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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian


The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian (BOSS FAQ)

by lazygarfield

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian (c)

BOSS FAQ v1.1a
Last updated on 28th May, 2008.


1. Introduction.................................[W01]
2. Update History...............................[W02]
3. Contact......................................[W03]
4. General Tips.................................[W04]
5. Boss FAQ.....................................[W05]

 5.1 Telmarine Chieftain....................[501]
 5.2 The White Witch and Co.................[502]
 5.3 Miraz..................................[503]
 5.4 Gregoire...............................[504]
 5.5 Glozelle...............................[505]

6. Credits......................................[W06]

1. Introduction					[W01]

Hello everyone. I am Laya Maheshwari aka Lazy Garfield. This is my first FAQ, 
and I chose this game becasue it was very short and easy, so I would not have 
a lot to do... 

Anyway, I played this game on Playstation 2, but as far as I know, it is the 
same on the next-gen platforms as well. To make matters simpler, I will not 
name any buttons, but just state the action, so that the FAQ is useful for all 

Also, I would like to state that the movie, game and book are all copyrights 
of their respective owners. 

And yes, regarding this FAQ, it can can only be hosted on these sites -


and it may not be reproduced for any use without my explicit permission for 
the same.

Now, onto the FAQ, please be aware, this the way I beat the gane. This is not 
the ONLY way to beat the game. You may try other ways too. Also, please take 
notice that this FAQ HAS SPOILERS!!!!

2. Update History				[W02]

Version 1.1a-   Added one more site. No other change.

Version 1.1 - 	Just added another site, nothing new. 

Version 1.0 - 	Started Writing on 27th May, 2008,
		Completed on the same day.

3. Contact					[W03]

You are free to contact me if you have any doubts regarding the game. Also, if 
you have any tips/methods/hints you would like to share or include in this 
guide, please mail me.

You can contact me at : laya_garfield [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

Please include the words "Prince Caspian BOSS FAQ" in the subject title, so 
that I dont mark it as spam by mistake....

4. General Tips					[W04]

First of all, I would like to say that this game is very easy and very short. 
Actually, if any of you played the first game, you will observer tht this is 
way simpler than that. 

This game is similar to the first in many ways, but also, it deviates in many 
ways. Now, for some tips....

1. As soon as a boss-fight starts, pause the game and check the objectives. 
they give a pretty good hint on how to defeat the boss.

2. Dont take all health power-ups at once. Take them uniformly, because thuogh 
there quite a few of them in the boss-fights, you never know when they might 
come in handy.

3. Try to switch between characters if you are stuck or are uncomfortable with 
once character. some boss-fights are better fought with one partcular 

4. If you are after the bonuses, then, on your first attempt in a boss-fight, 
open all the chests and take all the bonuses. They will egt saved so that if 
you die in your first attempt, you wont have to open them in later attempts.

Okay, now thats all I can think up of now. Lets get on with the main bosses....

5. Boss FAQ					[W05]

5.1 Telmarine Chietain			[501]

Mission		: 1st - Cair Paravel,
         	  4th - Miraz's Castle Assualt
         	  5th - Aslan's How

Difficulty	: 3/10

Okay, now this is the first boss of the game. Also, he recurs in some of the 
later levels too, but the tactics to beat him remain the same.

Now, he has just four health points, and one hit reduces one point. So, all it 
takes to kill him is four hits (worked that out already, Einstein?)

Now, he has just one attack worth mentioning, and that is a sort of loop and 
smash which takes him quite a while. When he does this special attack him, run 
far away from him and do whatever you can do to dodge him. 

If you dodge successfully, he misses the attack (duh!) and is then, and only 
then, vulnerable to your attacks. Go and hit him one time using your melee 
attack. If you connect, he will take a hit, and lose on health point. do so 
four times, and he's dead...

That is it!!! Easy, huh??

5.2 The White Witch and Co.		[502]

Mission		: 5th - Aslan's How

Difficulty	: 5/10

Okay, in this, you are not fighting just one boss, but it still qualifies as 
just one boss-fight. Confused? Read on...

As the boss-fight starts, the first thing you will notice that this fight is 
timed. You have got to stop the Hag from calling the White Witch before time 
runs out...

Another thing you'll notice is that here is a treasure chest here. If you are 
after bonuses, then open it on the first attempt, and since it would be hard 
to defeat the hag in that attempt (it's timed, remember?), you better just get 
acquainted with the situation...

Now, there a lot of hearts here, so now worries about health, just concentrate 
on speed.

You are in a round area, with the center being accupied by a hag who is trying 
to enchant Prince Caspian. she has two minions, a werewolf and Nikabrik, the 

First, the werewolf will run out. Attack him and after taking a hit, he wil 
run back. the hag will call down rocks on you. They dont cause much damage. 
After this, one rock will stay. Pick that up (as Edmund) and line yourself up 
behind Prince Caspian. Then, move around a little (preferable, right) and thwo 
the rock at the Hag. It is pretty easy as she is not that hard to aim at. 
Anyways, if she takes a hit, the timer will get a bonus and you will have some 
more time to play with. 

Now, the dwarf comes out. attack him in the same ways as you attacked the 
werewolf. After taking a hit, he will run back (coward!) and then the wereowlf 
will come out again. Attack him in the same way and he will run back too. 
again, the hag will call down rocks. Pick one up and throw it at her. You will 
get a time-boost. 

