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Follow the dark path or use the light

Boss FAQ/Move List

by Jaded_Dragon

                 The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
                          Move list/Fighting/Boss FAQ
                                 Version 1.0

Table of Contents:

II. Version 
IV. Basic 
    A. Early Combos
    B. Charging Moves
    C. Running and Jumping
    D. Grabbing and Throwing
V. Move 
    A. Chapter 1
    B. Chapter 2
    C. Chapter 3
    D. Chapter 4
    E. Chapter 5
    F. Chapter 6
    G. Chapter 7
    H. Chapter 8 (End Game)
VI. Fighting 
    A. Some Basics
    B. Smaller Enemies
    C. Strike Teams
    D. Bosses
VIII. Future 
X. Closing & 

                                 I. Introduction                           

The title says it all.  This FAQ's purpose is to list and describe all of 
moves that are attainable in Ultimate Destruction, and to provide some 
fighting strategies against bosses as well as the smaller enemies you will
face in the game.

Why write this?  Well, I wrote one for Spider-Man 2 and it went over pretty
well.  I figured it was time to write another.

Note: These are some of the abreviations you will find in this FAQ.
LG - Life Gauge
PCG - Power Crisis Gauge
SP - Smash Points
TL - Threat Level
ST - Strike Team


                              II. Version History                          

Version 1.0 - September 6th, 2005
All the moves you can acquire throughout the game are listed and most have
prices along wiht my own personal rating.  The boss strategies are also
covered as well as some fighting and movement basics.


                                  III. Controls                            

Left Analog Stick - Character movement
Right Analog Stick - Camera control
A - Jump
X - Attack
Y - Special attack
B - Grab/Throw
L Trigger - Lock on target
R Trigger - Run
White & Black - Taunt


                              IV. Basic Movement                           

Starting out in any game can be rough.  Surprisingly though, The Hulk starts
out with quite a few moves and combos.  Most of which should be more than
enough to get through a good portion of the game.  Where's the fun in that
though?  The Hulk has an obscene amount of moves and upgrades that he can
acquire throughout the game, many of them are easily obtainable and very few
of them are worthless.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves though.

--A. Early Combos

X,X - No Name

X,Y - Left Uppercut

Y,X - Two Fisted Smash

Y,Y - Right Uppercut

X,X,X - Explosive Triple

Y,X,X - Spinning Roundhouse Punch

Y,X,Y - Demolition Knee

Y,Y,X - Spinning Roundhouse Punch

Y,X,X,X - Slam Dunk

--B. Charging Moves

Charging moves is one of the most important aspects in the entire game.  All
you have to do is hold whatever button down to charge an attack.  Jumps are
also chargeable and doing so will allow you to travel acorss great distances
with ease.  Once you press and hold a button, green energy will begin to
surround Hulk.  Once you see the energy flash brightly, that's the signal 
you jump as at maximum charge.  When charging an attack, Hulk will
automatically release the hit once the maximum charge has been released.
Charging attacks deals greater damage but leaves you wide open for attacks
while you are charging.

Charging serves another purpose though in that it can create new combos.


X,X,X is normaly the explosive triple combo. If you charge the last hit, 
two hits, or all three hits you will perform the Judgement Day combo.  
enough, yeah?

--C. Running & Jumping

There's not much to cover here.  Hold the R trigger to run and press A to
jump.  To scale up the side of a building, all you have to do is run into 
side of it and keep R held.  If you jump towards a building but begin to 
before you actually reach it, pressing B will cause Hulk to latch on to the
side of it.  Continue to keep R pressed and once Hulk grabs the building he
will immediately dash upward.

--D.  Grabing & Throwing

To grab enemies and objects, simply next to them/it and press B.  From here
you can do a few things depending on what type of object you are holding.
Some objects can even be changed into different weapons by pressing the Y
button.  For the most part, these special "Weaponizations" will have to be
unlocked and purchased.  I'll list each type of weapon and what their 
are now...

Note: All moves that are done while running must first be purchased

Pole weapons: Trees, Steel beams, Light posts, etc.
X - Horizontal swing
Y - Vertical swing
B - Double Handed Toss
X while running - Running Club Ram
Y While running - Club Smash
B While Running - Spear Impale

Small Vehicles:
X - Overhead smash
Y - Weaponization 'Steel Fists'
B While running - Double fist toss

Large Vehicles:
X - Overhead smash
Y - Weaponization 'Shield'

X - Thrust Attack
Y - Overhead Smash
While in air, Y - Shield Grind (Must be purchased)
While Shield Grinding, Y - Shield Grind Kick (Must be purchased)

Large Crane Trucks:
X - Overhead Smash
Y - Weaponization 'Ball and Chain'

Ball and Chain:
X or Y - Yo-yo attack

A "Spherical" object: The globe above the gas stations, some rocks, etc.
X or Y - Overhead smash
B -

                                  V. Move Lists                            

As I said, The Hulk has a lot of moves that can be unlocked during the 
of the game.  One of the things I disliked about Spider-Man 2 was that there
were a good number of moves that I rarely used.  Obviously The Hulk has its
share of moves that are better than others, but there are very few that I
would consider completely worthless.

