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Follow the dark path or use the light
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven Pack Shot

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven


The Best Walkthrough

by Phill a.k.a P_unit

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  [email protected]@@@#     @@@@      #@@@@@% %@@@@%  @@@@@ %@@@@&  @@@@@! #@@@@   @@@@% %@@@@
  [email protected]@@@#     @@@@      #@@@@@#!%@@@@%  @@@@@ %@@@@#  @@@@@! #@@@@   @@@@% %@@@@
  [email protected]@@@#     @@@@      #@@@@@@%%@@@@%  @@@@@ %@@@@@  @@@@@! [email protected]@@@   @@@@% %@@@@
  [email protected]@@@@     @@@@@@@!  #@@@@@@#[email protected]@@@%  @@@@@         @@@@@@@@@@@@   @@@@& %@@@@
  [email protected]@@@@     @@@@@@@!  #@@@@@@@@@@@@%  @@@@@         @@@@@@@@@@@@   @@@@& %@@@@
  [email protected]@@@@     @@@@#%  #@@@@@@@@@@@@%  @@@@@         @@@@@##@@@@@   @@@@% [email protected]@@@
  [email protected]@@@#     @@@@      #@@@[email protected]@@@@@@%  @@@@@ !!!!!%  @@@@@! [email protected]@@@   @@@@% [email protected]@@@
  [email protected]@@@#     @@@@      #@@@# @@@@@@@!  @@@@@ [email protected]@@@#  @@@@@! [email protected]@@@   @@@@% [email protected]@@@
  [email protected]@@@#     @@@@      #@@@# @@@@@@@%  @@@@@ %@@@@#  @@@@@! [email protected]@@@   @@@@% [email protected]@@@
  [email protected]@@@#     @@@@      #@@@# @@@@@@@%  @@@@@ %@@@@#  #@@@@! [email protected]@@@   @@@@& [email protected]@@@
  [email protected]@@@#     @@@@      #@@@# [email protected]@@@@@%  @@@@@ %@@@@#  #@@@@! [email protected]@@@   @@@@% [email protected]@@@
  [email protected]@@@#     @@@@%#@%  #@@@# %@@@@@@%  @@@@@[email protected]@@@&  #@@@@! [email protected]@@@   @@@@#%[email protected]@@@
  [email protected]@@@#     @@@@@@@!  #@@@# !#@@@@@%  #@@@@@@@@@@!  #@@@@! [email protected]@@@   [email protected]@@@@@@@@@
  %&%%%&     #&&&%&%%  &&%%&! !&%!%%%   !##&&&&    &&%%%% %%%%%     %%&&&&%% 
  __    __           _   _              __     
 / / /\\ \\ \\_ __ __ _| |_| |__     ___  / _|   /\\  /\\___  __ ___   _____ _ __ 
 \\ \\/  \\/ / \'__/ _` | __| \'_ \\   / _ \\| |_   / /_/ / _ \\/ _` \\ \\ / / _ \\ \'_ \\
  \\  /\\  /| | | (_| | |_| | | | | (_) |  _| / __  /  __/ (_| |\\ V /  __/ | | |
   \\/  \\/ |_|  \\__,_|\\__|_| |_|  \\___/|_|   \\/ /_/ \\___|\\__,_| \\_/ \\___|_| |_|
                   <   F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H   > 