Do this one or two times more and the dwarf and werewolf will come out 
together. This time, they are fighting till the death, which will come very 
soon if you just keep on slapping them with melee attacks. After they die, the 
hag will call down more rocks. Pick one up and throw it at her for one final 
time. After this, she will finally die and Prince Caspian will be saved....

5.3 Miraz				[503]

Mission		: 6th - Battle At Aslan's How

Difficulty	: 6/10

Okay, now this is a pretty entertaining boss-fight, mostly because you get to 
play as Reepicheep and take off Miraz's amour...

Now, Miraz has just one attack you should be afraid of. You will recognize it 
after just one go. Anyway, the good thing this attack take a long time and is 
pretty easy to dodge. As Peter, just keep on Blocking, and you will take 
little or no damage. Anyway, I recommend playing with Peter in this level and 
switching to Reepicheep when the need arises. Also, there are a lot of health 
shards and a few vases if you need health.

Now, when Miraz does that special attack of his, as Peter, just block, and, 
just before he raises his sword for the final blow, YOU strike him. I found 
this tactic the most sure-shot way to get him down, but then, you may find 
another way too. 

Anyway, after you strike him down, switch to Reepicheed and go near him. Press 
the button for interaction and then repeatedly press the button shown on 
screen. This will take off a piece of his armour. You have to follow this 
method two times more to take off his armour entirely.

Now, Miraz will add another attack to his arsenal. Dont worry, from now on, 
the fight gets easier. He will charge at you and if he hits, he can cause some 
damage. But, to our advantage, he starts charging from a long way off, giving 
you ample time to movie aside and doge him. If you dodge him, he will stop a 
little way ahead and bend down. He will glow with a blue light. this is the 
time to go and hit him with a melee attack. One attack takes away one health 
point. do so till his health falls completely and he dies....


PS - there is a treasure chest beside one pillar, if you are interested..

5.4 Gregoire				[504]

Mission		: 6th - Battle At Aslan's How

Difficulty	: 6/10

Okay, now you must have seen this menace uptil now. He has been pestering you 
since the last two objectives, and whats worse, you cant hit him even a single 
time (he takes no damage). Now, payback time is upon us....

Now, this fight is just a rehash of the second stage of the fight against 
Miraz. This guy has five health points, which is pretty reasonable. Anyway, he 
has JUST ONE major attack (the stupid idiot) and that is a sort of ballet 
movie (sorry, no other word for it) in which he wildly swings his weapon 
around with the sole aim of thrusting it into you (yikes!!!).

The attack, in which he jumps up and about with his sword, has to be dodged by 
you, which again is a pretty easy task, if you have defeated the earlier 
bosses (especially Miraz). Okay, so if you successfully dodge him, he sticks 
his sword into the ground a little way ahead, and fortunately for us, it 
remains stuck. Also, he starts glowing blue....

Now, if you havent figured out already, you need to go and hit him with a 
melee attack. If you strike, he glows red and loses one health point. Repeat 
the same procedure four times more and he's finished!!!!

5.5 Glozelle				[505]

Mission		: 6th - Battle At Aslan's How

Difficulty	: 5/10

Okay, now this boss-fight comes after you have a nice little fall. You wake up 
besie this guy, and immediately, you both start fighting. I really thought 
this was really stupid. It wasn't in the book or movie, as if the makers just 
added it to make the game a little longer. L-A-M-E.

Now, as far as the fight goes, it is pretty entertaining and it is pretty 
enjoyable too. I recommend playing as Peter, as you will have to use his 
grappling abilities here. Now this guys has just three health points, which 
looks pretty easy, but is actually a little more challenging.

Now, you will notice that there are three pillars in the little area where you 
all are fighting. This guys also has a charge attack, just like almost all the 
other bosses (how creative on the maker's part is that?) 

Now the trick is, you have got to make him charge at you, but also, at the 
pillar. This is actually very easy. Just stand in front of a pillar and when 
he charges at you, move aside. He will get stuch in the pillar. Now, as Peter, 
you need to grapple the pillar where he is tuck and after grappling, you need 
to quickly pull the rope towards you (repeated from the 2nd level, when you 
rescue Trumpkin). 

If you pull the rope quickly enough, the pillar will crash and fall on top of 
that guy, causing him to lose one health point. After he loses a health point, 
some soldiers miraculously appear out of nowhere and try to kill you. Defeat 
them first and then concentrate on the boss, because the mission is not timed, 
and the soldiers can be a menace...

After killing the soldiers, concecntrate on Glozelle, make him charge at 
another pillar and grapple like earlier. He will lose one more health point 
and call  more soldies. 

Kill these soldiers too and then take off the final health point of Glozelle 
like you did the earlier two. 

That's it!!! He is dead!!!! That is all this game has to offer in the form of 
Boss fights!!!!!

6. Credits					[W06]

Believe it or not, I do have the decency to thank some people..

1. C.s.Lewis		- For Writing the Books
2. Walden Media		- For Making  the Movies
3. Traveller's Tales	- For Making  the Games
4. Myself		- For Writing the FAQ
5. And yes, YOU		- For Reading the FAQ