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Follow the dark path or use the light

Ranks FAQ

by dnextreme88

Ranks FAQ: 

Name of Game: Tekken 5

Platform : PlayStation 2 ( PS2 )

Table Of Contents :

 ______________                                               _______
|              |                                             |       |
| Introduction |=============================================| Intro |
|______________|                                             |_______|

 _________________                                          _________
|                 |                                        |         |
| Version History |========================================| History |
|_________________|                                        |_________|

 ________________                                            ________
|                |                                          |        |
| What to Expect |==========================================| Expect |
|________________|                                          |________|

 _____________________                                      _________
|                     |                                    |         |
| Contact Information |====================================| Contact |
|_____________________|                                    |_________|

 _______________________                                  ___________
|                       |                                |           |
| Copyright Information |================================| Copyright |
|_______________________|                                |___________|

 ___________________                                          _______
|                   |                                        |       |
| What is a "Rank"? |========================================| Rank1 |
|___________________|                                        |_______|

 ___________                                                  _______
|           |                                                |       |
| The Ranks |================================================| Rank2 |
|___________|                                                |_______|

 _____________                                                _______
|             |                                              |       |
| Other Notes |==============================================| Other |
|_____________|                                              |_______|

 _________________________________                        ___________
|                                 |                      |           |
| Sites Permitted to use this FAQ |======================| Permitted |
|_________________________________|                      |___________|

 _________                                                    _______
|         |                                                  |       |
| Credits |==================================================| Creds |
|_________|                                                  |_______|

                             ( 1. Introduction )

- Hi and welcome to my Ranks FAQ exclusively to the Tekken: Dark 
Resurrection game. This FAQ is actually for the ranks of the game and
will be explained in this FAQ. The rest will be explained on the next

                           ( 2. Version History )

Version 1.0 - Sep 4 2008
= Submitted the FAQ.

                           ( 3. What to Expect )

- Well what you will most likely expect from this FAQ is the actual 
"ranks" itself. You will also expect some descriptions about each rank
which will be covered here in this FAQ. Also, some information you
wanna know about is on the "Other Notes" section of this FAQ.

                         ( 4. Contact Information )

- If you have some questions, comments, suggestions and corrections,
please e-mail them to [email protected] . Please note that
i might not get back to you after 24 hours because i am still busy
with something else. 

                         ( 5. Copyright Information )

- No part of this FAQ may be produced or published in any form or by 
any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, 
recording, or any information storage or retrieval system without the 
permission in writing from the copyright owner.

Copyright  dnextreme88

                         ( 6. What is a "Rank"? )

- A "Rank" is like a position on a certain event. With this, ranks are
an important part of a certain event. Why? Because finishing fast at
a certain task will give you higher rewards. Likewise, the Gold Medal
is for the 1st Place. Silver Medal for the 2nd Place. And the Bronze
Medal for the 3rd place. Rank is determined by the time you finish the
task ( eg. racing, playing etc. ).

                             ( 7. The Ranks )

- Here are the list of the ranks of the game. They are sorted by the
least rank to the greatest rank. Along with their descriptions :

1.  Beginner
- The lowest rank ever. This is the first rank that you are gonna 
start with if you are going to play the character for the first time.

2.  9th kyu
- The second lowest rank ever. When you get enough battles ( wins and
losses ), you will have a chance to get promoted to this rank if you
managed to win the battle that has a "Promotion Chance".

3.  8th kyu
- The third lowest rank ever. Win at least 4-6 battles but mostly, you
would get it at the 6th battle. Straight wins has a chain combo that
can reduce the number of battles for a "Promotion Chance" match so 
keep that in mind. 

4.  7th kyu
- Getting past your opponents with this rank is slightly easy which
means a bit harder than the past ranks. At least 5-7 battles at

5.  6th kyu
- Just the same battles to win 5-7 approximate.

6.  5th kyu
- Win at least 6-8 battles to get to the next rank which is 4th kyu.

7.  4th kyu
- Win at least 7-8 battles to get to the next rank.

8.  3rd kyu
- Getting past these ranks will make your opponents just easy and a
bit harder. 8-9 battles approximate.

9.  2nd kyu
- From what i know, mostly you will fight Anna, Brian, Kuma or Panda,
Hwoarang with this rank but that depends. 9-10 battles

10. 1st kyu
- The last rank for the "kyu" set. Then after these are the "dan" sets
which is harder. 10-11 battles.

11. 1st dan
- The first rank for the "dan" set. 11-12 battles.

12. 2nd dan
- The 2nd rank for the "dan" set. 12-13 battles. 

13. 3rd dan
- The middle rank for the "dan" set. 13-14 battles. Try using your
best techniques and moves this time as the opponents gets harder and

14. 4th dan
- Win at least 14-15 battles. Opponents in this rank gets a bit normal
difficulty so aim to win.

15. 5th dan
- Last rank for the "dan" set. 15-16 battles approximate.

16. Shihan
- First rank after the "dan" and "kyu" sets. 16-17 battles.

17. Master
- Getting past this rank gets slightly normal and harder than the past
ranks. 17-18 battles.

18. Expert
- In this rank, it is time to do your very best because the next ranks
is super hard especially the last rank "Tekken Lord". 18-19 battles.

19. Virtuoso
- Try doing one of the 5-hit combos or 6-hit combos within this rank.
I will warn you once again it is harder. 19-20 battles.

20. Legend
- From this point to the last rank, opponent's difficulty is hard so
expect that your opponents might knock you faster. 20-21 battles.

21. Champion
- Not yet giving up? Win at least 21-22 battles and try your best to
win straight. That 21-22 battles depends that is just the approximate.

22. Sage
- The 5th highest rank on the game. Just keep doing your best. You are
nearly there.

23. Deity
- The 3rd highest rank on the game. Win at least 15-16 straight 
battles or lesser to have a chance to get through this when you are a
"Sage" rank.

24. Conqueror
- The 2nd highest rank on the game. Win at least 16-17 straight 
battles or lesser to have a chance to get through this when you are a
"Deity" rank.

25. Tekken Lord
- The highest rank ever on this game. You can have a chance to have
this rank if you exceed to about 18 battles approximate. But if you 
are lucky enough, you should get it lesser. Also, with the 18 battles,
do not try to lose or you might have a hard time getting a "Promotion

                          ( 8. Other Notes )

Well for the PSP Version of this game entitled "Tekken: Dark 
Resurrection", the Tekken Lord is not the Highest rank. Instead, it is
the rank called "Divine Fist" which is only obtainable if you complete
the very last dojo named "Heaven Dojo" as well as the other 5 dojos.

The PSP Version of this game has also 3 new characters and 1 of those
characters is a returning character from the series named "Armor King"
The other 2 are Sergei Dragunov and Lili Rochefort. So it is actually
a sequel to the PS2 version "Tekken 5".

There are more ranks for the PSP version unlike that of the PS2. An
additional of 12 ranking titles was added and removing one: Conqueror.
-Reference :

                 ( 9. Sites Permitted to use this FAQ )

The following sites are allowed to post my FAQ on their website. In
addition, they have my permission so i allow them :

If your website is not listed above, e-mail me first if you want my
FAQ to be posted on your website. Remember, posting this FAQ without
the permission from the owner is a violation of copyright.

                              ( 10. Credits )

I would like to thank the following :

To SuperCheats for hosting the FAQ.

To Namco for making such a great Tekken game.

To Wikipedia for providing me most of the information on the "Other
Notes" section of this FAQ.

To you, as a reader ;)