                    *ASCII Artwork Courtesy: Atom Edge*

Written By: P_unit (Phillip Helgren)
Email: [email protected]
Last Updated: April 20th 2003 (FINAL VERSION)
Game Title: TENCHU: Wrath Of Heaven (A.K.A. Tenchu 3)
Platform: Playstation 2 (NTSC Version)
Creators: Activision, K2

                       |  TABLE OF CONTENTS  | 
                       1.  Copyright Information
                       2.  Update Information
                       3.  Introduction
                       4.  Controls
                           4.1 Moving
                           4.2 Jumping
                           4.3 Attacks
                           4.4 Stealth Moves
                           4.5 The Rest
                       5.  Characters
                           5.1 Rikimaru
                           5.2 Ayame
                           5.3 Tesshu
                       6.  Gameplay Overview
                       7.  Stealth Kills
                       8.  Special Abilities
                       9.  Weapons and Items
                       10. Basic Tips 
                       11. Walkthrough
                           11.1 Rikimaru\'s Missions 
                           11.2 Ayame\'s Missions 
                           11.3 Tesshu\'s Missions 
                           11.4 Bonus Missions 
                       12. Multi Player
                           12.1 Co-op Mode
                           12.2 Deathmatch Mode
                       13. Cheats 
                       14. Glitches and Cool Things To Do
                       15. Thanks/Credits
                       16. Closing Thoughts

TIP: To quickly find a particular mission that you are having trouble with
     simply press \"Ctrl + F\" on your keyboard to bring up the \"Find\" box. Now 
     just type in the exact Title of the mission and you will be brought right 
     to it in the FAQ. Alternatively you can simply type in any of the Section 
     Titles as found in the Table of Contents.

|1.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|   COPYRIGHT INFORMATION   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|

This FAQ is the property of Oliver Ferrier (A.K.A Swiftshark) and is subject to all 
applicable copyright laws. Anyone wanting to post this FAQ on any websites or other 
form of publication must request permission in writing by emailing me at the address 
found at the top of this document. Chances are that I will grant you permission 
provided that you keep the FAQ in its complete form, you do not charge people for 
accessing the FAQ and that you give me the proper credit for the FAQ. The most recent 
version of this FAQ can always be found at Gamefaqs    

Presently the only websites permitted to host this FAQ are:

If you are reading this Faq on any other site than those listed above then please 
email me at [email protected] and let me know. Thanks.

|2.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|   UPDATES   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|

May 19th 2003: Made some formatting corrections to the FAQ and added the final
               contributions and credits. Also added the final cheat codes that
               were just recently released. That\'s it, FAQ complete!

April 28th 2003: Fixed the section dividers and added a few more submissions 
                 And credits. Also added a complete \"Enemy Listing\". This FAQ
                 is now 100% complete unless something earth shattering is 
                 discovered. I will not be accepting anymore submissions for 
                 this FAQ.

April 24th 2003: Completed the cutscene depictions for all of Ayame\'s missions
                 today and also finished Rikimaru\'s alternate cutscene 
                 depictions. All Cutscene depictions are now complete. I also
                 added quite a few things to the \"Cool Things To Do\" Section
                 as well as some new ASCII Title artwork thanks to Atom Edge.
                 Last but not least, I deleted several of the older update 
                 paragraphs as they are useless reading at this stage of the
                 FAQ. All that is left now is to see if some new cheats are
                 released or perhaps another glitch or two. For the rest this
                 FAQ is complete.

April 20th 2003: Completed the majority of Rikimaru\'s cutscene depictions. 
                 Some of his alternate choices will be added in the next 
                 update along with all of Ayame\'s. Also completed all of
                 Tesshu\'s Cutscene Depictions thanks to Riki maru\'s 

April 16th 2003: Added several Glitches that were submitted and also completed 
                 the Weapons and Items Section. I also completed the cutscene 
                 depictions for Rikimaru\'s first 5 missions.