A. Chapter 1

Steel Fists - Acquired Automatically at the start of the game - Press Y 
holding a small vehicle and Hulk will form two boxing gloves out of the
twisted steel.  Your melee attacks will do extra damage while you have these
gloves on.  I didn't use this move very much when I started out, but once I
got to the tougher enemies, this little move was a huge help.
  Rating: 4/5

B. Chapter 2

Dashing Straight - 4,000 SP - Press X while Running to let out a fierce
winding punch.  I really didn't use this move much.  It's decent to use in a
one on one fight, but that rarely happens in this game.
  Rating: 2/5

Air Recovery - 2,000 SP - After being knocked into the air press A to 
quickly and be ready for action.  This is one of the most useful abilities 
the game.  Period.
  Rating: 5/5

Running Grab - 6,000 SP - Press B while runing to grab enemies or objects
without having to stop.  This is another extremely useful ability.  Anything
that allows you to attack or prepare to attack without having to stop is a
must have.  This is especially useful when you are fighting things that have
homing missles, which near the end of the game means almost everything.
  Rating: 5/5

Ground Smash - 9,000 SP - Pressing X & Y together will cause Hulk to do a 
fisted pound.  The shockwave sent out after hitting the ground will damage 
enemy in your immediate area.  This is also extremely effective against
tanks.  I used this quite a bit at the beginning of the game, but as you
progress, this move becomes obsolete.
  Rating: 3/5

Backhand - 500 SP - Pressing X,Y,X  as a combo will cause Hulk to do a
backhanded pimp slap to anything in front of him.  This is not a very
effective attack in any respect.
  Rating: 1/5

Punt Kick - 3,000 SP - X,X,Y is the combo, and the last hit will send 
flying off into the distance.  This is another attack that I used frequently
when I first got it.  That is, until I found out that the Ground Smash move
works so well against tanks.  Other than needing this to complete certain
bonus challenge missions, you can pass this move up.
  Rating: 2/5

Sonic Clap - 2,000 SP - Press Y & B together to release this area effect
attack.  This attack is one of the better area effect attacks to use.  It 
decent damage and can even hit enemies in the air as long as they are
relatively close to you.
  Rating: 3/5

Air Stomp - 10,000 SP - While in the air, press Y to rocket down to the 
and send out a shockwave effect much like the Ground Smash move.  This move
would be good against tanks if Ground Smash wasn't so powerful.  And 
out groups of soldiers is already no problem since you can basically just 
through them.  Sonic clap would be a much better choice to go with and it
costs 8,000 SP less than this attack.
   Rating: 2/5

Smash Express - 5,000 SP - X or Y while running with any two handed weapon.
Like I said, any move you can do while running is useful at one point or
another.  While I wouldn't suggest using this attack exsclusively at any 
in the game, there are a few times when you will be glad that you have it.
  Rating: 3/5

Double Fist Toss - 7,000 SP - Press B while running to perform this move.
Read the above description...  This move gets a higher rating though as
throwing things while running is a life saver in some cases.  Not to mention
that throwing things deals some of the highest damage in the game.
  Rating: 4/5

Critical Atomic Slam - 25,000 SP - This will be your first Critical Mass
attack available to you.  This is basically an extremely powerful version of
the Ground Smash move.  The range is much farther also.  Keep in mind that 
does not affect enemies in the air though.  However, you should get this as
early as possible as it is great for crowd control.
  Rating: 3/5

--C. Chapter 3

Slam Kick - 6,000 SP - While holding a two-handed weapon, press X then Y.
This is another useful move for one on one battles.  Weapon attacks tend to 
the most damage early in the game, so the ability to kick a bus into your
enemies face should come in handy at certain points.  However, this is
definitely not the best thing to do against enemies with heat seeking
  Rating: 3/5

Shield - 20,000 SP - Press Y while holding a large vehicle to smash down on 
and create a make-shift shield.  I find this little trick highly useful as 
will block incomming missles and melee attacks.  Even while you are running
you can deflect projectiles with it!  This is most useful when you are
fighting groups of 3 or more Hulk Busters.
  Rating: 4/5

