMBO
(triangle, triangle) you will cause more damage. Also when you do this, the
Warg seems to be injured, so take this oppotunity to attack again. Though
beware, as it may recover quicker than you expect. If you continue this, he
should be defeated after a while. If you try and attack him before he has
attacked you, or you take to long to attack him, the Warg will grab your leg
in it's mouth, whilst the rider will hit you with his sword. This will cause
you a great deal of damage so try and avoid it. If you fire arrows at him, a
random points, he will simply defelect them and you will waste your arrows.
Occasionally another Warg may join him. This is mainly for your benefit, as
when slaughtered, they leave you health or arrows. Note that the DEVESTATING
ATTACK attack, seems to have little or no effect on him for some reason. Note
that all the way though this level, you should stay quite close to the place
where the Warg keeps returning to rest and such.

|6N)                     HELMS DEEP: THE DEEPING WALL                  [HDDW]|

In this level, you must keep the enemy numbers on the wall down ad these are
indicated by the gauge in the top right hand corner. When the gauage is empty
there are no foes on the wall,when blue there are few, yellow there are an
average amount and when red, there are too many. Whe the gauage is full and is
flashing red, you are overrun ad you have but a few seconds to get the number
down. This means kill the nearest enemy. You will also notice that red spots
will appear around the gauage. These signify the ladders on the wall. You will
notice that the gauage is in the shape of the wall. The positioning on the
gauage, shows positioning on the wall. To keep the umber of foes down, you
must keep the number of ladders down. To do this, press O to kick the ladders
from the wall. You must continue this pattern, but don not leave any section
of the wall free. Move from section to section killing and kicking ladders
whilst you are there. If you are in need of health, check the barrels along
the wall, as they may contain some. Also the enemies may also leave some
behind. You may find other things in the barrels, such as silver weights.
After a while, one of the Uruk-hai captains will order the archers to fire
at the wall. This will pose no real threat and you must continue as you were
before, keeping the enemy numbers down. Also note that you can kick enemies
who are close to the edge, off of  the wall. After a while, the enemies will
start to send more powerful foes, such  as Uruk-Hai. These will take longer
to kill, so you must be swifter about your business. Also, the arrows fired
at you may become more intense, so you also need to be more careful. Then,
when you have just got the hang of it, those b******s  bring out the
catapults. You should now be more cautious as if you are hit, it will cause
great damage. Also,the catapults,will set small fires along the wall.

Then if you still manage to hold of the enemy, after a while the Elvish
archers will come to the rescue. This cues the end of the level, but it also
shows a gap being blown into the wall.

|6O)                      HELMS DEEP: BREACHED WALL                    [BDBW]|

The wall is breached, the women and children are safe inside the Glittering
Caves, but only if the door holds out and you must protect it. As you start
you will see the doors health gauge in the top right hand corner. If this is
depleated, the door will yield and the enemy will get in thus ending the

The first wave of orcs will be many TNT bearing ones. Shoot them at a
distance with your bow/throwing axes and they will explode. Sometimes if
you shoot one, the others will explode in a chain reaction. They  will split
up into 3 groups, right, left and centre. So watch and shoot every side. DO
NOT let them get near the door. If you are short on arrows, the fallen
enemies may drop some.

When you have killed around 30 of them, another wave will be sent  in. In this
wave will be orcs and one TNT bearer. Shoot the TNT orc and the expolsion will
kill many of the orcs. Be aware that some will not die and will make straight
for the door. If there is a large group, I would recommend that you use
ISILDURS DEATH CHARGE, if not slay them however you want. The next  wave will
be much the same, but instead of orcs with shields, there will be orcs
with mini-axes. Do the same, shoot the TNT bearer and kill off the survivors.
The door at this point will have little or no damage. The next wave again
will be a repeat, except that there will be a mix of shield and axe orcs.

The next 2 waves will be smaller, but will be in quick succession.They again
will be much of the same. You will then have a brief rest bite before around
10 mini-axe wielding orcs will attack. I recommend ISILDURS DEATH CHARGE to
deal with them. Also, if you are knocked to the floor, RISING ATTACK would be
useful. In the midst of this, keep an eye out for the TNT orcs that will
advance towards the door. When you have killed all of these, a band of shield
bearing orcs will attack. You should be killing for fun by now, so deal with
these swiftly, but BEWARE as again many TNT orcs will be moving towards the

When you have killed all of these, another mixed orc attack will advance. Kill
all of these, but again, keep an eye out for the TNT orcs that will come in
greater numbers this time. When all the TNT orcs are dead, a band of shield
bearers will appear on the left flank and a band of axe bearers to the right.
Slay these and again (you'd think they'd get bored) watch out for the TNT orcs.