April 13th 2003: Added numerous tidbits of information throughout the FAQ and 
                 added several new contributions and credits. Thank you to 
                 everyone who has sent in useful discoveries. The next and 
                 final few updates will have all of the cutscene information

April 9th 2003: Completed Tesshu\'s missions as well as the Bonus missions. The 
                entire walkthrough is now complete. Also added some credits 
                and other various tidbits here and there.Checiked all the spelling 

|3.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|    INTRODUCTION   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|

Welcome to my TENCHU 3: Wrath of Heaven \"FAQ/Walkthrough\". In this FAQ you 
will be able to find a completely detailed walkthrough for each of the games three 
characters as well as thorough information on every other aspect of the game. Beware 
that due to the thoroughness of this guide YOU WILL FIND SPOILERS as I have covered 
every aspect of the story. (If you wish not to read the plot spoilers then I have 
indicated how to avoid them in the \"Walkthrough Introductory\" paragraph) 

The goal of this walkthrough is to get you from the starting point to the 
ending point along with gathering any special Items or Weapons that might be hidden 
throughout any particular level. Keep in mind that there are more corridors and areas 
for you to explore on your own but everything pertinent 
will be found herein. You can also get information on Weapons and Items as 
well as a brief description of each character\'s special abilities and moves. 
For an in depth look at each of the various Stealth Kills please refer to the other 
FAQ that I have written. More information on that will follow later. 

If you must contact me then feel free to email me at the email address found 
at the top of this document. If you don\'t receive a response please don\'t take it 
personal, it may just take a while as I often work on various projects simultaneously. 

Lastly, if you submit anything that gets added to this Guide then you shall receive 
full and proper credit herein. If you discover any errors or omissions that I may 
have made or if you find an easier way to do something or get somewhere then please 
let me know. 

NOTE: Garbage and Spam will be purged so make sure you type \"TENCHU 3\" 
      in the subject line.


With that said enjoy the FAQ and the game!

|4.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|   CONTROLS    |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|

Here is a breakdown of how the controller is configured, button controls as 
well as explanations on how to execute the various moves, combos, attacks and other 
functions. (You can change the configuration to your preferences in the \"Options 

    __________________                                   ________________
    L2: Select Item   |                                 | R2: Camera Lock
    ________________  |                                 |  _____________
    L1: Look Around | |      Map     Pause/Tips         | |  R1: Stealth
               _=====_       |           |          _=====_
              / _____ \\      |           |         / _____ \\
  Grappling----|     |  `.   |  S O N Y  |      .\'  |  |--------------Use Item
    Hook  / ___| /|\\ |___ \\  |           |     / ___| /_\\ |___ \\
         / |      |      | ; |__         |__  ; | _         _ | ;
  Select---| |<--- --->  | | |__|        |__| | ||_|-Attack(_)-------Block/Close
   Item  | |___   |   ___| ;SELECT       START; |___       ___| ;    Attack
         |\\    | \\|/ |    /  _     ___      _  \\    |  X---Jump/|
  Health-------|_____|  .\',\'\" \"\', |___|  ,\'\" \"\',`.  |_____|  .\' |
  Potion |   `-._____.-\' /       \\ANALOG/       \\ `-._____.-\'   |
         |               |       |_====_|       |               |
         |              /\\       /      \\       /\\              |
         |             /  `.___.\'        `.___.\'  \\             |
         |            /      |              |      \\            |
          \\          /       |              |       \\          /
           \\________/    Movements   Detonate Sticky \\________/
                                     Bomb/Secondary Camera/Turn While Crouching

(I know that looks pretty crappy)

4.1  MOVING |

L3 Forward (slightly)...........Walk Forward
L3 Forward......................Run Forward
L3 Backward.....................Turn Around
L3 Left.........................Turn Left
L3 Right........................Turn Right
R2 + L3 (Directional)...........Walk With Camera Locked Behind You
R2, Forward + X.................Quick Dash Forward 
R2, Backward + X................Quick Dash Backwards 
R2, Left + X....................Quick Dash Left
R2, Right + X...................Quick Dash Right
R2 + R3 (Directional)...........Turn While Camera Is Locked Behind You

NOTE: See \"STEALTH MOVES\" (Section 4.4) for more movements. Also the
      \"Quick Dash\" that was available in the Demo disc seems to have
      been removed in the Final Version. (That was the R2 + Press L3
      move) Too bad.