Shockwave Smash - 15,000 SP - Charge Y to the fullest to unleash a shockwave
effect in front of you.  This attack is extremely effective against tanks,
normally destroying them in two hits.  Later on an additional upgrade can be
purchased to make this attack even more effective.  This is easily one of 
best attacks in the game.
  Rating: 5/5

Air Dash - 12,000 SP - Pull the R trigger back while in the air to do a 
dash.  This dash move has a couple of worthwhile uses.  First of which being
that it can give you a little extra distance for clearing jumps during
challenge missions.  The second is that no matter which direction you are
facing, performing the dash will cause Hulk to dash in any direction you
choose.  If you see yourself heading for water, just pull back on the left
analog and dash backwards.  This can be upgraded twice later on.
  Rating: 4/5

Dashing Sonic Clap - 5,000 SP - This is the exact same attack as the regular
Sonic Clap, except you can perform it while running.  And what do I say?
That's right!  Any move you can perform while running, is a good thing.
  Rating: 4/5

Tornado Uppercut - 12,000 SP - Press Y, then charge Y to perform a gigantic
uppercut.  This will launch your enemy into the air allowing for an air 
or just create some space between you and a foe.  While this certainly isn't 
bad move, I find myself using other attacks.
  Rating: 3/5

Tornado Frenzy - 20,000 SP - Press X, then max charge Y, then press X,X in 
air.  A nifty little air combo that is basically just a variation of the
Tornado uppercut move.
  Rating: 3/5

Rapid Punch Burst - 8,000 SP - Press X,X, then pause for a split second and
press X,X,X,X.  I find it a little difficult to pull this move off when I
really need it.  The combo does a good chunk of damage to anything in front 
you, but an enemy actually standing still so you can perform it is another
  Rating: 3/5

Critical Thunder Clap - 50,000 SP - Hold Y + B once you have power in your 
to perform a huge and devestating version of the Sonic Clap.  I love this
move.  Especially in the later levels of the game.  Like when you are being
attacked by two Hulk Buster Destroyers and a handfull of regular Hulk
Busters.  Being an area effect attack that hits above you, this should be 
top choice when it comes to Power Crisis moves.
  Rating: 5/5

Power Surge Level 1 - 25,000 SP - This upgrade gives a permanent boost to 
life gauge.  Need I say more?
  Rating: 5/5

Club Smash - 5,000 SP - Press X + Y while holding a club type weapon.  
not that this is a bad move, but I find myself going after rocks and cars
mostly, as they seem to do more damage than club weapons.
  Rating: 2/5

Rising Upper - 8,000 SP - Use the L trigger to lock on to an enemy, then 
the Left Analog away from them and press X.  This attack is a two fisted
uppercut that launches your opponent for an air combo, or creates some space
for you to dash away.  This is one of those moves I rarely, rarely use.
  Rating: 1/5

Air Ground Slam - 12,000 SP - Press X + Y while in the air to perform this
move.  There is not much difference between this and the Air Stomp other 
this move does slightly better damage.
  Rating: 3/5

Air Sonic Clap - 9,000 SP - Press Y + B while in the air to perform the Air
Sonic Clap.  Again, the Sonic Clap remains to be one of the better moves in
the game for its damage and area of effect.  This version is great to use
against helicopters or Hulk Busters that are flying around.  Later on this
move because slightly less effective against helicopters, but it is still an
all around good move.
  Rating: 4/5

Missle Punch Back - 20,000 SP - Press either X or Y as a missle is about to
hit you to punch it away.  If you are locked on to a target you will 
punch the missle back at them.  If you can master this move, it will be your
bread and butter against helicopters and jets until you get the air jack 
  Rating: 4/5

Headbutt - 10,000 SP  - Press X + B together to deliver a crushing headbutt.
This move has a much shorter range than I would like.  However, this is the
most effective attack against Hulk Busters, normally destroying them in two
  Rating: 4/5

Air Critical Atomic Slam - 50,000 SP - Charge X + Y to the max while in the
air once you have a power crisis move available.  This version does more
damage than the normal Critical Atomic Slam, but I refrain from using it 
I get the Air Critical Thunder Clap.
  Rating: 3/5

--D. Chapter 4

Air Enemy Grapple - 20,000 SP - Press B while in the air and near a 'Hulk
sized enemy', meaning Hulk Busters.  You can deal out quite a bit of damage
once you have them in your grasp, but if you get hit while holding them, you
will drop them.  This is best used in a one on one fight, but even then 
are better things to use.
  Rating: 2/5