After all these are slain, the first band of Uruk-Hai will attack., backed
by... you guessed it TNT orcs. When these are dead, wave upon wave of  TNT,
Uruk-Hai, Orcs will attack. Hold them off as well as you can, try not to let
them near the door.

When you have finally weathered that storm, a small band of Uruks, headed by a
Mountainn Troll will attack. Take out the troll first- To defeat it there are
two main methods. You must knock it to the floor using the CHARGE ATTACK or
RUSH ATTACK, depending on which upgrade you have. Then, press R2 and finish
the creature off. The other way is, if you are knocked to the ground, use the
RISING ATTACK, to bowl the enemy over, then again finish him off with your
killing move. Then tackle the Uruks who will be laying into the door. When
this has happened, the enemy Captain will order arrow fire against you.

Try and avoid the arrows, whilst a new band of archers will pass through the
broken wall. Also with them will be a mountain troll. Kill the troll using the
same method as before. This will enrage then enemy and they will begin to
attack using a catapult. So as well as a group of archers, there is a catapult
and constantly advancing TNT orcs. Then, to cap it all off, they send forward
a cave-troll. I suggest that you handle the troll first. To do this, lure the
troll into swinging it's club (go near, then quickly move away) then swiftly
go forward and use your DEVESTATING ATTACK. After a few hits, it should fall.
In between all of this, if you get a chance to shoot a passing TNT orc, then
do so.

Once the troll has fallen, you will see that the enemy archers have fallen
back, leaving you to deal with the oncoming TNT bearers. When you have killed
them, a scene will show that the catapult has been advanced forward. From now
on all speed is needed, as the door will be under heavy attack. It should now
have round about a quarter of it's health left. Now, the enemy captain will
now charge and challenge you. I think it's a good idea to kill him in the
same way as a mountain troll. Also, you will notice that in the top right
hand corner, the catapults health is shown. Once you have killed the Captain,
go forward andtake on the enemy line, which is protecting the catapult. To
take on a host so big, you will need to use a lot of clever combos. My
recommendation would be ISILDURS DEATH CHARGE. Also, don't forget to parry
all enemy swipes. Start at one flank and work your way across as you kill.
If you are in need of health, there are some foes that will drop some in
death. After a while, you should have killed them all, leaving the catapult
exposed.The door should have around half of it's health left.

Now go to the catapult and on it's 3 sides are 3 support beams of wood (one
on each side). Use your DEVESTATING ATTACK whatever that may be, on each until
it breaks. Then move onto the next and the next when that has broken. When the
final one breaks, the catapults health should have gone. A scene will show it
breaking upon itself. Don't forget while you are doing this section, you need
to be as quick as you can, as the door is being attacked all the while.

|6P)                    HELMS DEEP: HORNBURG COURTYARD                 [HDHC]|

At the start of the level, you will immediately see that in the top right
hand corner of the screen is a gauge. This signifys the health of the gate
behind you. You must defend the gate by killing as many enemies as you can,
especially those which are attacking the gate. These will mainly be orcs to
begin with. You will not be alone in this task, as many men of Rohan and
Gimli will be on hand to help. Combos will be useful in taking out large
groups and I recommend that you use ISILDURS WAR RUSH. Whilst all this is
happening, arrows will be shot down into the courtyard.

After a while, Legolas will ask for aid, as he is being overrun by Uruk-Hai.
A gauge will appear in the top right showing his health. Now at the back of
the yard are some stairs (opposite the gate). Go up these stairs and go left
along the wall (past allies and enemies alike)  and you will reach Legolas
up a short flight of stairs. He is in combat with 3 Uruks so help him out
with these, pick up the nearby silver weight and head back down to the

The gates health should now be around 1 fifth depleated. Now, do the same as
before- slay some orc, whilst defending the gate. On your way down you will
see that Gimli is greatly outnumbered. You will also find that the Uruks have
joined the party. Stop them in their demolition of the gate. Legolas will now
be helping out in the courtyard. If you need health, no doubt one of the
enemies will drop some.

Soon after, someone will shout 'Archers! On the wall!'. You must now go up
the afore mentioned stairs at the back of the yard. Once you are on the wall,
look across to the distant wall and you will see a band of archers lined up
and firing. Take them out one by one with your own bow. But, you must be
aware that the catapult will occasionally shooting at you. When you have
killed all of the archers, head back down into the courtyard.