X...............................Jump in place
X, X............................Double Jump (Can be used with L3)
X (x2) + X (Near Wall)..........Ricochet Jump
R2 + X..........................Moonsault


Square (x2).....................Double Slash
Square (x3).....................Three Slash Combo
Square (x4).....................Four Slash Combo (Ayame Only)
Square (Near Fallen Enemy)......Stab A Fallen Guard (Rikimaru Only)
Square (Near Fallen Enemy)......Double Stab (Ayame Only)
Square (Near Fallen Enemy)......Punch Chest (Tesshu Only) 
R1 + Square.....................Crouching Uppercut Slash (Riki + Ayame)
R1 + Square.....................Bulldozer Throw (Tesshu Only)
R2, Away + Square...............Sledgehammer (Overhand) Slash
R2, Forward + Square............Crouching Stab with Ankle Sweep
X, Square.......................Downward Strike from Jumping
Rotate L3 + Square..............Sweeping 360 Slash (Rikimaru Only)
Rotate L3 + Square..............Handstand Scissor Kick (Ayame Only)
Rotate L3 + Square..............Upper Straight Combo (Tesshu Only)
Forward+Square(x2)+Hold Square..Energy Punch (Tesshu Only) 
Left + Square...................Slash to the Left
Right + Square..................Slash to the Right
Forward, Forward + Square.......Thrusting Stab
Square, Away + Square...........Slash followed by a 360 Leg Sweep
Square (x3), Away + Square......Double Slash followed by a Heal Kick
Circle (Close To Enemy).........Body Slam (Rikimaru Only)
Circle (Close To Enemy).........Head Chop (Ayame Only)
Circle (Close To Enemy).........Grab Collar and Head Butt (Tesshu)

NOTE: Most of the attacks can be executed while holding \"R2\".

TIP: To cancel a Combo midway through press \"X\" and move \"L3\" left or


R1..............................Crouch/Lean Against Wall/Land Silently
R1 + Forward (Crawlspace).......Crawl Through Crawlspace
R1 + Forward....................Sneak Forward
R1 + Backwards..................Sneak Backwards
R1 + Left.......................Sneak Left
R1 + Right......................Sneak Right
R1 + X..........................Roll And Turn Around (Rolling 180)
R1, X + Forward.................Roll Forward
R1, X + Backward................Roll Backwards
R1, X + Left....................Roll Left
R1, X + Right...................Roll Right
R1 + R3 (Directional)...........Stationary Turn While Crouching

4.5 THE REST |

Circle..........................Block / Close Attack / Cancel S.K. FMV
Triangle........................Use Selected Item
L1..............................Control Camera
R2..............................Lock Camera Behind You  
R2 + Backwards (Ledge)..........Drop into a hanging position
R3 (Up, Down, Left, Right)......Control Secondary Camera
Press R3........................Detonate Sticky Bomb
Left on D-Pad (or L2)...........Scroll Left Through Item Inventory
Right on D-Pad..................Scroll Right Through Item Inventory
Up on D-Pad.....................Quick Select Grappling Hook
Down on D-Pad...................Quick Select Healing Potion
X (Near ledge or wall)..........Hang (Left or Right To Move)
Select..........................View In Game Map
Start...........................Pause, Show Goals and Tips / Skip FMV 
L1+L2+R1+R2+Select+Start........Return To Title Screen (hold it for a few secs)

NOTE: Kanji Move button combinations can be found in Sections 9 and 12 for
      each respective character.

|5.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|    CHARACTERS   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|

In Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven you get to play as three separate characters. Initially 
you have the option of selecting only between Rikimaru and Ayame but once you\'ve 
completed their 10 story missions you will unlock Tesshu who has 
an additional 6 missions for you to play through. In this section you can get 
a brief overview of each playable character as well as links to check out 
their screenshots. Below I have also included a brief description of each 
enemy that you will encounter throughout the game.