Spear Impale - 8,000 SP - Max charge B while you are running with a club
weapon.  Other than stunning an enemy this move serves little purpose.
  Rating: 1/5

Dashing Uppercut - 15,000 SP - Press Y while running to launch an enemy into
the air, jump up to follow with an air combo.  I fairly useful move to 
get an enemy into the air and put a beating on them.
  Rating: 3/5

Bowling - 15,000 SP - Press Y while holding any spherical object to 
it and turn it into a massive bowling ball.  This move is great if you want 
go on a destruction rampage.  As for fighting, it does good damage and has
good speed and is best suited for ground based enemies like tanks and such.
  Rating: 3/5

Cyclone Skyjack - - Jump towards an aircraft and press B to grab the front 
it and ride it down to the ground.  Locking on to a target helps you aim, 
charging your X attack while in the air will close the distance between you
and your foe, making it easier to time your grab.  This is the easiest and
most effective way to take out any air based enemy.
  Rating: 5/5

Dashing Ground Slam - 8,000 SP - Press X + Y while running to perform yet
another version of this move.  Once again, it's useful because you don't 
to stop to charge it up for max damage.
  Rating: 4/5

Gamma Quake - 15,000 SP - Grab a Hulk sized enemy and charge Y.  Not only 
this move do great damage to the enemy you are holding, but it has an area
effect upon impact.  Although, the area effect does little damage.
  Rating: 3/5

Elbow Drop - 15,000 SP - Press Y while wall running or climbing to drop the
elbow on your enemy.  Locking on helps to aim yourself, but can be a bit
disorienting at times.  With that said, this is the most powerful single hit
attack in the game.  It can kill most things in two hits, and take chunks of
life off of Hulk Buster Destroyers.
  Rating: 5/5

Floor Kick - 5,000 SP - Press Y near a downed enemy.  Well, to be honest, 
only used this move when I was trying it out.  Enemies don't normally stay
down too long if they have any life left, making this attack almost 
  Rating: 1/5

Critical Mass Surge Level 1 - 25,000 SP - This increases the number of
sections on your PCG from 1 to 2.
  Rating: 5/5

Shield Grind - - While holding a shield, jump up and then press Y to 'grind'
on the shield and ride it like a skateboard.  Other than being cool and the
fact that some challenges require you to have this, there is very little use
to this move.
  Rating: 2/5

Super Air Strike - 35,000 SP - Press X while in the air for an increased
damage and range air strike.  This is one of the more useful upgrades to get
as it really helps in destroying the missle launchers mounted on destroyers.
Not to mention it makes performing the Skyjack a lot easier as well.  This 
an all aorund good attack to use on any enemy.
  Rating: 5/5

Shield Grind Kick - 10,000 SP - Press Y while doing a shield grind to kick
your shield towards your foe.  Lock on helps a lot with this.  Maybe it's 
me but I find this attack to not do very much damage and take an exsessive
amount of time to perform.
  Rating: 1/5

Hitchhike - 20,000 SP - Press B while in the air and near a large enemy to
grab a hold of them.  This doesn't open the oppurtunity to do major damage 
an enemy, but it is one of the safer routes to go if you are low on health.
If you hang on too long you will eventually be shaken off.  While you are
holding on press X to punch and Y to do a flip kick that causes you to
dismount from your foe.
  Rating: 3/5

Missle Catch - 35,000 SP - Press B when a missle nears you to grab onto it.
Hold down the throw button to max charge and activate the homing system on 
missle.  I love to use this move against jets.  It's much harder to Skyjack 
jet than it is a helicopter, but it's much easier to catch the missle of a 
than it is a helicopter.
  Rating: 4/5

Super Air Dash - 25,000 SP - A longer and faster air dash.  Moving faster 
farther is always a good thing.
  Rating: 4/5

Shockwave Smash Repeater - 60,000 SP - Max charge Y, then after the initial
hit press Y,Y,Y,Y.  This is one of the most pwerful combos in the game and 
tank stands a chance against you with this.  The range and width of the
shockwave is also increased.
  Rating: 5/5

--E. Chapter 5

Air Critical Thunder Clap - 40,000 SP - While in the air, charge Y + B to 
max while you have power in your PCG.  I find this attack insanely useful
against groups of destroyers and busters.  Jumping into the air to perform
this attack helps give you enough time to reach the full charge power
necessary to unleash the attack.
  Rating: 5/5