Back in the courtyard, Mountain Trolls have now arrived. To defeat them there
are two main methods. You must knock it to the floor using the CHARGE ATTACK
or RUSH ATTACK, depending on which upgrade you have. Then, press R2 and finish
the creature off. The other way is, if you are knocked to the ground, use the
RISING ATTACK, to bowl the enemy over, then again finish them off with your
killing move.

The gates health should be quite low at this point. You must stay near the
gate stopping all enemies from touching the gate. If a Mountain Troll
approaches use the above method. Also, you will have noticed that the other
foes have grown in numbers. Now the icing on the cake will appear. Two
Cave-Trolls will approach over the wall. To kill them, get near to them (lure
them to attack you) then move quickly away. Now  swiftly use your DEVESTATING
ATTACK on the beast. If you have the top upgrade for this, it should die in
1 to 2 hits. Repeat this with the second and when it dies it will fall onto
the gate, smashing it to pieces. This is normal and will signal the end of
the level.

|6Q)                           TOWER OF ORTHANC                        [TOOC]|

The Tower of Orthanc, Sarumans stronghold. You must battle your way through
20 floors to reach the summit. Here is a guide to each floor. Note that once
you have done all 20, you will unlock the secret character ISILDUR. You must
then complete the tower with him to unlock the secret codes, but it is easier
with him.

At the completion of each floor, you will be granted a small amount of
health, so you will gather- health is precious, so don't waste it. Also note
that kill ratings are irrelevant, as you don't need experince points after
level 10.

Also, I have a tip for you. Whilst the enemies are spawning at the edges,
go to the edge and charge up your DEVESTATING ATTACK. If an enemy spawns
near you, or come close, release the DEVESTATING ATTACK and they will die.
This is a good way to get some early kills to make your life easier.

                                   FLOOR 1
Saruman will conjure up 5 Uruk-Hai for you to fight. Defeat them in any way
which you see fit, but I would recommend ISILDURS DEATH CHARGE or BANE OF
SARUMAN, depending on your mood and character. Just be careful with your

                                   FLOOR 2
6 enemies- a mix between shield orcs and Uruk-Hai, do the same, but be
careful with your health.

                                   FLOOR 3
4 mini-axe wielding swords and 2 Uruk-Hai. More of the same, thank you

                                   FLOOR 4
all, you know the drill...

                                   Floor 5
3 Shield orcs and 3 mini axe orcs, this seems much too easy...

                                   FLOOR 6
Saruman will conjure up 8 orc archers. I have a sneaky plan here for you. Run
behind the nearest one and start to deflect the arrows. The slow witted orcs
will shoot the one in front of you and kill him with the US Armys favourite
term... Friendly Fire. Now, run behind the next and the next doing the same
thing. Eventually there will only be one left and you can take him out however
you wish.

Alternatively, you can just follow the circle round slaying as you go, though
you are liable to take for damage this way.

                                   FLOOR 7
2 Uruks , 2 mini-axe orcs and 4 archers. Now here you must do a little
running. Avoid the chasing pack by running from them. When you have a fair
distance between you, shoot at the orc archers, or slay them with your
weapon. When you have killed all four in this way, slay the Uruks and orcs to
be clear of this floor.

                                   FLOOR 8
4 shield orcs and 4 orc archers. Do the same thing- run away from the chasing
pack and shoot/slay the archers, then turn and deal with the shield orcs.
What could be simpler?

                                   FLOOR 9
4 orc archers, 2 mini-axe orcs and 2 shield orcs. Yet again same method, run
away from the chasing pack, slay/shoot the archers, then turn and fight the
chasers. Hunter becomes the hunted.

                                   FLOOR 10
6 Little Uruks and 2 orc archers. Quickly take out the two archers and then
fight the Uruks. ISILDURS DEATH CHARGE works wonders, as does BANE OF SARUMAN.
Lovely jubbly! But I'll tell you that on this one, you must keep an eye on your
health, otherwise you wiil probably die. Also, your DEVESTATING ATTACK may be
useful if you have the time to use it.

                                   FLOOR 11
Again, another lot of orc archers,  so run behind the nearest one and start to
deflect arrows. Sure enough the archers will kill the one in front of you with
friendly fire. Then move on to the next and do the same, and then the next.
Eventually, there will only be one left and you may dispose of it in a
suitable manner...painfully I hope.

                                   FLOOR 12
2 Uruks, 4 mini axe orcs and 2 orc archers. Take out the archers first by
keeping ahead of the chasing pack and shooting/slaying them. Then turn and
confront the chasing pack.	