Age: 26
Sex: Male
Weapon: Izayoi sword (The Sword of the Azuma. It is passed down from
                      generation to generation to the worthiest of Ninjas.)

Bio: Leader of the Azuma Shinobi-ryu ninja sect. His thoroughness, patience
     and bravery have earned him the honor of the Izayoi sword according to
     the sect\'s master Shiunsai. Terrifyingly focused and withdrawn,
     Rikimaru\'s sense of destiny and composure give him the strength to take
     on missions that most would consider acts of suicide. Rikimaru is not 
     quite as fast as Ayame but his strength is far superior.

To view a Screenshot of Rikimaru simply copy and paste the following link into your 

>>>   <<<

5.2 AYAME |

Age: 22
Sex: Female
Weapon: Short Swords (Two powerful blades that provide the perfect compliment
                     for her remarkable finesse and lightning speed)

Bio: Bold yet quick, silent yet cunning, Ayame has been trained since
     childhood as a ninja. As sharp with her tongue as she is with her sword,
     Ayame uses an acrobatic style of ninjitsu to overcome obstacles living or
     dead. She adores Ghoda\'s daughter Kiku as if the little girl were her own
     sister. Ayame is the fastest of the three characters but also the weakest
     in terms or strength.

To view a Screenshot of Ayame simply copy and paste the following link into 
your browser:

>>>  <<<

5.3  TESSHU  |

Full Name: Tesshu Fujioka
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Weapon: Hand to Hand Combat + Surgical Pin

Bio: Doctor by day, hired assassin by night. He belongs to an underground
     vigilante group called \"Muzen\" that will murder for money, but only if it
     serves justice. Tesshu is the slowest of the three characters but also
     the strongest. One important fact to keep in mind is that Tesshu\'s 
     highest ranking is that of \"Master Assassin\" compared to \"Grandmaster\" 
     for the other two characters.

To view a Screenshot of Tesshu simply copy and paste the following link into your 

>>>  <<<


These characters all play a role throughout the story as the game unfolds. 
They were also in the storyline of the previous Tenchu installments. To get 
more insight and history on each character please visit

LORD GOHDA: Lord Gohda is the ruler of the realm and the master of Rikimaru 
            and Ayame. Most of your missions are given by him or via his
            counsel. He is also the father of Princess Kiku.

COUNSEL SEKIYA: Counsel Sekiya is Lord Gohda\'s most trusted advisor and right-
                hand man. He often delivers missions and messages to you while 
                in the field and reports to Lord Gohda directly.

PRINCESS KIKU: Princess Kiku is Lord Gohda\'s daughter and plays a very minor 
               although important role in the story. Her history of being 
               kidnapped must have set some type of record by now. :)

ZENNOSUKE: Zennosuke is not connected to Lord Gohda although he has much 
           respect for him. Instead he runs the underground organization known
           as \"Muzen\" which sells justice to villagers who need help but fear
           going to the local, corrupt authorities. Tesshu Fujioka is a member
           of this organization and takes his missions directly from Zennosuke.

GOHDA\'S GUARDS: Gohda\'s guards can be found in Gohda\'s Castle and are easily 
                distinguished by their blue uniforms. They are best avoided if 
                they don\'t know that you exist.


SPEAR GUARDS: These guards are relatively easy to detect by their choice of 
              weaponry. In head on fights they can be somewhat punishing as 
              they tend to keep their spear between you and them. When dead
              however, their spear can be yours for the taking.

ARCHER GUARDS: These guys are just like the spear wielding variety with the 
               obvious exception of their Bow and Arrows. One key note is that 
               these guys tend to have better vision so be sure to keep 
               crouched when one is perched atop a roof or ledge. When one is
               dead you can take his Bow and Arrow for your own sadistic use. 

SAMURAI: These guys are not as plentiful but can easily be distinguished due 
         to their orange looking clothing along with the fact that they always
         walk around while appearing deep in thought.