Hammer Toss - 35,000 SP - press B when near the barrel of a tank to grab a
hold of it, then roatate the left analog counter clockwise to build up speed
and throw the tank into the distance.  If you lock on to an enemy you can
actually throw the tank into them causing massive dammage.  Since this
instantly destroys any tank you grab, this move is a must have.
  Rating: 5/5

Missle Pack Weaponize - 40,000 SP - After destroying a missle launching
vehicle, grab the box shaped launcher and press Y.  Doing this will cause 
Hulk to make his very own shoulder mounted missle launcher.  Max charging an
attack button will activate the homing system in the missle.  For the most
part, the missles will destroy just about anyhting in one hit.  Useful?  In
the desert, very!
  Rating: 4/5

Ball and Chain - 30,000 SP - Press Y while holding onto a large crane truck 
rip out the ball and chain. The weapon acts like a yo-yo and the higher you
charge the move, the farther and more damaging the attack is.  This move is
extremely damaging and cna be performed in the air as well.
  Rating: 4/5

Air Spike - 12,000 SP - While in the air press X to start an air combo, then
max charge Y to slam your foe to the ground.  Although this is a good damage
attack, I rarely use it.  The full air combo using just X is effective 
not to need this.
  Rating: 2/5

Target Kick - 15,000 SP - While riding an aircraft, lock on to another 
and max charge Y to kick the aircraft to the designated target.  This is 
when you are fighting groups of helicopters or even a mix of helicopters and
jets.  If the aircraft connects, it is instant death for the target.  The 
problem is that the aircraft you are riding will normally hit the ground
before you even have a chance to kick it away.
  Rating: 4/5

Gamma Grinder - 55,000 SP - Max charge Y while holding a hulk sized enemy.
This is an improved version of the Gamma Quake.  The move is bigger and more
damaging, as is the area effect it causes.
  Rating: 4/5

Critical Pain - 75,000 SP - Max charge X + B while you have energy in your
PCG.  This is the most damaging critical mass attack.  The downside is that 
only hits one enemy.  However, that enemy is in for a world of hurt.
  Rating: 4/5

Power Surge Level 2 - 50,000 SP - A health increase? Sure!
  Rating: 5/5

Double Air dash - 60,000 SP - As the name implies, this allows you to dash
twice in the air.  No complaints here.
  Rating: 5/5

Running Club Ram - 15,000 SP - Press X while running with a club to slam it
into your enemies face.  You know the drill by now.  Doing moves while 
= good.
  Rating: 4/5

Gamma Bomb - 80,000 SP - Grab a Hulk sized mech enemy, jump as high as
possible and max charge Y.  Great damage and decent shockwave area effect
damage as well.  It's a little pricey, but will kill your captured foe in 
  Rating: 4/5

--F. Chapter 6

Air Cannonball - 100,000 SP - While in the air, max charge X to go rolling
into an enemy at tremendous speed.  This is a great upgrade to get as it 
high damage and it moves quickly to the target, which helps you when dodging
missles.  I have zero complaints about his attack.
  Rating: 5/5

Critical Mass Surge Level 2 - 80,000 SP - Increases your PCG from two slots 
three slots.
  Rating: 5/5

--G. Chapter 7

Super Shockwave Smash - 100,000 SP - Max charge Y, then press Y,Y,Y,Y.  This
is an improved version of the Shockwave Smash Repeater dealing very high
damage.  The final hit sends out three large shockwaves that spread out,
annihilating anything in front of you.
  Rating: 5/5

Double Super Air Dash - 150,000 SP - As you may have guessed, this upgrade
makes both air dashes have greater speed and distance capabilities.
  Rating: 5/5

Power Surge Level 3 - 120,000 SP - Increases your max health to the maximum
  Rating: 5/5

--H. Chapter 8 (End game)

Savage Banner - 1,000,000 SP - You get to play as Bruce Banner, but with all
of the Hulks power.  All Hulk, no green.  While this may be a neat little
unlockable, it certainly isn't going to make anything any easier on you.
  Rating: 1/5


                             VI. Fighting Strategies                       

Here I will go over some basic things that you need to know in order to play
the game in the most proficient way.  Then I will go into in-depth 
for fighting each type of enemy found in the game from the lowely Policeman 
the final confrontation with Abomination.

--A. Some Basics

The first thing I want to touch on is the Power Crisis Gauge, or the PCG.
Collecting green globes that enemies drop will raise your health meter.  
you max out your health meter, the remaining health will be filtered in to 
PCG.  The PCG serves two purposes, the first being the obvious.  Having 
in the PCG allows you to perfrom Critical Mass attacks, which are some of 
strongest attacks in the game.  The second purpose for the PCG is to 
store health and increase your maximum limit well beyond the normal Life 

If your energy happens to reach very low levels, you will enter what the 
calls "Adrenaline Rush" state.  During this state Hulk does more damage to
enemies and is able to use one critical mass attack.  My suggestion is that 
you do reach this state, quickly use the critical mass attack and then run.
If Hulk takes no damage for a few seconds his health will auto regenerate 
up to the normal starting position.