                                   FLOOR 13
4 Uruks and 4 orc archers. Take out the archers first by getting some headway
on the chasing pack, then shooting/slaying the archers. Then turn and defeat
the 4 Uruks.

                                   FLOOR 14
3 Uruks, 3 shield orc and two archers. Business as usual...

                                   FLOOR 15
This floor sees the entrance of a Cave-Troll, but before you kill it, take out
all of the surrounding archers. Then lure it into swinging for you (go close,
then move out of the way) and when it has, quickly move in and use your
DEVESTATING ATTACK on it. It will die in 1-2 hits if you have the highest

                                   FLOOR 16
Well, well, well, 2 archers and 2 Mountain Trolls. Quickly take out the
archers with your bow and then face the trolls. To defeat it there are two
main methods. You must knock it to the floor
using the CHARGE ATTACK or RUSH ATTACK, depending on which upgrade you have.
Then, press R2 and finish the creature off. The other way is, if you are
knocked to the ground, use the RISING ATTACK, to bowl the enemy over, then
again finish him off with your killing move. Do this with the other and
you'll be laughing.

                                   FLOOR 17
2 Mountain trolls, 2 Uruks and 3 Archers, so deal with this one much in the
same way as the last.

                                   FLOOR 18
The cave troll returns in this one, backed up by a mountain troll and a host
of archers. Quickly take out the archers then face the mountain troll. To
defeat it there are two main methods. You must knock it to the floor using
the CHARGE ATTACK or RUSH ATTACK, depending on which upgrade you have. Then,
press R2 and finish the creature off. The other way is, if you are knocked
to the ground, use the RISING ATTACK, to bowl the enemy over, then again
finish him off with your killing move.

Now focus your attension on the Cave Troll. Lure it into swinging for you
(go close, then move out of the way) and when it has, quickly move in and
use your DEVESTATING ATTACK on it. It will die in 1-2 hits if you have the
highest upgrade.

                                   FLOOR 19
2 Cave-Trolls, 2 archers and 2 mini-axe orcs. Take out the archers with your
bow, then fight then orcs. When this is done turn your attention to the two
Cave-Trolls. Lure it into swinging for you (go close, then move out of the
way) and when it has, quickly move in and use your DEVESTATING ATTACK on it.
It will die in 1-2 hits if you have the highest upgrade. Repeat this with the
second troll to advance to the final floor...

                                   FLOOR 20
3 Cave-Trolls, and I think there are some archers too. Kill the archers with
your bow. When this is done turn your attention to the Cave-Trolls. Lure
the first into swinging for you (go close, then move out of the way) and when
it has, quickly move in and use your DEVESTATING ATTACK on it. It will die in
1-2 hits if you have the highest upgrade. Do this with the next two and you'll
be complete!

|6Q)                        COMBOS AND UPGRADES                       [CNUG]|

This section to be completed.

|8)                              SECRET CODES                          [SRTC]|

At the end of the game the secret codes are revealed, but you can input these
at anytime.

To enter a code-

1) Start a mission
2) Pause the game.
3) Press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2
4) Input desired code.

ALWAYS DEVESTATING..........Square, Square, O, O

SMALL ENEMIES...........Triangle, Triangle, X, X

ALL UPGRADES............Triangle, O, Triangle, O

INVULNERABLE............- Triangle, Square, X, O

SLO-MO....................Triangle, O, X, Square

INFINITE MISSILES........Square, O,  X, Triangle

|9)                              ITEMS GUIDE                           [IMGD]|

                                 RED POTION

USE - Will restore your character's health by a quarter.

LOCATIONS - Dropped by all enemies, also found in barrels and chests.

                                GREEN POTION

USE - Will fully restore your character's health.

LOCATIONS- Dropped by all enemies, also found in barrels and chests.

                                SILVER WEIGHT

USE - Increases experience points gained, the amount will differ in different
weights. i.e. The bigger the weight is, the more experience points earned.

LOCATIONS- Inside barrels and chests.


USE - Used as projectiles against the enemy.

LOCATIONS - Dropped by all enemies and also found in chests.

                                THROWING AXES

USE - Used as projectiles against the enemy.

LOCATIONS - Dropped by all enemies and also found in chests.

|10)                               CREDITS                             [CDTS]|

Thank you to osrevad for the ASCII art at the top of the document.

Thank you to GameFAQs for the original hosting of this document.

|11)                        CONTACT INFORMATION                        [CNIF]|

If you have any questions or queries THAT ARE NOT ANSWERED IN THE GUIDE, then
you can contact me at [email protected] I cannot emphasise enough
that if questions that are asked are already answered in the guide, they will
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