NINJA GUARD: These guards are dressed in black and are pretty tough fighters. 
             They do not however posses the type of ninja skills that you do 
             and therefor simply patrol in their particular spots. They often 
             perform backflips when in a head on confrontation so keep your 
             eye on them.

JONIN RED: These guys look like red demon ninjas with horns on their heads as 
           well as on their backs. They carry a sword and are very fierce in 
           combat situations. When one is near death he will attempt to get 
           behind you and slit your throat. If he succeeds you are dead 
           regardless of NINJA REBIRTHS. (I refer to them as Red Demon Ninja\'s 
           throughout the walkthrough)

JONIN BLUE: These guards look exactly like the red ones with the obvious color 
            distinction. Another difference in the fact that they wield steel 
            claws rather than a sword. The Blue Demon Ninjas as I refer to 
            them, are also very fierce combatants and when their health runs 
            low they light two grenades and run towards you in a suicide 
            mission attempt. When this happens you better get out of the way.

MONK WITH STAFF: These guys wear a basket on their head and can only be found 
                 guarding the Great Buddha Temple. They are about as strong as 
                 regular spear wielding guards and again attempt to keep their 
                 staff between you and them. Once they are dead you can pick 
                 up their weapon for your own use.

MONK WITH BLOW GUN: These guys are also found in the Buddha Temple and the 
                    only difference between them and their staff wielding, 
                    basket head comrades is the fact that they wield a blow 
                    gun. When you are hit by one of their darts your Health
                    Meter will turn green and you will be less than efficient 
                    for a short time. It is best to Stealth Kill these guys or
                    at least attack them quickly and with deadly intentions. 
                    Unfortunately you cannot pick up their blow guns when they 

KENPO BOUZO: These guards are bald headed monks that are very skillful in 
             combat situations. They have a pretty good defense and attack 
             with a bare-handed offense. These guys are found in the Great 
             Buddha Temple. 

MARTIAL ARTIST: These guards can be found guarding Tenrai\'s Fortress and are 
                very difficult to defeat head on. They employ a spinning 
                kicking attack that will remind and old school \"Street 
                Fighter\" fan of Ryu and they also use magic to shoot a black 
                orb of evil energy which cannot be blocked. They are easily 
                distinguished due to their blood stained white garments.

KUNOICHI: There are a few varieties of this female guard but they are easily 
          distinguished by the fact that they wear a mini skirt. They can be 
          pretty tough to deal with if there are other enemies involved due to 
          their sneaky tactics of trying to attack from behind while you are 
          fighting another guard. One on one though they are easily defeated.

MANJI CULTIST: This ugly being can be found dancing around in the Cemetery 
               level as well as in Tenrai\'s Fortress. They can only be killed 
               by using the Muramasa or Yoto swords. Be careful of head on 
               battles with these beauty pageant drop outs as they enjoy 
               breathing fire on you.

UNDEAD SAMURAI: This enemy is exclusively found in the Cemetery and staggers 
                around quite meekly while wielding a sword and having an arrow 
                protruding from their head. This enemy can only be killed with 
                the Muramasa or Yoto Swords and can be quite aggressive when 

UNDEAD ARCHER: As with the previous enemy, this enemy is only found in the 
               Cemetery. You must use the Muramasa or Yoto Swords to kill it 
               and remember that archers see further than other enemies.

WOODEN ROBOT: This enemy can be found in Agamai Castle and will either wield a 
              spear or bow and arrows. In battle they can be quite fierce but 
              once destroyed they will disappear.

CHIBOT: This enemy is a small wooden doll on wheels that has a fierce temper 
        when alerted. He has two very potent attacks that include a spinning 
        slash as well a rapid machine gun fire. Kill these guys quickly or you 
        will be sucking on Health Potions as though there were no tomorrow. 
        There is no Stealth Kill animation possible for this enemy.