--B. Smaller Enemies

**Police, Soldiers, and Missle Soldiers**

Puny, Puny humans.  These guys are the lowest of the low and can be 
of with a single blow.  You can even simply run over top of them to teach 
a lesson.

**Tanks & Rocket Launchers**

Tanks can be deadly if you don't know what you are doing.  The most 
regular attacks against them are the shockwave attacks, which include; 
smash, shockwave smash, shockwave smash repeater, and super shockwave smash.
All of those become obsolete once you get the hammer toss move though.  Keep
in mind that destroying a tank using the hammer toss yields no health 
so it's not always the best choice.

The same goes for the Rocket Launchers.  All the shockwave attacks are the
most effective, but you cannot perform the hammertoss move on them.  These
things can be a real pain in pairs or groups.  I would advise against 
to get in close.  Stay on the ground and run towards them, dodging any 
as neccessary.  Jumping actually decreases your manueverability and leaves 
wide open to get hit with a barrage of missles.

**Helicopters and Jets**

Helicopters like to fly in close to you and alternate between missles and
machine gun fire.  The Sonic Clap is the most effective attack against them
and will normally destroy them in a couple of hits.  As with the tanks 
once Cyclone Skyjack becomes available to you, that attack becomes obsolete.
Skyjack lets you grab on to the front of a helicopter and ride it down to 
ground.  You can even purchase an upgrade that lets you kick the helicopter
away and towards whatever target you are currently locked on to.  A great 
for taking out a large group of helicopters quickly.

Jets are a little different.  Rather than being able to hover over top of 
the jets actually make passig runs against you.  They will come towards you,
fire a couple of missles, fly past you, pull a U-turn, and repeat the
process.  They are also much better at dodging incomming air attacks, which
makes the cyclone skyjack a little harder to pull off against them.  The
missle punch back and missle grab attacks are probably going to be your best
friend.  I personally prefer the missle grab.

**Hulk Busters**

These little mechs are only a threat early into the game.  The effective
attack against them is the headbutt, taking all but a tiny spec of their
health.  It can be annoying fighting these guys in large groups though.
Anytime you try and charge up the headbutt, one of them will rush in and 
you out of the air.  I find that the best hting to do is to knock them down
with the air strike move, then do a small jump and immediately start 
the headbutt.

**Hulk Buster Destroyers**

The bigger, meaner, stronger, more defensive brother of the Hulk Buster.
There are a couple of ways to go about fighting these guys.  I find that the
hitchhike move that allows you to latch onto large enemies, is relatively
worthless.  It's definitely the safest route to take, as you can't really be
hit by them if you are attached to them, but your attacks in this state do
very very small amounts of damage.

When you are fighting a single destroyer, concentrate on removing the 
mounted missle launchers first with either the air strike or the cannonball.
The Critical Thunderclap helps greatly as it not only does damage to both
missle launchers, but the destroyer itself as well.  Don't bother trying to
hit the destroyer itself from the air, he will simply shrug you off and 
damage to you.  Steel fists help out in the fight, as does throwing objects.
If you are getting low on health, grab a pair of steel fists and grab on to
him with the hitchhike and pound away.  Your Y attack in this state causes
Hulk to do a backflip kick off of the enemy before they have a chance to
forcefully remove you.

If you have to fight two or more of these guys at once, go for the Critical
Thunderclap ASAP to destroy the missle launchers on both of them.

--C. Strike Teams

Here I will go over specific strike teams that you will encounter.  
on where you are located and what chapter you are on determines what ST you
will be facing.  There are no ST's in the first chapter and they don't 
until mid-way through the second chapter when the game finally tells you 
the threat level meter (TL).

Chapter 2
City:  2 Helicopters

Chapter 3
Desert: 3 Helicopters

Chapter 4
City: 4 Hulkbusters - 2,000 SP
Desert: 2 Hulkbusters - 1,000 SP

Chapter 5
City: 3 Helicopters & 2 Hulkbusters - 4,000 SP
Desert: 2 Hulkbusters - 1,000 SP

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8 (End game)

--D. Bosses

These are the strategies that I developed while fighting against the bosses 
the game.  Some of you may have better ways of dealing with them, and I am
certainly open to suggestions and contributions.  I am currently playing
through the game again in order to see what other strategies I can come up
with, so I plan on updating this section when I do my first update to the 

--Dated 9/6/05


The openeing scene before you begin the fight should give you a clear hint 
what you have to do.  The object is to knock abomination into the large 
tanks that surround the area.  The best attacks to use are the Judgement Day
combo, Punt Kick, or the Backhand combo.  Do not ever jump unless you
absolutely need the health power ups located around the area.  Everytime you
jump abomination will charge at you, grab you, slam you into a wall, and 
jump up and slam you into the ground.

If your LG gets low eneough for you to enter an adrenaline surge, quickly
perform a Power Crisis move to create some space between you and 
then go run after a health globe.

Once Abomination loses a health bar, he will run back and throw a few large
objects at you.  Simply run to dodge them and when he stops, move in for a
combo.  Once you get Abomination to under one life bar remaining he will 
to do the smash repeater combo on you, so watch out.

Abomination also likes to block a lot.  You have to look for an opening,
strike quickly with your first two combo hits, then max charge the last hit 
send him flying.

If you purchased the running grab ability along with the dual fisted throw,
then pick up an object whenever you can and max charge your throw to cause
some good damage to Abomination.

**Prototype Hulkbuster Destroyer**

As soon as this fight starts, use your lock on ability to target the radars
that are positioned around the area.  Use max charged attacks with weapons 
destroy them quickly. Destroying the radar stations will take away the 
for the prototype to call in reinforcements.  If you fail to do so, he will
call in a squad of his little brothers, the Hulk Busters, to help him out.
The Destroyer fires enough missles on his own so you really don't want 
4-5 guys shooting them at you as well.

Once the radars are destroyed, take out any remaining Hulk Busters if need
be.  Collect enough health globes to put you into Critical Mass.  Be sure 
to collect more than you need though, you may need them for later.  Once you
are able to critical mass, let loose a Critical Thunderclap right in his
face.  That should help you out a bit in what is to come.  Next, lock on to
him and tap the right analog stick so that you are targeting the missle pods
on his shoulder.  There are plenty of weapons laying around the arena, so 
one up, jump into the air and max charge your throw to lay in some good
damage.  Alternatively, the headbutt also does good damage to him and his
missle pods.  Once you finish off the missle pod, do the same thing for the
other one on his other shoulder.

Now that we can move around without heat seeking missles tracking our every
step, lock on to the big guy and go to town on him.  The only two attacks 
really need ot watch out for is his laser attack, which hits you at a
distance, and his blue charge melee attacks.  Again, the headbutt is 
the best thing to use, but if you are low on health and need to play it safe
than just throw things at him from a distance.  Both attacks do about the 
damage, but the headbutt can be pulled off quicker than running, grabbing, 
max throwing.

**Chief Combat Warden**

This really isn't much of a boss fight, the warden is just a regular
Hulkbuster with some extra energy.  Since this is a Hulkbuster, the headbutt
should be your first choice as it does the most damage with minimal effort.
Once you get his life down to one bar remaining, he will run off and fly 
building to building.  Don't worry about hitting him, but you do have to 
up to him after he stops each time.  Normally the building he lands on has a
couple of rocket launcher flunkies for you to bash.  Do so, and collect 
health globes.  If you're at full health than just continue the chase.

The combat warden finally comes to rest in an open park area where he and a
batallion of tanks are waiting for you.  Since your health and PCG should be
full after all those puny humans you just fought, jump into the very center 
the tanks and show them your Critical Thunderclap.  That should hopefully
destroy all of them, but if not, they shouldn't be more than a hit away from
total destruction.  After all the tanks are disposed of, turn your attention
to the combat warden and finish him off.  I almost feel bad for him because
the headbutt takes so much life away, so if you feel comfortable enough to 
it up, then feel free to slap him around a bit before you finish him.

After he is defeated, grab his power module and head back to the church.


Talk about easy.  Go ahead... talk about it, discuss it.  The first thing 
need to know about Mercy is that she likes to teleport as soon as you get 
her and try to attack.  There is an easy way to get around this though.  You
will notice health globes scattered around all over the area you are 
in.  There is more than enough to get you into crisis mode twice.  If you
purchased the Critical Mass Surge Level 1 upgrade, that is going to make
things even easier.  If you did purchase it, then fill up both sections of
your PCG.  It doesn't really matter how close or far you are from Mercy, 
use a power crisis move and watch the health drain away.  After you hit her
with the first crisis move, she should be near death.  Lock on to her and
perform max charged air strikes from as far back as possible.  These will 
her most of the time and should not take more than four or five hits to 
her off.