FLOATING HEADS: These heads can be found in the Cemetery and are presumed to 
                be the heads of Echigoya and Nasu although this has never been 
                confirmed. When alerted they spew a nasty green slime on you 
                that drains your health quite a bit. There is no Stealth Kill 
                animation possible for this enemy.

SHIKIGAMI SPIRITS: This spirit is white and has black scriptures emblazoned on 
                   its front side. They can be found in both the Bamboo 
                   Forrest as well as the Limestone Cavern depending on who 
                   you are playing with. They can be quite annoying as they
                   latch on to you and suck HP away from you. They also shoot
                   out a burst of evil energy that resembles a white string.
                   There is no Stealth Kill animation available for this enemy
                   so you need to simply slash it without being detected.

BEAR: The bear is a fierce animal when forced to fight it head on as it has a 
      lot of HP and slashes at you with it\'s long reach and sharp claws. 
      However, while unaware, you can punch it in the ass for a Stealth Kill. 
      (Try using a KUMIHIMO Item on it)

DOG: Guard dogs are relatively weak but will alert other guards upon spotting 
     you. It is always best to kill them before they spot you. Also note the 
     fire in their eyes to signify that this is not your ordinary house pooch.

WOLF: This animal is predominantly found in the Bamboo Forrest when playing as 
      Ayame and also in the Limestone Cavern. If you look closely you will 
      notice that the wolf has a knife clenched in his teeth. One important 
      note to keep in mind is that one Shuriken will kill it provided it is 
      not in \"<!>\" mode. If that is the case he will have 1-3 HP left.

NOTE: Enemy Bosses are not included to avoid spoiling the game for those who 
      wish to discover them as they progress through the game and strategies 
      are provided in the walkthrough portion of the FAQ.

|6.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|   GAMEPLAY OVERVIEW   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven is a ninja simulator in every sense of the word. As a ninja 
in feudal Japan you have a lot of freedom in choosing how you go through any particular 
level. You can simply go through completely undetected, killing only those who are 
in your way or you can wipe out every living enemy guard within the level as though 
you are the hunter and they are the prey. You 
always have access to your GRAPPLING HOOK which allows you to scale almost any building, 
roof or cliff as well as a host of other ninja Weapons and Items to help you decide 
how to kill or distract your enemies. In this section I will describe some of the 
things that you should become familiar with in order to become a true Grand Master 
of the game. Additional tips can be found in the section just prior to the actual 
Mission Walkthrough.


The Ki Meter, located at the lower left corner of your screen serves as your awareness 
meter. It tells you how near or far an enemy is from you as well as what his/her present 
mindset is. The counter goes from 0 - 99 with 99 
obviously being extremely close to the enemy so make sure you watch it closely and 
learn to use it when gauging how far a patrolling guard will walk before stopping 
and turning around. There are 4 different symbols that you will encounter on your 
Ki Meter. They are:

<?>  - The enemy is completely unaware of your presence. (Ideal) Attacking an 
       enemy while he/she is in this mode will trigger a Stealth Kill 

<!>  - The enemy sees something but is not yet sure what it might be. You 
       should immediately crouch and if necessary, roll backwards and out of

<!?> - The enemy is on alert, knows you are around but is unsure of your 
       location. During this time you need to lay low until your enemy calms 
       down again. Keep in mind that if there is a dead guard in the vicinity 
       of two patrolling guards, both will need to individually go on alert by 
       discovering the body. 

<!!> - The enemy has spotted you and is in pursuit. Time to Fight head on or 
       run away and lay low until the enemy gives up the search and relaxes
       NOTE: Being spotted affects your score which in turn affects your 
       ranking. The \"Scoring\" section below breaks this down in detail.


You will notice that there are 9 Japanese Kanji symbols in the lower left portion 
of the screen while playing as Rikimaru and Ayame. Every time you successfully Stealth 
Kill an unsuspecting enemy guard one of t