Once her life bar has been depleted she will stand up and become super
pissed.  Watch out for her triple energy shot, find an opening and use your
second crisis move.  This should take her energy all the way down to zero, 
you will still need to hit her once more to put her to rest for good.  One
charged air strike is all it will take.

Easiest fight in the game by far.

**General Ross**

Before you even begin the fight, you need to purchase the Hammer Toss move.
The fight takes place in a square area, you begin in the center with General
Ross.  The first thing you want to do is immediately run and jump to the
outskirts of the area.  At each of the four corners there is a tank.  You 
to begin the hammerthrow move, then lock on to General Ross and let the tank
fly into him.  Rinse and repeat, the tanks respawn every few seconds, so 
make your way around the square and throw each one into the giant mech.

It's an easy but fun fight.

**Devil Hulk**

I highly recommend purchasing the cannonball upgrade for this fight.  This
fight takes place on a circle shaped platform.  The devil hulk will run into
the small circle in the center of the area and begin summoning up spires to
hit you.  Stay as high as possible in the air to avoid them.  You should see
three blue pods surrounding the circle.  Lock on to one and max charge the X
button while in the air to perform the cannonball.  The move will allow you 
smash through the spires and hit the pod you are locked on to.  Immediately
jump back into the air and repeat the process untill all three pods are

The pods leave behind some health globes, so pick them up and they should 
you into critical mass.  Devil Hulk will now jump out of the hole in the
center and come after you.  Get right in his face and let loose an Air
Critical Thunder Clap to take off a good amount of health.  Eventually he 
retreat back into his hole and you will have to destroy the pods again.  
a couple of times repeating this process, the Devil Hulk will fall.

**Abomination II part 1**

Your object here is to chase Abomination through the desert while keeping 
military off your back.  Don't worry about keeping up with Abomination, he
will eventually stop at certain spots.  Your main concern is quickly
dispatching of any military force that gets in your way.  If you try to 
down Abomination, you will have him pounding on you when he stops running, 
well as military aircraft shooting missles at you, so just concentrate on 
military presence.

The good thing is that when Abominaiton stops, whatever vehicles or aircraft
that are in that area will shoot at him, making your job much easier.  Once
you have dispatched of the other foes, collect all the health you can and go
after Abomination.  He shouldn't need too much more of a pounding before he
runs off again.

Do the same thing this time, concentrate on all military enemies first then 
after Abomination.  After the third time he runs off, you will be able to
access a jump point to take you to the final show down.

**Abomination II part 2**

This fight takes place on a dam.  The object is to finish off Abomination
before he destroys the four generators located in the small area.  If he
destroys all four, the dam will collapse.  To top things off, there is a 
of jets constantly firing missles at the both of you.

Don't bother destroying the jets unless you need health.  If you destory 
another will spawn and take its place.  Directly to the right of your 
position there is a semi-truck.  Pick up the front end and make steel fists
out of them.  Go in towards Abomination and start laying into him with your
best combos.  If you see him charging up, run!  He is most likely charging 
the Super Shockwave Smash, with can take over half of your life away, so do
your best to dodge it by jumping and air dashing.

When Abomination goes in for a generator, lock on to him and start doing
headbutts.  If you continue to use headbutts, he will eventually be shocked 
the generator and will lose a bar of life.  If you don't use headbutts, he
will eventually rip the generator out of the floor and fling it across the
stage, when it hits the ground it will cause a shockwave effect that rivals
your Critical Thunder Clap.  Avoid this at all costs.  Repeat this process 
the next two generators.

When and if Abomination goes for the forth generator, he should be very near
death.  Lay in a few more hits as he is trying to pull it out to finish him


                                  VII. Cheats                              
These are the cheats I have found thusfar.  Most of the cheats are unlocked 
collecting comics that are scattered throughout the game.  Once you unlock 
cheat, you can then enter it in the options menu.



                               VIII. Future Plans                          

I'd like to get some other strategies for the bosses.  Namely, Devil Hulk 
the Abominaiton dam fight.  All the other bosses have very easy tricks to
beating them, so I would imagine these two would be no different.  I'm also
going to try and obtain the rest of the comics so I can complete the cheat


                               IX. Contributor's                           

None as of yet!


                             X. Closing & Copyright                        

In closing, I'd like to thank for continuing to be the best 
gaming site on the net.  I'd like to thank Radical Entertainment, Sierra, 
Vivendi Universal for helping me forget that first horrible Hulk game.

This FAQ is Copyright 2005 by Josh Ford

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Thank you, come again!